A Dr. Frances Cress Welsing Moment

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As a follow-up to my last post — “Can Oppressed Non-White Males ‘Sex’ Their Way to Freedom?”—  I thought a Dr. Frances Cress Welsing Moment would be more than appropriate and very constructive.

(Excerpt from ‘Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation” – page 162)

Five Reasons Black Males Are Encouraged To Date Interracially

1. To destroy the concept of the strong black family.

2. To encourage the black male to commit genetic self-genocide.

3. To destroy the black male’s self-respect and neutralize his will to oppose white supremacy.

4. To emotionally demoralize the black female, who is now raising 70% of the next black generation alone. The more unstable the frustrated black female becomes, the more likely she is to raise dysfunctional black children who will be no threat to white supremacy.

5. To focus the growing rage and frustration of the white male collective onto black males. It is NO coincidence that the increasing numbers of black
males who are dating white females is followed by an increase in black male unemployment, incarceration, police abuses, and police murders by
white males.


(Excerpt from “Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act” – page 356)

Are Black Females The Enemies Of White Genetic Survival?

Involuntary and Coerced Sterilization of Black Females

According to government documents, forced sterilization in the U.S. occurred from 1897 to the early 1980s. For example, the first sterilization law of 1929 in North Carolina, targeted the “mentally ill, the retarded, and the epileptic” to protect impaired (defective) people from parenthood. Women were targeted for sterilization for being “promiscuous, lazy, unfit, or sexually uncontrollable” individuals. Since black women were assumed to be all the above, they made up 64% of all the women who were sterilized by 1964.

Charity Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana became the only hospital to serve poor blacks from the 1960s to the 1980s. Unbeknownst to its poor black patients, this was the site of mass involuntary sterilization programs by the U.S. government. Some black women reported that they were pressured to have a c-section (a caesarean) instead of a vaginal birth, only to later discover they had been “butchered” by a doctor who tied their tubes without their consent, rendering them infertile. It is logical to assume that the secret sterilizations of black females are STILL happening today.

Black Males: Enemies Or Allies of White Supremacy?

If blacks are genetically the most dominant, and whites are genetically the most recessive, blacks have the most (genetic) potential to make whites genetically extinct. Therefore, it is logical to assume blacks (and Africans) will be the MAIN TARGETS of global genocide.

This black genetic potential has fueled the FALSE belief and fear that the black male who breeds with the white female (and produces non-white  offspring) is the biggest threat to white genetic survival.

In reality, it is just the opposite. The majority of these black male/white female relationships will not last, even if they have children together.

The Children Born Of Black Male/White Female Unions:

1. are more likely to be raised by single white mothers;

2. may have a closer, more sympathetic bond with the white side of their family, in particular, the white females;

3. likely to be white-identified;

4. more likely to breed with whites (or other non-whites with white parent)

5. more likely to produce offspring who will merge undetected with the white population. The future generations of these black male/white female unions will produce whites who will be more fertile (due to the more melanated black male), resulting in an INCREASE in overall white fertility, which will possibly extend the life of White Supremacy and Black Oppression. Therefore, the black male who breeds with the white female represents:

The single biggest threat to black liberation and are the biggest non-white allies of racism/white supremacy.


What is the Bottom Line of this Post?

The mass media image of the black female today is either that of a white man’s whore (TV shows ‘Scandal’ & ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ and most Halle Berry movies after she won the Oscar) OR an undesirable mate for any “intelligent” black male seeking a “quality” mate (the vast majority of black female images in movies and TV).

Why is this happening?


While black males are being “groomed” for the genetic, social, sexual and economic destruction of their own MELANATED GENO-TYPE (genetic & economic genocide) by breeding with white females — they are also being groomed to be the SAVIORS of white genetic annihilation.

Note that the MAJORITY of TV and SCREEN roles for “intelligent” black males ALWAYS HAS TO DO WITH RESCUING WHITE PEOPLE and WHITE HUMANITY– in particular, the white female — which I discussed in a previous post:

Have You Noticed Whenever Black Males “Crossover” in Hollywood Films…

And that “grooming” is designed to train black males to put WHITE SURVIVAL ABOVE the survival of their own people even WHILE HE IS STILL BEING MISTREATED by racist man and racist woman.

Other reasons the black male is encouraged to breed with the white female:

  • By producing more melanated babies white females will–after two generations–increase the WHITE POPULATION overall. With 30 percent of sperm from white males being “non-viable” (incapable of fertilizing a woman’s egg), a limited number of white females are being STEERED in the black male’s direction to restore the fertility of the white race. In other words, to create a NEW, more FERTILE white race.
  • To be a SEXUAL PLAYTHING for racist woman AND racist man. The TV show “Empire” is a prime example. One young black male is married to a white female (the only married black male in the show) and the other young black male is in a HOMOSEXUAL RELATIONSHIP with a white male. While EVERY BLACK MALE/BLACK FEMALE RELATIONSHIP including the relationship between BLACK MOTHER and BLACK SON is a hostile, disrespectful and dysfunctional one. And black people all over the nation are ‘sucking up’ these images and storing them in our brain computers yet are puzzled by the increasing dysfunction of black male/black female relationships.
  • A black male in a relationship with a more POWERFUL white female (and all white females are more POWERFUL than all non-white males AND females in a white supremacy system) — has the EFFECT of ‘FEMINIZING’ (homosexualizing) the black male who is fooled into thinking he is her equal — which is impossible in a system of white supremacy.

To illustrate further the white supremacist INTENTION of using the black male as a personal “sexual plaything” for white females AND white males — and as their GENETIC SURVIVAL SAVIOR — check out the following videos:

(A homosexual moment OR a potential homosexual assault?)

It is time we start to understand what we are seeing and developing SELF-RESPECTING counter-racist strategies to oppose it for our SURVIVAL Or we can accept the alternative as Dr. Welsing explains:

Please share the link to this post — especially to those who are engaging in sex with whites under a system of white supremacy.

  1. Interesting perspective. It certainly does explain a few things. I’m planning to do a post on the mythological origins / influences of ‘white’ supremacy soon.

  2. scottytreid says:

    Some questions and observations…

    “2. To encourage the black male to commit genetic self-genocide.”

    I am confused as I thought Dr. Welsing said it is the white supremacist who fears genectic anhilation from the dominate genes of melanated people. I first heard this concept as a young person listening to tracks on Public Enemies “Fear of a Black Planet”. There is a track with the lines, “white man, white woman, white baby, white man, black woman, black baby, black male, white female, black baby”. If the Black genetic code is dominate, it can not be wiped out by any non-black genes. It can be diluted but it can be wiped out.

    “4. To emotionally demoralize the black female, who is now raising 70% of the next black generation alone.”

    Unfortunately this is a myth that just will not die. Every study I have looked at in the past five years shows that Black males are involved in rearing their children more than any other group of males. Just because they are not married to the female does not mean they are not in the home and/or they are not participating in caring for their children.

    Most black women are not raising children alone even if we assume the father is dead or enslaved on a prison plantation. These are just some of the myths/lies that are constantly promoted by white supremacist media and media allegedly controlled by Black people who get their information from white supremacists. Again, a lot of Black people do not run to the white supremacist to get permission and a piece of paper to say they are married, they simply co-habitate and start families.

    The absent black father myth—debunked by CDC, http://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/05/13/1383179/-The-absent-black-father-myth-debunked-by-CDC

    • scottytreid says:

      Correction, I meant dominate genes can not be wiped out by recessive genes. They can weaken the dominate gene by they can not annihlate it.

      Television and Hollywood function to distort perceptions and promote lies. Most black people are not in interracial relationships with white people and Black people in interracial marriages are the smallest segment of all interracial marriages.

      • Shanequa says:

        @ scottyreid

        “I meant dominate genes can not be wiped out by recessive genes. They can weaken the dominate gene by they can not annihlate.”

        I’m going to disagree with you on this statement. I have biracial cousins who have married non black women & men and their children came out looking more of their non black parent race then showing little or none of their black African bloodline. Our black gene can be wiped out especially if a biracial person procreate with a non black person. Example of black celebrities that have biracial children that procreated with non black people who children look nothing or close to their African bloodline: Diana Ross, Eartha Kitt, Harry Belafonte, Sammy Davis Jr., The Jackson family, Debarge Family, Paula Patton and etc.
        It was a movie that deals with this topic I think it’s call “The Rabbit Fence.”

        • scottytreid says:

          It is a scientific fact that dominate genes can not be wiped out by a recessive gene. Not with one birth. It would take the child of a bi-racial pairing to grow up and marry a white person, and then their children to marry and produce more children with another white person. In other words, it would take several generations to wipe out that dominate gene. This is science. Can there be exceptions to the rule, sure, just like to Africans can produce an albino child devoid of any melanan but it is not the rule.

          Are the children of these interaccial pariings going to be as melanated as the Black parent? No, but they will be melanated because melanin is dominate. They certainly won’t be “white”.

          • Trojan Pam says:

            @ scottytreid

            I don’t think it matters as much to the white supremacists whether they are melanated. Many are already passing for white and/or are GROSSLY white-identified and will be used against their black brethen as advocates for white supremacy.

            Remember, that’s why the black Haitians killed whites and coloreds. Because the coloreds were being used against them. And I can see that same dynamic happening right here in the U.S.

            For all intents and political purposes, if they “look white” they might as well be white.

            • scottytreid says:

              Are you not a light skin Black female? I am a light skin Black male. So are you suggest more melanated Black people kill us because we can not be trusted? That we identify with the enemy? I do not see the logic in that. Some of the greatest freedom fighters in recent memories among Black people were light skinned. Huey Newton, Malcolm X, Adam Clyton Powell, etc;

              And we look at Haiti today and all them dark skinned Black leaders have made deals with the white supremacist to sell their people out. The same in African countries. Like Neely Fuller Jr. says, your skin color means nothing if you do not believe in practicing justice.

          • Phazex_Female says:

            I see Shanequa’s point and your point (Scotty) as well. A bi-racial person can pro-create with another bi-racial person and that off-spring physically may have more “non-black features.”
            Repeat the same pattern with the off-spring of that copulation and so forth.

            It is entirely possible that somewhere in the future generations of bi-racial off-spring, that ONE “dark inkspot” can surface resulting in a darker hued child. It is not an anomaly. It’s genetics. Also, recall the “one drop” rule if we review our history of heritage and parentage in this country.

            “Are the children of these interaccial pariings going to be as melanated as the Black parent? No, but they will be melanated because melanin is dominate. They certainly won’t be “white”.

            With the illustration and application of genetics and karyotyping, I agree with the above statement.

            As the late (RIP) Robin Harris stated, “we don’t die, we multiply!”


        • scottytreid says:

          Speaking of celebrites, Halle Berry has one white parent, she had a child with a white male, that child still retains the dominate black gene. Berry not long ago complained that the white male needs to stop straightening that childs hair to make her look more European. Halle Berry turns to court to stop ex Gabriel Aubry from straightening their daughter’s hair: report http://www.essence.com/2014/11/25/halle-demands-ex-stop-straightening-their-daughter%E2%80%99s-hair

          • Trojan Pam says:

            @ scottytreid

            Yes, the child has some dominant genes but barely. If her hair is straightened she could probably pass for white (to her white father’s delight). And what happens to her DNA if she breeds with a white male (which more than likely she will)? I guarantee there won’t be a need for any straightening combs after that. In fact, the offspring will most likely need some UV protection against the sun.

            The bottom line is it’s NOT about her DNA (who’s going to measure that when deciding if she’s white or black?) What matters is her SELF-IDENTIFICATION. It is not just about one’s DNA. I’ve got white in me. Many black people do. What matters is black people having children and grandchildren who are NOT black identified and have NO connection to (or concern whatsoever for) their black side.

            where will her LOYALTIES lay? Will she be an advocate FOR or AGAINST the system of white supremacy? That is why I call it SELF-GENOCIDE for black people to breed offspring who could become advocates for white supremacy and we’ve got one right now occupying a high position.

            • scottytreid says:

              My only point is that it will take several generations to wipe out the dominant African gene. Halle Berry has a white parent, now her child has a white parent. So this child has more white ancestors than she does African but that African still coming through. Now if this child marries a white person it is possible that the African gene will be gone. But the fact is, white birth rates are declining and their global population numbers are declining. They are in danger of genetic annihilation not non-white people. So some might say that non-white people are winning the war in terms of genetic annihalitation. Perhaps in the next 200 years they won’t even exist as a people. I heard someone else say that rape is part of the war on non-white people but they (white uspremacist) found out centuries ago that they could not produce white children with non-white women and why they viewed it a very serious crime for a black male to have sex with a white woman. They fear genetic Annihilation. Anything that spread confusion among their ranks I ain’t got a problem with. If the enemy does not want you to do something seems logical to do what he does not want you to do imo. Now with that said, I do not ever intend to produce children with a white woman and I strongly discourage it among my children. I’ll let someone else wage that biological war.

              • Trojan Pam says:

                @ scottytreid

                My point is not that whites will genetically annihilate African genes, it’s that they will increase the number of “white-appearing” people and decrease the number of “black-appearing” people by promoting IR sex/breeding. And that among those non-whites with a white parent, the majority will be grossly white-identified and will have little to no concern OR contact with their black brethen.

                I can only speak from my own personal experience and among those in my family who fall into that category EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM is grossly white identified. They do not date/marry black people. They have few to NO black friends. And more than half wish they were all white. In fact, the ONLY benefit to being black is when there is a booby prize available, like a “black” scholarship or some set aside for a “minority” and only then will they publicly acknowledge

                “Okay I’m not white, I’m a minority.”

                Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they think they’re white but I am saying that I believe secretly that they wish they were ALL WHITE. And I don’t blame them for that because being white is EASIER than being trapped in the middle (like a Twilight Zone) where people demand you choose a “side” or where people don’t fully accept you on the black side and where white people still mistreat you on the white side. It’s one hell of a dilemma to establish a REAL identity.

                to your question, am I a light-skinned black female? I am a light-brown-skinned black female who is characterized by some as “light-skinned”

                I am not advocating killing anyone, let alone light-skinned black people, however, there is a historical PATTERN of so-called biracial people being USED by our white oppressors AGAINST their blacker brothers and sisters. As Dr. Chancellor Williams, a great black historian once wrote:

                “The melting pot of the races began around the northern perimeter.
                The end result was always the same: The Blacks were pushed to the
                bottom of the social, economic and political ladder whenever the Asians
                (meaning whites) and their mulatto offspring gained control.

                This scheme of weakening the Blacks by turning their half-white
                brothers against them cannot be overemphasized because it began in
                the early times and it became the universal practice of whites, and is
                still one of the cornerstones in the edifice of white power…” — Chancellor
                Williams, “Destruction of Black Civilization — Chapter II: Ethiopia’s
                Oldest Daughter: Egypt. pg. 61.”


                Was he advocating killing all light-skinned people? I seriously doubt it. Am I promoting it? Of course not, but there are patterns here that deserve to be studied. WHO is more likely to be grossly white identified? A black child raised by two black people? Yes, it could happen, of course, if the two black parents are white identified but at least there is a very good chance that child will be SELF-IDENTIFIED as a black person.

                But who is MORE LIKELY to be white identified and totally rejecting of their black side?

                A black person with two black parents?

                Or a non-wnite person with a white parent?

                I’m speaking of the odds not the absolutes. And in my opinion, black people having children with white people INCREASES THE ODDS that they will breed children who will be MORE white-identified, MORE “white-appearing,” and LESS LIKELY to breed with or date or marry or want to be aligned with black people in the fight against white supremacy.

                And as far as I’m concerned, we have ENOUGH confusion within our ranks. We don’t need to BREED any more. That is my point.

            • Phazex_Female says:

              Long have I observed that bi-racial off-spring will cling to and support their “white origins” because society and white supremacy has taught them that if they identify as Black or another non-white group? The common denominator that non-white groups share is that they all hold no power.

              “And power only respects MORE power.”

              • Trojan Pam says:

                @ Phazex_Female

                Of course,if you have to pick a side, you pick the side with all the benefits, especially if you look more like that side than the other side.

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ scottyreid

        I agree that TV and hollywood promote lies but i have seen a marked increase in the numbers of black people dating and breeding with whites. Whether they marry or not this is having a huge impact on our community. It is not something we can afford to take lightly (not saying you are).

        • LBM says:

          While we certainly respect our great elder Dr. Welsing, like Mr Fuller, Dr.Ben, Clarke and many of our other elder scholars – we don’t have to believe every single thing they say. Everyone does not believe in the “dominance” of the black sperm – especially when it’s not mated with an equally dominate egg. When we see beige offspring coming from blue black males – the question of dominance warrants further explanation.

          Also, let’s stop lying to ourselves with this issue of black fathers. The study that keeps being referred to relates to fathers who are NOT IN THE HOME with their children. This population tends to be black fathers so it will follow that they spend the most time with their children – under the initial unfortunate counterproductive advent of not being with the children on a daily basis.

          We have got to come to grips with the fact that MOST of the children we’re having are not planned. Many of coming from one night stands. Many are coming from two people that don’t know each other. Many brothers are laying with women already on the dole and feigning ignorance as to how they got caught up “in the system”.

          We KNOW what the situation is on the ground as far as young people having consistent regular access to their dads. Let’s not play games with ourselves. The lack of father protection is opening our young people up to all types of phuckery, literally – let’s not lie about the absence of fathers .Let’s fix the issue of how were bringing children into this world so that they can at least start of with PAIRents IN THE HOME.

          • Trojan Pam says:

            @ LBM

            I agree that the “mixing” of genes creates a WEAKER, more diluted version of the original. And the CONFUSION within the black population is due to the mixing of different natures. It is NOT just about appearance, it’s about the magic of the DNA that contains more than physical properties. We are also spiritual beings and who knows what we are creating in the process?

            That is the FOUNDATION of counter-racism and why Mr. Fuller suggests that people NOT follow him, but learn to FOLLOW THE LOGIC for themselves. We don’t need a bunch of sheep who pick a leader, we need INTELLECTUAL WARRIORS who can do battle on their own turf. Even Mr. Fuller says, “….but I could be wrong…”

            and that is one of the reasons he is one of the most trusted and respected elders in the counter-racist community.

            If anyone person had all the answers, he OR she would have solved this problem. From the time I wrote the first book in 2009 I have discovered I was wrong about a lot of things and so the work continues — on MYSELF.

            Regarding black fathers, there are some issues there. The problem is all the fathers get thrown into the same bath water when there is no one stereotype of a black father. Some are great, some are good, some are middling and some are awful or missing in action

            Obviously, there is a problem with parenting — period — in our homes due to the pressures of white supremacy but we damn sure won’t solve them jumping into a white person’s bed.

            That’s my point.

            • LBM says:

              I’m with you a thousand percent, PAM. My comment wasn’t a response to you.

              As for the stuff of genetics- if you all remember – LBM has long been questioning the hueman-ness of beings classified as white. So I’m one person who does not have to be convinced that we may very well have prolonged the existence and given human DNA to a creature that wasn’t fully human. Now here we are debating whether Africans mating with Africans reproduce US as the strongest HUMAN – or the human we would want to reproduce.

              I also agree with the parenting issue. My children’s parents were married before they were conceived and continue to be married. I know many black fathers who were and are on the scene for their children. I still maintain that there is indeed a problem of absent fathers in our “communities”. Funny thing is- when comes to blaming the community’s woes on someone, many black males point to the raising of the children by black women. Then want to turn around and say “deadbeats” are minimal.

              We must understand how comprehensive this verb of white domination is. It’s coming from ALL directions and my only concern is when we don’t see something as part of the attack – as a problem – we won’t address it as such…..We’re seeing this right here as it pertains to sexing with whites – folks failing to see the danger of saying any manner of female can produce a black child.

              • Trojan Pam says:

                @ LBM

                Interesting comment. Have we prolonged their existence by infusing them with our human DNA? I do believe there are variations of appearance AND mentality based on how much AFRICAN (for lack of a better word) DNA is in their genes. I believe our DNA does humanize and those with less and who are closer in genetics to the Neanderthal may exhibit more beastly mental and physical characteristics.

                And for those who think this is pure speculation, European scientists have CONFIRMED the European is a HYBRID between MAN and Neanderthal.

                Who is MAN? (the black man and woman).

                If you do a search on youtube for the National Geographic program about Neanderthals, you will hear and see with your own eyes and ears. If you can’t find the link, let me know and I’ll try to find it in my records

          • AfricaNeedsToOwnItsResources says:

            You are 100% correct, all this genetic annihilation talk is foolishness, it was well documented in ‘Latin America’ that Iberians thought white DNA to be superior (just like their Anglo cousins) and attempted to mix blacks out purposely, in countries like Brazil this worked to a tee and now the Preto or Afro-Brazilian is 7% of their population and the mixed race or Pardo as they call it are 35% of their population. Chancellor Williams is correct when he pointed out a lot of North Africa was ‘conquered’ by race mixing not even war, then the people wouldn’t identify with African then they would treat Africans like their white European and white Arab ancestors. In America they thought if they push mixed people into the Afro-American category blacks would mix with these mixed people enough to disappear, nah, the lack of encouragement and recognization of race mixing strengthened black numbers because there wasn’t enough mixed race people to go around, mixed race or ‘light skin’ (not saying there isn’t dark skin mixed people) are not the majority of blacks, not even close.

            Black people are stupid if they believe blacks can’t be bred out, it has happened before remember a whole bunch of Transatlantic slave memoirs was written by Africans in the UK, where are the original blacks who were there from the 1500’s, 1600’s and 1700’s, other than a small population in Liverpool there is no trace of them, they either mixed into whiteness or mixed with blacks who came from the UK’s former colonies. Many were sent to Sierra Leon, to show that used to have numbers, but they are gone due to, mixing. African genes are in fact the most recessive, ever notice how the throw back children of two whites looks like a mixed race person, but not a majority African DNA person, meanwhile Africans can have white children, mixed children that look Arab, Mestizo, East Indian or Asian but none of these race can never ever have dark skin, kinky hair child? Humans are polymorphic, meaning phenotypes can be rearranged and change over generation due to a combination of genes and he environment, that is why mixed people tend to be beige in color. It is hair, eye color and eye wax type that traits are recessive due this but those that are including ginger hair, blue eyes and dry type ear wax. As far as skin, if there ever was a recessive dark skin would be it, rarely does mixed children appear dark skin, this should be obvious by now Halle Berry is much closer to white than she is dark skin Africans, the average mulatto Dominican is much closer to white Dominicans in terms of skin color than Afro-Dominicans. Both black and white can be bred out, but mulattoes nearly never prefer African traits over European so this will never help us.

            @sparkle86, you know the truth.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ scottytreid

      I’ll respond one point at a time.

      I agree, the dominant genes can’t be wiped out.

      When I speak of genetic genocide, I don’t mean wiping out the dominant genes entirely BUT the weakening and ADULTERATION of our dominant genes. Certainly, a diluted gene is not the same as it’s original form and we have no idea how much this may over time weaken our genetics, so this is not a small matter.

      We can certainly see the end result with our own eyes, where any obvious trace of the black ancestors are literally being wiped out. I have this in my family where by the second generation, the APPEARANCE has drastically changed.

      I’ve seen 2nd generation offspring with blond hair and blue eyes and skin fair enough to pass for white. And that 1st and 2nd generation will MOST LIKELY breed with a white person so by the next generation, they will be INDISTINGUISHABLE psychologically and physically from a white person.

      The white supremacists are trying by any means possible to increase the white population numerically and I believe they care LESS about the purity of the “white person” and more about the number of white (or white-appearing) foot soldiers they will need to keep this system going.

      When I say self-genocide, I’m talking abut genetic, economic, political, sexual, psychological, and spiritual destruction and we can see the effect it has had on our families (mostly negative) and our children (mostly negative via our love affair with anything that doesn’t look “too black”), and the widening gulf between black males and females (making UNITY an impossibility).

      All the above represents — to me — the destruction of a people

      Keep in mind the excerpt taken from my first book was written in 2009 and there are some things I would phrase differently now or leave out entirely and one of the statements I would eliminate is:

      “Therefore, the black male who breeds with the white female represents: The single biggest threat to black liberation and are the biggest non-white allies of racism/white supremacy.”

      I plan on omitting that statement in a revised version of the book because it is incorrect to label the black male as “the biggest threat” OR as a non-white ally of white supremacy.

      The biggest threat is white supremacists — not black people.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ scottytreid

      to address your second point:

      From where I stand black females are very demoralized. Is it all due to black males sexing white females? No, but IR does have a HUGE impact on the collective and individual self-esteem of black females because it is such a PUBLIC STATEMENT of how undesirable even our own men think we are–particularly, since some let it be known that they do ‘not date BW.”

      And some black males have admitted that they use the THREAT of “going white” as a weapon to keep black females in line. And I have seen black females shrink in the presence of such a threat. I could tell some stories but that would make my response far too long…

      I have seen the studies on black fatherhood that you mentioned (and I checked out the link in your post) and yes, this is a myth to a DEGREE but it’s also a fact that many black children (and children of other ethnicities) do not have a father figure OR lack a positive father figure in their lives.

      Whether the father is there or not, if the relationship is not a positive one that can have a demoralizing effect. If the father is not working or unable or unwilling to work (and I seen every variation of this situations) that has a demoralizing effect. Three different natural healers I know (two BM, one WM) all said they have noticed that over the last fifteen/twenty years that the stress level of black females is going through the ROOF — along with the increase of stress-related diseases going through the roof.

      this doesn’t mean black males are not dealing with stress, but I’m speaking from a female perspective based on what I see and KNOW personally. I also know a significant number of black females who have raised and educated their children without the father’s assistance.

      That being said I agree that black fathers get far less credit than they deserve and that the myths about them are largely a function of white supremacy/black inferiority. I’ve even addressed this in my last post about the biggest deadbeat dads — past and present — are white males.

      But if have contributed to the lie about black fathers in any way, I do apologize.

    • @scottytreid, I completely agree with your second point. Single ‘black’ mothers are not the majority, that is a lie that refuses to die.
      As for your first point, I agree to an extent. In most cases ‘mixed-race’ kids look more ‘black’ than ‘white’. However, it’s not so much about looks but thinking. If the ‘black’ parent is careless and/or the ‘white’ one especially influential, the children will fall victim to the system just as much as uninformed ‘black’ children. The poster’s point becomes truer in the case of mixed people having kids with ‘white’ people, those kids will basically be ‘white’ and will probably be claimed as such in this supposedly post-racial paradigm.

  3. Miss. Dr. Frances cress welsing is telling it like it suppose to be told why can’t some of you student’s listen, learn and except what the truth IS wake-up and realized we are genetically being annilated for the system of racism- ( white supermacy ) Dr. Miss Welsing continue to educate us because we surely need it during these very difficult times I applause your concern you are during a marvelous job, thank you so much love you and God blessed you,

  4. sparkle86 says:

    Black people really believe that we can’t be exterminated. Anyone ever heard of what happened to the blacks of Argentina? So the biracial offspring comes out slightly melanated, so what? Their hair is now different, their facial features are now different. They might look vaguely black (if you squint). Most of the black family members in my family who married and have mixed offspring are what I call “vaguely black”. Slightly olive/tan, slight curl but everything else is from the non-white parent. Not too mention, they don’t/won’t identify as black. The mixed offspring grows up in majority white area. One more generation of non-black genes and we don’t exist anymore. I have seen this with my own eyes. I see too many black people are not taking this seriously and comforting themselves with the Cress-Welsing theory and the one drop rule as if white people won’t one day switch the rules when it is convenient for them.

  5. Mr. Mitchell says:

    “The mass media image of the black female today is…an undesirable mate for any ‘intelligent’ black male seeking a ‘quality’ mate…”

    This sentiment truly seeps through into peoples’ consciousness, be it white people or black people. I get tons and tons of “side eye” glances from whites and blacks alike (especially whites) when I am with my black woman counterpart (the term “girlfriend” is juvenile) in public…as if they were communicating to me, “what are you doing with her?” There are—for the most part—however, positive glances directed my way from other black females who see me paired with my black woman counterpart.

    Trojan Pam’s article is the truth; Dr. Welsing’s analysis is the truth.

    I think the biggest culprit in this division between black males and black females is hollywood.

    • Timothy says:

      @Mr. Mitchell

      I agree that Hollywood is a cancer promoting division between black men and black women. No good fruit comes from a rotten tree. Hollywood’s tree has been rotten since its inception.

      • Mariama says:


        True indeed. I think that Hollywood really has done a great job of demoralizing us and distorting our sense of reality. I think that blacks, especially black women have taken a self esteem beating too.

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Mariama

          You have made interesting points Sister. I agree with you that Hollywood has promoted a faux sense of reality. One good news is that I hear more and more black people rejecting Empire since more people are seeing its stereotypical storylines and its storyline is boring. We are the targets, because of our melanin and we have a strong sense of powerful consciousness historically. They also want our black genetics literally. They is why many of them try to date or marry our people constantly.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Mr. Mitchell

      Yes, indeed. I can feel it as a black female when a black male is paying attention to me — it’s as though non-black people are thinking,

      “But I thought black males didn’t like black females.”

      And I’m starting to “feel it” — and had I not known about white supremacy it would be devastating.

      Now, try to imagine what it feels like to that black female who doesn’t understand white supremacy. It’s a very CONFUSING DYNAMIC, especially when you may not have a male partner and you see black males with white females on a Saturday night and you’re out with three or four of your ALSO date-less black female friends.

      I have had black males TELL me that the black females they tried to talk to — especially if they were dark-skinned — didn’t believe he sincerely liked them. One even said when he did something especially nice and unexpected for a struggling single black mother that she started crying.

      Why? Because she didn’t expect a black male to be so “nice” to her.

      This is heartbreaking to me to know so many of my sisters don’t believe they have value…

      And that is why black females USE ANGER AND LOUD VOICES to hide our pain instead of TEARS — because when you don’t think anyone cares about you, you don’t want to be VULNERABLE in their presence. So ANGER becomes your shield

      And that is one of the reasons I do this blog. To say to ALL US OF — that we HAVE VALUE.

      And the BEST WAY we can build our community is to SHOW EACH OTHER THAT WE VALUE EACH OTHER. That is the most powerful thing a black person can do and it doesn’t COST ANYTHING but the rewards are IMMENSE!

      That being said, black males are also suffering from self-esteem issues. I don’t minimize that at all and it is also heart-breaking

      but I’m speaking from a black female perspective (the one I know best)

      and that’s why I appreciate the contributions of the black men who come to their blog to give THEIR perspectives. We don’t always have to agree — but hopefully, we will learn more about each other and how to improve our interactions with each other

      And I do agree

      the biggest culprit in this division is hollywood — a highly visual form of WHITE SUPREMACY.

      • Shanequa says:

        @ Trojan Pam
        “I have had black males TELL me that the black females they tried to talk to — especially if they were dark-skinned — didn’t believe he sincerely liked them. One even said when he did something especially nice and unexpected for a struggling single black mother that she started crying.”

        I have witness statements like these from many black females as well as myself when a black male has taken interest in us. I myself sometimes find it hard to take a black males compliment as being sincere because it seems like I can’t let my guard down if I do I’m setting myself up for failure.

        Furthermore we have black females that have been mistreated mentally, verbally, physically & sexually by black males which makes it hard to trust them. I’m 31 years old never been in a relationship because sometimes I find it hard trusting black males as being sincere. I know it’s good black males out there but sometimes I find it hard trusting other black people.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Shanequa

          White supremacy has devastated our relationships and we must be careful–as difficult as it is–to not succumb to negative stereotypes about each other. Yes, some black males do mistreat black females and yes, some black females mistreat black males who are decent to them.

          I personally believe our incessant TV and movie watching has created a mindset that magnifies our problems. And that these images are MORE responsible for our fears than a few bad relationships.

          because black people have always struggled in this system but prior to integration and assimilation and IR sex and “black” TV shows and movies, we still managed to come together, marry and build families, businesses and communities — even in the midst of the most brutal segregation

          NOW after “black” TV shows and movies and negative imagery and assimilation and integration and IR dating all of a sudden more and more black people can’t “relate” to each other?

          what is the common denominator here?

          “black” TV shows and “black” movies and the over-consumption of negative imagery and entertainment and assimilation and integration and IR dating/sexing.

      • TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:


        I see that there is a belief among I believe (but don’t know really) a good number of Black Women that “Black Men Don’t Like Black Women.” This is what the white supremacist media is pushing hard and I have read and heard too many Black Women (and young Black Girls) saying this as well. I believe one of the reasons why Black Women/Girls say this is because of the blatant lack of collective protection and support given to Black Women/Girls by Black Men/Boys.

        When there is public disrespect towards Black Women, there is little to no public outcry from the Black Community or Black Men as a collective. The Black Males who write you saying that some of the (especially dark-skinned) women who do not find their interest in them sincere should consider how the Black Community’s extreme misogynoir toward Black Women/Girls is causing Black Women/Girls to become resentful towards not just Black Men, but the Black Community (that includes other Black Women).

        Black Women/Girls who treat other Black Women/Girls poorly have internalized this white supremacist society’s sexist and misogynistic stereotypes and beliefs about Black Women. This is internalized misogyny (Black Women/Girls who hate Black Women and Girls). That’s what that Black Female radio host who withdrew your invitation was practicing towards you.

        • Timothy says:


          Excellent Points. I totally agree with you.

        • TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:

          @ TrojanPam

          One thing I forgot to mention and I don’t want to leave out is this white supremacist society’s misogynoir coupleed with racism and colorism towards Black Women and Girls as a whole and the message that is sent around the world globally on a daily basis via te-LIE-vision, movies, books, magazines, and other mass media of Black Women as being “undesirable” and unfit to mate with and unfit wives and mothers (or just baby mammas or a sexual fetish and or adventure). Black Women/Girls are confronted with these damaging messages on a daily basis; hearing it from white people, non-black poc, and our own “community.” Yet, many Black Men (like the ones you described above) are dumbfounded when Black Women are afraid to relax and become friendly with Black Men. Many Black Men don’t seem to care to do a in-depth critique or analyzation of why this is happening. I have seen and heard comments on and offline from Black Women saying that because of the what looks like increasing contempt towards Black Women from Black Men due to white supremacy programming that they are afraid to date or be friendly toward ANY Black Men, even if the brotha(s) are sincere.

          • Trojan Pam says:

            @ TheOriginalBlackWoman13

            I see the DISTRUST growing between us to the extent where many black males won’t even make EYE CONTACT with me, and I’m sure many black males can report the same behavior from us.

            we better wrap our heads around this madness and address it while we still have time.

            I don’t know who the HELL we think we’re going to count on when the real deal goes down? Do we think white people are going to save us and not let us starve?

            I think the overall response from black people as a whole would be — “yes”

            • TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:

              @ TrojanPam

              I agree with everything you said. Now is just not the time for Black Men and Women to be growing apart; we are in trying times and need each other now more than ever! I really do believe many of us think that white people will help us when things get really bad; those of us who do are in for a very rude awakening. I remember a conversation a friend and I had awhile back in which we agreed that integration has done more damage to our relationships than slavery (in fact quite a few Black People have said this). Even after slavery the Black Man/Woman Relationship, the Black Community, and Black Family was still very much intact. Integration came along and Black Men had more access to White Women, we started going to school with white people, living around and with them, shopping at and supporting their stores and businesses instead of our own. Now white people have more access to our bodies, minds, culture, etc. and through the years the Black Family, Black Community, and the Black Man/Woman Relationship have been nearly destroyed (some say things started going bad in the 1980s). So it took at lease a good 35 years to destroy the collective Black Man/Woman Relationship, Family, and Community and I believe it will take aother good 35 years at least (AWAY FROM WHITE PEOPLE) to regain our sanity, dignity, and self-respect and our relationships, families, and communities.

              • Trojan Pam says:

                @ TheOriginalBlackWoman13

                We are in a dream world if we think we will have the equal or even marginal access to the same resources white people will have in the event of an economic collapse. All this foolishness of fighting with each other OVER NOTHING

                black females fighting with other black females (OVER NOTHING)

                black females fighting with black male (OVER NOTHING)

                black males fighting with black females (OVER NOTHING)

                black males fighting and KILLING other black males (OVER NOTHING)

                and sometimes, the fighting IS about something but most of the time our fighting is just a way of releasing all the pent-up hurt and rage over our mistreatment in a white supremacy system

                If we don’t wrap our heads around this one fact: WE NEED EACH OTHER

                our collective fate as a people will already be decided.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ TheOriginalBlackWoman13

          I absolutely agree this is a growing sentiment among black females (for good reason) and that it is difficult to impossible to overlook the level of public AND private disrespect displayed towards us. Look at the rap music, the movies where old black females are knocked out with one punch (Harlem Nights — Eddie Murphy movie) and so many other instances where it is OBVIOUS that black females are not respected in the black OR the white culture.

          Case in point. I patronize this black-owned restaurant and was on good terms with one of the regulars, an older black male around 70. I always treated him with respect and we had some decent conversations about the racism issue.

          However, I started noticing more and more often that he was bashing black females a lot and one day he was talking to a younger black male (around 30s) and they were bashing the hell out of black females blaming us for everything under the sun, especially how the children were being raised (as though black children were products of immaculate conception).

          Now there were only a few people in the restaurant, the two black males and me and another black female I didn’t know who was waiting on her order and I’m thinking, “don’t you see us standing here while you’re bashing black females??”

          OK, so I listened for a few hot minutes and then I jumped into the conversation (I don’t have to be invited if you’re bashing black females or black people in my presence) to challenge what he was saying and challenge it I did. The younger black male started looking guilty and more uncertain as I talked and the older black male became disgruntled because on some level he was talking S (stuff)


          I’m at that point where if you are going to talk about people like me while people like me are in your presence — be you black, white or a Martian– you are LITERALLY inviting me to participate. If you want to bash me, do it privately and then I have NO right to intervene. But if you’re going to assault my ears in a PUBLIC PLACE where I’m a PAYING customer then i have the RIGHT to respond. And I will. It took that older black male almost a YEAR before he started talking to me again. I was still cordial but deep down I didn’t GIVE A DAMN. You bash me, I’m going to address it — not by shouting and cursing and getting angry but by USING LOGIC AND THE FACTS AT HAND.

          Interestingly enough, the black female (who looked to be in her 50s) didn’t say a word. That’s another DYNAMIC I’ve noticed that many black females will NOT DEFEND THEMSELVES OR EACH OTHER against these attacks. We will sit in movies or listen to music that degrades us OR makes us invisible and won’t say a word.

          However, on a petty or a personal level, like a relationship issue, we will go to war — and some will shout and scream and curse and rage — but defending OURSELVES on a COLLECTIVE LEVEL as BLACK FEMALES — many of us will not do that. We will not defend our BLACK ATTEMPTED WOMANHOOD perhaps because we don’t believe in it anymore. that’s why I speak so often about the COLLECTIVE DEMORALIZATION OF BLACK FEMALES.

          I think this “silence” comes from a feeling that if we challenge black males (who already don’t like us or so we feel) then we will only make things worse and they will turn against us completely. And what I’m saying is things CANT get much worse than they are so NOW IT IS TIME TO TELL THE TRUTH because at this point we have NOTHING to lose. How can you lose goodwill that DOESN’T EXIST?

          don’t misunderstand what I’m saying. I’m not saying there isn’t any love and compassion between black males and females. Yes, there are black people who sincerely care for other black people

          What I’m saying is — there isn’t enough LOVE AND CARING AND GOODWILL to be afraid to challenge the DISLIKE and HATE and MALICE we have toward each other and we have to be BRAVE ENOUGH TO TELL THE TRUTH.

          And so I decided then in that restaurant as I do on my blog that I’m going to do my BEST to tell the truth.

          Anyone who comes to this blog KNOWS I criticize black female behavior AND black male behavior. I even criticize my OWN behavior. Am I biased? Of course. And so is everyone else who comes here. NO ONE has a “pure” unbiased opinion. NO ONE. ALL our opinions are based on WHO we are and WHAT we are and what our individual experiences have been.

          I say all that to say

          I have been SILENCED long enough. I have been imprisoned in my inferior black female identity LONG ENOUGH. I will SPEAK MY TRUTH as a black female in a white supremacy society and in a female-hating society where I am NOT valued as a woman or as a black person and I will keep on doing it until they put me in the ground and ANYONE who has a problem with that will just have to….

          have a problem with that.

          • TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:

            @ TrojanPam

            I commend you for defending Black Womanhood against the attack of these Black males. This is a terrible phenomena in the Black “community.” Blaming the single Black mother, the Black Feminist/Womanist, and Black Women in general for the ills of the Black “community” instead of the system of racism. This is misogynoir to the fullest! This is why so many Black Women and Girls are discussing their increasing disappointment and disdain for not just racist/colorist/sexist-misogynist white society, but the Black “community.” The days of Black Women/Girls being scared into silence about speaking out on our intersectional struggle with racism/white supremacy, colorism, and misogynoir is (I believe) GONE. It’s just getting to be waaay too much.

            But unfortunately, you still have a lot Black Women/Girls (like that sista in the shop who sat there and said nothing) who have internalized misogynoir and don’t give a damn to protect and defend Black Womanhood. These are the type of Black Women who try to silence you if you speak out against misogynoir. A Black Woman Blogger I follow on tumblr who addresses this issue head on told me and her other readers she gets letters/emails from Black Women telling her to “shut up” and “quit complaining” about misogynoir. Now ain’t this a damn shame sista Pam? One more thing, notice how Black People protect, defend, and hold Black Manhood sacred (which I don’t have an issue with), but not Black Womanhood. Again, misogynoir!

            I got much more to say about Black Women and their internalized misogynoir.

            • Trojan Pam says:

              @ TheOriginalBlackWoman13

              The dynamic between black females is the SAME dynamic between black people.

              Once you convince someone that they are inferior they will VISIT that belief on EVERYONE who looks just like them

              That’s why a dark-skinned black person will make fun of another dark-skinned black person’s complexion or hair

              Or a black female will disrespect another black female for BEING a black female

              That’s why it’s so easy for a young black male to kill another young black male

              “If I ain’t S, neither is that other nigger.”

              And you can replace that with

              “If I ain’t S because I’m a black female, neither is that other black ho.”

              Every time black females ACT OUT our own self-hatred at another black female’s expense we are SHOUTING TO THE WORLD how little we think of OURSELVES.

          • Phazex_Female says:

            ” I have been imprisoned in my inferior black female identity LONG ENOUGH. I will SPEAK MY TRUTH as a black female in a white supremacy society and in a female-hating society where I am NOT valued as a woman or as a black person and I will keep on doing it until they put me in the ground and ANYONE who has a problem with that will just have to….

            have a problem with that.”

            Follow that train!


      • Mariama says:


        Thank you for this thoughtful piece. It really lifted my spirit and kind of made me teary eyed. Sometimes we NEED to hear this because it is so easy to forget.
        We are all that we have. And the rewards of encouraging and uplifting each other are immense. You and everyone else on this blog have done a tremendous job and I appreciate you all.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Mariama

          Because, Sister, I believe there is still something there beneath all the layers of programming that calls out to us, to love each other and care for each other

          and once in a while something scratches the surface of our FALSE IDENTITIES to reveal something much deeper and more profound inside our SPIRITS

          because we are a SPIRITUAL PEOPLE, I believe the MOST spiritual people on the planet which is why the PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION OF OUR SPIRIT — our music moves every ethnic group on the planet

          and why they so frantically and desperately try to IMITATE US

          from Korea to Japan to Latin America to Europe, etc.

          all imitating the POOREST of black people in an attempt to get what?

          SOME SOUL

          come on now…

    • thollomn says:

      “This sentiment truly seeps through into peoples’ consciousness, be it white people or black people. I get tons and tons of “side eye” glances from whites and blacks alike (especially whites) when I am with my black woman counterpart (the term “girlfriend” is juvenile) in public…as if they were communicating to me, “what are you doing with her?”

      Some freaking NERVE! Next time ROLL your eyes at those people!

  6. Timothy says:

    @Sister Trojan Pam,

    You have shown a lot of great information and videos on this issue. The agenda of harming black people is real. There is also the NSM200 document. This document was from the U.S. and it promoted an agenda to use population control against many nations of colors (including nations found in Africa). The mainstream media is one agent of propaganda about black men and black women. They have promoted anti-black lies (in slandering black mothers and black fathers) for generations. In the system of racism/white supremacy, the agenda of decreasing of the population of black people is real from the Maafa, forced sterilization in the 20th century, and the environmental racism executed against black communities nationwide. We know that gentrification has displaced many black families while rich white elitists have come back into urban centers in order for them to grow their power. We’re attacked on many fronts. This war has to be treated as an emergency and we have to fight this war as we’re in a war for our survival as black people. Sister Frances Welsing has shown great insights on race, economics, and other matters.

    We have seen the growth of economic inequality and the epidemic of police terrorism in America in the past years. Therefore, it only makes sense for black families to be strengthened in order for the black community to grow. Also, it is great of you to show the racist commercials since they show how many whites view black people as sexual fetishes not as true human beings. Those commercials are incredibly disturbing (and perverted), but those commercials never exist for just aesthetics. Those commercials (which accurately describe the mentality of the white collective. Some white racists show something with a message in plain sight like with those commercials) like that have an agenda to glamorize IRs, disrespect the beauty of Blackness, and to oppose black, healthy relationships in the black community. One of the great points of the Sister Dr. Frances Welsing is that whites are readily jealous of the genetic strength of black humanity. White racists are always jealous of black people, because black people are the first humans on Earth and black people have great creative power. Certainly, we have to respect each other as black human beings, minimize conflict in our community, follow integrity, and stand up for justice.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Timothy

      This subject is one of the UNDERPINNINGS of black male/black female relationship dysfunction. I have seen more bitterness and anger over the subject of dating “OUT” than any other topic, including child support, domestic abuse, child abuse, and economic hardship put TOGETHER. And it goes both ways. Black males resenting black females who date out and black females resenting black males who date out.

      Which is why the white supremacists PROMOTE IT on TV and in movies– and it’s well past time that we catch on.

      The most popular show for blacks is Empire on Fox TV of all places?

      We’ll watch that show but not Fox News because — “Fox News is racist” — as though the same people aren’t responsible for creating both?? Am I missing something??

      Here’s a link to a YouTube channel by a so-called biracial black male and I’m NOT posting it to bash people with a black and a white parent like himself but I always prefer to hear an opinion from someone who is living it.

      (This is some real food for thought for all the black people who think it’s “cute” to have a baby with a white person — and I can personally testify that there are many bi-racial people who are so white-identified that they hate their skin color and who avoid black people like the plague)

      Biracials Who Don’t Like Black People

      • Timothy says:

        @Sister Trojan Pam

        Thank you for your response.

        I will definitely listen to the words from the biracial young person.

        I’m sleepy now. LOL.

        Goodnight to you and to the rest of the Brothers and the Sisters here.

  7. honeytreebee says:

    It is already on the television. I’m just waiting for Black men to tell Black women to marry and get with non black men as Black women are no longer wanted but their light and white looking daughters will be.That is being pushed on t.v. and all of the nit picking of black women and girls. It has been difficult to get Black women to breed with white men as black women white male couples have to lowest of all rates. They have been trying for a long time to get Black women to bend and now they started to succeed. The killing, torture, and removal of the Black man wasn’t enough, nor with assimilation was proximate location the key, get the black man to force out the black woman and replace her with the white female wasn’t enough either. The black man has to force her to go and abandon her and the put in her ear that the only was back is light skin. That is where this is going and I’m already seeing had hearing this from Black men even ones I thought I’d never hear this from.

  8. neketa0824 says:

    I’ve recently come across this blog and find it has an abundance of true food for thought; to the creator of this blog, I thank you for creating a space where we Black people can have true, constructive discussion about issues which truly matter. That being said, I have a question to pose to you as well as others who might subscribe to your blog and might have insight into my ‘dilemma’. There is truly a missing piece of the puzzle I do not think I’m getting, and so a lot of what I try to implement seems to be for naught.

    Now, at this point in my life, I see what we call ‘life’ – this experience we have upon this prison planet/Matrix, as a setup under which we are all here to get authentic spiritual growth. That, obviously, is going to come with a certain amount of challenges. After all, we can’t build muscle without resistance.

    Under the same logic, I believe we all incarnate here for certain experiences and to get those, we must decide to take the bodies of a certain individual – someone who is born to a particular set of parents in particular circumstances within a particular demographic and geographic location…you get the picture.

    Thus, this tells me that, in a previous life, I could have inhabited the visage of the very people who are trying to hurt me now in this new life where I don the body of a Black American woman. It also tells me, when I die this time around, should I decide to come here again, I may take on another visage to push my soul even more. The goal (presumably) is spiritual growth.

    At a time, before learning this, I thought dying was the worse thing which could happen to a person. Now I see it is not. It is the one thing we can all depend on and, thus, death, no matter what the vehicle which brings it to us, brings a relief of sorts. I say that because I had to accept that FIRST before I could start putting anything else into perspective. Until I put that fear to rest, I could not really ‘see’ what seems to be happening. Being stuck solely in survival mode prevented me from taking a step back to 1) determine exactly what life is, 2) what the purpose of it is and 3) what I’m truly supposed to be doing. As Mr. Neely Fuller said it quite simply, though, we are here to act consciously and constructively, to learn how to solve problems (aka helping the Spirit grow).

    So, all this being said, I’m trying to figure out what is the true ‘fear’ behind genetic annihilation – on our part as Black people and that from ‘White people’. If the bodies we inhabit are temporal and we are all literally just players on a stage, all here to push through limitations and experiences ourselves as Spirit in different forms in a material form until we release our corporeal bodies and dissolve back into Ether, then what is the real ‘fear’ of what is happening here, or what is it we are truly trying to stop? If it is Spirit which animates the bodies we operate, how can there be a true distinction between physical bodies which have melanin and those which do not? How can there be a fear from us as black people of being killed off we aren’t our bodies anyway? On the same token, how can White people be afraid of being killed off when, again, our physical lives are temporary anyway and, thus, cannot be preserved? These are questions I’ve asked myself over and over again.

    The more I ask myself this question, I am brought back to the original fear I had of dying. For the life of me, I can’t understand why a group like White supremacists would invest the amount of energy and time in detesting our people as they do, to the point they have created an entire Global system to keep us all imprisoned, Blacks in particular.

    When my mind gets totally clear, though, there is only one thought which comes in, consistently. It is not one I ‘feel’ comfortable with, honestly, but, by following the logic (as Mr. Neely Fuller would say) – my logic, at least – the only thing I can come up with is that ‘those’ who have created the system of White supremacy are not truly human beings, or should I say, the Spirit which animates us as human beings (no matter how crazy we may act when we are out of balance here on Earth) may not be the same Force which is animating them. It also makes me think that the true difference between White people and White Supremacists is, again, the latter group is not truly human, in that they are totally incapable of reform, compassion or accountability.

    Thus, whatever it is we claim to be fighting for (preservation of our melanated physical race) is actually a war for something else.

    Of course, I could be wrong about this.

    Forgive me if this isn’t the correct blog to ask such a question but has anyone else contemplated this question in detail as well, from a spiritual perspective? I truly am trying to figure out that last piece of the puzzle. For as much sense as Dr. Welsing has always made, I still always have a final ‘why’ – why a group of ‘people’ whose individuals will eventually die, just like we all will someday, are so hellbent on maintaining, seemingly, an unending reign of temporal power over this particular planet in general? To me, this doesn’t feel like the way of Spirit…

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ neketa0824

      I think you answered your own question when you said:

      “For the life of me, I can’t understand why a group like White supremacists would invest the amount of energy and time in detesting our people as they do, to the point they have created an entire Global system to keep us all imprisoned, Blacks in particular.”

      Your answer:

      “…the only thing I can come up with is that ‘those’ who have created the system of White supremacy are not truly human beings, or should I say, the Spirit which animates us as human beings (no matter how crazy we may act when we are out of balance here on Earth) may not be the same Force which is animating them. It also makes me think that the true difference between White people and White Supremacists is, again, the latter group is not truly human, in that they are totally incapable of reform, compassion or accountability.”


      (not to sound trite but I think that is as close to an answer as I have read in a long time).

      When you said, “Thus, whatever it is we claim to be fighting for (preservation of our melanated physical race) is actually a war for something else.”

      Yes, this is bigger than equal access to homes and cars and credit and jobs. It’s much bigger than anything material.

      This is a SPIRITUAL WAR — human beings against demons (white supremacists) and this is why our NATURE AS MELANATED PEOPLE is being attacked via homosexuality, sexual perversion, narcissism, materialism, and anti-blackness. To hate one’s self AND the people who look like you is the sheer definition of mental illness and the most devastating spiritual condition a a people can have.

      • neketa0824 says:

        @Trojan Pam

        Thanks for responding.

        I’ll admit, in throwing that question out there, I feared I might be thought of as crazy. But when I really try to wrap my head around what has, according to what we’ve been taught in history (including the lies), been happening on this planet for centuries between these groups of people, the only logical conclusion I can come up with is this. Though I should certainly stand in the courage of my own convictions on my own if I must, I’d be lying if I said I’m not a bit happy someone else can see this as well.

        All I can say is it’s equally as simple and difficult as I suspected. Time to figure out the next step!

        • @ Neketa

          Your entire post was excellently written and thought out. Please read books by Dr. Suzar, especially one called “You come to power only when you come to a point.”

          After she confirmed what I already suspected, I felt almost relieved that I wasn’t going insane. Yes, Demons walk the earth in human flesh. They have ALWAYS been here with us. We’ve been fighting them for millennia.

          I don’t want to veer off topic but please read that book and a LOT of your questions will be answered.

          • neketa0824 says:


            Thanks for the recommendation. I’m so surprised I’ve never heard of Dr. Suzar before, but since you posted this, I’ve checked out some of her lectures on YouTube and her website and will be investing in some of her literature.

    • Providence says:

      This is a GREAT comment! You’re looking at matters from a SPIRITUAL perspective, an angle I’m not sure I’ve heard Dr. Wesling or Neely Fuller ever address. There will BE NO JUSTICE, not from us at least — demanding it is a joke. The only “justice” one can expect from the creators, upholders and facilitators of white supremacy is from The Most High himself. This is a SPIRITUAL battle, everything we see now is merely a manifestation of spiritual warfare waged between The Most High’s people and the children of the adversary.

      I clapped at the part when you said white supremacists are not human beings — it sounds horrible, I know, but this is the same conclusion I’ve come to time and time again. Yah has HIS people and the devil has HIS people, yanno? Our spirit is not the same as theirs…the illuminati, global elite, 13 royal families, etc, etc. I’m not gonna say these guys are the literal physical seed of satan (via Cain or the Nephilim, or whatever), but there is something VERY DIFFERENT about “them”. And by “them”, I mean the CREATORS of W/S and the RABID enforcers of it. They’re possessed by a VERY STRONG DEMONIC SPIRIT unleashed unto the world and exacting “justice” in our own fleshly power ain’t gonna get rid of it.

      I know in my heart that its only the Messiah himself, upon his return who will address W/S while the rest of the world has ignored it and let it fester and grow for centuries. Remember, its in the Black race that hides the Messiah’s “chosen people”, its NO coincidence Black people have it the hardest in this fallen world. The people that will FIGHT the Messiah will NOT be Black or oppressed people, it will be mostly WHITE PEOPLE, children indwelt by the (demonic) spirit of the adversary. Who else will have the AUDACITY to even THINK they can fight the one true God in all his greatness and his glory?

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Providence

        I truly believe this is a spiritual war and as you said, the people cannot defeat the demonic spirits by ourselves. It will have to involve the Creator.

        That being said, I believe the Creator/Universe needs a sign FROM US that we are willing to help ourselves.

        • Providence says:

          Pam, you’re RIGHT! I know you don’t believe in the Bible per se, but even the BIBLE stipulates conditions that Yah’s people, the afflicted, persecuted and maligned and hated Hebrew nation, scattered the 4 corners of the earth, must seek HIS face and turn from their wicked ways (in disobeying The Most High’s voice), in order to lift the yolk of oppression. Ignorance is NOT Bliss. Everyone is born with the God-given sense to love thy brother as THYSELF — one needn’t know the Bible to understand to treat your fellow brother in BONDS with courtesy and respect he otherwise wouldn’t get anywhere else.

          • Trojan Pam says:

            @ Providence

            I never said I didn’t believe in the Bible. I don’t believe in most man-made religions. I don’t believe in uplifting a human being to the level of a God and allowing him or her to manipulate me or be the go-between me and God.

      • neketa0824 says:


        I agree about Dr. Welsing and Mr. Fuller. What I love about their teachings are they are very straightforward and contain truths I can actually see in my own environment. That being said, when I first started listening to them, while everything they said made utter sense, I was always left feeling so angry, depressed and scared.

        I mean paralyzing fear.

        I found both of these elders shortly after becoming a mother, and it was my fear of trying to protect my little one in a country under RWS that lead me to seek out their wisdom in the first place. The initial comfort I felt listening to them confirm what I had already thought quickly gave way to more fear as I, again, realized they were confirming what I’d already thought. The truth made me feel just the more helpless.

        Eventually, something led me to seek ‘Higher’ answers, and the logic, again, eventually helped me remember the temporal nature of Reality. Once I starting remembering all of this won’t last anyway (physical life), it helped me also remember there is a reason are time here is limited and that we are supposed to be doing something with it. Once I remembered that physical death is a guarantee but that Spirit endures, only then did it free up my consciousness to start really contemplating what the hell is really going on around this planet. Elders Welsing and Fuller might not approach it from a spiritual angle, but theirs were opinions which were, very much, solid stepping stones to the place of thought I’ve arrived at now. All of us have a contribution, and we are all connecting the dots, I think.

        The hardest part, even now, is to stop myself from getting sucked back into fear – from watching how these adversary’s cabals work and the disgusting effects of our all being slaves to it. I keep my nose in books but probably need to be in commune with Mother Nature even more than that. I have to constantly remind myself to keep perspective of what is truly happening as to not lose total awareness. I have to also remind myself there are entities controlling this planet which literally feed off of the energy of our negative emotions, especially fear. The system set in place is self-maintaining, in that aspect.

        The saddest part is I find few allies in real life when trying to present these ideas, so I keep my mouth closed now, for the most part, and just focus on bringing up little ones who can protect their Spirituality and navigate this Matrix without getting caught in it.

        • Providence says:


          Well, from mommy to mommy, I can attest to the initial fears that you had for your little one, I went through the same thing when I had my first child 2yrs ago. Moreover, that conversation continues to play in my mind to this day, I’m not sure it will ever stop, be it for my kids, or any other youth. Nonetheless, I can vow that you have an ALLY in me and others on this board. TRUST you are NOT alone, thank goodness for platforms like this, there are so many others who feel the same way you do. We want nothing more than to do as you say, raise up and empower our little ones and make others aware of this evil matrix, so they can properly navigate and eventually OVERCOME it.

          Welcome to the blog!

  9. Providence says:

    I saw two statements in this article that seemed to contradict the very basis of this article, regarding Black genetic potential:

    “If blacks are genetically the most dominant, and whites are genetically the most recessive, blacks have the most (genetic) potential to make whites genetically extinct. Therefore, it is logical to assume blacks (and Africans) will be the MAIN TARGETS of global genocide.


    “By producing more melanated babies white females will–after two generations–increase the WHITE POPULATION overall. With 30 percent of sperm from white males being “non-viable” (incapable of fertilizing a woman’s egg), a limited number of white females are being STEERED in the black male’s direction to restore the fertility of the white race. In other words, to create a NEW, more FERTILE white race.”

    So are we saying that the Black genotype, as “potent” and “dominant” as we’ve been led to believe is not that dominant after all, at least not after a few generations? Well, I agree with this sentiment. Hello…. look at the brown Arabs, an amalgam of Black Moors and other indigenous Black groups throughout the so-called ‘middle-east’ and invading white tribes from Central Asia and Europe. White people are albino Black Dravidians who found themselves caught in the caves of the Caucuses after the last ice age circa 10,000 bc anyway. Nothing “pure” about ’em….. far from it in fact.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Providence

      I can understand how the two seem contradictory but to my way of thinking they are not.

      Yes, blacks are genetically dominant and under UNCONTROLLED circumstances, (meaning white supremacy did not exist and blacks and whites breed indiscriminately) that white people could become extinct

      BUT under the system of white supremacy, few things happen by chance on a collective basis.

      It is no accident that the babies white females have with black males are usually raised by her — and that the black male is often pushed out of the picture (the way Obama’s father was by whatever means…) so the child will be white-identified (not saying this happens every time but often enough to be a pattern)

      It is no accident that the system of white supremacy programs the non-white offspring to spurn other blacks and to breed with whites

      It is no accident that by the 2nd and 3rd generation that the non-white offspring are absorbed into the white population and increases the white population numerically.

      And it is no accident that that the 2nd and 3rd generation “new white (non-white) person” has more melanin than his or her white grandparents and great grandparents and is therefore MORE fertile than his or her white ancestors.

      That is what I mean by a “new white race” under the system of white supremacy

      • Providence says:


        Gotcha. Two-sides-of-the-same-coin kind of logic. Reading your comment got me thinking… back during slavery, jim crow, etc… the Black population SWELLED, despite the terrorism inflicted on them, largely b/c of the 1-drop rule. Colorism was certainly a big problem, but nobody disputed in those days that mixed Blacks (so-called mulattos, quadroons, octoroons, etc) were still Black. I’m curious if the “elites” knew something about this — hence allowing integration. Economics was probably the biggest factor, god forbid more economically independent Black centers like Black Wall Streets and Rosewoods pop up all over America. But I also can’t help but wonder if the white population replacement rate was so low after all those wars back-to-back, that they knew if they desegrated — yet kept white supremacy in place — they would inevitably have a new generation of octoroon white people to meet their pathetic population levels. Remember, just over a century ago, white people only used to classify WASPs (white anglo saxon protestants) to be white. They were later compelled to include white Catholics (Irish, Scots), southern Europeans (ie Greeks, Italians, etc…well-known mulatto groups) and Ashkenazi Jews…and now more recently Indians and Arabs to be caucasians to boost their dismal population numbers!

        Hmm… Pam, you’re DEFINITELY onto something here…

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Providence

          Right, to maintain this system you must maintain a certain level of foot soldiers and advocates by any means necessary. This is not a new dilemma. After slavery, the white supremacists had to increase the number of “white” people to keep black people under control (meaning to limit our progress, hence the inclusion of “honorary whites” like Irish, Italians, Greeks, etc and now more recently, encouraging Hispanics to classify themselves as ‘White Hispanics”

          Check out this link to a NY Times article in 1910 about “The Union of Black Mothers and White Fathers Will Bring About Negro Elimination”

          It’s obvious the white supremacists do not believe IR sex will eliminate whites — they believe just the reverse.


      • TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:


        Speaking of the “new white race” and dominant genes I am currently working on a profile on actress, singer, dancer, etc Eartha Kitt. Eartha Kitt like many black celebrities married white and her daughter is basically….a white woman. I believe that she (Eartha’s daughter) married a white man herself cause her daughter is white too. In addition, Eartha Kitt herself is a product of a IR Union, a woman of African/Cherokee descent and an unknown white man. So, I see why people say that the Black gene may be that dominant cause if there’s so much mixing with white people in a family that can dimish black genes, features and characteristics.

        Here’s a pic at this link: http://i.prphotos.com/f/2055/AGM-012055/Eartha-Kitt,-Daughter-Kitt,-and-Grandaugther-Rachel-Shapiro-Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat-Month-Benefit-in-New-York-on-June-13,-2003.jpg

        • Providence says:

          @Original Black Woman

          Thanks for the pic of Eartha Kitt and her family. That pic is INSANE — in one pic it encapsulates everything written in this article.

          Eartha Kitt – medium-skinned “mulatto”.
          Daughter – blond-haired, Lisa Kudrow look-alike “quadroon”.
          Grand-daughter – typical white girl with sky-blue eyes “octoroon”.

          With the right makeup and styling (and surgery in modern times), you would NEVER know that Eartha’s white offsprings have immediate Black ancestry. She single-handedly bleached any Black out of her lineage, what a shame. I’ve read Eartha Kitt had some serious self-hate issues, and passed that down to her daughter who got plastic surgery and died her hair blond from an early age to look even more white. Eartha was supposedly never considered attractive (for a biracial girl) and internalized that by ensuring she sired white offspring to ANNIHILATE her rich Black heritage. Well, she certainly did a good job — she played right into the hands of the REAL white supremacists (the global elite, not the KKK) and added to the dwindling white population pool, effectively taking away from our own 😦

          • Timothy says:


            I didn’t know that about Eartha Kitt. Thank you for the information. It shows to me once again that many in society want us (as black people) to eliminate our heritage. The handwriting in the on the wall. The forced sterilization of black women has happened before. We, as a people, have to think long term since many of our people just want temporary “fun” without caring about the future. The racists don’t sleep on us, so we should always be on our toes and realize that we are in a war for our survival. We want our black families to grow and we love our black identity. It is just that we have to fight. We certainly don’t want all of our descendants to have blonde hair and blue eyes. We want our descendants to be black, strong, intelligent, and courageous to defend our people and to believe in the principles that our ancestors fought for.

            • Providence says:


              Using IRRs to keep the Black people from procreating in the first place or sterilizing the Black womb, aborting the Black fetus, poisoning the Black fetus, mistreating, mishandling and abusing the Black babies once they are born in and out of the hospital, destabilizing the Black Family Unit so that baby will grow up in a more stressful environment in the home, demoralizing and dehumanizing that child even further in school and on the job, as he grows into an adult. We literally get it from all sides. Hmm…..these global elites know something we don’t, apparently, to invest so much time and energy in weakening and eliminating the Black race by all means necessary….

            • Gigi says:

              Eartha Kitt was rejected by black men over and over again.

          • Shanequa says:

            The “Queen of Disco Donna Summers” was another self hating black woman her first & second husbands were non black men. She even use to call her oldest daughter her “blonde hair child.” All of her daughters are in relationships with non black men two of her daughters are married & one is dating a non black men. Her other two daughters that are married have children by their non black husbands but the children genes have more of father’s. I read Donna Summers biography she associated with non black people more then her own people.

            • Providence says:


              Yup, I just googled Donna Summer and she has a stunning family, but she was known to be a major sellout. Her 3 daughters are biracial and each married a Hispanic, white and very-recessive looking Irish guy. Mimi Sommer the eldest (the blonde) looks like a typical white woman with her white family in this pic. Can you believe this is a FULL Black woman’s grandkids? In the little research I spent on her, she was known to tell her daughters to NOT marry Black men. The following is a link of Mimi’s family, all blonds and blues:


              Here are pics of Amanda’s family and son — I think there are some pics in there of Brooklyn and her white kid and hubbie too:


            • Providence says:


              Yup, I just googled Donna Summer and she has a stunning family, but she was known to be a major sellout. Her 3 daughters are biracial and each married a Hispanic, white and very-recessive looking Irish guy. Mimi Sommer the eldest (the blonde) looks like a typical white woman with her white family in this pic. Can you believe this is a FULL Black woman’s grandkids? In the little research I spent on her, she was known to tell her daughters to NOT marry Black men. The following is a link of Mimi’s family, all blonds and blues and reds and greens everywhere:

              Here are pics of Amanda’s family and son — I think there are some pics in there of Brooklyn and her white kid and hubbie too:


              Now, can we expect these people to fight RWS? Thanks to people like Donna a FULL Black woman, she literally sired off a whole new population to ADD to the white gene pool, strengthening RWS. Just google Donna Summer grandkids, you see nothing but LILY WHITES. As I do this research, I’m disgusted by it…

              • Shanequa says:

                @ Providence
                I agree with everything you said. Regardless if the mother or father is black the biracial child will still have loyalty to their non black family.

            • Gigi says:

              So what??majority of african american women are in releations with black men or have children by black males that was her perogative to choose. i came across an interview by a black woman who stated in her youth she had been sexually abused by black males all her life and NO ONE in the community would help her because for them to turn in her abusers would have been seen as white supremacy so in the end she vowed never to marry an african american male. Maybe black males need to get their act together (not all because many are doing good) then they will have no problem with black women i mean look at chinese asian women so many of them date white male but the chinese men dont give a rats ass because they are successful and have alot going for them and they are plenty chinese women for them so its not a problem. its best to stay in our lanes and we the best we can be and not get so worked up about what others are doing im sick and tired of hearing from whites involved or married to black women how horrible black men are constantly harassing them etc it gets boring its like cant we just get a life many people still prefer to marry within their own race so perhaps it would be wise to work on whats wrong in the community then you will be strong enough to deal with external enemies buut as long as the internal enemies are thriving aint no way you can stand against external enemies. im tired of reading that lady i wont reveal her name because you will just prove my point and humilate blacks further that tells black women not to waste time with black men who will never marry them i mean wtf???Thats why i say instead of blaming white man for everything we get off our butt make something of ourselves be committed to families not going from babymama to baby mama only then will we have a level playing field

          • TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:

            You’re welcome. Her daughter and grandaughter looks NOTHING like her.

            • Gigi says:

              Many bi racial men and women marry black men and women you guys arent serious majority of biracial people in america marry black this is a fact its only recently many are marrying other biracials or white but historically they usually marry black.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ TheOriginalBlackWoman13

          I saw the pic of Eartha Kitt.

          What we’re looking at is the desired byproduct of black/white unions

          Fewer “black” (appearing) people and more “white” appearing people who will be counted as white, who will function as white, and who will serve as foot soldiers to maintain the system of white supremacy

          I don’t know what more can be said.

      • TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:

        @ TrojanPam and Everybody

        Do anyone notice how it seems that these bi-racial children that are being raise (especially the boys) by white women do not date/mate with Black Women? I’ve notice this happens often enough to be a pattern.

        ” It is no accident that the babies white females have with black males are usually raised by her — and that the black male is often pushed out of the picture (the way Obama’s father was by whatever means…) so the child will be white-identified (not saying this happens every time but often enough to be a pattern)”

        So basically these Black Males are basically sperm donors to white females; after they have served their purpose the “relationship” ends.

        • Sharon53 says:

          On your comment “so basically these Black Males are basically sperm donors to white females; after they have served their purpose the “relationship” ends.”
          One would begin to think that this is exactly what is happening because so many black male/white female relationships do not last. A classic example of that was Seal and Heidi Klum. If you also look at a lot of rich and famous white women, they nearly always adopt black male children. I also began to notice this on a more local level some years ago when white doctors began to tell white women they needed to started having more babies. They too, nearly always adopted black male children. I believe a lot of that is because from my observation oftentimes pairings between black men and white women often produce more biracial females than biracial males and they want males. They don’t seem to want girls because another observation of mine, is the biracial girls end up in foster homes or being raised by the black side of the family. I have seen 3 cases like that in my own family. It is something to think about.

          • Trojan Pam says:

            @ Sharon53

            right, look at the movies and the typical role for a black person is a black male fighting for white people.

            look at most of the adoptions by white females — it is usually a black male (like sandra bullock has adopted a SECOND BLACK BOY (sic)

            and in this recent movie called “The Gift” the only black person in the movie was a black male married to a white female in a social circle of all white people — not a black female in SIGHT

            so, I think it is logical to assume that white supremacists have decided that the BLACK MALE IS THE MOST DESIRED, BEST AND MOST USEFUL ADVOCATE FOR WHITE SUPREMACY

            and by taking the male OUT of a community, they know that community will collapse

            The male of every community is the LYNCHPIN of that community but unfortunately, is often also the weakest link and the easiest to bend and ultimately break.

            • TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:


              You said, “The male of every community is the LYNCHPIN of that community but unfortunately, is often also the weakest link and the easiest to bend and ultimately break.”

              This is something that I find quite puzzling. Many Black Men/Boys sooo easily fall for the white beauty standard myth and the white (or non-black) woman as the superior womanhood whereas Black Women have stated for years (and publicly) It’s a Black Man or No Man. But….I think if things keep going the way its going now between the collective Black Male/Female Relationship we will see a shift in this attitude amongst Black Women; it’s already started.

              Many Black Women have asked and are asking, “Although Black Men and Women have gone through the same psychological trauma and have had white supremacist programming shoved down our throats for the last 500 years how come the Black Woman Collective (save for a minority) still desire the Black Man (especially the dark skinned Black Man) as a mate, husband, mate and father of our children, yet IT SEEMS that Black Men (not all, just too many) tend to want a woman as close to white as possible as his mate, wife, and mother of his children? Have Black Men become sooo weakened by the SOR? Are Black Women psychologically stronger than Black Men?

              This is a conundrum to many sistas!

          • TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:


            Those are some very interesting observations you’ve made. So I guess they need “pure” Black boys to really carry out their plan in Black genocide. I guess they figure they can easily get in the head of the boys since sadly many Black males continuously fall for the white beauty standard myth. How evil and sinister of them! And that brings me to this observation; notice how it seems that most biracial girls and or women date, marry, procreate with mostly Black men and boys.

            • Shanequa says:

              “So I guess they need “pure” Black boys to really carry out their plan in Black genocide.”

              Your statment brought something to my attention. In order for these European women plan to carry out their agenda for black genocide & to build the Europeans race they will need Black African women help as well to reproduce more dark skin black males. Since European women are going after brown to dark skinned black men they would need the help of black women because they are the only ones to produce these types of men in those colors. I rarely do see a non black women with light skinned or biracial men. When these white women adopt they will always try to adopt a dark skinned black male or a biracial females but dark skinned black females are the ones they least likely to adopt.

            • Sharon53 says:

              You are correct when you say “it seems most biracial girls and or women date, marry, procreate with mostly Black men and boys.” That is part of the reason they don’t want biracial girls also because that does not help the white supremacists increase their numbers, nor decrease our numbers. Whereas, nearly always, the biracial male, chooses a white female or some other non-black woman, and if another male child is procreated from that union, he too will choose a white or non-black female, thereby further diluting the black race.

              One other thing I have noticed recently is there has been a small increase of biracial girls dating and marrying non-black men. I believe that may be because they are getting more competition for black men from all these immigrants that have come here like Asian women and Hispanic women. In a way that really helps the white supremacists also because they don’t have to sacrifice as many of their white women for black men. Anyway, at the end of the day, it is still more black men missing in action from the black community than it is their women, when black men are also coupled with Asians and Hispanics.

              You are also correct when you say “I guess they figure they can easily get in the head of the boys since sadly many Black males continuously fall for the white beauty standard myth.” That is so true and until they are taught another standard of beauty, they will always fall for the European standard of beauty. That will be quite a task because everything around us points to the Eurocentric standard of beauty. So children are being trained from the cradle to prefer white beauty standards and I believe the male child is hardest hit with that because when they choose a mate, I believe they look at the physical attributes first. And you are right, it is evil and sinister system they have going on.

              Another thing to consider also is most children take on their mother’s cultural and racial identity because she is their first teacher. Children identify with what their mother passes on them usually. What dumbfounds me is why so many black men are preferring someone who does not look like his black mother. Could it be white supremacy is so powerful and so ingrained in society that even black mothers cannot reach their own children or perhaps lose touch with them once they get into school? If someone has an answer for that, please let me know.

              • Shanequa says:

                @ Sharon53
                “Another thing to consider also is most children take on their mother’s cultural and racial identity because she is their first teacher. Children identify with what their mother passes on them usually. What dumbfounds me is why so many black men are preferring someone who does not look like his black mother. Could it be white supremacy is so powerful and so ingrained in society that even black mothers cannot reach their own children or perhaps lose touch with them once they get into school? If someone has an answer for that, please let me know.”

                This have to do with alot of psychological programming toward black males especially with the media & the type of up bringing they had with their black mothers as well the negative images they have seen of black women. One thing I notice that with young black males I went to school with who we’re raised in a environment surrounded by black females, once these young men went to college an was giving the illusion of being accepted by non black people that’s when I notice they venture off to non black women.

                Also the media is always telling black males all types of women are beautiful but the dark skinned black women. I notice during the hype of Jennifer Lopez career black males were letting black women know that there preference were non black Latino women. During this era it was the beginning of publicly shaming & bashing black women an informing us that black males doesn’t see black females desirable. I remember this era to good because some black males were trying to find them a Jennifer Lopez type of women. Whatever woman the white media hypes up to give too black males to find desirable those are the women they will chase. The black man have put every race of women on a pedestal but the dark skinned black woman. As a black female I wonder how will it end for black females especially when they are constantly giving the message black males doesn’t find you attractive. Since society have always had black women on the bottom of desirable & beauty list when are going to rise to the top. What was last will eventually become first.

              • Timothy says:


                Great Points Sister.

                You have made great points about the psychology of colorists who believe in the lie that white, Eurocentric beauty standards must be followed. No grown black man should hate the racial identity of the black mother who gave him birth. There are tons of examples of those with self hatred filled with confused lives like Dennis Rodman, OJ Simpson, etc. It is a shame that some black males refuse to even show legitimate respect to black women. We want the preservation of our black heritage. We want our descendants to be black people. White supremacists follow short term and long term plans. The doll experiment proves that many black children are brainwashed into hating themselves. Many biracial people are white-identified. Many biracial people want to ally with black people too. Also, another point is to be made The system of white supremacy is not omnipotent. White racists are not divine. They can be defeated and we have to fight for our victory. We have to have faith and works. Faith without works is dead, so we have to express faith and do the necessary work. As other people have said, this is a spiritual battle. We have to follow righteousness and treat our people right. That is why I won’t support anyone who doesn’t support black people. It is important to know that some black people get it and are awake. Self-determination and black autonomy are sacrosanct concepts to advance.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ TheOriginalBlackWoman13

          for some white females, absolutely, he is a SPERM DONOR,

          considering most of the white mothers are still practicing racism/white supremacy, often against that non-white child (and many non-white children of white people have confirmed that).

          • TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:


            I have to say if the laws of miscegenation were to be re-introduced to legislation I would support it hands down. NO Child deserves what many of these bi-racial children are going through with these white mothers (and to a lesser extent) fathers.

            • Shanequa says:

              @ TheOriginalBlackWoman13
              I feel sorry for these biracial children because I strongly believe these European mother’s doesn’t love in fact even the black father’s. I believe these children are being produced by these couples for selfish reasons & gains.

              • Sharon53 says:

                I don’t believe white women truly love black men nor their biracial children. People marry and have children for all kinds of reason and they are not necessarily out of love. This may seem harsh but I think it is mostly about saving the white race and reducing the black population. Those people are so narcissistic that they probably think that black men and biracial children are an entitlement to them.

              • Shanequa says:

                @ Sharon53
                100% agreed with your statement.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ TheOriginalBlackWoman13

          Funny you should mention that, I have had that conversation many times before how it SEEMS the non-white males with a black parent and a white parent usually seem to marry/date white. They might date another person like themselves (with a white parent) but almost never date or marry black females

          Also, consider Tiger Woods who has an Asian mother and a black father who –to my knowledge–has never dated an Asian female but only dates/marries white females

          So-called bi-racial males, particularly those with white fathers, seem to be the most troubled out of all the combinations — in my experience — and IF they marry (and many do not) they are frantic to breed that blackness out of them.

          I think having a white father is particularly troublesome because a white male CANNOT teach a black male how to function as a black male. The WM however, could give him some invaluable information about HOW white people function but I seriously doubt that ever happens

          Like Dr. Welsing once said whenever she asked a white person to tell her what white people say when there are no black people are in the room, not one white person has ever answered her question.

          And I have never had a bi-racial person say that their white parent told them anything about how white people function in regard to non-white people and in fact, I’ve had some say their white parent won’t discuss racism (!)

          to me that is the CLEAREST POSSIBLE EVIDENCE that the white parent of a non-white child is MORE concerned with protecting the system of white supremacy AND the secrets of other white people than they are with the welfare of their non-white child — or that non-white partner they sleep with. (Red flag).

          That alone, should be enough reason to stay out of their beds, especially the matrimonial kind.

          • Shanequa says:

            @Trojan Pam
            I have a male cousin who once married to a Mexican woman & they have 3 children. The mother have told her biracial children don’t date black. One the daughters has a child & dating a black man while the other daughter has a child & dating a Mexican man, and the son dates Mexican women. The daughter who dating the Mexican tries her best to deny her African side but claim her Mexican side of the family more. We already know that in the Hispanic community their discrimination for the Afro Hispanics is at a all time high. The Mexican mother has fail her biracial daughter who date & procreate with Mexican men because all they do is use her especially her Mexican friends. Her mother has Mexican relatives that hate black people. Her mother don’t teach her the real racism in their community which leaves her daughter & other children docile.

  10. Sharon53 says:

    @Pam, @Providence
    Not sure how much this affects things but even on the US Census form, starting some years ago, they started putting a box where people can check “Other.” I hear Hispanics are already either checking “white” or “other.” I wonder what biracials are checking since an individual’s response to the race question is based upon self-identification.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ sharon53

      Creating all these different racial “sub-groups” is what Mr. Neely Fuller refers to as generating “confusion”

      When in reality, there are ONLY TWO KINDS OF PEOPLE in a white supremacy system:

      1. White People
      2. Non-White People

      And if you wanted to expand that into three types you might add

      3. White Supremacists

      and that’s pretty much it.

    • Providence says:


      Yeah, this article has really gotten me thinking. I’ve always suspected the whole IRR angle wasn’t a good one for the Black community. People would say that our genes are “dominant” so we’re chipping away at the so-called ‘pure’ white population, when we can clearly see from this article and the comments (Eartha Kitt) that is NOT the case. White people ain’t pure as we can see from their origins (albino Dravidians), they literally need BLACK GENES to survive b/c they started off BLACK IN THE FIRST PLACE! The biggest lie ever told was that whites were a “pure” people to begin with and so-called Negro blood would taint their gene pool — when quite frankly its the other way around. The people with the ‘purest’ least mutated genes are Africans (the Khoisan in particular), but I digress. About the census….

      In my observation, I almost feel that Hispanics are some of the most racially confused people on this planet, and that stems from them being a composite people. They comprise of the blood of the indigenous American natives, enslaved Africans and white conquistadors (among others). They have some of the most confusing census’ (check out Mexico and Brazil’s dozens of racial classifications). They have crazy stratification codes and their colorism is off the chain. The fact they check “white” be it their census or the American census is not surprising in the least — their rampant colorism, crazy census, and overt color stratification system is proof they are proud adherents to white supremacy. Latin America, India (they are Black Dravidian/white Aryan mulattoes), the coloreds of South Africa, Arabs, etc are GREAT examples of when race-mixing goes “wrong”. This is gonna sound harsh, but mixed-breeds only creates mixed loyalties. It can never stamp out RWS, it only does two things: creates confused “foot soldiers” as Pam puts it, who adhere to and in effect strengthen RWS by creating all these “buffers”, and weaken the only THREAT to RWS and that is the strong proud Black Family Unit, the microcosm to a strong vibrant Black Community, People and Race. Remember, the RWS manufactured by the elites can’t work without brainwashed foot soldiers of all colors, drinking their kool-aid and doing their dirty work.

  11. Courtney H. says:

    @ Everybody:

    I have to admit that I have not watched these videos yet, but I thought they would go very well with this post.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      Good Afternoon Sister 🙂

      Those videos certainly expose the perversion and evil of white supremacy. White racists not only killed black men, black women, and black children. These sick degenerate racists raped black people too. Racism is readily linked to moral degeneracy, so it is truly sad to know that many of our people have been victims of abuse. The videos showed the truth of how evil the Maafa and slavery was in the Americas. Many people don’t know how vicious the Maafa was. This is why I always promote integrity in our communities. There is great importance in the value of black fathers and black mothers. Black women are readily treated as sexual objects by evil people instead of human beings. Mental slavery didn’t end in 1865 and the battle for liberation certainly didn’t end in 1865 either. It is totally evil for evil racists to exploit black women. The videos certainly show the truth about how little black children were raped and abused by white racist slave owners. This agenda of bashing manhood and bashing womanhood continues today.

      Today, many white people go into the Caribbean and places of Africa as a way for them to sexually exploit our people. There are many people who want to emasculate black men without question. There are tons of people who hate and are jealous of the power of real black manhood. There are evil people who can’t stand black men and black women loving each other and respecting each other. This is why I always advocate black men and black women to be strong, express leadership, and use self-determination, so liberation can come about. That is why some in society hate any black man or black woman speaking eloquently in exposing the truth. The last video about black fatherhood is very important since fatherhood will cause many benefits for children. This is personal since I was raised by a father and so many of our people haven’t raised by a father. So,it is interesting to listen to the stories of other people who didn’t grew up with a father. It is very important for children to be exposed to strong male and strong female influences in their lives.

      Thank you for the showing of the videos Sister.

      Bless you. 🙂

      • Courtney H. says:

        Thank you, Brother Timothy.

        I still have not watched the videos yet. I got the videos from Prince Kushite’s blogs. I will watch the videos later. Thank you for your comments and compliments.

        God bless you, too. 🙂

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Courtney

          You’re Welcome.

          Yes, Prince Kushite has great information on his blog. I respect the Brother a great deal. I respect you a great deal too.

    • neketa0824 says:

      Could barely get through the first video without vomiting. Talk about the illusion of being free…

      When I was done watching the video, I had to give my little ones a bath. As I looked at their faces, even as they were getting on my nerves, all I could see were the faces of the little children in the video included in the first video. Each time I see something like that, I realize, in another time and place, my children could have been taken from me, put into this depraved setup and there wouldn’t have been a damn thing I could have done about it to protect them. As my oldest started whining, as usual, about what she didn’t want to do, I swallowed the inclination to correct her and, instead, just dropped to my knees, covered her face with kisses and held her tightly, telling her over and over again how much I love her. The look on her little face told me she was bewildered by the sudden show in affection but that she appreciated it, as I’m sure all children do. I’m reminded now I must always take the opportunity to show love, not just to mine but the other little ones out there.

      Reading this blog, watching these videos, looking at all that is being discussed here – there is certainly a fight to be fought, one cannot deny, but I find I’m incensed the more and more of our history I uncover. If I feel this way by coming into conscious awareness of our history, it makes me think so much of the mental illness our people suffer must be repressed cellular and psycho-spiritual memory we aren’t addressing. Thus, it helps me greatly to read the dialogue throughout this blog and others like it – where you writers, at least through your words – have found a way to channel any potential negative emotions constructively versus allowing them to completely enthrall you. Thank you for taking the time to comment out in Cyberspace, as there are some of us who are just joining the resistance who are learning greatly from you.

      While I’m still not too certain what we must do, I’m definitely in agreement we as Black folk must do something.

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Sister Neketa:

        I watched most of the first two videos. I agree — the first one contained some sickening content. As Brother Timothy said, white supremacy and moral degeneracy are linked.

        Thank you for watching the videos and commenting. I was touched by your comments about your children.

        I have been coming to this blog for about two or three years now, and I have learned a lot. It helps to channel hurtful and angry feelings into sharing your experiences with like-minded people who listen and give advice.

        Thank you for joining us, Neketa! Welcome! 😀

        • Sharon53 says:

          @Courtney H.
          I have to agree with your statement “It helps to channel hurtful and angry feelings into sharing your experiences with like-minded people who listen and give advice.” I found out about these blogs on another website about 5 years ago and have been following them since that time. I have learned so much that have helped me to understand what is going on around me concerning the state of blacks in America and around the world. Even though things have been getting worse and worse for blacks since integration took full swing, for some reason, back around 2010, it seemed like the heat really began to turn up on us and it appeared like I was the only one that could see that something was getting out of control. I felt like I was helplessly standing on the side of a track watching others about to get run over by a train and could not do anything. So I did a search on the Internet to see what Minister Farrakhan had to say about things and stumbled across these blogs. I have noticed that a few more people are coming onto the blogs and beginning to see what we are seeing out here. Just the other day, I even heard a female family member use the word ‘white supremacy’ and I almost fell out of my seat because that is unheard of by females in my family. I said to myself, at least it is a start. What I believe is beginning to happen is the “ripple effect”, which I hope will continue. I hope it is not just another ‘catch phrase’ or fad such as ‘black is beautiful’ and ‘black and I’m proud’ that so many of us used back in the day and did not really mean it.

  12. Shanequa says:

    @ Trojan Pam & neketa0824 including everyone else.

    Since both of you mention this is a spiritual war our BLACK AFRICAN people are going against with the European demons this documentary “The Africans in Asia” mention the return of the “BLACK MESSIAH” fighting the evil European demons. In Cambodia their is a temple call The Ankgor Wats in which the video discusses that tells our story on stone. Here is the youtube link below to the video.

  13. Bloody hell I only just watched some of the ads. One is definitely promoting gay rape.

  14. LBM says:

    Just a reminder : When a man ejaculates into a woman, even if he doesn’t impregnate her, his genetic “stuff” is in her – forever.

  15. LBM says:

    Allow me to correct myself : when a male ejaculates into a female…

  16. Sharon53 says:

    I believe I saw where you mentioned you will be publishing another book. When will that be done and what will it be focused on as far as the title of the book.

  17. Sharon53 says:

    Thanks for your responses to my question as it really got me to thinking more about this matter and I definitely see your points. It does seem that most of the psychological programming toward blacks stems from the media and it seems in the last several decades they have turned up the heat with that.

    However, as far as this attitude some black men have toward black women in terms of dating/marriage, beauty, etc., I think back to the 50s and 60s when all these non-black women were not available to them. They still chose what was closest to white, which was the light-skinned black woman. If you look at most entertainers and athletes from that era, they almost always had a light-skinned woman. However, nowadays, the white supremacists have offered them the real thing.

    I see what you mean in your statement that these young men move onto college and then venture off to non-black women. I have seen this several times especially in my family. From what I hear sometimes, this starts in high school especially if the black male student seems like pro sports material. They see the potential and I hear they really push those white girls their way. They then think they are accepted by whites and the rest is history.

    Another thing is I have also seen this happens when black males move to a state that is not heavily populated by blacks such as some states out west like Utah, Oregon, etc. I had a nephew that moved to Utah and just recently got married and before anyone told me I knew the woman he married was white. He jumped into that really quickly and they normally don’t move that fast with black women.

    Maybe all the hype about Jennifer Lopez is how they all got off into the Hispanic women. Like you said “whatever woman the white media hypes up to give to black males to find desirable those are the women they will chase.” It is almost like a fad. I don’t mean to seem like I am stereotyping but as far as those Hispanic women are concerned, some of them appear to be pretty rough and some even have bad tempers. But I guess that is okay with black men because some will tolerate bad habits of non-black women that they have no patience with in black women.

    As far as your statement “since society has always had black women on the bottom of desirable & beauty list when are we going to rise to the top? What was last will eventually become first.”
    One thing that I have learned that takes a sting out of all this rejection from society is I “reject the rejection.” I have a healthy self-esteem and I find that people who look down on other people really have very low esteem so they are really worst off than I am. How can a person looking down on someone actually love anyone, even themselves? It can’t happen because love and hate cannot exist in the same heart. They have such low-esteem that they have to look down on others to try to elevate themselves which can never happen. As a result, they will never have any joy in their life no matter what they say. They may have a few moments of happiness but happiness is fleeting and depends on circumstances which could change at a moment’s notice. What gets me is how even people that calls themselves Christians practice snubbing people and should know better because anytime someone looks down on another they are not looking up to God.

    • Shanequa says:

      @ Sharon53
      I agree 100% with your statement. This statement here brought something to my attention:
      “However, as far as this attitude some black men have toward black women in terms of dating/marriage, beauty, etc., I think back to the 50s and 60s when all these non-black women were not available to them. They still chose what was closest to white, which was the light-skinned black woman. If you look at most entertainers and athletes from that era, they almost always had a light-skinned woman. However, nowadays, the white supremacists have offered them the real thing.”

      Since light skinned black women & biracial women are no longer the trophies to black men which eventually we know they would be replace for the real 100% pure non black woman. I notice especially with biracial women the more racial ambiguous they look the more they choose their non black gene to be accepted or pass as one & by society or being the trophies to black males as partners. I also notice this trend with light skinned black women the that try to give the illusion that there mixed but faking it till they make it. Even in music videos & television their not using any light skinned or biracial women they have the actual non black women to replace them. In the colorism game light skinned black women & biracial women were only getting use by society & backward thinking black men. There’s nothing proud nor special about being in a colorstruck self hating black man arms because he has no respect for himself or his race.

  18. Sharon53 says:

    Thanks for your comments on colorism. As you stated “no grown black man should hate the racial identity of the black mother who gave him birth.” However, unless the parents start ingraining the black formula of beauty into the psyche of black male (and female) children at an early age, they will always seek the one taught them by the white media. You are correct also that “the system of white supremacy is not omnipotent. White racists are not divine.” White supremacy is a flawed, man-made system and can be defeated. However, we need to learn to out-think them. I also believe that with God’s help we can achieve this, but we as a people need to collectively do our part as well, and I believe God will do the rest.
    Have a great weekend.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharon

      I agree with you. It is very important for parents of black children to teach them about the beauty of blackness and how the enemy operates. Young black people must know early on that they are in a war and that white racism is an evil that must be eradicated. I also believe that young black boys must also be taught to respect black girls and black women since the mainstream media has for a long time spewed some of the most vicious, anti-black propaganda in human history. We have a crisis where black boys and black girls are unfairly suspended from schools and they need great support and inspiration. Your last points are excellent. We should help ourselves and God will take care of the rest. The system of white supremacy is a system created by people and it can be defeated by strong people and with the help from the Most High. God helps those that help themselves and we certainly have the lifelong duty to combat false racial stereotypes, to treat our people right, and to educate our people on the truth. We have to out think the racists and we have to set up strategies and advocate more unity. Have a Great Weekend too Sister.

  19. TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:

    @ TrojanPam
    I found the article I was telling you about in which a Black Woman apologizes to Black Women: http://www.forharriet.com/2014/11/an-apology-to-my-fellow-black-women.html#axzz3oqa4UgwS. I will be posting this article on my new site as well.

    When you get some free time, I also would like to invite you and other readers to check out my other and new blog https://fightingmisogynoir.wordpress.com/ in which I post various articles from various sites (and a few of my own) speaking out about Black Women’s intersectional struggle against racism white supremacy, misogynoir, and colorism. Thanks!

  20. Gigi says:

    Yet black males are already getting revenge on society history is being reversed more black men committing crimes against white males nowadays what about the interacial couple raped and killed by 4 black males the white male was the 4 black males boss so i feel if more black people enrich their lives it will be better all round for everyone great men like lenon honor has have a great series entitled overing race based media programming it will get things in the right perspective as a black male living in America hes gone through the racism etc now father of 5 children to 1 black woman life is how you make it not being nosy and interfering with other peoples preferences it just gives them ammunition to use against us especially when some of us bully and harass bi racial children constantly seen it with my own eyes and then we complain or wonder why they some of them dont want to marry black this is 2016 time to make things better

  21. […] – Dr. Frances Welsing’s work surrounds the dangers of interracial […]

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