Nick Cannon – Too Broke To Vote

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I thought this video was worth a post on its own. Again, I am not telling ANYONE to vote OR not to vote.

What I’m saying is IF we sincerely want to solve our problems as black people within a white supremacist system, we will have to LOOK OUTSIDE THAT SYSTEM for solutions.  And WE will have to do the necessary work to save ourselves.

The “Democrats” won’t do it

The “Republicans” won’t do it.

A “first black” President won’t do it (and we should have figured that out by now)

More black politicians (with their hands and feet tied behind their backs) won’t do it.

More black people going to the polls to cast a vote won’t do it

The sad, unfortunate truth is we will have to do it ourselves.

Once we ARM ourselves with KNOWLEDGE, with God, Mother Nature, Karma, and Universal Justice on our side,

the ORIGINAL PEOPLE will find a way to do it.

  1. I must give Nick props! his lyrics are on point! There is so much TRUTH in his words. I think people need to really pay attention to his words. It might actually open some minds. Black people really need to understand the political process. It’s all rigged,it’s time to wake up. Thanks for this upload Pam.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Kushite Prince

      Usually, I don’t acknowledge anything that entertainers, black or non-black, say but this video speaks for a lot of people in his generation. Voting doesn’t not take the place of economics and in fact, is a huge part of the reason our economy is failing.

      • I agree Pam. Cannon spoke a lot of truth in this video. I know many black people wont like it though. It’s hard for us to accept the truth. I got into a debate with a family member last month. She got upset because I said Obama was just a puppet for the elite and he’s not “allowed” to do anything for black people. She almost went crazy on me!lol Why is that Pam? Why is so hard for our people to accept reality? Even when it’s right in our faces. Even though we can see with our own eyes that Obama has done more for homosexuals/transgenders than for blacks. But many black people just bury their heads in the ground. They refuse to SEE the truth. It’s very frustrating. I’m sure you have dealt with this yourself.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Kushite Prince

          When people overreact, I have found it is usually in response to something they KNOW IS TRUE but do not want to face.

          Your family member wanted to believe the fairy tale that a black prince charming could ride out of the white desert and rescue black people. Why?

          1. Because it’s a prettier story than the truth
          2. White people told them he was their prince
          3. Because she won’t have to do anything about her and our condition.

          Many black people do not want to face the TRUTH. That WE WILL HAVE TO SAVE OURSELVES.

          We don’t want the knowledge
          We don’t want the responsibility of having the knowledge and doing something about it
          We don’t want to do the work required in winning our freedom
          We don’t want to sacrifice money, and time and whatever form of entertainment eats up our leisure hours
          And we don’t want to put ourselves in harm’s way

          We want SOMEONE ELSE to do it. And anyone and anything that offers us SOMETHING FOR NOTHING, we are going to jump on it like white on rice and whoa and behold the black person who tells us differently.

          we understand more than we pretend to understand

          but like someone once said to me:

          “It’s impossible to wake someone up who is pretending to be asleep.”

          I don’t even debate the false presidency of Obama or George Bush with people like this. I have found it is a waste of my precious time.

          We will soon learn that we have made too many critical mistakes as a people. Unfortunately, it appears we wlll have to learn the hard way.

          • Those three bullet points are so correct! I couldn’t agree more. We don’t want to sacrifice to get the freedom we claim we want. WE don’t want to face the reality that it is US who must make the change. No one else will do it for us. So we run from that reality. Running from it will not save us.

  2. Lamin says:

    Voting for the new plantation boss. Very illogical to me.

    I enjoy seeing my brothers speaking truth although he is not normally seen in this light, we must remember he, like us, is just another victim. #RWSWJ

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Lamin

      that’s exactly what it is. Plantation politics. Scare the blacks into voting for Mass Clinton’s wife by pushing Donald Trump into the spotlight. If Trump wasn’t part of the STAGE play, they wouldn’t give him so much media coverage.

      They have to keep black people on the Democratic plantation to make sure we will never think our way off it.

      I have had enough of this nonsense of voting for anyone who doesn’t represent my interests. It is illogical. And I’m not voting for a Clinton because I’m so scared of boogey man Trump. If he becomes President, it will be because the elites want him to be and he will be taking orders the same as Obama or Clinton did. And so will Hillary.

      Haven’t we realized yet that we will still catch hell no matter WHO is in office?

  3. kelley says:

    He summed it up perfectly. I’m really tired of hearing Black people say they’re “voting for the lesser of two evils.” Where is the logic in that? We just can’t keep doing the same shit expecting a different outcome.

    Thank you for sharing this. I have to repost.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Kelley

      I find it interesting that the people who disagree with posts like this or with Nick Cannon’s position on his video, either do not OR cannot explain their opposition to the message

      Nor can they explain WHY black people should continue to vote for candidates who do NOTHING FOR US after the election is over

      That alone SPEAKS VOLUMES


    Sorry but Nick Cannon is a rich lame that’s misleading people. Period !

  5. Trojan Pam says:

    @ All

    Where was HIllary before she needed the black vote? We MUST stop falling for this con games. It should be an insult to our intelligence. Unfortunately, far too many black people will fall for this because our memories when it comes to white people are short term.

    Hillary Clinton speaks to Trayvon Martin Foundation in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Trojan Pam

      It is a shame that Hillary are using the pain of black mothers in trying to gain votes for her campaign. Hillary Clinton was the same person who follows the agenda of Corporate America and whose husband disrespected Sistah Soujah too. We have been played before. We have to reject these games from these politicians as you have stated. Clinton Foundation donors include many questionable people too. Folks need to wake up.

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Timothy

        Her lurking around Trayvon Martin’s mother reminds me of someone who calls herself your friend but only calls when she wants to borrow money and as soon as she gets it you never hear from them again until she’s broke and needs another ‘loan.”

        Would you call her a sincere friend?

        I don’t understand why people don’t see through this con game.

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Trojan Pam

          That’s a great analogy Sister. A real friend wouldn’t ignore our interests for years and then want our votes later on. Trayvon Martin’s mother has been through so much and we send condolences to her and to her family. Not to mention that if you study Hillary Clinton’s body language, she is apprehensive when she encounters black people (especially black people who disagree with her). It’s like she is acting in the sense of gaining votes, but doesn’t wish for people to question her motives to her face. Her words in speeches are heavily patronizing to black people like we are her “sheep.” Her arrogance is blatantly clear. Folks should reject this game that Hillary is playing against us. We believe in independent thinking as black people.

  6. Timothy says:

    @Sister Trojan Pam

    Yes, if voting alone would have saved us, it would have saved us a long time ago. Voting is never a panacea to solve our problems. Nick Cannon spoken word video made interesting points. He’s right that we exist under an oligarchy not a true democracy. The Electoral College ultimately decides who will be the President. Racism and bigotry is not just shown among the Republicans (as the GOP aided the racist Southern Strategy agenda and advance the racist War on Drugs policy, which has grown the prison industrial complex). It is found among the Democratic Party too (since many Democratic leaders back in the day promoted Jim Crow. A Democratic administration used nuclear weapons on 2 Japanese cities that murdered thousands of innocent human beings). We have a serious problem of economic crisis in America where wages are stagnant, high unemployment is found in many places of our community, police terrorism is real, there is a transfer of wealth from the working class and the poor to the super wealthy in record levels. Much of the problems deride from deindustralization and trade deals that crippled jobs. The wealthy banks have over $1 trillion in monetary resources that they are keeping. The government has been controlled by corporate interests for a long time. Not only are the middle class suffer, but the poor and the homeless are suffering too. I do advocate universal health care and other solutions.

    There will no progress without struggle. That is why I do believe that black people should struggle against evil by planning, organization, and establishing unique strategies of community development. We certainly need independent political development, and the formation of emergency programs to help our people. We should develop outside of the framework of the same system oppressing us. The Knowledge of Self is paramount, because without it, we can’t be free. Nick Cannon expressed the frustration that a lot of people have with the current, nefarious political system that props up Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump (who claim to be a populist, but is a bigot and he disrespected the Central Park Five. Trump recently met with the war criminal Henry Kissinger).

    Thank you for the Information Sister.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Timothy

      I agree. In fact, former DEMOCRATIC president Bill Clinton started the job loss ball rolling with the export of American jobs when he signed the NAFTA agreement. Since NAFTA, over one million American jobs have been lost.

      And DEMOCRATIC president Barack Obama has signed even more “free trade” bills that have caused the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs.

      President Obama is also campaigning the passage of the TPP agreement — the Trans Pacific Partnership — the most sweeping, anti-worker, anti-freedom, anti-bill of rights, PRO corporate tyranny bill that has ever been created.

      For those who have never heard of it, I strongly suggest you google it. It will essentially allow corporations to have absolute power over every sovereign nation on the planet, including the U.S.

      It is time to take the blinders off. The Democrats are NOT our friends. They are just the opposite side of the white supremacy coin

      • Timothy says:

        @Sister Trojan Pam

        I agree with you points Sister.

        One of the most biggest plans of the establishment in the 21st century is the promotion of the TPP. The TPP is like NAFTA on steroids since the TPP not only deals with trade, but with copyright laws, health standards, and international lawsuits. That is why the elite allows the President to promote it so vigorously, yet a larger amount of the American people don’t want it. Corporate lobbyists promote it since it benefits multinational corporations heavily. Also, the President advances the TPP to advance the Pivot of Asia agenda (which is about allowing U.S. hegemonic interests to dominate Asia. The Western oligarchs want a pacified China. We see a lot of military ships from the West all over Asia. America has even allowed a treaty with Vietnam and Japan is considering to increase its military. So these actions are done to encircle China, which could cause war). A treaty that has been heavily negotiated in secret for over 10 years should definitely have our opposition.

        The continuation of the regressive policies from Reagan, to Bush Sr., to Clinton, to Bush Jr. , and now to Obama represents the same agenda. All of those administrations have advanced war, the War on Drugs, austerity, and a following to the interests of the corporate establishment. Folks should research about the TPP since that bill will effect our everyday lives if it is passed (and not for the better). Our only true allies are us. We should learn to trust each other and love our blackness if we are to be liberated.

  7. Walter V Collier says:

    In all of your rapping and cursing and protesting this and that, I see no solutions, no strategies for how we are go outside of the system to to help ourselves. When you say “we should give the country back to the Native Americans,” exactly who is the we your are referring to? And how are we suppose to do that?

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Walter V Collier

      It appears this question was addressed to Nick Cannon and should be posted on his youtube channel and not on this blog.

      I have created several posts regarding the issue of voting where I propose solutions. The one thing we do know FOR CERTAIN is what we are doing (voting for candidates who only show up when they want our vote) is NOT WORKING.

      I do not see the logic or common sense in continuing a strategy that is not working. Those who feel otherwise, are free to do whatever they choose. Just as I give myself that same freedom.

  8. Courtney H. says:

    @ Brother Timothy:

    God bless you, too, Brother. 🙂

    You are welcome. I’m that I was able to show the video. I’m not going to add anything, since I agree with everything that you said. You are very articulate in your arguments.

    May you have a blessed week, Brother. 🙂

  9. Courtney H. says:

    @ Timothy:

    Thank you for watching the videos and commenting. I agree with everything that you said. Both Harvey and the Christian man are right that people shouldn’t be stereotyped regarding crime and that the people of Chicago need to come together to help heal their city of violence. I agree that the right of all violence — in one way or another — is hate. All murder is evil. I send condolences to the family, too.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to watch the videos and commenting. I greatly appreciate it.

    May you have a blessed day, too, Brother. 🙂

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      Thank you for your kind words Sister. I certainly agree with all of your words.

      May you have a blessed day too Sister. 🙂

  10. Epi says:

    …” we shouldn’t seek validation from a society that doesn’t respect us in the first place.”

    Brother Timothy:

    This is going to be a loooong period of opposition, unfortunately, from a great many of our people. Because this IS their “comfort zone.”

    It is going to be like attempting to wean a baby from the bottle. But, keep hope alive! One day it WILL be done.


    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Phazex_Female

      Certainly, white validation is a drug for many of our people. I do believe in keeping hope alive. We certainly have a long, tough fight. Likewise, we fight on. Once, the victory comes about, the victory will be so much rewarding. Enjoy your Day Sister.

  11. Sharon53 says:

    This is a bit OT but would like everyone to listen to the video:
    The video is about 18 minutes and just want to know your opinions on what they are saying 🙂

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharon53

      I have listened to the video from both women. Sister Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses & Shaquita Graham, have been married for over 10 years, so their views should be taken seriously and with respect. I agree with them that men should be treated with respect. Every man that I know desires respect. Likewise, no man should be coddled in any relationship. No man’s ego should be stroked. It’s not a woman’s responsibility to build a man up. A man has the responsibility and the power to build himself up. A man and a woman should be treated as human beings in any marriage or any relationship. Also, I do agree with them that a righteous man wants to be respected just like a righteous woman. No one should have a superiority complex regardless of gender. Criticizing someone in a disrespectful way is not effective. Constructive criticism can work and has worked in many situations.

      There must be reciprocity. In other words, men and women in a marriage must show compassion, love, support, and solidarity with each other. Also, we shouldn’t be required to respect someone who doesn’t respect us. We should never tolerate any disrespect. Respect (which is a two way street as men must respect women too) is important in any relationship along with human equality. I don’t believe that a woman should be forced to smile all of the time. If a woman wants to show certain body language & outline a range of emotions, then that is her business and her right. We should be considerate of people’s feelings while not following a form of extreme patriarchy. Asking for a spouse’s opinion and asking for advice is one of the greatest, accurate points of the video from the 2 Sisters. Men must respect black women. Women have the right to their autonomy and their human individuality. Both Sisters are right that building families and building in the black community are important. A marriage is like a united front of lovers and partners. Both Sisters gave many insights on relationships and I do wish the best for both Sisters. Bless Both Sisters (who are very intelligent black women).

      Thank you for showing the video Sister.

      • Sharon53 says:

        As always thank you for your comments on the many topics we have discussed. Your comments on this were like a ‘breath of fresh air’ as this can be a sensitive topic for some. You were very wise in your comments on this topic.
        I like what you said when you said “no man should be coddled in any relationship. No man’s ego should be stroked. It’s not a woman’s responsibility to build a man up. A man has the responsibility and the power to build himself up.”
        As far as men being coddled, I saw a lot of that in my generation as I was growing up. It was mostly mothers doing that with their sons. I once heard that ‘black mothers spoil their sons and raise their daughters.’ So may be that is why it appears to others that some black women are raised to survive without a man. I can’t tell very much about what is going on as far as kids being raised in today’s world because there are so many single-parent households and also we are not a close-knit community anywhere. It looks like TV and music and other entertainment is doing a lot of raising of the kids nowadays.
        I agree with your profound comments that “a man and a woman should be treated as human beings in any marriage or any relationship. No one should have a superiority complex regardless of gender. There must be reciprocity. In other words, men and women in a marriage must show compassion, love, support, and solidarity with each other. We should never tolerate any disrespect. Respect (which is a two way street as men must respect women too) is important in any relationship along with human equality.”
        I agree for the most part on the 5 comments Sister Graham mentioned. I have seen these negative behaviors in both men and women when it comes to their significant other and sometimes other people.
        I took issue with some of the comments made in #5 when they spoke on body language. I did not agree that a woman should smile just because someone tells her to do so. I find it to be very annoying when someone does that to me because it blindsides me. It also dehumanizes me as if I am supposed to be well-mannered all the time. Just because I am not smiling does not mean I am angry, upset or not feeling well. I don’t know of anyone that walks around smiling all the time. I notice that people only do this to certain women also and the person who does this to women appears to be very self-absorbed and comes across as if everybody’s world is centered around their’s. Furthermore, I have had some men misunderstand when I smiled and said hello, and thought I was coming onto them. So sometimes, you can’t win for losing. They used the term ‘extreme feminism’ to describe women who do not like being asked to smile, which I totally disagree with. By the way, I have been hearing the term ‘extreme feminism’ lately and have yet for someone to tell me exactly what that is.
        Thank you for comments on that subject also when you said “I don’t believe that a woman should be forced to smile all of the time. If a woman wants to show certain body language & outline a range of emotions, then that is her business and her right. We should be considerate of people’s feelings while not following a form of extreme patriarchy.”
        It is interesting the comment that was made that ‘white women are taught how to keep a man while black women are taught how to survive without a man.’ If that is the case why is the divorce rate among white couples high and marriages between black men and white women fail quicker than any. I worked in law for nearly 20 years so I base this on facts not some myth thrown out there.
        Have a great day and thanks always for commentaries.

        • Epi says:

          Clap! Clap! @ Sharon! You nailed this one!

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Sharon53

          Thank you for your kind words Sister. This issue is very sensitive for many people as people have diverse views on this issue. As you have mentioned, it is always important to allow men to use self-determination and achieve his own dreams without being coddled by a woman. Women should also follow their dreams and aspirations without discrimination and sexism. There is the situation of many men being coddle in the younger generation. I think a lot of it is done by some mothers spoiling men. That is true. Some men lack advice from male role models on how to live in such a cruel, racist world. I also think that part of it is from the economy. We face economic stagnation and many people struggle to have employment. So, some folks want to be coddled as a coping mechanism, but we can’t get down like that. We have to get down with dealing with the urgency of a crisis in our community and follow emergency measures to handle our business. We have to promote community cohesiveness. Single parent mothers do face many challenges. Some are single parents by divorce, tragedy, and other reasons. Many of them are doing a great job in raising children. TV and music and other entertainment have raised many kids today. That is why it is important to build relationships among black men and black women, so marriages and relationships can grow.

          You’re right on that as TV is a propaganda instrument to the fullest. Without TV, cultural development in our communities will increase astronomically. Negative behavior (done by some men and by some women) should never be tolerated by anyone. I agree with your views on body language. Just because a woman isn’t smiling, doesn’t mean that she’s angry or hurt. She is just wanting to relax on many cases. The other parts of your comments represent what many women go through. Some women smile at a man and the man take the smile in a wrong way and act inappropriately. A lot of Sisters have told this story. “Extreme feminism” is a coded phrase that many folks use to outline their hatred of feminism. It’s a new phrase that some use to abhor feminism, but they want to not overt say that they disagree with feminism. I take that phrase as a person who doesn’t agree with feminism. Divorce rates are high in the white community and the highest IR divorce rates are between white women and black men (as documented by studies).

          I always love your eloquent commentaries as well.

          Enjoy your Day too Sister.

          • Sharon53 says:

            Thanks again for your feedback. You stated that sometimes when a woman is not smiling she may be just wanting to relax. I agree with that, and sometimes, we have so much going on, we may be just in deep thought about a matter. Anyway, as far as smiling is concerned, other than being pleasant to look at, a smile really serves no purpose. A smiling face does not mean that the person doing the smiling is a kind person, because smiles can be fake also. On the other hand, laughter can be real because it can be good for the health as it is a powerful antidote for stress, pain and conflict.
            As far as the term “extreme feminism”, it seems I often hear it applied only to black women and not women from other races. The same way, as of late, it seems many people use the term “black feminism” as if black women started the feminist movement and we all know that is a lie. In my opinion, it was started by white women for white women. I don’t know any black feminists personally but have encountered some white ones. The feminist movement has been around for decades but during my lifetime, it seems the second-wave of that movement began in the 1960s and from what I can remember about, it seems like one of the front-runners was Gloria Steinem. There may have been some black feminists following her in certain regions in the country, but if you look at images from the many movements in the 1960s, 70s, etc., you will note that most black women are marching alongside black men fighting for our human rights. If there are any images of black women shown at a feminist rally, I bet they are few and far between. Please correct me if I am wrong on this subject but I just simply have not seen a great movement by black women spouting feminist rhetoric. I don’t like tags or labels placed on me as a black woman, especially if they come across stereotypical and the word ‘feminism’ comes across like that to me. I absolutely abhor stereotypes, even those we like, because in the end, they are always socially destructive in some form or fashion. It is hard for some of us to see through it though. The media puts a lot of this stuff out there, and sadly some of us have gotten our circuits crisscrossed and are beginning to believe whatever they put out there about us also.
            Thanks for reading my post and allowing me to vent. 🙂

            • Timothy says:

              @Sister Sharon53.

              I don’t consider your words a vent, but a expression of your views in an honest way. 🙂 To begin with, first wave feminism was created by white women during the 18th century. It dealt with many subjects from suffrage, and to other issues. Many early white suffragettes were racist against black people including black women. So, we shouldn’t view white movements as infallible. You have the right to define you as you want. You’re a grown woman created in the image of God and you have the right to think for yourself. Second wave feminism came about during the early 1960’s as a starting point. It dealt with divorce, equal pay, and other issues. Betty Friedan’ was one of the leaders of that movement along with Gloria Steinem (who we know has connections to the CIA. I consider Gloria to be an agent of the establishment). Third wave and fourth wave feminism has existed in recent times. Most feminists back then were white and we know that the civil rights movement had black men and black women marching and protesting side by side. Also, we have many problems in relationships between black men and black women, because of misunderstandings and other tactics done by the white elites in order to break down the power of the black family (via the mass incarceration state, austerity, bad trade deals, etc.). Not to mention that we condemn any sexism and many people who claim to be “conscious” are overt sexists, which is wrong. Sexism is antithesis to black liberation.

              Also, you don’t have to classify yourself as a feminist to believe in equality. I believe in equal pay, equal voting rights, and Title IX as no rational person wants women to be discriminated against. Also, I believe in Black Unity and many people who claim to be feminist want to break up the power of Black Unity. More and more black women call themselves womanist instead of feminists since many white feminists deemphasize racism, so black women want to talk about both race and sex in order for solutions to come about. Black women suffer racism and sexism, so womanists address both racism and sexism that black women experience. We don’t have to follow the corporate media’s definitions of us. We can define us as we desire as black human beings.

              Thank you for your eloquent words Sister. You are a very consciousness filled black woman. Bless You.

              • Sharon53 says:

                Regarding your comments ‘many early white suffragettes were racist against black people, including black women.’
                So true and I believe that is the reason why Sojourner Truth gave her speech ‘Ain’t I a woman’ at the women’s rights convention in Akron, Ohio in 1851. I hear those white women were not pleasant to her.
                You also stated Gloria Steinem (who we know has connections to the CIA. I consider Gloria to be an agent of the establishment).’
                I did not know that about Gloria Steinem, but it does not surprise me that she was an agent provocateur. But then I am like Mr. Neely Fuller and ‘am still learning.’ 🙂 I have heard that there were a lot of black people who served as agent provocateurs during the black movement era but I have often wondered how many white men and white women infiltrated those organizations also. If you have information on that, please let me know.

  12. Sharon53 says:

    Another OT matter but wanted to share:
    This is really taking it to the next level.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharon53

      The link shows a common pattern of how many whites want to prevent the cultural expression of black people. There is another story of how a black male couldn’t be in the graduation ceremony, because of his beard. That is ridiculous, but this is the type of society that we live in. The student has every right to wear his kente cloth on the stage, regardless of want any policy says. It is a disgrace that the young person has to go through that. The racist system of America has always been cruel, unjust, and anti-black. We live in a world where many whites in many cases abhor unapologetic expressions of blackness. That is why this fight isn’t just about economics or politics. It is about culture. We have the right to express our black culture whether non-blacks like it or not. This unwarranted injustice will carry with the young person for a long time. I wish the best for him. Thank you for showing the link.

      • Sharon53 says:

        Thanks for your comments when you stated “that is why this fight isn’t just about economics or politics. It is about culture.”
        To be quite honest with you, the destruction of our culture is the main reason why I think we have been floundering since slavery. The white supremacists totally destroyed our culture and forced us to take on theirs and did it in a way that we are more useful to them than ourselves. The sad part is they know it and most of us don’t. That is why they can stay in control. It seems as if once we have figured out one thing about them they have already come up with something else. I think the worst crime against humanity is to destroy a person’s culture. Think about it, never in history, except the descendants of African slaves that a group of people’s culture and history has been destroyed. I know other ethnic groups have suffered a lot of physical damage and even death, but their culture and history was not destroyed like ours.

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Courtney

          Here are my views on Harvey’s video on the high school controversies. I think that both students should have graduated in a ceremony. I don’t care what some school policy has said, because she deserves to go to the prom and go to the graduation ceremony. I don’t agree with the usage of the N word, but the young girl wanted to expose self-hatred and inspire the black community to improve itself via her spoken poem. At the most, the young female teenage can experience a specific reprimand or she can issue a statement to clarify her intention at the most. The young Brother should have experience his graduation ceremony also regardless of his beard. These stories show how many in white society want to pacify and control black people in an authoritarian way. The young female was allowed to be in the graduation ceremony. The punishments were blatantly excessive and this could hamper many of their future opportunities in life. The young male was with a beard for years and no one did anything and then this person can’t go into a graduation ceremony. That is totally unjust. Now, the young female can go to the graduation ceremony, which is good news. I disagree with Harvey on the young girl. There is a code of conduct in school, but no code of conduct should attempt to deprive a child a chance to be in a graduation ceremony unless in extreme circumstances.

          The punishment was blatantly excessive. The girl didn’t have alcohol, drugs, etc. She didn’t advocate violence. She didn’t desire destructive behavior. She should have not said the N word and used other words, but the punishment was blatantly hardcore. Harvey is wrong to say that the young Sister is not as smart as she think she is. That’s disrespectful. She performed excellently in the school for a reason. She is a very intelligent black person. The N word is an offensive wrong and it’s evil. Many kids do respect boundaries. Harvey is talking about the N word, but Harvey is cursing like a sailor in this video. By and large, there is a serious problem of how society wants to make black people to be automatons and bounded on under archaic rules. In life, there should be respect for legitimate rules, but discretion should be acknowledged as well. In the final analysis, we need integrity along with human individuality. We are born to be creative and to stand up for real principles. While the N word should be condemned, unfair punishments must be condemned too.

          Thank you for showing the Video Sister. 🙂

        • Sharon53 says:

          @Courtney H.
          First, Courtney H., thanks for sharing the video even though some of it I could not really understand because it was somewhat muffled.
          I agree with Timothy that the young lady should have been allowed to go to the prom and both students should have been able to graduate. If the young lady violated some school policy, there should have been some other disciplinary action taken and not such harsh reprimand like depriving her of going to the prom. Not sure how much damage was done to her emotionally, but I do know that going to the prom is very important to some kids. I am glad she got to graduate, because if not, it may have been devastating to her. I don’t agree with Harvey that she should have known better. We are talking about a kid here and it is not clear as to whether she was even aware of such a policy. In the past, when I was a teenager and even well into my adult years, I admit I used the N word and other racial slurs as well. We all did that back in the day. I am not saying that it was right but the difference in us and the kids of today, is we did it privately among ourselves and would not dare let a non-black person hear us say it. It was an abomination to even think of using the N word in music like we hear today.
          Harvey seemed especially harsh on the young lady and even threw out something about her becoming a feminist, as if she does not have the right to express herself. He came across misogynistic because he spent most of the video condemning her. It does seem like the white supremacists want black people to be like a bunch of robots wherein they push a button and we move in whatever direction they tell us. Sadly, some of the biggest white supremacists turn out to be black and are doing the same thing to other black people.
          I agree with Timothy that Harvey is condemning some kid for using the N word, but he curses like a sailor. And based on what he says, Harvey, himself is a grown 40-something-year old man, not some kid just starting out.
          There is a lot to be said about the young man not being allowed to graduate because of his beard. A beard he had been wearing all along and there never seemed to be a problem before. It seems like he tried to comply with their rules by trimming the beard but whomever was in charge was still defiant Personally, I think legal action should be taken against whoever is behind that, because it is clear to me, he has been violated.
          It really vexes me the way that the system is harassing black kids these days and I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of this in the future.

          • Courtney H. says:

            @ Brother Timothy & Sister Sharon53:

            Thank you both for watching the video and commenting. I agree with everything that both of you have said. Harvey was being misogynist, because he was more harsh toward the the girl. I also agree that these punishments wete harsh (compared to the infractions), and that Black children are under, especially the ones who do well in school. People seem to want to discourage our kids from doing well. Our kids are attacked, no matter what. Look at what devils said about Mali Obama getting into Harvard; people tried to say she got in because she’s Black!

            Again, thanks for watching the video and commenting. Have a happy Memorial Day! 🙂

            • Timothy says:

              @Sister Courtney

              I agree with your words Sister. There is a massive attack on black children, especially black children in expressing themselves. Harvey’s tone in that video was to be more harsh against the young black girl than the young black male. What is important is to see that we are all oppressed and we need more unity and power in our lives. The lowest of the low will attack Malia Obama in an evil fashion. Evil people will do evil things. I think that these stories prove once again that we’re not in a post racial society and we will continue to fight for our humanity as black people.

              Happy Memorial Day to you Sister. 🙂

              @Sister Sharon53

              You’re words are right too.

              Happy Memorial Day to you as well Sister. 🙂

    • Timothy says:

      Here is a video of Gloria Steniem admitting her connections with the CIA. It’s very revealing:

      There were many white people who were agents trying to infiltrate the black freedom struggle. Jack and Morris Childs were FBI informants who monitored Dr. King and others. William Sullivan was a person who monitored the freedom movement too. A lot of white agents are not known in history. I agree with you on Sojourner Truth. She was a heroic Sister who fought for black liberation throughout her life. Sojourner Truth was disrespected by white racists who claimed to be “suffragettes.” She gave her courageous, great speech called “A’int I a Woman?” which exposed white racism and sexism as evil. You’re right that culture is important to advanced. Our ancestors were stripped of their religion, culture, language, and human rights by racist terrorists. Today, many of us have attempted to find our cultural links via research, DNA testing, and other actions. We have a long way to go. Other ethnic groups have had their cultures intact in many cases (after they experienced xenophobia, etc.). These other ethnic groups never suffered the Maafa. The Maafa was a serious human crime against humanity and no race on Earth have suffered like black people have suffered. We are the most hated people on Earth, but we are the first people on Earth. You made an excellent point about culture too. There is no freedom in anyone copying the degenerate mechanisms and aspects of the oppressor. If we want to be free, then we have to reject the mentality of our oppressors and develop our self determination to achieve our own institutions to help our people. The oppressor can’t free us. Only we can free ourselves. Thank you for your Words and Bless You.

      • Sharon53 says:

        Thanks for sharing this. I had no idea that she had worked for the CIA for 4 years. The only thing I knew is that she was a front-runner for the feminist movement. I don’t think people who jump in and out of different organizations can be trusted. They are usually double-minded and talk out of both corners of their mouths. In a way, she reminds me of Jane Fonda who once protested the Vietnam war but in later years apologized for speaking out against it.
        Well, I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  13. Shanequa says:

    @ Everyone
    Check out this link below, it’s sad that our people are so feeble mind to believe everything non black people tell them.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Shanequa

      Thank you for showing the link. This is not new.

      For years, white racists have tried to use slick means as a way for them to attempt to try to control the black community. Russell Schiller is not only a racist white supremacist. He’s disrespectful white savage that I have no respect for. Beyond Black and White is a site that promotes IRs. I don’t agree with that site on every issue. I only look at that site for its historical research on black women historical figures, but I don’t agree with that site on its views on black people or its view that IRs is a panacea to solve black folks’ problems. I also don’t agree with Tariq Nasheed’s many misogynistic views. Likewise, Ebony should do the right thing and eliminate Russell Schiller from their website.

      Many mainstream establishment black people want white validation so badly that some of them even submit to a piece of work like Schiller. No one should praise a white supremacist. It’s many of the same ones who tell black people about “no excuses” who are making all of the excuses in the world for the racist Russell Schiller. It is hypocritical for some to give Schiller a pass, but not a black person from the ghetto a pass when he or she is working or in college doing the best that he or she is doing. This is 2016 and I do feel that there is a separation between the sellouts and black people who really want black liberation. Ebony now isn’t owned completely by black people, so Ebony should be ashamed of themselves by this. There is nothing wrong with praising black women as black women are the most gorgeous human beings on Earth (Lupita Ngyon’o, Carmelita Jeter, and other Sister are very intelligent women). There is nothing wrong with defending black women. We should always stand up for the human rights of black women. Yet, black women should not be treated as fetishes as many white people and others have done. Black people should be treated as human beings and not as props for some agenda. Black women deserve jobs, economic rights, and the structures of oppression to be eliminated. We want human freedom and justice.

      We have to put our foots down and not tolerate racism and bigotry. Also, more black men should profess their love for black women’s beauty, intelligence, and humanity in public since we have an epidemic of misogynoir in the world (especially against dark skinned black women. Study after study documents how dark skinned people experience more racism and discrimination than lighter skinned people. Colorism must be condemned). All of humanity came from a black woman, so we owe black women our lives. We should respect and cherish black women. One way of cherishing black women is to not use the N word period. Another way of cherishing black women is to treat our neighbors as ourselves and to stand up for justice. Also, those black people who praise black women must be acknowledged too. We believe in freedom for black people.

      Thank you for showing the link Sister.

      • Shanequa says:

        @ Timothy
        Thank you brother I enjoy reading your feedback. These interracial dating sites like beyond black & white are dangerous and plays on the emotions of black women. The type of non black men that be on those sites are men that are only after black women for a fetish or for personal use for their gain. Those sites are filled with non black men like Russell Schiller taking advantage of black women. Also the black women that follow those sites have are spiritually broken women with deep self hates issues & still have emotional issues against black men.

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Shanequa

          Very accurate points Sister. I certainly love your feedback as well. Logic comes into play. Any IR involving one black spouse will cause their descendants in many cases to be lighter than the black spouse’s image this if the relationship has children. It is interesting to note how many IR couples claim that they are colorblind, but they consciously made a decision to date or marry someone who is not of their ethnicity. That in it of itself is based on an attitude based on color. Many people who do date IR have insecurities and claim that members of their own race are socially inferior. Some of them internalize anti-black stereotypes and view white people as superior socially, which is a lie. Therefore, some participate in an IR in order for them to feel validated, but validation is not who someone sleeps with or date. Validation comes when a black people accepts his or her black heritage and use action to promote the well being of the black community in generation. Validation is expressing black love and black unity in word and in deed. That’s validation. A lot of white men on those types of sites (like BBW) do have a fetish or want to downplay the extent of the evil of the system of racism/white supremacy. If any person wants to sugarcoat the vicious nature of white racism, that person is suspect. I will love my own people of the opposite gender since it’s natural and I love the essence of my black being. I will always respect black men and black women doing what is right too.

          • Courtney H. says:

            @ Shanequa & Timothy:

            I read the article and thanks for providing the link. I agree with Timothy that the only really good articles on BBW are Black women history. I agree with what both of you have said.

            I’m going to be in the Caribbean from June 1th to June11th. You all have a blessed two weeks!

  14. Courtney H. says:

    @ Everybody:

    What do you think of this?

    Warning — this video contains a lot of profanity. Enjoy! 😀

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      I will certainly listen to the video and make a commentary on it.

      Good Afternoon Sister. 🙂

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      I also listened to the video. Harvey is right that we should remember our past. Our past just didn’t just involve slavery either. It involved civilizations in Africa, inventions, and other contributions. We have a problem where the corporate media promotes lies. So, we have to understand the diversity of our history. Our civil rights history didn’t just involve Rosa Parks and Dr. King (who are courageous black people). It also involved Ella Baker, Fannie Lou Hamer, Gloria Richardson, and other heroes. The person who disrespected LaVar Burton is totally wrong and evil. So, we have the right to promote our stories. I agree with Harvey that “gangster” rap promoted debauchery and poison. There are many black people who are learning about positivity. The problem is that we have a system that doesn’t want to advance positivity in the world. I agree with Harvey on Snoop. Snoop has shown lyrics that disrespect black people, especially black women. I remember seeing a picture of snoop using dog collars on the necks of black women. Anyone should be furious about that since no black woman should be treated like that period. Snoop should be ashamed of himself for his hypocrisy (of wanting to boycott Roots in the History Channel, but refusing to condemn the evil music that he has promoted for decades). Commercialized, capitalist, and horrendous rap music (not all hip hop) promotes negativity 24/7. Harvey is right on Vlad TV and the N word. The Roots series in the History Channel doesn’t just show slavery. It shows about the Civil War, the Revolutionary War, etc. People don’t have to watch Roots or agree with Roots, but it just doesn’t show stories about slavery. It shows the journey of a family overcoming many challenges.

      We shouldn’t sugarcoat slavery like the Texas textbooks have done. Millions of black people are killed and injured as a product of the Maafa. Some black people (not all) are ashamed of their past. I am not ashamed of my past. I also know that the Maafa is not our total past either. LeVar Burton has helped black people for years and decades. He promoted Reading Rainbow that I was raised on. I know about Alex Haley. Alex Haley interviewed many black leaders for years. Haley also interviewed Malcolm X. Haley was a moderate Republican politically. Regardless of Haley’s imperfections, his work has inspired many people to use DNA and other research to find information about their heritage and ancestors.

      Our ancestors did include Kings, Queens, scholars, and other great contributors to civilization. We can never ignore slavery and what we have gone through. We have to educate our people and cultivate our economic power (along with helping the poor. There is no economic solution without helping poorest of our black people). Education is very important. Prison does deal with chains as Harvey has said. Those in prison wear chains readily. Harvey is right that many of the people who condemn LaVar Burton refuse to wake up.

      Also, that person, who is 25, needs to grow up. 25 years old is very young. A 25 year old person doesn’t know everything in the world. I think Harvey’s great point is about how many of the same ones who don’t want to know about slavery are the same ones who watch shows that show the most negative anti-black stereotypes on TV. That’s a great point from him. Also, we should acknowledge the young people doing what is right too. SNCC was founded by many young people. Young people in modern movements are doing great work. Also, there are many Millennials who just don’t get it. Many folks don’t want to hold up a mirror since it exposes there issues. The Holocaust is evil and unjust. Also, the Maafa lasted for centuries. I don’t agree with Harvey using profanity in the video. So, we, as black people, should gain wisdom and stand up for our human rights too.

      Thank you for showing the video Sister. 🙂

      God Bless You.

      • Timothy says:

        Good Afternoon Sister Shanequa

        I didn’t know that Snoop made many memes that mocks black people in that sick fashion. He’s a disgrace. Now, I have even a more lack of respect for him as a man. Snoop is no real man. A real man show dignity and respect to black people. A real man would promote black liberation without apology. Therefore, Snoop is a hypocrite. He should feel shame for degrading black women and black people in general with his vile IG posts. It is common for many people who use IG to outline pictures that mocks the physical appearance of black people. Why is Snoop (who supposed to be a grown man) doing this? It makes no sense unless it is a sign of self hatred since only a person with self hatred would outline pictures that mock the phenotype of people of black African descent. We should learn about history beyond slavery, but we shouldn’t sugarcoat the viciousness and the nefarious evil of slavery. Snoop has the illusion of inclusion mentality. He believes that black folks that made it any black person who is poor (or looks a certain way) should be disrespected. The masses of black people are suffering massive problems.

        Snoop has promoted the degradation of women and the glamorization of violence for decades. Those who follow misogynoir always use the code phrase of “independent women” as a way for them to promote their lies. Big Boi (a rapper) slandered black mothers in our generation recently and black women refuted him as they have a right to do. So, we aren’t shocked by this. Thank you for showing these facts Sister since we do need to call folks out who make it their duty to mock our black people in offensive ways via memes. Like always, Black is Beautiful and we deserve justice.

  15. KJ says:

    Ive always disliked Nick, he was always waaay too cocky for my taste. But I have to look at him a little differently after this video. He may always have spit raps like this, if I had bothered to listen. Good poem. Describes exactly how I feel. I won’t be voting; not because its a popular sentiment, I just silently lost any kind of faith in the process some years ago.

    One time in my home city, I forget the particular election it was, but I was trying to vote for someone who was running as an independent, and for another office I wanted to vote for a democrat….I think it was for circuit county judges….and I was told that I had to pick ONE party, and couldn’t deviate from that party, I could only vote for people within that one party. Basically you couldn’t vote for whoever you wanted. I suspected what they were telling me was wrong and illegal, but at the time I just felt so powerless and it just took what little bit of wind I had left in me for going to the polls. I mean, you’re already voting for people you don’t know or barely heard of. Most of us aren’t going to pour through the backgrounds of 20-30 local lawyers that show up on the ballots. Thats a lot of work, and you wouldn’t know where to start–how would I find out what their actions and behaviors have been over the past 10-15 years. You’re really looking for dirt, not the good stuff. The good stuff will be front and center, there’s no need to look for it. Are they corruptible? Are they coons? Who is their spouse? etc etc. We’re not going to do that. And the judges we put behind the bench are sooo important, they’re the ones deciding if our young men get second chances or if we them in a cage and throw away the key. And once someone gets to be a judge they usually are set for life. We have a tendency to vote for names that sound familiar. The whole election process leaves me feeling more powerless and invisible than ever. So why bother.

  16. Epi says:


    Baltimore cop found not guilty of second-degree murder in Freddie Gray death:

    Thomson Reuters

    Donna Owens

    Jun 23rd 2016 12:38PM

    Caesar Goodson’s Verdict Puts the Other Freddie Gray Cases in Question

    BALTIMORE, June 23 (Reuters) – Baltimore police officer Caesar Goodson Jr. on Thursday was cleared of criminal wrongdoing in the death of Freddie Gray, a black man who died of injuries sustained while in police custody.

    Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Barry Williams found Goodson, who is also black, not guilty of all criminal counts including second-degree depraved heart murder, the most serious accusation against any of the six officers charged in connection with Gray’s death.

    Prosecutor had failed to secure convictions in two earlier trials of police officers.

    Goodson, 46, was the driver of a police transport van in which Gray broke his neck in April 2015. He had also faced three counts of manslaughter, and single counts of reckless endangerment, second-degree assault and misconduct in office.

    “This court is satisfied the state has failed to show” evidence of the crimes, Williams said. Goodson, a 16-year veteran of the force, had waived his right to a jury trial, choosing to have the judge determine his fate.

    Goodson, a soft-spoken man who had been visibly nervous and during the proceedings, smiled upon hearing the verdict.

    Attorneys for each side declined to comment following the ruling, citing a gag order imposed by the court as a result of the multiple cases that remained to be prosecuted.


    Williams’ decision makes it less likely prosecutors will be successful in their attempts to convict the three officers yet to stand trial, said Tim Maloney, a civil rights attorney with Joseph Greenwald & Laake.

    “This is what happens when you make charging decisions in the heat of a riot instead of reviewing evidence in the cool light of day,” Maloney said.

    Gray’s death sparked a day of rioting and arson, followed by weeks of protests in the majority African-American city of 620,000 people.

    It came at a time of fierce national debate over the use of excessive force by police, especially against black men amid questionable deaths in New York, Cleveland and Ferguson, Missouri.

    The deaths and ensuing protests gave rise to the Black Lives Matter movement.

    Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced that she would file charges four days after the riots that followed Gray’s funeral, surprising some observers for its swiftness.

    “While it may have been successful in quelling the civil disturbance, it created a profound injustice f

    or these officers,” Maloney said.

    Tessa Hill Aston, president of the Baltimore chapter of the NAACP civil rights group was disappointed by the decision.

    “There has been no justice for Freddie Gray,” she said. “The criminal charges didn’t hold up in court, but that doesn’t mean the police didn’t do something wrong in the eyes of the community.”

    Prosecutors contended Goodson gave Gray a “rough ride,” failed to ensure his safety and should have called a medic.

    “That is an inflammatory term … that when uttered is not to be taken lightly,” said Williams.

    Goodson’s defense team argued that Gray caused his own injuries by falling inside the transport van. Goodson also lacked the training to recognize that Gray was hurt, they said.

    Gray, 25, was arrested after fleeing police officers in a high-crime area. He was bundled into Goodson’s van shackled and not secured with a seat belt inside the van, a violation of police procedure.

    Several dozen protesters gathered outside the courthouse, chanting “Justice for Freddie Gray.”

    “No surprises there!” 😦


  17. Timothy says:

    @Sister Courtney

    I have listened to the video from Harvey. Here are my views. He or Harvey is critical of the CBC and John Lewis (especially of the John Lewis of the 21st century). First, history must be shown about John Lewis. John Lewis was involved in the Freedom Rides and SNCC. SNCC was the grassroots organization that confronted legalized apartheid, racism, and discrimination. SNCC promoted black political power. Kwame Ture and other black women were part of SNCC too. The Mother of SNCC was Ella Baker who wanted grassroots, democratic organizing among black people in order to cause change. John Lewis courageously fought for voting rights in Selma and in other places in the Deep South during the 1960’s. I do know that John Lewis was about to give a radical speech in the 1963 March on Washington, but A. Philip Randolph and others told him to cut the radical parts out. He did that. Also, John Lewis rightfully wanted an anti-police brutality provision in the 1964 Civil Rights Act. He left SNCC in 1966 since SNCC was embracing more Black nationalist views by the late 1960’s. John Lewis later was part of the Democratic Party when both major parties have exploited and mistreated black people for a very long time. Now, John Lewis is part of a party that embraces electoral bourgeois politics in order to try to make a change, but mainstream parties in their leadership aren’t revolutionary. John Lewis is allied with the mainstream political system today. As for the sit in in Congress, many folks haven’t used a sit in for being anti-austerity and being against war. There hasn’t been a sit in to fight police brutality. Therefore, the sit in is futile since I do believe in due process before the gun rights of U.S. citizens are restricted.

    Also, many innocent people are in no fly lists. Therefore, any no fly lists must have a due process provision. I don’t believe that a government database involving guns should have innocent people’s names on them anyway as that will compromise the democratic rights of Americans. For the record, I don’t agree with criminals owning any gun. Reasonable restrictions on guns is fine with me. Also, I believe in self defense not just nonviolence. Self defense is a human right. Self defense to me is not equivalent to unjust violence. As for the Orlando shooting: First, the murderer worked with the intelligence G4S service. The killer wanted to be a NYPD cop. The murderer was also known to be a racist who spewed slurs against many people including black people. Many witnesses say that he was a closeted male (as many closeted people have massive insecurities, lack self esteem, and many of them lash out at people with unjust violence), so we know more of the truth. The Orlando massacre was evil, but like the video has mentioned, many people show no empathy to the plight of black people. Black people continue to suffer murder, rape, police terrorism, closing schools, job loss, and other injustices. Harvey is right that no sit in exists for the poisoning of black people and others in Flint, Michigan.

    Many CBC members supported policies of the militarization of the local police. The Presidency of Obama has seen a rise of income inequality, wars, and other evils. I respect John Lewis’ courage involving Selma while I disagree with Lewis on other issues. I don’t agree with Harvey’s using profanity against Lewis. We can agree to disagree as black people without disrespecting black people. Ultimately, our enemy is the system of racism/white supremacy. In the final analysis, we should always care for the interests of our black people. When I get older, my core convictions will be the same. When I become 60, I will still have the same fight ideologically as I do in my 30’s today. So, Harvey made many accurate points in the video. Our interests as black people are important (from education to health care) to advance. Our goal is black liberation.

    Thank you for showing the video Sister.

    God Bless you Sister. 🙂

  18. […] via Nick Cannon – Too Broke To Vote — Racism Is White Supremacy […]

  19. Resa says:

    An awesome rapper with an awesome message! Luv!!!!

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