This Is What ‘White Privilege’ Looks Like

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Christopher Columbus white joggerChristopher Columbus = Old World Gentrification

The Full Transcript


Back off me

Back off me

Back the fuck off me

Back the fuck off me

Back the fuck off ME

Don’t fucking come back here

I’ll kill you

With one punch

You’re messing with the wrong guy

I fight for a living

You’re messing with the wrong guy

‘scuse you, pal

You push your stroller into people?

Your baby could get hurt

Your baby could get hurt

I fight babies like you, baby

You’re new in the neighborhood

I came to this neighborhood

The only reason white people like you are living here

Is because I settled this fucking neighborhood

For you

Don’t push your stroller into my legs

Don’t push your stroller into my legs

White privilege! White fucking privilege!

You push your stroller right into me

And all I said was, “Excuse you”

And then you said, “Fuck you”

Fuck you!

Fuck you

You white trash

You fucking white trash

Look how the black cop is afraid to take charge. And how the aggressive white male totally ignores his presence. He knows he is in NO DANGER from a black male — EVEN WHEN HE’S WEARING A UNIFORM AND BADGE and carrying a gun. That white male knows the black cop is not going to accidentally shoot him or use brute force. He knows that black cop can’t arrest him UNLESS a white cop is present to SANCTION the arrest.

Had that been two black men arguing on a street corner and one of them was ignoring a white police officer and putting his hands in his face there would be a dozen cops surrounding those two black males within five minutes and someone would wind up in handcuffs, in an ambulance, or in the morgue.

THAT is what WHITE PRIVILEGE looks like.

It is also MORE PROOF that white people are NOT IGNORANT about racism. White people–including white children– know white people are MORE PRIVILEGED (have more rights) than black and non-white people.

DON’T BE FOOLED by the LIE that white people are afraid of black people, ESPECIALLY dark-skinned black men. If this was true a dark-skinned black male in a policeman’s uniform with a badge and a gun SHOULD BE THE MOST FEARED BLACK MALE IN AMERICA. We can easily see in the video that this not the case.

DON’T BE FOOLED by their claims of being unaware or ignorant. Denial and deception go HAND IN HAND with maintaining the system of white supremacy/white privilege.

To better ILLUSTRATE this point check out my blogpost — “Is a White Anti-Racist an Oxymoron?’

When the aggressive white male said he ‘settled” the black/non-white neighborhood for white people, he meant an area isn’t settled AKA “civilized” UNTIL white people live there. He knows exactly what he’s saying. He is NOT ignorant about racism OR how it is practiced.

White people KNOW they are displacing black and non-white people from their homes, villages, communities, and countries all over the planet, including here in the U.S.,  in EVERY major city in this nation — but white privilege means they have the RIGHT to take whatever they want regardless of who is already there — be they Native Americans, Africans, Palestinians, Mexicans, Aboriginals (in Australia) — and regardless of who owns what they want to take.

THAT is what white privilege looks like under the system of white supremacy.

  1. Mbeti says:

    “This is MORE PROOF that white people are NOT IGNORANT about racism OR that white people are MORE PRIVILEGED (have more rights) than black and non-white people.

    DO NOT BE FOOLED by their claims, otherwise. White people know that denial and deception go HAND IN HAND with maintaining the system of white supremacy/white privilege.”

    But its easy to be fooled when most black people say and do nothing or help the opposition.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Mbeti

      That’s why I recommend that everyone be a LEADER OF ONE. Educate yourself. Think for yourself. Disregard the so-called anointed leaders be they black or white. And follow the LOGIC. The LOGIC will seldom lead you astray. The only person we can control is ourselves. That alone is a lifetime job.

  2. Mr. Mitchell says:

    Either that black cop was completely powerless or that black cop, unlike the countless white cops, recognized that no laws were being broken and therefore did his job accordingly.

    White cops are quick to murder blacks who have broken no laws (see Eric Garner) or to murder blacks who commit minor infractions.

    I think when white people get emotional and upset with each other, that’s when they let slip their acknowledgement of white supremacy, as evidenced in the video above. Paula Deen got called out on her racist antics because a white woman called her out on it. That white woman who did so is very likely a white supremacist, too, but the only reason she called out Paula Deen was likely because Paula dissed her or mistreated her. In other words, this was her retaliation against Paula and not some moral crusade to help blacks.

    • Courtney H. says:

      I agree.

    • Timothy says:

      @Mr. Mitchell

      Excellent Points.

      You’re right.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Mr Mitchell

      You made some valid points:

      And I totally agree that most of the time when whites expose the racism of other whites it is a retaliatory action not one based on seeking justice.

    • chuquestaquenumber1 says:

      The Paula Deen lawsuit was a great example of white supremacy. The lawsuit filed by Lisa Jackson the other white woman was thrown out of court. Paula Deen was clear and free,with no obligation to anyone. Yet Paula gave Lisa Jackson an out of court financial settlement. If I had no obligation to pay you wouldn’t get a dime from me. However,even though they were “adversaries”, white womanhood was more important.

      • Sharon53 says:

        Just want to make a comment about the Paula Deen matter when you said “even though they were “adversaries”, white womanhood was more important.”
        I have seen a lot of this in the workplace.
        For example, there were these two white women I once worked with who were supposedly ‘bloodthirsty enemies.” I never would get involved in their foolishness, no matter what they said to me. I am glad I did not because in the end, when one of them got married, her adversary, took over helping her planning her wedding and they became best buddies.
        Another scenario I saw once was a black female employee was not getting along with her white female boss and a white female employee was supposed to be the black female’s friend and even badmouthed the white female boss. However, when the black female quit the job, her supposedly white female friend, quickly starting bad-mouthing the black female and even began saying the problem was the black female. I was not surprised even back then of these types of behavior but at that time, I did not realize it was white supremacy in action.

      • Now Paula Deen is on Dancing With the Stars. I guess all is forgiven. See how white supremacy works?

  3. Timothy says:

    @Sister Trojan Pam.

    Great points.

    The black cop never acted aggressively towards anyone in the vicinity. He is definitely not wanting to be reprimanded by his white cops’ supervisors if he acted more forcibly against the white male, who was acting like a complete irrational person. He is acting the opposite of many other white cops would have done if there were 2 black people arguing. If a black man said the words that the white male had said, then that black man would be jailed, assaulted, or even killed. Truth be told, the white male should have been arrested since he threatened to kill another human being. The white male made murderous threats. Yet, we know how the system works. There are double standards and the system benefits mostly white people (especially those white people who are wealthy). White privilege is real and this white male obviously told people in public that he has white privilege and he isn’t ashamed of his nefarious, demonic behavior. The white male knows that he wouldn’t be arrested at all, because he acted bold with his language. When push comes to shove, many whites will show their real views. One of the things tons of whites collectively hate to talk about is the nefarious system of racism/white supremacy in a real, honest way. Also, the white male is not a member of the 1 percent obviously (in my view), so his faux superiority complex is blatantly apparent. The YouTube video has mentioned the name of Christopher Columbus, which is an appropriate name of the video. The reason is that Christopher Columbus was another white supremacist imperialist who exploited the name of God as a way for him to not only steal lands unjustly, but he organized the mass murder of Native Americans in the Caribbean.

    So, the barbarism of white racism hasn’t ended with the death of Christopher Columbus. It continues today. I read about the history of Weeksville (which was the free black community found in Brooklyn, NYC). This community existed in the 19th century. There was education, economic strength, and other infrastructure in that community. I only heard of this recently. This community and others like in Black Wall Street, Bronzeville, Chicago, etc. should be researched by us as a means to get insights on solutions that deal with growing our communities. I have been studying the history of New York City too. The British and the Dutch took lands from NYC from the Native Americans. Gentrification (which equates to black cultural & economic displacement. Gentrification is very classist too), the deindustrialization (NYC even experienced the bankruptcy crisis back during the 1970’s), and the growth of privatization harmed many residents of New York. The fight for liberation doesn’t just deal with human rights. It also deals with us developing our black cultural institutions (as Jewish people, Polish people, Arabic people, Irish people, German people, Asian people, etc. have been establishing their institutions for centuries in America alone) and making sure that black community cohesiveness is strengthened.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Timothy

      Great points. I had a black ex-policemen friend tell me that in some areas, a white person can request that a black cop not be sent because they only want to be arrested by a white cop.

      and white people know a TON about how racism/white privilege is practiced BUT have convinced far too many blacks that they are clueless.

      No, the only ones who are “clueless” about racism are its VICTIMS.

      • Timothy says:

        @Trojan Pam

        Excellent Point.

        Also, my father told me that decades ago, black people would never be allowed to arrested a white man (not even in a black neighborhood). A black cop had to wait until the white cop came to arrested the white person. I have been told that story before too. Yes, the victims of racism don’t know that white folks know the truth. They know about DNA, black history, the beauty of black melanin, etc. The racists just want to still oppress black people. That is why knowledge is Power and the more we know and do action, the better off that we will be as black people.

      • @Trojan Pam
        I’ve seen white people curse out black cops for pulling them over for speeding. The black cop is always very respectful and smiling at them. It’s a sad sight to see. The call the cops an idiot,moron,fool and even the “n word”. The cop just takes it. It’s like watching a toothless lion. They know they have no real authority over white folks.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Kushite Prince

          This “respect for white people” is bred into black people at an early age, from the first time we sit in front of a TV SET

          White is the voice of AUTHORITY and KNOWLEDGE and NICENESS and SMARTNESS and ATTRACTIVENESS and POWER on the TV SET

          — which is why I keep cautioning and warning and suggesting that we STOP DOING THAT. Make the EFFORT to give your children more constructive activities.

          I used to play with Tinker toys and building blocks for HOURS without getting bored or watching a TV show. I used to color, play with cutout dolls etc for HOURS without getting bored.

          The problem is black adults (and probably this applies to other groups) are BORED that’s why WE sit in front of TV set for hours. Maybe, if we shake off our own lethargy (inactivity) and spice up our intellectual lives and go out and do something besides watch a play or a movie or eat —

          this will rub off on our children

          but back to the topic, we know who is in charge: WHITE PEOPLE

          we know who has the juice: WHITE PEOPLE

          and whether we have a fancy title or an award or sit in the Oval Office, we KNOW WHO IS IN CHARGE

          That’s why it’s hard to understand how so many of want to believe President Obama is giving orders when it is QUITE CLEAR that he is taking orders.

          And when a black male or female puts on a police uniform, the same rules apply

          white-dominates = black submits

  4. Kendra says:

    White privilege at its finest. The white aggressive male has ZERO thoughts for the black cop, and no respect. Secondly, the fact that the cop did not call for back up tells me EVERYTHING. He know who’s in charge and feels his place is beneath the white aggressor.

  5. kelley says:

    You can tell just by how they walk out into the street without looking. Or how they raise their children with little or no discipline. It’s disgusting.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ kelley

      I live in a large city where a lot of gentrification is occurring, black areas are literally turning white and the whites come and go without a care or a fear in the world because they KNOW they will be protected. They KNOW black people fear them and are submissive towards them and they will walk their little dogs at 10 pm in the same areas where black people are being shot and robbed at 7 pm

      Something stinks and that’s why I believe that SOME OF THE CRIME is orchestrated by law enforcement and other nefarious “groups” that operate in the shadows of law enforcement and that black people are being MURDERED by something or someone other than “gang members.”

      the best way to RUN people out of an area you want to reclaim (take back) is to:

      1. close the schools and/or make them substandard
      2. take away the jobs in the area
      3. make normal shopping for food and necessities unavailable (food deserts)
      4. raise property taxes
      5. introduce crime (like permitting drug trafficking to occur with little to no police presence)
      6. introduce MYSTERIOUS random shootings where no one is ever caught

      All this is happening in my city and I smell a big white RAT

      and that RAT is called racism/white supremacy/gentrification.

      • reality_check says:

        @Trojan Pam: Don’t forget the following:

        7. Turn the street lights off and blame “aged grids”

        8. Close the schools

        9. Close or relocate the hospitals to increase the likelihood of death for those needing immediate medical attention

        You are right Trojan Pam: gentrification takes more than some white yuppies with disposable income- it is an orchestrated movement that usually extends to the heights of city and local governments. What is happening to former black neighborhoods in major U.S. cities is not by accident. It is definitely by design.

        • reality_check says:

          oops @Trojan Pam- I see you mentioned school closings. My bad 🙂

          • Phazex_Female says:

            And lets not forget “conspiracies.” Such as the “grids” for electricity illustrating when there is a power outage. When a given locale suddenly loses its power. And “aged” pipes below street level that have burst and gallons to tons of water is being spewed in “poor” neighborhoods. I wonder WHO is going to pay for all that spillage? A student shared something like this with me five or six ago that this is what happened in her area and now her electric bill has gone up.

            This scenario reminds me of the 1992 Civil Uprising with (RIP) Rodney King. Residents had no food or electricity for DAYS post the Civil Unrest. I have actually seen power restored to middle and high income areas HOURS after a so-called blackout.

            As some have stated, much of what we are seeing IS by design.

  6. kelley says:

    That top photo is perfect, btw. I heard Brooklyn is now the most expensive U.S. city to live in. Gentrification at its finest!

  7. Shanequa says:

    In other words Europeans use gentrification to take selective neighborhoods or area’s that they want to live & rebuild while pushing other ethic groups out. In the book “The Isis Paper” the author stated by elementary age white males already know that the world is there’s. Furthermore, Dr. Neely Fuller stated by the age of sixteen Europeans are fully aware of racism because they are living on a system they control & built.

    @Mbeti I agree with your statement . Not to long ago a white fraternity was called out about there racism especially when one of the members were being recorded doing a racist chant which was in a surrounding full of white people. What really happen is that the white male in the video pissed someone off that is white and they decided to release the video to the press. When black people see these racist being expose by other whites they feel that “not all white people are racist” but the fact is the white person that are exposing these whites are not in it to help black people but to benefit themselves.

  8. Trojan Pam says:

    One more thing I’d add

    the aggressive white male ASSUMED the black cop would protect him. That’s why he felt safe in selling wolf tickets he probably couldn’t cash.

    the black cop should have walked away and let those two settle that issue. That’s what I would have done. Walked away.

    And I bet the aggressive white guy would have run off as soon as his “protection’ disappeared.

    If the couple with the stroller bumped into him and didn’t apologize that is just another form of white privilege as well as arrogant ignorance.

    “I’m white and maybe, I make good money, therefore, the world and the people I consider inferior to me should adjust to me and my bratty, spoiled and undisciplined children.”

    I see this attitude all the time

  9. E. Z. says:

    Putting a plug in for website ” Subverted Nation”. Excellent website on racism.

  10. chuquestaquenumber1 says:

    That reminds me of a situation with a Black cop and a white killer. A white killer named Maksim Gelman went on a stabbing spree. He stabbed 9 people killing 4. Police get a description of Gelman. A black NYPD cop sees Gelman. The description fits Gelman. Gelman not only has bloody clothing,he still has the knife in his hands. There Black cop doesn’t fire the 46 bullets from his gun. Or 30 bullets. In spite of seeing this white criminal who matched the description,plus had a knife and bloody clothing.He doesn’t fire ONE SHOT . The black cop gets into a scuffle with Gelman and disarmed him. Gelman is arrested the black cop is presented as a hero and a cop who isn’t trigger happy. This black cop risked being killed by stabbing or being infected with blood borne disease rather than shooting an ARMED white killer.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ chuquestaquenumber1

      Excellent example! I talk about this at length in my first book, Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation

      how black policemen KNOW the rules of engagement when it comes to white perpetrators. To my knowledge–and I asked my ex-cop black friend if he could think of one example– of a black cop shooting an UNARMED white person and he couldn’t come up with one example.

      Neither can I.

      The black policeman or woman who shoots or kills a white person (even one who is armed and posing a risk) KNOWS he there is a strong possibility that he will be fired, or prosecuted, or jailed. And he will be a hated man within his white department REGARDLESS of the circumstances

      because a NIGGER should never be allowed to harm or kill a white person no matter what .


  11. Trojan Pam says:

    @ ALL

    there is so much to say about this short video, I added another paragraph to my original post which is:

    DON’T BE FOOLED by the LIE that white people are afraid of black people, ESPECIALLY dark-skinned black men. If this was true a dark-skinned black male in a policeman’s uniform with a badge and a gun SHOULD BE THE MOST FEARED BLACK MALE IN AMERICA. We can easily see in the video that this not the case.

    • Alicia says:

      I think all of the supposed fear, jealousy, pretending not to understand and so on is just a part of the whole demonization process of “others” that has to go along with white supremacy/racism.

      • Courtney H. says:

        I agree.

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Alicia

        Right, and this happens with every non-white group that white supremacists target.

        Their victims become ‘savages, uncivilized, bloodthirsty, scalpers, barbarians, criminals, cannibals, rapists, thieves, stupid, sexually loose, whorish, lazy, shuffling, dumb–the list of adjectives is too long to post here

        All of it done to JUSTIFY their own crimes against non-white people and to mask their own character flaws

        and when the crimes become too obvious to their victims, then it is time to play “dumb” and pretend they didn’t know this (racism) was happening or that they don’t understand what it is or how it works :-O

        Denial and deception are the most powerful weapons of white supremacists and those who practice racism and they are so skilled at it that the victims actually convince themselves that they are “smarter” than the people who are oppressing them

        when nothing is further from the truth.

  12. chuquestaquenumber1 says:

    There’s the other aspect of racism/white supremacy/white privilege. That black cop didn’t want to end up like Joseph Walker a off duty New Jersey black cop who found himself facing life in prison for killing white racist Maryland criminal Joseph Harvey. Even though Harvey was a career criminal,started the conflict by being threatening to kill Walker,calling Walker a n—-,chasing Walker in road rage. When Walker A 18 yr veteran with an excellent record killed racist Harvey, Maryland LEOs came on strong for White Harvey. Maryland LEOs didn’t care about Walker being a cop from a neighboring state. Walker had to be punished for killing a white man. The white family didn’t have to March,rally,call rush Limbaugh,start a petition,etc. Walker faced life. Walker would acquitted,however to my knowledge he isn’t back as a cop . Even though his acquittal was 15 months ago. Or Officer Craig Taylorthe black cop from the state you live in Pam. Same scenario. The white criminal started everything. When Officer Taylor did his job and killed the threatening old white man Illinois LEOs that couldn’t find any crimes that John Burge committed,came down hard on black Cop Taylor.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ chuquestaquenumber1

      Not to mention all the black undercover cops who have been shot by their fellow white officers


        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Courtney

          I found this video by Sister Lashidu

          It tells interesting information on black people. It is a long video.

          Enjoy Sister.

          • Courtney H. says:

            @Brother Timothy:

            Thank you for providing the video and yours and Sister Sharon53’s comments on these two latest threads. I am vacationing in Las Vegas now, so I plan to watch the videos that you, Sharon and Shanequa have provided on my PC when I get back to Georgia. I hope that all of you are having a blessed weekend!

          • Courtney H. says:

            @ Brother Timothy:

            I just finished watching the video. It is very interesting and eye-opening! Thank you for providing it!

            You are right — it is long. Lol.

            I really liked the way Sister Lashid4u broke everything down with the statistics are often misused by bigots, not just once, but several times. She used a lot of historical information to back up her arguments.

            Again, thank you for providing the video, and I hope that you had a blessed weekend, and will continue to have a blessed week! 🙂

            • Timothy says:

              @Sister Courtney

              Good Afternoon Sister 🙂

              Yes, the video is very long. LOL. I saw the video yesterday. My intuition (that is created by the Most High) inspired me to show it here for the people to witness it. Yes, Sister Lashid4u is a very smart black woman. She loves her family and she cares about black people a great deal. She told the truth that black crime rates overall have declined for decades and how black men have been scapegoated collectively (by white supremacists) as rapists and brutes. We should be more united in fighting against oppression and injustice. She is correct to expose the misoygnoir that exists in the world. It is always important to use our intuition, to seek justice, and to use almsgiving in helping the poor and the oppressed. That is what our ancestors would want us to do and that is what the Most High would want us to do as well. It is about the love of truth and the expression of compassion which are sacrosanct principles for us to follow as black human beings. We have a long way to go, but one lesson in life is to keep on going. We are alive, so we have the opportunity to do something, to shine a light, to help others, and to stand up for the liberation of black people globally.

              Have a Blessed Week Sister Courtney. 🙂

              You always inspire me.

      • Alicia says:

        That’s true but what can we expect? Whites have a hate/racism/violence/cruel behavior issue.

  13. Alicia says:

    watched the video now feeling a bit down. I don’t know if it’s age or what but when I’m on my own time I can discuss it but watching that whole scene just brought me down. I am so glad we have people who are willing to take a stand and be a leader. At my age now it just brings me down when I’m outside of work because I know how it is, the sickness out there.

    I don’t know how other Blacks do it. I don’t know how you can watch these types of videos or watch the media and not just want to tune it out.

    I also don’t know how so many blacks deal with over 10 years of working in corporate america but that’s another story.

    Just the behavior, the attitude, the hate, the double-standards, the fact that it’s been like 500+ years and it’s our whole history.

  14. Sharon53 says:

    Thanks for sharing this video. Interesting how he used the term ‘white privilege.’ That in itself lets me know he is not ignorant about white supremacy and the privileges he enjoy because of it. It is definitely oxymoronic for a white person to use terms like ‘white privilege’ and ‘white trash.’ It was disgusting to see how passive that black police officer was. As you illustrated, if the situation had been reverse with a black person/white cop, the black person would have more than likely been in handcuffs, seriously injured or in the morgue.

  15. Sharon53 says:

    I hope this is not too off-topic but since we are talking about police officers, I wanted to share this video. It is good that Jakes mentioned about an often ignored topic on how black women are also being cut down by cops, but what bothered me is how none of the victims’ fathers were present on the panel. It was only the mothers present. In my opinion, both parents should have been there because there is strength in that kind of black unity. Of course, we all know the white supremacists don’t want none of that, but for once, look like a black person like Jakes, who is in the public eye, would have thought about that.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharon53

      I have looked at the video from TD Jakes. Back in the day, he is known to promote the prosperity gospel. TD Jakes has been accused by some of being a Modalist (or a person who denies the Trinity. Recently, he wants to embrace the Trinity away from Oneness doctrine). Today, he wants to talk more about social justice matters. The mothers of Trayvon Martin, and other victims of police/vigilante murder should receive sympathy, empathy, and prayers. It is important to bring up the point that fathers weren’t shown in the show as well. Mothers and Fathers have great value and their strength and insights should be honored. Black Unity is very powerful and for centuries, white supremacists have divided our families, established unjust laws, used eugenics (as forced sterilization was once legal in many states of America) and used other methods in trying to stop the progress of the black community. Structural racism and structural economic oppression are real. We have to discuss about this issue and we have to confront evil. Good can only be established fully unless evil is directly fought against. This is an international problem.

      • Sharon53 says:

        Thanks for your feedback. I did not know those things about Jakes. I really don’t try to keep up with these prosperity ministries because much of what they teach is false doctrine and secularism. People are being brainwashed and don’t know it and I believe that the teachings in these types of churches are another element being used to divide black people. Because some of the teachings are contradictory, people begin to not relate to each and as a result, begin to not get along because their views on the Scriptures differ so much. I have seen quite a few relationships broken up because of this.
        You are definitely correct when you say “for centuries, the white supremacists have divided our families” and that is why you see just the mothers on that panel and none of the fathers.

        • Phazex_Female says:

          @ Sharon:

          I concur with you. I would also like to add that for YEARS my uncles, etc. were of the mind-set that many of our “black” preachers were good in that many “ran game and knew how to pull the purse strings of many of the sistas in the church.” Some even went so far in calling them ‘Preachin Pimps.

          This may be one of the reasons that we find do not find as many men in the churches as we do women? Maybe? Who knows? It is something to think about though.

  16. When it comes to cops..a few things to keep in mind.

    About that 15 percent of officers who regularly abuse their power: a major problem is they exert an outsize influence on department culture and find support for their actions from ranking officers and police unions. Chicago is a prime example of this: the city has created a reparations fund for the hundreds of victims who were tortured by former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge and officers under his command from the 1970s to the early ‘90s.

    The victims were electrically shocked, suffocated, and beaten into false confessions that resulted in many of them being convicted and serving time for crimes they didn’t commit. One man, Darrell Cannon, spent 24 years in prison for a crime he confessed to but didn’t commit. He confessed when officers repeatedly appeared to load a shotgun and after doing so each time put it in his mouth and pulled the trigger. Other men received electric shocks until they confessed.

    No matter what an officer has done to a black person, that officer can always cover himself in the running narrative of heroism.
    Instead she leads him with her questions to reference the heroism, selflessness, risk, and sacrifice that are a part of the endeavor that is law enforcement, but very clearly not always characteristic of police work in black and brown communities. The staging for this interview — US flag waving, somber-faced officers — is wash, rinse, and repeat with our national media.

    When you take a job as a police officer, you do so voluntarily. You understand the risks associated with the work. But because you signed on to do a dangerous job does not mean you are then allowed to violate the human rights, civil rights, and civil liberties of the people you serve. It’s the opposite. You should protect those rights, and when you don’t you should be held accountable. That simple statement will be received by police apologists as “anti-cop.” It is not.

    Police abuse in black and brown communities is generations old. It is nothing new.
    Racism is woven into the fabric of our nation. At no time in our history has there been a national consensus that everyone should be equally valued in all areas of life. We are rooted in racism in spite of the better efforts of Americans of all races to change that.

    Because of this legacy of racism, police abuse in black and brown communities is generations old. It is nothing new. It has become more visible to mainstream America largely because of the proliferation of personal recording devices, cellphone cameras, video recorders — they’re everywhere. We need police officers. We also need them to be held accountable to the communities they serve.

    • chuquestaquenumber1 says:

      White Illinois cop John Burge committed all kinds of crimes against blacks for decades. Illinois prosecutors couldn’t find anything to prosecute Burge on. Black Illinois cop Craig Taylor shoots an old white criminal to death. Illinois prosecutors had no problem charging black Craig Taylor with crimes related to killing that white criminal.

      • Timothy says:


        You’re right. What a disgrace that Burge character is. I read about the crimes of John Burge. He is a totally evil male. It is a disgrace that Craig Taylor is treated like this while Burge went on for decades committing atrocities against black people. I read that Burge allowed black people to be assaulted, tortured, and abused in many different ways. It is only recently, where more people know about the black victims. This is why we are opposed to white racism and oppression. We want black people to be truly free.

      • Yeah I hear you. Burge was a real piece of garbage! It’s so wrong how they did Craig. Double standards will persist in the system of white supremacy. It’s to be expected.

  17. Alicia says:

    Trojan Pam, is there a archived topic of racism in the workplace? I so want to participate in a topic on that. I wonder why there are no resources for us to discuss, get support and so on?

  18. Mariama says:


    I hope that you all are well and trying during these very perilous times. One thing that I am learning is to trust your intuition. It will never fail you. This has been one of the most interesting posts because some of the things that Pam mentioned really contradicts what most blacks really believe, ie: our illusion of black power in this rws system, whites fearing us, etc etc. Pam you are the first person that I have heard mention that whites are not afraid of the big dark skinned man. I have been hearing this all my life, so to hear this is new to my ears.

    One thing that Gus and ( I believe Neely Fuller and maybe even Pam) said that struck a chord with me was to “get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” In doing this, we are able to look at things from a more realistic and practical point of view, rather than just sitting on our emotions in times of danger. Trusting your judgement and intuition can really keep us out of certain situations. Avoidance is key. Thank you Pam for another superb and affirming post. I wish that more blacks would get it together and wake up. The writing is all over the wall.

  19. Sharon53 says:

    Please look at this article about the Oregon mass shooting. It is very sad and scary because these mass killings are occurring more and more lately. You never know when or where they may occur.
    From what I am seeing online, the young man who did the killings was bi-racial with a black mother from America and a white British father.
    It is not surprising but in this article where it says he “showed signs of feeling profoundly alone.” Sadly,this is typical of bi-racial children.

    • Courtney H. says:

      @ Sharon53:

      Thank you for providing the link. I agree with your assessment that many bi-racial children suffer from identity issues imposed on them by American society.

    • Timothy says:


      Thank you for your information. I have read the information from the link. The Oregon mass shooting was terrible and evil. Murder is wrong. The mass shootings are part of a public health crisis in America. These shootings are found in urban and rural communities. The murderer was biracial. We do know that many biracial people suffer confusion, racism, and other forms of disrespect. Many biracial people are confused about their identity and some want to identify more with white people and others want to identify more with black people. Also, it is said that he or the murderer was in the military for a temporarily period of time. He moved from California to Oregon. Both of his parents I think are divorced. The murderer was lonely. The mass shooting have increased in the past few decades. There should be solutions (from investments in helping mental health, programs to promote gun safety, actions to fight illegal gun trafficking, address the socioeconomic problems in our nation, and to do other things). Certainly, we have evil in society. There are those who want to use unjustified violence and those people must be stopped from hurting innocent human beings. We will stand up for what is right.

    • kowaba says:


      Thank you for sharing this article.

      @Sharon53, Courtney H, and Timothy
      It’s tragic that all of this happened. Also thank you to everyone for acknowledging that being mixed creates a lonely and isolating experience. I can attest to this. Many people have accused me of being a certain way even though I was just doing what I am comfortable with and have been exposed to. Of course if someone is mixed in America they will have identity issues. People are so obsessed about race in this country. I find many people say of course you’ll like this you’re black or that is your culture. Half the time I have no idea what these people are going on about, and quite frankly they sound like ignorant fools referring to stereotypes like they are rules etched in stone.

      The young man who committed these crimes, I feel, would have been better adjusted if he lived the rest of his days in Britain instead of moving to the U.S.. They have a category for mixed people there. He could have more freedom being himself and accepting his circumstances instead of trying to adhere to an impossibility of pleasing everyone he interacts with here. Although, I am projecting my experiences onto his own, I feel that is probably how he felt. Also has anyone considered that living in Oregon he probably heard a lot of racist stuff about black people and knowing his mother was black and that is what he knew and his upbringing that this could have led to his feelings of isolation as well. After seeing his picture and reading the article, I think most white people would view him as white (note they never said in the article that he was mixed and they are using an excuse that he was crazy). Although, I could see that he was mixed. If you don’t “look” mixed you will hear all of this crap from people about one of your parent’s group (even though the people who are saying these things have NO idea you yourself are half.)

      At work recently, one of my coworkers was telling me how when she met one of our student’s father, that it shocked her because the father was Asian. Then she told me that the student doesn’t look Asian at all and that she didn’t know what to say or how to respond. The irony is that I myself have an Asian mother and this coworker has no idea that I’m mixed and part Asian. That experience in itself really made me feel crappy even though this particular student wasn’t mixed, but his father is actually his stepfather.

      I also wanted to add that this is the second mass shooting by a biracial individual that I can think of. Mental health issues for mixed race people is not adequate and unhelpful for resolving feelings of depression, alienation, and identity that many mixed race people have to deal with on a daily basis.

      • Timothy says:

        @Sister Kowaba

        Thank you for your words Sister.

        I am black, but I have read stories from biracial people about what they go through. One of the great points that you have made is about Oregon. Oregon is very white in its population. Very few black people live in Oregon, except in Portland and in other locations. So, without question, the murderer experienced racism. He had mental health problems as well. Some biracial human beings unfortunately suffer isolation, feelings of confusion, and other issues. Additionally, biracial people suffer racism and discrimination in the midst of a white supremacist society. It’s a shame that people are readily murdered by gun violence. Likewise, there are many biracial people who understand about black consciousness and want justice for black people. I do acknowledge many biracial human beings who are standing up for black liberation as well.

        Your story about the co-worker is common in America. Yes, we Americans can be obsessed with race. That is the case, because in America, we had the Maafa, the Civil War, Jim Crow, etc. So, we (who are Americans) deal with race in a more overt and personal level. Black Americans suffered a great deal of injustices and turmoil. Some people don’t know that in America, we had tons of racial riots, especially in 1919 or Red summer where tons of black people were killed by white racists. The struggling economy in America has caused more tensions in society. As you have mentioned, there should be more investments in therapy for biracial human beings who suffer depression, isolation, etc. They need to experience respect and dignity as human beings. We should be much more compassionate with each other as human beings. Likewise, we have to advance our black interests. We are not naive to see that black people should control our movement for liberation. The goal of black liberation is a goal that we will continue to fight for as well. Brothers and Sisters will continue to fight for what is right.

        i appreciate your words and I wish you a very Blessed Weekend Sister Kowaba.

        • kowaba says:

          @ Timothy

          Thank you for the response. I apologize for taking so long to write back. I’m currently working two part-time jobs and taking a graduate course.

          You wrote:
          “He had mental health problems as well. Some biracial human beings unfortunately suffer isolation, feelings of confusion, and other issues. Additionally, biracial people suffer racism and discrimination in the midst of a white supremacist society.”

          For me, when I reframe what I observe in my own experiences, I always say that my confusion is my feelings of being rifed with internal conflict and strife due to the mismatch of my upbringing and the external messages I get from society. Because of this, I in a way have forgiven, at least myself, for the situation I’m in as I never asked to be here and am not responsible for my parents’ actions.

          I’ve also realized and have come to accept, with the help of Trojan Pam and her colleagues’s books, that my parents are deeply damaged people with identity issues (in particular because both of my parents are non-white). And that my parents are selfish when I have expressed and reached out to them in the past about my feelings of loneliness, alienation, and abandonment they couldn’t even take it upon themselves to try and help me. They in no way are willing to help and will not change, so I have decided to move on with my life. They are mentally weak and don’t deserve my help or support since they have really brought a headache into my life.

          I know that some people reading this may think I am being harsh toward my parents, but I truly believe that people who go into these IR relationships and produce offspring and take no responsibility to be honest with their children don’t “deserve” their children to respect them. But for me that is only one of the reasons why I’ve distance myself from them. In order for me to heal, I have to limit my contact with them because their thinking and opinions have caused a lot of problems in my life and I have unfortunately been misguided by these beliefs and opinions. I have always been a good daughter going out of my way to help them in their time of need, but they always have complained and hurt me in return. Being able to come to terms with these feelings has been the most difficult things for me to overcome because of the complexity of the situation and no resources to guide me in my healing.

          Yes. Biracial people suffer from double racism. I’ve had people once they found out I was mixed make fun of me using both black and asian stereotypes. Some people when finding out I was mixed have distanced themselves or had looks of disgust, but now I’m beginning to take these things in stride and know that these are the circumstances and what I will face in society being mixed and black. This is life. And the people who mistreat for something I had no control over have displaced anger and mean nothing to me and are doing nothing for my life.

          Timothy, thank you for your insights and have a good weekend!

          • Timothy says:

            @Sister kowaba

            Thank you for your response. Like Sister Courtney (who is a great human being and I respect her wisdom), Sister Trojan Pam, etc. has said before, you are very insightful person and you have shown great courage and strength in telling your story publicly.

            We all wish you the best. We wish more success for you while you have graduate school and we all respect your dignity and your humanity.

            Have a Blessed Week Sister. 🙂

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Sister Kowaba:

        Thank you so much for telling your story. I appreciate it, just like Brother Timothy and others who want to hear another perspective.

        It is true that a lot of people who suffer from mental illness do not get the help that they need, because there is still a great stigma about acknowledging a mental issue, and then seeking help for it, especially in the Black community. For people of biracial parentage, mental illness and isolation can be doubly traumatic.

        In the videos that I posted below, Harvey discusses how a lot of biracial people tend to side with their White persona to be accepted, only to be rejected. This shooter sounds like the shooter in Isla Vista, California, earlier this year. He was half-White/half-Asian, and he hated Asians (the first three people he murdered were Asian men), and especially Black and Latino men because White women were attracted to them. There was a school shooting at a Native American reservation in Minnesota some years ago, and that Native American shooter had Nazi memorabilia and swastikas in his room at home. A lot of POC feel powerless, so they associate with Nazis, because they see how the Nazis were powerful.

        This is indeed a sad situation. Again, Sister Kowaba, thank you for sharing your story and your perspective.

        May you have a blessed weekend, Sister. 🙂

        • kowaba says:

          @ Courtney

          So sorry for the delayed response. I’m working two part-time jobs and taking a graduate course.

          Thank you for acknowledging the prejudices and racism that mixed race people go through.
          When you wrote:
          “For people of biracial parentage, mental illness and isolation can be doubly traumatic.”

          It really struck a cord within me. I believe that these feelings coming from mixed parentage is very complicated. I have had people my whole life tell me that my life is just like any other black person and I should stop thinking I’m special. For some time I began to convince myself that I was full black too because society perceives me in this way. Of course, I drove myself crazy trying to make everyone happy and to be a certain way. Then I finally came to the conclusion, after talking to a few people that I just need to acknowledge and accept the facts. Other people won’t and that is fine because it is out of my control. But accepting the facts, in a way freed me to know that it is common and to a certain extent expected that I would feel this way given the circumstances and situation.

          Mixed people don’t really have any one to go to. And personally I feel that it can be a form of psychological torture or abuse to put a mixed child in an all white or all asian (or any other exclusive racial environment) and not allow them to seek out or develop any support system. Although, I would say it is better not to even cause the problem in the first place, which might sound crazy given the fact that I’m a product of such a relationship, but it was very difficult for me to adjust and I never had anyone to guide me and let me know what to expect living in this society being a black or perceived as a full black female. I still struggle with how I am received by others, but I know that I’ll always be perceived as black; that I should do what is best for me and not do what others want me to do; and that for the most part, as a black person any sliver of constructive and self improvement activity will be looked down upon. Basically, I just need to live my life and do what is best for me; these people that criticize me are not paying my bills, putting a roof over my head, or putting food on the table.

          Yes, I was thinking of the half white half asian shooter. I have cousins who are half asian and half white; the female cousin in particular absolutely hates her asian side. Any rejection that a mixed person gets is usually perceived to be from the non-white or less dominant group and I think in a way displace anger than is put on that group of people and sometimes may even include the parent of that group. Some individuals may hate both parents and those related groups. I’ll admit that I have felt that way, but I have to constantly remind myself not to get angry at people who had nothing to do with me being here or people who are not mistreating me. How a person can separate and stop the displaced anger? I don’t know. But for me I just try to remind myself that I have had people lash out at me with displaced anger and that it is uncalled for and that I should not do the same to others.

          Have a good weekend! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

          • Courtney H. says:

            @ Sister Kowaba:

            Thank you for your response. I am happy that you are in grad school and supporting yourself with two jobs. It is difficult, but it pays out in the end. God bless you and good luck in all of your endeavors!

            Thank you for your comments. I have read that some children of biracial parentage (one Black parent and one non-Black parent) Black because that is how society perceives them, while others call themselves **biracial**, because they have one Black parent, and one non-Black parent. I believe that is their choice. However, there is a lot of confusion out there about how people should identify themselves. Living in a racist society does that to a lot of people, including those who do not have biracial parentage. There are a lot of self-hating POC who want to associate with the White society, because they believe that it will protect them. They may be protected for a while, but Whites will eventually throw under the bus, like they always do. I keep thinking of the movie **Imitation of Life** (1950s version), about a light-skinned Black woman who eventually gets to be accepted as White during the 1950s. She ends up abandoning her dark-skinned Black mother in the end, with tragic results. If you have not seen this movie, try to watch it (you may be able to watch it on YouTube). It is a really good movie, and a realistic depiction of what can happen when people pretend to be things that they are not.

            Again, thank you for your thoughtful comments. I greatly appreciate it!

            Have a blessed week, Sister! 🙂

  20. Courtney H. says:

    Here are videos about the Oregon shooter:

    Warning — these videos contain a lot of profanity.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      I have listened to both videos.

      Thank you for showing the videos. Harvey made many excellent points on this issue. The murder Chris Harper Mercer was an evil person. I am glad that Harvey has told the truth on many points. We know that the murderer had no connections to the Black Lives Matter movement at all. Many biracial human beings want to be white-identified, but white racists want to call them black especially if a biracial person does something really wrong. White racists have a hatred of any black person using progressive, positive self-organization programs. He is right that the Black Panthers, the NOI, the BLM movement, etc. are never equivalent to the Klan, neo-Nazis, and other white supremacist groups at all. The Black Panthers, the NOI, the BLM movement, etc. never committed mass genocide, never called for the extermination of innocent human life, never passed laws to restrict anyone of any color to own a home or to live in a certain location, and never burned down religious locations in a wide scale. We, as black people, are a compassionate people.

      The murderer was a far right individual. He had Nazi memorabilia and swastikas, in his home. That is truly sick. Not to mention that the Nazis decades ago murdered biracial people, black people, and other people of color. Hitler was an explicit racist. The vast majority of black people are not involved in serial killings. Most black people are not murderers either. In fact, the black crime rates have declined massively since 1980. Harvey is right that the murderer has an extreme amount of self-hated and believed in the lie of white supremacy.

      These white supremacists are far right, because these folks are fascists (a lot of their views are shown by FOX News, Limbaugh, Michael Savage, etc.) and they want to use extremism as a way for them to express their sick hatred. Many biracial people have issues of identity, some feel isolated, and some have confusion about their cultural heritage. Many white supremacists use some biracial people as a buffer to contain the revolutionary actions of black people. Also, many biracial people do sincerely stand up for the rights of black people. I want to make that clear. Biracial people should be treated with dignity and with respect. Also, black people should be respected too. He made the great point that not all folks with mental health problems are serial killers. Mental health is an issue that deserves therapy, compassion, investments, and care. Black people are the notorious scapegoats for society’s ills, so it is not surprising for racists to try to scapegoat black people initially for this tragedy. The murderer obviously was evil and he had issues. In America, we have a problem with materialism, war mongering, economic deprivation, and other societal problems that exacerbates problems in America. We should never worship whiteness. We can love our blackness and not promote Eurocentric faux beauty standards.

      In this society, black pain and black lives are ridiculed and readily ignored, which is a shame. We should never concern ourselves with white acceptance. We should concern ourselves with black liberation. Words from black men and black women speaking truth to power should be respected. A lot of the words that he said are words that many of us say in private. He’s right that black men should be involved in their children’s lives. America is the only industrialized nation on Earth with this epidemic of mass shootings on this scale (and this is a public health crisis. We need comprehensive solutions from mental health investments, promotion of gun safety, counseling services, fighting socioeconomic problems, targeting illegal gun trafficking, further research on solutions, and other solutions). We have the right to fight for health care, and for our liberation in general. Building our own institutions is a great thing to do. So, we, as black people, are intelligent and strong. We have to work in our communities and we will use our discernment.

      Bless you Sister like always. 🙂

    • kowaba says:

      Thank you for sharing these videos. Harvey makes a lot of good points about how biracial people are confused and are used against black people.

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Kowaba

        There are a lot of misconceptions about biracial people by black and white people and other non-white people. And from what I’ve seen your experiences with your parents are common–the REFUSAL of the black and white parent to address the racism their child or children will face, and even being honest about the racism the black parent experiences.

        And they will never admit that the reason most are together in the first place had to do with RACIAL myths and stereotypes and white validation and black sexual fetishism.

        I would love to invite you to share your experiences on this blog in your own post. You could call it, “An Open Letter To My Parents From Your Biracial Child” And you could speak your TRUTH — uncensored — and what advice you have for the parents of biracial children and what prospective parents should consider before they bring a biracial child into the world.

        I think this would resonate with and hopefully help those who are in your same situation as either parent, prospective parent or child.

        If you’re interested, send me a site mail:

        If not, it’s all good.

  21. Sharon53 says:

    @Courtney H.
    Thanks for all of your perspectives on the mass murders. And yes, I have to agree with all of your comments about the identity crises most biracial people suffer from. This is not just limited to just blacks mating with non-blacks but I have seen this with other groups also, just not on as large a scale. For example, I noticed this in a young lady whose mother was an Austrian Jew and father was Irish Catholic. I have seen it in children with an Iranian mother and white American father. There has been a lot of confusion with Hispanics mating with whites also. However, it seems to be more pronounced in black/white unions and this may be because this is where most of my exposure to biracial unions has been.
    I really don’t think people think very much about the differences in race, religion, culture, nationality, etc. and how these differences can create confusion and cause people to clash when they try to develop interpersonal relationships. Everybody does not think alike, even in your own race and culture, so one must be careful when crossing racial/cultural lines because there are those extra wrinkles that need to be dealt with. Most people think they can marry anybody and have babies by anybody all willy-nilly and are dumbfounded when problems occur. We live in a fallen world and we need to consider these things before we make major decisions like marriage and having children. Many think love will automatically transcend all these issues. Well, love does not, especially if you enter a relationship for the wrong reasons, which occurs more than people wants to admit. I really don’t think this is about love most of the time anyway because most of the time it does not work out and the children suffer because of it. I have seen something that really bothers me and that is how white mothers often abandon their biracial daughters and either the black side of the family or a foster home take in those girls. I haven’t seen this as much with biracial boys but that does not mean it does not occur but this is just another example of the confusion associated with interracial mating. We should pray to our Creator in helping to find the right mate for us and whether to have children. I bet you if we did pray about these matters beforehand, most people probably would not even marry and have children.

    Kowaba, you seem to think Mercer may have been better adjusted if he had lived the rest of his days in Britain. I am not disputing that because I have never lived in England but it seems to me wherever there is white supremacy, there is confusion. I think of the singer Sade who had an English mother and Nigerian mother who once talked about the racism she experienced growing up in England. From what I have read about her, she seems to have some anger and abandonment issues.

    You mentioned how people refer to stereotypes as if they are rules etched in stone. Not sure if you ever noticed, but when you don’t live up to the stereotypes people have carved out for you, it drives the person doing the stereotyping crazy. They don’t know what to do with you because you are not acting the way that a black person should act. I have experienced that myself. I am a reserved person, some people refer to me as ‘quiet’ and I have had problems on jobs with white people saying I am not assertive enough even when the job did not call for me to be assertive. I believe that is the same dynamic that occurred back in slavery when the slaves got too quiet the slavemaster became concerned and wondered what they were up to. As long as they were singing or making some kind of noise, master had nothing to worry about because he knew where they were.

    You also mentioned about the number of mass shootings by a biracial individual and stated that you were aware of only two. I don’t know the number of mass killings by biracial people but in recent years, I have noticed a lot of murder/suicides involving black men and white women. The black man would kill her, and before killing himself, he would sometimes kill the kids, her mother, co-workers, white people he did not know, etc. As we attempt to assimilate more into white culture, lately, I have also begun to notice black men doing this to his black families.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharon

      Thank you for your words Sister.

      You have made excellent points. True love has nothing to do with self hatred, disturbing confusion, and a whitewash of blackness at all. That is why we should promote healthy relationships. Marriage is exciting and fun, but marriage should never be treated as a game. Marriage should treated as an important part of human existence. Marriage should always exist voluntarily. You have made great points about the issues that biracial human beings have gone through in world society. Cultural differences among couples should be worked out in a fair way. I wouldn’t mind marrying a black woman from the States or a black woman from another country. Yet, if I do marry a black woman from another country, then I have to respect cultural diversity and promote progressive mutual respect. Before any marriage takes place, couples have to take the time to communicate, find common ground, and grow their relationships. The develop of a marriage must take time, especially in this fast paced, technologically driven generation. There is a problem with some black people assimilating to white culture when black people should always love their own blackness. When we love our blackness and treat people right, then blessings come about. The only way to find liberation is for us to have unity as black people and to work together as a community and as one family.

    • kowaba says:


      Sorry for the delayed response as I have work and am taking a graduate course.

      You mentioned in your comment that, “I really don’t think people think very much about the differences in race, religion, culture, nationality, etc. and how these differences can create confusion and cause people to clash when they try to develop interpersonal relationships.”

      I beg to differ I think it really depends on what culture and a person’s community and environment. From what I’ve observed many white people, particularly Eastern Europeans and Italians really stick to their own group. Asians people even are so much into continuing their cultures, traditions, and bloodlines that they want to stay within their own ethnicity.

      As for Mercer being better adjusted in Europe than in America, I meant that there is an actual group for mixed race people. And from my experiences, international people are more willing to let you speak your experience instead of asking leading questions, cutting you off in mid sentence while drawing from all of these stereotypes. And they seem to be more curious (well maybe not British people, but I could be wrong). I just think Asia and the States are the two worse places a person can decide to raise mixed race offspring. He would still have feelings of isolation and abandonment, but I would assume people would kind of let him live instead of asking which parent he likes better or which side of the family or racial group he identifies with.

      Yes, I have experienced the stereotype thing to the max, except I had no idea what the stereotypes of Black Americans were for the longest time until I noticed certain patterns and did some research on my own.

      ” I am a reserved person, some people refer to me as ‘quiet’ and I have had problems on jobs with white people saying I am not assertive enough even when the job did not call for me to be assertive.”

      Same thing happens to me. I get the why don’t you smile. Do you ever notice how Americans are always smiling for no reason? We look like a bunch of crazy people doing that. At least that is what I think and people in other countries don’t do that crap. It’s quite simple. I smile when I am happy or enjoy an activity or think of something funny etc. When I smile for no reason I come off as being phony. At least, that is how I feel. I also get the you must not want to be here (when I am not smiling) or they accuse me of being lazy?!? People are so insane. All of this projection is to help them in their mind justify the mistreatment of black people.

      I have been told that I’m tentative, but when I am on the battlefield (aka workplace) why should I go around running my mouth when 1) these people don’t listen or believe anything I say 2)they use anything I say against me. What’s the point of being “assertive” or not “tentative” when they then set us up to claim we are being aggressive or overstepping our place? At least that is what I think. Well, whatever bad things befall white people, they had it coming.

      Thanks for sharing your views. Have a great weekend!

  22. Sharon53 says:

    I like your comments “before any marriage takes place, couples have to take the time to communicate, find common ground, and grow their relationships. The development of a marriage must take time, especially in this fast paced, technologically driven generation.”
    Very wise statements I must say. A lot of problems today are people really don’t want to take time to develop solid relationships. Like you said, we live in a fast paced, technologically-driven generation. I call it the ‘microwaveable generation’ because everyone wants everything instantly. Solid relationships take time, selfless devotion and transparency (being real even with our faults) to develop and in addition to the building blocks you mentioned such as communication and common ground, there needs to be mutual respect, trustworthiness, loyalty, and commitment. I know these are plain old common sense qualities but they actually are scriptural also. I also believe that before anyone can get to all those qualities, they must all start with an attitude of valuing all people. You can’t look down on someone and say you love them at that same time. Anyway, any time you look down on another person, you are not looking up to God.
    As always I love dialoguing with you. Take care and have a great weekend.

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