Parents of black girl, 12, with rope burns sues Texas school

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I felt compelled to do a post on this story — which I heard for the first time today — for two reasons. One, it needs to be told and hopefully, shared with other black people, especially the black parents who do NOT understand that sending their black child into a hostile, predominantly white environment is CHILD ABUSE.

While I sympathize with these well-meaning parents who want their children to have the best possible education, they should ask themselves what happens to BLACK ADULTS in predominantly white environments where blacks aren’t welcome?

They are mistreated.

The second reason is — what will a black child do when he or she is subjected to a hostile white environment without the tools to fight back?

They will be greatly mistreated

This isn’t ROCKET SCIENCE. It’s common sense.

The odds are, the child is often too confused and ashamed to tell their parents what is happening to them on a daily basis.

And it is common for the black child to develop feelings of inferiority and a dislike for their own blackness and other black people.

They often don’t even know they’re experiencing racism from teachers, school administrators and classmates. Why?


If this is true, why should our children tell us anything when we have taught them BY OUR SILENCE to keep white people’s secrets?

 Education is more than reading, writing, and arithmetic. Something far too many of us fail to grasp as we brag and boast about our children being in white schools, and white universities, like Harvard and Princeton, and having white “friends,” then wonder with dismay why our children are so “white-identified” and why so many only date or marry whites and want nothing to do with their own people, and in fact, hold us in contempt — like their white contemporaries. 

Here are the news articles. Draw your own conclusions.

Black girl almost hung by white classmates


A lawsuit has been filed against a private school in Texas by the parents of a 12-year-old black girl who suffered severe rope burn around her neck during an overnight field trip.

The Dallas Morning News ( ) reports that the family is seeking $3 million in damages.

The lawsuit was filed Monday in Travis County against Live Oak Classical School in Waco and the owner of the ranch where the incident occurred.

Authorities are investigating how the girl was injured.

The family has said they believe it was a case of racially motivated bullying.

The school has said the girl was accidentally hurt when students were playing with a rope swing attached to a tree.  (???)


WACO — Authorities want to know how a 12-year-old girl ended up with a severe rope burn around her neck during an overnight campout with her sixth-grade classmates.

But the child and her mother believe they already know. The girl is black and attends a mostly white private school near a flourishing part of downtown. They believe she was the victim of a racially motivated attack, the culmination of months of bullying by her classmates.

The girl and her mother said they believe some of the girl’s white classmates intentionally placed a rope around her neck as the students played during the camping trip.

“It looked like somebody had ripped her neck apart and stitched it back together,” the girl’s mother, Sandy Rougely, said in an interview with The Dallas Morning News this week as she sat next to her daughter in their Waco apartment, far across town from Baylor University.

Live Oak Classical School said in a statement that the girl’s injuries were “caused accidentally” while the students — eight girls and 14 boys — were playing with a rope swing attached to a tree. The girl was one of two black students on the trip.

The school contends the girl’s lawyer is using race to take advantage of an accident for financial gain. The grammar school dean, Allison Buras, who went on the camp-out, did not respond to a request for comment. Instead, a member of the board of directors, Jeremy Counseller, emailed a statement to The News.

Live Oak Classical School in Waco. (Vernon Bryant/The Dallas Morning News)Live Oak Classical School in Waco.

It said, in part, that “the student and some of her classmates were playing with a swing and an attached pull-rope on a field trip. The student received first aid treatment immediately after the accident by a parent chaperone who is also a physician, and she was able to enjoy the remainder of the field trip, which lasted through the next day. Live Oak takes the safety of its students seriously and is saddened that one of its family suffered an unfortunate accident and injury.”

The statement also said the attorney is trying to “exploit” the 100th anniversary “of the lynching of Jesse Washington in Waco.” The statement said the girl’s attorney, Levi McCathern, who also represents the Dallas Cowboys, asked the school to pay $2.7 million or he would make the allegations public.

‘Waco Horror’

This month marks 100 years since the most notorious lynching in Texas. In what’s known as “the Waco Horror,” a white mob snatched 17-year-old Washington from the McLennan County courthouse just after he was convicted of the murder and rape of a white woman a week earlier. The mob, dressed in suits and hats, threw a chain around Washington’s neck, dragged him through the streets and then tossed him onto a bonfire.

McCathern and attorney T.J. Jones, who works at McCathern’s Dallas law firm, said they asked for money after the school requested a financial demand in writing.

Jones said they based the figure on living expenses plus private school through 12th grade, college for the girl and her plans to pursue a law or medical degree.

None of the chaperons called the child’s mother about the injury, and none of the adults saw the children as they played on the swing and or the incident, the girl and her mother said. One of the parents, the doctor, examined her neck. The staff covered it in Vaseline and gave her ibuprofen, the girl said.

The school did not respond to follow-up questions asking why no one called the girl’s mother.

‘I think it was on purpose’

Photographs of the the girl’s injuries show that the rope cut into the skin across the front of her neck to halfway around the back.

“For Live Oak to bury their head in the sand and chalk this incident up to ‘kids being kids’ is irresponsible but, unfortunately, all too common,” said McCathern. “Their tone-deaf approach reflects an attitude that our client’s injury was not worth investigating or even informing her mother about.”

Rougely said she didn’t know about the injury until her daughter walked off the bus the following night in the school parking lot. From afar, Rougely thought her daughter wore a necklace.

The school’s statement also said: “The lawyer claimed that the student’s injuries were racially motivated, intentional attack. Live Oak takes this accusation seriously. The school interviewed all student eyewitnesses and teachers who were present and each independently established that the accusation made by the attorney is absolutely false. The injuries were caused accidentally while the students were playing with the swing and attached pull rope. The attorney was advised of the results of the interviews.”

But Jones countered: “I don’t know how you can look at her neck, at the pictures and think this was anything but intentional.” But he said even if what occurred was an accident, the way the school handled the situation was “beyond poor.”


I was especially struck by this line in the article above:

“They believe she was the victim of a racially motivated attack, the culmination of months of bullying by her classmates.”

The culmination of MONTHS of bullying? I couldn’t help wondering why wouldn’t those parents remove her from that school? But, sadly, I was not surprised.

I have heard many stories like this over the years, where the black parents were FULLY aware that their children were being targeted by white classmates and DID NOTHING TO PREVENT IT or remove their child from that particular school. This is something that truly dumbfounds me.

A war is being waged against us and especially, against our children. It is time to stop treating these incidents as “random events.” They are NOT random. They are intentional and the SYSTEM in place promotes our mistreatment by protecting the aggressors against us.

As the economy plummets — despite all the lying by those in the “white house”  who say there is a “recovery” — there will be more attempts to focus white rage ON black people.

That was the main reason Obama was (s)elected. To focus white rage against a black powerless face as more and more whites lose their jobs, homes, pensions, freedoms, and ultimately, their minds.

I hope this becomes clear to more and more people.


That being said, we cannot afford to make our children such vulnerable targets of white racists.  Talk to your children and the young people in your family about racism. Tell them what you have experienced and whatever successes you have had in countering it. Put your fears and tender egos to the side and TELL THEM THE TRUTH.

Stop cosigning on anti-black behavior and explain why the white mainstream media promotes interracial relationships and degrades black ones.

Tell them that we live under a system of white supremacy that, for us, began with slavery, and that there are people who hate them and will hurt them just because they are black.

Our children are smarter and more intuitive than we might imagine and they are capable of understanding what is right and what is wrong.

We must stop keeping white people’s secrets and stop putting our children in harm’s way in predominantly white environments.



  1. The school should be sued simply on the strength of how they handled this heinous incident. The fact that the school never contacted this young girl’s parents and informed them of what happened only proves they were hiding something in an effort to protect the racist aggressors/perpetrators. What was the point of chaperones on the trip if no adult saw what happened? I guess school administration just assumed mom wold be dead, dumb and blind to her daughter’s neck injury. Or, they simply believed that this was part and parcel of an “education”. But I never want to ever claim to know what and how a racist white supremacist thinks. The fact that this child’s mother did not remove her child out of this school after “month’s of bullying” is perplexing. From what we see now, it can only lead us to conclude that all the previous “incidents” too were racial. My heart goes out to this young victim. I can’t imagine the trauma and torment she has and will continue to endure as a result because I’m sure nightmares and re-enactment of this travesty are currently a major aspect of her recovery. I’m aghast! Although, I myself am not a parent, there are no words to express the feelings of anguish I felt reading this story and seeing the photos. AND that damn white, racist, terrorist of a doctor should loss her medical license for medical negligence. Vaseline and ibuprofen were the appropriate remedy for this child’s injuries? I hope mom takes the appropriate actions beside suing the school. If you ask me, she should sue the district and town, and use the 5th and 14th Amendments as per Mr. Neely Fuller Jr’s recommendations.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ thedevilfindswork

      I agree. The doctor should be sued as well.

      Once the mother sues – hopefully, successfully (remember, this is Texas) — she should relocate out of the state.

      I hope she at least, removed her daughter from that school.

      • Agreed! How could I leave this wretched excuse for a doctor out a party to take legal action against. I pray with all my might this mother opts to remove her child from the greater Texas school system at large. This is just a devastating reminder that we MUST not only listen to our children when they speak to us, but take them seriously when they do so. I hope that the mother seeks out mental health counseling for her daughter, that does not include taking her to a psychiatrist or placing her in the care of anymore white people. I also hope that this mother is loud and vocal about this story and doesn’t just keep this to herself. I hope she has decided to truthfully discuss this incident with her offspring and encourages her too to be outspoken about her horrific experience. And yes, mom should definitely relocate her family.

  2. Let’s begin by asking the Great Mother to remove these filthy pestilences from this realm and toss them into a bonfire.

    While they are being exterminated, we have much healing and re-learning to do on loving ourselves and understanding how we ended up in this mess.

    I’ll not be politically correct here:

    I want whites and their subhuman cousins to die off as soon as possible. Time is up for them, it’s BEEN up, and we need to speed things along. We are also to be held accountable for our own mess, Miss Pam.

    Only an insane person wants to befriend their known enemy.
    Only a crazy person thinks you can shame a psychopath into changing their behaviour.
    And only a loony bin believes that whites will be different than what they were PUT HERE to be.

    Evil is their intent.
    It’s that simple.
    You can’t beg evil, cajole evil, seduce evil and reason with evil.
    You kill evil.


    I’m meditating EVERY DAY on this. EVERY DAY. Yurugu is not my brother, friend, lover, sister or mentor. Yurugu is an enemy of Nature and thusly an enemy to black people. The sooner we understand this, the better off we’ll be.

    Sorry for the rant.

    • I agree. But what I like to say: sick people make people sick. We are all sick! When we begin to recognize the psychopathic behaviors these entities express is not on an individual basis, but an inherent aspect of being RWS only then will we begin to heal.

      I appreciate your rant. This recent story encouraged homicidal thoughts to momentarily enter my head.

  3. Timothy says:

    The treatment of the girl in Texas must totally be condemned, so this tragic story is not surprising. I’m completed angry about how the chaperones didn’t immediately report this incident to the school and how the school acted very disrespectfully in not immediately doing something about this event. Adults should be around to prevent the black child from being treated like this. Adults should have stopped the other kids from placing a rope around her neck. The child should have been immediately put into the hospital along with the school along with the parents being notified ASAP. Also, the school, and the doctor should be sued. There is no excuse for the school’s negligent behavior involving this incident. If that child was a white girl, I guarantee you that heads would roll immediately without delay. We can never express naivete about this situation. We have to tell black children the truth (about racism and about how the system really works) as too many parents are sugarcoating the vicious nature of anti-black racism. The child has been bullied in the private school and we have an epidemic of black children begin disrespected and bullied by evil people. Enumerable stories show how predominantly white schools have caused mistreatment, confusion, and other evils against black students. There is another story where a black student was mistreated by white athletes in a high school.

  4. I’ve always wanted children and especially a little girl, but the most high saw things differently and I have none. Methinks the most high is a lot smarter than I because this story would have a different title had this been my child.

  5. sparkle86 says:

    The perception that being near white people means black children will get a “better education” seems to override the possibility of abuse that black children may receive from white schoolmates.

    Sacrifice your child’s mental health for a “better education” and unfortunately the predominately black public school in a given area may not be up to par.

    What’s a parent to do?

  6. Sharon53 says:

    It looks like things have really gotten out of hand. First, they started kicking our kids out of schools for the most minor infractions, tracking the boys into Special Ed classes, putting them on Ritalin and the list goes on. Now they are allowing ropes to be put around their necks. I know it says kids did this but we all know where the kids got this idea from. Those marks on the little girl’s neck reminds me of whip scars they show on pictures of slaves after they were beaten.
    This is not about finger-pointing and blame-gaming, but I notice they only mention about the child’s mother involvement and does not mention a father. This may be a bit off-topic but I was just listening to a video the other day by a black woman who was in a store with her two sons and a Hispanic man told a white woman behind the black woman that it was OK for her to come in front of him and in front of the black woman to pay for her items. The black woman protested and she went a few rounds with Hispanic man who stated that because the black woman had a lot of items, he felt the white woman should be allowed first since she did not have as many. The black woman stated that she felt that because she was alone without a man to protect her and her children, that is why that Hispanic man felt comfortable doing that to her. I know how that sister felt because I have had similar experiences with non-blacks and some blacks also. She says she also sat down and pointed that out to her sons who initially did not understand but came to an understanding. I give her credit for pointing out to her sons, how the system of white supremacy is practiced by whites and non-whites.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharon53

      You have made great points. We have a serious problem where many black kids are suspended unfairly and some kids are falsely sent to Special Educational classes, etc. Many scholars going out to say that the unfair biases and the imperfections of the mainstream educational system are harming our youth. The abuse of black children is abhorrent. There are many stories where some black kids are sent to facilities where they are beaten and abused as well. There are many stories where black mothers are mistreated in a racist, sexist fashion. Tons of black mothers have done a great job in fulfilling their responsibility and raising great children. Some non-blacks view black people as expedient or worthy of demonization, but no black person should be denied of their human rights at any circumstance. The little girl in the Texas area was treated very brutally and the adults in that field trip must be sued not just the principal. It is very imperative for black adults to teach black children about how racism works in the world. Racism is a worldwide problem not just in existence in the States. Racism is found in many nations like the UK, Italy, India, China, etc. The system of racism is sophisticated and it is found in politics, religious establishment groups, The scars on the girl’s neck are painful to witness. I send condolences to the girl and her mother. I do wonder where the girl’s father is at too. It is disgraceful that some people are blaming the mother instead of the kids who harmed the girl in the first place including the school for executing negligent behavior. That is why it is important for people to study about history, culture, STEM fields, etc. I wish the best for the little girl and her mother. The only people who can save us is us as black people.

  7. scottytreid says:

    It is very important for Black parents to teach their children about racism. Sometimes, if the parents can not afford private school, Black children sometimes are forced to send their children to predominately white public schools if they live in a pre-predominately white area.

    In the 70s, I was forced to go to a white Detroit public school due to integration related to Brown vs. Board of Edu. My mom, an educator and a member of the staff of the Black school I was attending before being bused, told me to never let them “white folks” put their hands on you. If they have an issue with something they need to call me.

    I would also say that when we came back home to the South, all the Black kids were taught about racism and we all stuck together and were unified in that environment.

    I hope this black child gets justice but that is highly unlikely, so I hope they get compensation for her injury.

  8. Courtney H. says:

    @ Everybody:

    This case is sickening! I hope the parents sue the pants off this school!

    Anyway, this story is all over the internet, too:

    Warning — this video contains a lot of profanity.

    This video deals with the above story. Enjoy! 😀

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      Good Afternoon Sister

      I have listened to both videos. Here are my thoughts. First, I feel for the mother. It truly hurts a mother to see her not seeing their children. I don’t believe that the mother should be banned from taking care of their children. I also don’t believe that she should be placed into prison. Also, Harvey is right that children need discipline in the home. Children without discipline increasing their risk of going into the path of destruction literally. Children need to be taught about right and wrong, love, strength, and courage. Time out obviously don’t work all of the time, especially in our generation. The only thing that I disagree with Harvey on is that slapping a child or hitting a child with an object is not a throwback to slavery. It is. No child should be slapped in the face with an open hand for an unjust reason and physically abused period. Spanking a child a few times is not extreme abuse to me, but I don’t believe in abusing a child. Lax discipline is not a Democrat vs. Republican deal. People from across the political spectrum believe in discipline of children. What is the problem is that the two extremes being common in our society of no discipline and extreme abuse, which are epidemics in America.

      I don’t believe in a theocracy, but there should be a core foundation of respect, integrity, and morality advanced in any society in order for communities to be strong and stable. Many children disrespect not only young adults, but even elders. That is unacceptable. Men and women have the responsibility to teach the youth about these precepts (of honor and respect) as the youth is the reflection of the fruit of the previous generation. It is a shame that parents fear prison if they decide to take care of their children. Both men in their respective videos are right that cops can beat children, tase children, and abuse children without prison time, but a mother can risk prison time for loving their child. The mass incarceration state is growing too. We should fight for our rights, promote jobs, and believe in social justice at the same time.

      Thank you for showing the two videos Sister 🙂

    • Epi says:

      @ Courtney:

      This is such a paradox! As a parent, one cannot discipline their own child, but the police can beat the hell out of them AND possibly even kill your child? A-mazzzing!

      Spirit, help us all.


      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Brother Timothy & Sister Phazex_Female:

        Thank you both for watching the videos and commenting. I agree with your points, especially about the hypocrisy that it is okay for cops to beat, taze, and kill unarmed people, but parents are vilified and/or jailed for trying to instill discipline into their children by spanking them. We discussed this case in our Sunday School class earlier this week because we were talking about how all kinds of sins can run rampant without morality in the community.

        And it is true that the prison industrial complex — especially on the for-profit side — is growing in this country. This article appeared in the comments section at It is a five-part expose, so it is very long, but a fascinating read:

        Enjoy! 😀

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Courtney

          The woman arrested should be found not guilty. Thank you Sister for showing the series about the prison industrial complex. I agree with you on Khloe and her great mother too. Helping the homeless and the less fortunate is a blessing. Tne multipart series about prisons in an eye opener. Folks should read that article too.

          Thank you Sister. 🙂

  9. Horrifying!!!! This is disgusting but not surprising. This is just how it is in racist ass Amerikkka! I really feel for that little girl! These white folks need to hang!! I’m sick of stories like this!!!

  10. Sharon53 says:

    IMO, this is another form of black child abuse. These adoptions are more prevalent than we realize and not just of black boys, but also black girls. It may not be physical abuse, but mental, emotional, spiritual, cultural, etc.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharon53

      It is certainly true that any black adopted child should learn about their black culture, heritage, and black identity. Also, I believe that any black child should have positive, strong black male and black female adult influences in order for that child to respect the essence of both genders. This adoption story is getting more common. There is the myth that white people are superior parents. Also, many black families have to go through more hoops just to adopt black children than white people (especially rich white people as classism is real too). We are in a war for our survival and certainly I believe in more black families adopting black children.

      Thank you for showing the link Sister.

  11. Courtney H. says:

    @ Everybody:

    Here is a feel-good story:

    Enjoy! 😀

    • Thanks! Much needed and appreciated.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      Very Sweet story Sister. Khloe is an amazing young human being. For her to help the homeless is a blessing. Her words are inspirational and she represents how human compassion is real in the world. This is what more people should be doing. Some folks want to condemn the poor and the homeless in offensive ways, which is evil. Yet, Khloe is helping the homeless and showing the love that the homeless and the suffering deserve. Khloe is being active and she is a blessing in the world. She has a great mother too. God Bless Her.

      Thank your for showing the video with the positive story. 🙂

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Brother Timothy & thedevilfindswork::

        Thank you and you are welcome.

        I’m glad that you enjoyed the video about the compassionate young girl. This child is an example of proper upbringing, since her mother encouraged to help homeless. I agree that homeless people should be treated with compassion and respect. Thank you for watching the video. 🙂

  12. Austin Ellis says:

    As I was reading this article, as somebody who is thoroughly educated in terms of seeing this white supremacist system for what it truly is, I am not even surprised in the most least sense of that word. This school deserves to be sued for every single penny that they are worth because anybody with common knowledge, let alone common sense would know that this is clearly a cover up on the behalf of staff administration. The “culmination of months” part of the article is a dead giveaway of that. Our black children are important and there is indeed being a war waged against them as well. Being in denial and sleeping with the enemy is never going to change the way these people treat us on a daily basis. Once again, the system of racism/white supremacy is letting us know that black life is non-existent to them. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee.

  13. reality_check says:

    Just WOW!

    Okay, first, what is noticeably missing is the statement FROM THE GIRL as to what happened. The fact that this article states that the mother and the girl BELIEVE it was racially motivated almost insinuates that the girl doesn’t know how the rope burn got there. Everyone is saying it was an accident except the girl who was victimized. This doesn’t make sense.

    And I”m with you Pam. I don’t understand why blacks want to subject their children to constant torture of being in an all-white school. I’m not buying that malarkey that blacks need to learn how to function in all-white environments. To me that;’s a cop out for saying you want your children to be white-identified. Blacks have known how to exist around whites for all our lives, so I never understood that children need to be deliberately exposed to hostile white environments to learn.

    This story is fishy. I predict that the school will have to pay up. This one one undeniable.

    Blacks need to wake the eff up and stop trying to be white.

  14. Againstmysoul says:

    I’m done!

    There is no way out of this misery. No adequate amount of anything, we need as a people to rise above. Well, if there is we won’t come together as a people to utilize the benefits for our greater good.

    I just hope they speed up the genocide, perhaps all aboard the Auschwitz train. Concentration camps etc.

    Expression defying oppression
    props to Walker, no ordinary talker
    given a voice, best choice
    The pain, rain is entirely insane
    the actions, attitude inhumane
    No, no succumbing that’s death
    By inheritance
    intentional disenfranchisement
    Establishment psychopathic
    No way out, yet I shout!

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Againstmysoul

      I feel you

      The way out (for lack of a better phrase) will be extremely difficult but we have more power than we think. That is why they keep the white boot on our necks.

      There are many, many things we could do that would build power within our ranks.


      Why do you think they spend so much time and money creating the opposite effect via phony TV shows and movies where blacks are seen as “equals” and then the vast majority of images showing us as ignorant buffoons (most daytime TV shows) and harming or ridiculing each other (the vast majority of comedies, so-called “serious” black movies, and TV shows like “House of Payne” and “Empire” (sic)

      1. We could shut all this nonsense down by doing what? TURNING OFF THE TV AND NOT SUPPORTING HOLLYWOOD MOVIES or our degrading “black music”and not letting our children have free access to them

      2. Stop spending our dollars on foolishness like designer clothing (by designers who don’t hire us), weaved hair (that destroys our own natural hair), and luxury cars we can’t afford, and using that money to educate our children

      3. Stop spending our dollars where we are disrespected (like most of the stores in our communities that sell inferior products and food and places outside our community)

      4. TALK to our children about racism, our own experiences at the hands of racist whites, and stop keeping white people’s secrets

      5. STOP having sex with white people. This is something ALL of us can make a choice to do or not do. Last time I looked most black people didn’t have a gun to their heads to roll around in the sheets with a white person.

      6. BE MORE RESPECTFUL of other black people. SPEAK when spoken to. Give someone a hand or a compliment. BE NICER. This will help to decrease the epidemic of anti-blackness among us. In other words TREAT BLACK PEOPLE THE WAY YOU TREAT WHITE PEOPLE.

      In all my books, I have listed over a dozen ways we can empower ourselves.

      We are not helpless. We are not powerless.

  15. Trojan Pam says:

    @ reality_check

    The first video is the girl speaking about it

    I believe far too many black people–including black parents–are locked into the old style non-thinking that leads them–us–to believe we must be around whites to have a quality education.

    We are ignoring the hard cold facts that our children are being damaged in these all-white environments, physically, emotionally, sexually AND by a fatal dose of white identification.

    Surely, whatever academic excellence they achieve will not benefit their own people but will serve their white masters.

    Diplomas and good grades and awards and a “good job” with a fancy title will NOT ELIMINATE OUR OPPRESSION

    We should be teaching them that THIS is a first priority not a last or nonexistent one.

    And in this economy even good grades will not protect our children from a dying economy

    I have warned about this year after year that as the economy fails, white racism will increase. You can see the rhetoric blaming black people for everything under the sun increasing, the movies (like the Purge) advocating random white violence, you can see the blatant police violence increasing in spite of video evidence. You can feel the hostility of whites rising (at least where I live)

    and you can see the rising number of confused, self-hating, anti-black, and self-genocidal blacks seeking out white partners and turning up our noses at black partners, even as we lose jobs, homes, and our minds.

    What is needed is COURAGE to face the truth. We are under attack. A war is being waged against us and our children. Either we will marshal the strength to at LEAST tell ourselves the TRUTH or we will suffer the consequences of a lost, foolish people who keep our heads buried in the sand

    Obama was a TRUTH that we ignored. He is an agent for the one percent. Not a single black person has been able to tell me ONE THING he was done for black people in almost eight years.

    Hillary is another TRUTH we are ignoring at our own peril. She is an agent for the same one percent. We will regret the day she is elected if ever, you can put all your money on that. Does that mean you must vote for Trump? NO

    It means it is TIME TO SHAKE OFF THE SLAVE THINKING that voting will save us and create NEW STRATEGIES that are based on our reality and what we need to do AS A PEOPLE to save ourselves

  16. Courtney H. says:

    @ Everybody:

    Here’s a feel-good story:

    Enjoy! 😀

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      Thank you Sister for showing this great story. Tyran Bell is a heroic young human being who is helping out his mother. He is working hard, showing discipline, and being a great example of human determination. The good news in the black community ought to be shown greatly. I appreciate this video.

      Thank you for showing the video Sister. 🙂

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Brother Timothy:

        Thank you and you are welcome, Brother. I agree with your comments wholeheartedly. Thanks for watching the video. 🙂

  17. classyqueeny says:

    Beyond sad, can’t even stomach it.

  18. Timothy says:

    @Sister Courtney

    Thank you for showing the great video of the young Brother.

    Enjoy your Thursday. 🙂

  19. First of all, let’s look over at the parents–who gives a hoot what prestigous school a child attends! I just want my child safe! That’s number 1–safe! We know racism exists so why would you place your child in such situation where her race is drastically outnumbered to there’s within the school? My heart goes out to that little girl because her parents priorities weren’t in place at all. Ca you imagine the fear she must have felt. Good coverage Pam

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