Understanding the Freddie Gray Verdicts

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Some in Baltimore frustrated, others seek calm after Officer Caesar Goodson found not guilty

Freddie Gray

Freddie Gray, Murder Victim

Police Officers for Freddie Gray

Six Police Officers Involved in Freddie Gray’s Murder

Circuit Judge Barry Williams

Circuit Judge Barry Williams

Officer Caesar Goodson

Officer Caesar Goodson

There was a mix of frustration, calls for patience and pressure to drop the remaining cases against police officers Thursday as Baltimore processed the news that Officer Caesar Goodson Jr. was acquitted of all charges related to the death of Freddie Gray.

Troy Clay, 22, of Pigtown, was visibly shocked as he stood outside Baltimore Circuit Court with his 3-year-old daughter, Sa’Niyah, on his shoulders.

“It’s like the law don’t matter to them,” Clay said. “This is upsetting.”

But as criticism of prosecutors mounted and activists called for justice, Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, a prominent figure on the streets during last year’s unrest, urged residents to channel their frustration into trying to make the city and its police department better.

“I know that many of our neighbors will be disappointed and frustrated by today’s verdict, and I understand those emotions,” Cummings said in a statement. “Baltimore’s future does not rest on the outcomes of the trials surrounding Mr. Freddie Gray’s death. Baltimore’s future rests on every one of us.”

Judge Barry Williams issued his verdict Thursday morning, ending a week-long bench trial. Goodson, 46, drove the van in which Gray suffered a fatal spinal injury in April 2015. Gray died a week later, and riots ignited in West Baltimore on the day of his funeral.

Goodson was one of six officers being prosecuted in Gray’s death and had faced the most serious charges, including second-degree depraved heart murder. He is the second officer to be acquitted.

Aides to Gov. Larry Hogan said the National Guard is standing by, and could be activated should the governor declare a state of emergency.

Goodson is the third of the officers to stand trial; neither Officer William Porter nor Officer Edward Nero were convicted. Porter’s trial ended in a hung jury in December, and he will be retried later this year. Judge Williams acquitted Nero of four misdemeanor counts last month.

After those outcomes, Goodson’s acquittal was to be expected, said Baltimore resident Prinshe Smith, who had chosen Gray to be godfather to her son, Parker.

“I’m not surprised,” she said. “If everybody else is getting off, why wouldn’t he?”

A few dozen protesters were gathered outside the courthouse as the verdict was read. One, who protested silently with half of her face painted white, carried a sign that read, “They killing us alive legally.”

Tawanda Jones, an activist whose brother, Tyrone West, died in police custody in 2013,  said she feared for her community.

“This is going to get worse now,” she said. “They just proved black lives don’t matter. We scream like they matter, but they don’t.”

Janea Rogers, 38, watched a half-built senior center near her East Baltimore home burn down during last April’s unrest. After hearing the verdict, she said she fears that the tension that led to that day’s events still remains.

“What they don’t understand is that we in the black community will not trust cops anymore,” Rogers said as she stood outside the courthouse with her two children, Sherrod, 13, and Mystique, 17. “We’re afraid now. I have to tell my children to be on their guard around cops because they might kill them and get away with it.”



What lessons can we learn from the Freddie Gray verdicts?

  1. Black life has no value under the system of white supremacy.
  2. Do NOT be fooled by the black faces of the police, the judge, or the prosecutor. They are powerless in a system of white supremacy. They are window-dressing and disposable pawns. Do not focus your anger on them.
  3. In all likelihood, the policemen and women were warned in advance that they would not have to “take one for the team” AKA would NOT be convicted or go to prison.
  4. It is also likely all the pawns and players involved knew what the ultimate outcome would be and simply played their roles.
  5. The main people who do not understand what is happening in police brutality incidents are the victims. They do not understand that police brutality, police murders, and police acquittals are NOT random events. They are the FOUNDATION of the white supremacy system of terrorism.
  6. Murdering black people is a white supremacy tradition that will continue until the victims get out of denial, educate ourselves about this system, unify with other victims, cease sexual contact with our oppressors, and develop strategies to dismantle this system.
  7. Until we are willing to do ALL the above, the terrorism will CONTINUE.


The Orlando Shootings were falsely described as the “worst mass shooting in US history”

  1. Largest mass shooting in US History

Our murders are so insignificant, they don’t rate a mention in the history books.

An Excerpt from “Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation:”



Chapter 37 – Domestic Terrorism


If “terrorism” is the systematic use of terror against a “civilian or noncombatant” population to achieve political or ideological objectives, and “domestic” refers to government policies and laws that occur inside a country, then the term, “Domestic Terrorism,” is the most accurate description of what is happening to black people all over the United States…

Why Blacks Are The Biggest Targets Of Domestic Terrorism

Reason #1: The African man and woman — the first man and woman on earth — possess the MOST MELANIN, which makes them, genetically and biologically speaking, the most powerful people on the planet — and the greatest genetic threat to white survival. (See pp 49-52)

Reason #2: When one group oppresses another group, the oppressed group correctly views their oppressors as their enemy. The reverse is ALSO true. The oppressors know it is foolish (and illogical) to trust the same people they are oppressing (mistreating).

A white supremacist system logically assumes that all non-whites are “enemies of the state” and potential threats to the white status quo, which is why non-whites are ALWAYS assumed to be secretly plotting against whites. The police and court systems are used to intimidate and terrorize the oppressed to keep them from rebelling against an unfair (racist) system.

This explains why law enforcement is allowed to abuse and murder blacks at will.

It also explains why blacks and non-whites (in general) are not perceived by the white collective as “patriotic,” and in some cases, NOT citizens at all.

The oppressor class knows it is ILLOGICAL (and insane!) for the oppressed “minorities” to be loyal to the same system that is oppressing them. Sadly, some blacks do not understand how illogical (and self-disrespecting) their “loyalty” is.

Reason #3: The abuse/murder of blacks by the police provides visible “proof” to the white collective that whites are more privileged than (superior to) blacks, thus ensuring the loyalty of whites to a system that is also exploiting them, but still allows even poor whites to feel superior to blacks. This divide-and-conquer strategy by the white elites allows the continued economic and political exploitation of BOTH whites and non-whites.




An excellent analysis of the Caesar Goodson verdict by the blogger, Abagond, can be found here.

  1. Lamin M. says:

    As always, excellent analysis. I am going to get a copy of Trojan Horse. Very constructive information.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Lamin

      Please share any questions or comments you have as you read it.

      I think it is time to stop asking “why” these things are happening and start understanding why they are happening. The only people who can change this dynamic is US

      I think the system and whites collectively have more than demonstrated their intention to either commit violence or allow it to continue, be it physical, moral, sexual, educational or economic violence.

      It is violence when you inferiorize and close black schools and suspend black students for minor infractions — this is educational genocide

      It is violence when you refuse to hire black people or bring in illegals to do the same jobs that poor blacks used to do – economic violence

      I could go down a long list but my point is some form of violence is happening to black people every day other than actual physical violence by police

      We must stop relying on the movies and TV to gauge our level of “progress” and educate ourselves about the system of white supremacy system

      With that UNDERSTANDING as a base, we would be more motivated to put our energies — emotional, educational, sexual, physical, financial, spiritual — in helping and validating EACH OTHER instead of SQUANDERING them on our oppressors

      • Sharon53 says:

        Regarding your statement “It is violence when you refuse to hire black people or bring in illegals to do the same jobs that poor blacks used to do – economic violence.”
        So true, but not only are they replacing us for the low-wage jobs, the immigrants are moving on up the corporate ladder in record numbers. I see this all the time at my present job. They hire them as level one agents, stating they need someone bi-lingual and before long they are getting promoted. I see this a lot with Hispanic men and women. Asians are not that far behind. What is really sad is it seems no one is noticing this and even think it is just normal. I can’t believe we have been so oppressed in this country that we think this is normal. Most blacks are either fired or have to move on to another company to get a higher position.

  2. scottytreid says:

    White Supremacists and racist poor white trash are not so forgiving of traitors (those who aid their enemies). They deal with traitors very harshly. Skin color should not mean a thing when it comes to justice. Justice requires that all involved be held responsible, including the Black ones. It is also not a matter of being “angry” (emotional) at the Black cops, it is matter of being angry with those who practice injustice and harm black people..

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ scottytreid

      I agree.

      But it’s a tricky path. I remember Mr. Fuller sharing his experiences of the politically turbulent 1960s and how black “revolutionaries” would spend more time and energy targeting and harming other black people rather than dealing with the real problem.

      white racism

      I truly, truly understand where you’re coming from and I (privately) do hold these black “traitors” in absolute contempt,

      however, I ALSO realize that the white supremacists are STAGING it that way, making black faces appear to be in charge and appear to be the major participants so black people will focus on those black people INSTEAD of the whites who are masterminding everything that is happening to us.

      I’m not defending them or excusing them

      I’m saying that we MUST focus MORE on the white supremacists who are in charge of EVERYONE, including myself, and not allow ourselves to be distracted by the dog and pony phony shows of “black authority.”

      It’s like a car being driven by a man who runs over your child. You can go over and kick the car, slash the tires and torch it in anger but the man who drove it–who is really responsible– will just get another car (black face).

      In reality, by “hating” those black faces what have we really accomplished? NOTHING

      Black people — including most of the so-called black “revolutionaries” and “counter-racists” and Hebrew street corner prophets — are too afraid of white retaliation AND too anti-black to really challenge the whites in power or even challenge the average, ordinary white who is practicing racism.

      We talk a good game, but most of the time, if we’re harming anyone it’s always ANOTHER BLACK PERSON.

      Why? Because it is EASIER, SAFER, and feels “RIGHTER” to go after each other– as we have been TRAINED to do.

      And that is why I try not to add any more gas to that already blazing inferno of anti-blackness raging within most of us

      But I do hear where you’re coming from

      • scottytreid says:

        I remember listening to an interview of a civil rights worker who they said in a little town in Mississippi and they were telling Black people to not shop at any white stores. They said, on a couple of occassions, they had to whoop some black people ass for breaking the economic boycott of white stores. They said if they did not strictly enforce it, then it would have failed before it started. So I have read and heard about similar things.

        Mr. Fuller saw what he saw and said what he said.

        However, I have studied this period intensely and the only thing I have read that applies is the NOI attacking and killing Malcolm X.

        Did some stuff like that occur among the Black Panthers. Yes it did when traitors were found out who were reporting everything they saw and heard to the white man.

        We know the FBI used Black people to infiltrate these movements to set up people to be killed.

        Take the police assassination of Chairman Fred Hampton. He was set up by a Black man and Black cops participated in his murder. How can you not be angry over such a thing.

        How about some personal accountability for our actions against the people instead of excuse making.

        The system as if would not even exist if not for the help of non-white people who guided these invaders around here and in Africa and helped them attack us, enslave us and steal our lands.

        A non-white person who does something like needs to die right along side those he aided. Justice demands it.

        • Sharon53 says:

          As I was reading your post about holding other blacks accountable when they betray other blacks, something came to mind when you spoke about the assassination of Fred Hampton and how a black man set him up and that black cops participated in his murder. Another example of this was with Black Panther George Jackson who was murdered in prison. I saw an interview by a black agent provocateur who infiltrated the Black Panther group back in the 60s. He mentioned that there were hundreds of spies like himself that infiltrated that group, as well as other groups. So it seems there were just as many traitors as there were people who were really genuine. He stated that he was present when explosives were being tested to sneak into the prison to Jackson so he could make his prison break. So if this spy was there, I am sure there were other spies there also. Those explosives were intercepted by authorities before they reached Jackson and they gave him a bunch of what looked like explosives. Authorities also lied when they said Jackson had a gun hidden under a wig. I don’t see how he could put on a wig over his big bushy afro and a gun under the wig also. That is not possible. They set him up to be killed so when he got outside and threw those so-called explosives against the wall, which did not explode, they then shot him down.
          That being said, I am leery about joining organizations in today’s world, because of advanced technology and out-of-control anti-black behavior, it is far easier for evil doers to spy on us. After seeing all the events over the years concerning blacks, reading blogs like this, and reading books from Trojan Horse Press, I decided to go another route. We can still do our part without being part of an organization. We can start by not harming each other, we can patronize black-owned businesses more often, educate ourselves as much as possible about this system, keep our mouths shut and stop talking so much, boycotting anything or anybody that harms us collectively and personally, just to name a few. If each person did at least some of these things, it will help us all collectively and it will be very difficult to impossible for some agent provocateur to infiltrate, because there will be no organization to infiltrate. I believe that would scare the h____ out of the white supremacists, because they won’t know what hit them.

          • Courtney H. says:

            @ Sharon53:

            Good points.

          • Trojan Pam says:

            @ Sharon53

            When I first learned about counter-racism via Mr. Fuller, I remember being greatly disappointed that there were no “organizations” I could join and be a part of. I wanted the crutch of leaning on them and not on myself.

            Now, I realize what a benefit it was — is — to lead myself. I can still learn from other people and ask questions when I need to ask them but I am not relying on anyone to do my thinking for me. I had to learn to think for myself when it came to my own liberation and that of my people.

            I agree, it is very risky joining any organization today. You never know WHO you are dealing with and nearly every organization is loaded with agents and spies and saboteurs. That’s why I always advise against posting ANYTHING publicly (or privately) – like advocating violence against anyone – because it will be used against you even if you’re just blowing off steam.

            Yes, yes, the suggestions in my books and those made by others to stop participating in those things that degrade and harm us are things we can ALL do that don’t cost any money or put us at any physical risk

            Yet, most will NOT DO the simplest thing to improve our chances of survival.

            That’s why I always advocate that we must FIRST understand the system that oppresses us THEN work on our own heads FIRST. How can you straighten someone else out when your own thinking is still crooked as you know what?

          • scottytreid says:

            Great suggestions on how to hold people accountable. Accountability does not always mean violence and you mentioned a few non-violent means to hold people accountable who harm us.

          • scottytreid says:

            An after thought. I hear what you say about not belonging to organizations but if we do things collectiively, we are part of organized movements. I get what you are saying but sometimes we do need an organization to do certain things. How do we stop them from being infiltrated and/or how do we better identify infiltrators.

            • Trojan Pam says:

              @ scottytreid

              I agree, we do need organizations but I have no idea how to stop them from being infiltrated. If we could solve that problem, we could do some amazing things collectively.

              • Sharon53 says:

                Some years ago I had become a member of the local chapter of a national black organization and there was so much bickering and power struggles, it was almost impossible some times to have meetings. Some even began to accuse the leader of stealing what little money was accumulated. I did not stay with this organization very long and I am glad I got out and before long, I hear the local chapter collapsed. Nothing is being achieved on the national level also because from what I hear and have observed, the head man is nothing but an opportunist who cannot be trusted.

          • Timothy says:


            You have made a great point about finding ways to counteract agents and infiltrators. We have to be wise in our actions and not place all of our business on front street.

          • Timothy says:


            I do see how many of these national organizations are filled with corruption whether its financial, administrative, or otherwise. That is why I believe in collective power, but we do need to be careful cautious about top down bureaucratic organizations too. The economic recession fully proves that selfish individualism doesn’t work since there is no freedom in selfishness. Likewise, we have seen bureaucratic groups fail too, because of infighting, divisions, and other problems. We have innate discernment from the Most High and we have the right to use it. I’m glad that you left that organization. That is why I do believe in autonomous, independent power. The power is within us since we have the power to make changes in our own lives and help others.

  3. Trojan Pam says:

    @ scottytreid

    I understand what you’re saying. This system does require the cooperation and participation of non-white people to function. Which is why I do this blog and the books– to help us understand or at least question our own thinking and behavior because we are contributing to our own demise

    Harriet Tubman had to kill slaves who wanted to run and tell the “master” on the other slaves.

    I get that.

    But I have seen what happens when black people start blaming other black people. White racists get lost in the shuffle every time.

    Black people whooping black ass in the sixties, those were different times. We are much more divided and horribly more anti-black due to integration.

    I won’t attempt to speak for Mr. Fuller but I get the strong impression that the NOI would not be his only example.

    What I wonder is, while we’re holding other black people accountable, what will MOST of us be doing about white racists? Very little, I suspect.

    Again, I hear what you’re saying. I would not be the person who — when a black person is caught doing harm to another black person or a movement — “Aw, he’s just a victim.”

    I get it.

    I say justice must be meted out. I’m just not sure who I would trust to do that. Including myself.

  4. Reason #1: The African man and woman — the first man and woman on earth — possess the MOST MELANIN, which makes them, genetically and biologically speaking, the most powerful people on the planet — and the greatest genetic threat to white survival. (See pp 49-52)

    Reason #2: When one group oppresses another group, the oppressed group correctly views their oppressors as their enemy. The reverse is ALSO true. The oppressors know it is foolish (and illogical) to trust the same people they are oppressing (mistreating).

    A white supremacist system logically assumes that all non-whites are “enemies of the state” and potential threats to the white status quo, which is why non-whites are ALWAYS assumed to be secretly plotting against whites. The police and court systems are used to intimidate and terrorize the oppressed to keep them from rebelling against an unfair (racist) system.

    This explains why law enforcement is allowed to abuse and murder blacks at will.
    I love that passage from the book! It’s so on point! There can never be justice in this racist corrupt system. Thanks for this great post Pam.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Kushite Prince

      That is one of my favorite chapters, too.

      Everything that happens HAPPENS FOR A REASON.

      Once you understand the reason you can create STRATEGIES that weaken your enemy’s position.

  5. reality_check says:

    Blacks have the power to end this police brutality virtually overnight. There are methods proven and documented effective to end this madness that have been employed in other parts of the world.

    Unfortunately, black Americans don’t have the heart for this kind of warfare, an this why we remain perpetual victims.

    No freedom has ever been obtained without bloodshed first. Blacks should remember that.

    As usual, great analysis Pam.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ reality_check

      I feel your passion, but I don’t see any quick fixes for a systematic problem that has taken over 500 years to develop. In addition, we have NO control over any but the most meager resources. All by design.

      The first thing I always suggest is MENTAL PREPARATION and KNOWLEDGE.

      I never advocate violence and I suggest all follow this advice when posting publicly on a forum.

      The system salivates over opportunities to target their victims.

  6. Courtney H. says:

    Also, there’s this:

    And this:

    These videos discuss the above-mentioned case. Enjoy! 😀

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Courtney H.

      Will check out the video. It is tragic the level of confusion among black people.

      More and more black females — most of who suffer from low self-esteem and other psychological trauma — are winding up in the clutches and beds of white racists. Racists know the most lasting damage they can do to a victim is to attack them SEXUALLY because far too many victims can’t imagine a person pursuing them sexually and HATING THEM AT THE SAME TIME.

      I wish I could make my book, “The Interracial Con Game” MANDATORY READING for all black people.

      We do not understand what is being done to us.

  7. Timothy says:

    @Sister Trojan Pam

    Great Article Sister Trojan Pam.

    Since it is close to July 4, I studied a great deal about the Revolutionary War. Since this nation was founded by terrorists like Washington, Jefferson, Patrick Henry, etc. (and centuries before in America), black people have been treated harshly by the system (that wasn’t created to benefit the black collective in the first place). The same cops who oppress our communities are very similar to the slave patrols harming our black ancestors centuries ago in this American continent. The murder of Freddie Gray was not only outrageous and evil, but the capitalist racist system have used chess against us once again. The powers that be exploited our outrage to try to channel it to the same court system that acquit murderous cops. Just because a black mayor or a black cop is in existence doesn’t mean that we are free. We know that white elitists and white racists use some black people as puppets to enforce the system of racism/white supremacy. Like you have said, we shouldn’t hate black puppets. We should hate racism, discrimination, and terrorism that our people experience now worldwide. Part of the problem is that many black people love racist white people unconditionally from Donald Trump to other xenophobic. The worship of whiteness is antithetical to black liberation.

    This battle is not just physical, but it is psychological and spiritual. Some black people have mental slavery and love their oppressor than loving themselves. No one on Earth can liberate black people, but black people. Baltimore for decades & centuries have been the victims of poverty, discrimination, deindustralization, failing schools, and other evils as caused by the oligarchy. I have been to Baltimore too (to visit relatives), so I know first hand of the Downtown areas (which are built up and filled with brick buildings, restaurants, large buildings, etc.) and the poorer communities (which are filled with police, decaying homes, and poverty. That is why Baltimore has been called 2 Cities. This situation is caused by design. We have to use critical analysis, understand why these things exist, and organize strategies (which does deal with the growth of political, economic, cultural, and social power independently) to counteract oppression.

    The acquittal of the cop charged so far by the judge outlines the integral nature of oppression. I’m glad that you have told the truth that the Orlando massacre was not the worst massacre in American history. The oppression and murder of black people have been minimized by racists for a long time. Black human life to white racist society means zero. The truth is that black human life is valuable and our Blackness is sacrosanct.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Timothy

      Our main approach to our oppression is to plead, beg, march, and demand that white people change — but WE are the ones who will have to change what we think, say and do. It seems we are UNWILLING to do this because this is hardest work we will ever do.

      So, we keep marching and protesting (never boycotting since that requires REAL sacrifice) and voting for the elite’s mouthpieces who only talk to us when they want someone (like Hillary and Obama) in the hopes that they will help us.

      I’ve asked many black people name ONE THING Obama or Hillary or the Clintons have EVER done to help black people and so far NO ONE has given me one example

      (and please don’t say “Obama Care” because the health care industry WROTE THE BILL and they are the main ones who benefit from it.)

      Until we are willing to change and sacrifice and support and stop mistreating other black people

      NOTHING WILL CHANGE and that’s a FACT.

      • Timothy says:

        @Sister Trojan Pam

        You’re right that nothing will change unless we change. We have been manipulated for so long that many of our people think that the 2 party system can save us. If those 2 parties , which have been in existence for more than a century can never change our condition, then they will never radically change our condition in the future. Hillary Clinton (who was the Secretary of State as she oversaw the disastrous Libya policy. President Barack Obama has been useful by the elites in promoting the mirage of progress while economic inequality has grown along with foreign policy instability) is overt in her militarist views. Her connections to Wall Street and other corporate interests are well documented. The ACA has been written by the insurance companies and it was influenced by the conservative Heritage Foundation. The ACA even restricts a public option, which Congress withheld.

        Sacrifice is very important. Historically, movements that have some success throughout human history revolve around solidarity, support, organization, strength, and sacrifice. Ignoring TV watching alone (along with doing other progressive actions simultaneously) will cause immediate benefit to our community overnight. TV is a billion dollar industry. Non-participation with white racism and loving our blackness will cause improvement in our emotional vitality. One of the sick pastimes in America is the outright disrespect of the physical features of black people.

        I agree with you that we should treat our people like we would want to be treated. The Golden Rule (which is a spiritual principle) rings true. Like the Michael Jackson song has said, we have to make a change.

        If cops can kill black people in broad daylight with more punishment, then that is an emergency in our community. I read another story where a young black girl was lynched around her neck and she survived. Yet, the Live Oak Classical School (in Texas) is doing nothing about it The handwriting is one the wall.

  8. Timothy says:

    @Sister Courtney

    Good Afternoon Sister.

    The video has the Sister making great points. We have to stick together and promote more unity. With unity, cogent strategy, and power comes strength. We should never tolerate our people being murdered, harmed, and disrespected. She used great analogies about how black folks can’t be true to the cause and lay up with the same white oppressor harming our people. I can never have sex with a white woman since I’m attracted to black women and freedom for our people means respecting my black heritage. White people continue to be racist since they benefit from the system as it is. They or white racists experience no consequences en masse for their anti-black terrorism. So, her video is strong, real, and told the truth on many issues that we care about. The gist of her video is that this fight is mental not just economic. Mental slavery is a vicious evil that must be eradicated. Mentalities must be changed. Loving our own blackness and using positive action are key things to do for us to survive as a black people.

    Thank you for showing the video like always 🙂

    • Courtney H. says:

      @ Brother Timothy:

      Thank you for watching the video and commenting. Since it was about racist cops, I figured that it was related to this post. I agree with what the sister was saying and your responses to the video. The sister really her points home by using many different analogies. Tariq Nasheed talked about this case on one his recent podcasts as well.

      I believe that there are three videos on YT about this case, yoo.

      Again, thank you for watching the video and commenting.

      May you have a blessed weekend, Brother.

      • Timothy says:

        @Sister Courtney

        You’re Welcome Sister. Cops have massive powers now. Now, the Supreme Court recently allowed cops more powers to investigate us regardless of the Fourth Amendment, so it is really real out here. Crooked cops rarely are prosecuted in America. Many videos outline how one person supported a crooked cop. It’s a shame.

        Have a Blessed Weekend too Sister.

  9. chuquestaquenumber1 says:

    No surprise.
    I’m interested in the upcoming trial or trials of Black Louisiana cops Norris Greenhouse Jr and Derrick Stafford. In November 2,2015 these black cops shot and killed white Jeremy Mardis and wounded his dad Chris Fry. Stafford and Greenhouse said Fry was driving towards them in a threatening manner. Those black cops were arrested and charged with crimes THREE DAYS LATER. Not 3 yrs,months,weeks,3 days. The white family members didn’t have to march,rally,start a petition,get massive media coverage to secure arrests. White supremacy came to aid those shot by black cops. There aren’t rallies and massive support for these black cops. Let’s see if these black cops are acquitted of all charges.

    • Courtney H. says:

      Thank you of reminding us of this case. I agree with your comments.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ chuquestaquenumber1

      I remember that case and had the same thoughts.

      I don’t know how much more obvious this system of injustice can get but I expect the black cops to be convicted and will serve a lengthy jail sentence.

    • Timothy says:


      Great Points. The black cops were immediately arrested. I wonder what whether the black cops will be acquitted or not too.

  10. chuquestaquenumber1 says:

    Freddy Gray was just walking down the street with a bicycle. A cop claimed that he saw a clip and realized it was a knife. That’s why Freddy ended up in a van with his spine severed.
    A white man named Tyler Testerman got into a confrontation with a Maryland LEO. Tyler shot this cop in the face. Tyler didn’t end up with his spine severed ,in the back of a police van. Tyler Testerman was arrested unharmed and will have his day in court.

  11. Austin Ellis says:

    The content within this blog post could not be anymore spot on concerning our current situation dealing with the horrors of racism/white supremacy. It should be crystal clear, let alone obvious proof that police brutality and the abuse of power not only maintains the system of racism/white supremacy, but it is genocide that refines itself in many forms (murder, incarceration, raping of black females, harassment, ect). Dr. Frances Cress Welsing could not have described these predicaments any clearer when it comes to white genetic annihilation/survival. The black male will always be seen and viewed as a threat to law enforcement because not only do we have the most melanin on the planet, but we have the greatest and most powerful genetic potential to annihilate genetic recessive whiteness on the planet. This type of scientific, genetic and biological outlook will always be a threat to white supremacy because police brutality and actual law enforcement was founded during the 1800’s to catch slaves and castrate our genitals. This is modern day lynching and castration as is clearly depicted in these incidents.

  12. Timothy says:

    @Sister Courtney

    Good Afternoon Sister. 🙂

    I have listened to the video. First, this week in America is tragic and disturbing. It proves that racial tensions and economic problems are real, pervasive, and abundant. Mark Hughes shouldn’t have been falsely accused of being the gunmen in Dallas. Harvey is right that misconceptions about black people are abundantly shown by the mainstream media. I agree with Harvey that President Obama has used the same, typical middle of road approach on these issues (He or President has shown more empathy to black victims of police terrorism than cops being murdered. That’s a fact that Harvey has documented).

    It is disgraceful of the media to show images of Mark Hughes and that action could increase the risk of that black man to be killed. If Mark is harmed, the media folks who shown that image is responsible too. The media issued no apology for their evil action. We, as black people, are the false scapegoats for every problem in America. The authorities say that the shooter in Dallas is Micah, who was a former Army Reservist. I don’t agree with the cops in Dallas being killed. Likewise, we should recognize that the protest in Dallas was peaceful. Harvey made a great point about us responding by using our economic power to not fund channels or corporations that degrades black people. We have power as we have the first people on Earth.

    The mentality of white racists deals with barbarism, authoritarian control, and irrational anti-black hatred. Mark Hughes should sue many media outlets as Harvey has said. Mark has the right to sue as well. Black people have every right to be angry at evil and injustice. Respectability politics doesn’t work. Likewise, we have to use wise actions in handling our business without recklessness. I believe in nonviolence and self-defense. It’s hypocritical for a society to send people to jail without witnesses yet when crooked cops kill black people on tape, many of these cops are not convicted at all. The police institution has always been linked to control over society. From the slave patrol to the police institution today, corrupt is found. Many of these cops have links to racists, to other far right organizations, etc. Harvey is right to say that the BLM is anti-racism and anti-police brutality. We are in a war for our survival as black people. Black people, regardless of class, are oppressed in this hypocritical system of white supremacy. Today is an emotional day. Many folks are on edge, but I will always keep my faith. I have faith in the Most High and I believe in black liberation forever.

    RIP Delrawn Small, Alton Sterling & Philando Castile.

    Thank you for showing the video Sister. 🙂

    • Courtney H. says:

      @ Brother Timothy:

      Thank you and you are welcome. You have a blessed weekend, too, Brother. 🙂

    • Sharon53 says:

      @Courtney H.
      I listened to the video on Micah Xavier Johnson. I agree with some of the comments made by Harvey in the video even though his commentary was somewhat disjointed.
      One thing that really got my attention was the comments about brothers and sisters in the U.S. military will start targeting gang-bangers. He mentioned that the gang-bangers are protected just like the crooked cops. I often wondered about how the gang-bangers were getting away with this stuff and who was actually arming them. I believe I heard Minister Farrakhan mentioned something about this topic some years ago but I cannot remember his exact words. At one time, they were so out of hand, that I heard both the Bloods and the Crips gangs were beginning to go into rural areas to recruit members.
      Harvey also stated that even though he does not condone what Michael Xavier Johnson did but he understands why he did it, just like Christopher Donner. The problem with this is I am still not sure about just what Christopher Donner did. There are too many unanswered questions as to whether he committed the crimes. As far as Michael X. Johnson, at first they were saying there were multiple shooters. Now, it looks like it boils down to one shooter. It is somehow hard to know the truth.
      I will try to listen to the other videos. I am under a time constraint but will try to get around to them:).

  13. Sharon53 says:

    Correction to comments above. It is Christopher Dorner and not Christopher Donner.

  14. Sharon53 says:

    Please check out the below video. Warning: it is a little over an hour long, but I think the author is onpoint about a lot of things:

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharon53

      First, I agree with her sending condolences to the families of the Brothers of Alton Sterling and Castile. The hanging of the black man in Atlanta proves that racism is a vicious evil that continues now. There is no question that we are at war. Everyone has the right to be angry at injustice. The race war in the Americas has existed for centuries. There is no race war in the making. The race war is in existence today. Right now, corrupt cops are killing black people constantly. I agree with her that we should be strategic on our actions. I have noticed that the news media is demonizing people who believe in Black Nationalist views and folks who show the black power fist. We have an epidemic of the police murdering black people. Those videos of black people being murdered are snuff films in essence. I agree with on her points on psychological warfare. We have to develop our heart and embrace inner strength before carrying forward with our plans. I don’t agree with her using profanity, because people can use powerful language without profanity. The white supremacists are totally demonic to poison the city of Flint, Michigan, which has a majority black population. Her video is about advancing self reflection in our community and abhorring fear that many of our people possess. I don’t believe in collectively blaming every black person for all problems in the black community. Even some black people want to blame black people for every issue on Earth. Doing that is part of self-hatred.

      We should address evils like child molestation, intraracial crime, abuse, trafficking, etc. in a real fashion since tons of black people have a lifetime of trauma as a product of being abused. She talked about the Presidential election as being equivalent to theater. She critiqued the BLM. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are funded by Wall Street and the establishment. That is why the major parties support both of them. Either way, each of those candidates promote war, austerity, and no radical changes in the world. We, as black people , should address imperialism, police brutality, capitalist exploitation, the environment, health care, education, etc. I also know that the Electoral College choosing President.

      The current President is hesitant in address police terrorism for real and that’s sad. My take of ZaZa Ali’s words is that she wants self-reflection, and a revolutionary change in the black community. So, she made many great points. Also, we have to find ways to build up our infrastructure and fight poverty. Nothing changies without fighting poverty (and we have to stop condemning the black poor in offensive terms when many of the middle class and rich black people embrace materialism and arrogance). We have to plan in order for us to build our own. Collective power building is important and we want our people to have liberation in a justice fashion (without authoritarianism). Justice is what we seek.

      Thank you for showing the video Sister.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharon53

      P.S. Also, we have to always acknowledge the epidemic of misogynoir and abuse of black women and black girls in the world too. Black men being murdered is wrong and Black women being murdered is wrong as well. We should talk about these issues and fight for solutions. We have a diversity of issues that we have to deal with. Thank you for showing the video again.

      • Sharon53 says:

        Thank you for your response to the video. I agree also that when she talked about the presidential election as being equivalent to theater. It is all just an elaborate dog and pony show. I don’t even waste my time watching this rhetoric.

        I also agree that we should be strategic in our quest for liberation. We need stop talking so much, especially on social media. One of the reason I got out of a black organization that I had joined some years ago is because when the national leader showed up, the media also showed up with cameras rolling all over the place and the leader seemed to be really ego-tripping behind this.

        I was talking to a friend this weekend and I explained to her that even though I don’t condone violence, I can see why Michael Xavier Johnson could have done what he did. She shrugged my comments off and made a comment, that there is no excuse because police killings are nothing new and has been happening all along. There is some truth to her statement, but the difference is, in the past, these killings were not being videotaped and sprawled on 24-7 media in real time every second of the day. It is being rubbed in our faces and someone is bound to explode. I just don’t understand this apathy among some of our people about what is going on here.

        • Timothy says:

          @Sharon 53

          I agree. I believe that the images of showing black people being murdered by the police is causing huge trauma among our people. More incidents are covered by social media because of the evolution of technology and our world is more globalized. The video footage is key in investigative purposes, etc. Also, we should always be motivated Micah Johnson was a victim of racism and discrimination. He was in the military and saw first hand of the mechanisms of U.S. imperialism. The violence of U.S. imperialism traumatized him in many ways. He definitely had mental health issues (by painting blood on the walls, laughing while being shot at, and singing while being shot at) and many factors motivated him to do the actions that he did. I don’t agree with murdering cops unjustly (also, he wounded a black woman, which I deplore. Micah Johnson was wrong for what he did), but we have to know about the motivation of why he did what he did in order for the truth to be known. I understand his frustration with the system and the anger over black people being killed by cops, but he expressed himself in the wrong, evil way. Murder is unjustified likewise the murder in the war on terror is evil too.

          The current election is certainly an orchestrated event. That is why both Trump and Hillary have such high unpopularity rates, because people know that both of them of puppets of the elites. Trump has been accused of housing discrimination and his businesses have failed for decades. Hillary Clinton is involved in promoting the destabilization of Libya and she said offensive comments about black youth in America and about Africans. They promote the status quo. Being low key with our strategies is a must. Police killings may not be nothing new, but people have every right to oppose and resist police terrorism. Stats have shown an increase in officer related killings of citizens since 2000. Resisting evil is just as much righteous as promoting good. Self-defense is a human right. I don’t eliminate self-defense out of equation (as taught to us by Malcolm X, the Deacons of Defense, etc.). I believe in non-violence and self defense. The powers that be have declared war on us for centuries and we should act accordingly as human beings. Apathy isn’t a solution. Apathy grows in the midst of pain, hurt, mistrust, and confusion. Those conditions (of poverty, injustice, etc.) grow apathy among many of our people. Therefore, a solution involves self-determination and activism. Doing something positive is better than doing nothing.

          We have to show love to black people and inspire them while not being naive about the evils in the world. We have an opportunity to see a renaissance and it won’t be easy. We have to know ourselves, improve ourselves, and help others.

        • Courtney H. says:

          @ Sister Sharon53:

          Thank you so much for posting this video. It was fascinating! I will not add to Brother Timothy’s comments or the comments that you made, because both of you are right. I will add, however, that I liked Sister Zaza Ali’s comments that we don’t care about people like Alton Sterling until they are killed. She has a point about that, and all of us have been guilty of that in one way or another. I have to agree with Timothy that I don’t approve of all the cussing (I did like the cartoon at the beginning of the video, though 😉 ). The sister told the truth about a lot of things. Again, thank you for posting the video.

          • Timothy says:

            @Sister Courtney

            I agree with you Sister. We live in an emergency in American society. There is a lot of tension and some want to scapegoat black people and others want to minimize the problems found in the criminal injustice system and in the police institution. The video is certainly a wake up call and a reminder how far we have to go and how urgent the situation also. Also, we should never give up. Our ancestors never gave up. We won’t either. Great Words Sister 🙂

  15. Shanequa says:

    Here is what made the latest news. You remember the Trayvon Martin trial the news outlet found Rachel Jentel social media page on twitter and post the ratchet material she had post on her page. The same thing is happen to the victim Philando Castile’s girlfriend Lavish Diamond Reynolds. Lavish has a video clip of her smoking weed with her boyfriend Philando in the car with her daughter. On her facebook page she has other ratchet nigger shit on there as well. White media love digging for negative stories about the black victims if they can’t get one on them the y attack the family or last the last person who seen them alive.


    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Shanequa

      Slandering victims of oppression is the action of racists and bigots who don’t care about black people. The racists don’t care about black pain or black grief, so they want to promote the myth that all cops should be respected (as I don’t respect crooked cops) and that black victims of injustice must be demonized. That is their playbook. It is a disgrace that these racist cowards want to disrespect Jenteel, Lavish, and others because of their Facebook posts. Those posts are irrelevant in finding out the truth and promoting justice involving Trayvon Martin, Castile, etc. No human is perfect. Jenteel graduated from college and is multilingual as she can speak multiple languages. Also, Lavish is a grieving Sister who deserves sympathy not demonization. 515 people have been killed by the police so far in 2016. According to statistics from the FBI compiled by Mapping Police Violence, 346 Black people were killed by police in 2015. Furthermore, Blacks are three times more likely to be killed by police than whites and 30 percent of the Black victims were unarmed. A disproportionate amount of black people have died by the police as compared to the overall percentage of the black population in America.

      So, we have racist, discriminatory policies in America. Also, it is important to note that black pregnancy rates have declined since 1992, the life expectancy rate of the black community has increased since 2000, the rate of deaths by homicide for blacks decreased by 40 percent from 1995 to 2013, according to Andrew Fenelon, a researcher with the National Center for Health Statistics, compared with a 28 percent drop for whites. The death rate from cancer fell by 29 percent for blacks over that period, compared with 20 percent for whites. So, that news is not widely reported by the corporate media. Therefore, we should have integrity in our community. I don’t believe in social nihilism. Yet, there is a double standard where cops are given massive support while the black victims of police terrorism experience more scrutiny, more suspicion , and more disrespect than the police (including crooked police). That’s a problem. Many cops have killed black people with impunity and lax accountability is part of the problem. Some Dallas cops even falsely accused the Hughes brothers of being involved in the Dallas situation. This injustice has to stop. More black community unity and growth is a must.

      Enjoy your Day Sister.

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Sister Sharon53 and Brother Timothy:

        Here is a video by The Black Authority (TBA, aka Jason Black) about cooning in the Black community. I stopped listening when he started to attack Rachel Jeantel:

        This video is a little more than an hour long and contains A LOT of name-calling.

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Courtney

          Good Afternoon Sister. 🙂

          I have listened to the video from Jason Black. He crossed the line and disrespected Castile’s girlfriend Diamond and Sterling’s girlfriend too. We should expose self hatred, but we should never disrespect grieving victims’ families or loved ones. So, the person Jason Black is giving no empathy to the women. The problem of misogyny is found among many who claim to be “conscious” but they aren’t. Jason Bland’s brutal misogyny is repugnant. We live in an emergency in the world. She or Diamond wanted to use the camera to provide evidence not as a means to promote attention or theatrics. We know that the protesters are not the cause of police terrorism. The cause of police terrorism are crooked cops who murder our people with impunity and the police institution maintaining the status quo. We should never tolerate police terrorism in any form or fashion. I don’t agree with Jason’s slander of Rachel Janteel. Janteel is a Sister who has been through so much and Jason’s mocking of her physical appearance is an example of his self-hatred. Black people of diverse phenotypes are beautiful. Rachel Janteel is beautiful. The tattoo of a woman Diamond is irrelevant to events of the Alton Sterling’s death. The relevant information is about the event in question. Jason is more angry at the women than the crooked cops and the system of oppression. Therefore, I disagree with Jason on many issues. Our eyes are on the prize and we believe in love for our black people and justice.

          Bless you Sister 🙂

          • Courtney H. says:

            @ Brother Timothy:

            Thank you for watching the entire video, because I couldn’t stomach it. I agree with everything that you said. Too many so-called conscious Brothers keep saying that we have to get together, or that we’re all we’we got, but they bash Black women. It is SO hypocritical. Thank you again for your excellent comments.

            • Timothy says:

              @Sister Courtney

              You’re Welcome Sister.

              • Courtney H. says:

                @ Brother Timothy:

                Thank you, Brother. Here is a really good video that tells the truth about the police:

                Enjoy! 😀

            • Timothy says:

              @Sister Courtney

              I saw the video that you have shown about the lies that the corporate media show about cops. There are plenty of stats that show that many jobs are much more riskier than the cop profession. There are many more dangerous occupations than being a police officer in America. So, it is a myth that cops are being killed in an epidemic level. We know that the political elites protect cops to the point where even if a cop does an injustice against an innocent person, they are rarely prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. There is no massive war on cops. Patrick Lynch is a disgraceful person who said that the Mayor of NYC has blood on his hands (which isn’t true). Cop shootings are down from 2014. Many of these pro-cops groups want to subsidize economically for the police institution. More cops dying from suicide than from the line of duty is an eye opening truth that people should know about. People know that BLM isn’t responsible for killing cops. Also, we know how many white supremacists have infiltrated many police departments nationwide. FOX News has no respect for the black community and this video has made many great points. That is why we need to protect our human rights and build in our communities.

              Thank you for showing the video Sister 🙂

              • Courtney H. says:

                @ Brother Timothy:

                Thank you, and you are very welcome, Brother. I agree with your,statements, especially about the vido being very informative. 🙂

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Shanequa

      I meant to write that Rachel Jeantel graduated from high school.

  16. alicia356 says:

    This may be off topic since I don’t following mainstream white supremacist news (one minute they are for black civil rights, the next anti-black so I’ve decided to tune it out), does anyone understand why so many white supremacist white and hispanics have an anger/resentment/rage towards blacks?

  17. anonymous says:

    Timothy, Courtney, and everyone:

    Would like to get your input on the video link I have added.
    Thanks in advance.

  18. anonymous says:

    Timothy, Courtney, and everyone:

    Would like to get your input on the video link I have added.
    Thanks in advance.


    Sorry I forgot to add the link in the prior post.

    • Timothy says:


      I have read the article and listened to the video from the Chicago police officer. Here are my thoughts. For thousands of years, black Africans created tons of contributions in architecture, astronomy, engineering, etc. in Africa. The Maafa began in the late 1400’s by the Portuguese. White racists brutalized black people for centuries in the world. Yet, we rose up to fight back. There are many of examples of black people in the Americas fighting back against white racist oppression via rebellions and other forms of resistance. The police officer wanted to use religious imagery to make the point that black people weren’t part of the original Constitution and black people has been disenfranchised and mistreated for a long time. That’s accurate since the Constitution once considered black people 3/5s of a man and many of the “Founders” were outright slave owners like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. The system of racism/white supremacy is pernicious, but it isn’t an infallible system as the white people aren’t divine. The police institution in America has been influenced by the slave patrols of the 18th century. Also, we know that the criminal justice system has been discriminatory against the black community and austerity measures have harmed especially poorest of black people (poor black people have been scapegoated especially by white racists and upper middle black bourgeois types who care more for money acquisition than black liberation). I found out recently that one of the cops who were killed in Dallas was a white supremacist nationalist. The 2 shooters in Dallas and in Baton Rouge had military training.

      The brutality of Western imperialism overseas is an evil that must be condemned too. Violence begats violence is certainly true. Police terrorism is a real problem and we have the right to condemn police brutality period. Therefore, I think that the police officer made many accurate points about black people in America. The white officer is calling on white people to repent and change. Black folks have been trying to call whites collectively to repent and change for years and centuries. That hasn’t worked. With advances in technology, the truth is out there. Black people should use our self-determination to promote a stronger powerbase and advance economic justice. The white collective have privilege in the world society. From my research and from my experience, many whites just will refuse correction no matter what we say. The point is that we should continue to stand up for truth and follow righteousness regardless. We want all to wake up and be saved, but not everyone will wake up.

      Likewise, we should remind our eyes on the prize. I don’t believe in using unjust violence, but we should solve our problems in nonviolent methods including self defense if necessary. Self-preservation is a human right. We believe in black liberation and we desire justice.

      Thank you for showing the link. I wish more blessings for you.

    • Timothy says:


      One point of the video is that many whites are afraid that black people will treat them like they have treated us. In other words, white people know the truth and they know the evils that they have committed. We don’t want to be apart of a system that degrades us (via the corporate media and the entertainment industry which is owned and controlled by white male billionaires), that slanders us, and that exploits black people. We want to replace the current system with a system of justice where black people can have real freedom and independence.

      • anonymous says:

        @ Timothy,

        Thanh you for watching the video and commenting. I am sorry for not responding sooner. I am still thinking about the video, and I agree with your comments. The thing is that there is this fear of Black people going after White people, yet I have felt that despite severe mistreatment in America, Black people have fought and died for this country. I feel that the enemy who they should worry about are not Black American s but elsewhere. Past mistakes, and some pretty bad foreign policy decision-making in the past is to blame. I am not as well versed on what is going on today to make a really substantive comment about how current decision-making is impacting the U.S. I pray that the U.S. can turn itself around. The overall focus and locus seems to be on Black people as a threat, yet Black people continue to serve in the armed forces, work as Police officers and so forth. I am wondering if in addition to what you have said about this fear, if some people just want to have an excuse to hate Black people. Anyway, thank you so much for the feedback.

        • Timothy says:


          Thank you for your words. Like always, you have a very compassionate spirit and that compassion from you is part of your gift. This issue is complex issue and you took the time to make your response. At the end of the day, we believe in the Golden Rule. As black people, we have shown more than enough of love and light in the world. As you have stated, bad foreign policy decisions have influenced the current situation in America. Therefore, we should follow the Golden Rule and stand up for the human rights of black people at the same time. We certainly want the world to be better.

          Have a Blessed Day Sister.

          @Sister Courtney

          I have listened to the video from Cyn. I believe that she is a very intelligent black woman who made great points on the system of racism/white supremacy. It is obvious that white racists want black people to be docile, compromising, and not speak out on social issues, because they view black people as inferior. They want black people to be controlled and not liberated. They view us as slaves as Cyn has said. A person of black African descent have every right to oppose an anthem that glamorizes slavery and anti-black oppression. The author of the national anthem was a racist and slave owner. White racists don’t like any black person who refuses to grovel before them and refuse to worship them. A lot of war in American history were unjust like the Vietnam War. Also, we can show empathy for humanity while abhorring injustice at the same time. Racists by definition lack true empathy for humanity. Acknowledging the truth is important for change to come. America has a brutal history of racism and other forms of oppression, but racists just refuse to acknowledge the truth.

          She made many points about double standards of whites using guns aimed at the police and nothing happen to them while black people who are unarmed are killed by the police. Black people are killed by the police in a higher rate than white people. When white people commit a crime, then they are not collectively blamed for it. When a black person does a crime, then society condemns black people collectively, which is wrong. Also, black people in America uses drugs in a less rate than white people, but black people are sentenced in higher rates than white people. Therefore, white people are not infallible. Black people are the original humans. We, as black people, are going to continue to speak up. The truth is that black people have exposed the truth for generations.

          Enjoy your Day Sister. 🙂

    • anonymous says:

      Hi Courtney,

      Thank you for responding. I agree with the young lady in the video that perhaps the crux of the issue is about Black people refusing to totally be subjugated. Throughout history through subversive acts , stragetic use of non violence, political strategies, and symbolic action, Black people have resisted total subjugation. I am still pondering much of what she has stated, however, her point about angry backlash against any perception of Black defiance is spot on. The status quo in the U.S needs to be challenged, and within reason people have a right to challenge injustice. Thank you for posting the video. I enjoy reading your commentary and I also enjoy the discourse between you and Timothy, along with the interesting perspectives you both offer pertaining to the critical issues facing Black Americans.

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Anonymous:

        Thank you for response to the video. I agree that people who challenge the status qoluo are always attacked, since they benefit from the,stays quo remaining intact. I
        I alway enjoy the rapport that I have Brother Timothy, as well as you, Sharon53, Shanequa, as well as others,that I have not mentioned on this,forum. Like-minded getting together like,this is very refreshing!

        May you have a blessed week! 🙂

  19. Courtney H. says:

    @ Everybody:

    Here’s a good video:

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      Interesting video. I will make a commentary on it in more detail soon.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      I have listened to the video. Here are my thoughts. Once again, we see how a bad system and corrupt laws allowed cops to not be convicted of the death of Freddie Gray. The death of Freddie Gray was ruled a homicide by an autopsy. Of course, many people will scapegoat Marilyn Mosby for the verdict. That’s a shame. Mosby isn’t perfect, but even she shouldn’t be blamed for the death of Freddie Gray or for the non-conviction of the cops. The police institution has much more immunity than everyday civilians. They get away with murder literally all of the time. One big problem involve the laws that make it very difficult for cops to be convicted on anything. Marilyn Mosby has been receiving death threats and called racial slurs by white racists. That is evil. Therefore, we recognize Mosby’s imperfections, but she is a black woman who should never be blamed for the corruption found in the system and in the police institution. A lot of that attacks against Mosby relate to misogyny. The Brother in the video made great points. Baltimore has faced police terrorism, poverty, neglect for decades along before Mosby was an attorney.

      Instead of some people blaming Mosby (who overtly calling out police terrorists in public. If she didn’t brought up charges, she would be criticized. She brought up charges and still she was criticized, so the hypocrites want to condemn her, but not condemn the system of racism/white supremacy that has oppressed black people for centuries) for everything under the sun, they should express outrage at the judicial system and the policing system that allows these injustices to continue. Also, the problem deals with classism, because the vast majority of black people being unjustly murdered by crooked cops are poor and working class black people. The Baltimore police officers didn’t want any cop to be charged anyway. Many loopholes in the case caused the cops to be gotten off. The Blue Lives Matter people have attacked Mosby too. Therefore, laws must be changed and we have to use means to build up our economic and political power as black people. Bates is a sellout, so I’m not surprised at his comments against Mosby. Law enforcement was created by the influence from slave patrols centuries ago. The police institution promotes the Blue Wall of Silence to promote the status quo. Mosby went above and beyond what any typical prosecutor has done. We reject the status quo. The video made many great points. This is a great video.

      Thank you for showing the video.

      Have a Great Weekend Sister. 🙂

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Brother Timothy:

        Thank you for watching the video and commwnting. I agree with everything that you said. Brother Taurus Reign made a great video, especially pointing the hypocrisy. Jason Black did a video abut Marilyn Mosby, and he blamed for what happened. Then again, Jason Black is a misogynist. So you are right to point out the hypocrisy. Again, thank you for watching the video and commenting. May have a blessed week, too. 🙂

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharon53

      Thank you for showing the link Sister. I don’t agree with Lil Wayne, because of many reasons. First, it is important to evaluate why a post racial viewpoint is common in many sectors of America. We experience a system of white supremacy. This system and racists use propaganda in trying to convince many black people to believe in the myth that racism is extinct and we don’t have it that bad. Those views are lies since we have record economic inequality, police are killing our people at will without any accountability, and we see poverty harming the lives of many of our people. Racism is ever real. Therefore, Lil Wayne needs to know that just because white people buy his records or are at his concerts doesn’t mean that racism is gone. White racists not only buy hip hop records, but they have sex with both some black men and some black women too.

      Racism is a system of evil control over the lives of black people. Racism is pervasive and many victims of racism don’t realize that they are being victimized too. Lil Wayne’s lyrics of colorism, misogynoir, and disrespecting Emmett Till outline him as a person who has self-hatred. This story is a lesson on how important it is for us to educate black youth especially on the beauty of Blackness and the necessity to enact social change. We have every right to speak on important issues from economics to police brutality. We want the system of white supremacy to be replaced with a system of justice. Not to mention that we believe in exposing the big corporations that promote music that degrades black people. Lil Wayne consciously promotes anti-black music, so we shouldn’t support his agenda. In real life, I have dealt with racism. New Orleans is home to massive racism and economic inequality. Lil Wayne was born in New Orleans. During the Katrina disaster, white racist gangs have harmed and killed innocent black people. Also, the white racists running the corporations promoting vile music shouldn’t be left off the hook either. We reject naivety. We want justice.

      Enjoy your Day Sister.

    • Courtney H. says:

      @ Brother Timothy:

      Thank you for watching the video. I agree with every thing that you said. Many of the subscribers to the video also said that c**ns like Lil’ Wayne need to be boycotted. Again, thank you for watching the video.

      May you have a blessed weekend, too, Brother.

      • Timothy says:

        @Sister Courtney

        I agree with you Sister. We shouldn’t spend our money to those who degrade black humanity. Hopefully, more people can wake up and act accordingly. You always inspire me. You are a great person with a lot of wisdom. I will forever be in favor of the liberation of black people.

        Have a Blessed Weekend too Sister. 🙂

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