The Real Message Behind the HIGHLY PUBLICIZED Racist Incidents Against Black People

Posted: June 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

What is the real message behind the recently HIGHLY PUBLICIZED MEDIA COVERAGE of racist assaults and murders against black people?

It is NOT  what some people might think. This is my take on it–and you are free to agree OR disagree:

I believe these incidents are being PUBLICIZED not because the media is exposing injustice. It is NOT being done to “shame” white people, white society, or the individual whites responsible for the assaults and murders. It is NOT being done to discourage the violence OR to reduce the odds that this will happen again. Actually, it is just the opposite:

Keep in mind that as the economy winds down, and the social, financial, and psychological instability and fears expands within the white and non-white U.S. populations, the goal is to KEEP THE FOCUS ON BLACK PEOPLE — and other non-white people (aka “Muslims” and “illegal immigrants” aka brown niggers).

The TV “cameras” are on black people almost ALL THE TIME. On what we are doing or not doing starting with President Obama and Bill Cosby and any random number of black athletes and talking heads.

Racism/white supremacy and police brutality and mistreatment is a DAILY STAPLE of American life for black people.  Male and female. Young and Old.  In wheelchairs, in baby strollers, in cars, unarmed, the homeless, or with their hands in the air.  Why is our mistreatment a daily occurrence on America’s TV screens? Why now?

I believe one of the reasons there is so much coverage LATELY is due to a subconscious form of PROGRAMMING that is taking place.

By constantly showing black people–black adults, males, females, pregnant females, old, young, boys and girls (what’s next? black babies?) — being mistreated and killed by police and racists then blasting it all over the media

the society is being PROGRAMMED to think a certain way about black people…

It is NOT about shaming racists or exposing racism.


My best analogy would be a “fat girl” (please bear with me for using a politically incorrect term) who is constantly being picked on and called names, etc for being ‘fat.’

At first, there might be a few onlookers who think, “Wow, why are they doing that to her? Being fat is not a crime. That’s so wrong!”

But after a while they get USED TO SEEING IT and after a while, they hardly notice it and it begins to LOOK AND FEEL NORMAL

There will be those who will start to believe, maybe, just maybe, she deserves it.

And will draw one or more of the following conclusions:

1) there must be something wrong with her if everyone is picking on her

2) If she changes herself and lose weight (or her blackness or whatever else is “wrong” with her) the bullying will stop

3) I’m glad it’s not me.




After a while the mistreatment of “certain people” begins to take on a form of NORMALCY that is extremely dangerous for the “fat girl” and anyone who falls into that category.  This programming actually INCREASES the number of people doing it.

Who will see mistreatment of black people as the NORM and as NORMAL BEHAVIOR.

IF the Rodney King and Eric Gardner-type videos actually DISCOURAGED police brutality why hasn’t it decreased? Why haven’t most of the offenders gone to prison?

Do we really believe that police brutality against black people is something NEW to the white mainstream news media and the white collective and that they are shocked and ashamed when they see it?

OR are they more likely to blame police brutality on the “bad behavior” (and bad nature) of black people and see it as a GOOD and NECESSARY THING?

Check out the on-line comments most white people post AFTER these incidents and judge for yourself.

These highly publicized incidents along with movies like “The Purge” and “Planet of the Apes” are setting the stage for what is to come.

Wholesale attacks against black people in the event of a societal collapse.

I am not trying to frighten you — I am trying to warn you that


Because it is a gross contradiction for:

Black males to rail against racism while practicing ATTEMPTED SEXISM against black females, which sadly, often includes a sexual and romantic ‘boycott’ against black females in favor of non-black females. Black females constitute more than HALF of any potential human resources for black males in the event of a collapse. NOT THE ASIAN OR WHITE OR HISPANIC FEMALE. Be very clear about this. You must put your SURVIVAL ahead of your false EGOS and your desire to commit self-and-genetic-genocide.

Because it is a gross contradiction for:

Black females to rail against racism and the negative portrayals of black females while JUSTIFYING our often petty mistreatment of other black people. Black males constitute HALF of any potential human resources for black females in the event of a collapse. NOT THE ASIAN OR WHITE OR HISPANIC MALE. Be very clear about this. We need black men just like they need us. We must put our SURVIVAL ahead of our false EGOS and our desire to visit our pain upon other black people.

Because it is a gross contradiction for:

Black males AND females to rail against racism while spending time in bed, on-line and in bars and clubs trying to seduce OR be seduced by white people and to literally breed ourselves out of existence. (have you noticed nearly all the “black” adults and children in TV commercials are so-called bi-racial?).

It is time to PUT OUR FOOLISH BEEFS with each to the side and work as hard and as fast as we can toward respecting, loving and UNIFYING with each other.

I’m not naive. I know this message is far too little, and far too late, and that total black or even a majority black unity is an impossibility,

However, we can work within the BLACK CIRCLE we live and work in to squash our white supremacist-manufactured beefs, to be more courteous, kind, helpful, and SANE toward other black people.

In short, to RESPECT other black people the way we want to be respected. And to teach our children by our EXAMPLE.

This will increase our COLLECTIVE self-respecting responses to racist oppression and will help us to REGAIN some of our sanity and self-respect back. Because we are a CREATIVE PEOPLE–I suspect, the most creative people on earth. We will find NEW STRATEGIES against our oppression and will have the backing OF KARMA and the UNIVERSE on our side to get back what was taken from us. But, only if our minds are RIGHT.



A second reason to publicize racism against black people is to wage psychological warfare/terrorism against the black mind – and to create more pressure, more anger, more rage, and more stress on black people . Because stressed-out people are NOT progressive, problem-solving, solutions-creating people. When the minds and emotions are chaotic, the behavior becomes chaotic.

All of this stress actually FEEDS into our anti-blackness and our black inferiority complexes, because like that “fat girl” who was being bullied, she may develop intense self-loathing and loathing for other girls like herself in reaction to her own mistreatment.

As this publicized mistreatment of other black people seeps into our conscious and unconscious mind, some will start to internalize those feelings and may start to visit our self-hatred onto other black people.


ANYTHING we see on mainstream media be it TV news, videos, TV shows like “Empire” and “Scandal” or politicians or news pundits or Yale professors like Cornel West bad-mouthing other black people (but never white people),  or Cornel West and Al Sharpton going ‘at it,’ OR Dr. Ben Carson on Fox News, or talk show hosts like Wendy Williams talking bad about other black people like Rhianna —

ANYTHING that has anything to do with black people that is shown on white mainstream media is ALWAYS designed to do TWO THINGS:

  1. Promote the system of white supremacy  (to extend its life and power)
  2. Promote anti-blackness and black inferiority (and the lack of value of black life)

And I have found NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.

(a video of the fight started by a white female)


  1. Shanequa says:

    @Trojan Pam great post.
    Also this vicious attack against BLACK Africans is too install fear in us as well. The European media is keeping our people entertain off of our own ignorance with the help of black celebrities & random black males & females on the social media websites. Furthermore, we are living in the New Jim, and these attack on BLACK Africans is informing non BLACK people that its okay too attack BLACK Africans. Alot of our people still doped up thinking that we need to united with the Latino community for black & brown pride. What they fell to realize on social media sites like facebook, instagram, youtube, & other NON BLACK Latino’s express hate toward us as well and the Asians are no different. The economy is about to crash an when Europeans feel they are losing power BLACK Africans with be to blame & attack when letting out rage.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Shanequa

      I agree. I don’t think it’s being paranoid to acknowledge that black people HAVE NO ALLIES — white or non-white — and that it’s no accident that as we seek to align with and be validated by and breed with non-blacks that our collective condition is getting WORSE.

      • Timothy says:

        @Sister Trojan Pam

        Also, the Dow fell. I read about the devaluation of the yen currency and how China is in a recession. The economy is very fragile. A lot of this has started as a product of the collapse of the Bretton Woods system in 1971. No one should be naive in our time especially. The only allies of black people truly are black people.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Timothy

          I agree. I generally don’t talk in detail about the economy. The level of denial among people is too great. I have recommended various youtube channels like “The X22 Report” and the website of for very accurate analysis of what is happening in this nation.

          Yet, black people have never been farther apart — especially the strained relationships between black males and black females–most of it courtesy of the mass media and the excessive TV and movie watching that most black people do

          I talk to people about shows like “Empire” and “Scandal” and “The Haves and Have Nots” and other than poor writing, these shows are NOTORIOUS for promoting negative black stereotypes and literally assault the concept of NORMAL black male/black female relationships

          and people have told me, “Aw, I don’t take it seriously.”

          Well, maybe they do and maybe they don’t but that PROGRAMMING sinks into the brain the way water soaks into a sponge. Everything we see and hear is written on the hard drive in our brains. So, there is NO way we are not being influenced by those anti-black messages.

          It is not a matter of being too smart, it’s a matter of exposing yourself to toxic messages all the time and thinking you are immune to them. No one is immune to them.

          We shall see what black people are really made of in the coming days…

        • Shanequa says:

          You are so right, I read that the stock dropped 500 points. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the economy collapse before the next presidential election.

          • Timothy says:

            @Sister Shanequa

            Exactly Sister. The signs are there. If the economy has another recession before the 2016 election, then we will be made into the scapegoats like usual (when the people who caused the recession are the central banks and other entities of white supremacy). Either we create strategies that promote unity and development as a people or it’s over. Preparation is very important. The economy is very fragile. I agree with the premise that all of the bickering among our people (especially over nonsense like gossip, etc.) should end and we should focus our attention on improving the conditions of our people. Black Unity is not just national. We should unify with black people internationally as well. Enjoy your Day Sister.

            • Shanequa says:

              What I’m worried for the most are our black children because they will be more of a easier target. We as a people haven’t prepared ourselves for a time of crisis and hurricane Katrina is a prime example. When the economy has completely fall we will be seeing dead black bodies in the street which we will be the target. Furthermore these black men & women in these interracial relationships will be in a big surprise because the ones closer to master will be the first one master kill off.

              • Timothy says:

                @Sister Shanequa

                I agree with you Sister. Any black person who blames their own people of the opposite gender collectively for all forms of oppression in the black community is totally wrong. IRs are never superior to loving, healthy black relationships at all. Many folks need to wake up. It’s been 10 years after Katrina. I was 21 when it happened. It remembered it like it was yesterday. Not only were black people displayed and slandered as “refugees” and “looters.” Many white racist mercenaries were in the region to intimidate and even kill black people. Courageous black people did save many lives. Rampant racism and class oppression (which was part of the tragedy of Katrina) are total disgraces in America and throughout the Earth. Many private corporations stole the lands of black people in New Orleans, many FEMA camps were filled with poison, and black political power has declined in New Orleans 10 years later. More of our people have to be prepared and create ways to get more economic and political power. Also, the knowledge of self is power too since we have to know ourselves and love our blackness (as BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL) if we are to be free. Young Brothers and Sisters must be told that they have value and they have every right to fight for their freedom and liberation.

  2. Courtney H. says:

    @ everybody:

    Oh, man! I just started watching this video, and then I turn to this page! Perfect timing!

    This is a great post, and this is an excellent video. They both complement each other! Thank you, Sister Trojan Pam, for this post!

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Courtney

      I watched some of his video and while I agree that we are being manipulated, he seems to minimize the reasons behind this programming (white supremacy/black genocide) and the push toward sexual “diversity” (perversion) as something people who disagree with it should basically “mind their own business.”

      He is either politically naive or disinterested and I find this mindset AS dangerous as one that is “over emotional.”

      I do agree that it’s important to control our emotions, but it is equally important to UNDERSTAND THE SYSTEM OF RACISM/WHITE SUPREMACY. We minimize this system at our own risk.

      I always caution people to be critical listeners and readers and thinkers (including what I write) and to think for self. ALWAYS.

      Follow no one. Be your own leader.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney.

      Thank you for showing the video. The video has a lot of information to think about.

      I heard of this Brother, because I heard of his videos on popular culture before.

      Like always, we should oppose the system of racism/white supremacy and stand up for morality in our lives. Liberation is not just about political and economic freedom. It is also about the freedom of us to live in integrity and expressing morality in our lives too. In order words, we have to promote a code of conduct in our communities, so our families, our culture, and our lives are developed. Tons of programming are shown by the mainstream media and big corporations (who ultimately work with the system of racism/white supremacy).

      There are plenty of emotional programming. That is documented by the Brothers and by other scholars for a long time. He says that he doesn’t react emotionally, but he made an emotional response about people’s personal business in the video. LOL. I just wanted to make that point too Sister. LOL.

      The system of oppression (as this video has shown) is a structural problem. We should control our emotions, but we can use our emotions to harness our energies to build each other other instead of acting nihilistic. We should use balance. We should not be like robots and express no emotions throughout our lives, but we should not become over emotional over every issue. Emotions is part of our human being. Also, we should use our intellects to figure out solutions to our own problems. So, the video was interesting. We should have self empowerment and collective empowerment. we should reject media mind control, but not be naive about how vicious the system is.

      Thank you for showing the video Sister.

      Have a Great Weekend Sister Courtney. 🙂

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney .

      Goodnight Sister Courtney

  3. anonymous says:

    Ms Pam,

    Good post. I have thought about this issue before, and through experience with racist I came away feeling two things:

    1. Racist folks being hyped up by watching too much Fox News, attempt to harass a Black person they feel they can bully. Surprised when Black person does not respond to them according to Fox News indoctrination and racist stereotypes. #Fox News Syndrome

    2. Fear, and the need to dominate and control, coupled with the desire to bring back the good old days of Jim and Jane Crow. As I have explained to a few White people, Black people cannot go back. Another thing is a cornered animal will eventually fight back. As I explained to someone, given everything that has happened, many Black people refuse to be completely afraid. Cautious yes, but afraid no.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ anonymous

      Yes, I agree, the racist media is stoking up race hatred for blacks and other non-white people. And yes, there are many signs that this society longs for the good ole days when blacks knew our place, hence the rash of revisionist movies disguised as “black history”

      Sadly, we are already going backwards. We own fewer land and businesses and homes than we did 30 years ago (not sure about the homes, but most of us will never own them, we are simply renting via a “mortgage” instead of a “lease”

      We shall see what happens when our backs are pinned against the wall. Do we come out swinging or submitting? Only time will tell

      • Shanequa says:

        @Trojan Pam
        I think we will come out swinging this time. You can’t keep treating people like animals locked up in cage and not expect them too breakout without a fight. Black people for years have been building up rage that they are ready to let out it’s only a matter of time before they snap. My sister use to always tell me, “something really bad is going to happen too our people in order for them to wake up.” We are now seeing in the news everyday more black people being randomly killed or attack by police & non black people. Racist attack on social & media outlets.

        • reality_check says:

          And what could be worse than slavery? If blacks didn’t fight then, what makes you think we have fight in us now that we have been bred to be docile for the past 500+ years?

          • Trojan Pam says:

            @ reality_check

            Slaves did fight back during slavery. Black men died fighting to protect their women and children. Black women would kill their infant children to spare them a life of slavery. Slaves used to poison their owners and kill them in their sleep. Slaves would torch fields and poison livestock. Many slave owners lived in fear for their lives. There were HUNDREDS of slave revolts in the U.S.

            The problem is most of us only know that part of our history from what white supremacist TV and movies have shown us.

            I give some details in my 2nd book, “Black Love is a Revolutionary Act” but you can google and find many, many articles about slave revolts. I suggest you do this asap. We have to UNLEARN the lies we were taught about ourselves to be able to move forward.

            Like that saying goes: “Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it”

            and we can see this dynamic playing out big time today. Black people today are at our most passive and docile state possible. Many of us are so anti-black that we actually think and sound like white racists. Many of us are so busy trying to pacify and assimilate and be sexually involved with white people that some have clearly gone insane.

            I don’t know what we will do when the S really hits the fan but we will soon find out .

            • reality_check says:

              I’m sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear on what I was saying. Yes, I know that there were numerous slave revolts and there were the brave among us- that is without question. I’m speaking to the fact that slavery and white supremacy would not have been as successful as it was/is without the tacit cooperation of the overwhelming MAJORITY of the people.

              In present day, the majority of blacks cooperate with the system of white supremacy and economic/social/medical oppression. The poster above said it’s going take something ‘really bad’ for blacks to wake up. My response was what could be worse than slavery? If slavery didn’t wake us up, then what do we think it will take? Seriously.

              No system can survive and advance without the cooperation of the majority of the people. The will of the people is stronger than any government.

  4. musicwoman says:

    Reblogged this on Words We Speak and commented:
    Significant insight into the matter!

  5. joe says:

    Great post. I dnt think its to late if we get our major institutions to start pushing black love insitead of white jesus. If we put half the effort we put into that foolishness. Life would be little bit better

  6. Alicia says:

    A few weeks ago I stumbled across a post linked to a video with supporting comments with people saying they wanted to “call in black” from work because not the stresses of everyday life…but because of anti-black stories in the media.

    This is why I smartened up a year or two ago to the fact that the mainstream media represents the majority racist viewpoint. It’s negative and anti-black. Any black people who follows the media will end up feeling down every now and again because it’s from a white supremacist viewpoint.

    We need more “black” media outlets.

    • Courtney H. says:


      I agree

      • Timothy says:

        @Sister Courtney

        This is one of the greatest speeches of Brother Kwame Ture on fighting oppression. Enjoy 🙂

        • Courtney H. says:

          Brother Timothy:

          Good afternoon. 🙂 That was indeed a very powerful speech! One of the reasons why is because a lot of what Brother Kwame Ture said is so relevant today, it is unbelievable! Thank you so much for posting this, Brother!

          @ Brother Timothy and everybody:

          What do you think of this?

          I would like some feedback. Thanks.

          • Timothy says:

            Good Afternoon Sister Courtney 🙂

            I will give feedback on your video later on during the day
            Thank you.

          • Timothy says:

            Good Afternoon Sister Courtney 🙂

            I listened to the video from Harvey.

            Here are my thoughts. The shooting happened in Virginia. I’m from Virginia, so this story is certainly a tragedy. It’s a story that hits home. It occurred near Roanoke, Virginia which is in the Western part of the state. It’s filled with forests, hills, and mountains. So, the area is made up of a rural environment. The murderer said that he experienced racism and mistreatment (which was most probably true since no black person in America is immune from racism or discrimination indirectly or directly). Roanoke is not immune from racism at all. Still, murder is wrong and there is no justification for the murder of innocent human life. He or Harvey is right to show double standards. The mainstream media is not asking the victims’ family to forgive the murderer, but the media readily ask black people to forgive murderers constantly.

            The mainstream media said that the murderer had a manifesto about his views. Harvey is right to ask questions about this tragedy. We should ask questions, because we have to understand about these events, so we can form solutions to problems. Using our mind in using analysis is very important. He or Harvey is right to expose how many white hosts (from across the mainstream media) has used racist comments or slick race baiting anti-black rhetoric. Of course, no one should be murdered or killed. These 2 people being murdered is totally evil and unjustified. Murder is total evil. Yet, we have to address racism, mental health issues, and other problems in our country. We can’t run away from the systematic problems of economic injustice and racial oppression. We have to confront these issues.

            One of the great parts of the video is about how he showed the links between the murderer in VA and Omar Sheriff Thornton. Both men said that they suffered harassment and experienced racism. Then, both men snapped and killed people. These stories show how we all go through pain, but murder is never the answer. The answer is knowing about the Knowledge of Self, working in positive, independent organizations that help people, love our Blackness (as Black is Beautiful) and to fight for justice. Harvey is right to expose how Joan Rivers disrespected Fredricka Whitfield (who is a beautiful black woman) for no reason. Whitfield just asked her a question. I don’t look at FOX News, because FOX News is filled with anti-black hate basically. The video is thought provoking and during these times, we have to be united as a people (and we have to care for each as Brothers and Sisters). We want all black people to have liberation.

            Thank you for showing the video.

            Goodnight Sister Courtney and Have a Blessed Weekend. 🙂

            • Courtney H. says:

              Good morning, Brother Timothy. 🙂

              Thank you for watching the video and commenting. This story has gotten a lot of publicity, and I agree that Harvey is right to bring up the double standards of media coverage of these kinds of cases.

              I agree that murder is evil and wrong. We also have to acknowledge that we tend to view some murders as worse than others, depending on who is murdered. That is the racist media bias that Harvey is talking about.

              I agree with everything that you said. Again, thank you for watching the video and commenting.

              May you have a blessed weekend! 🙂

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Alicia

      I agree with you completely that we need more black media outlets.

    • Alicia says:

      I meant to continue and say that I avoid the news and media at all costs because it is negative and anti-black. Most of it is not even relevant to our lives. celebrity news, celebrity break-ups, crime stories in other countries or states, I could go on and on. negative, negative, negative.

  7. Trojan Pam says:

    I”m posting this as an EXAMPLE of what this post was about.

    Machete-Wielding White Man Charges Black Woman While Yelling, ‘F–k Black Lives Matter’

    Black females are at an extremely vulnerable state — not just as females but as black females. The white media-generated degraded image of black females as hos and bitches and sluts and mean and nasty people has created an atmosphere that makes us acceptable targets for violence and rage.

    I have been warning black females of this FACT for years and unfortunately, we have see a marked increase in the numbers of black females being harmed by police, racist males and even the males within our own communities.

    ]Unfortunately, black females will have to ACCEPT THE FACT that we will have to protect ourselves, starting with owning firearms and learning to use them. We will have to be especially vigilant in a white supremacist society that has made us an ACCEPTABLE TARGET for the rage of whites and frustrated, angry males of all ethnicities.

    • Courtney H. says:

      @Sister Trojan Pam:

      I have read article, too. You are absolutely about how Black women have now become targets of hatred and violence because of media propaganda. Have y I u heard about the story about the Black women who kicked off of the wine train in California?

      • Courtney H. says:

        Oops! Sorry about the typos!

      • Shanequa says:

        @ Courtney H
        I heard about the incident which made me upset. Black women need to be alert at all times because we don’t know when an attack will happen toward us. I tell sisters try your best from going out at night alone especially when you live by yourself. We as black women have to worry about racists non blacks attacking us then people in our own communities attacking us.

        • Courtney H. says:

          @Sister Shanequa:

          This story upset me, too. I agree with you that Black women are becoming targets more and more of hatred.

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Shanequa

          I agree with you. There is an epidemic of harm done to black women. Black women have every right to protect themselves in a world filled with evil and injustice. Misogynoir is totally evil and black women deserve respect and liberation as human beings.

    • Shanequa says:

      @ Trojan Pam
      Thanks for posting this article. As the late Malcolm X stated the black woman is the most unprotected woman on the planet in which he is right. On social media & other sites non blacks as well as other blacks has attack the black woman. Black women have become the target for all foul attacks.

      • Phazex_Female says:

        @ Shanequa:

        I really DONT condone violence in any manner. But over two years ago? I spoke to members within my family circle that are in law enforcement about “safety.” I opted to carry a firearm and underwent training, etc.

        Two days ago, due to a confrontation with a Mexican female and her husband, I really thought that I might have to “check’ both of them. Fortunately the “law” intervened.

        So yes, the violence is real as well as the disrespect towards black females. Protecting yourself is necessary “by any means necessary.”

        All be well,


    • Timothy says:

      Hello Sister Courtney,

      I read the information found in the link (from Brotha Wolf’s blog). I believe that the link showed how white right wing extremists and racists are exploiting the tragedy as a way for them to slander the BLM movement. I find the actions of the Tweets from white right wing extremists to be distasteful, disrespectful, and offensive, especially to the families of the 2 people who were murdered in Virginia. The fact is that the actions of one man is not representative of everyone in the BLM movement. Also, Black Lives Matter is about promoting the human dignity of black people not about hating non-blacks personally. Not to mention that the people found in Breitbart, the Tea Party, WND, etc. have spewed negative anti-black rhetoric for years. Their slander is revolting. These extremists like Beck, Limbaugh, Loesch, and others abhor any fight for criminal justice, for economic justice, and for black liberation. They certainly are opposed to black liberation while we are for it. So, we have to show the truth, be courageous, and stand up for the humanity of our people. Black Lives Matter and justice matters as well.

      So, the link shows the truth about how some extremists would exploit tragedies for a political agenda. I find that to be beyond the pale and it shows the hatred found in these reactionaries. For one tweet to blame BLM and feminists is totally ignorant and false. What is really extreme is the rhetoric coming from white racists. I have noticed that these white racists don’t express sympathy towards the deaths of Brothers and Sisters. They don’t blame crooked police for their crimes. They don’t fight against white supremacy since these white reactionaries are in favor of the agenda of racism/white supremacy. They don’t care about black lives. They (or these reactionaries) just want black people to be docile, submissive, and malleable for their agenda. I’m not surprised by many conservatives like Dana Loesch, Jack Jason, using race-baiting rhetoric against black people. We will not follow that agenda. We will fight against poverty, we believe in international solidarity with black people globally, and we will stand against any form of police brutality in our world. That is what we will do. We want justice and we love black people.

      Thank you for showing the link Sister. Bless You. 🙂

      • Courtney H. says:

        Brother Timothy:

        Thank you so much for your response to the article. I agree with everything that you said. I would like to add that one of the posters to the article stated that white supremacists were going to offend people with their comments, that the tide would soon turn against them. I agree that is what’s going to happen.

        May have a blessed week.

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Courtney,

          Hello Sister Courtney.

          The poster made an interesting point, because no lie will live forever. In other words, the lies spewed by white supremacists will never prevail. More and more people are waking up and seeing the truth that black people need not only justice, but true liberation. Change is never easy, but real change into a better society is always a goal. The haters underestimate the resiliency, the power, and the courage of black people. In the end, black people will be free.

          Have a Blessed Week as well Sister.

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