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Now that the election is nearing to a close, I wanted to share some interesting Hillary Clinton videos in the hopes of dispelling this notion that white Democrats are somehow less racist than white Republicans.

I have heard far too many black people say they feel “safer” with the Democrats in charge although it’s hard to understand what they mean by “safe” when many black inner-cities have become war zones, where black unemployment is in the mid-double-digits, where there is a rise in police brutality against black males AND black females, where 45% of black children live below poverty,  black schools being closed in Chicago by a DEMOCRATIC MAYOR (who Obama campaigned for over and over), charter schools run by corporate America, and black home ownership has dropped to its lowest levels in 40 years, and that the world has never been closer to a NUCLEAR WAR, thanks to the efforts of Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s efforts to provoke Russia — all during the LAST EIGHT YEARS OF AN OBAMA DEMOCRATIC ADMINISTRATION.

If that doesn’t SCARE YOU, no Republican boogeyman should.

Like Barack Obama, Hillary is for OPEN BORDERS – meaning, more legal and illegal immigration, cheap labor, lower wages due to more competition for jobs  — and MORE BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT.

Black employment has been devastated by DECADES of cheap illegal labor. The immigration policies of Obama and those of Hillary, who plans on EXPANDING IMMIGRATION if she is elected, should be seen as a real THREAT to our financial futures.

I have heard black women say, “I’m voting for Hillary Clinton because it’s time for a woman president.”  (like it was time for a “black president?”)

Obviously, some black women believe — against all the evidence — that this white female OR any white female considers black females their equal or even worthy of consideration when it comes to women’s rights.

Some black females still identify with this rich and corrupt white female multi-millionaire who joked about the murder of the AFRICAN leader, Muammar Gaddafi. A woman who has committed numerous war crimes around the globe and who once called black youth–the PRODUCT of black female wombs– “Super predators.”

Some black women overlook or are in ignorance of the fact that NOT A SINGLE WHITE FEMALE ORGANIZATION speaks up for black female victims of rape or of police brutality and murder. Yet, we identify with a white female becoming president because we share the same genitalia?


Is the election rigged, as Trump says? Those who doubt it, should remember the Gore/Bush campaign when Gore won the popular vote but the electoral college gave Bush the presidency. And that the Bush administration ushered in the first electronic “black box” voting machines that can be easily programmed to give the results wanted.

Based on what we know about the white supremacy system, would the powers-that-be who clearly want Hillary to be president  dare steal an election to make that happen?

Frankly, I’ve questioned whether there will even be an election OR if the election will be “suspended” until Obama has finished the job the powers-that-be put him in office to accomplish but that’s the subject of a different post.

Is Hillary– the OBVIOUS CHOICE of the white supremacy elite–as bad as or possibly worse than Trump?

Judge for yourself.




(sadly, most Clinton supporters are unable to answer this question either)