Farrakhan on Hillary Clinton: ‘That’s a Wicked Woman”

Posted: March 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

I must be frank. I am AMAZED at the naivete of people who keep believing in politicians who have done NOTHING FOR THEM.

And who only talk about “black issues” when they WANT SOMETHING from us.

This is NOT about who is better for blacks — Hillary or Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump.

This is about black people who keep believing in liars because they tell the sweetest lies that we obviously want to hear. This is also true of other voters– white, brown, yellow and red– however, black people are at a crucial juncture in our survival here


For the record, I do not support ANYONE who is well known enough to get a seat at the white supremacist media and political tables. And that goes for the black faces as well.

If we do not understand BY NOW that the system is RIGGED and that NO ONE is going to “save us” from it, especially and including those who have BENEFITED FROM IT — then GOD help us.

Yes, it is just that serious.

Hillary Clinton has been in the top echelons of government for over TWENTY YEARS and has SAID and DONE NOTHING to make this country or the lives of black people better.

She JOKED about the murder/assassination of an AFRICAN LEADER – Muammar Gaddafi — whose main crime was wanting to liberate his people and other African nations from the TYRANNY of European rule and the U.S. dollar standard.

So, why would she get so much black support?

Because she’s the wife of Massa Clinton? We now know that Clinton had one of the most ANTI-BLACK administrations in modern history and was responsible for the astronomical rise in mass incarceration of black men and women.

Is it because she’s a “woman?”

Why would that matter to a THINKING black person who is being exploited and oppressed by WHITE WOMEN and WHITE MEN?

Or are we just falling for the “party line” of  — “It’s time for a woman president.”

The same way we fell for “It’s time for a black president.”

What did we get out of that deal other than a lot of T-shirts and buttons and posters and magazine covers and some cinematic moments?

Is that all we require to feel good about being black and to get our vote?

In all honesty, there is a huge price to pay when one begins to  THINK FOR ONE’S SELF.

You will find yourself criticized, attacked and ostracized by the people closest to you.  That is why so few people do it.

Most of us would rather be “popular” than be FREE.

If we do not learn the very life essential/survival skill of not being SUCKED IN by the dazed and hypnotized and foolish and wishful thinkers and lazy-minded and delusional and white-validation-seekers at ANY COST black people among us

Then we should not be surprised when life becomes even more difficult and dangerous for the masses of black people here and worldwide.

I’m not telling anyone who to vote for. I’m not even telling you to vote.

I doubt that I’ll waste a second of my precious time at the polls this year because the president has already been selected. That’s what I believe.

I also know that PARTICIPATING IN A FRAUD actually STRENGTHENS and LENGTHENS the duration and intensity of that fraud.

In other words,




because you’ll need them.

This video made some good points, and is a reminder as to WHO Hillary Clinton really is and why black people MUST resist being sucked into more self-deception

If you don’t share anything I’ve written, please share this video.

We must stop being such easy prey for white supremacy deception.


A humorous but accurate tidbit from the Republican Corner:



  1. brantaugust@aol.com says:

    Thank you Pam we all need brighter tomorrows we take the thorns and the flowers together. Yes, Mr Farrakhan is 100% correct- I was examining her record with Slick Willy in Africa and Haiti and Libya and domestically and the 3 strikes we are out policy under slick willy and so many other demonic policies Killery (Hillary) and Slick Wwilly were point men for Bush and now under Mr Obama in the RAPE of Africa economically and socially and yet in SC Hillary received 78% of the BLACK VOTES SUPPORTED BY BLACK PREACHERS AND OTHER PHONY negro “leaders” SO-CALLED – why don’t we withhold our valuable votes? For example, she announced while being Secretary of State that African rulers (leaders) must accept and promote and “pride homosexual policies and gay “marriage” or NO AID.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ brantaugust

      Her record is there for anyone to see — if they want to see clearly. I remember when she was running for the democratic nomination and she went to a black audience and talked about the high HIV rates for black females in NYC but in ALL the time she was a SENATOR, she never once did anything to help that infected group. And how upset black people were when “Slick Willie” showed his true racist colors against Obama during the election.

      I guess all is forgotten and forgiven. We remember the petty things someone said or did but we don’t remember the things that really matter.

      I do NOT understand how these politicians can have a DO-NOTHING record and still get this kind of support over and over and over from people.

      In Illinois, a white Republican Governor Rauner, was heavily endorsed by black preachers and now black (and white) people are literally SCREAMING about his policies that have destroyed social services and put thousands out of work, many of them the same people who ignored his RECORD when they voted for him.

      What do black people think they will get out of supporting Hillary?

      Well, some might say, I gotta vote for Democrat, that’s what I been taught. By who? And I’m not saying anyone should vote Republican. I would rather vote — if I was going to vote — for a 3rd party candidate because at the end of the day the one who gets in is the one who was handpicked long before a single vote was cast.

      What is the difference between the Republicans and the Democrats? The REAL difference. Because the same policies Clinton started were continued by Bush and the same policies Bush continued were carried on by Obama.

      The rich get richer and everybody else is getting poorer — fast. Does it matter if a Dem or a Rep is sitting in the White House when you can’t find a decent job?

      We have to stop letting OTHER PEOPLE DO OUR THINKING — especially the media and especially these preachers who are either operating in total ignorance OR who are getting something out of the deal.

      Or maybe, I should just save my energy and my breath. Nothing I have said here should be brand new.

      Most people know they can’t name ONE THING HIllary has done for our community. Most people can’t name ONE THING Obama has done for our community (and please don’t name Obamacare because the Health care industry wrote and financed that bill).

      Time to wake up, people. This is NOT a dress rehearsal. This is REAL LIFE and if we keep allowing ourselves to be played for FOOLS and allow our children to think being mindless robots is the way to go, well, we will keep on getting what we have been getting


      Also, people need to research the TPP — something Hillary and Obama and probably most of the Congress (behind closed doors) supports.

  2. Timothy says:

    @Sister Trojan Pam,

    Great Article. Certainly, we live in a time of a crossroads and black people should take our circumstances very seriously. Hillary Clinton’s history and reactionary policies are well known. She supported Barry Goldwater in 1964 and was in the Republican National Convention in 1968. That same convention nominated Richard Nixon (who was a criminal, a liar, and someone who supported the suppression of the Black Panther Party). Hillary Clinton then became a Democrat and continued to support the evil administration of the Bill Clinton administration. Hillary Clinton is wrong to call black youth “super predators” which is racist. Bill Clinton made racist comments also during the year of 2008 too. So, I will never vote for Hillary Clinton at all. Hillary Clinton has never apologized for her super predator comment either after a black woman confronted her about it. Even Bernie Sanders voted for the 1994 Crime Bill, which expanded the prison industrial complex in America (where black people have been harmed for over 20 years). Hillary Clinton had a hawkish foreign policy.

    She gloated over the death of Gaddafi when he was unifying African nations and promoting independence. Libya now is in a state of civil war now by the war crimes of NATO/Western forces (along with the Western backed rebels who have lynched raped, and killed black Libyan people). Libya being bombed has only exacerbated problems in the Middle East and Africa. Hillary wants a no-fly zone in Syria, which will cause more chaos in the Middle East. We know that white political elites don’t care about the interests of black people. It is sad that most black people have voted for an imperialist like Hillary Clinton in South Carolina and in other states. We know that members of the black misleadership class and compromised preachers love Hillary. Also, I don’t view Bernie Sanders (who calls himself a democratic socialist) as the “great white hope” as many of his foreign policy positions are very similar to Hillary Clinton’s views.

    The Clintons have used their influence to exploit Haiti and to support a neoliberal agenda. The Clinton administration supported NAFTA that crippled millions of American jobs. There is the continuity of policies from Republicans and Democrats (the same policies of Bush continue in the Obama administration. For example, the Patriot Act, the drone strikes, and Wall Street bailouts have existed in the Bush and Obama Presidencies). This is all by design as the Electoral College (not the American people directly) decides who we will be the next President of the United States. We know that Trump’s agenda is repugnant, xenophobic, racist, and sexist.

    We, as black people, must use our critical thinking skills, realize that the system wasn’t created for us in the first place, and act accordingly. We have to promote autonomous, independent, and socially strong movements in our communities that oppose imperialism, that want to develop our families & our communities in general, oppose police terrorism, and want justice. Creating solutions is a necessity. We want black people to have mental, social, and economic liberation. We have to tell people the truth no matter how uncomfortable it is.

    • Epi says:

      “We, as black people, must use our critical thinking skills, realize that the system wasn’t created for us in the first place, and act accordingly.”

      Exactly. These systems and society were not implemented to accommodate our people. I have said this for YEARS. I do not have a problem not voting or listening to Black so-called leaders that do not have a clue and being “rewarded” for their anti-black actions. Unfortunately, masses of our own Black people dutifully and historically “stand in line and mimic their parents, spouses, etc. in voting” WITH LITTLE OR NO CONSCIOUS THOUGHT ABOUT THE CANDIDATES. And, as the song goes, “what have ANY of you done for me and mine lately.”

      “You haven’t done nothing.”

      Catch the clue(s)!


  3. Trojan Pam says:

    @ Timothy

    I agree and I don’t think this information is a SECRET. But the truth — and our words may not be strong enough to overcome the WHITE PAVLOV DOG WHISTLE to obey

    “SHRIEK! You must vote for a Democrat!”

    “SHRIEK! You must vote the way your preacher tells you to vote!”

    “SHRIEK! You must vote the way the (good) white people tell you to vote!”

    “SHRIEK! You must vote because your ancestors died for your right to vote!”

    “SHRIEK! You should give your VOTE away without demanding anything in return because you are a nigger with no right to expect anything!”


    Now, before someone gets offended (and frankly, I am at the point where I have stopped caring about that in the FACE OF ALL THE ABOVE

    Let me add

    1. We do not OWE ANY PARTY A DAMN THING because neither party has done ANYTHING FOR US since the Lyndon B Johnson days (and that is debatable). Today, black people are having our hides nailed to the wall by both parties.

    2. Who is your preacher to DARE to tell you how to vote in an election? What could possibly be his or her reason to support another Clinton in the white house?

    3. I’m afraid number three is really at the crux of our support for Clinton. The deep-seated, almost GENETICALLY EMBEDDED DESIRE to please white people, especially one who is showing us a “little” attention and posing as a “good white person” in contrast to a “bad white person” like Donald Trump who has yet to come to our churches and feed us a load of CRAP (Score one big point for Donald Trump)

    4. I used to repeat that mantra of “black people died for our right to vote” to black people who saw through this CHARADE sooner than I did. Now, I realize my ancestors didn’t die for the right to vote in a FRAUDULENT ELECTION where the needs of their people would be ignored. They fought for the right to vote because they thought it MEANT SOMETHING — and in their day it probably did to a degree. At least the votes were counted the way they were cast. Now, I seriously doubt that is true and in fact, I believe the last five elections were staged (stolen).

    5. This is the most frustrating Pavlov dog whistle because what kind of sense does that make???? I used to ask people during Obama’s first run — “Don’t you think black people should tell him what we want in exchange for our vote?”

    and you know what people used to tell me? “I don’t care about that, I just want a black man in the White House!”

    “You don’t care???” I would respond in dismay.

    And I would shake my head and think, “And that’s all we will get. Nothing.”

    And I watched Obama cater to the Hispanic vote, the white vote, the women’s vote, even the homosexual vote but he offered NOTHING to black people

    and in FACT, failed to deliver the tiny amount he sort of promised the black farmers that money OWED TO THEM that NEVER materialized. In fact, during his first term, wealthy white farmers got more aid than the money OWED to the black farmers

    To top that off, the historically black colleges lost more funding during the Obama years than during the Bush years (and there’s a very unsavory reason for that which I won’t go into here)

    Of course, we could have cared less about that since we were so HUNGRY for the imagery of a black man “strutting” into the white house and the nice pics of his black wife and kids.

    So, it appears, Timothy, black people are right back where we started eight years ago, supporting a candidate who hasn’t promised us anything and will do NOTHING for us.

    All she has to do is show up and TALK TRASH (pay us a little attention which we seemed to be starved for).

    And perhaps that’s all that’s required in dealing with the majority of the black voting populace.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Trojan Pam

      You’re right. I certainly don’t believe that any preacher should advise any man or woman on who to do vote for. To vote or not to vote is a personal matter among each person. I also recall Malcolm X said something very important about this issue in a speech. He said that white liberals act as foxes while white conservatives act as wolves. Both entities are funded by the same people, but the end result is the same (the total domination of black people by the power structure). We have voted for decades and the same system is in place regardless if we live in the Republican or Democratic administrations. Lyndon Johnson knew full well that it was hypocritical for America to proclaim itself as a nation of democratic values (which it wasn’t) while dogs were biting innocent black children and while black people were being murdered during the 1960’s. So, he signed the VRA and the CRA as a means to promote the fraudulent image that black people have gained true freedom in America (while he was funding the destructive, evil Vietnam War). Our ancestors wanted us to never go through a merry go round of deception and lies from the political establishment. Trump is a wolf. We know where he stand. It is what it is. Sanders and Hillary are like foxes.

      They act like they care, but their policies are more reactionary than what they say. I do recall Obama calling black people “a mongrel people.” It is a psychological problem that some black people want to please white people so bad that they lack a concern of the betterment of the black community as a whole. People from across the political spectrum even say now that the Obama administration have been a disaster for black people. We have high unemployment rates in the black community, high black poverty, and other problems. He threw Reverend Jeremiah Wright under the bus when Wright was speaking the truth about imperialism, American terror, and other issues. The President has refused to call out the system of white supremacy by name in public.

      We know that he is a puppet of the people behind the scenes running the show. It is a melancholy feel that many of our people have fallen for the okey doke just like 8 years ago. Hillary is very slick as she is going into Flint, Michigan to campaign and debate. The more information about the Flint disaster that comes about publicly, the more obvious that we see that the system doesn’t care about black people at all. We have poisoned men, women, and children (mostly black people in Flint) and no one is arrested and no one is going to jail for that. Those complicit in this include the Governor, members of the EPA, members of the DEQ, etc. It’s a disgrace.

      What we have shown here is easily accessible in books, the Internet, newspaper articles, and other sources of information. Regardless of the times, we have to show the truth.

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Timothy

        Thank you for adding more FACTS to this post.

        Yet I fear nothing said here will shake most out of their hypnotized state of mind — and you must be hypnotized to keep doing the same things over and over that haven’t worked in the past.

        I also fear I am wasting my time — time which is becoming increasingly more precious to me.

        I say that because of all the information I have posted, all the food for thought i have served up and all the great wisdom of other people all over the internet a small sample of which I’ve tried to share with my readers


        there are people who will read this who will not get it because they don’t want it

        or who will resent what is being said because NOW I’m asking them to “think” for themselves

        So, if that is true, what does that say about the value of this kind of work?

        and all the time, money, and energy I’ve put into it?

        is the psychological damage so great within us that it can’t be healed even on a simple, small scale like not voting without THINKING?

        I truly don’t know anymore

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Trojan Pam

          You’re Welcome Sister.

          I feel your words. My philosophy is that as long as you show the truth, stand up for black people, follow the Golden Rule, and show a seed, then that is all that matters. Everyone have feelings of self examination and questioning (at least once in our lives) whether we are working in vain. Yet, I recall our black ancestors who suffered worse than us (when they suffered chains, kidnappings, rape, abuse, murder, assault, etc. centuries ago) and they inspire us to carry onward in this audacious fight for liberty and justice. Some of our people will wake up and some of our people will not. The psychological, emotional hurt that our people can’t be solved in an immediate fashion. It will take a long time for healing to come for our black people. I believe in hope and realism. That means while hopefully more black people in the future will wake up, a certainly segment of our people are completely blind. Things happen for a reason and the Most High gave us a mind, a body, and a soul to glorify the truth and to inspire others to be better. Life will never be a crystal stair as this struggle is not easy. In that sense, during the end (when victory comes), the victory will be more sweet. I don’t believe that liberation will come in our lifetimes. Yet, hopefully black liberation will come in the future.

          • Trojan Pam says:

            @ Timothy

            you are definitely the most hopeful and optimistic person on my blogs. I think that perspective is needed as well as my more cynical viewpoint.

            I also do not believe black liberation will come in my lifetime because it CANNOT occur for black people within a white supremacy system.

            There is a popular black male blogger (who I won’t name) who said a few days ago that racism can be solved by black financial independence.

            This is not true or logical.

            Black people CANNOT be financially independent within a system where whites control everything — the business loan money, the raw materials and manufacturing, the store leases, laws and licenses, the banks, distribution channels, transportation, and media in which to advertise.

            Who will be our customers? Other black people?

            Who will pay for our advertising? Black companies and sponsors?

            That’s why I STRESS that we must FIRST understand the system of white supremacy and how it functions.

            SECOND, we must take control of our THINKING and learn to THINK LOGICALLY and INDEPENDENTLY of the social pressures of more confused black people and deceptive white people.

            THIRD, we must GREATLY REDUCE anti-blackness among our population — which has greatly increased due to white supremacist media, degrading black images, interracial sex, and economic pressures which pit us against each other.

            If we do NOT do all the above, the idea of “black economic independence” is another PIPE DREAM. Another fantasy escape fantasy.

            Yes, I do support the idea of black entrepreneurship and black-owned businesses – within a FRAMEWORK of having a working knowledge of white supremacy

            Because if we do not like each other, we will NOT SUPPORT EACH OTHER’S BUSINESSES.

            And those of us who are in business can give testimony to that FACT of how hard it is to get black people to support each other (other than selling food and bar drinks and frying black hair)

            This is off topic, but it points to the work that must be done — on OURSELVES

            starting with NOT running to the polls like a pre-programmed robot to vote for a white supremacist white female candidate because Obama or a black preacher told you to do it, or some irrational belief that the Democrats will take care of us better than the Republicans (since when?)

            – is another important step in the PSYCHOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT of a people who have been deliberately programmed against our own self-interests

            It is all related.

        • Mariama says:


          No, what you are doing has not been in vain. I can testify that your words and those of the other posters on this board have really helped heal and inspire me in so many ways. I will admit that I understand why you feel this way. I am starting to feel that most blacks in the States are so mentally gone that they are beyond repair. Just look around you. It really is disheartening. As far as voting is concerned I decided months ago that I will not vote this election. It is such a circus that I would belive that it would be a disgrace to our ancestors to partake in this scripted nonsense.

          • Trojan Pam says:

            @ Mariama

            I’m glad this blog has inspired you and many of you have inspired and enlightened me as well.

            Sometimes, it’s discouraging when intelligent people seem so blind (deliberate or not) to the world around them.

            I agree, I do not believe our ancestors died so we could go to the polls once every four years and pull a lever. I think they knew it took a LOT MORE than that and would have been dismayed to see that this is the most effort most of us make in a lifetime.

            They fought on manyfronts. They weren’t fighting just for the right to vote, they were fighting for equal rights and voting was just one of those rights they fought for.

            Funny, how voting seems to be the only thing we mention when talking about our “ancestors.”

        • Sharon53 says:

          If I am mistaken, please correct me, but you are beginning to sound discouraged by the state of black Amerikka. Please do not throw up your hands yet. Your books and blogs have been a great source of encouragement and healing for me and I am sure many others that have read them. Over the years, I have seen on other blogs where your books and quotes from your books are mentioned so the word is getting out there. It is just that the ripple effect of the information from your books is slow to reach others but it is happening.

          I know how you feel though as I have felt many times that we as a people are collectively ‘a train wreck waiting to happen.’ It is frustrating trying to get someone to see what is really going on out there but then none is so blind as a person who downright refuses to see. And keep in mind also that one of the hardest things to open is a closed mind. Try to remain hopeful as some of us are coming around slowly but surely.

  4. @ Miss Pam

    Why we still vote is beyond me.

    I asked a blogger buddy of mine why we’re still in this predicament. His response:

    “‘Cause we haven’t been beaten down enough. When we get tired of the bullshit, we’ll fight back.”

    Well, it’s been 500 years.

    Aren’t we tired yet?

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ diaryofanegress

      I used to say the same thing, that maybe, things will have to get much worse before black people fight back. I don’t know if I believe that anymore.

      Even suggesting something minor is met with great resistance.

      If we won’t turn off a degrading TV show OR think about the person who is asking for our vote (all of which takes no sacrifice),

      what will be our reaction when it comes to REAL WORK and SACRIFICES?

      I think we’re tired already and maybe that’s part of the problem.

      People are tired and so are seeking escapes out of reality into fantasy, hence the addiction to mindless entertainment and sports and movies and TV and internet gossip and partying and drinking and smoking and eating, and spending our way into bankruptcy and FALSE POLITICAL CANDIDATES who put on a good show.

      It’s all about ESCAPING REALITY

      And the people in power understand that which is why they pile it on, making life as complicated as possible to wear down the collective will of the people

      and then they pour rancid, foul-smelling oil on our wounds in the form of mindless sports and entertainment because they know we CRAVE it.

      and I understand that desire to escape, I really do

      However, if we constantly give in to it, we should expect more of the same.

      • @ Miss Pam

        Yeah…we’ve given up alright. Some of us. Those that are still fighting have life VERY hard. No jobs or the inability to keep your job due to our resistance to bow down to demons, losing our homes and no support whatsoever.

        What they really want from us is to kill our soul slowly so they can feed. I figured it out about 10 years ago. That’s why when we pull away from them, they go ballistic.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ diaryofanegress

          This is definitely a WAR for our souls. People think it’s about economics, but money is just a tool to get the ultimate prize. The very thing that makes black people unique


          That’s why the white supremacists surround themselves with black faces and “leaders” as they carry out their EVIL DEEDS, and why they seek to turn black males into homosexuals and black females into freaks

          to DESTROY what GOD made and to put their KARMA on our black backs

          but it won’t work

          God and the Universe knows the DIFFERENCE between the ACTORS and the ones being ACTED UPON

        • Shanequa says:

          @ diaryofanegress

          “That’s why when we pull away from them, they go ballistic.”

          100% agreed, you have answer the question which our people refuse to do because they have been condition to love & ask for acceptance from every other race but their own. Non BLACK African people get uncomfortable when we’re not praising, telling our business, uniting as BLACK African people, and refusing to be around them. Wherever we go NON BLACK Africans will follow, especially when a page is dedicated to BLACK Africans period they always have to give there two cents. These NON BLACK African people depend on us period, because without us they wouldn’t survive and still be living in darkness. We as BLACK African people don’t need them to survive, but we have been condition too but once we break this cycle we will be better off. I have seen many social media pages were Non BLACK African people love mentioning black people on there pages. What is even more funny is how society states black women are least desirable but we are always being compared or copied to other races of women. If black women are so least desirable why would you even bother using them as a measuring stick in comparing them to other race of women.

          • @ Shanequa

            Thank you much. Very well stated.

          • Epi says:

            Go ‘head, Shanequa!

            When many of our people FINALLY realize that we do NOT need white’s Amerikka’s input or approval regarding what should be OUR standard of beauty? Maybe MORE of our people will finally “get it” and realize that they are of a different RACE and we should belittle our own because WE are not THEM. I would not want to look like them, hence no reason for me to wear theirs or any other races HAIR, for example.

            Other races can certainly “follow” these sub-humans. Others, including myself, will not.

            Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Good post.

            Phazex_Female “Happy to be Nappy”

          • Timothy says:

            @Sister Shanequa

            Excellent Points. We are the first humans on Earth not non-black people. We don’t need their approval. We need to unite as black people and affirm our own power and dignity.

      • Shanequa says:

        @ Trojan Pam

        I strongly believe not all of us haven’t given up, but a lot of our people will not make it. I call it survival of the fittest cutting off the weak while only the strong will survive. The weak links in our race have been the main reason why our people haven’t progress. I hate to say it but the worse of the worse will have to happen which it will for our people to wake up. We already living in the New Jim Crow era but this era will be the worse. Always keep in mind that our people suffer the worse on this planet but we are still here. You cannot destroy the original people/creations of this planet especially when the planet is there rightfully owner.

        • Epi says:

          Agreed, Shanequa. To an extent, my belief is that “one is their brother or sister’s keeper.” Personal accountability, motivation and drive is within ones self–either you have it or you don’t.
          And, in light what our core group has experienced many times over in this country and globally, I am simply flabbergasted at the “ostrich in the sand approach” that, unfortunately, many of our people have positioned themselves in. Is the “fear” that great coupled with being apathetic?

          Follow the evidence–that is, LOOK at the many scenarios where other racial groups unified and said, “no.” Why do we not follow that? True, in the past Blacks marched. But THAT ship has sailed. Black lives will matter when it matters to US first. I truly hope that “silence is giving your consent” is NOT the message that bears out and what our Black people will leave for our thousands of children as a legacy.

          Like others, I have always felt that Black people never had the opportunity to “heal” for we ARE a feeling, emotional people. Not only have our people never healed from the subjugation and tragedies of yester-year, it appears that in this so-called new millennium that Black people are not going to heal either. The healing has to come from ourselves starting with the active dislike and distain that blacks hold towards one another. This will be hard for And do not expect white supremists, their foot soldiers, sell-out Blacks to help in the healing process, other races included, to do this. Because spiritually and universally, this is NOT a part of ANY of their agendas. If anything, our people are an “after-thought” to all. Each race sees to their own, yet many of our own refuse to do so.

          A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to listen to a well-known speaker at a function. It was a “Black History” event and the question that he asked remains in my mind:

          “What will you do?”


    • Mariama says:

      @ Diary

      Are you serious? I can’t believe anyone could have the audacity to give that kind of a response. Wow, our people are really gone.

  5. scottytreid says:

    Politics is area #6 in the 9 areas, imo, no area can be ignored and Black people need to master as many areas as they can. If you ignore any area, it is at your own peril. Politics controls every other area. Also, Mr. Fuller has said that only white people can end white supremacy, whether one agrees with that or not, if a white person is to “end” white supremacy, it will come through the area of politics.

    Me personally, I don’t support political candidates, I support or oppose political policy and proposals and whether or not that policy or proposal is furthering justice or injustice. Politics, imo, is the only area where non-white people negotiate with the system of rws, unfortunately, we don’t have very good negotiators or they turn out to be proxy tools of the racist system.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ scottytreid

      I agree we shouldn’t ignore any areas of activity, however, our participation should at least attempt to accomplish a goal. I cannot see how voting for any major party candidates with a PROVEN track record of overt and covert racism and neglect is a way of solving a single problem we have.

      I believe we should be informed of the issues and the records BEFORE we vote –if we chose to vote. I will not but that is my INFORMED decision.

      I believe focused and deliberate NON-PARTICIPATION is more powerfully political statement than flocking like sheep to the polls, asking for nothing and getting nothing in return, because a black politician or preacher or good white person told us to do it.

      It’s the same rationale we would use in our personal lives. We wouldn’t give everything to a person and ask for nothing in return– not even simple respect — in the hopes that one day they might take pity on us and throw us a crumb.

      Voting for most PEOPLE is NOT an act of empowerment–in my opinion–it’s a form of SUBMISSION.

      The powers that be want us to hold up the democratic corner lest the rotting building completely tumble over.

      It’s also a way of driving white voters to the Republican side, to help uphold a fraudulent system of FAKE DEMOCRACY

      And as we can see, the participation of people on both sides had brought us CLOSER to a POLICE STATE because it has reassured those in power that the population is SOUND ASLEEP

      A MORE powerful political statement is to NOT PARTICIPATE in such a way that signifies our AWARENESS that something is wrong with the political process. Even voting for a third party candidate is a way of saying the OLD WAYS ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE.

      In the meantime, we are putting our brains to work to come up with other, more viable strategies.

      This action alone won’t eradicate white supremacy but it will say that WE ARE AWAKE and WE ARE AWAKENING and will be THINKING and PAYING ATTENTION to what is going on around us.

      That is how you BUILD SELF-RESPECT and GROUP RESPECT —


      To think we can trust ANYONE — including those in “black face” who sits at the table of white supremacy to get crumbs — is absolutely illogical

      For those who feel differently than I do, that is their right.

      I sincerely wish them luck in getting the justice they want.

      • scottytreid says:

        Unfortunately the majority of the Black voters do not research for themselves, they listen to Black politicians, pastors and political pundits who will support a white supremacist to make their lives more comfy on the plantation.

        We have very little media to inform the masses and few grassroots organizations engaged in political education all year round.

        We as a group only tend to vote during a election when a new president is being chosen and skip all the others thus cancelling out any chance of the person we choose to deliver because we don’t provide them with a Congress they can work with to push our agenda.

        We ignore the local politics and don’t involve ourselfs locally to decide who is going to be Sherriff, or the district judges, local prosecutors, etc,

        I am algining myself with a new movement looking to create a conscious bloc of Black voters and business people so at least some of us can leverage our votes and money to engage politics like it should be engaged.

        We are only interested in building a movement of one million voters and business owners who will stick together like the Zionist Jews at AIPAC stick together.

        Will it make a difference in the political clout of Black voters, I do not know, but I do know what we been doing ain’t been working.


        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ scotty

          At least your group is thinking outside the black box and studying what other groups are doing to amass power.

          That makes a lot of sense to me
          I will check out the link

  6. scottytreid says:

    BTW, Farrakhan is right, Hillary Clinton is an evil woman. That is not an opinion, that is what the evidence says.

  7. Sharon53 says:

    @Trojan Pam
    Great post Pam as always.
    As far as politicians are concerned, I trust none of them, be they are black, white, male, female, etc. The quality of my life has never improved no matter who was in office, anyway. Many politicians are lawyers also and the prerequisite for being a good lawyer is to be a good liar. I worked with attorneys nearly 20 years so I have had a lot of contact with them. Another thing I noticed about them is they tend to abuse alcohol and drugs and during the time I worked with them, it seemed they commit suicide more than any other professional group, mostly because of depression.

    By the way I have heard a lot of things over the years about Hillary such as she is a member of the Bilderberg group, and she made some false claims which lead to the death of Libya’s Muammar Qaddafi.

    Also, I hope the below short video is not too off-topic but since we are on the topic of Minister Farrakhan and politicians, I wanted to share. The title is a little misleading because Farrakhan is not actually endorsing Trump.

    • Courtney H. says:

      @ Sharon53:

      Thank you for providing the link — it was a very interesting video, since the Sisters brought up very good points.

      As for the stuff about the lawyers — wow! I agree with your point about most politicians being lawyers, and that most lawyers lie for a living. I didn’t know the stuff about them committing suicide more than any other professional group because of depression. That is a very interesting fact to know. Again, thanks for providing the link.

      • Timothy says:


        Politicians are notorious liars. Many of them are lawyers too. Also, Hillary Clinton was a Bilderberg participant in 1997. Bill Clinton have ties to the Bilderberg Group as well. The Bildeberg Group was created in 1954 and they promote globalization, EU integration, and policies that the one percent are in favor of. Louis Farrakhan in his words about Trump was saying how he or Trump spoke about some Jewish people not that he supports Trump’s campaign. The 2 Sisters in the video at the link have shown interesting views. To me, Trump is a fascist. Hillary Clinton have ties to Wall Street banking interests and she has supported imperialism overseas and neoliberalism domestically. This is why many people don’t ally with politicians. Both Sisters are right that just because Hillary is a woman doesn’t mean that she has the interests of black people at heart. Donald Trump is the representation of white savagery in language and in action. He is the image of how tons of whites view us as black people. Both Sisters also spoke about building an economic base in the black community.

        @Sister Courtney

        Good Afternoon Sister.

        I will listen to the podcast from Tariq Nasheed about voting. Certainly, a segment of the population refuse to vote, because of the corruption in society and because the choices present to mainstream society are brought and paid for.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Sharon53

      I agree. The word “politician” is just another word for LIAR, CON MAN or WOMAN, and ACTOR

      The entire thing is a STAGED SPECTACLE, from Trump (who is simply an actor who is allowed to AD-LIB), to Clinton, and the other candidates

      They all work for the SAME PEOPLE.

      Trump is being used to stir up anti-black sentiments

      Clinton is being used to make it appear that blacks are die hard Democrats without a brain

      It’s all about imagery, deception, manipulation and distraction

      Because while people are watching the CLOWN SHOW AND CIRCUS

      They are passing LAWS that will impact all our lives

      the next president — if there is one — has already been (S)elected.

      That’s my opinion.

  8. Courtney H. says:

    @ Sister Trojan Pam:

    Tariq Nasheed agrees with you:


    Warning — this audio contains some profanity.

  9. Donald trump- Racist millionaire that makes Adolf Hitler look like moderate.
    Bernie Sanders- A slick talking Jew that doesn’t believe black deserve reparations.
    Killary Clinton-A racist feminist who hates black people. She and her husband are the worst!
    Sorry blac people,you have NO one to pick from. none of them will do a damn thing to end your oppression.

    • Timothy says:


      Thank you for showing the video Brother. People need to hear Hillary’s racism. You notice that she speaks to black people with arrogance all of the time.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Kushite Prince

      You’re right. There is no one to choose from.

      If people are determined to cast a vote, vote for a third party candidate–after checking his or her record. At least you’ll have satisfied two agendas

      you voted

      and you didn’t support candidates who are nothing more than puppets for the white elite

      • I feel you on that. There’s no one to pick from this bunch. Co-sign!

        • Epi says:

          @ the Prince:

          “Ditto.” I agree.

          No one among this disgusting bunch. As I’ve referenced before, I find that intelligent people are people that are informed. And “looking at what is in front of you.” I can understand where Sista Pam is coming from, find out what the issues are by hearing as well as reading. Learn to become more discerning. And last, but not least, follow your gut as well.

          It is also true that “the few can decide for the many in low voter turn-outs. Though I do not endorse or vote for any of the Presidential candidates, I do participate in measures and “local elections.” Because when you don’t vote, you get voted for, so to speak. Nothing. When they raise your taxes, take away renter’s credit, close your local library and stop picking up trash frequently, you will know why.

          Again, this is why I vote in the local elections.

          • Trojan Pam says:

            @ Epi

            I agree, local elections make a direct difference in people’s lives.
            National elections are completely compromised — and, I believe — the outcome is already decided long before the voters go to the polls.

            Regardless of which party wins, the people get the SAME RESULTS

          • Yeah local elections I can understand. But the big Presidential elections are pointless.

  10. Courtney H. says:

    @ Everybody:

    I know that this is OT, but here we go again:


    Now here is a TV show about slavery! Do you think that there would ever be a weekly TV show about the Holocaust, Native American genocide, the Armenian genocide, the Rwandan genocide, etc.? I seriously doubt it.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      I saw commercials about it constantly on WGN. It wants to focus on slavery and the Underground Railroad. The establishment are obsessed with showing shows about slavery in a sick way. They certainly won’t have a miniseries about slavery revolts or about the Haitian Revolution (when black people defeated the French, the English, and the Spanish imperialists in Haiti by 1804). That is too taboo for the heads of TV to present to the masses of the people. You’re certainly correct.

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Brother Timothy:

        Thank you for your comments for listening to Tariq Nasheed’s podcast. Kushite Prince recently did a story about the new Nat Turner movie:


        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Courtney

          Thank you for showing the link Sister. I just looked at the article from Brother Kushite Prince about the new Nat Turner movie. The article gave great facts about how Nate Parker sold the rights to the movie to FOX Searchlight instead of the black mogul Byron Allen. Nat Turner was a person who rebelled against tyranny. The invention of the cotton gin also expanded slavery in the Americas. I haven’t seen the movie, but the track record of Hollywood is to sugarcoat historical events and that includes events about slavery. I didn’t know that Parker’s wife was a white woman until weeks ago. That is ironic, because of many reasons. Also, I listened to the podcast from Tariq Nasheed. In it, he talked about how black people should not vote. He was right that Bernie Sanders opposes reparations for black people and he is right to show how the current administration has spoken to the constituencies of Hispanic people, etc. but he refuses to enact revolutionary actions to address the needs of the black community. Other parts of his podcast has him accurately stating that the Republicans and the Democrats take us for granted (like how both parties supported 3-strikes policies, the War on Drugs, imperialism, and other evil policies which are detrimental to our community in general). We should organize and set up specific aims that we desire to build up our own communities. A solution will not be one thing. We have specific gifts that we can use in being part of the solution too. Our human rights are important to fight for.

          Like always, I appreciate your commentaries on many issues. 🙂

          • Courtney H. says:

            @ Brother Timothy:

            Thank you for listening to the podcast and reading the link. I found both to be very interesting. You are right about politics being corrupt in general and how we need to get together to help ourselves so that politicians will address our issues like they do with other groups.

            I thought that the link about the Nat Turner movie was very interesting, too. Brother Kushite Prince and the commenters on the blog brought up many interesting issues about the movie.

            Thank you the compliments! 🙂 I greatly appreciate your commentaries as well!

            May you have a blessed week, Brother.

        • Thanks for sharing my post. I appreciate it.

          • Courtney H. says:

            @ Brother Kushite Prince:

            You are VERY welcome! 🙂

            • Courtney H. says:

              @ Everybody:

              Here is an interesting discussion about the new Nat Turner movie:

              • Timothy says:

                @Sister Courtney

                Good Afternoon Sister 🙂

                I have watched the video of the Brother and the Sister on Nate Parker and the Nate Turner film. Here are my thoughts. I don’t know the full content of the film, so I can’t make a total judgment of the film until it comes out. Also, just because some people may have asked questions about the film doesn’t mean that people are bigots or they want to nit pick Nate Parker’s life. Freedom to dissent and the freedom to think are important freedoms to promote. Nate Parker sold the film I believe to FOX Searchlight. Nate Parker marrying a non-black woman is a fact. Who someone’s marries does influence a person’s thinking on many levels. His marriage is his own business, but I won’t marry a white woman or a non-black woman. That’s my right too. Both the Brother and the Sister in the video gave their takes. They are very intelligent and they were defending the film from Nate Parker. They ware right that black people must be strategic in dealing with fighting oppression.

                Yet it is important to note that promoting black power is not just about building black infrastructure. It is about growing the black families and black communities since the powers that be promote the lie that IRRs are superior to Black relationships. That’s found in the media, magazines, etc. We have to promote mental liberation where black people can work with each other and love each other. Ultimately, we have to wait and see what the final product of the film will entail. Likewise, we know the tendency of Hollywood to whitewash or sugarcoat historical events, especially events that deal with black history. The story of Nat Turner and other slave revolts should be told to black people, especially to the black youth. Regardless of our feelings of the film project, we have to teach black youth about slave revolts and that our history existed long before the Maafa. We have to advance black liberation.

                Thank you for showing the video Sister. Bless you.

                Enjoy your Weekend.

              • sharon53 says:

                @Sister Courtney
                First, thanks Courtney for posting the video. However, as I was listening to the video, I am not familiar with the commentators but they appear to be younger people who do not fully understand why comments and questions about Nate Parker’s non-black wife are important. I almost stopped listening to it when the young man said something about “living in a different era, we don’t live in the 60s, we don’t live in the 50s, those days are dead.” That told me right there, he is confused.

                The male commentator stated something about the female commentator being a “conscious black woman (Oh really??) …and how black women have not said anything about Nate being married to a non-black woman …and how Nate does not give the vibe that he hates black women.” And the young lady claims “because of the way he carries himself, she knows for a fact that he did not go with the white woman because he hated black woman, claiming it is genuine love.” In my opinion, those were very shallow statements on her part. Black men that date and marry non-black women don’t always verbally state or give off vibes that they hate black women. I notice this behavior in my own family and with the few black men that I work with that are married to non-black women. They tend to tolerate only the black women in the family or black women they work with. I notice something else that stands out like a sore thumb. When the Hispanic cleaning crew comes around, you should see the few black guys married to Hispanic women, laughing and carrying on with the Hispanic people as if they think they a part of that group. This mindset is so deep-seated that you can be fooled by it if you don’t closely examine it. They just don’t get that they are just being tolerated by the Hispanics.

                I agree with Timothy’s comment when he said “who someone marries does influence a person’s thinking on many levels.” I also agree with his statement that “it is important to note that promoting black power is not just about building black infrastructure. It is about growing the black families and black communities since the powers that be promote the lie that IRRs are superior to black relationships.” That is a profound statement that sums things up very well because you cannot grow the black family and black community while married to white supremacy.

                The young man states most of the hate comes from black men making comments about Nate and the white woman and not black women and even referred to black men as becoming nitpickers. I don’t feel these men are nitpickers and I am glad to see black men pointing out Parker’s contradictory behavior. I am also tired of this sense of apathy among black women on being dissed like this and still supporting these men. Back in the day, they called it ‘rapping black but sleeping white.”

                They even mentioned something about him meeting her in college. So what? Something I notice about non-black women, especially white women, is they are taught early to see the potential in a man when they are choosing a mate, so they seem to know long before a man becomes successful that he will be able to provide the security and stability she needs. And a lot of the programming that white women are the epitome of beauty is programmed into black men at the cradle.

                Parker has the right to marry whom he wishes and they even talk about what a nice guy he is. I don’t know him personally and am sure he does have his redeeming qualities and I am sure some things about the film will be good. I also understand he is young and may not fully understand our struggle as a people and how he has been programmed but I will not support any of his works because that would be the same as supporting white supremacy. It is my dollar and I have a right to spend it where I please.

              • Timothy says:

                @Sister Sharon53

                Your take on Nate Parker and the film are some of the most profound, eloquent, and excellent comments that I have read from you. You did a great job in your response Sister. You’re right that many non-black women do target black men in college to marry them and have children with them. I have seen this in real life. The myth that white women being the essence of feminine beauty is part of the many lies of the white supremacy system. We don’t hate anyone. We just believe in the power of our Blackness and we believe in justice for black people. We believe in the growth of the black population in the world. Just because a black man in an IRR may not overtly act mean to black women in public doesn’t mean that he will not disrespect black women in private. It is similar to many white racists smiling in our faces in a job or in public, but in private they or white racists will use every word imaginable including racist slurs to describe our black people. So, the system of white supremacy is slick and goes into many manifestations. You have every right to not spend a dime on the movie from Nate Parker. That is your right. The 2 people in the video are young and they sound like that they are about my age.

                The same problems of the 50s and the 60’s still exist today (from racism, police brutality, discrimination, imperialism, etc.). The deaths of Aiyana Jones, Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray, etc. happened in the 21st century. We should congratulate the Brothers, who were asking important questions about the film as inquiry and the freedom to ask are part of the human experience. Asking questions is not about slandering Nate Parker (who by many accounts is a nice person). It is about using discernment. Many black women have asked questions about the film too. As Sister Trojan Pam say, it is contradictory for a black person to talk about black liberation and sleep white. That’s their business, but it is contradictory. We have the right to spend our money on people who represent our people. Anyone that wants their descendants to look the opposite (or massively lighter) of their original black African phenotype is a person who made that conscious decision to try to get rid of the black features of future generations. We are just keeping it real. The 2 young people in the video acted defensive. I haven’t looked at the film. I don’t agree with those who claim to be conscious and are misogynistic, but not all conscious black people are like that. Money means nothing without civilization, without structure, without a moral code, and without human development in our communities.

                @Sister Courtney

                Have a Great Weekend Sister. 🙂

                You always inspire me.

      • Shanequa says:

        @ Timothy
        “It wants to focus on slavery and the Underground Railroad. The establishment are obsessed with showing shows about slavery in a sick way.”

        We need to be careful on what is being broadcast on television because they are sending out subliminal messages. These slavery & Jim Crow movies are preparing Non BLACK African people especially Europeans of the return of there glory days were they can physically, verbally and sexually abuse BLACK African people without any repercussion. Furthermore these type of movies lower BLACK Africans self esteem of what they think of themselves especially being defeated. We already is witnessing this evidence right now but it will get much more worse.

        • Courtney H. says:

          @ Shanequa:

          I agree.

          • Courtney H. says:

            @ Sister Shanequa & Brother Timothy:

            Here is another good video about the Nat Turner movie:

            I will respond to your excellent comments later. 😉

            • Timothy says:

              @Sister Courtney

              I have listened to the new video about the issue of slavery film. The man in the video gave a concise analysis on the issue. He gave information about how the diverse experience of black people must be expressed in film. For example, we need films about Queen Nzinga, about Marcus Garvey, about other African leaders spanning thousands of years of human history. He outlined a fair critique about the upcoming movie from Nate Parker. Also, he rightfully exposed the racism and extremism from FOX News. FOX News have notoriously racist conservatives like Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, etc. It is always important to inspire and educate black people too. He made the great point to expose the lie that ancient Egyptians were collectively white Europeans. The film Gods of Egypt is a total disgrace. We are a diverse people and we certainly need diversity in films, media, and other structures of our community, so our people can grow into the next level.

              Also, we have a crisis of poverty in our community. Not every black person is poor, but many people in the black community are poor. The only way that we can be liberated is the formation of grassroots anti-poverty relief programs (not just enterprises being developed) for black people who unfortunately suffer poverty (that includes the homeless, the low income, and the disabled). Not too many people in public want to talk about poverty, but we will. It is rare for films in our generation (in the mainstream level) to show black doctors, black lawyers, and black scholars en masse. I certainly respect the Brother’s points on many issues. We should learn about courageous people who stood up against the system of white supremacy. We want to inspire black people. We want stories about resiliency and courage.

              Thank you for showing the video Sister. You are always very wise. 😉

              • Courtney H. says:

                @ Sister Sharon53 & Brother Timothy:

                Thank you so much for your eloquent summaries about the Prince Solomon/Sincere Ignorance video. Both of your brought up points that I hadn’t considered. I never thought about the fact that just because a Black man who is married to a White woman may not publicly diss Black women doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have hatred against Black women or self-hatred issues. That point opened my eyes about Nate Parker and other Black men who marry non-Black women.

                I’m glad that I posted the video, because we are able to talk about these kinds of things.

                @ Brother Timothy:

                Thank you for watching the other video about the Nat Turner movie and other slavery movies. I won’t add to what you stated, because I agree with your points. And you inspire me, too. 😉

            • Courtney H. says:

              @ Sharon53:

              You’re welcome. 🙂

            • Sharon53 says:

              Yes, black men who date/marry non-black women are not always vocal with their hatred for black women. However, I have seen some of those guys come across like they think they are actually white, Asian, Hispanic, or whatever race their mates are. That tells me right there they have self-hate issues, which explains why they are not with a black woman. This stuff is really deep-seated and starts at the cradle. It is similar to a misogynist who can be charming and always up in a woman’s face but really hates women. They will never come right out and say they hate women. This whole situation with us here in America and really around the world is like a matrix wherein the parts manifest themselves in so many different ways and you can get lost in it. It is as if you have to constantly remind yourself of white supremacy/racism every day because you never know when, how, what or through whom it will rear its ugly head.
              Whom these men who are anti-black woman date and marry is their business and I can’t control that. But given their state of mind, I personally feel that we as black women don’t need those kinds of problems, because they would only start imposing that self-hatred on us, if we were to try to have a relationship with them.
              However, one thing that I cannot stand, is when the Nate Parkers of the world, start making films about our heroes and carrying on like they are all for black people and building our communities up, etc. but yet do not have a black woman beside them. They have to be really confused if they think they can win this battle without us sisters.
              I am glad we have these blogs so that we can share this information and support each other because there are so few socially-conscious blacks surrounding us in this era.

              • Epi says:

                @ Sister Sharon:

                Spot on!

                Take the case of say, a well-known Black entertainer. That has Black females or males flocking to them like bees to honey.

                Yet this entertainer barely or not at all comes to heavily populated Black areas, especially the urban arena, shows little to no interest in the economic progress of Black people and the final thrust–has a significant other or spouse that is non-black.

                When I have encouraged others to “look at what is in front of them,” I always tell them this with either a double or subliminal meaning. If they use that sixth sense (common sense), then they will “catch what I am telling them.” I always ask Spirit for discernment–and most times “get it.”

                These types of individuals have shown or told you in no uncertain terms that they want as little to do as possible with their own people.

                “The FIRST time that someone shows you what they are? Believe them.” Enough said.


            • Timothy says:

              @Sister Courtney

              You’re Welcome Sister. We all learn from each other. 🙂

  11. Trojan Pam says:

    @ ALL

    Another thought wrinkle on this election.

    At a Donald Trump rally a young black female was manhandled by hostile white males in his audience and then a MSNBC commentator compared Trump to Hitler

    and now a clearer picture emerges of how the mainstream media is using fear to drive black people to vote for Hillary by showing the sharp white teeth of racist wolves

    Our fear turns off our BRAINS (and once that happens what is next?)

    when in reality, Trump is NOT Hitler, Trump will NEVER be president, and the powers that be know this because if they were worried about Trump, they wouldn’t give him so much press

    Think about it

    If the mainstream media (controlled by the elite) wanted to hamstring Trump’s campaign all they’d have to do is


    This is a STAGE PLAY designed to position the gullible public where they want them

    before they let the shoe fall.

  12. c.andrews says:

    I most likely will not vote, I know in my heart that there are NO good politicians, male or female, black or white…But if I were to vote , on the premise of the lesser of two evils I would go with Trump…. he probably just another clever diabolical jedi mind tricking clever magician but some of the things he says makes logical sense to me and I wonder why the more raw white supremacist are trying their best to rip him anther a-hole and stop him from running- allegedly… Even the pope chimed in on bad mouthing him.
    I may or maynot change my mind about voting but me and trump have a common enemy- the MEDIA !!
    Hillary Clinton is a real snake in the grass and she answered the questions about her remarks about Super-predators and Clinton’s policies along with her endorsement of laws that resulted in mass incarcerations of black folks the likes of which we had never in modern times seemed- along with Bernie Sanders… she clever, she wiggled out of taking any blame for her actions and insisted she did not understand the full ramifications until it was too late and she sorry… she know our people are a forgiving people so again we will be tight with her and her husband.
    I have been getting a lot of flack from black folks for even hinting that Donald Trump makes some sense in some areas… we have to use critical thinking skills and not be afraid to think outside the box they put us in- even if we be in error and I admit I may well possibly be in error this time go round… I am still learning.

    • Alicia says:

      Given people marched and died for us to be able to vote. Given that white supremacists don’t want us to vote. GIven that all votes county and as a responsible citizen it’s best to participate in the system and vote. This really makes sense. Real Smart!

      Re: “I most likely will not vote”

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Alicia

        I believe our ancestors died for the right to vote because they believed their vote counted. If they could see what the vote meant today and how much corruption was involved and all the rigged elections, I wonder if they would have focused on something more important, like


        What black people did 60 years ago doesn’t meant that’s what black people should do in 2016.

        And that is the difference between the powerful white supremacists and the POWERLESS black masses. The white supremacists are always going back to the drawing board to refine their strategies while their black victims are still relying on strategies that are over a HALF CENTURY OLD

        no wonder we aren’t making any progress as a group.

        It may not be smart in your opinion to not vote for the lesser of two evils but it surely isn’t “smart” to vote for a racist who promises black people nothing. If I had to decide which move was the least intelligent, I know where my vote would fall.

        FYI — this is not a personal attack against you, this is just my opinion. Of course, you have the right to yours.

        And I suspect there are others who feel as you do but wouldn’t risk posting it for fear of being attacked.

    • Alicia says:

      He may “make sense in some areas”, however he is running with the Republican party. A party who have shown us from years that they are against most civil rights laws and against blacks.
      The democrats may not be perfect but they are the lesser of two evils.

      Most whites “liberal” or “conservative” don’t like blacks.

    • Mariama says:

      @C. Andrews

      I agree with you 100%. I really believe they have turned this whole campaign into a circus and freak show; well at least the Republicans. I just can’t take Trump seriously. But I have to say that I respect his “honesty” and “nerve.” I am n other impressed with any of the candidates and if I do get a change of heart and vote, it would have to be a third party candidate. I seriously doubt it. This whole thing is starting to look and feel like a poorly written movie.

  13. Mbeti says:

    I bunch of comments already ,definitely a offline reading job for me ,but when you say “god” help us ,I realize you have serious rationality issues.

  14. reality_check says:

    Hi Pam. I hate to sound negative, but Unfortunately, I think I have come to the conclusion that Black Americans are DONE. We are finished. I think we have sealed our positions as permanent underclass here in the United States. Like you have said, most of us do not think critically and that has and will continue to be our demise.

    I think most black Americans are just existing today, we’re not even TRYING anymore. We have been so traumatized that we do not even hope for a brighter future. Most blacks are really numb living day to day. This is why you can’t get them to think critically or strategically- because to do so would take longer-term planning, which most of us are not willing or interested in doing, or we don’t’ see it as feasible.

    Like you, I have declared that Hillary Clinton will NOT get my vote and I don’t care. I’d vote the Green party before I vote for Clinton. It’s amazing to me how short black folks’ memories are where Hillary is concerned. You had blacks wanting to put her up against a firing squad back in 2008 when Barack-O was running, now they want to embrace her as President?! Seriously?!

    Oh, and about that blogger espousing black financial independence- I think I know who you’re speaking of and I agree with you. While his solutions sound good in theory, he forgets that blacks WERE financially independent at one point in time and whites literally STOLE their fortunes and destroyed their businesses. It’s lunacy to think that this wouldn’t happen again should we move towards collective independence. But like you, I don’t believe blacks can or will ever be free or successful as a group on American soil (or under the system of white supremacy).

    Stay encouraged Pam, keep doing what you do because it is appreciated. I have just concluded that blacks are damaged beyond repair at this point. We are headed to extinction. I sincerely hope I’m wrong, but I just don’t see it

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ reality_check

      I was talking to a friend earlier this evening and we talked about the same thing — how SHORT our memories are. I remember that, how some blacks were furious at the Clintons over Obama and now all is forgiven (especially once Obama gives her the nod) and it’s back on the plantation

      I have to agree with most of what you posted. Critical thinking requires time and effort. I can understand why we are tired and discouraged but what is the alternative? To be–as you said, permanent underclass? Because that’s where we’re heading.

      I didn’t want to say the blogger’s name (thanks for not doing it) because I’m not knocking his overall message of entrepreneurship. I’m saying we can’t defeat a system we DON’T UNDERSTAND.

      Thanks for the encouragement. I need it!

    • Alicia says:

      That’s a way to help a Republican get into the White house.

      re: “Like you, I have declared that Hillary Clinton will NOT get my vote and I don’t care. I’d vote the Green party before I vote for Clinton.”

  15. Shanequa says:

    Since we’re talking about these trick politician we can add John F. Kennedy to the list because our people love him. He was fake as day and a power seeker who used & manipulated black people.

    John F Kennedy was a Democrat who ran against Republican Richard Nixon. Also Kennedy faced some difficult racial calculus. The South, where Jim Crow kept black people in a second-class status, was ruled by Democrats. To win the presidency, Kennedy needed white Southern Democrats, and many of them hated Martin Luther King, whom they saw as a threat to their way of life.

    Abraham Lincoln is another be love trick politician by our people. At Charleston, Illinois, on September 18, 1858, Lincoln made his position clear. “I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races,” he began, going on to say that he opposed blacks having the right to vote, to serve on juries, to hold office and to intermarry with whites.

    Our people have a condition loving racist politicians.

    • Shanequa says:

      P.S. I can’t think of anything good the Clinton family has done for black people. The only thing I know that is popular about the Clinton’s among our people is Bill played the saxophone, smoke marijuana, listen to soul music, & had affairs with black & white women.

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Shanequa

        that description could describe the average Klansman

      • Timothy says:

        @Sister Shanequa

        I can never forget how Bill Clinton threw Sister Soujah under the bus. When I have done research on his Presidency, his Presidency wasn’t even liberal. It was more center-right when you think about it. Even most the jobs that existed under his 2 terms were low wage jobs while many jobs were shipped overseas. Racist politicians are lower than low. Thank you for showing your information Sister.

      • Alicia says:

        What he did “good” is NOT dismantle Civil Rights laws or programs that benefit blacks. The republicans on the other hand tend to cater to more anti-black ideals and want to do away with civil rights laws such as affirmative action and others.

      • Mariama says:

        @ Shaneq

        And that really gets under my skin. Our people have such low standards that they also had the nerve to call him the first Black president. I never found any humor in that.

        • Epi says:

          @ Mariama:

          I agree. I recall, back in the day, when many people in California wanted to change the Constitution to make way for former Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger to run for President. This was because if one is running for President, they must be natural-born in the United States and Schwarzenegger was born in Austria. People, Black people included, became comftable with the chant, “I’ll be bak.” Whatever.

          And apples do not fall far from the tree…

          George W. Bush’s grandfather helped finance the Nazi Party. Karl Rove’s grandfather allegedly helped run the Nazi Party, and helped build the Birkenau Death Camp. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Austrian father volunteered for the infamous Nazi SA and became a ranking officer.

          I am sure that there are other posters that can add to this information so that all may be informed.

          • Timothy says:

            @Sister Epi

            I agree with you. White supremacists love to glamorize the evil of Nazi Germany, because ultimately that is their agenda and that is what they believe in. The Nazis believed in the myths of white supremacy and they wanted the destruction of black people just like white supremacists believe in today. There have been rumors about Trump’s father being arrested in a Klan rally in Queens during the 1920’s. We know that many Western corporations aided the Nazis like GM, etc. During World War II, IBM subsidiaries in occupied Europe never stopped delivery of punch cards to Dehomag (that was used to monitor people and execute people in the Holocaust), and documents uncovered show that senior executives at IBM world headquarters in New York took great pains to maintain legal authority over Dehomag’s operations and assets through the personal intervention of IBM managers in neutral Switzerland, directed via personal communications and private letters.

          • Mariama says:


            Thank you for that piece of info!

        • Shanequa says:

          @ Mariama
          I agree 100%. I hate when any BLACK African call a NON BLACK AFRICAN a honorary black man or woman. It’s like someone throwing a bucket of smelly shit mix with piss in your face and telling you it will make you smell good.

          • Epi says:

            ^^5 @ Shenequa!

          • Mariama says:


            You are right! I think that it is the “honorary” black person syndrome. This to me shows what low self esteem so many blacks have. Instead of representing themselves, they would rather take a non-black and pretend that person is black to make the “race” feel good. I can’t help but feel that “we” are such a disappointment to our ancestors. It really is a sad sad state that so many are in.

  16. Alicia says:

    She’s the lesser of two evils. I support her over any Republican who always make direct threats again Civil Rights programs. I would also like to see a woman win. Most Whites really don’t like Blacks for whatever sick reasons. Most blacks don’t like blacks either, this is what I’ve had to accept in my life. Blacks are not kind to each other. I am not saying that other races are kinder, but when it comes to intra-racial relations, I find blacks prefer to not support each other or be kind to each other. It is what it is.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Alicia

      Of course, you have the right to decide who to vote for OR if you’ll vote at all. In the interest of maintaining the logic of this post, I have a few comments

      I used to subscribe to the “lesser of two evils” argument UNTIL I realized there is NO 2-Party system. The white elite have written about the creation of the two-party system to give the illusion of a choice while the power remains in the same hands regardless of what party is in charge.

      Have you noticed that the SAME POLICIES of the Bush Administration were continued and extended during both Obama Administrations? All the Republicans have to do to keep blacks in line is say a lot of outrageous things and then go behind closed doors and conspire with the Democrats to give more power and money to the elite. It was DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENT CLINTON who created policies that resulted in the mass incarceration of black males and females.

      I don’t know what Civil Rights laws or programs that benefited blacks that you’re referring to. Could you give a few examples?

      At the least black people should be TELLING Hillary what she will have to give them in exchange for their vote. It’s a utter lack of political sophistication and poor thinking that we don’t even do that.

      How can we just give away the same vote we CLAIM is so important to us? I don’t understand that logic

      2. As far as wanting a woman to be president — I have NOTHING in common with a WHITE FEMALE WHITE SUPREMACIST — who called black people “super predators” and who conspired to murder an African Leader and joked about his hideous death at the hands of her fellow white supremacists.

      This election has nothing to do with how black people treat each other, it’s about our willingness to give away our votes to racists who are promising us NOTHING in return. That in itself is a huge problem.

      • Alicia says:

        I believe the policies remained the same BECAUSE many of us (blacks) did not vote, allowing Republicans to remain a majority in parts of the government. I apologize above for my personal attack tone to the poster who said they were not planning to vote. I value this board as a civil resource for us to discuss white supremacy and related topics.

        I just honestly feel that some of our problems stem from not being participating enough in our local governments and going out there to make changes.

        One thing is for sure that many white supremacists and white racists make SURE, they make an EFFORT to maintain active in terms of making sure they have a voice and exercise their rights to vote, have their voices heard, etc.

        Most of us know what Republicans want for us. The democrats at least are for social programs, civil rights laws, and other programs that benefit our communities. I would never say it out in the open in everyday life because I feel this is a right that we should never take for granted but there have been times where I have not felt like going to the polling station to vote during an election time.

        I have had to remind myself though that when people don’t show up, that results in unfavorable wins. It’s even been reported that sometimes blacks allowed even in black majority area a white minority vote to elect a white racist or someone who supported unfavorable policies because blacks in said area did not go out and vote.

        Unless one plans to move out of this country I do not think it’s right to sit and home and just say “oh well, I’m not voting period”, that’s almost equal to ALLOWING the dangerous policians to get into office.

        Did you know those republican areas have HIGH voter turnout? Do you know why?

        • Timothy says:


          Many Republican areas have high voter turnout since they embrace a radical agenda that want to end voting rights, end social services for the poor, and want to turn the clock back in American society. Also, many people in those GOP areas support Trump and Cruz and they feel motivated (out of hate and fear) to vote. People know about how evil the Republican Party is. Likewise, the Democratic Party is not perfect either. Many Democrats have promised us change, but we have seen policies antithetical to our interests like the Libyan disaster and the promotion of the TPP. The decision to vote or not is up to the individual person.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Alicia

          We will have to agree to disagree. I do not see the logic in black people still believing that the Democrats will be their savior.

          Those of us who chose to not participate in a process we believe is fraudulent does NOT mean we are not involved in fighting for justice.

          if the ONLY efforts some voters make is to go into a voting booth ONCE every four years and pull a lever or push a button

          I don’t think that’s anything to brag about.

          No disrespect intended

  17. Also for those who think Bernie Sanders is a nice white liberal. I have some new for you. Sanders tried to extradite black liberation hero Assata Shakur. Don’t be fooled by his devilish grin. He is a slick racist Jew! No different than Killary or racist Trump.

  18. Alicia says:

    I want to ask all those claiming they don’t vote why do you think Republican areas have high voter turnout? If votes don’t matter, why do republicans make an effort to get out there to vote?

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Alicia

      According to numerous articles, voter turnout for BOTH parties in 2012 was below expectations. It appears more voters are coming to the same LOGICAL conclusion: that the elections benefit the people in power, not the people who vote.

      Turnout was down for both Republicans and Democrats, falling 4.2 percentage points for the Democrats from 33.0 percent of eligible citizens in 2008 to 28.8 this year; and 1.2 percentage points for the GOP from 28.4 in 2008 to 27.2 this year.

      The GOP Turnout Myth
      To win future elections, Republicans will need more than better get-out-the-vote software.
      Nov. 22, 2012

      To win the next presidential race, the GOP will have to understand what went wrong in 2012. To do that, they’ve got to come to grips with what did, and did not, happen with turnout.

      Republican Turnout in 2012 Less than 2008 and 2004

      Jim Hoft Nov 7th, 2012 8:17 am 134 Comments

      Barack Obama had nearly 10 million fewer votes last night than in 2008.
      But it was enough to win.
      Fewer Republicans turned out to vote for Mitt Romney
      Mitt won only 57 million votes.

  19. Courtney H. says:

    @ Everybody:

    Here is a very interesting video dealing media manipulation, so it’s related this this post:

    This video is a little more than an hour long.

    Also, here is one of my favorite Public Enemy videos, because it tells the truth!

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      I have listened to the video from Sister Lashid4u. She went into great detail about her life, media manipulation, and other topics. One point for the video that resonated with me is that some people in the media could care less about the deaths of people in Earthquakes, etc. as long as the story is shown (and as long as emotions are exploited for ratings). That’s a sick mentality, but that mentality exists in the world. We should express empathy while realizing how we should harness our emotions to promote goodness and justice. The mainstream media is controlled by less than 10 corporations worldwide. She talked about Morton Downey Jr. He was before Jerry Springer. He started to create his talk show during the 1980’s. For some, “politically incorrectness” is just used as an excuse for some to justify using racism, sexism, etc. in public discourse. The video is rather long indeed. LOL. 🙂 She made the point about using caution about people on Youtube with massive popularity.

      The essence of her video is about using discernment and to be transparent with what you believe in. She said that we can’t trust anything shown in the media since the media was created to distort, manipulate, and propagate an agenda. Sister Lashid4u has shown a lot of analysis about the entertainment industry, the media, etc. At the end of the video, she gave her views on the election. She believes that Trump (who has extreme views) won’t win as the President will be selected by the powers that be. I think that she is implying that Hillary Clinton will be the next President. I saw the Murder Rap documentary in the Internet. Its views on Biggie is filled with conjecture. Soon, it will be 20 years since the murder of Tupac. Tupac had links to the Black Panther Party from his mother to his other relatives as well. The FBI monitored Tupac for years.

      Public Enemy’s video “Can’t Truss It” is excellent in how it compared the oppression of slavery back then and the oppression going on in our generation. Public Enemy certainly have great talent and they have made albums in the 21st century too.

      I appreciate both videos Sister. Bless you Sister like always. 🙂

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Brother Timothy:

        Thank you for taking the time to watching the video. I know that an hour is a long time to take time out of your day to watch. 🙂

        Thank you for your comments. I don’t have to add to what you have to say, because I agree with your points. I agree that Sister Lashid4u is a very smart sister.

        One thing I would to add about Biggie is that I have not seen the “Murder Rap” video, but I have watched the documentary by Nick Bloomfield called “Biggie and Tupac”. That video talks about how rap singers were surveilled by the FBI for being “subversive”. That video suggests that someone who looked like he was from the Nation of Islam killed Biggie. This is video is also controversial.

        I’m glad that you appreciate the video. Bless you, too, Brother. 🙂

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Courtney

          You’re Welcome Sister. 🙂

          Yes, Sister Lashid4u is a very intelligent black woman. She expresses herself with statistics, historical events, and other sources. I also have seen the Nick Bloomfield documentary called “Biggie and Tupac.” The documentary is correct that the FBI monitored both Tupac Shakur and Biggie.The FBI had secret photos of Biggie during his last moments. The documentary is controversial. Also, I found out that Tupac’s mother was a Black Panther. Her name is Afeni Shakur. His godfather is Mutulu Shakur whose brother Lumumba Shakur was a Black Panther too. Lumumba’s father Abba Shakur had links to Malcolm X’s OAAU. So, revolutionary movements are readily related to many people.

          • Phazex_Female says:

            @ Brother Timothy:

            “His godfather is Mutulu Shakur whose brother Lumumba Shakur was a Black Panther too. Lumumba’s father Abba Shakur had links to Malcolm X’s OAAU.”

            Late, but thank you so much for sharing this bit of information!


        • Mariama says:

          @ Courtney

          Thank you for posting the video. This sister Lashid4u is a very critical sister who promotes uplifting our people in the diaspora. I really feel a connection to her and have been subscribed to her for years. I think that those of you who want some more understanding might want to check out her videos.

  20. Trojan Pam says:

    @ ALL

    I don’t want to discourage people from posting opinions different from mine own. Voting is a touchy topic, one that evokes strong emotions from those who are for it and those who are against it.

    Keep in mind, I’m only speaking about national elections between major party candidates.

    since I’ve made my point (several times) I will take a back seat to the discussion from this point on.

  21. Timothy says:

    @Sister Courtney

    The video of Harvey about Trump shown elaborate points about Chicago, Trump’s extremism, and about other issues. The truth is that Trump is an extremist whose views are sexist, racist, Islamophobic, and imperialist. These far right politicians have no respect for decency or honesty. Many people have been compared to George Wallace. Many of Trump’s supporters want to go back to assaulting black people en masse. Trump is a liar who tried to ignore his responsibility for expressing vile rhetoric. Protesters have the free speech right to oppose Trump. Also, we need more than protests. We need grassroots community organizing to address our issues like health, education, and other important issues. He tries to use coded language in order to get his points across. The corporate media genuflects Donald Trump. The black man who took the stage in Chicago is a community activist in real life. Harvey is right to give a great history of Chicago as he is from Chicago. The slogan of “Take America Back” is about turning the clock back where black people experienced huge injustices and where society was very authoritarian and oppressive. Even today, we face oppression.

    Gentrification is a real problem in Chicago and police brutality. He made a great point about how the establishment targets Black Chicago, because Chicago has a well known history of black revolutionary consciousness. The old white man, who assaulted a black man, should be in prison. We should unite more as a people. Trump is a disgrace to claim that he is guiltless when he said that he wanted to punch a protester in the face. Trump knew that people in Chicago, who are opposed to bigotry, don’t play that. Trump said to protesters “get a job.” Also, an innocent black woman was disrespect by Trump supporters too in a rally. We will always defend the humanity of black women. Many use the term politically incorrect as a way for them to insult human beings unfairly. Trump said that he may cover the legal fees of those who assaulted protesters. He’s an evil male (not man). So, the protesters shut the rally down in Chicago. Harvey is right to call Trump (many of his ancestors stole land and resources in this country) a racist. So, Harvey made excellent points on the political reality that we face as black people in America. We believe in humane treatment, justice, and black liberation.

    Thank you for showing the video Sister Courtney 🙂

    Goodnight Sister.

  22. Sharon53 says:

    The below link is a bit off-topic but I wanted to share it. I can’t believe grown men got into a scuffle over pink and white shoes:

    • Timothy says:


      I have read the stories about the shoes. It is a sad story indeed. No one should be fighting over shoes when more important issues like poverty, racism, etc. are things that we should fighting against. I never had an obsession over shoes anyway. As long as the shoes are clean and strong, I’m good. Our lives and our human dignity are more important than some Jordans. I respect Michael Jordan’s talent, but he has never publicly condemned materialism involving Jordans. He (and other black wealthy people) has the power to promote anti-poverty measures, economic development actions in poor black communities, etc. He has promoted charities, but he has not condemn the system of white supremacy overtly. The article is right that we can use billions of dollars of our spending power to directly invest in the development of our communities. Also, it is important to note that the majority of black people in America are not fighting over shoes as white racists will exploit this story as an excuse for them to demonize black people collectively (which is wrong). So, this story represents the need for many black people to change priorities and focus on things of value like our human rights, our economic rights, our institutions, and our families.

      We want our resources in the black community to pass onward to future black generations and we want to fight poverty (as no solution can come about unless poverty is eradicated). Many people are poor by no fault of their own and the black poor need emergency assistance, compassion, and resources to allow them to achieve their own destinies in life. We have the right to not spend money on things that don’t matter and we are not supporting those who don’t support us as a people. We condemn the actions of some people fighting over shoes as it is wrong to do that. The only solution to improve our situation is collective action among black people to improve our health, our education, and our power. Individual efforts are fine, but they will only go far. So, collective action, collective organization, etc. among black people is a necessity. Also, we shouldn’t support the system oppressing us. We believe in self-determination. We have a long way to go, but we will continue to fight for justice. Thank you for showing the link Sister.

      • Sharon53 says:

        As always, thanks for your input on the pink Air Jordan’s link. I agree there are more important issues like poverty, racism, etc. that we should be fighting over. It is true that the majority of black people in America are not fighting over shoes but the white supremacists will use this story as an excuse to show us in a negative light. Hopefully, someone reading this will see the need to change his or her priorities and focus on the things of value that you mentioned, because the way things are shaping up for us as a people at this time, we cannot afford to lose any more casualties to this system. Another thing that bothered me is the fact that the men were scuffling over “pink” shoes. From what I have heard, that is supposed to be a girl’s color. Could this be an indication also that many of our men are becoming more and more feminized?

    • Epi says:

      @ Sister Sharon:

      You’ve got to be kidding, right? Many (I bet) that do not, “have a boot to piss in, let alone a window to throw it out of” place VALUE on this ish?

      Spirit, help us all if these persons are passing these behaviors and thoughts on to their off-spring.

      Once again, “material therapy” rears it’s ugly head.


      • Sharon53 says:

        @ Phazex_Female and everyone
        Thanks for your comments on the pink Air Jordans. Sadly, it is a sign of the times. I know some people personally who have a similar attitude about Smart Phones. They can’t wait to get the latest version, even though the one they have is working just fine.
        I like to read comments that viewers make on blogs and most of the comments make sense but there is always going to be somebody that has the need to trash black women to justify the behavior of some black men. For instance, one poster says “Black women waste more money on wigs, weaves, perms and hair extensions than men do on Jordan sneakers. Most of this money helps build South Korea, China and India. Can’t say nothing about black queens making Asian and white men rich?”
        What is he trying to say? That it is okay that black men scuffle over Jordans because of what black women are doing. And the nerve to question that nothing is being said about black queens making Asian and white men rich. Is he living in a cocoon and does not see that more than enough jabs have been made at black women on blogs, by black comedians, through music, etc. on that topic. SMH

        • Courtney H. says:

          @ Sharon53:

          Thank you for providing the link. I also read the comments. You always have people turning issues like these into a Black gender war thing. And I agree about men fighting over “pink” sneakers. Yes, pink is a female color, and I notice more and more men of all races wearing pink. Yes, it is an indication of how men are becoming more effeminized by the media, especially Hollywood. Again, thank you for posting the link.

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Sharon

          Thank you for your words. We condemn the act of people fighting for Jordans. There is no question that the powers that be abhor black masculinity and black femininity. I’m not surprised that some folks want to feminize black men for nefarious purposes. Some people who want to blame black women for this are wrong and want to promote hatred and confusion. This story has nothing to do with black women. This story has to do with males acting in an evil fashion. Also, the movement of black women wearing natural hair has increased in the past 10 years in the States. Even if a black women wear extensions or a weave by her own hands, she shouldn’t be called out of her name or disrespected. We want solutions and some black males dong this foolishness have nothing to do with the Sisters. It is treason for anyone to demonize black women when we are fighting for our survival as black people. We want development in our community and liberation. I totally agree with you Sister.

  23. chuquestaquenumber1 says:

    Bill Maher told a racist joke about why black people are supporting Hilary Clinton. He did this for several reasons.
    1. He’s a Bernie Sanders supporter. That’s because Sanders like Maher is Jewish. So he’s supporting his particular part of the white team. While Maher claims to be an atheist. He becomes a Zionist just like anyone else if you mention,Israel,Islam,any Jewish person.
    2. This is another way Maher shows his racism. For a white man who says “I love black women.” I’ve ONLY heard him do black male/white female sex jokes. Never a white male/black female joke. This shows Maher doesn’t like black males/white females having sex. However,he and other white men believe they are entitled to sex with black females.

    • Timothy says:


      Excellent points

      Bill Maher is the type of person that believes that since he claims to be a “white liberal” that he has an excuse to say racist and sexist comments. The truth is that he has no right to make racist or sexist comments at all. He’s wrong. He’s an atheism and some white atheists are just Islamophobic and just have an arrogance about themselves. Maher’s racism is repugnant and it shows that our real allies are black people and are enemies are racists and bigots who don’t care about black people at all. Yes, he gets angry every time someone defends the human rights of Muslims. He claims to be an atheist, but he supports Zionism, which is based on religious/political ideologies. In real life, Maher has dated black women before. Many of these black women have said that Maher called them “ghetto” and physically plus verbally abused them. It certainly makes me angry to hear about any black woman being physically or verbally abused. You can Google Maher saying other outrageous words about women and black people.

      Thank you for your words.

  24. Sharon53 says:

    I cannot reply directly to the video you shared about Africa they never show. It was so beautiful. I learned just from looking at it. Thanks for sharing. It will be one of my keepsakes. 🙂

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharon53

      Thank you Sister. 🙂

      The video certainly has shown the beauty of Africa in many different ways.

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Brother Timothy:

        So sorry that my reply has been late, but thank you for showing the Malcolm X videos and the videos of the REAL Africa. I greatly enjoyed both of them.

        The Malcolm X videos were pure truth. In the second one, he discussed the assassination of Patrice Lumumba. Harvey and Tariq Nasheed said in their videos about the Bruxelles bombings that they were karma for King Leopold II and the Belgians going into the Congo and murdering and mutilating people, and then stealing their natural resources.

        As for the video of Africa — it was beautiful! I would eventually like to go to Africa someday. I also would like to know my ancestry make-up.

        I really enjoyed the videos! Thank so much!

        Have a blessed Easter weekend! 🙂

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Courtney

          You have shown great comments Sister.

          Malcolm X was a Brother who was ahead of his time. He regularly traveled all over Africa in 1964. He studied Africa and corresponded with many African leaders. He wanted America to be held accountable in international court for America’s human rights violations against black Americans. The human rights of black people in America are violated too in our generation. Lumumba was a hero who wanted the people of the Congo to control its own resources not Western corporate interests.

          The bombings in Brussels have been shown in the news a lot. Also, King Leopold I allowed the genocide of about 1 million black Congolese human beings. Many people don’t know how brutal and evil the imperialists from Belgium were. Belgium is one of the strongest nations in Europe as it has the headquarters of NATO, the EU, and other European integration organizations. The beauty of Africa is incredible and it is always important to refute the stereotypical image of Africa that some people have advanced. Africa have great resources and Africa is our Motherland as black people.

          Have a Blessed Easter Weekend too Sister Courtney. 🙂

          • Courtney H. says:

            @ Brother Timothy:

            Thank you for watching the videos. I agree with everything that you said, so I will not add to your commentary.

            I agree with you that these are three of the best videos that Harvey has done. He really broke it down!

            Btw, you’re a blessing, too. 😉

            You also have a great weekend, Brother. 🙂

          • Courtney H. says:

            @ Brother Timothy & Everybody:

            I am adding this video to the one above about Harvey discussing the Bruxelles bombings. In the comment section of that video, a lot of people pointed out how Belgium committed atrocities in the Congo, and that the bombings were karma. This video shows the atrocities committed by 10 empires and I realized that some of these places have been subjected to terrorism in recent years.

            Warning — the description of atrocities are stomach-churning.

  25. Sharon53 says:

    I happened to stumble across this video that I found very interesting and scary. It is almost an hour long but I hope everyone can watch it. I knew some of this went on but I did not know how sophisticated it was back in the 60s and how many blacks worked as agent provocateurs. This probably was why there were so many unexplained deaths and infighting going on in many of the black organizations:

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharon53

      Thank you for showing the video. The Later Brother Gill Noble is an excellent interviewer. One of the reasons why many Black organizations were eliminated was by government infiltration, state repression, and other evils. This is why I will never respect the FBI. The FBI was created by a racist, anti-Communist fanatic who allowed many black men, women, and children to die basically. The FBI informant giving an interview shows a glimpse in the nefarious nature of the powers that be. Black Unity is a necessity to cultivate in our world.

    • Sharon53 says:

      @Courtney H.
      Thanks for showing this video. I am really disturbed by the actions of the black DA recommendation of a no-jail sentence for the cop who killed Akai Gurley and the nerve of the only black juror who stated the DA is just doing his job and he can’t question him and went on to even say something about that’s how he felt the DA is doing what he needs to do as a man in the position, the district attorney. That black juror is 69 years old and had to have come through some tough times as a black man so how could he make such a lame, superficial statement. Someone once said ‘it is best to be quiet and thought a fool than to speak up and erase all doubt that you are a fool.’ The media took special care to show that even some of the non-black jurors spoke out against the DA’s decision, but the only black juror defended the DA. SMH!!

      The way I see it, the actions and words of those two black men really gives the rest of the world a license to do whatever they want to us as black people because they see many of us don’t seem to see that anything is wrong and will not fight back. Sometimes, it is important that even if we don’t win the fight, at least our enemies will know that we will fight back. It looks like the Asian community came out and protested the charges against Liang even though it was clear he was in the wrong for shooting down an unarmed black man and just from their protest, they got results.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      I have looked at the video too about the killer Peter Liang. We all are outraged at this injustice. We have suffered so many injustices as a people that it is shame that we celebrate in the rare times when a crooked receives true justice. In this instance, Liang has not experienced true justice. Harvey is right that black people (who are nonviolent and haven’t killed a person) have served prison time for mere possession of drugs while Liang receives probation for killing an unarmed black man. The Black DA from NYC should be ashamed of himself for advocating such an anemic sentence. Liang deserves prison time. Many in the Asian community protesting for Liang to receive such a lax sentences shows how black solidarity is important. At the end of the day, the only people who can save us is us. We are all we got literally. Many non-blacks exploited our civil rights movement and now many people want to exploit us. Akai Gurley was only 28 years old with his whole life ahead of him. The 2 police officers delayed for nearly 20 minutes while a black man was bleeding to death. The victim’s girlfriend called an ambulance using a neighbor’s cellphone. Gurley was a father of 2 young girls.

      The police occupying housing complexes in New York City’s working class neighborhoods have been going on for years and decades. Harvey is right to express complete outrage at such a bad decision. The law in America centuries ago was used to enslave our black ancestors. We were called 3/5s of a human. Today, the law is being used to occupy our communities, expand unjust wars overseas, and prevent true accountability from taking place involving the corrupt police institution. Real revolutionary change is necessary as our elders have advocated for so long. This story is why we ought to band together and promote creative solutions for our people irrespective of class (as black poor people, middle class black people, etc. suffer under the same system of oppression). Thank you for showing the video Sister. 🙂


      I agree with you. Some of our people are so brainwashed that they love the status quo more than they love their own black people. The black juror (who issued such an insensitive statement, which disrespects Gurley’s family) and the black DA are wrong for their actions and words. Black people deserve much better than this.

  26. Sharon53 says:

    @Courtney H.
    Thanks for watching the video and for your comments. Another thing that is so troubling and dangerous is that this type of activity conducted by law enforcement is still going on today. Because of advanced technology, it is easier for almost anybody to keep tabs on you today, even your employer, spouses, etc., so I can’t imagine what type of sophisticated surveillance equipment, organizations like the CIA and FBI have. I have heard of people that I know personally say they have had people to put chips in their mobile phones and trail down and can even view their text messages and listen in on their phone conversations. To my knowledge, I have never had that to happen to me but I believe people can get equipment to do that. It is as if no one has privacy anymore.

  27. Timothy says:

    @Sister Courtney

    Good Afternoon Sister.

    I have watched both videos. Monty Python was before my time, but the video was hilarious. I do know that the show was popular in the 1970’s. The other video from Solomon and the Sister Sincere was very analytical. Broth the Brother and the Sister expressed excellent points about the psychology of Trump’s supporters and the future possibilities of the Donald Trump Presidential campaign. Both of them are right in saying that we, as a community, must utilize strategy and a sense of militancy to get what we want (which is the total liberation of black people worldwide). It is very important for black men and black women to discuss issues, create suggestions, and analyze what is going on in the world. The discussion among Solomon and Sister Sincere was very thorough and Trump is a very narcissistic person. Trump’s advocacy of nuclear weapons being used in the Middle East is blatantly extremist. Trump promoting torture shows that Trump is wrong on many issues. The overall point is that promoting discernment is important and we believe in justice for black people.

    Thank you for showing the videos Sister.

    Have a Blessed Day. 🙂

    • Courtney H. says:

      @ Brother Timothy:

      Thank you for watching the videos. Chauncey DeVega had the Monty Python video on his blog for Easter, so I decided to share it. I remember watching this movie a long time ago. The Monty Python troupe was very popular in the 70s, as well as contoversial, because they were unorthodox and sacreligious.

      I agree with you about the Prince Solomon and Sincere Ignorance video. They were very analytical and thorough in the commentary about this election cycle. A lot of people are acting emotionally, which can cause a lot of problems. I also agree that we as a community need to discuss solutions as well as problems. 2e need to be more demanding if we want to get what we want as a community.

      Again, thank you for watching the videos. May you have a blessed day, too, Brother.


  28. Sharon53 says:

    Please check out this link:
    I wish someone would stand up like this for black people in cities and states where we are shot down like animals. I don’t support the LGBT lifestyle but they do stand together and that is why they are so powerful and gets results. This goes to show how important unity is despite some black people stating we don’t need it.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharon53

      You have made great points Sister. We should unite as black people to stop the injustices inflicted on us. We not only face brutality from the crooked police. We face environmental pollution from corporations, sexism, economic exploitation, and blatant disrespect. Other communities respond and they allow boycotts and travel bans, which is unprecedented. As for us as black people, ultimately the only people who can free us is us. The lesson of the story that you have shown is how important real black unity is. Black unity is not allying with a sellout or compromising. Real black unity is standing up for our interests and making sure that we are not the slaves or mules of other people’s struggle. Our struggle for black liberation is important and it must be respected. Unity and solidarity internationally among black people is so vital.

      Have a Blessed Day Sister.

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Brother Timothy:

        Thank you for taking the time to watch the video. I know that it was long . LOL. 🙂 It did cover a range of issues. I agree with everything that you said. I just to add to a couple of points that you made.

        You are right to say that we Black people are tired of being blamed for everybody else’s problems. We as a community are not more homophobic than others. This video shows homophobia from around the world, in Asia and Europe as well as Africa:

        And I’m glad that you brought up the hyprocisy of Republican politicians who rail against homosexuality, but have been involved in homosexual acts and pedophilia. Here is a good article about the pedophilia case against House Speaker Dennis Hastert:


        Again, thank you for your response. Bless you, too, Brother. 🙂

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Courtney

          Good Afternoon Sister Courtney 🙂

          Yes, we, as black people, should never be the scapegoats for every problem on Earth. I have watched both of your recent videos. Those videos prove the point that murdering people is wrong. No human being should be murdered unjustly regardless of his or her background. Yes, we know about the hypocritical GOP politicians who claim to be about moral values, but they don’t practice what they preach. I didn’t know the information about Afghanistan and other countries. A lot of people don’t understand how vicious international Empires were. The British Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the Nazi Empire, the French Empire, the Belgians, the Soviet Union (what Stalin did was wrong and antithetical to true socialism), etc. murdered millions of black people, Australian people, Asians, etc. The attacks in Brussels represent the age of terrorism that we live in. King Leopold of Belgium murdered over one million black Congolese human beings. We are the first humans on Earth. I agree with all of your commentaries too. Our original nature has nothing to do with murder, destruction, and harming Nature. We always believe in building up our families and living as human beings in harmony with Nature.

          Thank you for showing the videos Sister 🙂

          Have a Great Weekend Sister Courtney.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Trojan Pam

      I have listened to both videos. It is interesting to see what’s going on today. First and foremost, we all send prayers and condolences to John Ashe’s families and friends. There are many people who don’t believe in foul play, but we know about history. History is filled with political intrigue and foul play all of the time. The fact that Hillary Clinton is bound to escape prosecution from scandal after scandal documents how we live in an oligarchy not a real democracy. There should be an independent investigation to decipher all of the facts as it relates to the death of UN official John Ashe. Both videos disagree strongly with Hillary Clinton’s agenda. Hillary Clinton combines neoliberal economic policy with a militarism (i.e. She wants a no fly zone in Syria, which will cause more chaos, she wants to put more NATO troops near the Russian border, she supports the war on terror, and she supported the coup in Honduras). Also, Trump shouldn’t be supported either as he is an extremist, a racist, a sexist, xenophobic, and a person who has proven to be emotionally and temperamentally unstable. He said that he doesn’t rule out waterboarding, which is torture and he said that he wouldn’t rule out using nuclear weapons in the Middle East. That’s extreme. Therefore, both candidates represent 2 sides of the same coin. Folks shouldn’t be shamed into voting for either person. People should act in their conscience.

      Thank you for showing both videos Sister. Enjoy your Day.

  29. Trojan Pam says:

    @ Timothy

    I agree, neither candidate deserves our votes.

    It’s time to start THINKING outside the box. We have been so brainwashed we treat the vote like a religion. It’s not. It’s supposed to be a political TOOL and when that tool is broken, it’s time to find another solution

    It’s clear black people (and others, as well) need a NEW STRATEGY to solve our problems. And that is what people are resisting and why they cling to voting. It allows us to PRETEND to be involved without really doing anything or making any sacrifices

    Neither candidate is going to help us. It makes no sense to cling to either and certainly we do not honor ANY endorsement by any politician who has done NOTHING for us.

    It is time for a new strategy

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Trojan Pam

      You’re right. If voting alone would saved us, the powers that be would permanently ban voting completely. After the 1960’s, the political establishment allowed a small percentage of the black upper class and the rich to exist in order to promote the myth of massive “progress,” but the same tools of the chessboard of the system of white supremacy remain. We have to think outside of the box. Some of our people want to do cooperatives. Others want to form federations or autonomous community structures.

      One thing is true is that we need to develop new strategies to promote black human autonomy (which means that we create our own power bases that we control). The black poor and the black working class should unite and develop ways in how we understand how the evil system works and how to create solutions. During this day, many people celebrate the existence of America. In essence, the American nation is a macrocosm of the microcosm of the current election. America was created by 2 factions (that didn’t care for the interests of black people since both sides permitted slavery, imperialism, and colonialism. Those factions were the Redcoats and the Patriots). After the war, the American nation continued to brutalize our ancestors and we exist today in a fight for our survival literally. Like always, we believe in justice for our people.

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Timothy

        I am CONVINCED that our ultimate solution is a nation of our own, separated from other ethnicities (except for trading) and separation by large bodies of water.

        We should not make the mistake of thinking we will be able to do anything substantial within a slave plantation but make the first initial strides toward developing ourselves mentally and emotionally

        But there will be a point at which we will be “stopped” — the slave-owners will never release their grip. They NEED us, they need our melanin, they need our spirituality, our sexuality, our creativity, our easy to exploit economic resources, and most of all, they need a SCAPEGOAT for all their ills and to compensate for a deep, deep, deep level of self-hatred.

        They hate us because they hate themselves and without us to cast all their faults upon, they would fiend and prey and kill and rape and rob each other.

        there is another truth that I have found

        there will be many black people who by necessity should and will be left behind. They are too damaged, too arrogant, too self-hating and black-hating and white identified and will never be an asset to a progressive black movement. Many will be our family members and close friends

        I do not have the solution but I know a total separation is the only real cure.

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Trojan Pam

          Magnificent Points Sister.

          In essence, they are not the first. The fact of the black African peoples being the first humans on Earth just caused them to erupt in rage. They are known for exterminating our people, many other people including their own people via WWI, WWII, etc. Also, white Europeans have at least 1-4% Neanderthal DNA (which I believe to be much higher by my intuition). In essence, part of them is not homo sapiens sapiens. They mutated out of humans & Neanderthals (which many scientists won’t tell the public about in a mass scale) and our melanin has many blessings. There is scientific research now that shows how melanin can protect hearing loss (this is found in the Internet). History has documented the white racists inhuman behavior, their nefarious insanity, and their blatant hypocrisies. They hate us, but they want us economically, politically, socially, and even sexually. Many of our friends, relatives, or co-workers have been sexually or romantically involved with white people. We, as black people, are the false scapegoats when there is record white suicide, lower birthrates, massive meth addiction, and other problems that have nothing to do with black people at all.

          The propaganda war is real. Constantly, mainstream media prop up phony white beauty standards and the beauty of Blackness have been slandered by many of these bigots. Before we have self-determination for real to develop our own, we have to develop our emotional or psychological strength. The mind in many ways is more powerful than the body because the mind sends the messages in essence to the body to build, to speak, and to invent. Therefore, our minds must be in sync to advance black consciousness. Our war is a mental deal.

          Many black people will be left behind. Some are traitors, some are white-identified, and others just refuse to promote black liberation. Dealing with this reality is important and promoting the remnant who are awoke is vitally important too.

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