100 African Cities Destroyed By Europeans

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This is an amazing article I feel compelled to share.   The biggest, best kept secret on the planet is the TRUTH ABOUT AFRICANS and AFRICAN CIVILIZATIONS.

After you read this article you will be able to answer the one burning question  black and African people all over the world have asked for centuries:

Why do the most powerful whites and their white foot soldiers hate black and African people?

Which leads to four other questions that must be asked–and answered:

  1. Why do the most powerful whites want to control Africa and its people?
  2. Why are the most powerful whites committing mass genocide against blacks and Africans via man-made, genetically-designed viruses (like HIV/AIDS and Ebola),  manufactured tribal conflicts, and GMO-infected foods that cause long-term sterility and illness?
  3. And why are the vast majority of black images in TV, music, and film degrading images designed to infect us with a sense of inferiority, self-hatred, and anti-blackness?
  4. Last of all, why are they working so diligently to keep the vast majority of black and African people poor, ignorant, and uneducated?



The Article


100 African Cities Destroyed By Europeans: WHY there are seldom historical buildings and monuments in sub-Saharian Africa!

To read the rest of the article, click on this link:  100 African Cities Destroyed By Europeans

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  1. C’mon Ms. Pam you know those monkeys didn’t have nothing but mud huts and caves. Plus who cares if you displace a bunch of savages anyway? All they do is sit around all day and dream about white women, watermelon, and fried chicken. They are as lazy as a summer Sunday.

    And please people this is my attempt at sarcasm – I love my people with all the cells in body no matter how mad they make me.

    Very good article Ms. Pam.

  2. angel9loveu says:

    Good article and I must add that I believe we were/are powerful beyond measure but we allow the wrong entities into our world who are envious, evil and malicious.They learn our ways,secrets and weaknesses and have strategized to hide our identity so we live beyond our ordained purpose.Black people need to stop letting the enemy in their camp and learn from history.It’s been happening on a large scale and a small scale that they cannot be trusted but we ignore and make excuses for them.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ angel9loveu

      I believe envy is a major component of racism. Otherwise, why would there be so much imitation? The music, the talk, the style, the slang, the dance, the sun tans, the lips, the butts, the breasts,

      and the sexual obsession with black people is off the chain

      All that said, how could racism NOT be a form of envy?

  3. Timothy says:

    @Sister Trojan Pam

    Great Article.

    First, I will show this article far and wide and mention it to friends that I know too.The enemy knows fully about his real history and our real culture. That is why they do such inhuman things to try to erase our real history or try to dominate our bodies, our minds, and our souls. This is a battle for survival. The more that we learn the truth, the more that we grow from a mental and spiritual standpoint. We are the first humans on Earth. That fact makes them or the enemy enraged. They are hateful of our melanin and our genetics. Research from all quarters document the crimes of white racist Europeans from instigating conflicts in the Motherland to imperialist policies. I have no problem with Pan-Africanism. That philosophy is so natural since the more that we know about black people internationally, the more solidarity that we can express. The information about the 100 cities in Africa being destroyed should be read by anyone of black African descent worldwide. This is so vital. We are still fighting to establish autonomous, independent institutions for our people in America, Africa, and throughout the Earth. Things happen for a reason. Not too many people on this Earth know about this information. We have been blessed by the Most High to know certain things that few people in human history get a chance to know about. So, we have the responsibility to educate others and fight for the liberation that we all desire. Thank you for showing this article.

  4. Providence says:

    aaahhh… Benin, Nigeria. Its a craphole now. The whole country is unfortunately. I used to live there as a small kid, and still visit occassionally. It was NOT like this before the Europeans arrived. Benin is world-famous to this day for its masks and bronze statues. The British were always enamored with the Oba of Benin and his kingdom. You can’t think of Benin and not think of the Great Wall of the Benin Kingdom — much bigger than the famed Great Wall of China. Even I didn’t know anything about this until well into adulthood. The way the country is now, they don’t go to great lengths to preserve their great history and instill it in their children. I only say this b/c I’m a proud Pan Africanist — I truly love my African brothers and sisters and want to see THEM be the guardians and custodians of their OWN history, and not leave that job to Europeans as they have been, at least in Nigeria. Anyway, here’s some great information about the Great Wall of BENIN:

    The Walls of Benin were a combination of ramparts and moats, called Iya in the local language, used as a defense of the historical Benin City, formerly of the now defunct Kingdom of Benin and now the capital of the present-day Edo State of Nigeria. It was considered the largest man-made structure lengthwise and was hailed as the largest earthwork in the world. With more recent work by Patrick Darling, it has been established as the largest man-made structure in the world, larger than Sungbo’s Eredo. It enclosed 6,500 km² of community lands. Its length was over 16,000 km of earth boundaries. It was estimated that earliest construction began in 800 AD and continued into the mid 1400’s.

    The walls are built of a ditch and dike structure; the ditch dug to form an inner moat with the excavated earth used to form the exterior rampart. The Benin Walls were ravaged by the British in 1897 during what has come to be called the Punitive expedition. Scattered pieces of the structure remain in Edo, with the vast majority of them being used by the locals for building purposes. Sadly, what remains of the wall itself continues to be torn down for real estate developments.

    The Walls of Benin City was the world’s largest man-made structure. Fred Pearce wrote in New Scientist:
    “They extend for some 16,000 kilometres in all, in a mosaic of more than 500 interconnected settlement boundaries. They cover 6,500 square kilometres and were all dug by the Edo people. In all, they are four times longer than the Great Wall of China, and consumed a hundred times more material than the Great Pyramid of Cheops. They took an estimated 150 million hours of digging to construct, and are perhaps the largest single archaeological phenomenon on the planet.

    Pearce, Fred. African Queen. New Scientist, 11 September 1999, Issue 2203

  5. Fan ... says:

    Thank you for sharing this truthful nugget of our past, Sister Pam. What bothers me even more than the European desecration and destruction of our once great African cities are what we permitted them to do in our minds: sowing the seeds of discord, separation, envy, distrust, disunity and suspicion amongst various African people. Turning brother against brother to the extent that this foolish nonsense still persists today.

    If I had only one wish, it would be for us to be a UNITED people!

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Fan

      Yes, the destruction continues and the only way it will stop is for us to stop it. But, our will to resist seems to be weakening by the hour. I don’t know what it will take to make us take our condition seriously…

      • Sometimes I think death is better than our current condition. This is why the black youth are so damn angry. And they have every right to be. And just think a lot of people don’t know where to turn. They know we are mistreated and marginalized in this society. But they don’t know how to change it. It’s a feeling of hopelessness. And I think when Obama leaves office it’s going to get worse for us. What do you think Pam? I believe the economy will get worse and a lot of unemployment. A war might even kick off if martial law doesn’t happen. All I know is when Obama leaves…….my gut tells me things will get ugly!

        • Alicia says:

          mine too

          re:”All I know is when Obama leaves…….my gut tells me things will get ugly!”

          • Phazex_Female says:

            I completely understand how you feel Alicia. When President Obama initially took office, he inherited a lot of ish that Bush left behind….and had to clean up. But I have had the same thought since the DAY that President Obama was sworn in.

            Everyone, remain Vigilant!

            Be well,


  6. nidotopianwarrior says:

    wow, I will definitely have to check these works out. By the way can you check out my newest post?

  7. Shanequa says:

    Even though Europeans tried too destroy & bury ancient buildings & monuments of our African history, new lost discoveries of our history is being resurface & found around the planet. I’m glad you made this post because some of our people aren’t aware of other African dynasties, civilizations & empires since the only one they hear more about is ancient Egypt. Europeans constantly live in fear the day Africans will wake up an find the real true history of ourselves because it will be the end for them. Scientists are still studying & researching Black Africans around the world daily.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Shanequa

      Unfortunately, Europeans still control our history and historical artifacts and reveal ONLY what they choose to reveal.

      And I agree, the day the black male and female sleeping giants wake out of our COMA wil be the day the planet changes

      That’s why they keep their feet on our necks and their bodies in our beds (and heads)

      And until we understand how we act as co-conspirators in our own oppression, nothing will change.

      • Phazex_Female says:

        @ Sista Pam:

        How right you are! I just wanted to impart this: I have always been assertive when it comes to racism. And these sub-humans KNOW when they are being called out. Some colleagues AND my supervisor are WHITE and yes, they are very uncomftable around me. It is not my role to help them to become complacent. I DO walk softly, but I “carry a big stick” letting each and every one of them aware that “I am NOT intimidated” by ANY of you.

        And I have observed other races that foolishly accommodate them in addition to our own. Smh… Guess this is akin to the analogy that you presented to us about our people being the kids that “wear the black glasses.”

        The Struggle continues….


  8. Kendra says:

    What a GREAT article. In my 23 years on this planet, this is the first I am hearing about what a magnificent empire Africa was. To know that our antcestors were the best Architects, Engineers, Mathematicians, Scientist etc.. is life changing. I only wish I knew this information earlier on. I am truly excited to get Robin Walker’s book and really dig deep into some of our lost history. This article has changed the trajectory of how I see myself and all African/black people. My mission is to share this article with as many black people as I can, in hopes that it will have the same impact on them as it has had on me. Thanks again Ms. Pam!

  9. Courtney H. says:

    Thank you so much, for posting this, Sister Trojan Pam! There is so much excellent information here!

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      I agree with you Sister. Learning new things is always a blessings. Also, I am learning more about Afro-Iranians. They live in many parts of Southern Iran especially. Excellent information is definitely found here.

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Brother Tim9thy:

        Thank you. I have read about Afro-Oranians, too. I agree that It’s never too late to learn new things

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Courtney

          Good Afternoon Sister.

          Yes, learning is glorious and beautiful. The more that I learn about the African Diaspora, the more great I feel in my spirit. Afro-Iranians have been through a lot, but they have a great culture, great music, and they are a strong community. I feel for the Sister who was brutalized by that crooked cop in South Carolina (inside of a school). The cop was recently fired. We all send prayers to the student and to her family.

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Courtney

          Have a Great Weekend Sister. 🙂

  10. Why would expect the same people who enslaved us to tell the truth in history books? We are the original people of this planet. We were building pyramids and perfecting astrology,mathematics and alchemy…..while they were still living in caves,wearing fur for clothes and practicing cannabilism and pedophilia. Africans had civilizations before Europeans even had a written language. This is why they hide all of our history from us. They want us to stay ignorant about our heritage. Also they don’t want other races to know of our greatness because it will be obvious that white supremacy is a myth. That’s why when it’s important to control the media to brainwash the masses. It’s all just propaganda to spread anti-blackness.
    This is a wonderful post Trojan Pam. I shared this on Twitter. This is very educational. All black people need to read this.

  11. musicwoman says:

    Reblogged this on Words We Speak and commented:

  12. Shanequa says:

    @ Everyone
    It’s been an increase of Europeans unstablility & losing power in society. Now what they once have control of now they are losing.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Shanequa

      Yes, I believe it’s Karma

      For centuries, many Europeans have traveled worldwide conquering people of color, raping people, using other evil acts from world wars to other forms of genocide. Now, they have reap what they have sown. There is a refugee crisis in Europe by their own hands including the actions of the U.S.. Europeans have a population growth in a low level in many nations. There is economic problems in places like Greece. Also, there is the rise of the BRICS coalition. Europe is the continent which is the origin of the system of racism/white supremacy, so Europe is not off the hook. Great statements Sister.

      • Shanequa says:

        @ Timothy
        Thank you

      • Shanequa says:

        @ Timothy
        100% Agreed!!! Also Europeans reign on this planet time is up. For their future generations their not producing the brightest children like they did back then up date their evil ways. Their nation is falling.

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Shanequa

          Thank you for your words Sister. Yes, Europeans are never superior to anyone. DNA proves that they have significant Neanderthal blood. We are the original hue-mans literally. Empires have fallen throughout human history and the empire of white supremacy falling is no exception. The deal is that we have to prepare for the aftermath, treat our people right, not ally with evil, and continue to promote integrity. Doing those things just feels good. Doing the right thing just feels good, especially in the long term. The population growth in much of Europe is falling, so many of them want to have sex with us. They want our genetics since our melanin and our resiliency is powerful. Black Power is important to grow and true Black Love is glorious.

  13. Courtney H. says:

    @ Everybody:

    I know that this is OT, but this is a really interesting article …


    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      Thank you for showing the article.

      This article touches on many issues. One is about the War on Drugs. The War on Drugs is a total failure. People from across the political spectrum desire the War on Drugs to end and replaced with more compassionate alternatives. There is the elephant in the room. That elephant is that for decades black people have suffered drug addiction and policies from the government has been very anti-compassionate. When there is an epidemic of whites in the suburbs and small towns having heroin addiction, then the media has a greater spotlight on the issue on drug addiction. It is obvious that policies of treatment and rehabilitation are needed for those who suffer drug addiction. We want any person with heroin addiction to be free from that addiction. Addiction is a disease an those who have it should not be treated like a murderer. Those who have drug addiction and are nonviolent should not be incarcerated for a long period of time. They need treatment, therapy, and other forms of assistance. More people are talking about this issue including Presidential candidates. We want a real change in society. This change can only come with a structural change where black people and the poor have justice. The system of mass incarceration, the barbarism of the death penalty, and economic inequality must end. Anyone who suffers addiction should be given the resources, so that they can defeat addiction. Families suffer so much and we want no family to bury a loved one who died as a product of drug addiction. We want strong, healthy families. I appreciate your wisdom and your empathy. To defeat drug addiction, it will take a community effort and empowering people as well. Also, black people have every right to fight against three strike laws, against gentrification, and other evils. Once again, your wisdom is excellent.

      Bless you Sister Courtney. 🙂

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Brother Timothy:

        Thank you for reading the article. I read the article and quite a few of the comments. Several commenters, POC and White, acknowledged that poor African-Americans and other brown-skinned people did not receive the compassion when it came to heroin addiction back in the day that White, middle-class kids are getting now. I agree with you that drug addiction should be treated like an illness, but at the same time, people need to realize that they are responsible for their recovery. These people need support, not derision. It seems that the only time people in this country realize that an issue is a serious problem until it affects middle- and upper-class Whites. Now people are being compassionate about heroin addiction. This is racism/white supremacy at its worst.

        Thank you for your compliments. I realize that we do need to be empathetic. I am glad that Black people have the right to be angry about these double standards in American society. One way to put that anger to good use is through opposition to three strikes and mandatory minimum laws, and gentrification. These battles have been fought for some time now.

        Your wisdom is excellent, too. 😉

        God bless you, Brother Timothy. 🙂

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Courtney

          Thank you for your words.

          People are responsible for their recovery. During the 21st century, more people are talking about various issues like the War on Drugs, drug addiction, etc. America is the nation that imprisons more people percentage wise than any nation in the world. We are all for battling against evil. We believe in justice and we want solutions.

          I wish more blessings for you.

  14. Alicia says:

    Black people: seriously, what’s going on with white racists obsession with us? Does anyone else find it scary and odd times when you are minding your business and you think others should too yet you feel a white watching you or trying to some sort of weird control move? What is really going on?

  15. ABB says:

    I can refer you to books and websites that will show “proof” through words and pictures about UFOs and Bigfoot. Does it mean that they really exist? As you can probably already tell, I am white. Unfortunately, I feel that much of your blog content simply promote racism and hate. On the above issues, I am not trying to be a troll, I just want to see what you think.

    1.Why do the most powerful whites want to control Africa and its people?

    It is true that there was “a scramble for Africa” in recent history by the European powers. Simply put, it was a land with vast natural resources with very little utilization. Colonial powers basically wanted the resources. Originally, there were probably plans to remain in Africa, but due to changing world views of the 20th century, it was given up. I do not condone the colonization behavior, but there were positive results as well as negative. Infrastructure was a huge gain for Africa. Education as well. Before Europeans arrived, a large number of Africans had no knowledge of any world outside their immediate area. Roads were created, cities, and electricity (in some areas). Europeans did not arrive with bulldozers to knock down villages and ruins. Also, white people were such a small population, overall. I agree that political boundaries were set up by western standards which caused disputes among existing tribal boundaries, but tribal feuds were always an issue in Africa. Europeans did not create the African violence. Today, there is little of Europe left in Africa. Even South Africa has basically been handed back… which in my opinion is an unfortunate situation. South Africa had been a world class economy which seems to be driving into the ground by mismanagement, like the Dem of Congo had. I guess when an African 200 years ago was considered wealthy by having many wives and many slaves (yes, Africans enslaved other Africans, but I am sure you know that whether you want to admit it) and now if you rule a nation, you can have “western” riches and use the economy as a piggy bank (like the former mayor of Detroit). Ethiopia was never colonized… they have had the same trouble as the other nations. Also, as we understand in western nations, out of control birth rate can cause extreme economic strain and famine when it overtakes death rate. In 1970, the average life span of a man in sub Saharan Africa was 35 years old. now, it is 60 (due to vaccines and western medicine brought by who…? The white man.)

    2.Why are the most powerful whites committing mass genocide against blacks and Africans via man-made, genetically-designed viruses (like HIV/AIDS and Ebola), manufactured tribal conflicts, and GMO-infected foods that cause long-term sterility and illness?

    Are you kidding me? I guess I could make up a similar lie like African slaves brought cancer the the US. Come on, get real. Also, see last line of previous question.

    3.And why are the vast majority of black images in TV, music, and film degrading images designed to infect us with a sense of inferiority, self-hatred, and anti-blackness?

    I don’t know, ask the black entertainers, better yet, the majority black population who buy their products. If there were no customers, they wouldn’t do it… simple economics. Fox news (the most racist news network) complains about the same things. Doesn’t that say something? Most rap labels today, for example, are run by black people (so don’t blame rich white guys)

    4.Last of all, why are they working so diligently to keep the vast majority of black and African people poor, ignorant, and uneducated?

    Once again, Fox news complains about the same. So do I. I don’t know why black people think that most of white America wants gangs, drugs, and violence in poor black neighborhoods (wait, after this site, maybe I do now… wink). Seriously though, I don’t like hearing about crime on the news, murders, etc. no matter who is involved. I don’t mind having black people in my neighborhood, as long as they are not troublemakers. There is no reason for white people to want black people to do bad. That is why our “white” government pours so much money into welfare, education reform, or anything to help. WE WANT BLACK PEOPLE TO BE SUCCESSFUL AND TO CONTRIBUTE TO A BETTER COUNTRY NO LESS THAN ANYBODY ELSE.

    Well, there it is. I guess I just don’t understand why there is such an attitude about these issues. I apologize if I offended, but it was written quick off the top of my head. I would just like to hear others’ thoughts.

    • anonymous says:


      There you are ABB. Might I suggest you read a bit more and educate yourself, and no ABB it is not our job to educate you. Do your own work and due deligence.

    • Timothy says:


      First, Sister Trojan Pam is a great black woman. She has shown the truth about the vicious system of racism/white supremacy. She has told people the truth in an excellent fashion with facts, history, sociology, statistics, and due diligence. I have a great amount of respect for her and I advocate what she advocates, which is the end of the system of racism/white supremacy and the establishment of total justice for all black people in the Earth.

      Also, Trojan Pam not only shows information on books and pictures, but stories, statistics, history, and other primary and secondary sources of information. She has written great books too. To compare Trojan Pam’s research to UFOs and Big Foot is beyond the pale. Sister Trojan Pam is not a racist as she doesn’t advocate hate of people based on skin color. She believes in justice for black people. Also, she doesn’t control the health care, the educational system, the courts, the police, etc. of the American nation. Black people collectively can never control the actions of every white person’s health care, job opportunities, court issues, etc. So, it is impossible for Sister Trojan Pam to be a racist. There were European terrorists who colonized Africa for economic purposes. They also used religion as a means for them to promote evil. Many Europeans used genocide against Africans like King Leopold being involved in the murder of over one million Congolese during the 19th century. Also, the Berlin Conference made it clear that European powers desired to carve up Africa while disregarding the ethnic diversity of Africa. Yet, these same European powers are still very involved in the political systems of many African nations today. European troops are in Mali and Niger. European corporations readily exploit the resources of Africa at the expense of the working class in Africa. American AFRICOM troops are in Africa too. Just because we live in the 21st century, doesn’t mean that white corporate people stopped their goal of exploiting Africa of its natural resources.

      There is no positive of European colonization at all. For the sake of my black ancestors, I will never say that it was positive for men, women, and children to be enslaved and to die. I will never say that it was positive for some infrastructure to exist in Africa at the expense of the deaths of millions of Black Africans. Africa can easily develop its infrastructure without European colonization. If Africa didn’t experience colonization, and normal trade existed without international slavery, Africa would be in much better shape today. Also, many Africans were educated for thousands of years before colonization. Africa is known for its great infrastructure in Mali, Songhai, Ghana Axum, and other African civilizations. The problem is that European imperialism harmed many infrastructures in Africa for centuries as documented in the book by Eric Williams’s book entitled, “Slavery and Capitalism.” Africans are fully capable of developing their own system as they did throughout human history. It is that many evil people came and conquered their lands unjustly. Whites are a small population, but they control the majority of the Earth’s political, economic, and social systems. In history, there are plenty of examples of the minority controlling the majority. Tribal feuds and the Maafa are 2 totally different things. Tribal feuds are never an excuse for European racist terrorism. Also, the tribal feuds in Africa lasted for temporary periods of time and never led to the psychological, economic, and social exploitation that many Europeans inflicted on Africans. Europeans are heavily involved in much of African violence. Europeans used apartheid methods in being violent against black Africans. Europeans were involved in the divisions among African ethnic groups. Also, Europeans have been caught sexually abusing Africans. Sexual abuse is a form of violence. South Africa is heavily funded by the IMF, World Bank, etc.

      So, the West has a big influence in many African nations even if the Prime Ministers or Presidents of these countries are black. Black people collectively should never be blamed for the conditions of poverty, and racism worldwide at all. The origin of these problems in the modern era are from the system of racism/white supremacy. Ethiopia was not colonized in the same fashion as other nations of Africa were, but Ethiopia was temporarily conquered by white Italians when they illegally invaded Ethiopia (during the 1930’s). Also, you are wrong to assume that Sister Pam doesn’t know that Africans enslaved Africans. Also, you omit that the Europeans organized the ships, the paths, the religious propaganda, the infrastructure, etc. of the evil Maafa. In other words, Europeans, not Africans originated, the Maafa and the international salve trade. Slavery existed worldwide, but black Africans suffered the worst form of slavery in human history as Africans were stripped of their religion, name, culture, ethnic bonds, and many families were split (and Africans were kidnapped and involuntarily traveled thousands of miles across the Atlantic Ocean into the Americas, etc.). Modern technology existed from black people and people of color. Many concepts from math, architecture, astronomy, etc. that some Europeans claim to invent when you go deep existed from black people and people of color. Europeans didn’t invent paper and rockets. So, life expectancy can increase without colonization. Western medicine originated from Africa as the first humans are black Africans.

      Many whites have committed genocide for a long time. They even committed genocide against Jewish people in the Holocaust, against the Congolese, against the Japanese etc. Many whites have promoted GMOs, viruses, etc. The U.S. document NSM 200 explicitly promotes population control against African and Third World nations. A white doctor from South Africa named Wouter Basson was convicted of heading a chemical and biological weapons program called Project Coast, which wanted to deliver a hidden contraceptive against many black people. Also, it is a fact that white racists have forcibly sterilized black people for decades in America. The Tuskegee Experiment is a fact too.

      It’s a known fact that Hollywood promotes racist and negative stereotypes about black men, women, and children. The movie Birth of a Nation, etc. promoted racist stereotypes and black people had nothing to do with it. Sony emails document the racism found in many Hollywood executives. Also, black people don’t control most rap labels or most Hollywood production companies. Most rap labels are controlled by select major corporations. No one here justify the actions of some black people who degrade themselves. Also, most people who buy rap records or consume TV in America are white people not black people. Reactionaries always blame black people instead of the real enemy, which is the 1 percent (who follows the agenda of racism/white supremacy).

      Many whites benefit heavily from the status quo. Tons of whites want black people to confirm to their own image of success, respectability, and tokenism. Black people shouldn’t be defined by whites’ social expectations of how we should act. Black people have every right to define their standards and to live their lives in an independent racism. No matter how much whites say that they want black people to act righteous, nothing will change unless racism and economic exploitation ends. Discrimination and injustice must be gone if change is to come and tons of whites don’t want a real conversation on race since that conversation will entail that whites must admit that white racism is still a serious problem in the world. White racism must end if solutions should come. Moral improvement is fine, but it’s not enough.

      There must be structural changes where the War on Drugs ends, where discrimination is abolished, and were black people are not scapegoated for every problem in the world. I don’t respect FOX News as it promotes racism, sexism, classism, etc. all of the time. Bill O’Reilly has said that if people want reparations, those people can go into Africa. Also, crime rates in the black community have declined overall in the past 3 decades in America. Some whites complain about black people all of the time while they ignore the crimes that many white people do. Also, welfare, etc. were created by the actions of working class people of many colors. Many of the same ones who lecture about welfare (which has been used by some as code to scapegoat black people) say nothing about oil depletion allowances, tax breaks for large corporations, the wealthy hoarding over 1 trillion dollars of taxpayers’ dollars, and other tax giveaways for the very welfare. White privilege is real too. So, to ignore white responsibility for many of the evils in the black community while blaming black people for every problem in the black community is racism. The real point is that black people have every right to expose white racism, to stand up for solutions, and to make the truth plain without apologies and without compromise.

      I dedicate this response to my black ancestors, to all black people in the world, and to the great black commenters here (they knew who they are like Courtney, Shanequa, Kushite Prince,etc.).

      • reality_check says:

        You just wasted all that time responding to this white poster. Know and understand two things:

        1. You can’t teach someone something that they ALREADY KNOW (i.e., whites know more about black people and our history than we do).

        2. You can’t wake someone up that is PRETENDING to be asleep (whites are acutely aware of racism).

        Blacks need to stop falling for the knee-jerk reaction of educating white people. Save the energy for those that can help you and yours advance.

        • Timothy says:

          @Reality check

          In retrospect, it was a waste of time. White racists are what they are.

          They are self serving, egoistical, immature, and irrational. They know the truth subconsciously and consciously, but they still want to promote anti-black lies.

          • Phazex_Female says:

            Good points, Brother Timothy!

            Very telling of white’s so-called “entitlement” are when statements like “We allowed/let you” or “we changed the ground rules/geographical map,” things such as these which immediately makes me aware that it still a matter or “control” with these sub-humans. Riddle me this, WHY is it a matter of whites having “control,” more over, “giving” others something because they “feel like” doing so?

            Unevolved they are not, “cunning and sly” they are.


            • Phazex_Female says:


              Evolved they are, as well as cunning and sly.


              • Timothy says:

                @Phazex Female

                They are truly sly. They or these white racists are not truly hue-man, so their genetics are filled with Neanderthal DNA. We are the original human beings. So, their jealousy of our human power is very transparent.

                You have made great points Sister. It doesn’t take much to refute white racists when their views are filled with distortions and lies. With the events in 2015 alone, no one can be naive. We are in a war for our lives as black people.

            • theodore says:

              so if we both live off a long dirt road in the country & i have gravles put down to improve the road’s integrity as well as my ease of travel. you would take offence on the guise that i am making efforts to control you? i would have graveled the road regardless of you living there because it is benefitial to me. had you been the one to improve our road i would be thankful, afterall, we both benifitted from it.

              the western medicine is a product of man’s desire for self preservation. roads & electricity are constructed & generated to benefit their creators. given that we are both human, we both benifit. again, infrastructure and modern medicine would have been just as previlent in their context if there where no native inhabitants to reap the benifits. i understand pride but you’re puuushing with that.

      • theodore says:

        as a 28 year old man, I am not responsible for the past. I don’t owe you anything. you owe me nothing either. i will give you the respect that man deserves as an equal.

        having said that, any man that dislikes any man of different ethnic background is exercising racism. doubly so when his loathing is based on huge generalizations.

    • Timothy says:


      P.S. I made one typo. I meant to write these words in my response:

      “…Black people have every right to define their standards and to live their lives in an independent fashion…”

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ ABB

      Since I have been writing and blogging and listening (and learning ) from some of the most perceptive, greatest black minds (like Dr. Welsing, Mr. Fuller, and the COWS program) I have learned three undeniable things about white people collectively:

      #1 — Black people are NEVER CREDIBLE unless they have been endorsed by a white person or the white system. Even when we are eyewitnesses to an event, our account of that event is never credible if a white person or the white system disagrees with it.

      That includes our true history which has been DOCUMENTED and VERIFIED by black scholars who have traveled throughout the world and have PRESENTED the physical evidence AND artifacts of our past.

      Yet, black people are expected to believe everything whites say about their history and accomplishments even when NO HARD EVIDENCE is presented.

      #2 –Whenever black people SPEAK OUR TRUTH about our mistreatment (which is an UNDENIABLE FACT unless you’re totally psychotic) at the hands of white people, we’re accused of “promoting racism and hate”

      Therefore, I have concluded that white people collectively are INCAPABLE of handling the truth about their history- both past and present — and RETALIATE by trying to “shame us” by calling us “racist” and “hateful” or will use the tired old saw about welfare when in reality, welfare was CREATED for white people AND there are more white people on welfare and food stamps today than anyone else in America. What a foolish statement to make your point)

      #3 — That it is a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME for black people to EVER debate the above issues with white people. Collectively, they are not interested in truth, they will respond with exaggeration and deception and falsehoods, and they are NOT remorseful for their sociopathic behavior against non-white people all over the planet.

      Your horrific lack of KNOWLEDGE about the (real) world, African history, and European history, — even basic economics and current affairs–makes a debate with you a complete waste of time.

      If you find this blog ‘hateful’ I suggest you find one more to your liking.

      • Timothy says:

        @Sister Trojan Pam

        I agree with you totally. It is what it is. We can show concrete evidence from black scholars galore and skeptics will still exist. The truth speaks for itself.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Timothy

          I doubt ABB will even respond.

          • Timothy says:

            @Sister Trojan Pam

            I have noticed that he hasn’t responded too. The egocentric mentality of many whites is very clear. I can only hope that more black people wake up. One thing about ABB’s words is that it’s total glimpse in the mentality of the white collective. ABB’s words are the exact views of many whites in private (even among the most “progressive” whites). Certainly, we want black liberation and we are in favor of the interests of our people.

    • Phazex_Female says:


      Is this why Europeans have shown epochs of racist behaviors? And have had CENTURIES to rectify these behaviors, yet have not? Yet Europeans have the unmitigated GALL to expect other racial groups to accept this? Everyone is NOT sleeping, believe that.

      Until your behaviors change, I see your “points” as moot and without much substance.

      “It is better to be thought a FOOL than to open your mouth and REMOVE all doubt.”

      And you did this beautifully.

      Power only respects MORE power. Enough said.

  16. Courtney H. says:

    @ Everybody:

    What do you think of these?

    • Timothy says:

      I have listened to both video.

      Harvey was correct in outlining the double standards of the situation.

      In this society, the value of whites lives are respected more by the establishment than the value of black lives. As Harvey has accurately said, there are no “Police Lives Matter” people coming to the side of these officers involving this incident. There are no FOX News hosts trying to defend the actions of these officers.The fact that they aren’t doing it shows that they want to maintain white privilege. Since a young white child was killed, then the police apologists are silent. If a black child was killed by the cops, then skepticism against the black child would exist (as it has existed with Tamir Rice). He has made very great points about racism and police brutality. When police brutality occurs against white people, then white reactionaries won’t talk about how police officers are given a bad rap. When black people are brutalized by polie brutality, then white reactionaries will readily demonize black victims. When a young white child is killed, then the media will blame the cops for it. As for this incident, we all express empathy. No child should be killed in this fashion. Likewise, we know tons of black kids being killed in a similar fashion as well. We want justice to be served. It has been found that Officer Glenowicz in Illinois has committed suicide, so these stories document that all cops are not infallible. The death of the child and of any innocent human life is a tragedy. We know how the system of white supremacy will degrade black human life at the expense of white privilege. So, both videos are educational and instructional.

      Thank you Sister for showing both videos.

      You’re a blessing. 🙂

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      Also, on another note, there is the story on the University of Missouri too.

      The struggle continues.

      Have a Great Day Sister.

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Brother Timothy:

        I have been watching the coverage of that, tto.

        More power to those young Brothers and Sisters. The struggle does continue.

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Courtney

          I agree with you Sister.

          I have been studying Missouri and the racism in the Midwest runs deep (like the Missouri Compromise and with the lynching of George Burke in 1899. Missouri was in the Union side during the Civil War, but confederate guerrilla terrorists did acts of terrorism in Missouri during the 1860’s) like in all regions of America. There is only about a little over 11 percent of the population of Columbia, Missouri being black people where the University is located. Also, we’re in solidarity with the Brothers and Sisters over there.

          Have a Great Day Sister.

          • Courtney H. says:

            @Brother Timothy:

            I just finished watching a C-SPAN call-in program about the Mizzou protests, and a lot of white supremacist’s were calling in, calling the protestorS liars, and accusing African- Americans of wanting to start a race war. Other callers noted white supremacist’s always resent it when we stand up for ourselves.

            There is this movie called “Ride with the Devil” that deals with the Civil War in Missouri.

            You have a great and blessed weekend, Brother. 🙂

            • Timothy says:

              @Sister Courtney

              Thank you for your words Sister.

              Yes, C-Span is known to allow white racist callers to spew their lies, their invective, and their evil hatred. Also, I’m glad that other caller were there to refute the racists’ lies. Missouri like every state in America has a long, bad history of racism and discrimination. There are black scholars and PhDs who said that in Mizzou that they have been the victims of racism and discrimination. That is a total injustice. The movie that you cited sounds interesting. My knowledge of the Civil War has improved over the course of one year. We will never back down. We, as black people, will continue to stand up and speak up for the truth and for justice.

              Have a Great and Blessed Weekend too Sister. 🙂

  17. kowaba says:


    Military Science Series Very interesting stuff!

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Kowaba

      The video is interesting Sister.

      As the video has states, we (as black people) are under attack everyday from white racism and other forms of injustices. The video is found in the 1990’s as he mentioned about the Clinton administration. The Clinton administration supported bad trade deals, the War on Drugs, the crime bill, imperialist policies, and welfare “reform” which harmed many in our black community. He talked about many issues from survival techniques that we can use as black people and from how evil the War on Drugs is. Rangel is from NYC and he has always supported the regressive policies from the War on Drugs. He talked about Jesse Jackson too.His point about people helping themselves is accurate. God gave people a mind, a body, and a soul, so humans can make the right decision. Therefore, God helps those who help themselves. The Muslim Brother certainly showed many great points on how we have to analyze information and develop strategies so we can solve our own problems. He also made a great point about how Black Africans migrated worldwide. Back thousands of years ago, Black Africans lived in Africa and migrated globally. Africans are the first humans on Earth.

      Thank you for showing the video Sister.

      • kowaba says:

        Hi Timothy,

        Thank you for watching the video and your comments. Yes! Black people need to be much more strategic and stop caring about other groups because we all know these other groups leave us high and dry. Have a good weekend!

        • Timothy says:


          Thank you for your commentaries. Yes, we should be more concerned with our people and not worried about how others view us. We know that many people hate us anyway. It is so much more liberating to help others and to build in our communities anyway. We should never care about the evil thoughts of white racists. Being strategic is always a necessity.

          Have a Great Weekend as well Sister. Bless You.

        • Timothy says:


          You are very kind person Sister. I respect you a lot.

      • Shanequa says:

        What this brother stated about Europeans is 100% percent correct they are very strategic when setting up their agendas. One message I like how he mention in his other videos when the time comes to fight we have no time trying to explain for the others trying to caught up. One thing I didn’t agree on in one of the videos was when he discuss that your racial background comes from your father to determine your race especially when dealing with a biracial child. If you have one non black parent you are biracial period.

        • Timothy says:


          Good Morning Sister.

          Yes, he is right that Europeans are very strategic. History then and now documents how European imperialism and the system of white supremacy has harmed the peoples of the world, especially black people. He is right that we live in a war. When our ancestors were kidnapped and carried into the Americas in chains centuries ago, then that was an act of war against our people. So, we must fight using all legitimate means possible (we know what those means are. That’s self explanatory. Those means include non violent actions, other strategies, and self defense if necessary to protect and defend ourselves, our families, and our communities). We are entitled, to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness plus justice. We are entitled to justice as a birthright. If one person has a parent who is black and another parent who is non black, then that person by definition is biracial. My philosophy is that any biracial person who is not in favor of black liberation (like some who tried to stop the courageous Haitian Revolution centuries ago) should not be allied with. Biracial people who are in favor of black liberation and are just living their lives in peace and if thy believe in justice, etc., then I don’t have a problem with them. As for us as black people, we are in this fight and we will continue to stand up for our convictions. We want the growth of black families and we believe in Black Love.

          Enjoy your Weekend Sister.

        • Timothy says:


          Yes, biracial people are not black people (with 2 black parents).

          I want to make that clear. 🙂

  18. angel9loveu says:

    Reblogged this on blog8057.

  19. theodore says:

    anglo-saxon began their sucess before 450ad as a migrating group of Germanics believed to range from 20.000 to 100.000 people. our refined culture is vast. how did we beat the britons the romans the scandinavians etc with such small numbers? better yet how do such magnificent societies go without any historical reverence? your culture is your responsibility. weather its the building of existing culture or spreading knowledge on historical achivment. failure to do so and subsequent generations only lose. the interest has to be there though.

    now i’m off to learn about these bygon entities.

  20. theodore says:

    additional thoughts;
    police have lied to bolster my charges. they have illegally searched me on multiple occasions. they have harrassed me and stepped on my rights at every opportunity. i have seen black correctional officers favor black inmates. so it happens to everyone, just not to the same extent. distancing yourselves from negative stereotypes will eventually pay off. exploit your intelligence. demonstrate to the opposition that your noggins contain just as much if not more grey matter.
    i have black relatives, my first kiss was from a black girl up the street. i can recall a lot of good memories as a kid with my black neighbors.since then a degridation in personability has progressed. now blacks ignore friendly smiles and avoid positive interaction though i will continue to say hello and hold a door open. i will fight for you as long as you accept me & as long as we are fighting to solidify a positive future. a world void of whites will never come to fruition. a world where blacks & whites are united against an overgrown govt thats oppressive to everyone below the upper class elite sounds do-able. best of wishes fellow humans.

  21. Phazex_Female says:

    “No surprises there!”


    April V. Taylor

    A recent New York Times report reveals that prosecutors in Shreveport, Louisiana exclude Black citizens from serving on juries three times more often than jurors of other races, a trend that researchers say is indicative of what takes place in other jurisdictions. This trend toward all-white or nearly all-white juries means that minority members of the population are less likely to go before a jury of their peers, as the law requires.

    Attorneys often use peremptory challenges to cull Black jurors from the roster, a tactic that does not require attorneys to provide any explanation for their actions unless they are directly accused of using race to make the decision. Other studies conducted in North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and other parts of Louisiana have yielded similar results. Even when attorneys are accused of using race, there is often a pre-existing list of race-neutral reasons they can use for challenging a specific juror.

    A state trial judge in North Carolina in 2012 uncovered a “cheat sheet” of such race-neutral reasons as “air of defiance” “arms folded” and a juror giving monosyllabic responses. Black people are already underrepresented in jury pools, and the use of peremptory challenges to cull Black jurors at a disproportionate rate is only exacerbating an already existing problem.

    The New York Times report of a study that examined the use of peremptory challenges in Caddo Parish found that only 35 percent of potential jurors in the 332 trials conducted between 2003 and 2013 were Black, with prosecutors using peremptory challenges to exclude 46 percent of potential Black jurors from serving.

    The same study also found that no defendants were acquitted when juries had two or fewer Black jurors. On the other hand, when juries had at least three black members, the acquittal rate jumped to 12 percent. Further highlighting the trend is the fact that juries with five or more Black members had an acquittal rate of 19 percent.

    The New York Times describes how this played out in the court room by stating, “Caddo Parish is 48 percent Black, and 83 percent of the defendants in the new study were Black. But the typical 12-member criminal jury had fewer than four Blacks on it.”

    In 93 percent of trials, a higher number of Black jurors were struck from cases than non-Black jurors, and peremptory challenges were used by Caddo Parish prosecutors against 46 percent of Black jurors while only being used 15 percent of jurors of other races.

    In addition to the use of peremptory challenges, the number of Black jury members is reduced by the fact that Black people are less likely to show up on jury lists that are drawn from voter registration records, less likely to show up when called, and more likely to qualify for exemptions because of felony convictions or hardship.

    As Gilad Edelman of the New Yorker summarizes, “Why do race-based peremptory challenges persist? Because race is an unfortunate but powerful basis for generalization. To state the obvious, Black people are more likely to have been targeted or abused by police; to be affected by the extreme racial disparities in arrests, incarceration and the death penalty; and to understand that crimes against Black victims are prosecuted less vigorously than those against whites. All things being equal, a prosecutor has reason to think that a Black juror is less likely to side with the government against a Black defendant than a white one.”

    Jury pools are another area that we as black folks should give serious thought to. Try to envision how many of our people have been unjustly “sent up the river without a paddle” and oftentimes from US because we just don’t have time or want to be bothered, we have no faith in our people, the system is rigged, why bother to contest and fight it? to he/she has a history of problems with the law, to just name a reason! We all KNOW what and how the so-called justice system operates. The bottom line is that WE ALL should become more cognizant when ANY of our people are in peril with the law. I can speak from my own experiences—from being selected from a large jury pool to grand juries. At one pre-trial, I had a lot of questions pertaining to the case at hand. So many in fact that I was asked “if I/we were picked, would I consider serving as forewoman? Ultimately, you guessed it! The prosecutor dismissed me. This was only just to give you all an illustration of how “nickel-slick” many of these representatives of the law (and not just lawyers) are.


  22. Shaneequa Rayray says:

    We wuz kings and shiiiet

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