Are Black People Too Eager to Forgive Racist Behaviors? – An Article by Gus Renegade (C.O.W.S.)

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By Gus T. Renegade

Former President Bill Clinton admitted that white U.S. public health officials betrayed, lied to and trampled the human rights of African-American victims of the Tuskegee syphilis experiment.

We’re sorry.

Elwin Wilson lynched Black dolls as a white kid. He graduated to leading a racist gang assault on future Congressman John Lewis. Nearly a half century after the attack, Wilson embraced Rep. Lewis and begged forgiveness.

I’m not a racist.

Planet of the Apes (2001) star Mark Wahlberg wasn’t buying Skittles or committing strong-arm robberies as a teen. He spent his youth terrorizing Black children. Wahlberg and company hurled rocks while yelling, “We don’t like black n*ggers,” and “Kill the n*gger,” according to court records. Devotion to white terrorism compelled him to continue brutalizing non-white people. But this was simply “affluenza” or juvenile tomfoolery; Wahlberg’s an accomplished thespian and reformed entrepreneur hoping to pad his prospectus with a pardon.

I have Black friends.

“$40 Million Slave” author William Rhoden submits that, “African-Americans have been in the forgiveness business for centuries.” Unfortunately, this Black industry is a subsidiary of the global conglomerate of white supremacy. Being the eternal target of white aggression forces Black people to perpetually respond to, and often, excuse white sadism. Our relationship with whites is sorry. The volume of racist atrocities against Black people exceeds all library and hard drive space. The niggardly mea culpas are predictably decades late, unaccompanied by restitution and barely complete before the next offering of white cruelty.

General and child psychiatrist and “Isis Papers” author Dr. Frances Cress Welsing declared: “Racism is the characteristic of the relationship between white people and Black people. And it’s been so for 500+ years.” This toxic, tragic arrangement guarantees that Ferguson’s Mary Ann Twitty, Wahlberg, countless whitefolks become masters of ceremony for a recital of: “An Apology To N*ggers.”

I’m sorry. I’m not a racist. 
I have Black friends.

Deception is a definitive aspect of racism, a primary weapon in the defense of white power. The concept of white guilt is perpetually promoted, patently false. Displeasure with being apprehended is not contrition. The white collective is not remorseful about but dedicated to the ceaseless persecution of Black people. Typically, alcoholics resist being labeled as substance abusers. Child molesters reject being branded as pedophiles. No matter how depraved the act, an accused racist will dispute this title to the embalming table. An environment saturated with racism, but void of racist whites confounds Black understanding, our ability to counter racism. Countless whites have maintained lifelong Black pals – even Black sex partners – while unapologetically committing their life force to white supremacy.

Black people have enemies. Those remorseless enemies are white.

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Gus Renegade is a contributing journalist for the Atlantic Black Star.

Gus Renegade is also the (tireless and dedicated) host of the internet radio program ‘The C.O.W.S.’  (The Context of White Supremacy) which has been instrumental in my understanding of racism/white supremacy, without which this blog would NOT exist. Thank you, Gus.

I highly recommend this program for those who want to understand how the system of white supremacy works.

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  1. It’s all good.

    In the future, when my powers are fully activated, I’ll burn the muthaf*ckers down with a single glance then proclaim, “My bad. We good, right?”

  2. Phazex_Female says:

    “Black people have enemies. Those remorseless enemies are white.”

    Enough said.

    (When Spirit exacts retribution? I want a doggone ring-side seat!)

    • Alicia says:

      I guess that quote is right. When I think about the hate MOST White supremacists carry around for blacks and what they wish for us despite slavery, oppression for over 500 or more years, it’s scary. They hate us as if it’s us who has oppressed them for hundreds of years, rather than the other way around. How can they know of history and what they’ve done and still act it out and carry it on. SCARY!

  3. Alicia says:

    This part is so true for white supremacists. Hateful and in denial.

    “Deception is a definitive aspect of racism, a primary weapon in the defense of white power. The concept of white guilt is perpetually promoted, patently false. Displeasure with being apprehended is not contrition. The white collective is not remorseful about but dedicated to the ceaseless persecution of Black people”

  4. Alicia says:

    or should I say EVIL LIARS!

  5. Shanequa says:

    Black Africans around the diaspora has been taught for so long too respect, forgive, & love Europeans & other non black ethics groups till the death of us. It’s really sad that we allow others to disrespect us without attacking but will attack our own Black Africans brothers & sisters. It doesn’t matter if Europeans or non black ethic groups apologize to black people because at the end of the day they will still have the white supremacy power structure support and will come out on top or beyond.

  6. Shanequa says:

    I do not trust Europeans or other non black ethic groups especially the ones that love surrounding themselves among other Black Africans.

  7. Timothy says:

    In America, we as black people are the most forgiving people in the nation (and of the world in my opinion). We have a deep moral sense of compassion and forgiveness naturally. That is why some of our people are too eager to forgive. Yes, it is true that we can never be naïve. If someone mistreats our people or slanders our people (which includes people like Wahlberg, de Kock, that cowardly piece of work who disrespected Sister Mo’ne Davis, etc.), then we should not support that person economically or otherwise. The article from Gus T. Renegade used excellent examples that showed the truth that we can never bow before our oppressors. Our oppressors don’t need forgiveness from us since we have done nothing to them and we didn’t originate our oppression. We need the end of the system of white supremacy instead, so a system of justice can be established. The problems that we face are rooted in the racist, classist system (which is ruled by white supremacists). Someone, who are black can love a person and accept forgive from another white person all that they want naively, but if that black person lacks the power to determine his or her own destiny (independently), then nothing tangible changes in society in a revolutionary fashion.

    Therefore, we have the responsibility to wake up more black people since we know things that many folks don’t. The Creator is merciful and the Creator has blessed us with understanding about oppression, the system of white supremacy, politics, economics, and a wide range of other important issues. White racists saying “I’m sorry” never erases the hurt and the pain caused by their treachery and evil actions at all. Certainly, we are not obsessed with white people. It is that many white folks are obsessed with us. Our thoughts, our actions, and our speech must exist in the realm of uplifting, assisting, inspiring, and respecting black people. There is nothing wrong with Black Unity and empowering ourselves (in rejecting mental colonization, so we can have true human liberation). A self-determined spirit, helping our people, and keeping our eyes on the prize are important things for us to embrace.

    • kowaba says:

      We are the most forgiving people in this country. And I believe we are way too nice as well. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m guilty of this too and have been working on not being so nice (and constantly reminding myself of what is in my best interest).

      Perhaps part of it is trying to prove that we are different than the stereotypes. I think some stereotypes might be that we are rude or how the whole system devalues and dehumanizes us that just perhaps if we are more merciful and forgiving then others will be the same in return, like the Golden Rule. Unfortunately, from what I have observed in my own experiences most people don’t follow that rule especially when the recipient of an action is black (hence we are never given the benefit of the doubt). Quite frankly, I feel I don’t have to forgive anyone because most people don’t have respect for us or any genuine concern for our own well-being.

      Gus’s article was great! I had no idea that Eric Garner’s widow refused the apology of his white murderers.

      • Timothy says:

        @Sister kowaba.

        Yes, Eric Garner’s widow rejected the apology of his white murderers. She is a strong woman. We have been so compassionate and many people ignore that. As you have mentioned, part of us being so forgiving is that some of us want to reject the evil stereotypes about us (which has been promoted by the system of white supremacy). Another part is that our ancestry have been compassionate to people as well. I will forgive my own people if he or she did something wrong in a minor way, etc. That’s fine with me. I will not forgive unrepentant racist terrorists (who brutalized our ancestors back in the day and who brutalize our people worldwide today). I will allow the Creator to deal with them and Karma is no joke. Karma is real.

        There is a spirit of selfishness, greed, and just evil around in the world (ironically these evil contributed the great recession of 2007-8, the violation of black people’s rights in America, etc.). Many people are cruel basically and we have to act accordingly (in the sense of resisting evil by doing good. The only way to defeat evil is to do good and confront evil. That means we have to help our communities, invoke integrity, stand up for our human rights, and build).

        Gus’ article brought tons of accurate points home that people should understand. People should read his article.

  8. TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:

    It’s amazing how black people can forgive whites who do far, far, far worse to them and us, but can’t forgive another black person for something trivial. smdh. We REALLY need to do some soul searching in the black diaspora.

    • Shanequa says:

      @ TheOriginalBlackWoman13
      100% AGREED!!!!

    • Courtney H. says:

      I agree 100%!

    • cristalexi says:

      It’s sooo frustrating when I see and experience a black person doing it. Part of it is wanting to be accepted by whites and progress within the white system.

      • Phazex_Female says:

        It is so disgusting when I see DAILY brothers, and especially sisters that “kow-tow” to white supremacy. By this, I mean paying “false” compliments, bringing them food/lunch and literally “running behnd them” to see if there is anything that they can do to “help” them. It is really disgusting! Sadly, they are individuals that carry that badge of false pride and really cannot be told that this behavior is WRONG. Because they seek “brownie points” and THINK that they are progressing within the white system. when these sub-humans don’t give a da* about ANY of them, other than how they can misuse them.

        This is not a rant, but it is an observation. How sad.

    • Timothy says:


      Excellent Points. We have to love and respect each other as one people. I agree with you 100 percent as other great black people have mentioned.

    • Alicia says:

      so true..unfortunately!

  9. reality_check says:

    The best ways to “survive” in the system is for blacks to either: (1) deny that the system exists; or (2) apologize for the atrocities of the system. It’s complete garbage. Add to the mix this false anti-survival doctrine that white people forced on black people (which blacks have accepted) via Christianity and you have a people that spend their existence tip-toeing and apologizing to their enemy/oppressors for their very existence.

    Once I woke up and realized how religion (Christianity) is one of the most powerful tools used today to keep us oppressed by teaching us to effectively GIVE UP on this physical life we all were gifted, I was done!

    Blacks need a new plan, because the current one is not working for us

    • kowaba says:

      I agree 100%! Either denying the system exists or apologizing (for absolutely nothing, I see it more as apologizing for our existence and having us feel responsible for other people’s neuroses) are the only acceptable options (w/in the confines of being PC) – according to white people- under the white supremacy system. I’ve been making an effort not to apologize. I apologize if I did something wrong, but if someone else does something wrong, I am not going to apologize – the only person that should be apologizing is the other party for overstepping their boundaries.

      So many black people have accepted this Christianity as a way to cope with the current lot we have in life. I understand how we can fall into that trap. Before, I thought in order for me to be acceptable as a black person I have to be super religious. Then I realized how this is not serving me well and it is not helping my current situation. My father is very much into praying twice a day (an hour each time) and believes things will work out for the better if we just pray. I know better now that if all this praying was helping us we would be in a better situation by now.

  10. cristalexi says:

    The fact is that white people MUST oppress black people in order to have power because there are more black people globally and if everyone was truly treated as equals there would always be more black people in higher positions purely because there are more black people. Here’s a link to an article called “The new threat: Racism without Racists:
    The article is explaining institional racism but insinuates that ‘individuals’ are not responsible which is absolutely ridiculous. Again, white people denying their racist behaviour.

    • Alicia says:

      I disagree with that. As individuals, many are ExTREMELY hateful. I don’t think they are jealous or in fear, nor thinking about population numbers, but merely HATEFUL and want to hurt and be cruel. For whatever sick reasons, They like to see Blacks in pain and even as individuals feel a need to dominate us .

  11. reality_check says:

    Not to get too far off topic (but this is about white supremacy), but I”m just curious, what do you guys think of the black professor that spoke out against while male college students as being a “problem” population?

    Three things come to mind:

    1. Though she told the truth, she has committed career suicide. Not only with Boston U. distance themselves from her, but so will her alma mater, the University of Michigan. What was she thinking?

    2. Dr. Grundy must not understand her role as a professor at a PWI (predominately white Institution). She has two (2) main functions: (1) to serve as diversity window dressing; and (2) to advance white supremacy through educational indoctrination. This leads me to point #3:

    3. Actions speak louder than words: Add to that that you can’t have it both ways: you can’t simultaneously buck the very system that you are benefiting from. Why do these black professors like to shout this black power/ racism/ white supremacy then choose to teach at overwhelmingly majority WHITE universities? They use their talents, education, and energies to Black advance white people’s children. Black academics are the WORST.

    I’m sorry, but I have very little sympathy for black talent that choose to teach at PWIs. If you are going there you need to get with the program and don’t come running to the black community for support, unless you trying to teach our folk.

    My predictions:

    1. She’ll be forced to apologize (which has already happened).
    2. The story will die down, but Boston U will get rid of her. She may as well start looking for another job, because she will NEVER get tenure there, or any other white school for that matter.

    3. None of the blacks academics teaching at these majority white schools they all covet will be able to do a damn thing to help her because not a one of them has any REAL power to hire anyone with out approval.

    4. At this point she may not be able to get a teaching job at an HBCU since this is all very public and blacks there have the very same mental sickness that blacks at PWIs have (trying to appease white folk).

    Again, I conclude with….even though I agree with her statements, what was she thinking?! Does she have a mentor?

    • Shanequa says:

      @ reality_check
      The professor will probably apologize, then will lose her job. Also her black coworkers will only talk about the situation among each other are mostly likely want talk about it but none will come to her offense openly about it. Europeans already got us figure out to a point they don’t have to worry about the aftermath.

      • reality_check says:

        Hey guys, I agree with you both. She is done as far as in a career in higher ed (at least at white institutions).

        I find it interesting what’s occurring on the higher education landscape. I predicted a few years ago that blacks (namely black Americans) would be systematically excluded from higher education, both as students and as faculty/administrators. I was telling every black within ear shot that they need take their azzes to school NOW while they still have a chance at getting into a college or university, because I see what’s going to happen under the new system America is headed for.

        And if you all were unaware, now you have Asian students joining whites to rally against black college admissions.

        These Universities will defend their admission standards initially under the guise of diversity, but will eventually quietly modify their processes (to exclude blacks) and cave in to the detractors, especially if they are the ones with the deep pocketbooks. Just look at what happened at the University of Michigan as a prime example. Blacks went from being approx. 8-10% of the student body to 1-3% in less than 5 years.

        Blacks had better wake up and see what time it is. While we ignorantly no longer “see the need” for HBCUs and are letting them fall by the wayside, other races are organizing and joining forces to keep us SHUT OUT of higher education.

        • Phazex_Female says:


          Yes sir! This is what I KEEP telling bros. and sistas, even SHOWING them. And black males are number one “on the hit list.”

          All that we all can do is continue to tell other bros and sistas. I stem from an HBCU, and I stand with this to “not allow HBCU’s to fall by the wayside.”

          Be well, reality_check


    • kowaba says:

      I agree with Shanequa. White people know how to diffuse a situation in a subtle manner. The university president’s use of words made it seem like he was impartial to the whole situation. And I have no idea what she was thinking because we, as black people, don’t have any institutions (at least to my knowledge) that has not been infiltrated by white people that can provide this new professor with gainful employment.

    • Timothy says:

      @reality check

      One thing that white people hate being told is about how they benefit directly or indirectly from the system of white supremacy. From my experience, a white person will tolerate being called many names, yet one name that they hate getting called overtly in public is a racist.

      Dr. Gundy made her tweets and she apologized for them. One lesson from this story is about advancing strategy. We have to use more strategy in helping our people. The university that she’s in will definitely try to fire her. It is odd and hypocritical for some to shout black power, etc. and then support the very institutions oppressing us. There certainly needs to be a refocus on strategy, developing our own infrastructure (that we control), and never be afraid of whites. Whites are not omnipotent. I have no personal hatred of Sister Dr. Gundy. Hopefully, she can wake up about some issues in the future. Also, the truths from Dr. Gundy should inspire everybody to continue to stand up for our beliefs.

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Phazex_Female, @ Timothy, @ Kowaba, @ reality_check, and @ Shanequa:

        Any comments about this?

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Courtney

          The Boston University black female professor outlined many truth in her tweets. She worked for an university system, which doesn’t like inconvenient truths that the white collective feels uncomfortable about. It is taboo for a black person to expose white supremacy in a strong way in public. It is not unusual for whites to feel angry about being called out for their imperfections. Dr. Boyce Watkins was courageous to expose Bill O’Reilly’s racism and FOX News’ propaganda. That is why I won’t go on FOX and I won’t look at FOX News. White reactionaries will always vilify black scholars personally instead of dealing with the female professor’s arguments. So, the PTB obviously desire to ruin the Sister’s livelihood, because of her views. This is why we should build up our own black institutions and defend our social integrity. White male patriarchal supremacy has oppressed black people for centuries. Many Presidents were Klan members, slave owners, and outright criminals.

          Dr. Watkins is right to talk about how white racists killed black people in Black Wall Street system (terrorizes used bombs in targeting Black Wall Street). White males have immense privilege in America and in the world. Also, white females have privilege too. America has mistreated black people and for Hitler: many American reactionaries originated financially aided Hitler. Henry Ford readily did business with Nazi Germany. So, much of what Saida Grundy has used in tweets, many black people have said in private. I have said much of what Grundy has tweeted in private conversations too. The problem is that racist white society wants black people to be silent and bow down to white people. We must be free, liberated, and think for ourselves. We have to promote economic power in our communities, but not only that. We need political strength and decolonization (which means that we need to understand our black identity, love our black identity, and advance pan-African Unity). So, Dr. Watkins’ video was very intelligent and thought-provoking. Sister Saida Grundy is under great pressure and her pressure is representative of what black people go through. So, we should encourage her to live her life, stand up against white supremacy, and learn lessons to do better. We all can do better. Yes, we should defeat misogynoir too. The system of oppression must end, so a real system of justice can be established.

          Thank you for showing the video Sister. 🙂

          • reality_check says:


            Everything you said is correct…but my thing is, why do these black academics like Grundy and Boyce Watkins complain about the very system that they are advancing (i.e., white supremacy through educational indoctrination)? Both Watkins and Grundy are/were teaching at institutions that are primarily advancing upper middle class to wealthy white children!

            I look at what people DO and now what they SAY. I wonder how they reconcile the fact that they are using their energies/talents teaching the very people they are speaking against. That’s bovine excrement!

            I’m not saying all blacks should teach at black schools, but the ones that don’t need to stop complaining about white supremacy. They need to shut up, collect their checks, and get with the program.

            Does anybody else feel me on this? I know it may sound radical, black folks seriously need to stop supporting black folks that say one thing and do another. We need to support those that are down for our collective advancement.

            • Timothy says:


              I understand your point. There can be no hypocrisy in the black liberation struggle. Many black people benefit from the same system that they claim to oppose. There is nothing wrong with what you have mentioned about black people having the right to support other black people in a positive direction. There is no solution to our problems unless we express self-determination. That means that we can’t ally with any institution of white supremacy literally or figurately.

              • LBM says:

                How do we avoid supporting institutions of white domination at this point in time? Just like those professors just about all of us who work, work for institutions of white domination. Right now what we can do is attempt to rotate the monies we make with them among our own a few times – right now I don’t think our dollar circulates even once among black owned businesses. The other thing is to reduce our time with them to work and whatever business we need to transact. Not too much we can do about working for/with them at this point but we can indeed reduce social contact. IMO that’s more so where the hypocrisy come in – socializing and sexing with dominators.

    • Phazex_Female says:

      @ reality-check:

      I’d state numbers 3 and 4. But we’ll see. This is like OJ Simpson when he lost his “hood pass” and then wanted to run back to the black community expecting to be met with open arms.

      Another one that needed to be thinned from the herd, so to speak.

  12. Sharon53 says:

    Yes I agree blacks are far too eager to forgive racist behavior. I have seen a lot of this over the years, especially in the workplace. We will forgive white bosses over all kinds of mean-spirited behaviors but hold a grudge against each other forever for the most minor infractions. The same holds true when we jump ship for non-black relationships and we spew out all these ‘black person made me do it’ excuses as to why we did it. Non-black relationships are no better than black ones. It is just that some of us have a higher tolerance for bad behavior with non-blacks that we would not dare tolerate in other blacks.

    I feel this forgiving spirit we have towards whites has a lot to do with the way the white supremacists have taught us Christianity. It is most interesting how they did this so that it works on their behalf.
    A lot of what we have been taught simply boils down to false doctrine, especially on the topic of forgiveness and forgetting the past. Forgiveness to me simply means not holding a grudge and not seeking revenge. That does not mean that I don’t realize what you did is wrong. I don’t have to get revenge because I believe in God’s law of sowing and reaping. What you put out there inevitably returns to you both good and bad. And as far as forgetting the past, I refuse to forget the past because I have no intentions of forgetting my lessons and blessings.

    Example, if a person or group of people has been abusive toward me. I won’t walk around holding a grudge against you but until you have changed your behavior you can forget about me reconciling with you and putting myself in your path again so you can abuse me. I think a lot of people confuse forgiveness with reconciliation. White supremacists remind me of an abusive mate. After an abusive mate mistreats you, he or she will do something for you like send you flowers, buy you a gift, or cook your favorite meal to smooth things over until the next time. And trust me there will be a next time. We don’t live in a utopia. We live in a fallen world and it is something about human nature that once a person or group of people pull a one upmanship on you, they always feel they can keep their foot on you. Opening the door and letting them back in so easily is not the best way to handle them. You have to deal with them like dealing with a child by showing them what you will tolerate and what you are not going to tolerate.

    • Courtney H. says:

      @ Sister Sharon53:

      Thank you so much for your comments! You have made some excellent points!

      After my mother died, I made a point of sending e-mail to three White girls that I had had fallings-out with during college. They never responded. That left me feeling angry, bitter, and hurt. Here I was doing the right thing, and I was rejected. Later, I remember my mother telling me years before she died that **White girls like for your to pine after them, so that they can reject you.** I had obviously forgotten that lesson.

      However, coming to this blog and communicating with fellow understanding Black people makes me realize that I can forgive but not forget about the way people have treated me. I have tried to forgive and forget, and because of it, I have been back-stabbed, used, and screwed (not literally, but you know what I mean). I have come to the conclusion that I can forgive but never forget, and that does not mean holding a grudge. It is basic common sense to avoid people who have hurt you. I keep reminding myself of that saying, **Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.**

      Thank you so much, again, for your comments. It is like you are saying what I am thinking.

      May you have a blessed week! 🙂

      Oh, btw, @ Sister Sharon53 and everybody — what do you think of this?

      I would like some feedback. Thanks.

      • Timothy says:

        Good Afternoon Sister Courtney 🙂

        I have listened to the whole video of Harvey about the question of forgiveness. First, the mother Lucia McBath has gone through horrendous pain. I can never fathom what she is going through. She lost a child by the actions of a murderer. So, I will give her a great deal of compassion, because she is a grieving mother. My policy on forgiveness is that it is up to the individual. Individuals have the right to forgive or not. Yet, I will never forget evil. Some people forgive, but they are not naïve about the evils found in society. We know that the world is heavily cruel. Some people lack compassion and other folks want to display a reveling mentality. I disagree with him calling a grieving mother out of her name. The murderer, Michael Dunn, should be in jail for the rest of his life. A lot of black men and a lot of black women would never forgive people like Michael Dunn. For example, Eric Garner’s wife refused to accept the apology from the murdering cop. Harvey is right to outline the viciousness of the murder of Jordan Davis. Many black people are too eager to forgive. I’m not going to mimic the evil actions of white supremacists.

        Yet, I don’t believe in revenge or vindictiveness since Karma is real. People reap what they sow. So, I believe in self-defense, self-preservation, and justice not irrationality and revenge. We, as black people, have been very compassionate. Our ancestors suffered the worst acts in human history, yet we are still here. That’s a miracle in it of itself. We have a long way to go. The journey will not be easy, so we have to keep our eyes on the prize. It is very brave of you and Sister Sharon to share your personal stories in this forum. Sharing these stories can bless others and inspire people.

        Also, another great point is to be mentioned too. Being humble and being strong are not mutually exclusive. In other words, I can be humble and strong at the same time. Anybody can use their fist to hit a brick wall. Yet, it takes a strong man and a strong woman to harness that anger to do something constructive like funding a charity, helping communities, showing compassion to those suffering. A man standing up for justice while having integrity and a sense of morality is never emasculating. We are humans not brutes, therefore we have every right to express our humanity in believing in black liberation.

        Thank you for showing the video Sister. Have a Blessed Week Sister Courtney. 🙂

    • Phazex_Female says:

      @ Sharon:

      Well stated, Sharon! In my own workplace setting, I see these behaviors DAILY. Many blacks will not get “out of line” and feed into white supremacy, because, as Sista Pams informed all, “whites control what we eat, if we will eat, etc.” The biggest fear that many blacks hold (if working) is that of losing their livelihood.

      Yours words, “I feel this forgiving spirit we have towards whites has a lot to do with the way the white supremacists have taught us Christianity. It is most interesting how they did this so that it works on their behalf” are VERY telling and profound indeed. Centuries old enemy teaches black people the “values” of Christianity, while at the same time treats black people as mere chattel. Turn the other cheek, so that they can slap that too? Interesting. As you stated? “False” doctrines. Many whites will proclaim that they are not responsible for what their ancestors did. But today, there are still many whites that BENEFIT from their ancestors actions. This is what is meant when we hear, “minorities are in a protected class and whites are in a privileged class”

      Equally insulting is that many whites perceive (now dismantled) Affirmation Action being given to blacks “because blacks lacked the intelligence or expertise” to compete in jobs that we all KNOW are held for whites. If the playing field had EVER been level? Then there would have never been a need to implement Affirmative Action. And, at the end of the day? The individuals that primarily benefited from Affirmative Action were white females and Asians. .

      Forgiving and forgiving and forgiving is insane from my standpoint. Continue to forgive, yet expecting a different outcome? “Ain’t gonna happen.”

      As I have referenced before, this system crippled a race of people and now wants to blame them for the manner in which they walk? Good post, Sharon.

      Be well,


    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharon53

      You have made excellent, eloquent points. Also, you’re right that there is a difference between revenge and not forgetting something. We should never forget the past, because they can show us lessons in how to build a better present and future. It is a shame that some black people are more willing to forgive black people than white people. One concept that we should always honor is self-acceptance. Self-acceptance means that we respect each other and treat each other as allies not as enemies.

    • Timothy says:


      I made a typo.

      I meant to type that it is a shame that some black people are more willing to forgive white people than black people.

    • Alicia says:

      That’s unfortunately often true ;( I don’t believe I am like that but i think it’s a general thing because of how our society operates.


      Yes I agree blacks are far too eager to forgive racist behavior. I have seen a lot of this over the years, especially in the workplace. We will forgive white bosses over all kinds of mean-spirited behaviors but hold a grudge against each other forever for the most minor infractions.

  13. chuquestaquenumber1 says:

    I’ll forgive racist behavior,when whites stop saying remember the Alamo

  14. Courtney H. says:

    @ Timothy:

    Thank you for watching the video and your response. I greatly appreciate it. I agree with everything that you said about revenge and forgiveness.

    Also, I agree that it is good for us to share our stories, because we help one another by sharing our experiences.

    I just finished watching this video. I know that it is a little OT, but it is very interesting and Harvey is right on the mark. As usual, he uses a lot of profanity.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      You’re Welcome Sister Courtney 🙂

      The video shows a lot of truths said by Harvey. Harvey quoted accurate statistics that show the truth is that most crime is intraracial. You will notice that the black reactionary sellouts will not condemn the violence in Waco as a product of white on white crime or the evils of white culture. Black people are not responsible for the criminal actions in Waco by these biker gang criminals. The situation has been caused by white biker gangs. These gangs have global reach and they are blatantly evil. 9 people being killed is wrong. We know about the double standards too. When white people commit crime, complex factors are displayed by the corporate media on why they commit crime. When a black person commits a crime, black people collectively are scapegoated by racists. The news report on the Waco gang fight has never called the criminals “thugs” Today, white racists call black people thug as a code word for the N word. So, Harvey is absolutely right on that point (of how the biker gang members were not called thugs, but black people are readily called thugs readily).

      The white biker gangs have terrorized innocent people. 190 people have been arrested in Waco, TX, while many innocent protesters in Baltimore have been arrested too. I hope that the biker gang members involved in criminal actions are prosecuted and put into prison. This Waco story proves that whites are capable of massively nihilistic, evil behavior. It is a total disgrace that some cops knew what the biker gangs were doing and did nothing to prevent the conflict between rival gangs. Each of the 190 jailed gang members are on 1 million dollars bail each. One person on TV said that high level biker gang members could be bailed out since the gang has international reach. He or Harvey used the great example of afluenza example to document the fact that the criminal injustice system is unfair, racially biased, and classist. In the system of white supremacy, the racists abhor black life. Yet, Black Lives Matter and our human dignity is priceless.

      Things must change and we have every right to establish real changes.

      Also, crime rates in the black community has declined for decades.

      Thank you for showing the video. God Bless You. 🙂

      • chuquestaquenumber1 says:

        Timothy to further illustrate your point. In this report ,its said that this white gang issued an order to kill anyone in a uniform? Let this have come from Isis,Al Qeada,Black Guerilla Family,Bloods or Crips.–abc-news-topstories.html

        • Timothy says:


          I totally agree with you. If the Crips and the other gangs that you have listed called for the killing of cops, then it would be shown everywhere in the media. So, there are double standards while the white biker gangs aren’t called thugs, but blacks are called thugs for much less. These white biker gangs murdered people too. We, as black people, will continue to stand up for our human rights. Have a blessed day.

          Thanks for showing the link.

          • Phazex_Female says:

            @ Timothy:

            Good observation. These “bike-gangers” in Wacky Waco are not called “thugs and MURDERED people, yet black gangs are called MURDERERS in addition to being called thugs?

            Riddle me this? What is the difference between the two aside from race? These sheet-heads are a “trip and a half!” smh…

            • Timothy says:


              I feel you Sister. These biker gangs have international reach while black gangs are called every name under the sun. The protesters in Baltimore never killed innocent human beings, yet the black protesters especially in Baltimore are slandered as thugs and vandals. The same ones who slander our people were the same ones decades ago wore wore the sheets and terrorized our communities. Some of them may have traded in the sheets, but they are same terrorists that we will oppose.

              • Phazex_Female says:

                @ Timothy:

                Sigh. The Sheet-heads? “Old socks, new shoes, ” if you understand what I mean.

            • Alicia says:

              That’s true however we can spend decades deciphering the white media’s antics. While it’s not all ( every single one), the vast majority of Whites have a race issue and evil thoughts and wants for Blacks. I think avoiding the white media is the best for those who want peace of mind and to not have to deal with the bull.

              I got sick of seeing a black mans face blown up 100x on the cover of mainstream newspapers and online media in the White media. Haven’t you?

              • Timothy says:


                That’s an excellent idea Sister. We know how they (or white racists) will act, so we should just excommunicate ourselves from watching the corporate media period. To grow a sense of peace of mind is a great way to improve our lives and the lives of our people. I agree with you on that point.

              • Alicia says:

                My reasoning is given the vast majority of whites tend to be HATEFUL and have evil wants for blacks, their media, of course will reflect that. How many years are we going to focus on it? Where is the black media?

                I myself, grew up thinking that most (if not all) Black male celebrities were with white women because the White media tries to paint that portrait when it’s utter bull. Most black male celebrities are with black women.

              • Timothy says:


                Most of the black media is either underground or not as powerful as it should be. There are many great black media resources that I go to as a means to get accurate news. So, I want to make that clear. There are many gifted, eloquent black journalists. Obviously, we have a long way to do. We should also focus on pan-African culture, and some of the good that many black people are doing. Yet, we can’t be naive. We have to know that we are still fighting the system of white supremacy and we are not in the Promised Land yet. Any black media institution should counteract stereotypes and show an accurate portrayal of black life. That’s the goal.

              • Phazex_Female says:

                @ Alicia:

                I completely understand where you are coming from. What also “irks” me is when one of our own “straddles the fence” in being ambivalent about how other races, as a whole, including whites, “perceive and treat” black people. When a “Black” person is high-lighted on the news, the FIRST thing that the mass Media makes available is a picture of that black person. Oftentimes, a white individual’s face is occasionally viewed. And this is no accident.

                “…so we should just excommunicate ourselves from watching the corporate media period.”

                Timothy is correction in his assertion. I’d state that this would be a good step in the “correct” direction referencing white supremacy.

                Be well, Alicia


              • Courtney H. says:

                @ Alicia:

                LIke this? I understand what you mean.


    • Timothy says:

      Good Afternoon Sister Courtney 🙂

      I adamantly disagree with the Duke “professor” Hough. He said so many lies and he has outlined so many historically inaccurate statements that I lost count. The truth is that black people are not lazy. We work extremely hard. Our ancestors built the White House and worked as slaves without payment centuries ago. Today, we work in many occupations from blue collar to white collar jobs. Also, Hough said that we must assimilate more by marrying white people, but we have every right to stand up for our black identity. There is nothing wrong with Black Love and Black Power. So, the professor is a racist and he is overtly promoting the agenda of white supremacy. He refuses to apologize, which doesn’t surprise me at all. Hough’s comments are blatantly offensive and racist. Black Americans suffered worst discrimination than the Asians in 1965. Black people suffered lynching, Jim Crow, discrimination, racism, police brutality, economic oppression, etc. on a higher level than Asian Americans in 1965. Therefore, Hough’s tactics of trying to divide people will not work. People like Hough want to minimize the oppression of black people as an excuse for hi to promote their own reactionary agenda.

      Hough made the stupid comment that an African American being named in a certain way determines his or her desire for integration. That’s silly. Hough slandered Malcolm X when Malcolm X wanted justice, freedom, and equality just like Dr. King (who supported affirmative action which Hough ironically opposes). Interracial sex and interracial marriage are never panaceas to solve all of our problems. We need economic power, political power, and independence if we are to be free as black people. Black males and Black females should unite in common cause to oppose white supremacy and establish justice for all. You saw the video that proved the many ideological similarities among Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X (on the media, Black pride, economics, war, and Power in general). So, Hough is a total deception.

      As for Harvey’s views on Bill O’Reilly, he’s right to criticize him. Bill O’Reilly is known for being vulgar, disrespectful, and racist. He called a Hispanic person the “w” word. He told black people who wanted reparations that they can go back to Africa. He has made misogynistic statements before. He said that he hope that black kids won’t steal his hubcaps. I can go down the list of his other racist, offensive statements. He was accused of sexually harassing Andrea Mackris. His own daughter said that he used domestic violence against his own wife. So, Bill O’Reilly is a piece of work and he has totally bad character. I have no respect for him. O’Reilly yelled at Jeremy Glick and disrespected black people on his propaganda show too. I don’t watch his show. People know that he’s the face of FOX News, which shows anti-black stereotypes all of the time.

      O’Reilly loves the war on terror and he supported the immoral, unjust, and illegal Iraqi War. It started in 2003 and because of it; we are dealing with ISIS and Iraq in a state of total chaos and ethnic strife. The Iraq War should have never taken place at all. Harvey is right to expose Bill O’Reilly’s hypocrisy and his nefarious rhetoric. Bill O’Reilly lectures the black community on morality, but O’Reilly has shown immorality by his vulgar language, his treatment of women, and his treatment of people which disagrees with him. Yes, a black man and a black woman would never tolerate O’Reilly’s antics. Yes, Bill O’Reilly is a white male behaving badly. We, as black people, should stand up for our human dignity, resist oppression, and keep our eyes on the prize. I have hope and I have faith. I will keep on believing in the truth.

      God Bless You Sister Courtney as You are so Real and so Sweet. 😉

      • Courtney H. says:

        Thank you and you are welcome, Brother Timothy. 🙂

        You are so real and so sweet, too. 😉

        I agree with everything you said about these racist b*stards. They are so drunk on their racism that they are self-deluded. They*re SICK!

        Here are some more sick racist b*stards:

        Harvey also discusses the double standards in the media coverage of this case. As usual, Harvey*s videos are full of profanity.

        • Timothy says:

          Good Evening Sister Courtney 🙂

          Harvey gave an elaborate display of much of the history and the geopolitics of the War on terror. The truth is that Al-Qaeda was created by Osama bin Laden. Bin Laden was a CIA asset from Operation Cyclone back in 1979. Operation Cyclone was when the CIA, Saudi intelligence, etc. funded Islamist mujahedeen to attack the Soviets. We know that 9/11 was a tragedy and 9/11 has been exploited by evil people as way for them to promote Western plunder of the world’s resources. The neo-conservatives are notorious for their faulty, Utopian visions of the world. Harvey is right to mention that Bush Jr. wanted war ever since he was selected as President back in 2000. ISIS came about as a product of the Iraq War. ISIS evolved from the failed war in Iraq (which grew the strife among the Kurds, the Shia, and the Sunnis) and ISIS has been aided by many Saudis too. We know that Libya was invaded by NATO and US-backed al-Qaeda terrorists (many of these terrorists killed innocent Black Libyan men, women, and children). When Gaddafi died, Libya is now in a state of civil war. Iraq is now in a chaotic situation. Harvey is right to expose the double standards involving the biker gang situation. The mainstream media used complex words to describe the situation, but the bikers gangs are criminals. Benjamin Netanyahu did use a gang move by race baiting and talking about Arabic citizens in Israel (in a disrespectful way) as a means to get votes (so, he can be re-elected as Prime Minister of Israel), which was shameful. Netanyahu even issued a token apology because of his racist comments.

          So, we know that many politicians are evil and some of them have a gang mentality. Harvey is right to say that the mainstream media glamorizes criminal biker gangs as totally American (as apple pie) when criminal biker gangs are thugs and criminals (the reason that the media does this is because most of them are filled with white people). Many of these white biker gangs are allowed to run wild, but some black people in Baltimore are slandered as “thugs” and “vandals.” The Bush administration used lies to promote the Iraq War, executed policies that damaged the environment, and he promoted economically unstable actions that damaged our society. Even the Taliban was once American allies and when the war on terror came about, then the Taliban was attacked by Western military forces. Even Saddam Hussein was an American ally. Donald Rumsfeld shook hands with Saddam back in 1983. The U.S., Britain, etc. gave Iraq many weapons of mass destruction back during the 1980’s. So, I’m totally anti-imperialism.

          Also, that administration acted as criminals. Media propaganda is very powerful as only 6 multinational corporations control the vast majority of the mainstream media on Earth. The video has one white CNN person trying to glamorize the white biker gangs. One of the sick things about this situation is that the police in Waco knew that a possibility of violence would occur between rival biker gangs (who participate in sex trafficking, drug smuggling, violence, murder, theft, and other evils. You will notice that FOX News and the rest of them won’t call these biker gangs as a product of white culture). I don’t agree with Harvey using a massive amount of profanity, but he is right to outline the double standards in the media (like the white Pumpkin riot has not been readily reported, but we are demonized all of the time). American society has some nerve to lecture black people on morality when many government leaders in America don’t practice what they preach.

          Black people know about terrorism since we have been the victims of terrorism from the oppressor for centuries. If the reactionaries questioned Dr. King’s patriotism after he courageously opposed the Vietnam War, then we are certainly questioned of our patriotism when we express legitimate anti-imperialist words. I’m not an isolationist, but I don’t believe in immoral wars or unjust occupations of territories internationally. We know that the real gangsters are corrupt politicians, crooked cops, polluters, Wall Street criminals, etc. It is the Western arrogance that is a serious problem in America. Black men and Black women are dying all of the time unjustly and that is a shame. People should wake up. Life has nuisance and we have to understand how the world works. The mainstream media will certainly not focus on black people doing the right things or how many African nations are making progress. So, we should not be naïve on how far we have to go, but we should execute positive energy in making a difference in society. Therefore, the video is very interesting. We have allegiance to wisdom and truth. We want black people to reach the Promised Land and have justice.

          Have a Blessed Day Sister Courtney 🙂

          • Courtney H. says:

            Good afternoon, Brother Timothy. 🙂

            Thank you for watching the video and responding. Harvey definitely hit the mark. I do not have to repeat anything that you said, because — as usual — you broke it down beautifully! I agree with everything that you said about the video.

            I also agree that Harvey cusses too much. My sister listened to a couple of his videos and said that Harvey is crude. That aside, he told the real truth in this video.

            May you continue to have a blessed week! 🙂

    • chuquestaquenumber1 says:

      Remember this is the same beast who sexually harassed his own producer Andrea Mackris. He to pay her a large sum of money.

      • Timothy says:


        You’re right. He had to pay Andrea Mackris a lot of money, because of sexual harassment. O’Reilly is lower than low.

  15. Alicia says:

    Can I throw out this question? Why does it seem like they’re always thinking about us? Why do they act obsessed with us?

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Alicia

      I think one reason why they obsess with us is because they know the truth about us either consciously or subconsciously. They know about our history, our culture, our great melanin, etc. So, they act irrationally tio us as a means for them to show hatred of what we are and what they aren’t. Also, they are jealous of our gifts and racism is based on hypocrisy. Racism is a disease. So, the racists harass us, but they claim to hate us and view us as inferior. It is obvious that we aren’t inferior to anyone at all.

  16. Alicia says:

    Another question, two of the most hateful White men I have met have lived in African countries. When I think back to how they talked about that so often I’m shocked. Imagine me hating a certain nationality and going to live in their country? One of said white men can’t act normal around blacks, is always angry at blacks and can’t be normal especially with a black male ( starts doing gay stuff), yet keeps talking about his years of living in Africa ( won’t name the respective nations).

    I’m stumped. Are they PSYCHO?

  17. Courtney H. says:

    @ Everybody:

    This is a little OT, but what do you think of this?

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      I read the article. I heard of Uhuru News too. First, I’m not God. So, I can’t judge this mother’s life neither her family. I believe that she as a mother care for her son and for her family. Yet, she shouldn’t have assaulted him like that. I do believe that she was trying to save the teen’s life, but she could have reacted in a better way. Of course, the media will exploit the mother and her son for nefarious purposes (like the mainstream media wants to advance the pacification of the movement for social change. That’s obvious). I’m not going to disrespect a child’s mother. I don’t get down like that. The article is correct on the issue of us fighting against imperialism and standing up against the white racist power structure. We should inspire the mother and her family to do better and to recognize how evil the system of white supremacy is. I believe in resisting evil using nonviolence and self-defense. I don’t believe in using indiscriminate violence unjustly. Some forces want to use violence unjustly and that must be condemned. We should fight the oppressor, but not use nihilism as a way to do it. We do it by building in our communities, protecting our families, and developing our power base.

      Thank you for showing the link. 🙂

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Brother Timothy:

        You are welcome. Thank you for your response. I wanted someone to respond to it, because I so shocked by how this website was condemning this mother. I agree everything that you said. 🙂

  18. Alicia says:


    I couldn’t directly reply to your post but wanted to reply. That’s so true about the black persons face shown immediately in the white media. Not only is it the first thing we see, but the picture tends to be HUGE on online media or in print. If the criminal is white, it takes days to see the small miniscule photo and subject is not the suspected perpetrator but rather the incident( when the perpetrator is white).

    I also didn’t care for articles on Obama, Affirmative action or other civil rights programs, nor black people in general. The mainstream or “white” media is anti-black. Why partake in that bull? Then there’s so much celebrity gossip and focus on any particular black male celebrity that is with a non-black woman. The White media celebrates that I tell ya. CELEBRATE a black male/non-black female partnership.

    Also between OJ and COSBY being such big, overdone news stories..I’m done.

    I’ve gone through years since becoming an adult noticing the racism, noticing the double – standards, witnessing the slander of blacks in the paper and I’m sick of it just like I’m sick of white racism in general.

    life is too short.

    Since the vast majority have serious, sick race issues, then of course their media will reflect that. Moreover, many white media papers in major cities are 99% white, while the particular city is about 70% non-white. So much hypocrisy, racism and one-sided bull!

    One more thing…don’t let me get into how the white media focuses on Africa for everything negative….I won’ t even go there. we already know!

    About a year ago a Chinese journalist wrote how Africa is being ignored for her progress and that like India and China, African nations are rising as well and should have seen the backlash he got from the white commentators. HATEFUL! whites aren’t interesting in hearing or seeing anything POSITIVE as it relates to blacks or Africa.

    I refuse to partake!


    Phazex_Female says:
    May 20, 2015 at 11:50 am
    @ Alicia:

    I completely understand where you are coming from. What also “irks” me is when one of our own “straddles the fence” in being ambivalent about how other races, as a whole, including whites, “perceive and treat” black people. When a “Black” person is high-lighted on the news, the FIRST thing that the mass Media makes available is a picture of that black person. Oftentimes, a white individual’s face is occasionally viewed. And this is no accident.

    “…so we should just excommunicate ourselves from watching the corporate media period.”

    Timothy is correction in his assertion. I’d state that this would be a good step in the “correct” direction referencing white supremacy.

    Be well, Alicia


  19. Courtney H. says:

    @ Everybody:

    What do you think of this?

    I would really like some feedback. Thanks.

    • Courtney H. says:

      @ Brother Timothy:

      Thank you. You have a great day, too, Brother.

      • Timothy says:

        Good Afternoon Sister Courtney 🙂

        I have listened to the Tariq Nasheed podcast. The beginning of the broadcast talked about relationships. My view is that it is a shame that we live in a time where some people don’t take real energy in establishing real relationships. Some people want superficial lust instead of real love. The first male caller certainly acted selfish in terms of what he wanted in a relationship (which is just causal sexual contact). Then, another caller talked about Sister Soujah. She is still around writing books, inspiring people, and doing many positive actions. Sister Soujah has stood up for black people for decades. The biker gang shootout was a terrible event. These biker gangs are criminals without question. Tariq is right about the double standard involving this situation.

        These white biker gangs killed 9 people and this incident was done near a restaurant. The mainstream media covered this incident in such of a less serious way as they did the events in Baltimore. The media never shown the names of the gang members and no one in the mainstream media frequently classified these white criminals as thugs. Yet, we see the word “thug” being repeatedly used constantly by some in the media in describing unarmed children in Baltimore who are in pain and wanted to rebel against the horrendous system. Tariq is right that many people use the word “thug” as code for the N word. The vast majority of the people of Baltimore want solutions and justice. The media once promoted the lie that the Black Guerilla family was uniting with other gangs as a means for them to try to target cops in Baltimore. That wasn’t true at all. The system of white supremacy always uses black people as scapegoats. He made the great point about how the National Guard, militarized police, and others weren’t used to stop the white biker gangs from killing at people. Tariq is right to expose how the white supremacists are immoral, deceptive, and just nefarious people. P. Diddy is also wrong to promote the political respectability nonsense.

        The truth is that people can wear suits, and act like a token, and still be oppressed by the system of white supremacy. P. Diddy ignores the fact that many black people do respect themselves and refuse to participate in harming their own people. We, as black people, believe in accountability, etc. We just reject a broad brush being painted about black people. The reality is that we should improve our lives, but black people collectively should never be blamed for the actions of the oppressor. The real thugs are Wall Street criminals, polluters, crooked cops, imperialists, and other evil people who lack respect for human life. There are about 170 biker gang members, who were arrested. FOX News is not just the only racist network, but CNN has shown racist propaganda as well. The biker gang criminals did use thug behavior in Waco, TX. Bill O’Reilly is a hypocrite. Bill moralizes all of the time (by slandering the black community while ignoring white racism), but his own daughter said that Bill physically abused his wife.

        O’Reilly own daughter saying that he committed domestic violence shows that Bill is a sick person. Many people are ignoring Bill O’Reilly doing domestic violence when people should be shouting to the rooftops about O’Reilly’s evils. O’Reilly called people slurs, yelled at people unnecessarily, and did other nefarious actions. Tariq talked about the President’s new reforms on the militarized police. I agree with Tariq on his views on militarized weapons, because the President only banned on some types of military equipment. Also, the new bans and restrictions are already official policy. This policy doesn’t address mass incarceration or the oppressive War on Drugs too. The racist police institution is still here. Therefore, we want Black community control of any law enforcement.

        Tariq Nasheed debated a black woman named Lisa on white supremacy. Lisa said that she is tired of talking about white supremacy. Lisa said that she wanted black people to control resources, hire black people to work, and develop our own resources in our communities. Lisa talked about businesses. Lisa and Tariq conversation evolved into a contentious discussion. Tariq didn’t take Lisa seriously and acted condescending. Lisa made numerous great points about economic development and I disagree with Lisa’s view that we should not talk about white supremacy. Tariq is right to talk about white supremacy since you can’t have black liberation without ending white supremacy once and for all. For the record, I disagree with Tariq Nasheed’s views on dating. I disagree with his misogyny. I want to make that clear. Tariq was inappropriate to ask Lisa if she was on drugs. He was uncalled for that. Tariq can outline dissent with Lisa’s views without cursing the Sister out. Tariq is uncalled for judging Lisa’s children. I would never do that and talking about a mother’s children in that way is crossing a line. Lisa has shown great restraint during the discussion. Also, people have talking about solutions (as promoted by Malcolm X, Claude Anderson, etc.).

        Also, numerous black people have learned great information and have done excellent work. So, the debate between Lisa and Tariq ended with Tariq using ad hominem attacks against Lisa (by calling her a “crackhead” which is totally evil). Also, Tariq said that older black people are full of it, which is a lie as many older black people are doing what is right. People can agree to disagree without demonizing people unfairly. We need collective economic development, living wages (including workers’ rights plus full employment for our people as the Black Panthers advocated during the 1960’s), an end to the War of Drugs, community development, an end to racial profiling, the end to discrimination, and more Black unity. Yet, we have a long way to go. We have to express the will to promote solutions in a higher level. The truth is on our side.

        Have a Great Weekend Sister Courtney 🙂

        • Courtney H. says:

          Good afternoon, Brother Timothy. 🙂

          Thank you for listening to Tariq*s podcast and responding. I agree with everything that you said.

          I was also disturbed by how Tariq responded to Lisa. I was shocked, to tell you the truth. His cussing her out and condescending attitude toward was indeed crossing the line. I thought that it was so hypocritical of him to tell Lisa not to talk over him, but that is all that he did to her. It was also disrespectful for him to tell her **you older people are full of sh*t** and to attack her children. He has criticized people for attacking the Obama girls, and yet he talks about someone else*s children?!

          I remember on a recent post, that (I believe that it was Phazex_Female or Shanequa) who criticized Tariq for talking about Black liberation and then going on about **mackin**, and that this discredits his pro-Black movement. And boy, was she right!

          I don*t know if I want to listen to another Tariq podcast again, since he was so disrespectful of a Sister.

          • Timothy says:

            @Sister Courtney

            I agree with every word that you have said Sister. In life, we just have to follow what’s real and reject what’s fake. You will notice that Lisa was very polite and very composed in the discussion. She did not used profanity. So, I don’t agree with Tariq crossing the line and talking about someone’s kids like that. Other people (regardless of race) would curse Tariq out for talking about their kids in that fashion. “Mackin” is not about upliftment. It’s a form of social Darwinism that deals with selfishness, materialism, lust, greed, and anti-altruism. We want Black liberation not “mackin.” You made the excellent point about hypocrisy since he or Tariq condemned others for slandering Obama’s kids (as Obama’s children should never be disrespected) while he’s judging Lisa’s kids in an inappropriate way.

            The good news is that things happen for a reason and we will grow despite what the enemy does. We will grow and at the end, we will receive our crowns as Brothers and Sisters.

            • Courtney H. says:

              Thank you for your words of wisdom, Brother Timothy. 🙂

              I agree with everything that you said. Everything DOES happen for a reason, both good and bad. It is how we respond to these events that show who mature (or immature) we are. We just have to adjust in the best way for us, as long as we do not take it out on anyone else. That is maturity. That is why I pray everyday that I treat everybody the same. We all grow everyday. That is a crucial part of living. I remember that I read years ago that the actress Joan Collins said, **Show me a man who hasn*t made a mistake, and I will show you someone who hasn*t learned much.** That is so true.

              Again, thank you for your words, and may you have a safe and blessed Memorial Day weekend, Brother! 🙂

          • Timothy says:

            @Sister Courtney

            I appreciate your words of wisdom too.

            You’re a great person Sister 🙂

            Bless You.

  20. Courtney H. says:

    I know that this is OT, but I found this to be interesting:

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      Good Morning Sister 🙂

      I have read the article about India. The evil system of white supremacy is global. It is a shame that many people of color hate their skin color and want to use skin whitening products. There is no question that Black is Beautiful. This problem of self hatred and colorism in India didn’t just exist because of European colonialism (because of the British’s oppressive system brainwashing some Indians to love whiteness as superior). Some of it comes from the caste system, which called the Untouchables as inferior because of their dark skin. The British Empire modernized the evil caste system. Discrimination based on caste is legally banned in India, but discrimination does exist in India based on skin complexion. I’m glad that some Indians like the Indian actress Nandita Das is promoting the “Dark is Beautiful” campaign. Many have committed suicide, because some hate themselves so much. That’s a tragedy. This makes me more inspired to promote self-love and human dignity.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      I read the article about Senegal. It’s a great article. I support the The Nuul Kukk campaign 100 percent. All Black is Beautiful. The women are acting courageous in standing up for the natural beauty of black women. Also, I like how the article outlined the scientific dangers about these skin lightening products. Skin bleaching is not only morally wrong (in my view), but it can cause medical harm to human beings. Our dark skin is beautiful. People are fighting back against the lies of white racism. Our black humanity has great value. We are the first humans on Earth, we have amazing intellectual curiosity, and we want our voices heard. The eloquent words from Sister Aisha Deme are true, honorable, and real. We wish even more success for the Nuul Kukk campaign. We are in solidarity with the people of Senegal who want justice.

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Brother Timothy:

        Thank you for reading both articles. I agree with everything that you said.

        I would also like to add that the remnants of European colonialism are still felt everywhere in the world. Since **white is right** to white supremacists (and white supremacists can come in any race), dark-skinned people lightening their skin in order to be accepted is just an example of how entrenched white supremacy is all over the world. That is why you have many commenters of color (Dinesh D*Souza, Michelle Malkin, Ana Navarro, Alicia Colon, Larry Elder, Dr. Ben Carson, and other others) who are always attack fellow people of color, especially Black people, since we are the darkest of all people because of our precious melanin. Many of these commentators are dark-skinned themselves, and because of it, have suffered from self-hatred. These people know that the reason why they way they do is because of self-hatred, but because they are making money off of white supremacy (which is basically bashing Black people), they refuse to acknowledge it.

        Again, thank you, Brother, for reading the articles and commenting.

        May you all have a safe and blessed Memorial Day weekend!

  21. Phazex_Female says:

    To all of my brothers, sistas including comrades:

    All have a nice, yet restful Memorial Day with respect to our fallen bros. and sistas, both in Amerikkan wars and out.

    In Strength and Solidarity,


  22. reality_check says:

    …and so the planned elimination of black media continues. Did you all hear about purchase of the website the Root by non-black company?

    You all can clearly see what is going on here. BET, Essence, Johnson Publishing, the Root….there is a definite effort to control black media. The root actually had articles about blacks that I didn’t see anywhere else. @Trojan Pam is correct when she says that the only way blacks will be able to access non-controlled media that speaks to them is through underground outlets (and that will be changing as America slips into fascism).

    check out the article. So sad.

    • Timothy says:


      Thank you for showing the information.

      It is a sad story, especially during a time when we need more black owned media services. I did some research on Univision. The CEO of Univision (which now purchased the Root) is a man named Randy Falco. It is no secret that the enemy is very slick and they want to suppress revolutionary voices, especially black revolutionary voices. During life, we experience tests so to speak. This unfortunate incident should motivate us even more to fight back and stand up for our black voices in this world. We will never give up. We will continue to stand up and speak up for the truth as black people.

      Have a Great Weekend.

  23. Alicia says:

    I can’t directly reply to your message CourtneyH, however am scared and hesitant to click the link. I just don’t have the heart for it anymore in my mid-30’s 😦 sorry

    It’s enough to deal with it during the work day, but outside of work I need as much peace & positivity in my life as possible.

    Courtney H. says:
    May 22, 2015 at 8:45 am
    @ Alicia:

    LIke this? I understand what you mean.

    • Courtney H. says:

      @ Alicia:

      I clearly understand.

      It was an article about the capture of the Black man who allegedly murdered the family and housekeeper in that wealthy Washington, DC, suburb. The point that I wanted to make in linking that article is how the media blew up that story while the one about the White thugs in Waco who offed each other in that massacre was downplayed.

      May you have a safe and blessed Memorial Day weekend! 🙂

      • Alicia says:

        Why wouldn’t the white media do that? As we’ve all discussed this there is a general hateful, evil attitude in terms of blacks from the vast majority of whites, wherever they are. What ever one produces, it tends to represent the producer. The articles, images and so forth have to represent what goes on in their head.

        The real question I have is where is the black media? A real good one we could rely on? Why is there not a large scale one?

        Also, why do current black media outlets like Steve Harvey show, etc just REGURGITATE anti-black stories from the white media and be just as negative?

        There’s one lady on Steve Harvey show is constantly talking about “black male perpetrators” It MUST be self-hat as there is so much other local, national and international news.. The question is why does the general population stand for it? Why aren’t more people calling in asking her why she re-hashes the same anti-black negative stories from the mainstream white news? Why hasn’t even Steve harvey said anything?


        It was an article about the capture of the Black man who allegedly murdered the family and housekeeper in that wealthy Washington, DC, suburb. The point that I wanted to make in linking that article is how the media blew up that story while the one about the White thugs in Waco

        • Alicia says:

          I meant to say “it must be self-hate” in terms of the black news lady on Steve Harvey’s radio show who every morning re-hashes the same anti-black, negative, anti-black news stories from the white media. I have to change the channel whenever she comes on about “they’re looking for a young black male…”…

          The entire crew and most of the audience is black which boggles my mind.

          • Courtney H. says:

            @ Sister Alicia:

            Steve Harvey allows that coon on his program because he is a coon himself. Pro-Black, Black-owned media are very hard to find. I notice that some Black news websites allow bigots to post comments, which why I rarely go to these websites. Bigots can go anywhere on the Internet and post racist, hate-filled comments, so why do they come to Black-run blogs or Black YouTube channels and post comments. It*s like they won*t leave us alone!

            Yes, I agree that it is self-hatred that you have some Black people in the media regurgitate anti-Black mainstream media talking points. As long as they are doing that, they are in business and making money.

            May you have a safe and blessed Memorial Day weekend! 😀

            • Alicia says:

              I guess you’re right. It may be black in terms of most of the radio crew, but I guess it’s not “pro-black”. I considered Steve Harvey a somewhat conscious bro…it baffles me why he allows that most mornings and why more of the listening audience does not complain.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      I heard of the story before from local TV in Virginia. The man is truly a person with low character. He was once debarred because of unethical behavior. Also, there is a picture of Joe Morrissey dressed up as a slaveowner with a woman (the picture looks in antebellum attire). The political system is filled with predators like Joe. Joe feels entitled to do what he wants and he obviously has a fetish. I won’t vote for him at all.

      Have a Great Memorial Weekend Sister Courtney 🙂

  24. Courtney H. says:

    Good evening, Brother Timothy. 🙂

    Thank you and you are welcome.

    This article was linked by a commenterrible on one of Harvey’so videos. This obviously a case of white privilege. I noticed the photo, too. This pervert loos like a master with his “bedwench.” This story is an absolute disgrace! I’m glad that you’received not voting for this SOB. Please tell you family and friends not to vote him, either! This story is sick!

    Thank you for reading the articlw, watching the video, and responding.

    • Courtney H. says:

      Oops! Please excuse the typos!

      • anonymous says:

        Courtney and Timothy
        This is a bit off topic but I was wondering if I could get your opinions on what is happening here.

        The last three responses toward the bottom of the page. Thanks in advance.

        • Timothy says:


          I have looked at the article and at the last 3 messages on the last page. The site is unique since it describes a story of an Asian males experiencing racism from a white grandfather. The site promotes relationships between Asian men and white women. At the end of the day, I believe in Black Love. The last 3 comments describes about the secret views of some Asian people. Some Asian people view black people as a buffer, so some of them feel like that they can be immune from the most vicious form of racism and discrimination. Yet, people in color in general will still experience racism and discrimination regardless of the demographics of America, because of the evil system of racism, white supremacy.

          The racist comments of the poster “IC” definitely should be studied. He is trying to be slick by trying to promote a faux alliance with black people, but he views black people as “troublesome” in a stereotypical way. Therefore, we as black people should not establish some token alliances. We need global, international pan-African unity. The poster “namenotgiven” (who shown titles of great books on real black history) tries to criticize IC, because the cover is blown. That poster is sophisticated to know that showing the views of IC in a public internet forum is not strategically wise (since it exposes the racist undercurrent found in some Asian people). The last comment talks about a link dealing with the Moniyhan report (as shown by the racist poster D-Maybe since he called black Americans “troublesome”).

          The report is deceptive and it omits things. It is true that many black families have problems (we need to address missing black males in America and we need to promote more honorable black fathers in the household), but these problems didn’t occur via black women (since the report blames explicitly black single mothers totally for the breakup of the black family, which is misogynistic and a lie). The situation came about via economic oppression, racism, economic inequality, socioeconomic factors, deindustrialization, laws that harmed the family, and other complex factors. Many of the policies that harmed families can about by government bureaucrats & the system of modern capitalism not by black single women (since not all black single women are monolithic. Tons of black single women are doing what is right). The report blames the victim for oppression not the oppressor. Even the Kerner Commission report blamed the oppressive system not black people for the rebellions in America during the 1960’s. That Economist article was slick since that article omitted the declines in the crime rate of the black community, so that article showed reactionary talking points in trying to condemn the black community instead of putting the truth into context. The Economist article promotes the myth that austerity will work when it hasn’t work. Reaganomics proves that neglect and economically conservative policies will not solve all of our problems. We need a combination of individual and collective solutions as history teaches us.

          The Moniyan Report came out in 1965 by the establishment as a means to counteract the discussion of reparations, which existed back then.

          The fact is that only about 1 percent of African Americans — and no more than 2 percent of black males — will commit a violent crime in a given year. Black male homicide rates now are one-third below the rate in 1950 and 60 percent below the rate in 1970. Since 1970, fertility rate for black girls 15-17 down 81% We have a massive decline in black teenage pregnancy rates since 1992. There were roughly 200,000 fewer violent crimes committed by blacks in 2008 than there were in 1978: a drop of about 14 percent, numerically, and a massive drop in the violent crime offending rate, from 75.3 violent offenses per 1000 black people in 1978 to 41.7 per 1000 by 2008: a decline of 45 percent in the rate at which blacks commit violent crimes.

          Now, we have a long way to go. We certainly need more unity among black males and black mothers. Loving black mothers and loving black fathers should be respected, but we want healthy families which have not only have morality (as the system of oppression not black culture is responsible for our condition now), but bread to eat. The social safety net has literally prevented numerous people from starving to death (the Golden Rule and promoting the General Welfare is a moral principle that I will never forsake). We want a society that ends Wall Street bailouts and eliminates imperialism overseas. That is the society that we want. We want black liberation. There should be an end to the War on Drugs with alternatives, the police institution that is corrupt must be abolished, black people are entitled to living wages, we want investments in community development, and there must be other radical changes in society. Black people have every right to build up their own institutions.

          Thank you for showing the information.

          • Courtney H. says:

            @ anonymous and Timothy:

            I actually just scanned the article. I agree with Timothy about racism among Asians against Black people. The Moynihan Report has been condemned as racist and misogynist for years. The Economist is a right-wing British publication, so their slick and reactionary article is to be expected.

            I agree with Timothy that a lot of bigots will try to use slick methods to make us blame ourselves for our problems, when it is white supremacy that is at the root of the problem. I am glad that Timothy used statistics to prove the point that crime and unwed/teenage pregnancies have actually decreased among African-Americans for the past 30-40 years. Unfortunately, when we bring up these statistics to bigots, they deflect and don*t want to hear it. Bigots believe what they want to believe.

            Thank you for linking the articles, anonymous, and thank you for your response, Timothy.

            May you all have a safe and blessed Memorial Day holiday tomorrow! 😀

      • anonymous says:

        Thank you so much for your responses. I also agree that the two responders Don’t think that what they really think of Black people is being exposed in a public forum for everyone to see. I scanned the article and with the mention of Monihan I knew it was bogus, since his research has been so discredited in the past by so many. I don’t think that they realize as anti blackness increases in society, there exist and continues to be an uptick in racism toward Asians as well. The responses of both posters is reinforcing the feeling that I am beginning to have that we only have ourselves and each other. At one time I thought I wanted to live in China, but now I think I would prefer to visit. Again, thank you Courtney and Timothy for yourkind responses. Have a wonderful holiday.

  25. Courtney H. says:

    @ Everybody:

    What do you think of this?

    Happy Memorial Day!

    • Timothy says:

      Good Afternoon Sister Courtney 🙂

      I have seen the video. The young Brother is right to condemn the biker gangs as the real thugs. These biker gangs shot at each without regard to the innocent people trying to get food or try to live out their lives as human beings. I hope that all those criminals who participated in the evil actions in Waco, TX, are put through trials, be convicted, and be sent to jail. There is no excuse and no justification for that violent shoot out among rival criminal biker gangs at all. This story reminds all of us that life is very short and we must respect the dignity of human life. The video did a great job in showing footage of the aftermath of the incident and the words from the police as a means to outline the circumstances of this tragic event. It is obvious that many people use the word “thug” as a code word for the N word. The young man who narrated the video is correct to outline the destructive actions of these criminal biker gangs. He did a great job in outlining the media double standards in describing events.

      The mainstream media will readily call the youth “thugs” in Baltimore (when the youth are hurting and they are responding in the midst of police brutality. I disagree with burning innocent property and harming innocent people though, but I understand where the youths are coming from) while the biker gangs have a vicious shoot out with other biker gangs for illegitimate reasons. No one in the mainstream media said that the criminal biker gangs’ actions are a product of white culture, a product of a lack of white fathers in white household, etc. The media used complex reasoning in describing the terrible, horrific events in Waco while they use simplistic, stereotypical words in describing the events in Baltimore. Therefore, society must change. Brothers and Sisters need not only jobs with a living wage. We need totally mental and social decolonization, so the love of blackness is a way of life for all black people living worldwide. We want the unity of black people internationally. So, the young Brother in his video did the great job in outlining facts about how the corporate media works and the double standards done in the media coverage of events. Most crime in America is intraracial. Also, we should always not only check some black people doing the wrong thing. We ought to acknowledge and send respect to black people who are doing the right thing too. There are a lot of black people who are getting an education, helping the poor, working in conscious movements, and are fighting the good fight. These Brothers and Sisters deserve our support and solidarity. Black people are readily used as scapegoats by racists, etc.

      Yet, we, as black people, still rise. In spite of racism, we rise. In spite of the slander, we rise. We will continue to rise and stand up for our human rights forever. Thank you for showing the video.

      Bless you Sister.

      Happy Memorial Day Back to you Sister Courtney. 🙂

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Brother Timothy:

        Thank you and you are welcome. Thank you for watching your video and your comments. I agree with everything that you said. The host/narrator Phillip made a strong point-by-point argument regarding the double standards of the media*s coverage of Black violence and White violence.

        I hope that you had a Happy Memorial Day, too. 😉

        Bless you, too, Brother.

  26. reality_check says:

    Ok, biker gangs is the least of our concerns right now….. What do you all think about this renegade cop that jumped on the hood of these black people’s car and pumped 40 rounds into their windshield? Of course he was acquitted in the “just us” system.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ reality_check

      I agree, white biker gangs are of little concern to me but it’s important that we see the DIFFERENCE in how white gangs are portrayed versus black people.

      There are many of us who refuse to believe that we live under a SYSTEM of white supremacy and any evidence that drives that point home is always useful

      Regarding the cop, I expected no less. And that is why I have preached for black unity, to stop all this foolish and self-defeating BICKERING that we do amongst ourselves because the time is coming SOON where we will be under greater attack from whites and the white system.

      The handwriting is on the wall and all the interracial dating and assimilation and psychological spray painting to hide the TRUTH from ourselves won’t protect one black butt.

      Either we stand together or we’ll perish together.

      • Phazex_Female says:

        @ Sista Pam:

        On point! “Stand together…or perish together.”

        Individually and collectively, our Black race needs to “wake up and pay attention.” Just a thought,

        but each one of us should ponder how we, individually, can help to dig our people out of this


        (Also, speaking of that ’65 Patrick Moniyhan Report, the “calculated perceptions” were off

        then and they are off now. Just like the Kerner Commission Report–I find it extremely hard to

        believe either of these social science “reports” when the researchers, etc. knew EXACTLY

        what the fall-out would be in navigating through white supremacy.

    • Timothy says:


      I think that the verdict involving the Cleveland cop was a total disgrace. Two black people were murdered viciously by criminals cops and no cop has been convicted. That sad and evil verdict once against validates the point of the fallibility and the abominable nature of the criminal injustice system. Revolutionary change is necessary, which means that we have to build our own system of justice and liberation for black people. During this generation, black people ought to wake up as the handwriting is on the wall. The white collective has shown in full display about how it views black people point blank period. It’s time for us to act accordingly, handle our business, and to advance our own infrastructure as black people. There can be no peace without justice. Michael Brelo is a low person. We all express condolences for the victims’ families.

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ reality_check, Trojan Pam and Timothy:

        The Cleveland is a disgrace but not a surprise. The writing is indeed on the wall; anyone who ignores what is going on is BLIND. I agree that the in-fighting among us has to stop because the white supremacist society that we live in is NOT playing. These are indeed scary times that we live in. It is definitely wake-up time.

        • Courtney H. says:

          Oops! I meant to write **The Cleveland verdict.** I apologize for the typo.

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Courtney H

          Indeed Sister, the infighting among our community ought to end. At the end of the day, we all face the same system of oppression. We all are part of one family as black people. The white supremacists are not playing any games as you have mentioned. They want control and more power. We want power too, but we want power to enlighten, help, and liberate our people. Our culture is beautiful from music, the arts, sports, legal affairs, literature, engineering, health care, etc. It’s wake up time and the signs are there. Thank you for your commentaries Sister. Your words inspire me in my life. 🙂

          • Timothy says:

            @Sister Courtney

            You’re Welcome Sister Courtney 😉

            Also, these 2 videos talk about the murder of 2 black people in Cleveland.

            Enjoy 🙂

          • Timothy says:

            @Sister Courtney

            I will comment on the link in more detail during the afternoon. Yes, all Black women lives matter. 🙂

            Thank you for showing the link about the protesters who are standing up for black women.

            Have a great day Sister.

          • Timothy says:

            Good Afternoon Sister Courtney 🙂

            I have looked at the link from Ankhesen Mie. The link is absolutely correct in mentioning the fact that the mainstream media and other areas of society readily ignore the plight of black women. They ignore black women being murdered by the police. Black women are being killed by the cops not only black men. The life of black people, regardless of gender, has equal value. The topless women protesting police terrorism against black women (I heard of this story days ago) are certainly courageous in making the point that the human dignity of black women is sacrosanct and should never be degraded. So, the #SayHerName campaign and so many other campaigns make this point clear. Also, some who claim to be “conscious” like Tommy Sotomayor and others make it their duty to degrade black women in the most evil, perverse way possible. Therefore, in order for all black people to be liberated, then we have to condemn and eradicate not only racism, but misogyny too. The site mentioned information about transgender people being killed.

            That’s wrong too. Regardless of how we feel about diverse sexual lifestyles, no non-threatening human being (of any background) should be assaulted, harassed, or murdered period (no exceptions). Too many people can’t agree to disagree peacefully. We should never forget the names of Rekia Boyd, Miriam Carey, Shelly Frey, Aiyana Jones, and other Sisters who were killed by the police. Their stories are our stories. When one black person suffers injustice or is murdered unjustly, then we all suffer. We are all in this today. Unity among black males and black females in standing up against injustice is a necessity without question. We should not only learn have further connections with black people internationally. We should not only improve our educational learning about the world. We should not only develop our infrastructure. We need to help our people in America too. Poverty in the black community must be addressed (as income inequality has massively risen for the past three decades) if we are to be free. Poverty and economic oppression are serious problems that we must address as a people and as a community. The poor in our community deserve real economic rights and economic justice. I respect the fact that the site has outlined how African women have bare their chests in protests in numerous nations as well. The women protesting are not trying to placate others’ expectations. They are expressing their right to stand up for their human autonomy. That point is a great point to show. So, the article certainly can make all of us think that about how this battle isn’t about just us. It is about all black people worldwide. We want all black males and all black females to be free and liberated as human beings. At the end of the day, we are all in this together.

            Thank you for showing the link Sister Courtney. 🙂

            Bless You

            • Courtney H. says:

              Good morning, Brother Timothy. 🙂

              Thank you for reading the article and your response. I greatly appreciate it and I agree with everything that you said. We are all in this together. The so-called conscious brothers who attack women (and the so-called conscious sisters who attack men) within our community are among those who need to be left by the wayside, because all of us who have been brutalized by the police need to be remembered.

              Again, thank for response to the article. May have a blessed day.

              You’re a blessing, too. 😉

          • Timothy says:

            @Sister Courtney

            I agree with your words Sister. Black people who bash black men and/or black women in offensive, evil ways are not pro-black at all. We should remember and acknowledge the innocent black victims of police terrorism in the world. We have to keep on fighting for better days in the future.

            Have a Great Day as well Sister 🙂

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Courtney H.

          Yes, we are blind, some of it willingly, and I can understand why black people don’t want to face the truth
          Because we have NO realistic counter-strategy or a desire to make any real sacrifices or changes.
          Until we move from talking to ACTING whether on an individual basis and group basis,
          all we can do is wait and see.

  27. reality_check says:

    @Trojan Pam, I agree with you 100%. My thing is, those of us that KNOW and understand the system are fully aware of the disparities in the media treatment and coverage of white misconduct. There is nothing we can do about that, but we CAN do something about what WE do as a people.

    Re: the Cleveland cop. I’m with you, they are definitely making sure that the world knows that it is open season on black life. They are taking the proverbial gloves off, but many blacks refuse to see it. We’d rather run to the church and sing and pray, hoping for a savior. Unreal!

    I’m no prophet, but I have been telling everyone I love and care for to get ready for new life in the United States in the 21st century, because as you stated, life is about to get significantly WORSE for black people here. Most people don’t believe me when I say this, but I am happy to see I am making some headway with some of my friends/family members. They are now sending me articles of things they read and related it back to previous conversations we’ve had where I predicted the very thing they are reading.

    In my opinion, there are at least 3 things blacks people should be doing NOW to prepare themselves for the future, they are:

    1. Get as much education as you can stand: As I posted earlier in the post, the window of educational opportunity for black Americans is quickly closing shut. Asians and whites are joining forces to keep blacks out. Soon the Hispanics will join the bandwagon and blacks will be unable to get a quality education. I’m telling everyone- get the MOST education you can while you still can. If you are fortunate enough to work for a company that has tuition reimbursement- USE IT! Get 6 masters degrees if you can. I’m serious about this.

    2. Learn another language: This will be absolutely necessary as the writing on the wall is that the future world leaders will NOT be native English speakers. Your ability to learn and read/write/speak another language will literally be the difference between survival and perishing.

    3. Embrace international travel: If you don’t have one already, get a passport and start stamping! Black Americans are afraid to travel overseas for some reason. We let fear keep us crippled here in the USA. Blacks need to start traveling overseas as much as possible so that we can get comfortable with traveling overseas and being out of our comfort zones, and so that we can find a place that we may be able to relocate to in case we need to flee the USA.

    This is my advice to all blacks. I’m working on 2 of these as we speak, have to get on the third one in the next 4 years. I hate to sound negative, but we have to start sounding the alarm if we want to have any chance at survival in the new America.

    • Phazex_Female says:

      @ reality_check:

      Brother, if this is not a wake-up call? Then I don’t know what the hell is.

      I have older sisters and brothers and I can recall years ago, that we held many, many discussions about some of what you are stating. We discussed subject matter like Generations X, Next, Y and so forth, educational and economic disparities and the changing of social climates as well as the impact that each area had on the black family unit.

      Yes, I am in total agreement with you that not only is time of the essence, but that it is imperative that each and every member of our black race unite and stop continuing to feel powerless, and fight white supremacy tooth and nail.

      • Timothy says:


        I agree with you 100 percent. The handwriting is on the wall. These recent events in 2015 alone should be wake up call for the black community.

        We have to eliminate the spirit of fear and use the inspirational strength that is found in each of us to stand up for our human rights (and fight the system of white supremacy). We have to learn about survival techniques, helping the poor of our people, and a diverse amount of common sense actions. Unity is key too.

    • kowaba says:

      To Everyone:
      It is rough out there. I believe the only way out of this situation is by being organized and supporting each other, but also being interdependent, that is, not having one person do all of the work. Basically everything that Dr. Anderson has been saying for decades.

      I agree with getting as much education as possible but we also need to have some type of economic infrastructure to ensure that there is income and employment being provided to these graduates. To me, at least, it doesn’t make sense to have all of these degrees and not be able to get a job or start a business (and have a community and a customer base to support it).

      • Alicia says:

        or being able to get a job and being terrorized as we deal with white supremacy 😦
        I’ll tell ya it’s a different world when I leave the company of Whites. more pleasant, bright, harmonious. Not all, but the vast majority of whites have a cruel, sick, hateful mind!

        • kowaba says:

          @ Alicia

          Tell me about it. For me, I end up being so paranoid at work. I don’t trust any one both white and non-white. My words and actions are misconstrued; sometimes I feel like there is no karma. I don’t go around spreading rumors about people but in the past few years at my place of employment I’ve had people make my life a living hell (even other non-white people, of course it’s expected for the white people to give me a hard time, but it is absolutely devastating for me when non-white people do the same, this includes other black people as well). I don’t know how older black people were able to cope with working for so many years in such toxic environments.

          • Alicia says:

            me either and toxic is exactly what it is. I’m very guarded at work and have had to realize that even though I’m around these people 8+ hours, that they are definitely not my friends I should ever share personal feelings, plans or goals with.

            Human beings can be incredibly cruel!

          • Alicia says:

            This is how I feel as well, it appears that there is no real sense of karma in this world. How can whites be so cruel and hateful to us and constantly want to hurt us yet be able to thrive? Bullies in general of all types, races, hues thrive even though they live a life of wickedness. it doesn’t make any sense to me.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ reality_check

      Excellent suggestions! I’m going to print them out

  28. Sharon53 says:

    It is definitely open season on blacks and has been for some time now. Things are getting worse and worse for us and I notice that the oppression and hostility has speeded up over the years. The way that I see it, what slavery did not achieve, integration did. Integration, in my opinion, was nothing more than a second wave of slavery. They tricked us into thinking we were accepted and to get us to think we no longer need each other. They really turned up the heat when Obama was elected because somehow they got us to thinking that we are living in a post-racial America. With all this killing of us and marginalizing us in every area of life, how can one not realize it is open season on us.

    The 3 things you named are good examples to follow in preparation for the future.
    However, I did not realize how much we are being marginalized by whites and Asians when it comes to educational opportunities. I do notice a lot of blacks taking online courses but are not getting jobs. Sadly, some are taking the courses to quality for money to live off of because they can’t find employment.

    Employment is one area where whites, Asians and Hispanics are really shutting us out. For instance, I work in technology and when I first started on my job, I mostly worked with black men. Some of them were in leadership roles. I have been here about 6 years and gradually they are hiring more whites (especially white women), Asians and Hispanics. Many of the brothers that were in leadership roles have been fired. Just recently one brother that was in a leadership role was demoted and an Asian woman took over his job and another brother who was a manager was fired and a white woman has taken over his job. An Asian man was promoted to a leadership role also. The training team which was mostly black at one time is now only white women. Many of the clients who call for technical support are white women who are in leadership positions. I hate when they call because it is difficult assisting some of them with even minor things such as finding an electrical outlet. At the risk of sounding cruel, you have to be dumber than bricks to know not what an electrical outlet is.
    As far as other blacks in my department, it is as if they are quarantining us to certain positions. For instance, blacks are mostly kept in the Level 1 position and if they do move up, it is to a Level 2 position which basically is the same as Level 1.

    I have been thinking about taking a foreign language over the years but just haven’t done it yet and I am comfortable traveling abroad as I have traveled quite a bit even by myself.
    Have a blessed day.

    • Shanequa says:

      @ Sharon53
      You made some excellent points in your post that I can relate to when I’m at work, especially when it comes to higher hiring positions for blacks we are weeded out.

  29. reality_check says:

    @Trojan Pam- Have you read anything anything about the concentration camps/reservations that are supposedly being built in the U.S. to be used in the future? I read about this somewhere but can’t remember where, just wondering if you knew anything about this.

  30. Sharon53 says:

    To everyone, not sure if you heard about this, but please check out this link:
    Even though I don’t feel we should abuse animals, it is still sad that an animal’s life means more than a black person’s life.
    This has become commonplace over the years but what troubles me also is some of the comments made by black posters on the link. Some believe he got what he deserves. It looks like he was arrested and dropped from the Falcons without much evidence except his girlfriend’s word.

    • Timothy says:


      I have read the article. First, a human life should not be placed as inferior to the life of an animal. Many people want to place a dog’s life as having more worth than the life of a human being, which is wrong. This is the first time that I have heard of this story. I don’t know the total truth. The NFL has let him go, because of the climate of the NFL having to deal with domestic violence issues, head concussion lawsuits, and other problems in the NFL. The NFL doesn’t want to be seen as soft, so they immediately dropped the player Prince Shembo. He kicked a dog and the dog died, so I knew that Shembo will be cut. The NFL can indefinitely suspend him, but I think that the NFL wanted to respond to the criticisms against the NFL (of being too soft on corruption). In this instance, there should be due process. All of the facts should be known. No animal should be abused or killed. Likewise, Shembo has the right to have due process. This is early, so the whole truth must be known. There are double standards as you have greatly outlined. When a cop kills a black person, that cop will not be immediately fired in every instance at all. When an animal is killed (I don’t condone a dog being killed regardless), then a NFL player will definitely be fired. For me, I think he should have a indefinite suspension (because this is a serious charge). If he is guilty of what he is being accused of after due process of law, then he should be fired after the process has run its course. We want fairness, but the system of white supremacy by definition is not fair. Some of the comments by the black posters and the white posters shows the mentality of many in America. Thank you for showing the link Sister. Enjoy your Weekend.

    • Courtney H. says:

      @ Sharon53:

      I just read the article and some of the comments, and I agree. Sure, he shouldn*t have killed the dog, but should he have been FIRED?! No! I also agree that in this country, people care more about animals than about Black people. My sister and I watched the movie **Blazing Saddles** on Esquire TV last week. Remember the part where the two Black men were on the pump when it hit quicksand? And the guy got the rope and took out the pump instead of the Black men, and they had to crawl out of the quicksand by themselves? That scene is an example of how our lives are worth less than property. Thank you for posting the link.

  31. Sharon53 says:

    @Timothy, thanks for your comments and informing me about the sports industry. I am not into sports so I did not know about the climate of the NFL in dealing with domestic matters, etc. I am so tired of the double standards though. I am not surprised at all about the white posters’ comments but I am disappointed with the black posters. The way I see it, they are already casualties of the system with that mentality. We, as a people, are living in serious times and it is critical that “all black hands are on deck” to deal with white supremacy.
    I have to agree with you in that they could have waited until after due process of law to see if Shembo is guilty and then dealt with the matter but we are living under the system of white supremacy and we know how this usually ends.
    Have a great weekend.

  32. Shanequa says:

    Since school is out & summer is about to begin for our young black children, I really do worry about their safety. Each day passes by racism is getting worst everyday an most of our young black children don’t even know when they are the target of racism. Since too many black parents let their children run around freely without knowing there whereabouts is not good. Something about this coming summer I’m not really feeling at all.

    • anonymous says:

      “Something about this coming summer I’m not feeling at all.” Where is the lie in this comment?

    • Timothy says:


      Yes, we should be careful during this summer. Children need to be protected. The viciousness of racism is certainly not getting better. We have to use our discernment and protect our black people.

    • judy says:

      Racism isnt all of a sudden getting worse. It has always been bad. History always repeats itself

  33. Sharon53 says:

    Excellent point you made when you said “Each day passes by racism is getting worst everyday and most of our young black children don’t even know when they are the target of racism. Since too many black parents let their children run around freely without knowing there whereabouts is not good.”
    This is something we all should be concerned about. The subdivision I live in has mostly families from Africa and a few from the Caribbean. Because most of them work, I notice how they help each other during the school year as far as picking up each other’s kids from the bus stop. The kids that live here appear to be in a safer environment because there is only one way in and out of here so I would think it would make it hard for predators to mess with them. It is rare that I see just one child hanging out alone. However, I know that is not the case for many kids, even really small children, because I have seen many just loitering around when I go to other areas. It would nice if black families in America returned to the extended family setting like we once were so privileged to have so that the children would be more protected.

  34. Shanequa says:

    @ Timothy & Sharon53 thank you.

  35. Sharon53 says:

    @Shanequa, you are very welcome.

  36. Sharon53 says:

    To All,
    Please check out this article:
    I definitely can relate to the part where they say “The girls also pointed out that they do not often confide in anyone other than their parents about their fears and concerns, with many of them reporting that their parents had taught them “to keep my business to myself.”
    I don’t believe we as a people were always like this. It seems to me that at one time we could be more open with each other about our struggles. Nowadays, you have to be discerning who you speak to about your problems. It has been my experience that people will pretend to be concerned just long enough to find out your situation, while at the same time judging you harshly.
    This causes a breakdown in communication which is the last thing we need as a people considering the struggles we all face. The last thing anyone that is hurting needs is a self-righteous, judgmental spirit coming from someone they thought was a friend. I really don’t think we can resolve the many problems in our community until we can learn to be trustworthy enough to communicate in order to build healthy relationships with each other.
    I can filter out the filth but I can’t imagine the damage being done to young girls who do not have neither experience nor a strong network to support them through this madness.

    • Phazex_Female says:

      @ Sister Sharon:

      “All the world’s a stage, and we are merely the players.”

      This is a quote from Shakespeare. And he was not far off the mark. It seems that, these days, many of our bros. and sisters are wearing masks over their faces and no real concern to unconcerned about other bros. and sistas. “All smiling faces are not happy faces.”

      You are correct when you state that, “you have to be discerning about who you speak to about your problems.”

      The reasons for this apathetic behavior stem from it-is-all-about-me, misery loves company, I really don’t like myself but I don’t like you either, attitude as in how someone is perceived. Take your pick. Yet, many of our own still do not realize that “all we have is each other.” NO ONE is above anyone else.

      Long have I thought that, “We are looking out for our young boys, but who is focusing on our young girls?” Ensuring our young girls safety, bolstering their self-esteem and nurturing their young and impressionable minds? Our young girls are equally as important as our young males.

      This is why it only makes sense for black females to “band together” keeping and maintaining a net-work and support system to foster and develop feelings of positive cultural confidence, pride and intellectualism in themselves.

      Good observation, Sharon.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharon53

      Thank you for showing the link.

      It is very enlightening and educational. Black girls and black women suffer a lot of things. Too many in our community will refuse to have progressive conversations on the plight of black girls and black women too. Therefore, we have advance more discussions. The voices of black girls matters. When one black girl suffer (whether it’s assault, abuse, harassment, unfair school suspensions, etc.), then we all suffer. We have to fight for our liberation. That means black people, regardless of gender, want to free to live their own lives and to cultivate more cultural development. That is why we need more therapy, more community resources, and more compassion shown in our black community. That’s a necessity.

  37. reality_check says:


    I agree with everything you stated in your response. I was just pointing to the irony of Dr. Grundy’s comments excoriating white males while she has chosen to use her talents, energies and education at an institution where she will be largely educating and advancing white males. I mean, Boston U? It doesn’t get any whiter than that! For the life of me, I don’t see the point of teaching WHITE people about African studies, or trying to educate them on the African/black experience. I would just love to have a conversation with these black academics about how they reconcile teaching white people about Africana studies knowing what they know about the history of our interactions with them, especially given the fact that whites as a collective don’t give a flip about African studies. Most importantly, black people need to realize that you are NOT going to change their minds or world views, no matter how much you try to “enlighten” them. It’s completely asinine to me.

    Black academics always talk black power then you look at where they teach. Most of them are teaching at mostly white schools. Not saying that every black person must teach at a black school, but if you are going to teach at a white school, know that you MUST get with the program and advance their agenda, so shut up about it. I hear what you say about working at white corporations, but it’s not the same to me. These black academics CHOOSE to teach at these white schools. They have the option of teaching at majority black schools, they just choose not to.

    This is why I have no respect for the likes of Cornel West, Michael Eric Dyson (especially Dyson), Henry Louis Gates and Boyce Watkins (to a lesser degree). They all talk the talk but refuse to walk the walk. We blacks are fortunate enough to still have institutions of higher learning that are dedicated specifically to our advancement, yet the truly talented amongst us do not choose to teach there and advance the next generation of black “impact makers.” Now think of the potential impact to black students if all of the aforementioned (and those like them) collectively chose to educate their own people. Imagine that. Every last one of them have cried racism at the schools they teach at….well DUH! If they don’t want you there don’t stay there. They don’t understand that these schools don’t truly VALUE their contributions, they just want them there to serve as window dressing and to neutralize their potential impact. Blacks haven’t peeped game on that yet.

    I found this YouTube video of this highly intelligent young black queen breaking down blacks in academia. She echoes my sentiments and articulates it to perfection! I was overly impressed with her level of wisdom at her age. It gives me hope for the future to see that there are still young, CONSCIOUS black men and women amongst us. Check her out:

  38. Sharon53 says:

    I see what you are saying about the Cornel West, Michael Eric Dyson, Henry Louis Gates and Boyce Watkins of the world. I do like some of Watkins commentaries though. However, as with most of these so-called black spokespersons, you never who is real and who is not.
    As far as the video, the young lady has many interesting points and is wise for her age.
    However, I am glad I received an education in Computer Information Systems about 20 years ago. Things did not turn out like I thought they would but this opened some doors for me, as I have received work as an independent contractor and have the benefit of working out of the privacy of my home.
    That being said, things are somewhat different now. It is almost useless now to go into that field because it is saturated with people with those degrees and certifications, making it difficult to find work and the salaries have dropped tremendously. What’s worse, they are shipping a lot of these jobs off-shore. Also technology is more simplified now; you really don’t need a college degree. You can just ask your kids about technology and they can tell you a lot.
    One other thing I am noticing is a lot of people are attending these For Profit universities and most of the education they provide is almost worthless. I know several people who are getting loans and grants to not really get an education. They are getting that money to live off of because they can’t find work. Then when they complete the program, they can’t find work because most companies do not hold those schools in high regard. So then they can’t find work and have these loans with really high interest rates that they may never pay off. What’s worse, if they don’t pay up, this could go on their credit and many jobs use bad credit to keep from hiring you.

  39. Sharon53 says:

    @Courtney H.
    Sorry for the late response to the video you posted above where Harvey is speaking on the question of forgiveness in relation to Lucia McBath.

    Harvey is wrong to call her a coon because she does have the right to forgive Dunn. She does not say she is going to bury this and forget it. It also does not mean that she is in agreement with what Dunn did, nor does it mean that she does not have sense enough to know what he has done is wrong.
    In my opinion, Harvey is really confused about what forgiveness really is. I have listened to a few videos by him posted on these blogs and some things he say is on-point, but he is confused about others which make it hard for me to take him seriously, especially with all the profanity he spews out.

    The media does appear to give the black mothers a lot of air time instead of the black fathers but I am not sure if the fathers themselves would be any different than the mothers like he claims, because even he said in the video that when some brothers come out of prison, they are always speaking of forgiveness. I have seen that many times when brothers have sit on death row for years and when exonerated, the first thing the media lets you hear is them saying they have no hard feelings.

    McBath said she accepted Dunn’s apology but not sure about the sincerity of it. That shows she is thinking on her feet. She says she is not a hypocrite and that is another reason why she offers forgiveness. Since Harvey is so critical of this grieving mother, I would like to know what his solution to this matter is, and all the other matters concerning black women that he is so critical of. I bet if someone posed that question to him, he would probably stammer and stutter.

    He wants to know why black women are so quick to say they forgive. I think this has to do with training while growing up in the church. However, I noticed when I was growing up that the girls were made to go to church more than the boys which I why I think you may see a forgiving spirit more in grown women than grown men. He also claims that white mothers may say ‘I forgive’ but they do not really mean it. I wonder how he knows that, since forgiveness is a heart-felt thing.

    He brought up the Ron Goldman matter and seems to think it is a good thing that his family has not forgiven O.J. Simpson. And I did notice the father, not the mother, were in the forefront most of the time. But that family is a classic example of how unforgiveness can almost destroy people. It has not been proven that OJ killed those people but that family is so bitter that I read somewhere that his sister had thought about suicide and says she once saw OJ at a mall in an isolated area and thought about running him down in her car. I see nothing good about that.

    Some things I agree with him on is the mother is the first teacher of the children and the sons latch onto the mothers and the daughters latch onto the fathers. The truth of the matter is both parents are important in a child’s life, starting from the time of conception.

    • Courtney H. says:

      @ Sister Sharon53:

      I am so sorry that I missed your response to Harvey*s video about forgiveness. Thank you so much for your response. It is very thoughtful, thorough, and insightful.

      I agree with you about Harvey. He does make some good points, but I disagree with him on others, especially when it comes to women. I also agree that he cusses WAY too much. As I said in a response to Brother Timothy that I believe that Harvey uses abundant profanity to shock people, I really do.

      I agree that it is people*s choice whether to forgive or not. That is a personal, heartfelt decision. I am also glad that you pointed out that since Black girls are encouraged to go to church more than
      Black boys, Black women are more likely to forgive than Black men. Also, Black people who have wrongfully been sent to prison and then been exonerated do have the habit of forgiving (or at least not having any hard feelings). Again, that is their choice.

      As for the Goldman family, I believe that that family has had issues way before the O.J. case came up. I agree that they are extremely bitter. My late mother told me that he once called his mother (his parents are divorced) and when his stepfather answered, he told Ron to never call the house again. Take what you can from that.

      Anyway, thank you so much for responding to the video. I greatly appreciate your insight. 😉

      Have a blessed weekend! 🙂

  40. Sharon53 says:

    @Courtney H.
    Thanks for your comments. As you stated Harvey probably does use the profanity for shock value as it can grab your attention.

    I really did not know about the discord in the Goldman family but I had read somewhere that he and his sister were raised by their father. I wondered about that and some other things that I read about him. I am not an O.J. Simpson fan by any stretch of the imagination but I have always wondered why so many people seem to think he committed those murders since there has not been any real evidence that he did.

    I did not really follow his trial but looked at information online about the trial and the coroner’s report and found some things questionable. I believe Ron Goldman was actually the target and that someone followed him that night, a fight ensued, and Nicole, for some reason, came out of the house and could identify the killer and they had to kill her also. OJ could not have had time that night to commit a brutal murder like that if the timeline was correct for when someone last saw him that night to the next time someone had contact with him. Another thing is Ron Goldman had far more wounds on his body than Nicole as if someone was angry with him. I know that was a bit off-topic but since we were discussing Ron Goldman, thought I would mention it.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  41. Phazex_Female says:

    Good Morning, Sistas and Brothas:

    I have such good news this morning that I just wanted to share it!

    My 16 y.o. niece graduated this week from BOTH High School and Junior college! She was the Valedictorian of her high school class and was chosen out of 206 applicants. In addition she graduated with a 4.0!.She received her AA Degree and will matriculate to a 4 year university “down south.” I congratulate her, her parents, and others that did such an outstanding job in helping her.

    It was great to view that gold foil seal on her high school diploma that states, “Valedictorian.” The work continues in educating our children for all of us!

  42. Sharon53 says:

    Congratulations to your niece. It is so wonderful hearing success stories like this for our youth and our people.

  43. Courtney H. says:

    Here are two good videos about what happened in Charleston, S.C.:

    Beware — Harvey uses a lot of profanity, as usual.

    Tariq cusses a lot, too. I haven*t listened to Tariq in a few weeks because he was nasty to a Sister, but I knew that he would have something to say about this, so I uploaded this audio.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      Hello Sister.

      The events on Charleston shows the evil face of white racism. This situation documents once again that the black community is being attack by vicious racists. Harvey is right that these racists just hate us black people for no reason whatsoever. This incident refutes respectability politics once for all. The members of this church just wanted to worship God as they see fit. Also, the white murderer had a jacket with flags of white apartheid South Africa and the racist regime of Rhodesia. The murderer was finally caught. I hope that he will get life in prison. I do agree with Harvey that we have to protect our communities. FOX News has race baited for years, so their credibility is shot. The issue does deal with race and how structures of oppression harming our people. Our intellectual curiosity must be honored and respected. When black people tell the truth in a courageous way, then we are ridiculed. That is a shame.

      I don’t agree with Tariq’s misogyny. The issue of Haitian people in the Dominican Republic should be respected. There is a lot of racism found in D.R. The xenophobic, racist immigration law (this law uses a retrograde action which will cause people to be stateless. These people are of Haitian descent even if they are born in the D.R. There are concentration camps there too) in the D.R. We are in solidarity with our Haitian Brothers and Sisters. The Dominican Republic (under the dictator Trujillo) executed the Parsley Massacre of 1937 where innocent Haitians were killed. So, that is why many people are boycotting the D.R. The ethnic cleansing our people exist worldwide too. The lesson from both shows is that we are at war. Some black people are brainwashed and some black people are waking up. Rachel is mocking black womanhood with her actions, distractions, and deceptions (like her claiming to create artwork that she didn’t create and her lying about being black people). Tariq is right to outline the fact certain laws are used to criminalize black people. These are the issues that we should be talking about.

      Have a Great Day Sister Courtney 🙂

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      Also, we all send prayers and condolences to the families and friends of the victim of the Charleston, South Carolina church shooting.

      God Bless You like always Sister. 🙂

  44. Courtney H. says:

    Here is another really video. Harvey cusses throughout, so . . .

    • Timothy says:

      Good Afternoon Sister Courtney 🙂

      I don’t agree with Harvey using profanity all of the time, but I all agree with his right to be angry. We all have the right to be angry at racism and injustice. People know how sick some members of FOX News is. The Charleston church shooting was a total tragedy. The actions of Roof are evil. Roof is a total terrorist. We should be more troubled at our Brothers and our Sisters being murdered than whether Al Sharpton goes to Charleston or not. 9 people being murdered is a total disgrace. All of the people murdered had great character and excellent strength. Harvey is correct to say that reactionaries have been talking about talking the country back and other coded language which seeks to harm black people. The murdered wore patches of apartheid South Africa and Rhodesia. That murderer should receive at least life in prison. Roof is not the only one like this. There are many white racists like him.

      As for the gun debate, evil, racist white criminals should not own guns. Law abiding people should own guns if they want too. People should be trained to own guns too. The reactionary extremists are totally. Bernie Goldberg is a notorious racist and he once said the N word on air on Bill O’Reilly’s show. So, Harvey made great points on this issue. The people who runs the media aren’t black people. The folks who run the media are mostly white males. Harvey is right is that Jewish people should support FOX News. Hitler was anti-union, anti-Semitic, anti-social democratic, anti-black, anti-civil liberties, etc. He also made a great point that people like Limbaugh entertain extremists and when something bad occurs, then they want to deny responsibility. FOX News have shown stories that demonize the President, scapegoat black people, etc. Harvey is right to expose FOX for what it is. FOX News is a propagandist of white supremacy. It just isn’t Fox News. Most crime is intraracial and mainly in the same location. The Tea Party are extremists too. Harvey did a great job in showing examples, history, the double standards, and just common sense.

      I hope that the murderer is convicted. Also, we should remember the victims’ names and their godly work. The victims helped people, graduated from college, helped the poor, promoted peace, fought police terrorism, and promoted real Love. The victims are our heroes and they will never be forgotten.

      Thank you for showing the video Sister Courtney 🙂

      Have a Great Weekend. God Bless You.

      • Courtney H. says:

        Good evening, Brother Timothy. 🙂

        Thank you so much for watching the two videos and listening to Tariq*s audio. All were very good programs. Yes, people have the right to be angry as well as sorrowful. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families and loved ones.

        Here are two interesting articles. The comments sections are interesting, too.

        I will not add to what you said in both of your responses because you state the truth beautifully. I am glad that people are pointing out the double standards and everything else surrounding this tragedy.

        Here is another video by Harvey about forgiveness. It is obscenity-laden, as usual.

        He brings up a lot of interesting points.

        May you have a blessed Father*s Day weekend! 🙂

        • Timothy says:

          Good Evening Sister Courtney 🙂

          On another note, I’m thankful that it is cooler where I’m from now because it has been near 100 degrees for a few days. LOL.

          As for the BeyondBlackandWhite sites, I have not seen a massive amount of people being swayed in their dating choices either way as a product of this shooting. Yet, this shooting has opened the eyes of many black people on the vicious evil of white racism. I’m glad that many black people are waking up about the evil of white supremacy. White racists stole lands, brutalized our people, raped our people (among both genders), and promoted false doctrines. We should never forget that. I can never date or marry a white woman, because my romantic preference is for black women. I love black women. People have the right to date or marry who they want, but there is nothing wrong with Black Love either. Some people want to bash Black Love which is the height of disrespect. Black Love has inspired the civil rights movement and the Black Power movement too.

          Harvey made many points on forgiveness. He’s right that many of our people have been conditioned to submit to the interests of our enemies. We shouldn’t do that. Forgiveness is an individual affair among people. I can’t judge a victims’ families on whether they forgive someone or not. I have no problem with prayer, but God gave us a brain to pray and to use proactive action. So, we have to use our actions in being part of the solution. We can’t defend police terrorism or any form of terrorism at all. The murderer Roof should be imprisoned and punished for his crimes. I agree with Harvey on the Confederate flag ought to be gone from the state Capitol grounds. I disagree with Harvey on the victims’ families. I’m not God. It’s their business to forgive or not. Yet, we should oppose blatant racism, unjust violence, and terrorism in our communities. There is nothing wrong with self-defense. Harvey is right to expose the double standards in society (like how some black people are less likely to forgive black people than white people, which is wrong) and to expose FOX News for what it is. We will never give up. I will keep on fighting for decades into the future. As others have mentioned, we have to develop our infrastructure and fight for justice. There are many black people who respected themselves and respect other black people too.

          Have a Great Weekend Sister 🙂

          Also, enjoy your Father’s Day weekend as well.

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Courtney

          I made a typo. I meant to type: “…Harvey is right is that Jewish people should not support FOX News…” Many of the same industrialists who have huge influence in the economic system today decades ago temporarily financed the Nazi regime. Black people were victims of the Holocaust as well too as you have shown before. Black self-determination and black solidarity are important issues for us to embrace.

          God Bless you. 🙂

      • Alicia says:

        To go in a church of all places….my gosh!

        • Phazex_Female says:

          @ Alicia:

          I agree. It was a bold in-ya-face move to Black people. By history, a lot of black culture is deeply imbedded in the church, and this coward has an irrational fear of Black people, Roof wanted to “send a message” to the world that Black people must be maligned and not allowed to prosper as a core, racial group. I feel no empathy for him or anyone else who feels that he should be given empathy. The victims families have not been shown empathy.

          Capital punishment would be too easy for him. Allow him to live out his life with nothing but three hots and a cot and hard labor. No frills whatsoever. I refuse to molly-coddle this incident. End of story.

  45. Sharon53 says:

    Thanks for posting the videos and links. So far, I have only been able to listen to the first one but plan to listen to the others.

    Harvey does make great points. I feel that he could be a good black spokesperson if he would get rid of his misogynistic views and profane language. Black men and black women have to be united to resist this white supremacy, racism madness. We have got to stop the infighting.

    I also want to make a comment about the murderer Roof. I may be reaching with this comment but I believe others are involved with this. I don’t believe he acted alone. We may not ever know the whole truth, because he probably won’t be talking. My suspicions are aroused by the fact that he targeted that particular black church. Charleston is not some small town and it has many black churches having service on Wednesday nights. Could it have been because he really wanted to target the pastor Clementa Pinckney because he was one of the ministers who held rallies after the shooting of Walter Scott being shot in the back and as a senator, he also pushed for laws to require law enforcement personnel to wear body cameras?
    Timothy also stated above that Roof had a jacket with flags of white apartheid South Africa and the racist regime of Rhodesia. Because of his age, I don’t believe he was that well-read to orchestrate this alone and may possibly have been under the influence of someone else.

    I read some comments President Obama made. Unless I missed out on something, from what I could see, he once again skidded around issue of blatant hate and racism, and instead talked about mass violence and guns in the hands of the wrong people. Part of what he is saying is true but he seems to refuse to address what the real issue is, which is a hatred of black people. Some of us just don’t get it. There are people out there that really do hate us simply because we exist.

    • Courtney H. says:

      Good evening, Sister Sharon53. 🙂

      Thank you for your response. I agree with everything that you said, so I will not repeat anything.

      I will discuss this, however: I also agree that this devil did not act alone. I believe that he was coached to do this. The fact that the senior pastor who was murdered (and whom he specifically asked to sit next to) was one of the Black leaders in protests after Walter Scott*s murder, and that in the state Senate, he proposed legislation to have cops to wear body cams, leads me to believe that this was a hit! And I am far from the only one who believes this. I also don*t believe that Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols did not act alone. There had to be more than those two involved in that. A lot of these so-called lone wolf attacks are not **lone wolf** at all! A lot of these young men are doing the dirty work for older, more experienced white supremacists.

      Again, thank you for your response. May you have a blessed Father*s Day weekend! 🙂

      • Sharon53 says:


        Thanks for your comments. I am glad I am not the only one that suspects Roof did not act alone. Despite the supposedly white supremacist manifesto purportedly written by him that they keep talking about they found online, I still believe he was coached by someone.
        Anyway you also have a blessed Father’s Day weekend.

        • Timothy says:


          Great points from you and Sister Courtney. Also, one of his white friends said that he was planning this for six months. Why didn’t he report Roof. Also, he did researched help to buy the flags, to get the gun, to organize the website manifesto, etc. So, it is definitely the system of white supremacy attacking us as a people. Sick people like Roof deserve to be jailed at least for the rest of their lives. We have every right to fight for our freedom as black human beings.
          Enjoy your Father’s Day Weekend too.

        • Courtney H. says:

          @ Sister Sharon53:

          Thank you for your response. This devil was obviously trained by others to do this. Thank you, and may have a blessed Father’s Day weekend, too.

      • Courtney H. says:

        Typo: I meant to say “I don’t belI’ve those two acted alone.” Oops!

    • Timothy says:


      Hello Sister.

      I saw the link and the video. Obviously, the young black man has to realize that white racism is slick and vicious. It is obvious that the murderer Roof used a premediated action in murdering nine innocent black people. So, I disagree with Christon Scriven on many issues. Roof’s other friends also said that Roof made racist comments and expressed racist ideologies. Also, one of his other friends said that Roof mapped this murder out for six months. That friend and Christon should have reported to authorities that Roof wanted to kill people. Lives could have been saved by Roof being reported earlier. Therefore, the murderer should experience justice regardless of what anyone says. Some of our people want to fall for the deception that just because a white person may act a certain way towards them, this white person is progressive. The truth is that white racists aren’t just Klanspeople. They exist in many different personalities. There are certain words that some white people say with other white people behind closed doors that they will never say in front of black people. That’s true.

      Strategy and setting up plans for our liberation are important. Also, some in the younger generation are naive on race. Racism is not about someone overtly using disrespectful language against black people. Racism is also an institutional system that deprives black people of jobs, of economic opportunity, of strong education, and of a strong standard of living by virtue of our beautiful skin color. So, we want social change where the institutions of racial and economic oppression are eliminated from our world.

      Some black people will wake up and some will not. I hope for Christon to wake up. We send our prayers and condolences to the victims’ families. Yes, we need more Black Unity.

      Bless you Sharon and Bless Sister Courtney too. 🙂

    • Timothy says:


      P.S. I meant to write: “…Racism is not just about someone overtly using disrespectful language against black people. Racism is also an institutional system that deprives black people of jobs, of economic opportunity, of strong education, and of a strong standard of living by virtue of our beautiful skin color…”

      • Phazex_Female says:

        @ Timothy:
        (nodding my head in agreement) That is EXACTLY what racism is. And we must challenge it at every occurrence.

        Be well,

        • Timothy says:

          @Phazex Female

          Thank you for your words Sister. I appreciate them. I agree with you that we must fight racism at every occurrence.

          Peace and Blessings to You.

    • Courtney H. says:

      @ Sister Sharon53:

      I did not read the link, but Harvey did a video about the murderer*s **Black** friend (I will not mention the murderer*s name) that shows what a coon he is to be defending a racist murderer. That is really sad and pathetic. Thank you for providing the link.

  46. Sharon53 says:

    As always, thanks for your comments. I learn a lot from you. The young man in the video seemed very confused to me. One of the first things that loomed out at me about him was the blond dye he has in his hair. What is on the outside of our heads sometimes says a lot about what is going on inside our heads.

    You really hit the hammer on the head when you said “Some of our people want to fall for the deception that just because a white person may act a certain way towards them, this white person is progressive.” Good observation. I have observed this quite a bit in my life. Some of us blacks are also like this about other ethnic groups of people. I know some black people who may have had a good rapport with a Jew, or Puerto Rican, or some other ethnic person, so they have decided ALL people from that particular ethnic group are good people and not racists.

    You are correct when you say racists don’t have to part of a white supremacist group like the Klan. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, races, religions, nationalities, ethnicities, sexual orientations, etc. And they don’t have to wear hooded sheets to be anti-black. Some of them are patient and polite, and will even go so far as to marry us. As you know, the anti-blackness even exists among black people.

    You are also correct when you say “Racism is not about someone overtly using disrespectful language against black people. Racism is also an institutional system that deprives black people of jobs, of economic opportunity, of strong education, and of a strong standard of living by virtue of our beautiful skin color.”
    Yes, yes, yes, this is why racism/white supremacy is so hard to detect and defeat because it is built into the system in every area of life such as education, politics, economics, etc.

    I am very sad about what happened in Charleston and have been praying for the people there and for our people across the country. We need to wake up from this coma we are in. But like you said ‘some of us will wake up and some of us will not.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharon

      I agree with all of your words. In fact, these are some of the most eloquent, beautiful words that you have written in this forum. A lot of people have done great research on Charleston and South Carolina in general. We know that Charleston was one large slave depot where our ancestors were brutalized by racist terrorists. Also, we can’t learn about the Diaspora fully without learning about the Gullah. The Gullah is a beautiful language created by many black people in South Carolina including other regions of the Southeast (as a product of autonomous communities of black people wanting to preserve aspects of their black African cultural heritage). We know that Brothers and Sisters fought for justice in South Carolina too for centuries. Denmark Vesey organized a slave revolt that tried to free our people from bondage and injustice. The late Sister Septima Clark fought for human rights. Septima Clark set up citizenship schools decades ago as a way for her to educate our people on politics, literacy, voting rights, etc. We know that the Charleston Five stood up against the Confederate flag (which evil people have used that banner as a way for them to oppress our people) and there are many conscious black people in South Carolina now as well. The young Brother has blond hair and his mannerisms denote his submissive attitude towards white people.

      We want the Brother to wake up and realize his power and strength. Strength comes not by naiveté. Strength comes by us realizing our potential, loving our identity, and believing in truth (and following activism which can help ourselves and our people). Anti-blackness is a problem. Even some black folks have it and that is why real education is important to show the world about the human value of black human life. Some black people with anti-blackness have to realize that their hair is beautiful, their phenotype is beautiful, and their skin color is beautiful too. Countless books, lectures, and other information from our people document fully the excellent nature of Melanin. Our rhythm, our form of speech, our natural flavor, and our beauty should be cherished in our souls.

      Freedom is not just a social, political, or economic situation where we control our own resources as a free people. It is not just out maintaining our human rights by birthright. Freedom is also a mental, spiritual, and emotional acceptance of our black humanity fully and without compromise. This education involves community mobilization and organization. It also involved economic, political, and social collaboration with our people in the States and our people internationally. This is why it is great for us to promote Pan-African Unity and to promote studying our black African Diaspora. Racism is certainly institutionalized and it’s diverse. You’re right to mention that racism is found among some of a lot of backgrounds. South Carolina has a large black population and we are inspired to fight back even more. We will stand on our principles and defend our principles as Brothers and Sisters. We don’t hate anyone. No one should suffer injustice, abuse, etc. No one should suffer murder. We just love truth, wisdom, and black people.

      We want all black people to be free. I appreciate the words from you, Courtney, Trojan Pam, Kushite Prince, and so many other Brothers and Sisters in this forum.

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