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I felt compelled to do a post on this story — which I heard for the first time today — for two reasons. One, it needs to be told and hopefully, shared with other black people, especially the black parents who do NOT understand that sending their black child into a hostile, predominantly white environment is CHILD ABUSE.

While I sympathize with these well-meaning parents who want their children to have the best possible education, they should ask themselves what happens to BLACK ADULTS in predominantly white environments where blacks aren’t welcome?

They are mistreated.

The second reason is — what will a black child do when he or she is subjected to a hostile white environment without the tools to fight back?

They will be greatly mistreated

This isn’t ROCKET SCIENCE. It’s common sense.

The odds are, the child is often too confused and ashamed to tell their parents what is happening to them on a daily basis.

And it is common for the black child to develop feelings of inferiority and a dislike for their own blackness and other black people.

They often don’t even know they’re experiencing racism from teachers, school administrators and classmates. Why?


If this is true, why should our children tell us anything when we have taught them BY OUR SILENCE to keep white people’s secrets?

 Education is more than reading, writing, and arithmetic. Something far too many of us fail to grasp as we brag and boast about our children being in white schools, and white universities, like Harvard and Princeton, and having white “friends,” then wonder with dismay why our children are so “white-identified” and why so many only date or marry whites and want nothing to do with their own people, and in fact, hold us in contempt — like their white contemporaries. 

Here are the news articles. Draw your own conclusions.

Black girl almost hung by white classmates


A lawsuit has been filed against a private school in Texas by the parents of a 12-year-old black girl who suffered severe rope burn around her neck during an overnight field trip.

The Dallas Morning News ( ) reports that the family is seeking $3 million in damages.

The lawsuit was filed Monday in Travis County against Live Oak Classical School in Waco and the owner of the ranch where the incident occurred.

Authorities are investigating how the girl was injured.

The family has said they believe it was a case of racially motivated bullying.

The school has said the girl was accidentally hurt when students were playing with a rope swing attached to a tree.  (???)


WACO — Authorities want to know how a 12-year-old girl ended up with a severe rope burn around her neck during an overnight campout with her sixth-grade classmates.

But the child and her mother believe they already know. The girl is black and attends a mostly white private school near a flourishing part of downtown. They believe she was the victim of a racially motivated attack, the culmination of months of bullying by her classmates.

The girl and her mother said they believe some of the girl’s white classmates intentionally placed a rope around her neck as the students played during the camping trip.

“It looked like somebody had ripped her neck apart and stitched it back together,” the girl’s mother, Sandy Rougely, said in an interview with The Dallas Morning News this week as she sat next to her daughter in their Waco apartment, far across town from Baylor University.

Live Oak Classical School said in a statement that the girl’s injuries were “caused accidentally” while the students — eight girls and 14 boys — were playing with a rope swing attached to a tree. The girl was one of two black students on the trip.

The school contends the girl’s lawyer is using race to take advantage of an accident for financial gain. The grammar school dean, Allison Buras, who went on the camp-out, did not respond to a request for comment. Instead, a member of the board of directors, Jeremy Counseller, emailed a statement to The News.

Live Oak Classical School in Waco. (Vernon Bryant/The Dallas Morning News)Live Oak Classical School in Waco.

It said, in part, that “the student and some of her classmates were playing with a swing and an attached pull-rope on a field trip. The student received first aid treatment immediately after the accident by a parent chaperone who is also a physician, and she was able to enjoy the remainder of the field trip, which lasted through the next day. Live Oak takes the safety of its students seriously and is saddened that one of its family suffered an unfortunate accident and injury.”

The statement also said the attorney is trying to “exploit” the 100th anniversary “of the lynching of Jesse Washington in Waco.” The statement said the girl’s attorney, Levi McCathern, who also represents the Dallas Cowboys, asked the school to pay $2.7 million or he would make the allegations public.

‘Waco Horror’

This month marks 100 years since the most notorious lynching in Texas. In what’s known as “the Waco Horror,” a white mob snatched 17-year-old Washington from the McLennan County courthouse just after he was convicted of the murder and rape of a white woman a week earlier. The mob, dressed in suits and hats, threw a chain around Washington’s neck, dragged him through the streets and then tossed him onto a bonfire.

McCathern and attorney T.J. Jones, who works at McCathern’s Dallas law firm, said they asked for money after the school requested a financial demand in writing.

Jones said they based the figure on living expenses plus private school through 12th grade, college for the girl and her plans to pursue a law or medical degree.

None of the chaperons called the child’s mother about the injury, and none of the adults saw the children as they played on the swing and or the incident, the girl and her mother said. One of the parents, the doctor, examined her neck. The staff covered it in Vaseline and gave her ibuprofen, the girl said.

The school did not respond to follow-up questions asking why no one called the girl’s mother.

‘I think it was on purpose’

Photographs of the the girl’s injuries show that the rope cut into the skin across the front of her neck to halfway around the back.

“For Live Oak to bury their head in the sand and chalk this incident up to ‘kids being kids’ is irresponsible but, unfortunately, all too common,” said McCathern. “Their tone-deaf approach reflects an attitude that our client’s injury was not worth investigating or even informing her mother about.”

Rougely said she didn’t know about the injury until her daughter walked off the bus the following night in the school parking lot. From afar, Rougely thought her daughter wore a necklace.

The school’s statement also said: “The lawyer claimed that the student’s injuries were racially motivated, intentional attack. Live Oak takes this accusation seriously. The school interviewed all student eyewitnesses and teachers who were present and each independently established that the accusation made by the attorney is absolutely false. The injuries were caused accidentally while the students were playing with the swing and attached pull rope. The attorney was advised of the results of the interviews.”

But Jones countered: “I don’t know how you can look at her neck, at the pictures and think this was anything but intentional.” But he said even if what occurred was an accident, the way the school handled the situation was “beyond poor.”


I was especially struck by this line in the article above:

“They believe she was the victim of a racially motivated attack, the culmination of months of bullying by her classmates.”

The culmination of MONTHS of bullying? I couldn’t help wondering why wouldn’t those parents remove her from that school? But, sadly, I was not surprised.

I have heard many stories like this over the years, where the black parents were FULLY aware that their children were being targeted by white classmates and DID NOTHING TO PREVENT IT or remove their child from that particular school. This is something that truly dumbfounds me.

A war is being waged against us and especially, against our children. It is time to stop treating these incidents as “random events.” They are NOT random. They are intentional and the SYSTEM in place promotes our mistreatment by protecting the aggressors against us.

As the economy plummets — despite all the lying by those in the “white house”  who say there is a “recovery” — there will be more attempts to focus white rage ON black people.

That was the main reason Obama was (s)elected. To focus white rage against a black powerless face as more and more whites lose their jobs, homes, pensions, freedoms, and ultimately, their minds.

I hope this becomes clear to more and more people.


That being said, we cannot afford to make our children such vulnerable targets of white racists.  Talk to your children and the young people in your family about racism. Tell them what you have experienced and whatever successes you have had in countering it. Put your fears and tender egos to the side and TELL THEM THE TRUTH.

Stop cosigning on anti-black behavior and explain why the white mainstream media promotes interracial relationships and degrades black ones.

Tell them that we live under a system of white supremacy that, for us, began with slavery, and that there are people who hate them and will hurt them just because they are black.

Our children are smarter and more intuitive than we might imagine and they are capable of understanding what is right and what is wrong.

We must stop keeping white people’s secrets and stop putting our children in harm’s way in predominantly white environments.



Some in Baltimore frustrated, others seek calm after Officer Caesar Goodson found not guilty

Freddie Gray

Freddie Gray, Murder Victim

Police Officers for Freddie Gray

Six Police Officers Involved in Freddie Gray’s Murder

Circuit Judge Barry Williams

Circuit Judge Barry Williams

Officer Caesar Goodson

Officer Caesar Goodson

There was a mix of frustration, calls for patience and pressure to drop the remaining cases against police officers Thursday as Baltimore processed the news that Officer Caesar Goodson Jr. was acquitted of all charges related to the death of Freddie Gray.

Troy Clay, 22, of Pigtown, was visibly shocked as he stood outside Baltimore Circuit Court with his 3-year-old daughter, Sa’Niyah, on his shoulders.

“It’s like the law don’t matter to them,” Clay said. “This is upsetting.”

But as criticism of prosecutors mounted and activists called for justice, Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, a prominent figure on the streets during last year’s unrest, urged residents to channel their frustration into trying to make the city and its police department better.

“I know that many of our neighbors will be disappointed and frustrated by today’s verdict, and I understand those emotions,” Cummings said in a statement. “Baltimore’s future does not rest on the outcomes of the trials surrounding Mr. Freddie Gray’s death. Baltimore’s future rests on every one of us.”

Judge Barry Williams issued his verdict Thursday morning, ending a week-long bench trial. Goodson, 46, drove the van in which Gray suffered a fatal spinal injury in April 2015. Gray died a week later, and riots ignited in West Baltimore on the day of his funeral.

Goodson was one of six officers being prosecuted in Gray’s death and had faced the most serious charges, including second-degree depraved heart murder. He is the second officer to be acquitted.

Aides to Gov. Larry Hogan said the National Guard is standing by, and could be activated should the governor declare a state of emergency.

Goodson is the third of the officers to stand trial; neither Officer William Porter nor Officer Edward Nero were convicted. Porter’s trial ended in a hung jury in December, and he will be retried later this year. Judge Williams acquitted Nero of four misdemeanor counts last month.

After those outcomes, Goodson’s acquittal was to be expected, said Baltimore resident Prinshe Smith, who had chosen Gray to be godfather to her son, Parker.

“I’m not surprised,” she said. “If everybody else is getting off, why wouldn’t he?”

A few dozen protesters were gathered outside the courthouse as the verdict was read. One, who protested silently with half of her face painted white, carried a sign that read, “They killing us alive legally.”

Tawanda Jones, an activist whose brother, Tyrone West, died in police custody in 2013,  said she feared for her community.

“This is going to get worse now,” she said. “They just proved black lives don’t matter. We scream like they matter, but they don’t.”

Janea Rogers, 38, watched a half-built senior center near her East Baltimore home burn down during last April’s unrest. After hearing the verdict, she said she fears that the tension that led to that day’s events still remains.

“What they don’t understand is that we in the black community will not trust cops anymore,” Rogers said as she stood outside the courthouse with her two children, Sherrod, 13, and Mystique, 17. “We’re afraid now. I have to tell my children to be on their guard around cops because they might kill them and get away with it.”


What lessons can we learn from the Freddie Gray verdicts?

  1. Black life has no value under the system of white supremacy.
  2. Do NOT be fooled by the black faces of the police, the judge, or the prosecutor. They are powerless in a system of white supremacy. They are window-dressing and disposable pawns. Do not focus your anger on them.
  3. In all likelihood, the policemen and women were warned in advance that they would not have to “take one for the team” AKA would NOT be convicted or go to prison.
  4. It is also likely all the pawns and players involved knew what the ultimate outcome would be and simply played their roles.
  5. The main people who do not understand what is happening in police brutality incidents are the victims. They do not understand that police brutality, police murders, and police acquittals are NOT random events. They are the FOUNDATION of the white supremacy system of terrorism.
  6. Murdering black people is a white supremacy tradition that will continue until the victims get out of denial, educate ourselves about this system, unify with other victims, cease sexual contact with our oppressors, and develop strategies to dismantle this system.
  7. Until we are willing to do ALL the above, the terrorism will CONTINUE.


The Orlando Shootings were falsely described as the “worst mass shooting in US history”

  1. Largest mass shooting in US History

Our murders are so insignificant, they don’t rate a mention in the history books.

An Excerpt from “Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation:”



Chapter 37 – Domestic Terrorism


If “terrorism” is the systematic use of terror against a “civilian or noncombatant” population to achieve political or ideological objectives, and “domestic” refers to government policies and laws that occur inside a country, then the term, “Domestic Terrorism,” is the most accurate description of what is happening to black people all over the United States…

Why Blacks Are The Biggest Targets Of Domestic Terrorism

Reason #1: The African man and woman — the first man and woman on earth — possess the MOST MELANIN, which makes them, genetically and biologically speaking, the most powerful people on the planet — and the greatest genetic threat to white survival. (See pp 49-52)

Reason #2: When one group oppresses another group, the oppressed group correctly views their oppressors as their enemy. The reverse is ALSO true. The oppressors know it is foolish (and illogical) to trust the same people they are oppressing (mistreating).

A white supremacist system logically assumes that all non-whites are “enemies of the state” and potential threats to the white status quo, which is why non-whites are ALWAYS assumed to be secretly plotting against whites. The police and court systems are used to intimidate and terrorize the oppressed to keep them from rebelling against an unfair (racist) system.

This explains why law enforcement is allowed to abuse and murder blacks at will.

It also explains why blacks and non-whites (in general) are not perceived by the white collective as “patriotic,” and in some cases, NOT citizens at all.

The oppressor class knows it is ILLOGICAL (and insane!) for the oppressed “minorities” to be loyal to the same system that is oppressing them. Sadly, some blacks do not understand how illogical (and self-disrespecting) their “loyalty” is.

Reason #3: The abuse/murder of blacks by the police provides visible “proof” to the white collective that whites are more privileged than (superior to) blacks, thus ensuring the loyalty of whites to a system that is also exploiting them, but still allows even poor whites to feel superior to blacks. This divide-and-conquer strategy by the white elites allows the continued economic and political exploitation of BOTH whites and non-whites.




An excellent analysis of the Caesar Goodson verdict by the blogger, Abagond, can be found here.

[The 2016 version of the 1977 mini-series “Roots” based on the book by Alex Haley is the story of Kunta Kinte, born free in Africa in 1750, and covers the years up to 1960 and his American descendant in America, Alex Haley.]

When I first heard about this remake, my first question was: WHY?

A friend of mine called the morning after it aired and asked if I watched the “new” Roots. I told him I hadn’t, and that I have no intention of watching it. I asked him why he thought white Hollywood is suddenly so interested in our “black his-tory?” Since he didn’t have an answer, I decided to play devil’s advocate by coming up with some possible reasons of my own:

Reason #1: White people love and respect black history so much, they have to make films about it.

This reason falls flat, considering how little of our history is told in american history books. In fact, the major textbook publishers in the nation are deleting slavery and refer to African slaves as “workers.”

Reason #2: Money — because there is more money in making films about slavery and segregation and butlers and domestic workers than any other black theme.

This makes no sense since I seriously doubt black people would rather see ourselves in chains and butler uniforms on the big screen than in contemporary love stories (of which there are very, very few, other than the type where black males harm black females).

Reason #3: White producers are making films about black slaves and butlers and domestic help out of a sense of “white guilt” and feel compelled to show the world how badly they treated us. This is the most illogical reason of all.

If white guilt ruled the behavior of powerful whites, black people would not be suffering from educational and employment racism, massive incarceration, police brutality, inferior quality food and lead-contaminated water, and inadequate medical care.


Why are Hollywood’s “black history” movies restricted to slavery and segregation themes? Why don’t they do a story about black inventors and scientists and all the thousands of great black heroes that existed then?

Because Hollywood – an extension of the white supremacy system – is determined to portray blacks as an inferior, helpless, hopelessly violent, degraded, and diminished humanity.

The real question should be:

Why are black people so eager to let the people who oppressed us continue to tell our stories? Would Jews let the Germans tell their stories? Would whites let black people tell their stories? The only people who allow others to define their history are people who are still enslaved and trapped in a slave mindset.

So, what could be the reason behind all these black revisionist films? I believe it an announcement of the intentions of the white supremacist system toward the black population as the economy fails and old-style racism rears its ugly head.

I know of black college graduates who cannot find work, even at temp agencies where whites use code words to keep from hiring black people. I know of young black, college-educated females who are cleaning white women’s houses in the south because there are no jobs for them.

I know of a young black female who posed as a white female on the Monster Jobs website and got a ton of offers but no offers when it was known she was black. Blacks are being incarcerated in prisons all across the country at record rates, working for 90 cents an hour for corporate America — the modern day slavery.

Black schools are closing, blacks are being pushed out of major urban centers, and black poverty is rising at an astronomical rate. It should be obvious the so-called civil rights clock is turning backwards.

Instead of viewing these films as flattering and/or as strictly entertainment, the black collective should be ON GUARD as to the direction we are headed in.

And stop supporting these films with our dollars and precious time .

This is NOT about not knowing OR respecting our history. Of course we should do that. What I oppose is allowing the white supremacist HOLLYWOOD and TELEVISION industry to TEACH IT.

They are waging a war against our minds and our future.  We cannot afford to be this naïve and trusting after our experiences with this system.