Have You Noticed Whenever Black Males “Crossover” in Hollywood Films…

Posted: September 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

Furious 7 movie image BM no BW(Count ’em — four black males, one white male, one white female, one hispanic female, zero black females)

Have you noticed that whenever black males “crossover” in Hollywood films that black females are usually absent? At best we may be background noise but never women of any importance or substance.

Actors like Morgan Freeman, Vin Diesel, Samuel L. Jackson, Lawrence Fishburne, Will Smith, Danny Glover, Cuba Gooding are almost NEVER paired with a black female especially if that black male is an attractive, smart, brave, educated professional male.

The black male actor is almost always engaged in saving white girls, white females or white humanity. The black male actor — with a tiny number of exceptions — is NEVER engaged in saving black girls, black children, black women, or black humanity in general.

The list of these movies is FAR  too long for me to attempt that here but suffice it to say that black females are INSIGNIFICANT  in the screen lives of black actors in movies like:

  • Red Tails
  • All Vin Diesel films
  • All ‘The Rock’ flims
  • 95% of Samuel L. Jackson & Morgan Freeman films
  • Will Smith films
  • Denzel Washington films (after winning the oscar)
  • Lawrence Fishburne

On those rare occasions where a black male and black female are “paired” in a Hollywood film the scenario is ALMOST ALWAYS:

  • the black female being harmed or stalked or betrayed by a black male (Waiting to Exhale, For Colored Girls, The Perfect Guy)
  • Or the black male is struggling alone because some no-good black woman betrayed or abandoned him (“The Pursuit of Happyness” where the black female in question is never seen on screen).

What is NEVER MISSING is the white female either as a sexual partners OR a friend/colleague.

RED TAILS IMAGE(black males risking lives for white supremacy system — not ONE black male was involved or in contact with a black female)

denzel movie 2(black male saving/assisting white female)

denzel movie 3(black male saving white female/white humanity)

usher movie 1(black male risking life for white female)

Will Smith movie with WW(black male “focused” on white female)

Z for Zachariah movie imageMovie Description: Following a disaster that wipes out most of civilization, a scientist (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and a miner (Chris Pine) compete for the love of a woman (Margot Robbie) who may be the last female on Earth.

(This is how the white supremacists see the ideal black/white combination. The black male for his melanin and the sexual plaything for white females AND white males; the white male who will be in charge of this new world; and the white female who will be impregnated by the black male to ensure white genetic survival and who will serve as the black male’s “handler.” (she keeps him in line via her vagina). Since the products of black female wombs are undesirable, the black female is non-existent in this imaginary (and delusional) white supremacy fantasy world. If you want to understand why, check out my book, “The Interracial Con Game.”

Yes, there are a few movies and TV shows that pair the black female with the white male but their unions are often of a disrespectful and sexually exploitative nature  (like “Scandal” and “How To Get Away with Murder” TV shows).  However, these black female/white male unions are a drop in the bucket compared to the films/TV shows that pair the black male with the white or non-black female.

In contrast, the unions between black males and white females in Hollywood films are SELDOM abusive, disrespectful or antagonistic. The black male is usually RESPECTFUL, considerate, RESPECTFUL, loyal and RESPECTFUL to the white female even to the extent of risking his life to aid, assist and rescue her — EVEN WHEN SHE DOES NOT DO THE SAME IN RETURN.

The white female is not only the ALLY of the black male, she’s his ‘best friend’.

while in real life, the black male (and female) are catching HELL from racist man AND racist woman the moment we step outside that movie theater…

This white supremacist PROGRAMMING seeps into the conscious and unconscious minds of black males and females who consume this white supremacist entertainment fare and creates division, dislike, anger, resentment, contempt, and even HATRED toward each other.

This PROGRAMMING results in more:

  • Anti-blackness
  • More anti-black-female-ness
  • More anti-black-male-ness
  • More destructive and predatory black male/black female relationships
  • More anti-black-self and self-hatred among black people
  • More white identification
  • A greater need for white validation
  • More interracial sex between blacks and whites
  • More confusion
  • and MORE WHITE SUPREMACY in real life

black people wake up and stop falling for the con game

Ten remedies to counter this programming:

  2. Black females — STOP disrespecting ourselves by supporting any films that make us INVISIBLE in the lives of black boys and men OR that portray black males as our enemies. It is HIGH TIME, sisters, that we start respecting ourselves. Ask yourself — would white females support movies that made them invisible in the lives of white men? Of course not. Then why are we? Let our pride show in our CHOICES not in our clothing or hairstyles and education. None of that takes the place of TRUE SELF-ESTEEM.
  3. Black males — STOP disrespecting your girls and women by supporting any films that make us INVISIBLE in the lives of black boys and men OR that portray black females as your enemies. Brothers, how can you let the white media turn you against your black mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, nieces, daughters, friends, and lovers? We are the ONLY allies you have. Cherish us while there is still an US left to cherish.
  4. Black parents — STOP allowing the TV/movie theater to raise our children. Due to excessive TV/movie watching our children are operating at a DANGEROUS LEVEL of anti-blackness and anti-self. We must do everything humanly possible to reverse this curse.
  5. Find more intellectually stimulating activities for your children — like board games, puzzles, books, building blocks and toys that involve THINKING CREATIVELY — instead of sitting them in front of a BOOB-TUBE  for hours — unless it is your goal to raise a houseful of brainwashed BOOBS.
  6. If you must see a particular film DO NOT PAY TO SEE IT. Wait until they come to your local library and see them for FREE (there are other ‘ways’ to see free movies but in the interest of not promoting illegal activity, I will not list them here).
  7. Start supporting more black independent films made here, in Africa, and the Caribbean. You must be on guard for the skin color issues of many black filmmakers and support those that create EMPOWERING images of black people in all shades and complexions.
  8. Talk to your children about the white supremacy in movies and TV shows. Even if you don’t think they are listening, THEY HEAR EVERY WORD YOU SAY.
  9. Whenever you’re confused about the “rightness” or “wrongness” of a Hollywood movie, just reverse the color of the characters–for example, instead of an innocent black male dying to save two little white girls (The Green Mile) imagine it is an innocent white male giving up his life to save two little black girls —  then ask yourself:  would white people support this movie? If they would not, why are WE? 
  10. When all else fails this is my personal mantra:

If it comes out of a Hollywood (TV/movie) studio — the question isn’t IS white supremacy being practiced — but HOW white supremacy is being practiced.  Once we accept this TRUISM, we will understand what we are looking at.


We must become a smarter and more self-respecting people for our children’s sake.

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  1. sondis says:

    This is why i do not support white Hollywood. Never have since i have awakened. @ : o O ) >

    Check this out Pam…


    • Thanks for that link Sondis. I never seen that clip before. It really shows the arrogance of Damon and most white actors for that matter. This fool just talked all over the sista. He’s acting like the he’s the all-knowing great WHITE man who’s going to give his definition of diversity. To hell with his racist punk ass! And Ben Affleck was there too?? Isn’t he the same guy who has ancestors that owned slaves?? I’m sure he co-signed with Damon’s racist attitude. I can’t stand these preppy ass white punks. They act like they know everything!

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ sondis

      I try my best to avoid paying for movies and I seldom see “black” movies produced by Hollywood especially when it’s about “black history” — I have never seen one film that did not bastardize our history and insert falseness. and white supremacy. I will check out the link

      • sondis says:

        Pam, i think you may need a correction? The one female actress in Furious 7, she is a Latina. She’s not white.

        She plays all the “tough” and edgy” roles in aliens movies and a boxing movie as a female boxer.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ sondis

          Thanks. I’ve made the correction.

          A Hispanic female is more likely to be paired with a black male actor than a black female is

          Overall, it accomplishes the same thing.

          Encouraging the black male to abandon the black female OR at the least to place very little value on her in relation to non-black females.

  2. musicwoman says:

    I just watched PERFECT STRANGER with Idris Alba and Taraji P. Henson. Very powerful message about cheating!

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ musicwoman

      Do you mean the movie, “Stranger in My House”?

    • Courtney H. says:

      Do you “No Good Deed”? That movie was released last year. It was a hit. I believe that “The Perfect Guy” is this year’s version of that movie.

      • Courtney H. says:

        Oops! I meant to type, “Do you mean ‘No Good Deed’?”

        • Courtney H. says:

          Here are three good videos about the movie **No Good Deed**:

          I posted these videos on another thread, but I feel that they apply here, too. Enjoy! 😀

          • Timothy says:

            @Sister Courtney

            Thank you for showing the videos.

            I will look at them soon. 🙂

          • Timothy says:

            @Sister Courtney.

            On your other videos, I will show comments on them hours later.

            Stay tuned. 😉

          • Timothy says:

            Good Afternoon Sister Courtney. 🙂

            On Will Smith/Jada Pinkett Smith:

            I have listened to Harvey’s video. Louis Farrakhan has a long history. I agree with him on promoting the knowledge of Self, and advancing the precept of self-determination. I don’t agree with him on every issue since I don’t worship capitalism. Now, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith donated money to the Justice or Else rally. They are human beings and they have every right to donate money to who they want to. Also, it is important to put things into context. These human beings are celebrities and they know about the system of racism/white supremacy. It would be better for the couple to repudiate the Hollywood empire, repent, and go and fight for black revolutionary solutions for overtly. They can go out and advance pan-African causes, work in an anti-poverty actions and establish a network of black enterprises that can growth the economic power of black communities. They will not do this since they benefit from the system oppressing then and us. Also, it is important to make another point too. Farrakhan was not the founder of the Nation of Islam. Today, Farrakhan not only disrespected Malcolm X. He has allied with some of the doctrines of Scientology (which is a cult created by the racist L. Ron Hubbard) and he’s pictured recently with Kim Kardashian, and with Eminem. Eminem is a known racist, misogynist, and made old records bashing black females. Yet, Henry Kissinger, members of multinational corporations, and other white supremacists are a whole lot worse than Louis Farrakhan. So, we need resources in building up the infrastructure of black people. Also, we have to maintain our independent thinking. No celebrity can free us. We have to free us via community development, growing networking, adding our people who support us, and fighting poverty.

            On Matt Damon:

            Harvey is right on Matt Damon. Damon has explicitly acted condescending towards a black woman. He arrogantly said that black folks must act submissive in Hollywood basically (in dealing with movie roles). Damon is a racist. How dare Matt Damon tell a black woman that the issues of casting don’t matter. Matt Damon has outlined white male privilege in his arrogant commentaries. Just because a white liberal talks about race doesn’t mean that he is a true progressive. Matt Damon claims to be a liberal, but his words outline his extremism. Harvey made the great point about how Hollywood Shuffle exposes how Hollywood readily promotes false racial stereotypes at the expense of the dignity of black humanity. Damon is from Boston like his friend Affleck. Boston is one of the most racist cities in America. Harvey is a Brother is a lot of wisdom on various issues too.

            On Sister Lashidu4’s video:

            It is obvious that anti-black female and anti-black male propaganda is found in various shows like Scandal, etc. She made many great points. The actor playing Papa Pope has a long history in his career. Yet, his career didn’t marry Whitney on A Different World though. LOL. Yes, I will go there. One great point that she has made is that these shows like Scandal has mentioned frictional accounts, but real government conspiracies have existed from COINTELPRO to MKUltra. The movie No Good Deeds is an overt account of the anti-black male stereotype of black men collectively being brutes, lacking self-control, and being an enemy of black women (when the enemy of black women is the system of racism/white supremacy). I think that Sister Lashidu4’s videos offer excellent analysis on important issues of our people. She’s a very smart and a spiritual woman that I have great respect for.

            Thank for our showing the videos.

            Goodnight Sister Courtney 🙂

            God Bless You.

            • chuquestaquenumber1 says:

              I’ve communicated with Lashid for yrs. She’s a good insightful sister. I advise all to watch her vids on YouTube.

              • Timothy says:


                Yes, Lashid is a very nice, honest Sister. I have looked at her videos too. Also, I will thank Sister Courtney for showing Lashid’s videos on her too.

  3. Wonderful post Pam! It’s like you read my mind. A few months ago I sent a fellow blogger an email of that Fast and Furious pic you have at the top of this page. I tasked her did she notice anything strange about the photo. Of course there are NO black women in the photo. I would also describe The Rock and Vin Diesel as racially ambiguous. Vin never plays a black man in any of his films. And he is hardly ever with a black woman. And Dwayne Johnson(The Rock) always plays the racially ambiguous guy in all his films. I know he’s part black/Somoan but I don’t feel he really reps for black people. Even his new cable show Ballers has him paired with a white woman. No surprise there. The funny thing is a lot of black women think he’s a handsome guy but in real life he doesn’t even date sistas. And his ex wife was a Cuban woman. Also I thought another thing was strange in that film. Tyrese and rapper Ludacris,who are both NOT racially ambiguous had no love interest. They were both the comic relief for the most part.

    “On those rare occasions where a black male and black female are “paired” in a Hollywood film the scenario is ALMOST ALWAYS:
    •the black female being harmed or stalked or betrayed by a black male (Waiting to Exhale, For Colored Girls, The Perfect Guy)
    •Or the black male is struggling alone because some no-good black woman betrayed or abandoned him (“The Pursuit of Happyness” where the black female in question is never seen on screen)”
    I definitely agree with this. This is something they do time and time again. They love to play black men and women against each other. They want black men to see white women as our ally. That is completely insane!!! Our only ally is black women. We can’t keep falling for this silly trap of hating each other and loving our open enemy. Most Hollywood films are there to control our minds. I will be doing a post on white women very soon. Stay tuned for that.

    • Shanequa says:

      @ Kushite Prince
      I know a while back The Rock’s wife family didn’t want there daughter dating him. Vin Disel all The movies he’s been his love interest is a non black woman. Furthermore, in the movies & real life he tries to cover up his African side. The Rock has played a love interest for black women but most of his love interest are non black women. One thing about Hollywood they love to use biracial’s in movies especially for black movies because they can be use to play both roles especially if they are racially ambiguous.

      • That’s so true Shanequa. Vin tries his best to run from his blackness. I remember he did an interview ten years ago and said that biracial people were “harmony babies”. What the hell?!! This fool is clearly delusional. What harmony has been created by biracial babies??? None from what I’ve seen. It just causes more confusion and division among black people. And I hear what you’re saying about The Rock. It gets even funnier with his back story. In an interview The Rock said that his mother’s family(Samoan) did not accept Rock’s black father at first. It took them awhile to accept him as her husband. Have you seen how dark skinned Samoans are?? And their hair texture is not much different than ours. It’s clear that Samoans,Filipinos and Fijians have African ancestry. Yet even they also don’t care too much for black people. My question: Does any race like black people?? Anti-blackness seems to be worldwide.

        • Shanequa says:

          @ Kushite Prince, we have NO friends. I remember when the social media website Blackplanet was popular I use to read their news post especially when different members post black conscious topics or news on there. One member post a Hispanic site which was a link to their forum which was a discussion about black people. I skip through several pages on the many topics they had about us, but one thing for sure black people stayed on their minds. They had many topics about black people the comments were so racist it would have pissed you off. Black people was the measuring stick when it came to beauty because black women were being compare to every race of women but at the end of the day they voted us at the bottom of the list. One Hispanic made a thread about would you date a black woman and the responses were I dated them but wouldn’t marry them and etc. Then a thread about black women’s hair. They even made a thread how non black Hispanic women discuss how much they despise black men & wouldn’t date them. What I found even more revealing that some of these non black Hispanic women on the site that post on the forum had biracial children were expressing their hatred toward black people especially black women. Also they had several Afro-Latino’s & African Americans on the site and those non black Latino’s showed their hate toward them on a regular basis that is how low of self respect & self esteem we have for of ourselves trying to be accepted.

          • @Shanequa
            I’ve been on those Hispanic sites before. Many are vile racists! Worse than some whites. They hold the same beliefs as most whites. They like to talk about us all being “people of color” but it’s all a bunch of BS! I know black male friends who have dated Puertorican and Mexican women. Some of the women told them their families would disown them if they married a black man. They are okay to date from time to time but NEVER marry a black man. I’ve dated some Afro Latinos in the pass. Most of the time their families were cool with me. But it differs for every person. But most of the white Hispanics feel they are above black people. That’s been my experience even here in so-called liberal race mixing capital….California.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Kushite Prince

      I don’t mean to sound judgmental but I cannot understand how ANY black female can sing the praises of ANY black (or black-appearing) male actor/entertainer who would NOT LOOK AT THEM TWICE.

      Yes, he might be “handsome” but SO WHAT? I absolutely REFUSE to support anyone who does not acknowledge my existence.

      the VAST MAJORITY of black male sex symbols would be bagging groceries if it were not for the BLIND WORSHIP of black females who NEVER seem to ask ourselves, why are we supporting black male entertainers who think black females aren’t good enough for them?

      One thing I will say about black males. Once a black female crosses over, most BM are done with her. Case in point, Halle Berry.

      I know black males who turned against her just for PLAYING the ROLE of a white man’s whore even while she was still married to a black male (!)

      Black females need to stop being PUSHOVERS and take a page out of everyone else’s book

      • I agree. Black women should not support these clowns! That goes for The Rock,Vin Diesel,Taye Diggs,Sidney Poiter,Quincy Jones,Charles Barkley etc. Start speaking with your dollars. Let these dudes know you do NOT like it! That also goes fro films like Straight Outta Compton,The Help,The Butler, 12 Years a Slave etc. We have to let our voices be heard.

    • TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:

      That was me and I was thinking about how I should’ve done a post about that because the erasure of the Black Womanhood is what my new blog is about. But TrojanPam beat me to it. lol Great post!

  4. Shanequa says:

    I agree with this post 100%. I remember on Facebook during the time the movie “Redtail” was release black women were stating they were upset that no black women were on the film but white women were in it for sure. Black women received a brutal verbal attack by black men. I read comments that black women weren’t in Germany so the women they messed with will be non black or black women always got to be seen when it’s a movie about black men getting their shine.

    Furthermore, a majority ofthese black actors that play in those movie are dating biracial or non black women these men wouldn’t dare be seen with a dark skin black woman in their arms as a mate on screen or real life. I remember back when the love interest for Will Smith in the movie “Hitch” was going to be a black woman, he refused to have a black woman as a love interest because the movie would be seen as a black movie and wouldn’t sell at box office.

    While some black men are enjoying these interracial fantasy movies in real life none of these non black women are risking their lives for them. Black men is the only race of men with the highest unemployment rate but none of these non black women are risking their job positions to hire them. I always look at black men side ways who comment like ” black men are love & admire by every race of women” but yet can’t fight white supremacy when they are attacking but will be quick to ridicule a black women who is not the root of the problem.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Shanequa

      black females of ALL complexions should stop supporting these movies. Black males should stop supporting movies that marginalize their mothers, sisters, daugters, etc. WE have a responsibility to change our behavior. White Hollywood is going to keep coming at us and we must have a self-respecting response to this.

      as far as “every race of woman” loving the black male, as I look around the planet, I don’t see ANY EVIDENCE OF LOVE for ANY BLACK PEOPLE

      what I see is the economic and sexual EXPLOITATION of black males (and females)

      because whenever we are under attack there isn’t a SINGLE ASIAN, HISPANIC OR WHITE FEMALE (or MALE) ORGANIZATION that comes to the black male’s (or black female’s) aid.

      How can we NOT understand this?

      One thing I know for sure, you can’t f**k your way to freedom but it can take you to your grave.

    • chuquestaquenumber1 says:

      Interesting how in Red Tails the white female couldn’t even speak English(his language). He couldn’t speak Italian(her language). But somehow,he could propose marriage and she could accept.

    • Red Tails was horrible! Not ONE black woman in the entire film! But they had the brother fall in love with that cave woman. That film couldv’e been so much better with some sistas in it. It was a huge let down!

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ chuquestaquenumber1

      We don’t have to ask IF white supremacy is being practiced

      Only HOW white supremacy is being practiced.

  5. Whenever you’re confused about the “rightness” or “wrongness” of a Hollywood movie, just reverse the color of the characters–for example, instead of an innocent black male dying to save two little white girls (The Green Mile) imagine it is an innocent white male giving up his life to save two little black girls — then ask yourself: would white people support this movie? If they would not, why are WE?
    This is a great question Pam. This is something we should all ask ourselves when watching this mind pollution disguised as entertainment. Which brings me to my favorite clip from the film The Alamo. I’ve shared this video clip many times. The clip speaks for itself.

    • Courtney H. says:

      @ Kushite Prince:

      I watched the clip. LOL.

      • Crazy isn’t it?lol Nothing has really changed when you think about it. That film was back in 1960!

        • Alicia says:

          I wonder why we can’t have our own media. There are probably more blacks in this world than Whites so why are we so dependent on them and their media?

          • It’s our mindset Alicia. We feel as though we need them. We have to have the confidence to believe we can stand on our own. They make so much money off of us. They need us more than we need them. But we have it backwards. We have to revolutionize our minds. Once we change who we are…whites will automatically change. It’s up to us to decide what we truly want our destiny to be.

          • Timothy says:

            @Sister Alicia.

            Having our own media is certainly a necessity Sister. Media can be used as a powerful force for good and evil. Far too often, the mainstream media has demonized us and tried to promote a revisionist version of “reality.” The more that we act in favor of our interests and fight for our own well being as black people, the better off that we will be. We are a naturally creative people anyway. We have to have faith and do action too.

  6. chuquestaquenumber1 says:

    We also have the example of a Black guy having extraordinary desire for a non Black female.
    1.Bones Hapasian/non white/white parent Angela Montenegro ex black husband came to see he after being away from each other for yrs. They were married for all of two weeks. She leaves him. Even though she’s with a white guy at the moment. He tells her I still love you. Come back with me. He even says he built a house with his bare hands they can live in.
    2. Power Ghost St Patrick successful black club owner/drug dealer is married to a black female. His ex a Latina/white Hispanic female named Angela who dumped him 16 yrs ago,plus moved to Florida comes back to NY. All is forgiven. He doesn’t curse her out. They have sex. He’s expanding his wealth and decides that he can dump his black wife for Angela and she is somehow entitled to his wealth,even though the black wife Tasha was the one who helped him build his wealth.
    3. Heartbreaker. Upcoming show about a white female heart surgeon. One of her patients is a white female who needs a heart transplant or she’ll die. Her black male is so in love with her ,he decides he’s going to jump off a building so his white spouse can have his heart. The Dr. tells him don’t do it. Because the impact of the fall would crush his heart making it useless. So the black male decides not to jump off the building. Instead, he shoots himself in the head. This way his white spouse could have his heart without the heart being damaged. This black male no matter what,was willing to die for the white female he loved.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ chuquestaquenumber1

      Thanks for your contribution.

      Another example:

      Ice-T Loves Cocoa


      A black male (n*gger) loves white women

      They would NEVER EVER EVER name that show

      Cocoa Loves Ice-T


      you don’t have to ask IF white supremacy is being practiced, all you need to know is HOW

    • Shanequa says:

      @ chuquestaquenumber1
      I can go in all day about the subliminal message the show “Power” have in them. If you ever pay attention to the love scenes with James St Patrick & Angela (non black Hispanic female) they are in a missionary sexual position and he’s more intimate & loving toward her during intercourse. During the intercourse scene with his wife Tasha (black female) James St Patrick is having intercourse with her in a rough doggy style sexual position but isn’t intimate or loving toward her. Also the show makes Angela innocent while Tasha is the typical ghetto bird from the hood mentality but when you actual look at the show all the black women are scene as ghetto hoodrats. Even though James St Patrick have 3 children, he’ s still willing to leave his wife Tasha for Angela regardless of the situation. As many times Angela tries throwing James St Patrick under the bus he always run back to her. Also all the non black males on the show have their race of women as their love interest. Furthermore when you watch all of the drug dealers characters the Latino’s only have their people working together, Europeans only their people working together and James St Patrick a black male has Tommy (a white male wigger) as his loyal partner and other races working in his group.

      • @Shanequa
        Wow!! You really have a keen eye for detail! You are very observant. I have a friend who likes this show. He bought the dvd collection. Some friend of mine all watched a few episodes. What you said is very on point! I pointed out to my black male friends that it’s hypocritical to call out shows like Scandal for being a “bed wench whore” BUT support shows like Power. This black man is cheating on his black wife with a Latina. Both are wrong in my opinion. You can’t diss the Kerry Washington fro her role but support Omari Hardwick in Power. But I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised. After all in real life he married this man-looking creature. Yikes!!! What was he thinking??lol

        • Shanequa says:

          @ Kushite Prince Omar Hardwick aka James St Patrick was pissed off at his fans for talking about his white wife calling her ugly, drag queen & Boy George sister. We had our negro coons defend his ugly wife but would call rapper T.I. wife Tiny (who is biracial ugly ) & Serena Williams ( ugly & manly) quick before they will defend them. What’s even worse Essence Magazine which is a female magazine cater to black women be posting black males on the cover or articles who don’t date black women or colorstruck with colorism light bright & close to white, black males that have misogyny views about black women & interracial love (self hate) & etc. Furthermore, Essence magazine isn’t black own. They had the nerve to put NFL player Reggie Bush on the cover and he only dates non black women but the woman he’s married to now is non black. Another black male celebrity who always talk about the beauty of dark skin black women but married a women that is biracial which is Lance Gross. Also you can tell the type of women majority of these black male celebrities like when they mention their top 10 hottest or celebrity crush women.

          Even though I posted this on last topic I going to post the interview statement of Marshawn “Colorstruck” Lynch made in the XXL magazine after he stated his top 10 hottest wish list women. Don’t be fooled because he stated 4 dark skinned black women as his top 10 wish list hottest women. People accuse dark skin women of being insecure about his statement & preferences but what many fail to realize dark skin women has always been shamed upon for being a woman & a dark skinned black women in a society that degrades them. His statement in the interview proves even further that beauty in dark skin isn’t acceptable. Some of our people think he’s concious just because he wears an African medallion. But word around town in Seattle & his home town Oakland he really love’s ghetto Asian & Latino women but might through in a biracial if she meets the requirments. Here’s part of the interview & website link below.
          Interview: Okay, got them. Any bonuses?
          Marshawn Lynch: Anything with curly hair, fair skin, pretty-ass teeth and a sexy-ass personality, that’s probably number one. She ain’t got to have no name behind her but she’s somewhere out there.
          Interviewer: So you’re looking for a lady with good teeth and you said light-skinned or did I hear that wrong?
          Marshawn Lynch: Yeah, you made it up, I said fair-skinned. That’s like on a summer day she’s gonna be a little bit more brown, and then when it’s cold outside, she probably be a little bit on her way to being light-skinned but not light-skinned.

          • Providence says:

            Noooooooo…. NOT MARSHAWN!!!!!!! Man, my day is formally ruined. Gotta scratch him off my “list” of cool Black men now (sigh)

          • Yeah I remember Omar crying like baby because people talked a bout his wife. What a little wimp.lol
            I’ve read that article about Marshawn before. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. He is a BIG letdown. Come on Marshawn!!

        • Alicia says:

          I am no Miss America myself however his white mate looks very odd and extremely unattractive. Like I said: I have learned that when something does not seem right, or seems “off” , that something usually is. They look mismatched and something about her & their pairing is “off”.

          • Calling her “off” would be an understatement.lol When I was younger it was all about looks to me. As I grow older I realize that’s not the most important thing. There is much more to a woman than her outer appearance. But of course men are very visual so we notice looks right away. But this brother is really tripping walking around with this woman. Omar could have done way better than her. I don’t like white women personally. But if I would still pick an average looking black woman over an average looking white woman. But some black men are so damn brainwashed they actually believe ANY white women is a STEP UP no matter what she looks like. That is a pitiful mindset in my opinion.

            • Alicia says:

              lol. yes his wife is much more than “off”, that’s why I said “odd”.
              It’s much more than her looks, something just seems off about their coupling.
              I consider him to be handsome and I believe most women do too. Therefore he could have at least of got an even average looking woman if he wanted one. I don’t know his story, he could have been raised around mostly whites an only able to find white women attractive. His wife could have done something special for him.

              Asian women do the same thing too. In the name of white supremacy, they tend to be with extremely unattractive White mates. There’s been a few times I’ve wanted to pull my eyes out after having a particularly extremely unattractive Asian female/White male couple cross my path.

              • I know what you mean. But out here in Cali I see pretty Asian and Mexican women with subpar white boys. Even many of the good looking black women many times are with goofy-nerdy looking white boys. Sistas that look like Gabrielle Union and Meagan Good with white guys I think are below them. But the thing with white guys is they have a higher social status than black men. So white guys don’t have to be that attractive. Many time brothers have to have the good looks,nice car and good paying job to get the attractive non-black women. They see getting with a black man as a downgrade so he has to have a lot otherwise they lose their social status. There’s a Filipina woman at my job that’s pretty attractive. She looks like a model. She has a really good paying job but she’s dating this unattractive white man that makes less money than she does. She told me they just get engaged a few weeks ago. I had to laugh to myself.lol She is WAY out of is league. But I know she’s doesn’t care because she’s with him for his “whiteness”. It’s a social trade off. Just being with a white man gives her a higher social status among friends and family. Now that I think about it…I don’t think I’ve ever seen a beautiful non-black woman with a black man who made less money than her. Have you? If so,it must really be rare.

              • Trojan Pam says:

                @ Kushite Prince

                That’s why it’s important to understand that white supremacy is a GLOBAL SYSTEM of WHITE DOMINATION. And equally important to understand that Black people aren’t the only ones with the ‘sickness” — it’s a GLOBAL PROBLEM that has infected the mindset of the entire planet.

                I’m glad you and Alicia have added this perspective.

                I remember a blog several years ago called “Bitter Asian Men” where Asian men were voicing their deep resentment over being rejected by Asian women, many of who preferred white males. Asian men were so angry and “bitter” about the brainwashed Asian female that they were advocating dating black females — “since both of us have the same problem.”

                Meaning black females were dealing with the same issue — being rejected by black males for not being white. (the blog no longer exists).

                When a person has that mindset — I must have a white person! — the white person’s looks, personality, money, etc, ALL TAKE A BACKSEAT. It is a MENTAL ILLNESS to reject people because they belong to the same group you do.

                that’s why I do this blog. To help combat the deep, deep, deep mental sickness that blinds black and non-white people from seeing WHAT IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF US

                A fraudulent, anti-human, anti-just system called WHITE SUPREMACY

                and if we do not wrap our heads around the WRONGNESS of elevating and loving our oppressors, we are cosigning on our own oppression and possibly a PERMANENT SLAVE STATUS.

              • Yes I think I remember that site Bitter Asian Men. They made some valid points o that blog. The worship is really bad with Asian people. There are numerous Asian women out here with white men. I see it downtown LA,Santa Monica,Long Beach,Anaheim,Riverside and Hollywood. It’s really the norm at here. And many of the Asian families see it as a huge upgrade for their them. When I was in my teens I knew black people had a strong anti-blackness but it wasn’t until I got older that I saw other races that hated themselves. When I was in the sixth grade there was a Mexican girl in my class that was teased by the other Mexicans for being brown skinned. She told me once she wished she was light-skinned with light eyes. It’s like this in most Latin countries. I’ve seen this type of attitude with people from Honduras,Brazil,Puerto Rico,Belize,Colombia and the Dominican Republic. It really is a global. But also most non-black non-whites still hate black people from what I’ve seen. The worship of whiteness usually means you will have a disdain for black people. I have a black male co-worker who is dating a Filipina woman. They’ve been together for over a year. I’ve met her before. She really is a nice lady. But he told me a few months ago that the mother doesn’t approve because he’s black. The father is somewhat indifferent he said. But this goes to show that even with the younger Asians(his girlfriend is 26) that the family may still NOT approve. Even if the woman really likes the black man. That’s why I don’t think we will be able to work with other “people of color”. You would think there could be a common bond because we are ALL under white supremacy. But they also hate blacks and keep us at a social distance. When I was in high school and college I dated Hispanic women. I dated a Mexican girl and a Puerto rican once. The Puerto rican woman’s family treated me fine. They had no problems with me. I used to go to their house and have dinner. Her dad and I used to watch sports together. The Mexican girl I dated were semi-cool with me.lol I never felt fully accepted by them. Some of her family barely spoke to me at gatherings. There was always a social distance with them. But I’m older now I understand the racial dynamics much better than when I was 18-23 years old. I know that most Hispanic men hate to see their women with black men. They can deal with white boys….but black men is a totally different thing with them. It’s almost like a DEEP hatred with them. Maybe its the myth of black men being better in bed or maybe penis envy. I even had a Mexican girl tell me once that her boyfriend said if she had been with a black man before her that he wouldn’t have dated her. Is that crazy?? I guess they see her has “tainted” if she has been with a black man.
                Now that I think about it that sounds just like a white man doesn’t it?? I guess this proves that we truly have NO allies. What do you think Pam? Do we have any allies in the fight against white supremacy?

              • Trojan Pam says:

                @ Kushite Prince

                Do we have allies against white supremacy? I would say absolutely not. However, that doesn’t mean that non-white group is my enemy. We’re just like strangers passing each other on the street. I don’t know you. We’re not friends. We won’t be hanging out together but I can coexist with you.

                The sad thing is black people aren’t each other allies either. And I wonder sometimes if the damage is just too severe among the black population in the U.S. to be healed. Look how excited we are about the TV show Empire coming on tonight. I asked a lady at my job a question — didn’t she have a problem with so many negative images and she said, she didn’t think about it. She just wants to be entertained.

                Not trying to be too negative, but I think about this all the time. Is it too late? I honestly don’t know.

              • Sadly you’re right. We get excited over mind pollution like Scandal,Empite and Power. We can’t seem to grasp the concept that these shows are not just entertainment but propaganda. Too many of us have truly lost our damn minds. And I agree we have no allies. These non-white,non-blacks will not help us in our fight. Most of the them I have met look down on blacks just like the whites do. Maybe they can’t be considered white supremacists as you said. But they damn sure do a great impersonation. So in my book I consider them enemies. You may disagree with that. But that’s just the way I see it.

      • Alicia says:

        You know what I feel so good about as I’ve read through this topic board. Is that I haven’t seen most of these movies or shows mentioned. I feel I got the message from the preview alone that it was not for me.

        • Phazex_Female says:

          @ Alicia and the Prince:

          Your consciousness is awakened. This is why shows, movies, etc. like these “do not faze you” for the sake of what is called entertainment. Good for you! Now Kushite Prince, all I can say is “Preach.”

          Thus far, I have achieved much. And noted, the first thing that female or male Hispanics have baldly stated to me is, “I bet you have a good job?” Asians, strangely do not ask me this same question. I do not answer. I just look at them. And then state, “none of your business.” And, though I have misgivings about many of THEM, for me, the less I interact with them, the less problems I have with them. I can co-exist with you, but that’s it. Your Hispanic friend’s family perceived you to be at the bottom of the social ladder. They are affected by white supremist behaviors too.

          Do the behaviors of other races cause me to cringe or be fearful. NO. I would never succumb to fear of another race. However, I am… watchful. What black people have to watch even more is the manner in which we address and interact with one another. Every time one has a negative thought about one of their own people, think about how we’re all victimized by white supremacy.

          As Trojan Pam has stated time and time again: it is US that must change our behaviors and STOP expecting these anti-humans to change theirs. Their behaviors are replicated to pass on to their future generations. More importantly, STOP expecting “a great white hope” to SAVE us. It ain’t happening! Pull up YOUR boot-straps and DO for SELF and many of us need to stop using excuses as to why I can’t, etc. But Prince, I see your point as always.

          • @Phazex_Female
            Thanks sis. I’m just speaking from the heart. We have all had our dealings with non-blacks. The interactions will be similar regardless if you’re a black man or woman. The bottom line I is these other races don’t want solidarity with us. Most of these Filipinos,Chinese,Mexicans,Cubans and Koreans want to keep us on the bottom. They feel as long as we are getting mistreated the white man will stay off their ass. That’s why they always side with white folks. I have a friend that worked in a prison. He told me every time there was a race riot the Mexicans would side with the white racist skinheads. Yet Mexicans are supposed to be this oppressed group of brown people right?? Please give me a break! They still feel more white-identified than with black. Most of them are about 70-60% European anyway. Maybe they have about 20% Native American heritage and maybe 4% African blood. It’s the same with many Puerto Ricans. But the truth is they are NOT black. A lot of black people try to claim all races as “people of color” but they want nothing to do with us. So I say let’s just bond with all people of African descent . All this “we are the world” stuff needs to GO! We are being exploited by Indians,Jews,Arabs and Asians. It’s time to do for self. We should not be dating or having sex with anyone that is non-black. No more biracial babies to confuse us. No more best friends that are non-black. Just deal with non-blacks in a business atmosphere and that’s it. If we ant real justice an real progress,we need to treat them the same way they treat us……keep them at a social distance. I think this is a great starting point. Start home schooling our children as well. And stop watching and supporting films and tv shows that promote anti-blackness. I know this will not be easy but it must be done if we want to move forward.

            • Shanequa says:

              @ Kushite Prince
              When I was reading these following books Soledad Brothers by George Jackson & Blue Rage, Black Redemption by Stanley “Tookie” Williams they discussed how the Mexicans always sided with the Europeans when a race riot occurs in the prisons. Science has already proved humans outside of Africa has neanderthals dna so all of these other non BLACK Africans are nothing more then distant cousins. These other races will date us when they have no other group to accept them so we’re last choice. The top of the line non black women will date a black man unless he has a enough money if not she’s going to date within her race or find another race she feels is more acceptable. For non black men their going for the top of the line black woman in most cases the black woman would be the better looking partner while their non black male partner is average or below average but self hating negroes will accepted anything that isn’t a “BLACK AFRICAN.” The worse type of non black people are the culture vultures because they already feel they have a entrance in the BLACK AFRICAN community, then flip back to their regular selves in their community when they get tired of being the honorary negro. Don’t trust non black people that always love being around black people because they have a agenda.

              • Timothy says:


                There are many examples to prove that you’re right. Vanilla Ice was one of the original culture vultures (of the hip hop genre). He once worked in the hip hop industry. When scandals came about, then he went back into his non-hip hop white brethren. There is Eminem who made millions off of disrespecting his own mother, raping about killing people, and other degenerate things, but white society accepts him (and he has conned many Black people that he is an ally). It is a known fact that many non-black people target wealthy black people for the agenda to control the black community. We live in a war dealing with our survival. This war deals with money, marriage, sex, other resources, and culture. The passing of our resources should exist to our black descendants. I like how you exposed the truth that non-blacks (especially whites) have a huge amount of Neanderthal DNA. The Neanderthal information freaked many white people out since they are desperate to the world that we are inferior when we are the original humans. They are not. We are the first and we shall be the last.

                We black people are the original hue-mans for a reason. Thanks to you, Kushite Prince, Alicia, Sister Courtney (who is a sweet person), Trojan Pam, Phazex Female, and so many other Brothers and Sisters showing the truth. At the end of the day, no one can save us, but us as black people.

              • Shanequa says:

                @ Timothy
                We are playing the game of checkers not chess and we’re losing every time. We are the laughing stock when it comes to dating interracial especially black males. One thing I notice for sure when a black male or female that dated interracial will always make sure that their black counter part is 100 percent or good enough to be a pass to be “BLACK & BEAUTIFUL” because they make sure their standards for their non black partner is not equal to their black partners. Being non black to them is already a pass or close to white. I hate to say it but I wouldn’t date black males that dated interracial because when it comes to look the first thing that comes to mind does she meets the requirement to be “BLACK & BEAUTIFUL” because their average or below average non black counter part will always get a pass.
                I don’t date interracial but I have seen stares when a non black man look at me that give me the illusion that they are interested in me I annoy them or tell them no when they approach me. I don’t never take their complement as a prize or favor. I look at it as a game which they can tell their friends they did all these deviant sexual acts with a black female. Furthermore I notice non black men are very selective on the certain black females they are going after. One thing from my experience they make sure you are approachable, not a ratchet, & soft in the face not that I live a rough life street look ,aggressive or lived a hard life.

              • Timothy says:


                I read your words on IRs and you’re accurate. Many non-black people would date or marry a black person for bragging rights in the sense of having a black person on their arms for a lustful reason. Some non-black people (some of whom want to ignore issues of racism or police brutality) would date black people with some wealth or prestige and their resources are displaced from the black community and sent to the non-black community. Also, many non-blacks try to target black people for relationships that they believe to be “non-threatening” or in their minds “non stereotypical.” We have to be careful and let it be known that we won’t be played for a pawn or for some fetish. Relationships should be based on mutual, true connections. In a lot of cases, black men are hit on by regular, average white women in many instances. I have never been involved in an IR. We have to show the truth. That is why it is important to know how white supremacy works, so we can use chess and not checkers. It is better to promote our interests and love our black image than believe that IRs can solve the problems of racism and economic injustice. We live in reality. Your experiences are not uncommon. Your experiences are found among many black people.

              • Yes it’s been this way since the 60’s and 70’s. Mexicans and most latinos don’t want to join our struggle. We are in this alone. They are mush more white-identified. In the prisons and outside the prisons. It’s pretty much the same.
                I don’t trust many of these races that want to hang around blacks. I remember my female cousin had a white friend that hung around her and her black female friends all the time. They would go shopping and hang out at clubs. She noticed the white girl was always flirting with black men everywhere they go. I told my cousin she was just using you to get black men. White girls do this a lot. They will hang out with black women to get attention from black men. They feel like she’s “down” with black people.lol It’s all a ploy. White people are such manipulators. I’m hip to the games they play.

            • Alicia says:

              Just wanted to share that based upon my own experiences. We all have different experiences but based upon my own experiences, While Hispanics have white supremacy/anti-black issues in their culture based on the history of their nations ( same as North America with slavery, oppression of black, domination over natives), East Asians often do not. I have been to two different Asian countries and have friends or come across many other blacks who have has well who all mentioned they did not face racism while there. China, Japan and other nations do not have the history of White domination and black slavery to have those sort of views of us. Maybe when they come to the US they are scared to be kind to us or associate with us however even though they have issues with their looks and social status in terms of dating, I have not found that the vast majority agree with White supremacy. Hispanics, on the other hand, tend to consider themselves “caucasion” even and align themselves with White Supremacy. If they don’t directly consider themselves White, many tend to hold the same views that white supremacists do. This is because their countries have the same history as the US, but with more mixing which caused alot of inner -classes and also they had periods where they wanted to whiten their nations.

              • Phazex_Female says:

                @ the Prince:

                “Yes it’s been this way since the 60’s and 70’s. Mexicans and most latinos don’t want to join our struggle. We are in this alone. They are mush more white-identified…”

                How correct you are! During the struggles of the Civil Rights era, as previously stated, Blacksnot only wanted civil rights, Blacks wanted a name-change as well. There were more so-called liberal Jews and so-called liberal Whites that supported Blacks than Hispanics. Hispanics came on board “riding the coat-tails of Blacks.” Once again, when they (Hispanics) got what they wanted? *Crickets.”

                But I have to give Hispanics a nod. They had an agenda which they have worked, exploded their birth rates and made “the lemonade”.

                Now everyone else is expected to drink (accommodate) them–legal or not. Funny, how after the borders were CLOSED after 911, you could shoot the needle off of a cactus. Now, this country is being deluged with illegals which I do not find surprising since many whites feel more of a “kinship” with Hispanics in terms of color and Hispanics are perceived by many white people as “the new work force.”

                And many whites feel that Blacks are now “obsolete” in the work force. This is why we must change how we act and think and WORK TOGETHER to combat racism in all of it’s evil intent.

          • Alicia says:

            I have found that because of White supremacy and also their own anti-black views they hold, there are alot of Hispanics who think they should be doing better than blacks in all situations. Sort of like the entitlement Whites feel. That they deserve more than us.

    • Alicia says:

      That whole atmosphere reflects what hateful white supremacists WANT. I avoid them and I avoid what they produce in terms of media!

  7. Timothy says:

    No group of people have been free when they suck up to the aims of the system of racism/white supremacy. This new article from Sister Trojan Pam is excellent.

    We have to never support any movie that degrades black people or promote the lie that somehow IR relationships are superior to Black Love. Many Hollywood movies advance the “magic Negro” stereotype where a black man in the movie saves non-black lives without regard to the betterment of his own community or his own people. The movies that Sister Trojan Pam has listed outlines the pattern of how black males are featured with non black interests in advancing an agenda when non-black women have never been on the forefront to defend the interests of black males or black people in general. The Red Tails film is truly despicable since many black women were involved in World War II as well. Black men and Black women worked together in America and overseas during WWII as well. are truly Black people suffer depression level unemployment, discrimination, and other evils including poverty in many areas of America. Anti-black male and anti-black female propaganda have a long history in Hollywood and in the mainstream entertainment industry in general. We have to be cognizant of this reality and follow solutions from learning about our history to support independent black infrastructure (like black businesses, black film making institutions, and teaching the youth about the truth about our Blackness). As a black man, black women has been the strongest allies in my life. So, we are in a war and we must do what is right.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Timothy

      I agree

      I talked to an older female relative and she said that almost EVERY black male in the military during World War II had a picture of Lena Horne (a black female) in their wallets when they were overseas.

      Not only that, they had pictures of black girlfriends and wives and wrote and received letters. It is absurd to think those black males had NO contact with friends or family back home and guess what?

      All their friends and families were OTHER BLACK PEOPLE, INCLUDING BLACK FEMALES

      They had daughters and wives and girlfriends and mothers and sisters so how any sane black person can believe that these black males had zero contact with black females in any shape and form, well…that’s what happens when you spend too much time in front of the boob tube.

      • Timothy says:

        @Sister Trojan Pam.

        I agree with you Sister. Lena Horne was a very famous Sister. I recall Josephine Baker performing in WWII as well. She was a spy for the French Resistance (who fought the Nazis). They don’t call TV the propaganda screen for nothing. Red Tails was filled with historical revisionism. World War Two was a very destructive war. Also, I knew about how many black folks rebelled against oppression in the Port Chicago Mutiny of 1944. This was when black people were so tired of the bad conditions in the California Naval base, that the Brothers refused to work in unsafe conditions. Only a sick mind would want to promote movies that try to divide black men and black women. That sick mind comes from white racists. That is why the unity among black men and black women is always important and sacrosanct.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Timothy

          They fear black reproductive powers and black unity. They don’t want to divide us just for the fun of it, it’s about maintaining the system of white supremacy/white superiority and they can’t do that unless they have VICTIMS who are made to feel, act, and think in an inferior fashion. That is why you seldom see ANY non-white people in Hollywood films loving other non-white people. You don’t see Asian couples. You don’t see Hispanic couples, and you seldom see black couples unless they’re dysfunctional.

          Why non-white people accept this madness just shows you how deep our programming is because white people would NEVER accept anti-white relationship imagery for themselves. Never.

          They have convinced the rest of the world that they are the standard for humanity and they ware not going to give that up without a fight.

          • Timothy says:

            @Sister Trojan Pam

            You have made great points. I agree with you. White racists do fear black unity and the further reproduction of black people. This is why they promote dysfunction in the black family all of the time. I also believe that the white supremacists have a hatred of the fact that we are the first. We have melanin and our natural Blackness is a gift from the Creator that they can never have physically or spiritually. The mainstream society advances the lie of white superiority, so the truth is that white insecurities and white racism are signs of how the white collective has a fear, jealousy, and hatred of the black collective.

          • Alicia says:

            I agree with this and the reason why I have to frequent this site is to talk to other aware people and more importanty, try to understand the MADNESS I am experiencing as a black woman. I don’t care for terms such as “they fear” or “we intimidate them” because to me it makes it seem like we are the problem and doesn’t place the sick behavior squarely on THEM. No one intimidates someone or puts fear in someone merely because of their skin tone/hair texture or racial background. that issue/sickness lies with the person who holds a certain psycho mentality that they will hate and hurt based on things people cannot change.

            I know most black men are with black women and no matter what type of suggestions or behaviors that most of us will always relate to and desire each other however I am baffled and disturbed with how hateful and divisive many white racists can be. Is it merely “white supremacy” or is there some sort of evil/cruelty involved? Can you imagine us as blacks or can you imagine our men wishing the women of another race to be maligned/single/unwanted? That’s sick to me. I mean they hear your voice/see you/sense you in passing and are angry and have it in them to hurt you in some sort of way?

            I never experienced this as a child (even though I went to a predominately white school) however the evilness I witness and experience now..it’s so hard to say that it’s merely “a desire for white supremacy” however that’s probably what it is. I’m still trying to process this. I have NEVER understood bullying PERIOD so excuse me as I still try to wrap my mind around them and their cruel behavior that’s all in the name of white supremacy.

  8. @Trojan Pam
    I know this is slightly off topic but I wanted your thought. A friend told me about this yesterday. Will Smith and Jada gave money to The Million Man March 20 year anniversary. What do you think about this? Legit concern or more propaganda?

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Kushite Prince

      My stand on black entertainers remains the same.

      I do not know them personally.

      I have never had a face to face conversation

      I do not know how they treat other black people when the cameras are turned off

      What I do know is to be successful in Hollywood you are BOUGHT AND PAID FOR — and it is most true for black people, who are held up as “role models” in public and treated like n*ggers in private.

      Showing “empathy” for other black people could just be another stage performance to keep them “relevant.” and useful to their white masters. Sorry, but they are under the thumb of their masters — IF they want to keep working AND to keep the law (and the IRS) off their backs.

      I don’t know what their motivations are but it matters NOT to me PERSONALLY

      I do not allow them to think or to speak for me or to influence me REGARDLESS of what they say or do publicly.

      I suggest all do the same


      LEAD YOURSELF (and your children)

      • I agree. You are pretty compromised if you make it BIG in Hollyweird. I don’t think there are many exceptions to this rule. Like you said…who knows what Wil and Jada are truly about. many blacks entertainers talk a good game. But most are part of The Boule and just puppets to trick the masses. I agree with your sentiments. Hero worship is very dangerous. Most will let you down in the end. Thanks Pam. And I will share this post with others.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Kushite Prince

          At the risk of completely destroying my credibility a friend told me to search youtube for “Celebrity Cloning” and while I have no idea is this is even possible I do know the technology exists to clone living things.

          The reason I mention this is we are in the grips of a horrific deception on every level of human activity. I am convinced that entertainers are being used to brainwash and demoralize black people and who is better positioned to do this?

          Given that black people consume a HUGE amount of entertainment.

          Look at the damage that was done to our black youth via “gangsta rap” and TV shows. It will take a miracle to undo that damage. Look at the anti-black love imagery we see on TV and in the movies.

          YET we still trust entertainers?

          Do you know why ballplayers and entertainers are paid millions of dollars?

          It is not because they are moneymakers for their bosses (owners)

          It is because they know people will worship and imitate them IF they are paid a lot of money

          That is why they pay them so much

          I’ve asked people — do you think kids would want a pair of “Jordan” sneakers if Michael Jordan was only paid $80,000 a year but played the same great game of ball?

          And they’ve said “No!”

          So what are we really worshiping when we worship rich celebrities? Their talent OR THEIR MONEY?

          No, no, no, I do NOT support or black entertainers (or white ones for that matter)

          If I like a movie or a song, that’s where my interests ENDS.

          I do not follow them
          I do not worship or adore them
          I know what I see on the SCREEN is an ILLUSION
          I do not know these people and so once they have OUTLIVED their usefulness (I was entertained for a second) they serve NO USEFUL PURPOSE in my life.
          Just like I don’t eat a piece of fruit and keep the rind for a memento
          I get what I can and get rid of the rest.

          • I feel you on that! Very sound advice! I hope everyone follows your advice. Celebrity cloning??? You never know with these people. I’ve heard about cloning people for the past twenty years. If it is possible..they wouldn’t let us know. In the system of WS everything is done in secret. It’s the reason they are always one step ahead of us. They are making advances in technology while we’re worried about sneakers,hairstyles,sports, and the latest dance craze. We seriously need to get our priorities in order.

            • Trojan Pam says:

              I found some of the videos quite incredible and interesting BUT again, I don’t know what to believe other than there are MONSTROUS things happening out of our sight and we would be BEST served not to dismiss something just because we can’t imagine doing it ourselves

              • That’s very true. We know that they are not like us at all. Their mentality is totally different than people of African descent. These white supremacists(power elite) will do anything to oppress black people. They will do anything with genetics,technology and warfare to secure their spot on the food chain. I put nothing past these sick satanic,murdering racist pedophiles. And I’m being kind with that definition.

      • Phazex_Female says:

        And that includes POLITIANS AND PREACHERS that “think” for me.\

        Say that!


      • Courtney H. says:

        What do you think of this?

    • Shanequa says:

      @ Kushite Prince
      I consider Will & Jada Smith donation as a tax write off the same with other black celebrities. If these black celebrities were really down for there people with the economic resources they have they could built black own businesses. Just look at the many black athletes that have youth & charity organizations, donate Thanksgiving turkeys, & buying unprivileged children gifts could have been use for a real purpose that will benefit their people. They could have come together to start their own sporting good stores & have their people to make the product.

      • That’s true Shanequa. I don’t think most of these black celebs are sincere. Like you said most of the time it’s a tax write off. It’s all just a game to them. They’re not really about changing the lives of black people.

        • Shanequa says:

          @ Kushite Prince black celebrities feel like they already made progress when they are financially able to buy a big house not in the black community, able to buy expensive cars & wear European clothing, able to have sex or have FAKE non black friends and etc. These black celebrities only comeback to the black community when it’s benefit them that is the only purposes.

        • Phazex_Female says:

          Exactly! Wait until the holidays roll around and “watch” and see “what” so-called celebrities will be out there donating turkeys, sneakers, back-packs, toys and such.

          Doesn’t take a rocket-scientist to figure this one out! A direct bee-line is made to citizens in poor, urban areas.

          • Yep! They do it all the time like clockwork! It’s very transparent to me.

          • Trojan Pam says:

            @ Phazex_Female

            It reminds me of how white politicians would come around the black neighborhoods giving out canned hams to the same people they screwed over the rest of the year

            and people still see black people as the same swarming, brainless mass of inferior humanity and this includes other black people

            who can be swayed by some token gesture without any real substance. If what is given doesn’t move us closer to justice, then it’s not really benefiting us

            Creating businesses and factories and schools is doing something. Donating something short-lived and getting your NAME and FACE in the papers is actually doing more for the celebrity than anyone else

            If you give something from the heart you don’t need to stand up in public and shout at the top of your voice

            LOOK WHAT I DID!

            (bump that)

  9. Trojan Pam says:

    @ ALL

    Please share the link to this post with others. We must expand the conversation to the greatest extent possible

    We have to do more than just post a comment on a blog, your contributions and efforts are priceless in this struggle.

  10. LBM says:

    “In contrast, the unions between black males and white females in Hollywood films are SELDOM abusive, disrespectful or antagonistic.”…………………Pam, do you happen to remember Eric LaSalle in ER? I believe he brought this very point up in reference to the relationships he was having on the show – I guess they wanted his relationship with the black lady (biracial) to be cantankerous while it was to be peaches and cream with the white one.

    Good post Pam. Many of the older brothers are too far gone but we can still at least prepare our younger males on the racist game that’s being played. We need to tell them how their “preference” is manipulated by racists who want males that look like them erased. They need to understand that males who look like them – strong masculine melanated men, by and large, will only be produced by them mating with black women.

    The racists have convinced a good number of black males to genocide themselves through the very images Pam speaks of. Has anyone else noticed the number of print ads with highly melanated males with babies/children that look nothing like them. Or, as I witness on these gentrified streets of NYC, dark complexioned black males doting on their “mixed” children. I saw a dark brother carrying and kissing the cutest little chocolate baby and I had to say something to him. The image made my day!

    I also notice how many of the black actors, especially the lighter ones, shave their facial and head hair as not to display those naps. Seems they have “issues” with their hair as well but handle it differently than Black women – although some do get a “texturizer” which ain’t nothin’ but a perm washed out a little sooner!

    Note: To those who watch Power – please stop saying “latina” as if that makes Angela not white. There’s plenty black and otherwise darker complexioned women who’s first language is Spanish – if that’s what the producers wanted. Ghost has made it clear that the black woman was fine for his “dirty” life but for his “clean” life, he wants the white girl. So much for being the one who “put in the work”, who “stood by her man”–then in walks the white girl to reap the benefits. Power is so blatant with the anti-blackness and anti-black woman that it’s a good study piece but again – these things have to be called out if we’re going to watch at all.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ LBM

      I agree. And the promotion of producing children with white people is so blatant almost every TV commercial features a so-called bi-racial person. The “better’ black” and more and more black people are producing children


      And some are proud of this NOT realizing this is the most BLATANT FORM OF SELF-HATRED AND SELF-CONTEMPT AND LOW-SELF-ESTEEM possible

      No person with high self-esteem wants a child that looks nothing like them!

      And what we are producing — and I’m going to be blunt here –are children who will for the most part want to be white and will side with whites even while pretending to be “black -identified” and will RUSH to breed that hated blackness out of their genetics. Hasn’t anyone seen this besides me?

      The smartest ones will play both sides depending on which way the wind blows (like getting “black” scholarships even though they want nothing to do with black people)

      and many will feel alienated and distant from their black side because they look different

      And most will be used against their darker brethen as they were used in Haiti and South Africa and Latin America to promote white supremacy via them being closer to white than other black people

      And while clueless black adults OOH and AHHH over them looking more white they will be DEVASTATING the self-esteem of the children who don’t then wonder what is wrong with them?

      No people can survive their own self-extermination and I doubt we will be the exception

      unless we shake off these mental chains and get our sanity back

      • Phazex_Female says:

        Thank goodness, that I am not the only person that has seen this time and time again! And you have a very valid point, MANY mixed nutts will sway and embrace white supremacy and negate their black origins, especially if the mother is white.

        Look around you today and you will see that this practice still exists. And many blacks “feed” right into it and do not help to feed the self-esteem of cute, little darker-complexioned girls and boys. It is okay to compliment them, they will not bite. 🙂

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ LBM

      who said: “The racists have convinced a good number of black males to genocide themselves through the very images Pam speaks of. Has anyone else noticed the number of print ads with highly melanated males with babies/children that look nothing like them. Or, as I witness on these gentrified streets of NYC, dark complexioned black males doting on their “mixed” children.”

      LBM, I have seen the same thing. They make SURE that the black male is dark or brown skinned and his children are obviously NOT with a black female

      What I don’t understand is how this imagery slips past the black mind.

      How can this not stand out that a brown skinned black male in one TV commercial after another has children that look bi-racial and never look like they have two black parents

      when IN REALITY this is NOT what most of us see in real life?

      Am I missing something?

  11. mike says:

    You’re correct. Also they are highlighting bf\wm in all kind of news stories.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ mike

      yes, after convincing the poor, pitiful, unloved and unwanted black female that no one wants us, they are promoting the FALSE imagery that the white male does which makes us vulnerable to being used as his whores.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that’s true, I’m saying that is the IMAGE they have created for black females and due to so many black males embracing that falseness of not valuing us even when they are with us

      the black female’s morale is at its lowest point that I’ve ever seen in my lifetime

      which begs the question

      If black females are the black man’s FIELDS — and the Mothers of the current and future black generations

      What kind of CROPS will she produce if she is too demoralized to lift herself up?

      What kind of communities will we have?

      What kind of future will we have?

      And that explains WHY the black female is under such vicious attack

      Because the white supremacists KNOW something that the black male does NOT KNOW — or refuses to acknowledge


      and black people are NO exception

      the BEST way for the black male to regain his MANHOOD is to help us recover our WOMANHOOD

      and by that I mean to protect and provide for his women and children collectively to the best of his ability. To let no man, no movie, no TV show, no interracial p**sy deter him from his goals. To defend her honor by NOT jumping on the bash the black woman bandwagon.

      That is how he gets his power back

      and the main reason they promote the very imagery that this post is about

      Just to be clear, this is not about black male bashing. All black males do not think the same. Some understand quite clearly what I’m saying and what needs to be done. What I’m speaking of is COLLECTIVELY.

      Just as a black male cannot go into a white area and harm white females without suffering consequences or go into an Arab store and disrespect Arab women (if you can find any there) or go into a Korean restaurant and disrespect the Korean woman

      Nor can he lure the white, Korean or Arab merchant into a diatribe about their women. But they will listen (contemptuously) as the black male PUBLICLY demonstrates his contempt for his own.

      Now, rather than be offended, I want us to be honest. Is that NOT what we see and hear both on the street and in the media and in our music?

      If I’m incorrect, I stand open to any corrections.

      • sparkle86 says:

        I do think there is a growing number of black females who are fed up at black males not “getting it”. Constantly complaining about the degradation and disrespect and the virtual disappearance of undeniably black females in the media and the only response we get is to be called bitter and jealous. The sheer lack of acknowledgement and reciprocity for our concerns by black males hurts the most but we are expected to understand the plight of the black male. I think there are many black females are just taking their chances with a non black male. It seems to many black women as long as black males have some sexual access to non black women without legal repecussions, they stop short of building any legacies for themselves, for their women, for their race. George Lucas is MARRIED to a black woman and yet still made sure the white woman on screen was the prize in the movie Red Tails. White men marry asian women at high rates yet they are practically non existent in the media.That is a prime example of not letting sexual relationships affect your ability to advance your race.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ sparkle86

          And this is the dilemma

          when we start to turn against each other — say BW getting fed up with BM — We are doing EXACTLY what the white supremacists want us to do

          however, it is true that black males collectively show VERY LITTLE regard for the plight of black females and that MOST of their conversation centers around the issues that affect black males.

          We have communities INFESTED with domestic violence and rape against black girls and black women yet there is little to NO conversation about this issue

          and if a black female tries to turn the conversation about oppression to talk about our own mistreatment as black females we’re called:

          puppets of the white man
          u needs some “dyck”

          I’ve been called all of the above by black males who do not want to hear the black female’s pain

          but I don’t let that distract OR intimidate me.

          Just like black people have to talk above the white ‘racist’ chatter to be heard

          black females MUST develop the COURAGE to talk above the male chatter that seeks to silence us.

          It is a FACT that many men just don’t like women. I’ve been told this OVER and over by black males (not black females) who tried to drop some knowledge in my ear. Hatred and contempt towards females is to be expected in a male-dominated culture that views women as “inferior” beings who should be dominated.

          Compound this FACT with the white supremacist war that pits black males and black females against each other and you have the perfect recipe for


          which I cover quite extensively in my book, “Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act”

          as far as dealing with white males, I strongly advise against it. Many, many black females have plunged into the sexual pool and come out scarred and even more demoralized. I suspect MOST do because sex play is one of the weapons of mass self-esteem destruction used by white racists against black people.

          And without making my response too long, I agree wholeheartedly that white people DO NOT LET THEIR BEDROOM ACTIONS AFFECT THEIR POLITICS

          My money says that George Lucas WILL NOT be leaving his fortune to that black wife who he hadn’t produced ONE CHILD with. Robert DeNiro who is married to a black female doesn’t co-star with any black females in his films nor does he publicly diss or disrespect white females and in fact, they are his ONLY co-stars and on-screen love interests.

          As I have said a million times before, a white person can marry, sex, and breed with a black person but they NEVER forget where their loyalty is — with the white supremacy system

          Black people do just the opposite (due to the colossal damage done by 500 years of white oppression) — we break our NECKS to prove our loyalty to anyone and anything BUT ourselves and each other

          I wish I had a solution that would ease the pain of my sisters and brothers so we will understand that the war is NOT between us but should be against our REAL ENEMIES

          but I can’t even follow my own advice as I struggle on a DAILY BASIS against my own increasing bitterness at being a black female within a community that doesn’t value me

      • Alicia says:

        All of the messages the white media sends out as it relates to us are crazy to me. In everyday life and throughout our whole history to now they are the main ones wanting us to be on the bottom of everything, to be excluded and maligned. However, in their media they are the ones saving us in some sort of weird way. Most people date within their own race, however the white media portrays this world where people rarely date their own race, particularly if they are not white. They portray it as if everyone wants a white mate, which is not true. Africa is the worst of the worst in the white media, however India leads the world in malnutrition and starvation, Asia has some of the dirtiest and poorest places in the world and there is a lot of development and history throughout the African nations.

        We need our own reliable black media, because the mainstream or white media is giving us SKEWED views of reality based on some evil reality they wish existed or want to believe!

  12. scottytreid says:

    I see the same script played with black female leads, the body guard, tv shows like scandal. Thats Hollywood for you, creating a false perception because the reality is most black men ain’t in interracial marriages or relationships, sure the media will showcase the celebrity or athlete with a white woman on his arm but they are not representative of the millions of black males in the USA.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ scottytreid

      I agree but the difference is the black female in those scripts is NOT valued. In Bodyguard, which came out what, about 15 years ago, is the only movie I can’ think of where the WM even pretended to protect a black female. And remember in the end he LEFT her without even so much as a backwards glance

      as though to say, “It was nice knowing you and sexing you but you ain’t no white woman so I ain’t making no commitment.”

      and in the other examples, Scandal and “How to Get away with Murder” the black female is NOT respected or protected, she is used as sexual chattel, cursed at, disrespected, and made to look foolish– which includes MOST Halle Berry movies since her Oscar where she plays a white man’s freak or sexual toy.

      However, when the black male is paired with the white female it’s an entirely different dynamic. He protects and respects her. And the number of vehicles where the black male is present but the black female is absent FAR OUTWEIGHS the reverse.

      This is not about whether most black males are in IR relationships or not — this is about the PROGRAMMING that makes our relationships extremely difficult and dysfunctional. This is about the message that the black female (and black male) are second rate and therefore not worthy of respect.

      and I try to make the point that even if a black male and black female are “together” if they have this IMAGERY in their heads, their behavior and respect level will be adversely affected

    • Alicia says:

      You’re right. We shouldn’t focus on black men/white women because the same occurs with black women/white men. The media tries to make it out that either black women are unwanted by all OR that White men are weirdly our saviors and only hope for a good life. I think a lot of Black women don’t realize that black men deal with the same issue on the other side. I can imagine it’s a slap in the face moreso to black men to constantly make it out that white men are the saviors when it’s racist white men who are responsible for a lot of our issues and whom in everyday life always want to see us put down.

    • LBM says:

      Hey, Scotty. Appreciate the work you’re doing with the Black Talk Network.
      The thing is – it’s not the SAME script being played out. There are differences in how the black male is used and how the black female is used. Whites know that a child is what the mother is. They are clear about the fact that women are born with their eggs and that those nine months in a mother’s womb is no unimportant matter. WE have devalued the importance of the black womb but they are clear that only black women produce black people and THAT is what they need to stop. They understood it when they sent black men to rape black women (breeding) and they understand it now that they want less of us existing. Ever notice that black females/white males produce far less children than white females/black males?

      We know that black men “get with” black women by and large. But we also must acknowledge that black men are not marrying black women and building in-the-same-residence- black families. So whatever the numbers of black men who are dealing with white females – they seem far more likely to “make them legal” and display protection and affection for the children they produce.

      Even the images are displayed differently as someone else pointed out. Those black women in the aforementioned programs are in no positions of protection and true love from the white males they are around. Ain’t NOBODY pulling no Othello or Jack Johnson for the black woman.

      P.S. Was recently reading a piece about how Jack Johnson endangered the lives of plenty of black males with his white woman stunts. The piece was in a book on a larger topic –I’ll have to
      backtrack to cite it. But there too, Scotty, is a difference in perceptions and when displays of violent power are exacted –when black males are with white females than vice-versa.

  13. Miss Pam

    I do admire your tenacity. Something I learned about this crazy thing called white supremacy is this simple fact:

    It still exists because we (black people) WANT it to exist.


    Because we’re NOT READY to be on our own.

    Sad but true fact, no?

    A bit off the subject but not really…

    In my neck of the woods, the hispanic community is steadily growing. Over the past 10 years, I’ve watched as droves of immigrants come up here and build businesses, no matter how tiny, and within 5 short years, they’ve CEMENTED themselves as:

    “Mini” Farmers ( 1-10 acres of farm land in a “white” area)
    Laundromat Owners
    Barbers and Hair Dressers
    Construction Company Owners
    Landscapers ( We are too lazy to cut our own grass)

    All the while, we’re looking at them with our mouths open asking the same question,” What’s goin’ on here?”

    We can talk and talk and talk about this same issue til the cows come home but the fact remains true:

    Til black people are READY to stop supporting this disease called racism, we’re gonna wind up in chains once again. The Asian community, which is set to explode over the next 20 years, is rapidly taking over Detroit and other “black” areas.

    Where will that leave us?

    The increasing amount of white immigrants are coming over here and buying homes in CASH and becoming landlords. Can you guess who they DON’T want as a tenant? My neighbour, a white guy, told me the other day that he and his friends are buying farm land and are gonna invest in an Aquaponics farm.

    Guess who they WON’T hire to help them build up their farm?

    And all the while….

    Black people are busy watching movies, having sex, partying, having discussions on whether or not Jay-Z is gay and his wife is in the Illuminati.

    I want you to know that I commend you and other bloggers for continuing to fight. But maybe, just maybe, it’s time for us to prove to OURSELVES that we’ve actually learned a damn thing.

    • Phazex_Female says:


      As usual, as usual you are “on point” with your observations and outlooks! In two just two generations, Hispanics have managed to forge ahead while we, unfortunately are still in front of the 8-ball fighting ‘just to be.” It is no accident that many “illegal” Hispanics were allowed to deluge this country over the last 30 years or so, especially in the border states, because their numbers were needed in the voting pool. And this “guvment” is still doing everything under the sun to accommodate Hispanics. This is evidenced strongly in housing, education and employment, especially. If one thinks that it was hard in say, the 1950’s for a black person to garner employment, then it is now twice as hard now with all of the illegal Hispanics and Asians running all over the United Snakes now. Catch the clue! Ask a brotha or sista that may be unemployed long-term and still looking for a job, trade or career about their job search. And the “usual” excuse from racists and other non-whites will be that ‘blacks do not want to work.” Huh? Annnnnt! Wrong answer. Many blacks cannot find suitable employment, one of the reasons due to biases of prospective employers about black people.

      I ask anyone WHY would you support any other ethnic group when our own group is in peril? It just not make sense.

      Diary of a Negress?

      All we can do is to keep enlightening as many brothas and sistas as are interested. Unfortunately, “all of us are not going to be saved.” But I am going to copy this entire post and give it to as many other black people as I can.

      I’m now on a mission.


    • sondis says:

      While everything you have said has valid points, you over look the fact that since black wall street, white people have made it a point, to NEVER allow black people to get that much power, EVER AGAIN. So this narrative that you’re pushing that black people don’t want to be independent of white people like our Latino counterparts is misleading at its worst.

      Even black millionaire are for the most part, red lined and black balled from owning property in any large scale. Money=power=influence.

      They made the mistake of underestimating black people back when black wall street thrived.

      They didn’t think blacks would thrive, without them to over see us. Now they know better and ever since, has kept power out of reach of black people. Therefore, there is a force that is keeping blacks from being independent, not just ourselves and ourselves alone.

      Unfortunately, we need to work with white people in order for us to get the power and resources that we need to be self sufficient.

      Do you think Latinos has gotten to where they are, without white people, allowing them to thrive?

      I think not. Remember, the closer you are to white, the better you’ll be treated by whites and the fact that Latinos are not so far off from crossing over to white, just like Jews have in the past.

      Hell, some Latinos can pass for white with their light eyes and eliminating their accent. Yeah, they are still considered minorities but that is going to change as soon as 50 years from now, they will be the majority.

      There is so much damage that has been done to the black community and there is no way, that one should expect from the things that have been done ( and still is being done ) to black people for over 300 years, will be concurred between the time we got the right to vote and now.

      I just wanted to put things in perspective is all. White supremacy and racism has never ceased to keep blacks in a subservient position. After all, whites, Latinos and Asians need a race of people to depend on to be patrons of their business. How can this happen if we have business of our own?

      They don’t want us to have businesses to serve our own community, so we can keep our money, circulating within it, like they do.

      Keep on passing on the knowledge Sista.

      God knows we need it….

      • @ Sondis

        I agree with almost everything that you’ve just stated. But I must add one thing…I, along with a few other blacks, have been trying, almost desperately, to begin TALKS of buying a “co-op” piece of land (commercial and private) and turning it into a Black Privately-Owned Flea Market so we can peddle our goods without white interference.

        The results?


        I also suggested renting out a dance hall/ reception hall to hold our own indoor markets with the few black farmers we have left.

        The results…

        More Crickets.

        We DO NOT need whites. Never have, never will. That perceived notion of “needing” them or any other racial group comes from our white mental programming.

        It almost always leads us NOWHERE because once we do all the dirty work and give them all the ideas, they TAKE OVER and utilize our work for themselves.

        I’ll keep on doing what I do til the Earth Mother and Earth Father tell me to stop but lately, my motivation has been nil.

        • sondis says:

          I hear you but could it be, that you’re talking to the wrong black people?

          They would need to be on the same page with you, being awake about white supremacy.

          Most black people are sleep, so they won’t see any value in not doing business with white people. Black people love some white money!

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ diaryofanegress

      as usual, you cut to the chase.

      My tenacity, as you call it, is nothing short of desperation and perhaps, something in me is driven to throw in a punch every once in a while against my adversaries

      what you said is a powerful statement:

      “It (white supremacy) still exists because we (black people) WANT it to exist. How? Because we’re NOT READY to be on our own.”

      and I have to ask, how true is this? Are we playing mind tricks on ourselves by acting so POWERLESS and CLUELESS? And how can a people dealing with the same problem for 500 years have ZERO understanding about it

      unless that’s a conscious and subconscious choice we’re making on some level?

      And as far as the rest of what you wrote

      I don’t see that changing any time soon

      but the economy will force a change in us, it just won’t be a pleasant one if we don’t get our acts together

      • Miss Pam

        Mind tricks?

        Absolutely without a doubt!!!!

        NO group of people can go through their history with the multitude of scholars/ shamans/ (real) musicians telling us in very plain and clear english that if we “don’t take immediate steps to change and stop supporting the very system that is killing you, you’re going to become extinct” ( Dr. Baruti, Amos Wilson, Dr. Muhammad, etc…) and STILL PRETEND that we “Don’t understand what’s happening” and claim ignorance.

        We’re ignorant because we wish to be ignorant. Why, you wonder? Because we too afraid to change. Change is scary because it means you’re going to have to “Do for Self”.

        Change is scary because you may have to die for your freedom.

        Change is scary because we’ve become happy and complacent with all the poison foods, water, drugs that we’re being handed on a DAILY basis.

        Change means changing ONESELF and that takes time, dedication, EFFORT and WORK on a DAILY basis.

        I have personally seen with my own two eyes the utter apathy of our own people when it comes on to our worldwide situation but when Kanye West comes out with a 100.00 T-Shirt, we seem to rustle up the money in a hurry to afford his Made-in China piece of shit clothing.

        Why are black people in this situation?

        ‘Cause some of us a perfectly happy being on the plantation.

        Am I being harsh?


        Just brutally honest. As always.

        Black people are NOT ready to be free. Maybe one day we’ll be ready…but not right now. Not when the master is giving us food, water, white p*$$y, a ball to throw and a few bucks just to keep the heat on in the winter time.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Negress

          I have to agree

          I had a “debate” years ago with a black male coworker who was saying to a roomful of black people that the white man won’t give black people loans to open businesses but will give them to immigrants and whites and anybody but us

          So, even though I thought that was true, I looked at this brother driving a $60,000 car, living in a $180,000 home and I said, why is it black people can FIND the money and the will to buy a lot of stuff but we can’t come up with any money to open a business?

          Granted, the “white man” will give us loans for consumer goods. I won’t deny that, but we find a way to do the things we really want to do. If you don’t have much money, work from home. If you don’t have much money, start part-time

          I just don’t buy all our reasons why our communities are in the terrible shape they’re in.

    • reality_check says:

      @diaryofanegress..THANK YOU! I have been saying the SAME thing for years now. Blacks refuse to get it together! It’s sickening. I too have predicted that black Americans are going to end up back in shackles and on concentration camps. I don’t understand how we can’t see this.

      You are right about Hispanics- they support each other and believe in entrepreneurship. You don’t really see too many of them in corporate arenas, just like you rarely if ever see Arabs working in corporate America.

      Blacks are noticeably missing from the game because we REFUSE to unite and support each other. This is really sad, and I honestly don’t see anything changing anytime soon.

      You are right, blacks are OVER-consumed with pure NONSENSE (e.g., Watching Power, Scandal, Reality TV, listening to death music, having sex, not investing in our futures and continuing the obsession with the Illuminati) all the while everyone else is securing their futures.

      I don’t want to be negative but I’m wondering if we are too far gone at this point. When you try to talk to and reach the youth, you see they are completely lost.

      I’ve been warning black folks about the concentration camps that they are already building. My question is: who do you think those camps are being built for?

      • @ Reality Check

        My best advice is to focus on building for yourself and your family (those that are awake). Start a garden, no matter how small, and learn to grow food.

        Learn the power of herbs so when the pharmacies close you’ll know what to do in case you catch a cold.

        Start with YOU.

        That’s what I’m doing…

  14. TiredSista says:

    @ TrojanPam
    Great post! The collective Black Male/Black Female relationship is at an all time low and seems to be getting worse. This is carrying on into the next generation. It’s sooo sad and frightining! I did a post about this a month or two about it https://tiredsista.wordpress.com/2015/07/31/a-very-sad-sad-sad-state-of-affairs-the-what-looks-like-a-bleak-future-of-the-collective-black-malefemale-relationship-part-i/. Part one was about how Black males are contributing to the gender wars and I’m currently working on Part II about how Black Females contribute to the gender wars. I think I’ll do a part three explaining how this has originated and what can we do about it. I will definitely be re-blogging this

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ TiredSista

      I agree and it is frightening to see the level of confusion and self-contempt issues among so many black youth — and a lot of it comes from excessive TV and movie watching and celebrity identification.

      I will check out your blogpost asap

      and thanks for reposting this post on your blog

  15. TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:


    Unfortunately, from what I gather from you (and other black women bloggers) I believe a growing number of Black Women are reaching their breaking point with many Black men’s inability to see the brainwashing and tricknology going on here. There is a Black Woman Blogger on tumblr I frequently follow and communicate with who speaks on the intersecting oppressions of racism white supremacy, misogynoir (anti-black misogyny), and colorism/intra-racism towards Black Women and Girls from the black community and larger society. She says she gets sooo many depressing letters (and comments) from Black Women and girls that she is sometimes scared to check her inbox. smh.

    Black Women and girls are expressing now more than ever anger, contempt, and resentment towards the Black Community, Black Men and boys for not protecting Black Womanhood. These sistas are also saying they don’t want nothing to do with black men and the black community. In addition, some are seeeking out interracial relationships. I believe that many non-black men are just waiting for a number of Black Women to get tired and cross over. The Black Female IR Marriage Rate is now at 12%, up from 8% just a few short years ago. It not much of an increase but I believe it will grow. Zaza Ali, Prof Griff’s protege says she gets the same type of letters from Black Women ALL OVER THE WORLD expressing the same sentiments that it’s just overwhelming; this is a global phenomena.

    Like TiredSista said above this anti-black misogyny is crossing over into the next generation cause the sista blogger on tumblr says she gets letters and comments from black girls as young as 10-13 talking about how the black boys their age are already expressing hatred and contempt for Black Women. The comments from Black Women and Girls saying “I’m ugly” or “Nobody wants me, so I’ll be alone” are just heartbreaking, it’ll almost bring you to tears. These Black Men and boys are alienating their ONLY friends and allies and I believe it will come back to bite them in the ass…big time! Somethin’ gotta to give.

    • Shanequa says:

      @ TheOriginalBlackWoman13
      I hate to say it but I agree with that non black men are ready for black women to cross over in the interracial game. Black women is the only race of women who been loyal to black men while still trying to find mates to build black families. I remember a youtuber subscriber name Lashid4U mention when sisters get tired of brothers they will know and it’s happening. Black women just don’t give a damn no more what black men do.

      • Mr. Mitchell says:

        Black females crossing over to interracial dating is folly; dating suspecting white supremacists (or flat out white supremacists for that matter) is not a strike against black males, it’s a strike against black females who choose to date white supremacist males; dating people who HATE you is dangerous…it is hazardous to your own well being (spiritual and emotional and psychological).

        Black women know, just by being women, the thoughts and motivations of other women regardless of race; that is to say, black women know, to a certain degree of confidence, the motivations and thoughts of white women, for example, who date interracially. You, black women, have an idea of what’s going on in a white woman’s mind as that white woman dates a black man by mere virtue of you being of the same sex of that white woman. Just like white women would know your thoughts and motivations for dating white men. The human species is hard-wired that way. Even though you, black woman may have never spoken to, or interacted with, said white woman in an interracial arrangement, you still know, to a degree of confidence, that white woman’s thoughts and motivations by virtue of being the same sex as her.

        Likewise, black men know the thoughts and motivations, to a certain degree of confidence, of white males who date black females, by virtue of being the same sex of said white males. Truth be told, when white males are having sex with black females, trust that their thoughts and motivations are not pretty.

        My point is this: black females wanting to date white males is folly because it is destructive especially so if it is done to spite black males.

    • Alicia says:

      I honestly believe they see it but can’t do anything about it. They are being attacked as well. Under white supremacy, they’re not supposed to side with us, like us, protect us, etc.

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Alicia

        I have to disagree. We can ALL do something about it. NO ONE is making me call a black female a bitch. No one is making me choose a white partner over a black one. No one can force me to LIE about my own people in the privacy of my home and bedroom.

        Come on now…

        Of course, we can all do something about our OWN behavior. Of course, our men can question their behavior and attitudes toward us and make an EFFORT to deprogram themselves. Black females can make an EFFORT to deprogram ourselves.

        I’m not talking about perfection, I’m talking about HONESTY and EFFORT.

        And if we’re not CAPABLE of doing even that, if we’re so WEAK and POWERLESS that we can’t even make the effort then maybe I’m wasting my time and we’re not worth saving

        I don’t accept that. I don’t accept that black people are powerless

        Unmotivated and non-serious, yes. Totally helpless — NO.

        And we better stop embracing this “I can’t help it, he can’t help it” mentality or we will be SLAVES OF EVERYBODY ON THE PLANET — FOREVER.

        • Alicia says:

          ok, I have to agree. You are right, they and we can question all behaviors. I’ve faced direct racism for some time and still I could never attack another black person, especially on the job. Also, In my thoughts and actions I make sure I’m not acting out any societal-influenced anti-blackness.

          • Trojan Pam says:

            @ Alicia

            You’re trying to be compassionate — and there isn’t anything wrong with that


            there will be a point where we make each other weak instead of strong.

            you wouldn’t tell a handicapped child how handicapped they are, how different they are, how not smart they are compared to the other kids, you would tell them YOU CAN DO IT, you can accomplish your goals, you are capable of being a productive person

            Being responsible for ourselves ISN’T the same as blaming ourselves’

            Like, if I’m a student and I have a test coming up, I’m RESPONSIBLE for studying for that test but I’m not being BLAMED for taking that test

            Some might disagree but black people are RESPONSIBLE for changing our responses to our oppression — if we don’t do it, who will?

            But we should not be BLAMED for our oppression

            Sadly, I have to agree with the Negress when she says we don’t want to end white supremacy because we don’t want the RESPONSIBILITY that comes with being free people OR working for our freedom

            that’s why black people collectively REFUSE to change the way we THINK, SPEAK, and ACT

            even if what we’re doing doesn’t work OR creates more of the same

            like the Million Man March for example

            what did the last one do? NOTHING

            Why not ‘A Million Men in Business & Manufacturing’ March?

            Or “A Million Black People Creating Black Schools’ March?

            Because THIS would put us in the sights of the white supremacists who would violently oppose those efforts

            So, we keep on doing the SAME THING OVER AND OVER AND OVER


            If I sound harsh, so be it

  16. Gat Turner says:

    Yup…..never thought of that before. They also make all of them at some point play cops.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Gat Turner

      Yes, the black male is ALWAYS front and center of the white supremacist system guarding and protecting and investing all his time and energy while giving NOTHING to people who look like him

      This is PROGRAMMING at its most dangerous level, where the black male (and to a lesser degree, the black female) are being PROGRAMMED TO SERVE AND PROTECT WHITE INTERESTS

      And for the millions of black people who unknowingly (and knowingly) ingest this poison, it will show up in our collective and individual behavior as we bash and blame and berate and prey upon each other

      and yes, there are black females preying on other black females and black males

      we are all suffering from an overdose of anti-blackness

      even the so-called “Counter-Racists”

      I truly believe that if black people did not watch one movie or TV show for one year, we would break the SPELL and get some of our sanity back.

  17. Alicia says:

    It’s ironic that this topic would get posted. I have been hip to this for quite some time now. To date, I have yet to watch a Vin Diezel or The Rock movie and never understood what was the lure for other people, especially Blacks. I also have not seen any of those recent slave/blacks as servants movies either released over the past few years.

    I face enough on the job and faced enough hate and double-standards and did I mention HATE from Whites to know how a large percentage feel and want for Blacks. I do NOT immerse myself in White media b/c when I’m not around them I do NOT want to have to deal with their sick racial issues.

    I’m glad this topic came up also because black women are not talking enough of what we can do to stop Whites from marginalizing us. I know Black men are under attack too however I find since I’ve become an adult that around Whites they focus a lot of hate onto Black women, in particular. They want us shunned, to feel like crap and unwanted, to be unwanted.

    I’m not surprised at all that certain media or movies show black men with black women no where in sight or the other way around. The white hispanic media does the same thing.

    Could you imagine Black men trying to constantly suggest to White men that they shun their own White Women? or could you imagine Black men putting so much effort as men to attack White women, to marginalize them. I could never imagine us being ok with Black men doing to White women what White men do to Black women.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Alicia

      There will be a HEAVY PRICE to pay for our complicity in our own demise. No man on earth would allow the black male to influence him when it came to how he treated his women and children

      I need not say more….

      • Alicia says:

        I wouldn’t say black men allow it but there is pressure on them from white society. I have begun to see it as an adult. Heck, where I work it is everyday and constant. They want black men to lean towards homosexuality and NOT support or like black women.

        • TiredSista says:

          @ Alicia

          Sweetheart, I agree with Trojan Pam, while Black people are victims and we have NO power many of us are aiding and abetting in our own destruction. We can’t change white people, but we sure can change ourselves; what we think, say and do. Black people need to take some accountability. We don’t have to support movies that degrades us, we don’t have to let ourselves continue to be influenced by the racist media, we don’t have to allow whites/non-blacks turn us against each other. These things continue to happen cause we allow it.

          She (TrojanPam) is also correct that no man on earth will allow other males and people to mistreat (or persuade him to mistreat) his own women and children. When Black Women are degraded, disrespected, demeaned, mocked and ridiculed, the Black “community” is often silent and many Black people (including women) laugh or join in on the ridicule themselves. Many Black Women and girls are facing the bitter truth that we don’t have any organized collective protection. White people/non-black poc know that the Black Male/Black Collective is not protecting and defending the honor of Black Women and girls; that’s why ANYBODY is comfortable with attacking Black Women and girls with impunity and it’s cause BLACK PEOPLE ARE ALLOWING IT TO HAPPEN. No self-loving,self-respecting people will allow outsiders (and insiders) to viciously attack the women and girls of their group…..EVER!

          • Alicia says:

            I agree, that we and black men need to work harder however I have wrestled this w/in my self for years since being an adult and being in mixed/white areas. I have seen things and experienced things that tell me the relationship with Whites towards black men is one that is CONSTANTLY telling them they are intimidated by them liking/caring for/protecting/preferring black women.

            What I’ve experienced and seen is that Whites are constantly on when it comes to sending vibes/explicit messages to black men that they do not want them to like or prefer black women. White supremacists want black women to be un-wanted/feel un-wanted! This is not our reality though but that’s what they want and wish for us.

            I used to question the black men on my team until I noticed certain things. It was promoted that they would talk and socialize with other black men however the whites at my job gave off certain vibes whenever one of them would talk to me, come near my work area or other.

            I also clearly remember when a black woman at my job (who recently went on to a different job) first started. There was a meeting and after it, I recall these vibes clearly. There were vibes that “don’t look at her or like her, we want to attack her and want her attacked”. I recall that attitude very clearly now. I believe this is a constant vibe White supremacists given off to black men as well.

            Did I mention a black guy I used to take the train with often after work. We always laughed and discussed certain things. He was recently divorced from a black woman. One day he weirdly said “all men want white women, white women are the most pursued women. black men are the only men who date white women more than our own race”.

            it was weird and out of place. I’ve learned this – WHEN SOMETHING FEELS OR SEEMS WEIRD- it usually is”

            I then recalled something……

            Several times when we would be on the train these white men or guys would sit across from us watching us and looking at us uncomfortably. I had to put two and two together. Why would he all of a sudden say that?

            Black men are not going to admit or talk about it- I don’t believe men do that. But I KNOW that White supremacy and societal pressure from whites has a lot to do with how many black men treat black women. I don’t think or guess, but I KNOW.

            Ego also plays a part in it. White supremacy makes it harder for black men to be “providers”.

            I do agree though that we as a community need to do more in terms of respecting each other, maintaining long term relationships and friendships and that whites are not behind every negative going on in our community since we should make more of an effort to be wiser, love our selves and support each other.

            I’m just saying I believe that there is pressure on black men under white supremacy that a lot of black women (both fortunately, and unfortunately) are not seeing.

            I, unfortunately, have had to witness it.

            It’s one reason why as an adult who wants a peaceful life, I make an effort to stay away from white-majority or heavily white areas! I do not want that sickness seeping into my life after work/classes, etc

            • Timothy says:


              Your story is why when I do encounter whites (at a job, etc.), I keep my comments short and to the point. The vibe from white supremacists that you have described is differently real. You’re not alone. We can tell a white bigot and they always send off negative, evil energy (in trying to cause division among black people of both genders. Yes, many white bosses do want to falsely scapegoat black female workers). We can just feel it since we are a very spiritual people. When I do encounter black people, the vibe is more positive and I feel more at ease naturally. We have to do both improve ourselves and confront oppression. The well that you tell your story is similar to my encounters with some white people in real life.

            • TiredSista says:

              @ Alicia

              Wow. Those are interesting and frighting dynamics going on in your workplace. I haven’t experience what you experienced and hope not to but it just demonstrates the length White Men/People will go to divide the Black Man and Woman. We’re just that intimidating together to them. *smdh* As for that weak Black Man, it’s just sooo sad how he let those White men influence his thinking and behavior towards Black Women. HE just didn’t have the balls to man up and resist, huh? A strong Black Man WILL NOT break under any type of pressure. I don’t care what anyone says. With just a couple of looks from them, he comes to you with foolish talk that probably wasn’t in his thoughts until those white men’s influence. Now that demonstrates to you, I, or any woke Black person how Blacks GIVE whites waaaay too much power.

      • TiredSista says:


        I hate to say it, but I think that these type of Black Males will start paying the price soon cause like OriginalBlackWoman13 say a lotta sistas are getting tired of devaluation of the Black Woman. I just can’t understand why they can’t understand that devaluing Black Women and pedestal placing white/non-black women of color will serve them absolutely no purpose in the long run, yet they continue to spout about how they want racism to end. There was a letter circulating around the internet in last few weeks in which some Black male confessed that he used to be a social media Black Woman Basher. He was giving all kinds of sorry excuses and a half-ass apology for what he did while still somewhat bashing Black Women. He was not sincere at all. Judging from the comments on various discussion forums and blogs, a good number of Black Women wasn’t accepting his apology or buying that he was a changed man. Here’s a link to the confession: http://myblackmatters.com/confessions-of-a-former-self-hating-black-man-who-used-to-bash-black-women-on-social-media/

        • TiredSista says:

          @ TrojanPam and Everybody

          If you read the article, Warning: The comment section is pretty ugly.

          • Timothy says:

            @Tired Sista

            I have heard of this story too. Karma doesn’t play. If anyone, who is black, disrespects black women, then that person is a traitor period. That male who did misogynoir for years ought to first have self-reflection, reject any form of anti-black propaganda completely, and re order his life, so in the future, he can be a much better person. I wouldn’t blame many black females for not accepting his apology.

            • Shanequa says:

              @ Timothy
              I just now finish reading the article but couldn’t finish reading the comment section. As a black woman myself I just can’t accept his apologize for all the demeaning thoughts & statements he has made about black women & girls. He’s nothing more then a race traitor so he can hope over the fence & chase his non black woman. Black women & girls are the most unprotected women on the planet that has suffered years of degradation & this simple ass negroe with that apologize can’t fixed the pain we have suffered.

              • Timothy says:


                Exactly Sister.

                Actions speaks louder than words. Has he gone out in public to confront people who disrespect black women? Has he condemned the system of racism/white supremacy? So, we have an epidemic of black women suffering unspeakable hurt, scapegoating, and other forms of degradation which are all evil. So, words alone can never eliminate the hurt that black women have experienced for centuries. There should be action and that action does include more black men standing up against misogynoir and teaching black youth that black women have the right to maintain their autonomy and their dignity without oppression. Many things must be done. There must be the elimination of the system of racism in the world. This male is desperate for sympathy.

              • Phazex_Female says:

                Follow that train! This simple a**, weak PSEUDO knee-gro is following the EXACT thought process of a racist white male. If you did not catch it the first time, go back and read the confessions of an a**hole AGAIN.

                He is merely disguising his feelings and then asking for a pass? “I think not.” This is just another way that these sick, anti-humans wreck shop amongst black male and female.

                We all KNOW that self-hating does occur among our race. I totally disregard them. “Get further, smell better” is what I’ve always said.

                But this? This is a white agent. Bet on it.


            • TiredSista says:

              @ Timothy
              I agree with you 100%. The vibe I and most sistas (and others too) got who read the confession is that he’s just dating Black Women as a last resort because he no longer has access to non-black women. He still desires non-black women. He hasn’t learned a gotdamn thang, anything at all. Nobody doesn’t want to be someone’s last resort especially from the opposite sex of their own race. He wasted his time writing the confession and he can keep his “apology.”

        • Alicia says:

          Thanks for sharing that. What an honest article. I’m not surprised by black men that feel this way. After all, not only are we NOT the beauty standard in this country, we also are demonized in many spheres of society, even by other black women. Most black men, I believe, still atleast desire us, if not prefer us.

          However, I’m not surprised at those who either were raised in an all white area or were raised in a diverse area and decide to exclude black women from their dating pool. Our hair texture and skin color is devalued in this society.

  18. joe says:

    In my opinion this is one of ur best. Its crazy how u miss so much the first time u watxh a movie.

  19. LBM says:

    LBM says:
    September 16, 2015 at 6:58 pm
    Hey, Scotty. Appreciate the work you’re doing with the Black Talk Network.
    The thing is – it’s not the SAME script being played out. There are differences in how the black male is used and how the black female is used. Whites know that a child is what the mother is. They are clear about the fact that women are born with their eggs and that those nine months in a mother’s womb is no unimportant matter. WE have devalued the importance of the black womb but they are clear that only black women produce black people and THAT is what they need to stop. They understood it when they sent black men to rape black women (breeding) and they understand it now that they want less of us existing. Ever notice that black females/white males produce far less children than white females/black males?

    We know that black men “get with” black women by and large. But we also must acknowledge that black men are not marrying black women and building in-the-same-residence- black families. So whatever the numbers of black men who are dealing with white females – they seem far more likely to “make them legal” and display protection and affection for the children they produce.

    Even the images are displayed differently as someone else pointed out. Those black women in the aforementioned programs are in no positions of protection and true love from the white males they are around. Ain’t NOBODY pulling no Othello or Jack Johnson for the black woman.

    P.S. Was recently reading a piece about how Jack Johnson endangered the lives of plenty of black males with his white woman stunts. The piece was in a book on a larger topic –I’ll have to
    backtrack to cite it. But there too, Scotty, is a difference in perceptions and when displays of violent power are exacted –when black males are with white females than vice-versa.

  20. LBM says:

    Note: Book of Numbers was a nice black on black love story, if nothing else. And Lyric Bent is HOT FO’ SHO!!!!

  21. Shanequa says:

    This might be a sensitive subject to some black people but not too many people every put Ebony magazine on blast when it sugar coated real black issues, even in Assata Shakur autobiography she stated Ebony magazine cater too middle class & bourgeoisie blacks not the real black struggle. E. Franklin Frazier a black socologist put Ebony & Jet magazine on blast in his book “The Black Bourgeoisie” gave a critique on Ebony magazine:

    “During World War II, a number of Negro Magazine similar to Life… began to circulate widely… While Ebony deals especially with the achievements and personal lives of Negroes who are public figures. Jet contains gossip concerning personalities in Negro life… [They claim] to be published in the interests of the “race” (the Negroe), [but] represents primarily the interests of the black bourgeoisie and promugates the values of the make-believe world of the black bourgeoisie.”

    “The Black Bourgeoisie” by E. Franklin Frazier is a good book to read because he goes in Ebony magazine in the book even more. Furthermore I found this February 1966 cover of Ebony magazine to be quit disturbing especially when it caters to black people and the majority of the reader are black women. Why would you make a statement like this on a black magazine cover “Are Negro Girls Getting Prettier,” I feel this was a straight diss too black women in general. When you look back on the vintage Ebony & Jet magazine covers, lighter skinned men & women were being used to represent African American aspirational beauty.The cover only had one dark skinned woman while the other women are light skinned. Also a Jewish man helped John H. Johnson get Ebony & Jet magazine published but the magazine is no longer black own.

    • LBM says:

      Yep. It fits. When we were no longer needed for breeding….we were no longer needed for breeding. Thus,after the forced sterilizations and drugs and we were still pumpin’ them out— came the campaign to render us unattractive and not valuable enough to love and create families with. So far it’s been rather effective.

    • Courtney H. says:

      @ Shanequa:

      We used to get Ebony and Jet magazines while I was growing up and read them all the time. I thought that since they were Black magazines, they were for Black magazines, since most magazines catered to White people. Looking back, however, I noticed that the Jet centerfolds were light-skinned with Ling hair, and I wanted to look like them. Thank you for the info.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Shanequa

      Thank you for the information about Ebony. Also, Malcolm X criticized the bourgeoisie all of the time.

    • Alicia says:

      oh my…

      what in the….?

      Goes to show the OPPRESSION and ATTACK black people have had to face.

      I can’t type much in terms of a reply, I’m just in a bit of a shock

      a statement like this on a black magazine cover “Are Negro Girls Getting Prettier,”

    • Phazex_Female says:

      @ Shanequa:

      How right you are! I re-call in high school studying E. Franklin Frazier, “The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism as well as other “noted” reads. But even long before that, I’ve always been a avid reader. Moving on, I remember as a child how I wanted to “emulate” black teens and black culture. But even then, I can recall “black” magazines, etc. that had mostly “light, bright and dam near white” black people on the covers. This is no disrespect to sistas/brothas of lighter hues, but it was something I noted. There actually came a point at which I could almost always “guess” the complexions of black actors on sit-coms when I used to watch them.

      Now it is magazines like Essence and Ebony, to name a few that wreck shop as much as these anti-humans do. They emasculate the black male, do not represent ALL classes of the black masses and more importantly, illustrate and tell “how one survives in this so-called post racial era.” Hell, as black people, we are barely sustaining ourselves now! Take off the rose-colored glasses for we are not handing hands and singing “Kum baa yaa.” My opinion only, but I think that as time progressed, many of these magazines lost FOCUS and instead, became like white-based magazines–“social.” We were/are still struggling with the right just “to be.”

      Blacks have always stood alone when it came our issues unless another group needed SOMETHING from us and then…*crickets.*

      Catch the clue—Ebony and Jet magazines are no longer black-owned. A poster recently indirectly stated that “we can do little or nothing without “white dollars.”

      As blacks, during Reconstruction and Black Wall Street, we did well during those times without “white” input.

      I can envision us doing it again. Just drop the attitude and arrogance, humble ourselves and raise our children “correctly.”


  22. nidotopianwarrior says:

    Trojan Pam, have I got some juicy examples for you. Tyler Perry’s two most popular shows, The Haves and the Have-Nots and If Loving You Is Wrong.

    Let’s begin with The Haves and the Have-Nots. The wealthy, but oh so dysfunctional, black Harrington Family has a gay only son Jeffrey Harrington who is head over heels in love with a straight white man, Wyatt Cryer, the drug addicted eldest child of the equally dysfunctional white Cryer Family. Despite Jeffrey’s mother Veronica’s desperate attempts to steer him from that path of dysfunction, Jeffrey is adamant that he is gay (with the support of his father and Patriarch of the Harrington family, David Harrington) and tries all manner of schemes to turn Wyatt out like him, even though Wyatt shoots him down time and time again. Also, whenever Wyatt is in trouble Jeffrey comes running at the drop of a hat and is willing to fall on his own sword to ensure the well being of his white man. Toward the end of the last season and throughout much of this current one tensions are running high, in the wake of the death of his daughter Amanda Cryer, Patriarch Jim Cryer is running for governor and David Harrington, Jim’s best friend of many years and second fiddle is running for Lieutenant Governor and in the wake of his and his wife Veronica’s marital trials as a result of differing views over their son’s sexuality, David inadvertently catches the eye of campaign manager Maggie Day, a white woman, much to Veronica’s chagrin. Despites protests from David, Maggie shamelessness throws herself at him and subsequently incurs a beat-down from Veronica. Of course that does not deter the white whore. However David is zealously faithful to his wife.
    Now, main protagonist Candace Young, from the ghetto (one of the have nots) escorts for wealthy white men (Jim Cryer himself having been one of her clients) to put herself through law school. She is constantly at odds with her mother Hannah Young, the churchified, Jesus-freak mammy, oops I mean maid of the Cryer family. Candace has a son who had long been presumed dead with a hulking, deranged, murderous thug named Quincy who was recently released from prison by Veronica who is also a corrupt and sadistic Lawyer. In the height of Jim Cryer’s political campaign, Candace extorts 7 million dollars from him and then falls in love with a smooth talking white man named Oscar who is a successful investor, who will eventually con her out of every cent by the end of this season.

    Now we move on to If Loving You Is Wrong. Successful black man and criminal psychologist Randall Holmes is unhappily married to bi-racial black woman Marcie who is a successful real estate agent. Randall secretly lusts after the white woman and becomes embroiled in a tawdry affair with his neighbour Alex Montgomery who is married to white British Expat and corporate tycoon, Brad Montgomery. The affair between Alex and Randall drags on for over a year and despite Alex’s numerous attempts at ending the adulterous relationship, Randall relentlessly pursues her. You know what they say “once you go black you never go back” and Alex unwitting finds herself falling into submission to Randall’s schlong. Alex soon becomes pregnant with Randall’s baby. Marcie, throughout the course of her marriage to Randall, was struggling to conceive and inadvertently discovers Randall’s affair with Alex, thanks to him linking all his smart devices to the home desktop computer so she was able to read all the sext messages the two exchanged under the pseudonyms “Peppa” (Alex) and Mrs Baxter (Randall). Marcie immediately raises the alarm to all their friends following an almost violent confrontation with Randall who in turn earns a double Beat down from a disgruntled and heartbroken Brad and his racist best friend Eddie Willis who is also a dirty cop. Following an intense confrontation with his adulterous wife, Brad briefly moves out of the home and begins to give Alex the silent treatment. During Brad’s absence from the home, Randall, burned in his lust toward the white woman, brazenly contacts by phone and texts. Marcie demands a divorce which Randall refuses to grant prompting her to go after Brad and almost having sex with him and then later exaggerating the details to Randall as a way of recompensing him for his betrayal. Of course, not to be outdone, Randall hits back at Marcie by coldly informing her that Alex’s unborn child was infact fathered by him.

    Ok I have rambled on a little here. Now that you got the point, you can see how it ties into what you were saying. You know, I have always thought of Tyler Perry as a brilliant and talented actor and writer(still do) but now I realize that he’s just another puppet pushing the agenda of the white power structure to further widen the gap between black men and women. Love your blog by the way, you keeps it real.

  23. Trojan Pam says:

    @ nidotopianwarrior

    Thanks for adding to the discussion. Everything that is produced for TV and film promotes white supremacy/black inferiority

    once we accept this as true, we will begin to understand what we are seeing

  24. Trojan Pam says:

    @ TheOriginalBlackWoman13

    See my response to Sparkle86

  25. Monica B. says:

    Yes, I am glad more ppl are beginning to see this. I do not support movies that degrade or attempt to separate us. Not even movies that show Black men and women at odds with each other in the case of the new movie “The Perfect Story,” and “No Good Deeds.” They also continue to show us in roles of servitude, and everybody cant wait to go see it. It’s incredible, like the movie, “The Butler,” and “The Help.” They show us hating each other, and supporting them. We need to support more movies that show us loving and supporting each other. “Taps,” with Gregory Hines, “After Earth,” with Will Smith, “Black Coffee,” with Darrin D. Henson. Thank you for posting this article. I have been aware of hollywoods deception for years, and this is only the beginning.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Monica B

      WE — black people — could shut this mess down by NOT SUPPORTING IT WITH OUR DOLLARS and PRAISE.

      These anti-black male/female relationship movies don’t really affect the white audience, — they only CONFIRM what whites collectively WANT to believe. If they never saw a film about black people again, their attitudes would not change.

      These films are for US — for black people. If we stopped supporting them Hollywood would stop making them. Including the movies/TV shows that ALWAYS ridicule the dark-skinned black female, like Big Momma’s house, Norbit, Empire, etc.

      When I talk to black people about this, they blow me off

      they don’t care

      they just wanna laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh at our own degraded images

  26. Shanequa says:

    There are four stages to the ideological subversion program presently used against African Americans.

    Ideological subversion is the slow mass manipulating process which we also call psychological warfare.

    It has nothing to do with espionage or conspiracy theories. It is real, legitimate and open. You can see it with your own eyes if your observant.

    The slow process of ideological subversion, or psychological warfare basically means to change the perception of reality of a targeted population so that in spite of the abundance of information no one is able to come to a sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their families, and their community.

    It’s a sophisticated brainwashing process which goes very slow and is divided into four basic stages. The first one being “demoralization”. It takes from 15 to 20 years to fully demoralize a targeted population. Why that many years?

    According to renowned Soviet KGB defector & propaganda expert, Yuri Bezmenov, ideological subversion requires 15 to 20 years because this is the minimum number of years required to educate one generation of students exposed to the ideology of of the oppressor.

    The Brainwashing of Africans Americans starts within their classrooms as children.

    This demoralization process is first being done to African American students within their classrooms; wherein which they’re being taught from a curriculum that hides most of the significant contributions made to the world by black people. A demoralizing curriculum that also reduces the great and long history of Black people to merely a period that starts with their enslavement and ends in foot marching.

    A curriculum that withholds most black contributions, that begins with blacks being enslaved, and ends with black marchers being beaten by white police officers certainly demoralize black students.

    This demoralizing narrative of themselves is being pumped into the young impressionable minds of generations of African American students without being counterbalanced by the proper amount of positive racially affirming information about their race. This imbalance is intentional designed covertly demoralized African American students.

    The demoralization process of African Americans is made even worse by the U.S. media. It’s deplorable depictions of African Americans that exaggerates the worse within their group –to the point that it totally distorts reality–is perhaps the most important apparatus of this demoralizing phase of the ideological subversion program.

    It’s unrelenting racially devaluing depictions of its Black population are actually fraudulent anti Black propaganda.

    Within this part of the ideological subversion program a racist ideology that praises whites while devaluing Blacks is being pumped into the collective conscious of Black people.

    These anti black propaganda campaigns are designed to demoralize black people to such a degree that it causes them to think less about their own race. Furthermore, it instills the myth of white superiority in to the collective minds of many black people.

    This ideological subversion even happens while black people are being entertain by movies most often depicting white heroes. Often when we think that we’re being entertained we’re actually being manipulated to think in a certain way.

    The ultimate goal of this ideological subversion program is to subconsciously instill the myth of superiority and black inferiority into the collective minds of Black people. Thus conditioning Blacks to accept whites dominance over their lives. This is the real reasons why Blacks are so deplorably depicted within the white controlled media.

    The result? The result you can see. Many within the Black community holds negative perceptions of their race. In fact many Black people presently expresses a contempt towards their own race in manners similitude that of many white racist group.

    This ideological subversion program is also a contributor of why so many Black people are thoroughly convinced that it’s perfectly acceptable to refer to themselves as niggers.

    Some Black people have been so demoralizing programmed by this racist ideological subversion program that its literally psychologically easier to accept the negative propaganda told about them then to accept that they’re victims of lies used to perpetuate the myth of white superiority.

    Some Blacks are so totally convinced that their indoctrinated negative perception of their race is real you cannot change their minds even if you expose them to authentic information.

    You are stuck with them. You can’t get through to them. They are totally brainwashed. They are programmed to think and react to certain stimuli in a certain pattern.

    Even if you prove that white isn’t right and black is bad, you still can not change the basic perception and the logic of their behavior.

    In other words for some of these black people the process of demoralization is complete and irreversible.

    Some black people will even respond angry to this disclosure. Simply because the psychological shock of being told that their indoctrinated favorable views of whites and negative views of themselves have been psychologically planted in their minds is too uncomfortable.

    Again according to the noted expert to rid our population of these types of brainwashed self hating Black people it will take another 15 or 20 years to educate a new generation of Black patriotically minded and common sense people who would be acting in favor and in the interests of their group.

    Although the expert Yuri Bezmenov said that it will take that long to turn this around let us not become demoralized. We are truly a great people and I believe that we can turn this around in much less time.

    The demoralization process of African Americans is basically completed already.

    Actually, it’s over fulfilled because the demoralization now reaches such areas where not even where the white social engineering experts would even dream of such tremendous success. Because now much of the demoralization is done by African Americans to African Americans.

    As I mentioned before, for some Blacks exposure to true information does not matter anymore. A Black person who was demoralized and that has internalized all of the racist anti black rhetoric is unable to assess true information.

    The facts tell nothing to them even if I shower them with information, with authentic proof, with documents and pictures. They will refuse to believe it. Unless maybe if the person telling them is white. That’s the tragedy of the situation of demoralization.

    To the detriment of many African Americans, this system of applied psychological conditioning program has been extremely effective.
    It is at the root of both the profound division and self hatred now afflicting so many Black Americans and is at the heart of internalized feelings of superiority that many whites possess.

    The next reason why Black people are so deplorably depicted within the white media is the following:

    The white media’s deplorable (group character assassination) depictions of African Americans are also intentionally designed to facilitate a consensual national setting that justifies Black mistreatment.

    The white media’s nightly newscast constantly negative depictions of Black people are intentional designed to make Blacks appear as being part of a treacherous, frightening, and insane fringe.

    This create a shift of victimization in behalf of whites that lessons pressures for social changes in behalf of Blacks. It also creates conditioned responses in its population for eventualities to unfold against Black populous without opposition or resentment.

    The white media’s group character assassination of African Americans engenders increasingly prejudiced distorted perceptions and acrimonious beliefs about African Americans that are designed to makes the nation and the entire world insensitive to their plight, tranquilizes efforts on their behalf, attempts to discourage miscegenation between Blacks and whites, lessens pressure for social change on behalf of Blacks, and makes any serious criticism of White racism almost impossible today.

    Thereby facilitating the national consentient for Black mistreatment.
    This is important to the Government, especially within its criminal justice system where in which Blacks are disproportionately incarcerated, given stiffer sentences, and are more likely than other racial groups to be treated brutally, beaten, and fired upon by police officers while they are unarmed.

    These injustices now goes mostly ignored because the perception has subconsciously become that it’s all now justified. This is what propaganda experts refer to as socially engineered consent to mistreat.

    The effects of this program are also manifested in ideas, education, governmental policies, economic stratification, social segregation, housing markets, hiring and promotion practices, psychological issues, and minority access to a variety of social services and opportunity. It also affects attitudes that, when enacted through governmental policies, laws, and other legislation actions, serve to ensure that African Americans will not advance.

    For as long as it is the ruling white elites that are controlling the media, writing our texts books, and keeping all the scores upon the societal score board they will continue to use the ideological subversion program that used to maintain white dominance and control.
    Learn more about this real life Black Matrix by visiting http://www.theblackpeoplematrix.com. Or visit the FaceBook page entitled: The Black Matrix:Perception Management Program designed to control Black People.

  27. Shanequa says:

    The Late ABC Anchorman Max Robinson Discribed The Media As A Crooked Mirror That The White Elites Uses Against Black People.

    Max Robinson (1939-1988) broke racial barriers in the media industry when he became the first African American television anchor in Washington, D.C., and again when he joined ABC’s “World News Tonight”as a cohost in 1978. Max Robinson was a central part of an ABC network team. He was stationed in Chicago, with Peter Jennings in London and Frank Reynolds in Washington.

    Unlike many other blacks in the media that allows their high paid salary to keep them quiet. He told the truth. Though he was earning money most of us only dreamed about he still fought for racial equality and more positive portrayals of African Americans throughout his career, making him a role model for many.

    In 1981 he was invited to give a speech for students at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. All he had to do was not rock the boat. But he decided he was going to tell the truth. He was not going to take the easy way out by protecting his bosses by offering comforting lies as others do. Instead, he delivered a scathing but honest attack on the biased and unfair U.S. media. “He told an audience,” Jeremy Gerard of the New York Times wrote, “that the news media were ‘a crooked mirror’ through which ‘white America views itself,’ and that ‘only by talking about racism, by taking a professional risk, will I take myself out of the mean, racist trap all black Americans find themselves in.”‘ He said then and many other time thereafter that one of the most difficult part of his job was reporting news stories that he knew where totally untrue. His bosses fumed, summoned him to New York and read the riot act to him. In effect, they demanded to know how dare he tell the truth. Max had stuck his neck out and his bosses chopped it off. He was demoted and his career was sent into downward spiral.

    Max confided to others that things were never the same for him after his speech at Smith College. Former Daily News columnist, Adrian Lee, then writing for the Bulletin, led the legion of writers who accused Max of being an ingrate. And, while he was at it, charged that “Max Robinson had forgotten how far he had come.

    That hurt Max Robinson deeply, mostly because it was untrue. Max defended his speech saying that; “My presentation at Smith was honest, perhaps more honest than I will ever be able to afford. But that’s the kind of person I am. It’s true that I earn a fine salary. But nobody gave me anything. I am not a gift of any affirmative action program, though I believe such programs have value and are needed. I earned any opportunity I received and I’ve worked very hard. In most instances, however, I’m still not paid what the white guys get. But I’ve never complained about that.
    “If I’m guilty of anything, it is of not being satisfied with the treatment and portrayal of African Americans in the U.S media.
    The financial success of any individual has never been enough to assuage the general abuse of our people. In speaking out against bias, I believe I am advancing the hopes, dreams, and opportunities of others long locked out of the system.” “I cannot call myself an honest man or a black achiever if I take the big money and keep my mouth shut,” Max Robinson said.

    In spite of the many personal problems that he experienced with alcoholism and of the fact that he died of complication with AIDS at the age of 49. It was his speech at Smith College and his willingness to speak out for racial equality and a more positive portrayals of African Americans in the media that makes him greatly worthy of our respect.

    Most people do not fully understand as Max Robinson did how the white elites uses the media against black populations.

    Presently Black people are the unknowing victims of an elaborate media deployed psychological warfare program.

    Psychological Warfare Operations ( PSYOP’s) is commonly practiced by the U.S. government. It is taught within its military, FBI, and CIA academies.

    The U.S. Department of Defense defines psychological warfare as: “The planned use of propaganda and other psychological actions having the primary purpose of influencing the opinions, emotions, attitudes, and behavior of targeted groups in such a way as to support the achievement of national objectives.” Today what are often deemed as being credible news reports are often totally made up propagandizing stories made to push an agenda or meet a governmental objective.

    Through its national media outlets white controlled governments are deploying psychological warfare programs that uses fraudulent propaganda to adversely manipulate and shape the minds and collective perceptions of its Black populations–as a means of maintaining white dominance and control.
    This brainwashing system is an insidious, yet very sophisticated method of control that conditions Black populations to accept White dominance over their lives by subjecting them to seeing only the fraudulent worst in themselves as a means of instilling the myth of white superiority into the collective Black conscious.

    The basis of this concept of mind manipulation works by affecting the unconscious mind through deception. Its constant bombardment of racially devaluing Black propaganda that of which it inundates its Black population with is designed to corrupts their sense of racial unity and cohesion, mold the character of self-hatred, engender self-doubt, self-loathing, and distrust among their group thus pulverizing Black unity and halting Black upward mobility. It also totally detaches the black population from their sense of power and reality while insinuating that they admire, respect, and trust only Whites.

    Its anti-Black propaganda is disseminated unrelentingly everywhere; it is deliberately perpetuated through news releases in magazine articles, radio, television, press releases, documentaries, and false census reports etc..
    Its weapon is the message that it carries and the way that it perpetuates and frames the myth of Whites’ racial superiority over its Black population. (And how it adversely affects the self perceptions of the targeted Black population.)

    “The oppressed will always believe the worst about themselves.” ― Frantz Fanon

    To the detriment of many Blacks, this psychological conditioning has been an extremely effective. It has conditioned many Black people to not only accept white dominance over their lives but in many cases to prefer it.

    Unlike the blatantly brutal racist systems used in the past, which Blacks were able to identify easily and therefore unify and form counter strategies against, this modern racist system provides a more socially acceptable method of continuing White racial dominance and control given that it is not as easily recognized by its Black victims. This psychological warfare program literally creates a mental prison for the Black mind. Moreover, it is the same system used by the U.S. Government against foreign adversaries. It was decided by the ruling white elites to secretly use it to domestically defend the White race’s position of power and dominance against its Black population. And although most are totally oblivious of its existence, it is the most proficient racist system ever deplored against African Americans.
    The Black Matrix by Franklin Jones
    Learn more at http://www.theblackpeoplematrix.com

  28. Shanequa says:

    Have you ever wondered how is it possible that so many Black people so deeply admires the white race in spite of whites brutal mistreatment of their race throughout history?

    It is no secret that the white race have treated the black race brutally savagely throughout history.
    Their subjugation, murder and exploitation of Black people throughout history are unparalleled. Despite possessing this brutal history the white race, as a whole, are now perceived with much admiration by millions of Black people.

    In fact in spite of the brutal history shared between the both races not only do millions of Blacks now adores whiteness, but many are also bleaching their skins and insisting on only dating whites. What explains such a profound contradiction?

    The answer to this perplex question isn’t very difficult at all. The reason for this immense contradiction is not because Black people are foolish or forgetful as some have frustratingly and short sightedly stated. The real reason is because prominent white scholars have revised African history to make their race appear more humane throughout their brutal history.

    Therefore Black people are being deliberately miseducated to forget their historic brutal mistreatment committed by whites against their race and made instead to admire whites.

    The version of history given to African Americans has been heavily revised to hide to the true brutality of the crimes committed by whites against Blacks throughout history. This revamping of white history turned brutal rampaging white invaders into the white saviors of humanity– and in doing so fostered an inaccurate favorable image of white history. A false favorable depiction that has been used to instill an undeserving white loving mindset into the collective conscious of Black people.

    The human mind is like a computer no matter how efficient it may be its reliability is only as great as the information fed into it. If it’s possible to control the input into the human mind, then no matter how intelligent a person may be it is entirely possible to control what he will think.
    Since white people controls virtually all information given to black people, this unfair arrangement allows them to control the thoughts and perceptions of Black people.

    From their established positions of power, the white race monopolizes all given information. Their prominent white scholars revise history erasing African people from all significant events of the world and while making their race appear more relevant and lesser inhumane. They also deliberately disseminate all information that historically implies their white superiority while withholding and suppressing all information that refutes it.

    From the perspective of the white ruling elites this miseducating of generations of African Americans was absolutely necessary. Here is an example this illustrates this reason:

    Imagine that an invader broke into a home, robbing and leaving it in ruins. Then the invader kidnapped the children from the home to work as servants within his home. This invader, fearing an eventual retribution from these kidnapped children, may find it necessary to implement systems to ensure these children remain loyal to him.

    While the invader, through his militaries could rob and the destroy the home, they cannot win the loyalty, or sustain peace with the children for long unless systems are used to suppress dissent, or unless they can be convinced to grant their consent to be governed.
    To protect themselves from retribution the invader would have to maintain strict control of all information given to these children. This would includes within their religious and educational development.

    The invader may also find it necessary to retell the events of the invasion. They may do so by routinely showing to the children demoralizing pictures of their ruined former home– while falsely retelling the details of the event. The invaders may revamp the facts of the crime telling these children that they where merely rescued them from a dilapidated home where they were unwanted by their parents. This would cause the children to develop an undeserving sense of loyalty and appreciation towards their kidnapper/invader. The invader may also find it necessary to implement a scheme to divide the children, to prevent them from ever unifying against their invader, by teaching them not to trust each other while simultaneously teaching them to trust only him.

    A massive psychological conditioning program consistent with this noted scenario is precisely what is being covertly implemented against African Americans.

    Presently African Americans are deliberately given,for the most part, those images of Africa that our designed to produce shame of their heritage. They are constantly subjected to only those images of a war-torn, famine-ridden, rampantly illiterate, and disease-stricken Africa. These deplorable depictions of Africa displaying only its poorest communities are in fact designed to make African Americans feel grateful that it was their ancestors enslaved and bought to America. They’re being subconsciously told that they’re the lucky ones to have been taken away from the backwardness of Africa.

    This revamped version of history depictions of the African slave trade intentionally misleads many African Americans to believe that most of their African Ancestors easily gave them away to the white invader. Its depictions deliberately hides the brutal massacre of countless of African Warriors that died in battle trying to rescuing their captured love ones.

    The number of Africans that died in battles fought against the white invaders far exceeded, many times over, the number of any African’s that may have assisted in the slave trade. The hiding of these fierce battles and massacres is deliberately done to perpetuate the falsehood that most African Americans where sold away by their ancestors.

    This engenders feeling of resentment among many African Americans towards Africans thus meets the objective of divide and conquer. This psychological conditioning is breaks down many African
    Americans’ sense of Black racial heritage, allegiance towards Africa.

    The undeserving white loving mindset held by many African Americans is also because they have been psychologically conditioned (without them knowing it) to admire white people through a projected ideological subversion/psychological warfare program.

    The U.S. (totally white controlled) media’s distorted portrayal of Black America that amplifies the negative to the point that it distorts reality is more than just biased media reports. They function as massive media manipulation ideological subversion/psychological warfare program.

    This program subjects Black people to seeing only the fraudulent worst within themselves. Its anti-black propaganda depictions are designed to engender feelings of self-hatred, self doubt and disunity among its Black population while implying that they trust and respect only whites.

    This program falsely depicts what’s wrong with Black America far more than what we know to be right about Black America to instill the belief within the Black psyche that they need whites to govern over our lives.

    Because whites are controlling most , if not all, the information given to Blacks this allows them to therefore control and form the perceptions of Black people. Here is a simple example of how this psychological conditioning Black People works :

    Let us imagine that a crew of people where aboard a massive ship; and that this ship was being shadowed by another neighboring ship –that was constantly broadcasting derogatory messages to the first group. Such messages as that their ship was lesser, smaller, not seaworthy, perhaps slowly sinking or that their crew was incompetent and was planning a mutiny. With time, the group receiving the negative messages, being unable to refute or to confirm these derogatory messages and deficiencies will grow weary and paranoid of the negative messages and will eventually comes to accept these negative assessments of themselves.

    The perception created by the taunting now unconsciously influences how the taunted group perceives themselves, subsequently causing them to become distrustful of themselves, doubting themselves, hating themselves and, eventually, fighting among themselves. The taunted group may even become so besieged by deep feelings of inadequacy that they may even jump into the sea and attempt to swim towards the taunting ship now believing it to be superior to their own boat even if their own ship was in fact better.

    Within a real life setting this mortifying psychological manipulation is precisely what is being done to African Americans.

    This psychological conditioning process is also being deliberately done to Black students during their educational development wherein which they’re being mis-educated to respect and admire white culture and achievements above their own. It also happens within our churches where in which Blacks are taught to worship only white deities. It happens even while Blacks are being entertain by movies depicting mostly white heroes.

    The white elites secretly fear the awakening of Black people. They know that they’ve treated us too terrible throughout history to leave us thinking on our own so they developed that ideological subversion program to control are thinking.

    As long as it is Whites that are exclusively writing the educational curriculum, controlling the media, and keeping the scores on the societal scoreboard they will always give Black people those fraudulent misinformation that implies Black inferiority and their false white superiority. It is a method of control used to maintain white dominance by means of mass manipulation. Since information directly influences our thoughts then this process allows them to control our thoughts.
    By Franklin Jones from his book entitled The Black Matrix: Perception management Program used to Control Black People (c) 2006, revised 2008
    The Black Matrix: A Perception Management Program to Control to Control Black People

    • Timothy says:


      Great quote from the book from Franklin Jones Sister.

    • Alicia says:

      What has baffled me the most is blacks who gloat about visiting European countries. Errr ummm, these countries are very racist. I had an experience trying to get a job in England before and it was WORSE than being black in the US because they have no civil rights laws. I’m talking I would call and jobs would tell me immediately that “the position has been filled”. The next day I’d be in the office and I would overhear whites in my program calling these jobs and discussing coming in for an interview.

      Also, I faced alot of shade while living in the UK, it’s the same thing( the issues whites have) as in most parts of the US.

      Why are blacks talking about “oh france”, etc. What about Latin America, East Asia, African nations? To me England was not even so great. Whites over-rate themselves and over-rate Europe.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Shanequa

      thanks for posting the info, I will take the time to read it this weekend

  29. Shanequa says:

    “Who taught you to hate the color of your skin? Who taught you to hate the texture of your hair? Who taught you to hate the shape of your nose and the shape of your lips? Who taught you to hate yourself from the top of your head to the soles of your feet? Who taught you to hate your own kind? Who taught you to hate the race that you belong to so much so that you don’t want to be around each other?
    –Malcolm X

    “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.
    –Malcolm X

  30. Shanequa says:

    These are the types of Black people that often make comments such as or similar to the following:
    -” I trust Whites more than I do Blacks”
    -“All White people ain’t bad.”
    -“If we speak negatively of whites we are no better than them.”
    -“We sold each other into Slavery.”
    -“If America is so bad why are so many immigrates coming here?”
    -“Whites have treated me better than Blacks ever have!

    They have been totally brainwashed to hate themselves and love and adore white people and white culture.

    They also usually believe that the only path to success and true happiness is to marry or assimilate into White culture, hoping to escape the sins of being born Black.

    These types are sometimes easy to recognize because they often speak in a exaggerated white vernacular or pursues the white standards of beauty by wearing blonde weaves, blue contact lens and bleaching their skins.

    They are also the types of Black people that feels obligated to speak in behalf of and or defend Whites, even when Whites are not present to do so for themselves.

    “The oppressed will always believe the worst about themselves.”
    –Frantz Fanon

    • Timothy says:


      I agree. Another talking point from self hating black people is “what about black on black crime.”

      White culture should never be worshiped as history has shown us the brutality, the evil, and the degeneracy of white racism. Assimilation to white culture is an expression of cultural genocide. We want the growth of black power and promote loving relationships among black people.

      Black is the color of our people and Blackness is part of the Creation of the Universe. When we cherish blackness and our black identity, we cherish ourselves and our black people.

      • Sharon53 says:

        On your comment, “another talking point from self hating black people is ‘what about black on black crime.'”
        I have also noticed this statement coming out of the mouth of confused black folk a lot lately. I saw a clip of Ice Cube making a statement like this on The View a few weeks ago and you should have seen the white women in the audience giving him almost a standing ovation.
        There is no excuse for armed police officers or anybody for that matter shooting down innocent, unarmed people. I know they fill the news all the time showing black men killing each other but even they are not killing police officers or anyone else for that matter. Furthermore, black women and black children are not killing anybody in record numbers but yet they are being killed also. So I would like to know the excuse for killing them? I get a blank look but have yet to get an answer to that question when people start rationalizing these killings of innocent black people.

        • Timothy says:


          Great Points Sister.

          Ice Cube saying that now is not a surprise. Back in the day, he tried to portray himself as some pro-black “militant,” but he was really using that “militant’ rhetoric as a way for him to gain money. His misogynistic lyrics and his lyrics glamorizing the N word is not revolutionary at all. to this day, he has not apologized for showing lyrics that degrade black people. The white supremacists running the mainstream music industry is laughing all the way to the bank at the expense of degradation black people, especially black women. Anyone, who tries to rationalize the killings of innocent black people, is truly sick. We know that black organizations are working around the clock in fighting crime and violence in our communities. For some to ignore their efforts is really part of outright revisionism and disrespect. Black crime rates overall have declined since the 1980’s, but police killings have increased in the past 10 years. Almost 1,000 people have been killed by the police when they swore an oath to protect citizens. Other industrialized nations have less than 100 police killings per year. Confused black people love to mention ‘black on black’ crime as a way for them to blame the victim for their own oppression while omitting the crimes of the oppressor. It is a total disgrace that cops have killed innocent black women and black children. The death of Tamir Rice and Sandra Bland are total tragedies and we will always remember their names. We will always fight back against tyranny. We will always stand up for our human dignity as black people. We will never back down and the truth is on our side.

          Peace and Blessings to You Sister.

  31. Trojan Pam says:

    Here’s the reply I left to Graham Wellington (in case it’s deleted):

    September 19, 2015

    thank you, Graham, for seeing through the objectification of black males by white females.

    While she sings his praises, wonder how she’d vote on a jury if this same black male was falsely accused of a crime? I have watched time and time again racist white females sexually pursuing black males while despising black people in general.

    It is very common for white females who are past their sexual prime to attract white males to turn to men of color because they know their white skin compensates for whatever flaws they may have in the minds of brainwashed black and non-white males, who think her attention is a compliment. It is not.

    Black males must understand that sex is a common weapon used by white females all while practicing racism against them and black females.

    for those who are interested in understanding all the dynamics check out my book, The Interracial Con Game.

    You will never see this kind of “confession” as a compliment again.

    (wonder if my post will be deleted)

    • Shanequa says:

      @ Trojan Pam
      A brainwash negro male would fall in love & become second best with this use up white trash. She saved her youthful years for the white man & her deteriorating one foot in the grave years for a black man. Her white skin will her privileges on any brainwash man.

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Shanequa

        I find this to be true of many men of color who have been programmed to put the white female on a pedestal. Asian men, Indian men, Hispanic men, Arab men, etc

        And there are many, many non-white females who are entranced with the white male due to the same brain-trashing and no one seems to have that disease more than the Asian female.

        I wish I had the antidote to this mind poison but if I did I wonder how many would be willing to take it?

        I suspect there would be many who would not.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Trojan Pam.

      I have looked at the link about a white woman and her being a fan of Waka Flocka Flame. The white woman’s actions aren’t surprising. There are many white women who are older who seek to sexually exploit black males (especially young black males) for sexual purposes, fetishes, or for other self-centered reasons. She was about to divorce her husband during that time and her reviews about rap artists was a slick tactic in trying to get in the good graces of these artists, so she can influence these artists (politically, socially, and sexually). White privilege is real. Also, I think that they know that black people have strong power and many of these white people are envious of the beauty of blackness. The myth of superior white beauty has been promoted by many people and this lie has been embraced by some of our people unfortunately. We are the original people and it is important to reject the fetish games as shown by that white woman. Black is beautiful and as a black man, black women are the most beautiful women in the world. We are at war and we have to act accordingly.

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Timothy

        As I said before, many white females who, as they age, find it hard to find a desirable white mate can usually do better within the black population by virtue of their white skin.

  32. Trojan Pam says:

    @ Shanequa

    Sad, indeed. It is what I fear has happened to many of the younger generation after a LIFETIME of white supremacist entertainment where black females are the most common targets of degradation.

    And even sadder is the young black female who sees nothing wrong with the paintings. So many black females have internalized the mountain of hatred and contempt heaped on our heads on a daily basis that we’ve begun to think it is normal for black females to be degraded.

    AND even sadder than that is this young black male is probably EATING AND LIVING OFF SOME BLACK FEMALE LIKE HIS MOMMA like so many that i know of all ages

    grandma, momma, wife, girlfriend, sister, auntie, friend, the list is endless of the black females who are feeding and housing males and financing males both in and out of prison who do not even like black females

    to me that is the HEIGHT OF INSANITY and DISHONOR — to degrade the same person who is responsible for your SURVIVAL. I must be blunt, I have zero respect for such a person regardless of his “confusion” level.

    He or she is not so confused that they don’t know where to go to get a meal or shelter or money on their (prison) books.

    This is why it is so important that black adults SPEAK THE TRUTH ABOUT RACISM

    and for black females to RAISE OUR STANDARDS FOR WHAT IS ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR from those who depend on us

    No respect, you get NOTHING

    • Shanequa says:

      @ Trojan Pam 100% agreed.

    • Mr. Mitchell says:


      “I must be blunt, I have zero respect for such a person regardless his ‘confusion’ level.”

      These black males are victims of the same white supremacy system as you are. The system that DELIBERATELY keeps these black males unemployed and in prison IS the very same system that GIVES employment to the black females who support these black males. The white racist system strategically inverts the responsibilities of the sexes: Black men, instead of being providers for their black women, are made to become dependent upon their black women, and black women, instead of being dependent on their black men, are made to become providers for their black men. Each, the black man and the black woman, made to be resentful of the other: the black man resentful of the black woman because she’s doing what he’s supposed to be doing, and the black woman resentful of the black man because she’s doing what he’s supposed to be doing. Effeminize the males, masculinize the females: The overarching principle to family subversion utilized by white supremacist.

      Blacks males express this resentment by blatantly disrespecting black females (commonly expressed through art: paintings [see link in @shanequa’s comment], music [rap]; and expressed through choice of mate selection [white females]) just as black females express this resentment by blatantly disrespecting black males (commonly expressed through language [“n*ggas ain’t sh*t”] and through choice of mate selection [white males]).

      You, Pam, above all, know that the system is designed to cause disunity and disrespect among the black populace. No other race of men do this to their women BECAUSE no other race of men are under constant, unrelenting attack as the black man. If other races of men was attacked as black men are, if other races of men had the history (200+ years of chattel bondage, Jim Crow, police brutality, etc.) as black men, I bet my bottom dollar, we’d see the same reaction. Proof: in all communities where unemployment is high, crime is high. In. All. Communities. I forget where I get this statistical fact from; I will have to find it.

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Mr. Mitchell

        What troubles me as I read your response is there is no reciprocity. Black females are always expected to understand the plight of the black male under the system of racism/WS but the consideration and understanding is seldom MUTUAL.

        I cannot remember the last time I heard a black male explain black female dysfunction with any degree of compassion or understanding. What I usually hear is disdain and condemnation for black females who succumb to white supremacy, including those who are sexually molested by white males as though we are not victims, too.

        Somehow, black females are ALWAYS accountable for our behavior. NO ONE makes excuses for us. No fathers in the house, beaten, raped, molested, maligned–none of this should be considered when one views our collective behavior.

        And whenever we speak about the pain we experience within our “community” we are shamed and silenced by some black males. And I use the word “some” because there is NO one definition that fits all black males just as it does not fit the black female. This one-way boulevard going nowhere cannot continue.

        If you want respect, GIVE respect.

        If you want understanding and compassion, GIVE understanding and compassion.

        Some black females are literally driven to look elsewhere for a spouse, given the shrinking number of black males able AND willing to get married, not including the rising percentage of black males who are marrying anybody BUT us. Of course, the number of black females dating and marrying out is going to increase.

        And of course, I am opposed to this when it comes to marrying white but I have no solutions for the black male shortage for the MILLIONS of single black females other to suggest they give up the idea of having a husband and a family OR marrying a non-white, non-black male.

        Do you?

        (my answer continues on the next post)

      • Trojan Pam says:

        (2nd part of my response)

        Regarding unemployment, black males AND females are being driven out of the job market. Most black females make less than $40,000 a year and black females still make less on average than black males, white males and white females. I know black females who work 2 or 3 part-time jobs to make ends meet and many have adult males in their households. And we deal with racism on a daily basis on these jobs the same as the black male. Our working lives are NO piece of cake, believe me.

        Another factor in black unemployment is black females are more educated on average than black males which increases the odds that they make find a job faster. More black males than females have felony convictions AND no job skills, which accounts for some of their unemployment. Some young black males can’t pass the drug test — which a black supervisor at my job said is the main reason more young black females get hired than black males. Is this a conspiracy, drug testing prior to employment? Probably, but the fact remains, they can’t get hired.

        That being said, black male unemployment at the levels they exist today is BY DESIGN, most definitely, but it is NOT MY FAULT as a black female

        As I have said many times before on this blog, BLACK PEOPLE ARE NOT COMPLETELY HELPLESS. Black males AND black females often know when our behavior toward each other is OUT OF POCKET but we CHOOSE to do it.

        If we are sincere about healing ourselves and our communities then we MUST TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY FOR CHANGING OUR OWN BEHAVIOR. If we are UNWILLING and/or INCAPABLE, then we should resign ourselves to our dismal fate and stop wasting time and energy and air saying otherwise. Point Blank Period.

        I try to be as honest on this blog as I can. We can’t CRINGE every time someone speaks an unpleasant truth. Aren’t we stronger and more resilient than that? We have survived 500 years of the worst oppression known to mankind and we are still here. Doesn’t that say we have the STRENGTH to deal with our own issues TRUTHFULLY?

        This blog is not a ‘feel-good, we are queens and kings” type of blog. This is my attempt to get at the TRUTH. We cannot change white people BUT we can change ourselves and when black males CONSCIOUSLY make a decision to throw black girls and women — YOUR MOTHERS AND GRANDMOTHERS AND AUNTS AND SISTERS AND DAUGHTERS AND NIECES AND FRIENDS AND LOVERS AND WIVES

        UNDER THE BUS, because you need to express your “resentment” toward racist man and racist woman, then something must change. We are human beings and not having a penis does not automatically make me your doormat.

        Do you know why the white system degrades black females so publicly? It’s not about us as much as it’s about YOU — the black male.

        It is the same thing as saying, “Look at the black male. He can’t even protect his own fields. He can’t even protect his women and children. And we have destroyed him to the extent that he will do it FOR US.”

        They are using US to rub your impotence IN YOUR FACES — and perhaps, that self-interest explanation will aid some black males in discontinuing this self-destructive behavior

        Like the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said and I paraphrase, “The black woman is the black man’s fields. If he does not protect them he will have nothing.”

        That is why the white media keeps its FOOT on black females’ neck. To PUNK the black male.

        As I said in a previous post the STRONGEST AND FASTEST WAY TO RESURRECT BLACK MANHOOD is NOT

        * having a job
        * having more money
        * being a better fighter
        * being a “counter-racist”
        * marching, protesting, writing more books

        It’s PROTECTING YOUR FIELDS. It’s STANDING UP for your women and children. It’s refusing to abandon them collectively. It’s refusing to degrade them collectively. It’s refusing to harm them collectively.

        Even the POOREST MAN can stand tall when he STANDS for something. Even the POOREST MAN gets respect when he respects his OWN.

        But as long as people try to JUSTIFY our bad behavior, we are a people headed NOWHERE with NOTHING to look forward to.

        This is why the white male PUTS THE WHITE FEMALE ON A PEDESTAL. Not because he loves and admires her; in fact, in many cases he despises, even hates her

        BUT he knows SHE IS A REFLECTION OF HIS STATUS AS A MAN– and that uplifting her also UPLIFTS his offspring– his FIELDS.

        To black males collectively:

        The choice is yours.

        • Mr. Mitchell says:


          “Do you know why the white system degrades black females so publicly? It’s not about us as it’s about YOU–the black male.”

          I do not disagree with you at all, but black females who crossover, voluntarily, to date white males contribute to this sentiment.

          Males and females tend to express pain differently. Black males who degrade black females are hurt themselves. These black males are expressing pain at being (or feeling) powerless.

          And, yes, black females of all ages are being assaulted (morally and physically). But bear in mind, that both black males and females are feeling pain.

          And I do believe, above all, that black males have to get their acts together.

          • Trojan Pam says:

            @ Mr Mitchell


            And black females must do our best to do the same.

          • Phazex_Female says:

            @ Mr. Mitchell:

            You stated, “Black males who degrade black females are hurt themselves. These black males are expressing pain at being (or feeling) powerless.”

            I have stated once or twice that when a GROUP of people feel powerless, in this case against white supremacy, they either cave in and accommodate white supremacy (brown-nose) or they turn on one another. Very few actually stand together and fight white supremacy.

            The outlet for any black male to express pain or rage at white supremacy is NOT the black female. For she is just as victimized as he is.

            I agree with the Sista, we MUST start empathizing with one another. Again.

            • Alicia says:

              Strangely enough, I find that some black females and women turn to first attack the same people – black girls and women in the name of white supremacy. so it’s just not black males.

              I, being a black woman, cannot know what it’s like being a black male, however it appears that black males killing each other at particular rates and the fact that they are killing each other period and so open to do crime in a nation that they’ve already been weirdly demonized as criminals, may have to do with white supremacy as well.

              I will never understand some young black males gloating about jail or crime or negativity when that’s what the haters ( who control our society) want. very weird to me!

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Mr. Mitchell

        I feel compelled to add this last thing

        IF I did not care about you, about black males, about black females, about black people, I would not be writing this. I would not be doing this blog (for which I do not get paid).

        My mate of choice is and always will be a black male.

        I know there is greatness in human form that resides within you AND me.

        I am simply…frustrated and hurt and angry and so it comes out in my comments

        I want us to be better than what we are

        I know we can do better and that has nothing to do with perfection but with INTENT and PURPOSE and CHOICES

        Every day we can lift someone up, give a compliment, say a nice word, or offer a hand

        We have too much work to do to spend so much time blaming and harming each other because of what white supremacy has done to us.

        If we show the Universe and God that we have learned at least that much, perhaps the way we can end our oppression will be revealed

      • Sharon53 says:

        @ Mr. Mitchell; @Trojan Pam
        Trojan Pam makes a great, in-depth rebuttal to your post to her but I would I would like to make some comments also.
        You said “these black males are victims of the SAME white supremacy system as you are.”
        I have read many of Pam’s blogs over the years and she has always done a fair assessment of both black men and black women as far as our oppression under white supremacy. Not once has she ever said black men are not victims of this system.
        You said “The system that deliberately keeps these black males unemployed and in prison is the very same system that gives employment to the black females who support these black males…”

        I agree that the system does its best to keep black men unemployed and in prison but have you noticed lately this has been happening more and more to black women also. Black women are beginning to fill up prisons for mostly non-violent crimes and given long sentences. I don’t know the ratio of employed black men as opposed to black women but as far as most of the jobs given to black women in the past and today’s market, they are mostly low-wage jobs that most men, black or white, would not want. Also, the work environments some black women work in are often oppressive and even hostile, so we have to be careful even with each other.
        Another point worth mentioning and Pam also stated this in her reply to you is that both black men and black women are being driven out of job market. White women were the ones who benefitted mostly from affirmative action. I have seen this for years. I use to see it a lot when I worked in law and other industries such as banks, insurance, education, etc. Lately, they are taking over technology. Just in the last 4 years, on my job, they have gotten rid of all black female trainers and replaced them with white female trainers. Now they are bringing white women in as computer desktop technicians and pushing black men out of their positions. When I started here, black men dominated the department but now I see the numbers dwindling and before long what you see is the same white women getting promoted into leadership positions. I also see them bringing in more Hispanic and Asians, both men and women.

        Trojan Pam also gave some good reasons why sometimes black women can get jobs quicker. I agree that education has to do with it. Also criminal background checks have to with this and no job skills. Drug tests rule some out and a black consultant once told me that the reason many black men don’t get selected even for interviews is they have DUIs on their records. I was a bit shocked to hear that but it is possible. Also, employers are now checking everyone’s credit and if you have bad credit that will rule you out. It’s a catch-22, if you can’t find employment, how are you going to pay your bills. Another discriminatory practice is if you are unemployed for 6 months, they decide you are unemployable. It is maddening!!
        As Pam stated, it is all by design but Black women have nothing to do with any of this. In fact, we are caving in because of this also.

        You said “no other race of men do this to their women BECAUSE no other race of men are under constant, unrelenting attack as the black man. If other races of men was attacked as black men are, if other races of men had the history (200+ years of chattel bondage, Jim Crow, police brutality, etc.) as black men, I bet my bottom dollar, we’d see the same reaction. Proof: in all communities where unemployment is high, crime is high.”

        Correct me if I am wrong, but somehow I got the feeling as I continued to read your comments that you blame black women for the plight of black men instead of the white supremacist system. If that is your intent, I totally disagree with you. Based on what you are saying, it is acceptable to abuse the women of your race because some outside force is beating up on you. I will never excuse that kind of behavior. One thing that we can control is our behavior toward each other. Our attitudes toward each other is by choice. We are not a bunch of robots. We have a brain to think with like everybody else. Look at the people who post on this blog. We have been exposed to this system also and if we can use the brain God gave us, everybody else can also.

        We need to stop this blame-gaming and took a look at what is really happening around us. I don’t like getting into debates about who is oppressed the most under this system because the way I see it, black women and black men, both are oppressed. Whatever affects black men affects black women, etc. Let’s start empathizing with each other again.

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Sharon.


          We are all oppressed by the same system of racism/white supremacy.

        • Mr. Mitchell says:


          I am not blaming black women for the problems of black men. White people are the cause of black peoples problem. And I am not justifying the black man’s mistreatment of the black woman when I mention black people’s history; I’m merely pointing out the historical root causes of many of our dysfunction that other races did not experience…it was an explanation of why black males act the way they do.

          These black men who disrespect black women are hurting. Don’t be fooled by their macho man bravado…that’s a mask, a facade, if you will, to disguise their internal conflict and pain. Many black men are emotionally wounded, and they disguise with a tough external shell and express this pain by name-calling and degrading their own women. Or they take it out on each other with violence.

          • Trojan Pam says:

            @ Mr. Mitchell

            I agree that black PEOPLE have been traumatized in ways that other oppressed groups did not experience.

            However, when a black person VICTIMIZES another black person, they should be CALLED on it, unless they are completely mentally ill and cannot control themselves.

            And if that is the case then they need to be contained in such a way that they cannot harm anyone else.

            If a black male (or black female) tells me that they cannot coontrol the impulse to harm me then I am going to view them as a threat and will act to DEFEND MYSELF BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY

            Again, black males cannot expect black females to absorb ALL their pain YET chafe at the idea of absorbing ours.

            They cannot keep telling us (over and over and over) how much pain they are in YET demonstrate no interest in listening to ours.

            This is what I’m advising black females to NOT DO. Do not let ANYONE ABUSE YOU REGARDLESS OF THEIR “PAIN”

            And I’m sure if you have a son or daughter you would give them the same advice. That is the same advice I am giving here on my blog.

            We are not helping you OR ourselves by allowing black males to abuse or degrade us. The only thing that will happen is black females become sicker (and less unable to properly mother our children or be decent mates for you)

            and YOU are becoming weaker, more ego-driven and more delusional because it would take a MASSIVE STATE OF DELUSION for black males to blame us for their condition instead of racist man and racist woman. That is the HEIGHT OF MENTAL ILLNESS when you go down the list of what ails black males, like:

            Inferior schools
            Unjust incarceration
            Police brutality/murder
            alcohol/drug addictions
            lack of mental health care

            Black females control NONE OF THE ABOVE — which is why the “blame the black female game” is a sign of A MASSIVE PSYCHOLOGICAL DELUSION/MENTAL ILLNESS/PROJECTION/FEAR COMPLEX

            Again, those who want respect must also GIVE RESPECT
            Those who want compassion must BE COMPASSIONATE.

            Or we will not have anything left to fight with and our communities will be OBLITERATED OFF THE MAP

            and if anyone thinks this is an exaggeration, they are NOT paying attention to what is shaping up around this nation in terms of black people.

            • Alicia says:

              Such truthful words and I absolutely agree. I will never understand why some blacks behave like this though. From my experiences many of those affected by white supremacy act like this. From college up until now whenever I have a discussion about dating and men with an Asian women, they are more than willing to sit and spend as long as they can deriding Asian men, all the while propping up White men as if white men are perfect which we all know they are not. Asians are said to face less racism than us, which is why I can’t understand why they seem to take on white supremacy against themselves so readily. I have learned never to bring up dating and men with an Asian female because I will have to delve into the world of a person and group who have accepted white supremacy.

              Example: I was at a nail shop (I do my own nails now though, this was over a year ago). The Asian lady doing my nails makes some joke about going out on a date and I mention at the time that I was looking and if she knew anyone. She says “there is one guy here, he is mixed with French(white)”. There were a total of three East Asian guys in the parlor. I wonder why she only mentioned to me the mixed one and why she mentioned he was half-friench because we were only joking around and the fact that all of the workers in there were Vietnamese I think, why would she so emphasize that the “handsome” guy the half-white one? She and the lady next to her then went on to give this nasty look at the other two Asian guys because they came near us in a way either cleaning up or other tasks.

              Another example is when I decided to talk about getting men with two different Asian buddies who often invited me to go out. I don’t care to recall this, because otherwise they were very nice however both oddly seemed too open and willing to slander their Asian men in front of me as a black woman. It wasn’t just like ” i like this group of men outside of my race” it was more like “Asian men have small….” or “Asian men are not romantic” and it seemed like although I’m black, they wanted to go on and on and dog asian men out to me. These are not isolated incidents and I have decided in my avoidance of white supremacy 🙂 to avoid discussing dating and men with Asian women.

              One from the above story was married to a guy from her country ( East Asian) yet she confided in me that Asian men were small and so on and so on ( she went on like 10 minutes and if I had let her she would have gone on for an hour in terms of telling all that is negative and wrong with Asian men and all that is right and great about White men). She said she wished she had married a European man.

              So it’s not just us and I agree with what you and others are saying. We, especially as black people, need to check ourselves and how we treat each other and how we think. Avoiding the white supremacist media is one major start!

              • Courtney H. says:

                @ Alicia:

                WOW! I have noticed a lot of Asian women do tend to marry White men, because you do not have to be White to be a white supremacist. You just have to accepted the tenets of white supremacy. Anyway, I agree with your last statement — that we have to avoid white supremacy in all of its facets as much as possible! Thank you for telling your story. 🙂

              • Alicia says:

                Don’t be a Black woman and start a convo with an East Asian woman about men and dating, even if you consider her your friend. 9 times out of 10 you will be hit with some very disappointing White supremacist views. I’ve had to learn this the hard way. Often they are very nice and we know some tend to like black music and culture. However, I believe many have taken on white supremacy against themselves and particularly when it comes to their men.

                The last chick I was buddies with who recently moved away. She was very nice and was single like I am and so when she began giving her views I sat quiet. Hispanic men are not considered “smart” to Asians. They will sit with you ( no matter what race) and want to go on and on and crap on Asian men. I told one Chinese-American lady at my company, upon seeing her family pics, that her husband was handsome. He’s like Cambodian or something and he is tall and handsome, seriously! She acted like I was crazy to say that. Her whole attitude was “no he’s not” and that I was “crazy” to think that. I told a Japanese buddy once that I thought Japanese men were sexy. She said ” no they’re not” as if I was crazy. Her husband is Japanese by the way.

                I said to the one friend who wanted to dog Asian men out to me and extol all the superior virtues of White men: ” All White men are not a certain way, what if you get with one and he’s abusive or not a good man” and her cheeks turned pink!

              • Trojan Pam says:

                @ Courtney H.

                In the interest of being as accurate as possible, I have to say that ONLY white people can be white supremacists. Mimicking the ways of another “group” does NOT make one the same as that group. Just as mimicking rich people and buying expensive clothing and cars and putting on airs does NOT mean you’re a rich person. A white person can empathize with the plight of black people or like black music or “talk” black and dance or walk black but that does NOT make them black.

                WORDS are VERY IMPORTANT. It is very important that black people understand what white supremacy is so we do not confuse ourselves or each other. Non-white people can’t be white. White people can’t be non-white. Bottom line, non-white people cannot be white supremacists BUT they can mimic their behaviors.

              • Courtney H. says:

                @ Sister Trojan Pam:

                Okay. Thank you for clearing that up for me. 🙂

          • Alicia says:

            But Mr. Mitchell, Black women hurt Black women too. Many also seek to get other black women fired on the job which makes no sense to me. I’m not like that and have never and will never do that. Alot of black women do though. It’s not just some black men attacking black women but often times black women vs black women in the name of white supremacy.

            I do understand what the ladies are saying though however I have come to beleive that black men do not ‘publicly’ show support and love for black women because of how society operates. I have seen for many years Whites pushing onto black men and boys that they protecting or liking black girls and women is “intimidating” to them. I live in a middle income black area now with nothing but black couples. When I go to more mixed or more white areas I have noticed this vibe as well. There are still black couples there however I noted certain behaviors and vibes from Whites. Heck, if I witness and experience from Whites when around them that they wish black women did not have the love and protection from Black men or any race of man, I can just imagine the attitudes I don’t see that are being sent to Black and Latino men in regards to us black women. *cringes*

            • Sharon53 says:

              Thanks for your comments on how many black women seek to get other black women fired on the job. This is more commonplace than we realize and I do not understand it for the life of me. The thing that is so interesting is the way most of them go about doing it. They don’t come across like the enemy (they picked this up from the white supremacists) but will try to set you up by coming across like a friend, asking if you want to go to lunch, etc. They start gossiping and can’t wait to get back to tell someone what you have said and the next thing you know you are getting some type of backlash. I have seen this scenario more times than I can count.

              I once did some freelance work and there were several other people who freelanced as I did. A couple of freelancers tried that foolishness with me. One of the people came up with this bright idea that we should network, but what she really was trying to do is find out if I was working for one of her clients also so she could sabotage my business account but it did not work. Another person was just as sneaky as the last one. I would pass by her desk and she would attempt a conversation with me and try to prolong the conversation, knowing that was something we as freelancers were warned not to do. She would turn around and tell the powers-that-be that I was standing at her desk talking for a long time. That did not work also. The sad part was at that time, there was enough work for all of us.
              Sometimes they don’t even do the same type of work as you and can’t even do your job and don’t even want your job and try to get you fired. For some reason they just feel threatened by your presence.
              These are not exaggerations. I have seen this happen to me, as well as others.

              • Shanequa says:

                @ Sharon53
                I had this same problem with a black woman which had me transferring to another school. The organization had me working at a middle school that was predominately white, and only a small number of minority students. The only two African Americans that work in the school who was the assistant principal who has completely assimilated into European culture married to a white woman, and a black male history teacher who was also a coach, the janitors were Hispanic, and the teachers & administration were all white. The organization had me working with two other coworkers a black & a white woman. This was my first time working with the school my coworkers made it there second year. The black woman use to constantly tell me I sound hood when I talked and told me I needed to correct my grammar. First off I am a long way from hood sounding hood. She also had a problem with my hair in braids she didn’t feel it was professional but told me your hair looked better slicked back with gel in a afro-puff. This negroe woman thought everything African Americans did was negative and always told the white staff members about the situation. She even told our white coworkers that African Americans have always been bad test taker that is just part of our culture. Then she had to congratulate the white female coworker husband for taking care of their child because she told them in our culture you have to remind the Black man of his responsibilities.
                My black female coworker was getting to comfortable with our white coworkers because she came back & told why was my black coworker getting back with her husband. Also the white female coworker was pissed off that the Black coworker ask her for money , the white woman told her you should at least have five dollars on you, I can’t help that’s your problem. The black woman feelings were hurt after the statement.
                Another job when I was working at a call center coworkers had problems with a group of black women because they were “ratchet” they brought to work their personal business, then wanted to know your personal business, and talked about inappropriate topics like sex.

              • Shanequa says:

                Sorry for the typos I’m using my cellphone.

              • Phazex_Female says:

                You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding!?

                This psychologically “warped” sista IS deeply immersed in imitating white culture, yet rejecting her own.

                Ask her as a Kwanzaa (or Christmas) present to you to GO to this site or some Afro-Centric site ASAP. Her negating black culture is a sure sign that she “accommodates” white supremacy, when in fact, these anti-humans give LESS than a rat’s ass about her or her plight.

                Unfortunately, she is like many other blacks that “suffer in silence, see no way to defeat supremist actions and instead, internalize white supremacy”

                She no longer knows who she is. SMH…let us hope that she is not passing on her behaviorisms to her off-spring.

              • Alicia says:

                Sharon, it boggles my mind, it also scares me a bit in terms of that type of behavior. In most corporate situations, the non-whites are basically on the side of the whites and whites generally for each other and against blacks on the low. Why any black woman would first seek to hurt another black woman is something I have never and could never understand. The last person I would want to get fired ever has been a fellow black person, especially fellow black woman. I have seen it and unfortunately experienced it.

                Some of my family members have said they think blacks often don’t support each other or fight each other outside of black areas because of white supremacy. I have dealt with it since college yet never acted that way or been able to wrap my mind around it.

                what was weirdest to me is when black women target another black women in an environment where most others are non-black.

                People reason differently and also a lot of people feel being cruel to others helps quell the hurt they feel. Behavior like that along with bullying I have NEVER understood. I guess all we can do is hope that black women (and black men) we come across in our future start growing and realizing attacking a fellow black person hurts them as well. We should all strive to be good people period. If we don’t support each other, even on the down low ( because some are scared to in white environments), then what can we expect for ourselves? Especially when so many want black girls and women marginalized?

                I have found so many people are no good and enjoy being cruel, however if we are to ever throw off the yolk of White supremacy and all the ills that come with it then it’s required we support each other, rather than fight each other. Our communities will prosper as well when we stop fighting each other for whatever insane psychological reasons and start being kind and supportive to each other and enjoy working with each other.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Sharon

          thank you for sharing your thoughts. The same goes for Mr. Mitchell. Even when we don’t agree completely it’s important that we’re able to DIALOGUE in a respectful manner so the other person or people can “hear” us.

          Maybe, this dialogue will provide some food for thought for those black males and black females reading it. We can’t move forward until we OWN our part in what ails us as a community.

    • TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:

      @TrojanPam and Shanequa

      I just got off twitter and saw that painting. It totally dampened my spirit. It truly saddens me how a lot of Black people was co-signing this painting. The artist says that it “represents how women will sell their souls to get attention and material possessions.” So men don’t sell their souls too? And its only Black Women who do this? So you had to portray Black Women as dogs to get your point across? These are some of the questions some of the tweeters were asking him. *sigh* Anybody who says that the Black Community does not have a problem with extreme misogynoir is in denial.

      • Timothy says:


        I agree with you Sister.

        It’s bad enough when non-blacks degrade us. It is very hurtful when a black person uses such vile imagery against black women. It grieves our ancestors for some people to try to justify such a vile display. For him to display black women as dogs is just plain wrong.

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ TheOriginalBlackWoman13

        That was not my intention in allowing the link to be posted OR responding to it.

        IF the people on this blog want that link eliminated, let me know and I’ll do it.

        Some information need not be shared. This may be one of those times.

        (no disrespect to the person who shared the link)

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ TheOriginalBlackWoman13

        That was one of my main points to Mr. Mitchell.

        That understanding black dysfunction has NEVER been a two-way street. Black females NEVER get a pass or support for what ails us. That is a problem that needs to be addressed AND corrected.

        • TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:


          Shanequa shared the link above and I know she didn’t mean any harm, sometimes we share stuff like this to demonstrate the level of anti-blackness that has affected the Black Community. Since this is your blog you may remove the link or agree with Shanequa to remove it. Yesterday, I was on my twitter page when I just unfortunately stumbled upon the “artist” page by accident and there they were. I shared my opinion with him about it. I won’t be clicking on the link anymore regardless whether it stays or not. because the images upset me so that I wrote a short vent below on my blog about it (not providing the link and sharing your opinion about it). With all that said and done I’m moving on to my regularly scheduled postings.

          • Shanequa says:

            @ TheOriginalBlackWoman13
            It will be okay for Trojan Pam to remove the link . I was just upset how a black man would portray black women as a dog, and had some black women agreeing with the painting.

        • TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:


          Agreed. A lot of Black Women are now seeing the problem of how Black Women are held accountable for our own actions whereas Black Men’s actions are blamed on the system of racism (as it should). Whenever a Black Man engage in self-destructive thinking and or behavior Black people start giving a psychoanalysis on the impact of the system of racism on the Black Man’s psyche (which is correct). However, when Black Women engage in self-destructive thought and behaviors we’re just “angry” Ghetto” “bitter” etc, etc as if we didn’t endure the same psychological trauma Black Men have. This type of mercy that Black people give to Black Men that we don’t give to Black Women is once again rooted in misogynoir and some respectibility politics. It’s not right, we’re supposed to have equal mercy for both genders cause ALL of us have been (and still are) damaged.

    • Phazex_Female says:

      “Well stated” as far as I am concerned.

  33. […] disregard for our femininity and huemanity. One of TrojanPam’s (she’s the blogger of racism (white supremacy)) reader’s gave a link to the trash, but I decided not to post it here cause I don’t […]

  34. Shanequa says:

    Since the rise of many social media websites I have noticed an increase of popular Black males social media comedian coons. There have been many of these men I have seen that love to put on a dress, wig, & makeup to portray themselves as the typical stereotypes about black women. What even sad these men suppose to be heterosexual man but are willingly emasculating themselves. Furthermore, it has now become acceptable & the norm for black men to put on dresses without being ridicule. I know about 3 popular young black males social media comedians who are mentally retarded but the guardian of these young men are exploiting them. It’s so many videos out on black social media comedian coons it’s sad, negroes will sell their souls for popular & materialistic items.

  35. Mbeti says:

    what are the psychological effects of never seeing or being allowed to see normal or healthy

    representations of one’s phenotype(racial) group in media?

    and only seeing one other group ?

    how much freewill/choice/agency do humans have?

    why do some black people choose to date and marry only white people?

    why do Africans and African Americans reject parts of their biological identity
    (hair texture,skin color,facial features)
    because they choose to or are forced to?

    will be posting these and other questions to
    among other locations
    also I must state that I am an atheist and African American atheist
    because I base my interpretations of reality on evidence.

    and some of this sites data independently confirms my and other view point
    in one of trojan pam’s book it even says if your are still practicing the religion of your “former” slave owners you are practicing a slave tradition.

    due aversralism ,cognitive pathology and cognitive deficits
    blogs are limited in their ability as tools for sharing information and dialog
    these are the primary reasons why on this and numerous other posts I’ve asked questions and made statements only to be ignored.

    Now I will comment far less as it is infective and futile.

  36. Courtney H. says:

    Speaking of entertainment media racism, here is a good video.

    Warning — this video contains a lot of profanity. Enjoy! 😀

    • Timothy says:


      I will comment on the video Sister. 🙂

      Good Afternoon Sister Courtney.

    • Timothy says:

      Good Afternoon Sister Courtney,

      I have listened to the entire video of Harvey.

      Here are my thoughts.

      First, I will show where I agree with him and then I will show where I disagree with him. First, various shows (even on Law in Order) never exist without an agenda. The system of racism/white supremacy has shown its various agendas in shows like Law in Order. He’s right in showing double standards in society. For example, he’s right to say that many white women have shown racism against President Obama after he won the Democratic nomination against Hillary Clinton. He’s right that black males have experienced racism and stereotypes, but this is caused by the system of white supremacy not by black women. He’s right to expose how white society readily attacks black males and exploit black males for nefarious agendas. The Law in Order episode obviously wanted to talk about Chris Brown, black males, and other issues. He is right to expose the hypocrisy of many people in the industry like Ice T, who once condemned police brutality, but is playing a cop on TV. Wendy Williams was in the episode. Wendy Williams has advanced tensions in our communities and gossip. Wendy Williams on her old radio show has degraded black people and now white society has allowed her to have her own national TV show. So, puppet actors and actresses on the TV screen acting in this fashion don’t benefit us collectively as black people. It benefits the status quo. Harvey is right to say that we, as black people, are the most hated people in the planet

      I disagree with him on trying to place disproportionate blame on black women for some of the plight of black men. The fundamental point is that the greatest supporter of black men has always been black women throughout human history. What Chris Brown did was abhorrent, evil and wrong. Harvey claims to not condone domestic violence, but he is trying to minimize the abuse that Rihanna has experienced. Rihanna suffered a huge amount of physical abuse and even Chris Brown has admitted to this. There are many people who are worse than Chris Brown. I don’t believe that Chris Brown is the worst person in the world, but his actions of domestic abuse has no justifications, end of story. Exposing Chris Brown’s abusive behavior in a real fashion has nothing to do with demonizing all black men. Harvey gives a more complicated explanation of Brown’s behavior while he gives a more simplistic, stereotypical explanation of the behavior of black women. Harvey is frustrated. I don’t agree with him using profanity. He has the right to be frustrated at black men and black women being oppressed. We have the right to express dissatisfaction with our people in this land having huge unemployment, lax job opportunities, massive discrimination, and demonization by a racist society. So, we have to fight by working in our communities, helping our people, and establishing more networks (so more of our black people can improve their lives).

      Also, I have no problem with setting up more of our independent infrastructure like our own farms, enterprises, pan-African Diaspora groups, community based organizations, etc. We can do something. Also, we have to stop and end the gender war distraction. Both genders are oppressed, but black women suffer sexism not just racism. Therefore, we have to uplift and defend black women against misogynoir. Equal respect and equal mercy must be given to black people of both genders. We want black males and black females to be free. We have to express empathy toward black people of both genders and see who the real oppressor is (who is white supremacists). Law and Order having racism in that episode (like portraying black men as racist, irrational brutes collectively) is not unusual. It’s a shame, but it is not surprising. We will continue to uplift black people, especially black women who is the Mother of black humanity. Black women supported the black community in enumerable ways and their strength must always be respected.

      Thank you for showing the video. It was a long video. LOL.

      Bless you Sister Courtney 🙂

      • Courtney H. says:

        Good evening, Brother Timothy. 🙂

        Thank you for taking the time to listen to the whole video. I know that it was long, so I appreciate it.

        I just listened to it again, I will not add to what you have stated, because I agree with everything that you said. This is a very interesting video, and I like the way that Harvey broke down everything, and the way you broke down everything, too. Again, thank you for taking the time to listen to the video and to comment on it.

        Bless you, Brother Timothy. 🙂

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Courtney

          Good Evening Sister Courtney 🙂

          Thank you for your words. I appreciate you showing the video, because we all need to listen to perspectives, so we can be enlightened and learn new information. Life deals with learning, analysis, and loving truth. Like always, you’re a blessing.

          You’re a great person. 🙂

  37. Shanequa says:

    I’m going to post two links to a topic that needs to be discuss especially at the colleges & universities. The black male athletes are love & admire by the students & the communities but they don’t face racism that much as the regular black student population. This situation also happens in high school as well. Some of these black male athletes aren’t involved in black movements because they don’t care, these black males live in their own little bubble.

    Furthermore I heard that the college football players are segregated from the regular black student population which isn’t done by accident. They have these black male athletes believe they are special & honorary white males. These black males athletes love the ideal of being accepted by Europeans or non black people. When it come to the white sorority & faternity parties on campus you will find many black male athletes, also this gives them easier access to all the white or non black females. When they get to the NFL they think its a badge of honor being the “special negro” which makes them feel that its better to associate with more whites then blacks, especially black women.


    Go to the two minute mark. You will see only black football players at the white pool party.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Shanequa

      The video was interesting. The bigotry and racism in Alabama is not just found in Alabama. It’s found nationwide and worldwide. Yes, many black athletes are used as “tokens” by universities and professional leagues too. There are many stories where black athletes are told to be restricted from black social movements for change or from hanging out from their own black community. Racism is part of hypocrisy and hatred. So, it is not surprising for racist sororities to not allow black people in their groups while allowing black athletes to come to their parties (with access to non-black people while some of these black athletes are not building and not growing power in their own community during that party). Looking at the mostly white people in that party showed white privilege ad it showed that rhythm is not a specialty of a lot of white folks. LOL. Yes, I had to go there. I thank the Most High that I am Black too. The video shows the inconvenient truth that some black people want to be so accepted so bad by white racist society that some of our people want to hang out with immature, white college kids. Many black athletes have been brainwashed into believing that accepting Eurocentric ideologies is a way for them to have acceptance. The truth is that true acceptance is about us loving our black identity and promoting the interests of our black people. During this generation, we are in a crossroads as a people. We want liberation.

      Liberation can’t be done by segregation or by token integration in my view. Liberation deals with independence. We have to establish independent, revolutionary strategies and policies, so we can be independent in a pan-African fashion. That means that we have to control how we think, act, and how we treat each other. We must treat each other with honor. The article about the divide between black athletes and black students is an interesting one. Black athletes and any black person in general has the responsibility to grow their black consciousness. Some (not all) black athletes have an arrogance in viewing themselves as having supreme importance while ignoring black students. We, as black people, face the system of oppression. We should treat each other as black people with dignity and with respect while exposing injustice without compromise. Thank you for showing your information Sister.

  38. Shanequa says:

    I’m going to post two links to a topic that needs to be discuss especially at the colleges & universities. The black male athletes are love & admire by the students & the communities but they don’t face racism that much as the regular black student population. This situation also happens in high school as well. Some of these black male athletes aren’t involved in black movements because they don’t care, these black males live in their own little bubble.
    Furthermore I heard that the college football players are segregated from the regular black student population which isn’t done by accident. They have these black male athletes believe they are special & honorary white males. These black males athletes love the ideal of being accepted by Europeans or non black people. When it come to the white sorority & faternity parties on campus you will find many black male athletes, also this gives them easier access to all the white or non black females. When they get to the NFL they think its a badge of honor being the “special negro” which makes them feel that its better to associate with more whites then blacks, especially black women.


    Go to the two minute mark. You will see only black football players at the white pool party.

  39. Shanequa says:

    Sorry for the double post.

  40. Alicia says:

    Something interesting just happened. I don’t understand why black artists would turn to whites to produce or record their video. What I noticed in 2 hip hop-type videos I just watched is that the black girls are shown as an unwelcome presence. The singer is black and there are some black girls ( like kids, teens and women) dancing way in the background. What I notice though is that during the video oddly enough that the video closes in on the white female dancers and spends time showcasing them to the the viewer but never the black ladies although it’s a hip hop video. What I gather from what the camera-man or producer did is showcase black guys and white girls with the black guy being shown as the cool one and white girls as the sexy ones. It’s strange because the black girls never have the camera zoomed in on them or settled on them for the videos.

  41. Courtney H. says:

    I know that this is OT, but it is a very interesting about Black women and the death penalty:


    It is kind of long, but it makes for an interesting about white supremacy.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      Thank you for the link.

      First, I will share this link in the internet as people need to know about this information about how black women have been unfairly executed. We both have same views about the death penalty. The Lena Baker story movie is very emotional and it shows the demonic character of white racism. There are many innocent black women in prison and the prison industrial complex is a tool of oppression against black people. One part of life is to express mercy for the innocent and to defend the oppressed. We will uplift our people and we will fight injustice.

      God Bless You. 🙂

    • Courtney H. says:

      Oops! Sorry about the typos!

  42. Alicia says:

    wait a minute, Did the Furious movie really have 4 black males and 0 black females in the movie?

    re: (Count ’em — four black males, one white male, one white female, one hispanic female, zero black females)

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Alicia

      Judging from the line-up of actors/actresses, it appears so. Now, maybe, they’ll be a homeless black female picking through garbage cans as part of the backdrop or maybe, even a professional black female in the background BUT one thing I can almost guarantee is you won’t see a black female as a girlfriend or wife of any of these black males.

      Which is why i cannot for the life of me understand how a black female can sit through MOVIE AFTER MOVIE and not see herself and not have a problem with that

      I just don’t get it!

  43. Trojan Pam says:

    @ ALL

    Keep in mind that the most DOMINANT, most POWERFUL MALE always has his pick of women. To the VICTOR goes not just the spoils but EVERYTHING that the conquered group has.

    That includes the women and the children = the FIELDS of the conquered males.

    As we now stand the non-white male has been conquered by the system of white supremacy. You can go all over the planet and see the same dynamic being played out, the black, the brown, the red, and yes, even the yellow man.

    Alicia and Kushite Prince touched on the Asian female tendency to view white males as superior to Asian males. Why? Because the dominant (white) male under the guise of white supremacy created the IMAGERY that makes him appear SUPERIOR (more manly) compared to the Asian male.

    The Asian female over a period of time has absorbed this imagery as FACT and so seeks the most desirable and strongest male (according to white supremacy imagery). The same thing also happens in the minds of many black and other non-white females. The most powerful male will always have a special allure for the female. Does this mean all non-white females want a white male? Of course not

    BUT the ones that seek out the white male to the exclusion of all other males judge all men by the white supremacy IMAGERY in their heads.

    This is a predictable BYPRODUCT of white supremacy imagery. Giving white people the APPEARANCE of being the most desirable.

    The dominant white male CONQUEROR has ACCESS to every female on the planet. It is his way of enjoying the “spoils” of his conquest of non-white males. As long as he is dominant and in control of the images of non-white people, little will change. It is such a powerful position that even black and non-white males have submitted to the white supremacists’ imagery by choosing a white female over protecting their own fields.

    the only way the black and non-white male can win on the global “chessboard” is to understand how the GAME is played and to learn to play their side of the chessboard.

    This means they must STOP wasting precious time focusing on the female and spend that time strategizing on how they will get their POWER and control of their images back.

    Once they do that, the rest will fall into place.

    • Courtney H. says:


    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Trojan Pam

      The story is disturbing. White racists are not only barbarians, but they are demonic sadists. That is why the Most High promotes morality. Morality stables the soul, the mind, and the body fully. Tons of kidnapping victims are used in sick experiments, torture, and murder. I recall a story where one Sister was kidnapped in West Virginia. She was tortured, raped, etc. by white supremacists. Our melanin is valuable and it’s a gift from the Most High. That is why we are our only allies when it is all said and done. We can only free ourselves plainly speaking. Diary of a Negress has always brought out great spiritual information about what we must do in order for us to survive and thrive as black people.

  44. Sharon53 says:

    Please take a look at these links. Before I saw the pictures of the people, I assumed it was somebody white involved. This shows you how we have attempted to assimilate into white society but has picked up the worst habits of white people. This is happening very rapidly because just 10 years ago, this type of behavior was unheard of among black people:




    • Courtney H. says:

      @ Sister Sharon53:

      I know about the second two stories. In these videos, Harvey talks about the third case. You may or may not agree with his view of the murders.

      Warning — this video contains a lot of profanity. Thank you for providing the links. I agree that Black people are adapting too much White behavior.

      • Timothy says:

        @Sister Courtney

        Good Afternoon Sister Courtney 🙂

        I agree with you and Sister Sharon that too many black people are adapting too much to white racist behavior from sadistic murder to other forms of abuse against innocent human beings. I will look at both videos later on during the day. Thank you for showing both videos.

      • Timothy says:

        @Sister Courtney

        I listened from both videos from Harvey. Here are my thoughts.

        First, we all send prayers and condolences to the family and friends of Laneesha Miller. Her murder was evil, wrong, and horrific. We must fight against not only racism, but against domestic violence. The only people responsible for the death of Laneesha are the 2 males alone. His words are similar to what many people (who are more conservative and express hatred of feminism) say about relationships. His view is that many black women readily go out with bad guys and they know what they are getting themselves into. Those words from him are words that I obviously don’t agree with and those words are outright victim blaming in my view. My personal view is that this criminal action should be blamed solely on the murderers. Also, many murderers are done by people who previously have no criminal record or those who front a “nice guy” image, but act out in a viciously violent fashion. Crime is never monolithic. We should have morality in our community, but we should never go out and seek to blame a victim of murder for her own murder. That is not morally right. We have an epidemic of blaming black women for problems in our community. Instead of blaming the black woman, what about blaming the murderers. Harvey even admitted that he doesn’t know who Laneesha Miller is completely. There is no evidence that most women act and play both sides in relationships or most women are infected with a character of naturally wanting to ruin the lives of men.

        Also, he ignores that we have a prison industrial complex which have ruined families and the lives of black men and black women. It is a system (also, for the past few decades, the social safety net in America has declined massively) that harms the lives of black people of both genders which is one reason out of many why we are in the situation why we are in. We need to blame white racism for our the origin of our condition not each other collectively. Also, we do have the responsibility to do what is right. We have to realize that we have the power to make the right decisions without blaming victims of their own victimizations. There is no justification for murder. He talks about stereotypes about black women that I heard from white racists. First off, there are a high number of black women with jobs, owning businesses, etc. Tons of black women have great character and will never go out with a man with lax character. Also, he talks about the “nice guy.” Just because someone called himself a “nice guy,” doesn’t mean that he is entitled to any woman. No one is entitled to date a woman by birthright (or because someone is a nice guy. People who are bad guys shouldn’t be respected either). Relationships should be voluntarily created. Just because someone is a “nice guy” doesn’t mean that he is superior to any person on this Earth. Many people who claim to be “nice guys” are not righteous men. They just want to use slick methods in getting what they want via the usage of misogynistic faux justifications.

        There are men and women with lax character and with issues. That’s true. Also, there are men and women with great character and want solutions to our problems. Harvey is telling the truth that wannabe thugs and winnable “gangsters” should have no respect in our community. He is right that men should be respectable and honorable in their lives. I have no problem with him helping out his female friends. That’s great. He’s right that people have to exhibit self-control and maturity in life. That is commonsense. I do disagree with him on views on relationships as you know. We have the same views on the death penalty. These are emotional, thought provoking videos.

        Thank you for showing the video Sister.

        Bless you. 🙂

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharon53

      Those stories are shocking and sad. Barbarism should never be supported and these crimes are reprehensible.

  45. […] Source: Have You Noticed Whenever Black Males “Crossover” in Hollywood Films… […]

  46. Sharon53 says:

    I feel your pain but I don’t have a cure for this type of mental illness that causes us to turn on one another the way we do.
    As Alicia stated, it is scary, because it is hard to determine who the enemy is and how and when they will strike. It is hard to tell any more who the field Negroes are and who the house Negroes are.
    I have tried to make it hard for someone to back stab me by steering away from conversations that are controversial and I most definitely stay away from gossip. Even then a troublemaker can cause harm because you may be just present among a group of people discussing hot topics or gossiping and you may not be saying anything at all, but someone will just throw your name in the mix anyway if they want to stir up trouble. I have seen that happen.
    I have not had too much trouble with this in the last few years because I mostly work with black men and I work off-peak hours also. But I have had a lot of exposure to it in the past and it does not seem to be getting any better.

    • Alicia says:

      Hi Sharon, sometimes good things come out the bad. I had a bad experience with someone misinterpreting what I was saying and also with thinking I could be friendly with a co-worker. I have now learned to only discuss work with co-workers and discuss personal safe topics with friends that work in my company that are not on my team. My team members discuss all types of risky topics such as homosexuality, the latest news, negative things going on with their families but this black woman stays OUT OF IT! I listen in but never participate. I have had to learn that co-workers are not friends.

      I also find as well that black men do not fight other blacks on the job – atleast I have not experienced this. I have luckily experienced black female workers who did not do that either, however based upon my experiences & what I’ve seen, many black women seek to hurt other black women which baffles the heck out of me and scares me. The last person I would seek to attack in a corporate environment would be another black person period, especially fellow black women. Then again I’ve never been a bully period.

      From what I’ve heard, these same black women will attack a black male on the job if they can’t get to another black woman. I have never seen this but have heard that it occurs.When I try to make sense of that type of insane behavior and based on some reactions I’ve received, some black women think attacking another black woman on the job will get whites off of their individual back, however I don’t believe it ever really works like that.

      We need to support each other. Especially as black women, and as black people. We also need to cultivate a love for working WITH each other and strengthen our positions in this society and strengthen our communities.

      If we as blacks, or we as black women, are being attacked by Whites, by white supremacist hispanics and asians and arabs and indians and everyone else as well. I guess black women who target other black women to hurt are trying to DESTROY other black women. What else could they be trying to do? White supremacists put alot of effort into trying to ‘break’ and malign black women, other races follow along with white supremacy in certain environments. WHY in the world would a black woman first seek to hurt another black woman is INSANE TO ME. Are they agreeing that we need to be destroyed?

      • Sharon53 says:

        Thanks for your comments. You are wise when you stated “I have had to learn that co-workers are not friends.” Always remember you have no friends in corporate America. There may be a few people who will ‘scratch your back’ if you scratch theirs, but that’s the extent of it.
        I do not have problems with black men on my present job but this is the only job where I have worked with this many black men. Most of them are younger than me and a few have been my manager. I have had at least one black man to tell me to be careful of both black men and black women who get promotions. He says there is a reason for them moving up and it is not a good reason.
        In the past, on other jobs, I have seen women manipulate male bosses into giving other female employees a hard time. I am not sure if some black women attack another black woman on the job because they think this will get whites off of their individual back or not. I do think most of the time these women are just extremely insecure and threatened for some crazy reason by the presence of another black woman. They hate you simply because you exist and want you away from them. Over the years, this has reached the sociopathic level.
        You are correct when you state “white supremacists put a lot of effort into trying to ‘break’ and malign black women, other races follow along with white supremacy in certain environments. WHY in the world would a black woman first seek to hurt another black woman is INSANE TO ME. Are they agreeing that we need to be destroyed?”
        It’s sad to say, but that is how it is! Not sure why, I can only speculate, but it is just something about the oppressed who wish to oppress other oppressed people especially when they look like them. May be it has something to do with the Stockholm Syndrome, where the abused sympathize more with the abuser than their own kind.

        • Alicia says:

          I hope, seriously hope, that this is not the reason why! 😦 I do believe alot of people have mental issues period ( in all races), but I would hope this is not the reason.

          I will say that a few times I’ve seen this behavior it seemed that said black woman/en had been “damaged” mentally by racism. For example, I remember I worked a summer job while in college in a small office. It was made bad because a white woman in the office was constantly making up her face angrily to the asian guy in the desk across from her whenever me or the other black chick or any other black crossed their path. She was a miserable person who liked Asians but hated blacks and always acted angry and miserable whenever she set her eyes upon one of us.

          What was weird is that the other black lady (student, like me, working in the office part-time hours), seemed damaged by racism. Like she would walk by me as if I was going to attack her. It was weird. I guess I should say it was as if she would come into work still scarred from racist encounters. I could tell in her posture and vibe. Do you know that this lady started trying to harass me in the job. It was sooo crazy. b/c you had this one white woman constantly hating on both of us and then the other black girl who I initially said ( yeah, another black lady, especially in the face of this white chick hating everyday).. and the girl started acting really creepy towards me as if she wanted to take out something on me.

          I have been through ALOT, been bullied, rejected, faced alot of racism and so on and you know till this day I have not bullied anyone! Hurting someone could not and does not make me feel better, it makes me feel worse and miserable.

          I will NEVER Understand the psychology of someone who wants to focus on someone, bully them and hurt them. To me, that energy makes me feel miserable, I’d rather just ignore and focus on myself.

          I hope that more black women will learn and grow, especially as the hispanic population rises and people see how supporting each other benefits the group.

          “I do think most of the time these women are just extremely insecure and threatened for some crazy reason by the presence of another black woman. They hate you simply because you exist and want you away from them. Over the years, this has reached the sociopathic level.”

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