Dixie Honkey Speaks the Truth About Why White People Are Scared

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Usually, I don’t post videos like this but after being put on “IGNORE” by some of the regulars on another (black) blog for (I suspect) REPEATEDLY defining racism as white supremacy AND for calling racism/white supremacy a SYSTEM (and probably saying Obama was a puppet)


I realized there are some black people–especially those who do not want to believe racism is a SYSTEM and think they can “TALK” white people into changing their behavior (rather than changing their own)

Because they are “smarter” (more intellectual) than the white people they are talking to —

those people will NOT accept this TRUTH from another black person (like myself)

But… maybe…

There might be some way to convince them that we DO live in a white supremacy system–


While I do not agree with everything Dixie Honkey says (like the number of whites who are racist)

He is surprisingly on-point about the rest, especially what “white fear” is really based on (something black people really need to understand).  I talked about this in one of my books —  “Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation”   — that what whites really fear is RETRIBUTION — not the black “boogey man or boogey woman.”

When you have greatly mistreated someone you can never let your guard down or turn your back on them.

You keep your FOOT on their necks so they can’t get up and do TO you what you’ve done them — even if that means taking a person’s LIFE.

Officer Michael SlagerOfficer Michael Slager

This is what “white “fear” is about, not something that the big, bad and scary black people are doing to white people.


And that FEAR makes them even MORE PUNITIVE AND VIOLENT towards us — so much so that they convince themselves that it is JUSTIFIED.

It is also done to put so much FEAR in their victims that their victims won’t DARE to rebel (the state of mind of most blacks today).

 Report Suggests That White Americans Think Police Brutality Is Permissible

police-brutality justified

“Whites are significantly more likely to give police officers the benefit of the doubt, either because they have never had an altercation with a police officer or because they tend to see the police as allies in the fight against crime,” said Ronald Weitzer, a George Washington University sociology professor who has studied race and policing in the U.S. and internationally.

(“crime” = black people = niggers)


I do have one disclaimer for videos like the ones below:

Please, please, black people — I am begging you– do not use this video as a feel-good moment

Do not LIE to yourself that “Dixie Honkey” is going to start a “truth movement” among guilt-ridden white folks. HE WILL NOT.

Do not get all excited and happy and think there are whites who sincerely want to change. THERE IS NOT.

Do not kid yourself that the white people who BENEFIT from your mistreatment will EVER (voluntarily) give up those benefits and privileges.


What you can take from these videos is a CONFIRMATION of what you already know,

that what people like you and me have been saying for years is actually TRUE.

The same way a BURGLAR who has spent a lifetime breaking into houses can tell  you how OTHER BURGLARS case a house

He is NOT telling you that he can (or will) stop a BURGLARY from happening to you NOR can he stop OTHER BURGLARS from being BURGLARS

He is NOT even telling you that he won’t BURGLARIZE another home himself

What that BURGLAR — like Dixey Honkey — is simply telling you that BURGLARS (and racists) DO exist, HOW they think, and WHY they do what they do

Because they’re out there…and he is ONE OF THEM

There’s one more lesson to be taken from this video:

Dixey Honky, a white person, broke the cardinal, NUMBER ONE RULE in a white supremacy society:


That’s why Dixey Honkey will NEVER be rewarded for speaking the truth.

He will NEVER be on CNN or NBC or get a book deal or a reality TV show.

In fact, he’s allegedly received DEATH THREATS (although I doubt any white people will kill him. They’re too busy killing us).

According to a blogger who claims she spoke with him: “He informed me that not only was he threatened by nearly fifty people in a single day, his account and video were removed from Facebook. It appears as though some of the hateful people who threatened him started a campaign to have his video removed.”


If his account and video were removed this is EVIDENCE that we are dealing with a SYSTEM, not a handful of racist people who disapproved of a video.

And this is more evidence that the real work for CHANGE will have to come from us, NOT from white people.

If we truly want our liberation from a racist system we will have to CHANGE what we think, say and do in RESPONSE to it.

But if even that doesn’t resonate with the black people reading this

Maybe, I can ask Dixie Honky to make another video saying this very thing so some of us might actually take it to heart)


be a participant, not an observer

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  1. Rose Harrell says:

    Greetings Pam,
    What do you think about the statement Common said that we have to extend our hand to white folks?

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Rose

      I thought it was STANDARD for what black entertainers in general have become today.

      TOTAL LACKEYS for the white supremacist system in order to PROFESSIONALLY AND FINANCIALLY BENEFIT

      They will say or do anything because they have made a PACT with their WHITE masters

      in exchange for more roles or awards or exposure, they will say what their white masters tell them to say OR what they THINK their masters want them to say

      Some bloggers/writers that I respect go so far as to claim these “entertainers” are under a spell and that they have literally sold their soul to the devil in exchange for success.

      And while I certainly can’t verify this, my gut tells me there is something very wrong, very sinister going on, and that most seem to be on that same road EVEN to the type of “lovers” they choose

      It is like there is some kind of handbook that they all follow.

      1. say bad things about black people, especially poor black people
      2. find reasons to praise white people
      3. hold black people more accountable for racism than white people
      4. choose lovers and spouses that are not black or don’t look black
      5. embrace or at least praise homosexuality
      6. put on a dress whenever requested (for BM only)

      What I have found is #1 and #4 seem to work the best and believe me, if they are NOT under a spell most are using the same PLAY BOOK for black “success” within a white supremacy entertainment system

      That is why I WARN black people CONSTANTLY that black entertainers are the ABSOLUTE WORST ROLE MODELS FOR BLACK PEOPLE — especially black YOUTH — on the PLANET and should be avoided like the plague.

      and by avoid I mean STOP supporting them ANYTIME they demean and degrade us in a movie or in a song. DO NOT BUY THEIR GARBAGE. DO NOT TREAT THEM AS THOUGH THEY ARE CELEBRITIES

      they are being USED — even without their knowledge — and so are very dangerous to the soul and minds of black people

      Regarding non-black entertainers, who really cares, anyway?

      Whatever entertainment you enjoy, keep your war hats on for brain protection because you’re going to need them

      • It is like there is some kind of handbook that they all follow.

        1. say something bad about black people
        2. praise white people
        3. hold black people more accountable for racism than white people
        4. choose lovers and spouses that are not black or don’t look black
        5. embrace or at least praise homosexuality
        6. put on a dress when needed (for BM only)
        DAMN!!! That’s half of black Hollywood right there! There might really be a handbook of some sort. Makes me wonder a bit.

    • Christi says:

      I think his rant was stupid.hey if he wants to extend his hand to white people he can.i hate when other blacks especially the ones with money want to hold hands with people .it was a while ago the rapper lil Boosie said black people are the cause of their own destruction I looked at this guy and was like aren’t you that same guy who ordered a hit on another black person I’m like who paid this guy to say the things coming out of his mouth.yes if us black people going to Chang as a whole we don’t need white people approval half of these people glorify pimping drugs disrespecting they own kind for a buck and a pass from the whites I am sick and tired of blacks saying other blacks are the cause of their destruction.maybe blacks who are trying to stay awake should back away from blacks like common cause him and the new blacks by far dangerous not saying give up on them but let them get a taste of their own medicine.blacks like that can easily get another black person killed all cause they want approval from a race who guilty as hell and rather get another black person to speak ill about another black they are set they don’t have to be racists in your face why not pay another black person to do it.

  2. Timothy says:

    It is a shame that some people will not even respect the words of a black person exposing white supremacy/racism sincerely unless a white person talks about the system of white supremacy/racism.

    The white man Dixey talked about issues that black people know about all of the time. Dixey was honest enough to realize that the white collective has a huge fear of retribution from black people, because the white collective knows that what they did to black people was wrong. Many whites have a guilt complex (as Malcolm X have said), because they realize that the massive mistreatment against black people is deserving of massive justice. There must be accountability in combating evil, which is the Law of the Universe. Today, we see a radical decreasing of the white population worldwide. In essence, Dixey (who has experienced death threats for telling the truth on various issues) told many truths that proves that we have to continue to fight white supremacy/racism.

    Also, study after study shows the racism found in the racist injustice system, the massive racial bias, the unfair treatment of black children in the public school system, etc. The polls saying that white people are more likely to give police officers the benefit of the doubt doesn’t surprise. The police in America have killed more people than any other industrialized nation on Earth. The police institution is an instrument of the establishment, which has been established to control populations and to enforce many unjust laws. There is a huge epidemic of police terrorism in the black community. The middle aged black man being killed by the Officer Michael Slager (who is a murderer) is a tragedy. The video is disturbing and it shows the vicious, demonic nature of white racism and police terrorism. The handwriting is on the wall. We, as black people, don’t need to prove to others that we are intelligent and we are compassionate.

    We already know that we are very intelligent and we have a strong sense of compassion. We need to work in helping our own communities as other ethnic groups have been doing for so long. When Jewish people, Arabic people, Irish people, Indian people, etc. follow cooperative economics, strong unity, and ethnic solidarity, society never calls them racists. When we advocate the same thing, then we’re slandered as “racists” and “bigots.” We shouldn’t care what the racists have to say about us. We should do what is right and advance solutions that can help black people internationally.

    I’m getting mad sleepy now. LOL. A Brother has to get some rest.

    Goodnight Sister Trojan Pam.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Timothy

      That’s why there is SO MUCH MONEY being made by white “anti-racists” like Timothy Wise. Because there are so many black people who are THIRSTING to hear a white person talk about racism, and why TRUE counter-racists like Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr. and Dr. Frances C. Welsing will never make the kind of money Tim Wise does.

      Sad, but true

      I used to believe it was guilt that fueled some of white denial but now, I believe it is a fear of exposure, which has NOTHING to do with guilt but everything to do with DECEPTION.

      I don’t think whites feel guilty, I think they know their REAL POWER comes from the IGNORANCE OF THEIR VICTIMS.

      And so, they know EXPOSURE threatens their way of life and privilege and that’s what makes them nervous and uncomfortable — NOT GUILT.

      I have been on the receiving end of white racism many times and when the racists are confronted, most aren’t ashamed, they’re PISSED.

      because they don’t want to be confronted or told they were wrong to do something they did or told not to do something they wanted to do.

      And when too much light is shed, they don’t run for cover out of shame, they run for FEAR OF BEING EXPOSED,

      much like the way roaches scatter when someone turns the kitchen light on

      Hell, the roaches ain’t ashamed of crawling all over the stove and counter top or on that sandwich you forgot to put back in the refrigerator,

      they run because they know it is dangerous to be EXPOSED

      Just to be clear, I am NOT calling white people roaches, I’m simply describing the motivation behind the behavior

      • Timothy says:


        That’s an interesting point Sister Trojan Pam.

        It is interesting that you talked about Tim Wise’s opportunism, because many Brothers and Sisters are talking about this issue (and exposed Wise’s tactics).

        There are certain discussions that make many white people angry. They deal with the discussions of reparations, white supremacy, melanin, police terrorism, and the real history of black people. These subjects cause many white people to lose their cool (even the so-called most liberal types. Many of the liberal types say slurs against black people just as much as the more conservative types).

        Yes, we have to support great scholars like Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr. and Dr. Frances C. Welsing including other black scholars who have educated our people for decades.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Timothy

          you’re right — reparations is a big red flag in front of the white bull. “White supremacy” said aloud is another one.

          Whenever you bring it up some whites will try to derail the conversation by talking about “class” to get off the topic of “racism”

          Now, that’s a BIG red flag to any black person reading it


          I have never ONCE met a “white liberal” whose cover could not be blown by asking the right questions.

          I highly recommend C.O.W.S (especially, their previous programs with Tim Wise) and you will see how rapidly these white “anti-racists” DE-EVOLVE back into white supremacist, don’t snitch on other white people personalities.

          http://www.blacktalkradionetwork.com/thecontextofwhitesupremacy/ (for current shows)



          It is a truly amazing transformation and it usually doesn’t take long if you press the right button

          That’s why I emphasize that black people STOP WASTING OUR PRECIOUS TIME TRYING TO CHANGE WHITE PEOPLE

          and do the hard but very necessary work of CHANGING OURSELVES.

          that is the only possible solution.

          • TexasSteve says:

            So how do you address reparations for blacks without dealing with all the others in America that have been oppressed?

            • Trojan Pam says:

              @ TexasSteve

              Did you ask that same question of the Japanese when they received reparations? What about the Jews (who are still getting them SIXTY YEARS after the Holocaust)?

              Did you ask them — “Hey! What about the black people who were ENSLAVED and worked for FREE for over 400 YEARS? What about the AFRICAN HOLOCAUST? Because they deserve it a hell of a lot more than ANY of you do!”

              I doubt you’ll answer my question (or even come back to read the answer) but thanks for once again for proving my point, TexasSteve


              (which is the only reason I responded to your irrational and ill-intentioned question)

              The VAST majority of whites who come to this blog are just like you — INSINCERE, ARROGANT, and ILL-INTENTIONED — and have zero interest in communicating let alone changing their racist ways.

              But they can SHOW black people who and what they are better than I can TELL them, so this should be a POWERFUL incentive for black people to start changing ourselves.

              thanks again for helping me make my case

              • Timothy says:

                Sister Trojan Pam,

                That was a great response.

                Some Native Americans have received millions of dollars of money in monetary restitution too.

                It is justified for black people to get reparations when we (as black people) have suffered the worst crimes in human history. No race of people (except black people) have been kidnapped and sent into not only America, but throughout the Earth (and forced to labor without wages in harsh conditions). Even after WWI, many Europeans have gotten reparations. If these people can receive them, then we are justified in getting reparations.

                Our ancestors have been stripped of their names, their heritages, their creeds, and their cultures.

                Yes, we need to save ourselves instead of placating the ignorant, reactionary views of people who don’t care about us or our intelligence. Black self-determination is a key ideology that we all believe in.

              • Trojan Pam says:

                @ Timothy

                We are different from all those other nonwhite groups and I think it is in part because of the MAGNITUDE of their crimes against us.

                If we were actually paid what we were OWED for over 400 years of FREE LABOR, it would range in the TRILLIONS of DOLLARS

                and, just as importantly, someone would have to be charged with WAR CRIMES

                Who would those people be?

                the same ones in power now — the ones who own the corporations that gained their early wealth from the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.

                And lastly, there is something about black people that INSTINCTIVELY brings forth a hostile reaction (read @ Jay Contreras comment)

                something deeper than our flesh and blood differences

                something SPIRITUAL, GENETIC, AND BIOLOGICAL

                and if we understood this we would stop being the WALKING DEAD

                the sleeping giants would begin to open their eyes (and by giants I mean the MAGNITUDE of our collective HUMANITY that has been suppressed for so long)

                and the world would never be the same

                and that is what they fear — losing their “place” in the world that they created out of wars and cruelty and slavery

                I would strongly suggest to all black people reading this to work on reducing our squeamishness and allergic reactions to the truth

                because in the coming days more and more TRUTH is going to be revealed about this system and what it’s intentions are toward us

              • Phazex says:

                @ Trojan Pam:

                Regarding the topic Reparations, make me understand if you can please? It is thought that Blacks do not deserve reparations because “we did not have a country.” If anything, it should be correctly stated that “Blacks hailed for the most part from Mother Africa and that Blacks were kidnapped from the homeland.

                *Okay, time for all of the sheet-wearers to enter here to state that Blacks captured their own blah, blah, blah. Its like comparing apples and oranges….

                Moving on, my feelings about our people receiving Reparations are two-fold. Firstly, I really believe that before this happens? The Guvment will ensure that “it goes on a BALLOT. First.”
                Never mind that the Halocaust happened in eastern Europe, and not on Amerikkan soil to show the disparity in this. Secondly, agree with my statement–or not, currency is still fairly new to Black people whereas Whites have had centuries of exposure as well as replicating generational wealth. Many of our black masses do not have the mind-set of implementing wealth to generational wealth. I am not pointing fingers here because I DO know that the root cause of this is slavery, post slavery and white supremacy.

                Black people should adopt the mind-set of “F1.” Which means “family first” when dealing with whites and non-whites here in this country and globally.

                We can only keep spreading the word and exposing others as well as White Supremacy.

                All be well,


              • Trojan Pam says:

                @ Phazex

                Reparations will never be dealt with in this country for 4 reasons:

                1. We are owed TRILLIONS of dollars in reparations

                2. They would have to charge powerful whites/jews with WAR CRIMES and put them on trial.

                3. The CRIMINALS would have to forfeit their wealth gained from their crimes. This would include many American/european corporations

                4. It would be a FORMAL INDICTMENT against the white supremacy system AND white people collectively.

                We have been DELIBERATELY RETARDED in terms of participation in this society, especially educationally and economically. Proper reparations would also MANDATE that white people offer assistance for a specified length of time.

                Had we not been deliberately CRIPPLED by this system, Black Wall Street could have grown into dozens of Black Wall Streets which would have been thriving cities owned and operated by black people.

                Yes, we must come together for economic and physical survival but most don’t believe that is necessary NOR can they imagine LIFE without TOTAL DEPENDENCE on white people — because that is how we have been PROGRAMMED.

                sad, but true, but it’s also true that this CURSE can be REVERSED but only WE can do it by changing what we think, say and do.

                Did you know that during Obama’s first year in office, he and his administration BOYCOTTED the U.N. Conference Against Racism — and sided with Israel in their stance against REPARATIONS FOR BLACK PEOPLE (because they know it will indict Jews)

                the same position Bush and Clinton’s position opposing reparations for slavery.

                YET, black people are already pondering whether they will vote for his wife, Hillary if she runs for President (?)

                We must stop being blind to what is happening… and what our “black leaders” really stand for

            • Phazex says:

              @ Steve:

              We are not concerned with others that have received reparations. However, we ARE concerned with OUR core, racial group “fighting” to get OUR due reparations. Now, you may exit —>.
              (See what I am saying? These TROOLS and interlopers seek US out, we do not go on “hunts” looking for them.) smh…


            • Phazex_Female says:

              @ Texas Steve:

              Why should Blacks concern themselves with other ethnicities? Other ethnicities have not demonstrated or shown ANY concern for Black people when it comes to Black people receiving reparations for white Amerikkas past and current misdeeds.

              What you NEED to ask yourself is, “WHY have Black people not received reparations for CENTURIES of misdeeds?

              I guess when you ARE the problem, you cannot see outside of yourself, eh? Troll, do us all a favor and go back under the bridge from where you came. Please, “86” this sub-human.

          • Timothy says:

            @Sister Trojan Pam

            Since we as black people are the original humans on Earth, we are certainly treated differently than other nonwhite groups of people.

            It is obvious that white racists have more hatred of us as black people than any other group of people on the face of the Earth. We are a reminder of what they can never be or do. They can never be black (as we have the most melanin than anyone on the face of the Earth) and they can never duplicate our spirits and souls. Our creative spirit is revolutionary and inspiring.

            True justice deals with restitution too. Justice is not just about a change in the system. It is about making the oppressor accountable for their vicious, evil deeds. Trillions of dollars would be given to us if we were given reparations in an authentic fashion. Our ancestors worked for free, they were raped, and they were assaulted, and they were killed (in the most brutal fashion). Slave labor has built the White House. The war criminals involved in WWII have been readily prosecuted, yet the white folks in power (who brutalized our ancestors then and they brutalize our people today) have not been truly made accountable for their nefarious actions.

            The wealth and the capital, which was acquired by the white racists via the Maafa still is owned by the white oligarchy. Yes, Jay Contreras has made an interesting comments about black people. Black people, spiritually, have a great sense of empathy and compassion. We just have a more forgiving vibe and we have a tendency to be attuned with Nature, but we have every right to fight oppression and evil. Since we are descendants of the first humans, then we have a specific connection with the Creator, which is not found in other people. They certainly know that with all of their wars, cruelty, environmental degradation, and their others evils, they realize that Karma is coming. They can’t escape Karma. More and more black people need to wake up and realize that there is no freedom in worshiping the oppressor. There is freedom in independently developing our powerbase or infrastructure.

            We must always develop our intellectual maturity to prepare for the truth and to help our people.

            Also, I will listen to the COWS radio programs on Tim Wise. Thank you for showing the links. I appreciate that.

            • Alicia says:

              I think the way you and a former poster are writing it is sorta putting white peoples mental illness onto black people. I and we are not at fault and play no part in people having racism issues towards us.

              I am at peace and comfortable and have lived for years amongst different Asian groups, different Hispanic groups and others without any issues. For many years, I went to school with Hispanics and never had any issues. Dated a latino guy, we all got along, never felt any sort of way about being a black woman. We dated each other, I never felt any sting of racism even from lightskinned latinos. I have been amongst Asians and felt nothing but acceptance and love most of the time.

              The only issue comes about when I am among Whites. One white woman recently appears to like Asians but hates blacks. That is NOT MY ISSUE. that is her mental illness, that is her sickness and her evilness that SHE has to deal with and work out.

              As a black woman, as I have posted before, I get white men coming at me constantly as if I should feel un-wanted or like crap period. I also have them awkwardly always wishing I was single and all the men wherever we are disliked me and black women. Is it me? No, it’s THEIR ISSUE. I’ve NEVER experienced any sort of sick behavior like that from other races. Some other black women can tell you that white men act uncomfortable if they show they are attracted to a black woman and will often try to throw a jab to hurt said woman who notices.

              It’s THEM, their sick minds, not us. This world is made up of so many different types. Asians, Hispanics, Arabs and others and I don’t think we should take up the mental illness of one group who has decided to be HATEFUL and EVIL onto ourselves.

              human beings are human beings and what makes us so beautiful is the diversity. Heck, I often find different groups to be so beautiful and I love different cultures. I am always comfortable around other people ( especially non-whites).

              The issue is not how whites think or who they hate most but why after 500+ years are we still under their yoke and so vulnerable to any sort of evilness like what many want to throw out.

              The issue is BLACK PEOPLE not working together more and seeing the big picture on how and why we need to uplift ourselves not just by words but by actions.

              Stop buying depreciating European luxury vehicles when you get money and instead save and invest. Stop spending your money to go to Europe and give some to the poor or visit an African or East Asian nation. Why are our ghetto youth and even celebrities spending so much on luxury Italian handbags and clothes that depreciate rather than saving and investing to build wealth?

              what’s wrong with us?

              I don’t give a hoot about what some evil, sick-minded human being thinks of me or wants for me. What matters is being able to live my life free of having their sickness affect me in any way.

              • kowaba says:

                I agree that we as black people need to work together to get out of this situation, but we also need to put up some protective barriers. You asked, “what is wrong with us?” And from what I’ve observed there are several things that are getting in our way to work together:
                1) trust issues
                2) petty jealousy
                3) rugged individualist thinking
                4)mental weakness
                5) low self esteem
                6) lack of supports
                7) lack of resources
                8) brain drain

                These problems stem from the white supremacist hegemony. We have low self esteem from what we experience in society and view in all forms of media. It is really a matter of detaching ourselves (as best we can) from the system and supporting each other. Also we need to have a paradigm shift (that is stop using the success of a white person as our own standard) because the way the system is set up it will always fail us. I’m including here even the “successful” black people because they take a pledge that they will work against the interest of their own people. Trojan Pam touches on the above 8 points in her previous posts and in her books. If you haven’t read her books, I would highly recommend them. It really helped me understand what was going on.

                As for the non-black/non-white groups, I used to feel comfortable around them and then I realized in my college years that something was amiss. From what I’ve experienced over the past several years, I can tell you without a doubt that these other groups are NOT ignorant of racism. They know what is going down. My mother is Chinese and my father is black (Afro-Trini) and Asian people still saw me as a threat. Why? Well, for one, as everyone usually follows this rule: if you have one black parent and you even look remotely black you are black. Two: black people, according to the system of White Supremacy, are the most intellectually inferior out of all of the races. So if I outscore an Asian person, which I have, or achieve the highest score which some have, I pose a threat. I don’t help them because I am not deemed Asian in any way.

                My point is from my experiences, other groups are not harmonious like we are all a group of people of color in solidarity. That couldn’t be further from the truth. What I have witnessed is a lot of people telling me their Anti-Chinese sentiments (even from other Asians (Indians, SE Asians etc.) ). There are also problems with ABC (American Born Chinese) vs. Fobs (Fresh off the boats) etc. There is also colorism in these communities too. People from these communities have told me this AND I have witnessed it. Indian people treat the very dark Indians not so good. Hispanics (even though they are not a race, ) have colorism issues just turn on the tv and see how there are no black or indigenous looking Hispanics on there. Bottom line: All the other groups are supporting their own AND secretly glad that they are not black. Many who come to the U.S. realize quick that the black people (particularly the black Americans) are placed at the bottom of the totem pole.

          • Hill Guthrie says:

            How is class a secondary concern to race? Why is concern over unilaterally disadvantaged group seen as a tgactic to avoid a serious discussion about racism?

            • Trojan Pam says:

              @ Hill Guthrie

              Because “class” in a white supremacy system is ALWAYS TRUMPED by “race”

              Blacks are lumped into one group – regardless of education or so-called ‘class’– because our “blackness” is the main criteria by which we are judged in a white supremacy system.

              When the media uses the word “urban” you know it’s a code word for “blacks” — NOT poor blacks but ALL BLACKS

              When the media uses the word “suburban” or “the middle class” — it’s a code word for “whites” — regardless of their income or CLASS

              So, who’s kidding who?

              That’s why I find it highly suspect (and frankly, tacky) whenever a white person (assuming you are one) enters a discussion about RACISM and tries to STEER it toward a discussion about class.

              I suspect white people KNOW this better than we do, that our skin color is the NUMBER ONE factor in how we are treated in this society.

              That’s why Oprah as barred from entering Hermes in Paris after hours even though it as common courtesy for rich (whites) to do so. I guess her “class” didn’t trump her race, did it?

              And why Obama, the president of the United States had to apologize and have a beer with a nameless white civil servant cop in front of the country for saying he “behaved stupidly” because the white cop’s RACE triumphed Obama’s CLASS (and what’s a higher class than the President of the United States?)

              However, if ‘class’ is your pet peeve, maybe you should create your own blog because that trick won’t fly here.

              Again, more proof that DECEPTION is the MAIN weapon of white supremacists and why they work so hard to keep black people literally “in the dark”

              This is such an important subject I’m going to re-post two of my previous posts on how RACE always trumps CLASS

              • Hill Guthrie says:

                I’m black and not accepting the monolithic paradigm you use to explain the world. Malcolm X was killed when he changed his argument to class inequality, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy also suffered the same fate. Getting or not getting into a exclusive club of department store is a myopic view of a billionaire’s life that has little resemblance to your life or mine. Being poor in Liberia means no access to hospital care, running water or consistent meat and vegetables. Being poor in Lithuania is amazingly similar despite the amount of melanin in your skin. Here in the US only 7% of people ever transcend the class they were born. Rich black people and white people have children who benefit from the impact of inherited wealth and connections have an advantage over the rest of humanity who didn’t win the monetary birth lottery.
                I don’t want to start a blog or get into a long protracted debate since your position is clear. If you oversimplify this argument to be any black person will experience racism so class is secondary to race than you ignore 99% of the qualitative differences in the life experience of the wealthy vs. poor. A united mass of of people speaking to unfairness toward their fellow man makes more sense than seeking a more just world on our own. That is my position and I don’t think we have enough common ground to agree on this issue.

              • Trojan Pam says:

                @ Hill Guthrie

                My apologies for assuming your ethnicity. Usually, whenever I hear “class” being inserted into a dialogue about race or racism it has always been a white person

                You made a lot of seemingly disconnected statements but I’ll try to follow your post the best I can.

                # 1– I don’t remember Malcolm changing the argument into class inequality or it ever being given as the reason he was killed. Do you have a source for this info? I would love to read about this.

                # 2 — when you said, ” If you oversimplify this argument to be any black person will experience racism so class is secondary to race than you ignore 99% of the qualitative differences in the life experience of the wealthy vs. poor.”

                I totally disagree. It is NOT an oversimplification to state that racism is a bigger factor in the lives of black people than class. I think it’s so obvious, it’s difficult to understand how a black person could think otherwise.

                The evidence of this is overwhelming. And it seems illogical to compare being poor in Liberia to being poor in Lithuania where most of the people are of the SAME ethnicity (to my knowledge).

                Why would race be a big problem in countries where racial conflict is not a constant? I don’t get your point at all.

                # 4 — Regardless of the “qualitative differences” that you didn’t bother to define, RACE will always trump class in a white supremacy system — unless you don’t believe we’re in a white supremacy system.

                And if you believe we do live in a white supremacy system, how can race NOT be the major factor in how people are treated? Otherwise, why call it WHITE SUPREMACY? Do you believe rich blacks are treated better by the police, for example, than a working-class white man? If the answer is no, then I believe you need to rethink your argument.

                # 5 — What united mass of people are you referring to? Blacks and whites? I definitely don’t see any signs of that happening here, other than in a minor, media-circus type of way. If you do, please enhance.

                We are definitely on different pages when it comes to this topic and so we will have to agree to disagree

                but you are certainly welcome to post your opinions here.

      • C.Andrews says:

        Trojan Pam, you are most on point and I agree 100% that whites are most afraid of Exposure rather than their Guilt. I may be in error but I believe this whole scenario with this police shooting in one of the most racist areas on the American Plantation-South Carolina is staged aka a “False Flag”. I dont understand how our people can now believe that justice will be served and now they gonna stop killin us like dogs in the street because race soldiers aka cops are going to be prosecuted…. in my opinion this is just another tactic to not expose their racism since the whole world is watching their evil wicked ways. They gotta clean up their mess because these killings are not “refined” at all and causing too much unnecessary attention, in other words they have broken on their own code and as a last resort they have to stage a scene and outcome that best benefit their agenda… Some may call me cray if they want cause I am not fooled by most of their shenanigans and I am confused less and less as time goes by.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ C.Andrews

          that’s an interesting theory. You’re right, there have been a lot of killings of unarmed blacks in the news over the last three years. And if this white cop is convicted, he might be the sacrificial white lamb to feed to the black masses and independent news media as proof that the white just-us system does work. And some black people will nod off and reassure themselves that things aren’t as bad as people like me are saying…

          When in reality, OLD STYLE RACISM is making a comeback. Black unemployment, poverty, police brutality, homelessness, and OVERT RACIST ACTS are on the rise.

          All at the same time that the white media DELIBERATELY paints a different picture by throwing black faces into movies and TV shows, making it appear that black people have “made it.”

          to keep the masses complacent and fooled

          It reminds me of what happened during Hurricane Katrina.

          Black people were being treated WORSE than rabid DOGS, left on rooftops to die, drowning in attics, dead bodies rotting in the streets like roadkill, murdered on the streets by white criminals and the police, and corralled in the Stadium and forced to stay against their will without adequate food and water. I could tell you some horror stories from the people who were there, some of who testified to an empty chamber in congress.

          But my point was, so many nations offered to help and then Prez Bush turned them all down (didn’t want any outside witnesses)

          The media outside the country made white people look so racist and inhumane that they had to do something and THAT is when random white people started offering help to the black Katrina survivors.

          I was watching the timing of when the help was offered and I thought, oh hell to the NO, you don’t want the world to know how barbaric your people really are

          And in the aftermath of Katrina, black people lost land they had been holding for generations, they were criminalized and prosecuted for “stealing” $2000 in hurricane victim benefits

          while no one prosecuted the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS collected by charities and other nefarious organizations which disappeared down a “white hole.”

          I wrote about it in my book, Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation” how Katrina should have been a WAKE-UP CALL FOR BLACK AMERICA but unfortunately it took less than six months for most to go right back to sleep.

      • Rob says:

        White “anti-racist activism” is just one big ego trip for them; a way for them to bask in their own imagined virtuousness. The white conservative wants to shoot you dead and the white liberal wants to patronise you to death.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Rob

          I agree, it’s a big ego trip and puts them above reproach. It’s kinda like saying, “I can’t be racist, I have a black friend.”

          By the same token, a white anti-racist could say, “How could I be racist when I’m an anti-racist?”

          Most (or all) white anti-racists are racism profiteers. Not only are they put on a high moral platform by confused and adoring blacks, they profit from the mistreatment of black people in ways that true black soldiers cannot.

          For example, Timothy Wise, a white self-proclaimed anti-racist, has been on national TV and he is PAID THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to lecture audiences while Mr. Neely Fuller lectures for free.

          Mr. Fuller will NEVER be interviewed on CNN because Mr. Fuller’s message would be super CONSTRUCTIVE in ending white supremacy by revealing how it WORKS.

          Timothy Wise’s message is little more than a “feel good” moment for the multitude of discouraged blacks who are suffering under white domination. At the end of the day, NOTHING HAPPENS other than MORE confusion from a “good cop.” Which is why he can get media attention.

          As I have warned countless people before — IF the mainstream media gives anyone a MIKE and AIR-TIME, whatever they are saying or doing is AIDING the system of white supremacy not hurting it. And that includes white anti-racists, black entertainers, and black politicians.

          Timothy Wise even admitted on the COWS program that he was a “white supremacist” so take from that what you will…

          There is one more insidious benefit of being a white anti-racist that is often overlooked.


          EVERY SINGLE so-called white anti-racist that has been interviewed on the C.O.W.S. internet radio program have ALL admitted they have had sex with black people. One white male actually admitted (accidentally) that he had had sex with a black male. (come on, now).

          That alone is telling. Why? Because it is a huge part of their motivation. By proclaiming his or herself as an “anti-racist” and talking the talk, black people let their guards down and before they know it, they are in bed with that anti-racist. I guess you could call it a “fringe benefit” of the job.

          • Rob says:

            @ Trojan Pam

            I totally agree.

            I’ve been listening to the C.O.W.S. archives and it has taught me a lot about the global system of white supremacy and how it operates. I also thought the interview with Dr. Blanton was very revealing about the white “anti-racist” mentality and their true motivations and agenda.

            When Gus. T. Renegade put it to them that engaging in sexual relationships with black people under the system of white supremacy is exploitative and psychologically harmful to the black person, most of them didn’t seem too concerned about that to me. At most they conceded that it was a logical conclusion to come to, but they seemed uncomfortable and evasive and I got the impression that they had absolutely no intention of giving up their “fringe benefit”.

            • Trojan Pam says:

              @ Rob

              Right, that’s all part of their power trip, being able to win the trust of their potential victims in order to have sex with them KNOWING they do not understand how they’re being exploited.

            • LBM says:

              PAM and I have talked about the neanderthals not giving up their “fringe benefit” in the context of white female sexual predators going to Africa to exploit the poverty (that they created) of young African males.

          • Alicia says:

            I don’t 100% agree with that. I have come across Whites who were not extremely racist and whom were against anti-black racism, particularly the real ignorant hatred like those who want to do away with civil rights laws, etc.

            Oddly enough, it’s the racist white males ( although this isn’t unique to white men b/c I’ve seen black men do it to latin men often times when said latin guy was ‘attractive), who want to have or homosexualize Black men. The ones who are racist don’t act normal around Black men but instead act very sexual with them. it’s sick but then again men are different.

        • Alicia says:

          I don’t agree with that. while most whites scare me I do believe that many know what racist whites want for blacks and genuinely do not agree with it. I recall some years ago when an anti-affirmative action speaker came to our college campus, many many whites showed up to protest him and many were involved. So I don’t believe that anti-racist activism is an ego-trip or in this slandering of people as “white liberals”. I do believe that not all whites want blacks to be oppressed in the sense that hardcore racists really desire.

    • Alicia says:

      Excuse me but I have worked around and went to college with whites and I see no guilt or fear of the past coming back at them AT ALL. Moreover, if they so feared their evil actions coming back to them, why are the vast majority STILL acting racist? It’s not merely a “past” thing, if we were to get rid of civil rights laws then we would know the vast majority of white americans still hold on to the beliefs that have been around since oh just about 500-600 years ago.

      I work around whites and as a black woman, they don’t want the black males to be too nice to me, they want to constantly approach me and treat me as if I’m maligned. They are not in fear of some past, they hold on to those SAME beliefs and behaviors. not all, but the vast majority.

  3. Sayitaintso says:

    Great Post Pam! Thank you. In regards to Abagond, I figured it out awhile ago. Started thinking how could one person write all that everyday and never experience writers block? Unless more than one person writing.
    Also, I got real suspicious about the tactics and rules which include accommodating white bloggers; black people trying to educate white people about their system of racism…The list goes on. However, my conclusion is, AGENT loud and clear (blogsite).

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Sayitaintso

      I was amazed by his output but, hey, if he can pull it off, more power to him. The reason I mentioned the blog (post) was how apparent it was to me that whatever I was saying (and I wasn’t disrespectful) they were determined to ignore it. Was it my Obama comment that set them off? Who knows (or cares?)

      That being said, some of those same people will probably be applauding the “honesty” of this white male who was basically saying the same thing I’ve been saying (as well as other black people).

      Of course, I could be wrong but I doubt it…

      • sayitaintso says:

        I understand what you are experiencing. I had the same problem…not disrespectful etc…
        The bloggers on that site are under a spell. The spell of Racism/White Supremacy.
        Lastly, that blogsite is most likely owned and operated by white persons, impersonating black persona. I went back a few years and read through a lot of post. Something fishy going on!

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ sayitaintso

          I think it’s the kind of intellectualizing that happens when black people have spent a lot of time around white people, in schools, and universities and pseudo “friends” circles.

          They really don’t want to separate from them, they want to make them behave and they think that will happen if they can out talk them

          They’re mostly integrationists and assimiliationists at heart. If you notice, they will debate a white person endlessly no matter HOW outrageous he or she is — and will sometimes appease them when someone (black) is “too hard on them.”

          But another black person steps “out of line” (says something they don’t want to hear or takes a hard stand against racism)

          WHAM! There is no “appeasement” or “empathy” or even second chances for that black person

          His blog is very interesting and informative but after I was put on IGNORE, I had a chance to stand back and think about the reasons and the conversations — even the blogposts themselves

          And I had a surprising revelation

          His blog is AIMED at white people as a sort of in-your-face chastisement to make them see (as if they don’t know see already) what they have done and/or are doing to non-white people.

          Whereas my blogs are AIMED at black people and focus mainly on what WE should do or not do, NOT on what white people should do or what they know

          In fact, I get very few white posters, because my message is not aimed at them and I don’t encourage or tolerate a lot of reckless pseudo intellectualism or racist comments from them and I think they know that

          and usually once they visit they never come back

          Am I saying the other blog is “wrong-headed?” Absolutely not. Every blog owner has a right to create the blog that suits them

          it was just a somewhat surprising observation for me but it did explain why I wasn’t welcome there and why my message was shunned

          It wasn’t politically correct enough for their tastes

          As far as something else going on, I never had that impression but nothing at this point would surprise me

          • Anoymous says:

            Abagonds site was great when I was younger but two years ago I realized the content was repetitive and more about repeating than a prospective solution. I would compare his site to getting on a horse and realizing it is merely a carousel. I for one, was turned off by the counterproductive black commenters and racist white troll posts. He lets trolls run his posts for “examples” but they completely deflect every post of productive conversation. Needless to say, his ability to post , edit everyday with a full time job on a free site is either a passion or something else. It’s quite spooky that sayitaintso is insinuating what I thought for years! I literally had those same words come to mind. Something feels off with that site, maybe its the white racist trolls running rampant but I get a weird feeling on there that I didn’t get a few years back. However, it’s his blog and he can run it however he likes.

            Earlier in the year, I mentioned how everyone on the site rather argue with white people so they can feel like exceptionally pseudo intellectual blacks than be productive and discuss and plan what’s next in their own communities (group economics, homeschooling etc). I mentioned they should actually go support a black business instead of whining about their image. I told them to get over how white people saw them. Boy did the users turn to spew venom at me. I think I insulted their mere existence. The black commenters were analyzing the Ferguson protestors and the majority were worried that “it made us blacks look bad” and went on to mention how “blacks should really form their movement” and “how they would do it”. I almost burst out laughing, these posters failed to see the irony in the matter. First and foremost, they were doing nothing but complaining about someone who was actually doing something. If the posters were water, they would be a puddle. I do think protesting is basically useless begging but at least its better then analyzing racism on your sofa purchased from Laz-E-Boy while drinking from the can of your once Nazi owned soda. I haven’t been on that site sense. I would love to do an in depth analysis of that blog.

            • Trojan Pam says:

              @ Anoymous

              Interesting observations. I seldom go to his blog even though his topics are interesting.

              I can’t (and won’t) speak about his ability to write a post a day. I couldn’t do it.

              I agree that a lot of the black people who regularly post seem more interested in debating white people (and forcing them to apologize) than solving any problems that black people have.

              It’s a common attitude among some blacks who are assimilationists and integrationists, who think if they can out-argue and shame enough white people that they can force whites to accept us.

              Clearly, this strategy hasn’t worked too well for us.

          • Anoymous says:

            It’s weird Pam, because he says his blog is not aimed at white people as if its his motto. He posts that rather frequently like FOX does when it says its fair and balanced. Hmmm. I am not throwing “shade” as they say, I just find this increasingly bizarre and confusing.

            • Trojan Pam says:

              @ Anoymous

              I think it’s aimed at white and black people. I guess it depends on how you like your information served up.

              His blog definitely appeals to a wider variety of people than mine does. Make of that what you will

        • Anoymous says:

          I am glad they want to discuss racism but they are discussing it for the wrong reasons with the wrong people. I am not on earth to prove my intellectual abilities and attempt to argue and out talk white people into loving me. Nor do I have this strange need to trump them in conversations and give myself gold stars so I can sleep at night. Maybe this site is just debate team project done by a local university where the users take turns using debating tactics under different names every semester. Who freaking knows? LOL the theories we could come up with. But yeah the productivity of that site is a mere 0%. That is enough to alarm me. It’s not as if petitions are created and signed or there are racism 101 tips or Co Op investments for blacks. Hell, you can get actual actions and conversation on twitter in a sad 180 characters.

    • Anoymous says:

      Ooooooh sadly my conclusion will have to be rounded up as AGENT or someone who finds a group of people willing to discuss the matters, rope them in and get them running like a chicken with their head cut off. That site is a tornado (knowingly or unknowingly), it sucks you in and spits you out until you are too tired and disgusted to even think about race anymore (too many trolls arguing, cliques and repetitive fluff posts) and just want to take a break. And you do take a break from race for months, even YEARS. I should know, it happened to me.

  4. I think this is much deeper than what we observe on surface. I was introduced to the Holy Science or the Precession of the Equinoxes and now realize that what we are experiencing now is simply the lowest level of soul/human consciousness. The proverbial/metaphoric ‘hell’. And so now it makes perfect sense why Elijah Muhammad referred to white people as the ‘devil’. If humans on average only have access to 5 to 10% of their brain capacity; then what are we but the walking dead? This is the dead zone. The abyss of consciousness. The lowest level of this age. This is the ground level and we as a planet will be ascending. As that ascension happens & we move closer to the sun; I believe they will not be able to survive. When we read about the Golden Age of human history, there are curiously no whites around. I believe when humans are at their most ‘godly’ or divine state, whites do not exist. They don’t come into existence until the ‘fall’. And so I believe this is why they hate us so. They know they can never be what we are and do what we do. They can only rule over the abyss. And think about it: if that was your permanent station in this realm, wouldn’t you be mad and resentful too?

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Jay Contreras

      I am not well versed in the theories you presented,

      so why does it sound so right to my third ear?

      Perhaps because envy does seem to be at the root of this unreasonable hatred they have for us

      always watching and imitating and sexing and studying us


      I wouldn’t study something or someone that had no real value

      let alone breed with it

      this entire system was built JUST to make us appear inferior

      Why would anyone need an entire system to prove they’re superior?

      Wouldn’t they just…be…..?

      There is something very profound in your post

      I’ll read it again and think on it.

      • Alicia says:

        good point:

        “Why would anyone need an entire system to prove they’re superior?

        Wouldn’t they just…be…..?”

  5. Miss Pam

    First, wonderful post.

    Second, I’m not surprised.

    AT ALL.

    Yurugu has boxed himself into a VERY tight corner of the planet and now he’s trapped with no way out. You know, after meditation and sunlight cleansing one night, I had a startlingly vivid dream. I saw the “thing” that rules over them.

    Without going into much detail here, I’ll just say that despite their evil, a tiny part of my soul feels a bit sorry for them. It must be incredibly difficult to know that you were CHOSEN to be The Destroyers of Earth. Being a mutant and lacking the Nature Principle (melanin), it was very easy to manipulate them and keep that manipulation going for the past 6,000 + years. That’s why those that learn the truth about who they really are commit suicide.

    I’m NOT defending them, please don’t get me wrong, but I do feel their sadness and terror knowing that Divine Karma is in place for them. Don’t get it twisted. Yurugu KNOWS that they are “wrong” with Nature. They KNOW that they will not survive and thrive in ANY system that is built on justice, mercy, reciprocity and balance. And they KNOW better then we EVER will that the future DOESN’T include them. It is this fear that drives them mad.

    But being who and what they were CREATED by their Father to be, they have almost no choice now. Obama’s selection for the presidency was their last and final opportunity to prove to Nature (God) that they are indeed capable of breaking their Father’s Curse and Spell. It was their moment to make amends and to ask for forgiveness. His carefully selected presidency was not for us…it was for THEM.

    And they failed.


    Now what we’re are witnessing on this planet is their “Death Throes.”

    As the sun moves closer to the Earth and emits UV rays (bad for them, great for us), our consciousness will become heightened and more powerful. As we ascend, by DEFAULT, they’ll sink into the lowest forms of life and revert to their “natural” state as troglodytes. What does that mean?

    More shootings.
    More rapes.
    More incarcerations.
    More man-made diseases.

    ALL aimed at their biggest threat.


    I’m very sorry that yet another Melaninite died at the hands of Yurugu’s Curse. But The Divine One always has a fabulous plan in motion to rectify the wrongs. What we need to do now is appeal to The Great Spirit and meditate on answers for a tangible plan of attack/ defense. And let me be the one to say it ALL involves being one with the Sun.

    I know that seems a bit “too simple” but it’s our only way out of this mess.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ diaryofanegress

      It is a sad situation. It makes me sad that we can’t all co-exist peacefully on this planet of plenty.

      In spite of all that has happened and all the posts that I have written, I do not hate white people. I don’t hate anyone.

      I am not that hardliner who would turn my back on a white person in distress because they are white

      I can’t afford to lose my humanity, not even with those who probably don’t deserve it

      What I do hate — if you can call it hate — is racism and the lack of true remorse by those who practice it

      I agree that black people are in for some very difficult times and it greatly concerns me that it DOESN’T concern us.

      I have also come to the conclusion it will be impossible to reach most black people with ANY constructive and self-respecting messages of black unity. The system has made sure of that by programming us to dislike each other and identify with them.

      That being said, the people who want to be informed, will be.

      The ones who don’t, won’t, and I have to be okay with that. And bit by bit, I’m learning to accept that.

      I think black people would greatly benefit from a MASS PRAYER — and I’m not talking about religion, and preachers and pimps and dressing up and big fancy church goings and church bands and lots of singing — I’m talking about a MASS APPEAL to our creator where the FOCUS is on getting help and not what someone kneeling next to us is wearing.

      We will need ALL the help we get — considering our present collective state of mind.

      • Rob says:

        @ Trojan Pam

        Since deception is a way of life for them, how could you ever be sure that they really are in distress?

        “Stout recalls an opportunity in graduate school, where she interviewed a court-referred ‘sociopath’. He was not violent and preferred swindling people out of their money through investment scams. Stout asked him what was most important in his life? She thought he would say, “making money” or “not getting caught and going to jail”. Instead he said, “Oh, that’s easy. What I like better than anything else is when people feel sorry for me. The thing I really want more than anything else out of life is people’s pity.”

        Wouldn’t you have a problem with helping what would most likely be a white supremacist i.e. someone who practices racism against black people and would continue to do so in the future without mercy or shame, even after a black person had come to their aid?

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Rob

          that’s an excellent point. You can’t be sure of anything until it reveals itself.

          I have seen that “white pity party mentality” often, and it’s all over daytime TV. I noticed a while ago that no matter where I look there’s always some white person, mostly white females, CRYING on national TV.

          Dr. Phil — which I don’t watch — is like a psych ward where white people are always bemoaning their misery, crying and holding self-pity parties. It is so bad I can’t watch it.

          mainly because my GUT tells me I’m being manipulated and programmed to have all this empathy for them — while black people in distress usually brings ridicule and blaming the person in distress from them and sadly, from many black people today.

          I keep my war hat on and I don’t get caught up — or I try not to because that is part of the programming of black people today: gross white identification — and that is a dangerous mindset to have for a black person under attack by a white supremacy system

          I hear what you’re saying and the reason I posted what I did was to let people know I am conflicted just like some of them are.

          I’ll give you an example. I was in a public facility the day before, getting my car sticker and this elderly white lady on a cane who could hardly walk was heading toward the end of the line. Yes, I let her go ahead of me. She didn’t ask. but that is the type of “help” I’m talking about.

          It is NOT in me to say, to hell with her, she’s white so she can go to the end of the line.

          I mention this because I think many black people are conflicted when it comes to what we THINK we should do or be VS who we want to be. Most of us have to deal with white people on a daily basis so how does that FIT into what we say we are?

          That is the HUMANITY struggle I’m referring to. And yes, I struggle with it everyday.

          • Rob says:

            @Trojan Pam

            Since racism white supremacy is war and the soldiers in this war on black people are your everyday white man and white woman as Gus T. Renegade often states on the C.O.W.S, wouldn’t helping any white person in any way be giving aid and comfort to the enemy?

            Are small acts of kindness towards some of them relatively harmless? Should “he who fights with monsters look to it that he himself does not become a monster”? Or is it necessary to be totally uncompromising when you are at war with a brutal, cynical, merciless, shameless, sadistic and utterly depraved enemy?

            • Trojan Pam says:

              @ Rob

              I don’t think it’s that cut and dried. Just like every black person is not your trusted ally.

              Most black people (all, probably) rely on white people for our basic survival needs.

              Our jobs, our homes, our credit cards, our mortgage, our cars, our education, our clothing, our food, our gas, water, heat, electricity, air travel, banking, medical care, insurance, you get my point.

              Now, if you go to the bank to get a car loan because your last car died on you, and the loan officer is a white person, are you going to refuse to talk to them? Are you going to refuse to be courteous? Or are you going to get what you need and get out of there?

              What about your job? Are you going to be discourteous on your job because a coworker or supervisor or human relations person is a white person? My money says no.

              if you, say me, get into a car accident, do we refuse to let the white paramedic pull us out of the wreck?

              And that’s where they have us. Totally dependent on them. It was deliberate because every move toward black independence — from Reconstruction, to Marcus Garvey, to Black Wall Street, toward all the dozens of groups we formed to gain some independence was squashed.

              So now what? Do we examine ways and develop strategies toward self AND group independence? Or do we pretend that we can avoid any interaction with white people?

              I would totally support black people pooling our resources to gain more independence – regardless of how they try to stop us — but until or if that happens we have to be honest about where we are. And do the best we can.

              • Rob says:

                @ Trojan Pam

                Sad to say, you are absolutely correct about our total dependence on our enemy. I wasn’t advocating being discourteous towards them or refusing to allow them to save our lives (that’s the least they can do) and I agree with you about the need for us to be pragmatic when dealing with them given that we are where we are. I know that just living in their society we are often forced to help them, but I was talking about helping them when it isn’t absolutely necessary and the implications of empathising with individual soldiers in the white supremacist army and performing acts of kindness towards them, when they are so unrelentingly dedicated to making our lives as miserable as possible.

      • Miss Pam

        The very fact that you refuse to lose your huemanity and go on their “side” makes them hate us even more.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ diaryofanegress

          Yes! I realize that but for me being courteous is second nature. I don’t think of it as going on their side but I know what you mean because it can be a fine, crazy line between acting human and secretly seeking that white validation

          It is BRED into our very bones — the desire for white acceptance– and for some getting past it is very hard, for others it is relatively easy.

          but — there are others who pretend they have gotten past their programming and that is the worst thing you can do. Lie to yourself about where you are.

          I try to keep it honest with myself and that’s why I said what I said because i KNOW there are other people struggling with the same issues and I wanted to let them know, yes, I write this blog but I am just as JACKED UP as anyone else out here.

          I also realize I have a long way to go but I’m still trying…and we should all keep trying to get better and smarter with each passing day.

          regarding the “hate” part, the crazy thing is when whites want blacks to be every bad thing they always said we were to JUSTIFY hating us.

          Because if they can’t justify it, then they will have to accept there’s something really wrong with them

          that’s why black people trying to impress or please or appease whites is largely a wasted effort and I know some of you have experienced this first hand — the irony of racism and racist people.

          If black people live down to white people’s low expectations of us, they angrily point their fingers and say, “See! I told you how those blacks are!”

          But when black people rise above those expectations, become educated or successful or carry ourselves with dignity and respect, some of them get even MADDER and say,

          “what are they doing here (it could be a university, a prestigious job, or a nice hotel)

          Now, we’re cheating, (affirmative action, unfair quotas, or we’re drug dealers because we have a nice car or home)

          Or “those blacks are so uppity!”

          Damned if we do succeed and damned if we don’t do any damn thing at all…

          If you really start paying attention, you will see this dynamic play out over and over again, that no matter what we do, we are still doing something “wrong”

          a quick example

          I was in a Whole foods store and after I checked out I realized I had a piece of cornbread that I forgot to put on the counter. I could have walked out then I said, bump this, I’m not risking a shoplifting charge over a piece of cornbread plus I didn’t come there to STEAL anything

          — so I went back to the counter and told the cashier what had happened. Well, the cashier (she was white) and the people in line (all white) looked at me like they were ANNOYED that I was trying to be honest.

          I remember thinking, wow, these white people didn’t like me trying to be honest.

          That was some strange S but I understood why they responded that way because I know what they wanted me to be

          • As usual, Miss Pam, you are on point. I avoid them like the frigging plague. No need to start conversing…I already know what the deal is. No need to act nice…I already know who and WHAT they are.


            How do you love the fact that they follow us EVERYWHERE we go? Even in cyberspace? So much for being superior and secure. I’d like to think that they’d have better things to do in life than to stalk an “inferior” group of people.

            How desperate.

            • Trojan Pam says:

              @ diaryofanegress

              What’s that old saying?

              Keep your friends close and your enemies closer…

            • Alicia says:

              While I’m civil and a kind person in general, that is one life lesson that took me years to learn. Life is too short to deal with sick-minded humans beings and I so agree. An example is a white co-worker who is often friendly with me and we talk often. One day she mentioned that she walks during lunch break and I said ” I can join you one day if you like”, this witch who is always talking to me about this or that EVERY DAY made up her face in this hateful, uncomfortable way. What a wake up call. No matter how friendly you are with them or they are with you there’s a evil hate in them for black people.

              re: “I avoid them like the frigging plague.”

              • Alicia

                I used to work with ALL Yurugus…let me be the first to tell you what sick sociopathic liars they are.

                Stay away from this pale beast lest you end up in human resources.

          • Sharon53 says:

            Hi Pam, the analogy you gave about returning the piece of cornbread at Whole Foods reminds me of a situation I was in some years ago. I was doing some freelance work at a law firm and they over-paid me. I advised them of this and shock waves went through that place. Not only did the whites act surprised, so were some of blacks. I was actually ridiculed by some and told how stupid I was and how they would have pocketed that money. Well, my parents taught me to be honest and I only wanted what was due me. And similar to like you said above, ‘damned if we do and damned if we don’t do… Whatever the case, I try very hard not to allow someone’s else’s behavior determine how I will act.

      • Sergi says:

        Dear Pam,

        I’m from Barcelona and english is not even my third language but I want to share with you some great videos that just show that we can really all “co-exist peacefully on this planet of plenty.” I’m not naive, sure there’s some ugly racist people in Barcelona as they are in every country and city, this is sad but true. But the majority of us just want to work and live in peace and try to enjoy life as much as everybody else.

        Please, enjoy this videos

        Sant Andreu Jazz Band (kids and music) playing with stars WYCLIFFE GORDON, TERELL STAFFORD and JESSE DAVIS

        Maybe it is that I’m not american and my experience is too different from yours. Anyway, you don’t have to believe me at all. Maybe you will give more credit to a strong black woman who just happens to live happily in my city:

        Judi Oshowole on life in Barcelona

        I’m not here to start any angry debate but USA is not the alpha and omega of the World. As you all know not everything starts and ends there, our planet is much broader, our peoples are much diverse and our history is way bigger.

        Do what you want with this info, share it in your blog, keep it for yourself, trash it, do as you please but be certain that I have shared this in good will. If you smiled just one time listening to this amazing music then it was worth the effort.


        • Miss Pam

          Please ignore diversions.

          • Sergi says:

            Dear Azizi,

            What dou you call diversions? Let me try to explain my motivations in my limited english.

            I wanted to show to black kids, black boys and girls that may be reading this blog and others alike and have not traveled abroad to see the world for themselves. Black boys and girls that and are always told that whites everywhere hate them, that all whites despise them and all they do, that there’s white kids that like so much black music (not exactly the one promoted nowadays by mainstream industry) that not only listen but practice hard every day to be good at it. That there are white kids that are delighted to have the opportunity to play jazz music with their idols, legends that just happen to be black people!

            I thought it could do some good to them to also know that truth, to put jazz music, which I love, under a positive light as a force that can unite us all, that we all can enjoy.

            If that is not OK with you then so be it, I can do nothing more about it. I’m confident others will understand what I’m saying. I’m not denying your reality, I’m not hiding all the wrong white have done. I try to focus on positive examples because yes, there’s a future for us all and younger generations deserve a chance.

          • Trojan Pam says:

            @ diaryofanegress

            I responded because this kind of “message” is often embraced by wishful thinking black people who really want to believe Europe is “not as racist” as America and you hear this mostly from black people who have NEVER LIVED THERE (except for a limited period of time)

            when the truth is racism/white supremacy is a GLOBAL SYSTEM.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Sergi

          What I would like white people (or Europeans) to do when they come to this blog is TELL ME what they are doing to eliminate racism INSTEAD of “reassuring” black people that things aren’t as bad as we think it is

          We KNOW how bad it is, after all, WE have been LIVING with it for 500 YEARS.

          Here’s a question for you: What if black people in Spain put on a uniform and a badge and started shooting Spanish youth (like your children, for example) in the BACK or beating them up or sodomizing them with screwdrivers — could I email YOU and tell you, “Hey, all black people aren’t bad, we just want to live.” Would you listen to me?

          Seriously, I would like an answer.

          While I’m waiting, this is the problem I have with whites/Europeans in general. It seems every time black people try to get a CLEAR HEAD about racism/white supremcay, whites try to play it down or neutralize our efforts.

          White youth playing BLACK MUSIC is nothing new. Black MUSIC and CULTURE has been STOLEN so many times that whites make more money off our TALENT and GENIUS than we do.

          It would not surprise me one bit to see within the next 50 years (if we’re still here) to read that whites created JAZZ and BLUES just like “Rock and Roll” and “Pop” and Elvis Presley and the Osmond Brothers and the Back Street Boys and the Rolling Stones, etc, ALL OF WHO ripped off black musicians and made more money than all those CREATIVE GENIUSES put together.

          Regarding the black woman in the video: there are a ton of confused black people in Europe who do not understand racism and many of who are mentally ill. She does not speak for me NOR does she negate anything that I’ve experienced or know to be a fact.

          Just to be ACCURATE, here are a FEW of the 100 PLUS links I found about racism in SPAIN


          (click on the link to see a pic of white racist spectators IN Spain)

          racist formula one spectators spain

          “Spain has a long-standing reputation for virulent racism, and many tourists of African descent complain of their poor reception by Spanish citizens. The nation was singled out by United Nations Special Rapporteur on racism, Mutuma Ruteere, who called on Spanish leaders to take greater steps toward eliminating racist and discriminatory practices against Africans and other immigrants in the country.

          After the unjustified arrest of two African-American government employees in Barcelona in 2009, the U.S. State Department issued a warning that “racist prejudices” could lead to the arrest of African-Americans who visit Spain. The notice was removed two days before first lady Michele Obama visited the country, but many Black tourists say they experience racism during visits to Spain.”


          I’ve Spent Enough Time In Spain to Know Racism Is A Real Problem There
          What was strange about the racism in Spain was that it came from progressives.

          “When I heard about the Spanish soccer fan that recently threw a banana at the Brazilian soccer player, Dani Alves, I actually wasn’t surprised. And when, even more recently, after weeks of media and social media discussion about Spanish racism toward athletes, Senegalese midfielder for Levante, Papakouly Diop, complained about Spanish fans (yet again) making monkey noises during a game, I still wasn’t surprised.

          I mean, I had certainly hoped that Spain could go two weeks without a monkey-based sports-related racist incident, but I wasn’t holding my breath….”

          Whites only: One in four Spanish nightclubs racist

          “An undercover investigation by a Spanish anti-racism group has revealed the shocking way Spain’s nightclubs discriminate against black, Arab, Latin and Spanish Gypsy customers…”


          ‘They called me a monkey so I danced like one’

          A new racism scandal erupted in Spanish football after fans made monkey chants at Levante’s Senegalese midfielder Pape Diop, just a week after Barcelona defender Dani Alves denounced a banana-thrower.


          Racism in Spain – Naija Phoenix Indignation

          Racism is something that, ironically, most Caucasians would like to deny exists. But the very attempt to dismiss this very real and highly unfortunate phenomenon is appalling, and confirming of racism in of itself.

          It is everywhere, however externalised, internalised, seemingly hidden or overt.
          It exists. And based on the real definition of racism, it is difficult to find Caucasians in the world-over who are not racist to some degree.

          But the racism in Spain is a whole other bout of racism that I have never seen before.


          That’s why black people should decide for ourselves how bad racism is.

          • Sergi says:

            Dear Pam,

            It seems that something is obviously lost in translation, I blame myself and apologize for my bad english. I thought that I have already stated that there are racist people in Barcelona and that I didn’t want to deny anything that you have experienced.

            I don’t want to tell anybody how they “have to feel” about anything. I wanted to put on the table other realities, not just hate, hate and more hate. You choose what serves you better, that’s an individual decision that everybody has to face sooner or later. Some people make good money.

            Do you really think that kid’s JAZZ band is stealing anything from black people instead of paying homage to the authors whose music they play in the best way that they know? Is it how you see the world?

            Believe me, my people know what’s struggling with Spain and some spaniards better than anybody else. That’s one of the reasons why we, catalans, want to be independent from Spain and create a new and better country for everybody who lives and works in Catalonia. ALL of them. I didn’t want to bore you with my background but you asked and I try my best to a give you an answer. If you really want to know more about this here’s some links, please watch at least the video I you want to know my background:



            So here’s it, we want a better country, more tolerant and inclusive, more free for everybody. We have been killed, beaten, tortured, our language has banned for many years, etc.

            I went to make very clear that I’m NOT comparing sufferings. The only fight I’m in is against far right extremists and anyone who denies freedom, world diversity and cultural identity. If I have failed to make it clear I apologize again for not trying hard enough.


            • Trojan Pam says:

              @ Sergi

              I don’t hate anyone but I do hate injustice. My blog is dedicated to educating the victims about the system of white supremacy in the hopes that one day our collective efforts will put an end to it.

              The system of racism/white supremacy is responsible for the vast majority of suffering on the planet, from global and tribal wars, to poverty, and famine and nuclear waste and the destruction of the environment, GMOs and poisonous foods, and man-made “diseases” like AIDS and Eboli.

              I don’t know anything about the Catalonia people but I will check out the links you provided.

              Whether we agree or disagree you are still welcome to post your opinions here.

              • Timothy says:

                @Sister Trojan Pam

                You’re right in saying that there’s a difference between hating people and exposing the reality of how the system of white supremacy/racism works to oppress others.

                Showing the truth is never about hating others and we have to be purely honest about history and about social realities if justice is come for people.

                The injustice of international oppression must end and real justice comes about by educating people on the truth and using constructive efforts to eradicate the varied forms of oppression (which deals with environmental degradation, political repression, racism, police terrorism, man-made diseases, etc.). So, you have every right to show your views just like anyone else.

                We, as black people, have been very loving and forgiving. It is very ironic that we are required by some to be forgiving and inclusive of everybody, yet other groups of people are never told to be accepting of us or told to fight to end the system of white supremacy. Everytime we point out instances of cultural appropriation by others, then our words are disregarded as unimportant or inaccurate. This disregarding of our struggles, our culture, and our pain is an indictment of the evils found in Western society. We have been very compassionate naturally. Therefore, we don’t need to hate anybody, but we should stand up for our interests as black people and I don’t have problem with pan-African unity. The more I learn about different black cultures of the Diaspora, the more spiritually strong I feel as a black man.

                So, Keep on doing your great work. Brothers and Sisters (who love truth) have your back.

              • Trojan Pam says:

                @ Timothy

                It sometimes feels like a united conspiracy among all non-black people to keep us in a self-disrespecting state of mind. Why do I say that?

                Because every other group benefits from our sad condition including the non-white merchants who never have to worry about competing with our non-existent black businesses.

                And our eagerness to put anything that doesn’t look too black on a pedestal (what an ego-trip it must be for a non-black person to be with a black person who hates blackness!)

                And knowing as a brown, or red, or yellow person that no matter how despised you are by whites there is always someone (black people) who is more despised than you are

                Just like a previous white poster tried to make me feel guilty for NOT putting other non-white groups ahead of my own when it came to reparations (say what??)

                I remember several years ago when this black couple started a personal campaign to only shop with black businesses, some whites were in an uproar!

                And I thought why is it alright for non-black people to support their own businesses but it’s racist” for us to do the same thing?

                Because everyone benefits from our slave mentality — but US

                and so our AWAKENING would be a THREAT to most non0blacks, including Koreans who sell us “hair”

                and the Arabs who fry what is left on our heads and fry the fish that we used to cook ourselves or buy from our own people in their black restaurants

                what would happen if black people suddenly woke out of this deep, mind-control, dreamlike state?

                1. Tens of thousands of TOXIC fried fish, chicken and Chinese food restaurants would go out of business
                2. Most Korean “hair shops” would go out of business
                3. Arabs would stop frying our hair and go out of business
                4. TV soaps like “The Young and the Restless” would be taken off the air
                5. TV shows like “Empire” and “Scandal” and “The House of Payne” that degrade our humanity would disappear from the airwaves
                6. White people would have to make “gangsta rap” because we would have too much respect to degrade ouselves for any amount of money
                7. The designer fashion industry would take a huge hit because we wouldn’t be buying overpriced designer shoes, purses or clothing from people who don’t appreciate our business and don’t hire black models for Fashion Week
                8. At least half the Payday loan and Title Loan places would go out of business
                9. Some prisons would have to shut down because we would find better ways to support ourselves than harming each other and going to jail
                10. It would be a lot harder to get us into the bed because we would understand that it makes no sense to have sex with anyone who does not respect you.
                11. And non-white/non-black people would face more racism because we wouldn’t be such easy targets anymore.

                This is just a SHORT list of the things we would do and the number of industries and businesses that would suffer major economic losses

                Which is why NO ONE wants us to ‘wake up” — not whites and not other non-white groups

              • Sergi says:

                Thank you for allowing me here, Pam.

                If you knew nothing about Catalonia then I will tell you a curious fact about us: the Patron Saint of Catalonia is a Black Madonna, and those who search the truth believe, myself included, that it looks a lot like the Egyptian Goddess Isis. Judge for yourself:



              • Timothy says:

                @Sister Trojan Pam

                I remember the story of the black family shopping with only black businesses. CNN reported on this story years ago. Some whites didn’t like it.

                This situation is part of society’s hypocrisy. Society readily approves of Koreans, white ethnic groups, Arabic people, Indian people, etc. setting up their own celebrations, businesses, and other infrastructure in the United States (even inside of black communities nationwide). Yet, when black people publicly call for non-offensive actions like supporting black institutions or businesses (and even calling for Black unity via strong solidarity), then the real haters falsely classify those actions as “racism.”

                You’re correct in mentioning that black people are made to be guilty for fighting for our literal survival as a people and as a community. You have listed 11 points that details the results of a real revolutionary change in our community. If all of us would wake up and follow constructive deeds, then change would happen overnight for our people globally.

                Evil people always exploit our suffering for their benefit. We have to love ourselves. When we love ourselves for real, we wouldn’t call black people the N word, we wouldn’t worship whiteness, we wouldn’t call black women the B word, and we wouldn’t make a pastime (which is part of a slavery mentality) out of degrading each other (based on our physical appearances or our beautiful natural hair that the Creator gave us).

                I think the Empire show (that shows black people fighting each other, cursing at each other, and being cutthroat) is one of the biggest deceptions for us in this decade. One of the greatest things that we can do is to continue to advance natural, healthy eating. In that sense, we can not only live longer, but our minds and souls can be further developed. Exercise can improve the immune system, reduce the chance of depression, and it develops brain power. After exercise, you just feel energized. I do believe in Pan-African unity.

                There is certainly an agenda of the oligarchy to keep us asleep. Being awake precisely means that we are free to establish our own independent solutions. We have to keep on fighting and keeping on loving our black heritage and our identity. We want justice. Some people misinterpret what love is. Love is never about supporting the status quo, supporting the system of white supremacy, or condoning evil. Love is about demanding real change and desiring black people to be free to express our own self-determination. That’s real love. Thank you for your words Sister.

              • Trojan Pam says:

                @ Timothy

                Very eloquently put!

              • Courtney H. says:

                @ Trojan Pam:

                Thank you for your response to the Spaniard; I read the links, too, that you provided. Thank you for posting them.

                Also, thank you for reminding us of how people try to keep us from uniting.

                @ Timothy:

                Thank you so much for your comments about us uniting together. (applause)

      • Phazex says:

        @ Trojan Pam:

        As I have often stated, “Sadly, I have finally accepted (after much soul-searching) that all of US will not be saved.” Wonderful posts though!


    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Diary of a Negress

      I want to add that other than being a puppet for the white globalists, President Obama was (s)elected — NOT elected — in an attempt to make black people SHARE THEIR KARMA — by using him to endorse their wicked plans

      If they can put a black face on the next war and on the economic collapse and all the bad things– like the secret trade agreement — TPP — which has been described as NAFTA on STEROIDS — that Obama signed

      then Obama is proof that black people are just as evil as white people because look at all the evil things President Obama and his administration did !

      but the UNIVERSE knows who is in charge and who is simply a PAWN

      and it will hold the RIGHT PEOPLE accountable

      • Not only does the Universe know what going on, it’s in full swing to rectify the wrongs. Ever wonder why no matter how hard Demons try to bring us down, God always has a plan to EXPOSE them for what they are? Katrina was a prime example of how they told on themselves without even realizing it.

  6. Rob says:

    So do you guys think this latest killer cop will get convicted, or do you think he will get off scot free even though he has been caught on camera?

    • If it’s possible to find a way for the cop to walk……white folks will find a way.

      • Phazex_Female says:

        @ Kushite Prince:

        As sure as it rains, white supremacy WILL allow this cop to walk away, scot free.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Rob

      That’s a tough question. Capturing cops on video is nothing new but I think this guy might go to jail but I doubt he’ll get long time.
      he won’t go to jail because he killed a “nigger” he’ll go to jail to keep the noise down

      LEST the slaves get restless and start to figure some things out.

  7. I’ll give the old fat boy some credit. He did speak the truth. Now that it came from a white mouth maybe some of the black sleepers,Uncle Toms,sell outs and interracial daters will WAKE the hell up!!! I doubt it though.

  8. I’ll take Dixie Honkey over Tim Wise any day. Wise just seems so slick and full of BS to me. Does anyone else get that vibe from Wise? Kind of like a used car salesman vibe.lol

  9. Trojan Pam says:

    @ Courtney H.

    I believe you posted the link to Dixie Honkey video on my blog before I heard about it yesterday
    Sorry if I missed it.

  10. Trojan Pam says:

    @ Timothy

    I wrote a post about white anti-racists that might be relevant to some of your posts


    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Trojan Pam

      Thank you for showing the link Sister.

      Also, I have listened to the COWS episode where Tim Wise in interviewed by the Brother and the young Sister. I do find that Tim Wise acted arrogant in the interview and him saying that “he’s done” in refusing to expose the system white supremacy in a concrete way.

      Brother Bruce Dixon also wrote about Tim Wise too in criticizing his agenda too. Yes, many people like Tim Wise have received a huge amount of money, speaking engagements, etc. by talking about anti-white racism issues, but they refuse to go out and use policies to support international Pan-Africanism, to enact black power solutions, and to find ways to totally end the system of white supremacy totally. Tim Wise admitted that he’s an admitted racism. Also, he was once part of the group “Progressives for Obama” and he supports the establishment’s Teach for America organization.

      In our lives, we have to use discernment and not worship faux “white saviors.” We have the independent thinking and the strength to build up our people including our scholars.


      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Timothy

        Like MOST black “activists” (like Al Sharpton) and white anti-racists (like Tim Wise) who receive corporate dollars and national media recognition

        they are DOUBLE AGENTS, meaning they are being rewarded for half-stepping and misleading black people about the system of oppression

        I always ask people WHY in the world would corporate america or the people who nominate the presidential candidates choose/hire/finance someone who is NOT working on behalf of their interests?

        It doesn’t make sense

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Trojan Pam

          As you have said, how can these people claim to be against the system of white supremacy, but they actively support that corporate system harming the lives of black people (and they are financially aided by the same white supremacist power structure). Follow the money comes into mind when describing these double agents.

          One common denominator among people like Tim Wise, Al Sharpton (who worked with the FBI as an informant), etc. is that they are mostly silent on the issue of white supremacy and imperialism. Many of them support the foreign policy of the establishment (which supports the brutalization of people in the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, etc.).

          One thing that the establishment doesn’t like is independent, grassroots organizing (which rejects corporate funding and rejects NGO aid).

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Trojan Pam:

        This is a good post. You are very honest, and I appreciate your candor.

        @ Timothy:

        Thank you for your comments. I agree with your and other people*s comments about Tim Wise. However, excuse my ignorance, but could you tell me what is the problem with Teach for America program? As a teacher, I probably should know, right? 😉

        • Timothy says:

          Hello Sister Courtney 🙂

          Not everyone in the Teach for America program are viciously evil. Some have issued some criticism as some in the TFA has used many inexperienced teachers in replacing more experienced teachers. An article entitled, “This Is What Happens When You Criticize Teach for America” by George Joseph has more information on this issue. Yet, I will not bring all members of the TFA into one broad brush. I apologize if my words falsely conveyed the message of using a broad brush, which is not my intention. It is true that some aspects of our educational system has been infiltrated by corporate interests.

          Yes, I know that you’re a great teacher. 😉

          This is ironic, because I work in the educational field in real life as well.

          • Courtney H. says:

            @ Brother Timothy:

            Thank you for your response. I have in fact read an article (I believe it was on AlterNet) about how TFA has used mostly young, White, inexperienced teachers in schools in low-income Black neighborhoods, and that the results have been devastating to the students, because they did not learn all they should have because they were taught by teachers who were not experienced enough to teach them. Most of these students are involved in the program for debt-relief purposes.

            Thank you for your compliment. I know that you are a great teacher, too. Teachers who really care about their students are the best ones.

            Also — again, please excuse my ignorance — but could you tell me why NGOs are a problem? I believe that they are Western-oriented, and therefore, think that they can tell non-Westerners what to do in their own countries.

            Oh, and here is this:


            • Timothy says:

              Hello Sister Courtney 🙂

              NGOs are short for non-governmental organizations. Many NGOs are used to promote imperial policies. Back during the 1980’s, NGOs like the NED or the National Endowment of Democracy have been used to advance globalization, and cause nations to be bounded under U.S. interests.

              Yes, NGOs do influence on how non-Westerners enact their political and economic policies. Freedom House is a NGO which has been used to support the aims of the war on terror. Some NGOs support the US/NATO military agenda.

              Thank you for the link too. Mr. Walter Scott was murdered by an evil cop. The video is disturbing. Anyone supporting the cop in this incident is totally sick. Walter Scott was shot in the back multiple times and the Mr. Scott was unarmed as well. The whole story is sad and Scott’s family is extremely hurting. The police officer was recently fired and he’s charged with murder. He should be convicted and at the bare minimum be sent to prison for the rest of his life.

              Yes, black men are targets of these savage crooked cops. We, as black people, are targeted. We have to use discernment, be strong, and use activism to defend our rights.

              We will see what will happen.

              RIP Walter Scott

              Bless you Sister. 🙂

              • Courtney H. says:

                Good morning, Brother Timothy. 🙂

                Thank you for your explanation about NGOs. I do know what the acronym stands for, but I did not know about Freedom House and its policies. It is good to know about this stuff, because many people see NGOs as good organizations that are helping people in developing countries. People need to be wary of these groups and wonder about their agendas before giving them donations.

                RIP Walter Scott.

                The link explained (in the article and the comments section) how white supremacists will use anything as an excuse to justify murder against Black men. I heard that Faux News ran a story saying that the video was doctored and that Walter Scott was charging the officer! These people are sick! However, what else can you expect from devils?

                The guy who ran the captured the murder on video appeared on the Today Show this morning, and said that is afraid for his life and wants to make sure that he has protection.

                Yes, this pig need to go to prison for the rest of his life.

                Thank you for your comments, Brother. 🙂

              • Trojan Pam says:

                @ Courtney H.

                that young black male who made the video will be punished, not by an angry anonymous white person but by the system. I hope I’m wrong, but I would not be surprised if he starts having trouble with the police or he gets framed or has problems on his job — if he has one.

                as far as going on TV that could hurt him. I would have advised he keep a low profile and move away from the area especially if that white cop goes to jail, the other cops are going to be gunning for him — literally

                I’m thankful he came forward but now I’m concerned for his safety.

            • Timothy says:

              Good Morning Sister Courtney 🙂

              You’re Welcome.

              On many cases, such organizations like the NGOs want to use “humanitarianism” as the guise to promote U.S. interests. Nations need to embrace their independence. American style government is not the panacea for every nation on the face of the Earth. We should use discernment about such groups. There should be a more independent, progressive mindset in dealing with foreign policy issues. We should help other nations, but we should not dominate their social and political institutions in an imperialist way.

              The article is a great article and the author has insightful and critical information that people in general can learn from. It is not surprising for white supremacists to justify the murder of black men. These white supremacists are sick and lack any moral compass. Faux News is truly abysmal. That is why I have no respect for Faux News at all as a black man. Walter Scott’s family deserves respect, condolences, and respect. Yes, the racists normally show a lack of empathy, hatred, and an evil vibe.

              The cameraman is definitely afraid for his life. He did the right thing by recording the incident. We all want the young man Santana to be courageous and to stand up for justice continually. The crooked cop deserves nothing more than life in prison.

              Thank you for your words.

              • Courtney H. says:

                @ Trojan Pam & Timothy:

                Thank you so much for your responses. I agree with all of your statements and information.

                As for the young man Santana, I fear for his life, too. In the Tariq Nasheed podcast that I posted below, he says that the man who videotaped Eric Garner*s murder is in jail over some trumped-up charge, and that he is doing a hunger strike because he found rat poison in his food! So not only did they put this man in jail, they are trying to kill him! People need to know about this!

                Thank you both for your words.

  11. I wouldn’t trust this cracka no further than I could throw him.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ hunglikejesus

      For me it’s not about trust, it’s about what information can I use to accomplish my goal?

      And who is more knowledgeable about white supremacy than a white person who is practicing it?

      Because people like this are the FOOT SOLDIERS of white supremacy. They keep the system going. Without them, there would be no system

      it’s like having an ARMY with generals and no soldiers. That’s not an army that’s an illusion

      and that’s why Gus Renegade (of COWS) interviews a ton of white people on his program.

      Not because he trusts them but because they are a wealth of information that black people are not privy to because we aren’t white.

      I would listen to a Klansman if it he or she was telling something I could use to educate myself and others about this system

      I just take what I need and discard the rest.

      but like I said, the reason I posted the videos was maybe, some black people would FINALLY believe that white supremacy is a SYSTEM if a white person said it.

      And there it is, a white person saying it…

  12. Catfish Crawley says:

    White people would put this individual in the same category as that homeless drunk guy that rants in the streets about UFOs and Government conspiracies.

    Also white people don’t live in fear. They live (rightly or wrongly) in the belief that any widespread racial unrest would end quickly because the numbers of white people, police and amount of guns in the white communities are overwhelmingly on their side.

    • Rob says:

      In their Planet Of The Apes movies, white people revealed that their innermost fear about black people, is that black people are going to wake up, rise up and that a cataclysmic event like a nuclear war, natural disaster or pandemic, is going to enable black people to turn the tables on them and set up a black supremacy system that makes white people subject to black people and that black people are going to inflict on them all the cruelty, brutality, humiliation, torture and genocide, that white people have inflicted on black people for centuries.

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Rob

        Yes, the Planet of the Apes franchise IS about white supremacy — and as Gus Renegade once said on COWS — it is a rallying cry for whites. This whole “alien” thing VS the people on earth (mostly about white people) is a constant refrain in many movies today.

        And we black people (and brown people) sit in the audiences or in front of the TV set eating popcorn and being entertained without realizing

        they are talking about US.

        Why do they call illegal nonwhite immigrants “aliens?” Does anyone know if they have ever called white immigrants “aliens?”

        I can’t say they haven’t but I don’t remember hearing that term used to describe white people…

        Yes, there are many hidden messages in white produced films. Like 2012, where the only people who survive a cataclysmic event are rich white people who go to AFRICA to restart “white civilization.”

        That has a TON OF MEANING, considering the US government has attempted to bribe non-white nations like South Africa to set up relocation camps in the event that the Yellowstone Volcano erupts and they have to evacuate American (white) citizens.

        yes, the Karmic hourglass is literally pouring sand into the other side and it’s just a matter of time before the BILL WILL COME DUE and they know that.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Catfish Crawley

      Oh, I agree. What Dixie Honkey said meant ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to the white people who heard it BUT it gave “high hopes” to thousands of black people who still do not understand that the REAL CHANGE has to come from US.

      No, they’re not afraid of us. They’re afraid of what is BIGGER than all of us combined: KARMA

      And some whites are looking forward to a racial conflict to give them an excuse to vent all that MURDEROUS RAGE they’ve stored up toward us.

      Black people are a very PASSIVE POPULATION that has been trained and cowed over the years to take out our rage and frustration ON EACH OTHER. White people — when they’re honest — know we aren’t going to “storm’ white neighborhoods because we know the entire SYSTEM will come down on our heads

      but we will storm black ones and will slaughter other black people for food and shelter in the event of a collapse given the current state of our minds.

      That’s why I emphasize over and over and over again that we MUST change the way we think, speak and act — while we still have TIME.

  13. Shanequa says:

    What Dixie Honkey did is consider treason toward his race. Europeans deal with their race traitor heavily while we as black Africans don’t. Europeans fear pay back to what they done to us so they are always prepared to go too war. Europeans are preparing to go too war that is why they have their children in the boys & girls scout & other camps preparing them to survive in the wilderness, gun clubs for their men, women & children to participate in, and then they have the national rifle association. If you ever go to a gun show you will see more Europeans buying guns by the dozens. I went to a gun store an seem several European men in their buying guns but they were buying guns that holds many bullets & more advance.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Shanequa

      Yes, they are ARMING up to fight their enemies. And who are those enemies? The government and US.

      Yes, Dixie Honkey will catch a little heat but he will not be harmed. He will just be ignored. White people know it will all blow over and the smart white people are glad he did it because it’s more evidence that white people can “change”

      when in reality we don’t know if Dixie Honkey is still practicing racism

      the odds are he is.

  14. Courtney H. says:

    @ Rob & Shanequa:

    Prince Solomon made this video three years ago. He mentions the **Planet of the Apes** movies and a possible future race war.

    • Timothy says:

      @ Courtney

      I have read the story Sister Courtney .

      The Republicans who supported that evil bill are wrong and extremist. The truth is that the establishment has attacked the poor, especially the black poor for years and centuries in the Americas. The bill supports outright draconian restrictions on how TANF recipients can buy items or have their own pursuit of happiness. These restrictions are very excessive and they have nothing to do with promoting “responsibility” or decreasing “poverty.” The bill has to do with oppressing the poor and restricting the empowerment of those who use TANF. One of the great concepts in human civilization is about promoting the General Welfare. In our African tradition and in numerous spiritual traditions, promoting the General Welfare is an extension of the Golden Rule (within the framework of community growth and community solidarity).

      This bill will not decrease poverty massively. Ways to decrease poverty is the empowerment of the poor via job creation efforts, the establishment of a living wage, building up of poor communities, and treating the poor as total human beings (not as social lepers). The bill is dehumanizing, fascist, and evil. You will notice that the bill will not deal with massive Wall Street bailouts and massive tax subsidies for multinational corporations. It will not ask for taxes to be raised for the super wealthy, but the bill will restrict the human actions of people based on what services they have. That is the essence of authoritarianism and it is antithetical to morality. In the midst of massive income inequality, we don’t need to prohibit rights. We need to enhance rights and promote compassion to the poor. The bill even bans TANF recipients from getting more than $25 from an ATM machine.

      That makes no sense and those Kansas Republicans ought to be ashamed of themselves. This bill is overtly fascist. Fascism didn’t end in 1945 and we have to keep on fighting fascism in 2015 (70 years later). Poor people work just like anyone else. They want the best for their children just like anyone else. Racial oppression and class oppression are evil. I don’t mind sending my tax dollars to a poor mother sending her children to the pool. I don’t mind my tax money being sent to poor parents buying clothes either. The bill is disrespectful and wrong.

      Thank you for showing the link Sister.

      Keep up the great work. 🙂

      You always make me think more creatively and that’s great. 😉

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Courtney H.

      Considering most POLITICIANS are living it up on the taxpayer dime when they don’t do squat for their paychecks, well… I don’t have to say it.

      but it shows that their wickedness knows no bounds and so the closer they get to their end we are going to see many surprising and distressing things from that population

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Brother Timothy & Sister Trojan Pam:

        Thank you for responses. Yes, these are not human beings we are talking about here; these are devils. Animals have more empathy than these devils do. How can they call themselves **moral** when they have no compassion for people just because they are poor?

        Yes, poor people do pay taxes, and many do work, it is just that they work at jobs that do not pay enough for them to get the basic necessities for life. It is indeed a shame that people who are the most vulnerable in society are among the most hated.

  15. Courtney H. says:

    Tariq discusses this on his latest blogpost:


    • Timothy says:

      Good Afternoon Sister Courtney. 🙂

      Yes, I heard of the entire podcast made by Tariq Nasheed (on the murder of Walter Scott, etc.). He talked about a diversity of issues. One issue that he discussed about was about establishing alliances. We do need alliances in the world. There are millions of black people in the Americas alone. Afro-Brazilians, Afro-Colombians, etc. now have their own anti-racist organizations who are helping millions of Brothers and Sisters. That is why I support anyone who supports social, political, and economic unification of all black people in the world. With that, we can grow greater power in a greater pan-African fashion. That is why I’m studying about the black Diaspora all of the time. You’re correct that the podcast talked about how the recorder of the murder of Eric Garner is suffering in jail and he is having a hunger strike. Whistleblowers, historically, have been oppressed by the state. Many people who have courageous exposed government corruption or war crimes have been slandered, harassed, or even killed. Definitely, we are in solidarity with the Afro-Dominican young man Santana. We express concern for his safety and his life, because he did the brave thing in showing this tape internationally. We want Santana to live his life as a human being. Not only are Americans watching his tape, but people across globe are too. The evil murder of Mr. Walter Scott is another wake up call for those who are naïve about vicious nature of white supremacy. Injustice exists, so we use our power to fight it.

      Again and again, we see how the enemy operates. The podcast is right in mentioning the truism that we are at war. We are in a war for our survival literally and there can be no denial about our situation. When cops kill the little girl Aiyana Jones in Michigan, then we are at war. Many black children are suspended unjustly for just minor offenses, then that shows that we are at war. When over 300 people have been killed by the police during this year alone, then we face a war against the system of white supremacy. I like to thank you and others for showing your views, because hopefully our efforts can wake up more people. This system of oppression against black people isn’t just found in America. It’s found globally. Many Afro-French suffer mass incarceration and other nations have huge racism like America. Many black soccer players have experienced racism throughout Europe.

      We are all we got. We love the truth and we don’t hate anybody. We just hate evil and we hate oppression. The human dignity of black human dignity must be respected. We show that respect for ourselves by respecting our people in plain view.

      • Courtney H. says:

        I haven*t watched this yet, but I wanted to make sure that I posted it:

        • Timothy says:


          That documentary is very interesting. We have to remember about our African history and to advocate human rights.

        • Shanequa says:

          I read a book a couple of years ago about The Holocaust: Blacks in Germany it was very sad especially toward the mistreatment to the Rhinland Bastard the biracial children of African American soldiers & white German women in which they were sterilizing these children.

          • Timothy says:


            I have heard of the information about black people and biracial people being brutalized by the Nazis back then too. The Nazis were a demonic, evil group of people. Also, the Nazis were funded by Western banking interests. Racism and genocide do hand in hand. That is why many of the most demented racists have been involved in the genocide of fellow human beings..

    • Timothy says:

      Hello Sister Courtney 🙂

      Yes, I heard of Michael Savage for years. I have never of these new statements from him. For years, he has made racist comments. He disrespected black people, women, and others folks. He supports the war on terror and his language is blatantly vulgar.

      He’s a racist. He showed so many lies that I lost count. His big lie is that the white collective is totallly peaceful. The white slave owners, the white killers of black people, the white Nazis, the white imperialists, etc. are not peaceful. That totally refutes his sick, evil arguments.

      Also, black people were involved in WWII to defeat the Nazis. His comments ignore how many black people were involved in fighting Hitler. Many black people were victims of the Shoah or the Holocaust. It is obvious that overt white terrorism is continually going on as the deaths of Aiyana Jones, Walter Scott, and other people was done by white terrorism. There is nothing peaceful about the system of white supremacy. Iran has no nuclear weapons and Iran has been the victim of massive economic sanctions for years, while Israel has nuclear weapons. This double standard is embraced by Savage. Savage is a fitting surname of a person like that.

      He loves to talk about undocumented human beings, but ignore how the big corporations, bad trade deals, and massive economic exploitation of the South caused the immigration problems in the first place. White supremacists illegally stole land in the Americas and they set up borders by their own power to grow their own power.

      Black people are being illegally killed by crooked cops via extrajudicial means. Cops in America are killing unarmed people in the hundreds every years. These deaths have increased over the past 5 years.

      Thanks for showing the links Sister.

  16. Rob says:

    White people are exceptionally vindictive. They have a gang mentality; an injury to one racist is an injury to all. They will do everything in their power to destroy Feidin Santana for exposing this murderous pig to the world and inconveniencing him and his family over “a dead n****r”. They will never forgive and they will never forget. Even if it takes them 20 years or more they will never stop trying to get him even if he leaves the U.S.

    The lesson the cops will probably learn will be to sweep the area immediately after murdering a black person to search for any witnesses, so they can confiscate their cell phones and murder them too if necessary.

    • Courtney H. says:

      @ Brother Timothy and Brother Rob:

      Thank you for responses. I agree with everything both of you have said.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Rob

      I absolutely agree. Frank Willis (I think that’s his name), the black male security guard, whose actions led to Nixon’s Watergate and impeachment was punished for the REST OF HIS LIFE and he didn’t squeal on anyone, he just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time .

      I think that young brother needs to relocate, someplace where he has other family, because they are going to find a way to punish, make no mistake about it

      and I fear you’re right that the police will start to cover their tracks after a murder of a black person and it will be more difficult to prove they did it.

    • Sharon53 says:

      Rob, I agree with you when you say “They will never forgive and they will never forget. Even if it takes them 20 years or more they will never stop trying to get him even if he leaves the U.S.”
      Some people come to mind when you say that such as Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin aka H. Rap Brown, and Assata Olugbala Shakur. I am no O.J. Simpson fan but they finally got him. I also believe they had a hand in Rodney King’s death even though he did not videotape his beating by the police, someone else did. I don’t believe Johnnie Cochran and Bob Marley’s deaths were natural also.

  17. kowaba says:

    @Trojan Pam

    Thank you for this post. I did want to make a comment regarding Sergi’s post. I find that white people tend to do several things to psychologically disarm black people:
    1) Claiming that these music and dance performances are respecting and paying homage to black people’s culture
    2) Using inter ethnic conflicts as a way to show that they too are an oppressed group. As far as I’m concerned Spanish people are white, but unfortunately, in the U.S. we have many people go around thinking that the “Hispanic/Latino” people are actually Spanish. Spanish people are from Europe. They conquered the Amerindians and enslaved black people. Spanish people from Europe don’t all have “darker” features, but have lighter features. At least the ones I have worked with from Spain. It’s like saying Italian people are not white or Greek people are not white. They for sure as hell are not black and will not be treated as such.
    3) Saying Europe is not racist. I will confirm that from my own experiences Europe is racist. These are the same people that went and kidnapped black people and made them slaves. The Dutch, British, Spanish, Portuguese all had slaves. Not that oh this person is not lynched here Or that many black Americans were able to perform in Europe despite not being allowed to perform in the States. There is still underemployment and unemployment for black people in Europe like here in the states; I would say it is just a different flavor of racism.

    I lived in France for a little under a year. I experienced racism. The racial hierarchy and categorization is different depending on which country you live in, but in comparison to the U.S. the European countries use a categorization for mixed people, but those who are not white are still mistreated. That is what the focus needs to be on. The mistreatment of people based on immutable traits that are out of the person’s control, NOT self identification and gaining cookie crumbs just because a person comes from mixed parentage.

    • Courtney H. says:

      @ Kowaba:

      Great comments! Thank you for your post!

    • Shanequa says:

      Thank you for sharing this information I have heard mixed opinions about racism in Europe from different black Africans of the diaspora. I heard racism isn’t bad there as the United States but some stated its no different then the mistreatment Africans Americans suffer in the United States or anywhere else. A lot of blacks see the race mixing in Europe as change an they aren’t concern about interracial dating as in the United States.

      • kowaba says:

        Hi Shanequa! You’re very welcome.

        To Everyone:

        Yes, there are mixed opinions about racism in Europe because the way they treat black Americans is different from how they treat Africans or other African Diaspora groups. When I was in France, there were some African acquaintances who went with me to a club. We all met up inside the club so I didn’t enter the club with them. Later, they told me they had problems entering the club. They asked if I did. I said no. They then told me they lied to the bouncers and told them that they were Americans. After hearing that they were Americans, the bouncers allowed them to enter the club. The bouncers just assumed I was some French girl, so they let me in and didn’t give me a hard time. So there is privilege being an American in a European country and black Americans have this privilege so they are treated differently than other black people. Perhaps some black Americans are not aware of this.

        In France, I was considered mixed, so many of the people just thought I was a French citizen. I knew this from White French people telling me this and how I was treated. One time in French class, the white French teacher was explaining racism and gave an example of who was black. I thought she was going to point to me, but instead pointed to my Indian classmate (who was South Indian and was darker than even some of the African students). She said he was black because of his skin. I thought that remark was very strange.

        My other non-white and black classmates would have to show the police their papers. Out of all the time I was in France, I never had to show my papers to the police. I was told though that the police thought any foreigners were terrorists so they basically did racial profiling to the non-whites in France. I also noticed that the African people in France were incredibly smart, BUT the French are incredibly racist. The African people get their graduate degrees but end up being underemployed doing servant jobs. Also I found that the African people I spoke to were also fluent in English AND their French was easier to understand, yet the white French people got the good jobs. The black French people were very polite and helpful, so it made me angry that they were being shortchanged there.

        Also want to say that I was good friends with this Indian friend (who was considered black) and when we would run errands together people treated him really poorly. We went to the bank together and the teller had four people go in front of him (although they asked him if it were okay). I just found the whole thing so bizarre. One time I even noticed a white French boy stop in his track and was glaring at him very angrily for no reason at all. He also had problems getting a job. It’s customary in France to attach a photo of yourself to your CV. He told me that he wasn’t getting any responses with his photo attached, so he decided to not attach a photo of himself. Mind you, he had work experience working for a top banking firm. Then companies started contacting him for interviews and told him that they were excited to meet him and gave all these details about the position, but when he went in for the interviews all of these companies told him that all of a sudden they didn’t have a need for his services or the position?!?

        I do want to say that when I had a job interview. The minute the interviewer saw me I knew I wasn’t getting the job and he just interviewed me out of courtesy. His face dropped when he saw me and I just knew I was not going to be given a chance.

        Another thing is that Europeans tend to ask black people about their opinion on things. I think that that might make black people think that their voice and opinion is valued by them. They also use a different tone of voice so as to not seem so condescending. From what I saw it France again it was similar as what I saw here and it actually made me realize how racist this world is. For instance, their banlieue is essentially a suburb, but that’s where all of the poorer people live. I lived in one of these suburbs for part of my stay in France. These places are dangerous to live in. It was the first time I saw a dead body. It’s like I had to leave this country in order to realize that as a black person our whole life is affected by racism regardless of what other people try to claim.

        My brother, on the other hand, believes that there is no racism in Europe and that black people are making up all of this. So yeah. . . . .

        • Courtney H. says:

          @ Kowaba:

          Thank you for your comments! I greatly appreciate your perspective.

          What you are saying about the treatment of Black people in Europe (France specifically) is absolutely true! I read an article in Essence magazine years ago that showed that there is a hierarchy in how Black people are treated in France. African Americans are at the top, then there are the Caribbean Blacks, and then the Africans. The banieules are where the rebellions happened in 2005 (I am not sure of the year). Non-whites are treated poorly over there.

          The part about the job interviews is right on target. Your experience and that of your Indian friend are not unusual in Europe or the US. When the Charlie Hedbo killings happened earlier this year, Muslims in France talked about how they are discriminated in employment, housing, etc. France does not count race in their **census**, which is not going to make racism go away. Muslims and Africans are more likely to be put into prison than Whites. Does this sound familiar? Hmmm . . .

          My sisters, nieces, and nephew and I traveled to France and spent some time there as well as a Western Mediterranean cruise (we saved up for it, so we are not rich!). Anyway, you see many Africans selling things on the streets over there. They are looked down on a great deal.

          Again, thank you so much for your perspective!

          • Timothy says:

            @Sister Courtney

            Yes, the rebellions in France did happen in 2005. I remember looking at the news about it. Many French areas are occupied by the police. Yes, it is very similar to what is going on in the States. Me and my brothers were in solidarity with the protesters back in 2005 fighting against police brutality and discrimination that occurs in France.

            Also, after the bombing of the Charlie Hebdo attack, many mosques have been vandalized all over France in acts of religious bigotry. Also, I have read stories about how some French treat African Americans as some tokens and treat Afro-French worse. When someone mistreats an Afro-French person, they mistreat all of us as black people. Excluding race in the census will not end racism.

            The struggle continues.

            • Courtney H. says:

              @ Brother Timothy:

              **Without struggle, there is no progress.** — Frederick Douglass

              I agree that African-Americans are tokens in France, and that Afro-French are treated worse. There is a lot of racism and Islamophobia in France and all over Europe, just like in the US. I agree with your comments. Thank you for your response.

          • kowaba says:

            @ Courtney

            Thank you for your response. I tried to explain this to others but I think some people don’t understand or just refuse to acknowledge it. It is quite complicated. Non-white people are mistreated, BUT on a sliding scale. I believe that if all non-white people were mistreated equally, it’s doubtful white people would be able to get away with this for this long.

            Yes! The French take a color blind approach. Many times if race is brought up in a conversation they say we are all French etc. etc. I sensed a xenophobic vibe among the white French people in particular. One of my good friends in France’s family is from Martinique. It was cool to know there are Caribbean communities in Europe and the U.K. On a side note: it seems that the Caribbean communities are more prevalent in France and the U.K. I remember seeing African people selling things and many white French people felt that the African were thieves and shouldn’t be allowed into France because they were illegals.

            Have a great week!

            • Timothy says:

              @Sister Kowaba,

              Also, thank you for your words on France too. Many Brothers and Sisters are waking up and we have keep on working for the cause of justice for our black people.

    • Sergi says:

      Hi kowaba:

      Why do you think that I want to psychologically disarm black people? If that is the impression that you got after reading my posts then I failed miserably. As I didn’t want to upset anybody and being certain that I’m not very proficient with english I wrote Pam in private providing her with more info about my little corner in Europe that wants to become a new and better country for everybody.

      Let me please try to show you that what I say is true. At least, give me the benefit of doubt. I knew that some of my words could me missunderstood, It’s difficult for me express emotions and geopolitics in a foreign language, I lack a lot of english vocabulary and my words ca not be as accurate as I wish they were. That’s exactly why I also wrote that “I’m NOT comparing sufferings”, that would be foolish and totally unfair, no matter what we have faced it’s simply not comparable. But it’s also true that ethnic conflicts aren’t less conflicts. If anything I tried to express the idea that being repressed for centuries and our own language being banned maybe made catalans more sesible about cultural differences.

      Pam wanted to know what we actually do. Well, we provide everybody with free public education, from 3 yo to university or college. We also guarantee free medical care for everybody, legal or ilegal immigrants. That’s a fact that anyone who cares can search. Do you know that the Spanish supreme court has forbidden the Catalan law against energy poverty, that guaranteed that NOBODY was without electricity, could they pay for it or not?

      And let me tell you that my little nation without state has experienced a grouth population almost unsubstainable if we continue to pay for a lot of the rest of Spain. In 1900 we were roughly 2.000.000 people in Catalonia, today we are 7.500.000. Thats a growth of more than 5.500.000 people in 100 years. And people keeps coming and we keep trying to integrate all of them. It’s not always easy, we are facing one economic crisis tha’s left catalan youth with a a brutal unenployment, in some areas over 50%, you can search the facts. But anyway more that 21% of all new immigrants that come to Spain chose Catalonia. It must tell you something. Maybe we are doing things a little better, maybe we know something about make people feel welcome.

      Sure, I have also said that it’s sad but true that we have ugly racists as you will find them in every city, every country. But we also try to marginalize them. The links Pam posted are true, I can assure you that there’s plenty of other clubs and bars were black africans and locals dance, drink and hangout together with ZERO conflicts, but of curse that doesn’t make the news. There’s also a lot of historical bad blood between England and Spain and some UK’s media will always find a way to make us look under the worst possible light, that’s also a fact.

      If we succeed and Catalonia becomes a new country, we have the opportunity to start from the ground, the opportunity to write a new constitution and do things better. That’s owr hope, that’s our fight right now. We are done with old politics and old politicians. We want a change for good and we are well aware that we will not win alone.

      Let me show you something. If anything, catalan mass media wants to understand, weants to lear. That’s why they put a very recent inmerview in public TV with a player from Senegal so educated, clever and profound knowledge, only a fool woudn’t listen when he talks. Belive me, he is much more loved in catalonia for his opinion than for his basketball skills.

      Please, if anybody undertands spanish is well worth watchin the 25 minutes of this video. He is so proud of Africa that it’s impossible not to be moved by his words. he also makes very clear that those who turn their back to Africa now will going to pay for this in the future, and the three of them in the video agree. You can also notice wich kind of open minded society we have: the two catalans spek in catalan and Savané speaks spanish and nobody feels that this is strange, it’s the same you will fins if you walk in Barcelona. If anybody is interested I could translate his words as they are nothing but positive abut Africa and the opportunities there are. He plans to return there when he retires from basket and work hard to bring his know how to help his country. I really wish all of you could feel the pride he has and how clever he is. One example: the man with glasses asks if the grouth population could be a risk in 2050, when it’s expected that Africa as a hole will double the population. He answers wisely that it could be a risk but also an opportunity, weho knows if any of this new african citizens will be the next Einstein. Clever, Brilliant.

      Special program on the African continent from the Olympic Hall of Badalona. “We maintain a conversation with two people who are very familiar with Africa: the pivot (center) of Joventut, Sitapha Savané (@SitaphaSavane), and the correspondent of La Vanguardia, Xavier Aldekoa (@xavieraldekoa). We contrast maps, data and experiences to analyze the challenges, prejudice, problems and opportunities of the world’s fastest growing continent.”

      That’s what says below the video in catalan.


      You can follow him in twitter here: https://twitter.com/SitaphaSavane

      Believe what you want, I’m only against closed minded people that can’t see what kinfd of world we all working together could achive.

      For those interested in what’s happening in my little corner of the world:



      A little hint for you. My people like to do crazy thing, like human towers. A little joke: Can you find black Wally there? What do you see there? Is he afraid? Is he forced or being pushed against his will? I see him being one with us to achieve the same crazy goal, make the highest human tower to reach the sky! That’s also who we catalans are. The union makes us stronger. Everybody is welcome.

      Crazy catalans and their crazy traditions. Plase, enjoy:


    • Sergi says:

      Oh, how could you find Wally when I forgot to post the image!!! How silly of me: here you are:

      Diada castellera de Festa Major

      • Sergi says:


        This image does not make any sense without a previous long comment that is currently awaiting moderation. Sorry about that in case you are confused.

        • Phazex says:

          @ Sergi:

          I have only ONE question for you out of mere curiosity. WHY are you here on this site?

          Thank you.

          • Phazex says:

            @ Sergi:

            Thank you for your response. In my opinion, I would be more apt to learn how I could help my OWN people “weather the storms that you all have experienced or are currently experiencing.

            Really, what more can you learn about black people that you have not already been exposed to?
            Just based on the fact that you are not black denotes you in the eyes of whites and other non-whites as being “privileged.”

            No offense, but as one brother here pointed out, WE have to determine how WE are to deal with our long-standing problem of white supremacy. That is like inviting the fox into the hen-house or worse, Stockholm Syndrome.

            “You are trying to understand.” Exactly what is it that you are attempting to understand here? For black people, contrary to belief, are NOT a monolithic group of people. And yes, if the music you illustrated was put out there as a diversion? You failed miserably. So again, WHAT are you attempting to understand? Make us understand.

    • Timothy says:


      Those are interesting words. You’re right that racism is readily found in Europe not just in America.

      • kowaba says:

        Hi Timothy,
        Thanks for the compliment. If you don’t mind my asking, have you visited and/ or lived in Europe too?

        To Everyone:

        As for Sergi’s response:
        He’s trying to make all of us who are calling him out look like we’re the bad guys and he is some good white person and should be listened to because of this. Just because someone is suggesting that they are not psychologically disarming you doesn’t mean that they aren’t.

        4) Saying I should give him the benefit of the doubt. Many white people have pulled this trick on me in the past. And I don’t fall for that sh*t anymore. Do white people give us, black people the benefit of the doubt? Hell no. They shoot us first. Then they make claims that they were threatened. This is why whenever we do anything right or good they are always so surprised because they never give us the benefit of the doubt.

        5) Attempting to show some connection to his plight and the struggle of black people. Again claiming that being Catalonian was so oppressed and that he is empathetic to black people’s plight, well, guess what? I’m not buying it. Too many white and non-black people have made this statement to me and they always show their true colors in the end. Sergi here can go anywhere and he would be treated like a white person. We know he can go to Brazil and be a white Brazilian and wouldn’t have to worry about oppression. Black people aren’t afforded that escape. Black people are given hell 24/7 365 days all the time by everyone.

        6) Examples of free education for all and other services. If there is a service to all it doesn’t mean that everyone is getting the same quality service or resources. In the States, we have compulsory education. Black people are still being miseducated. The law states that every child is entitled to a free and appropriate education. The real question: is it a free and appropriate education according to whom? Who is making this judgment of what education is appropriate for black children?

        7) Multiculturalism. He’s saying all of these things about how we are all one. Similar to there is one race the human race. Although this is idealistic, it’s not reality.

        8) Mixing truth with lies. .

        9) Using confused black people’s testimony as evidence that everything is great there

        10) Paternalism (pictures with a white person mentoring a black child)

        Just wanted to share my perspective on what’s going down here.

        • Timothy says:


          Hello Sister.

          No, I have not traveled into Europe before. I have not lived in Europe.

          In the States, we (who are black Americans) get educated so much on European history and culture in the school system, that we know all about Beowulf, Shakepeare, the various Kings, Charlemagne, WWII, and the whole nine yards.

          Some black people in the USA don’t know that much about black history (I mean real black history) in America until we get into college (or we get it from our relatives, friends, etc.).

          Yes, black people suffer racism throughout the four corners of the Earth. There is oppression found in Brazil against Afro-Brazilians and I have done some research about Afro-Turkish people as well.

          Many non-blacks do have a mentality of paternalism in the sense of believing that black people must follow their lead instead of us (as black people) follow our own leads independently. Black Wall Street has taught us that we are all we got literally.

          Many non-blacks never target the Arabic people, the Jewish people, the Indian people, etc. for advancing Utopian visions (because they know full well that they want to advance their own cultural interests and they reject anyone telling them what to do. They also abhor guilt trips placed upon them). We as black people are in a fight against racism/white supremacy. We will do all we can to reject distractions and focus on building up our communities.

        • Timothy says:


          Goodnight Sister

          You have an excellent amount of discernment.

      • Phazex says:

        @ Timothy:

        “Word.” Things said to defend white supremacy like, “whites are not a monolithic group of people either.”

        If the evils of white supremacy are brow-beating YOUR people, so to speak, why are you defending them? But I guess I have that sixth sense (common-sense) going on.

        Leaving this site smh…

        • Timothy says:


          We have to be uncompromising in opposing white supremacy completely. There are many slick people who want to defend white supremacy and you have listed great examples of the tactics people use in trying to sugarcoat the evils committed by the system of racism/white supremacy. With all of the events going around today, no one should defend the crimes of white society at all.

          We should never bow down to whiteness. We should love and honor our own black African heritage.

  18. To Everyone that Reads this Blog:

    This is the reason why I DO NOT allow whites on my site. They seek us out, invade our territories, usurp our ideas and plans, and try to disengage our learning and vibrational process. By now it should be crystal clear that these mutants NEVER have any good reason for being around us.

    Look at this with your 3rd EYE.

    They feed on us. That is the only reason why they INSIST on being around the very people they deem inferior.

    So why do we keep falling for their shit?

    Why don’t we just block them or IGNORE them and keep it moving?

    The very fact that we insist on relating to these Creatures of Destruction shows just how f-ed up we really are. A perfectly good post and discussion turned into MusikFest. Why? Because of our insatiable need for white validation and white love and white acceptance.

    Aren’t you tired now?

    When will this end?

    • Timothy says:


      I feel you Sister.

      We are the recipients of the most barbaric oppression throughout human history.

      We have unparalleled amounts of compassion and empathy for human beings. This is our strength that the racists abhor.

      There can be no co-existence with the system of white supremacy if we are to be free. Either we end the system of white supremacy or we aren’t free. It’s as simple as that.

      They deem us inferior, but they know that we aren’t. Our resiliency, our spiritual strength, our intelligence, our strength, and our courage proves that we are a strong people. No race of people survived the Maafa as greatly as we have. That is why more and more black people are waking up in my view. This is why some of them try to go into black forums which are dedicated to anti-racist activism.

      The lust for white validation is a great sickness. There is nothing wrong with our black minds, our black bodies, and our black souls. Now, I have been studying more about my culture and my history. When I do this, I do feel more of a sense of calm and purpose. When I listen to more African music, I do feel a more connection with my people globally. It is hypocritical for them to complain when we try to express our self-determination, but they are allowed by mainstream society to talk about their goals of ethnic solidarity and their own independence movements.

      In the final analysis, we have to keep our consciousness strong and our vibrations clear. The Creator always sends us tests and we just have to fulfill our obligations and keep on fighting evil. We are in the right side of history.

      Blackness is not only of God. GOD is BLACKNESS.

      • Phazex says:

        @ Timothy:

        I am of the same mind-set and observations as diaryofanegress,Wwhites DO have this sick need to “seek us out, wanting to always know what WE are doing.” Really, I care “less than nothing about the white populace,” I take only what I can use to benefit me/our race rom them.

        I KNOW how white supremacy works and yes, the day IS coming when “we will get it back.”

        Be well.

        • Timothy says:


          Good Afternoon Sister.

          Yet, it does seem that the more we ignore the enemy, the more that they want to follow us, stalk us, and see what we are up too. Their terrorist attack on Black Wall Street proves that they don’t want us to have our own. They just want to try control our minds, bodies, spirits, and souls. Therefore, we should live our lives and not be concerned with their perverted agenda. White people having a decreased population growth, etc. is a reality. We know about our glorious culture and we know what we need to do. One day, we will have our justice as black people.

          Peace and Blessings to You.

    • monique says:

      my first comment here. I agree 100% with your statement.

    • Sergi says:

      Dear Azizi,

      Do you feel better now? What’s wrong with some music and having a shared good time? Do you know what makes me feel better?

      That this little lovely girl has an uncle like my friend Eric, that loves her and cares for her so much. I feel better because I know she has a good future with their “mutant, creatures of destruction” family.

      I only post this because he published it public. You can easily find who I am because I liked the picture.

      • Timothy says:

        @ Sergi

        Why do you called Sister Diaryofanegress Azizi when that is not her name?

        That sounds odd. Also, you are showing a picture of a precious young black girl being raised by a non-black male when the issue is about one white male using a video to talk about the system of white supremacy.

        Since it is obvious that you don’t agree with the Sister. So, you can just leave her alone and not comment to her. You can just comment to others or comment in a solitary fashion.

        I know slick comments all of the time. You wrote about that this young girl will have a great future. Yet, a black girl can easily find a great future with a black strong family. In this generation, black people need more black unity and the building up of our own infrastructure (as black people).

        One thing that I do know about Sister Diaryofanegress is that she is a very honest person with great research on issues relevant to black people (like melanin, history, culture, etc.). She is a strong black woman and she wants white racism to end.

        • Phazex says:

          @ Timothy:

          All along, “he’s been suspect.” I wondered Why this young sista would not “find a great future with a BLACK, strong family as well. Just cannot leave us along, can they? smh…

          • Timothy says:

            @Sister Phazex,

            This young Sister does deserve to be educated about African culture and the beauty of blackness. We all pray for her to have a blessed life and for her to stand up against the system of white supremacy. That’s an important question that you have raised, because for a long time, the racists have used tactics to harm the black family (from the Maafa, various laws, false statistics, and TV propaganda). I have no problem with her being raised by a strong black family either. There has been many white people specifically seeking out to adopt black children. Yes, they hate us, but they want to follow us all of the time. At the end of the day, the growth of strong black families will improve the conditions in our community.

    • Timothy says:


      Keep on living your life Sister. Many Brothers and Sisters love your research and your views.

      Enjoy your Weekend and Bless You.

  19. reality_check says:

    @Trojan Pam- This is the best blog in my blogroll…HANDS DOWN!

    @Sergi- you can keep what you’re trying to sell us because no one that comes to this site is buying it. There is NOTHING a non-black person can tell black people about the black experience ANYWHERE, so stuff it!

    @diaryofanegress- I agree with you 100%! Black folk and our open door policy to white people is PART of the reason why we have not, can not and WILL NOT advance as a collective. We should learn by now that including them is counterproductive to our advancement. If anything, they almost always serve as distractors, distorters and deceivers. It’s one thing to keep their company so as to learn their ways/motivations to use this information for your own tactical strategies for advancement, but it is quite another to INCLUDE them in on the discussions surrounding your strategies. I think most black folks don’t understand this distinct difference. Giving them a seat at the table when you are strategizing is a recipe for your failure. In our 500 years with them we still haven’t learned this truth yet.

    Of the black conscious blogs that I follow, the whites that frequent the site never have anything of value to contribute. Absolutely nothing. I guess it’s a cost of having a public domain.

  20. Thank you to all for the kind words.

    @ reality check

    Oh yes, I’ve kept company with them for many years. Went to ( a white ) school with them too. That was indeed the biggest Mind Job in the history of Mind Jobs. Took me YEARS to recover. Then went to work with them. Damn near killed me.

    Now, I’m a recovering Whiteaholic.

    I now see them for what they are:

    Sexual Terrorists

    Never be fooled by their “good deeds.” There’s always an ulterior motive for their “niceness.” Like the secret hope that we’ll sex them/ give them babies to continue THEIR fading bloodlines. There’s a growing “movement” amongst those that can see their ugly truth. Those are the ones that are pleading with their own Mutant Family to “change their ways” and “get along with everyone.”

    Great. Good for them.

    The Great Spirit will decide their fate as SHE sees fit.

    The rest are dropping like flies partially due to our very powerful prayers and meditation sessions and the Wrath of Amun-Ra. If you ever feel the need to concentrate your power and take back this stolen planet from this 6 Ether Abyss of Hell, please do join in and meditate for it.

    • Timothy says:


      That link is very interesting.

      I’m not surprised at radiated milk sold in black neighborhoods. There are precedents for this. Centuries ago, white racists have used biological warfare against Native American tribes. The Tuskegee Experiment was about evil doctors gave black people syphilis for decades without the black people’s consent for decades. Many black people have died and suffer health complications including their children as a product of that evil experiment. Eugenics and forced sterilization existed all across America for decades. Therefore, environmental racism is real.

      This is why we have to fight for environmental justice. We need to embrace healthier food and one problem is that poorer communities readily don’t have access to healthier foods and some healthier, natural foods are expensive (as Big Agra and other lobbies make it a financial incentive to promote junk foods in poorer black communities nationwide).

      So, we have about this information and promote better health and we have to combat the system of racism/white supremacy. Many folks want the genocide of black people. Many Utopians want the world population to radically decline. Thank you for the link.

      • anonymous says:

        You’re welcome. There is so much information I have come across about experimentation done on us. I think it is a combination of genocide and population reduction too.

        • Mariama says:

          Hi everyone. What do you think about all these psychiatric illnesses that are affecting the population? Especially our black youth. ADHD, bipolar, defiant disoders, the list is endless. I have never witnessed anything like this. My daughter has been labeled as a child with ADHD and ADD. I noticed that so many black children have this “disorder.” I have never medicated her and will NEVER ever do so. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

          And regarding this Honky man, my first reaction was just like Pam’s: I hope that black people don’t roll out the red carpet for this new, “white anti-racism” hillbilly “activist.” I hate to say it but most would listen to him before they would give Neely Fuller credit. Honky would get the drum roll. Our people are really at a new low.

          • Timothy says:

            @Sister Mariama

            Hello Sister.

            There has been a massive increase of children, especially black children, being labeled as ADHD, bipolar, defiant disorders, etc. Many children with these diagnoses are disproportionately suspended from schools and many suffer an unfair stigma. This stigma can cause even more social problems for some (who have been classified with those disorders). We do know that there is an overdiagnosis over some kids with these disorders. The debate has been the degree of this over diagnosis. There is the debate on why the increase of diagnoses has occurred.

            There is a study that found was that high rates of ADHD diagnoses correlated closely with state laws that penalize schools when students fail (especially for kids near the poverty line). Nationally, this approach to education was enacted into law in 2001 with No Child Left Behind. We know the imperfections found in NCLB. Therefore, many social pressures in society readily allow many kids to be classified in certain behavior disorders even if those kids suffer anxiety, abuse, or other forms of issues. Back in the day, we didn’t have this explosion of diagnosis. Today, those with even minor symptoms of hyperactivity may be classified with a severe behavior disorder unfairly.

            The scapegoating of black kids, the unfair punishment sent to black boys and black girls in schools, and the system of white supremacy has oppressed us (and black youth). These factors should be addressed.

            Likewise, we should get credible information, learn from the experts, look at a variety of accurate studies, and continue to show love to our people. God is Love and when we show love for black people, we love our ourselves. Teachers, pediatricians, etc. should see the complexities of this issue.

            Caroline Miller’s article on Salon has great information on this issue too. Her article is entitled, “The truth about ADHD: Over-diagnosis linked to cause championed by Michelle Rhee.”

            We know that many kids have been falsely classified under these characterizations. There is a huge business industry that profit based on antidepressants. I’m not a Scientologist (I believe in medicine to help people, especially in extreme circumstances), but we should focus on counseling and therapy too. Likewise, a pill alone can never solve problems. We need a comprehensive approach that deals with medicine, counseling, a strong environment, love, and compassion. Too many people lack compassion in our world and the Golden Rule is an eternal principle that never fails. We have to look at a diversity of studies to find the truth and we have to instill in all black children a love for their own black African identity. There is nothing wrong with our black hair, our black skin, and our black souls. Black children learning about their history is a blessing.

            This is my take.

            Yes, God Bless your child too. 🙂

          • kowaba says:


            I think many of the psychiatric illnesses that are affecting our population is caused by the environment and foods. At work, I’m shocked by the number of black students who have allergies and asthma. The GMO foods and environmental pollutions can cause a lot of allergies. As for the diagnosis of ADHD and ADD, I believe that it is used as a way to target or label students who are “troublemakers”. I’m not saying that the students actually are, but these labels, like Timothy said, are related to how students are punished and scapegoated. In addition, these classifications can be used as excuses for teachers to place students in the Special Education classroom.

            I read somewhere that 50% of the students that are placed in Special Education don’t have a learning disability, so that stigma and the slow pacing of the material makes it difficult for students to get to college readiness. Even students who are not placed in Special Education have to go to remedial classes before being able to do college level work. There are videos on youtube where Umar Johnson talks about the labeling of ADHD. Here’s one of the videos below.

            • Timothy says:


              You have shown excellent points Sister.

              It is a serious problem where many black kids are falsely placed into Special Education status.

              We are in a war for our survival and that is why there has been an increase of black children being homeschooled by black parents and the growth of African-centered, independent schools that give black children a great education on their cultural heritage.

              Dr. Umar Johnson has talked about ADHD and ADD for a long time. I do agree with you that environmental factors including foods have a role to play in the growth of these behavior disorders. Healthier foods can be expensive and the poor don’t readily have access to healthy fruits and vegetables (including other foods).

              • kowaba says:

                @ Timothy

                Thank you! I liked your points on how we are in a war. Unfortunately, from what I have noticed many parents think that they can have their children go to a White school and get the same quality education as their child’s white peers. Nothing could be further from the truth.

                I’m also glad that our discussion on here is about black kids. Many times I’ve noticed too that research and debates claim that black girls are fine but the black boys are the only ones targeted. Self esteem is damaged, feelings of isolation and exclusion for both genders.

                Not only are students placed wrongly in special education classes, but it is nearly impossible to have a black child placed into a gifted program. Those spots are made for the white and Asians kids, that’s how the schools set it up. Best thing a parent can do, like you said, is get their kids out of the schools and home school or have them go to an African centered school. The choices that the white supremacists give are two bad choices to positioned us to stay subjugated to them.

                I will be sure to check out the Caroline Miller article you mentioned. Thank you for that. I’m in the middle of reading a book called Divided We Fail by Sarah Garland where they talk about a black community taking back their public school. It’s always great to have these discussions on here. Thanks for your response.

                Have a great week!

            • Mariama says:


              I agree with you. I followed Dr. Umar Johnson for some time and have found his information very valuable. I still refuse to completely “claim” the ADHD label for my child. From birth she has always been hyper and active. Now that I have put her in a new school, she is an “A” student. She has always be in the general classroom, but she has special accommodations. She is now doing so much better. While we were in transition, and I was looking to put her in private school, I made it clear that I would not put her on any medication. Most of the children labeled as ADHD/ADD were on meds. I am talking 95%. Most/all the children were black. Go figure. This came out of the mouth of the vice-principal of one private school. I just could not believe it. Those meds can be truly damaging to the development of children. What it is, is that my child needs to be stimulated and she often complained that her former school was boring. Now that she is in a new environment, she is really being challenged.

              Kowaba, I also am starting to see that these so-called illnesses are more than likely from most of the processed and chemicalized foods. I am in the process of changing my diet. And it is also interesting that some of my family (west africans) who live in the States have horrible allergies. They did not have this problem at all back home. So, like you, I am beginning to see that the American environment is toxic on so many levels. Thank you for your insight!

              • Sergi says:


                I don’t know if this will be published, but just in case, I wanted to say that there’s been some studies lately that say that some children labeled as ADHD/ADD lack omega-3 and omega-6 due to diets poor on this fatty acids and that they can improve a lot just changing what they eat.

                As omega-3 is easily found on lots of fishes, there’s no need to buy expensive diet supplements, it’s way better if the children can eat sardines, even canned ones are great for them. Also wild salmon or even tuna ,but bigger fish means more unwanted chemicals.

                I’m not a doctor nor a dietician but my daughter is also hyper and I don’t want to medicate her. Please, do your research with people that knows more than me about this, but omega-3 is good for all kind of things related to our brain.


              • Mariama says:


                Thank you for that info. I cant do this because my daughter is allergic to seafood. I absolutely love fish. I am in the process of changing both our diets. Instead of buying bagged frozen foods, I am making them fresh. It is a process, and children notice these things. It is a conditioning that I am gradually trying to break. While I love eating healthy (fruits and vegetables), I am trying to wean myself off of some of the fast foods that I have acquired a taste for. Have a blessed day!

              • kowaba says:


                Thank you for your response. I’m so glad that you got your daughter out of that school. Black people have so much untapped potential; It’s not even funny. The environment has made it hard for many of us to see this though.

                Many times when students are gifted and they are not being challenged they will exhibit symptoms of ADD or sometime even have behavioral issues because of being bored and frustrated with the material. For instance, my older brother was gifted and was in the 99th percentile for the standardized tests throughout his elementary school years. He started to get frustrated and disruptive in middle school. My mother didn’t know at the time that he met the standards for gifted even in elementary school because the school claimed that they would test him for gifted, if necessary and of course they never did. She finally found out that he was eligible after asking several parents because no one would tell her the truth. The other children in the gifted classes didn’t have the IQ tests or achieved the high percentile on the standardized tests. They were let in because the system supports them. He ended up being placed in gifted in high school. Many times we wait for the school and they are just biding their time until the student graduates. And then the students suffers.

                As for myself, when I was in school, I was labeled with ADD. If you met me, you would not think I have ADD and to this day I don’t think I do. My fourth grade teacher had it out for me. I would always come to school tired, so assuming the worse as I’m a black person, she said I was being disruptive to the class. Several times growing up, when I mentioned to students that I had ADD, they didn’t believe me because I always paid attention. I did get accommodations because of my label though. And I’d have to go spend my time to get IQ tests administered because the school kept trying to place me in the special education class. Also, when I went to the nurse, in fourth grade, the nurse tried to have me take Ritalin (without my parents’ consent or knowledge). I refused her and told my mother. What the nurse did is illegal! The nurse is not a doctor. But this is what we are up against. It’s sad what the vice principal told you, but it is not surprising. White people don’t play.

                Many people don’t take into account that there are people of all different natures. From those people who are introverted to those who are extroverted. Naturally I’m an anxious, high strung person. I’ve had to work hard to manage my stress. High energy and low energy are also traits that some people just have as well as being calm and even keel. Since it is your daughter’s nature to have high energy, does she do sports or exercise to burn off that extra energy? Exercise in itself is great for cognitive functioning. Meditation would help her with focus and concentration as well. My younger brother and mother have high energy and don’t have to sleep much (5 hours tops and they are good to go). For me I feel exhausted with just 6 or 7. I usually feel rested with 9 or 10.

                Anyway, what helped regulate my younger brother’s energy and focus was removing all artificial additives and food coloring. I know people who physically get sick from red 40. Your daughter might also be having an allergic reaction to yellow 5. Here’s a blog article about one parent’s findings: http://www.allergykids.com/blog/seeing-red/

                The food in the States is terrible; that’s why other countries don’t want to trade with us. The GMO seeds can contaminate other non-GMO seeds and there is no way to go back to non-GMO once contaminated.

                You mentioned that your daughter is allergic to seafood. Below you will find two links to alternatives for omega 3 fatty acids.



                I hope this information is helpful and/or useful to your situation. Good luck to your daughter in her studies.

                Have a wonderful week, Mariama!

              • Mariama says:


                Thank you! I really appreciate the time that you took to send me this info. Your parents should have sued the heck out that school!! That was a complete violation. I hope that you were never medicated. I would die before I put my child on medication. I refuse to experiment with her young and developing brain. Now I am starting to wonder if ADD and ADHD is another man made disaster/ illness. It has to be in the food. I am researching different things right now. Thsi may be another way to just kill us. I am meeting soooooo many people who have ADHD.

                I am really trying to improve and better my diet, and of course, my daughter’s. It is not alwasy easy, but, I am really trying. I have a sweet tooth and I am trying to limit my sugar intake. There is so much info out here. I wish you a blessed week also Kowaba!

            • Timothy says:


              Hello Sister,

              You’re Welcome.

              You have made excellent points as well. Yes, we are at war when we see black men being killed by the police and when we see black women being harmed as well. The children represent the future. Racists view black kids as the enemy via their false anti-black biases. Any quality educational institution ought to give any child the truth about their human value and inspiration for them to carry onward.

              Black kids especially should not be shamed or blamed for the overall system of oppression. They need strong resources, compassion, and the necessary resources just like anyone else. You’re so right to mention that many black children are restricted from getting involved in gifted programs. In many schools, most white and Asian kids are in such programs (except in limited exceptions). We invented learning literally. Our ancestors, as black people, were the first teachers and the first scholars. Therefore, I have no issue with homeschooling and African centered education. We know many stories about how black students have grown their confidence and their self-esteem as a product of them experiencing an African-centered education (which deals with learning different languages, learning black history, learning black culture, and learning about community development). Community growth is part of our cultural ethos. Many schools have been funded by corporate foundation dollars. Many teachers and students reject the high tasks testing regime as well.

              I haven’t heard of the book, Divided We Fail by Sarah Garland until now. I’m glad that you’re reading that book since reading is cool and we are still fighting for our rightful justice. How much we care for black children signifies how we care for us as black people collectively. There has been the massive growth of black families homeschooling their children. We have to reject distractions, advance Black unity, and stand up for our human rights.

          • Timothy says:


            Thank you Sister Mariama for your information on the Freddie Gray case. The cops in modern day society will readily receive the benefit of the doubt by the establishment. That is the way it is among Western society. So, it is very immoral for the cops involved in the death of Gray to be only be suspended without pay. Yet, I’m not surprised by this erroneous action. Gray, before he died, was obviously in a lot of pain. Why wasn’t he placed into a hospital immediately? He was with the police for over 30 minutes before he was carried into the hospital. Witnesses said that Gray was yelling for medical attention, because video footage shows him in pain. My grandmother (and other relatives) live in Baltimore, so you are a Baltimore resident like my grandmother. She is almost 100 years old. My relatives on my father side live for a very long time genetically. That is why I want to live to be a 100. Yes, police brutality is an epidemic in American society. Unarmed, non-threatening black people never deserve to be murdered or abused at all. The slander against the protesters in Baltimore is similar to how the racists slandered the protesters in Ferguson & NYC. In my spirit, I might research more about NYC in the near future. The people who want justice in Baltimore certainly are right. It is obvious that we’re under attack. My lesson to tell your daughter in nicer terms is that there are good people in the world and bad people (and that the good people want to help others, so the bad people can be stopped). Also, you can tell your daughter that Black is Beautiful and her being black is a blessing from the Creator.

            Bless your daughter.

            Have a Great Weekend Sister.

            • Mariama says:


              Thank you! I have a question for you. I was talking to a friend yesterday and we were discussing the Freddie Gray case. She mentioned that there are so many police officers who are Masons. She believes that there is an underground culture in that occultic society in which blacks are being used as ritualistic sacrifices. This would probably explain why they are able to murder us with impunity. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Have a blessed day!

              • Timothy says:

                @Sister Mariama.

                You’re Welcome.

                My response is that your friend is on to something. Freemasons are found not only in the police forces, but throughout local, state, and federal governments. Freemasons act as conduits of the establishment. Many Masons pay dues, they are involved in rituals where they swear death oaths, and some drink wine out of a human skull in some of their high level rituals (according to Ed Decker and others). Freemasons like Albert Pike explicitly wrote that deceptions are shown in the lower degrees. So, Freemasonry is a group that I don’t personally condone or support. Even in my youth, I knew that such groups are of God. Now, the group Fraternal Order of the Police has blatant similarities to Freemasonry. The FOP has rituals, oaths, and they exist in Lodges. The system of white supremacy and many unjust laws are used by crooked cops to kill black people with impunity. We do know that the Bohemian Grove have rituals. We know of sick cults who have perverted rituals in harming human beings too. I wouldn’t be surprised if such secret rituals take place as white racists are parasitic and have an intense jealously of our melanin and our blackness.

              • Mariama says:


                I apologize for the very late response. It has been a busy week. I appreciate your response and I understand everything that you mentioned. I was completely naive to all of this until last year. I researched a little and it just blew my mind. I am starting to believe that these killings maybe done to fulfill some kind of sick, twisted ritual. Sort of like some rite of passage in a cult. Sadly, black folks are becoming a part of this too. Just take a look at the entertainment industry. I have been looking at videos of the riot and much of it looks so scripted to me. I do believe that there is genuine anger and “rioting.” But I also believe that there are agents put there to provoke and take the focus off of the real issue: POLICE BRUTALITY.

              • Courtney H. says:

                @ Mariama:

                I agree with Timothy*s statement. I wouldn*t past it the police to be involved in the Masons and other secret societies. All secret societies use some kind of ritualistic sacrifice or another.

              • Mariama says:


                I apoligize for the late response. It has been a hectic week. When I started learning about what these so-called Masonic cults were doing, I was really shocked. I just could not believe what kind of rituals they had to engage in. I have just stopped believing in most of what appears to be successul now. I just dont trust any of it. For a while, I thought that these ritualistic cults were limited to the entertainment industry and religious sects, but when I found out that even politicians and other areas of government are also involved, I was just blown away. I would not be surprised if Mr. Gray’s death was to fulfill some kind of twisted Masonic sacrifice. His death is truly tragic.

              • Timothy says:

                @Sister Mariama

                I made a typo. I meant to write that: “…Even in my youth, I knew that such groups are not of God.”

                Thank you for your words again Sister.

              • Courtney H. says:

                @ Mariama:

                Do not worry about the late response. Life gets really busy for us at times. However, I do appreciate your response. I agree that in this evil world that we live in, the occult is everywhere, not just in the entertainment industry, but in politics, religion, law enforcement, education, etc. I agree that we need to be skeptical of what we see in the media. A college classmate once told me, **Don*t believe anything you here, and only believe half of what you see.** That is becoming more and more true of these times that we live in.

              • Timothy says:

                Hello Sister Mariama

                Thank you for your response. During many riots, agents provocateurs abound. The real issue is how the system of white supremacy via police brutality and other actions has harmed our communities. Many black males and black females have died as a product of police terrorism. We are in a state of emergency and we need each other more than ever as black people.
                Our solutions should be strategic and comprehensive. Thank you for your words Sister.

              • Mariama says:


                You are welcome as always. We are all that we have got. From a collective standpoint, we dont have any friends. We have got to learn to support and help each other. But, with that said, not all skin folk are kin folk. That has been a tough pill for me to swallow, but with recent events and ones in the past, it is very important for like-minded people like ourselves to always encourage and uplift each other.

  21. Ms. J says:

    Interesting video. This reminds me of a recent COWS program where a white female (I believe she’s called “Princeton Mom”) talked about white fear black retaliation against racism. Gus didn’t seem to believe her, and while I think that may be one factor, I am kind of iffy about that.

    It seems to me that what whites actually fear is black people having the best quality of life we can without any of their input. Any time we have tried to establish our own institutions, say and act like we love ourselves, and want to know more about their condition, they get frightened by that.

    Racism requires always worrying about the people who you oppress. If you notice with the SAE fraternity nonsense, it was a space full of white guys chanting about none other than black people (like always). It’s like if you see us as the scum of the Earth, why do you constantly think about us? Why not let us be? Joe Feagin talked about this in his book “Fronstage, Backstage Racism”. Some white college students admitted that when around their families, black people would always come out in joking conversations out of the blue.

    Like Trojan Pam has said in some former podcasts, I really feel like they don’t want that day to come around when they’ll be the last concern on our minds at all. Even though we are oppressed now, they really need us more than we need them. That’s why whites have to colonize everyone else. All the other parts of the world had resources and people generally lived much peaceful than they do now. No wonder they have this concern about redistribution of everything. Equality is foreign to the RWS on an individual and collective level.

    May we all find a way out of this mess.

    • Alicia says:

      bingo. that’s what I have been thinking in terms of this topic. we are always on their minds. It’s awkward and scary.

  22. Alicia says:

    I disagree. Some people and groups of people just prefer to live and be HATEFUL, cruel and MEAN to others. I will never understand it but it’s how it is.

    I also find it offensive to say “whites are scared”. I’m scared of whites. it’s them who are CONSTANTLY attacking us.

    • Rob says:

      I think sadism is a central element of white supremacy. One of the main reasons white people oppress, deceive, exploit, mock, humiliate, terrorise and murder us, is because they enjoy it. They enjoy seeing us suffer. Our pain is their pleasure.

      • Timothy says:

        @Brother Rob

        I was reading literature about this issue. The terrorism, the environmental damage, the imperialism, the disregard of human life certainly make white racists by definition as sadists. Sadism is demonic and it is evil for some to feed off the suffering of others. We have every right to speak truth to power and fight against evil.

        • Alicia says:

          interesting post. I have to bring this up now that many Africans are immigrating to the US. Ever notice how the white media focuses on supposed wide spread suffering in Africa? It’s like they LOVE it. Meanwhile, India has a higher starvation and child malnutrition rate than many african nations combined. Many asian nations are DIRT poor but we never hear about them via us media or european media ( bbc news or others). There’s a deliberate focus by the white media to bring you all the most wretched images and stories when it comes to the African continent as if they ENJOY thinking of us suffering.

          Meanwhile, I have all sorts of people like Japanese, Indians and others telling me how happy Africans are when they visit and how beautiful the countries are..

          Be careful of the mainstream media and how it seeks to poison the mind.

          • Timothy says:

            @Sister Alicia

            You are right that the mainstream media readily slanders Africa all of the time.

            It is a fact that Africa is filled with modern technology, urban centers, and other positive aspects of society.

            Africa has problems (like the missing girls in Nigeria. We want the missing girls to return back to their homes) just like every nation on Earth. We should realize that Africa is a beautiful place.

      • Alicia says:

        You might be right Rob. It’s not just white people who can be cruel, but in terms of the system of racism and how they often ( not always, but often) can be cruel, menacing, evil towards blacks), it certaintly does appear they enjoy their behavior. My mother used to often say when I’d be hurt by racist behavior that “racist whites are not walking around feeling bad about how they behave” and that they “like how they are” so that we must always still attempt to keep ourselves happy as black people and mind clear of their hatred.

        Like any bully or cruel person, or group, they enjoy watching people hurt. That fact has always been scary to me.

        • kowaba says:

          To Everyone:

          If you have the time, please check out this video about racist memorabilia. After viewing it, I believe that white people do enjoy abusing and mistreating black people.

          • Timothy says:

            @Sister Kowaba,

            I will definitely check out the video Sister. Yes, the enemy has not changed its agenda after all of these years and centuries.

            We should be wise to their designs and act more unified as one people. It is not a secret that white racists love to abuse and mistreat black people. They have had lynching parties where white men, white women, and white children would celebrate the brutal murder and lynching of black people. That action is totally demonic and evil.

            This is why we want the system of racism/white supremacy to be gone.

          • Alicia says:

            Yikes! Thanks Kawabata for that video. Very informative. That’s the same segregation as was in South Africa. Sick!

          • Alicia says:

            I guess we whom are in our 30s and below should feel blessed that we didn’t have to live in those times. Almost brings a tear to my eyes to think of how it must have been dehumanizing to experience that sort of racism and constant racial segregation. You couldn’t just be a human being, but were a constant “object”, a constant “other” in your own nation. So sad.

            Human cruelty I tell ya…. sigh 😦

          • Timothy says:

            @Sister Kowaba,

            The New Jim Crow Museum certainly show the evils that white people have done to black people. This bigotry has not ended in the 1960’s. It continues today. I read one story of white people singing a rap song about lynching black people recently. There has been massive police killings of unarmed, non-threatening black men, black women, and black children today in our generation. Jim Crow segregation was brutal, oppressive, and evil. The same caricatures from back then exist today with cultural appropriation (as shown by many white artists). The narrator of the video was comprehensive in describing how brutal Jim Crow was. Some people need to realize that oppression against black people continues today. Jim Crow was filled with violence, classism, and racism. We, as black people, want our freedom and liberation without exception. The end of the video showed the names of courageous people who fought back against white supremacy (including Jim Crow). We have to remember the names of many Brothers and Sisters who stood up for the human rights of black people.

            Thank you Sister for showing the video as black people need to watch it.

          • Courtney H. says:

            @ Kowaba:

            Thank you so much for posting this video! It is very informative!

    • Phazex says:

      @ Alicia:

      I agree with you on that. Especially when there is a situation where there may be many of them only you. Long story short, I was in a shopping plaza buying a gift for one of my sisters. There were about five or six people at the counter waiting to be served.

      I was the first person there, yet when the sales associate asked, “can I help the next person?” She looked DIRECTLY at the white female like she had some kind of mental telepathy or something going on. I simply spoke up and said, “I’m next, she’s behind me.” When the sales associate and the white female looked at me, “I was not smiling.” But I had my game face on letting them know we can do this the right way or no way at all. Your choice. The white female faded from view. Then, the sales associate put my change on the counter and looked back at her register. When she looked up, I was STILL standing there. She gave me a quizzical look and I stated, “I am still waiting for you to put my change in my hand.” Then she said, “I beg your pardon? I put your change on the counter.” I told her that I didn’t pay for my merchandise by putting money on the counter, now put it in my HAND or call your manager.

      Guess she thought it out for she put the money in my hand. I did not thank her, I put my money in my purse and walked away. I made a mental note to find out how many blacks in management worked there.

  23. Trojan Pam says:

    @ ALL

    Due to the distracting and disruptive presence, I have deleted Sergi’s last comments.

    It has been my policy from day one that anyone could post a comment on my blog as long as it wasn’t profane or abusive but I have received several emails from people who feel his presence is counter-productive

    The purpose of this blog is to encourage dialogue and solutions for the victims of white supremacy and that has to take priority over an “open policy.”

    I appreciate all who have contacted me and hope they will continue to do so in the future if they have any concerns or suggestions.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Trojan Pam.

      I will certainly continue to discuss about issues relating to finding solutions as it pertains to opposing the evil system of racism/white supremacy.

    • monique says:

      @trojan pam

      Thank you for deleting serge. This is one of my favorite blogs and i hate to see it ruined by white agents or interlopers.

    • kowaba says:

      Thank you Trojan Pam for removing his post. He was indeed becoming a distraction.

      Also, I posted a comment to Mariama and it is still saying comment under moderation ( I posted it on April 13). Thank you for making this a great place for discussion.

  24. Alicia says:

    I still find the idea of whites being “scared” of blacks to be laughable. Maybe I could have accepted it back when I was 10 or 12 years old, but now in my mid 30’s I find it to be extremely laughable. Who is attacking and wanting to down whom? fear? more like a cruel disposition, a strange hatred and want to malign a whole group based on their/our skin color and features.

    There have been times when I’m around whites like at the job or in a mall and it’s like this sick obsession. I and other blacks are minding our business, living our lives, while they focus on us with evil thoughts and behavior. They’re supposedly uncomfortable with our existence so act out, constantly stare and throw hatred.

    fear of us? oh no, I’m fearful of them and have learned not to try to be under them at all. As a black woman especially, I have found their mind is full of wishes to MALIGN, spread hatred and sow seeds of evilness anywhere they can.

    I think black people are scared of whites and we have reason to be.

    • Ms. J says:

      This!!!! I cosign this completely. Sometimes there will be white folks who will be openly polite, but you can STILL feel that deep-seated hostility they have towards you that you don’t have towards them. The misery of having to despise and dislike other people does seem fun to them. It’s really tragic. People like shouldn’t be the standard of anything.

  25. Alicia says:

    TrojanPam, you made an excellent post above that I’m unable to directly reply to. It was about the non-black groups as well as whites who want to keep us asleep. I don’t wear weaves or wigs but it boggles my mind how so many can patronize those shops. I hate two different Korean women say some shady crap to me as well. The nail places also, they give major attitude. One Korean woman said to me while I was in a hair shop and asked about the wigs ( even though I had no plans to buy it), she said to me in this talk down manner “I don’t have to wear wigs”. I think they look down on us, moreover it’s WEIRD period how they always run black hair shops. our hair is so daggone unique. I feel akward whenever I go into a hair shop and see the Koreans running it and taking our money and heck, it’s been like 20+ years of me doing that. it still feels ‘off’ to me each and every time.

    While some of my best experiences have been with Asians and Hispanics I often wonder when they seem to not understand racism if they are acting ignorant because they like it or because they can’t relate because they are not having those same experiences with whites. We all know for sure that they are seeing what goes on.

    • Shanequa says:

      @ Alicia
      The only time when other non black ethic groups relate to us is when they feel like the benefits BLACK Africans fought for will help their race advice other then that they don’t care for us. I have heard Asians & non- BLACK Hispanics women think they are better then BLACK African women when being desired by men especially black men. I have heard non- BLACK Hispanics stated they do not like when Black Africans compare their struggle to theirs. Furthermore when Asians & non BLACK Hispanics is not the group that is being bullied by Europeans they will side with the bully. Even in prison I have heard by black male inmates that the non BLACK Hispanic side with the Europeans. In the words of Dr. Henry Clark “We have NO friends.” When I go into the nail shop since my hair is natural or sometimes braided the Asian women love touching my hair. Also they be in their laughing & talking about black women at the same time. One time my sister mention to me when she went into the natural shop that this Asian lady who was doing her nails laugh at a loud friendly black woman coming in who was dress inappropriate. The Asian lady told my sister to turn around to look at the loud black woman so my sister could join in on the laugh but she didn’t laugh.

  26. Alicia says:

    I’ve gotten my nails done like 3 times and all 3 I didn’t like the vibe ( so I prefer to do my own nails now, also feel it’s more hygienic). Either there was outright shadiness I noted from the Asian women in the shop or I didn’t like how they talked in their own language and it felt like they were talking and being smartaleks about something I had asked ie me. Usually our instincts are right.

    I like to take care of my own hair so wigs and weaves are out for me. Why that’s such big business for black women is beyond me. It’s so weird having black women talk about buying Brazilian hair or Malaysian hair from Korean store owners. sounds weird, looks weird, feels weird, IS weird. I have had some very good experience with East Asians, but not the same type (ethnic group) that tends to run stores in black communities.

    Strangely enough, I used to have really good experiences with different latino groups during different periods of my life while growing up. Dated a latino guy (heck it was a latina that hooked us up), got no attitude from the women at all. however, different groups are different. Funny how white supremacy is what causes the “divide” often between groups, even non-white groups.

    I think not all non-white groups are “hateful’ per se however are scared to be aligned or grouped with blacks because they know Whites in general want to down and malign and hate on blacks. I had about 3 different Asian guys in college who were always friendly with me UNLESS they were around a white person.

    I had a Chinese manager in a computer lab always hire me for seasonal work until one of the white managers said something (you know attitude, vibe certain terms which make you know he hates blacks). Since that time he acted scared to be nice to me and scared to re-hire me.

    This man used to be so nice. Everytime I’d call he’d be super nice and liked me alot, until the white guy at his job began “hating”.

    • reality_check says:

      That’s how white supremacy works. In order for the supremacy to continue, EVERYONE must be on board with advancing it. This is why blacks cannot find any allies in other ethnic communities because they are all working for their own collective “advancement” within the system of white supremacy. To do this, they must get on board with ensuring blacks remain oppressed, lest they run the risk of being an underclass.

      Blacks (especially black Americans) have solidified ourselves as a permanent underclass. As I have said before, we have squandered any alliances and goodwill we built coming off the heels of the Civil Rights Movement by our failure to strengthen our numbers by STRATEGICALLY aligning ourselves with other racial/ethnic groups to fight AGAINST white supremacy. In order for this to occur, we would have to adopt a mindset of RECIPROCITY, and REJECT the “open door” policy I spoke of earlier. Blacks, by large, do not embrace the idea of reciprocity- meaning I scratch your back, you scratch mine. Blacks will support any and everyone, rally their causes, share our gains with them, build their empires at our expense, all the while those people give us NOTHING in return. As a matter of fact, once we pull them up, they usually turn around and kick us in the teeth.

      Don’t believe me? Just pay attention to that talking clown Al Sharpton next time you get a chance. Almost every time that clown gets on t.v. he’s talking about “black and brown” this and “Black and Latino” that, as if there is an alliance between us and them. I am here to tell you all: THERE IS NO BLACK/BROWN ALLIANCE! Hispanics and Latinos DO NOT include black folks in on their agenda, so why should we? This is case in point.

      I”ve been thinking about the children of Africa and how we are going to survive out here in the new order. We have all been so psychologically and spiritually damaged, that I”m not sure if we can be repaired. I haven’t lost faith yet, but talk to me in another 15-20 years and see where I stand. 🙂

      • Shanequa says:

        @ reality_check
        I agree with your statement we have NO alliance. If BLACK Americans think Latino’s are I friends think again they need to read history of racism In South American & other Latin countries toward BLACK Afro Latino’s. When the Mestizo represent & building for their race they are not including Afro Latino’s only the Mestizo’s.

        • Phazex says:

          @ Shanequa:

          I agree with both reality_check and your opinion. Blacks have NEVER held an alliance with Hispanics. If anything, it has always been a pseudo-alliance. Even during the civil rights era of the 1960”s, Hispanics only “rode the coat-tails of black people” because they, too, wanted social justice as well as a name change. Hispanics came on board during the time of Civil Rights calling themselves, “Chicano.” Through the years Hispanics have also been called Mexican-American and Latino. Hispanics are about promoting and advocating themselves which is what WE as Blacks should be doing. Though I was not of the 1960’s epoch, through oral histories, my own research, etc. black people held the mantra, “We shall Overcome” whereas when we began to see the influx of Hispanics (especially the border states) the mantra was “We shall Overrun.”
          In 1995, Proposition 187 passed in the state of California. The very next day? This measure wound up in federal court because “supporting” individuals deemed it unconstitutional. Changing horses in the middle of the stream, the Governor at that time decided against appealing it. Since then California has had assembly and senate bills such as SB-540, AB130 and AB131. ALL HAVE PASSED. And no surprise, with Hispanic politician backing. What does this state about politicians and a “guvment” that panders to people that are not/were not even LEGAL? Politicians that do not look to the interests of its legal citizens FIRST? Do the math. At the end of the day? Politicians are only interested in WHO can line their pockets and help them “with the numbers.” The biggest supporters of Proposition 187 were TEACHERS. Large numbers of students ensured that teachers kept jobs and that pupil-related services kept jobs also. Today, schools are in an upheaval as I referenced in a previous post. The schools that are being built now? Are mostly being built for the off-spring of illegal aliens. What are the black politicians doing about this? *Crickets.*

          Regarding hair, today the climate has once again changed. Referencing hair and nail shops, yes Asians have the monopoly on this. Hair care used to be OVER A BILLION DOLLAR business for blacks annually and now nail care is following closely behind. I would not be speaking on this if I did not personally know hair care professionals in the industry that TEACH hair and nail care and they have also spoken to me about this continual growing problem. Many of their students, they report, are black with growing numbers of Hispanic students. The problem is that many of the students do learn hair care, but less than 1% invest their time in pursuing entrepreneurship, etc. They are given a curriculum to follow and the rest lies in their pursuing pursuing Cosmetology post graduation. Many of the very same products that blacks used in yester-year are now being sold to them by Asians (with pricing bumped up) including THEIR name changes on the product! One black male that I know LEAVES the United States twice annually and goes to Asian and Indian countries to buy hair whole-sale as well as jewelry. In the United States, none of them (Asians) would sell product to this brotha so “Muhammad went to the mountain.” For reasons that are understood only by its users, (and that is okay), Asians are making a KILLING selling synthetic to human hair. As one Instructor shared with me, “they (Asians) pack it in the ‘hood come daylight and the SUV is packed and ready to go by late afternoon.” I guess it would be safe to state that in the few black communities that we now see “that the black dollar spends 24 hours or less:. There should be a continual PUSH for students to learn how to own and operate businesses, not treat your craft like “catch as catch can” in doing hair and nails. I will stop here because I would end up writing a Dissertation. We HAVE to be “better than the world has taught many to be.

          And the band played on…

          • Alicia says:

            Hispanics and Asians generally are democrats and support equal rights/diversity/inclusion programs. While as a community and as individuals, they are out for themselves, we do have some general interests so occasionally forming alliances is a good thing ( however, not with blinders on, we need to take off the rose-colored glasses in terms of how they want to relate to us).

            One thing they are doing is looking out for themselves and putting their own interests above anything else. In addition, they are sticking together. We need to do the same x 100 since we are under attack.

            • Courtney H. says:

              @ Alicia:

              I agree!

            • Timothy says:


              I do agree with you that we should be sticking together in a higher level. One reason why the Chinese economy grew so fast in recent years is because they or the Chinese people kept sending their children into Western universities and came back into China to build up their economy. They stuck together. Therefore, we, as black people, should advance policies that benefit us as a people. Black Unity is a necessity for our survival literally. You’re correct to mention that self-hatred is a serious problem in our community. Some black people view any black person as inferior and that is just wrong. One of the greatest professors that I had in my life was a black African professor who taught me about economics. I’ve learn so much about economy from this man. Therefore, we should set up businesses and other infrastructure. Also, we have to address poverty. We can’t be free for real unless we fight back against poverty including income inequality. Black people deserve total freedom and total liberation. We are overtly being under attack by racism/white supremacy. Following our own interests is just common sense.

          • Courtney H. says:

            @ Phazex:

            Thank you so much for your information about this topic! You have really opened my eyes, and so have reality_check and Shanequa. I greatly appreciate it.! 🙂

          • Shanequa says:

            @ Phazex
            Thanks for the information.

        • Alicia says:

          I honestly believe each person and each group is out for themselves. I also think that ous history as black people and the oppression we’ve faced is what causes many of us to view things like alliances through rose colored glasses. Many non-whites do agree in the basic principles that we fight for. like against white supremacy, against glass ceilings and for equality. The problem is that because of our history, we are not thinking and looking out for ourselves the way other groups are really looking out for their best interests.

          Too many blacks are not thinking ” we can ally with this group to benefit us”, they are thinking “this group likes us and is down with us and so forth”. The problem is self-hate, which for so many years has been taught. the same reason why up until recently and even recently in some places, being mixed is considered better than being regular ole black.

  27. reality_check says:

    This is exactly why the world does not respect black people. We are the only group of people that allows others to come in and commandeer our resources, set up businesses in our communities without contributing to that community, and support other outside interests at our expense. This creates a mockery of our people and this why black folks are currently the asses of the planet.

    Black people (especially women) are single-handedly enriching Koreans and other Asians via beauty supply shops, nail salons, spas, etc. All the while they are talking about you like a dog in their native tongue as you sit there getting your nails “did” in blissful ignorance. It’s a disgrace. What we fail to realize is that we can change all this OVERNIGHT. If black folks would go one week without patronizing these establishments, their empires would collapse! Same goes for those filthy stores run by Arabs in the inner cities.

    I wish our people understood how life really works. We blacks have so much untapped POWER that it really truly heartbreaking that we are too ignorant/uneducated/uninterested/sanctified/misled/distracted/ASLEEP to realize it. Every other group realizes this potential power. This is why they spend considerable effort in keeping us down.

    • Courtney H. says:

      @ reality_check:

      A very harsh truth, well-spoken.

    • Phazex says:

      @ reality_check:

      “Tell it like it T.I.Is!” I DID watch a movie several years ago that was out called, “School Daze” and the only thing that I can recall about the pivoting point of the movie was when Lawrence Fishburne said, “wake up everybody! Please?”

      If that was not a wake-up call, then Spirit help us.

    • Timothy says:


      Those words are accurate and we as black people must wake up and form more collective power as every other ethnic group does. We can’t be free unless we unite, fight evil, and build. Nothing is grown unless we build.

    • Alicia says:

      Interesting you write that…because I was just thinking that exact same thing. If blacks were to smarten up and stop patronizing those shops, they would go out of business. I can see getting your nails done for a special occasion, but I honestly don’t get why so many black women frequent these nail salon places – what a waste of money. Also, yes, they do tend to talk against blacks in their own native languages. If not, they have an attitude. Also, keeping the Asian weave and wig businesses going is insane to me.

      • Shanequa says:

        @ Alicia
        Thank you for your statement I have black immature women constantly asking me “why don’t you go to the nail shop an get your toes painted.” I told them “I go occasion but I’m find the way they are as long as they are neat & clean no problem with me.” Black women stay at the Asians nail shop & beauty supply store leaving out with another women’s hair.

  28. gwen sanders says:

    Thanks for the video and thanks for taking the time to share.

  29. LBM says:

    “Giving them a seat at the table when you are strategizing is a recipe for your failure. In our 500 years with them we still haven’t learned this truth yet.”


    I recently had a run-in with a “brotha” carrying on about “building our own communities.” When I asked if he would bring the white females he seem to have no problem with, he said yes if they were carrying “his seed”. I won’t do it here but indeed “name-calling” is in order as an identifier of a very dangerous anti-human in black skin.

    • Phazex says:

      @ LBM:

      How right you are! If one lets a snake into their home and it rises UP to hiss at them, why are they surprised?

      Be well.


    • Mariama says:


      Are you serious lol? I cant see how any sane person cannot see the insanity in this! I am “seeing” this kind of confusion played out on Youtube. I genuinely used to believe that these pro-black militants and advocates were dedicated to uplifting the community and race. I cant tell you how many of these folks that I have stopped listening to. I believe the the most sincere ones tend not to be image hungry and Youtube crazy. It took me years to put the pieces of the puzzle together. And as the saying goes,” not all skin folk is kin folk.” How can you talk about loving black women and be married to a white woman and call yourself conscious? Run when you see this kind of CONFUSION!!!!

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharonw53

      The story is very interesting.

      Also, thank you for showing the link.

      The civil rights leader certainly had a lot of interest to undergo the simulation program. Also, not all cases will be the same as the simulation scenarios. The deaths of numerous unarmed black men and black women have been caused by some trigger happy cops who shot first and asked questions later. Walter Scott was murdered unjustly and many people wanted to deify cops while minimizing the lives of the victims. We live in American society. In this society, cops have been praised and they are given the benefit of the doubt all of the time. It is when black people are killed when the black victims of extrajudicial murder are readily demonized. Even when video footage shows an injustice, some folks still want to blame the victim. So, this is a complex issue. We know that not all cops are trigger happy terrorists. Some are. Those cops who are crooked should be punished and sent to prison. The civil rights leader certainly was honest to subject himself to that program. He’s a strong man. Also, a solution is a two way street. Cops have to eliminate racist biases and treat the community as human beings not as colonial subjects. The ghettos has been treated as a domestic colony by the police. The police institution is an instrument of the one percent. So, black people will continue to fight for liberation.

      The link has shown interesting information.

      Thank you again for showing the link Sister.

      • Sharon53 says:

        Timothy, I concur with your comments 100%.

        • Courtney H. says:

          @ Sister Sharon53 and Brother Timothy:

          I agree that the video is very interesting.

          Thank you for providing the link and thank you for your comments. I agree with you 100%.

          • Timothy says:

            @Sister Courtney.

            You’re Welcome Sister.

          • Timothy says:

            Hello Sister Courtney 🙂

            Here are videos about current victims involving Baltimore:

            • Courtney H. says:

              @ Brother Yimothy:

              Thank you so much for posting these videos. They are very informative and tell the truth!

              @ Sister Trojan Pam: Thank you so much for latest post! You broke down the situation beautifully!

            • Courtney H. says:

              P.S.: I cringed when in the first video, Wolf Blitzer quoted Dr. King while condemning the **violence**. Here, Chauncey De Vega tells white supremacists to stop quoting Dr. King in condemning the rebellion:


              • Timothy says:

                Good Morning Sister Courtney 🙂

                You have shown excellent words like usual. Yes, Sister Trojan Pam is a very intelligent black woman and I greatly appreciate her eloquent commentaries on issues in our community as black people. AfriSynergy has great videos too. The link that you have shown is excellent. Chauncey De Vega greatly showed the truth on how white supremacists manipulate and misinterpret the views of the law Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King promoted nonviolence in demonstration, but he always supported the right of people to protect their families in their homes. Dr. King wrote in 1967 that: “…I contended that the debate over the question of self-defense was unnecessary since few people suggested that Negroes should not defend themselves as individuals when attacked. The question was not whether one should use his gun when his home was attacked, but whether it was tactically wise to use a gun while participating in an organized demonstration…” (Where Do We Go, p. 27).

                Also, Dr. King promoted a work stoppage in Memphis, he advanced civil disobedience, he broke unjust laws, etc. So, his activism was not narrow, and he wanted to resist. Resistance against oppression is an unalienable human right. Therefore, we have the right to resist evil. The rebellion in Baltimore came about via the factors of poverty, neglect, class inequality, racism, police terrorism, discrimination, etc. Therefore, we have to understand why the rebellion occurred and not just condemn innocent property being damaged. I don’t agree with innocent property being damaged unjustly, but human life has more value than property. We want justice and we are in solidarity with the Brothers and Sisters of Baltimore. We are against red lining, gentrification, and the prison industrial complex. Things must change.

                Have a Great Day and a Great Weekend Sister Courtney. 🙂

                Bless You.

  30. […] Dixie Honkey Speaks the Truth About Why White People Are Scared […]

  31. John c. says:

    Slavery was abolished 150 years ago. Last time I checked the oldest a person ever lived was 136 years old. Who is scared because THEY mistreated you???

  32. John Sisson says:

    This guy appears to be under the influence of some type of drug. Another thing that strikes me is his IQ and those that live in his neighborhood. The fact is racism is a choice whether your black, white, latino, or both. We all are in survival mode. Scenario there’s a piece of bread on the counter. Two people have not eaten in days both are of same ethnic background. What will happen depends on the choice. The right thing would be to divide it in half. Or fight over it. Or give up and let the other person have it. We all have a place in this world some have it better some have it worst than others. I think we should stop being so greedy as a society and share the piece of bread. From my experience I’ve been on top with six figures and now with nothing. I’m still the same person. I hope this message reaches all good and evil in the world so we can live with one another. Encourage someone today no matter who they are and someone will notice, then they will make the right choice or not. Always remember life is about helping those who can’t help themselves!

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ John Sisson

      Racism is NOT A CHOICE, it is the system of WHITE SUPREMACY, where white people collectively dominate and mistreat non-white people collectively.

      You will NOT FOOL ANYONE with “we are all in this together” nonsense whenever the victims seek clarity.

      My site is designed to educate the victims of racism/white supremacy not to enable the beneficiaries and deceivers who profit from the system

      If you disagree with my definitions, I suggest you and your opinions go elsewhere

  33. Vlad says:

    You shitskins are just pissed because my white ancestors whooped ya,and another thing the race war ain’t gonna be about boxing or football without a ball to chase and an adoring crowd,you soon will get fed up and go home.whites dominate the battlefield muthr fukrs..you live in our world just remember that..yall want to run our shit but that’s never going to happen, w e will blow this country sky high before that.ever happens.

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