A Message Every Black Person Needs To Hear

Posted: September 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the complete videos but Sistah Soulja is spitting enough truth to make this post worthwhile.

Note the demeanor of the privileged and noteworthy blacks present WHO KNOW SHE IS TELLING THE TRUTH — but do not offer her one shred of support and either sit there quietly (afraid of angering their white ‘benefactors/bosses”) OR are actively trying (and failing) to derail the points she’s making — like Cornel West, a TENURED YALE PROFESSOR.

These videos illustrate better than any words I could ever write about the DANGER in blindly supporting or following ANY high profile black person who is rewarded by the white supremacy system in the form of Ivy League tenure, TV shows, movies, awards, and high-sounding, POWERLESS political positions — and that includes the White House.

The white supremacy system is NOT GOING TO REWARD black people who challenge it.

It ONLY rewards those blacks who are useful in DECEIVING and DISENFRANCHISING the black masses.

And I have NOT found ONE EXCEPTION to this rule.

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  1. Avery says:

    I’ve always supported Sistah Souljah I love her to life. So much so that I even listen to her first album on cd years ago. And you are correct in all areas. Black people need to hear these messages. Right today and right now! We Are At WAR!!!! There is no longer a way we can deny that. Shalom.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Avery

      You are 100 percent correct. I greatly respect her for calling it what it is: WAR

      Her message is just as relevant today as it was how many years ago.

      We must get out of denial as we lose jobs, homes, communities (to gentrification), schools, and our lives while white america treats our despair and disenfranchisment as “business as usual.” .

      If all the above doesn’t add up to war, then either I’m completely INSANE or the people who don’t see it as war are. It must be one thing or the other.

    • Sharizzle Fob says:

      Wow did you see the expression on the black man’s face? He despised her. You could see it all over his face. The black race doesn’t even have a backbone when it comes to black men. They are all selling out.

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Sharizzle Fob

        I have to disagree. What I see is fear that comes from living under a white supremacy system where to tell the truth AS A BLACK PERSON can mean the loss of everything, including our lives.

        I will never condemn black people for the damage 500 years of white oppression has created.

        Speaking of lacking a backbone, the entire nation lacks a backbone, including the white collective.

        What does it say when one percent of a population controls over 300 million people, the majority of them white, taking their jobs and homes and land and pensions and water and clean food and air?

        There isn’t a single group in this nation that can point fingers at black people. NOT A ONE. And I suggest to all the black people reading this that we need to keep the ONUS for the crimes against us on the ones who created the problem and the black cronies and puppets who are used against us

        the white supremacists

        • Phazex_Female says:

          @ Sista-Pam:

          Many”Black” persons AND White persons FAIL to see that many of the negative behaviors and symptomologies that we observe ALL are the result of white supremacy, whether one agrees or not—and that is okay. Truth stands on it’s own merit, it needs no support. End of story.

          In Solidarity,


  2. musicwoman says:

    She is powerful. Where is she NOW???

  3. @ Trojan Pam Souljah is the TRUTH!!! I’ve chatted with her a few times on Twitter. And it was a honor when she “followed me” on Twitter. I’ve seen these clips before. They are from 1992 after the LA riots if I’m not mistaken. I love seeing those sell out blacks like Cornel West and the rest of them squirm.lol I love it! You don’t hear truth like that on television anymore. I think Donahue had some great shows back in the 80]s and 90’s. He had Frances Cress Welsing,Sharazad Ali and Khalid Muhammad on his show too. Those were great interviews, I miss those days. Now all the racism talk is so watered down. I think WS doesn’t want that type of truth being shown anymore. It’s so much more refined now. The black guests on that show are more than likely part of The Boule. They are sworn to secrecy. And must protect their white masters at all times. Souljah was the only true African warrior on that stage. They rest were boot-licking sellouts in my opinion.
    Why do you think we don’t have REAL racism on talk shows anymore? It’s totally changed now. What do you think Pam?

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Kushite Prince

      The entire system is so co-opted and corrupt that there is no more independent media. I think that’s the reason there is no real talk about racism. All the news and entertainment companies are OWNED and controlled by a handful of white supremacists. All entertainers and politicians are OWNED by the same handful of white supremacists

      Which means ALL the black people who get a mike and air time are CO-OPTED and are in SERVICE to the white supremacy system. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Including President Obama.

      Otherwise, you wouldn’t hear or see them and they would never be given any powerful appearing positions in politics or universities or news organizations.

      Try to imagine Dr. Welsing or Mr. Fuller being interviewed or given a program on CNN.

      You can’t, can you?

      This is why I say over and over and over and over and over and over again


      1. Promote white supremacy
      2. promote black inferiority

      that’s why so many black people are on TV blaming other black people or arguing with other black people or portraying other black people as clowns, buffoons, and criminals, or blaming poor black people (like Bill Cosby used to)

      They are nothing more than stage players and two-bit actors in a scripted play

      And their loyalty is NOT to their own people OR even themselves. And while as tempting as it is I try not to refer to them as “sellouts” (even though privately that’s exactly how I think of them) the TRUTH is they are bought and paid for. However, they are not the real problem. They are merely stage actors. They didn’t write the play or finance it. The real focus has to be on the white supremacists who orchestrated the entire spectacle

      However, what I do is I IMMEDIATELY disregard ANY and ALL things coming out of their mouths about racism, be they black or white, when it is broadcast or printed in mainstream media

      the system has no more time to waste playing with us. The gloves have come off and they’re going in on us BUT they need us to stay hooked into the lies, hence the phony black leaders and phony black progress and the promoting of interracial sex

      What they fear MOST about black people is our UNIFICATION AND EMANCIPATION

      as long as they keep us locked into the fantasy world of movies and TV and false progress and false leaders and false religions and interracial sex they can rest assured that we are SOUND ASLEEP and when they move against us

      we will fold like cheap suits.

    • Timothy says:

      @Kusthite Prince

      I agree with you.

  4. Timothy says:

    @Sister Trojan Pam,

    These are great videos. Sister Soujah is writing novels now and she has a family. She is unapologetic and she is telling the truth that sellouts are accepted by white society while courageous black people are slandered or disrespected by mainstream society. Also, it is very great for you mention Cornell West (who couldn’t refute Sister Soujah’s words in the video). Cornell supports the “great white hype” Bernie Sanders when he or Bernie refuses to confront the system of white supremacy directly. Many of his supporters call black people stupid (and other misogynistic including racists slurs) for just disagreeing with him in the Internet. Not to mention that Bernie Sanders’ foreign policy is blatantly imperialist (no different than Hillary’s policies on foreign policy matters). Therefore, Sister Soujah told the truth that black people advancing unity and building up our infrastructure as one black people and as one black community. It is totally insane for any people to disregard their people, to follow the methods of the oppressor, and to try to merge or assimilate to the same oppressor oppressing us. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and trying to get the same result. Sanity is realizing the state that we are in and resisting the status quo, so we can have independence. Independence is superior to segregation and token integration to the corporate system. America was founded in genocide and the theft of lands in the continent. I remember how Bill Clinton threw Sister Soujah under the bus when Clinton went on to increase the evils of the prison industrial complex, attacked Somalia, did nothing to end the genocide in Rwanda, and followed other reactionary policies. I like that she called herself an African, because we are all black Africans. We all are of black African descent. We are Africans born in America.

    Sister Soujah is a strong black woman and she is a very heroic human being.

    I will share the link and the videos throughout the Internet.

  5. Trojan Pam says:

    @ all

    I think it’s VERY significant that more than 25 years later that Sistah Souljah’s words are STILL RELEVANT in spite of “black progress’ and a “first black president.”

    The most important message in this message is we must FIRST understand the real problem — the system of racism/white supremacy — before we can solve our problems. ”

    The FACT is we do NOT understand this system or we would have seen through the masquerade of another “first black” and the other high profile blacks who are used to deceive us about racism.

  6. Trojan Pam says:

    @ All

    The link below is more evidence that racism is on the rise as the economy and white frustration and fears increase.

    The rash of Hollywood’s revisionist movies showing black people submitting to white oppression — the Butler, the Help, Django Unchained, 12 Years a Slave, King, Lincoln, the Purge, Planet of the Apes, and now they’re talking about remaking Roots (???)

    All these images should be a sign of WHERE we are headed not accurate depictions of our history or simply “entertainment.”

    There will be MORE racist aggression against black people in the coming future, not just by police but average white people who are seeking scapegoats for their anger and fear.

    We MUST BE more vigilant and more aware of where we go, who we go with, and we must tell our children THE TRUTH about racism instead of letting them believe (and pretend) that “things are different now.”

    A friend of mine just informed me today that his girlfriend’s son — who was raised around nothing but whites and dates nothing but white girls — is planning to attend a biker’s event out of state where there will be few blacks and a lot of white biker gangs. More than likely, if he brings a female friend (I hope not), she will be white.

    This is what I mean by NOT TELLING OUR CHILDREN THE TRUTH ABOUT RACISM and NOT teaching them how to navigate the white world. This young black male (in his 20s) has NO understanding of the potential danger of being in an environment where white male gangs will be drinking and drugging heavily. Despite him just losing a job because he was being targeted by his white coworkers, he is still convinced that “things are different, racism isn’t as bad as it used to be.”

    It is NOT his fault. He was never TAUGHT anything about racism — which is the case for the majority of black children. Yet, Jews don’t hesitate to tell their children about people who hate the Jews. It is time we do the same.


    • Courtney H. says:

      @ Everybody:

      Thank you, Sister Trojan Pam, for posting these videos! Sister Souljah was raw! And I just read the article, and the comments! That is crazy! It looks like it is back in the 60s all over again! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Trojan Pam,

      I agree with you. We witness economic troubles and of course, black people are being made the scapegoats when the economic problems have existed for a long time. We have to tell our people (especially young black people) that we are in a war for our survival literally. Also, I hope that the young black man in the biker’s rally is safe since white racists and alcohol don’t mix well. I read about the black campers too. The white racist should be charged and convicted of a hate crime. We have the right to be safe and we have to educate each other on the viciousness of racism.

    • Shanequa says:

      @ Trojan Pam
      Yes, white hollywood brought out movies like the Butler, The Help, Selma, Django Unchained, 12 Years a Slave, King, Lincoln, but
      the new modern slave movie is “Straight Outta Compton.” If you pay close attention to the movie we are dealing with post tramatic slave syndrome. The young men who played NWA suffer oppression which lead to anger (NIGGERS WITH ATTITUDE), lived in proverty & high crime rate communities, there music promoted violence against members of their own race, black on black violence when the characters were physically fighting other black males or black male acquaintances fighting other black males, oversexualization of the black male, and disrespect toward black women. Also they felt hopelessness especially when it came to police brutilaty against black people and how the justice system wasn’t fair. Furthermore the groups Jewish manager was the slave master/overseer who cause sonfusion & turn his slaves (NWA) against one another.
      The movie “Straight Outta Compton” has been the number one movie at the box office 3 consecutive weeks. This movie was heavily promoted like the other slave movies.

      • Shanequa says:

        Sorry for the typo’s.

      • Shanequa says:

        I didn’t pay to see “Straight Outta Compton,” I saw it online. Here is the link below:

        • Thanks for the link Shanequa. I just don’t think I can pay for this garbage. It promotes too much anti-blackness,degradation of our sistas and anti-blackness. Of course black people LOVE it though. Our people have been so brainwashed we don’t even notice it. We have been given this steady diet of anti-blackness it seems normal to us now. We must change our way of thinking. Most of the music,tv shows and films marketed towards us is mind pollution.

          • Shanequa says:

            @ Kushite Prince I wasn’t going to pay to see this trashy movie either, I just wanted to see the subliminal messages that white media will put in it.

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Shanequa

        I would strongly advise black people to understand that EVERY MOVIE that comes out of Hollywood is promoting white supremacy. Once you make this UNDERSTANDING the foundation of everything you see in mainstream media, you will start to understand what you are seeing

        The question isn’t is white supremacy being promoted, it’s HOW it’s being promoted.

        • Courtney H. says:

          @Shanequa, Trojan Pam, Kushite Prince, et al:

          Thank you for the comments about “Straight Outta Compton”. The reason why I won’t go to see this movie is because of the color-struck, sexist casting. I’m sure you have seen trailers for the movie “A Perfect Guy”. This shows a Black Man an terrorizing a Black woman. This is just that movie from last year, “No Good Deed”, another movie about a Black man terrorizing a Black woman. This looks like a pattern to me — movies showing Blacks terrorizing each instead of getting along with one another. Hollywood is obviously sending a message.

          • Timothy says:

            @Sister Courtney

            I agree with you Sister. NWA marked a turning point. Before NWA, there was a high level of progressive hip hop. After NWA, vulgar forms of hip hop grew massively in America. The big corporations have made money off of the degradation of black people, especially they received profit of the degradation of black women. Artists who promote colorism, misogynoir, and other evils are wrong. The colorist casting call to the NWA film proves that the agenda of the film was to not only mock black people, but to show a revisionist spin on true black culture. The film also omits the brutal abuse that Dr. Dre did against many black women. The film claims to oppose police brutality, but it ignores the abuse and mistreatment of women that NWA, and the system of white supremacy has been involved in. NWA promoted the usage and glamorization of the N word. Many lyrics of many NWA songs glamorize violence and rape. That alone makes me have no respect for the group and the movie of NWA. Yes, I have seen the trailer of the “Perfect Guy.” It shows a black man harming and terrorizing a black woman. It certainly promotes the stereotype that black people collectively lack social skills or are irrational brutes. The agenda of Hollywood since its inception has been to promote the agenda of white supremacy in various forms. Hollywood is rather overt with its message. Thank you for your words Sister.

            Goodnight Sister Courtney. ๐Ÿ™‚

            Bless You.

            • Courtney H. says:

              Brother Timothy:

              Thank you for your comments. I agree with everything you are saying about hip hop. We both read that article about that secret meeting that determined the route that hip hop has taken. Also, this new movie is promoting Black men and women not to trust one another.
              Hollywood’s agenda gas been aet from the get-go.

              May you have a blessed weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Shanequa says:

            @Courtney H
            Hollywood is sending the message that black men & women can’t trust one another. Also the messages in these movies are telling black women that your life is being put in threat being with or around black men, black can’t be trusted and unreliable an trying too protected black women.
            Furthermore I also read a article a while back about the color casting of black females in the film but in real life Ice Cube wife is a light skinned black woman, Dr Dre mess with dark skin black women back but married a non black woman & take care of his mixed children more then his outside full black children, Eazy E messed with mostly biracial women, MC Ren is married to a biracial woman, and DJ Yella don’t know what type of woman he’s with. The members of NWA had a certain type of women they were interested in which wasn’t fully black misuse Ice Cube. Furthermore both sons of Ice Cube are dating non black women.

            • Timothy says:

              @ Sister Shanaequa.

              I didn’t know that. Ice Cube is always the one claiming to be all about the pro-black movement, but actions speak louder than words. Thank you for the information. The dating choices of the rest of the members of NWA aren’t surprising. The color struck casting call should open anyone’s eyes about the vile nature of the film. You’re right that Hollywood abhor healthy relationships being promoted between black men and black women.

            • Courtney H. says:

              Sister Sganequa:

              Thank you for your comments. I agree with everything you said about how Hollywood is telling Black men and women not to trust each other. This movie is scaring Black women away from Black men.

              Also, thank you for the info on NWA and their dating/marriage habits. No wonder you had that disgusting casting call!

              Nay Have A Blessed weekend. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

            • Trojan Pam says:

              @ Shanaequa

              I had the same thought about this movie, there have been several where black males are stalking black females. Of course, if it comes out of Hollywood it’s promoting anti-blackness and white supremacy. Once we accept that as a people the only question we need to ask is

              HOW not IF they are doing it.

        • Phazex_Female says:

          @Sista Pam:

          The better question is why isn’t garbage like this PROMOTED towards white audiences? White males are not known for overtly disrespecting the white female. Or that their milieu is “heavily” ghetto including drugs.

          No question, black inferiority IS being promoted here. SMDH…


      • Phazex_Female says:

        @ Shanequa:

        Great observation! Correct on all points. On a personal note, I see this movie as mere “trash.” It is “entertainment” such as this that is keeping MILLIONS OF OUR PEOPLE “ASLEEP. Many don’t have a clue or even care for that matter.And being “apathetic is NOT going to save our butts!

        Trojan Pam was correct in her assertion. That as black people? We MUST elevate our thinking and change how we act as well as how we respond. Charity begins at home and with “us,” that would be a very good place to start. We also have to drop the mentality of looking for a “leader” or “savior” to save us. Save yourself! We all have something to bring to the table IF we are truly looking at our position in this country. It is NO accident, for example, that other non-whites are SURPASSING our black people in many instances,in employment and garnering educations. Some not even legal! Another poster stated “that black people are all talk.” I don’t support that train of thought. One can start with small strides and stay the course. It WORKS because that is what I consciously DO daily.

        And this “anti-black” mentality that some of us have? It is the result, often, of “feeling powerless and then turning on one another”. When that person’s only real offense, like Sista Pam stated, is occupying the same planet with you. So a LOT of us need to “let the dumb chit go.”

        Sorry for the rant, but a lot of us NEED to wake up and “pay attention.” Either that or continue to watch the never-ending attempts at the demise of black people.

        In Solidarity,


        • Shanequa says:

          When I seen the movie “Straight Outta Compton” online for free it took me close to 3 hours to finish watching because I was losing interest. I had too many stop & pause moments when watching, furthermore I really didn’t feel NWA needed a biopic to be made because they didn’t make meaningful music. I have watched other biopic’s of African American musicians been made but NWA wasn’t one of them.

    • Some things never change. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  7. Shanequa says:

    The white supremacy system is causing confusion toward our people. While we are being economically disadvantage, unemployed, rape, murder and etc. the white media will heavily promote & reward more black entertainers on television to have give our people an illusion that we have progress as a race. By doing this our people will look at each other or ourselves to blame for our shortcomings of not being successful in life which will keep the white supremacy power structure going.

  8. Courtney H. says:

    @ Brother Timothy:

    Thank you for the compliment, Brother. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Alicia says:

    Why, dear God, are they so obsessed with us? It boggles my mind. I mean it’s like we just can’t “be” around them, which is why I make an effort to stay away from them. The racist ones are SICK!

  10. Walter Collier says:

    My young sister was on point and showed more maturity and bravery than the other Blacks sitting around the table.

  11. Shanequa says:

    I know some you men & women might or might not watch sports especially how African American male players have discussed racism in the sport toward the players. Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall recently made a statment that โ€œWhite players, specifically at the quarterback position, are treated differently,” he continue on an mention โ€œI think that the important role that I play on this show is to give the viewers (an) inside look of the locker room,โ€ Marshall said. โ€œI am a player right now. This is not just from our locker room; this is from the locker rooms across the States. This is how guys are feeling. This is not just my opinion. These are conversations Iโ€™m having with guys.
    โ€œItโ€™s just not African-American players. Iโ€™ve had this conversation with Caucasian players as well. The most important part of this whole discussion is the process for the players. They just want the process to be fair and right. They just want to get it right.โ€

    What drew my attention to this article was when Brandon Marshall stated when having a conversation with his Caucasian players they felt the same way that African American players are viewd different from Caucasian players. Brandon Marshall need to have several sits an think about what he said especially when he’s an African American player. His Caucasian players supposedly agreed with his statement but none of them have step forward to call the white supremacy power structure out on it because they know they are the main beneficiaries to the system. Brandon Marshall play a sport that the men who control & own the sport are non black men. These are the men that sign his check and control whether they will keep him or release him from the sport. The sports is another million dollar plantion for African American male slave as the athletic making millions.


  12. Shanequa says:

    This one popular NFL player Marshawn Lynch (Beast Mode) has been making headlines in the sports industry. I know he has been upsetting reporters for not doing interviews & being fine by the NFL. A lot of people felt Marshawn Lynch was keeping real by not doing interviews in which he refuse to do. Some felt he’s letting the white man know that he plays by his own game. But what alot of fans & commentors especially African Americans fail to realize the men who control & own the sport are non black men. When they feel you are disrepecting them in there house they will find many ways of putting you back in place. White folks were upset at Richard Sherman but was quick to put him back in check. Yes, Marshawn Lynch one of the top good running backs in the NFL right now, but I also feel that his antic has brought him more publicity on & off the field. I have seen African American athletics come & go but the ones who coons the most they will allow to get more airtime.

    Here are some clips of his interviews

    I also found his statement in “XXL Magazine” to be disturbing when stating his top ten hottest females even though he did name several dark skinned women in his hot women list but his real feelings came out in the interview. People accuse dark skin women of being insecure about his statement & preferences but what many fail to realize dark skin women has always been shamed uponfor being a woman & a dark skinned black women in a society that degrades them. His statement proves even further that beauty in dark skin isn’t acceptable. Some of our people think he’s concious just because he wears an African medallion. Here’s part of the interview & website link below.

    Interview: Okay, got them. Any bonuses?
    Marshawn Lynch: Anything with curly hair, fair skin, pretty-ass teeth and a sexy-ass personality, thatโ€™s probably number one. She ainโ€™t got to have no name behind her but sheโ€™s somewhere out there.

    Interviewer: So youโ€™re looking for a lady with good teeth and you said light-skinned or did I hear that wrong?
    Marshawn Lynch: Yeah, you made it up, I said fair-skinned. Thatโ€™s like on a summer day sheโ€™s gonna be a little bit more brown, and then when itโ€™s cold outside, she probably be a little bit on her way to being light-skinned but not light-skinned.


    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Shanequa

      I have looked at your words on Marshawn Lynch. Here are my thoughts.

      One book that validates your views on corruption and exploitation in profession sports s called โ€œForty Million Dollar Slaveโ€ written by a Brother named William C. Rhoden (who is an expert on sports and sports history). He wrote about how many athletes not only are exploited, but many of them have been stripped of their dignity. The book documents how many sports stars are so bounded under corporate control, that some of them refuse to help out their own communities in a meaningful way. He compared professional sports to a modern day plantation and how mostly white males run the show. The NFL and other professional sports treat athletes as products not as real human beings. They are given huge contracts at times, but they are forced to conform to the standards of white society instead of independently devising a revolutionary pro-black platform. The comments from Lynch on his romantic preference and black women outline colorism. Dark skinned black people (especially dark skinned black women) are the most slandered and disrespected members of the black family. There is no debate about that fact. Studies have documented that dark skinned black people are more discriminated against in job opportunities, etc. than lighter skinned people. For him to say that dark skinned Sisters are insecure about his statements is the height of absurdity. There are tons of dark skinned Sisters who are not insecure about their beauty and their dignity like Carmelita Jeter, Kelly Rowland, and other beautiful Sisters. So, stories about these celebrities should be a signal about how we should never act. We should treat black people with dignity and with respect as we are all black and beautiful. We have an epidemic of colorism, misogynoir, and corporate exploitation in the world. We have to discuss about these issues, fight evil, and make solutions.

      Thank you for your information Sister.

  13. Alicia says:

    I can’t understand how Whites don’t feel bad about the things that they do. I mean our whole history has to do with their attacking yet many now still are able to act the same way. I’m not seeing this “white guilt” people are talking about. Where is their sense of remorse, consciounce, feelings for other human beings? I will never understand bullying, hate and people who feel the need to have someone hurt around them!

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Alicia

      I think that is a question millions of non-white people have asked throughout the centuries. Why do you hate us? And why do you think it’s your right to harm us simply because we are not white?

      I don’t know the answer but I do feel the behavior of white people collectively has its roots in genetic survival, seeing that they are such a small percentage of the world’s population. I also believe that their ORIGINS have a great deal to do with their aggressive and acquisitive (greedy and grasping) nature. The need to conquer and control and possess EVERYTHING including those things that belong to NO ONE, like the water, the air, the land, food, the natural resources, and even all the people of the planet(!)

      Perhaps it was the desperate struggle for survival in a cold, unforgiving climate of caves, snow, raw meat (before they discovered fire), and the lack of fruits and green vegetables and all the foods that create a peaceful nature in people are at the heart of their aggressive genetics. According to European scientists, the European is a HYBRID between man and neanderthal so this might account for some of the aggression, I don’t know.

      Or, maybe, it’s just time for non-whites to stop asking WHY and just accept what we know to be true — then decide how we will react to this aggression for our own survival

      Most non-whites don’t even accept the FACT that we need to change what WE DO instead of BEGGING white people to change what they are. Most are still convinced that they can “prove” to white people that they are “human.” What kind of madness is this, having to prove we are human? Yet, we feel compelled to do this everyday (and I am no exception).

      Since it is obvious that the nonwhite population isn’t ready to change the way we think and speak and act by our over-consumption of white supremacy entertainment and skin bleaching and hair straightening and hair coloring and weaving and worshiping, and preferring whites or white looking people as mates and sexual partners over darker skinned people

      — if we think black people have it bad look at Japan, Latin America, Africa, the Caribbean, India, who literally worship at the altar of white beauty standards —

      then we will have to do the best we can in the coming global upheaval

      • Alicia says:

        It might be genetic indeed. So many of them are super hateful, miserable, mean-spirited and cruel. This is a human problem but I find Whites (and white supremacists of other stripes like some hispanics) often are always in the mood to attack.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Alicia

          The irony is IF black people learned to love ourselves and love each other, we would be shocked at how powerful we would become and how scientifically our strategies would become to solve our problems.

          As it stands now nearly ALL our “solutions” have to do with white validation and proving something to white people (like how human we are)

          marching and carrying signs and protesting DOES NOT WORK

          • Alicia says:

            That’s one thing I’ll never understand. Why blacks won’t support each other more, particularly given the hate that we face. Whites, in general (Not all, but the vast majority) have some serious strange HATE for blacks. They have a lot of ill-feelings and desires for us as well.

      • Phazex_Female says:

        …”Since it is obvious that the nonwhite population isnโ€™t ready to change the way we think and speak and act by our over-consumption of white supremacy entertainment and skin bleaching and hair straightening and hair coloring and weaving and worshiping, and preferring whites or white looking people as mates and sexual partners over darker skinned people.”



    • Shanequa says:

      @ Courtney H
      Too me at the end of the day those black celebrities still depend on those Europeans who sign there checks. They might speak out on racism but they do it in away that they don’t offend Europeans to a point were they don’t get banned from several European outlets.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      I have read the link too.

      It is always a great attribute to stand up for justice without compromise. Many of the celebrities on that list criticize racism, but they won’t cross that link and explicitly condemn white supremacy or call for a revolutionary change where they promote the growth of black communities. In retrospect, many of those on that list directly or indirectly advance the agenda of white supremacy by either promoting music that is anti-black, loving the status quo, or acting in a compromising way. Mainstream celebrities readily are part of the machine. Like others have mentioned, we shouldn’t put celebrities on massive pedestal. We should use discernment, show the truth, and be independently minded. I a’int going to lie. I love to listen to the music from Janelle Monae and Solange at times. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Likewise, we have to keep it real and be independent in our thinking.

      Thank you for showing the link Sister.

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Sister Shanequa and Brother Timothy:

        Thank you so much for your responses. I greatly appreciate it. And both of you are right. These celebrities will speak out against certain aspects of white supremacy, but not the system of white supremacy itself. They will not **rock the boat**, so to speak. Again, thank you for your comments.

        May you all have a blessed weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Courtney H

      I checked it out. You probably know my position when it comes to black (or white) entertainers.

      If they are sincere their bedroom “politics” will be consistent with what they say publicly, often times they are NOT.

      I personally do not rely on black (or white) celebrities or entertainers or politicians or preachers in the fight against white supremacy.

      I do not know them, I have never had a conversation with them, I do not know how they treat other black people privately, I do not see a body of work from them, and I have no idea how OR why they became famous

      but what I do know is the system is a pro at creating false imagery and puppets and double or triple agent to deceive the public.

      We are better off learning to THINK and LEAD ourselves.

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Sister Trojan Pam:

        I knew you would say something like this, and you are right. I posted the link because I thought that the article can be added to the conversation about a famous Black person (Sista Souljah) speaking the truth, compared to more conventional Black celebrities. Thank you for your response, and may you have a blessed weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. LBM says:

    It’s super important to see those clips in their context, the context of their time – which stretches into this time. Here was a YOUNG lady telling grown ass black folk: you gotta do betta by us – and grown ass black folk bucking back at this “child”. Because she said the emperor has no damn clothes on – that everything you BLACK GROWN FOLK have done has not secured the life and future for us young people. This is what young people are saying NOW. So while I’m clear that we should not “blame” victims for the overall mess – I’m also clear that victims can also be victimizers.

    I read the casting call descriptions for the females that were to be in Straight Outta Compton – the utter contempt for dark complexioned sistas can’t continue to be swept under the rug with the don’t-blame-the-victim mantra. Because even if the older ones of us (black females) want to take it for the team–trust and believe it is DEVASTATING many of our darker complexioned girls, teenagers and young ladies. And if we accept that it can’t be about changing anti-humans (whites) it’s about changing US–then we have to confront US when we do what whites tell us to do in regard to blatantly assaulting (physically or emotionally) US.

    When whites have less and less and eventually none of who US who will carry out their racists machinations, we will be on our way to creating a more just world for us and our children to be in. Until then, we will continue to have young people who feel like Sistah Souljah even if they can’t articulate their feelings as well.

    • Great reply LBM! I agree with you 100%!

    • Phazex_Female says:

      I agree with you here. For in the final analysis? It IS “about us.” Not whites or other non-whites, but US. And that is going to call for a hell of a lot of HONESTY, again from US. This turning on one another, seeing one another as “the enemy,” and ANYTHING deemed “anti-BLACK” is going to have to CEASE. That is, if we as black people are going to survive. And I’m pretty sure that other posters here agree with me on this. I’m aware that there have been many, many years of “brain-washing” by these anti-humans and it is going to take CONSCIOUS work by all of us to un-do a lot of the psychological damage that has been done to us as a race of people. If we ALL would keep the mantra in our minds that “these anti-humans have NO interest in US,” we may be able to prevail. We have to UN-learn to RE-learn. If we do not, future generations of US will face the same plight that many of us face now. We are/were supposed to make it easier for future generations.

      As I’ve said before, “all of US will not be saved” and there are many that “we must thin from the herd”, so to speak, including in-fighting, antics of what I term “stupid chit,” Uncle Tom’s, brown-nosers, that “Talented Tenth” with euro-centric mind-sets being recipients of euro-centric educations (you know who you are) and those of us with other non-white partners that separated themselves from the black community IONS ago (this ones for you OJ!)

      Sista Souljah was on the money then and what she stated is relevant NOW and unless we face and honestly discuss our issues amongst one another? “We are doomed.”



  15. Alicia says:

    Happened again today. The same white male co-worker is talking as I do my work and says out loud weirdly “My Wife…such and such..” errr umm, will it ever end? Why would I care about any thing about his home situation and what his wife or whomever else in his home life does or did?

    Black women are not talking about it but there is a real obsessive movement going on among White supremacists in terms of us, our sexuality, desirability, attractive-ness to the opposite sex, status in terms of relationship,etc. It creeps me the heck out!

  16. Alicia says:

    I don’t know what else to do but to wish and wait for them to change. Their behavior is psychotic and obsessive! I am on the team as the only black woman and about 5 black men, rest white or asian or other and several of the White men want to always focus on me. It’s weird and creepy. I really feel like I’m being terrorized and it’s weird how daily they act sexual with the black males and keep acting as if they prefer black females/women to be shunned/dissed/walk around feeling like crap and marginalized.

    I just don’t know what to do but to twiddle my things and hope and wait for the madness to end.

  17. Alicia says:

    meant “to twiddle my thumbs….”

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney.

      Good Afternoon Sister ๐Ÿ™‚

      I read both articles.

      Here are my thoughts. Since this is the time when Tupac Shakur was murdered, we all send condolences to the friends and family of Tupac Shakur.

      I view both links as interesting. It has information that I knew about and other information that was new to me as well (like how slave owners banned the usage of drums by black people). First, oppression against black people haven’t ended in the 1960’s or the 1970’s. It continues today. Even today, the DHS has been caught monitoring BLM activists. Music is a very powerful art form. It can improve intelligence, calm emotions, and promote more creativity for humanity. It can be used for good or evil. So, the oligarchy definitely has harassed and monitored artists in America for decades. Jimi Hendrix was harassed. The FBI monitored artists like Tupac Shakur. The mainstream media then and now is heavily controlled by not only select corporations. The CIA, and the Pentagon have heavily influence in the mainstream media and the movie industry. The Pentagon readily act as ad visors on movie scripts. Tupac in his first album spoke a lot of truth about the corruptions in society, the evil actions of the FBI, and the power of the Black Panther Party. The FBI’s COINTELPRO did use policies to try to divide and conquer black liberation movement. As for the CIA, they have done a great deal of terrorism, spying, and other evils for decades since 1947. MKULTRA was one of their many crimes and evils. When Fred Hampton was crating more unity in Chicago, he was murdered by the Chicago police and other agencies in December of 1969. Tupac’s family had links to the Black Panther Party. Next year will be the 50th year anniversary of the founding of the Black Panther Party. The Brothers and the Sisters of the BPP are heroes. Now, I don’t justify the mistakes of Tupac. I do recognize the contributions that he made in society from his black conscious work to his ode to his Mother called “Dear Mama,” which was a great record. I heard of John Potash work before. Therefore, we recognize that the struggle is not over and we will continue to fight against oppression by any means necessary.

      God Bless You Sister Courtney. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I am glad to communicate with a great person like you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Brother Timothy:

        Thank you for reading the articles and your response. I will not add to what you have already said, because I agree with everything that you said. Both articles were very interesting. I agree that all media are being used against us, but we have to stand strong.

        God bless you, Brother, and I like to communicate with a great person like you, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Good night, Brother. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Shanequa says:

    @ Everyone
    Watch this clip below how Donald Trump treated his black supporter. Black people are going to be in a big surprise cheerleading for a white man who hates you.

    • Timothy says:


      Thank you for the video.

      Trump has been caught discriminating against black residents of housing. He has slandered the Central Park Five victims. He doesn’t expose the system of white supremacy at all. Therefore, Donald Trump is not for black people. Also, Trump supports the war on terror and wants Iran to experience more sanctions. He’s a militarist. Yet, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins the GOP nomination. We should use our discernment and not trust these false “white Messiahs.” thank you again for your information Sister.

    • Shanequa says:

      Black people fail to remember the comment Donald Trump made about the Central Park 5. These 5 African American & Latino teenage males were convicted in a 1989 rape of a 28 year white woman.
      Later on after years of imprisonment DNA evidence and a confession by the real serial rapist later cleared Antron McCray, Korey Wise, Kevin Richardson, Yusuf Salaa and Raymond Santana in 2002, after the five had spent as long as 13 years in prison.

      Here is Trump statement about the settlement:
      “My opinion on the settlement of the Central Park Jogger case is that itโ€™s a disgrace. A detective close to the case, and who has followed it since 1989, calls it โ€œthe heist of the century.โ€
      Settling doesnโ€™t mean innocence, but it indicates incompetence on several levels. This case has not been dormant, and many people have asked why it took so long to settle? It is politics at its lowest and worst form.”

    • Alicia says:

      Nothing surprising about that. Not to me atleast! I can’t understand why any Black person would support a Republican period.

    • Why did you do that massa? You done hurted my feelings. I just wanna be showing you love massa. Why you did me like that boss?

  19. Shanequa says:

    The “New Black Award” goes to NFL player Richard Sherman.The coon manage to use all the “New Black” talking points in 5 minutes. But I remember it wasn’t “BLACK” folks calling his ass “Thug” or replacing the word “NIGGER” for “THUG”.

    “All lives matter”
    “All cops aren’t bad”
    “What about black on black crime”

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