Definitions Workshop #11 – What is a Cult?

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Given the huge number of articles, blogposts, and head-scratching conversations about black entertainers, and why they do the things they do, and why some become more successful than others, and why so many exhibit anti-black behavior, I have come to a not-so-surprising conclusion:

The white supremacist, mainstream entertainment industry is a CULT.

This includes actors, actresses, comedians, dancers, singers, talk show hosts, game show hosts, talking heads, news anchors, news reporters, political commentators, and in many cases — even politicians (who are really little more than entertainers who use charm, guile, personality, and lies (via a pre-approved, written script) to con the masses on the behalf of their hidden political bosses).

Some people (like myself) believe all the above is part of the same Satanic Cult. Regardless, the way this industry functions certainly fits my definition of a CULT.

Let’s begin with the definition:

What is a cult?

For the purposes of this post, a cult:

  • is a group of people devoted to a set of behaviors and goals defined by a “leader” or “leaders”
  • the members give up the right of self-rule in exchange for membership
  • is headed by a small but powerful leadership group that control the cult members, often through fear and intimidation using public ridicule, criminal charges, loss of income and/or career, and even threat of death, or the death of a loved one (a sacrifice).
  • often requires money or property transfer to the cult leader(s) (via managers, agents, and IRS agents)
  • controls the members physically, intellectually, financially, emotionally, and sexually
  • has secret initiation rituals that are usually of a sexual, homosexual or pedophilia nature
  • forces the members to do what they’re told to do–regardless of the member’s personal preferences and beliefs

Examples of Famous Cults

  1. Hollywood and the mainstream entertainment industry
  2. The United States political system of (mock) Democrats and Republicans
  3. Mega Preachers, Pastors, Priests, and Popes
  4. The Branch Davidians
  5. The Manson Family
  6. Heaven’s Gate
  7. Peoples Temple
  8. Scientology
  9. The Unification Church
  10. The Children of God
  11. The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
  12. The Twelve Tribes

It has become a daily occurrence (and a colossal waste of time), for tens of thousands of frustrated and angry black people to scratch our heads over the antics of black entertainers and celebrities, and ask:

“Why did he or she say or do that?”

“Why does he or she only date whites?”

“Is so and so a homosexual?”

“When did so and so become a homosexual?”

“Why doesn’t he or she ever speak out against injustice or use their money to help black causes?”

“Why doesn’t he or she hire black people?”

“Why is he or she always talking bad about black people?”

And on and on and on it goes…

Rather than waste my limited brain resources over black celebrities, I have found an answer that helped me understand their behaviors and to NOT take it personally (because it isn’t).


And they exhibit some or all of the following behaviors:

They engage in sexual perversion and/or experimentation


Will and Jada Smith

(they have admitted to being ‘swingers’ — the meaning of which is open to anyone’s interpretation)

They allow their children to be abused and sexually exploited.


Jaden Smith, son of Will & Jada Smith

(who was tapped to model women’s dresses for a major fashion designer)

They marry who they are told to marry.

kim-kardashian-kanye-west  Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Wanda Sykes & wife 2

Wanda Sykes & pregnant white wife

Wanda Sykes explained in a “comedy routine” why she went with a white sperm donor instead of a black one to conceive her two children with her wife, who’s white.

“What if we have a little bi-racial girl? I can’t leave that girls hair up to this white lady! I can’t do that to her…. I couldn’t leave my baby’s hair in this white lady’s hands! She would f–k her hair up! You ever see those bi-racial kids and the white mother just has no idea what to do with the hair so the hair’s just all matted up, never been combed, and lint and car keys and Q-tips all in their s–t?!”

(I believe it is a time-tested, almost foolproof FORMULA Hollywood (and corporate America) blacks use to further their careers: date/marry/breed with a white person and/or “come out” as a homosexual even past the age of 40 (like Sykes). Why?


(The value of coming out as a homosexual has MAXIMUM value only when the significant other is a WHITE person)

They do what they are told to do


Jamie Foxx as “Wanda”


Ving Rhames

They say what they are told to say (or say what they think their ‘leader’ want them to say)


Steve Harvey  (Quote: “I don’t care about slavery.”)

(Try to imagine a Jewish entertainer saying, “I don’t care about the Holocaust” and see if he or she is still working the next day)

They do NOT control their “empires” but are little more than figureheads to fool the black masses


Oprah Winfrey


Eric Logan President of Harpo Studios & Own Network

Erik Logan, president of OWN and Harpo Studios

FYI — Oprah does NOT own a TV network. Ownership requires an FCC License. She does NOT have an FCC license. No black person in America has an FCC License. This is the reason Bill Cosby was NOT ALLOWED to purchase NBC.  Oprah is a contractor and a figurehead to mask the LACK of real black progress.

And the penalties for disobedience can be expulsion from the cult, even death. This could explain some of the mysterious deaths and “suicides” of cult members.

Whitney Houston 1

Whitney Houston

michael jackson 1

Michael Jackson

Phyllis Hyman 1

Phyllis Hyman (who spoke up about black entertainers hiring other blacks)


Jimi Hendrick (some suspect it was murder because he allegedly wanted to take ownership of his own music)

They are “famous” for making anti-black statements about black people, even to the extent of denying their heritage and are usually given MORE AIRTIME in white supremacist media as a reward


Raven “I am not black!” Symone

Stacey dash

Stacey Dash

(Quote: “If we don’t want segregation, then we need to get rid of channels like BET and the BET Awards, and the [NAACP] Image Awards, where you’re only awarded if you’re black.”)

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby


“You’ve got to stop beating up your women because you can’t find a job, because you didn’t want to get an education and now you’re (earning) minimum wage,” Cosby said. “You should have thought more of yourself when you were in high school, when you had an opportunity.”

“I can’t even talk the way these people talk, ‘Why you ain’t,’ ‘Where you is’ … and I blamed the kid until I heard the mother talk,” Cosby said then. “And then I heard the father talk … Everybody knows it’s important to speak English except these knuckleheads. You can’t be a doctor with that kind of crap coming out of your mouth.”

(For whatever reasons, Bill Cosby–who never finished college–fell out of favor with his “bosses,” lost his protection, and is facing criminal charges for multiple rapes).

If we keep in mind the way a cult works, we will understand why so many black cult members do AND say such bizarre and anti-black things and often succumb to drug use, alcohol, sexual perversion, rape, and mental illness.

All black (or white) entertainers do not necessarily fit this category but I believe the most successful ones do and some of the least successful ones either operate on the fringes of the cult OR attempted to join the cult but didn’t make the cult “cut.”

My goal in doing this post is not to promote ‘conspiracy theories’ or to divert our focus away from white supremacy. Nor is this a black-entertainer-bashing post. This is a COMMENTARY about their behavior based on my own observations.

This CULT is the ESSENCE of white supremacy — the domination of black/non-white people by white people/institutions — to the detriment of those black/non-white people.

The entertainment industry is a perfect visual example of this domination and the many, many ways it victimizes non-whites and rewards them for the degradation of self and of their own people.

Seeing their behavior as CULT BEHAVIOR will help to clarify what this anti-black, anti-self behavior really represents.

It is NOT a reflection of who black people are OR what our value is as human beings.

It is a deliberate strategy to destroy black people on EVERY  level using the power of media, imagery, and programming.

So, the next time you hear Steve Harvey say he doesn’t care about slavery, or Raven Symone says she isn’t black, it is possible that they are functioning as cult members who have been programmed and are under the control of their white supremacist bosses.

  1. joe says:

    The most famous cult for me is Christianity white supremacy

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Joe

      you might be right

    • Providence says:

      @Joe, I would add that they have whitewashed the Bible and its characters much in every way. The people of the Bible, particularly the Old Testament were all various Black ethnic groups — yes, BLACK! The people of KMT (or egypt) were not the mulatto arab types we see today, nor were the early arabs, hebrews, mesopatamians, etc. Every ancient artifact and historian depicts these people with dark skin and wolly hair. We shouldn’t be surprised after all these are all either African, Asiatic or Afro-Asiatic groups. Despite what “powers that be” would have you believe, there is nothing and I mean NOTHING remotely European about the Bible, except the Greek invaders in the Apocrypha and Roman invaders in the NT. The Bible is just part and parcel in our world-wide Black History.

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Providence

        I separate white supremacy-style “Christianity” from God and the Bible. The two have little in common, only the surface connections..

        Unfortunately, most black “Christians” are still practicing the same form of religion that the white enslavers taught us to make us docile and submissive.

        Then we wonder why we are still manifesting SLAVE behavior and cannot get free of our enslavement.

        Like Malcolm X once said. “The white man calls on his God and you call on his God, and you wonder why yours never answers.”

        • Providence says:

          @Pam, correct. I’m reluctant describing myself as a Christian b/c although that word appears in the Bible at least 3 times, it carries a very negative white evangelical connotation to it. As if whites wrote the Bible, well, Yeshua wasn’t white (quite the opposite, actually) nor was any “significant” person in the Bible (sorry, not sorry). Blacks in this country are definitely worshiping the false white god of white christians and so its no wonder why they are still under their yoke of bondage. I try to tell them this all the time, but they find it incomprehensible, almost OFFENSIVE, that the Hebrews were just one of a variety of Black-skinned people. Even in the face of all the evidence, they scoff like stubborn mules. Oh well, I’ve since stopped bothering myself with stiff necked people, its such a pity to see how our people are literally still SLAVES. Now, I just seek out the REMNANT, no point in casting precious pearls to people who don’t even want to consider….

          • Trojan Pam says:

            @ Providence

            It’s a miracle anyone in this sick culture can get a clear head. Even as I talk against this programming I wage a daily fight against it and sometimes I lose.

            It’s like trying to cure yourself of TB while trapped in a TB ward with other sick patients.

            Most people won’t admit they are sick even while under those conditions. That denial is a HUGE part of the problem.

        • thollomn says:

          “I separate white supremacy-style “Christianity” from God and the Bible. The two have little in common, only the surface connections..

          Unfortunately, most black “Christians” are still practicing the same form of religion that the white enslavers taught us to make us docile and submissive.

          Then we wonder why we are still manifesting SLAVE behavior and cannot get free of our enslavement.

          Like Malcolm X once said. “The white man calls on his God and you call on his God, and you wonder why yours never answers.”

          Your making a grave mistake by doing this. Sorry! But don’t write off the one TRUE GOD JESUS CHRIST just because your mad at white folks! If you gave GOD (JESUS CHRIST) a chance, and got to know him. He would tell you what happened to black people, our ancestors, and how we wound up in this mess in the first place!

          • Trojan Pam says:

            @ thollomn

            I make a distinction between the type of religion white supremacists practice (which is white supremacy DISGUISED as Christianity) versus what I believe God and the Bible intended.

            This is not about having some hissy fit against white people. This is about thinking LOGICALLY.

            I never said Christianity was bad, I said the way white supremacists USE Christianity to justify oppressing the non-white population was not the way Christianity was supposed to be used.

            The white supremacists don’t believe “the meek shall inherit the earth” or in “turning the other cheek” or in “loving thy neighbor as you love theyself” or ANY of the 10 commandments.

            so why would a thinking black oppressed person NOT question any white supremacist interpretation of religion? Why would they not want to study that religion or any religion with fresh eyes?

            I think it is very unwise to practice Christianity (or any religion) in the same manner the white enslavers taught us to worship it. To be SUBMISSIVE to white supremacy/white people via a white Jesus and a white God.

            I know this is a touchy subject for a lot of black people but I think it is highly illogical not to question this type of religious training.

            You are free to agree or disagree, your choice

            but considering the slave mindset of so many blacks who descended from slavery, far too many are terrified to question their slave religious training or any other training they received under the system of white supremacy, including false holidays and traditions.

            We should question EVERYTHING we were taught because our sad collective condition today is overwhelming PROOF that we are wrong-headed in almost every human activity.

            • Sharon53 says:

              Great comments when you stated “I never said Christianity was bad, I said the way white supremacists USE Christianity to justify oppressing the non-white population was not the way Christianity was supposed to be used. The white supremacists don’t believe “the meek shall inherit the earth” or in “turning the other cheek” or in “loving thy neighbor as you love thyself” or ANY of the 10 commandments.”
              Another one of the slave-masters’ favorite scriptures is “slaves, obey your masters.”

              Your comment “far too many are terrified to QUESTION their slave religious training or any other training they received under the system of white supremacy”, may be the reason why so many of us are now following these prosperity ministry, word-faith churches. Everywhere you turn, these storefront churches are going up and the ministers in some of these churches come across as the new slave-master. This is occurring even in rural areas now and some say in parts of Africa. These churches have been around a long time now, because I once briefly attended one back in the late 1970s. I am glad my father taught me not to believe everything I hear and to examine anything that I hear with religious, political, or social overtones, because there is a lot of bad information out there. Sadly, there is a lot of false doctrine taught in the church today and people are just not getting that.

              • Trojan Pam says:

                @ Sharon

                Many churches today – black and non-black — are actually vehicles for Satanic teachings. I don’t mean they have Satanic rituals but the leadership is pushing a doctrine that is secretly promoting the very things that the Bible is against.

                – excessive materialism
                – homosexuality
                – Pedophilia
                – lies
                – deceptions via preachers who use the pulpit to further personal political gains
                – intolerance (as in my religion makes me better than you)

                Case in point, Reverend Long’s church in Atlanta where the members knew he was molesting young boys and didn’t speak up about it for fear of being boosted out of the social club (aka church)

                I truly believe most of what is promoted in this society is SMOKE AND MIRRORS and that most people have NO IDEA what they’re supporting be it education, entertainment, or religion. We are in a war for our souls, a spiritual war that is not tied to any one religion and we are being led by people who serve the purposes of Satan, not God.

                Some might be offended by what I’ve said, well, that’s their CHOICE. Think for self or let others think for you – A CHOICE.

                All I know in spite of all the “religion” that black people practice, it begs to ask WHY are we still in the condition we’re in? Why do we think more churches (buildings) are the answer to our problems? Why are we allowing ourselves to be PIMPED by any glib-talking person with a nice suit and a Bible under one arm?

                and how does that make us any different than the slaves in the cotton field who toiled by day and sang religious songs in the cabins at night? Is that what God wants us to do?

                Be mindless, obedient slaves to wicked people and deceptive doctrines?

                OR does he/she want us to STAND UP AND BE BRAVE WARRIORS WHO FIGHT FOR JUSTICE?

                We better figure it out with a quickness because there isn’t a whole lot of time left to make up our minds

  2. samuel Stevenson says:


  3. Cheryl says:

    Thank you so much for your razor sharp observation of this issue. I have been watching it from afar and making my deductions, none
    as clear as yours.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Cheryl

      I found this explanation quite satisfying in that it seemed logical to me and thereby released me from believing the intended message they are programmed to deliver to the black masses:

      That there is something wrong with being black

      It has given me a certain measure of peace and I no longer have to ask why????

      and have more time to focus on more important things

  4. Providence says:


    Great observations as usual. I get a little frustrated by Black people expressing their outrage each time paid shills like Raven or Stacey coon out for their white masters media networks. Its not that hard to get Black folks emotionally riled up b/c we’re deliberately kept ignorant of how our history applies to modern events taking place today. What should make our blood boil is our collective enlightenment on the Black Boule or Black secret organization, and how celebrated Boule “leaders” like WEB Dubois ruined Black society at the expense of white control and domination. Once our youngsters are taught TRUE Black history, they will know the evil Boule never went away — the anti-Blackness coonery is just history repeating itself.

    There is nothing new under the sun.

  5. maat433 says:

    ‘it is possible that they are functioning as cult members who have been programmed and are under the control of their white supremacist bosses.’–
    the same can be said for most of us ‘ordinary’ people. Anybody heard of Mk-ULTRA? Or the fact that the Jim Jones/Jonestown cult was just a covert CIA funded mind control experiment? Conspiracy just means a bunch of people acting in concert in a covert manner…there are PLENTY of signs that we are all under mass mind control and programming. Think about this: there is a newly hyped technology–audio spotlighting–that I believe is just the commercial application of what has been covertly used to experiment on ordinary people for at least decades by US intel & military; it is commonly referred to as voice to skull & it has been reportedly used on surrendering Iraqi troops, who said they heard the voice of ‘god’ telling them to surrender. Author Gloria Naylor is probably the most famous victim of this technology. She chronicled her experience in the novel 1996. And the technology has far-reaching implications–once you are aware of what the capabilities of the commercial version, audio spotlighting–think about someone being targeted with technology like this and they had NO IDEA it existed. Imagine what most of us would automatically think and think about how many people in this country are being prescribed psychotropic meds…

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ maat433

      who said; “‘the same can be said for most of us ‘ordinary’ people. Anybody heard of Mk-ULTRA?”

      I agree we are all programmed.

      However, the small number of black celebrities have more influence collectively than all the black population combined.

      That is why they are given such a high profile and why some are paid so much money.

      Their images and words and behaviors are seen and imitated all over the world

      I see the aftermath of this influence in the way black people dress, wear our hair, talk, act, and treat each other

      it’s important not to underestimate the damage this mass media imagery creates

      I can’t speak for anyone else, but this viewpoint actually makes me less hostile toward them and less likely to react to their shennigans

  6. Timothy says:

    @Sister Trojan Pam

    Great Points.

    I have also noticed that these celebrities used the same words and the same script in outlining ant-black and post racial statements. That fully documents to everyone that Hollywood and the rest of the entertainment industry functions as a cult. In contracts, etc., these people are told what to do, which places to go to, who to date, and in many cases who to marry. It is really a shame. White supremacists have no shame in their agenda in trying to destroy the black community. Therefore, we have no regrets in desiring the system of racism/white supremacy to be eradicated from the face of the Earth. This 21st century should open many eyes that we are in a war for our survival as black people literally. Our value as black people is superior to the evil of the racists as Blackness is Beautiful.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Timothy

      I agree, That’s why I caution black parents to GUARD your children’s mind and turn off that TV and encourage them to read.

      People who don’t read CAN’T learn anything new. I don’t care what they think about this, you will NOT learn much of anything from a TV tube. Watching TV doesn’t exercise the mind, it actually DULLS it.

      Just like staring a cellphone screen all day long. We are becoming ZOMBIFIED and it is all by design.

      We are sentencing our children to a lifetime of being numbed and dumbed down by sitting them in front of that TV set, plus there is a ton of subliminal anti-black/white supremacy imagery in the most innocent appearing program.

      White supremacy never takes a vacation or a day off. NEVER

      • Epi says:

        110% agreed. And yes, monitor or turn off the idiot box.

        (But I must also state that I have found, that a LOT of information that IS out there to and for our people, many individuals will not even do the leg-work. I am of the mind-set that if one is interested in a given subject, it is not difficult to find an individual or people that are versed in that area to seek out the information that one needs. For an example, there are web-sites that individuals can go to find out about class-action lawsuits. I found that, on the whole, many, many black people do not know about this. I remember being told years ago that if you want to hide something from black people, to put it on a book. Another reason why I read.)

        “Any one can help in leading an individual to becoming informed. But you cannot force anyone to be self-motivated, agree or not.”

      • Timothy says:

        @Sister Trojan Pam

        I agree with you Sister.

        Reading increases intelligence, it develops creativity, reading develops writing skills, and it leads into a long hosts of other benefits. Black children should read a diversity of books at an early are as well. The anti-black/white supremacy propaganda is very powerful in our time. That is why black children must be protected from lies and be told the truth about their history and their culture. Being an inventor, a teacher, a scholar, an engineer, etc. is much more beneficial than following the agenda of the enemy. When the human mind is strengthened by reading and analyzing information, then the soul is developed.

  7. Sharon53 says:

    Great post. Love the way you defined ‘cult.’ I think when most people think of cult, the word religion looms out at them so they think the only thing that can be a cult has to be connected to a religion, and even then something extreme like Jonestown aka Peoples Temple, etc. I am guilty of that myself, because I never thought of the Manson Family as a cult. In fact, cults do not have to have a huge membership also, because I had a friend to get caught up in a seemingly innocent small self-help group once and before I knew it, they had caused her to turn her back on people that really cared about her. The whole idea is about mind-control, which leads to divisiveness and once they start doing your thinking for you, there is usually no turning back.

    I am glad you listed Hollywood and the mainstream entertainment industry at the top of the list because they are the ultimate and most dangerous of the cults. Thanks for listing and giving the good examples of famous black people who are victims of that cult. I have always found most of them disgusting anyway, but never really understood exactly what was going on there until I read your post.

    I agree with you that some of the deaths of some of the individuals are mysterious, especially Whitney Houston and even her daughter Bobbi Kristina. I am glad to know someone other than myself feels something is not adding up about Whitney’s death. Everybody just believes what the media and coroner’s office says about her death or maybe they don’t care because she is a black person and a black woman at that. I remember about a week or two before her death, the media put out there that she was broke, then a day or so before her death, there was another report about her trying to commit suicide and they showed this photo of her looking disheveled. Then that Sunday, she is dead. It just sounded like a clever smokescreen to me.

    By the way, this cult has been around for a long time. When you mentioned Jimi Hendrix, another singer from the 60s, Sam Cooke came to mind. I hear he had his own record label and someone wanted more control over his singing career but he was against it, so he ended up dead under some strange circumstances. Also, if you read about the circumstances of his death, you will find them to be very similar to the death of a white singer named Bobby Fuller. From what I read, Fuller was this naive singer, with some of the same connections in the record industry as Cooke, who decided he did not want anyone controlling his singing career also and died under strange circumstances about a year or so after Cooke.

  8. Shanequa says:

    Hollywood is nothing more but a cult & business deals. One good example is Jayz & Beyonce because their relationship was nothing more then a business deal to boost there popularity & make there name a brand too sale to the masses. Furthermore, if you notice when our top black celebrities who crossover to mainstream have the biggest downfall in there careers.

  9. Great post Pam! This is very valuable information. I hope everyone reads this post over and over again. You hit on so many points with this. I will definitely share this with others. This post is KP approved!

  10. @Everybody
    Some of you may find this post useful. There’s some great information in it that may explains how this system operates. We are truly in a Matrix.

    • Timothy says:


      I have looked at your website about the Boule. It is very informative. Any group that tries to copy the Skulls and Bones secret society is suspect. The Skulls and Bones had members who were involved in drug smuggling, bad war on terror policies, and other evils. Many of the Yale-connected bankers allied with the British bankers who harmed the Chinese via the Opium Wars. The Skulls and Bones has odd initiation ceremonies. The Boule attacked Marcus Garvey in a disrespectful way. Many of these fraternities not only have similarities to Freemasonry, but many Freemasons founded many of these fraternities. Freemasonry in the modern age existed in 1717. Masonry (which praised the works of the 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Freemason Albert Pike when Pike was a Confederate general and he promoted deception in the lower level Lodges in his own Morals and Dogma book) and the Eastern Star have members of the black bourgeoisie. Marcus Garvey was slandered by the Boule and J. Edgar Hoover (who was a hypocrite in every sense of the word. We know about his sick, twisted history). WEB DuBois was wrong to call Garvey out of his name. Ironically, the NAACP kicked DuBois out of the NAACP during the 1950’s, because DuBois became more radicalized after Garvey passed away. He died in 1963 in Africa. The NAACP in is leadership back then was moderate. Some NAACP leaders even supported the unjust Vietnam War for a time. To his credit, Dr. King opposed the Vietnam War in strong terms.

      Marcus Garvey passed away in June 10, 1940. One of Marcus Garvey’s greatest gift was that he promoted (which caused the growth of consciousness in our community) Black Unity, black solidarity, black enterprises or institutions, and pan-African unity. This is his gift to our people (Garvey expressed courage and inspired so many of our heroes from Malcolm X to Sister Soujah). This is his legacy as a black man who loved his people. The Boule advances reformism or token “change” not revolutionary black liberation. So, keep up the great work Brother. We need to show the people the truth about the Boule, etc. Wisdom is always important to advance. Black Liberation is the goal that we want for our people.

      • You said it brother! Great breakdown! Liberation is the ultimate goal. Our people have to realize we need each other in this fight against WS. I know it gets hard but we have to get pushing. Brothers like you and sistas like Pam,OW13,Courtney,Diary of a Negress and others are on the right path. We just have to educate our people on the deception around us.

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Brother Timothy:

        I agree.

  11. Sharon53 says:

    This video is a bit off-topic but I wanted to share it:
    He seems to have felt very comfortable saying “send it to Obama.”

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharon

      The video is disturbing. Many white racists are coming out in public more to express their hatred of black people. That is the truth. This incident is not surprising. He said these evil comments in Atlanta, which is a mostly black city in terms of population. He talked about President Obama forgotten that Obama is controlled by the people who fund the President. The big bankers and the political elites behind the scenes run the show. The problems that we have in America existed long before 9/11. White bigots always want to use foreigners as scapegoats when the military industrial complex has murdered foreign people for decades and centuries like people of color being murdered by the CIA (who has done MK Ultra, war crimes, vote fraud overseas, and other evil actions) and other Western terrorists entities. The white racist issued his faux apology since he was caught on tape. He expressed his real views in public. The racist whites, who created the Holocaust, the Maafa, the war on terror, the Opium Wars, the genocide of Native Americans, African colonialism, etc. are truly racists. As Malcolm X have said, many whites have a guilt complex and that is why they do what they do. More lack people have to wake up as we want black liberation to be real in the world.

      Thank you for showing the link Sister.

    • Epi says:

      @ Sharon:

      I, too, viewed the video and shared it with others. I see ONE thing happening:

      * As Linda Charles, a poster there stated it, if you want to hurt him? Hit him in his pockets—permanently. And ANY business that does not respect Black dollars. As for the other poster, Chris Harris? Just by him stating “you people” was a dead giveaway. He knows NOTHING about black people AND our culture. Only what he has read on the internet, instagram, etc. BOYCOTT HIM AND PUT HIM OUT OF BUSINESS–“PERMANENTLY.” Black people are NOT stupid, many already know the deal on foreigners setting up businesses in black communities. Our biggest problem is getting black people to STOP patronizing these businesses, including swap-meets and flea marts and begin setting up these type of businesses for ourselves.


      • Sharon53 says:

        Thanks for your comments. I agree that if we want to show these people that disrespect us that we are not an easy force to reckon with, we would have to boycott their businesses and hit them in the pocketbook. And that goes for everybody, including whites, Hispanics, Asians, etc. We could really put a dent in their wallet if we did not patronize them, because after all, we are some of the biggest consumers in the world.

  12. LBM says:

    One doesn’t even have to engage in the particulars of any particular cult–just know that when you interact with whites more than you absolutely must—you WILL lose your mind on a more significant scale. Those of us who attempt to limit contact have “dis-ease” so we know those who voluntarily communicate with them are further gone.

    The cult of white dominators is the only cult to be concerned with. Let’s not get caught up in scratching at each other because whites took our stories and twisted them against us – KING JAMES bible. Obama recently gave a speech to a Baltimore muslim group never mentioning just how many of the enslaved (Black Africans) were muslims. So like the “bible”, “islam” is twisted into some pale arab cult-ural thing so the real power of it is……whitewashed.

    So again, the problem is when the white domination cult is allowed influence over black folk in whatever genre -there’s going to be problems. Limit contact with them – including their “entertainment”. Let’s just give it try. I think we’d be surprised what a quiet revolution it would be just to limit contact with them. Like “pan-africanism” – we’d be attempting something that hasn’t been tried yet.

    • Sharon53 says:

      Thanks for your comments. Yes, the white supremacists taint everything they touch, even the Bible and uses parts of it to keep us enslaved. Interesting how they love the scripture about ‘slaves obey your masters.’ I don’t know a whole lot about Islam but I took note of what you said when you stated “islam” is twisted into some pale arab cult-ural thing so the real power of it is……whitewashed.”
      Some years ago I watched a special on PBS where Islamic followers were discussing Islam. I found it interesting the things they said about Muhammad, who appeared to be a peaceful man and before he died, he asked that men and women treat each other fairly. Based on what they said also, the reason, he allowed men to have multiple wives is because during war times, there were many women left widowed and children left orphaned, so he gave the nod on men taking several wives so the women and children could be cared for, not treated as property. So in modern times, it seems that the status of women in some of those Arab countries has to do more with culture than with Islam.

  13. Sharon53 says:

    Please take a look at this video:
    I have never heard of Baby Mama Magazine but not surprised at how black women are stereotyped in it.
    I like how they spoke about the double standards they have for black women as opposed to
    non-black women. For instance, they spoke about the richest black man in America Robert Smith being married to a playboy bunny. It’s true that if she was a black playboy bunny, she would be frowned up. I doubt if he would have taken a black playboy bunny home to his mother and introduced her as his future wife.
    I love what they said about how Kenya does not really want NetFlix in their country because it may cause a moral decline. I am glad others are waking up to this madness.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharon53

      To begin with, the origin of our oppression internationally stated with the system of racism/white supremacy. The title of the magazine is disappointing, insulting, and disturbing. The term “baby mama” is a misogynistic slur and it is disrespectful especially against black women. It is part of the propaganda and the lie (from white racists) that every black single mother is lacking in morals and character. The truth is that tons of black single mothers have great character. Many black women are single mothers by divorce, neglect of a spouse, death in the family, and other reasons. So, single mothers shouldn’t be stereotyped in one way. So, the discussion from the 2 black women was interesting, engaging, and it was filled with quality advice. It is no secret that many magazines show negative images of black people and we must control and promote our own media. We don’t need to look at TV to find the truth. We can look at books, talk to friends, talk to relatives, go to museums, and to study for ourselves in order for us to find the real truth about life in the Universe. As for Kenya, it is a sovereign nation and it has the right to follow its policy on Netflix.

      Western TV has been filled with anti-black images. There is the double standard as the video has documented. Black single mothers are treated much harsher in society than white single mothers. Black women expressing her own aspirations in a strong fashion have been called every name but a child of God. That is evil and that is wrong. Robert Smith’s marriage choice is a reflection of what his descendants to look like and how he wants his wealth to pass onto for future generations. As for me, I want my wealth to pass down to black people and I desire my descendants to be black people. Forming solutions is always important like the Sisters have mentioned like tech start ups, creating our own black media services, and using other actions in counteracting the anti-black lies from the mainstream media. Thank you for showing the video Sister.

      • Sharon53 says:

        Thanks for your comments. I agree the title of the magazine is insulting. I never knew where the term ‘baby mama’ came from. I just started hearing it in the last few years after that movie “Baby Mama” starring Tina Fey came out. It was a comedy with the main characters being two white women, but in the end, it has turned out to be a misogynistic slur mainly toward black women. But then like you stated “it is part of the propaganda and the lie (from white racists) that every black single mother is lacking in morals and character.” Thank you for setting the record straight by stating “the truth is that tons of black single mothers have great character. Many black women are single mothers by divorce, neglect of a spouse, death in the family, and other reasons…” Thanks for the information about Kenya being a sovereign nation and how it has the right to follow its policy on Netflix. As far as Robert Smith’s marriage, thanks for reiterating the truth about his type also. Sadly, how we are reminded constantly about the trickle down effects of slavery.

    • Courtney H. says:

      @ Sister Sharon53:

      My first thought when I read the headline was WTF?

      Thank you for providing the link. I watched the video and I agree with both sisters commenting. They are both correct when they say that this is similar to Nazi propaganda. When you want people to hate a particular group of people, you promote all kinds of negative propaganda against that group, which in turn justifies all kinds of hatred and violence against that group.

      I also agree that White women who sleep around are not referred to as “thots”, sluts, or what have you, like Black women are. That’s white supremacy for you.

      Again, thank you providing the link.

      • Sharon53 says:

        @ Courtney,
        Thanks for watching the video and giving your comments on it. Not a lot can be added to your comments because you summed it up so well. We know behind all this negative stuff affecting us as a people has to do with white supremacy. My hope is that more people are drawn to these blogs so that they can see this information and learn from it so that they too can begin to resist these white supremacy/racist practices against us.

  14. angel9loveu says:

    Let’s just get to the root of the cause; white supremacy, the beasts/yurugu is the cause.They created this system let’s not beat around the bush and get straight to the problem cause it leads to them. They hate us and have gotten some of our foolish, greedy kind to sell their souls to spend a lifetime with them. That’s their choice now for the rest of us.
    We know our enemies and what they’re capable of ladies and gentlemen now what. Any solutions, any problem solvers as how we can someday wake up from this nightmare, and protect our children? Every conclusion leads to these evil beasts and what they’ll do anything to destroy us mind and soul now what.I like what LBM said of stop watching their TV and limit contact with them. I’ve limited so much contact I won’t go to a church where they speak much less go to their stores unless absolutely necessary you won’t see me browsing their malls or stores anymore.

    The less of them the healthier cause they all have a forked tongue like the Indians and bible said. In all my many years on this planet I haven’t found one to prove me wrong yet though they claim not all of them are like that, another lie. When they falsely befriend me it’s always to extract information.I’ve seen them in action try to divide us using colorism and by who has more “white” features.

    They’ve spread like wild fire. I’ve been to the caribbean an island of majority black people now ran by a black female you would think this would be utopia. But no yurugu got his filthy paws there too. They worship these frauds thinking they’re wealthy and smart while they robbed the island of their resources leaving the country in abject poverty. Claiming to help when they only help destroy you. But there’s not one of them who doesn’t want to live in the great U.S.A. and the lies they’ve televised.Tell me how they’ve dominated this planet and everyone welcomes them and their lying smiles with open arms.

    • Epi says:

      Amen! The “DEVIL” has a brilliant smile…when you first meet him.

      When you let a SNAKE into your home, WHY are you surprised when it rises up and hisses at you?

      Point taken. LIMIT contact with them. One IS one step in the right direction.


      • angel9loveu says:

        Also I forgot to say they abuse and mistreat us as third class citizens

      • Sharon53 says:

        @ Phazex_Female,
        Great comments. Actually, the way these snakes have conquered the world, secularly, is by coming across as everybody’s friend (Trojan Horse). If someone wants to “do you in”, the best way to do it is to get close to you. That is how they operate and are able to get into some of our homes. I also began to notice after ‘integration’, or whatever you want to call it, some black people began to pick up those same habits, as well as all the other bad habits passed on by their slave-masters. I notice this treachery, especially in the work place and occasionally among family members when they want to sabotage your relationships. Too bad, we have to resist white supremacy/racism and at the same time, watch our backs around some of us also.

      • Alicia says:

        I agree. I’m in my mid 30’s though and have only been able now to limit my contact with them. The vast majority, even while smiling in your face, weirdly hate blacks and wish the worst for us and also wish to hurt us merely based on our features.

  15. angel9loveu says:

    I second your Amen. That brilliant smile and what lies behind it is destruction. I read a slogan the other day which said “White people can see, ghosts, aliens,big foot, sasquatch etc…but yet they can’t see racism.” They see what they want to see, and see things no one else sees or goes searching for these things but they can’t see their racism.

    Another thing is we live in a White Supremacist society, we need to really understand what that means for us black people. I believe not understanding how White Supremacy affects us is to our demise.The totality of this system is a control mechanism where those in power allow us to think we are free from bondage when we’re not. We may not be on a literal plantation but the plantation mindset is not done away with. We’re still pitted against each other and they WATCH us like hawks. Like an experiment, they allow us to buy a house, car, get jobs, education learn their language eat their foods, watch their entertainment and along the way they let in the top uncle toms to get to a higher level not without their stamp of approval which comes with how much said uncle Tom has earned their level by setting up the black community for destruction.

    Whether it be by participating in their tel lie vision hoax or not investing in the black community in anyway.But are quick to start contentions where they then coincidentally remember they’re black and there should be a black movement to which we end up just sinking deeper into public shame.
    Disregarding the fact that the dumb Yurugus see us as a whole and not individuals.

    We live in a white supremacy system built on deceipt,nonsense and murder where they’ll use this nonsense now to start some nonsense later.
    I’ve been listening to Neely Fuller thanks to Negress and it’s helping evoke thought and by that solutions o whomever is interested in the bottom line a solution to this mess and pure evil called WS.

    • Sharon53 says:

      You are correct when you state “not understanding how White Supremacy affects us is to our demise.” It is definitely to trick us into thinking we are free when in fact we are still in bondage. That’s the point so many of us will not see because we are in so much denial and the hardest thing in the world to open is a closed mind. Yes, they allow us a few tokens like a house, car, jobs, etc. and a few of us slip through the cracks, like the Michael Jordans, Oprah Winfreys, but the elitists are still in control. If you go in any major corporation in this country, look at who still sits at the top (mostly white men and a few white women). It is almost like a secret society.
      And yes, we are more pitted against each other today than in the 1960s. Back then, there was more an affinity between black men and black women. We empathized with each more. Not so much anymore, there is a full-scale war raging between us. It is too much in-fighting going on, because you have the colorism madness going on, black men killing black men, black women cutting each other throats, youth against old people, and the list goes on.
      I agree the white supremacists do watch us and have social engineers who study us also. I was talking to a 68-year old male acquaintance about this over the weekend and his mantra was ‘white people ain’t worried about us.’ They may not be worried about us as much because some of us are so far out to lunch like him, we don’t even realize we have a huge problem, but they are going to do everything they can to keep us subjugated to them. I tried to point this out to this guy but he seemed to have tuned me out completely. After all, he has been married to a Philippina woman for about 30 years and his brain seems fried most of the time, because of his rambling conversations.
      Thanks for the videos of Mr. Fuller. I will listen to them when I get a chance. I have listened to many of his videos and as always, he is on-point.

      • angel9loveu says:

        Brilliant thoughts and in response to the older guy and his ease to brush things under the rug. In my research I’ve noted that who you sleep with affects your mind. It’s like Neely fuller said sex with non blacks or whites is political, you’ll note great opposition or the ease of the black person in dismissing the existence of racism or white supremacy once they begin sleeping with the enemy. They suddenly turn on blinders and their own race becomes the enemy and jerks for even speaking of racial issues and tensions.And no ones out to get us or we’re the ones now being racist.You see these counter tactics manifest in the bed wenches male or female.

        They have limited eye sight as to the bigger picture. That their sleeping with a pale face doesn’t solve the very real destructive issue that we are at war. And until these white/non black people you’re sleeping with and procreating with actually look outsidde their selves and for the children of their union. We shouldn’t be hopping in bed with them. Until this very obvious, in your face daily white supremacy is put to rest which every white person plays a part in whether they verbalize it or not.They don’t have your best interest at heart. And just because you’re sleeping with them won’t cure them of their WS because they aren’t actively going against it or trying to tear down the system.
        But I wouldn’t trust anyone in an IRR because their minds are literally under attack they just don’t realize it yet.It likes the movie ‘Alien” they need them to be concubines to hatch their evil plans.And we need more Neely Fullers and Dr Welsing’s in our race of sleepers.

    • Alicia says:

      It’s funny how several of you mention them “smiling in our face” although carrying malice in their hearts for us. I have written on here about a white co-worker who is always carrying on these long conversations with me only to show me one day she really had hate issues. Also, black people, especially black women who whites want to marginalize, have to make an effort not to tell whites any “good news” about themselves. I have had some carry on conversations only to later on show they resented me having anything.

      • angel9loveu says:

        Alicia you took the words right out my mind, or the experience right out my life. It’s funny we’ve never met but yet I know your struggles with them. Because that’s what I went through going through. Tell them nothing they hate to see us happy even if they know they have the advantage in society.Some how they have to plot, just evil. And growing up I could never look in their eyes. You know how they say the eyes are the windows to the soul. And black people would go crazy over them.I always saw nothing, just empty, vapid, cold demonic. So your story tugs at my heart strings.
        There was a white co worker who swindled her way in the “black club” at work under the guise that she loved black men.But for some reason I knew she was full of shyte. She was the typical round reject Becky the lowest on the totem pole that slept with every black guy in our dorm on base and off (who knows).Cause she knew they were desperate.But fooled others into thinking that meant she was “down” with “the movement” cause she loved black men. When no such thing! She got pregnant for a married BM which was a no,no in my line of work. And destroyed his simple ass, especially with the other white coworkers to get sympathy while they openly plotted his demise. She set me up for the fact I could see through her translucent skin and neither was I a very good actress of liking someone who made my skin crawl.

        That’s why no contact allows us to separate from their self entitled asses and clear their evil essence from our lives.

    • Alicia says:

      tel-lie-vision it is! I do not watch the white media, go to white media news outlets online or elsewhere because it only reflects how the vast majority of whites feel about us.

  16. Sharon53 says:

    Not sure what to make of this:
    I had never heard of the New World Foundation also who will be managing the grant. It seems like Hillary Clinton was affiliated with it years ago though.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharon53

      I researched the New World Foundation. Its founder Anita McCormick Blaine supported world government. Of course, I oppose global government. The group today has members of the liberal establishment in it. Also, Hillary Clinton do have links to it. As for Jay Z’s donation, he has his right and it is interesting to see how the money is allocated. Also, we need social transformation where Jay Z needs to repudiate his misogynistic, anti-black, and glamorization of drug selling lyrics. We have to fight the system by not degrading our people that economically benefit white corporate heads. We should use discernment about celebrities as many of them love prestige and materialism than black liberation. We should fight for real change in our communities. Thank you for your info Sister.

      • Sharon53 says:

        Thanks for your comments. I am also opposed to global government. I hope the donation is not just another ploy to further Jay Z’s career somehow. I read recently where Beyonce fired her entire management team because she wants to get bigger and better than what she already is and go to the next level. I really could care less about these celebrities, but a lot of information about them is practically thrown in our faces.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      Good Afternoon Sister.

      My view is that our people suffered rape, discrimination, and tyranny by white people. It has been scientifically proven that Europeans have a high amount of Neanderthal DNA. I reject naivete. Therefore, black people have the right to promote black families and Black Love. Anyone who condemns Black Love among adults is a traitor. Also, Black Love doesn’t just deal with romance, sex, or marriage. Black Love can be love among friends, relatives, and neighbors. So, Black Love is diverse and it is beautiful. For a long time, many black people have had sex or bowed down with non-blacks and it doesn’t solve our problems. What will solve our problems involve black unity and building in our communities despite slander directed against Black Love. No one should be ashamed of believing in Black Love among black people voluntarily. Human beings have the right to marry who they want and I have the right to date and marry black people also. Thank you for showing the link like always Sister. 🙂

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      The article on Black History is great. It shows the courage of black women. Janet Harmon and Willa Brown suffered racism and sexism. During this time, we should always acknowledge unsung, courageous human beings who stood up against oppression and made excellent accomplishments. More people should know about the inspiring stories of these black women.

  17. Timothy says:

    @Sister Courtney

    I have listened to Harvey’s videos on the white racist woman Tomi Lahren. These are the same white women that many black people unfortunately date and have kids with. The life of Tomi Lahren is an example of how many whites think. She is the reason why historical revisionism is common in the world. She has totally lied about Dr. King, Malcolm X, and the Black Panther Party. Dr. King sympathized with democratic socialism and wanted civil disobedience. The Black Panther Party wanted self-defense against white racism. It was created in 1966 and the BPP supported Malcolm X’s views. Malcolm X wanted unity (not division) among black people in the pan-African Diaspora. Malcolm X always condemned injustice and he believed in opposing capitalism too by his own words in 1965. The Black Lives Matters movement talked about the injustice of police brutality. For something as simple as opposing police brutality being reviled by white far right people shows that we need more Black Unity. White racists do have this guilt complex and they constantly stalk black people all of the time.

    Harvey is right that Tomi Lahren believes in a distorted view of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Black people suffer racial profiling, discrimination, etc. all of the time in America plus throughout the world. Tomi is 23 years old and she is just plain wrong. Many folks are complaining that Beyonce shows a little information on the evil of police injustice and many white folks are losing their minds. White trolls and self hating black trolls are truly lost. The Black Panther party members were victims of assassination, lies, and abuse of their human rights by the FBI, the local police, etc. The FBI once called the BPP as the most dangerous domestic threat in America, so the original Black Panther Party was the real deal. Fred Hampton and Mark Clark were murdered by the Chicago Police when Hampton’s pregnant girlfriend was almost killed. The Black Panthers never burned crosses, they never invaded lands, they never organized hate rallies, they never and went and advanced racism. I don’t agree with Harvey’s usage of profanity, but he’s right that these white bigots are abhorrent.

    The Black Panther Party fought for justice. J. Edgar Hoover and Ronald Reagan were enemies of black people because of obvious reasons. Tomi (who has slandered the black community and many whites vote against their economic interests) is definitely jealous of Beyonce. I disagree with Jay Z and Beyonce on some issues, but it is a lie that her Formation video is anti-police. We are unapologetically Black and we have the right to express our Blackness without apology. So, Tomi lied about the black community. She is a disgrace. Havery is right to expose Texas schools to sugarcoat the abomination of slavery. Harvey made many great point. Our black history is important to maintain and preserve. Bless Black History.

    Enjoy your Day Sister Courtney 😉

  18. Trojan Pam says:

    @ ALL

    I would like to amend the list for the most famous cults to include:

    #11 – The United States political system of mock democrats and republicans

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Trojan Pam

      That’s an excellent addition. The current establishment political system at the top is controlled by the same Wall Street-backed corporate interests.

  19. Sharon53 says:

    Again, thank you for your comments on how many churches are promoting doctrines that promote the very things the Bible is against. There is not a Reply button so I cannot reply directly to your comments. The sad part is so many of us are acting like mindless, obedient slaves. It scares the H____ out of me but I really don’t think the majority of black people realize we have a big problem, or many problems for that matter. As long as we can afford the many gadgets that keep us entertained, such as iPads, Smart Phones, computers, etc., I really don’t think we will wake up.

    • Epi says:

      @ Sharon:

      I recall Uncles, that told me as soon as I was old enough to comprehend it, that Preachers, to them, were just “religious Pimps.” As I began to grow and mature, I understood their take on it. I was never comftable with “organized religion” so it was easy for me to use deductive logic to analyze then come to my OWN conclusion about the subject of religion.

      Time and time again I have observed what they were talking about and truthfully, they were not far off the mark.


    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Sharon

      The slave complex is centuries deep. It is part of our DNA, just like racism is part of the white DNA. I agree, most blacks do not understand our problem or even that they have a problem. We ALL have a problem, including those who think they are “codified” (who are sometimes the most delusional).

      You’re right, the system uses gimmicks and gadgets to hypnotize us and instill false values. Religion is often just a mask for materialism, I think that is the appeal of the SUPER PIMP/PREACHER, is the lure of overt materialism as they prance around in their $2,000 suits and fancy cars and homes and planes

      and the congregation thinks some of that MATERIAL SUCCESS will rub off on them on their way to heaven. And this is why black “religion” is one of the areas that the white supremacists encourage and allow to operate tax free.

      That alone should tell us something

      • Epi says:

        @ Pam:

        Through the years and while growing up, I recall Preachers who had/have “Mega” churches that “preached” time and time again that “what they have attained,” YOU can do also by “following the word of God, which in practice was anything BUT that.” I won’t even go into preachers as well as members of churches, who, as the years flowed did not illustrate godly lives or life-styles. But that’s a moral issue.

        I agree with you that with respect to religion, white supremacy holds many of our people and religious lay-persons hostage right along there with ego and arrogance.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Epi

          If money wasn’t the main attraction, why do the mega churches flourish? Why do “Christians” who allegedly follow the teachings of Christ not see the gross contradiction in excessive materialism and the pauper lifestyle of Jesus? Would Jesus wear $3,000 suits when his congregation was struggling to keep food on the table? Come on now…

          I think the FASCINATION about MONEY is the driving force behind our worship of celebrities, entertainers, pro athletes, and mega preachers. There are churches now that have ATMs in the pews and preachers that demand copies of tax returns so they can determine how much money a member can afford to tithe

          It’s deeper than confusion, it’s a total giveaway of one’s right to think for self.

          And that kind of mentality always ends badly.

          • Epi says:

            I agree with all that you’ve stated.


          • Timothy says:

            @Sister Trojan Pam

            It is very true that these megachurches lust after money and prestige. Many religious leaders thousands of years ago abhorred greed and made it very clear. Even Jesus Christ threw the money changers out of the Temple. Now, the money changes are in control of the megachurches today unfortunately. Many churches are more concerned with Benz, Jaguars, and mansions than the black poor, social justice, and black liberation. We should work to serve the interests of the black community and not bow down before Mammon. Mammon is an inanimate object that can’t save a soul.

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Sister Trojan Pam:

        Your response reminds of that trash “Preachers of L.A.” and those other preacher shows. lol. 🙂

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Courtney H

          That’s why TD Jakes spoke out against the show, because they’re exposing the PIMP GAME

          • Courtney H. says:

            @ Sister Trojan Pam:

            Okay. I didn’t know that. Yhanks.

            • Trojan Pam says:

              @ Courtney

              That’s why the white supremacy system gives TD Jakes so much exposure. Because he is one of the “agents” used to keep the slaves hypnotized and passive.

              • Timothy says:

                @Sister Trojan Pam

                I remember seeing a Time cover years ago showing a picture of TD Jakes comparing him to Billy Graham (who has establishment ties for decades). TD Jakes has massive popularity now as compared to even 10 years ago. We are created with our own minds and you are right that religious deception must be repudiated and rejected if we are to be free for real as black people.

              • Courtney H. says:

                @ Trojan Pam:

                “Things that make you go hmmm…”

  20. Sharon53 says:

    @ Phazez_Female
    My father taught me to be discerning when it comes to religious matters so I tend to analyze pretty much anything I hear come out of ministers’ mouths, especially when it does not seem to line up with the scriptures. So many of them are trying to inject psychology into the scriptures and are really just teaching a bunch of secularism, which is mostly just street knowledge, clichés, whatever. Most of it is false doctrine, but because people have heard some of this stuff so much over the years, they accept it as gospel. Oftentimes, the information is contradictory, so it’s a wonder so many people are confused.
    Many think that somehow if they achieve a lot materially, that means they are highly-favored by God. Not understanding that the devil knows how to reward his people also. Anything God can create, Satan can counterfeit. The only things Satan cannot counterfeit are peace and content and good health.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Sharon53

      who said, “Many think that somehow if they achieve a lot materially, that means they are highly-favored by God. Not understanding that the devil knows how to reward his people also. Anything God can create, Satan can counterfeit. The only things Satan cannot counterfeit are peace and content and good health.”

      That was profound — and so true.

      Let’s be real, religion today is ENTERTAINMENT. If a preacher decided to really get SERIOUS, and eliminated the following:

      1. Dressing up on Sunday
      2. Bands and choirs
      3. Food

      And said, we are hear to study the WORD — all of it, including REVELATIONS — and will forgo all the unnecessary things that “entertain us”

      the church pews would empty out and the members would find another church.

      What does that tell you?

    • Courtney H. says:

      @ Sharon53:

      good comments.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharon

      Excellent points. Satan always counterfeit and his evil ways never benefit people in the long term. Almighty God always has tried and true methods in helping humanity throughout history filled with goodness and peace.

  21. Trojan Pam says:

    @ Timothy

    (I couldn’t reply directly to your comment on TD Jakes, will have to check with WordPress about that)

    It is my opinion as well that ANYTIME a black person gets mainstream media coverage they are either working on behalf of white supremacy OR are engaged in behavior that unknowingly promotes it

    In the case of TD Jakes, being that I heard he was “good friends” with George W Bush, I know ALL I need to know as to the entity both men really worship

    This is NO exaggeration. Much of the so-called “Christian” leadership are actually promoting SATANISM and people out here better stop being so naive and OPEN their eyes and fire up their brain computers

    And this is really distressing about all the so-called Christians who don’t (really) believe these Satanists exist in high places and that Satanism is really about DECEPTION

    I have to wonder about them because the Bible they say THEY believe in talks about this and yet, a person like myself would be considered a crackpot for calling some of these mega-preachers Satanists in disguise.

    But, it’s a FACT that religion is often a mask for a CULT, and among the higher echelons of power, this CULT is usually Satanic in nature. Which means if you are being promoted and rewarded by this cult


    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Trojan Pam

      You’re right Sister. Also, people have to realize that most Satanists are not people in the woods with horns on their heads doing strange rituals. Most Satanists act slick, some wear suits and ties, and they believe in evil. I have found many similarities between moral degeneracy and Satanism too. Satanism is the worship of the human free will to the point of doing evil for the sake of pleasure beyond thebetterment of the human community. Satanism is also about individual moral licentiousness and personal deception. Therefore, we know that many of these establishment preachers are not only corrupt, but they are involved in many evil actions. Goodness is what we believe in.

  22. Trojan Pam says:

    @ Courtney H.

    It certainly does
    As soon as I see someone being praised on mainstream media, I know the deal. People have to separate their superstition from their religion. You have the RIGHT to question anyone, including and especially preachers.

  23. Sharon53 says:

    Check this webpage and video out about Pastor Eddie Long. It’s so odd, because Pam just mentioned him on this blog.
    I did not know this but some time ago, it looks like the 4 sexual misconduct cases against him were dismissed after he reached a settlement with the defendants. The way I see it, he is still not innocent just because he was not found guilty in a court of law.

    • Timothy says:


      Hello Sister.

      I do not respect pedophiles at all. I have looked at the link. If someone is innocent of such a heinous crime, that person would accept no settlement. That person would fight to the end. Therefore, Eddie Long contemplated suicide because of guilt not because of concern for the victims of sexual abuse. Eddie Long is wrong for his actions. Yes, he is not innocent. Love is not about ignoring evil. Love is about defeating evil and promoting justice for the victims of sexual abuse. Long hugged George W. Bush ( who advanced torture policies, the Patriot Act, the evil Iraq War, etc.) before, so he is in league with the religious establishment (many religious leaders are in the CFR, have ties to Masonry, and some love compromise instead of the truth). Discernment is always important to advance in society. Thank you for showing the link Sister.

      • Sharon53 says:

        I was thinking just as you were when you state “If someone is innocent of such a heinous crime, that person would accept no settlement. That person would fight to the end. Therefore, Eddie Long contemplated suicide because of guilt not because of concern for the victims of sexual abuse.”
        I agree if he was innocent he would have probably used that money to fight that matter all the way to the Supreme Court. I am also on the same page with you on why he contemplated suicide. A guilty conscious indeed, and quite often evildoers end up destroying themselves in the long run, anyway.

  24. Sharon53 says:

    This is a bit off-topic but I wanted to share it. Some time ago Trojan Pam had a blog on how most TV commercials will not portray black men and women together.
    However, when they do have a black man and woman in an ad together it nearly always have a negative connotation:

    Check out the following BMW ad:
    The car was more important than her.

    The below Pepsi commercial is an old one but it shows how this has been going on a long time:

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharon53

      I agree with you Sister. There can be a whole book written on that disgraceful commercial alone. As our black elders have said, nothing is shown in a commercial by accident. That commercial is an attack on black people and especially on black women. First, the Superbowl is funded, operated, and controlled by the same people who seek to dominate and control us. The enemy has no agenda to help black people. The enemy wants to destroy our community cohesiveness. Also, the commercial has a black woman (who is beautiful with her gorgeous dark skin) beating on a black man. When the black man smiles at the white woman when the man should focus his attention on his black wife, the white woman is hit with a can. The black couple runs with the black woman saying sorry to the white woman. So, the commercial promotes the lie that black women collectively are irrational, constantly angry, combative, and not worthy of respect. Conversely, it presents the myth that white women are all understanding, loving, and progressive. As we have seen many white racist women involved in lynching black people, lying on black people involving cases, and saying racial slurs. The reality is that black women are beautiful and have contributed greatly in the fight for black liberation from Harriet Tubman to Ruby Doris Smith-Robinson. The slick, evil ad not only stereotypes black people in a disgraceful way. It promotes IRs as a solution for black people when we know that IRs can never end racism, discrimination, and oppression in society.

      Many white racists marry black people and have children with black people too. Strom Thurmond was a racist and had a child with a black woman decades agi. We have every right to defeat white racism. Solutions will have to be diverse as if one solution existed, we would have tried it already. So, we need growth of our social consciousness, the rejection of propaganda, the development of our black infrastructure, and the promotion of the development of our families. Racism is the representation of hypocrisy, evil, and contradictions. It is very taboo to promote Black Love in society. The truth is that healthy relationships between black men and black women should be advanced. Black women and Black men have value in the Universe they have the right to achieve their dreams and aspirations. Treating black people right and promoting excellence in our community is always righteous. No human being is more beautiful than a black woman. That’s real. Like always, Black Love is Beautiful.

      Thank you for showing your information Sister.

    • Courtney H. says:

      @ Sharon53:

      I didn’t log on to watch the BMW commercial, but Brother Timothy described it so well, that I get his point. I just watched the Pepsi commercial. That commercial is extremely offensive. It shows a clearly dysfunctional Black couple and the part with the White woman was sickening. Both you and Brother Timothy have described both commercials so well and you gave good summations of both commercials and their underhanded messages. Thank you for showing the commercials, and thank you as well as Phazex_Female for your responses.

    • Epi says:

      Dead on the money, Sharon! The Pepsi super-bowl commercial shows (1) dissension between a black couple (2) a ABF (Angry Black female) (3) the “angelic, innocent” white female (4) an overall negative connotation and (5) it was not about the Pepsi “a perfect choice, but rather, “WHITE is right for a new generation.” Nickel-slick, but the message was put out there.

      I just WONDER when are a lot of our people going to realize that though they may choose or be chosen by a “white mate,” that they are STILL the powerless one in the relationship?

  25. Sharon53 says:

    You are correct when you state “a whole book could be written on that disgraceful commercial alone.” You summed it up in a nutshell and nothing can be added to it.
    You may not have noticed but there were two videos. The BMW ad in my opinion was more subtle but just as offensive. I will post it again. Please give me your thoughts on this one also:
    Thank you as always for your comments.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharon53

      Hello Sister.

      I have just watched the other BMW ad that you have shown. The ad is more slick. It shows a black couple coming into their home. Then, the black man opens the styrofoam covers off his car in order for him to get his keys. His wife goes into the house (while holding both of their groceries) and watches the man retrieving his keys. The commercial shows a subtle, lying message that even with black families, it is the not a pristine relationship to aspire to have. You can see the ad bashing black masculinity subtlety in having the black man acting incompetent in the commercial too. Also, it deals with materialism and how the creators of the ad want to convey the message that people must buy this car and cherish it in the most bizarre fashion. So, many messages are found in the commercial. Commercials typically will never show healthy, strong relationships among black men and black women unless in rare circumstances (like in a sports commercial or a commercial that deals with athletics in general).

      Therefore, nothing in major commercials happen by happenstance. Agendas shown by corporations and by the one percent do exist, so they can not only seek profit, but to shift society in a more commoditized, corporatized direction (along with the advancement of evil, nefarious stereotypes of black people in general). We know that they or white racists especially hate black women since black women are the origin of all human life and created all black people (both males and females). Therefore, the liberation of black women is key to liberating all black people in general. Thank you for your insights like always.

      • Epi says:

        @ Brother Timothy:

        I see what you see, yes. About a year or so ago, I was reading the Sunday newspaper (I only subscribe for Sundays only) and I happened to see an ad about a high-rise apartment building that was accepting applications for leasing to new tenants. And the high-rise was not even near completion yet. What caught my eye was that the illustrations surrounding the ad were of a White couple, an Asian couple and a black woman + kids, with no man in sight. No illustration was shown of a Hispanic couple or kids.

        This spoke volumes. So yes, I do agree that no advertisement or commercial is shown without subliminal meaning.

        I read the book, “The Arts of Selling” while in high school years ago. From inferences to “short of saying it,” the messages are out there and yes, people do internalize them. We have to question everything that we see–or sometimes not see.


        • Timothy says:


          I certainly agree with you Sister. Advertisements and commercials are filled with secret messages. Edward Bernays advanced propaganda readily during the 20th century too. We have to study and use discernment to figure out the meanings of many subjects.

  26. Courtney H. says:

    @ Everybody:

    I know that this is a little OT, but what do you think of this? I think that this is a really thoughtful discussion.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      The video has shown a debate about Beyonce and the issue of social consciousness. First, the video Formation has gotten many white people angry and upset. If this has happened, something in the video and in the performance must have resonated the white guilt that these bigots have had. First, we must realize that this is a Superbowl performance. The Superbowl is operated, controlled, and run by the powers that be. Her performance, even showing some themes of black Southern culture, the Black Panthers, etc. offending many whites tells me that these white reactionaries can’t even tolerate a little showing of black culture. I love hot sauce, I eat collard greens, and I love to listen to black music. So, these themes resonate with me as a black man from Virginia. She did act really bold in doing this. I agree with Beyonce that such themes should be shown. I disagree with the Formation song’s lyrical content and many other themes as we can show our blackness unapologetically without vulgarity and without showing a middle finger in a video. We are a resilient people. Also, while I don’t agree with the video on some issues, I will not support the right wing backlash against Beyonce and her video. The right wing backlash is about promoting police occupation of our communities, advancing respectability politics, and going around to try to pacify black militancy. We know how these bigots act.

      So, we have to place this issue into context. We can acknowledge the strengths of the video Formation while acknowledging its weaknesses (that deals with materialism, profanity, and other themes). Also, we can use the video Formation as a means to further educate our black people on conscious thinking. We realize that our real enemy isn’t Beyonce. It is the system of racism/white supremacy. So, the both the Brother and the Sister in the video has made interesting points. I agree with them that the white racists are overreacting on the video (from wanting boycotting and even wanting Beyonce to travel to the UK, which is ludicrous). I slightly disagree with them that we have to show vulgarity in order to appeal to our people. We don’t have to do that. We can be honest, strong, and uncompromising without using profanity or disrespectful language. Many of these black celebrities know the truth like Jay Z, etc. So, I’m not surprised that Jay Z wants to fund a project on Emmett Till. Also, Jay Z must repudiate misogynoir and other evils in society. Yet, many of these celebrities won’t cross that line and expose white supremacy in public and advocate black liberation overtly in public for fear for losing endorsements and other forms of money. Our eyes must be on the prize. A video and the white racist backlash can’t free us. We have to be free by using social activism and grassroots organizing, so we can have justice for our black people. Thank you for showing the thought provoking video.

      Bless you. 🙂

    • Shanequa says:

      Beyoncé had them “bow down bitches” buy my tickets for my tour. The performance wasn’t nothing more but a capitalist scheme for her gain off on what is trending now “Black Lives Matter”.
      If you pay attention to the actual music video to the song. One thing I notice in the music video is colorism, especially when Beyoncé had her daughter between 2 dark skin little black girls that weren’t smiling & emotionless next to her light skinned daughter smiling proud with emotions. It just gave off a bad image toward dark skinned females being outshine by someone lighter. Furthermore how can Beyoncé sing about loving her husband nose & daughter nappy hair, when she walks around in a blond straight wig & had plastic surgery to her nose. Also the song suppose to be about black pride but yet she throws in her mother being creole & daddy being negro mixed that together you get a Texas bama. For years Beyoncé has been constantly throwing her mix blooded heritage creole before accepting herself as a full African woman. She constantly throwing materialism & capitalism in the song. I also didn’t see the point of her having to mention about having great sex with her husband in the song.
      Beyoncé has a great public relation team because they know when too come out, get the people talking, and take their money. She did this at the right time which benefit her but brainwash the people.

      • Timothy says:

        @Sister Shanequa

        Great Points Sister.

        You have shown excellent words that people need to think about. Many people have talked about the capitalist aspect of the video too.

      • Epi says:

        @ Shanequa:

        lol….when are (our) people going to realize as well as accept that CREOLE is a CULTURE and NOT a race? I had a conversation last year with my neighbor across the street last year and we were discussing race issues. In the midst of our conversation he proudly proclaimed that he was creole without the mention of his black heritage.

        I proceeded to “school” him about the origins of being creole, one being that many black women were not only concubines of the French, but many of those “liaisons” resulted in mulatto off-spring as well. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to be proud of ones culture (I have nieces and nephews as well that have black and creole roots) but also be aware of it’s origins.

        • Shanequa says:

          @ Epi thank you with great points.
          Our people fail to realize the true origin of creole. The black women concubines were rape victims taking against there on will. One thing we need to mention is the Quaroon Ball on how the off spring of these black women were being whore off to white men.

          • Courtney H. says:

            Thank you Brother Timothy, Sister Shanequa, and Sister Phazex_Female for all of your thoughtful and thought-provoking comments about the Sincere Ignorance/Prince Solomon video.

            You all bring up most (if not all) of the points that they brought up in their video. I don’t have anything to add, since you all summed up the video excellently.

            Again, thank you all for responding to the video.

            Bless all of you. 🙂

          • Courtney H. says:

            @ Everybody:

            Here’s an interesting article about the Quadroon Ball:


          • Epi says:

            @ Shanequa:

            “Head nod.” Correct.


            (Moreover, many of the off-spring received their “education” in religion-based schools as opposed to other (poor) Blacks that barely received an education at all. )

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharon53

      MTV UK is wrong and silly to believe that Kim Kardashian has brought cornrows back into style. The truth is that people have worn cornrows for a long time. Black people have worn cornrows for thousands of years. So, the mainstream industry once again props up non-black people at the expense of ignoring or disrespecting the contributions of black people. People like KK are praised by the mainstream while black people with much less baggage than her are called every name under the sun by many people. So, the double standards are real and the white faux beauty standards must be always rejected. We know who the first humans on Earth are and they are black people. This is why we should realize the propaganda from the establishment, not follow the wicked ways of the world, and focus on spiritually growing as Brothers and Sisters. We have every right to stand up for our beautiful black image, to help the black poor, and to develop our institutions, so our communities can benefit via our own efforts. The only people who can save us is us. Thank you for showing the link Sister.

      • Sharon53 says:

        Thanks for you comments. Yes I agree with you on how they prop up these ‘honorary’ white women by using them to attempt to steal our ideas. Black women are called ‘nappy headed h___s’ for wearing our God-given natural hair but her kind are praised for attempting to do the same thing. She is a self-absorbed, gold-digger whom many praise for her fake, round behind but yet black women are condemned for being born to look like that and don’t need no plastic surgery.
        This shows how obsessed non-black people are with us. However, try as they might, no one can take something away from you that God has already created for you.

      • Epi says:

        Brother Timothy:

        Yep, you are right. I mentioned this in a past post about a white female and braids. A movie called “10” which came out several years ago with actress Bo Derek, her hair was braided for the film by two sisters, Bo Derek received raves for her acting AND the braids in her hair. But to this day, the two sisters that spent several hours creating and braiding Bo Derek’s hair have not received recognition and I am willing to bet that the sisters were underpaid. Now enter another white female, Freakwood and the mass Media that is attempting to minimize the efforts of an art that black folks see as a given—part of our heritage and our culture.

        Sign. Imitation is the best form of flattery as it’s been said.

        “These sub-humans are too unreal.” smdh…

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Epi

          You have made great points. Bo Derek has been praised, but the Sisters who braided her hair have received no attention. Also, many white artists back then (and today) were taught to do music by black people behind the scenes, but many people believe that white artists are groundbreaking. We invented the braids and a whole host of creative expression. Freakwood is an appropriate name to define Hollywood. The movie Eye Wide Shut defines a lot of what people do in Hollywood behind closed doors too. Our black culture and our black heritage should always be respected. Thank you for your commentaries Sister.

    • Shanequa says:

      Kim Kardashian braids look like shit furthermore she doesn’t have the right texture of hair for those braids to last period because they wash there hair everyday. Furthermore black women still wear these hairstyles today but get overlooked when a non black woman wears the style. Also I blame black female hairstylist for giving them a pass for braiding there hair. Also when non black women get cornrows the black stylist have to wet there hair to keep it in place while brainding because there hair have no life. On top of that non black black women doesn’t look right in braids period. Black women are masterminds when it comes to hairstyle because our hair is diverse.

  27. Courtney H. says:

    @ Everybody:

    I know that this is OT, but what do you think about this?

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      My response to the article is that slavery is evil no matter who does. Likewise, no one should minimize the system of racism/white supremacy. White racists are pathological liars, evil, and degenerates. Also, any black person who enslaves another person is wrong, evil, and ought to be brought to justice. Therefore, there is no justification of slavery at any circumstance.

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Brother Timothy:

        Thank you so much for your thoughtful response!

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Courtney

          Your welcome Sister. Also, the article about quadroons reminds me of the miniseries “Queen” during the 1990’s. I saw it when I was a teenager. It was about a biracial women living in the antebellum period filled with racism, slavery, and the debates surrounding ethnic identity. Quadroons are people with dealt with issues of ethnic identity, especially when they were born after white racists raping black women. It is the height of evil for white racists to rape black women for the sake of making children (and using those children as a buffer against black people). This is why the one drop rule was created. It was created to promote confusion and the continuation of the system of racism/white supremacy. Louisiana was one place out of many where black women were heavily exploited. Thank you for your wisdom Sister. 😉

  28. Sharon53 says:

    I can’t believe this clown fixed his mouth to say this.
    But then he is part of the cult also with his cross-dressing, white-identified a$$. From what I can see his acting is mediocre at best. Forgive me if I am being too harsh this morning 🙂

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharon53

      I am not surprised by his comments. Black actors and black actresses work hard and act greatly all of the time. It is just that the powers that be don’t give a (concern) about black excellence. They care about profit and the exploitation of our people. Jamie Foxx’s comment not only is offensive, but it is arrogant. He believes that since he has his Oscars, black folks should just act better to get theirs. His mantra is “I’ve got mine, so get yours.” That’s nonsense, because tons of great black actors and actresses exist today. They just lack the opportunities to have larger roles in many instances. Also, an Oscar should never validates our existence. We don’t need an Oscar to be free. We can award ourselves as black people and our dignity is validated by us (not by an idol that can’t speak or hear). Jamie Foxx is definitely compromised. He not only crossed dressed (for the purpose of degrading himself), but he made many risque jokes before. Denzel (who has great talent and has worked in his own community and mentored so many black people. Denzel Washington is married to a black woman and has black children) won an Oscar for a stereotypical role, but he didn’t win an Oscar for his powerful portrayal of Malcolm X. So, Jamie Foxx’s words are typical of his compromising agenda. We don’t need the Oscars. We should set up our own institutions that promote our art and acting. Thank you for showing the link Sister.

      • Epi says:

        @ Brother Timothy:

        This in late, but Blacks should also take note of the number of foreign Blacks that receive more lucrative roles than many of our “home grown” Blacks.

        And this is no accident.

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Epi

          That’s an interesting point. The powers that be do use the divide and conquer strategy by placing more foreign born Black people in roles in a higher level while suppressing the roles of American blacks. Also, that tactic should make us aware how we are one. We are one black people irrespective of our nationality.

          • Epi says:

            @ Brother Timothy:

            I don’t know how I missed this, but you’re right, just more of the same:

            “Divide and conquer.” Sorta like members of the West Coast Rap Crew said in the 90’s as well:
            “we’re all part of the same gang….lol!” I understand. Be well.


  29. Sharon53 says:

    Thanks for you comments. It is interesting how when blacks do win it is because of, like you stated, a stereotypical role or because they compromise their integrity, such as Jamie Foxx. Another thing, blacks are also rewarded with roles, among other things, when they have non-black spouses or companions. That is one of the reasons why Foxx probably won that Oscar because of his choice in mates, because he is not that great of an actor, IMO.

  30. Timothy says:

    @Sister Courtney

    Hello Sister 🙂

    I have listened to the video. I believe in religious freedom. Before the modern system of white supremacy existed, people believe in God. So many people want black people to be ashamed of believing in one God. I’m not ashamed of believing in one God. So, I believe in one God. Now, I don’t view God as white and there is a problem where white supremacist lies has impacted mainstream religion. We ought to eradicate white supremacist lies from any religion and we should inspire black people (irrespective if they are religious or not) to stand up for liberation and the truth. White supremacist version of Christianity (which has grown by Constantine, European Kings, and other imperialists) is something that I don’t believe in. She made great points at the end of the video of promoting critical thinking and laying up with a white person never causes us freedom totally.

  31. Timothy says:

    @Sister Courtney

    This video is great about the conscious community. Some in the conscious community want to promote misogynoir and believe in the lie that if all black people look a certain way in hair, etc. then we will be free. The fact is that we need mental transformation to reject white supremacist lies and promote the truth in order for us to develop our mental consciousness. The system of white supremacy is a serious evil. Only traitors demonize all black women and demonize all black men. We need to promote more love and promote our human value as black people. White racists are totally demonic and show a nefarious agenda. So, the Sister’s video is excellent.

    Thank you for showing the video Sister.

  32. Epi says:

    From “The American Conservative”

    A commentary written on April18, 2016 by licensed Attorney, Suzanne Sherman who lives in northern Utah.

    Will History Only Remember the Founders as Slave-owners?
    (A visit to the historic homes of Jefferson and Madison was spoiled by a progressive agenda.)

    Last year, I decided to take my teenage sons on a trip across the country. We traveled in our motor home, starting in our home state of Utah, visiting sites of historic significance along the way. I am not a historian, but on this trip I discovered that left-leaning benefactors doling out large grants have ensured that visitors are presented with a version of history driven by political correctness—all while ignoring the essential contributions that the American founders made to our Constitution and founding ideals.

    Two weeks into our journey, we arrived at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. In front of the ticket office was a sandwich board display advertising a smartphone app called “Slave Life at Monticello.” The goal of the tour and experience was an attempt to divert attention from the man who owned this property, one of America’s Founding Fathers, to slavery. The docent leading the tour of the house never missed an opportunity: as we moved from one floor to another, we were instructed to imagine how difficult it was for the “enslaved servants to carry meal trays up and down this narrow stairway.” At every hearth: “imagine enslaved servants having to carry wood up to these fireplaces…” It just went on and on.

    Jefferson’s philosophical and political viewpoints were omitted to leave time for an explanation of how difficult life was for his servants. Not once did the guide omit the adjective “enslaved”—his demeanor was patronizing and condescending to those who made the journey to see Monticello, for anyone vaguely familiar with Thomas Jefferson would know that he owned slaves.

    Interestingly, this revisionist-style performance was not presented at Poplar Forest, Thomas Jefferson’s other home west of Charlottesville. I complimented the docent for enlightening us on the details of the home and the family, and told him how much we appreciated him not making the tour all about slavery, as they did at Monticello. In response, he asked if I would repeat my comments to the staff at the main visitor center, as there was a faction trying to shift the emphasis of the presentation to slavery. When I did so, my comments were met with obvious displeasure by a woman working in the gift shop, who likely disagreed with my feedback.

    Later that day we arrived at Montpelier, the home of James Madison. The introductory movie there was a laughable exercise in self-contradiction. On the one hand, masters and slaves were said to experience a mutually beneficial relationship. The movie concluded by evoking the image of “hundreds of African-Americans … enslaved to benefit a single white family.” I am still wondering why they didn’t bother to edit their own efforts upon completion of this feckless presentation.

    After viewing the film, we took a tour of the home. The dining room featured cardboard cutouts of individuals who had been known to visit James and Dolly Madison. One such figure was the Marquis de Lafayette, who our guide indicated chided James Madison for not freeing his slaves.

    I took this moment to inquire as to whether the Marquis considered Mr. Madison a caring human being, because had Madison simply freed his slaves, they likely would have starved. She said that it would be necessary to provide for them, so I asked for how long, and would that include descendants. Would he also be responsible for slaves he inherited in perpetuity? Where would she draw the line? She even answered in the affirmative when I asked if history would view Madison in a better light if he released his slaves and they perished.

    I also asked if the Marquis would respect laws making the emancipation of slaves illegal. She responded that emancipation was illegal in “some states.” I informed her she was standing in one such state, Virginia. She admitted that today we do not look at the slavery issue in the context of the time it existed, yet she seemed to be completely at ease with her flawed analysis.

    Her parting shot on the subject was that Madison did not think blacks and whites could live together. I replied that neither did Lincoln, the Great Emancipator. At that point another visitor asked if we could please go back to talking about the room. (By all means, let’s instead discuss the color of the wallpaper.)

    Movies from both Monticello and Montpelier featured images of Barack Obama and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, as well as quotations about “freedom and equality.” Freedom for whom? Slaves? What about our precious liberty? It struck me that promoting the progressive goal of equality is the end of all these presentations; the slaves, over a century-and-a-half postmortem, are still being used as the means to further a political agenda.

    We experienced the same approach at other sites, including the home of South Carolina senator John C. Calhoun and in Colonial Williamsburg.

    Calhoun’s home lies in the heart of Clemson University. The home is beautifully maintained, and gives visitors the impression that it is still lived in, with one exception: poster boards with pictures of slaves and their stories are everywhere, even in the doorways of bedrooms, so you are forced to look around them to see the room. I mentioned to the docent that their placement was a distraction, and she agreed, but admitted there was nothing she could do about it.

    Our journey would not have been complete without a visit to Colonial Williamsburg. While waiting outside of the Peyton Randolph House, we were informed that the tour would cover the home itself, its rooms, architecture, and a brief description of the family who lived there. After that, the tour would concentrate on the many slaves who served the Randolph family, what life was like for them, and the hardships they were forced to endure.

    When I inquired if the tour guide would inform us of the philosophical and numerous political contributions the Randolph family made in Colonial Virginia and in the founding of the American republic, the guide shrugged his shoulders and shook his head, indicating he would not. One of the other guides, a man portraying a slave, admonished me, “We’re not gonna sugarcoat anything.”

    Peyton Randolph, a formidable figure from the era of America’s fight for independence, was a cousin to Thomas Jefferson. He presided over the first Continental Congress, was a leading figure opposing the Stamp Act and was the first American to be called “Father of his Country.” Peyton’s brother John was born in this house, and when Peyton was elected speaker of the House of Burgesses, John was his successor as the Colony of Virginia’s attorney general.

    Edmund Randolph went to live with his uncle Peyton after his father returned to England. He later became the aide-de-camp for General Washington, served in the Continental Congress, and was the Governor of Virginia during the Philadelphia Convention. He was one of the drafters of the Virginia Plan, served as attorney general under President Washington, and was secretary of state after Jefferson resigned. I find it incredible that this family was not worthy of discussion.

    After we returned home, I received newsletters from The Montpelier Foundation and The Thomas Jefferson Foundation. Both featured stories about a common benefactor who seems to have influenced the way these sites are presented to the public. According to billionaire David Rubenstein, a major donor to both organizations, our “founders’ homes are out of context without slave quarters.” His philanthropy has contributed to the restoration of the main houses and of the slave quarters of both Monticello and Montpelier; however, the edict seems to have gone far beyond restoration and ventured into shifting the focus from two of America’s most significant founders. And other donors seem to be making the same push.

    The point is not that the issue of slavery is unworthy of recognition; it is that slavery is dominating the theme of these places to the detriment of the discussion and sharing of the ideals, philosophies and political goals upon which the American republic was founded. The Montpelier Foundation and The Thomas Jefferson Foundation have lost sight of the ideals these men stood for. Both Jefferson and Madison are buried on their respective properties, and if you go to their places of rest and sit quietly, you can hear them rolling over in their graves.

    Suzanne Sherman is a licensed attorney who spends her time home schooling her children.

    Stay tuned for rebuttal….

  33. Epi says:

    Commentary written by V. R. Bradley

    “An open letter to White people who tire of hearing about slavery when they visit slave plantations: especially Suzanne Sherman”

    Posted by The Negro Subversive ⋅ April 23, 2016 ⋅

    Dear Ms. Sherman,

    When I read your reflection in The American Conservative I was so sorry to hear that you had mistaken the museum at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello for a monument to the Declaration of Independence. This mistake clearly caused much despair to you, and I suspect, to your unwitting children, who later found themselves flung headfirst into the depths of their mother’s folly before a crowd of annoyed weekenders. And so, though it was due to your own mistake, I offer you my sympathy and am glad to hear, for the sake of your emotional well-being, that out of the glare of national attention, on a lesser known property, Jefferson’s Poplar forest estate, you were able to receive the version of history which you most preferred. For the sake of people like you, if it would not be such a terribly expensive endeavor, mental health professionals might find it useful to maintain lovingly bowdlerized versions of historical exhibitions, lest your delicate intellectual constitutions be damaged by being forced to experience history in its full and living palette.

    Slavery 1

    With apologies to those who had hoped to learn about 19th century fashion.
    I am only taking, (should I say seizing?) the liberty of writing to you now, because the accounts which you offer of your continuing misadventures in slavery’s land, lead me to believe that you may be putting yourself in a hopeless position if you continue your historical travels, and I want to take it upon myself to offer you a way out of this place of suffering. After finding yourself jilted at Monticello, you went to Madison’s Montpelier, then to John C. Calhoun’s home in Clemson, South Carolina and then to Peyton Randolph’s home in Williamsburg, apparently, still in search of a museum in which to discuss 18th century political theory, all in vain. Your fruitless sojourns lead me to reach out in compassion to explain something which may put an end to them: The preservation of historical homes is done, not to propagate the abstract notions which their owners may have harbored within their walls, but, to preserve for posterity a glimpse into the daily life and domestic situations within which history occurred. Monticello is not a monument to the Declaration of Independence, because there is nothing which one can learn about that document from peering into Jefferson’s kitchen which cannot be better learned from a book. Montpelier does not memorialize The Federalist papers and the Constitution, it relies on the words to memorialize themselves and on careful study, which gives a broader historical and intellectual context, to make their theory live again.

    Patrick Henry

    Liberty or death! Patrick Henry, slaveholder, speaking atop the soapbox of unwitting irony.
    It was not America’s founding documents which gave these places daily life, nor the theories of Locke, Montesquieu, and Rousseau which created their domestic situation, Thomas Paine’s pamphleteering did not do the labor and make the profits which made such luxury possible, all this was the work of slavery, or, more precisely, the hundreds of enslaved West African men, women and children which your founding fathers forcibly held in bondage.

    A Virginia slave labor camp.

    I am the descendant of those people. My mother’s people slaved in South Carolina, my father’s in Georgia. As of now, I know nothing else concrete about them. I do know, that if you had visited any of these stately homes in their heyday, you would have seen far more slaves than free people. A uniformed Black man would have taken your coat and cordially led you deeper into the recesses of the place. You would have seen men and women of all ages, impeccably uniformed, hurrying to and fro, forced by the existential threat of violence, to attend to your comfort. If you had just stood still, you might have gone minutes, even hours, without seeing another White face. Madison had a wife and one son, which means that when the Madison family was home “alone,” if you exclude the one White overseer he employed and the overseer’s family who also lived on the estate, as many as 98% of the people living at Montpelier at any time were enslaved Africans. Which means, that while the story of Madison’s presidency and his intellectual contributions to the nation’s founding are his; the story of Montpelier is the story of its slaves.

    I imagine that story may not mean much to you. You seem to want to treat it as being no more worthy of discussion than the wallpaper in Calhoun’s bedroom. But, as their descendant, I have no choice but to know that they were human beings, as I am a human being, with births and deaths as miraculous and tragic as any that ever were, with lives as filled with laughter and tears, loves and hates, aspirations and fears as any human lives. The inner mysteries of these enslaved souls were as great as the chasm between this world and the one beyond. The stealing of a single one of their lives, much less hundreds, is a crime of striking magnitude, which therefore makes up the most important story these buildings can tell. But on this, we disagree. I imagine you would be very disappointed by a visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau, where the 1.5 million Jews and Gentiles killed there are distracting from the all-important discussion of Mein Kampf and Hitler’s lackluster painting career. You probably think the Gallic war is the story of Julius Caesar’s trip to France, not thousands of Romans subjugating thousands of Gauls. You probably think the history of America’s Gilded Age is the story of how Rockefeller, Carnegie, Vanderbilt and Morgan made and spent their wealth, and not the story of men, women and children who had lived their lives in fiery iron dungeons, sweating to make the gilding. You would probably call the stories I suggest: revisionist history, no, it is history given vision, history which shows us the world as it really was, so we can see it as it really is.

    Old Madison

    James Madison, the purveyor of the above slave labor camp, his face withered by years of brutality.
    You argue that had Madison freed his slaves, they likely would have starved, which I find to be an odd way of looking at things. Let us imagine the more quotidian aspects of James’s life, the life of a typical Virginia slaveholder. When he was born, he was likely to have been delivered by an enslaved midwife, after hers and his mother’s, the next arms to cradle the small, sickly, pale child would have been those of an enslaved Black wet nurse. From her body, he would have drawn the elixir of life, via the same mother’s milk which founded the strength of her own children, who would serve him all his days. Every stitch of clothing which would ever touch his body for the majority of his life, would be made by enslaved seamstresses and, after the boy was weaned, every bite of food he would ever eat at home would have been prepared by an enslaved cook, from food which was either raised or paid for by the slaves who did everything else for him, in his father’s house, which slaves built and then in the White House, which slaves also built. James’s first playmates would have been children too young to work, but still slaves, as he would learn when told of the immutable line which divided him from the people whose suffering and toil made up the very substance of his body. As James grew older, he might have, if it pleased him, seen fit to seize his first bit of carnal knowledge from the body of one of his wet nurse’s daughters. When he went away for the schooling which his family paid for with the wages of theft, a slave boy about his age went with him, to keep him from any acquaintance with the slightest labor. And it was with this education that his slaves paid for, that James rose through the ranks of the Virginia aristocracy to sire a constitution and lead a nation. And when James’s frail body finally gave way, it would have been lowered into a grave dug by enslaved men, in a coffin made by the enslaved people who had been carrying him all his life.

    slavery 2

    With apologies to those who wanted to learn about the role of rope in 18th century shipping.
    Though Madison, like several of the nation’s most politically prominent slaveholders, agonized over the issue of what was to be done with the African slaves on which they depended, he never allowed his to go free; not because he was afraid that without him to carry around they might starve, but because he feared, quite logically, that without captives to carry the burden of his life, he, as a man accustomed to luxury and knowing no trade but politician, would starve.

    You therefore have the matter exactly backwards. In death, the moral weight of this decision cannot even rely on the fictions of acolytes like yourself to support it. Though you valiantly tried when you said that manumitting slaves was illegal in Virginia, when, in fact, the Virginia legislature legalized manumission in 1782. Though for most people, it would go without saying, that whether it was illegal to free his slaves or not, this in no way bears on Madison’s guilt, as the one who actively held slaves. I am therefore as sorry that the tour guides could not correct your misinformation, as I am that they were unable to correct the several of your follies which I have striven to correct here.
    Though parted from his rural home, these signs of his master’s benevolence he shall carry the rest of his days.

    To return us to the matter of starvation: As far as I know, there is no record of any mass starvations associated with the manumission of American slaves, though four million were freed at once by an act of congress in 1865. And, I can attest, that though my family has been free 151 years, in all that time, free of vicious little men like James Madison to carry about, we may have hungered, but we have never starved! My people work. They have earned the entirety of their substance in fields and factories, in classrooms and law offices and as soldiers of the United States. An honorable, clean way of living which all your founding slavers avoided by resorting to lives of gentrified brutality.

    This is the history of the American South, which you, not being from this region, might find it convenient to avoid, but which you have no right to expect the nation as a whole to avoid so that you might miss it while starting it square in the face. Moreover, as it is the history of the material foundations of the United States of America, it is the only history you have this side of the Atlantic.

    V. R. Bradley

    • Courtney H. says:

      @ Epi:

      Thank you so much for posting this! 🙂

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Epi

      Thank you for showing the information. There is a disgusting revisionism shown by many white people about Jefferson, Washington, and others. Jefferson and others were slave owners and racists. They shouldn’t be deified by us. Many people worship people like Washington like they worship American exceptionalism. America was founded on the blood of black people. Our ancestors build up this land and our people built up even the White House. So, we know that we must show real history not falsehoods (as the revisionists do). We not only honor black history. We want justice or our people too.

      • Epi says:

        @ Sister Courtney and Brother Timothy:

        Thank you both. It is readily apparent that this white female chooses not to openly acknowledge that these presidents were not only racist, but slave holders as well.

        Yep, as another poster here put it, “deflect” and “smoke-screens and mirrors” when they intentionally try to move the focus away from racism. Question. Everything.

        • Timothy says:


          You’re Welcome Sister. The white female refuses to acknowledge the truth that those Presidents (centuries ago) were racists and slave holders since she wants to promote white privilege and the lie that whites are nearly infallible. When people know that people like Washington and Jefferson were ruthless, evil people, then people can recognize that the whitewashed image of America is a lie. They or the bigots certainly love to defect from the truth. They want to ignore racism since racism is the problem that they want to omit and racism causes white racists to benefit from the injustices of the system. We want racism to be gone, so folks can have real justice.

          @Sister Courtney

          I agree with you Courtney. You have great wisdom like always. 🙂

          • Courtney H. says:

            @ Epi:

            Thank you and you are welcome.

            @Brother Timothy:

            Thank you and you are wecome. I appreciate your wisdom, too. I will not add to your responses, because I agree with everything that you said. 🙂

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