15 Facts about Freddie Gray & Baltimore Riots — Part Three

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baltimore riots with whites 1Baltimore protest

FACT #11 — Black people should not join marches or protests where whites are participating for the following six reasons:

1.  Some of the white (and black) participants are governments PLANTS who are there to CONTROL, MONITOR, IDENTIFY, and INSTIGATE VIOLENCE (when needed) to make it appear that black people aren’t protesting injustice; they’re “stealing” aka they are criminals. (to paraphrase  President Obama – see Part Two).

2.  Some whites who participate have their own political agendas, such as recruiting gullible blacks for white socialist organizations and/or to REDIRECT the BLACK FOCUS away from RACE (racism) to CLASS (what ails white people). In reality, the white supremacy system is a CASTE SYSTEM where non-white people–regardless of education and “class” are still considered a “lower caste” NON-WHITE person. You can find my post on class VS caste here.

3.  White participation totally confuses black people into thinking there are “good white people” who are not racist and who will assist and save us. Many walk away from the marches convinced that —“maybe, racism isn’t as bad as I thought because I was marching next to a really cool, non-racist white person”  — YET the murders continue and in fact, are increasing despite all the white participation.

4. The presence of whites actually feed our desperate need for WHITE VALIDATION and provides a “soothing lotion” for our mistreatment under the system of white supremacy. This undermines our confidence that we can think and act INDEPENDENTLY of the white system (and white people).

5. The presence of whites where emotions and adrenaline run high actually increases the ODDS that sex between black and white people will take place (later).  In fact, I have come to the conclusion that SEX WITH BLACKS is a major draw for white participation in black rallies, forums, marches, and protests. You can find my post on the “white anti-racist” here.

6. The white people who are marching alongside black people are most likely STILL PRACTICING RACISM and do NOT want to see the system of white supremacy and white privilege eliminated. Some whites simply disagree with the (violent) MANNER in which racism is practiced, but NOT the actual practice of it.

The more refined racist believes racism can be practiced with a finesse that leaves his/her victims confused and baffled and dependent instead of angry and alienated and eventually rebellious. This is why the most refined racists operate off the premise that it is wiser to “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”

Just to be clear, I realize it is difficult to near impossible for black people to organize on any large scale without white interference and participation. In fact, many, maybe most blacks will be totally opposed and offended by my suggestion to exclude whites from participating in our organizations and efforts to liberate ourselves.

That being said, I believe our focus, determination, and understanding on how to overcome our oppression is GREATLY diminished when we join with the same people who BENEFIT from our oppression. All we have to do is look at the EVIDENCE. We are still greatly oppressed.

FACT #12 — Black people have NO ALLIES in the known universe except the almighty CREATOR and EACH OTHER. We would be WISE to take a page out of all the white AND non-black group handbooks who do NOT seek alliances with blacks but focus on the problems of their OWN ETHNIC GROUP.

For example, evangelical white Christians claim to oppose homosexuality but have NEVER ONCE JOINED FORCES with the outspoken black ministers who have come out against it. They have NO INTENTION of allowing anyone to even THINK they are participating OR cooperating with anything that black people support.

We should immediately cease our pitiful attempts to align ourselves politically with non-black people or non-black groups who have NEVER ONCE extended a hand in our direction except to hand us our change from a purchase we made from their businesses.

To my knowledge, there hasn’t been A SINGLE MAJOR NON-BLACK (no so-called red, yellow, or brown) ORGANIZATION that has publicly voiced their opposition to the murder of Freddie Gray or any other unarmed black victim NOR have any offered to join ranks with any black organizations to fight police oppression and/or racism.

NOT A ONE — but if anyone knows different, please post this information and a link in the interest of being as accurate as possible.

This has nothing to do with hating non-blacks anymore than Mexican people supporting La Raza or immigration means they hate black people. However, it should be clear that other non-white groups work hard to maintain a political DISTANCE from the troubles of black people because they do NOT want to be an ally of someone (black people) who is the collective scapegoat for all the ills and crimes of the white society.

An analogy:

There are four children  in the playground who wear glasses. One child has brown eyeglasses, another child has red eyeglasses, a third has yellow eyeglasses and the fourth child has black eyeglasses.

For some reason unknown to the four children, the child with the black eyeglasses–Billy–is targeted EVERY DAY by a gang of bullies who hate children who wear eyeglasses but especially children who wear black eyeglasses.

So the first three children say to themselves (and each other) there is NO WAY they are interested in being friends with the child who wears black eyeglasses. It is bad enough that they’re called names once in a while but this “black” child gets beat up every day.

So all three children steer clear of the child with the black eyeglasses UNLESS Billy has something they want or need, like the answers to the geography test. Only then will they sidle up to Billy and take what he has to offer then they scurry back to their side of the playground lest the bullies think they actually like or feel sorry for Billy.

Because whenever the bullies ask them about Billy, they tell the bullies what they want to hear, that Billy is a rotten kid who deserves whatever the bullies dish out.

And poor Billy, even when he realizes the other children aren’t his friend, is so eager to be liked after having been beaten up so often and so bad, that he doesn’t even care if they’re genuine as long as they pay him a little attention (VALIDATE HIM).


And that is the POSITION of black people today in a white supremacy society. We are the children with the black eyeglasses. That’s why I believe wholeheartedly that it is a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME and an ACT OF SELF-DISRESPECT to seek alliances with other non-white people when our FOCUS SHOULD BE to renew and repair our relationships with EACH OTHER

BECAUSE the bottom line fact is — the ONLY ALLIES black people have OR will have in the event of a societal collapse will be EACH OTHER and we are in for a very PAINFUL AWAKENING if we do not heed this warning.

FACT #13 —  It is no accident that the vast majority of blacks murdered by police are brown and dark-skinned black males and females.

To my knowledge, it is uncommon for a so-called “bi-racial-appearing” black person to be murdered by the police. This does not mean the so-called “bi-racial” person is not a victim of racism but there is a SKIN COLOR hierarchy in a white supremacy system where the darker you are, the more mistreated you are.

Making it appear that lighter-skinned blacks receive “better” treatment is a TRICK to get blacks to “lighten up” their offspring in the hopes that their children will be treated better than they were. This is one of the MAJOR REASONS some black people have given when they seek a lighter-skinned mate and some will go to the extent of dating and breeding with non-blacks exclusively.

However, the darker the skin, the more genetically superior the individual. And this is what the white supremacists want to destroy:


FACT #14 —  Interracial sex with whites have made blacks weaker collectively and more vulnerable to racist attacks.  I have warned about this over and over and over again. That interracial sex and relationships with whites works against our ability and our desire to protect each other.

I warned over and over again in my books and blogs that the MAIN reason the mainstream media promotes sex with whites for black people is to DIVIDE AND CONQUER the black male and black female.

That is why the white media pits black males and black females against each other in movies and TV shows and mass media. And this is why there are almost NO loving relationships between black males and females in mainstream media. Even sexual expression such as hugging and kissing and making love is almost forbidden in mainstream media and most black people are shown either alone (asexual) or sexually involved with white people.

This is why Interracial sex is constantly being promoted for blacks as a superior option and why the majority of black children and youth in TV commercials are “bi-racial” (the better blacks) to encourage us to avoid “breeding” with each other.

Interracial sex makes it literally IMPOSSIBLE for black people to UNIFY and OPPOSE white supremacy. It makes it literally IMPOSSIBLE to build strong black communities and economic bases. Which is why the white supremacists promote it. They know:


A DIS-UNIFIED people are a totally vulnerable, self-disrespecting, and anti-self people — and the evidence of this is everywhere. If we do not find a way to heal the damage done to our relationships from chattel slavery and integration, we will be little more than sitting ducks waiting to be picked off by the white hunters.

FACT #15–  There is a strong HOMOSEXUAL UNDERCURRENT behind the murders of black males, especially dark-skinned black males, by white policemen.

The white male cop who choked Eric Gardner — a DARK-SKINNED BLACK MALE — to death was accused in past of fondling black males’ genitals:

eric-garner-chokehold-video.pngThe MURDER of Eric Gardner

Eric Gardner cop murderer - Daniel PantaleoPoliceman Daniel Pantaleo

NEW YORK — The white New York City police officer, Daniel Pantaleo, whose choke hold led to the death of an unarmed black man, Eric Gardner,  has been sued three times for allegedly violating the constitutional rights of other blacks he and fellow cops arrested.

Darren Collins And Tommy Rice (two black males) allege that he and three other cops pulled them over one morning saying they saw a hand-to-hand drug transaction, the New York Daily News reports.

The cops then allegedly strip searched the men and touched their genitals, saying they were searching for drugs. Kenneth Collins, sued sued Pantaleo and other officers in November 2012.Collins and Rice sued Pantaleo and other police officers in 2012.  (He has been accused by other black males of fondling their genitals).

white supremacy is the problem

BurgeJon Burge

Jon Graham Burge (born December 20, 1947) is a convicted felon and former Chicago Police Department detective and commander who gained notoriety for torturing more than 200 criminal suspects (majority were black males) between 1972 and 1991 in order to force confessions.

Burge and other Chicago Police officers allegedly used methods of torture that included electrical devices: a cattle prod, a hand cranked device, and a violet wand. They used an old-style hand cranked telephone which generated electricity, and attached wires to the suspect’s genitals or face. The violet wand was said to be regularly placed either on the anus, into the rectum or against the victim’s exposed genitals.

abner_louima_hospital2Abner Louima


Abner Louima, after visiting Club Rendez-Vous, a popular hotspot in Flatbush, NY, he and fellow party-goers got in the middle of a fight between two women.

Police responded to the scene and tensions flared between the patrons and the officers, instigating a large scuffle. Officer Justin Volpe, the ringleader of the assailants in blue, and Charles Schwarz were among the first cops on the scene. Volpe lead all of the officers to beat Louma with nightsticks, two-way radios, and their fists while taking him to the 70th Precinct holding cell.

Louima’s evening would take a turn for the worse when the cops, drunken with anger, took him to a bathroom in the precinct and continued to beat him while Volpe kicked him and squeezed his privates. Volpe then took a plunger handle and SODOMIZED Louima, bragging to a fellow officer that he “took a man down tonight,” according to the trial testimony.

Thankfully, a nurse treating Louima at the emergency room in Coney Island Hospital alerted his family and the Internal Affairs Bureau of the NYPD. Louima would require three surgeries for his colon and bladder and was hospitalized for two months.


 2 cops held liable in screwdriver assault

coprez coffieL to R: Attorney Jon Loevy, Coprez Coffie, and Coffie’s mother

October 17, 2007

A federal jury late Tuesday held two (white male) Chicago police officers liable for the unreasonable search of a man who alleged that the officers sodomized him with a screwdriver during a search for drugs. Coprez Coffie, 23, had testified that the tactical officers used the tool on him in a West Side alley in 2004. His family hugged after the verdict was announced.

There are so many reported and unreported cases of white male policemen and prison guards fondling black males’ genitals, sodomizing them with screwdrivers and broom handles and raping them.

It should be obvious:  The hatred of black males — especially dark-skinned black males — is fueled by LUST AND ENVY — not law and order.

The obsession with black male genitalia and black virility as well as black sexuality in general is the gasoline on the fire of white supremacy and is as old as the first time white slavers laid eyes on black people.

The down low white male homosexual cannot openly pursue black males. It is his FRUSTRATION and self-contempt for desiring what he clearly despises that fuels the RAGE that leads to violence and murder. They hate what they so desperately desire and cannot be.


(In my book, ‘The Interracial Con Game” I talk at length about the the HOMOSEXUAL UNDERCURRENT of the white male racism).

Part Four — ‘What Black People Can Do RIGHT NOW’ — AND Part Five — ‘What Would White People Do?’ — will be posted later this month

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  1. Shanequa says:

    @ Trojan Pam
    I notice that police target mostly heterosexual black men & women, you do not find them targeting homosexual black men & women because they are no threat to the white supremacy power structure. When whites & non blacks go to those protests, black people are giving the illusion that we have allies for our support. With so much self hate Black Africans feel like they are somebody special when non blacks pretend to come to our rescue. It reminds them that we are the world we must all come as one to end racism. Non black minorities cosign with Europeans when they are not the ones being bullied, but when they are they will jump ships an run to us to protect them from their European attacker. Even in prison black prisoners have stated Hispanic’s would cosign with Europeans before they support BLACK Africans. I have read books from several BLACK activist & non activist that had the same experience in prison.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Shanequa

      You raise an interesting point. I wouldn’t be surprised if openly homosexual black males get a pass since they’re no threat to white supremacy and IN FACT are the preferred type of black male, which is the reason white mainstream media REWARDS and PROMOTES homosexuality for black males.

      I agree that non-blacks quickly hijack the (black) civil rights movement and terminology YET they refuse to stand with us when we are being slaughtered.

      As long as they believe they benefit from the SKIN COLOR HIERARCHY in a white supremacy system — being lighter-skinned themselves compared to the average black person — they are not going to jeopardize that small advantage. Also, there are cultural differences between us and them that make it extremely unlikely that we will ever be allies.

      No one wants the black collective to develop itself. We are everyone’s unconscious CASH COW and they want it to stay that way. Also, some know who we are and that we don’t know who we are.

      that is why I strongly suggest we work to overcome our anti-blackness and learn to reconnect with OTHER BLACK PEOPLE and fix our OWN HOUSE FIRST before we worry about anyone else’s.

    • Alicia says:

      I don’t believe non-whites are on the side of white supremacy at all. Many are scared to side with us because of white racism.

  2. Timothy says:

    @Sister Trojan Pam,

    You have made an excellent article once again Sister. The fundamental point is no one can make us free, but us. No matter how many new laws are passed, we can’t end the system of white supremacy unless we use our own power of self-determination to establish our own independent power base. Many people falsely assume that racial oppression is not more substantial than class oppression. Yet, in capitalist and communist countries, we see that black people or darker skinned people are mistreated worse than white people in those nations. Also, racist, poor whites even have an evil superiority complex that propels them to view themselves as superior to a black person (irrespective of class), which is an evil philosophy. Many socialists believe in class reductionism or the view that the primary focus should be on class. I disagree with class reductionism. I believe that we should discuss both about race and class, while taking a great emphasis on race since we are black people living in an oppressive, racist system. I do believe in economic justice and racial justice. Many whites do try to infiltrate black-led social movements (for promoting an agenda, some are government agents, and others want to have romantic relations with black people), and some black people are guilt tripped in accepting anyone, because some black people fear being labeled a “racist” (which is oxymoronic since black people can never be racist as racism is a function of the system of white supremacy).

    Another great point is to be made too. Society never calls the forming of Chinatowns in America by the Asian community, Jewish run schools, Arabic owned businesses, and Irish celebrations racist. Yet, when black people decide to unify and establish our own cultural expressions or even our independent enterprises, then we are falsely labeled as “racists.” Non-black people of color readily try to piggy back on our movement, but many of them will co-sign the anti-black stereotypes that white society embraces. Interracial relationships are never superior to Black Love and Black Unity. It is clear that white supremacists hate Black Love via their TV shows, movies, etc.

    Black Love is one way to combat the glamorization of pitting black men and black women against each other. Black people, who are males and females, are oppressed by the same people who oppressed our ancestors. Therefore, it is so much more spiritually and morally refreshing to unify with our people anyway. When we do unify for real, it feels better and I do feel a great inner calm and an inner peace when I unify with black people in real life. Racist white cops doing degenerate acts on black people are nothing new. Racism is readily linked to moral degeneracy (as in abusing human beings in a perverted, sick way). Many white racists are closeted homosexuals as you have accurately mentioned. Many crooked cops either received a slap on the wrist or they haven’t been convicted at all via police unions, etc.

    Daniel Pantaleo is an evil piece of work. Burge and others were sick terrorists. A lot of people in Chicago know about Burge. No one can be naïve. We are in an emergency in our community and these white racists are playing for keeps. We have to be educated, know our history, know our culture, help our people, and fight back against evil. Evil can only be stopped when it is fought against and defeated. I believe in Pan-African unity and establishing coalitions with black people in the four corners of the Earth. The Universe and the Creator are on our side.

    Thank you for showing the information Sister. You are educating and inspiring so many people in the world.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Timothy

      I agree with your points. And you’re right, whenever black people attempt ANY sort of self-help or unity, it is attacked. Of course, non-blacks don’t want us to “wake up”

      We are their CASH COWS, their SOCIAL CUSHION, and a human BARRIER between openly racist whites and themselves.

      I suspect they know if black people disappeared overnight they would be the new “niggers” and would catch hell for it. (not that they aren’t already)

      That’s why I strongly discourage the misguided notion that we should spend ANY precious time trying to be allies of other non-black/non-white groups.

      We don’t have the time or the luxury for that. We have a ton of work just creating allies within our own group.

      • Timothy says:

        @Sister Trojan Pam

        You’re right Sister in mentioning the fact that we have to work with our own people. How can we be free for real if we escape our responsibility by not helping out our own people? The answer is that we can’t. There is no freedom in escape. We have to confront our problems, confront oppression, and build. Too many of our people want to escape their blackness culturally, but non blacks will remind easily that they are black. We have to unite in our black community, love our black identity, and do what is right.

  3. Jay says:

    Your analogy to how white global apartheid is like the bully on the playground is so true. But what black people seem not get is what gets a bully off you is not acquiescing and giving in–it’s the opposite. We’ve all seen this or experienced this as children. What gets rid of a bully? A very public and sound a$$ beating. Or you go crazy on him/her. Being the cowards they are at their core–they want an easy fight. An easy mark. Black people historically have made ourselves easy marks. We have been almost apologetic for our very damn existence. I also agree with the latent homosexual undercurrent. I absolutely believe that white males on the whole are more likely to be latent homosexuals. Black males are seen by them (whether they admit it openly or not) as the alpha male. I really don’t think they desire black women as much as they see them as competitors. And I believe the placement of white women as the proverbial ideal of womanhood is simply because they need them as carriers to continue the genetic pool. I’ve always found it curious that their ideal of feminine beauty is a woman with few to no feminine curves who basically looks like a pre-pubescent child & in the fashion industry; beauty standards are being decided by gay men. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Jay,

      You’re right, white supremacy is a BULLY SYSTEM, that’s why it’s so IRONIC when whites complain about “bullies” in their children’s schools. Whenever I hear this, I think, wait a minute, your children got the bullying from YOU.

      and you’re absolutely right, giving in to a bully makes it worse and at some point we will have to get off our knees and face our fears.

      It’s funny what you said about ideal white feminine beauty because I was a young teenager when I had the same thought. I couldn’t figure out why white males thought a woman with no hips or butt with a long skinny body was sexy and then it hit me that this was the physique of an adolescent or teenaged boy.

      And this standard still holds today

      Thank God most black males prefer women with women’s bodies.

      • Phazex says:

        @ Sista Pam:

        I agree with you that white supremacy IS a BULLY SYSTEM. And whites have always felt that they held the “standard of beauty.” However, I disagree with the thought that “we should kick the asses of those who are bullying black people.” We learned from the Black Panthers and other black based groups. We learned from the never-ending attacks of the Black Panther movement. The Black Panthers did NOT pursue law enforcement, law enforcement pursued the Black Panther’s and oftentimes, with intended violence. By history, I must give a head nod to the ‘Panthers for it was they that implemented food programs to help children, the elderly and the community. As well as a list of other community involvements. What we CAN do is educate ourselves and one another. Education, your five senses, including that “sixth” sense, called mother-wit is something NO RACIST OR OTHER NON-BLACK INDIVIDUAL can take from you. As I referenced in a previous post, historically Blacks have had NO allies. None. Any other ethnic group “jumped in” when the timing was advantageous for THEM. Otherwise? *Crickets.*

        The “color-caste system” operated in EVERY ethnic group. This is one of the reasons why other non-whites feel that they are “a cut above blacks.” I LOVED your view on this by the way:

        “As long as they believe they benefit from the SKIN COLOR HIERARCHY in a white supremacy system — being lighter-skinned themselves compared to the average black person — they are not going to jeopardize that small advantage. Also, there are cultural differences between us and them that make it extremely unlikely that we will ever be allies.

        No one wants the black collective to develop itself. We are everyone’s unconscious CASH COW and they want it to stay that way. Also, some know who we are and that we don’t know who we are. ” I need to add NOTHING more to this statement. It is complete unto itself.

        White women, as I have referenced before, are looked at as merely “another possession” of the white male and whose chief role is to keep churning out white off-spring.

        Because of the influx of Asians and Hispanics, many of our black people live in communities that are deluged with them. By economics, they have to live there, little to no alternatives. And trust, they are NOT looking out for any of our interests. In fact, here is case scenario: this past Saturday, I had to drive in to the city (I live in a semi-rural area now) to bring up my dry-cleaning. After I picked up my dry-cleaning, I stopped at a hamburger restaurant to get something cold to drink as I drove back home. After I was served and stood to one side waiting for my beverage, I noted an elderly black man being served that was “shaking” somewhat and having difficulty putting some items into his wallet at the front counter. Then I saw that the counter clerk was a Hispanic female and the other customers were all Hispanic as well. They all looked at the man, yet not one them moved to assist him. I assisted the man, took his meal to the table that he pointed out and helped him to walk to his table. The entire time no one else offered to assist him. They all just LOOKED. I shook my head, talked to the elderly man for a few moments and, as a niece says, “kept it pushing” Talk about mean-spirited. This was NOT about a language barrier, but it was about helping one in time of need. I just refused to entertain the thought of what I COULD have said to each and every one of them.

        As you stated? At the end of the day?

        ” I still stand by my statement, that black people would be better off doing what ALL other groups are doing.”

        “Be for, by and about OUR people.

        Be well,


      • Alicia says:

        That’s what white racists generally are. aggressive, cruel, hateful BULLIES.

      • Alicia says:

        I find it ironic when whites talk about “terrorism” as if it’s something new to them or new in their midst when it’s what they’ve done individually and as a group for 100’s of years. Cruel people though often try to act innocent along with being hateful.

    • Alicia says:

      I don’t know about all that jealousy stuff, I believe white supremacy = hate, evil, cruelty, wickedness and evil behavior. In places where there are no blacks the same issues occur. How often do you see mixed race or native looking latinos ( and there are lots) on European owned latin american tv. One thing we can learn from whites is to support our own. Black people by and large have not grasped that yet, for whatever reason.

  4. sparkle86 says:

    Totally agree with everything said here!

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Rashnu

      I checked out the link. Thanks for posting it.
      I was hoping someone would rise to the occasion and find one — HOWEVER — I still stand by my statement, that black people would be better off doing what ALL other groups are doing.

      Spending the vast majority of their time, energy and resources helping their OWN PEOPLE.

      • Rashnu says:

        Sounds like a narrow, regressive view/attitude — not the most constructive way to advise people. What makes the big difference is the way whites ration out capital and resources — depending on the group. Sounds like you give other groups too much credit: they don’t have any special unity, ethics or other attributes in and of themselves that puts them in the position that they are in. That position is facilitated by white support.
        Some non-white people spend too much time fussing over titles and classifications, trying to enforce racial boundaries, and containing their “own people” (as determined by whites). More culturally literate people should capitalize on other people’s claims of support for justice. If there’s an opportunity for it to be used, then might as well…

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Rashnu

          Are you a white person?

          • Rashnu says:

            @Trojan Pam


            Is that an interesting point above? I don’t hear it mentioned enough. Other groups can neither correctly be given much credit for their position nor be held up as models to emulate. The main factor, the hidden hand that produces these results (that should get the most credit), is what white people are doing — not what “ALL other groups are doing”.

            You don’t think so?

            • Trojan Pam says:

              @ Rashnu

              RE your original post, I disagree with the characterization that my view is a narrow, regressive one.

              In fact, it’s a HIGHLY FOCUSED, progressive view that says we have to focus on ourselves on our own terms instead of attempting to build anymore rickety bridges with people who do not have our best interests at heart.

              Seeing that our ‘wide-angled view’ has gotten us NOWHERE.

              While other groups unify to get whatever resources whites allow them to have (as you put it), black people GIVE our most precious resources away to everyone else.

              Those resources include money, education (meaning we use our education to enrich EVERYONE but our own people), our genetics, bodies, talents, time, and “love.”

              I’m not holding anyone up as a role model. Every non-white group is under the thumb of white supremacy, even within their own countries.

              I mentioned them because often black people talk about building alliances with other non-whites and I think at this point it is a waste of time.

              They are NOT INTERESTED. They are too busy working on behalf of their own people.

              Yes, whites are in control, but what other choice do we have but to try something new? What we have been doing — being all-inclusive — is NOT WORKING and to continue it is the definition of INSANITY.

              • Rashnu says:

                That’s fine. You can disagree, but it’s still narrow — at least, relative to my comments.

                Other groups don’t unify in any uniquely effective manner on their own to get whatever resources whites allow them to have. Whites make “investments”, organizing them and positioning them through the whole process: from selecting them from wherever they are from; to where they live, work, play, and receive education; to how they form any group for interaction with the government for political representation (meaning, whomever will “manage” them on the behalf of whites) and so on. Whites isolate their respective investments in each group through the imposed social/political boundaries that go along with racial classifications; and through our participation in the identity/race political arena that they have designed (in which all interests serve whites).

                Black people getting nowhere is not largely attributable to a “wide-angled view.” That doesn’t suffice to explain getting nowhere. Without far-reaching, concerted white sabotage Black people would make gains despite those few losses. Many people (all groups) are not focused on themselves on their own terms nor do they interact with others on their own terms. White people influence and manufacture everybody’s interests.

                The “all-inclusive-not-working” argument is a popular recruiting, social control tool being used right now, but that doesn’t explain the manufactured disparities throughout society. I hear some people keep saying that; it’s an easy hit to electrify some people, but it doesn’t mean much.

                Apparently, there’s not much “highly focused” or “progressive” views going on because the same system has been running strong for over half a century now.

                Try something “new”? I don’t see any new ideas here.

              • Trojan Pam says:

                @ Rashnu

                “A popular recruiting tool?” I’m not “recruiting” anyone. I write a BLOG sharing my views.
                And you have a right to your opinion — the same as me and everyone here — and it’s no more valid or “right” than anyone else’s. Please keep that in mind.

                that being said, what I find interesting is the posters who come to my blog (or to another blog) and seem to do nothing but criticize what is said or written without offering a single suggestion or solution themselves

                So, here’s your opportunity to share your wisdom and solutions

                What should black people do to solve the problem of racism/white supremacy and to stop police killings?

              • Phazex says:

                @ Sista Pam:

                Well stated! Blacks have embraced everyone but each other. And we see where that has gotten our people, “no where.”

                It is well past time to re-vamp the blue-print, so to speak. I DO agree with you.

              • Rashnu says:

                Without offering a single suggestion? There are a couple of suggestions above; I guess you’re pretending they’re not there. The affirmation-therapy-through-bonding-over-outgroup-hostility that some non-white people engage in is not a constructive way to minimize conflict between anybody. Break the dependent, herd mentality of going along with/engaging in certain activities and ideas with certain people just because of conditioning of the dominant (white) society and social pressure from other people. Seek to minimize conflict and produce the most constructive interactions and results in whatever situation or environment one is in. Stop thinking and acting largely within the confines of white-designed identity/race politics. Avoid “racial shadow-boxing.” How long of a list do I need to make?

                There’s not much of any opinion going on in this thread, with some people trying to feel good about not liking certain people (as if that’s doing something or it’s the “in” thing to do), bouncing empty statements and claims off of each other, fishing to derive intrinsic value from physical characteristics to compare and brag about, a little name-calling, and so on.

              • Trojan Pam says:

                @ Rashnu

                I had no idea you were making suggestions so let me repost them here:

                Suggestion #1: The affirmation-therapy-through-bonding-over-outgroup-hostility that some non-white people engage in is not a constructive way to minimize conflict between anybody

                Suggestion #2: Break the dependent, herd mentality of going along with/engaging in certain activities and ideas with certain people just because of conditioning of the dominant (white) society and social pressure from other people.

                Suggestion #3: Seek to minimize conflict and produce the most constructive interactions and results in whatever situation or environment one is in.

                Suggestion #4: Stop thinking and acting largely within the confines of white-designed identity/race politics. Avoid “racial shadow-boxing.”
                Sincerely — and I’m not being sarcastic — other than #3 (which I have listed in my blogs and all four of my books and have credited to Mr. Neely Fuller — I have NO idea how anyone is supposed to follow your suggestions.

                For example, #4, in which you use the term “shadow-boxing” which again is credited to Mr. Fuller, how is one to “stop thinking and acting largely within the confines of white-designed identity/race politics” within a white supremacy system?

                Instead of telling us what we shouldn’t do, can you rephrase it in terms of what we SHOULD do? If you can state your suggestions more clearly so that anyone can understand it, that would be appreciated.

                ALSO, please give your solutions/suggestions for how black people can end police brutality

                As far as “name-calling” — your comment — “There’s not much of any opinion going on in this thread” — is the closest thing to name-calling I have read on this thread.

                Thankfully, most who come here would disagree with you and in fact have found valuable information within this post and on this blog.

                However, if you don’t find this blog to your liking there are millions of other blogs to choose from and I wish you well.

              • Rashnu says:

                @Trojan Pam

                That’s why I asked how long of a list would I have make. I know you are familiar with Mr. Fuller’s works. I don’t give you much of the benefit of the doubt. I don’t think that you don’t have any idea about what any of those suggestions means. I was hoping to not have to write a mini-book in here. Maybe later.

              • Trojan Pam says:

                @ Rashnu

                you’re absolutely right. I don’t have any idea what most of your suggestions meant

                Definitely, no “new ideas” were seen in those jumbled sentences.

                And I doubt anyone else understood them either.

                Do you know what the hallmark of good (intelligent) writing is? ANYBODY can understand what you write, even me.

                I do not want you to write a mini-book. I do not want to read your list.

                In fact, I will not entertain any more of your not-so-smartly veiled insults.

                If you post anything else that is not constructive, anything that is personally directed at disparaging me or this blog, IT WILL BE DELETED.

              • Timothy says:

                @Sister Trojan Pam.

                Keep on showing the truth. You’re doing a great job in outlining the facts and exposing the wickedness of the system of white supremacy. It is absolutely progressive for black people to promote the interests and survival of black people. We don’t need to worship non-blacks as gods. We need to work on building up ourselves and witnessing the importance of community building. It is an old lie (which some people embrace) that when we advance Black Unity, then we somehow promoting hatred of non-blacks. That’s a lie. We don’t hate anyone. We just love black people and we want black people to reach into our highest potential as a people and as a community.

                Keep up the Great Work Sister.

              • Trojan Pam says:

                @ Timothy

                I agree, and there will be those who will try to fool us into thinking group unity doesn’t matter and many will be other black people for a variety of reasons, especially those who are warming the beds of white people. Mainly because they need to JUSTIFY their own behavior.

                They will soon learn (if they haven’t already) that they have put themselves in a trick bag that will become more and more uncomfortable as the old style RACISM increasingly rears its ugly head.

                I know there is safety in UNIFIED NUMBERS. Even the beasts of the field know this. Why don’t we?

                If black UNITY wasn’t powerful why would the system work so hard against it? Why would they literally push sex with whites down our throats? Why provoke endless gender wars between black males and females?

                It’s the things they don’t want us to do that are the things we SHOULD BE doing the most.

  5. You’re three for three Pam! You’re on a roll!lol This is an excellent post. So much truth you’ve laid out here. I’ll be sharing this with others. Thanks Pam.

  6. Shanequa says:

    @ Trojan Pam, @ Timothy, @ Courtney H & others

    Off the subject but self hate has gotten out of control.Just look at this video clip on how Negropeans telling this Europeans how pretty her roller set not a real afro is cute. I strongly believe this will be this next step in the media having a European or non black ethic women with a not real but suppose to afro. I read the comments on the page an it was sad. you even had non black people stating black people are not the only ones with afro texture hair and Negropeans were agreeing with them. The black woman’s appearance have been degraded since we came in contact with Europeans but let a non black woman walk around with a afro or braids its beautiful.

    • Rashnu says:


      “Negropeans” were likely agreeing with them because they are correct. There are people in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands/Oceania with coiled hair that grows like an afro.

    • Courtney H. says:

      @ Shanequa:

      Thank you for showing this video. I hate to be mean, but her hair does not look good on her. I agree that Black features like hair, behinds, etc., are not appreciated unless it is on a White person. I am so sick of Whites copying our culture but hating us at the same time!

      • Phazex says:

        @ Courtney and Shanequa:

        Though other cultures do have “kinky” hair as do many Black people, I agree with you that it is not considered “meaningful” unless a white to other non-white person, company, franchise, etc. has “put their stamp of approval on it.” For example, the actress Bo Derek in the movie, “10.” I recall many a day, when sistas sat on the front porch, in the front of the dorm hall, etc. either braiding one another’s hair or braiding a brotha’s hair. And I understand that it was two SISTAS that braided Bo Derek’s hair. Enter Freakwood: again, capitalizing off something (back then) that blacks virtually did for free. Funny that before this movie was viewed (and I did not go to see it) there were virtually “no braiders” in Cosmetology in Freakwood (Hollywood).

        The ONLY look that we need as black people is OUR OWN. We do not need another race’s hair to enhance our own looks. I KNOW why we bought into this, but to each his own. People that do this need a wake-up call from other blacks that they are not helping to fill the pockets of our people–or the community.


        “Happy to be Nappy,” (LOL)


      • Shanequa says:

        @ Courtney H you are keeping it real that is not a afro but a roller set.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Shanequa

      I feel your sentiments. Black women are originators of the Afro and many beautiful hairstyles. Many non-blacks (especially whites) mimic the hair styles of black people and some even claim that they originated the style or make the style better (which is ludicrous). In our society, we will always find Negropeans justifying the degrading of the black cultural strength of black people. The commercial doesn’t even show an Afro, but it shows a white woman creating curly hair (from straight hair). For decades, black women with natural hairstyles have been slandered by racists and the black female phenotype has been slandered by racists. We know this from history when Sister Saartjie Baartman was heavily mistreated by racist white people. Now, many non-blacks want to mimic or try to copy the black female phenotype as a means for them to express some fashion statement. Some use certain hair styles as a way for some of them to try to entice black males to date them as well. There are double standards too. Many white people and non-blacks wear weaves, but they are not heavily criticized. When a black women even wear a single weave, she is called every name under the sun but a child of God. When non-blacks wears braids, she is not criticized as harshly as when a black woman wear braids. So, we know what the deal is. There is nothing wrong with a Sister wearing a diversity of hairstyles. The beauty of natural hair is great. The truth always prevails. We, as black people, are the originals. The original humans are never inferior to anyone else at all. Thank you for showing the video Sister.

      • Shanequa says:

        @ Timothy thank you for your reply brother.

      • Phazex says:

        Head nod @ Timothy:

        Sistas, through their own ingenuity, have always been front-runners when it came to style and fashion. But we all know that through time, the so-called dominant culture has always exhibited a “us first” mentality. All one has to do is to look through the annals of hx (history). The dominant culture is no more talented than any other culture, they are supportive of one another and black people are waking up after centuries of indoctrination and realizing that, “all we have IS each other” and we have to start “paying attention.”

        Based on this as well as a survival mind-set, sistas have ALWAYS known how to “make a dollar out of 15 cents,” so to speak.

        As I stated previously, we invent or make it, others emulate it and once again, that Amerikkan government dollar floats right out of the community.

        But then again, “The best form of flattery IS imitation.” Chuckling…

        Be well,


        • Timothy says:


          Thank you for your words Sister. First, I appreciate you and other Sisters and Brothers showing the truth in this forum. Yes, black women are imitated all of the time. The events going on in the world show us that we are all we got literally. We reject corrupt and we want our black community to flourish and thrive. This is done by decolonization mentally (as in eliminating mental slavery) and to care for our families, work in independent organizations who are helping black people (even promoting pan-African unity), reject any media that degrades us, to support black people who are doing righteous acts, advocate economic rights for our communities, develop our health, and to develop our own infrastructure as black people. These solutions are just some of what can we do. Y’all Sisters are front runners in style and fashion without question. I’m from the South, so I do speak with a Southern accent. LOL. You have made excellent points on this issue. The dominant culture exists in Western society, but that culture is never the superior culture morally, socially, or otherwise. Black culture is beautiful. White racists mimic us, but they can never duplicate us. More black people are waking up, especially with recent events going on. We will keep our eyes on the prize as Brothers and Sisters.

          Bless you Sister.

  7. chuquestaquenumber1 says:

    Several points:
    1.Isn’t it interesting how cops such as Justin Volpe,Daniel Panteleo and other cops can engage in homosexual criminality and not be thought of as homosexuals.
    2.The reason racists go after Black heterosexual males,is because most Black homosexual males are compromised due to their sexual nature.
    3.The racists are putting Maryland prosecutor Marilyn Mosby in the same category as AG HOLDER and Lynch. She’s just catering to “her people”. She’s no different from the rioters,protesters,Al Sharpton.
    4. The whites who are the usual pro police never really in support of or defend Black Cops like Joseph Walker,Craig Taylor,Bron Cruz who shoot and kill unarmed whites. Yet they say “Blue Lives Matter,Police Lives Matter.”
    5.White Maryland prosecutor Anne Colt Leitess vigorously prosecuted black detective Joseph Walker for killing white racist significantly larger threatening drunken criminal Joseph Harvey. There was never any assault on Leitess. Her ability to do her job,her knowledge of Maryland law was never questioned.
    6. Recently there have been several police killings and the accused have been black males. This will be the beginning of another excuse for police officers to kill black males.
    7. The newest excuse in order to justify police killings of unarmed non threatening blacks is,Most people killed by police are white. Well most cop killers are white males.
    8.Let this and the other indictment of police officers in Oklahoma,South Carolina and Detroit,make us lose focus of unjust traffic stops,unjust patdowns,disproportionate arrests and other racist crimes against Black people.

    • Courtney H. says:

      @ Chuquestaquesnumber1:

      Thank you very much and for this list! You bring up a lot of good points here! 🙂

  8. Courtney H. says:

    @ Everybody:

    I know that this is a little OT, but I found this to be interesting:


    • Timothy says:

      Good Afternoon Sister Courtney 🙂

      I have read the link Sister. The link shows the truth that racism in society is a serious problem. Many racist callers have lied on black people when these black people were just legally living their lives. The callers’ hyperbole and lies waste the cops’ time and waste the time of people in general who want to live life in a myriad of ways. Racism and micro aggressions must be opposed and too many people view black people automatically in negative terminology instead of viewing black people as human beings. Black people deserve to not only have human rights. We deserve to not be oppressed by lying neighbors too. The cops did the right thing in not arresting these black people who are just living their lives. Yet, we know that the police institution is an extension of the system of oppression. The Blue Wall of Silence must end, mass incarceration must end, and we need the end to the War on Drugs. Black human lives matter and we are adamantly opposed to the system of white supremacy. It is a shame that some evil people view black people fishing, black people working on car, and black children just walking down the street as equivalent to criminal behavior. We have a long way to go, but we will continue to advance wisdom and believe in justice. We are in the right side of history. Thank you for showing the link Sister.

      • Courtney H. says:

        Good evening, Brother Timothy. 🙂

        Thank you reading the link. It was linked to a blog that I was reading. I find it very interesting that these White cops posted these comments about racist Whites calling them about seeing Black people just minding their own business. It shows that more and more people are waking up to what is going on with white supremacy. However, these cops are few and far between, and have kept themselves anonymous because of the Thin Blue Line of Silence that keeps good cops from reporting on bad cops.

        I agree with everything that you said in your response.

  9. chuquestaquenumber1 says:

    This is unrelated. however this is good news. George Zimmerman just got shot today.

    • Phazex says:

      RE: George Zimmerman:

      Karma follows ALL deeds….good and bad. One cannot hide from it. It may a day or even years. But Karma WILL get you. I do not condone violence on any level, however I wonder how long Zimmerman expected to hide his dirty deed?

      • Phazex says:

        From the Associated Press on May 12, 2015:

        ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Police recovered a handgun from George Zimmerman and took two guns from a man accused of shooting at Zimmerman while both were driving, authorities said Tuesday.

        Police also released a 911 call in which the caller says the other man, Matthew Apperson, told him he was forced to fire his gun Monday at the former neighborhood watch leader on a busy street in the Orlando suburb of Lake Mary.

        “A guy says he had to shoot a guy through the window and he wants the police to come,” the man said on the call. “He had to shoot at somebody … He said it was George Zimmerman.”

        Police have not said what led up to the shooting. Apperson’s attorney, Mark NeJame, said the shooting was “a good, old-fashioned self-defense case.”

        “He is not looking for trouble. He did not want trouble,” NeJame said of Apperson. “He’s not following George Zimmerman around. He’s not wanting anything to do with George Zimmerman, as it relates to any of this.”

        Zimmerman suffered minor injuries from flying glass and debris.

        Two guns were taken from Apperson’s car, including a revolver that had a spent shell casing. Police officers will also execute a search warrant on Zimmerman’s pickup truck, said Lake Mary Police Officer Bianca Gillett.

        Both men had the guns legally.

        “He never waved it, displayed it or brandished it,” said Zimmerman’s attorney, Don West. “He did not threaten Mr. Apperson in any way with a firearm.”

        Detectives are still investigating and no charges have been filed against Zimmerman or Apperson. Gillett said the investigation could take time. Documents released Tuesday show that detectives are investigating the shooting as a possible aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill.

        “It was a busy time of day on a very busy street,” Gillett said. “We are thinking there is someone that saw something that they could come forward and provide that information to the Lake Mary Police Department.”

        Zimmerman and Apperson were involved in a road-rage episode last September. Apperson said Zimmerman had threatened to kill him, asking “Do you know who I am?” during a confrontation in their vehicles. Apperson decided not to pursue charges and police officers were unable to move forward without a license plate number or witnesses.

        Two days later, Apperson called police to report that Zimmerman’s truck was parked outside, near the disability-benefits office where Apperson works. Zimmerman told police officers that he had an appointment in the same office park, and no charges were filed.

        Zimmerman had just recently moved out of Florida. He had returned to the Orlando area for Mother’s Day on Sunday and was heading to a doctor’s appointment when the confrontation took place, West said.

        West refused to say where Zimmerman was now living. Zimmerman would like to continue his education and was looking at taking online classes, the attorney said. He doesn’t have a regular-paying job.

        Other than Monday’s shooting and the incidents in September, Apperson and Zimmerman have had no prior relationship, NeJame said.

        “He doesn’t know him. They do not have a relationship,” NeJame said.

        Zimmerman was acquitted in the February 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager, in a case that sparked protests and a national debate about race relations. The Justice Department later decided not to bring a civil rights case against Zimmerman.

        Since then, Zimmerman has had several brushes with the law, including two unrelated cases in which he was charged with assault based on complaints from two girlfriends. In both cases, the girlfriends refused to cooperate and charges were dropped. His estranged wife also accused him of smashing her IPad during an argument days after she filed divorce papers. No charges were filed because of lack of evidence.

  10. Courtney H. says:

    @ Everybody:

    I know that this is OT, but this … I have no words.


    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney.

      Good Afternoon Sister 🙂

      The article shows that the exploitation of women continues to this day. Obviously, ” Rev.” Njohi is an evil person. No woman and no human being should come to his religious building at all.

      It is totally immoral and inappropriate to try to tell women to remove their clothes as a way to go into his “church.” That is total sick and perverted. Religious deception is common place in our world. We have to expose it and combat these sick ideologies. True spirituality promotes decency, honor, reasonableness, and clear thinking. Njohi doesn’t represent true spirituality at all. I hope that no one comes to his “church.” Some people exploit religion as a means for them to advance wickedness.

      I’m speechless by this story too Sister.

      • Courtney H. says:

        Here is another story about a preacher who exploited his position. You may have heard about this story:

        And here is another one:

        And another one:

        And yet another one!

        Beware — all of these videos deal with sexuality. Enjoy! 😀

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Courtney

          Thank you for showing the videos about religious frauds. Discernment is always a great policy for anyone to execute.

          • Courtney H. says:

            @ Brother Timothy:

            Thank you, and you are welcome. And I agree — people need to stay as far away as possible from religious frauds and their lies.

  11. Courtney H. says:

    @ Everybody:

    Here is an excellent article about race and population in the U.S.:


    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      I agree with you Sister that the article is excellent. Clutch is known for having great, thought provoking articles. Hispanic was never found in the U.S. Census until 1970. The article is absolutely correct that Hispanic is not a race. Hispanic people can be European, Black, Native American, and of diverse ethnic backgrounds. We know that Afro-Latino Brothers and Sisters have an excellent culture and their history is inspiring. From the Afro-Brazilians fighting discrimination to the Afro-Cubans living their lives, Afro-Latinos share a common heritage with us as Black Americans (despite our cultural differences). We have discussed about Black folks living in Latin America for a while. You have shown enlightening information on this issue as well. You’re a Blessing. Just because less non-Hispanic white people exist in America (in terms of their percentage as compared to the rest of the American population) today than decades ago doesn’t mean that we become complacent. We should never be satisfied when we witness poverty and police brutality in our communities.

      We should never be satisfied when we see record level unemployment in our cities and towns. We should never be satisfied until justice is made a reality for our people. The journey of our lives won’t be easy completely, but we are in the right when we call for black pan-African unity. We won’t give up and we will continue to fight for freedom and liberation. The system of white supremacy is not omnipotent. It is not divine as God is divine and truth is on our side. We believe in solidarity, unity, and cooperative power. We don’t accept social Darwinism, selfishness, and Objectivism. We want revolutionary changes in our society. The article is great for using real statistics, accurate history, and great sociological analysis. We have to do the work in combating the evil system oppressing us. We should never let others define us. We should define ourselves and love ourselves as Brothers and Sisters. Many black people know what time it is and we love our black people.

      Thank you for showing the link Sister. 🙂

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Brother Timothy:

        Thank you for your comments. I enjoy reading the articles on Clutchmagonline, too. They are very informative and talk about issues that other websites do not talk about (at least in an intelligent manner). I also like the fat that the article used actual statistics instead of spouting off rhetoric. And most of the commenters are intelligent and thought-provoking, too! (I just found out today that you are **truthseeker** 😉 ).

        I agree that the term **Hispanic** was created to cause confusion among the races. Dr. Umar Johnson says that **Hispanics** are **Spanish-speaking people who happen to be Black.** **Hispanic** is an ethnicity and a culture, not a race. I have **Latino** students who identify as **Black,** **White,** or **Native American.** Most people of **Latino** heritage characterize themselves as **White** because of their skin color or racism within their community. As the documentary **Black in Latin America** has shown, there is a lot of racism in the Latino community.

        That is why I agree with you that linking with other members of the African Diaspora is crucial to achieving justice. People of various diasporas may have their ethnic differences, but they still identify with one another due to race, religion, ethnicity, etcetera (take for example Jews, Armenians, Japanese, so on and so forth).

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Courtney

          You’re Welcome. I echo your words. Yes, I do use the name “truthseeker” 😉 I agree with your words on Latin America. There is a real, serious problem of racism in Latin America. We find economic inequality in many of those nations as well. The good news is that many Afro-Latino organizations exist which are dedicated to the eradication of racism in Latin America. I appreciate your response too.

          Goodnight Sister and God Bless You 🙂

          • Alicia says:

            So many of the mixed race Brazilians talk about the beauty of Brazil being heavily mixed,

            Naive little ole me was on a bus with a few White Brazilian ladies and they started talking about how they’re from Brazil and on a topic relating to Brazil. Towards the end of the convo as we were departing and saying our goodbyes, the lady brought up Brazil again ( forgot the exact reason why). I said “Oh you have lots of African descendents in Brazil as well, I’ve seen music videos, etc”.

            From all three of these White brazilian ladies came a look of DISGUST and hate!

            I am still in shock because we as black people know how the mixed race brazilians like to brag about how brazil is beautiful and mixed and all types get along.

            Globally, Europeans and European descendents have a sick hate, rage and oppressive mindset towards black people.

            it’s scary!

            • Timothy says:


              There is a global problem of many Europeans with a demonic hatred of black people. Your story sums up the truth in amazing fashion.

              There is no need for anyone to express hatred and rage when you told the truth of the millions of Afro-Brazilians living in Brazil now. Then and now, black Brazilians have fought for racial justice. Benedita da Silva is a Sister who is one of the greatest black Brazilian leaders for racial justice in history. The late Brother Abdias Nascimento was a great civil rights activist in Brazil too.

              Beauty in Blackness is real. Beauty also deals with human compassion, honor, integrity, and other authentic principles that any progressive human being holds dear. No one can be naive and believe that racism is just a Western problem. It’s a global problem and we will fight it. Thank you for telling your story.

              Enjoy your Day Sister.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      Here is a great video on an important issue too.


      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Brother Timothy:

        Good afternoon. 🙂 I am so sorry that it took me so long to actually watch this video, but thank you very much for posting it. It is very informative. More and more people are starting to realize how much Brother Martin and Brother Malcolm had so much in common. Do you know that today is Brother Malcolm*s birthday? 🙂

        • Timothy says:

          @Good Afternoon Sister Courtney 🙂

          Well, thank you for looking at the video.

          The video certainly opened my eyes on things that I didn’t know about both men. I certainly respected how the video used their own voices, so the people can witness how much they had in common from an ideological standpoint. Malcolm X started to see what Martin was talking about in 1965. Brother Dr. King started to see what Brother Malcolm X was talking about in 1968 too. I didn’t know that today is Brother Malcolm X’s birthday. Thank you for telling that.

          We are certainly inspired to do what is right. 🙂

  12. reality_check says:

    @Trojan Pam. You hit the nail on the head! To my knowledge, you correctly identified the homosexual undercurrent in both white supremacy and interracial dating/mating. You are correct when you identified this playing out in these fatal run-ins with the law.

    I remember some white male cops in Detroit that were notorious for fondling black male genitalia. This is graphic, but these cops would even go so far as to pull these men over for no reason and give them anal searches with their bare fingers. These men were, not only humiliated, but completely emasculated. Several men filed grievances and lawsuits and you know what the DPD did to these cops? They simply transferred them to different precincts when the heat go too hot. Now keep in mind that the police chief was black, not that that matters.

    It’s sickening. But we as black folks ain’t seen nothin’ yet. This behavior will surely increase in the future. Like you and some posters have said, we, and only WE have the power to stop this terrorism. Our willingness to unite and to sacrifice to work on a single agenda are the keys to ending our state-sanctioned slaughter.

    I have said before, and I’ll say again (sorry if this offends anyone) but someone has to be unstable to choose to be a cop in the first place. I don’t know many well-adjusted people that choose law enforcement as a career. Many of them have serious personality disorders.

    • Shanequa says:

      @ reality_check
      Thanks for the information not only are black men sexually assault & brutally harm by cops but black women too but we have less media coverage when it involves us. In the news last year in Houston a white female cop sexual assault a group of black coming back from a trip. The white female cop claim she was doing a search sticking her finger up the black women’s anus. This incident didn’t make national new are get that much air time on the news.

      • Alicia says:

        They don’t like us. Why would they care to be fair in their media in regards to us? My question is..where is the black media?

    • Alicia says:

      Unfortunately, this type of mix of racism & sexual deviancy plays out with black women as well.

    • Alicia says:

      never experienced this when I was younger and in intimate settings with whites, but as an adult I find most white men can’t deal normally with black men, let alone blacks. We all know they like to hate on and attempt to malign black women, however with black men, well, what we see is that they want to homosexualize them, As a black woman it appears to have black women be as alone and maligned as possible.

      So many human beings are SICK and EVIL!

  13. Trojan Pam says:

    @ Rashnu

    “A popular recruiting tool?” I’m not “recruiting” anyone. I write a BLOG sharing my views.

    And you have a right to your opinion — the same as me and everyone here — and it’s no more valid or “right” than anyone else’s. Please keep that in mind.

    that being said, what I find interesting is the posters who come to my blog (or to another blog) and seem to do nothing but criticize what is said or written without offering a single suggestion or solution themselves

    So, here’s your opportunity to share your wisdom and solutions

    What should black people do to solve the problem of racism/white supremacy and to stop police killings?

    • Phazex_Female says:

      Time has passed and unfortunately, all that we all continue hearing is *crickets* in as much as a response YET from this poster. But that is what they do, wreck shop….and then do as Trolls do: go back under the bridge. Trip. Trap.

      “If one is not part of the solution, then they are part of the problem.:

  14. Sharon53 says:

    This may be a little off-topic but with all the talk about man-made diseases, martial law, and British artistocracy, etc., I thought I would pass this along. It is only 15 minutes long. It really gets interesting toward the end.

  15. Sharon53 says:

    Thanks Timothy, I will be happy to hear your thoughts as well as others’ thoughts on this. I am just not sure what to make of it.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharon53

      I have looked at the entire video Sister. Here are my thoughts.

      The video is from a Christian perspective. Its major point is that it tries to tie the RFID chip with the Mark of the Beast prophetic situation. We should always protect our civil liberties as human beings. So, I’m opposed to any mandatory usage of RFID chips on human beings. It is disturbing for the Vatican leader Pope Francis I (who claims to promote a more “progressive” image) to mandate that residents of the Vatican must have these RFID chips. Regardless if the Pope believes that these chips are the Mark of the Beast or not, it is still wrong to force people to have them. That policy not only violates human civil liberties, but there are privacy concerns with making all employees and residents in the Vatican to have RFID chips. Me spiritually, I don’t agree with calling a grown man “Holy Father.” I don’t agree with transubstantiation either.

      So, I believe in God. I just don’t agree with superstition. Also, when I study the Vatican, America, and ancient Rome, there are important points to mention. America is like a revitalization of the evil Empire of ancient Rome. Ancient Rome had 2 major political parties like America has. Ancient Rome has similar architecture as Washington, D.C. Graphic violence has been glamorized in ancient Rome just like in America. The seals of America and ancient Rome are similar. The plebian rebellions in ancient Rome are similar to the rebellions going on in America. Horrid, international slavery is found in America just like in ancient Rome. Militarized law enforcement is found in America just like in ancient Rome. I can go on and on. The imperialism of Western society is similar to the imperialism of the ancient Roman Empire. Ancient Rome was capitalistic just like America is today (America has been explicit in advancing monopolies). There is nothing new under the sun. There are a lot of secrets of America’s origin that few people know about. Also, the Vatican has a history which was similar to ancient Rome too. The Crusades, the Inquisition, the Maafa (some Protestants and some Muslims were involved in the Maafa too), and other crimes of Romanism are well known.

      Much of the video talked about the British aristocracy. Before going forward, one point must be emphasized. The British Royals and other European leaders follow the agenda of white supremacy. The British Empire was one of the most racist, wicked empires in human history. They enslaved black Africans and other people globally. The British elitists believed in the great sin of imperialism. Imperialism is the racist lie that teaches that it is moral duty of someone to conquer another human being (of another background) via birthright. The video is right to mention that some British Royals once had links with some Nazis. For example, years ago, there has been featured never before published photographs of Prince Philip aged 16 at the 1937 funeral of his elder sister Cecile, flanked by relatives in SS and Brown shirt uniforms.

      Another picture shows his youngest sister, Sophia, sitting opposite Hitler at the wedding of Hermann and Emmy Goering. Prince Philip is known to be a racist and is quoted as to want to reincarnate into a virus, so people can die. Many Western oligarchies want radical population control. The video talks about the Bilderberg Group and it was invented by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. Even Prince Bernhard was a temporary member of the Nazi SS before he worked for the Allied side. After WWII, the British Empire and other European Empires started to decrease in its power. Heroic black people like Brother Kwame Nkrumah stood up against British imperialism. The video shows information about the Rothschilds and they are allied with the Western establishment too. The Presidency is not achieved via the people’s direct democratic vote technically. The Electoral College ultimately picks who will be the next President. Presidents then and now follow the script of people behind the scenes (who are advisors, the CFR, the Bilderbergers, the Pilgrim Society, and the rest of the 1%). So, the British aristocracy is one part of the overall system of white supremacy.

      The video talks about Princess Diana. She was more independent in her thinking than many of the British royals. She did wrote a letter that accused Prince Charles of trying to kill her via a car accident. There have been debates on whether Princess Diana died by a car accident or by a conspiracy (of the Royals of the British intelligence). Regardless, her death was tragic. So, we should know about many issues. We should focus on accurate information, reject hyperbole, and believe in the truth. The truth is that there is evil is in the world and we have every right to promote goodness and justice. Some of the rich has oppressed the poor, damaged the environment, and economically exploited people. These evils must be condemned and opposed. We want freedom as black people.

      My take on the video is that religious deception and political deception are extensions of the same modern system of white supremacy. We should use discernment, fight evil, stand up for the black collective, and help humanity. We, as black people, want liberation.

      Have a Blessed Day Sister.

  16. Sharon53 says:

    Thanks Timothy for the feedback on this matter and I appreciate the way you broke it all down. As far as the usage of RFID chips on human beings, it is very disturbing and based on the video, it is already being given a test run on people right here in America in Hanna, Wyoming.

    This reminds me of what I heard years ago when they were saying American citizens will be identified with a number stamped on our foreheads. I don’t think that will occur and may have been just a clever smoke screen to hide what they really were conjuring up. I think they came up with a more insidious plan in the form of something we actually enjoy. I believe all the digital stuff we have now to keep us entertained such as mobile phones, iPads and even TVs is all they need to keep tabs on us. Most people may not realize it but they can tell a lot of things about us when we use these gadgets, such as where we may be at a given time, when we are surfing on the internet and what we are viewing on the internet, etc. May be all these toys are distractions for what is really about to transpire such as this RFID chip.

    It is very interesting you mentioned that America is like a revitalization of the evil Empire of ancient Rome. And to the best of my knowledge, the Roman Empire collapsed from within. I see the same thing happening in America. It is collapsing from within. Because of its military might, I don’t see this country being brought down by another country. It is mainly collapsing from within because the moral fiber of this country is at all-time low and getting worse as time goes by.

    As far as Princess Diana is concerned, I have always felt her death was orchestrated by the royal family. I would not put anything pass anyone with Nazi ties.

    Again thanks for sharing all of the information. I can see how a lot of things tie together based on the way you laid it all out.

    • Timothy says:


      You’re Welcome Sister.

      You have shown excellent points as well. Technology can be used for good and for evil. For example, we can use devices for transportation including to feed people (which is good) and other people use technology to harm innocent people, which is wrong. We do know many cellphones have GPS on them which can track people. Some corporations establish algorithms (from the products people buy) to predict trends and to promote their products all of the time. The situation in Hanna, Wyoming is totally disgraceful as individual civil liberties are important to protect. Many, who support the establishment, certainly have more slick plans under their sleeves. Many high level intelligence agencies (not hackers) do track various people in the Internet, on cell phone communication, etc. The world is more integrated economically, political, etc.; so much of our infrastructure is totally ruled by computerized technology. Many spiritual traditions do mention the need for humanity use discernment and read the signs of the time. Therefore, we have to research these issues and help others.

      Yes, there are many similarities between ancient Rome and America. You’re right that there are internal problems in America (like moral decay, materialism, selfishness, and other evils). If things don’t change, then America could fall not by foreign invasion per se, but by internal decay. I have been researching Vietnam a lot lately. The discord, the war crimes, and the other evils of that war show us that we have to get it together and focus on righteousness. I wouldn’t be surprised if the royal family orchestrated the death of Princess Diana either. Prince Philip can’t even control his racism in public, while many white supremacists in positions of power will try to hide their deeply racist views. Black Unity is a great necessity and Black Unity is Beautiful. Black is Beautiful.

      Bless you Sister.

  17. Sharon53 says:

    I agree with your comment that technology can be used for good and for evil. I warn relatives and friends about this all the time but most don’t listen. It really bothers me how much information people put out there on Facebook and other social media. I have advised them on how employers can use this against them, especially when they are looking for a job or even keeping a job. You don’t have to have a photo of yourself out there for someone to even determine your ethnicity if they want to discriminate. They can look at your friends list and determine that. 99.9% of the people on my friends’ list are black people so anyone can determine from that that I am black.

    You mentioned that the world is more integrated and I agree. We actually live in a global community now but I can co-exist with anyone in peace. However, this is affecting economics, politics, etc. and the infrastructure is definitely ruled by technology. As you know technology has made it easy to ship jobs offshore that tax-paying people need here in America. I am all too familiar with this because after working for a company about 9 years, they shipped my whole department offshore to India.

    You said ‘many spiritual traditions do mention the need for humanity use discernment and read the signs of the time. Therefore, we have to research these issues and help others.’ So true.
    I am very careful about what I ingest because I find that much of the teachings in churches today actually create division and confusion. That should be one’s cue that what they are dealing with is a cult because that is what cults do.

    Of course, black unity is a necessity. We are a people under constant struggle and are being assaulted in every way imaginable in these serious times so I hope more people wake up and see how vitally important unity is.
    Have a blessed day.

    • Timothy says:


      Excellent Words Sister. I agree with you and Have a Blessed Day as well. With your words, I am even more inspired to continue in the path for true liberation and spiritual growth as a human being.

  18. Sharon53 says:


    Please listen to this 3 minute video. This is pretty chilling. Commentary Paul Harvey made these statements about 50 years ago and all of them have come to fruition. He was always a humorous guy to me but this is some serious stuff.


  19. Mariama says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I hope that you all are well mentally and spiritually during these tumultuous times. Please check this link out when you get some time. We can’t afford to be naive anymore. I have been listening to this man for a year now and I have learned much from him. His name is Yash Qaraah. He has so much valuable info to share. His info/views on the Baltimore riot start at the 3:00 min mark.


    As always, it is good to “hear” from you all. Have a blessed day!

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Mariama

      Thank you for showing the link Sister.

      I heard of Yash Qaraah on youtube. It is not a secret that police authorities have tried to provoke some people for decades. We have to study issues to get the bigger picture. Also, I read where the police intentionally blocked kids from going into buses to go home before the massive rebellions took place. Also, many innocent protesters were massively arrested. One person who was violated of his habeas corpus rights is named Geremy Faulkner. Over 100 protesters were released from custody after they were arrested for no reason (in violation of habeas corpus too). Many cops have infiltrated places for a long time. The 1 percent has done the tactics of provocations, oppression, and other evils as a means to strife or stop real revolutionary change in the world. You’re right that we have to be mentally and spiritually strong during these times. We have to respect each other, love each other, and respect the Most High. Black liberation is what we hold dear.

      Have a Great Day Sister.

      • Mariama says:


        You are welcome. It is always good to hear your thoughts and opinions. Living here in Batimore, I got to see some of the phoniness behind these riots. I must admit that in the beginning, I almost lost myself and fell for the rioters until I saw the typical black leaders involved (Rev Jamal Bryant, Sharpton, etc). There was a little “guilt” felt on my part I guess for feeling so upset and hopeless about the ordeal. I also felt like I was another standby critiquing and not being “involved.” When I got out of my emotions and started looking at things for what they really were, I got hit in the head with reality again. And of course, (foremost) you all, remind me of the reality that we are in and how not to fall for the trap. Because I was so close to the madness, I am convinced and KNOW that this all is a planned white supremacy tactic.

        So, I can honestly say after this even, I am through. I am very disappointed that with the exception of a few (Malcolm X, Claude Anderson, Marcus Garvey), most black “leaders” have not stressed the value of an economic base for blacks here in America. In many ways, they have failed the collective.

        • Timothy says:


          I will mention a more longer response Sister. Peace and Blessings to you. You are so wise.

        • Timothy says:


          Thank you for your words. I agree with you. We have to not only use discernment. We have to be spiritually strong and help others too. Even during the Memphis strike back in 1968, black people were oppressed by the police. I read about one non violent black woman having her feet ran over by a cop car. The people of Rev. Jamal Bryant, Al Sharpton, etc. support reform and just want us to follow the agenda of the political establishment. To the many of the protesters’ credit, many of them want political independence and not follow the 2 party system unconditionally. They (or the white supremacy) want us to have fear, be hopeless, and to have feelings of uncertainly. Yet, when we have a more inspirational attitude, fight back, and unite in common cause, so we can get things done. We should control our emotions and harness our emotions as a way for us to promote honorable actions. Even before, Malcolm X and Dr. King died; they advanced economic power in the black community. Marcus Garvey, Claude Anderson, and so many other people have promoted economic development too. You will notice that these people have been illegally monitored by the FBI, they have been slandered, and they were never respected by white racists. We want living wages. We want an end to imperialism. We desire an end to the system of white supremacy. We want black people to have justice. Collective power is better than selfish individualism.

          • Mariama says:


            You said:

            “Collective power is better than selfish individualism.” True! I am so turned off by how greedy and materialstic people have become in this society. And I am seeing so many black people adopt this “me, me, me, money, money, money attitude. Family has gone out the door. I believe that has been our downfall. I am hearing about black folks doing things now for money that would really shame the devil. Back in the day there were certain things that we just didnt do. Now, well, it is truly a different story. There is nothing in the world like having a choice not to disrespect yourself.

  20. Mariama says:


    You said:

    “I warned over and over again in my books and blogs that the MAIN reason the mainstream media promotes sex with whites for black people is to DIVIDE AND CONQUER the black male and black female.”

    This is so true and yet the marjority of our black people cant seem to grasp this. That is why it kills my spirit when I see these black men and women (esp the men) constantly and incessantly promoting this interracial madness claiming that it can do “wonders” for black people who are fedup with other black of the opposite sex. I used to watch these videos to study our social/psychological conditioning. Now, I do not even entertain it even more because it really bothers me that nobody seems to see it for what it is. I am also starting to question black entrepreneurs who are brillliant when it comes to analyzing and critiquing white supremacy, yet on occasion, feels its ok to “date” or marry white. Who comes to mind right now is Tariq Nasheed. I have tremendous respect for him, but my spirit is now finding him “suspect.” He has dispared the “bed wenches,” “coons,” and “sellouts,” but I have just been wondering for the past year or so how he could be so thorough and then give “shows” talking about mackin and this and that. I was quite disappointed.

    As far as other non-whites are concerned. I believe that there are individuals in those groups who do “care” and have “good” hearts. But as a collective, no way, no how. And it just amazes me that so many of these non-whites are just as dark, if not “darker” and literally “black” in complexion, but still want to look down and berate black folks. I really believe that “everyone” needs someone to look down on. Just my thoughts. I will check out the videos you all posted.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Mariama

      There are a lot of opportunists within the so-called ‘counter-racist’ community. I have met brilliant men and women who know all the right words but their actions tell a different story.

      Many despise the same black people they are supposedly defending (due to our learned anti-blackness)

      Many secretly lust after whites (due to our white validation needs)

      And there is a TON of ‘attempted sexism’ within the counter-racist/revolutionary movement. This leads to black males wholesale blaming and condemning black females (you can see this ALL over the Internet), a lot of name-calling, sexual exploitation, and violence against women — all in the name of “healing the black community”

      What I’d like to know HOW you can protest being mistreated because your skin is a different color YET justify mistreating a black female because her genitalia is different? It’s a gross contradiction and the ultimate hypocrisy. And a LEARNED behavior where the powerless mimic the powerful NOT realizing the way to GAIN real power is to unite MALE and FEMALE and combine all the talents and resources you have regardless of gender — to overcome your oppression.

      I believe this dynamic is one of the MAJOR reasons black people can’t move forward and can’t unify. This need to be “superior” to someone else when in reality we are all, pretty much, in the same boat and it’s leaking fast.

      I don’t see the value of attempting to unify with other non-whites when we can’t unify with each other. It seems kinda ass backwards to me — and an attempt to get non-black validation.

      • Mariama says:

        @ Pam

        I have seen this dynamic time and time again. These particular ant-white supremacy activists start out “genuine” and then as time goes by, you start to see their true colors. I can’t tell you how many people I used to listen to and then stopped when my spirit started telling me that something wasn’t right. Alot of these people are agents and when I found that out, there was a feeling of betrayal because I really valued and believed in what they were saying.

        Over time, if you trust in your Lord-given senses and follow your sixth sense, you will start to really see things beyond the superficial. What I am noticing is that these “activists” start to book events, get a little “fame” and the rest is history. I know in my heart that something isn’t right because I have been listening to them for years and one can only fool people but for so long. I must say that I am extremely disappointed, but I have learned to see the genuine from the agent provocateur.

        And yes, I am also witnessing so many black male youtube activists disparage black women. Men such as Michael David Carroll (5723Michael), the one and only Tommy Sotomayor, Tariq Nasheed (at times), Sgt Willie Pete, and surprisingly Prof Griff. I started suspecting him about a year or so ago. And as much as I like Tariq Nasheed, I cannot co-sign his “pimp mackin.” I feel that this neutralizes his pro-black rhetoric. I must admit that it would really bother me if he was an “agent.” Other people have noticed these things too, so I know that I am not crazy.

        So, that is why I appreciate you all because you dont feel the need to show your face all over the place to get recognition. With that said, we are not blinded by your “looks,” corporate sponsors, tours, etc etc. Instead, we are forced to really listen and hear your message. It isnt about fame and it is best that way. We are in a serious war.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Mariama

          I cosign on all you have said. There is nothing wrong with turning counter-racism into a business where it supports your efforts BUT when you seek fame and take on the delusions of grandeur, where your actions are ego-based instead of justice-based (like Dr. Welsing and Mr. Neely Fuller), then your entire message is corrupted.

          It’s a lot like religion. It attracts sincere people but it also attracts the sharks and the pimps. The people have to learn to LEAD THEMSELVES which is what I have been “preaching” (no pun intended) since I started writing books. You cannot follow someone when you don’t know where they’re going and you will never know for sure if they know.

          Yes, yes, yes, I have been attacked by some prominent black male (and one black female) “counter-racists” and I knew it had a lot to do with my gender, my strong opinions, my body of WORK, and the attention I was getting. I know that my gender (female) is an obstacle to attracting people, especially males, to my blog and my message

          As you can clearly see, most of the people who support my blog or at least participate are guess what?


          That’s why I greatly appreciate the men who come here to support and share information and opinions — thank you!

          because at the end of the day, only a FOOL would care about the gender of the help they receive when their own house is on fire.

          • Timothy says:

            @Trojan Pam

            Thank you for your words on us men here.

            I greatly appreciate them. Keep up the great work Sister.

            • Sharon53 says:

              Thanks so much for your support to us sisters. You are greatly appreciated.

              • Courtney H. says:

                I agree!

              • Timothy says:

                You’re Welcome Sister.

                I give great credit to my mother (who is the most moral living person that I know. She is a living saint) and to my father.

              • Mariama says:


                I, like the other women on this blog greatly appreciate your insight. I too have always sensed that you are genuine and concerned about the well-being of black women. I wish that there were more brothers like you. I hope to have a son one day. I will raise him to respect, love and appreciate black women. So, to hear what you have to say is very encouraging. Have a blessed day!

          • Mariama says:


            You said:

            “because at the end of the day, only a FOOL would care about the gender of the help they receive when their own house is on fire.”

            I could not have said that any better! I am very disappointed that a number of black men have taken to gross name calling and sexism to battle white supremacy. The deep hatred and contempt that many have for black women is extremely toxic can spiritually defeating. I cannot comprehend how they believe that they can combat racism without us! I am often left feeling flabbergasted. I dont know why these men would not listen to you. That, I am sure can be quite discouraging, but you have a purpose that is greatly appreciated. I have all four of your books and have been listening to you and Gus since 2012. Doing so has really changed my life. I mean that sincerely.

            Gus is a black man and I could not imagine not listening to him just because of that. As a black African woman, I support black people who genuinely desire our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual upliftment. My only guess Pam is that so many black men feel completely emasculated by white supremacy that they will go to any lenghts to feel better about themselves, even if it includes demeaning their own women. I am seeing this over and over again. I have learned to distance myself psychologically from these types of men. And when they get up on their pulpit declaring “war” against us and uplifting other women, I feel the deepest sense of betrayal. I would love to have a son one day and raise him to honor, respect and love the black womb that he came from. As always, it is good to hear from you.

            • Trojan Pam says:

              @ Mariama

              That’s is something that I believe most black females (secretly) feel — the hate and contempt that many black males feel for us — who can deny it? — but it is too painful to think about so we (black females) find ways to get back at them by undermining and stereotyping them.

              Who are the puppeteers pulling ALL our strings? The ones who have us at each other’s throats while we very timidly tiptoe around the same people who created our problems? And then we wonder why we can’t solve our problems.

              The dance of “the black female is to blame” is the dance of the POWERLESS. I understand the NEED to feel empowered, to feel like a “man,” but it never works when you do it at someone else’s expense.

              Any time a man focuses all his grievances on the female (who is also being oppressed)

              INSTEAD of CONFRONTING his real problems (his oppressors) he WILL ALWAYS BE SOMEONE’S SLAVE. Beating up on women doesn’t build or restore MANHOOD; it diminishes it until it is no longer recognizable.

              One more thing happens – and this is just my theory. When males are encouraged to dislike females this opens the door to HOMOSEXUALITY and VIOLENCE against females. I suspect MOST rapists are LATENT HOMOSEXUALS. I suspect that many black female bashers are LATENT HOMOSEXUALS.

              How can you sexually desire someone you despise? If you despise women who can you turn to that you can love and respect?

              OTHER MEN

              It would be very, very interesting to be the fly on the wall when it comes to the private lives of those who “preach” anti-black-woman” madness. I believe the motive for a lot of this dogma is self-explanatory.

              • Mariama says:


                PamI am sorry for the late reply. I have been having trouble posting comments. Sometimes the site takes forever to respond.

                I pains me to agree with you on this. I am witnessing this too.

          • Phazex_Female says:

            @ Pam:

            I have to state this, because it is “my” truth. And I have not seen otherwise (much):

            * Much of the behaviors that younger bros. and sistas are emulating stem from the behaviors that they see exhibited by the “old: heads.
            *If a CHILD is in surroundings where the mother, father, significant other, siblings, etc. are exhibiting “anti-black” behaviors, chances are that they have learned these behaviors because as they underwent the socialization process, much of their “daily” contact was/is amongst their own black people. And most often, “negativity” is Omni-present.

            *Unfortunately, many of our brothers and sistas carry the crown of false pride, mean-spiritedness arrogance and feeling of entitlement. However, in the modalities of their daily living, brothers and sistas MAY have to have unavoidable contact with the system of white supremacy. I believe that if a given group is deemed powerless, there remains the distinct possibility that they will “turn on one another” and “lash out.” I have evidenced this as well. And I do not believe that I am the only one seeing this.

            My comments are NOT meant to disparage anyone. But they are an observation.

            White supremacy continues to attack our people relentlessly. Yet, as another poster put it, if he/she is black and commits ONE transgression against another black individual, this can lead to a LIFE-TIME of malcontent with that individual. For CENTURIES, white supremacy has “bamboozled” and “hood-winked” black folks and yet, at the end of the day? “Transgressions are forgiven.” We are at war. Many of our people know this, they just do not want to accept it. We have uninformed males and females that “bru ha ha” their own people, who actually believe that their own people “are the problem” and refuse to see that in the grand scheme of things, that the behaviors in many of our people are merely “symptomatic” of white supremacy.

            I recall a movie/series some years back which aired. I believe that the movie was called, “Soul Food.” What left an impression on me was when the mother, who was at death’s door, held up her fingers/fist to all of her daughters and told them, “TOGETHER this is a mighty force to be reckoned with” or something to that effect.

            I hope that at least one person today understands what I am conveying.

            All, be well


          • TiredSista says:

            @ TrojanPam and Mariama

            The things that you two have described above is why I decided not to become a black nationalist. I also see sooo much hypocrisy coming from many “conscious” black people, especially men and it has broken my heart and I stop believing in many people who say they are conscious until I see that they really mean it. It’s like who can we trust!?Don’t get me wrong, I will continue my individual efforts to eliminate the system of white supremacy and continue to be a proud black woman, but I will be careful about who I follow.

            • Mariama says:

              I agree. Unfortunately some of the so-called red, black and green negros are not as genuine as they come off.

              I remember Pam saying a couple of years back that it is best to be a leader of one and that is yourself. I agree with her. Be your own leader because sadly, we have so few genuine black leaders.

              • Phazex_Female says:

                @ Mariama:

                Say that! Become your OWN leader and not wait for another MLK or Brother Malcolm.

                Be well,


            • Trojan Pam says:

              @ TiredSista

              I agree

        • Timothy says:


          Thank you for your words Sister.

          You are a gracious, very intelligent person. I know that you want the best for black people too. We are all living our lives and we want the best for our community. I oppose misogynoir and I believe in liberation for black people throughout the four corners of the Earth. I will maintain my core convictions forever. Have a Great Day Sister.

          • Mariama says:


            Thank you! It is always good to hear from you. It really lifts my spirit to hear your compassion because I witness every day the lack of compassion that people have for one another. And yes, black people are the main ones. So, it is always uplifting to my psyche when brothers like you reassure us that we are loved! Have a great day.

  21. Sharon53 says:

    @Mariama, I feel your pain when you state “I am very disappointed that a number of black men have taken to gross name calling and sexism to battle white supremacy. … And when they get up on their pulpit declaring “war” against us and uplifting other women, I feel the deepest sense of betrayal.”
    Even though I don’t believe most black men are like this, somehow the ones that are like that seem to always have a platform. So it appears as if they are speaking for all black men which is not true. However, I am concerned that the numbers are growing because the white supremacists have made all these other non-black women available to them. They don’t have to worry so much about their white women anymore because black men have Asian women and a growing number of Latin women now to choose from. Some even have this crazy notion that they are hurting the white man. What many don’t think about is if you have 4 black men with white women, 3 black men with Asian women and 3 black men with Asian women, only 4 white women, 3 Asian women and 4 Latin women are missing from their communities but you have 10 black men missing in action from the black community, where the pool of men available to black women is already shrinking. You see the damage is being done mostly to the black community because not only are the men missing, whatever resources they have is also going to the other communities.
    Occasionally I will hear a black man speak up publicly on behalf of black women and it is so refreshing. Recently, I heard a popular black DJ in Atlanta tell the brothers that “we cannot do it without the sistas.”
    To me those few words made a powerful statement.

    • Phazex_Female says:


      Great observations you have there. Out of all ethnicities, black males (not all) are the “fastest” males to go looking in other color camps. And, chances are, that if an individual black male has “issues” with the black female and picks a female from another color camp, so to speak, that female that he chooses will more than likely share his views regarding the black female. In addition, chances are that if a black male (or female) marries another in another color camp, you really have to ask yourself, “what are the chances that his/her black dollar will go into a community that is not his or her own? White males cannot be “hurt” by the black male when white supremacy is in full effect.

      The bottom line is that there remains the “divide and conquer” syndrome going on in the black community. Brothers and sistas that jumped ship, that are “missing in action.” Most brothas and sistas would like to see proliferaton of the black race, sadly some do not care.

      Thank you, Sharon. Your words are definitely food for thought..

      • Mariama says:

        @Phazex Female:

        You know I have seen this alot. And now I am seeing alot of black women brag about tasting every color on the rainbow. To me it speaks volumes about a person’s self esteem if he/she feels the need to constantly broadcast who they have been with. I see lots of our folks do this. And people with public platforms doing this makes us look so desperate. What is interesting is that I dont see other races go on social media bragging about being with us. Maybe its me. I could be wrong.

        • Phazex_Female says:

          @ Mariana:

          No, you hit it dead on. I totally understand where you are coming from. It is just too bad that for some of the people in our ethnic group, that date and mate for all the wrong reasons, yet see nothing redeeming in the black female or male? Guess what? All the way to the time that the “toe tag” is placed on one’s toe? That person with inner turmoil remains BLACK.

          Have a good one!


    • Mariama says:


      I know that all black men are not like that. I have met and have very wonderful black men in my life. What bothers me is that “our” men (the ones that despise our very image) are often celebrated and given a very public platform to air their hatred and ill -will towards us. Talk about psycholgically and spiritually damaging. I am a mature adult, so I understand what is going on and what is playing behind the scences. What hurts me is that there are very young black girls and women who dont understand or grasp the history and psychology behind this and end up internalizing the words of this constant assault on them. They are witnessing men who look like them not validating them based off of simply looking like them. To me, if you dont understand this, it can be extremely traumatizing. During my late teens and early twenties, I was very traumatized by what I saw as black men’s rejection of us (meaning black women).

      And Lord forbid if you were on the darker end of the black color spectrum. The more melanin you had, the less affirmed you were by men who looked like you. But now I know, feel and understand WHY. It took years for me to regain myself and fully appreciate the Heavenly Creator’s reason for making me in his own image. If I knew then in my earlier years what I know now, I really believe that I would have been spared about 90% of my hurtful and traumatizing experiences. And I can say that for a fact. But I am here, and I am blessed!! And I have like-minded, compassionate, genuine, and understanding black people like you and the others on this blog to share my experiences with. And for this, I continue to heal and grow. I can honestly say, that even though I have never seen you all, I feel such a kindred spirit with you and have such a love for you in my heart.

  22. Sharon53 says:

    @Trojan Pam:
    I am saddened but not surprised when you stated above that you were:
    “…attacked by some prominent black male (and one black female) “counter-racists” and I knew it had a lot to do with my gender, my strong opinions, my body of WORK, and the attention I was getting. I know that my gender (female) is an obstacle to attracting people, especially males, to my blog and my message.”
    Who in their right mind can call themselves ‘counter-racists’ and not be inspired by your brilliant messages. Something is amiss here and it is not you. You dissect this white supremacy, racism, sexism, misogynism down to the tiniest detail and in such a manner that a child or even a fool should be able to relate.
    You also stated “That is something that I believe most black females (secretly) feel — the hate and contempt that many black males feel for us — who can deny it? — but it is too painful to think about so we (black females) find ways to get back at them by undermining and stereotyping them.”
    I most definitely feel the hate and contempt that many black males feel for us but I don’t play tit-for-tat games with them like some do. However, I don’t bury my head in the sand and live in denial. This stuff really all started back in slavery but I also believe there was a second wave of it after the height of the Civil Rights and Black Power Movement.
    When I look back on it, I have felt this contempt as far back as high school. At the time I was too young to understand because I was more into just living life instead of analyzing life. Prior to high school, everything was segregated in this small town I am from, so when change occurred, you could almost see it in real time. The change was so subtle that most people may not realize what happened. There were about 11 of us in my junior high class and we were so close, everybody seemed like family. Once we entered high school, there was forced integration and by my senior year, I noticed a change in the way the black male students treated the black females. They had begun to pick up habits from the white boys such as abusing females, drinking, etc. I think a lot of this came from them bonding with the white boys in sports. I want to swing forward to our 40th year class reunion. Only one of the 8 black males was with a wife, the rest are divorced. And we all came from two-parent households also so no one can use that as an excuse. That shows how powerful and influential white supremacy is.
    When I moved to Atlanta in the early 70s, I began to see an avalanche of this and things have gotten worse and worse. I believe where black women went wrong during that era is we began to become fearful because so many black men began to rub the ratio thing in our faces. Black men picked this stuff up from the media that the Vietnam War claimed so many of them that it was 10 black women to 1 black man. Black women began to go along just to get along, such as just living with men instead of getting married and having children out of wedlock. All of this has had a snowball effect and has brought us to this state where we are today. I bet you most don’t even remember all this because we have been programmed to forget our history.

  23. Sharon53 says:

    I agree with you when you say “much of the behaviors that younger bros. and sistas are emulating stem from the behaviors that they see exhibited by the “old: heads.”
    I can relate to what you are saying here. For example, I have a neighbor from Kenya who was married to a white man and had two sons by him. He abandoned her and his sons but she turns around and marries another white man. Guess what, both of her sons are married to white women now.
    If the parents don’t ingrain a different formula into young minds about what a suitable mate is, etc., then they will always be susceptible to seek out what is taught to them by the white media. The bottom line is they will continue to be misaligned in the wrong direction which is European values, beliefs and culture.

    Your comment that “if he/she is black and commits one transgression against another black individual, this can lead to a life-time of malcontent with that individual” is so profound. If I did not understand as you stated that the behaviors of many of our people are merely ‘symptomatic’ of white supremacy, I would be one to believe black people are the problem. I am glad I am well-informed on this matter so I can resist that temptation. And I consider it a blessing to be able dialog with everyone on these blogs so that I can stay well-informed.
    Peace to all.

  24. Sharon53 says:

    I can relate to what you are saying above when you said: “What hurts me is that there are very young black girls and women who don’t understand or grasp the history and psychology behind this and end up internalizing the words of this constant assault on them. They are witnessing men who look like them not validating them based off of simply looking like them. To me, if you don’t understand this, it can be extremely traumatizing. During my late teens and early twenties, I was very traumatized by what I saw as black men’s rejection of us (meaning black women).”

    You are most definitely correct in your view on this. I have not been traumatized by this but then this is not just about me. This is about US (black people) because what affects one can affect us all. I can see how something like this can be damaging when a person does not understand the mind games behind it. If our own men don’t validate us, who will? Men from other races are too busy validating their own women. It is almost like something hitting you broad-side and you can’t see it coming. Even though this rejection does not affect my self-esteem it does irritate me because I can see through what is going on.

    For example, it has been about 25 years ago now, but I remember standing in line once to get the autograph of a black actor in a science fiction show that I liked. I noticed as I was standing in line how he had all these cute pet names such as cutie, sweetie, dear, etc. for all the other women before I got up to him. Once I got up to get my autograph, I smiled and extended my hand and advised him how much I loved the show. I noticed I was received with this lukewarm, almost cold reception. I thanked him after he gave me his autograph and he said ‘thaaank you’ in this condescending manner and stared at me. I also noticed he resumed his kinder tone with the women after me and I did notice I was the only black woman in the audience. I thought it was strange but then I thought to myself, maybe it was unusual seeing a black woman at a science fiction seminar.

    About a year after that, I noticed he was a judge at a national beauty contest. That year one of the runner-ups was a black woman. I noticed he gave her a lower rating than the other contestants on everything, except her gown. Not too long after that, I found out he was married to a white woman and even his love interest on the show was a non-black woman. I thought to myself, that coon could not get rid of his hang-ups long enough to be kind to a black woman just wanting an autograph. After all, I was just a fan, not somebody with a romantic interest. In hindsight, knowing what I know now, I would not have even gone to that seminar.

    I am glad that you have healed from the trauma of feeling rejected by black men because of something you have no control over. I am glad also that we have these blogs so that we can share and help each other along the way.
    Be blessed and have a wonderful day.

    • Phazex_Female says:

      @ Sharon:

      One of the many problems that we as black people face is that, “Looking glass syndrome.” Unfortunately, MANY of our masses HAVE internalized the European or white “standard of beauty.” And it does not stop with our race. I have seen evidence of this in other races as well. It is Omni-present, especially in Europe. The “lighter” one is, the more that individual is valued.

      One of the methods that I share with sistas (and brothas) is for them to STOP “carrying forward” the utterances that I’m sure many have heard through the years…blue-black, tar baby, big lipped, black a** negro, nappy-headed and so forth. More telling are comments then and now that individuals told/tell their off-spring to “not bring that dark-skinned girl/boy home” and any physical attributes that might become generational. I recall when, for example, Vanessa Williams won a beauty pageant and then was stripped of her crown. She was “light, bright and d… near white, blue eyes and the physical make-up that whites found acceptable”. But at the end of the day? She was still a black woman and something in her past HAD to be brought out. She was not the first black person to have transgressions revealed and certainly not the last. Where am I going with this? It is unfortunate, that subconsciously, many, many of our people have indoctrinated this and see perceive other sisters that do not have these attributes as being not attractive or acceptable. The mass Media has ensured that this “self-hate” process has been kept well into place for decades, hence why we held/hold practices such as the “Conk,” putting nuclear waste (perms) into our hair and wearing “somebody else’s hair.” Do not get me wrong, I am definitely not “bru ha haing” my lighter-hued sistas for they have enough to deal with regarding the color caste system themselves. And, as you’ve stated, what affects one affects us all. We are ALL under the same microscope.

      Which is why it is so very important that delayed gratification is put into action and WE ALL learn and know our history and especially validate one another. As the term goes, “knowledge IS power. There remains a “disconnect” between the black male and female. And this began well before blacks migrated from the southern regions, including the dust bowl. Akin to the psychological breaking of a colt from it’s mother, blacks were torn from each other during servitude and when the proliferation of welfare began, black women were eligible and could receive a welfare check if no adult male lived long-term in the home.

      Welfare WAS the call of the day. Thus began the psychological breaking of the black male. And numbers of black women headed to the western regions for they were seen as “welfare states.” . We see the effects of this today. In essence, one may have a “comftable” life-style, but really, is it comftable knowing that other bros. and sistas are suffering?

      “I believe where black women went wrong during that era is we began to become fearful because so many black men began to rub the ratio thing in our faces. Black men picked this stuff up from the media that the Vietnam War claimed so many of them that it was 10 black women to 1 black man. Black women began to go along just to get along, such as just living with men instead of getting married and having children out of wedlock. All of this has had a snowball effect and has brought us to this state where we are today. I bet you most don’t even remember all this because we have been programmed to forget our history.”

      Although neither you or I were not of that era? Truer words have never been spoken. The assault for black people to “forget our history” lives on. And, as you stated, the down-side of this is that MORE black children were being born out of wed-lock. And our culture had long been one to embrace marriage. Like yourself, I continue learning and passing on what I am able to share.

      We are not monolithic, yet we are ALL under the same microscope. As Timothy stated, “we have to be pro-active in OUR self-determination.

      Thanks Sharon and be well.


    • Mariama says:

      I apologize for the late response. I have been having trouble posting comments.

      I appreciate your understanding. What you have said is sometimes painful to witness and digest. But I have learned to develop a thick skin. We have a spirit to survive and grow. We are the first people! We are so beautiful in our various shades. I love all the people on this blog!! I wish you all a blessed weekend.

      • Courtney H. says:

        Tank you, Sister Mariama. May you all have a blessed weekend, too!

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Courtney

          This is an excellent video about how white supremacists like Sean Hannity use establishment black conservatives to promote the agenda of white supremacy. Yes, the truth will set us free indeed.

      • Timothy says:

        @Sister Mariama

        Thank you for your kind, Sweet words Sister. I absolutely agree with you on every word that you have mentioned. We have to develop a thicker skin. Our ancestors suffered a million times worst than we have suffered, therefore we honor our ancestors by growing, learning, and fighting back against evil. Our blackness is beautiful. I have learned so much from you, Sister Courtney, Sister Trojan Pam, Brother Kushite Prince, and so many other Brothers and Sisters here.

        Have a Blessed Weekend too.

        • Mariama says:

          Thank you Timothy! I appreciate your kind words again. I too have learned so much from you as well as everyone else on this blog. Have a peaceful and blessed weekend.

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Mariama

        Did you notice that almost no one addressed the comment I made about one possible cause of so much anti-black-female bashing by black males was latent homosexuality?

        This is part of the problem. I don’t do this blog to heap compliments upon black people OR to make anyone “feel good.” I’m more interested in black people BEING good.

        We must be willing to look at and change our own behaviors so we can find ways to solve the problems white supremacy has created.

        And the anti-blackness and anti-black-femaleness that is RAMPANT in our culture must be addressed and resolved before we can even THINK of solving the problem of racism.

        Another topic that largely ignored is whenever I mention the blatant disrespect black females show toward each other.

        Again, we don’t want to deal with those issues that hit too close to home or that mirror our own behaviors.

        We can’t heal until we tell the TRUTH about ourselves as well as other people.

        • Phazex_Female says:

          @ Trojam Pam:

          Those are the operative words, “We can’t heal until WE begin to tell the truth about ourselves as well as other people.”

          I agree 110% with you on this.


          • Trojan Pam says:

            @ Phazex_Female

            TRUTH is empowering but ONLY if you can face the man or woman in the mirror.

            Just telling the “truth” about other people is “gossiping” not nation-building

            • Phazex_Female says:

              @ Trojan Pam:

              Thank you for these words. And they WILL keep me grounded daily

              Be well.


        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Trojan

          You’re right in mentioning the fact that there can no be liberation in the black community without the truth being shown in an accurate way. The truth can only set us free. Also, we have to address and combat misogyny in our community (as you and other Sisters in this forum have mentioned). Some faux conscious people make it their duty to spew anti-black female lies all of the time. Also, these faux conscious folks never follow real solutions, but they outline the most extremely reactionary rhetoric about society. There are tons of black women who contributed so much to the black liberation struggle. I do agree with you that many people who express anti-black female bashing are closeted homosexuals. Many black males, who hate black women in an extreme level especially, have no romantic attraction to black women at all. True masculinity has nothing to do with the hatred of women. True masculinity is the respect for the masculine and feminine aspects of the human family.

          Also, many of these bashers have low self-esteem, some have emotional problems, and others have mental instability. I recall one Youtube black woman basher killing a girl in real life and then he committed suicide. Many of these bashers are a danger to other people and to themselves. This is why therapy is so important. We have to support black people who have been proven to support our interests. Black people who degrade our people and want to disrupt the black community in a negative way should not be supported at all. We have to address poverty, contribute our time to build in our families, and establish strategies to develop our communities (which deals with economic power, building our other resources, etc.). These actions are basically commonsense. We have to be honest with ourselves and be honest with others. Self-reflection is a necessity, so we can build our strengths and eliminate our weaknesses. We know how the current system was not made for us, so we need to develop our own system as black people.

          • kowaba says:

            @ Timothy and Trojan Pam

            Thank you both for speaking on this issue. I was hesitant to speak on my own experiences, but I’ll step out of my comfort zone and share them nonetheless. Sometimes with the system, and what we have to deal with all of us may get frustrated and annoyed with each other, but I would like to mention that it is dangerous to start generalizing that all black people or all one gender of black people are a certain way.

            My experience with black women bashers is a personal one. Both my father and brother bash black women. My older brother bashes black women and I speak up. I say when you say these things about black women you are disrespecting yourself because you are perceived and considered by society as being black, even though your mother is not black you are disrespecting the women in your family that are considered black like your aunts and me. Oh and did I mention that he is already married to an Italian woman and I have to go to Italy just for the wedding reception. God help their offspring because they will be seriously confused by all of that madness.

            As a child, my father would complain about black women. And of course he decides to marry a non black female which I think really harmed my self esteem. I have decided though that when I do speak up and my brother and father make some lame ass excuse like that I’m not really African American etc well then they are really generalizing all black females still. Anyway, they will believe what they want to believe. I try to keep my distance from both of them unfortunately because they tend to project their negativity onto me as I seem to be the scapegoat of the family. Some people refuse to change and we need to accept it. And for me I try to stay away from them as they get in the way of the changes I’m trying to make in my life.

            In high school, I remember two black males that were respectful towards me on the track team and were supportive. When I attended college, the first time I truly felt threatened with my life as two white males chanted nigger when they saw me, I went and told some of the people on the ping pong team and two of the black males I was an acquaintance with offered to protect me. There were several black males in college who I saw respect black females, I believe many of them came from stable environments with a two parent household, and good role models. I will also remember when black men have supported me so I won’t claim all black men are bad.

            I will say this though. I do find it odd that some black men say that they find black women not attractive at all. And what comes to mind is some latent homosexuality. I wouldn’t be surprised if the white supremacists use this as a tool to move more black men to homosexuality. It’s like the anti black female spirit puts in an either date outside the race or date the same gender dichotomy. Strange indeed.

            • Timothy says:

              @Sister Kowaba

              First, you are very brave for mentioning your personal life experiences here. Not too many people would do that, especially as it pertaining to this issue.

              Yes, we have to continue to reiterate the point that we should never generalize all black women in an evil way and we should never generalize all black men in a negative fashion. We know of many black men and many black women who are honorable, who are living their lives in a positive direction, and who want real changes in the world. In real life, I know many black women (who are my relatives, co-workers, friends, etc.) who are strong, upright, hardworkers, and want the best for the black community.

              We all have to deal with negativity as black people all of the time. What I do to combat the negative energy is to communicate with my family members, I study information about our black people, I exercise at times, I walk in the sun (which develops my melanin), and I constantly meditate about my life. The only thing that I can do about your father and your brother is to send prayers to them (so, they can wake up in the future). A nuclear family which is healthy and stable can be a blessing for so many human beings. I was raised by a father and by a mother. It is very weird for some black males (especially heterosexual black males) to say that they don’t find black women attractive at all. One fact is that black women are very beautiful worldwide. There are black women of diverse hues, diverse sizes, and diverse personalities. All of these Sisters have equal value as human beings.

              We know how Hollywood and the mainstream entertainment industry either promote tensions among black people among both genders or promote a submissive black person. Many of the hatred against black women has been a product of a combination of things. Some folks have been misinformation and some just consciously ignore the great contributions that black women made in the black liberation struggle. Harriet Tubman, Ella Baker, Winnie Mandela, and other Sisters did a lot for our people. Their contributions should be acknowledged.

              Unity is just a rational approach in solving our issues. I do believe in therapy services for those who suffer self-hatred or things of that nature. I believe that black males and black females have to work together in order for us to end the system of white supremacy. Also, we have to address this issue of misogyny and we have to keep on fighting. Thank you for your Response Sister.

              • kowaba says:

                @ Timothy

                Thank you for your response and kind words. These stereotypes are based on lies which are projected onto us by people in society. We, as a people have the power to not accept these stereotypes and expectations to dictate our courses of actions in our lives.

                I like to go out in the sun to recharge. I also meditate (on a daily basis) and exercise from time to time. Even though our situation is bleak, we have a choice to improve ourselves that for me is empowering in itself.

            • Trojan Pam says:

              @ kowaba

              for those who think connecting black female bashing TO( black male latent homosexuality is “black-male-bashing,” let me clarify something.

              The first time I heard someone making this connection was an OPENLY HOMOSEXUAL BLACK MALE.

              I’ve mentioned this before on my blogs and in my books

              this young black male said was he noticed that many times when he was around black males coupled up with non-black females that the black males would be giving him the eye.

              He believed some black males used non-black females as a front to hide their DL behavior since non-black females would not pick on the social cues that might tip black females off that something wasn’t quite right. Not because black females are smarter, but we know black males better than non-black females and the reverse is true.

              So, he asked some of his BM homosexual friends if they had the same experience he did and they said they had many times

              I did have an inkling about this when I started noticing the over the top anti-black female language of many on-line black female bashers and how they even went as far as to tell other BM to “stop talking to black women.”

              So, I called a few out and never got a real explanation for this – and the sad thing is many of them were STILL LIVING OFF THEIR BLACK MOMMMAS (sic)

              I’ll add that this behavior is VERY common among WHITE MALE latent homosexuals who disparage white females.

              I truly believe that a lot of this BM anti-female behavior is ROOTED in the programming of black males within a white supremacy anti-female culture.

              But I would caution ALL black males young and old that this is a surefire way to GUARANTEE your PERMANENT SLAVE STATUS when you allow your enemies to turn you against your SISTERS, MOTHERS, GRANDMOTHERS, NIECES, WIVES, FRIENDS, AND DAUGHTERS

              As imperfect as black females are, we are your only allies. and we are the FIRST ONES you call on when you get in a jam and often the only ones who answer. LET”S BE REAL ABOUT THAT.

              bottom line — how can a man hate his female mirror image without hating himself?

              It can’t be done.

              • kowaba says:

                @ Trojan Pam

                Thank you for explaining your viewpoint. I understand more of what you and others on here are saying. The idea of not being able to notice certain social cues in black males is dead on. I think back to several years ago back in college. I liked this black male and he claimed he liked me; the other black people in the summer program were telling me that he was gay and they could tell by his social cues and body language. I had no idea. Why? Well, for one I have no idea or reference point as to how black men and women interact in a romantic relationship. Two, I was never guided in how to navigate and fully understand the social expectations of black people, in particular – Black Americans.

                Everything, I’ve had to teach myself and that is very difficult. I’ve come to the unfortunate conclusion that IR dating and the results of it (i.e. offspring) breeds confusion for everyone (except for the white person). Can you imagine being in an environment where you go undetected for being any different than anyone else (and then having no direction or understanding of what’s going on around you.)? I believe this further complicates confusion for the victim of white supremacy. Not only is the environment among white people confusing, but then not having any space to relax and be yourself and garner and provide support.

                I still struggle to this day with understanding why black people respond the way they do to me. Some have told me they can’t read me and they don’t know how I would respond to a situation. I believe this is because of my whole upbringing, background, and environment. It feels like were looking at the same thing, but viewing it through different lens therefore drawing completely different conclusions and actions.

                I’m just trying to get answers like everyone else and feel like I’m in complete disarray as to understanding how complex and deep of a situation we as a people are in. I feel like the more I try to be friendly and supportive of black people, the more black people fight me. How can you help people who are fighting you and their own well-being? I don’t know what to do. I feel confused, sad, frustrated, and alienated. How is it so difficult for us to understand that non-black people don’t give a s**t about our situation because it is not affecting them? These other people are not getting shot in the street. Why should I go out defending every other person that is non-black and not protect and defend people that look like me? Everything is so backwards and illogical. Until we face the situation as it is and stop wishing things were different and reacting emotionally, only then, can our situation change and we can start making improvements.

                Thank you for taking the time to explain your observations.

        • Mariama says:

          Yes Pam. I did notice the silence. I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that many black men enjoy bashing black women because it gives them a false sense of power. I am witnessing so many go overboard with their disparaging comments and cruel put downs of the women of their race. It is one thing to constructly critique black women’s short comings, but it is quite another to constantly belittle their appearance, features and “attitude ” in front of the world.

          If only they could grasp the psychological devastation this has on us. And sadly, I think that some black men engage in this mental sadism as a mears to control black women for their “betrayals,” and what some of them perceive as black women doing better than them. My heart gets heavy over this. If there is one thing that will destroy Black Americans, I will say that it is the gender wars.

          • Trojan Pam says:

            @ Mariama

            I agree, gender wars are tearing our communities and families apart.
            This is what I believe.

            In a white supremacy, male-dominated culture, the men are programmed to feel they MUST be superior to the female. Maybe, it’s genetic, maybe not. I really don’t know but female-bashing is built into this sick culture and other cultures around the world. In some countries females have no rights that men are bound to respect. I do NOT believe this is the “natural” order of things but it is common.

            Now, when it comes to black males, they see other males wielding power over their females and they want to have that same “right,” too. But in a system where black people are forced to be submissive to white people, the black male MUST find someone he can dominate without facing any consequences.

            That person is US.

            But what makes it especially frustrating is the black male lacks real power. So he attacks the female by degrading her, depriving her of love and support, and with physical violence.

            We are also a release valve for his rage and frustration within a white supremacy system where he cannot function as a real man. In fact, the white supremacy system ENCOURAGES this behavior of blaming and condemning and rejecting and harming black females because it is a GUARANTEE that the black male collectively will never confront his real enemies OR solve his real problems.

            And this is the dynamic we’re dealing with as black females. This doesn’t mean black females are innocent or blameless. This does not mean every single black male functions this way

            but i believe this is the dynamic that exists which fuels black gender wars. And until black males are willing to look at their own behavior and black females are willing to accept our role in this dynamic (by condemning other black females) nothing will change.

        • Alicia says:

          I learned as I got older that white supremacy shapes black men to turn their backs on us. dating/marriage-wise, the vast majority of black men have not though I also believe racism and their ego plays a part in why some black men bash black women It’s the same for why some black women bash black men. I admit that when I was younger I believe many of the negative stereotypes about black men like that most wanted white women, they cheated more than white men etc. I’ve grown to learn most if not all of what society tries to tell us about black men, is very false.

          I live in a community now that is predominately black and families (where the man is in the household) are the norm. I know plenty of single black fathers, and have talked to many who told me of how the courts always favor the mother and made it hard for them to help and raise their child/children.

          What I do not understand however, is why many black women/girls are so anti-black women/girl. My mother think it’s because of racism, however I am not like that and I’m facing the same issues/living in the same society.

  25. Sharon53 says:

    I agree with you that we need to stop this blue-black, tar baby, big lipped, black a** negro, nappy-headed, “do not bring that dark-skinned girl/boy home”, “light, bright and d… near white..” nonsense. We have far too many pressing issues than to be concerned about what someone has no control over such as their looks. Because as someone once said ‘’we may have come here on different ships, but we are all in the same boat.’
    Have a blessed day.

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    15 Facts about Freddie Gray & Baltimore Riots — Part Three

  27. Sharon53 says:

    To All,
    I would like to make a comment about the connection between anti-black-female bashing and latent homosexuality. I believe there is a lot of truth to that as I have seen this up close. Something I notice about these types of men is they are not initially overt in their hatred for women. At first, they tend to be sometimes charming and always up in some woman’s face. This is a form of mental illness because once they start feeling comfortable around you, then the verbal abuse starts. In a way, it is the same approach a serial killer takes except they don’t physically harm you.

    Most of them never had any lasting relationships with women even as they aged. One thing that stood out like a sore thumb that convinces me more that some had homosexual tendencies is when any of them did have a long-term relationship with a woman, it was with a woman who appeared more like a man herself than he did. It is as if the very type of woman they complained about is the same type of woman they were drawn to. Very confusing if you ask me.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Sharon53

      I have noticed this too.
      My advice to all women is: when you don’t feel comfortable with a man after a few times of being around him, that is your GUT telling you to stay away. Listen to your GUT because the more time you spend with him, the softer that voice gets.

      I would also give this advice to men as well.

      • Timothy says:

        @Sister Trojan Pam

        I agree with you and Sister Sharon.

        The Creator gave us intuition for a reason. Trusting our gut can go a long way in living a more fuller, conscious life. Also, I do find that many closeted people date or marry IR, because doing that can deceive the non-black person about their closeted ways. I believed many of the closeted black person have emotional problems too. The non-black person may not be keen into the cultural mores of a closeted black person. We have to discuss about this issue since we don’t want any black person to be manipulated or deceived. We want honesty and integrity.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Timothy

          I agree, the DL black person feels more comfortable in their masquerade because they seldom present a real face to their non-black lover anyway.

  28. Sharon53 says:

    @Trojan Pam and @Timothy
    I have to agree with you when you say the non-black person may not be aware of the cultural nuances of a closested black person. As I was reading your comments, I was thinking about a black athlete named Jason Collins, who came out as the first openly gay pro athlete some years ago. He had dated a white girl for 8 years and abruptly ended the relationship. Eight years is a long time and they had even lived together and she was shocked to learn he was gay. There is an article where she says she received a lot of emails from women who said this had happened to them. So it looks like this is DL stuff is more commonplace than we realize.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Sharon53

      Yes, just as I would not be as aware of the cultural nuances if I was dating an Asian male. I didn’t grow up around them. I don’t know what is “typical” and what isn’t. This isn’t a slam against sexually confused people (and let’s face it, being on the DL is the HEIGHT of sexual confusion/deception) but I think it explains a LOT of the black-female-bashing within the black AND the white male community.

      I have said many times in my books, that one of the main reasons there is a campaign to make black males view black females as sexually unattractive is to make MORE BM sexually available to white males and there has been a TON of interracial homosexual activity that is on the DL.

      And this also explains the repugnance many black males express for black females and why so many shun us sexually. If you are a male in doubt about your masculinity, the black female is the LAST person you want to tangle with. We can be very tough and very perceptive and we have strong (and sometimes erroneous) ideas about what masculinity is.

      Also, the females that black males have been taught to view as MORE “feminine” (lighter skinned) make a man who is in doubt of his own masculinity feel more “masculine”

      I have found that white females seem very lax in their standards when it comes to black males, almost to the point of being insulting. It’s like they have such low expectations that they have none at all. I have seen this play out where the white female views the black male as a child and in fact, I have read such comments many times.

      so, for a black male on the DL, he may find it easier to keep up the masquerade with someone who doesn’t have a lot of expectations of manhood in the first place and let’s be real, most non-black people think black males and black females fall short even when they are sleeping with us.

      There is a very famous and admired BM (who shall remain nameless) whose former white girlfriend(s) admitted in a NY Times article that this high profile black wasn’t interested in sex when she dated him in college (A big RED flag).

      I said, ah-ha! what 19 or 20 year old BM has a white (or black) girlfriend who is literally begging for sex and he’s not interested in having sex with her? A latent homosexual black male.

      I think the evidence tying these two things together — interracial sex and DL — is undeniable. Does that mean all black males who date interracially are on the DL? Of course not.

      Does that mean this cannot be true of black females who are on the DL? I think it is less likely because women hide our mess better than men and I don’t think a black female who preferred other females would date a white male just to hide that preference.

      It doesn’t make as much sense to me perhaps because the world is much harder on DL males than on DL females thereby forcing the DL male to hide his true sexuality.

      Of course, I could be incorrect about that.

      • Alicia says:

        White women are often a part of this as well. They know what their white men want and go right along with it and promote it. My college experience was weirdly anti-black female (from the white males). White women/girls express their hatred too however it appears white men want to focus on hating on black girls/women.

        “I have said many times in my books, that one of the main reasons there is a campaign to make black males view black females as sexually unattractive is to make MORE BM sexually available to white males and there has been a TON of interracial homosexual activity that is on the DL.”

    • reality_check says:


      I posted a video to another discussion, but I wanted to share this video of this young black woman breaking down white pathology. She echoes some of the same concepts you write about. She has an expert understanding of white people and does not appear to be fooled by the deceptions.

      We need more blacks like this.

  29. Sharon53 says:

    @Trojan Pam
    Thanks again for all the evidence tying interracial sex and DL together. I wish I had known all of this, as well as other information, earlier on in life.
    Something else I want to mention about interracial relationships between black men and white women is the amount of violence that goes on. With all the confusion going on in these relationships such as DL, it is not surprising.
    It seems that black men started this whole thing of murder/suicide with a white spouse or white girlfriend and oftentimes took out his kids and even her mother and other family members before taking his own life. I know of one guy up in Michigan who wiped out his wife’s whole family, then went on a killing spree shooting at other white people. I never saw that early in life but over the years when I watched more TV, I use to see stories like this a lot on America’s Most Wanted and even local TV and newspapers. Some say these are heat of passion crimes but heat of passion crimes are not premeditated and the person just kills their romantic interest not an entire family and certainly not themselves. It has not been until recently that a few of them are beginning to kill their black wives and kids and then themselves but I notice this all started with white spouses/girlfriends.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Sharon53

      I do remember years ago hearing about a surprising number of murder/suicides involving black male/white female couples and I remember being surprised because most of the domestic violence I heard about previously had been black on black.

      I don’t know what the statistics are but I suspect its due to the increasing and catastrophic confusion of black people within this system. We get so many mixed messages about the state of race relations and our own anti-blackness and the anti-blackness of other black people often sends us in frantic pursuit of an alternative.

      Only to find that we’ve exchanged one type of problem for another that we weren’t prepared for because clearly black people DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW RACISM FUNCTIONS — especially in the bedroom. Many of us still judge white and black people by what we see in movies and on TV.

      The media is extremely dangerous and misleading to a confused black mind and you can see this mass confusion everywhere you go. I have never seen it as bad as it is now, to the point of mass delusion and white identification on the part of black people collectively.

      I think there are so many myths that bring black males and white females together, especially on the part of the black male. That she will be more submissive, more supportive, nicer, and all the things that we (black females) allegedly are NOT and when reality hits he realizes he is actually SUBORDINATE to her because she is white and she knows it.

      And he is STILL being mistreated despite his submission to the white beauty standard aka white supremacy, he is filled with more pain, anger and rage and this sometimes explodes into violence. I know several black males who date nothing but WW and they often talk about how much they dislike white people, sometimes in front of the white female he is sleeping with.(??)

      And i’ve seen the reverse where he will talk about black people and especially black females like a dog in front of the white woman and she won’t say a word and seems empowered by his sick display of self hatred

      BECAUSE he is also talking about his MOTHER, his SISTER(S), and any DAUGHTERS he may have.

      Statistics also report that BM/WW relationships have the highest divorce rate out of all the four combinations: WW/WM, BW/BM, BW/WM, and BM/WW.

      There is also a TON of dysfunctional in BW who date one WM after another and the ones I know are very anti-black. I know several who have had nervous breakdowns as a result of their confusion and some of them talk about BM like dogs forgetting that their

      FATHER, BROTHERS AND SONS are black males.

      I wrote about this dynamic at length in my book, The Interracial Con Game, and so will not do that here.

      On the flip side I believe there may a lot of mental, verbal and physical violence in BW/WM relationships that largely goes unreported but I’ve only heard of a few murders in those relationships and no murder-suicides. That alone, is interesting food for thought.

      Bottom line, interracial relationships can be very damaging for a black person who thinks they are a cure-all for whatever ails them in the romantic dept because no matter who you are with, you bring YOU to every relationship

      and MOST of us would be well advised to examine and heal the person in the mirror before pointing our fingers at the person who shares our beds.

  30. TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:

    @ TrojanPam

    I have been wanting to comment about all the misogynoir (anti-black misogyny a term coined by if I’m not mistaken by black feminist scholar Moya Bailey), latent homosexuality, and the rising demonization and demeaning of black women by “black” men and how all this ties together, but just didn’t have the time, but here is my take on it.

    Every since I started studying about sexism and misogynoir and how it was sooo rampant within the civil rights movement, I had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA as to how the misogyny/sexism of white males has impacted the collective relationship between the black man and the black woman. Like you, Mariama, and sooo many other Black Women who see and are gathering some understanding of what’s going on my heart is heavy and I’m sooo f***king angry. The attack on the character, features, and body of the black woman, especially the dark-skin black woman is OUT OF CONTROL and NOBODY including the so-called Black Community is doing ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING about it.

    I came to the DISHEARTENING conclusion given the fact that Black Women are the MOST UNPROTECTED, UNLOVED, and DISRESPECTED person on the planet (even by the so-called black community and sooo many Black Women who have internalized misogynoir) that there is a DEEP-SEATED, SUBCONSCIOUS HATRED FOR THE BLACK WOMAN WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

    This is why we do not see black people (collectively) in the street like herds of cattle marching and demanding justice for dead black girls and women who have died behind police brutality, black-on-black violence, etc. like they do for dead black men and boys. Don’t get me wrong, WE SHOULD BE marching/demanding justice for dead black men and boys, what I’m saying is we should march/demand justice for BOTH Black men, boys, women, and girls equally and show equal outrage when black women and girls are murdered by police and others. NOT to mention there was a report that came out a week or so ago stating the fact that black women and girls are murdered by police as much as black men and boys are, so all of this erroneous thinking among many blacks that more black men and boys are being murdered more than black women and girls need to be put to rest and NOW!

    When Rekia Boyd’s murderer was set free and organizers (most likely black women) held a march in Union Square, New York it was reported that only 50-100 people showed up. smdh. And what about Chicago, where she’s from? (correct me if I’m wrong) I heard no mention of a march been held for her there. All these black people in New York and Chicago and we didn’t hear much fuss and to top it off not many black men (hell not many black women neither)were there only the ones kin to or maybe were friends with this young woman. What’s at the bottom of all this?!? MISOGYNORIST AND SEXIST THINKING THAT HAS INFECTED THE SO-CALLED BLACK COMMUNITY. Many Black Women show more concern for black men and boys than for black women and girls, cause in a sexist, misogynist, patriarchal society men are more important than women, boys are more important than girls. Many women in general (not just black women) internalize sexist/misogyny attitudes and behaviors towards other women. That’s just how deep this thinking and behavior is entrenched in society. I’ve see women’through the years (still see it all the time) throw other women and girls under the bus for a man that ain’t even worth defending. smdh

    I have a lot more to say on this, I will return to continue later.

    • Courtney H. says:

      @ TheOriginalBlackWoman13, Trojan Pam, reality_check, Sharon53, and Timothy:

      I have just finished reading your comments regarding sexism, misogyny, and the DL phenomenon in the Black community, and you all are absolutely right! Thank you so much for your comments!

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Courtney H.

        Anti-black female sentiments within the black community is something our community needs to be honest about.

        Black females need to OPEN OUR MOUTHS and SPEAK OUR TRUTHS and STOP REMAINING SILENT out of intimidation or the fear that we will “drive” black males away. Those that want to leave will leave anyway so let them GO


        Black males need to put their EGOS to the side, get a THICKER SKIN, and start TELLING THE TRUTH

        Black Gender Wars are destroying our black girls who one day will be mothers of the next generation — both boys AND girls.

        Our houses are burning down around us, our communities are disappearing, we have NO ECONOMIC BASE or the means to provide for ourselves, and our children are lost

        Yet, we think we have the luxury of fighting each other over what? We think it’s correct to degrade someone just because they were born with breasts and a vagina instead of a penis?

        And we think it is normal to talk about “black pride” at the same time we condemn and reject dark-skinned black females?

        What the hell are we thinking?

        • Courtney H. says:

          @ Sister Trojan Pam:

          You are absolutely right!

        • Alicia says:

          Black men put their ego aside? not likely. They are men, very different from us women. Men are expected to take care of a household which can stress the average black boy/male/man out given the type of society we live in and how white supremacists (white men, white women, hispanic ( not a race, usually white or lightskinned), etc) tend to own or be in control of many jobs.

          They are also raised in a culture where they’re not supposed to even find black women attractive, let alone date or take care of one.

      • Sharon53 says:

        You are quite welcome 🙂

      • Timothy says:

        @Sister Courtney

        Good Afternoon Sister.

        You’re Welcome.

        Also, the video of the young Sister talking about racism is great. She knows history, culture, and the psychology of the white collective. White people have expressed racism for a long time and they realize it. The young Sister is a genius and she has a bright future ahead of her.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ TheOriginalBlackWoman13

      Unfortunately, I have to cosign on everything you’ve said. It is time for ALL of us to tell the truth and for black females to stop being silent out of fear of offending black males. Let’s face it, being silent hasn’t bought us ONE THING. It hasn’t improved our relationships. It hasn’t stopped the defection over to non-black females so why the hell are we still silent?

      If anything remaining silent has actually made us CO-CONSPIRATORS in our own degradation. This is NOT male-bashing. This is TRUTH-telling and it breaks my heart to see black females suffering from this relentless campaign of degradation from black AND white people, including other black females

      i have experienced things i would NEVER tell anyone, things that still haunt me to this day and it was due to only ONE reason.

      I was a black female.

      and sadly, many BF “counter-racists” do not even support the efforts of other black female counter-racists. There is a lot of work to be done.

      • Mariama says:

        You know Pam, it is funny. I don’t know why other black females would not support you or other counter racism acriviera or writers. Are we so jealous of each other that we have to compete with each other when it comes to fighting racism? If so, we really need to take a look at ourselves and reflect on our mental state. I would never want to have a monopoly on counter racism. This is sad.

      • TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:


        *sign* I am sorry that you are experiencing such utter madness and foolishness in what suppose to be a group effort not a competition in helping to eliminate racism white supremacy. If you have black people competing for who will be the king or queen of counter-racism, then yes we have a SERIOUS SERIOUS SERIOUS problem and our efforts at liberation ARE DOOMED. It seems that the more I go along in studying how white supremacy racism has effected black people the more I’m seeing along with the testimonies of yourself and other black people coupled with my own experiences with anti-blackness from the so-called black community it’s crystal clear that the damage it worse than I’ve ever imagined and it seems black people are getting worse by the decade. A house divided among itself WILL definitely fall.

        I agree that many black women are remaining silent for fear of offending black men. Another reason why many remain silent is because they believe that if they continue to love and support these self-hating anti-black woman males that they (the males) will one day return that love and support, which is not happening because these males have made it clear to the black woman collective that they just don’t give a damn, but many black women carry on with this behavior and I hate to say it like fools desperately wanting, hoping, and wishing. It’s like how black people in general continue to appease white people desperately wanting, wishing, and hoping that one day they will love us back. Like you said above, black women will gain NOTHING continuing to support black males who do not return love, support, and reciprocation. Not happenin!

        When Black Women DO speak up (as I’m seeing what seems like an increasing number doing so), their labeled as “anti-black man” “feminazi” and “co-conspiring with da white man” by the so-called black community as if the majority of black women like white men like that *eyes roll* I’m also discovering that these black feminist like Bell Hooks, Kimberle Crenshaw, Moya Bailey, and others who have been addressing the mistreatment and lack of concern of black women and girls for years WERE INDEED CORRECT ALL ALONG, but some of us were either too young or just wasn’t aware of the level of mistreatment before, yet they were demonized not by white people but by the black collective in order to cover up how black people treat black women and girls cause sooo many of us just “don’t want massa to know how bad we treat our womenfolk, especially if their dark-skinned” and that “massa did a SUCCESSFULLY EXCELLENT job instilling misogynoirist and colorist thoughts and behaviors within the black collective psyche.

        One more thing, I don’t want to generalize black men, but there is just an collective silence when black women and girls are constantly being demonized, degraded, and demeaned in front of the entire world. A black woman asked “Where are all these good black men at when black women are demonized, degraded, and demeaned?” on a blog I follow on tumblr that centers around the mistreatment of black women and girls. This is what alot of black women are feeling, that black men as a collective don’t and won’t care to protect and support black women and girls. A lot of black men fail to realize that bashing and trashing black women WILL not make you a man and it sure as hell WON”T gain the respect of non-black men. What makes a man a man: his ability to protect his women and children. I know this may come off as harsh, but hey gotta tell it like it is.

    • Mariama says:

      I agree with you 100%. I must admit that I have internalized some of this. I am aware of it and I am making the effort to retrain my mind and see myself as the Creator wants and not through the tainted and diseased eyes of white supremacy and black inferiority.

    • Mariama says:

      Thanks for thus uplifting 😊 story Courtney. It is always good to hear inspiring stories like this. Have a blessed evening!

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Sister Mariama:

        You are welcome! I also enjoy reading this uplifting, feel-good stories!

        You have a blessed evening, too! 🙂

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      Good Evening Sister 🙂

      Thank you for showing the inspirational story of Trameka Pope. Trameka never given up on life despite being homeless. Her child motivated her to fulfill her educational goals. Her story represents a lesson. It is a lesson that despite our situation in life, we should never lose hope and we should never give up. Life is a journey. There are tests in life. Nothing in life will be perfect, but we go through life as a way to bless others not as a means to hurt others in an evil fashion.

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Brother Timothy:

        Good afternoon, Brother. 🙂

        You are welcome! I agree that this story shows that despite the roadblocks in our lives, people can really do good for themselves. This sister obviously had a lot of support behind her to help her to achieve her goals. I liked the part where she said that after she became pregnant, she studied really hard because she didn*t want to become a statistic. That shows that she realized that she could have dropped out of school and gotten on welfare, but she didn*t. She was determined to turn out differently, and for the better.

        Thank you for your response. Have a blessed day, Brother. 🙂

  31. @everyone on the blog
    I’m curious to know the thoughts of everyone about Toya Graham. She was the Baltimore mother who stopped her son from participating in the Baltimore riots. She slapped him around a bit and people are calling her a hero. I wondered if this was a positive or negative thing. I understand that being a mother she’s concerned about her sons well being. But once I saw her on the talk show The View….I think I know what’s going on.
    First thing I thought about was NFL player Adrian Peterson. He faces criminal charges for disciplining his son with a switch. Some we’re saying he should be kicked out of the league for good. Why is one a hero and the other a villain? I think one issue is the fear of black manhood and black masculinity. This is why there so many black homosexuals and transgenders promoted in the media. Destroying the image of black manhood is crucial in the system of white supremacy. Toya Graham is looked at as mother of year because she stopped her son from fighting “against the man”. The system of WS doesn’t want us to fight back in any way. They want us to be docile and complacent. This also reinforces the stereotype of the violent angry black woman. As well as making her son to look like a black thug causing trouble. When in reality he is justifiably angry at the injustice our people are dealing with. So you get two negative stereotypes in one shot.
    I really feel for our children today. They are so confused. They see injustice but are told to not fight back and “love thy enemy”. Does anyone have thoughts on this issue? Or does anyone disagree?

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Kushite Prince

      Good observation, off the top of my head I think the dynamic is ‘the mean, manly, strong black female’ correcting the ‘the dumb, weak black male’ — which you can see in countless TV commercials. I know this is a mother trying to keep her son safe but when the media applauds our behavior we need to take a big step back and really see what is going on


      a black male being a FATHER to a black boy. this image runs counter to what they want the black male to be: a MAN and a FATHER. However, I edited this to add that being a father or a mother doesn’t mean we should abuse our children.

      As a matter of fact, black males shouldn’t be impregnating black females to begin with and making black babies and sticking around to raise them. How dare they??

      it’s too bad that mainstream media has the influence over black people’s thinking that it has. Nothing good will ever come of this

      • @Trojan Pam
        I see your point. I knew when Graham was all over the media….that an agenda was in place. I tried to tell family and friends but many are so blind. The matrix has blinded so many of our people. They are using so many weapons against us mentally….it’s hard to see through the racist illusion. But I’m in this fight until the end.

        • TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:


          I knew when the footage of Toya Graham slapping her son across the head was released that although some people praised her others will turn it upside down into a stereotype. I believe that Toya meant well cause she stated that she “did not want her son to be another Freddie Gray” I took that to mean that she did not want to loose her son to prison or death at the hands of racist cops. Not to mention, that’s her ONLY son, so again I believe she meant well in disciplining her son, but some people (the white supremacist media) who work 24/7/365 to keep black stereotypes a alive twisted her intentions.

      • reality_check says:

        If it had been a black male father doing this to his son, they would have arrested him and charged him with child abuse and taken his children away from him. He would be prosecuted and convicted, serve time, and have a permanent criminal record.

        Remember the father that whipped his two daughters for twerking? Yea, that’s what happened to him.


    • Timothy says:

      @Kushite Prince.

      Hello Brother and your wisdom is always appreciated by everyone here.

      First, I will talk about Toya Graham. Toya has lived in a poor community in Baltimore. Toya and her son are victims of an austerity-filled, vulture capitalist system. Many poor communities of Baltimore have depression level unemployment rated and I have researched some of the statistics. The teenage son of Graham was slapped multiple times in public by his mother. I don’t agree with that since Toya can discipline her son in private. The mother is right to prevent her son from doing someone terrible. I have no problem with self defense, speaking truth to power, and resisting oppression as long as innocent people including innocent property aren’t harmed. Obviously, the mother cares for her son. I don’t think she should have paraded her son on various TV shows since those shows don’t have Toya Graham’s or her son’s best interests at all. The mainstream media loves to present the angry black woman stereotype and the violent, unintelligent black male stereotype too. We have to be strategic in dealing with the system of white supremacy. Likewise, I don’t believe in calling Toya out of her name and judging her in an inappropriate fashion. Some people have slandered Toya and her son, which is evil and uncalled for. Shows like the View want to promote docility in our community. In other words, they want to present the message that real resistance against oppression is equivalent to nihilism, which isn’t the case at all.

      Adrian Peterson is another important story too. Adrian Peterson should not be banned from the NFL. The NFL did what they did, because of the climate of domestic violence issues, Deflategate, and other issues. The NFL didn’t want to be viewed as soft, so they enacted this punishment against Adrian Peterson. In my opinion, what Adrian did was wrong. The child suffered injuries to his back, legs, ankles, etc. Adrian Peterson apologized to his child and to his family. He accepted his punishment and he should be allowed the opportunity to move forward with his life. There is a hatred of real black masculinity in Western society. You’re right on that. We see it all of the time. Anytime a black man legitimately raises his voice to show a point or expresses courageous strength, then white supremacists slander that black man as overly aggressive when that black man is just expressing his God-given masculinity. That is why some black males hide their real masculine voices in a public job setting in fear of losing jobs. We certainly know that the enemy hates Black Love as Black Love caused more black people to exist literally. A black man loving a black woman (which is beautiful) and vice versa is still taboo in our society. The story about “Caityln” has been shown excessively by some to distract from the issues of poverty, police brutality, and other important issues that black people face everyday. We have every right to resist evil. We can’t be docile in the most hypocritical society in human history. You have shown excellent words on this issue.

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Timothy,

        Thanks for adding your input. I forgot about the injuries that Peterson inflicted on his son. I had the same impression at the time that he had gone overboard. I do feel that black males are seldom portrayed as loving, strong fathers but child abuse should not be applauded or encouraged.

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Trojan Pam

          You’re Welcome Sister. Originally, I didn’t realize how serious the injuries were to Peterson’s son were until later on. It is definitely true that black males are shown as brutish by white racists and the mainstream media readily ignore black men acting as strong, black fathers. One example of a strong black father is the story of Devon Still (a black father who is caring for his daughter). Peterson has a chance to do better. Hopefully, he can learn his lessons and be a much better father in the future. There is no justification for child abuse at all.

    • Phazex_Female says:

      @ Kushite Prince:

      My spin on Graham is that (by the mass Media) it is not okay to discipline her son, but it is legal for law enforcement to kill him?

      For that “15 minutes of fame,” she never should have paraded her son on the different talk shows.

      What she did was save her son’s life.

  32. @Timothy
    Thanks for the response brother. I feel where you’re coming from. I always enjoy your intelligent replies. I can tell you look at things from every angle before you respond. Sometimes I just check out the blog to read the intelligent replies by you,OW13,Courtney,Shanequa and Trojan Pam. Hearing brothers and sistas who understand this wicked and racist gives me hope for the future. Thanks for the kind words. But I’m nothing special. I’m just a guy who studies and reads a lot of books. I just love my people and despise my enemies. I make NO apologies for hating those that hurt my people.
    Key to survival: You must know who are you enemies.
    The problem with us is we are too accepting of people who like our music,use black slang and will have sex with us. We need to get hip to the game.

  33. @Everyone
    In regards to anti-black women sentiments. I think brothers need to realize that black women are not the enemy. I know there are black women who are ignorant,loud and fit ghetto stereotypes. And yes there are some out there that love white men. I’ve seen plenty videos on YouTube with black women and their white husbands. Many of us are brainwashed to hate ourselves and anyone that looks like us. We are brainwashed due to a racist and satanic system.
    The real enemy is whites and all whites who support the system. And also non whites who are anti-black. This gender war crap needs to end! We need to support one another. Brothers need to lift up sistas when they fall. During slavery at least then we knew our open enemy. Now we are so confused we love the enemy and hate our own kind. I believe in black manhood and black power. Black men and women both have a role that is important in the community. One is not more important than the other. There needs to be mutual respect on both sides. There needs to be equal outrage on black men and women are killed or beaten by police. All black lives matter. We are being killed daily on these streets,getting locked up and losing jobs. The gender battle just distracts us from fighting the real enemy. We need to get our heads on straight!
    I will always love and support my sistas. And when the time comes I will die for them if need be. All black men need to take that oath for our women and children. The white man makes it clear that he will kill to ensure that his bloodline lives on. And we need to do the same. We are in a WAR. That is the reality no one wants to deal with. The survival of our people is at stake. The bickering needs to end so we can get to work.
    One Love,One Tribe,One People

    • Mariama says:

      Thank you Timothy! Thank you for encouraging us. I am seeing so much jealousy between black men and women. I am talking about competition. It is so abnormal to me that it hasn’t quite registered in my brain.

      • Timothy says:


        You’re Welcome Sister. The Kushite Prince, Courtney, you, and so many other Brothers and Sisters here bring so much wisdom and perspective on various real issues. We are in the same fight, we are one people, and we desire justice. We have to treat each other as family and as allies in this fight against the system of white supremacy. As Brother KushitePrince, and others have mentioned, the gender war distractions needs to end. We have to fight the real enemy and it is not each other. We want black people all over the world to see the structures of oppression to end.

    • TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:

      @ KushitePrince

      From what I see you, timothy, and a few other black men I know personally are REALLY sincere in wanting this system to die a fast death and I believe that you, timothy and a few others love black women and girls with all your heart, you are REAL black men. I can support you all, but I vowed that I WILL NOT continue to support anti-black woman negro boys. I’ve made good on that promise, lol. Like I said, I don’t want to generalize and TOO many black women are also guilty in the destruction of the black woman, but it seems there are far TOO many negro boys and not REAL BLACK MEN out there. I would hope that there’s more than we realize *shrugs*

      • Timothy says:


        Thank you for your words Sister. You are very sincere in wanting liberation of black people too. There can be no true justice without the liberation of black males and black females. Too many people want to ignore the suffering of black women and we will not. We will always believe in liberation and justice.

  34. Sharon53 says:

    @Kushite Prince
    Thanks to you, Timothy and all the other brothers who are standing up for black women. We need all the support we can get in these serious and troubling times. You are so correct when you stated “During slavery at least then we knew our open enemy. Now we are so confused we love the enemy and hate our own kind.”
    I am aware of the many variables that have brought about this mess we are dealing with but what baffles me is why so many of us on these blogs are conscious of this while the masses of black people do not have a clue.
    There are many distractions that are keeping us from fighting the real enemy but the biggest distraction in my opinion is the gender war between BM and BW. One thing I would like to mention is even though it appears BM tend to cross over the color line quicker than BW (I don’t know the stats on this) it seems that there are more socially-conscious BM than BW. Of course, this is just my experience not the gospel. I say this because, except for these blogs, I don’t have any BW that I can talk to about these issues in my personal life but I do know some BM. For instance, my brothers are more socially-conscious than my sisters. My brothers are outraged that so many of our nieces keep dropping babies but nobody is marrying them while some of our nephews are marrying WW. They are really outraged with one of my nephews who just got dragged through the mud by a WW who had a baby for him and he is still out here chasing WW. Also, one of the brothers of this same nephew was recently murdered and it is believed that his white girlfriend set up him up.
    Some refreshing news is I have heard some brothers recently speaking out publicly on BW’s behalf; I heard a black male DJ say to the brothers a few weeks ago ‘we can’t do it without the sistas.’ I also heard another black male DJ some time ago state ‘I can’t understand why some black men feel they have to trash black women to justify why they date/marry white women.’ I have never heard a black female speak out publicly about these issues. If there have been, please correct me.
    Peace to all!

  35. @OW13
    Thank you for those words. You know I got your back. It’s good to have sistas like and others in the struggle. We have to depend on each other to defeat this beast. We need all hands on deck.
    Thank you and much love to you. ❤

  36. Sharon53 says:

    Thanks for your comments about misogynoir, latent homosexuality, and the rising demonization and demeaning of black women by “black” men and how all this ties together.
    It is interesting how people never talk about the misogynism that was rampant in the civil rights movement. I also know this sickness was learned from the white man. And yes these attacks especially on black women are at an all-time high and as you stated nothing is being done about it. Sadly, some of our own BM are front-runners of this madness as you can hear it in their music, youtube presentations, etc.
    These attacks on our character, features, and body of the black woman, especially the dark-skin black woman were really started by the white man because he sets the standards of beauty for the rest of the world and some black men co-sign on this. But have you noticed when a white man chooses a black woman to lay down with and sire a baby, she is a darker-skinned sister. Some may disagree with this but that is my observation. I guess he wants to continue polluting our race with his seed like in slavery, only this time, it is consensual. This is not to disparage bi-racial children but anything he does when it comes to us is never for a good reason.
    Yes, we need unity big time. It will not stop white supremacy completely but where there is solidarity people will think twice before they start messing with you. That is a lesson we can learn from the Jewish community and even the gay community. Look at how people retract comments and apologize when they think they have offended either of these groups.
    I agree with your statement that some women (not just black women) internalize sexist/misogyny attitudes and behaviors towards other women. It is so deep-seated that I wonder sometimes if the women realize what they are doing. We as black women are hardest hit with this because we are already marginalized because of our race and as we age, it gets even worst.
    You are also correct in your statement as to why you think “so many black women remain silent is because they believe that if they continue to love and support these self-hating anti-black woman males that they (the males) will one day return that love and support.” This is not going to happen because it is like dealing with a ‘spoiled child.’ The more you do for them, the less appreciative they are and they actually grow to expect more from you and may end of resenting you for letting them take advantage of you. Very twisted mind-set! I heard Minister Farrakhan addressing a group of sisters once and he stated ‘sisters, they (speaking of black men) will eventually return home.’ I agree with a lot of things the minister says, but I am not going to hold my breath on that one.

    • TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:


      It is a well known observation that when white men date or marry black women they often choose dark-skinned black women. White men have tricked TOO many black men into buying their false euro beauty standards while (secretly) chasing black women (especially dark skinned black women) and many black men failed to see that they have been tricked.smh

      As for what Louis Farrakhan stating that black men will eventually return home, I agree with you that I don’t know about that either. I will also say that it is better for many of them NOT to return, lol cause many of them are a pain and heartache to black women.

  37. Sharon53 says:

    @Trojan Pam
    I can empathize with you when you stated “I have experienced things I would NEVER tell anyone, things that still haunt me to this day and it was due to only ONE reason. I was a black female.”
    There is something I want to mention that I feel is worth mentioning that I have noticed that may contribute to the sexist/misogynistic attitudes and behaviors towards women.
    I have noticed the misogynistic attitude to be prevalent for some reason among men (both black and white) that served in the Marines. I have worked with these men, had them as neighbors, went to school with them, etc. and I know this is not my imagination. Not sure if the Marines attract misogynists or once men join, they are systematically trained to hate women. I have not noticed this as much with men who have been in other Armed Forces.
    Another common denominator is misogynists frequent strip joints and read a lot of pornographic materials. Even though men enjoy these activities, I believe they develop a hatred for women because of this.
    These are my observations and would like to know if others have noticed this.

    • Timothy says:


      That’s an excellent point about strip joints and the pornography being linked to DL black males. Not all people who are involved in this things are DL, but many are. Strip joints and pornography readily show a distorted, perverted image of romance and they give a distorted, degrading image of women in general. Therefore, some people who participate in these activities develop unwarranted hatred of women while forgetting that many women are exploited (in an evil, exploitative fashion) in these industries. Misogynists do frequent strip joints and follow pornography all of the time, because they want to advance the evil of human exploitation of women instead of them fighting for the liberation of black women. It is true that some Marines and some in the military have a demonic hatred of women. Misogynoir is totally evil. I’m glad that more and more black men are speaking up for black women. We have a very long way to go. Yes, black women are beautiful. Only someone with a perverted mindset or someone confused would deny the great beauty of black women. The sooner we eliminate misogyny in our black community, the better off we will be. Also, another point is to be made as well. When we do good out of a sincere justification, then we are further blessed. Every time I do something righteous out of sincerity, I feel good spirituality and emotionally. Therefore, we have to constantly help our people and continue to advance integrity. There is nothing wrong with morality and ethics either. Rejecting the perversions of white supremacists is a necessity. Black men and Black women are allies and we want not only Black Power and Black Unity. We want justice as one people internationally. Black folks live in Asia, Africa, the Americas, Europe, etc.

  38. kowaba says:

    @ Kushite Prince

    I agree with what you wrote in your comment. I think for Toya Graham beating up on her son is counterproductive because a child needs to know when to speak up and stand up for their rights. I always tell the kids at work if someone harms you or hurts your feelings it’s okay to feel angry or sad. And it’s okay to tell the person and voice how your feel.

    Women have an image of being nurturing and supportive especially as a mother, so I find it predictable that this image is shown in the media to further degrade black women as mothers. I believe it is used to further divide and build resentment toward black mothers and children. And also plays on the stereotype of black women being overbearing and argumentative.

    As for disciplining a child, I believe it depends on the child. I will say that children need boundaries and they need to know that there are consequences to their actions. A smack on the hand as a child, was enough for me to listen to my mother. When children are refused basic necessities like shelter and food of course that is drawing the line. Discipline should never be in anger and children need to know why they are being disciplined. Discipline is not about breaking a child’s spirit but redirecting them and guiding them to make good decisions for their future well-being.

    Of course these are my opinions and everyone has their own way of disciplining their children. There are always double standards in the system of white supremacy; the system thrives on these standards.

  39. Sharon53 says:

    To All,
    Since we are discussing the topic of the high disregard for black women and black girls, I wanted to share another short link on this subject:
    I did not realize how hard it is for black girls in these schools. I have heard a lot about how black boys are tracked into Special Education and given Ritalin to destroy their creativity but almost nothing about girls. This report says that 12% of black girls in elementary school are suspended for minor infractions.
    It also looks like they are imposing a lot of the stereotypes on these girls that they impose on grown women such as being loud and aggressive. I can’t believe they put a student in detention for sneezing too loudly.
    The article also states that “A report recently came out from San Francisco that stated that black women make up 5.8% of the female population and yet 45% of the women that are incarcerated are black… This all trickles back down to the young black girls in school who continue to be punished often for things they shouldn’t be so severely punished for…” It goes on further to state that “once these girls are punished so severely the preschool to prison pipeline is activated.”

    • TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:


      I read this study a while back and it just disproves the myth that Black Men and Boys have it “harder” than Black Women and Girls. This myth is why the so-called Black Community and others disregard the plight of the Black Woman in a White Supremacist society. There was another study and if I find it I will post it later about how Black boys have a easier time adjusting within a suburban school environment than Black girls do because the stereotypes about Black Men and Boys as being cool and having “swag” are seen as positive whereas stereotypes about Black Women and Girls as being seen as “ghetto” and “loud” are negative.

      TrojanPam have discussed in her books and on this blog in detail that the Black Woman IS THE MOST MISTREATED and DISRESPECTED WOMAN AND PERSON on the planet, not the BLack Man. Now, it’s horrible enough that Black Men are penalized under the SOR just for being black, but Black Women are penalized for being a woman (sexism,misogyny), a black person (racism/white supremacy) and for being “too dark” ( colorism; especially if she is dark skinned). Now that’s two more fights Black Women have that Black Men don’t. The Black Man is the SECOND MOST HATED PERSON ON THE PLANET NEXT TO THE BLACK WOMAN.

      There is an ALL OUT WAR on the Black Woman, yet many people still don’t care to realize or acknowledge it.

    • kowaba says:

      @Sharon 53

      Thank you for sharing this article. I never heard of this website, but it looks like a good site so I’ll bookmark it. As for the girl getting detention for sneezing too loudly, I can believe. When I was in middle school I was given detention on my birthday because I forgot to go to my locker to get my books. This white female teacher had it out for me only reason why I could think of it was because I was black. In high school, I was suspended for about a week because I forgot that I left medicine in my backpack and didn’t register it with the nurse. I don’t know, but it seems like that is way out of hand to give me suspension from school for something like this and they put it on my permanent record and refused to take it off.

      Black girls can be given Ritalin and placed in Special Education (the school I went to tried to do both to me). It’s just that the media tries to focus on one area that we are getting messed over in. But like what Mr. Neely Fuller says it is in all areas of activity. For both genders, they hit us where it hurts the most. For females, we are put down for our appearance. For males, having the most opportunities to be a stable breadwinner is taken away. Both of these attacks are incredibly detrimental to our progress as a people.

  40. @OW13
    This is a never ending debate. Trojan Pam and I have discussed this before. Who is the most hated? Most disrespected? Most mistreated? Both black men and women are oppressed in the system of WS. Who suffers more? Does it move us forward to debate who suffers more in a concentration camp?
    Here’s my take on it. I think black men and women suffer for different reasons. Black men are seen as a physical threat to white men. Only another man can beat up a man. I don’t think the power structure fears a revolution ran by women. That’s why the police kill black men on the streets. And the prison industrial complex uses black bodies to keep the system going. That’s why the system has to keep black men locked up or unemployed. Everyone knows when you colonize a group of people the first thing you do is kill all the men or lock them up. That’s basic oppression 101.
    Black women are hated because they reproduce black babies. The white woman is put on a pedestal to keep the white bloodline going. The white woman is physically inferior to the black woman. The image of the black woman must be diminished to uplift the white woman. That’s why they lie and tell you that dark skin and tightly coiled hair is ugly. The body image and physical features of black women are always seen has unattractive in the media. Unless those features are attached to white skin. The racist media portrays black women as whores,ghetto hoodrats,servants, bed wenches,loud mouthed,bad attitudes and bad mothers. This is all done to make the world hate black women. This is why black women are hated and disrespected everywhere. I could go on and on. But you get my point. This is just the way I see it. Some may disagree with me.
    The black man and woman are both hated equally in my opinion. But I think the black man is the most feared person in the world. While the black woman is the most disrespected person in the world.

    • TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:


      I don’t like to play oppression olympics and I don’t care for other black men and women playing it either. I remember my cousin told me how she and a black male friend was debating one day about who has it harder and I told her that they shouldn’t have gotten in to that. Now I have never really gotten into a debate with any black man I know about who has it harder and I want to keep it that way, lol. I don’t want it to come off as if I’m playing oppression olympics here, but we must point out the challenges that black women/girls face in a white supremacist society too.

      I have heard all my life and was programmed to believe as ALL black people have that black men “have it harder”. That’s why I and other black women keep sayin that is why a lotta black people ignore sexism and colorism ( two demons that affect black women girls the most) in the black community because of the perception that black men and boys have it harder.

      I mentioned above in a previous post a report that came out a week or two ago that just as many black women/girls are dying at the hands of racist police as black men and boys, but many black people (including women) don’t see that when there are all these news reports coming out all the time of black women and girls murdered by police (I post as many of these stories on my twitter page so more bp can become aware of this); when most black people name black people murdered by police, they name a who lotta black men and boys and forget the black women/and girls. Not to mention, when there’s national discourse around the issue of black people and police brutality it centers around black men and boys as if black women and girls are somehow exempt from racist police violence.

      With all that said, I come believe that people see black women/girls ( after I started studying how bad sexism and colorism affects black women/girls) are as about as much of a threat as black men/boys.

    • Phazex_Female says:

      @ Kushite Prince:

      Great comments! What really behooves me? Many of our black people actually CARE about the so-called dominant culture’s OPINION of our physical features. They are NOT our culture, which is why all of us should give less than “a rat’s a** about their opinions.”

      We know the reasons WHY these melanin-deficient people do this, yet? Our people continue to buy into it. Blue contact lenses, for example. .

      What’s next? smh…(sorry for the rant, but after a while the chit tired!


    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      I have read the article from the Grio. Sister Kirsten West Savali has written another excellent, eloquent article on an important issue, which is about racism, bias, police brutality, and social justice matters. I liked how she used statistics, historical facts, and just plain truth to show the fact that implicit and explicit anti-black bias is not just found in white people, but it is found in some black people unfortunately (this reality must cause us to further fight for the dignity of black humanity). The mainstream media shows more negative imagery against black people than white people even if the story is related to similar criminal actions. These evil biases have oppressed our Brothers and our Sisters. Also, discrimination is related to these anti-black biases, which has been documented by study after study. Anti-black racist biases or micoaggressions must be eliminated.

      The article was straight to the point, it was written superbly. We have a long way to go in witnessing a society where black people aren’t automatically slandered as “thugs” or “criminals.” The mainstream media is a powerful force, which is owned by a few multinational corporations. Back in the day, the media promoted the lie that the Vietnam War was soon ended at one point unless the Tet Offensive came about in 1968. The Tet Offensive was about North Vietnamese forces targeting hundreds of places in Vietnam at a short period of time. The US forces won the battle of Tet, but the Vietnam War was never the same again. Now, some in the media have promoted the lie that the epidemic of police brutality is caused by black people or it has nothing to do with the cops. The negative image (of black people) as shown by the system has readily harmed the psyches of many black people. We have to break the chain. We have to end the chain of false stereotypes and oppression. Freedom doesn’t just deal with economic empowerment and political development. It also deals with mental transformation and ending mental slavery. In other words, our minds must love our blackness and love our core being as black people.

      Thank you for showing the link from Grio. You’re a Blessing.

      Have a Great Weekend Sister Courtney. 🙂

  41. Sharon53 says:

    @Courtney H.
    In the article How Media Bias Is Killing Black America, I like what Ms. Savali says when she states “if institutionalized racism is the poison, then mainstream media is the hypodermic needle that pushes it deeply into the veins of society, rendering the humanity of black people invisible. And an increased awareness tells us that some media professionals don’t even realize they’re dealers. Relying on a well-worn template that frames black people as thugs and cultural malignancies by default is not news; it is propaganda that serves only to reaffirm for many Americans what they think they know about black people.”
    Another good word for Media Bias is ‘social engineering.’ History shows that social engineers have refined their techniques to control populations and they do it a lot through the media. This is not just in the news, but also in programs designed to entertain you such as drama, movies, sports, music, magazine articles, and even the Internet. Some of the greatest but subtle messages are promoted through movies and drama which becomes fixated in the mind especially if the same message is repeated over and over. When you are being entertained, you tend not be on guard so you are being downloaded and programmed with information and don’t realize it.
    I don’t have a TV at this time and rarely go to the movies but I still have to be careful when I am on the Internet or reading a book or magazine article.
    It may be hard to believe but these social engineers are experts in knowing what makes us tick, they understand our psychology because they have studied it and are using it against us. It is the same techniques they use in marketing, public relations, propaganda, etc. If you study these subjects, you can see how much someone is controlling your thinking. How do you think they get people to buy stuffs? They can even use music to change a whole nation of people. Think about how violence in music has changed the black population. The music of yesterday wanted you to fall in love. Some music of today wants you to go out and fight. They are doing this to the whole population but because we black people are so marginalized, it negatively impacts us twice as much. It seems to cause cohesiveness in other groups, because most people want to belong to their same group. However, it causes so much division among the black population, probably because some of us believe everything they tell us about ourselves.

  42. Sharon53 says:

    You expressed great wisdom when you said “The negative image (of black people) as shown by the system has readily harmed the psyches of many black people. We have to break the chain. We have to end the chain of false stereotypes and oppression. Freedom doesn’t just deal with economic empowerment and political development. It also deals with mental transformation and ending mental slavery. In other words, our minds must love our blackness and love our core being as black people.”
    You and I and many others on these blogs have a great understanding of this but how can we get the masses of our people to see this. Our minds most definitely need to be transformed as that is just as much an obstacle as white supremacy. I do what I can as an individual every day but this is called team work. A hand full of people can’t do it alone. Every once in a while, I may hear a black person say something about how we won’t stick together, then turn around and try to pull another black person down, like “crabs in a barrel”. They are so far out to lunch they can’t see they are part of the problem. SMH

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharon53

      I agree with you. It is daily journey and liberation won’t be easy. Too many people have fear and that fear is one problem among some segments of our community. Some of our people have to let go of that fear, because white racists hate you anyway. It is better to do something than to do nothing. Individual actions are important to do, but collective action is necessary as well. One of the easiest ways to get the mental transformation going on is to volunteer for young black youth. The youth will be future adults. The sooner that they understand themselves and their black cultural identity, the better off emotionally that they will be as black people. Also, we have to organize with independent community organizations that are dedicated to the liberation of our people. We have to start locally, but think globally as the old saying goes. The “crab in the bucket” mentality is a slavery mentality. We won’t all agree with each other on every issue and that’s cool. Yet, we don’t have to degrade each other in an inappropriate way. Many of our people will be saved and some won’t. Also, we can establish more pan-African contacts internationally. Basically, we should work starting at least in our local communities, because the work we do in our local areas can translate into positive results that we were involved with. Later, we can go nationally and internationally with pan-African efforts. One Brother named Solomon Comissiong has other solutions. He’s anti-imperialist and he loves black people. His literature is great too.

      Thank you for your words Sister.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharon53

      P.S. I also feel that much of the things that the old school BPPs did are things that should be enacted in our time.

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Sister Sharon53 & Brother Timothy:

        Good afternoon!

        Thank you for your reading the article and your responses. I agree with everything that both of you have said. More and more people are starting to realize that the media are actually propaganda tools. I am starting to **see between the lines,** so to speak, more and more. I am glad more of us are waking up to seeing what the mainstream are doing to us through their portrayals of us. The article was very well-written and on point. The fact that some of the commenters tried to downplay the article*s facts shows that the article was telling the truth. People don*t get made about a lie; they get mad about the truth! Again, thank you for responses.

        May you all have a blessed week! 🙂

  43. Sharon53 says:

    @Kushite Prince and @TheOriginalBlackWoman13
    I agree with your statement that it is a never-ending debate as to who is the most hated, most disrespected and most disrespected when it comes to black men and black women. You really hit the hammer on the head when you said “The black man and woman are both hated equally in my opinion. But I think the black man is the most feared person in the world, while the black woman is the most disrespected person in the world.”
    However, so many people do not understand that as you do and it causes a lot of problems between black men and black women because so many think somehow black women have it easier and then start taking their frustrations out on us. What they are doing in essence is damaging an already-damaged person and it causes a lot of friction between black men and black women. Therefore, this needs to be drilled into people heads because their minds are so closed off to hearing the truth on the subject.
    I also have to agree with TheOriginalBlackWoman13 when she says she does not want to come off as if she is playing oppression olympics here and she is merely pointing out the challenges that black women/girls face in a white supremacist society too.”
    I echo her statement when she says ‘I have heard all my life and was programmed to believe as ALL black people have that black men “have it harder”. ‘
    I also won’t play oppression Olympics but I have to agree with TheOriginalBlackWoman13 that we suffer from racism just as much as the black man. Then we have to deal with all the problems because of our gender and the colorism problem that so many black people can’t seem to let go of. The sexism and colorism demons are two problems black men do not have to deal with as much and it is almost taboo to bring these subjects up in the black community. It seems as if black women themselves give each other just as hard a time with those demons as everybody else. The light skin/dark skin nonsense is really deadly and you have to really be careful with this one because sometimes people will come across as your friend to get close to you and give you a hard time because of this. The closer a snake is to you the easier it is for it to bite you.
    This oppression affects us in different ways but somehow we can’t seem to walk in each other’s shoes. There was a time when there was an affinity between black men and black women but something went awry after the civil rights/black power movement that has caused a gulf between us. There are many variables that have brought us to this state and many have been discussed on these blogs. However, in order to resolve this mess, the masses of black people need to see what went wrong before we can fix the problems

    • Phazex_Female says:


      I agree with on all that you’ve shared, because not only did you provide insight, you spoke truths. I think that two of the reasons that “something went awry” between black men and women after civil rights is because of Women’s Lib and the sexual liberation. If one checks the data, due to “little or no rules of sexual morality”, MORE black babies were born, some without the presence of fathers in the home. In the Women’s Liberation movement, black women of that era failed to see that they were NOT inclusive of the white female’s agenda, not to mention the misogynistic treatment that black women received during the Civil Rights era by the black male.

      The second reason is that BOTH black male and female immersed themselves into “white culturalisms,” and negated or did not foster/embrace their own culture. We see evidence of this today.

      I agree. It does involve a LOT of team-work as you have stated. Beginning with “humbling” ourselves to one another.

      Thank you, Sharon


  44. Courtney H. says:

    @ Everybody:

    Check out these videos:

    Enjoy! 😀

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      The videos that you have shown about Who or What is a C___n are excellent. She has done her research. It is a well known fact that white supremacists use their black reactionary puppets like Sotomayor, Jesse Lee Peterson, etc. as a means to act as a buffer to try to stop real black revolutionary change. The traitors to the black community always blame black people collectively for the issues in our communities. As the Sister have said, there are many black people who are working in charities, who are helping in education, and who are helping the homeless in real life. It is just that the mainstream media doesn’t report on these positive stories done by black people. Evil people ignore the positive and focus on the negative constantly as a way for them to try to slander the black community as a whole. She is right to mention that many of the black women bashers have social insecurities and use black women as scapegoats for their own problems. Black men bashing is wrong as well. The agenda of the “New Blacks” is to deemphasize racial solidarity while promoting the myth that we live in a post racial society or submitting to white cultural archetypes will liberate us (which is a lie).

      If we want to be free, then we have to be Pro-Black as the Sister has mentioned throughout her videos. The white collective views black people as inferior no matter what. Some black people are naive to believe that if they dress a certain way and if they act in a certain way, then they will be accepted by white society. History proves that to be a myth. She gave an excellent commentary on white trolls. Many white trolls will not show their face and hide behind some black reactionaries to do their dirty work. Black people trying to please white people as a way to seek white social acceptance is a sellout. She made a great point that if these black sellouts don’t want to be called Americans and be colorblind, but their rhetoric is always about race and demonizing black people. Jesse Lee Peterson is low. Jesse said God bless slavery, he compared the Maafa to a bumpy plane ride (which is the height of disrespect), and made disrespectful comments about black people all of the time. So, he’s a propagandist. This anti-black people slander is evil and demonic. This is a spiritual battle too. The origin of our oppression comes from the system of white supremacy. White racists blatantly fund black sellouts directly or indirectly

      She did an excellent job in showing the history of how white racists used anti-black caricatures. So, we have to use discernment and realize that many black people are doing what is right. We want economic justice. We want our families to develop, but we want our families to embrace their black African heritage too. We care about black people a great deal. We want black people to be free.

      Thank you for showing these videos from the Sister. The Sister is a very intelligent human being who places context into how the world really works. I love how she uses examples to back up her points.

      Goodnight Sister Courtney 🙂

  45. Sharon53 says:

    @Courtney H.
    Thanks for sharing these videos. I am a history buff and enjoyed how the sister broke down the history of the Zip Coon/Sambo characters. I learned a lot from this and feel like Mr. Neely Fuller when he said ‘I am still learning.’ Sadly, we also see an upgraded version of these characters in our society today.
    I would like to mention another character that I don’t really hear people talk too much about these days and that is the “sapphire”. For anyone who may not know what that is. It is a tag placed on black women as being rude, loud, malicious, sharp-tongued and emasculating. She usually has one hand on a hip and the other hand pointing and rolling her neck at the same time. The upgraded version I guess is what some call the angry black woman. From what I hear you may see some of this in the reality TV shows except she comes across little more sophisticated than the character of the old days. I don’t have a TV at this time so I am not sure and would not be watching that anyway. Years ago, I did see one of the actresses from one of the shows on another reality TV show and she did act out that stereotype with another black female guest on the show. It was really embarrassing how loud and aggressive she was. In fact, she did what a slave should do, she sparred with all the black females on that show that season. She has also been highly compensated because she gets a lot of air time and from what I have read, she is doing very well financially.

    • Courtney H. says:

      @ Brother Timothy & Sister Sharon53:

      Good afternoon! 🙂

      Thank so much for watching the Sister*s videos and your responses. Both of you are telling the truth. I really enjoyed watching the videos as well, since they were both informative and entertaining.

      I agree with your points that these traitors have been used to keep us in line for centuries, and that they are used to keep us from going after the white supremacists with the real power. White supremacists ignore the positive in the Black community on purpose, because we prove every day that they are not **superior.** I liked her point that even white supremacists do not respect people who put down their own people in order to be accepted by them.

      I am also a history buff, and I enjoyed how Sister Kashid4u used history to teach about the **coons** and relate them to present-day traitors. I am learning every day, too. 😉

      I liked the fact that she used examples to back up her argument, too, instead of just running her mouth on rhetoric. I know I am listening to a fool when that person does not back up his/her arguments with proof, sources, and examples.

      And yes, I do know about the **sapphire** stereotype. We see it all the time with the **angry Black woman** that we see in movies and on TV. Stereotypes do not change, but are modified and called different names from time to time.

      Again, thank you, Brother and Sister, for watching the videos and providing your thoughtful insight!

      May you all have a blessed week! 🙂

    • Phazex_Female says:

      @ Sharon:

      Funny…I was just a kid but I DO recall older females in my extended family network that used this term “sapphire.” Yes, the words used to describe someone of this character is so true. I can only shake my head when I recall the number times that I have seen someone of this persona.

      Now actors get paid for”acting in this manner. What the hay?

  46. Courtney H. says:

    @ Everybody:

    Have you heard about this story yet? This is outrageous!


    • Timothy says:

      @Good Afternoon Sister Courtney

      I have heard of the story about the police treating the teens harshly in McKinney, TX. I never heard of the town being sued for housing discrimination before until you have shown this link. This situation is a total injustice. For a cop to pull out a gun on non-threatening teenagers is the height of the abuse of power. Also, the cop used excessive force on a teenage girl. If I had a girl for a daughter and a cop treated that daughter like that, then I will sacrifice my life for my daughter. You know what means. We have to thank God for camera footage since some cops would regularly lie or deny any wrongdoing. There should be an independent investigation (not done by the police). All of the facts should come out. The parents of the victimized teens should sue. They have every legal right to sue. The cop involved in the mistreatment must be held accountable for his actions. Paid administrative leave is not accountability. I’m glad that you have shown the link, because people everywhere are talking about this story. Housing is important too. The 1968 Housing Act is the law of the land, but housing discrimination still exists in the 21st century. The Supreme Court is dealing with a case involving housing issues as well. Human rights doesn’t just deal with voting or economic freedoms. It also deals with housing since housing is a very powerful resource that can develop the stability in our communities.

      Thank you for showing this information.

      Bless You. 🙂

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Brother Timothy:

        Good evening. 🙂 Thank you for reading the article and your responses. I agree with everything that you said. Here is Harvey*s take on this latest act of police brutality. Of course, he uses a lot of profanity.

        • Timothy says:

          Good Morning Sister Courtney

          I have listened to the video from Harvey on the pool incident. Here are my thoughts. He is right that the cop who mistreated the young teenage girl was wrong. The incident started when white female adult racists used racial slurs against black teenage people. The white adults, who used slurs against black kids, should be ashamed of themselves. Then, tensions grew and a fight occurred. The police came. One officer, instead of interviewing everyone to find the total truth, went on a rampage like a storm trooper and harassed people. He pulling a gun on 2 teenage kids was totally uncalled for. His treatment of an unarmed, teenage girl wearing a bikini was evil and disturbing. This is an example of improper action on the part of the officer. Another point is to be made as well. I reject respectability politics. It doesn’t matter what we dress and how we act, we are still oppressed under the system of white supremacy. Now, we should have a code of conduct and not be nihilistic, but we should never be oppressed no matter how we look like. The kids were frightened for their lives, so of course the kids would be running around. That reaction is not abnormal. Some people want black people to so no emotion. That is just as evil and wrong as for people to show irrational emotion. We need to use balanced emotions and reason. We have every right to show our emotions in a legitimate fashion. Kids should outline legitimate behavior, but the kids have nothing to do with the behavior of the officers. So, I can never eliminate self-defense from the equation. I believe in nonviolence and self-defense. If a cop unjustly assaults a relative of mine, then I will do what I have to do without regrets. That is what the old school BPP talked about. Now, we should be strategic.

          We have to not support the institutions of oppression by supporting each other and boycotting companies that harm our communities. We have to learn about the laws now as a means to counteract evil. People have the right to live where they want to, but we have to realize the viciousness of racism in society. The officer should be punished for real because of his own actions. Harvey is right to outline the double standard of how black kids are treated with much more suspicion when they come to a majority white community than when white kids come to a majority black community.

          He made a great point about how some whites with AK-47 confront the cops are not killed, but black kids (who are unarmed) are beaten and guns drawn on. The cop targeting solely black kids (not the non-blacks) is an example of white privilege, anti-black biases, and an example of a tactic of white supremacy. Harvey is right that black cops will never act in this fashion in a mostly white community. More black men and more black women should call this out as police brutality and abuse of children. Solutions will not be one monolithic action. It will be a diversity of actions. We have to use economic, political, and cultural growth. Our people have diverse gifts and we should cultivate our gifts to help others. Situations like these further confirm the fact the Black Unity is important. Black unity is one concept that must be promoted.

          Thank you for showing the video Sister.

          Have a Blessed Day. 🙂

  47. Sharon53 says:

    Please check out this article. I will give my thoughts on it later.


    There is a link on the first page where he discusses his views more in detail.

    • Timothy says:

      Hello Sister Sharon.

      I have read the link that you have shown about dating. Here are my thoughts. A lot of the things that we witness today have been a product of the evil actions of the power structure. For the past few decades, white reactionaries have executed the policies of the War on Drugs, austerity measures, the cutback of even legitimate social programs, the growth of the prison industrial complex, and the expansion of the military industrial complex (we know that black people serve more time in prison than whites even if they are convicted of the exact same crime). These policies have harmed the economic power of our community. When our economy is harmed, poverty is grown. Poverty and other socioeconomic factors can lead into many dysfunctions as history and studies document. We know how COINTELPRO has harmed many black organizations who fought for legitimate self-determination and liberation. There has been massive automation and the deindustrialization (which has grown since the 1960’s) that have crippled much of the job market. Economic dislocations have harmed numerous black families. We have a racist and classist system.

      Now, the blogger Sean T. Carter (his blog deals with economics, health, social issues, dating, etc. People like Sean are similar to the people from BeyondBlackandWhite. They blame black people of the opposite gender for many of the issues of the black community and they love to use generations against black people) is a misogynist and he’s wrong, because he has used unfair generalizations against black women. The truth is that black women are single for a diversity of reasons. Some black women voluntarily want to be single and we have to respect human autonomy. Some black women are single because some are celibate and some want to work on themselves before getting involved in a relationship. So, we should never issue a blanket statement against all single black women. Some black single women are divorced women.

      Sean omits that many black single mothers have provided their children a college education, feed them, and some even brought their children their first car. Therefore, we don’t need to castigate every black single person in the most offensive way possible. I will never slam the women of my race. Therefore black women scapegoating is evil just like black men scapegoating is evil. We have to blame the system of racism/white supremacy for the origin of our oppression and enact solutions to our own problems via our own power (without slamming and disrespecting black women).

      We don’t need to mock the suffering of black people. We need to form unique strategies and help our own black people.

      Thank you for showing the link Sister.

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Sister Sharon53 & Brother Timothy:

        Thank you for the link. I scanned the article and I agree with everything that Brother Timothy said in his response.

        May you both have a blessed day! 🙂

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