15 Facts about Freddie Gray — Part Two

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freddie-gray-arrest-record-2 The arrest “record” of Freddie Gray, 24, murdered by police

FACT #7 — One of the (many) reasons the white supremacist IN-JUSTICE SYSTEM rushes to give young black males and females felony convictions at as early an age as possible is to JUSTIFY murdering them at a later time–if the opportunity presents itself.

Whenever a black “felon” is murdered by police, the white mainstream media trots out their “criminal record” to justify whatever happened to them–even if that something is murder.

FACT #8 — Black people with “powerful-appearing” political titles and show business fame are often used to disguise the FACT that racism is being practiced. And what better way to hide it than to put a black face on it.

I’ve included an excerpt from my book: Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation’ —


Are Black Leaders Obsolete?

The Litmus Test For TRUE Black Leaders And Leadership

1. Are they embraced and rewarded by the white elite via distributorships, book deals, corporate donations, political appointments, and appearances on major network or cable stations?

2. Do they publicly chastise or criticize black people, or appear to blame racism and poverty in the black community on black people?

3. Do they avoid hot racial issues, like Katrina, the Jena Six, the UN Conference on Racism, or the Sean Bell police shooting (murder), and prefer to be “race-neutral?”

4. Do they get mainstream media exposure on a regular basis?

5. Are they praised by the mainstream media instead of being demonized?

If the answers to ANY of the above questions is “yes” – these so-called black leaders DO NOT REPRESENT THE INTERESTS OF BLACK PEOPLE. We must become more sophisticated in our thinking. Our own history has taught us (or should have taught us) that ANY black leader who TRULY opposes the white status quo will be punished NOT rewarded.

A true leader cannot be bribed by money or (the appearance of) power. A true leader sacrifices whatever is necessary — even his or her life — for the cause they believe in.

Black liberation will not come from the black elites who have been bribed, wooed, coaxed, and stroked by the very system they only pretend to oppose.

Black liberation will not come from the black elite who often view the black masses with as much contempt as their white masters do.

Black liberation will not come from the black elites who depend on the white status quo for their paychecks, tenure, donations, grants, book deals, endowments, endorsements, media exposure, distributorships, talk shows, and other symbols of success and self-importance.

The only time the black elite challenges the status quo is through politically correct channels; writing politically correct nonfiction; making fancy speeches at fancy dinners; or by politely expressing outrage as a guest on CNN or MSNBC.

The black elite are terrified of losing what they have worked so hard for. They are smart enough to know there will be life-changing consequences if they step too far out of line or become too “politically incorrect” by telling the whole truth. They know the only safety in being a rich or educated black is to be a good black, too.

Sadly — in spite of all the brilliance in the black elite — no real solutions will ever come from their esteemed ranks. They are too addicted to their creature comforts, titles, degrees, awards, status, white validation, and non-black spouses.

If history ever blesses the black collective with another Martin or Malcolm X-caliber black liberator, there is no doubt that he or she will come hard from the streets — NOT from the hallowed Ivy League or corporate boardroom.




CBC Condemns Rioters in Baltimore: “Violence Does Not Lead to Justice”

congressional black caucusThe Congressional Black Caucus (CBC)

“The Department of Justice has opened an investigation into the cause of Mr. Gray’s death and the CBC supports that investigation.  We all play a critical role in helping restore trust in law enforcement and our justice system.  The CBC will continue to work with federal, state and local governments to ensure this system is fair and impartial.  African Americans deserve to be treated equally before the law.”


(From the same article, another saner voice rises out of the burning ashes of Baltimore):

“Although the CBC opposes violence, The Atlantic’s Ta-Nehisi Coates explained that violence is sometimes a natural consequence:

“When nonviolence is preached as an attempt to evade the repercussions of political brutality, it betrays itself.  When nonviolence begins halfway through the war with the aggressor calling time out, it exposes itself as a ruse.

When nonviolence is preached by the representatives of the state, while the state doles out heaps of violence to its citizens, it reveals itself to be a con. And none of this can mean that rioting or violence is ‘correct’ or ‘wise,’ any more than a forest fire can be ‘correct’ or ‘wise.’

Wisdom isn’t the point tonight. Disrespect is. In this case, disrespect for the hollow law and failed order that so regularly disrespects the rioters themselves,” Coates wrote.

(I agree, Mr. Coates. For someone to preach non-violence to a person who is being brutalized by a violently oppressive system is no friend of that person. Where is the CBC’s criticism of the police who murdered Freddie Gray?  They know better).

Obama: ‘They’re Not Protesting; They’re Stealing’

Obama on Baltimore

Here’s what Obama had to say about the protests:

“When individuals get crowbars and start prying open doors to loot, they’re not protesting, they’re not making a statement, they’re stealing. When they burn down a building, they’re committing arson and they’re destroying and undermining businesses destroying opportunities in their own communities that rob jobs and opportunities from people in that area. So it is entirely appropriate that mayor who I spoke to yesterday and the governor who I spoke to yesterday work to stop that senseless destruction,” President Obama said.


 (It is TELLING that the ONLY time Obama dares to criticizes a community , it is ALWAYS the black community AND him telling us to ‘behave.’  Where is his criticism of the police who murdered Freddie Gray?  He knows better.).


Whoopi Goldberg: “Baltimore rioters should be ashamed”

whoopi goldberg

Upset and disgust framed “The View’s” Whoopi Goldberg’s words as she spoke to Baltimore rioters who burned and looted the city. Goldberg shouted into the camera repeatedly, “You should be ashamed of yourselves”.


(Where is her criticism of the police who murdered Freddie Gray?  She knows better.).


We must understand that the relatively small number of blacks (s)elected to high office and hand-picked for show business fame are not a sign of “black progress.” It is actually the REVERSE.

If we are still celebrating another “first black” after 500 years of being in this country, that is actually a sign of a LACK of black progress.

It is also a sign that the MASSES of black people will be under INCREASED ATTACK.

With a few exceptions, these black “faces” are used to program, shame, criticize, condemn, confuse and disarm us and that black “face” once exposed will take the blame for what the white people in power are really doing to all of us.

As the masses of black people face even greater oppression the white supremacist system holds up these “black examples” as proof that black people do have opportunities to succeed and it is the fault of the black masses that most do not.

However, the FACTS tell a different story.

Since the (s)election of President Obama, black poverty and unemployment and police brutality against black males AND females has skyrocketed. Blacks –regardless of education or experience are literally being PURGED out of the job market, higher education, and even from forced out of of our own neighborhoods.

And now the powers that be are using the “Obama Presidential Library” as a TROJAN HORSE to do a BLACK LAND GRAB on the South Side of Chicago, which will displace and disenfranchise TENS OF THOUSANDS of black families from their homes and communities.

Why? Because whites want that area back and white suburbanites are “tired” of commuting from the suburbs where they fled to get away from blacks.

And sadly, some blacks will support this FRAUDULENT PROJECT because at the very mention of “Obama” they fall into line — despite this president doing NOTHING FOR BLACK PEOPLE IN THE SIX YEARS HE HAS BEEN IN OFFICE.

This is something I warned people about over and over starting in the year 2007 just after Obama “threw” his hat in the presidential ring.

I also warned people that Attorney General Holder’s presence would not result in a SINGLE convictions of a police or citizen (like George Zimmerman) murder of unarmed black people.

In fact the mere presence of Obama and Holder in those offices actually INCREASED the hostility of the white collective toward ALL black people and the reason so many armed themselves to the teeth out of fear that the “niggers” would take their guns — and their freedom.



Loretta Lynch, is nominated by President Barack Obama as attorney general, in Washington.

And now the new black female Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, is a SIGN by the white supremacy system that black people will be under even further attack. These black figureheads (without real power) are simply pawns in the war against black people and are KNOWING or UNKNOWING participants in the WAR against us.

A black Attorney General is a SIGN that black people will be under increased attack in this nation. We should know by now that when blacks are given “powerful-appearing” titles (without any real power), they are being positioned to TAKE THE BLAME FOR WHAT THE WHITES IN POWER WILL DO TO US.

We must move away from our lust for titles from powerful white people and turn that energy toward eliminating the oppression of the masses of black people.

FACT #9 — It is time to STOP marching, picketing, and protesting injustice

Freddie Gray 14

Another excerpt from my book, Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation”

Black Folks Are Still Marching, Protesting, And Back (And Buttock) Sliding Four Decades Later…

“Let me say just a word about the Jew and the black man. The Jew is always anxious to advise the black man. But they never advise him how to solve the problem the way the Jew solved their problem. The Jew never went sitting in and crawling in, and sliding in, and freedom-riding, like he teaches and helps Negroes to do. The Jews stood up, and stood together, and they used their ultimate power: the economic weapon.” — Malcolm X

Jews Had The Correct Response To Bigotry

Malcolm X’s statement was not anti-Jewish; it was an acknowledgement that the Jews had the most correct and constructive response to bigotry. Regardless, no time will be wasted here being politically correct. If the truth offends, then let it offend as long as we are attempting to tell the truth.

Had we followed the examples of Jews and other immigrant groups, and focused on ECONOMIC POWER instead of SOCIAL INTEGRATION (aka white validation), we would not be in this sad condition. Had the black collective focused LESS on eating IN restaurants with whites, and MORE on OWNING our OWN restaurants, we wouldn’t be in this sad condition.

Had we realized that giving whites the power to VALIDATE US was the same as giving them the power to DEVASTATE US, we wouldn’t be in this sad condition.

The day we stop caring about being socially accepted by those who reject us because we are black — is the day we get our self-respect, sanity, and power back.

The Definition Of Insanity

Blacks marched, protested, and died for the right to vote — yet we still require a “Voting Rights Act,” and four decades later, a million black voters in Ohio, Illinois, and Florida are denied the right to vote in the 2000 Presidential election.

Blacks marched, picketed, and protested against employment discrimination, yet the black unemployment rate is triple that of the white unemployment rate – regardless of our education and experience — and that number is climbing.

Blacks marched, picketed, and protested for equal education, yet our schools are the most substandard, and the black high school dropout rate is the highest in the nation. We marched against violence in the black community, yet the violence in our communities has reached epidemic levels. We marched against police brutality, yet unarmed black men and women are still being murdered by the police with no recourse for their loved ones.

Blacks marched for equal justice, yet the nation’s prisons have become holding pens and modern day concentration camps for over one million black men, women, and children, whose collective misery has been farmed out for profit to Wall Street investors and the prison-industrial complex.

Blacks marched against racism in the media, yet Don Imus returned to the airwaves a richer, more popular personality for an audience that relishes white shock jocks attacking (our) black women for the nation’s contemptuous amusement. And in 2008, during the US fashion industry’s biggest yearly event, “Fashion Week,” not a single black model graced the runway.

The definition of “insanity” is doing the same things and expecting different results. Either we have mass racial amnesia, we are insane, or both.



It is time to put away the signs, walking shoes and t-shirts. If marching worked, we wouldn’t still be doing it almost 50 YEARS LATER and not a MAJOR MEDIA OUTLET WOULD GIVE US A SECOND’S WORTH OF COVERAGE.

My own personal axiom:

Anytime a black person is given a mike, a title, or airtime on white mainstream media, be they entertainer, politician, or preacher (which is sometimes the same damn thing) they are either:

  1. promoting/supporting racism/white supremacy
  2. promoting black degradation/black inferiority

 In the last ten years i have found few to NO EXCEPTIONS.

The reason the white supremacist system ENCOURAGES marching and sign carrying is they KNOW IT DOESN’T CHANGE A THING – but it allows the oppressed people an opportunity to VENT without ANY consequences to their oppressors and that it usually results in NO FOLLOW-UP CONSTRUCTIVE AND SELF-RESPECTING ACTION on the part of the black collective.

Freddie Gray 11


where we stop supporting the racist and anti-black entertainment industry, or cancelling our cable, or stop buying certain non-essential items,

or start obeying the law to the letter and stop allowing the same municipalities that control the police force to make their budgets off our backs.

For example, we could take a VOW that we would do everything possible to NOT receive a single traffic or parking ticket.


Interestingly enough, I found an article today that promoted this very idea:

Dr Samori Swygert:  An economic boycott could cripple Baltimore on one month

I won’t post the article here but here’s the link if you want to check it out:



FACT #10 — The REAL  reason six policemen were charged with a crime could be SUMMED UP in one amazing pic:

Bloods and Crips Unite over Freddie Gray's murderCrips and Bloods Unite to Show Support for Freddie Gray Indictment

DO NOT BE FOOLED. It was the possibility of BLACK UNIFICATION of the Bloods and Crips, of black males and black females, of black people from all educational and income levels SQUASHING OUR NONEXISTENT BEEFS — and finally stirring from our soul-deadening spiritual sleep to face the reality:





DO NOT BE FOOLED by the six police officers being charged. Charged is NOT the same as being CONVICTED. Convicted doesn’t mean they’ll do any real time.

DO NOT BE FOOLED by the young black female Baltimore District Attorney, Marilyn Mosby. It was NOT her decision to file charges. There isn’t a black person alive who controls the criminal justice system. She is simply a spokeswoman for the white people who are really in charge.

The white supremacists who control the criminal justice system believe that the rare and unprecedented action taken against not one but SIX policemen is ENOUGH to put most of us back to sleep, and unfortunately, they may be right.

But there will be those who will sleep with one eye open and those who won’t sleep at all because we know as sure as we know the sun will rise again, that there will be another FREDDIE GRAY and MIKE BROWN and REKIA BOYD in the near future.

( http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-chicago-police-detective-manslaughter-trial-0421-met-20150420-story.html#page=1 ).

Until we come together, stop mistreating and rejecting each other, stop rewarding our oppressors with our precious bodies (sex and genetics), and start supporting, choosing and loving each other —

only then will the UNIVERSE and GOD reveal to US what needs to be done to dismantle the white supremacy system and replace it with a system of JUSTICE for all the people on the planet.

Part Three will be posted later this weekend
  1. This is absolutely correct.

  2. Tonia says:

    This post is so on point! I’ve been saying the same thing about us marching. We marched and have been marching and thing may have changed superficially. We need an economic protest to have an impact on this society.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Tonia

      I’ve come to the conclusion that almost EVERYTHING black people are encouraged to do like vote and march are exercises in futility. Think about this. Why would the mainstream media publicize marches? Because they want us to do it because it doesn’t accomplish anything but burn off some calories and leave people thinking they did something.

      This is not a dig at the black people who march. I believe they are well-meaning but at some point we will have to see that doing the same things do not create different results.

      I guarantee you, black people who advocate REAL CHANGE won’t get one second in front of the TV cameras.

      That’s my litmus test.. If the mainstream media gives you airtime you know you are doing the wrong things.

      • Phazex says:

        @ Sista Pam:

        Though marching “had it’s place in the 1960’s?” That ship has sailed. Considering that you shared with us that whites knew what had occurred during that time by blacks marching for civil rights, our own black leaders, etc. I speculate that “God-given” rights were never inclusive of the equation. From then on Whites have ensured that blacks do not choose the person or persons that would advance our agenda. Which has ultimately lead us to a “cesspool of hell.” I am sure that, like you and I, that there are countless blacks that will be forever grateful for the many sacrifices that our elders made. Some with their very lives.

        WE all have been through “so much chit” as a given group of people. For example, in this system that we live in, IF Blacks were “freed” and deemed citizens in 1865 (depends on the year in question), why are Blacks still fighting the “white power structure” over the right to vote CENTURIES later? If Blacks were” citizens” and had equal protection under the law, why were we beaten, lynched, mutilated, used as guinea-pigs “medical experiments” and so forth? Why are Blacks encouraged to “get out and vote, rock the vote, etc.” When I became an adult? I was already disenfranchised in voting. I would see lines of people walking, in wheel-chairs, walkers, etc. voting. I am saying this for a reason. Many voted “blindly.” Who ever one’s mother, father, etc. voted for? That is the person that got your vote. WE MUSGT STOP DOING THIS, FOR NOTHING CHANGES!! The same for state measures, etc. And IMO, these elected officials have failed us miserably. Or rode in on the coat-tails of a parent that may have previously held the position. That is why, to this day, I am neither a Demo”crap” nor a “Repulsican. Just as one earns another’s respect, my vote must be earned as well.

        An “economic protest” as suggested by another poster on a massive level, is not a bad idea at all. Not at all, food for thought. I KNOW our black history and Amerikkan history. I want to move AHEAD, and not have to keep looking BEHIND for change.

        Thank you, Pam.


  3. Timothy says:

    @Sister Trojan Pam

    You hit it all of the ballpark like usual. When studying our history, it is true that the white supremacists attack us the most when we finally put pettiness behind us and form unified economic and political policies. Many of our genuine leaders were assassinated when they desired black people to unify, reject the white supremacist system, build our own infrastructure. Malcolm X died when he wanted unity among all black people in the Earth. Fred Hampton was killed when he talked about unity in the black community too. As you have mentioned, we shouldn’t support anybody (regardless of their background) who is degrading black people or mistreating black people. I feel like since the rebellion was so strong in Baltimore, that they will convict some of the officers on token charges (as a means to pacify the public). Of course, they won’t convict them on all of the charges in my opinion. The powers that be had no choice, but to charge those officers since they knew that if they weren’t charged, then people would of known in a higher level that the system is not meant for us but it was created to benefit them (or white supremacists). All of the economic exploitation, police terrorism, etc. are all by design to not only oppress us, but to target the revolutionary spirit which is found in our people. We have to love ourselves, know ourselves, unify, and use strategic, proactive plans so we can be free. It won’t be easy, but victory will be so much sweeter when we win in midst of massive obstacles. Karma, the Creator, and Nature are on our side. Our melanin has glorious qualities that the enemy abhors.

    Brothers and Sisters are very proud and thankful of your wisdom.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Timothy

      we will have to stop waiting on a “leader” and start leading ourselves. The days of “black leaders” is pretty much over. Even those who attempt to lead will be demonized, incarcerated or murdered. We must learn to think for ourselves and change what we think, say, and do and until we do that we will always be misled

      • Timothy says:

        @Sister Trojan Pam

        That’s an interesting, great point. Leaders should never be autocratic. Leaders can be decentralized and we should be leaders in our own unique ways. No one can save us, but us literally. Mental transformation is important.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Timothy

          The system is too refined for black people to count on a single or several leaders. There is no one person who can lead even ten percent of black people — and I’m NOT counting President Obama because the ONLY leading he did was lead us to the POLLS to vote for him, courtesy of his white handlers and financiers.

          Other than that he has been largely absent from black lives — so PLEASE, let’s respect ourselves enough to NOT call him a “black leader.”

          Minister Farrakhan is probably the only one who can boast a membership of thousands of black people. I can’t think of anyone else.

          And where does that leave us? To stop waiting on ‘someone to do something’ and start doing something ourselves

          • Timothy says:

            @Sister Trojan Pam

            I certainly agree with you that we should do something ourselves. If our ancestors can create advanced civilizations and governments in the Motherland throughout human history, then we can use our own power to liberate ourselves. Some of our people will wake up and do what is right and others will not. Even doing simple things can carry huge dividends. I agree with you.

  4. Jay says:


    –Sis, while I agree with pretty much everything else you’ve written in this piece; this part above I think is naive. When you have CRIMINALS who are writing and executing ‘laws’ based on an agenda, then it’s not about what black people are or not doing. It won’t matter. They have historically criminalized US for behavior that everyone else gets a free pass on. The peonage system of old, chain gangs and now the for-profit prison industrial complex have each taken advantage of this truth. Regular black folk being charged with not paying debts or simple loitering has been enough to get them thrown in prison for years. It’s all a form of slavery. And that’s the point. This system was created & is maintained by free to low-cost black labor. Nothing has changed & if it’s up to them; nothing will change. So following the letter of the law does no good if the laws are being written by your oppressors. I’m of another mindset: they don’t follow the law and think themselves above them; so I don’t acknowledge their authority. Am I out stealing and committing acts of depravity against my fellow man/woman? No. I follow the Golden Rule. And I guarantee you, like MOST black people, you won’t see me on the 6 o’ clock news because I’ve brutalized and murdered some young boy because he made ‘eye contact’ and fled from me. Something is inherently wrong with a world where criminality is accepted as the norm for those who we considered ‘leaders’, but the average man/woman is expected to live a life that Heru would have envied. Now answer me this: are THEY crazy for demanding & expecting this of us or are WE CRAZIER for accepting this as business as usual?

    • Joy says:

      Exactly, remember Freddie Gray was arrested although he committed NO CRIME! I would love to see the details of his arrest record. I have a feeling it is a long list of nonsense.

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Joy

        So would I. Also, the young black male who filmed Freddie Gray’s arrest has been arrested himself. We better open our eyes and wake up to what this system is about.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Jay

      Unfortunately, brother, the only power we have is what we say, think, and do. There are things we do have power over and I have said this over and over again.

      We have the power to NOT spend our money where we can’t work and I”m talking about non-essential items. We do have the power not to spend time and money on demeaning entertainment. We do have the power not to drink expensive alcohol, buy expensive designer shoes, and big houses and cars we don’t really need.

      We do have the power not to shun a black male or female and go chasing after a white “prize.” We do have the power to turn the TV off and teach our children the JOY of reading (and thinking). We do have the power to not call each other foul names (often, just for “fun”)

      And this is where I have a problem with most of the black people I meet, including many who come to my blog.

      Now, I might step on a few toes but that’s alright. I’m not getting paid to do this so nobody can fire me.

      It’s the PASSIVITY and lack of PARTICIPATION that concerns me.

      The same people that complain about our condition are the same ones who won’t, for example, sacrifice ONE MOVIE that demeans black people because, “Well, I want to see it.”

      We don’t seem willing (most of us, anyway) to make ONE SINGLE SACRIFICE, no matter how small, to gain our liberation.

      There are a lot of things we can do or not do. At the very least, at least we can TRY

  5. Remember the Zimmerman/ Martin Beta Test?

    I said over and over: Boycott Florida. Don’t go to Disneyland. Stop buying Skittles, after all they did fund Zimmerman’s trial. Money is power. And EVERY racial group knows it. That’s why there’s a Chinatown in every major city including ALL black neighbourhoods but there’s NEVER a black business in Chinatown.

    How do you make people understand that the only way out of this slavery system is unity? We cannot claim to be unified when one of us gets murdered then go back to buying and supporting the enemy.

    We must do this 24/7.

    But I will say one thing about this matter:

    All these “Tests” that Yurugu are placing in front of us are backfiring big time! The sleeping beast is about to reawaken. And frankly, it’s about damn time.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ diaryofanegress

      I know you’ve written often about your frustration with the people who come to your blog seeking answers and information but refused to ACT on it.

      It is our SLAVE MINDSET (which I believe has NEVER been worse than it is right now) and the SOFT LIVING that so many of us have become accustomed to — instant food, instant entertainment, instant credit, instant transportation, etc — that many are just not willing to make the effort for long-term gains

      it’s like, “If I’m not going to benefit right now (meaning, food, sex, money, entertainment, and material goods) then I ain’t doing it!”

      This is also the age of NARCISSISM where people aren’t willing to support or sacrifice anything for the good of their group. It’s all about them.

      Yes, I know this mentality was literally bred into us, this unwillingness to support each other and our jealousy of each other–but who is going to restore our character and culture? Our enemies?

      I truly think many of us really think the “good white people” are going to make things right so we sit back in the cut and wait on it.

      In all my books, I have put a list of things black people can do that don’t require money, that are not dirty or dangerous yet I know most won’t attempt it.

      I”m just keeping this real and I’ll end by saying,

      if we don’t change what we do, don’t expect ANYTHING TO CHANGE, including murder by cop.

      • @ Miss Pam

        That’s one of the main reasons why I ended blogging on a consistent basis. When I spoke to Dr. Claud Anderson’s wife, she told me basically that her and her husband want to ‘enjoy life now’ and not beg and plead with us to get it together.

        I’m all out of ideas.

        I’m just trying to hold myself together now.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ diaryofanegress

          I’ve found this to be true, that black people after a certain age (around 50 plus) lose the vest to fight. Perhaps, they have been discouraged by the lack of progress when they were involved.

          And it’s understandable because as a group we seem to have learned nothing from our experiences and the system is so refined that we don’t know if we’re coming or going and it can wear you out, trying to fight for people who WON’T fight for themselves

          I remember all the fine posts you wrote giving people ideas and how much resistance you got even for the simplest things. I have faced the same frustration, not just with other people but also with myself.

          There are things I should do that I don’t do and things I shouldn’t do that I still do and sometimes I wonder if my behavior is so ingrained and my programming so deep it can’t be reversed?

          but of course, I believe we can reverse our programming

          However, we are all works in progress BUT if you don’t change anything, then maybe you don’t deserve anything to change.

          Maybe, that’s the bottom line message from the UNIVERSE

          SHOW ME, BLACK PEOPLE, THAT YOU ARE TRYING TO OVERCOME YOUR OPPRESSION, that you are willing to make sacrifices, are trying to overcome your anti-blackness, are trying to overcome your DESPERATE need for white validation (and flesh) and are determined not to be a robot for the white supremacy system,

          and then and only then will I marshall all the powers of the spiritual world to come to your aid.

          and by spiritual power, that means we have to do MORE than sit in a pew on Sunday and put money in a collection plate.

    • Phazex says:

      @ Diary of a Negress;

      as usual, you are always right on time! Bottom line? ALL of us have to be or become “conscious” thinkers. I have been sick of our condition for YEARS, more so with HOW many of us are “reacting” to our situation and one another.

      Thank you for this wake-up call that MANY of US need.

      Be well as always,


  6. Joy says:

    Indeed economics is the key. The “Black Friday 2014” boycott in support of #BlackLivesMatter produced of a very NOTICED but unexplained 20% drop in sales. Retailers were forced to entice customers with sales throughout the 2014 holiday season.

    Regarding voting, I have come to believe that if they are spending so much time and energy on something it must be very important. I head a report earlier this year where whites had devised a plan to purge voters based on “name duplications” from state to state. The host of the program, Mark Thompson, had over 700 “matches” because they do not consider middle initial or date of birth when identifying “matches”. Why would they do this? One example is the election of State Attorney Marlyn Mosby. From the hostile, threatening and inappropriate response to the charges against the 6 criminal police by the police union, it is possible that she is not completely controlled (yet). The other possibility is that in many areas of the country they use the voting rolls to select jurors-an all white juries happen frequently and manage to keep us in prison and them out of prison. Although being in the pool does not mean you are selected for a case (even if there are only 6 Black people out of over 200) but since registering is relatively easy, i will continue to do it (it does to aggravate them to see me with my “I voted” sticker on election day).

    Thank you for the excellent information and writing

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Joy

      I have finally come to the conclusion that voting is trumped up for the same reasons we’re encouraged to march.

      Because we wind up spending a lot of time on something that doesn’t work.

      Perhaps, local elections are decided by the people but the system is so corrupt at this point that governors and presidents are hand-picked

      he system is consolidating its power and it has no time to waste letting the foolish little people determine major elections and pick their leaders.

      I do not plan to vote again because I know they want me to think it’s valuable (which is why they play games with ‘voting rights’ but I see thru the con game now.

      And I truly doubt my ancestors would never had worked so hard to vote had they knew what it would represent


  7. Sharon53 says:

    @Everyone, please take a look at this article:


    Except for her family, it seems everyone has just taken the police word for what happened to this young lady. I know we don’t have a video of what happened like some of the other murders by cops but I wonder if the community is overlooking this because black women are invisible to so many of us in the black community OR if it was because it was black cops that shot her.

    I read somewhere this lady weighed less than 100 pounds. You mean they did not see a gun on her. It seems to be same story as before about the person slipping their hands out of the handcuffs. And why did they have to shoot her 10 tens. SMH

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharon53

      First, thank you for showing this story. You’re absolutely right that deaths of black women by police officers are readily overlooked by society (including brutality against black women). Black women suffer the two prolonged evils of racism and sexism. The cops have massively power, so their words are viewed as infallible by mainstream society when the cops are not infallible. White and black cops using police brutality is wrong and the wicked culture of the Blue Wall of Silence certainly has been accepted by people of numerous skin colors. Alexia Christian’s family deserve real answers. An independent investigation ought to take place to find the total truth. No words can describe the pain that the late Sister’s family is going through. Black Women Lives will always matter. We have to know the stories of Alexia Christian, of Aura Rosser, of Rekia Boyd, of Sheneque Proctor, and of so many other black Sisters who were killed by law enforcement. Black women have been strong leaders in this fight against white supremacy and police terrorism. Capitalist exploitation and massive poverty are issues that must be confronted. We need to think pro-black, talk in affirming our heritage, and to use activism that will benefit our communities. We can’t support those who degrade us. We can support black people doing what is right and form more networks in our black communities. I have no problem with linking up with Brothers and Sisters in the states and internationally economically and politically. Unity is important. The Knowledge of Self is important, and resistance against oppression is very important. Resistance against evil is an inalienable human right.

      Thank you for showing the link Sister.

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Sister Sharon53 & Brother Timothy:

        Thank you for showing the link and reacting to the article. I live in the ATL, so I know about this tragedy. We are being giving so little information about what happened. Underground Atlanta is not too far from where I live. I also don*t like the fact that the reporter went into her background and found her criminal record. Why were the offenses not mentioned? I believe it is because they are not serious.

        There was another case recently in the ATL area where a Black man was shot by the cops while serving a warrant. The media kept saying that it was a felony warrant, but it wasn*t. Then the local media showed a video (from a police dashcam) of the man being pulled over by the cops and showing him bragging about other crimes. It is obvious what the media are doing. They are releasing this information to put into potential jurors* minds that these were **bad people** and therefore deserved to get shot. It is one of the main things that Sister Trojam Pam made in her post about Freddie Gray.

        I also agree that the cop murders of Black women are still being underreported. Some of our so-called conscious Brothers are still trying to downplay that issue.

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Courtney

          Thank you for the update on the situation.

          You will notice that some of the officers will try to show information that tries to blame the victim for his or her own victimization, which is a notorious tactic. I agree with your words too.

    • Shanequa says:

      Keep in mind the media is run by Jews so they will show what they feel you should see. I also feel Europeans are using a divide & conquer with police brutality against black men & women. Even though there have been many cases of black women being attack by police goes unheard of by the media but you will hear several stories of black men being brutalized. They are trying to make it seems that black men don’t support black women being brutalized by the police but black women are always on the front supporting black men being brutalized by the police. We need our own black news report telling us what is going on in our black communities.

      • Sharon53 says:

        Yes, I agree with what you are saying here wholeheartedly. The idea is to somehow make it seem like black men are the only ones suffering under this system and somehow black women have it easy. Divide and conquer all the way because then some black men begin to view black women as the enemy. The truth of the matter is anything that affects the black man affects the entire black community. It is very subliminal how they do this. We must out-think the white supremacists to defeat them.

      • Alicia says:

        The media is run by whites, not “jews”. Judaism is merely a religion, white supremacy is the issue. The media is run by white supremacists PERIOD, from the newspapers to the television news which is why I avoid it.

  8. sharonw53 says:

    Timothy and Courtney, as always thanks for your comments on the matter of police brutality toward black women. Now that it appears something is being done about some of the police brutality toward our black men, I hope that they are not going to up the ante and begin to murder black women more.

    They have already begun to do other things to attack the black woman such as incarcerate us more, and even some states are beginning to execute the few black women that are on death row.

    This may seem a little off the topic but I think that it is worth mentioning because I think it can be devastating to a woman, especially when it is made public. Have you noticed how courts are now granting full custody of the children to the famous father even though the mother is not unfit. I have seen some of that lately involving black celebrity couples. Even though I am totally for a father being involved with his children I don’t think the motivation behind this is for a good reason. It does not make any sense since he is more than likely going to be on the road a lot and probably leave the children with a nanny anyway. I think this is to humiliate and devastate the mother of the children.

    As you stated, unity is so vitally important. However, in order to get the kind of unity we once had we first must see how much we still need each other. I just don’t understand how some of us can see this and some of us can’t.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharon53

      You’re Welcome Sister Sharon.

      In any movement for real change, the enemy always targets the black woman. I have read recent stories of many black women being placed in prison. Sister Courtney have shown excellent links about black women and the prison system. The New Jim Crow (or the mass incarceration system) has been exploitative and it just damages communities. That is why people from across the political spectrum want mass incarceration and other mechanisms of the prison industrial complex to end. We all hope that police brutality doesn’t exist for black men or black women. The lives of black women matter and it is a shame that the stories of Sisters being the victims of oppression are readily ignored by society. People know how I feel about the barbaric death penalty. To me, it is discriminatory, evil, and morally obscene.

      I think the information about child supports relates to the story of Ludacris and Tamika Fuller (or the child’s mother). Ludacris has a lot of money and Tamika Fuller obviously is very hurting and emotional over the custody ordeal. Yes, I have heard of the story that many judges are sending celebrities full custody even when the mother is perfectly fine and is unfit. The mother of the child has sent notes to Ludacris in trying to get some arrangements, but Ludacris will not compromise. I do feel that both the mother and the father (as long as both parents are fit) should have the opportunity to take care of the child.

      Also, you’re right to see that we can’t have unity unless we know who we are and what we are up against. In other words, we have to understand our problems and the situation that we’re in honestly if we are to unify. We have to see each other as allies before we unify for real. We are allies as Brothers and Sisters. Some black people will wake up and some won’t. That is the case. The good news is that there are many Black men and Black women who love the truth and want real change.

      • Phazex says:

        @ Brother Timothy:

        Thanks to you for bringing up a subject that continually “divides black men and women.” Child-rearing. My own father taught this to all of us female children as we were growing up: “a woman without a man is a woman under siege.” Agree–or not, I have witnessed evidence of these very same words. For example, I have met many single, head of household sistas during my tenure at grade school level, etc. I noted particularly that these sistas were often met with “some form of opposition” and that many, though angry, thought that there was not an alternative to the problem or issue at the time and for the most part, “gave up.” One of the reasons why in my opinion, that a mother should not keep a child from the father. Unless there is an extenuating circumstance. This is why it is so critical for black males and females to NOT emulate the behaviors that we see in the mainstream. And to be able to once again, unify. For we ARE a very “loving and compassionate” group of people, not cold and calculating as we’ve seen in the system of white supremacy.

        Because there WAS a time (though I was not born yet) that out of NECESSITY, that we, as black people relied on one another, rallied to one another’s defense or cause regardless of gender and we gave one another “real” kisses and not “air” kisses.

        We all need to get back to that. Regardless of our station in life, NO ONE is above another. The standard of living may be more advantageous, but at the end of the day?

        No one is above another. Thank you again for your commentary.

        Be well,


    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharon53,

      I made a typo. I meant to write: “…Yes, I have heard of the story that many judges are sending celebrities full custody even when the mother is perfectly fine and is fit…”

  9. Sharon53 says:

    Timothy, no need to be concerned about typos :). Again thanks for your deep and indepth commentaries.

    Actually, Ludacris is just one celebrity with sole and primary custody of his children. Others include Usher, Dwyane Wade, Deion Sanders, Lenny Kravitz, Keith Sweat, Steve Harvey, etc. I am glad these men are involved with their children but I do question why all of a sudden the system wants a black man to have custody of the children instead of their mothers. Knowing what I know about the system, it never does anything in the best interest of the black family.

    I don’t know these men personally and they probably are loving and caring parents. All that I am saying is that all of them have celebrity status which makes them very busy and probably on the road a lot. Therefore, either a nanny or someone else is caring for the children in their absence. That cannot be in the best interest of the children.

    As you stated above though, “In any movement for real change, the enemy always targets the black woman.” That’s a good observation and taking a black woman’s children away from her I would think can be devastating.

    And yes, we do have to see each other as allies before there can be unity. Far too many of us have begun to make each other the enemy. I have seen some of us judge someone in the space of a few seconds of meeting them. The sad part is the person being judged is not aware this backbiting is going on behind their backs which can be very dangerous for that person, especially if this is occurring in the workplace.

    Anyway, it is good dialoguing with you. You have a great week also.

  10. Courtney H. says:

    I only watched part of this program this morning. What do you think of the segment about economic in the inner cities? Several callers made interesting comments.


    • Timothy says:

      Good Afternoon Sister Courtney 🙂

      I couldn’t find the program, but economics in the inner cities is an important issue to talk about. The central banks and the rest of the oligarchical power used policies that intentionally deprived poor people of resources in the poor communities. Gentrifications, deindustralization, and other evils were instituted to benefit the 1% not black people or the poor. Grassroots community development and self-determination are necessities to solve urban problems. Some want a Marshal Plan to rebuild urban and rural communities. I’m not a neoliberal, so I don’t worship laissez faire capitalism. I believe that progressive, cooperative economic solutions can help inner cities. Inner cities need compassion and assistant, so they can achieve their own destinies and grow their own power. Thank you for showing the link.

  11. Sharon53 says:

    I want to mention something a lot of people probably has not noticed but I truly believe this is divine intervention. Over the years, I have noticed that the more they kill black men, the more black women give birth to black male babies. I see this everywhere, in my family, friends, co-workers, restaurants, parks, etc. I sit in the overflow room at my church and I see it all the time. Black couples and even single moms coming in with little baby boys. It is just a small crowd of people in that room but I have seen even two sets of black male twins in there. Even if there is a little girl in the mix, there is usually a little boy somewhere. Look around you and most white couples have a lot of girls. They are not producing as many boys, and a lot of them turn out to be gay.

    Some of us may not notice this but I bet the White Supremacists notice how black men produce male children. They know they are a dying race and are also trying to inject our DNA into themselves to prolong their race. Which is part of reason why I think they are trying to pair as many non-black women with black men as possible hoping to have male children. From my observation, most biracial males with white mothers go and marry non-black women. It still is not working because if you notice they still often have little girls and biracial girls often go on and marry black men. It is almost as if God meant for multiple males to be made only between black men with a black woman. Even when you look at IR celebrity couples, they have girls most of the time. That is probably why there is this trend with them to start adopting and have you noticed, most of the time, it is a black male child.

    Try as they might, they will not be able to destroy us because we are the original people.

    This is my observation. Look around and see if you notice the same thing.

    • Timothy says:


      You have made many interesting, great points. You are not alone in your views. It’s a fact that many whites are increasingly adopting black children globally. Their population rates are declining massively and some of them want to use our DNA literally as a means for them to continue to grow their birthrates. The vast majority of people in America will be people of color by 2043. Our ancestors surviving the Maafa was a product of divine intervention too. Our ancestors were never weak and their memories will forever be in our minds and in our hearts. There are many black families having more black males in the world. One lesson in your commentaries that I see is to witness the fact that we are family. When we treat each other as family with a communal spirit, then blessings can come about. When you look at the eyes of black youth, you see yourself when we were young. When the black youth look at us, they see what they will be in the future. So, this concept of family respect should be promoted among all black people on Earth. The kindness and innocence of black young children is a reflection of God’s compassion. Their kindness is a sign from the Creator about how we should treat with each other as adults. We are allies. We may exist globally among different nationalities and we may possess different cultures, but we are one black people. The love for pan-African unity is another blessing. This fight for liberation is not easy, yet we have to have faith and do action. Faith without works is dead.

      Therefore, we have to work via working in our communities, supporting black authors (including black enterprises), improving our health, never supporting TV shows or movies that degrade us (in order words, we shouldn’t buy products from anyone who slanders us and we shouldn’t economically fund anyone who is anti-black), and treat each other as human beings. As Sister Trojan Pam has written, we have to think right, speak to each other right, and treat each other right as black people. As Sister Courtney has mentioned, we will always condemn self-hatred and honor Black Love.

      Thank you for your spiritual words Sister.

      As the original people, WE ARE THE FIRST AND WE SHALL BE THE LAST.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Sharon53

      You made some interesting observations. I agree with Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr. who said, “whatever put black people here will keep us here.”

      No man, not even the most powerful white people, have control over the planet. He/she cannot even keep themselves from becoming extinct. They are trying every trick in the book, melanin harvesting & experimentation, breeding with the most melanated black people and their infertility as a group is still increasing.

      I remember reading that some African females were actually become immune to the HIV virus—that’s divine intervention. Ethiopian women in the midst of a famine getting pregnant—that’s divine intervention.

      Well to do white females with access to the best medical care, environment and nutrition being born with undeveloped uteruses– that’s divine intervention. 30 percent of white male sperm deemed “non-viable” (can’t fertilize a woman’s egg) – that’s divine intervention.

      I’ll have to pay more attention to the sex of the children black and white people are having. And you’re absolutely right, the push for IR sex, especially between black males and white females is about (1) reducing the number of children black males have with black females (2) to inject our DNA into their dying gene pool (but it won’t work) (3) to destroy the bond between black males and females (which unfortunately has been wildly successful. (4) to make sure the black male will be so confused and self-hating that he will literally be incapable of liberating himself or his people. (5) to breed children who will be white-identified, raised by white females and who will be used against black people

      I have noticed that most of the children white show business females adopt are black males and sadly, many of us admire them as though there is something wonderful about not being able to take care of our own children.

      The horrible irony is a single white female is praised for adopting a black boy (stolen from his people) but a single black female who raises a black boy alone – her own flesh and blood—is demonized.

      We really need a lot of mental and spiritual healing as a people

    • Phazex says:

      @ Sharon:

      No, Sharon. You are absolutely right and you are not off the mark. Caucasoids ARE dying out. White Women as far as Germany are being paid to mate and have babies. Unfortunately, many of our own black males are unwitting victims in helping to achieve this goal for our melanin is needed to prolong the lives of these caucasoids.

      I, too, have noticed this as well as other comrades. This is just destiny manifest.

      One of the many ways that white supremists are “destroying” black people is by “murdering” (regardless of the circumstance) black people.

      And this, is why it is imperative that all black people WAKE UP.

  12. Omay Farlane says:

    Thank you, Thank You, Thank You! It brings faith that there’s still people out there telling the truth, and not only that, offering solutions.

  13. Another great post Pam! This is beautiful and straight to the point. I agree with you totally. The CBC is absolutely useless in my opinion. And I can’t stand Whooping Goldberg. Whoopi has proven over and over again that she’s a professional boot licker! As a matter of fact all the women on The View are idiots. The entire show is a waste of airtime.

  14. Sharon53 says:

    Thank you so very much for your comments. You are so right when you say “Our ancestors were never weak and their memories will forever be in our minds and in our hearts.”
    They had to be resilient to endure what had to be “hell on earth.” Anybody else would have crumbled under that kind of brutality.

    Something came to mind when you said ‘their memories will forever be in our minds and in our hearts.” I once was taking a tour of Ananberg Ruins in St. John, Virgin Island. It’s hard to believe in this beautiful part of the world that a slave plantation existed. And as we were standing in this cane field, the tour guide was giving us the history on it and this intense feeling came over me as if I could feel what our ancestors felt. I had to walk away because it was just that intense. I hear cane fields were worse than cotton fields and I can’t imagine anything worse than working in a cotton field in sweltering heat.

    You also stated “…we have to work via working in our communities, supporting black authors (including black enterprises), improving our health, never supporting TV shows or movies that degrade us (in order words, we shouldn’t buy products from anyone who slanders us and we shouldn’t economically fund anyone who is anti-black), and treat each other as human beings.”
    Yes indeed, I strive to do that every day. I don’t have a TV and can’t remember the last time I saw a movie. I try to treat others the best I can also.

    Something I have been doing for the last 25 years is support at least one black business every week. I get a lot of lip about this. One person pointed out to me that I was wasting my time because all the owners of those businesses will do is go spend their money outside the black community. I replied to him by saying ‘that at the end of the day, I can say I did my part.’ I will not allow someone else’s spending habits to affect where I spend my dollar.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharon53

      You’re Welcome Sister.

      Yes, our ancestors were extremely brave and resilient to survive the unspeakable of crimes of the Maafa, slavery, the peonage system, Jim Crow, etc. Any other group of people wouldn’t have survived what our ancestors went through.

      Your experience of visiting the Anaberg Ruins in St. John, Virgin Island. There are many black people who visited Africa or visited places in the Americas where the slave trade occurred or where something horrendous happened to our ancestors, and then these black people feel emotion, cry, or have some remembrance of our what our ancestors experienced during that time period. The Black Heritage Amsterdam Tours have promoted education about the African Diaspora. Jennifer Tosch has promoted these tours as a calling in her life and I support Sister Jennifer Tosch’s efforts. In cane fields, larges knives were used to cut grass. In the Caribbean, black slaves as young as 14 had to work from sun up until sun down. Haitians suffered so much that they legitimately rebelled and defeated the French imperialists centuries ago. I’m glad that you are doing your part. Not watching TV does develop the human consciousness in a higher level. There is nothing wrong with supporting a legitimate black business at all.

      What your doing is much better than what others are doing (which is nothing). We have every right to use our economic resources to help our own people. Our spending power is huge and we can wisely invest our money in our communities (and build up our institutions).

  15. Sharon53 says:

    Trojan Pam:
    Thanks for your comments. I agree with Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr. also when he said, “whatever put black people here will keep us here.” And you are correct when you say “No man, not even the most powerful white people have control over the planet.” The thing we have to keep in mind is even though the white supremacists appear (appearances are deceiving) to rule the planet from a secular standpoint, God, both rules and over-rules his world, and no man’s arms are long enough to box with God. White people are mortal beings just like the rest of us and all we have to do is out-think them.
    If you, I, and all the others on this blog are using our brains to think, why can’t the majority of black people do the same? That is something that has baffled me for some time now. Sometimes things can be staring us right in the face and we will deny it. And if anyone dare point something out, they will either try to use shame, use guilt, cut the conversation short, etc. to not face the truth.

    I had not heard about some African females becoming immune to HIV virus but that is definitely divine intervention and so comforting to know. You mentioned Ethiopian women getting pregnant in the midst of famine. That’s another thing about black women, we can have a healthy baby under the worst of conditions, while whites are having problems producing under the best of conditions. If a person can’t see that’s divine intervention, one would wonder what are they using their brains for.

    I agree with all the reasons you listed as to why they are pushing IR sex off on us, especially between black men and white women. And we have completely lost our mind, if we think a white female can raise a healthy, well-adjusted black male whom she has adopted better than a black female who gave birth to a son.

  16. Sharon53 says:

    Kushite Prince:
    The thing that is so deceiving about Whoopi Goldberg is she sports the Afrocentric look. I have met many like this in my day and if you are not careful, you can be easily tricked because of the way they look. It is if you have to constantly remind yourself of whether or not the person is real. They are some of the most confused folk I have ever encountered. They are just as bad as some folk in the church who claim to be so godly but turn out to be some of the biggest hypocrites in the world.

  17. Phazex says:

    @ Sharon:

    Preachhhhhhhhh! Sista! You didn’t lie, but you sure said a mouthful. Whoopi Goldberg has always embraced white males, and claims that “black men just do not find me to be attractive.

    Bullchit. There IS “someone for everyone.” What the sista did was steer herself towards the “white power structure” because she perceived little to no power in black males. AND with a jewish name like “Goldberg?” Add it up! As Minister Farrakhan would say. The sista has no allegiance with her own race, “one that needs to be thinned from the herd IMO.”

    I am going to “throw a shoe in the dark here” but I believe that one of the reasons that Spirit is having a difficult time hearing US is because (and this is for my people only) “we have not humbled ourselves and Spirit loves a humble man/woman.” We have all of what we do not need with one another: mouth, attitudes, jealously/envy, lack seeing one another as “important.” See where I am going with this? It is my contention that you do. TAKE ALL OF THIS AWAY with one another and then maybe, just maybe we can have a “meeting of the minds.”

    Thank you and be well,


  18. Courtney H. says:

    @ Everybody:

    I know that this OT, but it has to do with white supremacy. What do you think?

    As usual, Harvey uses profanity throughout, so be warned.

    • Timothy says:

      Good Afternoon Sister Courtney. 🙂

      I have listened to the entire video from Harvey. Here are my thoughts. He made many accurate points. I don’t agree with his profanity and his usage of slurs since he can make his arguments more effectively without using that filthy language.

      He talked about many issues and I will mention many issues as well. His argument is that black people have made coalitions with other ethnic groups which have been ineffective in causing us as black people to experience true liberation. To him, while black people have been loyal in the coalitions, the other ethnic groups have not reciprocated that loyalty in many ways. The truth is that some non-blacks have mistreated black people economically, politically, or otherwise. He’s right to mention about how many non-black people of color set up businesses in the black community that they will never prop up in the white community or in their own community (since those people will immediately complain and cause that business to go down).

      Many of these business (from these non-black people of color) sell poison to our people from unhealthy food to alcohol. Many of the foods from some of these stores (owned by numerous non black people of color) are stale and sometimes the health inspectors are bribed, so their stores aren’t investigated thoroughly. I do agree with him that we need to build up our own coalition as black people. Yet, this coalition shouldn’t just be made up of black Americans. Like I have mentioned before, this coalition should include Africans, Afro-Brazilians, all Afro-Latinos, Afro-British, Afro-French, Afro-Turks, and all black people throughout the Earth. Pan-African unity is important to advance. We shouldn’t just grow our economic power. We need mental decolonization where our people reject the lies from white supremacy (our mental transformation must take place so we love our blackness unapologetically). He’s right that even Floyd Mayweather shouldn’t be called racial slurs on social media. It is wrong to call a black man out of his name via racist slurs (regardless if Floyd was guilty of domestic violence or not. There is no justification for domestic violence, so I want that perfectly clear). Harvey talked about intersectionality and other things. My philosophy is that we should not hate others who are non-black, but we ought to run our own house in terms of our struggle for freedom and justice. The Jewish people, the Arabic people, the Indian people, the white ethnic groups, etc. may talk about “progressive” issues, but at the end of the day, they run their respective houses. I’m not a xenophobe. I reject xenophobia.

      White supremacists stole the lands of Americas and imposed arbitrary borders. They or the white supremacists played people against each other in order for them to promote corporate profits at the expense of the suffering of the workers and migrants. Therefore, I don’t view every Hispanic immigrant as a scapegoat for a broken immigration system in the first place. What I do believe is that immigration policies should be fair to black Americans and black people in general. There is a double standard where Hispanic immigrants have been given many benefits, but Haitian immigrants have been restricted massively into coming into America (especially during the Clinton years). We should condemn imperialism. It’s wrong for black people to be occupied by crooked cops. It’s wrong for the West to invade Middle Eastern nations unjustly.

      We should support not anyone who degrades black people, who exploits black people for their own benefit, and who is just an enemy of us as black people. That is what we need to bring that truth home, especially to the youth (as the youth represents our future). The Rainbow Coalition and the CBC have been funded by the establishment for a long time. Even some members of the CBC once supported money to fund militarized aid given to the local police. Harvey mentioned information about the oppression against the black Ethiopian people in Israel. We are in solidarity with these Brothers and Sisters. They suffer police brutality, economic oppression, and racial discrimination by an Ashkenazi oligarchy in Israel. The Ethiopians rebelled since they are tired of being sterilized, discriminated against, and oppressed in Israel.

      • Courtney H. says:

        Good evening, Brother Timothy. 🙂

        Thank you for listening to the podcast by Harvey. He can make a better argument without all the cussing and slurring other people. Despite this, he made many good points.

        I am not going to repeat what you said, because you broke it down beautifully, as usual. You went point-by-point with Harvey*s points. Tariq Nasheed also made similar points on his weekly podcast this week as well:


        He cusses a lot, too, so . . .

        Anyway, Harvey touched on a lot of things about coalitions and how they often do not benefit Black people. I agree with you that we should have our own coalition with other members of the Black diaspora and that we need to run our own house in order to fight for our liberation and to succeed. Other groups do the same.

      • Shanequa says:

        @ Timothy
        I agreed with your entire statement. I was watching Roland Martin this morning an a non black Hispanic male who was speaking stated, “Black & Brown people need to unite because we both suffer from the same police brutality in our communities.” First thing that came to mind was non black Hispanic always run to us when they need to benefit off our struggle then leave. Black Africans around the diaspora doesn’t need to start no coalition with other groups especially when we can’t unite with each other & still face issues of hatred from non black groups. You will never see a black man or woman at a organization that is sponsor by non blacks saying “Blacks & other minority ethic groups need to unite.” We can’t never have anything of our on without a non black trying to join in our group.

        • Phazex says:

          @ Sista Shanequa:

          Say that! “Tell the truth and shame the Devil and ALL of his comrades!” Yep, just like it was during the 1960’s era. We should be as they are: “unified.”

          Have a good one,


        • Timothy says:


          You have made excellent points on this issue too. First and foremost, we are one people and we have every right to unite with ourselves. It is ironic that many of the same ones that hate us ignore the sacrifices that our ancestors made in this nation. There is nothing wrong with black people establishing independent organizations that seek black liberation. Many non-blacks try to join our groups not because of sincerity. They want to co-opt our movements for their own interests. Police brutality is found in Black and Brown communities, yet the Brown community must end racism in their own communities too. That is why black people in Latin American nations are constantly fighting back against racism there. We don’t hate anybody, but we don’t tolerate some folks who try to minimize our struggle for social change. We must unite with ourselves as black people and have the mental transformation to reject the system of white supremacy in all of its dimensions.

  19. monique says:

    @Trojan Pam Great job on the black talk network today! I hope to hear more from you on the network!!

  20. Sharon53 says:

    Thanks for your comments. I agree with you when you said “…one of the reasons that Spirit is having a difficult time hearing US is because (and this is for my people only) “we have not humbled ourselves and Spirit loves a humble man/woman.”
    Very wise words spoken and the reason we cannot humble ourselves is because of false pride. Pride and humility cannot exist at the same time and all the things you mentioned such as mouth, attitudes, jealously/envy, lack seeing one another as “important” are all by-products of pride. These condescending attitudes we have with each other are also blaring signs of our own low self-esteem which causes all kinds of problems. Even the scriptures states ‘pride goes before destruction.
    One of the signs of being humble is knowing you are no better than anyone else, while at the same time knowing you are just as good as the next person. That is a healthy self-esteem in my opinion.

    • Phazex says:


      You are an excellent observer, if I do say so myself…lol! Yes, the more we STOP and listen to what is going on inside of each one of us, the more Spirit listens….and responds.(and I can humbly state that THIS has been occurring more and more with me).


  21. Sharon53 says:

    Kushite Prince and Kowaba:
    I had not heard of Jade Helm. Thanks for sharing the information as we need to be enlightened as much as possible about anything that poses a threat. Some may dismiss this but the talk about modern day martial law is more grounded in reality than we would like to admit.

    As I was watching the video, something was said that struck a nerve with me when the news reporter said ‘law enforcement will be assisting the military as they conduct military exercises.’ I have not noticed any military aircrafts flying around yet but I am one to observe things going on around me when I am out and about. This may be off-topic but I wonder if all this is connected to the following matter. Increasingly over the last 7 to 8 years I can be in a restaurant eating lunch and I notice lots of white men coming in always in groups of at least 3 or 4 and sometimes even more. I rarely see a white man come in alone unless he is elderly. Most of the time they are with either the police department or sheriff department and, of course, they are always armed. Sometimes they may be with a large business such as the power company or gas company. Occassionally, white women may be in the group.

    At first I thought that it was may be just the area I was in at the time but I am beginning to see this in low-income black areas also. I see them coming in sometimes in groups quite often at a black restaurant I go to and they usually sit in the back in an area where they are not visible.

    I live in a large metropolitan area with blacks everywhere so why are there no blacks in that group especially since most of these are large government departments or large corporations where blacks are plentiful. Please don’t misunderstand me. I could care less about blacks and whites having lunch together but I do find this odd that there is not one black person in that group of armed or unarmed white men and white women. It is also a little creepy when I see them all pile in the same vehicle as they are leaving.

    Could they be part of these military exercises and don’t want blacks and other non-whites included? Could they be prepping for a race war and want to make sure they have their own kind as backup? I know this may seem a little far-fetched to some but one of the reasons why whites stay ahead of us is because we under-estimate what they are capable of doing. It all reminds me of what I heard Mr. Neely Fuller say when he said racists have a code for doing everything and it is so deceptive, you cannot recognize it as a code.

    Just something to think about and notice when you are out and about.

  22. Mariama says:


    You said:

    “Until we come together, stop mistreating and rejecting each other, stop rewarding our oppressors with our precious bodies (sex and genetics), and start supporting, choosing and loving each other —

    only then will the UNIVERSE and GOD reveal to US what needs to be done to dismantle the white supremacy system and replace it with a system of JUSTICE for all the people on the planet.”

    Thank you!! That statement is the TRUTH. I really believe that if black people were more spiritual and less fanatically religious, we would be able to see things more clearly. The universe rewards us based on what we do and also the genuine effort we put in. Nothing pretentious or superficial as you mentioned.


    As always, I continue to learn and grow from the comments that you post. They really help give me another perspective. With the recent Freddie Gray tragedy, I almost fell for the kool-aid when I saw the black protesters who appeared genuine in their desire for justice. I felt a little “guilty” for not participating and felt as if I were just another black “onlooker.” I have “prayed” for real justice for his family, but logically, I know that prayers dont mean sh$t if there is no economic power behind it. I would gladly support any black community/organization that is using their dollars to fund real justice. I, like most of you all feel hurt,upset and frustrated at what we know is the deliberate killing of our people. So, like you all mentioned, the best way to “devastate” the white supremacy system is to refrain from things that dont benefit us. At times, it feels as if isnt making an impact because soooo many of our people have lost their minds. I pray that the universe takes all of us on this blog into account for our “effort.” I pray that more and more of our people wake up.

    I wanted to “help” but when I saw the usual black leaders put in the forefront of the Freddie Gray case (ie: Sharpton, Rev Jamal Bryant, Jesse Jackson) I got hit in the head again with reality. So, thank you all again for your insight. It really helps me grow and gain more insight. You all are my sanity. Have a blessed day.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Mariama

      You’re Welcome Sister.

      You and other Brothers and Sisters here certain inspire me too.

      Have a Blessed Day.

      • Mariama says:


        Thank you Timothy! I love reading your words. I believe that we are never “too old” to learn and grow. I wish you a blessed day too.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Mariama

      After observing established religions (Christianity, Islam, and Catholicism, and white ‘Judaism’ I came to the conclusion that spirituality (a search for truth) and established religions

      don’t seem to have much in common. I believe the dogma moves people away from true spirituality and is tainted by the corruption of man and false idol worship and rituals and rules that have nothing to do with loving and respecting other people BUT everything to do with CONTROLLING them

      that’s why i don’t follow any religions and will one day make the effort to research the religions that African people had BEFORE european colonization.

      I believe that Malcolm X was right when he said, (and I paraphrase)

      ‘the white man talks to his God and you talk to (his) God and you wonder why your God never answers”

      for black people to still be practicing the same religions that our slave-owners taught us in the same way we learned during slavery or to be a Catholic given what the church has historically represented

      i do not understand why we don’t understand why we are in the condition we are in

      of course we’re still slaves. We’re still practicing a slave religion. We’re still practicing slave traditions. We’re still worshiping pagan holidays and holidays that have to do with the slaughter of non-white people. we’re still idolizing those who continue to harm us as we visualize a white God and a white Jesus

      and we expect liberation and freedom? How does that happen?

      so we will continue getting what we have been getting (only more of the bad and less of the good) until WE CHANGE what we think, say and do.

      • Mariama says:


        This is true. I must admit that when it comes to Islam, I may have no room to talk because I am a Muslim. And as we all know, historically and collectively speaking, Arabs have inflilcted unspeakable evils on black Africans. For at least a thousand years. I didnt really understand this until I was in my late twenties early thirties. My family is from West Africa and most of my mother’s side are Muslims, but we practice it so differently from the evil, sexist and racist ways that its exploiters do. I was “born” into it, as my family was. With that said, I live my life as a “spiritual Muslim,” and shy away from the dogmatic and fanatically religious cultish crowds. And one thing that I dont like about it, is that Islam has been mum on the treatment of black Africans.

        Islam (when practiced correctly)says that the Lord doesnt look at race, creed, etc. While that looks good on paper, we all KNOW that in reality, that isnt the way it is practiced. So, no matter how much religion I hear, first and foremost, I KNOW and UNDERSTAND, that I am a black African woman first. In “God’s” eyes, yes I am his child, but in human eyes, I am a black woman. So, I have to admit, that I get very turned off when I hear black religious “experts” and “scholars” overlook the treatment of their kinfolk and try to acquisce to some kind of pretentious unity. I am woman who lives my life and tries my best to live the way the Lord wants me to.

        I agree with you 100% and I understand and support why you dont subsribe to any religion. If it werent for my family, I would probably be where you are now in terms of religion.

        The late and great Honorable Malcolm X said it the best.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Sharon53 says:

          I didn’t mean to disparage your religion. I actually considered converting to Islam but I never made the effort. You certainly have the right to follow any religion you choose. I believe out of all of them Islam seems to be most self-respecting for black people and our slave religion seems to be the most.

          I think there are people who achieve some spiritual growth within a religion because they seek truth and are serious about their religion. But look at a lot of Americans. They pick and choose what aspects they want to follow.

          And now “homosexual “marriage?” is fast becoming the law of the land in a so-called “Christian” nation? Why? Because a popular black president and the mainstream media and entertainers and preachers-pimps say so?

    • Courtney H. says:

      @ Sister Mariama:

      Thank you so much for your comments. We all grow a little every day! We are all helping one another, and that is a part of what unity is about! 😉

      • Mariama says:

        @Sister Courtney

        Thank you! Your words uplift me! At the end of the day, we need each other. I consider everyone on this blog my online family and talking to all of you is mentally and psychologically cathartic for me. I wish you a blessed weekend too. Talk to you later.

        • Courtney H. says:

          @ Sister Mariama:

          You are welcome, and thank you, too! I also consider the people on this blog to be my online family, too! We are all helped with one another*s support. 🙂

          • Timothy says:

            @Sister Courtney

            Those are great words from you, Mariama, and others here. We all help each other and we all inspire each other a great deal. Things happen for a reason. I’m glad to communicate with you and others here. Bless You Sister. The Creator has blessed you in the gifts of educating people, and helping others in many ways. Yes, we are all family. 🙂

  23. Sharon53 says:

    @Mariama and @Trojan Pam:
    Thanks for your great posts on religion and spirituality matters.
    Mariama, I agree with you when you said “I really believe that if black people were more spiritual and less fanatically religious, we would be able to see things more clearly.” I could not have said it better myself. I believe at one time we were more sincere about our spirituality but I noticed with the coming of the prosperity and word faith churches in the last 30 years, things have turned around for the worst. These churches teach a lot of false doctrine but add enough truth to be convincing. Very deceptive and if a person does not think for himself or herself, and just accept what these pimp preachers teach, they can easily be misled.

    Trojan Pam, you hit the hammer on the head when you said “After observing established religions (Christianity, Islam, and Catholicism, and white ‘Judaism’ I came to the conclusion that spirituality (a search for truth) and established religions doesn’t seem to have much in common. I believe the dogma moves people away from true spirituality and is tainted by the corruption of man and false idol worship and rituals and rules that have nothing to do with loving and respecting other people but everything to do with controlling them.”
    What it really boils down to is you have a bunch of religious nuts and no spiritual fruits.

    Mariama, thanks for sharing the information about Islam. I had heard about Arabs abusing and enslaving black Africans but never had much information on that. There is hyprocrisy in all religions but it is good to know you practice Islam differently from those who exploit it. I watched a documentary some years ago about the origin of Islam that was presented by authentic Moslems and it showed how Muhammad was a peaceful man who advised both men and women to treat each other fairly.

    Trojan Pam, I believe you meant to address Mariama but instead addressed me when you said “I didn’t mean to disparage your religion.” However, I agree with you when you stated “I think there are people who achieve some spiritual growth within a religion because they seek truth and are serious about their religion.”

    Wise words and the reason they grow spiritually is because the Spirit of the Living God is in all of us to help us grow and have a discerning spirit to know when a bunch of non-sense comes our way. But we need to do our part and seek the truth instead of just accepting what others tell us.
    Be blessed all and thanks for your wisdom.

    • Mariama says:


      You said

      “Wise words and the reason they grow spiritually is because the Spirit of the Living God is in all of us to help us grow and have a discerning spirit to know when a bunch of non-sense comes our way. But we need to do our part and seek the truth instead of just accepting what others tell us.
      Be blessed all and thanks for your wisdom.”

      I agree 100%. The purpose of life is to live, learn and grow. We are all students. I have become so turned off by “religion” and much of its dogmatic nonsense. For the sake of “peace,” I often find myself just nodding to folks when they throw so much religious rhetoric my way. Much of it is just empty words with no real fruit. And you are right to day that we must have a discerning spirit. That comes with experience and age. As I get older, I feel as if my eyes are getting bigger. I really appreciate your understanding of these things. I am wishing you a peaceful day.

  24. Reblogged this on replace white supremacy with justice and commented:
    15 Facts about Freddie Gray — Part Two

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney.

      Good Evening Sister. 🙂

      I will certainly read the article soon about racial profiling.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney.

      The article from Vox.com was very interesting. I finally read it. The great parts of the article is that it showed the truth from an ex-cop about the problem of police abuse in American society. This problem is a worldwide problem not just an American problem. The article is definitely corrupt that institutional racism (which comes from the system of white supremacy) is found in our society, especially in the criminal injustice system and in the police institution. I don’t know the percentage of cops who are corrupt or not. That debate will continue forever probably. Yet, what we do know is that we have a problem and we must solve this problem. Many ex-cops would never mention the information that he has mentioned, but the ex-cop is certainly wise enough to issue self-reflection about what how many cops are doing evil actions in our communities.

      Many black people fear the cops in their own neighborhoods, because of generational police oppression against human beings. The stories of cops abusing people are very disturbing. One cop assaulting a man on crutches shows the cowardice and evil attitudes of crooked officers. I have no problems with cameras on police officers, but as the article has mentioned, there must be a structural change in society. Also, we should also improve our communities, help the poorest among our people, and advance more self-determination.

      Cops, who abuse the human rights of citizens, should be punished. We have address and fight institutionalized racism and class oppression. We need our black community to control the police completely. since we pay their salaries. We should rule any law enforcement in our communities not vice versa. Many cops use a quota system where they try to arrest black people even on minor offenses, so the cops can get more profits. Therefore, we should develop our own political and economic power. The Blue Wall of Silence must end. The old school BPP has many wise strategies in addressing police brutality too.

      Thank you for showing the link Sister.

      Goodnight and Have a Great Week 🙂

    • kowaba says:

      Thank you Courtney for sharing this article. I think the larger theme is demonizing and criminalizing black people and the myth of white innocence, hence the excuse of “fearing for their life”. Yes, I agree with the article that cops are seen as heroes, but of course anything that is reinforced and perpetuated in this society is to hold us, black people back. And another thing: this is why I have problems with stereotypes and generalizations because they are used as rationalizations for white people’s terroristic behavior. Quite frankly, I don’t know what we can do to counter these attacks and assaults (as the article stated) even if you are respectful to the police office and don’t flee you still run the risk of getting beaten up or killed.

      Anyway, take care and have a wonderful week!

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Timothy & Kowaba:

        Good day, Brother and Sister. 🙂 Thank you for reading the article and commenting. I greatly appreciate it.

        I agree with both of your comments about the article. The ex-cop in this article is brave to tell it like it is about police brutality, and most ex-cops do not have the testicular fortitude to tell the truth, because of the Blue Wall of Silence mindset. I know that not all cops are corrupt, but more than enough of them are, and make the good cops look bad. The corrupt cops have an **us against them** attitude, and it is not just a few things about policing that need to be changed, but it is the system of injustice itself.

        The story about the cops who beat the young man with the crutches indeed shows the cowardice and evil of the cops. You are absolutely right that victims of police brutality are demonized, while cops are seen as heroes no matter what they do. This springs from stereotypes, which is why they are so dangerous. This is the attitude among most Whites that all Blacks are bad and that killing us is justified. White supremacists justify a lot of sh*t and will say anything to justify mistreatment and violence against us. DOAN discussed this on her blog about a couple of years ago.

        I also do not know what can be done about the problem, but something must be done.

        Again, thank you for reading the article and commenting. May you both have a blessed week! 🙂

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Courtney

          You’re Welcome.

          You’re absolutely right that many cops are corrupt and the Blue Wall of Silence must end completely. Too many cops fear repercussions, but people must do what is right because it is right. The aggressive policing and outright terror inflicted in the black communities has been occurring for decades. I read a book about how the Memphis police would mace protesters, beat even innocent people, and curse out black women back in 1968 (during the Memphis sanitation workers’ strike). This perverted, evil mentality of oppression is still around today. One of the most cowardly actions that a person can do is to beat up a person on crutches. It is tactic of white supremacists to demonize the victims while deifying the cops.

          Things certainly must change. Some activists want no cooperation with the legal system or making promises to not commit illegal crimes. Some want civilian review boards, but they exist nationwide (in places like NYC, etc.) with little effect on combating police terrorism. Yet, giving the community (via independent and elected citizen councils) the power to arrest, and punish officers who commit injustices can be a great development. Others want total community control of law enforcement and others want more monitoring of the police. From the slave patrols to the modern era, the police institution has done its job in defending the interests of capital and oppressing people. Black cops (and any cop of any color) who participate in police brutality are lower than low. I hope that more cops speak out and be courageous enough to confront the power structure. More cops or ex-cops should come out and advocate things like eliminating three strikes, ending the War on Drugs, and standing up for racial justice. Some of the actions of the old school BPP have been helpful too. In the final analysis, we need more community development and we have to outline independent strategies that can liberate us.

          I appreciate your words and I wish you to have a great week as well Sister. 🙂

          Bless You.

  25. reality_check says:

    Black cops are a problem as well. I’m not moved by this supposed black former cop’s account of all the atrocities he witnessed during his tenure on the force. When that white pig beat, dehumanized, and LIED on that crippled young black man, I bet the black narrator did and said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Fitting how the story is missing his response to what he had witnessed. So, in my eyes, he is just as guilty. This wrong cannot be righted.

    I really wonder how black cops sleep at night knowing that they are one off day away from being victims of police brutality themselves. Even when they ARE victims they have nothing to say. You guys remember the black NYPD Police official that was stopped and harassed by his fellow officers a couple years back? Even as a high-raking official he couldn’t speak ill of his friends in blue. Sad.

    I hope there is an extra warm place in Hades for black cops who participate and abed in the continued terror that is targeted to blacks via the bounty hunters of the white supremacy system aka law enforcement. They are truly the sickest amongst us.

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