Another One Bites the Dust – Black Female Thrown Under the CNN (Clinton News Network) Bus

Posted: October 31, 2016 in Uncategorized

How many times have we seen this scenario? Ambitious (and often morally deficient) black people who do the dirty work for their white bosses and wind up under the bus?

Well, here’s another example of what happens when you get in the snake pit with full-grown cobras when you’re just a tiny, harmless garter snake.

Hillary Clinton Supporter

CNN says:

“We are completely uncomfortable with what we have learned about her interactions with the Clinton campaign while she was a CNN contributor,” Lauren Pratapas, a network spokeswoman, said in a statement.

“CNN never gave Brazile access to any questions, prep material, attendee list, background information or meetings in advance of a town hall or debate,” Ms. Pratapas wrote.

Really? Are we supposed to believe that Donna Brazile broke into the network’s offices and stole the questions JUST to give them to Hillary Clinton?

Or was she TOLD to give the questions to Hillary so she would be the SCAPEGOAT if the “secret” got out?

According to the presstitutes at CNN (Clinton News Network):

Ms. Brazile, who said she has changed her mobile phone number twice because of harassment related to the leaked emails, said CNN “never, never” shared advance questions with her ahead of debates or town hall-style events.

Asked to explain her emails with the Clinton campaign, she said she “seeks as much information as I can possibly get” ahead of a televised program, in part to prepare for her own on-air responses.

“I often talk to everybody before an event,” she said. “I try to learn as much as I can, share as much as I can.”

But Ms. Brazile declined to elaborate on the exchanges in question, saying: “I am not going to verify, deny, confirm or even try to make sense out of stolen emails that were hacked.”

What does that have to do with actually KNOWING the questions well enough to pass them to Hillary before the debate?

Either way, her long career with CNN is OVER. Because CNN executives (whose coverage has been totally biased in favor of Clinton) are “completely uncomfortable with what they learned” about her.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that she was slated for the chopping block anyway, and this just gave them the excuse they needed…

And why isn’t Hillary being raked over the CNN coals for CHEATING during the debate?

Trump asks a legitimate question along those same lines:

“If Mrs. Clinton received questions in advance from Ms. Brazile, why didn’t she report it?”

It’s an all too common and predictable ending for black people who allow themselves to be USED to do the white supremacists’ (like Hillary Clinton’s) dirty work.


But it is HIGH TIME to break the PSYCHOLOGICAL SLAVE CHAINS the Democrats have on the black mind — as though we must be loyal to a party that is doing NOTHING FOR US.

I’m not telling anyone to vote or not to vote.

But if you vote, vote after reviewing the facts.

Don’t let me, or Michelle Obama, or CNN or your barber or hairdresser or preacher (especially not your preacher) tell you who to vote for.

Listen to Trump’s speeches, listen to Hillary’s speeches, look at her political record, search alternative media, then weigh what you have learned to cast an informed vote — if you vote.

That’s my advice (which you are free to take or disregard)


  1. chuquestaquenumber1 says:

    Sad, but no surprise. I guarantee you that if Hilary wins the presidency ,there will not be a job for Donna Brazille.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ chuquestaquenumber1

      My money says you’re right. If black people think Clinton is not using us, there is nothing I can do to convince them otherwise. We will have to bear the horrific brunt of the legislation she will sign once she’s in office, one of them being the TPP (TransPacificPartnership).

      Thank you for being the one brave soul to respond to this post condemning the Democratic candidate.

    • Zuhirah Rasulalah says:

      Trojan Pam, my position on Voting has put a dent in some personal relationships. I am so tired of being “symbolic” and Voting to gain “Nothing” for us as African People, I feel like a robot…My position is this, I am saddened that many of our people in the political circle who are “Cooning” for meritorious manumision, articulated by Dr claude Anderson, sacrifice their Soul to be treated like Ni….rs that they are. I will not be voting for either White supremacist, not the One in Your Face or the One Behind your Back. Thank you so much for providing this forum…Ashe’

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Zuhirah Rasulalah

        I completely understand. I have lost some subscribers due to my opinions on Obama and Hillary. I’m okay with that

        What I’m not okay with is the blind refusal in spite of all the information I and others have posted about Hillary’s wrongdoings (lying about her record and events, cheating on the debate, using black people as scapegoats for her illegal actions, joking about the assassination of the leader of Libya, her callous disregard for the people in Syria and Iraq, her using racial epitaths against blacks in private, her covering up of her husband’s many rapes of girls and women, her calling black youth “super predators,” her enthusiastic support of NAFTA and the Iraq War, and the TPP and most of her provocation with Russia with illegal “no-fly” zones which will probably lead to a NUCLEAR WAR with Russia

        Yet, many think Trump is a bigger problem
        Or that voting for a 3rd party candidate is not an option

        So despite knowing more about her, they STILL give her their support

        taking the “advice” of Barack and Michelle Obama (neither of who really address the black community except when they want something)

        or they get their political insight from COMEDIANS like Steve Harvey (sic)

        it is truly mind-boggling.

        • Sharon53 says:

          @Trojan Pam
          Great article and thanks for keeping us abreast of what’s happening out there.
          Regarding your statement “I have lost some subscribers due to my opinions on Obama and Hillary.” I know you stated you are OK with that but it makes me wonder just how socially-conscious people really are if their subscriber relationship cannot survive a difference of opinion.
          And I cannot believe anybody with a brain get their political insight from someone like Steve Harvey (LOL).

          • Trojan Pam says:

            @ Sharon53

            The reason I focused on Hillary was NOT my endorsement of Trump. I am saying that we need to look outside the voting process and come up with REAL workable strategies that don’t rely on a corrupt, white supremacy political system.

            If we’re honest, we KNOW voting isn’t going to liberate black people but we do it because it makes us feel like we did something.

            When in reality, voting takes no real effort or sacrifice.

            We’ve become soft — keep in mind I used the word “we” which means I include myself in this statement

            and have numbed ourselves to our reality via the escapism of entertainment and materialism and sex and drugs and partying and alcohol or whatever our vices may be

            that’s why some people are so offended and threatened when someone threatens to break that bubble of illusion because, guess what, if voting doesn’t work, now what?

            Am I going to have to get off my butt and do something to change our situation?

            Nobody wants to hear that.

            And they definitely don’t want to hear that voting for the “first black president’ gained us NOTHING

            And that voting Democratic election after election has gained us NOTHING

            The reality is the REAL CHANGE must come from us

            And most of us want no part of that.

            I’m speaking based on my experiences.

            Yours may be different.

            • Sharon53 says:

              @Trojan Pam
              I agree with you when you said “we need to look outside the voting process and come up with REAL workable strategies that don’t rely on a corrupt, white supremacy political system.”
              When I look at my life and others around me, it seems the quality of life has not improved not one iota no matter who was the president.

              You are also correct when you stated “…we KNOW voting isn’t going to liberate black people but we do it because it makes us feel like we did something. When in reality, voting takes no real effort or sacrifice.”
              Maybe that is why we pump up voting, because it does not take any real effort and sacrifice. I know some folk who spit hellfire if they find out someone is not voting. Always spouting all this talk about how our ancestors fought for our right to vote, etc. However, I have seen some of those same folk back-stab other black people at work and try to keep them from getting ahead. And they don’t want to hear anything about unity among us and patronizing black businesses.

              And yes, we are numbing ourselves to escape our dismal reality via entertainment and materialism and sex and drugs and partying and alcohol, etc.

              • Trojan Pam says:

                @ Sharon53

                I used to believe that voting was showing my ancestors respect for sacrificing so much for our right to vote


                And then I started thinking about it

                They did more than go to a poll and mark off a ballot

                They made REAL sacrifices

                and the only thing we talk about is voting

                I don’t think they’d approve if they saw that’s the ONLY thing we’re willing to do

        • Zuhirah Rasulalah says:

          Trojan Pam, I am personally embarrassed by some of the responses that I have received fron friends regarding this chaos that we are in. Further, even in light of our history with these jokers, some of us are still looking for the Great White Hope, and once again, they are fooled in to thinking that Clinton is it. It is all Role Playing, Make One the biggest Culprit and the other one, that is on your side, all the same time they are what? Both on Code with “White Supremacy” to boot, did people forget that Hillary is from “ARKANSAS” I am from the south, if anyone does not know what that means, look at the Tyrannical history, Lynching, Rape, Imposed Poverty and Modern Day Slavery for Tenn, Mississippi, and ARKANSAS for Black People. We need to Wake Up!!! We are all colonized, but the trick is to know it, fight like hell to defeat it. Thank You so much for this forum…

          • Trojan Pam says:

            @ Zuhirah Rasulalah

            I sympathize. And I’m troubled by the FALSE identification some black females have with white supremacist female who could care LESS about black females, talking about “It’s time for a female president.”

            No, it’s time for an HONEST and ETHICAL president and we haven’t had one in my lifetime.

            All the time Hillary was the Senator of NEW YORK, she never did one thing to combat the astronomical rate of HIV/AIDS among the black female population during that time.

            And it’s not just black females she can’t relate to, she actually said, “I’m so rich, I can’t even relate to the average person anymore.”

            We need to open our eyes and start seeing what is really there

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Zuhirah Rasulalah

        I completely feel where you’re coming from. I’ve lost subscribers over my views on Obama and Hillary. I’m okay with that. What bothers me is in spite of all the counter-racist info and great work I’ve posted (by others) on this site, many people are still blinded by the political propaganda that there is some “difference” between the two parties.

        Despite all the EVIDENCE that clearly says there isn’t.

        In spite of EIGHT YEARS OF A DEOMOCRATIC PRESIDENCY where every thing — and I mean everything — has gone downhill for black people in america — they still cling to the FALLACY of the “civil rights good white and black folks” on one side and the “bad Republicans” on the other side

        All while black civil rights are being destroyed right in front of their faces, as well as the rights and freedoms of non-white people all over the world.

        Either that means I HAVE FAILED in the delivery of my message


        most people are totatlly incapable of undoing their programming and are merely parroting and pretending to believe in counter-racism as a belief system or a strategy

        And this is NOT about agreeing with everything or anything I say


        At this point, I’m not sure which it is

      • Cheryl Tate says:


  2. chuquestaquenumber1 says:

    Cheryl Mills may be next. In case you’re wondering ,Cheryl Mills became known to the public as the lawyer who defended then Pres Clinton during the impeachment matter. White Clintonista John Podesta is suggesting that Black Cheryl Mills is the person who told Hilary to set up her private e mail server.John Podesta is said to have dealings with a hostile foreign nation(Russia). But Podesta is white. Russia is a white nation so he gets to deflect with this. After all of this it comes down to ” The black girl told me to”. You can’t make this up.

  3. Trojan Pam says:

    if the voting public would do just a LITTLE internet surfing of their own (instead of relying on mainstream TV news and newspapers, they would see who they are voting for.

    Just recently, Clinton instituted a “no-fly” zone aimed at Russia, knowing if this resulted in just one Russian plane being shot down, the “cold war” would turn HOT (aka NUCLEAR)

    Come on now

    People better get off their duffs and start looking for info on-line other than entertainment gossip

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Trojan Pam

      I knew that they would throw Brazille under the bus when the news came out. Some of them act like what she did was equivalent to Watergate, which is wasn’t. There is no question that Hillary Clinton is an overt militarist. He promotion of a no fly zone is blatantly provocative and could cause another world war. We are witnessing a new Cold War and Russia isn’t Iraq. Russia has an army, navy, air force, and nuclear weapons just like China. It would be suicidal for any politician to try to use tactics to try to provoke a war with Russia.

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Timothy

        There is NO GREATER DANGER for america than Hillary as president. There is blood all over her hands and that of Obama’s

        That is why I cannot for the life of me understand — for those who agree with the above — why anyone would see her as a logical, sensible choice.

        The only answer in my mind is we have been programmed — PROGRAMMED — to cling to a party (the Democrats) who have done nothing but deceive and devastate us

        I see how deep this programming goes when people can read what is posted, check out the articles, see all the FACTS yet still defend her as a a viable candidate.

        Does that mean Trump is a better candidate?

        They are both white supremacists. They are both deceivers

        Yet one has been in office for decades with a TRACK RECORD of lying and proudly, boastfully standing behind the deaths of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF NON-WHITE PEOPLE.

        yet the harshest criticism on my blog — and most black blogs — is reserved for Donald Trump


        There is this saying that ultimately, people get the kind of government they deserve. Perhaps, there is some truth to that.

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Trojan Pam

          You have made many points that people need to consider. This election has been controversial and the most bizarre election of my lifetime. Both candidates have connections with the financial elites for long years.

          In fact, there is a picture of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton smiling together. So, we know that many Presidential candidates in the 2 party system either are friends or are allies of each other in some kind. We have a crisis of the 2 party system where each other the major parties have promoted militarism, austerity measures, and the status quo. Hillary Clinton’s policies in Libya and other places are wrong. Also, Trump’s bigoted words, housing discrimination activities, his slander of the Central Park Five, and recently discovered allegations of his companies deleting emails are abhorrent too.

          Therefore, political independence is a great perspective for black people to embrace. There is this programming that promotes the myth that unconditional allegiance to either Republicans or Democrats is the way to go. We know that to be a myth used to distract people from following revolutionary politics.

          • Trojan Pam says:

            @ Timothy

            Sorry, I must disagree with your last statement. People DO NOT KNOW it’s a myth because the comments I have read on my blog alone contradict that. Obviously, the Hillary supporters DO NOT think it’s a myth, otherwise why would they be defending her and demonizing Trump?

            Like I said in one of my earlier posts, there is a lot of parroting of counter-racist theory but very little understanding of what it means.

            It means YOU UNDERSTAND that NEITHER PARTY is going to help black people because BOTH PARTIES work for the white supremacists.

            and this illogical fear of a “republican” in office contradicts any real understanding of the system of white supremacy

            we all need to read and study more so our brain computers are working more effectively

  4. Courtney H. says:

    This video is somewhat related to the election . . .

    The ending is hilarious! Enjoy! 😀

    • Timothy says:

      Thank you for showing the video Sister Courtney.

      The neo-Nazis are the enemy. Also, one black church in Mississippi was burned and the words are found “Vote Trump” on them. This is a war. Racism is continuing in America in a huge level. The white supremacist movement is found online and in the streets. Many of these white supremacists wear suits and ties. Trump’s views are similar to the evil views of white nationalism and xenophobia. White racists lack intelligence, because intelligence requires anyone to respect the humanity of black people. Trump is a racist and these racists are planning to try to prevent or suppress the black vote. “Black on black crime” is a myth since crime is caused by socioeconomic factors, proximity, and other factors not by black genetics. These racists are the enemies. Evil will not prevail in the end since goodness is superior to evil. Our eyes are on the prize. Black life expectancy rates have increased in America. Black cancer rates have declined recently. Black crime rates in many places of America have declined. Therefore, we should continue to fight for our liberation as black people.

      Have a Blessed Night Sister Courtney. 🙂

  5. Courtney H. says:

    I know that this is OT, but I found these to be VERY interesting:

    Warning — this video contains some offensive language.

    Here is a response to the documentary:

    Warning — this video contains a lot of profanity and offensive language. Enjoy! 😀

    • Timothy says:

      Hello Sister Courtney. 🙂

      I watched both videos and here are my thoughts. The first video was done by Jorge Ramos. Ramos interviewed white racists by himself. I think he did it, because he has a camera person with him and he was curious to see the motivator of these racists. The second video was done by a black man who was angry at how Jorge Ramos didn’t go far enough in confronting white racism. Jorge Ramos was the man who confronted Donald Trump, because of his offensive statements. Both videos have much in common despite their obvious differences. They both oppose white racism. They both want to disagree with the climate of hate that has infected American society. The first video was specifically geared to exposing the hate and racism against Muslims and Latinos. The Muslim being attacked, as shown in the video, was a black woman. Religiously and racially motivated hate crimes are wrong. Jared Taylor is an enemy, a liar, and a deceiver like all racist white supremacists are. First, Taylor is wrong to say that whites alone build up America. Before whites were in America, Naive Americans lived in Americans. Europeans kidnapped black people and made our ancestors slaves. Black people build up tons of areas in America. Without us as black people, America wouldn’t have existed in the first place. Also, Jared Taylor omits that before 1776, the indigenous peoples of America formed great civilizations, used trade, and worked in the environment. European terrorists have caused international wars, colonialism, imperialism, genocide, etc. more so than people of color have ever done.

      The black man in the second video wanted to make the point that Jorge Ramos omitted the depth and the viciousness of racism (especially the racism & oppression against black people in America. Black people in America experienced the Maafa, slavery, Jim Crow, lynching, etc.). The immigration problems never originated or were caused by poor workers or struggling migrants (many of whom are victims of Western-caused wars, poverty, and exploitation) trying to survive. These problems exist by multinational corporations and elitist capitalists who want profit, who exploit people from many nations, and who play people against each other based on nationality in order for these corporate elitists to promote economic exploitation and racial tensions (instead allowing people to target the 1% in the first place, who started these issues). So, many Mexicans are racist against black people and that’s wrong. Yet, we know that many immigrants are black and all immigrants should never be lumped into one negative category. Trump is a far right extremist who wants Muslim bans, he disrespected women, and people now accused him of his companies deleting emails. Also, one black church was burned in Mississippi while the vandals painted the words “Vote Trump” on the church. White supremacists have called for voter intimidation and suppression recently.

      These developments are not readily shown by the mainstream media because of obvious reasons. I don’t agree with his profanity, but I understand his frustration at how it is wrong to minimize the centuries long oppression against black people.

      Black people are the most scapegoated people on Earth. We are entitled to justice. So, I condemn any hate crime against Muslims, against Hispanic people, and against black people. The problem is that we have the system of racism and economic exploitation harming the world and we must fight the evil system. Also, we are an international people. So, I am in solidarity with Afro-Latinos, Afro-British, Afro-French, Africans, and all black people of African descent. We want justice.

      Enjoy your Day Sister. 🙂

      • Mariama says:


        Long time! It is always great to read what you have to say!!

        I can’t wait to see how everything goes down after November 8. Maybe the aftermath will be the wake up call that a lot of blacks will need to have. If this does not wake them up, then I don’t know what will.

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Mariama

          Welcome back Sister.

          People like you always inspire to show information to the world. The election has been the strangest election in my lifetime. This is probably the weirdest election in human history. Tons of black people do need to wake up. There is police brutality, racist attacks, churches being burned by racists, and other evils in society. Black Unity is certainly a necessity.

          • Mariama says:


            I agree with you 100%. I also have never witnessed an election so bizarre and disturbing. I feel like I am in a Matrix at times. Nothing seems real anymore.

            • Timothy says:

              @Sister Mariama

              Indeed Sister. Ironically enough, they are showing the Matrix today in AMC. I just want the election to be over with, so we can deal with who will be the next President. There were a lot of twists and turns in the election.

              • Courtney H. says:

                @ Mariama:

                Welcome back! It is so nice to hear from you!

                @ Mairama and Timothy:

                A friend and I at work today were talking about how we just want this crazy election to be over! I was listening to NPR yesterday morning on my way to work, and the report said that tensions in the workplace were increasing because of this election. This is the ugliest election that I have ever seen!

                @ Timothy:

                You are absolutely right in your responses to all the videos. You definitely hit the nail on the head by saying, “Black people are the most scapegoated on earth.” There is no more truer statement than that one. Thank you for taking the time to watch the videos, and your responses.

                May everyone have a blessed weekend! 🙂

              • Mariama says:


                So good to hear from you too!

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      Enjoy your Weekend too Sister Courtney. 🙂

  6. alicia356 says:

    The only other option is a Trump win, I am voting for HIllary. I like the Clintons myself.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ alicia356

      interesting response….

      • alicia356 says:

        There’s a major difference between Republicans and Democrats not only in policy alone. I mean abc/nbc and other white networks are white supremacist but fox news if a whole nother ball park. I saw vote for the lesser evil in order to protect Civil Rights and gains we’ve made. I will be voting for Hillary. She is white, yes, but I like seeing a strong woman and one in a leadership position. Not voting or voting for a 3rd party candidate will only allow Trump to win which the thought alone is scary. Has he ever even been in politics before?


  7. nidotopianwarrior says:

    Louis Farrakhan had the right idea about Hilary….. Wicked witch….. Black people wake up…. Neither Donald Dump or Killer E. Clinton is going to save you…. They are death

    • alicia356 says:

      So you are open to a Trump/Republican presidential win? We all know most whites/hispanics don’t like blacks, I’d rather a president and party though who will not go after civil rights laws. There’s a reason so many white supremacists support Republicans. I lived in NYC among racists but the Republican bush supporters I had to live around years after that were absolutely on a different level in terms of racism. It was a scary experience that I don’t think some of you are taking seriously. As a minority we are at the unfortunate advantage that we have to vote for the lesser evil.

      Railing against Hillary Clinton or not voting is NOT in our best interests. In order to protect our rights and interests we should support Hillary in this election.

      • nidotopianwarrior says:

        I am not supporting either one my dear, Donald is a wolf, Killer E is a wolf in Sheep’s clothing

        • alicia356 says:

          If it’s one thing about white supremacists is that they are very ACTIVE, they seek top positions in companies, in political offices and elsewhere. More importantly, they know the important of political action and voting. My reasoning is that there are two main candidates( the third doesn’t have a chance, let’s be honest). Either one will win. As a citizen with a right to vote ( that my ancestors didn’t have), I believe it’s my duty to vote for the one that best serves my interest.

          Sitting back and doing nothing or not voting is not productive at all. In fact, you are allowing things to happen around you and to you when you don’t participate.

          • Mariama says:


            We all have a right to our opinions, but are you saying that it is ok to go with the “lesser of two evils,” even though it has been proven that the lesser evil is really evil? I don’t think that our ancestors would want us using their experience to justify making poor choices politically, socially and otherwise. I will have to agree to disagree with you.

          • nidotopianwarrior says:

            Alicia darling, YOUR VOTE DOESN’T MATTER!!!! It’s all a charade, a farce, a dog and pony show, a clown college circus, American Idol Rebooted, a crushed peanut paste on white bread masquerade, and the list goes on and on and on and on. These presidents are SELECTED and not ELECTED!!! The only thing that serves our interest is the Most High Yah….

        • alicia356 says:

          You are aware that if you don’t vote, you might be allowing a Trump victory right? Just want to ask if you are aware of that? Do you consider yourself a longterm US citizen as in want to stay here, live and work or do you have plans to move elsewhere since you’ve thrown in the towel?

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ nidotopianwarrior

      The majority of black people are stuck on “Democrats” –so completely programmed that they cannot think outside the box they were born in.

      they will stick their collective heads in the sand and defend Obama and HIllary as their only choice,

      while turning a blind eye to the FACT that Hillary and Obama are IN OFFICE RIGHT NOW

      And look at all the chaos and poverty and misery that has erupted in just the LAST EIGHT YEARS

      The US is waging MORE WARS today than at ANY OTHER TIME IN OUR HISTORY

      The only conclusion one can draw from this blind support is the supporters MUST AGREE with the direction the country is headed, from police shootings to unemployment to the exporting of jobs, to the misery of wars being waged by the US all over the non-white world

      Otherwise how could they defend making the same choices over and over and over again?

      The truth is they can’t

      So what will be, will be

      but it will be very interesting to see what happens AFTER Hillary is elected

      and she will be elected

      because the white supremacists, the 1% want her to be president just like they (s)elected Obama as president

      and so all the hoopla over Trump and not voting or voting really makes no difference.

      I just find it revealing and distressing to see so many who KNOW HILLARY IS THE CHOICE OF THE ONE PERCENT

      also make her THEIR CHOICE.

      again, it’s been said that people get the government they deserve

      we will soon witness the rotten fruits the Hillary tree will bear


      • alicia356 says:

        It’s not about “being stuck on democrats” but as a minority, especially here under white supremacy, we have to vote for the lesser evil. Democrats do not tend to want to dismantle civil rights laws whereas Republicans definitely do. Yes, we need to get the Democrats to make changes and no, they are not perfect, but they are the better alternative over Republicans.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ alicia356

          If you believe the Democrats are not dismantling civil rights, you are woefully behind in your information gathering process.

          For starters, google the Executive Orders signed by Obama, most of which were done in SECRET

          then move on to the TPP (TransPacific Partnership being promoted by Obama AND Hillary (who called it the “gold standard”), which LITERALLY makes every sovereign nation on the planet and all the people on the planet the slaves of American corporations

          Read articles about Obama signing over control of the U.S. Internet to the United Nations just this past October (which will most certainly result in the censorship of sites like mine, who do not agree with the one-world globalist policies

          Google how Obama EXTENDED and EXPANDED every single piece of BUSH legislation that literally shredded the Constitution

          Read how Guantanamo Bay is still holding prisoners who have NOT been charged with a crime under a DEMOCRATIC OBAMA ADMINISTRATION

          Ask the people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, Libya, etc, etc, how the Democrats (and Republicans) respect the rights of people

          ask the people who were forced to either get on Obamacare (and lose their options) OR pay a “fine” to the IRS about their “civil rights”

          You need to READ, READ, READ, and STUDY, STUDY, STUDY

          (which is a MAJOR problem within the black collective, the lack of the will and desire to BE INFORMED)

          and when you’re through, we’ll continue this discussion

          • alicia356 says:

            are you aware that not voting Democrat in this election may allow for a Trump/Republican win which will be much worse for us right?

            • Trojan Pam says:

              @ Alicia356

              Again, please explain WHY a Trump win will be worse for black people? You need to be able to present your point with facts, not just emotions.

              The internet is right there for the taking. Please provide us with your evidence

  8. Trojan Pam says:

    @ ALL

    Have we forgotten that the Clinton Foundation STOLE 90% OF THE MONEY raised for the devastated, starving Haitians?

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Trojan Pam

      That’s a great point about the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Foundation is known for its exploitation of Haitians and others in the world.

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Timothy

        Out of everything I’ve read and viewed, about the Clintons and Trump, I don’t see how anyone can view Trump as the biggest threat. I just don’t get it. I’m not saying vote for Trump, I’m asking how we can support Hillary??

        Trump has never stolen money from the Haitians
        Trump has never taken actions that resulted in the deaths of OVER ONE MILLION PEOPLE WORLDWIDE
        Trump has never stolen the questions before the debate
        Trump has never held political office — which in this day and time — should be viewed as a PLUS, not a negative (sic)
        Trump has never raped anyone (to my knowledge) and crotch grabbing is NOT equivalent to rape, sorry
        Trump’s campaign organization has never had anyone killed to protect it (to my knowledge) whereas Hillary’s organization has been linked to over six or more mysterious deaths (murders) in the last 12 months! Two of them were men, one white, one black who popped up dead before they could testify against her (hmmm)
        Trump has never had a hand in the murder of an African leader (hillary has)
        Trump has never voted to wage war against Iraq or Syria (Hillary has) due to his not being in a political office
        Trump has never campaigned to pass the TPP (Hillary has)
        Trump — to my knowledge — doesn’t have BUCKETS OF blood on his hands, unlike the Clintons, who seemed to cause death wherever they go

        That is why I don’t understand the BLINDNESS of Hillary’s supporters who feel Trump is more dangerous

        and all I can attribute that to is a sort of MIND-BOGGLING BRAINWASHING that keeps people from thinking for themselves.

        • alicia356 says:

          It’s not blindness. It’s just supporting the lesser evil. That is my reasoning. Just like Obama was not perfect, I would still vote for him again, especially over a Republican in this sort of climate. I happen to also like the Clintons myself.

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Trojan Pam.

          The truth is that both candidates have imperfections and black people have the right to disagree with Trump and Hillary Clinton in a vigorous fashion. I personally don’t support Hillary, but I won’t let Trump off the hook either. Many black people in the alternative media have made it very clear about their dissent with Hillary on enumerable issues from foreign policy to her “super predator” racist comment. Donald Trump had called for the death penalty of the Central Park Five.

          He still views them as guilty even after it was proven that they were innocent. Trump’s Trump University has stolen the wealth of many people. Lawsuits have gone about too about the university scandals. Tons of witnesses and women have said that Donald Trump has committed sexual assault against women and said sexist comments about women. Also, reports are coming out that some of Trump companies might have deleted emails. Many of Trump’s supporters are white supremacists, members of the alt right movement, and are blatant criminals (some of his supporters have assaulted people, etc.). Trump has also shipped jobs overseas. I don’t respect Trump, who is a sexist, racist xenophobe.

          Trump has called for the violent assault against protesters in his rally. He hypocritically talks about immigration, but his company has hired undocumented workers. He lies about Hillary supporting amnesty when even Hillary supports border security and punishment of immigrants who do crime. Amnesty involves a total pardon not extensive border security.

          Neither of the two major parties want to talk reparations, or DAPL or the violation of treaties, or a national minimum wage of $15 tied to inflation, or universal healthcare, or defunding murderous police departments.

          As for Hillary Clinton, she is wrong to support the NATO invasion of Libya, which caused devastation for millions of people. She is wrong to once support the TPP, which is a bad trade deal (as documented by scholars from across the political spectrum). Hillary is wrong to steal money from the Haitian people to build condos and hotels in Haiti at the expense of human suffering in Haiti. Hillary is wrong to support the wars in Iraq and Syria. Therefore, I don’t sympathize with the ideologies of Hillary. What I will do is dissent with both candidates for legitimate reasons.

          Political independence is the way to go for us as black people. Also, it is important to show some facts that the mainstream media isn’t showing. They are that: the black life expectancy rates in America has increased, black male suicide rates have declined, black diseases in many cases have declined, and that black people are a resilient people. We survived the Maafa, Jim Crow, lynchings, and other evils and we will keep on fighting for justice as one people. Some folks who support Hillary do have a blindness. You’re right that we should never sugarcoat the reactionary views of Hillary.

  9. Trojan Pam says:

    @ Alicia356

    What is your reasoning other than “liking” someone?

    If your reasoning is based on your belief that things are getting better, then that’s your reason

    But if you think things have gotten worse in the last eight years but you would vote for him again

    that is a classic case of dsyfunctional logic AKA BLINDNESS

  10. Trojan Pam says:

    @ ALL

    A recent headline:

    “Historically Black Church in Mississippi Burned and Vandalized
    Vandals apparently sprayed the words “Vote Trump” on the 111-year-old Baptist church.”

    Now is the time to USE OUR HEADS and THINK LOGICALLY.

    Ask yourself:

    Who benefits from this church burning?

    Certainly NOT Trump or his supporters

    Will it make blacks run screaming hysterically to the polls to vote for Hillary?

    And why is it so important for blacks to vote for her?

    We don’t have the numbers to sway the election in either direction.

    I know we think we do, but our vote has NEVER determined a presidential election.

    We don’t even have the numbers to elect a GOVERNOR.

    That being said, why is it important to constantly prime and pump up black voters for the Democratic machine?

    And how will our collective, overwhelmingly Democratic vote be used against us to blame us for the outcome once Hillary is (s)elected?

    What is she going to do that is so horrific that it requires more black scapegoating?

    If we do not start USING OUR HEADS, we will be little more than puppets on a white supremacist string.

    And you know what happens to puppets after they outlived their usefulness?

    They are DISCARDED

    Now is the time to USE OUR HEADS and THINK LOGICALLY.

    • Mariama says:

      @ Pam

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Hillary sent someone from her team to vandalize that church. And you know, in this pitiful day and age that we are living, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was an agent or someone from the police force who was paid to do that. These days there are infiltrators everywhere. But this does not make me look at Hillary as some kind of angel AT ALL. In fact, it makes me trust her even less.

  11. Sharon53 says:

    I know this is a bit off-topic. But it is another example of ‘throwing us under the bus.”

  12. Trojan Pam says:

    I have realized something odd

    Most of the people who come to my blog are either self-identified as “counter-racists” or claim to be interested in knowing more about it.


    As soon as I criticize a white supremacist like Hillary Clinton they start defending her as though one white supremacist (Clinton) is better than another (Trump).

    And some get irritated and angry enough to unsubscribe

    This is very strange behavior but it does explain the lack of collective black progress

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