Dr Paul Craig Roberts Talks About the Future of America

Posted: October 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

I am NO FAN of Alex Jones OR Info Wars. I believe he is a rabid race-monger (a racist) and cannot be trusted. However, I do find the opinions of Dr Paul Craig Roberts and his analysis of the economy, the U.S. government, and government officials very useful in understanding what is really happening around the world.

He has decades of experience working within the government and is speaking from firsthand experience. I strongly suggest those who want a better understanding of the economy and geo-politics to do a search for him on YouTube and to check out his website:


Here is the video that provoked this post:

What I disagree with (regarding Dr. Roberts) is that President Obama is making ANY decisions (he is a puppet just like former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton). Dr. Roberts seems to waffle back and forth on this issue.

I also believe that President Obama knew full well what his role would be as the “first black president” and IN FACT, was raised, trained, vetted and educated to assume a role that would deceive the people into thinking “a change” had come when IN FACT the same policies were renewed and expanded during his administration that began during the Bush and Clinton administrations.

Case in point is the TPP signed by President Obama that some describe as “NAFTA on steroids.”


As Robert Weissman, president of Public Citizen, says regarding the TPP (The TransPacific Partnership):

“So what we’re going to see coming out of this deal, if it goes through—and it’s not a done deal at all yet—but if the deal is finalized and enacted and implemented, we’re going to see an expansion of the NAFTA model. That means, in the United States, more export of jobs; more downward pressure on wages, especially in the United States and throughout the 12-country region; degradation of the environment and difficulties in imposing new environmental standards; increasing pharmaceutical prices; and the creation and expansion of special powers for giant—giant foreign corporations to sue governments when they take actions that the companies say would interfere with their expected profits.”


That being said, I do not hold President Obama responsible for the administration that bears his name because he is NOT in charge. He is simply the face on his administration, an attempt to scapegoat black people as being responsible for the crimes of a white supremacy system.

That is not the same as making excuses, it is simply a matter of recognizing the DIFFERENCE between the ones who WRITE the scripts versus the ones WHO ACT IT OUT. We must keep our focus on the people who have the power, not the ones who MIMIC power.

Despite Alex Jones’s participation and presence, I think this interview is an important opportunity for black people to challenge EVERYTHING we have been told about how government and presidencies actually work–and the truth about the political and economic times we live in.

I believe Dr. Roberts is one of the most accurate analysts of our current times.

if you find this information constructive PLEASE PARTICIPATE by sharing the link.

  1. Fan ... says:

    Governments, by their nature, are rotten and corrupt to the core!
    Of late, they are being EXTREMELY rotten and corrupt.
    Yurugu knows its time is running out so its trying to grab, by whatever means, legal or not everything it can. Its in its death throes, and it’ll try to take you down with it, if it can.

  2. Timothy says:

    @Trojan Pam

    Also, the XX2 has a lot of great information on the economy, government corruption, etc. I have no respect for Alex Jones (for his views on Trayvon Martin, on racial justice, and on his refusal to expose the system of white supremacy. He is a racist and a right wing extremists). Yet, it is important to know about the economy views of Dr. Paul Craig Roberts since he’s accurate that the economy is suffering very bad, we don’t need a further militarization of the police, and he’s right that we have a crisis with our human rights being violated by the actions of the government (which is not run by the people, but by the oligarchy who works for the system of white supremacy). The economy is very fragile. We see consumer incomes are declining. We see an increase of the profits of the 1 percent while the masses of the people struggle to maintain jobs. There is a high number of people who gave up on job searching. For decades, manufacturing jobs have been shipped overseas via bad trade deals, etc. Many of the same policies that existed in the Bush administration continued into the Obama administration. The Patriot Act and the NDAA are blatantly evil laws. This situation existed long before the 21st century.

    Also, the President is a puppet. He’s following order and as intelligent as President Obama is, he knows that he is being used as a puppet. The TPP is not only used to expand the power of the one percent. It is being used as a means to promote the Pivot of Asia agenda (which is about the US trying to encircle china via the usage of Asian nation proxies like South Korea, Vietnam, etc.). I don’t agree with Paul Craig Roberts on every issue. Yet, it is important to hear many voices, so our consciousness can grow. As black people, we love wisdom and truth. The truth can come to us from many sources of information. With the actions of Russia, the world has become more multipolar. Russia is now attacking ISIS and many rebel forces. The neo cons are extremists for even advocating that America must confront Russia (who defeated the Nazis and Napoleon) and China militarily. The war in Syria has been caused by the West and now the refugee crisis has existed. W should investigate things, critique the government, and fight for our human rights. We have every right to fight.

    Thank you for the information Sister.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Timothy

      It’s important that we expand our understanding beyond the borders of the U.S. because the upcoming events will affect all of us. I strongly suggest people educate themselves about the TPP.

      • TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:

        @ TrojanPam and Timothy

        I must say I find this information is frightening to say the least, but very necessary to know and understand. I’ve read a little about the TPP and it doesn’t sound good at all. I certainly have given up on finding a job in the last 2 months because as hard as I worked (just finished my Masters in 2013) it seems I can’t get a job and I’m finding that this is the situation of a lot of people. There’s people with years of education and experience ( more than I have) complaining that they cannot find a job. It just shouldn’t be hard to find a job especially with 2 degrees and some experience. In addition, I have student loan debt as you all know is the biggest debt within the U.S. right now. I’m paying some of that off now, but it still is hard cause I don’t have a job to pay more on the loans like I want to. Then I have a special needs child and that may make it hard for me to work cause a lot of employers are not sympathetic to families and parents with special needs children; they just don’t care that we need to work and work on a more flexible schedules than families and or couples with non-special needs children..Working and raising children is hard, but working and raising a special needs child has its extra challenges. I want to start my own business, but that’s hard to do right now cause of my daughter’s temporary home-based school schedule which allows me not a lot of time to do anything. My only income is my daughters SSI and Child Support. All I can do right now is pray for a financial breakthrough and or everything get back to normal so that I can start my business. *sigh* Do you all have any solutions and or suggestions (or links with suggestions and or solutions) as to what unemployed persons can do at this time to prepare?

        • Timothy says:

          @ TheOriginalBlackWoman13

          I appreciate your words Sister. Yes, the TPP has many imperfections. Your story is not alone. There are many black men and black women (with outstanding qualification, certification, degrees, etc.) that struggle in finding a job. In fact, stats show that a white person with a record have a greater chance of getting a job than some black people without a record. Yes, the student loan is really huge. I will give some suggestions. One is that you can call the financial office and ask for a deferment or forbearance (that is about you delaying payment of your student loans for a few months by basis of an emergency). Also, you can go to your local or state employment office and ask them for job opportunities by virtue of your situation. You can also try to apply for unemployment insurance programs and call agencies to help you out. You can call local, state, and federal agencies to help you. Also, there are various Internet sites where you can apply for jobs. One site is Total Jobs (dot) com, Monster (dot) com, JustJobs (dot) com, etc. Also, you can ask your relatives for help and assistance. I hope that you find these suggestions useful. Like always, we want you to have a job and we want more blessings to come your way.

          Also, Bless you Child Sister. 🙂

          God Bless You Sister.

          • TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:


            Thanks, bro. I appreciate your feedback and suggestions. I will be checking into them ASAP.

            • Timothy says:


              You’re Welcome Sister.

            • Courtney H. says:

              @ Sister TheOriginalBlackWoman13:

              I know what it is like to look for a job with qualifications and experience. However, I do not know what it is like to have a special-needs, so I will not say I understand how you feel, because I do not. I am very sorry about the situation you are in.

              I read the advice that Timothy, Trojan Pam, and others have given you. It is all good advice that I agree with. May God bless you, and good luck in your job search and childcare.

          • Shanequa says:

            A white person in general with/without a degree or criminal record will still be hired before a black person with no question ask. What’s a handicap toward us not “getting or being” accepted is our skin color. I didn’t want to sound harsh but that is the real reality.
            Back in the day during the 1960’s & early 1970’s it was much easier for college graduates to pay off there student loans, in the late 1970’s college tuition began to rise and has continue to this day. The high cost of education has pass the cost of living & medical expenses. The US government has made it much more easier to attend college with various student loan programs available but it brought a rising cost of higher education by lending to easily. The degrees that were sought after that had great impact on your financial life has become less valuable due to such higher number of college graduates.

            • Timothy says:


              The student loan crisis is a serious problem. One of the reasons for this crisis is because of the stagnant wages in America since 1980’s (as qualified people have no choice but to get low wage jobs because of the capitalistic, exploitative economic system). Median household income has increased in a minor fashion as compared to tuition, which has skyrocketed. In the age of austerity, we see the decline of Pell Grants being invested in education. In 1980, the maximum Pell grant covered 69 percent of the cost of tuition, fees, and room and board at a public four-year college. By 2010, the largest Pell grant would cover only 34 percent. Also, racism and discrimination are prevalent in society. Black people will have lesser job opportunities than white people in general. That is true. Also, before the 1950’s, student loans were rare. Today, we have Sallie Mae who made huge profits at the expense of the growth of student loans. With the shift of jobs overseas, there has been another issue too.

              That is why I do advocate for the youth to get degrees and jobs on STEM fields since STEM fields have existed throughout human history. Human endeavors will involve STEM fields in the present, and the future (as we do need plumbers, engineers, construction workers, scientists, computer specialists, etc.). The student loan debt is over 1 trillion dollars. We spend billions in imperialism overseas. The top 160,000 families are worth more than $20 million each and we have large corporations hoarding 2 trillion dollars. So, we can find ways to solve this problem (both politically and economically), but the one percent and the system of racism/white supremacy refuse to solve this problem because of obvious reasons.

              You have shown many excellent points. Thank you for your insights Sister.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ TheOriginalBlackWoman13

          I’m saddened to hear about your situation. These are difficult times, especially for black people regardless of education and experience. Timothy offered some good advice, to seek out financial assistance (food stamps, rent subsidies, etc), and programs for employment and training for new careers and trades. Also there are charitable organizations that hire people (like Goodwill, etc) who are unemployed.

          What I suggest to EVERYONE is to get a TRADE in a field where there are jobs available. Do not send your children to college if they are going to come out WITHOUT a marketable SKILL or TRADE. If degrees are important to them they can go back to college AFTER they get a trade and a JOB.

          A trade allows you to work for others AND for yourself if need be. And I strongly suggest (and I hope this isn’t offensive) to not get caught up in having degrees. I think education is a GRAND thing. I greatly admire those who put forth the time and effort. However, sometimes after people have invested time and money in getting a bachelor’s or master’s, etc, they feel demeaned if they have to work below their level OR feel they want the employers to know how educated they are.

          There are employees who will shun overqualified people so I wouldn’t tell them everything if the job does not require a master’s. That’s something that can be revealed LATER if need be.

          Also, a CDL driver’s license and training can qualify you to drive buses, small and large trucks, and other vehicles that fall under that category. Training can usually be done within a 30 day period. It’s another OPTION that makes you more employable. I know of people who are making upper five figures because of this license–male AND female. Just a thought.

          Lastly, do not lose hope. Being unemployed in this economy is NOT a reflection of your worth as a person. It is simply the times we live in.
          Think about — as you have indicated — what kinds of self-employment/businesses offer products and services that PEOPLE NEED. I strongly suggest against starting a business based on a hobby if that is not something in demand

          for example, I know people who like clothes so they open a clothing store. Makes no sense (to me) if major chain clothing stores are shutting their doors. I know people that sell (overpriced) cosmetics and jewelry — which makes no sense (to me) if Walmart and Target and other stores aren’t selling as much cosmetics and jewelry as much as they used to.

          Find something people NEED or WANT even during hard times unless you have access to an affluent clientele (which is an entirely different ball game)

          Bottom line, be realistic about your situation and the economy and what you are able to do. And keep in mind no matter how bad things may get there will always be people making money. I hope you’re one of them!

          • Shanequa says:

            Trojan Pam

            You made several valid points that I’m glad you touch on in your comment. For many years black people have been taught & feed the “American Dream” of go too college, get a degree, and find a good paying job or career. Once we freshly graduated from college many of us can’t find jobs in our field of study or for a entry level position there only hiring people with experience with most of these job positions. As you stated earlier about getting a trade in a field, then go back to college if a degree is needed, some of us was never taught that information about getting a trade. We were always taught that a college degree was more important. So many black people with college degrees don’t know how or don’t have the resources too build a independent job for themselves.
            I have seen many black people start their own business but in most cases it’s usually hair salons, restaurants, clothing boutiques, bookstores, grocery store and the new trade now is selling hair extensions in our communities. Yes, these black own businesses are making money if they have a steady clientele but that can eventually change according how the economy goes. Furthermore too many of us opening businesses in the same categories but nothing new for example like a electronic company.

        • anonymous says:

          Dr. Boyce Watkins has some good information. If you can do any kind of crafting maybe try starting an Etsy business. Diary of A Negress might be able to give you some advice? Anyway, good luck.

        • Phazex_Female says:

          When I was in college, I had an informal business where I did creative writing for cards for different occasions. At that time, I also held a minor in English Literature which helped a lot.
          We all have talent, we just have to tap into it and utilize it. My penmanship, without the use of a pc, etc. was always great. Illustrations? Eh, not so good. However, I had a number of “go to” people that helped me immensely. But the creative writing aspect was good. The bottom line was word of mouth and that I made money doing personalized cards. It did not make me a millionaire…lol! But it did help with college expenses to get through. Today, although I am in another field, I still enjoy writing for family, friends, etc.

          Just a thought and suggestion! Be well in ALL of your endeavors, Sista.


      • Timothy says:

        @Sister Trojan Pam

        I agree with you Sister.

  3. anonymous says:


    I wanted to share this information with all of you. I hope you all will find it useful.

    • Timothy says:


      Thank you for showing the information. Yes, the government didn’t end their illegal, unjust monitoring of activists with COINTELPRO. We want people to be free and we reject any attempt by any government entity who uses trolls in trying to disrupt discussions. That is why I believe that many of the white racist Internet trolls are not only corporate heads, but those with connections with the intelligence community.

      • anonymous says:

        Thanks Timothy,

        I hope that this information gets shared. It really hurt me when one of my favorite bloggers was catching hell from a troll who I strongly suspected was a government agent. I spent a little time looking at the power point diagrams included in the article I listed and in terms of what they do and why, it’s pretty eye opening. I am glad that this information is being exposed. Presumptive Programming, Bernaise, ( Sigmund Frued’s nephew)…it just goes on and on. The “Powers that be” the more control they attempt to exert over us, the more it is obvious how afraid they are of us. Sad that The Matrix we live in is so created to be a dystopian and fearful place controlled by wicked depraved people .

  4. Sharon53 says:

    Hopefully, this not too off-topic but I wanted to share this article by Dr. Boyce Watkins that I thought was a good article.

    • Timothy says:


      Hello Sister

      I have read Dr. Boyce Watkins’ words about controlling our destinies as black people. We live in a Matrix of the system of white supremacy. The evil system thrives not only on economic exploitation and racism. It thrives on the self-hated of many black people and people of color. We are totally against white racism. We want to eliminate racism. Also, as Dr. Watkins has stated, we can’t be free by appealing to the sensibilities of white racists. White racists by their very existence refuses to appeal to logic, compassion, and human dignity. We should develop our autonomous power base. I have been hearing more black people talking about independent infrastructure and autonomy. These are many of the things that we are fighting for. That means that poor and working class black people have to organize into the next level in addressing the needs and aspirations of our people. It means that we are in solidarity with African Diaspora organizations. Solutions have to come in the grassroots level too. One of the ways to promote mental transformation is to tell the truth about the vitality and the beauty of Blackness to black children. Also, we have to address poverty as many innocent people suffer poverty via discrimination, job layoffs, economic injustice, payday loans, etc. In that sense, we have to help the poor. We are a very creative people and that is why many whites want our genetics, our bodies, and our minds literally. We want to be liberated as black people. We should never let white people control our destinies. We control our own.

      • theodore says:

        you generalize. not everyone shares the same values. further more the elitest 1% who care only for money see all of us as plebians. black white green red, all candidates for brainwashing. so far they have been sucessful. republicans may appear to be the bad guys, but it was democrats who where lynching blacks as well as republicans. people take for granted the diversity that makes us that much more interesting as individuals of different backgrounds. ostrasizing from society is what these globalists want. the more hatrid amongst the people, the easier they fall. the easier it becomes to control them. highest regards fellow human.

    • Courtney H. says:

      $ Sister Sharon:

      Thank you for the link! It’s a very interesting article!

  5. Sharon53 says:

    Here is a good video I wanted to share by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing I wanted to share:

    • Timothy says:


      That was a great video from Sister Dr. Frances Cress Welsing.

      Dr. Frances Cress Welsing said what needed to be said. She told the truth that we have to discuss issues of race and the system of white supremacy in order for solutions to transpire. WEB DuBois was right to mention that the problem of the 20th century would be the problem of the color line. Marcus Garvey was also right to show an appreciation and love of Africa. So, Dr. Welsing gave a great outline of information. On of her greatest points is about us reading. Reading increases intelligence and it can inspire people to develop concrete political analysis and other methods for change. She made another great point about the dominant genetic power of black melanin. We have to know ourselves, respect ourselves, and respect our people. There should be the development of networks of power in our communities, so we can grow. We know that oppression is international. That is why we should learn more about black Brothers and Sisters in the Caribbean, Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, etc. so we can form bonds of solidarity with our people internationally. So, a comprehensive approach is needed. We need a grassroots community plan. We need a program. Without a program, without strategies, etc. nothing happens. We want to be liberated and we have to confront capitalist exploitation. We are motivated by love and we will fight back against evil. Good is better than injustice and we want justice.

  6. Shanequa says:

    The Nation of Islam leader Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated in his 1965 book “Message to the Blackman in America” that the American dollar is losing value & the country is in debt. Furthermore he mention if America every get a black president he will be the employee following orders from the boss. America as I should call it the “European Empire” is at its end an we’re watching it deteriorate before our eyes.

    London Bridge is falling down,
    Falling down, falling down.
    London Bridge is falling down,
    My fair lady

    London Bridge is broken down,
    Broken down, broken down.
    London Bridge is broken down,
    My fair lady.

  7. Dina Char says:

    Yurugu knows its time is running out so it’s trying to grab, by whatever means, legal or not everything it can. It’s in its death throes.

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