A Follow-Up to A Dr. Frances C. Welsing Moment

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A NY Times article in 1910 about the Union of Black Mothers and White Fathers Will Bring About Negro Elimination”

It’s obvious that some white supremacists do not believe IR sex will eliminate whites — they believe it is just the reverse. It is also more proof that the white supremacists have been fretting AND planning our genetic extermination for a long time.  I am not saying the “theories” in this article are logical or biologically correct but found it an interesting piece to add to the discussion.

(amalgamation means to combine)


1910 NY Times Article about BW marrying WM


  1. GemGirl says:

    There is no “Negro” problem, as this article states. Racists are the problem people.

  2. Rose Harrell says:

    So they encourage those unions because they know those mutated offspring will whiten us out of existence.

  3. joe says:

    I find it crazy that even when u show proof, ppl still dont believe u. Thats been hard for me to wrap my brain around. Great post as always. Thanks for all ur hard work

  4. reality says:

    They’ve been working hard to get rid of us for a very long time.

    • Alicia says:

      which is why socially I do not allow myself to be around them. they are HATEFUL in general, not all, but the vast majority and seek to hurt, destroy and break!

  5. Trojan Pam says:

    @ All

    In that article it was stated that there was “danger in the reverse conditions” — (black male/white female)

    I believe the main reason they proposed white male/black female unions at first was the FATHER figure in a family in a male-dominated society during the early 1900s was the one in charge

    therefore they needed the WHITE MALE in charge of the non-white child to “mold” him or her into the person most useful to the system — a white-identified person

    And even then, in the 1900s, the BLACK MALE was still the dominant person in the household so a child born to him would most like be molded by him


    something happened to change that thinking during the latter part of the 20th century into the 21st.

    And now it appears that it is MORE USEFUL to have a black male father a child with a white female and that is why they are pushing it.

    What are they saying to us by pushing this programming in the midst of homosexualizing the black male and disenfranchising the black male and EMPOWERING THE WHITE FEMALE who is rising up the educational and corporate ladder the fastest?

    Who will be most likely to control the upbringing of that non-white child?

    Take a wild guess…

    • Shanequa says:

      @ Trojan Pam
      “And now it appears that it is MORE USEFUL to have a black male father a child with a white female and that is why they are pushing it.”

      One thing I notice in the article it was written in 1910, but during that time not that many black women were running to be in the arms of white men they were more likely running away from them. The black community had a low percentage of black women that tried to have relationships with white men but it was rare back then. Fast forward to 2015 you will see that white supremacy have had their hands in black men & women relationships which made our black union dysfunctional. Right now I can see black women running to white men or non black men because the media is constantly telling us to date outside their race as well as other negative images it has on our people. To be honest the media has been pushing a interracial relationship agenda with black women for the longest since we are least likely to date outside our race.

      You also mention
      “What are they saying to us by pushing this programming in the midst of homosexualizing the black male and disenfranchising the black male and EMPOWERING THE WHITE FEMALE who is rising up the educational and corporate ladder the fastest?

      Who will be most likely to control the upbringing of that non-white child? ”

      Affirmative action has always benefit white females to rise up more in the educational & corporate ladder but I also wonder the class status that these black men are in especially if unemployment rate for black males are high. In the urban areas I have seen single parent white females or non black females with their biracial children but in most cases the children will have a black partner. I do notice in these cases it does be an identity crisis with the biracial child especially when choosing sides most of the time they lean more to the non black family.

      • Timothy says:


        You have made many great points Sister. Back then during the early 20th century, there hasn’t been the promotion of IRs in the level that exists today. TV propaganda has always promoted the lie that IRs are superior to Black Love. Many in the younger generation has not only increased IRs, but many of them even support non-blacks calling them the N word in some instances. It is very troubling. We certainly live in a time where wages are stagnant, unemployment rates are high (especially in poorer community), and the prison industrial complex has ruined so many lives of black men and black women. The media, and other evil people have promoted tensions and hatred between black men and black women. This should end now. Not to mention that we have an epidemic of police terrorism in our communities with victims like Tamir Rice, Aiyana Jones, Sandra Bland, etc.

        You’re right on affirmative action. Affirmative action existed in the modern age during JFK’s Presidency. LBJ and Nixon has promoted it. White women has benefited mostly from it. Even the black people who have benefited from affirmative action are limited in number and exist primarily from the middle and upper class (not the poor primarily). The Supreme Court could get rid of it soon. Some people underestimate the racism found in many white women. Some people believe in the myth that just because a white person is a woman, that she has less racism than white men. Biracial people constantly go through confusion of their identities and some feel like they have dual loyalties or loyalty to black people or white people. That is why true black solidarity is important to advance.

        • Shanequa says:

          @ Timothy I agree with you 100%. Furthermore, I really do enjoy reading your comments especially Kushite Prince as well. One thing I notice especially you being a black male you take in consideration the black women’s experience with racism & you don’t annoy our problems. When there’s any issues that involves black women’s problems, I have heard from several black men that we are the cause of the issues at hand then we as black women are left trying to find solutions. I like how in your comments you bring facts to backup everything you stated. In the black community we have too many of people more concern with black men issues rather then being concern with both the black men & women issues without being one sided.

          • Timothy says:


            Thank you for your words Sister.

            At the end of the day, no liberation can come about unless black men and black women are liberation. I will keep on using historical facts and statistics to outline my views. It is obvious that many people want to falsely scapegoat black women for the prison industrial complex, for economic inequality, for struggling schools, and other evils. That is wrong and that slander should be repudiated thoroughly. Black women have shown great strength to stand up for black men. Misogynoir is totally repugnant. We, as a people, are attacked in America, Colombia, Brazil, and throughout the Earth by reactionary extremists and racists. There is an agenda of Hollywood and other media entities to downplay and bash Black Love while glamorizing IRs or dysfunctional relations in the black community (as shown in reality TV shows, many dramas, etc. As other great people here has mentioned, this battle is not just battle in the physical realm. It is a spiritual battle too. Our emotions, our actions, our thinking, etc. must be in focus to uplift, promote, and defend the interests of our black people. There are many strong black men and strong black women who have stood up for the truth, oppose oppression, and seek a better life for our communities. A solution will be have to be done collectively in our community.

        • Alicia says:

          Your post made me recall some patterns from my youth. As a child, yes, as a CHILD growing up in a white area, my worst (under-handed, cruel) racism came from White women. Although I had alot of nice white women in my life, living in an all white area, from what I recall, it was the women ( not girls or teens) but white adult women who were the most mean and racist. They weren’t out with it like latinos or others are, it was more like targetting me or punishing me for weird things or trying to malign me. I didn’t realize what was going on because I was in an all white area and the kids around me were all nice. My mother had to move me out of the area and as I got older she told me the reason was because the white women in charge kept punishing me and targetting me for no reason and my mother felt it was racism.

      • Mariama says:


        It is so disheartening to me that our people can’t see the mind games that the media uses against us. I really do feel a sense of betrayal when I see particular black men getting on the bandwagon and attacking us. If you want to date a white woman, do so. What I resent is some black men making excuses to do so and blaming black women for all their downfalls. I feel sorry for the young and innocent and impressionable black women who don’t understand the satanic agenda behind this. Our people have become so weak.

        • Shanequa says:

          @ Mariama
          I agree with you.

        • 4daluvofblackwomen says:

          The black males who do that are a small minority. My question to you is why do you dwell on what a small minority of powerless males say? It is the people in charge to blame!!!

        • Alicia says:

          I didn’t realize until I was in my 30’s. That the media is a tool of white supremacy and much of what is spreads is lies and negativity. Notice that the white media tends to CELEBRATE black celebrity males that are with non-black women. I mean like CELEBRATE it! no one else notices that?

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Shanequa

        the media is programming black males AND females to shun each other. That far too many of us are confused enough to start doing speaks of our collective conditioning and psychological poor health. We clearly do not see the handwriting on the wall as to where this DISUNITY is going to lead us. Dr Welsing compared it to the time period where Jews were at their highest rate of intermarriage with Germans JUST BEFORE they were led into the concentration camps.

        Our people clearly do not believe fat meat is greasy. I pray we do not wind up choking to death on it.

        And yes, most of the biracial children i have seen (and i live in a very dense urban city) are the offspring of black males with non-black females and MOST of the time these females appear to be single parents (not saying the black males aren’t in the picture, I have no idea about that)

        but considering MOST IR unions don’t result in marriage then I must assume MOST of these children are NOT the byproduct of a marriage. And I’ve been told by countless black males that the white females get rid of them after the child is there. Which makes you wonder about the REAL agenda behind the white females to seek to breed with the black male OR seek to adopt black children (which are usually brown and dark skinned black males).

        Is it that they are breeding and adopting their OWN BLACK ADVOCATES for the system of white supremacy, meaning they will need more foot soldiers and there will not be enough white ones in the future? Yes, whites are dying out, there is no disagreement there

        but what STRATEGIES are they employing to keep the “numbers” they need to maintain this system?

        Is it by breeding bi-racial advocates who are grossly white identified and black hating?

        Is it by adopting black children and training them to be white-identified?

        and is it by programming black males and females to dislike each other and reduce the odds that we will breed more black children and build stable families and communities?

        Or is it by programming the black masses to embrace HOMOSEXUALITY and helping that along by overdosing our food with hormones?

        I say ALL OF THE ABOVE.

        • Shanequa says:

          @ Trojan Pam
          Here is a comment that TheOriginalWoman13 post on the thread about Dr Cress Wesling

          “Those are some very interesting observations you’ve made. So I guess they need “pure” Black boys to really carry out their plan in Black genocide. I guess they figure they can easily get in the head of the boys since sadly many Black males continuously fall for the white beauty standard myth. How evil and sinister of them! And that brings me to this observation; notice how it seems that most biracial girls and or women date, marry, procreate with mostly Black men and boys.”

          Here is my reply to her statement
          “So I guess they need “pure” Black boys to really carry out their plan in Black genocide.”

          Your statment brought something to my attention. In order for these European women plan to carry out their agenda for black genocide & to build the Europeans race they will need Black African women help as well to reproduce more dark skin black males. Since European women are going after brown to dark skinned black men they would need the help of black women because they are the only ones to produce these types of men in those colors. I rarely do see a non black women with light skinned or biracial men. When these white women adopt they will always try to adopt a dark skinned black male or a biracial females but dark skinned black females are the ones they least likely to adopt.

          • TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:

            @ TrojanPam and Shanequa

            As I think about the conclusions drawn here about the real agenda, “to produce a more melanated, genetically powerful white race,” “and to use Black Males (young and old) as the primary targets to carry out this plan” It comes to mind how so many Black males really think that white and non-black women of color really do “love and desire the brothas” and brag to Black Women about how “nobody wants us.” It’s not about Black Men’s supposed “sexual prowess” or “level of attractiveness or sexual desirability” to these women; it’s ALL ABOUT THE DNA! Sometimes when I think about this, I can’t help but laugh and shake my head, not because it’s funny, but it’s just soooo sad and pitiful at how these black males run around with their chest sticking out thinking they are being revolutionary. The white supremacist must be having some gooood laughs.

            • TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:


              I have a comment awaiting moderation because I sent you a link to my other (new) blog and I also sent you a link to the article you asked for.

            • Alicia says:

              I wonder if its also about white supremacy. They think it’s natural for black men to want them and to further an agenda or white supremacy, it’s more acceptable to them.

            • Trojan Pam says:

              @ TheOriginalBlackWoman13

              I understand what you’re saying, TheOriginalBlackWoman13, and I am also guilty of having the same feelings, and have told many a black male IN PERSON how black males are being played in every possible way by racist woman (taking their sperm and their money and what little piece (and peace) of mind they have left after growing up in this system,

              Like the BM married to a Kardashian who is so pumped up on drugs and so disrespected by his racist white wife, that he almost killed himself with an overdose after spending $50,000 in one night at a white man’s WHORE HOUSE.

              And there is one casualty after another — black males AND black females– because we DO NOT UNDERSTAND the system of white supremacy and how SEX is used as a weapon against us.

              We are all being fooled. Look at how the brothers laugh at us behind our backs as we fall for the MOVIE and TV hype that black women are in “vogue” for today’s white male. Look at how they portray us on TV and movies and commercials having SEX (not making love) with various white males. With a few exceptions EVERY Halle Berry movie AFTER she won the Oscar has been a role as a “white man’s whore.”

              And black females are proudly flocking to “Scandal” as though this TV program indicates “progress” for today’s black female and what role does the main female character play?

              A successful, educated WHITE MAN’S WHORE

              And what about “How to Get Away with Murder.” TV show where the educated, successful black female is a dsyfunctional all around whore for white males, bi-racial males engaged to a white female and NOW, a white female.

              AND that’s why I do this blog because black people are sustaining catastrophic casualties and we don’t stop the bloodshed, our future doesn’t look very bright.

          • Alicia says:

            You bring up an interesting point. It seems like dark-skinned black men are more accepted among Whites than dark-skinned black women.

        • Alicia says:

          Your post brings up an interesting point. White women are just as, and sometimes MORE, racist than white men ( I say sometimes MORE because there have been times white men have hired me that some white women on the job couldn’t stand it – very hateful).

          Yet, White women are not shy about dating, marrying or having kids with a black man. I mean when black men say “white women are nice or nicer”, I totally cannot relate. They are often miserable and mean and RACIST! I wonder if they easily get with a black male that approaches them for some underhanded reasons.

          I know I’m not the only one who finds it odd. They probably expect and want black men to pursue them and feel more wanted than a black woman.I know White men like pushing a black man/white woman agenda in the media and elsewhere for “white supremacy”, I wonder if White women too. hmmm!?!?

    • Alicia says:

      I personally feel White supremacists push a black male/white female agenda to malign black women as well. The minds and desires of these people are CRUEL. They seek to harm and hurt and maligning is a major way they do it. Homosexualize/push black men onto white women and turn to hurt black women. They want us vulnerable, alone, hurting, maligned and unable to get any support as they do what they will with us(hurt us, treat us as victims, make us feel like crap) all because they need to hurt others to feel good about themselves.

      We live in a sick, cruel world!

  6. Timothy says:

    Excellent Points.

    It is obvious that the racists have plotted our erasure for a long time. The modern Eugenics movement (which was cultivated by white racist Europeans and white racist Americans. In fact, the U.S. eugenics movement influenced the Nazi movement. The Nazis believed in eugenics) itself is proof alone that they wanted to use sterilizations, IRs, etc. as a way for them to try to stop the power of black people.

  7. Providence says:

    Trying to “whiten” a population is nothing new. Whites concocted this idea to whiten all of Latin America. Brazil, Argentina and Dominican Republic have a well-documented history of their white leaders granting free land, resources, etc, to ANY european who would come within its borders and in turn encourage them to intermarry the majority Black populations (which the largely were at that time). Now you can barely find Black ARgentinians and the “brown people” you see in Brazil and DR are largely a result of those policies — although Brazil still remains largely Black today. Australia had the well-documented “stolen generation” a time when Aboriginal children were stolen from their homes in the Outback and sent to live as servants among white families in the cities, in hopes to assimilate them and promote eventual miscegenation, to eliminate the “Aborigine problem”. Same ish, different day…

    • Shanequa says:

      @ Providence
      Since your statement is talking about South America colorism is really bad there. I heard that if a black person is the same skin color as Gabrielle Union or darker with “good hair” wavy, curly or straight they are consider white because of their hair texture. What’s even worse in Brazil when most of the dark skinned Brazilians man or woman when they become financially stable they marry non black Brazilians because it means progress to them.

      • Providence says:

        @Shanequa — yep! The United States may have its problems, but I almost feel that its Black citizenry is probably the most powerful throughout the Black Diaspora, in terms of shaping and driving the Black narrative. I think this is b/c Black Americans are very much “Black-identified”, even many mixed ones. The one-drop rule, which was meant to humiliate Black Americans, in turn unified them, unlike Black Latin Americans, in which the 1-drop is JUST the opposite. Now look how confused they are… so sad.

        If you notice now, they are trying to get rid of 1-drop rule. Obama who would have been considered “Black” with no question, is now our first “biracial” president, gimme a break….. and of course its these annoying WW who are pushing this “biracial” agenda.

        • Timothy says:


          I have read many articles where many Afro-British people admit that many African Americans are black identified or want to show an overt emphasis on being Black. The Black Power movement of the 1960’s (filled with the Black Panther Party, DRUM, etc.) didn’t exist out of thin air. It existed, because people want to counteract the lie that whiteness is the goal that we should aspire to be. We should aspire to love ourselves and love our black people. Many of us black Americans love our Blackness and are rather overt in promoting our interests as black people. I read where many Latin American nations have dozens of classifications of race. In America, we have dealt with slavery, Jim Crow, and other events that showed us how evil white racism is. There is also a strong Afro-Brazilian movement in Brazil. One hero of Brazil is Benedita Da Silva, who is one of the greatest political activists in the Americas of our generation. The white supremacists act globally in trying to show lies and propaganda against our people. That is why I do research about the African Diaspora and I support Diaspora groups who want liberation for black people.

          • Providence says:


            That’s right. I’m annoyed with Blacks in the Diaspora, be they Africans, Blacks in Europe and throughout Latin America, and to a lesser extent the Caribbean, who are NOT Black-Identified, they are ________(insert ethnicity/tribe/nationality here). They claim they don’t see themselves as a “race” or “color” but just about everything else (I’m Yoruba, Nigerian, African…) something to that effect. But BLACK? They’re reluctant to say the word, IF at all…. Surprisingly, from some of the lectures I’ve watched with Dr. Runoko Rashidi, Black groups in India (Tamils and Dravidians) and Aborigines are very much Black-identified. They even have Black Panthers groups there!!!!!! As a Black Nationalist, this gives me hope 🙂

            • Timothy says:


              It is great that you have mentioned that since I heard about the Tamil Panthers before. There was an Aboriginal civil rights movement in Australia too. It is sad that some people in the African Diaspora want to consider themselves a nationality instead of being Black. Our ancestors were terrorized by European terrorists and we have the right to throw off the chains of mental colonialism, so we can be truly free. When I was a kid, I looked at the literature from Dr. Runoko Rashidi (who wrote so much literature on Egypt, Songhai, and other civilizations in the world where black people were involved in). He is certainly an inspiration. There are freedom fighters globally who are opposed to tyranny. Our Blackness is very powerful. Black resistance to evil is always holy. Yes, Black is Beautiful. 🙂

              • Providence says:


                I like this: “Black resistance to evil is always holy. Yes, Black is Beautiful.”

                HOLY, HOLY, HOLY indeed. AND righteous. People got it twisted. The Most High HONORS those have righteous anger towards evil (RWS). May he strengthen all those who resist and fight injustice. Amen.

            • sparkle86 says:


              it’s a (ineffective) defense mechanism that black immigrant groups use but the longer one lives in America, everyone gets the wake up call. My immigrant parents always reminded me that i am black and i couldn’t pull the same ish that white folks could and get away with it.

        • Alicia says:

          For some reason, Spanish speaking nations and Brazil never had a “black pride movement”. You will find blacks from other english speaking countries and french speaking nations and all non-latino nations know who they are and have a certain amount of pride. This never occured throughout spanish speaking nations and brazil, for some reason.

          I mean blacks walking around claiming to be natives or be white when they are so obviously of african descent. insane! Meanwhile, the white brazilians and fair skinned ones will proudly tell you of an Italian, Spanish or Italian Ancestor.

          • Timothy says:

            @Sister Alicia.

            Brazil does have Black Pride Movement. It is called Movimento Negro. Yet, I understand what you’re saying on other issues.

            Have a Great Day Sister.

      • Alicia says:

        Being a black person, especially Black woman, in hispanic or brazilian culture is awful. There’s such an emphasis on white features as more beautiful and gloating about having European ancestry or being mixed. Also, the mixed race and black ones have adopted the anti-black culture of White Europeans. It’s creepy and weird. I can’t understand why they stay living like that – mired in self-hate and allowing their societies to disrespect them like that.

        • Sparkle86 says:

          @ alicia. I suspect the latin american form of white supremacy was never as overt as other english and french speaking countries but just as insidious and soul crushing. Blacks from non latin countries do not have the “luxury” of pretending that it’s not race. You also have to remember that latin america has a very large indian/mestizo population that dwarfs the black population in many countries and ir relationships was never made formally illegal. it seems instead of having their own version of the negritude movement, the idea of bettering/lighten the race so your children won’t face discrimination is a strong element that seems to pervade all latin americans countries. Once again, instead of doing the hard fighting, folks try to sex their way out of racism.

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