Antebellum Party & Mandingo Fighting – Another Black Reality Check

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 (Ad posted on Craig’s List)  Antebellum Party ad for mandingo party

Django-Unchained-Still-3Django Unchained “Mandingo fight”

I have NO DOUBT that someone (black) will eagerly answer this ad and offer their services but I wonder where this (racist) white female got the idea from? Could it be the recent rash of “black” REVISIONIST movies we so EAGERLY support NOT realizing that they represent MORE than “entertainment” but are escapist fare for those in the white population who long for a return to “the good old days?”

And could these movies possibly be a PREDICTION of where black people are headed in the near future?

the help The butler flag image   12 years a slave Django Unchained


South Carolina Republicans Throw “A Southern Experience” Costume Party… Complete with Slaves

gop-slave-partySouth Carolina Senate President Glenn McConnell with two black male “slaves”

The National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) held its annual fall Board of Directors meeting in Charleston, S.C. last weekend – a decision the organization is likely regretting after several controversial pictures from one of the meeting’s sponsored events began surfacing on the internet.

The event in question – dubbed “A Southern Experience” – was held last Friday evening at the Country Club of Charleston. Hosted by the South Carolina Federation of Republican Women, it was included on the national conference’s official itinerary with a LIVE SLAVE AUCTION. (Sep 15 2010).

In addition to McConnell, S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford attended (and spoke at) the event – although it was not listed on his weekly public schedule. S.C. Republican Attorney General nominee Alan Wilson also attended.

Invited speakers to the NFRW conference included U.S. House Minority Leader John Boehner, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, RNC Chairman Michael Steele, Rep. Joe Wilson, House Speaker Bobby Harrell, former U.S. Ambassador David Wilkins and GOP gubernatorial nominee Nikki Haley.

South Carolina Senate President Glenn McConnell (in the photo ) defended the party:

“Tell me what is offensive about having the differing parts of the culture there? What are we going to try and do in America, sanitize history?” McConnell said today from his office in the Statehouse. His office is decorated with memorabilia from his re-enactments of the Civil War, along with a law library and mementos such as a ceramic bust of Ronald Reagan and a figurine of a Boston Terrier.

(Now, try to imagine Germans in America OR in Germany having a JEWISH HOLOCAUST REENACTMENT at a political function where they hired Jews to pretend to be concentration camp survivors? Would Jews participate in that event? Would they even dare to have such an event?)

ALSO — for all those who “like” to exclude white females from responsibility for racism (and you know who you are) what organization sponsored this shameful spectacle:

 The National Federation of Republican (WHITE) Women

The Weiner Circle  (in Chicago)


Sometimes you want to go where everybody tells you to eat their pussy; sometimes you just want to watch that place on television. Or at least that’s the case for TruTV, which has decided to create a reality show for Lincoln Park institution the Wiener’s Circle, as reported Monday by the Huffington Post.

In case you don’t know what the big deal is about Wiener’s Circle, well, join the club, because I’m not really sure what the big deal is either. But the nuts and bolts of it are that the Wiener’s Circle is a fast food shack in Lincoln Park that is famous for its hot dogs and cheese fries, but more famous for the loud, foulmouthed black women who work behind the register at night until 5 AM. The “novelty” of Wiener’s Circle is that the (black female) employees who take your order will yell some of the nastiest, most offensive insults back at you when you are likely blind drunk.

I returned with some friends a few weeks later, but this time the place was packed. People were pouring in through the doors, and most of them were sweaty (it was in the middle of summer), thirty-something white men. The difference this time was that whereas before the women behind the counter were dishing out all the insults, this time the patrons were dishing it right back.

And a lot of what they were saying was crueler than what the cashiers were shouting. At the time, it seemed like there was something sinister about the way the customers were talking to the cashiers—I figured they thought to themselves, “Well, if they’re going to talk to me this way then that’s how I’ll speak to them.”

When I went back a few years later, having graduated from college and been away from Chicago for a few years, the poison in that interaction became much more transparent. The crowd was mostly the same as before, but this time the comments seemed much more violent and openly racist.

I can’t remember what exactly was said, but I remember my reaction—I was disgusted by the way the crowd of mostly white men in stripy shirts and Diesel jeans were berating the women behind the counter, who seemed much more timid and less threatening than I remembered. And the comments the cashiers made weren’t any tamer, necessarily, but I could tell that by this point they were expected to act this way, and the comments they made seemed rehearsed and stale. It seemed like an act, and it seemed like an act of self-degradation.

At some point, the room becomes a chorus of curses and racial epithets, and it becomes impossible not to notice that the staff, the battle-hardened staff, are all black, and the crowd nearly entirely white, male and drunk. Some of the cracks are funny, especially from the people who work there, who have had plenty of time to sharpen their tongue and their wit. But it becomes hard to laugh when you can feel how hard that clever crack is working as a shield, trying to defend against all the rage in the room.

Chants of “Chocolate milkshake” stir in the crowd. Rhythmic, pulsing, the voices calling for the chocolate shake get louder, with people banging on things, even in the kitchen. The place is in an utterly warlike state. A server, a woman, looks uninterested and annoyed, and then, exasperated, starts demanding money. When she gets enough, her shirt comes up, and the crowd cheers, victoriously, at the sight of her enormous, quivering breasts. They got their chocolate shake.

(Wiener Circle is owned by two WHITE MALE JEWISH OWNERS who deliberately created an environment where affluent, racist white males can hurl racist insults at young brown and dark-skinned black females and at the same time get a great-tasting hotdog. Yes, I know black people need jobs but we should NEVER allow ourselves to be used this way for ANY amount of money.

It is obvious the STAGE IS BEING SET for the FUTURE of black people in this nation–and perhaps, on the entire planet. ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS OVER AND OVER AGAIN TO THE SAME PEOPLE IS NOT AN ACCIDENT OR A COINCIDENCE.

We also know from history that BEFORE a group of people are targeted for GENOCIDE you must FIRST MAKE THEM APPEAR LESS THAN HUMAN; defective, illiterate, ignorant, criminally inclined, sexually perverted and all around WORTHLESS.

Then you must broadcast these images AROUND THE WORLD so whatever inhumane treatment OR extermination efforts you’ve planned for them will be JUSTIFIED because the planet is better off WITHOUT THEM.

For those who do not see OR refuse to see the handwriting on the wall, that’s unfortunate. Those who do NOT know OR respect their history (or themselves) will be DOOMED to repeat it.

Another unarmed black victim of police murder in America

Yes, the white supremacy system is the biggest culprit. It is the architect and the engineer of all these degrading images and has been for the last 500 years. Yes, the white supremacy media rewards black people for doing their dirty work.

BUT at what point do we HOLD OURSELVES ACCOUNTABLE for our role in all this? At what point do we–the END CONSUMERS and the REAL VICTIMS of this black degradation–STOP contributing our time, energy, praise and dollars to our own degradation and that of our children and our children’s children?

Do we understand that our CO-SIGNING on the WORTHLESSNESS of our OWN LIVES actually makes it easier to snuff out those lives?


I can NO LONGER accept the EXCUSE that we cannot do better as a people in respecting ourselves.

I can NO LONGER accept the EXCUSE that we don’t have the POWER to turn off a program or movie or a song on the radio that degrades us.


When we disrespect ourselves AND support those who disrespect us, we should NOT be surprised (or complain) when others disrespect us. When a people do not respect themselves, their entire future as a people is in serious jeopardy.

And as long as we defend and support those who degrade us, regardless of them being black OR how much “money” they make, then we are COMPLICIT in our own degradation, disrespect, and extermination.

  1. kuasi says:

    this is what they term ‘good nature’, as no harm in fun for all. the notion of ‘humiliating’ yet parlay respectability as ‘entertain’ goes to show whites prove their bliss while feigning ignorance.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ kuasi

      If I understand your post, I agree that these whites (above) pretend it’s all good clean fun (degrading black people) while pretending to be innocence of the FACT that they’re still practicing racism.

  2. Courtney H. says:

    @ Sister Trojan Pam:

    I have only three words:


    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Courtney H

      You haven’t seen the worst. There’s an article “Meet the Mandingos” where affluent whites “hire” well-hung black males to have sex with their wives while they watch. And there are white females who advertise to be “gang-banged” by black males in the hopes of getting pregnant.

      That’s why I wrote the book “The Interracial Con Game” because FAR TOO MANY black people mistakenly believe that sex with whites is a sign of “black progress”


      I’m thinking of making that my next post

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Sister Trojan Pam:

        I have actually heard about those so-called Mandingo parties. I believe that Diary of a Negress did a post on that subject like two years ago. I have to admit that I have not heard about the **gang-banging** parties. SICK!

        • Timothy says:


          Yes, it is totally sick indeed.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ @Courtney

          they could not have them WITHOUT OUR COOPERATION. We have to stop acting like we have NO control over ourselves. Yes, we are programmed and brainwashed but we must make a greater effort to correct our own behavior INSTEAD of begging and pleading and searching high and low for white people to change.

          THEY ARE NOT GOING TO DISMANTLE THEIR SYSTEM OF POWER AND PRIVILEGE. PERIOD. So, now what? Are we going to keep on pretending and lying to ourselves and keep having sex and marrying and breeding in the hopes that something will change? What kind of self-respecting person thinks having SEX is going to change a corrupt society? Come on now…

          Most of us won’t even support blogs like this. I know there are people who come here and leave, never to return (cause my analysis is too harsh 🙂

          So, what are we going to do? Only time will tell but time is running out AND I have made a decision that I’m going to keep on saying what I think is true (like my post about Obama that most folks didn’t want anything to do with) and let the chips fall where they may

          because at the end of the day, our efforts OR lack of efforts will determine our future.

          • Courtney H. says:

            @ Sister Trojan Pam:

            You are absolutely right. It is true that people often participate in their own degradation. It is a sad fact of life. I have already posted this video on the post about **Empire.** (Timothy already posted an excellent response to this video on that thread.) Harvey talks about how so many in the Black community are supporting trash like **Empire** **How to Get Away With Murder**, *Scandal**, **The Haves and the Have Nots**, **Black-ish**, and **American Crime**, even though they all promote racist stereotypes. Beware — Harvey uses an abundant amount of profanity (as usual).

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Brother Timothy and Sister Trojan Pam:

        Here is the article that I believe Sister Trojan Pam read. Be forewarned: It is very sexually graphic and contains a lot of profanity.

        • Timothy says:

          Hello Sister Courtney,

          That link just shows how brainwashed some people are. One interesting point of the article is that one white male admitted that CEOs, FBI agents, and other wealthy people participate in the adultery-filled, degenerate acts. These anti-black “Eyes Wide Shut” type of activities promote not only self-hatred, but they exploit black human bodies in a sick way. The highest elites of the world power structure have done these acts for a long time.

      • Mariama says:


        I just watched some of the Weinberg Circle videos on their website. My heart literally sunk. I just dont have any words….

        I do not know what SANE black person can condone this and truly believe that this is ok. I am surprised that nobody has caught a murder case or is in jail. This is one of the most depressing posts that I have read. We are truly at an all time low.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Mariama

          It was heartbreaking to watch poor black females being mistreated like this. Even worse, what kind of people would create this dynamic and participate in it? We know why the black females are doing it–for the money (even though I agree that no one should make their money like this)

          But what does it say about the two Jewish males and the mostly white and “affluent” males who are so filled with ugliness that they would want to participate in this.

          It says a lot more about these white people than it does about the black females.

        • Trojan Pam says:


          It is heart breaking but there is one thing I believe to be true. The ones who created this situation and the racists who roll around in the mud at the opportunity to degrade their victims are going to pay a MIGHTY PRICE when that KARMA bill comes due. And you can see signs of that everywhere in the INCREASING MISERY of the victimizers and their drug-addicted children.

          Why do they need drugs? Because of a spiritual CURSE

          • Mariama says:


            Wow, a Karmic bill! I like how you put that! I agree with you wholeheartedley. Another thing that I have been witnessing for years, is that they have created a media fantasy/image of contstantly and incessantly “improving” their looks via botox, skin peels, They are creating a world in which people learn to never be content with what they have. I have been witnessing this for years. This so-called beautiful “white aesthetic/ideal” that “whites” have force fed the world is a debt that I see them paying (unfortunately, many sisters too). The constant/incessant need for butt jobs, face lifts, nose jobs, breast this, breast that is overwhelming to a sane person’s spirit. What void are you trying to fill? If you are as wonderful, beautiful, loveable as you claim, why are you always trying to change what you have forced the world to covet (white skin, “beautiful ” bodies, Eurocentric features etc)? I can go on and on.

            • Trojan Pam says:

              @ Mariama

              You’re right. I tried to explain that in my books in a chapter called “The Beauty Con Game” and how the most “superior” people seem to have the biggest INFERIORITY complexes — because all of these things

              1. plastic surgery’
              2. cancer-causing skin tans
              3. botox
              4. lip injections
              5. butt injections
              6. breast implants
              7. chest and chin implants
              8. hair weaves
              9. the makeup industry to give them “color”
              10. anorexia and other eating disorders
              11. artificial eyelashes
              12. permanent makeup
              13. teeth whiteners

              and on and on were created BY them and FOR them. Yes, black people imitate a lot of this but ONLY because we are subjected to the same INSANE and IRRATIONAL “beauty” standards they created for themselves.

              White females are the MOST LIKELY people to partake in all the above and have the highest rate of eating disorders but are at the same time held up as the highest standard of beauty?

              White people make fun of the way we look yet hate the way they look? It doesn’t make sense to a RATIONAL MIND but it does give us some insight to what drives white supremacy

              the fear of being INADEQUATE and wanting to maintain a sense of superiority over others BY FORCE.

              • Mariama says:

                Yes Pam. Reading “The Beauty Con Game” brought so much comfort, clarity and understanding to me. 😊 It was like removing the 100 ton truck off of my back. After that I KNEW that I would never look at things the same way. Everything in the book reassured me of what I knew and suspected deep down in my spirit and that is a freeing feeling.

                Now, I just pity people like this. I always tell my daughter to look in the mirror and love black first.

                Thank you for helping to bring so much understanding.

              • Trojan Pam says:

                @ Mariama

                I’m glad the book helped you as much as writing it helped me. I wish I could afford to give a copy of my books free to every black man, woman, and child (as long as they read it) but unfortunately that’s not possible.

                If you haven’t left a review on could you please do it? What you wrote here would make a great review.

                Here’s the link:


              • Mariama says:

                I will gladly do so. Have a blessed evening.

  3. Shanequa says:

    @ Trojan Pam I agree 100%. When you go on facebook or instagram you will see memos of black degradation being made fun of by our own people and other races. World star hip hop & youtube are the worst for black degradation. We have now enter into the Jim Crow but it’s much worser then the old Jim crow.

    • Timothy says:

      You’re right. Worldstar is one of the worse offenders in spread evil anti-black degradation. I will definitely show Sister Trojan Pam’s articles throughout the Internet, so people can wake up.

  4. Trojan Pam says:

    @ Shanequa

    Oh yes, this is MUCH WORSE than Jim Crow.

    Even during the WORST segregation, black people had the DIGNITY and the INTELLIGENCE to recognize when we were being disrespected.

    Even the TV show, Amos and Andy was taken off the air because of pressure that it stereotyped blacks. But that show is super mild compared to the GARBAGE today that passes as black entertainment.

    Black people would have NEVER supported a black male like Russell Simmons who made Harriet Tubman a porno star in a video

    Black people would have never supported a black TV actor (Terrence Howard) who literally BEGGED to be allowed to call black people “niggers” on a primetime FOX-TV show.

    Black people would have never watched a “reality” show where black females call each other bitches and rachet hos and show such hatred toward each other.

    Have we truly lost our minds??

    We are DEFINITELY much worse off mentally and emotionally than we were 50 years ago. And the reason I do these posts is the FAINT hope that a seed will be planted in someone’s mind that we are signing our own FATE if we continue to support ANYONE AND ANYTHING that degrades us.

    Either we CHANGE or we accept the consequences of our own foolish actions. It’s just that simple.

  5. This is disgusting!!!! Makes me sick to my stomach! *puke*
    These whites are racist to their core. Bigots to the highest degree! I’ve heard of these perverted Mandingo parties before years ago. I remember hearing in high school that there were men who liked to watch their wives have sex with other men. The term is called “cuckolding”. These white boys even masturbate while watching! How sick is that?? They even have slave parties as well. They pay these poor helpless blacks that don’t know any better. They even whip them and beat them at these parties. These whites have NO soul at all! I don’t care who it offends! It’s obvious they are very different than us. I see why many blacks call them “white folks” instead of people. They should NOT be classified as HUE-Mans for sure. Since they have no hue. I really wish we could get away from these creatures. What vile,perverted type of creature would dehumanize people like that?? And to be honest these black people should not participate in this filth. God help us! Get us away from these sick albino mutants! Does anyone agree with me?? Am I alone in my thinking? Yurugu is the worse disease on this planet. Can anyone name anything worse? I know I’m just ranting but this is just sick beyond comprehension. I’m tired of them. I really am. *sigh*

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Kushite Prince

      I believe at the root of these “Mandingo parties” is latent and hidden homosexuality, that these white husbands are vicariously experiencing sex with black males via their wives. And I would not be surprised if some homosexual acts occur during these orgies.

      Of course, a big strong “Mandingo” would be hesitant to admit he is being used much like a female would be used by the SLAVE MASTER.

      I hear what you’re saying but we can’t change them, we MUST CHANGE OURSELVES.

      And if we’re not willing to do that, we can’t expect anything else to change.

      • cdelks2000 says:

        you are right, they do have sex with both the wife and get paid extra to get with the husband??? Black men need to resect themselves!! I am so tired of them using our people like this!! We need another planet to live on.

        • reality_check says:

          If black people were to find another planet to live on, rest assured whites would soon follow us there, corrupt it, commandeer the resources, and would soon control us on this new planet. Despite what you have been taught to believe, whites DO NOT want to get away from blacks. They know what we refuse to realize as a people- that they NEED us, we don’t need them.

          • Trojan Pam says:

            @ reality_check

            I totally agree. It’s like the abusive husband who berates and beats and degrades his wife, telling her how ugly and worthless she is, and then when she tries to leave, he wants to chase her down and drag her back and if she won’t come back, he’ll kill her.

            THAT is the relationship we have with white people collectively. They SAY that we’re worthless and ugly and inferior YET they can’t stay away from us and must control us. Why not just let us go?

            BECAUSE I need you to blame all my faults and insecurities on. If I didn’t have YOU, then I’d have to look at who I really am.

            I do believe there is a certain percentage of whites who would LOVE to see us gone, but I suspect they would soon change their minds. Why? Because then white people would be taking out all that hatred and aggression on EACH OTHER, like they’d done in the past with Salem witch trials, burning people at the stake, all the roman gladiators scenes of feeding each other to lions and all the methods of brutality and torture that they’ve perfected throughout their somewhat short history on this planet.

            And instead of black people to visit some of this on, they would be slaughtering each other

            Whites wouldn’t be the only ones begging for us to come back, It would be other non-white groups who were getting a “pass” as long as whites had us to kick around but after we’re gone, they would be next. They would become the new niggers.

            but they’ll never let us go — voluntarily — or kill all of us off.

            they can’t anyway. Like Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr. once said: “Whatever put black people here will keep us here.”

            Maybe, that’s why some African women have developed an immunity to the HIV virus and why African women in spite of all the efforts by white globalists, in spite of extreme poverty, european-created wars, famine, and GMOs — are STILL the most fertile women on the planet!

            that is GOD and the UNIVERSE DECIDING WHO WILL BE HERE AND WHO WILL NOT, not the European — and I believe that decision has already been made.

            Don’t be fooled, people.

            • anonymous says:

              “Maybe, that’s why some African women have developed an immunity to the HIV virus….”

              Me. Pam for a really long time I have thought that eventually people would develop an immunity to HIV/AIDS, and that it would begin in Africa. So, it will be interesting to see what will happen next.

              • anonymous says:

                Sorry, meant to say Ms. Pam

              • Trojan Pam says:

                @ anonymous

                I am reminded of something Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr, said: that whatever put black people here (on the planet) is the only thing that can take us off it. (I paraphrase).

                I have a website I devoted to the works of Mr. Fuller


                Do not be fooled. NO ONE is more powerful than GOD and the UNIVERSE and the most powerful boomerang is UNIVERSAL KARMA

                However, I believe that black people MUST DO OUR PART to bring justice to the planet. I don’t believe, just because we the most mistreated, that the UNIVERSE will give us a pass. GOD gave us two ears, two eyes, a mouth and a brain and we need to PUT IT TO USE if we really want justice.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ cdelks2000

          I believe you, and that is why we need to THINK about what we’re seeing. WHY is there this obsession with black sexuality, this need to turn black males homosexual, this need to keep black males and black females apart

          Does it have something to do with the rapidly RISING infertility of whites all around the world? In Europe, more people are dying than are being born. Is that why the FERTILITY of blacks here and in Africa are being targeted with manmade diseases and GMO food that increase infertility?

          Is this why black males are discouraged from loving and breeding with dark skinned black females and breed instead with white females to DESTROY OUR GENOTYPE so fewer dark skinned people will be born? And why dark skinned black females — some of the most beautiful women on the planet — are always portrayed as undesirable so black males won’t breed with them?

          Is this why so-called “biracial” children are being promoted as the “better black children” to the black population?

          The white male population’s virility is on the wane, where studies have indicated that 30% of white males’ sperm is “non-viable” — meaning 30 percent are unable to fertilize a woman’s egg. Is that why there is this lustful AND hateful fascination with black male virility and genetalia? Is this why the majority of black males who are slaughtered by white policemen are dark skinned black males?

          Are they killing what they fear most? THE VIRILE — ABLE TO FERTILIZE A WOMAN’S EGGS– DARK SKINNED BLACK MALE?

          and what about the white female and her lust for black male flesh? Is it borne out of admiration OR a frantic, instinctive desire for WHITE GENETIC SURVIVAL?

          Does she want to produce COLOR with the black male because she feels INFERIOR to the FERTILE BLACK FEMALE? Don’t we see the level of insecurity and competitiveness in white females whenever black females come around?

          And what better way to prove (to herself) that she is superior to the original woman than to take black males? And she wants to produce color because she is devoid of color in a world where “whiteness” is genetically becoming EXTINCT.

          And she often wants brown babies then gets rid of the man who produced them so she can raise them to think and act like her own white people in the hopes that she can ERASE the very thing that attracted her: BLACKNESS

          and so her offspring will BREED with another white person and that offspring — that 3rd generation — will look white and add to the white population COURTESY of the unconscious black male who is producing offspring that LOOK NOTHING LIKE HIM

          and his own self-hatred will celebrate that event that his grandchildren look nothing like his ancestors and represent the DESTRUCTION OF HIS OWN GENETIC LEGACY THAT TOOK THOUSANDS OF YEARS TO CREATE. He cannot respect himself because he does not love himself.

          That’s what we need to THINK ABOUT when we see the deliberate degradation of black people, of black male/black female relationships, and the promotion of sex with whites — especially under the conditions of ‘sex parties” and orgies.

          We must do a better job of respecting ourselves while it still matters!

            • Timothy says:

              Yup. That story shows how sick some people are. That clinic is sick and insane to disrespect the black couples in Ghana like that. We know that there is an effort among some to get rid of the black populations of the world. Africa can be stronger when white supremacy and its false doctrines are eliminated. Ghanian couples have every right to give birth to more black children.

            • Trojan Pam says:

              @ Courtney H.

              I heard about that — and again, it is up to black people here and in Africa to USE OUR BRAINS and not fall for every trick in the book.

              We should expect this kind of madness by now.

          • TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:


            Let’s not forget about the rising infertility of white women. Speaking of infertility I remember I was listening to an episode of the Doug Banks Show one afternoon last year in which they was talking about Black Women and infertility. Doug Banks, DeDe, and the rest of em was discussing a study which came out saying that Black Women were more infertile than white women. Lol. Can you believe that! Now, Doug Banks, Dede, and other unaware blacks who were calling the show didn’t see the trick. I believe that study was most likely fabricated in order for us to think that we are going extinct just like whites and to make it seem like Black Women “are having this problem too”. I notice how whites always try to put us with them like em saying (and I’m sure you heard this before) that Black people can get skin cancer too. smdh. What do you think?

            • Trojan Pam says:

              @ TheOriginalBlackWoman13

              I don’t believe that for one second —

              UNLESS they’re talking about MANUFACTURED INFERTILITY — which we know they’re putting “substances” in GMO foods that are planted or shipped to Africa that will cause sterility.

              Or the sterilization operations being performed on black and brown women WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT OR KNOWLEDGE

              or any number of things being done to black and brown people to stop us from having babies.

              Most of what we’ve been told about black people has been a lie. We should be at the point where we question EVERYTHING and believe nearly NONE OF WHAT WE’RE TOLD.

      • Oh for sure! Many of these white men are gay. These parties are just “live porn” in my opinion. Porn is kinds gay anyway. What man wants to watch another have sex?? Kind of creepy and gay. And these brothers will never admit they are being used in that way. They think it’s a sign of power and strength. Nothing could be further from the truth. Their using them as sex toys and treated like animals. They see blacks as beneath them. No self respecting black person should engage in this horror-sex show. You’re right,this is worse than Jim Crow!

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Kushite Prince

          Certainly, the Roman-Greco culture which most of European society was founded on is largely a homosexual culture, that’s why there were so many statues of NUDE young white males all over Rome and Europe.

          And that might explain the obsession with black male genitalia AND the hostility toward the black female — the MAIN COMPETITOR FOR THE BLACK MALE PENIS.

          That’s why black females are made out to be undesirable and why there is this PUSH for black male homosexuality — so they will have EASIER access to sex with black males and black boys.

          Watch your girl AND boy children people! There is a lot of rape happening right under our noses!

          If you read the article “Meet the Mandingos” you will see that the black males participating in this shameless situation, at the end ADMIT they are being used and disrespected

          and that is a SCARY thing as a black female to watch black males be as HELPLESS and sexually dominated as a female would be..

          Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way. We have the POWER to change what we think say and do


          It really is up to us

      • TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:

        @ TrojanPam

        Malcolm X made a statement (I’m paraphrasing) “white people are depraved to their very core.” These are some SICK ASS CREATURES!!! No doubt white men are engaging in homo acts with some of these black males. I read a book called “Hung” (google it) that discusses black male sexuality a couple of years back in which the author said he was told by a black or half-black male (I don’t quite remember) that after he screwed a white man’s wife he screwed the husband afterwards. SICK!!!!

    • TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:

      @ Kushite Prince

      No bro, you are not alone. I am soooo very sick of white people myself. I wish everyday that some type of divine force will come an separate us from them……forever cause as long as black people stay around these creatures we’ll never get right as a people and will not reach our full potential on this planet. Repeating what you said “GOD HELP US!!!!

  6. Trojan Pam says:

    @ Kushite Prince

    We should be asking ourselves WHY there is such a strong PUSH for blacks to be sexually involved with whites both heterosexually and homosexually AT THE SAME TIME that racism is rising in the form of higher rates of incarceration for black females, rising black unemployment – regardless of education and experience, and rising police brutality.

    Why at this time in our history are black males and black females being PRESSURED to separate and view each other as the enemy? Why are brown and dark-skinned children totally absent from TV commercials and being replaced by so-called “bi-racial” children?

    Instead of viewing this as “black progress” we should be asking ourselves

    Is this a strategy to DIVIDE AND CONQUER ALL OF US?

    I think the answer is obvious…

  7. Timothy says:

    This article shows that we are in a struggle for our survival literally. Even Ella Baker, Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King, Paul Robeson, Ida B. Wells, and other heroic black people will never tolerate this present reality. They would be up in the streets protesting, organizing boycotts, and the whole nine yards if they witness this anti-black degradation today.

    Certainly, enough is enough. A black person, who participates and condones anti-black degradation, is complicit in his own demonization and attempted genocide. There are easy things that we can do too. We can easily not watch any TV show and any movie that disrespects, mocks, and dehumanizes black people. We can focus more on exercising, meditation, and helping our communities via mentorships, pro-environmental actions, and other positive, constructive deeds. I heard of what Russell Simmons did and Simmons should be ashamed of himself for mocking one of the greatest black heroes throughout human history (who was Harriet Tubman). The Antebellum Party and the Mandingo fighting are totally crass, sick, and evil. No black person should participate in such a mocking of our own oppression. White racists would want a future where black people are in overt physical slavery on a plantation. They have made their intentions clear via their own statements & activities. The NFRW shows how the GOP leadership are. The picture of the 2 black males smiles is very disturbing. The NFRW are totally disgrace. The system of white supremacy originated this system of evil, but we as black people have a responsibility to do what is right and advance our dignity in a righteousness fashion.

    The white supremacist Confederacy (which was totally demonic and anti-God) should never be glamorized or justified at all. Even today, statues of Confederate traitors are found all over the South. The Wiener Circle and other situations prove that we have a very long way to go in seeing a system of justice that prevails in the world. Racism/white supremacy is not just an American phenomenon. It is found globally and we can’t be free unless all people are free. We have the right to stand up for our dignity when black males and black females are being physically, emotionally, and sexually abused by evil people. There is nothing revolutionary about some participating in degrading, degenerate acts. Terrence Howard should be ashamed of himself for begging people to call him the “N” word.

    We, as black people, are human beings. We are entitled unconditionally to freedom, justice, and equality. Many black people will fight for it. Some black people, who co-sign, their own exploitation and degradation, are just plain wrong. In this generation, the honorable people and the snakes are being separated.

    We have to continue to fight for our liberation as black people. Thank you for showing the article.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Timothy

      I agree, we MUST fight back against this continuing assault on our HUMANITY by the white supremacist entertainment media and stop supporting ANY entertainer, black or non-black, who wants to profit at our expense.

      I personally believe the entertainment world is a CULT, in fact, a SATANIC CULT, and whether you believe in God or Satan is irrelevant, the fact is THEY DO — and are being guided by a BELIEF SYSTEM that is ANTI-HUMAN and ANTI-HUMANITY dedicated to destroying the DECENCY, morality and self-respect of people, in particular, black people.

      And who are some of the largest consumers of “entertainment?” Black people, especially black youth. We spend HOURS every day with our children sitting in front of the boob tube (which makes BOOBS out of them), or listening to foolish daily radio, like the Steve Harvey programs where the entire show is based on FOOLISHNESS promoted by grown black males and females (programming us to think and act like FOOLS),

      to comedy shows and buffoonish sit-coms and buffoonish movies (like the ones Kevin Hart, a dark skinned black male consistently acts) and rap music

      and at the end of the day what you have is a growing NATION OF foolish-acting and thinking people whose thinking and behavior is ANTI-SURVIVAL whether it be our religious practices (learned from slavery) or your entertainment tastes (based mostly on black degradation) or our food choices (death food) or our economic decisions (which keep us broke and in poverty)

      See, a FOOL never takes him or herself seriously or their future or their children’s future. When you programmed a people to wallow in FOOLISHNESS they are easy to control, mislead, pimp, prey on, cheat, rob, and will always work against their own self-interest.

      Black people have the highest potential on the planet — which is why we are targeted and encouraged to ACT and THINK like fools. We have the power to change this and we must change what we think, say and do if we want to survive what is coming.

      • Timothy says:

        You’re absolutely correct to mention the truth that we need revolutionary change as a people.

        Doing the same thing over and over again (in trying to appease white society instead of liberating all black people) has not improved our employment status, our political rights, our economic rights, and our standard of living in general. The black poor has been greatly exploited and some of the black bourgeois crowd has scapegoated the black poor then and now. White racism comes in many forms and white racism is definitely a scourge that ought to be eradicated in the world. White supremacy should be blamed for the origin of our oppression and as you have said we have the responsibility to do something about it.

        The entertainment world is controlled by the one percent with its international, multinational corporations (including its production studios). They do act as a cult, because it has the same goals, it uses the same propaganda, and it makes a living off the exploitation of especially black people. Stanley Kubrick’s “Eye Wide Shut” shows exactly how many elites conduct rituals and act behind closed doors. There are countless stories about the Bohemian Grove, and other groups who use specific rituals. The mainstream Hollywood/entertainment industry has shown an anti-human, anti-morality agenda for decades.

        Black people buy movies in a high number. We have huge spending power in America alone, which is higher than some nation’s GDP. If we utilized that spending power and transform it into building up more of our economic power, our own schools, our health, and other resources, then that would be much better than randomly spending our money to people who don’t care about us. Steve Harvey is a puppet. Harvey recently said that he could care less about slavery. He uses profanity and foolish talk while claiming to be a “Christian” on his radio show. One segment of the show has “Nephew Thomas” using pranks in provoking people to anger unnecessarily by talking about people’s wives, etc. That is highly disrespectful even if it was a prank. Acting wise and being filled with integrity is better than acting foolish or nihilistic. Eurocentric white supremacist religions, deceptive TV shows, reactionary economic philosophies, and other things have damaged our black African people.

        Many black Hollywood celebrities have sold their souls and some have promoted post-racial rhetoric (in saying that racism is not a serious problem and that we have to shake hands with whites and all of our problems will go away. These people have been called the “New Blacks,” but it is same old compromising views that will never solve our problems as a people). Even Kevin Hart has been disrespected by so-called “progressive” Hollywood executives in private (until it has been revealed publicly via the hacks of Sony’s email).

        It is common sense for us to follow our self-interests. In that sense, we can help ourselves, our families, and our community in general.

        • Phazex says:

          I do not recall exactly when, but a poster stated that the very same black male and female entertainers that many black people support, “give less than a rat’s ass” about the black populace. Wesley Snipes…Robin Givens…Terrence Howard…Russell Simmons….and the list goes on. They all place that Amerikkan Guvment dollar above all else. Like Asians, if you don’t give them a reason to be in the BLACK community, then they have no reason to be there. In this particular case, if you do not support their shows, movies, etc. then the results will show soon themselves. It is bad enough that other races vilify our race, but when your own bros. and sistas jump on the paddy wagon too?This has been very heavily discussed amongst myself and females that I mentor. Voila! One of the females actually found a BLACK nail service in her community. Moreover, she is happy with the service. My point is that collectively we can all attain much. The problem is that non-whites have adopted the disease that white supremists carry also.

          WE are all out here. WE can have to find one another. WE can do it.

          • Timothy says:

            I see your point.

            Many celebrities could care less about the black community, but they lust after seeking money (whose value has been inflated all of the time by the Federal Reserve system) and status (which is not real status, but status imposed upon them by the powers that be. The powers that be can strip away the wealth of these celebrities if they wanted to via financial actions, promotion of scandals, or outright restriction of job opportunities).

            One big cultural aspect of black African peoples is about the embrace of community. If a person focuses solely on his or her own self and refuses to give back, then he or she may find himself or herself alone (without the community to support that person). The white supremacists certainly don’t trust a traitor to black people since they realize if they can’t be trusted in their own community, then they won’t trust them. That is why when celebrities sell out and then they suffer a problem; the white supremacists are no where to be found to support that person. There are many examples of this like the story of OJ Simpson and Tiger Woods. It is very immoral and evil for any black person to demonize their own people. Likewise, many black men and black women know the truth and are active in helping out their own black community legitimately and courageously.

            We certainly need to grow our power collectively. Actions like support black enterprises, mentoring the young, and forming more networks can go a long way in ending our dependence on the system of white supremacy. It is true that when we work together sincerely and positively, we feel good about ourselves and we develop spiritually, mentally, socially, and emotionally.

  8. Shanequa says:

    The actor Terrance Howard was the same clown who allowed his whites friends to use the word “Nigger” in front of him. Also he was being verbally abuse by his non-black wife who was calling him racial slurs. Terrance Howard have serious self-esteem issues. More & more of these black celebrities are on a anti-black & cooning campaign that has gotten much worse.

    I have seen pictures on instagram degrading young black babies & children stating that they are ugly. Out of every ethic groups, the only race that gets target for degrading memos & pictures the most are the black African race.

    I also notice on instagram those ignorant memos about relationships that get passed around. What so sick about them, some of our people actually agree with those memos statements. I seen one memo that stated. “you know you’re the side chick when your man uses a condom” or “a real woman loves her man when she gives him her tax return” and etc. It’s already bad enough that black people have a hard time finding what is a real African relationship between a black African man & woman.

    Don’t let me get started on the television show “Empire” when it comes to black relationship. My coworkers came out in doves defending Lucious Lyons aka Terrance Howard & Cookie aka Tarija P. Henson relationships stating how Lucious love Cookie an they have a history together. Lucious & Cookie relationship is badly dysfunctional. But the female coworkers came to defend this behavior are single mothers or women that are already in dysfunctional relationships.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Shanequa

      Absolutely, Terrance Howard, in my opinion has serious self-esteem issues and harbors a great deal of anti-blackness. Unfortunately, I believe MOST black entertainers are in the same boat he’s in, that most are literally selling their SOULS to be successful. And that the white supremacist media/society NEEDS us for its own evil purposes. Absolutely.

      The black entertainers who have some degree or shred of self-respect are often the LEAST successful ones and we need to THINK ABOUT the reasons some are so successful while not necessarily being all that talented. What are they doing that they have been “allowed” into this club?

      I think we would be shocked if we knew the “initiation rituals” black entertainers are subjected to in order to be “successful.” And I believe white entertainers as well are under the control of those who control the entertainment world.

      The difference is in how they are used and against WHO

      I also believe that BLACK LIFE — even black babies — are despised within a white supremacist system where “whiteness” is becoming genetically extinct. That’s why our black children are treated so cruelly, they are seen as a GENETIC THREAT to white survival, which of course, black people aren’t the ones who determine whether whites will become more infertile.

      THAT’S THE UNIVERSE AND UNIVERSAL KARMA that is making that decision.

      We need to understand the mindset of a war-like people who see their own EXTINCTION on the near horizon. There is NOTHING THEY WOULD NOT DO to make sure that black people join them in their own fate. They do not want to die out alone. They will try to take us with them

      (see my response to cdelks2000 above)

    • Phazex says:

      @ Shanequa:

      I am literally begging black people to NOT watch shows like Empire, etc. on the idiot box and have illustrated the stereotypes, social ills etc. that stem from shows like this and other “Steppin and Fetchin” forms of entertainment.

      I’m wondering, are our people so starved for entertainment to “take them away from their present states, if only for a little while,” that many are willing to disregard their self-respect? I agree with Trojan Pam. At some point, we DO have to hold ourselves accountable as well. And yes, unfortunately, as you have stated, there are many single mothers and sisters that “condone” rachet, dysfunctional inter-actions like these (my opinion only, I do not reference these as “relationships.”)

      “When you know better, you do better.” And why it is very crucial that all of our people step up to the plate.

      Racist networks, executives, studio-heads, etc. will “green light” imagery illustrating buffoonish, stereotypical behavior of blacks before they will give a head nod on uplifting, positive images. Unfortunately, many of our people advocate this. At this point, we must ask ourselves, “What role do we play in this?

      All, have a productive day!

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Phazex

        absolutely, we use entertainment as a form of escapism. I understand it because I do it, too. And when people are being oppressed, it is natural to want to escape from your mistreatment.

        Unfortunately, once the TV show or movie ends, and you still have the SAME problems and issues you have before you started watching them, and do nothing about those problems, they don’t go away. And that’s a problem, our level of apathy and inactivity.

        the problem is, we use entertainment not just as a temporary escape, we use TV and movies as the model to DEFINE our reality and direct our thinking and actions to the point where we become UNREALISTIC.

        A relative once told me, “Black people didn’t start acting crazy until we started seeing ourselves on TV”

        and as I got older I realized she was right. Most of our foolish behavior today comes from the TUBE or MOVIE

        I’ve always heard that said, when you know better, you do better

        well, I’d like to amend that to say

        When you WANT to know better, then you CAN do better

        the desire has to be there to make a change for the better

        if it is not there, someone can talk until you are black and blue in the face and it won’t make a damn bit of difference to the person who doesn’t want to do the WORK.

        because like someone (else) said to me recently, “You can take a fool to school but you can’t make ’em learn”

        And here’s one last truism:

        “It is impossible to wake someone who is pretending to be asleep”

  9. Hollywood loves to sneak in the truth in their films and tv shows. I remember years ago on Nip/Tuck there was an episode about the “swinger lifestyle”. I noticed in this video clip there were a lot of black man/white woman pairings. I’m sure this was no accident. is Hollywood trying to tell us this is what they do behind the scenes?

    • Timothy says:

      Also, the film Eyes Wide Shut shows what Hollywood elite do behind the scenes as well. A lot of these things are similar to the ancient Greek rituals that were done thousands of years ago.

      • Eyes Wide Shut really opened my eyes to how sick Hollywood truly is. These are many sex cults that these actors and politicians engage in they have to do it or else they will be kicked out of the industry. I’ve hear there is homosexuality and beastiality involves as well. They like to tease the masses by sneaking the truth in their films and just say “it’s all entertainment. It doesn’t really happen.” But anyone with commonsense can see a pattern in these films. They use symbols and signs to communicate their message. They also brainwash us with their propaganda to accept any type of perversion they see as “normal”. They’ve been doing this a very long time. There is an old film with Martin Sheen call “The Believers” from 1987. It deals with the occult in a very scary manner. The also put out films that push a certain message they want to promote. But many times the message is very subtle and you must have your THIRD EYE open or you’ll miss it.
        Films promoting vaccinations and police state- Contagion,World War Z
        Films about Mind Control-They Live,Sucker Punch,Hide and Seek
        Films about the music and Hollywood industry- Videodrome,Cabin in The Woods,Starry Eyes,Rosemarys Baby,Josie and The Pussycats,Now You See Me

        These are all I could think of at the moment. But there are countless others. I suggest you and others check out some of these films. There many messages in these films. I’ve been decoding films for years and I’ve developed a keen eye for detail. I can spot most of the propaganda nowadays. Not to mention the tons of symbolism in music videos. They usually do things like covering one eye,pyramids, Baphomet(satanic goat)Checker board floor etc. I’ve seen these symbols and sings in videos by Beyoncé,Lady Gaga,Katy Perry,Drake,Lil Wayne,Britney Spears,Chris Brown,Nicki Minaj,Selena Gomez,Kanye West,Miley Cyrus,Rihanna,etc.. Pretty much anyone who wants to make it in the industry has to allow these symbols to be used. People tend to forget that artists are just puppets. They are rich but…puppets nonetheless. They are bought and paid for. They sign what is called “blood contracts”. As long as they do what their white/Jewish masters tell them to do..they will get steady work. And most of these male actors MUST do homosexual acts with powerful elites to stay working. This includes both black,white or Hispanic actors. No one is exempt in Hollywood. The old expression “making a deal with the Devil” is very true. You give up your soul(in the literal sense) for fortune and fame. I also believe the do ritual sacrifices as well. As far back as Marilyn Monroe,Sam Cooke and Bob Marley. And more recent deaths such as Amy Winehouse,Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. They also kill people on certain dates. They use sacred geometry in these rituals. They like dates like 9,11 and 25. Among other numbers. For instance the number 27 =9. How so? 2+7=9 That’s why so many rock stars die at that age.

        Coincidence??? I think not. You can draw your own conclusions.The Hollywood and music industry is controlled by global gangsters. They are worse than any Blood or Crip in a black neighborhood. They make it seem like black criminals are the worst in the world. Not even close! The worst murderers,rapists,baby killers and pedophiles on the planet are the ones who own politicians,rappers, actors and athletes. But they stay hidden in the shadows. They don’t want to be seen. Kind of like cockroaches if you ask me.

        • Timothy says:

          That’s very interesting information Brother.

          It is a fact that Hollywood and the entertainment industry has promoted propaganda for years. The racism found in that industry has been recently documented by the exposure of the Sony emails including other evidence. One of the great points that you have made is the one percenters who wear the suits and the ties are worse criminals than the Bloods and the Crips. The Western establishment has sponsored genocidal wars, are involved in international drug smuggling, has supported economically degrading policies, supported torture policies internationally, and been involved in other abominable crimes against humanity. The war on terror has killed millions of people alone in less than 20 years. Many of these movies are slick in showing messages and present some of what they do behind the scenes.

          In the past 20 years, more individuals are exposing the slick messages and symbolism which are found in that industry. Sister Trojan Pam showing information is further proof on how white racists have organized these sick sexual rituals against black people. There are countless stories of actors and actresses not having a career in Hollywood after refusing to participate in the casting couch or refusal to be involved in sexually degrading actions. The skeptics say that these movies are just for entertainment, but we certainly know that many of these movies show a glimpse of how the global elites act and their philosophies.

          Many of the new movies discuss about promoting Big Brother, promoting transhumanism, and going around to outright disrespecting the essence of human dignity. Many producers of music video do place a lot of symbolism in modern videos. Most mainstream musicians are puppets and some of them know exactly what is going on (one person that I do believe knows what is going on is Madonna. She not only is a follower of the Kabbalah. She has adopted black children (President of Malawi Joyce Banda criticized her back in 2013) and has made racially insensitive comments recently. One racist comment that she has made that she experiences ageism while minimizing the brutal experiences of black people experiencing racism). Many music celebrities die at the age of 27.

          Symbolism has multiple levels of meanings. You’re right that evil people have exploited numerology and sacred geometry as a means to promote their agendas (regardless if people believe in numerology & sacred geometry or not).

          We have to use wise discernment and fight for the liberation of black people globally.

          • You are right! Madonna is one of the worse. She is very satanic. She knows exactly what’s going on. And they have her full cooperation. I never liked Madonna. Even when I was a kid and she was really popular with all the girls in school. She always seemed fake to me. Something about her just seemed a bit “off”.

        • Courtney H. says:

          @ Kushite Prince:

          I watched that movie **The Believers** a long time ago. It is kind of silly, but crazy at the same time. It is an eye-opening movie about cults and their rituals.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Kushite Prince

      I used to be in email contact with a black female television writer (anonymously, of course), and she said the white males she worked for tried to find ways to put WW with BM, but that deep down they hated the BM but had a sexual fascination about them and liked seeing them sex WW.

      That was seven years ago and you can see this mentality is alive and well (it never went away).

      Black people should be asking OURSELVES: WHY do white people want to have sex with black people while they’re still MISTREATING us?

      And you will find that SEX AND RACISM GO HAND IN HAND. It is NOT A COMPLIMENT, folks, anymore than RAPING A SLAVE is a compliment

      SEX is the most effective way to DAMAGE AND DOMINATE AND CONFUSE your victims. That’s why SEX is the weapon of choice when a RAPIST wants to DEVASTATE someone without killing them

      We have to STOP LYING TO OURSELVES and seeking WHITE VALIDATION no matter what the cost.

      And I will tell you this, MOST of the black people I have met who have SERIALLY dated/sexed racists are even MORE damaged than before they were involved. Men AND women. I know people who have literally had nervous breakdowns, been greatly humiliated, and whose personalities have become so distorted that it’s hard to be around them

      Yes, there may have been other factors BUT that was the ONLY thing the five people I’m talking about (former friends) had in common. NOTHING else.

      We better wise up, break this spell, stop buying into the FOOLISHNESS and LIES from the TV and movie screen and fire up our brains while we still have time. The world is changing FAST around us and right now, black people are laying on the bottom of the heap.

      Buying fancy cars and clothes and liquor WE DON’T MANUFACTURE OR PRODUCE


      We have to be honest about our problems before we can we fix them.

      • I feel what you’re saying. I think may whites are very deranged in their thinking. They want to have sex with us…but they don’t like us. Weird type of thinking. But I don’t think they see us as fully human. At least in their eyes. They see us on the same levels as dogs and cats. That’s why they have sex with animals too. This is why cops can kill us on the street and they don’t even blink. We are just objects to them. So they can have sex with us…kill us…objectify us in any way. Know what I mean??

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Kushite Prince

          I agree, we are more like objects (sometimes, sex objects) with some human qualities but are not equal to them (how can any sane black person believe otherwise?)

          If ANIMALS were treated like black people — for example, shot full of holes by a policeman — this nation would be in an UPROAR and would want that cop’s job. Even if the dog was attacking him, they would say, “All you had to do was shoot Rover one time, you didn’t have to shoot that 60 lb puppy 15 times”

          but when they shoot us down WORSE than dogs in the street, even shooting our children, it’s no big deal, it’s like, well, that black person had to be doing something to deserve it, that armed and trained cop was scared for his safety when he saw a 10 year old black boy with a BB gun! Don’t you blacks get it??

          It’s the truth whether we want to believe it or not.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Kushite Prince

          It appears you may be on to something with your comment that we are seen on the same level as dogs and cats. Maybe, now, black people won’t be so quick to be complimented by the SEXUAL OVERTURES of a racist.

          • Yes I heard about this last year. A friend told me about it and I thought he was joking. This is truly disgusting! But this is what they have always been about. Not only animals but In Rome they had sex with children and babies. Mostly young boys. That’s why I make the correlation between homosexuality and pedophilia. I know this makes some people upset but I see a definite connection. Europeans have been doing this sexual perversion in Rome and even before that in Greek. Rome learned most of this from the “Greek freaks” anyway. Now slowly but surely I’m seeing magazines with girls(10-14) modeling clothing in a seductive manner. I saw a magazine last year with a girl that looked 10 years old. She tons of makeup and bright red lipstick! It was sick to see this Pam! They are getting us mentally primed to accept pedophilia. I think it may be out in the pen in 20-30 years. There is NO moral center in America or anywhere else anymore. We accept gay couples so why not marry children right?? I think the age of consent will drop in the near future. Can you see what’s on the horizon? I can see the writing on the wall. People better get prepared. I think in the next few years you will see some really sick and disgusting things that will blow your mind. And it will all be under the guise of “we must accept everyone’s personal decisions.” Just wait and see.

          • Courtney H. says:

            @ Trojan Pam & Kushite Prince:

            SICK! SICK! SICK!

  10. So much for post racial America. These white folks are vile!!

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Kushite Prince

      This is the MENTALITY we are dealing with, especially among the affluent. We must stop pretending we do not know what we deep down KNOW. Black people are always PRETENDING AND AVOIDING THE TRUTH and this is one of our major weaknesses as a people

      the desire to stay WILLFULLY IGNORANT

      Here’s the entire script of the link you sent:. Thanks for sharing it.

      Master/slave and/or Mistress/slave Dinner Party

      Before we extend an invitation to you, we would like you to know what is expected of you and yours. We ask that you be able to meet our requirements.

      These parties are scheduled on Saturday evenings on a regular basis. The cost to attend is twenty-five dollars for couples. This event is open to members and their guests only. (If you are not a member, you might ask one of the staff members about sponsoring you and your guest.)

      The following is a scenario used at one of recent parties:


      Since you have received this invitation, you are a Master or a Mistress. (For convenience, the term Master as used in these procedures refers to persons, regardless of sex, who have the ownership or use of a slave.) Because you have this type of relationship, our club would like to invite the two of you to a Master/slave Dinner Party.

      As Club Director, I usually act as host. Should you decide to accept this invitation, please confirm your reservation at least twenty-four hours before the party. You may reach me any weekday before 8 pm. You should also visit the clubhouse before the party. In this way, you can take a look at the facilities and perhaps drop off any special equipment that you may want to use on the night of the party. Your visit will also allow you to know our exact location. (It could prove very embarrassing for you and slave to show up at the wrong location, and even worse if the slave is in bondage.)

      In order for this party to be a complete success, there are a few simple rules that we ask you to follow. These rules are guidelines, they may be changed slightly on the night of the party, but only if the majority of those present agree to modify them.

      1. Your slave should be costumed in an outfit that will enhance their role.

      2. Prior to leaving your home, your slave’s wrists should be bound. You should use leather cuffs, metal handcuffs or any material fitted with locks. You may wish to lock them in front during your trip if you must travel for any length of time.

      3. You should plan to arrive at the clubhouse between 7:45 and 8:30 the evening of the party.

      4. Drive to the designated parking area, enter the building and place a blindfold on your slave.

      5. Lead your slave into the house. Assistance will be provided if you desire. Place your slave in the place allocated. Give your slave the command to “STAY”. You may want to use ankle restraints or similar equipment.

      6. At this time, please return to the parking area and move your car to an assigned parking space. In this way other Masters and Mistresses will be able to use the concealed parking space.

      7. Upon returning to the clubhouse, sit anywhere, with your slave at your feet if you wish. Sit back and relax. Enjoy the fellowship of the others in attendance.

      8. Formal introductions will be made by your host once all guests have assembled.

      9. After introductions, your host will ask each of the guests to introduce and display their slaves. Your slave may be asked questions, but it is up to you if they will reply.

      10. Dinner will be set up in the serving area on a sideboard. You will be asked to view the food provided. In that way, you may instruct your slave in the way you wish your food served, and in what quantities.

      11. Once the Masters and Mistresses have been served, the slaves will be allowed to serve food for themselves. (At the time you place your dinner reservation, you may wish to inform me of any special food requirements for either Master/Mistress or slave.)

      12. After we have enjoyed dinner, there will be an opportunity to relax while the slaves clear the dining table.

      13. We will set aside a time for discipline sessions. Perhaps keeping a small notebook of offenses during the week preceding the party might be a good idea. If you do not wish to avail yourself of the time, please wait for others to do so. (Private discipline areas can be arranged by advance request.)

      14. There may be a few of the Masters and Mistresses who may wish to exchange slaves. Please remember that most Masters or Mistresses spend quite a lot of energy in training their slave to their own requirements. Take the time to find out what limits and techniques are used. (You should obviously ask the Dominant!)

      15. Drugs of any kind are definitely prohibited. We also ask our guests to please refrain from alcoholic over-indulgence.

      16. Tape recorders or photographic equipment are not allowed without prior permission and agreement of everyone present.

      This type of party is for all of the Masters and Mistresses to enjoy. The slaves may or may not enjoy themselves; at their Masters’ or Mistresses’ discretion.

      • When Malcolm called them “blue-eyed Devils” he was being kind. And the affluent ones are the worse of the bunch. They feel like they are above the law. They answer to no one. This is the depraved mentality we’re dealing with. I saw the Purge 2 recently. It really shows how the white elite think and feel about blacks. If you can get a free dvd,it’s worth checking out. I thin it will open some eyes of the sleepers out there. My point is they tell us in their films and tv shows WHO they really ARE. Why are we not listening Pam? We can no longer play dumb! They are our open enemy. They have showed us this many times. These Mandingo/sex slave parties are just more proof.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Kushite Prince

          What happened in Purge 2 that caught your eye?

          And yes, the white elite are above MAN’S laws because they created them and enforce them (when they please) but they are NOT above GOD’S laws or the laws of the UNIVERSE.

          We will see who is left standing at the end of all this…

          why aren’t we listening? four reasons I can think of

          1. 400 YEARS of Slave trauma that has never healed (I suggest those who have never heard of the Stockholm Syndrome to Google it to see how people can be easily programmed to bond to their oppressors or victimizers)

          2. Fear of reprisals (they are in our heads, in our computer brain chip, and we’ve been TRAINED to obey and please and appease them and we know INSTINCTIVELY that they don’t WANT us to wake up and will PUNISH us if we openly rebel. And we’re right.

          3. Total dependency on your oppressors can be completely demoralizing and frightening and paralyzing. We are the biggest CONSUMERS/NON-PRODUCERS on the planet — and it was all by design to keep up dependent. That’s why the white elite refused to give us separate AND equal schools but forced us to integrate — so they could keep an eye and their foot on us. Remember, Black Wall Street, anyone?

          4. Don’t want to know because THEN we’ll have to BE RESPONSIBLE for fixing whatever is wrong. As long as we play the nut role — stay willfully ignorant — we can CLAIM we didn’t know.

          • There’s a scene in Purge 2 towards the end. The rich white folks paid some outlaws to capture some people in the city and bring them to have a “gladiator type” fight. But the rich people were all sitting at tables drinking and eating. They were behind bullet proof glass. How cowardly right? Well it backfired on them! The people ere able to escape because a black militant group ran by a Huey Newton type of guy saved them. I think there may be a message there as well. The may be saying that only a revolution by black people can save us. Or they’re trying to get us to fight them so they can wipe us out? You be the judge. I’m still trying to figure that one out.
            One thing I hated was there is one white guy who is kind of the hero in the film. He thanks the black militants for saving him and the rest of the group. The see one of the rich white women running away. The corner her off and she begs for her life. She says she’s really sorry and pleas forgive me! The white guy wants to shoot her but the others in the group persuade him to tell her go. They were saying if you kill her you’ll be just as sick and twisted as them. How can you kill a defenseless woman right??? I can’t believe this part of the film!!! A few minutes ago this woman was sipping on wine from a balcony while you almost DIED……and you let her go??? I would have put a bullet in her brain and kept it moving. I would’ve lost no sleep Pam. I’m being dead honest with you. But this proves how Hollywood operates. Even when racist man and woman are being bloodthirsty animals…their life should still be spared. They should be forgiven NO matter what. Does that sound like justice to you?

            • Trojan Pam says:

              @ Kushite Prince

              That reminds me of the movie, 2012, where the earth went through a cataclysmic event and the main people that survived were rich whites — and guess where they were headed to restart civilization?


              and that’s why I seriously doubt in the event of a global nuclear war — and folks, we are dangerously close to this happening

              I believe no one will target Africa because they NEED Africa for a variety of reasons.

              • Yes I remember that scene. They definitely want the resources in Africa. That’s why they put that in the film. They are chasing G.O.D. (Gold,Oil,Diamonds) That’s why AfriCom is over there. Many Africans have been fighting against it. I have a Nigerian co-worker that told me most Africans are dead set against it. He said they tried Africom with George Bush and they were NOT having it! Then they tried to change the face of WS by bringing Obama in. But he told they feel berayed by Obama. Many Africans have turned their backs on Obama. They now see(like I knew all along) who Obama answers to. We all got a wake up call with Obama. He’s done more for Mexicans,homosexuals and lesbians than he has for US. Can you name one thing that has gone better for us since he took office? I sure as hell can’t! If anything,it’s gotten worse. More black unemployment,cop killing unarmed blacks,homelessness,incarceration etc.. He only has two years left. You would think on his way out he would at least throw us a bone right? I doubt he will though. He was just a puppet for WS…that’s it. And we are nowhere closer to a post-racial country. Am I lying??

              • Trojan Pam says:

                @ Kushite Prince

                I think Africans and other non-white nations are waking up. They see the European’s drive to RE-COLONIZE the non-white world and steal their resources and labor (again) but this time, they will fight back with everything they have

                That’s why the West is undermining nations like Syria and Iran and African nations and Egypt, etc in the hopes they can spread enough confusion that allows them to get a foot hold in those governments and when the people refuse, the West bombs and kills and puts in a puppet government.

                And if they are not successful, they will turn the chessboard over and blow the world up (or try to) by instigating a nuclear war and are ARROGANT enough to think they will survive (sic:).

                And for those who expect Obama to throw us a bone, don’t hold your breath. He is doing exactly what he was chosen to do.

                We really need

      • reality_check says:

        I am not shocked by these parties. What about the black “slaves” that choose to partake in these events? I have been making the clarion call for the past several years that, unless we make some major changes, black Americans are headed back to slavery. I feel it in my spirit, though I do hope I”m wrong. We are really no better off today than we were 100 years ago. If anything, we are more vulnerable today than back then.

        I just hope that blacks are not permanently damaged, though with my limited vision, I cannot see any change on the horizon. We seem to be get worse with each generation and regressing back to slavery. Only difference is that this time most of us will willingly go to the “plantation.”

    • Courtney H. says:


  11. TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:

    @ TrojanPam

    You said, “I can NO LONGER accept the EXCUSE that we cannot do better as a people in respecting ourselves.

    I can NO LONGER accept the EXCUSE that we don’t have the POWER to turn off a program or movie or a song on the radio that degrades us.


    My mom and I have had this conversation for awhile now that Black people have ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSES as to why many of us continue to engage in slave thinking and behaviors and participate in our own degradation. My mom often say, “Black People can deliver ourselves from these demons.” I agree 100%. I’m becoming TOTALLY INTOLERANT with Black People’s excuses!

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ TheOriginalBlackWoman13

      I agree with your mother. There is a lot we can do. Some things are very easy, like what we support as entertainment.

      It can’t get any easier than that to turn off a TV set or radio when we see something degrading about black people.

    • Phazex says:

      @ The Original Black Woman:

      “Head nod.”


  12. Courtney H. says:

    Tariq Nasheed discusses some of this debauchery in this podcast:

    • Timothy says:

      The podcast of Tariq Nasheed showed his views.

      The beginning of his words dealt with relationship issues. I don’t agree with some of his misogynistic views. He is right that the system of white supremacy has murdered innocent black people globally. We need to fight against the system of white supremacy, so a system of justice can exist. It is also true that the ghetto is a domestic colony as said by Dr. King and Malcolm X. The ghetto was created by the white supremacists to confine black people in a system of economic exploitation and lacking transformative power. The ghetto has been used by evil people as a means for them to scapegoat especially poor black human beings. He is right that many sellouts know the truth, but they still decide to join the system of white supremacy. We don’t need deflection. We need great honesty and inspiration to keep on going forward.

      Cops are an institution that has been used by the establishment as a way fro them promote the interests of the oligarchy. Many cops follow rules which shot to kill people (under some circumstances) if even someone is unarmed or non-threatening. We should develop our economy, but we should not only do that. We don’t need classism or some bourgeois economic state where workers’ rights are exploited. We need to develop our cultural strength and our spiritual power too. The reason is that you can develop your economy all you want, but we also need a code of conduct as a means to maintain our power. Power used fairly and wisely can cause justice. I have no problem with Tariq’s call for more Pan-Africanism. We need a stronger alliance with all black Africans and all black people of the African Diaspora politically, socially, and economically. To me, that action is just commonsense. The Chinese restaurant (in Kenya) restricting Africans to go into their restaurant after a certain time is totally racist, because terrorists exist in all colors. Black people have every right to fight for their rights in Kenya.

      He disagrees with feminism. Whether one agrees with feminism or not (which people have every right to do), one should always believe in equality among all genders. Yes, Gloria Steinem once worked for a CIA-financed foundation during the late 1950’s and in the early 60’s. This is a fact. It is also true that some early suffragettes were racists. That is why many black women call themselves womanists as a way to not identify with the white power structure. I don’t agree with the New Black movement (which compromises with the establishment or promote post-racial deceptions). He talked about the intersectionality issue. In my view, the truth is that black people have every right to advance our own interests. Any group of people who refuse to expose the system of white supremacy and refuse to advance the interests of black people should not be allied with at all.

      The people, who exploit black people in sick, racist fetish, (via secret rituals, etc.) show the world that the debauchery of white racism continues. White racism is truly an abomination (and the black people who are involved in this humiliation should be ashamed of themselves too). This debauchery doesn’t just happening in America, but it occurs in London, Paris, Berlin, Istanbul, Dubai, etc. There are many members of the white LBGT community who are stone cold racists. No human of any background should be deprived of their basic human rights, but black people should not be scapegoated for all forms of oppression. The system of white supremacy (not black people) has oppressed women, black people, and other people of color, sexual minorities, and the rest of humanity greater than any group of people in the modern age. Black people are a loving people and we have a revolutionary mentality. Therefore, we have to first and foremost promote the dignity of black people and never fall into distractions or traps. We shouldn’t be bigots and hate on people because of their background, but we shouldn’t compromise our views either. It’s wrong for some to sexually exploit black people. It’s wrong for some to mistreat black people in vulgar ways. It is right for black people to promote real Black Unity and to fight for justice.

      Regardless of our class, our sex, our nationality, etc. we are oppressed because we are black. That truth can’t be refuted.

  13. Trojan Pam says:

    @ ALL

    Remember the Craigs List ad at the beginning of this post:

    “The highlight of the party will be a Mandingo fight… with two black men wrestling naked….”

    Check this out:

    Investigator: Inmates forced like gladiators to fight as deputies took bets

    “At just 150 pounds, it was hardly fair to pit Ricardo Palikiko Garcia against an opponent well over twice his size. But Garcia had to fight him — or else he’d allegedly face torture.

    Running away was not an option for the inmate locked inside a San Francisco jail.

    Like the gladiators of old, Garcia and others were forced into pugilistic matches, local authorities said. Four sheriff’s deputies then placed bets on their bouts.

    And race may have played a role, said public defender Jeff Adachi. The deputies were white; the coerced convicts all men of color.”

    Race MAY have played a role???

    We’re not talking about some backwater, deep in the south, town — we’re talking about SAN FRANCISCO where some of the most “cultured and educated” whites live. It also a bastion of white male HOMOSEXUALITY

    And my money says these fights had an element of HOMO-EROTICISM in them on the part of the white guards just like it plays a role in these “Mandingo” parties. And the HATRED and CONTEMPT for black and non-white people on the part of the white males and females who participate in our degradation is ALSO a huge undeniable factor.

    My money says these guards and/or their bosses won’t be fired and the so-called “Justice” department won’t do much about it either, so let’s not kid ourselves about that.

    This is the DANGER of what we’re facing, where black and non-white people are being REDUCED to play things for racist whites. In fact, there will be MORE uproar from white america over the DOG FIGHT that Michael Vick, a young black male who went to prison, than there will be over the FORCED FIGHTS between other HUMAN BEINGS in a so-called place of law and (dis)order, and in a so-called bastion of white sophistication – San Francisco. This is one of a HUNDRED MILLION BLACK REALITY CHECKS that we get EVERY DAY — yet most of us seem sound asleep in our little cocoons of NON-REALITY.

    Stories like this are why I absolutely REFUSE to SOFT-PEDAL the truth about what we are dealing with

    and for all those who want their information all lotioned-up and politically correct so they can “feel soft and fuzzy” about the DAILY MISTREATMENT of their own people, this blog is not for them. They will not be comforted here nor will they be lured back into that collective black cocoon of DENIAL and NON-ACCOUNTABILITY for solving the vast number of problems we all face.

    Those who chose to stay, let’s share the message, share the links, support this blog and others like it, spread the word, and stop just talking and START DOING whatever you can to wake our people up and to make a constructive difference. We cannot afford to let “someone else” do the work that needs to be done.


    Because FAR TOO MANY of us actually believe (deep down) that nothing this bad can happen to them or their son or their father or their husband or their brother — or to YOU.

    When in fact, this is another BLACK REALITY CHECK of what our future could and probably will look like.


    We better start taking our future seriously.

    • Timothy says:

      @Trojan Pam

      The article shows how the white supremacist injustice system is overtly filled with corruption. These gladiator games, found in that prison, are cruel and blatantly exploitative. Unfortunately, the wider public doesn’t know about this story in a higher level. Tons of people around the globe should understand how many black men and black women are being manipulated, used, and abused by sick white racists. If the Justice Department refused to charge Darren Wilson and so far didn’t charge Eric Garner’s killer, then they will not send any charges against the deputies who organized this barbaric action. This does deal with race.

      Racial discrimination, economic exploitation, and unfair racial sentencing practices are found in the States. San Francisco is known for its racism and black residents of the city talk all of the time about the anti-black racism found in San Francisco. You’re right in showing the point that we shouldn’t sugarcoat the truth. The Jewish people don’t sugarcoat the Holocaust. The Japanese don’t sugarcoat the internment camps in America including the evil atomic bombs which exploded (via the U.S. military) in 2 Japanese cities (during 1945). Therefore, we, as black people, should never omit nor dilute the massive oppression that we experience at the hands of white supremacists on a daily basis. This is similar to the “Mandingo” fights and it’s similar to the ancient Roman barbaric gladiator games too.

      You have made an excellent point about Michael Vick as well. In fact, nonviolent black drug offenders have (in many circumstances) served more time in prison than evil rapists and evil murderers. That is totally unfair and it reveals the moral bankruptcy of the prison industrial complex. Some white folks refuse to forgive Michael Vick to this very day when Michael Vick issued apology after apology (and is a member of the animal rights movement). We have the right and the duty to establish solutions. Real solutions will be diverse. They just don’t deal with one action. They include promoting mentorships, supporting therapy (for those who have been mistreated and abused), promoting technology in our communities (as STEM is an universal part of the growth of any civilization), forming real networks of support not in America, but throughout the black African Diaspora internationally, promoting healthy eating, etc.

      The Creator gave each of us unique gifts and we have to utilize our gifts in the maximum fashion possible. The easiest things that can be done is to shut off the TV, work in community programs, help the black poor, and reading great literature from black authors (and support them literally. We have to support those who support us or defend our rights as black people. This is why I’m sharing links and I’m going to work on doing more work in supporting black institutions).

      There is no excuse for racist mistreatment and oppression. We all wish that anyone who sexually abuses black people (and the evil people in the SF jail) would experience justice, but many of these sick white racists are not being held accountable for their degenerate actions. We must do what is right and we are struggling and fighting for our liberation. The truth in many cases may be politically incorrect, but we will show the truth regardless.

      Our cause is just and truth is on our side.

    • Not shocked at all! They want to recreate modern day Rome. Rome was full of gladiator fights,war everywhere,slavery and homosexuality was the norm. Does that sound familiar??

  14. Shanequa says:

    @ Trojan Pam @ Timothy
    Please watch this clip below of Tariq Nasheed. Tariq is a opportunist that is out to pimp the black community. This negro in the video stated black people always represented for our gay black brothers & sisters and homosexuality isn’t nothing new too us. Then he mention how black people use disco music to welcoming the white gay community. I seen another clip on one of his radio shows a caller mention what should we do about homosexuality running rapidly in our communities, well Tariq stated that is least out worries. Homosexuality in the black community is causing a lot of problems. For one it is keeping other black men & women to find mates to procreate families, homosexuality is causing our population to decrease, and it doesn’t lead to procreation.

    • Timothy says:

      I will definitely look at the video Sister Shenequa. Tariq is known for his misogyny and he has actually said that he is not a member of the conscious community (mocking many people in the community as Hotep N____). The truth is that disco music existed from the late 1960’s. It was popularized during the 1970’s. Disco wasn’t used originally as a means to appeal to white homosexuals. It was invented by black people as a means for us to express ourselves. We certainly need the growth of the develop of black families. There is nothing wrong with a black man loving a black woman out of real love and vice versa. We need not only the growth of black people population wise. Yet, we need to teach our black children their black history, black culture, ethics, and community building (so these principles can be passed down to our descendants).

  15. Shanequa says:

    @ Trojan Pam @ Timothy

    We all know Tommy Sotomayor makes thousands of hateful videos of black women on youtube & blogs. Well if Tariq is for black people why would you be near a man who hates black women & enjoy making videos degrading black men, women & children at their worse. Now these two can’t stand each other. Tariq is no different then Tommy talking slick shit about black women.

    • Timothy says:


      Both of them wrong. Also, Tariq has disrespected black people based on skin complexion, personality, etc. I disagree with both of them on many issues. Therefore, we have to speak the truth, inspire change, and continue to use social activism to help our people.

    • Phazex says:

      Unfortunately, we will have to “thin the herd.” And many out of our Black masses” cannot be saved”. Including these two pseudo-black males: Sotomayer and Nasheed. Done.

    • Timothy says:


      I respect AfriSyngery’s videos exposing Tommy too.

      He is a very intelligent Brother who uses facts, documents, and other evidence in getting his points across.

  16. Shanequa says:

    @ Timothy

    I agree with you 100%.

  17. Shanequa says:

    @ Phazex I agree with your statement.
    I do apologize to you earlier about my statement I didn’t mean all single mothers entertain off of ratchet behavior.

  18. Rob says:


    I have a question. How does Hollywood work? How do the white supremacist bosses that control it ensure that most of the movies that are released are filled with subtle and not so subtle white supremacist messages and programming?

    • Timothy says:


      That is a very important and great question. First, many aspects of how Hollywood works can be found in books written by Sister Trojan Pam, Dr. Cress Welsing, Mr. Neely Fuller, and other human beings.

      Hollywood is controlled by select multinational corporations. Hollywood is run by the oligarchy (made up of not only select corporate power, but Hollywood is ally with the military industrial complex. That is why movies readily have input by the Pentagon). Hollywood is made up also of network of producers, executives, and screen writers who allow approved movies to come through in the mainstream level. This network uses casting, discussions, and other actions to determine approved scripts and other actions. Since Hollywood is controlled mostly by white males, then movies readily reflect the white males’ interpretations of how the world is. The system of white supremacy readily shows false, evil stereotypes of black people of both genders as a means to promote a false image (and allow people to demonize the black community in general). Many of the heads of Hollywood (including directors and producers) are well versed in the occult, history, programming (as popularized by Edward Bernays), etc. So, these heads allow programming, certain agendas, symbolism, etc. and faulty programming in shows, music videos, etc.

      CEOs necessarily don’t have total power. You can look at the board of directors and the heads of multinational corporations to see the real power. So, Hollywood works as a capitalistic and exploitative business and they approve what they want while rejecting readily positive imagery of the black community. That is why the vast majority of positive black shows or positive black images are either independently controlled by grassroots black people or they exist for a temporary period of time in the mainstream level. The white supremacists readily suppress a massive display of positive black stories (in the mainstream level) in our generation.

      Hollywood works in diverse ways and we (as black people) must develop our independent infrastructure show we can show the truth, help others, and make sure that justice is made real for our people. Black people are entitled to freedom, justice, and equality without question.

      • Courtney H. says:

        Excellent response, Brother Timothy! 🙂

        P.S.: Who is this Edward Bernays dude?

        • Timothy says:

          Hello Sister Courtney. 🙂

          Edward Bernays was a white man who worked in his life by using propaganda in Western society. He lived for 103 years from the 1800’s to 1995. His uncle was Sigmund Freud (who outlined his theories on human psychology). Bernays worked with the President and other corporations in order to promote more “public relations” and to get the public to support the establishment’s agendas. He believed in the manipulation of public opinion.

          • Courtney H. says:

            Hello, Brother Timothy. 🙂

            Thank you for filling me in about Edward Bernays. So he was Sigmund Freud*s nephew? I heard that Sigmund Freud was a pedophile! Yuck!

      • Rob says:

        @ Timothy

        Very good explanation. Thank you.

  19. Clarence a.k.a. Codified Games says:

    Calm down people we should just educate white people and everything will be allright ,because they are ‘ignorant’ haha. Check out this video.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Clarence a.k.a. Codified Games

      Maybe, she’s too young to understand but videos like this don’t educate anyone.
      It really smacks of black people trying to convince white people instead of spending the time more constructively to CHANGE OURSELVES

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Trojan Pam & Clarence a.k.a. Codified Games:

        That was a criticism of the recent movie **Dear White People.** I do not know if you have heard about it, but it was an independently-made movie released earlier this year about campus racism.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Courtney H.

          I have a copy of the movie but I haven’t seen it. I’ll check it out

          • Courtney H. says:

            @ Trojan Pam:


          • Dear White people was so stupid!! Not even worth the rental! It was garbage from start to finish! Nothing but anti-blackness,homosexuality and interracial nonsense!! But of course the black director is gay so what do you expect right??? Looks like we might have a young Lee Daniels in the making!!! God help US!!!!!

            • Courtney H. says:

              Oh my God! That is what Tariq Nasheed (that fool) said about it.


              • Sometimes Tariq makes good points on race relations. I like his Hidden Colors films. I have all three of them. But I don’t always agree with his points. He can come off a little cocky and full of himself at times.

            • Timothy says:

              I have not heard of that much information about Dear White People until recently. People who promoted it try to advance it as some pro-black revolutionary movie. Yet, when you figure out what it is, it is the same compromising, anti-black film that tries to ignore how vicious the system of white supremacy is. The movie won’t even talk about the African Diaspora and how the system fights against both black men and black women. The solution to our problem is about ending this corrupt system and establishing a real system of justice.

              • Yes it’s a horrible film. It promotes homosexuality and even gay interracial couples. I think it may even be worse than…dare I say it..Precious. This film is worse because its very deceptive. It gives the appearance that it’s some type of revolutionary film that sticks it to white people! Not even close! The biracial militant girl talks all pro-black but is sleeping with the white boy. And at the end she gets with the white boy. The moral of the story: Blacks may talk about racism and discrimination but they really love white people. And the answer to racism is to hop into bed with whites. Sex will solve all social ills. Doesn’t it make you sick? Know what I mean Timothy? I get so tired of these brainwashing films.

            • Trojan Pam says:

              @ Kushite Prince

              That’s why I keep saying over and over again that we need to distance ourselves from MOST black entertainment/entertainers — especially if they are getting press OR support from the white mainstream media. This media is NOT going to promote black people respecting ourselves or loving each other.

              • Never have and they never will. They would defeat the purpose of anti-blackness. I think we need our own studios and production companies. Independent from them totally. That way we can create our own stories and positive images of ourselves. And turn back some of this brainwashing that is destroying our people mentally.

  20. Shanequa says:

    @ Trojan Pam

    I know in several post & comments you mention about how the economy is falling deeply in debt. The fashion industry is suffering a great recession. Designers are trying to sale there clothing overseas but Europe economy continues to suffer especially buyingwhat seem tp be expensive American clothing.

    The two statements in the article that I found interesting were: “When people see how ubiquitous they’ve become and everyone has a Michael Kors bag, it loses its luster” & “Retail experts say these brands are trying to figure out what customer they want to go after and at what price point.”
    With the first statement I notice when Europeans see black Africans wearing their clothing, to them it decrease the value of the clothing. Even if we can or can’t afford the clothing they do not want to be associate with any products that we buy. About last year Tommy Hilfiger made a statment that he wish he didn’t sold out. The reason he made that statment is because he lost his white Europeans buyers when he allow black celebrities like Aaliyah, Usher & Quincy Jones daughter Kaidada Jones advertise their clothing to an urban audience. We had so many black entertainers wearing his clothing which many whites feel it loses it luster when everyone is wearing the brand. When any European companies needs to make money they will find away to go after black customers to advertise & make money from us. It was a recent article on the designer Michael Kor advertisement which is advertise to European women but who actual buy his purses are African American & Latino women. European women stop wearing the purses because it looks cheap, decrease in value, and overexposed but we all know the real reason why.

    The economy is falling, racism is growing worst each day, and black people are living in fantasy island in their minds.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Shanequa

      I agree. From what I’ve seen most white designers know it’s the kiss of death to have too many black people wearing and carrying their “stuff” — because it loses value in the eyes of their customers. Look at Lexus cars when black people started buying them by the droves. The prestige of the car went down.

      Do we care that the people who get our money for overpriced goods (a lot of it JUNK) don’t want our business? NOPE.

      Do we care that Fashion Week is one of the most racist events in America? NOPE.

      Do we care that we are playing top dollar for merchandise produced by slave labor, often by children in 3rd world countries? NOPE

      And a lot of this madness to have someone else’s name on our arms and on our asses COMES FROM MAINSTREAM MEDIA, TV, and MOVIES.

      yes, indeed, we are living in a fantasy land if we think designer duds are more important than respecting ourselves.

  21. lisa says:

    Sick indeed, white people collectively have always had an obsession and fascination with both black male and female bodies but particularly black men’s’ penises. What man who claims to be heterosexual is that concerned with another mans penis?
    In the words of Dr Frances Welsing “Self-respect is more powerful than a nuclear weapon”.
    I no longer have sex with white people and barely speak to them( unless I have to at my place of work) and I am better for it and have regained my sanity.I wish more black people understood that when in the company of white people you will ALWAYS be treated unjustly, denigrated and exploited.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Lisa

      I was channel surfing one night three years ago and I stopped on this show, “Design Therapy” where interior designers use their craft as therapy for their customers and there was this well to do white male who had a huge collection of — if I remember correctly — over ONE HUNDRED BLACK AND BROWN PENISES.

      I KID YOU NOT.

      And I thought to myself, WHAT THE HELL?

      Doesn’t his live-in girlfriend know what he is?

      She was a non-white female he wasn’t married to (what else is new?) and I got the feeling that he didn’t care what she thought about his “collection”

      And i bet MONEY this white male is having sex with other men, in particular, black males

      Maybe, the mainstream media realized this was too revealing about them because I looked all over the Internet for this particular episode and I couldn’t find it anywhere.

  22. LBM says:

    “…COURTESY of the unconscious black male who is producing offspring that LOOK NOTHING LIKE HIM….”

    PAM, the Portuguese, Spanish, and semitic Arab (Greek and Roman) offspring of Black males and euro females started this modern era of anti-black assault. Someone asked Runoko Rashidi what “Moors” looked like. He had to ask, “when”? Because what they looked like in year 1 was quite different in year 400, 600, 800. And what they behaved like was certainly different. We who want Black people to move forward, to progress, MUST get it through our brains that those who want to commit beastiality can no longer be with us along with the product of beastial relations. One of my elders told me a while ago that not only won’t all of us make it, MOST of us won’t. So I’m good with that knowledge because it will only take a truly committed few to rebirth. Those who can’t help but aid anti-humans with their life-sucking ways – we just gotta let them be… and stay on our course of self love and dignity. A beast is most dangerous when it sees it’s end. So this is what we’re dealing with right now. The anti-humans’ time is coming to an end and they will take as many of us with them as possible because it’s their nature to destroy and/or corrupt what they can’t dominate. The Earth herself is fighting back against the anti-human scourge. Those of us who can’t understand that are of no use and we can’t waste too much time on them, other than to identify them as allies with the anti-humans.

    Note: I don’t know what’s on right now but for a while there was a plethora of “ancient european” programs on in which there was no shame to them showing exactly what they are. Rome, The Borgias, Henry the 8th and a particularly truthful one, Spartacus, that I just had to stop watching because I’m watching and wondering how in the name of anything decent a black person could want to relate to those creatures. Indeed violent and twisted sex is normal for them. We shouldn’t be surprised at these white college parties, swinging caligula parties, or wealthy anti-human “slave” renditions. Again I’m reminded of being in West Africa and seeing the nasty looking anti-humans, male and female, paying for the young Africans to “escort” them. Nice looking young males and females having to hold the hands of liver-spotted cancor-sored creatures in public. One young man actually told me that he just couldn’t do what the toubob female wanted him to do to her. UUUGHHH.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ LBM

      Unfortunately, I have to agree. A lot of us won’t make it. I don’t see how we can SAVE A MIRACLE, given our current apathetic mentality.

      How can we save ourselves when we REFUSE to respect ourselves?

      I agree, these are very dangerous times but most of our people refuse to heed any warnings. It’s as though we have a DEATH WISH — and maybe we do. Maybe, we’ve lost the nerve, the heart and the will to fight back anymore.

      And it won’t be long before sites like mine might be taken off line. I warned people that President Obama would be USED to usher in a lot of legislation that will harm a lot of people. One is the TPP Trade Bill, one of MANY FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS that Obama has signed that have literally SUCKED HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF JOBS away from American workers.

      And now, the Net Neutrality bill was passed in Feb of this year– effectively allowing the FCC to regulate the Internet


      This is what Obama was (S)ELECTED to do — to take the blame for all the bad things that are happening and WILL happen (including the economy and the continued growth of the police state).

      NOT only will he be blamed, WE WILL BE BLAMED. Black people are already suffering a backlash from enraged whites in the form of higher unemployment and police brutality.

      This is what his election was designed to do: TO CREATE BLACK SCAPEGOATS FOR THE CRIMES OF THE WHITE ELITES.

      And at this point I DO NOT CARE WHO I OFFEND. TRUTH IS TRUTH.

      If people want to keep defending this administration because they like the way he “struts” OR they like watching another black person with a title getting a lot of camera time WITHOUT PAYING ONE BIT OF ATTENTION TO WHAT HE SIGNS,

      knock yourselves out

      i will not be keeping you company.

      • Shanequa says:

        @ Trojan Pam

        When the president leaves office non whites will question black people by saying what have black people done or improve on while Obama been office. We gave you a black president an you still did nothing to improve your condition. On top of that Obama will be label as the worst president in history because he’s half black. Black people believe when Obama get out of office there will be jobs, the reason they aren’t hiring blacks is because we have a black president. Racism is increasing each day the world is looking at black people as beggers who can’t do nothing for themselves. We are being oppressed by Europeans as well as other non blacks who hated us as well. I use to work at different schools an those non black Hispanic teachers & assistant despise black children.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Shanequa

          Black people have done worse over the last six years, not better. Is all this Obama’s fault? Of course not. In fact, the majority of white, non-white and black are poorer today than six years ago but like most things, black people are probably doing worse than the other groups.

          I don’t believe whites who blame Obama think of him as “half black/half white” — from what I can see they think he’s all nigger. White people don’t spend a lot of time trying to figure out how much “white blood” a black person has. If they’re not white, they’re not right.

          People act like Obama’s heritage is something unique. Most black people in America have white ancestors (I agree, not all black people have white ancestry, LBM) but has this stopped racism? Have more bi-racial people being born stopped racism?

          Obama will be viewed as one of the worst presidents because his administration has been one of the worst. It has waged more wars than any previous administration. It has attacked the Constitution, has extended Bush’s patriot act, have stripped us of more rights, he has signed a lot of free trade agreements that rob Americans of jobs, has passed a health care bill


          — NOT OBAMA and not the politicians who collect a paycheck – which includes a provision to give healthcare companies taxpayer subsidies IF enough people don’t sign up, and people are actually being FINED at tax time if they don’t get insurance (?!?),

          and during 2008 campaign, the LARGEST TRANSFER OF WEALTH IN HUMAN HISTORY occurred and Obama AND McCain voted against the will of the people to give their BANKER BOSSES trillions of dollars that they were never held accountable for.

          Under this administration, I believe there will be an ECONOMIC COLLAPSE and possibly, a World War III nuclear war. That is why he is there. TO TAKE THE BLAME AS A BLACK PERSON (NOT AS A HALF-WHITE/HALF-BLACK PERSON) and by default, ALL BLACK PEOPLE WILL BE BLAMED.

          I have tried to make this point since 2007 over and over again, that he is being USED (with his consent) to hide the crimes of the white elite but too many of us want to believe that a black man is telling the most powerful white people who NOMINATED, FINANCED AND VETTED — what to do. That’s like believing a black male is made mob boss (at a time when the mob is under pressure) and that the same mob people that PICKED him are now taking their marching orders FROM him.

          It is all this PLAY ACTING and wishful thinking by black people who believe fairy tales do come true if you close your eyes to the TRUTH and cross your fingers that troubles me more than our economic issues because if we were NOT in such deep denial we might find a way out of this mess.

          But as long as we LIE to ourselves and would rather FEEL GOOD than BE GOOD, we are in for a world of hurt. I’ve tried, others have tried and most have resisted the message of black empowerment and unity

          so, unfortunately, it will be up to the individual to save him or herself.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Shanequa

          I also mean to add that anti-blackness is an epidemic orchestrated by the white elites to create “gang fights” between non-whites so we won’t find common ground to oppose the white supremacy system.

          I personally do not care if other non-whites dislike blacks or not, I care MORE that we dislike each other. That’s what we need to focus on.

          Have you ever seen a kid in a schoolyard who is always worrying whether the other kids like him? Guess what happens? The other kids see that this kid is so desperate to be liked, and tries to hard to be liked, that it’s almost impossible to like him.

          Especially when it’s obvious he does not like himself…

      • TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:


        Thanks for this info about the TPP. I looked at it a little bit, but I will check it out more later. So what I’m basically reading/listening to so far is that the whole net neutrality issue is a trick? Cause many people have signed petitions (I signed the one at, email their congressman, held protests in DC, etc to keep the internet open and free yet all of that won’t work? Like they trying to take ALL our right away ( and people are doing all they can to keep our freedoms, but will it work? The so-called elites gonna do what they wanna do anyway? Is that correct?

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ TheOriginalBlackWoman13

          As far as I know it didn’t work because the bill was signed last month.

          I have to disagree that people are doing all they can. Most people aren’t doing anything, they don’t even KNOW the issues. I believe if MOST people were involved the elites wouldn’t have been able to get as far as they have.

          I also believe if we put some economic MUSCLE behind our words — meaning the people would have to make SACRIFICES, like the black people during the Montgomery Bus Boycott, who walked MILES to work and risked losing jobs and even their lives to be treated with dignity

          those KINDS of movements would work, where the people put their cause above their own personal safety, but walking around carrying signs and singing songs and wearing t-shirts without any ECONOMIC MUSCLE,

          meaning there are NO PENALTIES for the wrongdoers, no, I don’t see any evidence that protests of the type you see today work

          And let me ask you a question? Aren’t the elites doing whatever they want to do right now–in your opinion? (and I’m not being sarcastic).

          • TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:


            And let me ask you a question? Aren’t the elites doing whatever they want to do right now–in your opinion? (and I’m not being sarcastic).

            I’ve been giving this a lot of thought yesterday afternoon and I agree that the so-called elites (there’s nothing elite about these people) are doing whatever they want to do in spite of marches, protests, signing petitions, emailing congressmen, representatives, etc.

            I learned a few months ago (when I first learned about it) that this fight to keep the free and open internet is old. I learned a few years ago (via that the internet was under attack and they were saying that many (millions) people marched, protested, email congressman/representatives, etc to stop government/corporate takeover and control over the internet.

            The ACLU reported that we the people one that round, but you’re right if the people won then it would be left alone. When the FCC voted to last month in favor of net neutrality and made the net neutrality rules public it was also stated that the fight was not over because congress is still coming after the net, so this “fight” is continuous. I guess they trying to figure out a way to sneak a government/corporate takeover of the internet on us. This is right in line with what the TPP reveals. So yeah, from what I’m seeing the masses are being led to believe that we have a choice in the matter like other matters.

            I agree that people are not too willing in putting economic muscle behind anything these days because in my opinion boycotting would be more effective than marching, protesting, etc. I noticed before and during the holidays 2014 some of the people in Ferguson was talking about boycotting, but what happened? I haven’t heard anymore about it. Boycotting would mean that people would have to become independent of the system and people are too dependent on the system so they are not willing to boycott. Dr. John Henrike Clarke said something like and I am paraphrasing that marching and protesting does noting but wear out a good pair of shoes. It may have worked during the 50s and 60s, but it’s not working in the 21st century. People are doing the same thing over and over expecting to get different results and that is INSANITY!

  23. Great review on Dear White People. I agree with it 100%!

    Justin Simien does not purport that his film is a treatise on racism; to the contrary, he says, “it is about identity, it is identity in a world where covert racism and microaggressions occur.” However, if Simien imagines himself in the same satirical conversation as Spike Lee and Melvin Van Peebles, he should be aware that a reduction of White supremacy to “covert racism” and “microaggressions” is disrespectful to the tradition he fancies this work following.

    In DWP, Sam White, the Black Student Union leader, proclaims boisterously to her peers that Black culture is missing and the objective of her push for influence on campus is to “Bring Black Back to Winchester.” However, what is missing throughout the film is any discussion of what exactly that “missing Black culture” is. Is there an infringement on the political autonomy of Black students to speak on Pan-African issues (School Daze)? No. Is there pressure to discontinue reverence for Black community activist organizations and ideals (Higher Learning)? No. What beyond a numerical decrease in Black bodies is there that reflects a “missing Black culture?” Virtually nothing. In the film, the “epicenter” of Black culture is the dining hall, wherein according to Sam “everything from Kanye West to theoretical relativism” is discussed, telling the viewer nothing about “Black culture” aside from two assumed divergent topics. Aptly, the only cultural product that is referenced with any consistency in the film is food, particularly fried chicken, waffles, as well as macaroni and cheese. In his effort to be diverse and dynamic in his portrayal of Blackness, and not define anything, Simien in post-modernist style divorced his discourse on Black culture from any ancestral roots or cultural traditions of Africana people. Culture is more than topical interests and “better snacks” it is better understood as “shared perceptions, attitudes, and presdisposition that allow people to organize experiences in a certain way” (Asante, 1990, p.9). Hence culture is not merely something to be performed and “worn” but rather something to be rooted and centered in. This choice by Simien to uproot his characters from any Africana cultural foundation casts them hopelessly into the wind of Whiteness. Thus, leaving his characters looking for themselves through the cultural lens of their oppressors, and relegating their “fight” for “Black culture” to little more than an expediting of the assimilation process.

    Justin Simien defines DWP as a satirical work. However, though that is true, when looked at in the Africana cultural satirical tradition, it becomes clear that the film is drenched in Eurocentric epistemological assumptions and preoccupations. In other words, the film is so enamored with humanizing white people, that it does a disservice to anything emancipatory for Black people. According to West African writer Kimani Njogu, satire is best understood as “militant irony… aggression constitutes satire’s indispensable component, satire is an attack.” What is it that Simien is attacking? He has stated: “I didn’t want to vilify anyone in the film… [the white students who often throw Blackface parties] they didn’t realize how messed up this was.” With this sort of accommodationist view, Simien’s work is more sympathetic apology than aggressive attack.

    In African American Satire: The Sacredly Profane Novel Daryl Dickson Carr writes of African American satire that it “frequently presents… absurd, obscene milieux that reveal racism as the rotten but definitive core of American cultural politics. The satiric novel repeatedly installs, subverts, then reinstalls racism as the agent of ideological and political irrationality and chaos…” Instead, what one sees in Simien’s work is a removal of racism as the core, never to be reinstalled, but substituted for the more convenient and supposedly racially indifferent problem of capitalism and economic profit incentive, of which people of all racial groups are again, supposedly equally complicit. This idea of “equal complicity” is where Simien’s work falls woefully short. In Do The Right Thing (1989), the police state is the chief perpetrator of racism. In School Daze (1988), intra-racial solidarity is the clear pathway, to “waking up” and recognizing the real enemy, white supremacy (cast in this work as the Apartheid regime in South Africa). In Bamboozled (2000), there is no shortage of Black people complicit in their own oppression. However, Lee calls out the contribution of these conspirators to the decimation of Black people and Black culture, and the collaborator is made to confront his/her decision. In the end, these contributors are not cast as the ventriloquist in their own puppetry, merely puppets that are caught in the tangled web of strings that is white supremacy.

    In the Africana satirical tradition, Niyi Akibgbe, in the article Speaking Denunciation: satire as confrontation language in contemporary Nigerian poetry (2014) wrote, “satire is expressed using proverbs, aphorism and irony which serve as artistic elements that are grounded in African tradition and culture, satire in short allows the poet to air social criticism and express social engagement.” Devoid of any concrete satirical commentary on the utility of culture for Black people, Dear White People is indeed itself “missing Black culture.”

    Though it is true that there are always co-conspirators and collaborators when any group is oppressed on a macro-level (Jews and Nazi’s, Native Americans and Europeans, Africans and Europeans, etc.). But, to pretend as if Black people have constructed and continue the parameters in our own oppression, in our own genocide, in our own Maafa, is akin to claiming it was African people who built the slave ships upon which we were loaded, in the conclusive analysis the Europeans built those ships, made those shackles, and carried out the work of enslaving and massacring millions of African people and no amount of “complicity” changes that truth. Yet in Simien’s film, the potential orchestrators of the Blackface party are Coco and Sam.

    Simien invokes Lee Daniels’ myopic bastardization of Black Power in The Butler in his portrayal of Reggie, the “pseudo-Black nationalist” supporter of Sam in DWP. By his own admission, Simien crafted Reggie to be one-dimensional. Reggie is not posited as either comforting or understanding, or pushing Sam to use her passion to push through a sensitive time. Instead, he is consistently insensitive and selfish, fulfilling the stereotype of the Black male that marginalizes Black women, ultimately unworthy of the commitment of a Black woman. When Sam leaves due to her father’s health without providing her friends an explanation, Reggie and the other Black students’ concern for her is never positioned as friends wanting to see if she’s ok, or help her through a difficult time. They are solely shown as a group that wants to utilize her for their own interest, while Gabe is the caring, comedic, and understanding shoulder to lean on. Reggie sees Sam’s leadership position as an opportunity for the group. When Reggie told Sam “Forgive me if I see something in you, something folks like me can get behind” that could have been a catalyst for a healthy and affirming relationship (friend or otherwise) between Sam and Reggie. Instead, nothing came from this discussion. Nothing except for Sam being filled with grief that Gabe found out she kissed Reggie, for which she later apologized to Gabe.

    The obsession with the White gaze for Simien becomes most clear when in interviews he states that he researched the reactions of white people after Blackface parties, however, in the movie there is no attention or time given to the voices that Black Student Unions around the country have raised in regards to these parties and how they feel in these oppressive spaces. But, due to the fact that the Winchester BSU in the film did not issue any statement, push for any enhanced study of their culture and community via Africana Studies, or stage any direct action in response to the Blackface party that is in the tradition of multiple Ivy League institutions such a large oversight cannot be seen as much of a surprise. But such a large oversight cannot be seen as much of a surprise, the agency of Black people as a collective was of little to no concern in Simien’s project.

    Sam, the archetypal tragic mulatto, finds the solution to her “confused” identity in her love for White people, particularly her white male Teaching Assistant Gabe. In resolving Sam’s dilemma of identity in this way, Simien is fueling the anti-Black and Anti-African thrust in contemporary U.S. society. Frantz Fanon, captures Sam’s acceptance of her lost desire to be a leader for the Black community poignantly when he wrote in his classic work Black Skin White Masks (1952) of a Black Martinican woman “… unable to blacken or negrify the world, she endeavors to whiten it in her body and mind.” When Sam is removing her head wrap and her jewelry, in the scene before the Blackface party, she is literally discarding her Blackness, and solidarity with the Black community. It is now, after Sam has “come to her senses” about being the girl whose “favorite director is Bergman but [tells] people its Spike Lee” that Gabe and she can be together.

    In the mind of Sam it is, as Fanon says, “The day the [W]hite man confessed his love for the mulatto girl, something extraordinary must have happened. There was recognition, and acceptance into a community that seemed impenetrable… Overnight the mulatto girl had gone from rank of slave to that of master” (Fanon, 1952, p. 40). And in Sam’s own words, she went from “rebellion on the plantation” to apologizing to Gabe saying: “how can I do that [not love you and leave them] to anyone I love.” Sam was indeed “tired of being everyone’s Angry Black chick” as she told Lionel, and in the arms of the White savior she found inner peace, to quote Fanon, “Gone was the psychological debasement [of being mulatto]… She was entering the white world.” University of West Indies scholar Carolyn Cooper illuminates this brand of internalized racism in her article No Matter Where You Come From: Pan-Africanist Consciousness in Caribbean Popular Culture when she wrote: “these new tragic mulattoes [are] victims of an old fashioned Euro-American racism that masquerades as newly fashioned cultural theory, derace, and erase themselves.” Simien’s casting of Black identity as unable or unwilling to have space for Sam is nothing short of erasing her Blackness and replacing it with whiteness.

    In totality, the film Dear White People is a diluted satirical foray in surface level identity politics that massages the White consciousness. That said, the film is stocked with talented Black actors who all have promising professional futures ahead of them. Additionally, the film has witty dialogue far beyond the coonery of Tyler Perry and others, as well as solid Black professionals in front of and behind the cameras. Nevertheless, the film provides White people with scapegoat “good White folk” to visualize themselves as in the film, thus escorting them from the party of those they see as white supremacist benefactors. This individual scapegoating of systemic oppression was not in School Daze (1988) or Bamboozled (2000), two films which either Simien himself, or via multiple critics, have cited DWP as being in the vein of. Black women are cast as silent, confused, and/or unworthy in the eyes of Black people. And Black men are cast as verbose, sheepish, insensitive, and/or unworthy in the eyes of Black people. In the Africana cultural satirical tradition satire must attack, it must be scathing and leave the audience, especially the White audience, deeply disturbed and exposed for their complicit nature in the maintenance of White supremacy. Instead, if anyone is being corrected through what Ngugi wa Thiong’o calls the painful and sometimes malicious laughter of satire by Simien it is Black people, for not being more understanding of and loving toward White people, because they don’t know how what they’re doing is messed up.

    Simien casts his Black woman lead character as positive in her reaching Eurocentric Fanonian conclusions that “I will not make myself the [man or woman] of any past. I do not want to sing the past to the detriment of my future… I am my own foundation” (Fanon, 1952, p.204). This is indicative of “Black culture” as Simien has constructed at Winchester when one looks at Black relationships, on both intimate and friend levels. Arguably, the best scene in the movie is the interaction between Coco and Troy after they’ve had sex, both sharing and critiquing their desires for fame and inclusion. It is here we see one of the rare moments of listening and support between Black characters. Yet Troy ultimately is unable to commit himself to Coco, a Black woman, proving to be the same self-serving Black guy who “espouses white culture, white beauty, and whiteness.” For Troy, he is his own foundation, he thinks he doesn’t need what Coco has to offer, and he has adopted the Fanonian individualistic solution to racism. The same goes for Sam, now nestled firmly in White acceptance, she will no longer “sing the past” which here are her Black friends and her commitment to Black people, for doing that now would be to the “detriment of [her] future” with Gabe in white society. In the words of John Oliver Killens: “Integration comes after liberation. A slave cannot integrate with his [her] master.” So the real question is, Dear Black People, are we free yet?

  24. The power of white supremacy! Taraji Henson forced to apologize after racial profiling claims. Just another day on the plantation.

  25. Trojan Pam says:

    Here’s a video worth listening to about the Middle East.

    (keep in mind that Israel and Obama are NOT at odds. It is a SCHEME to make sure that Obama (aka black people) will stand alone and take the blame for what they are TELLING him to do. In fact, during Obama’s first term there was an article in a major newspaper where an Israeli politician said, “We’re not worried about Obama, we tell him what to do” and now, I can’t find that article (?)

    I wonder why?

    They are creating distance between Israel and the White House even while the White House follows their marching orders, in order to lay the BLAME on that black person in the White House (which is the ONLY purpose Obama serves). Do not be fooled.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Trojan Pam

      I have heard of Gerald Celeste before.

      He talks about economics and politics for a long time. Also, the Israeli/Obama issue is important to mention. We all know that Benjamin Netanyahu is a reactionary and a hardliner. When Netanyahu allowed Israel to commit war crimes against Palestinians, etc. for years, the White House supported him every step of the way. So, this “tif” is a distraction. The reality is that the real “elites” in Israel, Washington, Saudi Arabia, and the rest of the West are unison on the major goal of using the war on terror to promote globalization and the new world order. I have been researching how the Israelis and Saudi Arabians have collaborated with each other on many ventures. There are Sephradic, Yemeni, and other Semitic Jewish people in Israel (beyond the Ashkenazi peoples). So, real Semitic Jewish people live in Israel now. Netanyahu have made an offensive and racist comment about Arabic voters and that is why he used a token “apology.” Obviously, Iran has no nuclear weapons and bombing Iran recklessly will cause a regional war in the WWII. Israel has many nuclear weapons too. I don’t agree with Celeste’s Ashkenazi baiting stuff, but he’s right that Netanyahu is an extremist and people have the right to disagree with Israeli policies. Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia are evil and scourges.

      The mainstream media is controlled by less than 10 multinational corporations. They show limited information and refuse to question the 2 party system. It is obvious that Republicans and the Democrats have the same paymasters (which are found in Wall Street, etc.). He made many great points. I disagree with his veneration of the “Founders” (who were heavily white supremacist aristocrats that allowed black people to be falsely called 3/5s of a person if they were slaves).

      Gerald Celeste is right to expose the central banks and how they manipulate finance and other components of economic components. The Eurozone has used austerity policies in oppressing the Greek people too. As for America, the combination of war on terror policies (via imperialism) and massive bailouts have damaged American society. Celeste made an interesting point about the death of the human spirit. There is the growth of the corporate power base, materialism, etc. while the people suffer. The dollar’s value has decreased in its value. The Patriot Act, the bailouts, the ACA (as opposed to a single payer health care system), the war on terror, etc. are agreed upon by Republicans and Democrats. As for the Vietnam War, the U.S. used more bombs in Vietnam than the U.S. using bombs in the European theater of WWII. If we to end these wars and focus on rebuilding America, then America would be in much better shape. President Barack Obama is a puppet and is following the script established by the white supremacists. If Obama was truly independent, he wouldn’t have been office. I agree with Celeste on 90 percent on what he has to say. At the end of the day, we have the right to execute self-determination as a way for us to solve our problems. We have to use courage.

      The video has a lot of great information.

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Trojan Pam & Brother Timothy:

        Very, very interesting!

        I have never heard of Gerald Celeste until today, after listening to the video. I agree with everything that you said regarding the video. I believe that this country is headed to some kind of crisis. He mentioned the banks, politics, the Middle East, poverty, and other things. I notice that he said more and more people are going to alternative sources for news. He is right, because I know that I do. Again, it was a very interesting video. Thank you so much for providing it!

        • Timothy says:

          Good Afternoon Sister Courtney. 🙂

          Yes, I have heard of Gerald Celeste for years. He talks a lot about the economy, foreign policy matters, etc. The economy is very fragile now with the super wealthy reaping the majority of the benefits (while the poor suffer. The central banks use certain policies to control nation-state economically and politically. That is why the Eurozone is using austerity measures in Greece). That is why the stock market is having a record high while wages are stagnant in America. The Gini Coefficient is not stable and there is the threat of the TPP.

          Yes, he’s absolutely correct that more people are getting their news from alternative news, which I do too. 🙂

          That is why the political establishment is trying to control the Internet in a higher level (under the pretext of “anti-terrorism”).

          I’m glad that you have listened to the video. We should all listen to a diverse amount of information.

        • Timothy says:

          This is a video on police brutality. It is a strong video showing facts.

          • Courtney H. says:

            @ Brother Timothy:

            Thank you for showing the video. I just finished watching it. It was very informative and it pointed out the double standards to how Black people are treated by the police. And of course, this is everywhere, not just in the U.S. If those two women in England had been Black, the cops would have shot them, just like the cops shot Mariah Carey in Washington, DC, a few years ago. And the people in Congress applauded that! That just shows you how non-Blacks value our lives — they don*t.

            Again, thank you for showing this very informative video.

            • Timothy says:

              Good Afternoon Sister Courtney 🙂

              You’re Welcome.

              There are many stories where white cops encounter a white man banishing a gun, yet that man was not shot by the police at all. One story dealing with that issue is the story about Joseph Houseman. Houseman is a white guy who was talked to by the police to be arrested without being shot even though Houseman held up a gun near the police. Another white guy fired a BB gun at the police in Concord, but he wasn’t killed. He was arrested. Yet, Tamir Rice was murdered unjustly by the Cleveland police in less than 3 seconds. Even the DOJ found a pattern of police corruption in the Cleveland police department. So, the double standards in the criminal injustice system is a stark reality. I remember the Miriam Carey story too. She struggled with mental illness and she was a beautiful Sister. She was killed by the police in D.C. Her story is a tragic story. We all express sympathy for Carey’s family and friends.

              Evil racists don’t value our lives at all. That is why we will always believe in the glorious, truthful principle that Black Lives Matter. We love our blackness and we want our people to prosper internationally.

              • Courtney H. says:

                Good afternoon, Brother Timothy. 🙂

                I agree wholeheartedly with your comments. Black Lives Do Matter. Thank you for mentioning the other cases; I had not heard about them. Double standards and racism have cost many lives.

            • Timothy says:

              @Sister Courtney and other Brothers and Sisters.


              I like to listen to inspirational music to make me think better, etc. When I listen to great music, I write better and my spirit improves.

              This song is made by Sister Naomi Wachari and it has a very great message.

              I have been listening to more African music in the past 1-2 years. Enjoy.

  26. @ Trojan Pam,Timothy,OW13,Courtney,LBM

    I’m just throwing this out there. I wanted to ask you guys this question. Lee Daniels is a self hating homosexual. And he never misses the chance to throw black people under the bus. Also CNN anchor Don Lemon suffers from anti-blackness and claims that racism is not that bad anymore. I noticed that both men have non-black boyfriends.
    Do you think there is a correlation there? Do you think hating black people has something to do with their decision to have non black lovers? Any thought?

    • Timothy says:

      @Kushite Prince

      That’s an interesting question. The reactionary actions of Don Lemon and Lee Daniels are documented. Lee Daniels have made disrespectful comments about black women, made historically revisionist movies, thrown Monique under the bus, and thrown black people in general under the sun. He tries to blame black people collectively for the acts of the system of white supremacy. Lee Daniels admitted on national TV that he’s a sellout. Enough said. Don Lemon argued with the rapper Talib Kweli on the issue of Ferguson. He agrees with Bill O’Reilly on some issues of race and he praises the deceptive, stereotypical show Empire. In their cases, there is that correlation between them hating black people and their nonblack lovers. Sister Trojan Pam has written extensively on this issue as well. Many blacks who are involved in IRs have massive self-hatred and they are running away from themselves culturally. So, they have these nonblack lovers as a way for them to try to be something that they are not.

      There is no freedom in escaping or demonizing your own race. There is freedom is confronting the oppressor and building up our own infrastructure.

      They (or self haters involved in IRs) want to reject the love romantically for their own people. That is all there is to it in the cases of these 2 black males. If these 2 black males were low income or middle income individuals (and have a strong of black identification along with standing up for justice for real), they would never have that “acclaim” given to them by the white supremacist society. When someone disrespects their own people, they have self-hatred by definition. They want nonblack lovers as a way for them to validate their own anti-black views and to reject what they are. IRs are never panaceas to solve our problems (as many nonblack people in such relationships have called black people the N word and the whole nine yards before, during, and after having sex with their black partners). If we want our problems to be solved, then we have work together, fight together, and love our blackness as Brothers and Sisters. There is nothing wrong with Black Love at all. There is nothing wrong with black men and black women respecting each other, loving each other, and standing together as one people. It is as simple as that.

      In essence, we have to keep our eyes on the prize.

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Brother Timothy:

        Excellent response to a very interesting and relevant question! 🙂 Your comments are spot-on!

        I know that some of you have seen these videos, but I would to post them again, because they should answer that question as well:

        I believe that these videos will definitely help answer Brother Kushite Prince*s excellent question. Beware — all of these videos contain abundant profanity.

        Enjoy! 😀

        • Timothy says:

          This is a great video on crime, the police, and other issues.

        • Timothy says:

          Goodnight Sister Courtney. 🙂

          Also, AfriSynergyNews (on Youtube) has great information on current events too. I look at the Brother’s commentaries on issues as well (including tons of other people).

          God Bless You.

          • Shanequa says:

            I like AfriSnergy videos too especially the one he call Tommy Sotomajor out.

          • Courtney H. says:

            Good Afternoon, Brother Timothy. 🙂

            I just finished watching the video. Thank you so much for posting it! It was very, very interesting.

            I really liked the part where the narrator was talking about the double standards in the judicial system when it comes to drugs. More and more people are becoming aware of this. I was thinking this morning that Tariq Nasheed said that Black people should not be fooled by these states passing marijuana laws, since they will be used as another way to put Black people in jail. That is one of the things that I agree with that fool Tariq Nasheed about.

        • Timothy says:

          Good Afternoon Sister Courtney 🙂

          Thank you for looking at the video on the double standards on the judicial system and drugs.

        • Thanks for the videos! Very informative!

      • Phazex says:

        @ Brother Timothy:

        I concur completely referencing “Black love.” There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong in advocating this. In fact, my opinion, when I am actively engaged in a discussion regarding interracial relationships, etc. I let it be known first and foremost that I am a verbal advocate in the proliferation of the black race. Yet, it is so sad that many black individuals cannot see this. When I switch reels and remind these black individuals that the White slave “owner” clothed, fed and sheltered you because you were THEIR slave, it was not a problem.

        Fast forward to today. Now that Blacks are no longer the chattel of White slave “owners” and
        like other races, some blacks are recipients of social programs like welfare, Section 8, etc. NOW it is a problem feeding and housing blacks and other non-whites?

        Hypocrisy and racism at its best. I could go on about the psychological break-up of the Black family unit, etc. but I’ll stop. here. We KNOW what we face daily. More urgently, we KNOW that the time for talking is coming to a head. “That ship has sailed.” We KNOW that as black people, we ALL must be pro-active in saving ourselves. and STOP waiting for a “guvment” and “racist system” that truthfully does not give a rat’s a…about ANY of us to save US. That’s our job. Out.

        (Sorry for the rant, but at times it can get discouraging observing cowardice and sleepers.)

        • Great comments Phazex! I agree with you totally!! Go ahead and rant on!!lol

        • Timothy says:


          You’re absolutely right in defending Black Love. The old slander is that any black person defending and promoting Black Love wants to restrict choices, wants to believe in racism, and wants to hate people. The truth is that we don’t hate anybody personally in an evil fashion. We hate injustice and anti-black rhetoric. We hate evil and we want the continuation of black people the world over. Seeing the growth of the black race is a great thing. It is truly hypocritical for some to lecture people on hate, but they hate it when black people desire to be with their own ethnicity and desire to have more black children. People involved in IRs (and non-IRs) should not harassed or disrespected unfairly. Yet, we have to address the issue of self-hatred and condemn self-hatred if we are to be free. IRs are not the solution to our problems. Justice for black people is a necessity. Also, black people exist globally. I have no problem with dating and then marrying an Afro-Caribbean woman, an African woman, an Afro-French woman, or an African American woman. These are choices too.

          It is very interesting that you are talking about white slave “owners,” because recently I am studying more about the Civil War and slavery. These white racist extremists wanted to expand slavery into Kansas and as far as California, but abolitionists and other heroes fought back against that abominable institution (of slavery). Economic and mental slavery still exist today even after the Civil War ended in 1865. The white supremacists organized the injustice of economic oppression, apartheid, etc. which causes poverty to grow (and caused more people to have welfare, Section 8, etc.). The growth of poverty (which has been sent by design via urban renewal, gentrification, the War on Drugs) has grown problems in our communities. These social programs were reforms (some of them exist via the work of the labor rights movement) and the extremists want to even end these limited social programs with no replacements or no promoting of living wages, etc. Racism and hypocrisy go hand in hand. The harm done to the black family has been orchestrated by the oligarchy. The handwriting is on the wall, so we have to save ourselves and our people internationally. That is why I do advocate more Pan-African unity. In that sense, we can develop our cultures and we can grow our powerbase internationally.

          For example, Africans can help us black Americans, etc. and we black Americans can help Africans, Afro-Brazilians, Afro-French, etc. Yes, we have to be active. No one can save us totally, but ourselves. We can’t support the racist system which is oppressing us. We need more grassroots community organizing, more growth of our infrastructure, and more unity as black people. We need the further growth of a racial and class consciousness, because we are in a class struggle too. There is no solution without true unity among our people. TRUE BLACK UNITY CAN CAUSE MORE POWER. DIVIDED WE FALL, BUT UNITED WE STAND.


          You have shown great words Sister.

      • I feel you brother. Black love is key. These interracial stuff is a dead end for our people. Lemon and Daniels are not a good representation of black men. They make us look really bad. But this is what WS is all about. They are trying to reconstruct the image of black men. They want to make us all look like wimps,sissies,dead beats and homosexuals. We can NOT stand for this nonsense. I did a post a bout this awhile back. I’ll put up the link.

      • @Timothy
        Here’s the link. This is the post I put up last year. I got some great responses.

        • Timothy says:

          @Kushite Prince.

          I will read the information on the link Brother. Yes, Black manhood is a threat to the system of white supremacy. They certainly fear us and that is why young black youth have the revolutionary spirit that white racists fear.

          In real life, I see black kids with more heart and more spirit than grown white people. That spirit found in our people makes the white supremacists angry and jealous. Therefore, black men should always cultivate our God-given strength in helping others and respecting the essence of black people.

    • TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:

      @ Kushite Prince
      Absolutely! The way I see it self-hate and IRs go hand in hand. TrojamPam and her co-authors talked about this extensively in all their books and here on this blog.

  27. Trojan Pam says:

    Check out the title:

    “Get hard”

    and in the movie, males walk around saying (to each other) “Yea, I’m hard.”

    Come on now…

    Lots of homosexual implications — BIG TIME

    An “intelligent” white male PLUS dark-skinned, young, ignorant, uneducated, and violent black males

    but hundreds of thousands, perhaps, MILLIONS of mostly young black people will be DIGESTING MORE POISON AND FILTH aimed at them without a CLUE

    Another reason why I say and keep saying — “entertainment” and “black entertainers” are worse than a nuclear bomb when it comes to black sanity and self-respect.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Trojan Pam.

      The title of the movie itself has many implications that you have described. “Get Hard” is a film that represents how many white people view black people literally.

      We can easily see how the producers, the directors, and the funders of these movies outline the why and the how these movies exist.

      White supremacists readily want to promote the myth that black strong men must act like fools and violent irrationally as a representation of true black manhood (which is not the case at all). Ironically, white racists fear true black manhood, so they want to mock it and degrade it. One of the ways that they degrade it is by showing stereotypical films. Also, the Kevin Hart’s character admitted that he wanted to promote every stereotype. Kevin Hart has disrespected dark skinned black women in real life. Common said that shaking hands with white folks can solve our problems and we have the Hollywood empire actively working with the murderous military industrial complex.

      We don’t have to act ignorant, abrasive, and antisocial in order for us to be strong black people. Many actors and actresses love the same Hollywood empire that reviles them in public and in private (as proven by lawsuits and by Sony emails).

      Keep up the Great Work.

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Timothy

        I agree that our images are being slaughtered within the white supremacist media/entertainment arena

        Unfortunately, black people are internalizing all these negative images, most without a sufficient filter to screen out the lies from the truth

        and even the strongest filter is no match for a literal flood of garbage that many still see as entertainment using sick-minded, anything for a a dollar entertainers who could care LESS about the roles they are playing

        they do not care

        it’s time for us to stand up and say — NO MORE.

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Trojan Pam.


          Exactly Sister.

          That is why I have been looking at documentaries more and I won’t support any movie that slanders the image of black men, black women, and black children. The flood of propaganda is immense. This battle won’t be easy, but we have every right to use real activism in standing up for our humanity. We are fighting for our liberation. Some of our people won’t make it. Even though I want all black people to wake up, I have come to the conclusion that some black people won’t wake up. We don’t have to take this.

          Taking a stand and withdrawing support from actors, movies, corporations, etc. that slander us is the right thing to do.

    • kowaba says:

      @Trojan Pam

      I thought that as well immediately upon seeing the trailer. I think if we view things in terms of symbolism and associations (words to images) it helps with decoding the propaganda that is being pushed onto us. I only saw the trailer once and that was enough for me.

  28. Trojan Pam says:

    I thought I’d share this video. Obamacare was NEVER well-intentioned. Why do we think they named it after President Obama? When have white supremacists EVER named anything positive after a black person? If we had our war hats on we would have known Obamacare was going to be something bad.

    The FACT is the healthcare industry WROTE THE BILL to help them make MORE MONEY. And the government agreed that if enough people didn’t sign up, WE– the taxpayers– would make up the difference.

    So not only do we have to pay for our OWN healthcare (if you’re lucky enough to have health care on your job or if you’re lucky enough to have a job)

    We have to pay the healthcare industry MONEY if they don’t make enough from people signing up.

    Keep in mind, just because people sign up doesn’t mean they’re paying the premiums, which are pretty high according to some reports.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Trojan Pam

      The ACA was created by the health care companies. Also, the Heritage Foundation supported many provisions of the ACA before it was passed during 2010.

      Many of the cheapest plans are a little over 100 dollars per month. If someone is upper middle class and wealthy, they can get almost any health care that they want. One big problem with our health care is the high administrative costs in America. There has been the squandering of resources. If you’re really poor or even some middle class people, then people in those classes will struggle to find affordable health care (except for Medicaid programs, etc.). I don’t believe in forcing people to buy private insurance.

      In the past five years, according to a thorough 2015 Bloomberg View review, the average price to see a primary care doctor has risen 20 percent. For a specialist, it’s gone up 29 percent and for outpatient surgery it’s up 43 percent. The ACA in essence grows the power of the health care insurance industry not the power of the people seeking health care. People from across the political spectrum have exposed the flaws of the ACA. Some want a single payer system (which I have been researching) or other programs to expand affordable health care for all Americans.

    • Timothy says:

      Hello Sister Courtney. 🙂

      I will listen to the link.

      • Timothy says:

        Good Afternoon Sister Courtney 🙂

        It’s a very beautiful, sunny day outside where I’m from.

        I have listened to the podcast from the link Sister Courtney,

        Here are my thoughts.

        I feel that he is talking about racism, white supremacy, police terrorism, racism, relationships, and many other topics. These topics are important, because we are in a fight for our survival literally. I agree with him on most issues in the broadcast. I disagree with him on other issues (we know the issues). The beginning of the broadcast, he or Tariq answers questions from Brothers and Sisters on a variety of issues. One of the strong points of the broadcast is that he mentioned the fact about how mainstream society uses strict laws as a means to criminalize young black people. Back in the day, we didn’t have zero tolerance, the Patriot Act, the RICO laws, and other reactionary laws. Today, we have these unjust laws (in the New Jim Crow) which have ruined the lives of even innocent people. The white supremacists are slick in how they handled the verdict of the officer (who killed Rekia Boyd). The article on Facebook saying that black women being only “submissive” to white men is a load of garbage. That article is distracting and it is only being used by the forces of reaction to try to divide black men and black women.

        The truth is that black women are the most loyal human beings to black men than any other demographic (and vice versa) on Earth. Just because someone dates interracially or have sexual contact with a person of another race doesn’t mean that racism/white supremacy will end. We have to end the system of oppression and replace that system with justice (in order for us to be free). Obviously, the police institution is an instrument of oppression. I have researched about how the slave patrols acted as a police force and how the Texas Rangers worked with the Confederacy too (and they killed Native Americans). They or U.S. cops have killed more than 100 people in March 2015 alone. The police in America kill more people than any other industrialized nation on Earth. He is right to expose racism in Florida. The video from the white racist Sheriff from Florida was not surprising at all. Numerous cops readily embrace white supremacist views. To his credit, Tariq did a great job in refuting the lies shown by the sheriff.

        The sheriff lied and said that the term African-American has no value, but any black person acknowledging their black African heritage is a blessing. The sheriff David Morgan (who is a white supremacist) said that racism is not a problem in America, but mainstream studies prove that black people with a degree have the same chance of getting a job as white felonies on many cases. We have racial disparities in the criminal justice system and recent studies proving that colorism (which is evil and abominable) is found in the hiring process. Another study documents that people with more “African-sounding names” have a less of a chance of getting a job than those with more “Eurocentric-sounding names.” We have massive incidents of black people being mocked, assaulted, and killed because of their race now not just back then. We have racism and classism being found in America. I read a story where a group of black college students were called the N word by white racists. The establishment may allow a select number of black elites or rich blacks to have some money, but the masses of black people have their wages stagnant, they experience their wealth being stripped especially since the economic recession, and they suffer other issues as well. The racist cop talks about black people embracing “thug culture,” which is a lie.

        Black people, who are conscious, reject misogyny, unjust violence, murder, and other evils. Black people then and now have embraced progressive art, music, and real culture. There are black organizations now who are fighting all of the time against socially destructive behavior. There is a double standard where the sheriff refuses to talk about how many white kids curse out their parents, about how many whites have meth addiction, and how most serial killers in America are white. That Sheriff won’t call those white people doing such things as embracing “thug culture.” The Sheriff (who ignores the evil of white supremacy while minimizing the pain and suffering of black people) is a true deceiver and uses deflection and deception as a way for him to slander the black community. Also, black people have not been treated as true Americans then and now. Black people have experienced Jim Crow, slavery, sundown towns, income inequality, racism, and police terrorism in America.

        Malcolm X said that just because we’re born in America doesn’t mean we’re American. We have been the victims of American oppression. Just because a black person is President doesn’t mean that we, as black people, are free from injustice. So, these crooked cops are like race soldiers who use their preconceived notions as a way for them to oppress black people. Black people are being terrorized in society. Any politician should oppose white supremacy outright and want black people to receive compensation as a product of us as black people being terrorized by an evil system. It seems that Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic nomination. We need not only economic development. We need to understand our real history and love our Blackness unapologetically. When black, unarmed people are being killed in broad daylight by cops, then we have an epidemic of police terrorism. Many in the older generation are speaking truth to power too. The younger generation needs encouragement, love, and inspiration to carry on the torch.

        Racism still goes on today. If an accountant involved in the Holocaust was arrested decades later, then we have every right to fight back for our freedom and liberation. We have to be bold and strong against evil. We reject imperialism and we reject neoliberalism. Black freedom is what we want.

        Bless you Sister. 🙂

  29. Courtney H. says:

    I agree with you wholeheartedly! Tariq told the truth about a lot of things during that podcast. I liked the way he cut down that white supremacist’s comments as well. We all have to learn how to respond to deception and deflection.

  30. Sharon53 says:

    @ Everyone, please check out this link:
    Not sure how many of you are familiar with the Atlanta Public Schools test-cheating trial but I am totally disgusted with Kasim Reed for making a public statement that the punishment fit the crime. Many black kids are not learning anything in school whether there is cheating or no cheating. This is not about concern for the kids anyway. I personally think it is about destroying black lives because not only will it destroy the teachers, it will destroy their families also if they are sent to prison.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Sharon53

      I agree with you Sister.

      Me, Courtney, and others here have experience in the educational field, so we know about this issue first hand. I disagree with Mayor Kasim Reed. These teachers are being classified as murderers by the status quo, which isn’t the case at all. One teacher was not convicted from the trial. The teachers could of received probation and a fine. The teachers serving multiple years in prison is blatantly excessive in my view. Also, the situation in Atlanta Public Schools existed in part because of the issues with high stakes testing. Many teachers massively disapprove of high stakes testing, because teachers teach to the test instead of meeting the educational needs of the students. Each student is different and unique methods must be used to help kids. Many black kids suffer in schools, because of biases found in the system, socioeconomic conditions, lax resources sent to some poorer schools, etc. The establishment promotes the privatization of education, so corporate power can dominate American education. Teachers are not only demonized unfairly. Students are demonized too and many zero tolerance policies, unfair suspensions, falsely labeling some black students as belonging in special education, etc. have harmed the lives of many black students. The teachers who were convicted were humiliated by the judge too. Cheating scandals exist nationwide not just in Atlanta. For long decades, big corporations wanted to harm education. That is why many black families are increasingly using home schooling and using more African-based education, which I have no issues with. At the end of the day, we don’t need neoliberalism. We want justice.

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Sister Sharon53 and Brother Timothy:

        I agree with both of you 100%.

        Living in ATL, I have followed this case, and of course the publicity was overwhelming.

        The sentences were too harsh. You have (White) teachers molesting kids and getting slaps on the wrist. I believe that the teachers should have been sentenced to probation, had to pay a fine, and have their certifications revoked. No jail time. It is like one the ministers defending the teachers said, **You have murderers, rapists, and thieves getting less!** Also, the judge had the teachers handcuffed right in the courtroom after they were found guilty. Would he have done that to White teachers? H— no! He did that to humiliate them.

        Kids are being cheated out of education by being promoted without actually passing or learning anything. It is not because the teachers are not teaching them; it is because the kids are not learning anything. They are no longer being held accountable for anything. When we were kids, we were expected to take responsibility for our schooling. Teachers are being made to teach to the test, instead of teaching kids to think critically and to learn. Teachers are supposed to teach, and students are supposed to learn. Period.

        The public education system in the country (with few exceptions) sucks. I strongly believe that it needs to be built up from the ground up. We need to start anew.

        Dr. Boyce Watkins talks about the situation here:

        May you all have a blessed weekend! 🙂

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Courtney,

          I agree with you 100 percent on the Atlanta teachers being sent to long prison sentences.

          Your words are eloquent and hit home the real crux of the matter. The crux of the matter is that we have a messed up system. The children and the teachers have been the victims of it. I have noticed that the judge wanted to make the case all about him instead of it being about the case. The judge acted narcissistic. There is not a single excuse for cheating on tests, but they can have their licenses revoked, pay a fine, and never be allowed to teach children again without being sent into prison.

          Critical thinking is critical in education. When I was in elementary school (back in 1988), I never had massive computers. I had teachers who taught me the basics and other things. We had to carry books home and there were tons of after school programs. Also, we worked in summer reading programs that developed our critical skills. Dr. Boyce Watkins made a great point about the meaningless, corrupt standardized testing system. You’re correct to mention that white teachers would never treated like that. Rapists, murderers, and molesters on some case receive less punishment than these teachers.

          There was one minister, Andrew Young, who even called for the judge to give mercy. Many teachers are underpaid, exploited, and bounded to submit to high stakes testing. Modern schools need to get down to basics. Dr. Watkins have made a great point about the massive racism and classism in American society. American society has violated the human rights of black people then and now. Many industrialized nations have universal health care, great educational services, etc. We have to care for our children and the crumbling schools is a reflection of the neglect of the kids (of their educational rights) by the status quo. So, we need revolutionary change in society.

          • Courtney H. says:

            @ Brother Timothy:

            Thank you for response and compliments! As usual, I greatly appreciate it! 🙂

            I agree with you 100% when you pointed out that the judge made the case about him instead of about the case and the children. These people who prosecuted and judged the case do not care about those kids. They only care about publicity for themselves and punishing the teachers.

            I feel so old! I was in college in 1988! 😉 Anyway, we were still taught the basics. We were taught the old-school way. We also had summer programs, usually at churches. I attended them myself.

            Dr. Boyce Watkins is right about pointing out the racism and classism that rule this country. This is the system of white supremacy.

            I don*t need to add anything, because you pointed out things beautifully! Thank you!

            May you have a blessed weekend! 🙂

  31. Courtney H. says:

    Speaking of Mandingo parties, here is what happened after one of them:

    Beware — this video deals with sexuality. Enjoy! 😀

    • Timothy says:

      Good Afternoon Sister Courtney 🙂

      The video is certainly not or the feint of heart. This episode should be watched by mature adults. The episode shows not only the perversion of these adulterous sexual parties. It exposes the evil of murder and the exploitation of black human sexuality by a sick, evil white woman. The white woman never really loved her husband or the black man. She only lusted for her own self-gratification. Her using her own daughter to kill her husband is truly devious and evil.

      Obviously, the white couple were not in love, but they were in lust and they want to exploit people from a sexual standpoint. Swingers is a slick word for adulterous affairs. The murder of the white man was wrong and evil. The daughter and her mother should be held accountable for their nefarious actions. Sexuality is beautiful when it is utilized in the right way. To use sexuality to promote adultery, secret sexual parties where black people are exploited, etc. are wrong ways to express human sexuality. The white woman lusted after a black man. As you, and others have mentioned, these Mandingo parties are total abominations. This episode should be a lesson for all people that life is precious and that social nihilism is never a way for anyone to express true harmony. We express harmony by uprightness, showing honor for our black people, and believing in social stability among the human family.

      Thank you Sister for showing the episode.

      God Bless you Sister Courtney 🙂

      • Courtney H. says:

        Good evening, Brother Timothy. 🙂

        Thank you for watching the video. It is definitely for mature adults. That is why I gave that warning about sexuality.

        I agree with everything that you said about the people in this episode. The swinger lifestyle is being promoted as fun, but it involves adultery, which is a sin. Any kind of sexual perversion is a sin.

        Added to that, the Mandingo aspect of this case deals with the racist sin of the sexual exploitation of Black people by sex-obsessed, deviant Whites.

        The fact that the White woman had her own daughter kill her husband so that she could be with her Black lover (who was not planning to leave his own wife for her) is truly evil. It was also an act of cowardice. Anyone who has other people kill for him/her is a coward! Period. If she wanted her husband dead so badly, why didn*t she kill him herself?

        A lot of these episodes show people killing their spouses (or having someone else do the dirty work) because of somebody*s else sex organs. This is what you were saying about how sexuality, which is supposed to be beautiful, is exploited for instant gratification and other perverted purposes by a LOT of people. That shows you how degenerate this world has become.

        Thank you again for watching the video and your response.

        God bless you, too, Brother. May you have a blessed weekend! 😀

        • Courtney H. says:

          @ Everybody:

          Here is another video about how a White woman exploited a young Black man*s sexuality to satisfy her own needs:

          Beware — this video deals with sexuality. Enjoy! 😀

          • Timothy says:

            Hello Sister Courtney.

            The story is a tragedy. Monique is disgraceful for exploiting the insecurities and problems that a black teenager was facing as a way for her to fulfill her sexual appetites. Monique used Andrew and Paul (who was in the military) too. Monique can easily join organizations, exercise, and do a diversity of actions as ways for her to escape boredom instead of committing adultery.

            Andrew should have made the right choices. He should have never been in the house of Monique in the first place. As black people, we should use discernment. Even a person lacking street smarts knows that you don’t go into another stranger’s house filled with an insecure, lonely white woman. Self-love and self respect always ought to be promoted in our community. The murder of Paul was wrong and evil. In life, choices abound and we have to make the right ones. Some whites just have a sick lust for black bodies. Many white people travel into the Caribbean and into Africa for the sole purpose to have sexual contact with black human beings (for instant gratification and other selfish reasons). That’s wrong.

            Monique wanted the insurance policy, which was devious on her part. Andrew allowed a sick woman to brainwash him and now, he’s in prison because of his actions. Andrew’s mother truly loved him. Andrew’s mother wanted to set up real rules and real discipline in his life. Rebelliousness that promotes evil is a vice. We must resist evil, but we should have morality and integrity in our lives too.

            The lesson of the episode is that adultery, murder, and selfishness won’t cut it. We need to love our blackness, promote truth, and help people. That is why the enemy abhors Black Unity and Black Love so much. Those 2 concepts can be used to defeat white supremacy once and for all. Thank your Sister for your views and showing the episodes.

            Have a Blessed Weekend too Sister Courtney 🙂

            You’re Blessed like always 😉

            • Courtney H. says:

              @ Brother Timothy:

              Good afternoon, Brother. 🙂

              Thank you for watching the video and responding. I agree with everything that you said.

              I agree that Monique is a very evil woman. She really did not love her husband, Paul, or Andrew. She exploited him for sexual purposes, and had him and another young Black man kill her husband for her. Now they are all in prison for something stupid. Adultery? Insurance money? I wonder if any of them believe if it was worth it.

              I also agree that Andrew*s mother really cared about him and tried her best to keep him out of trouble. Unfortunately, a lot of kids are hard-headed and don*t listen to their elders due to rebelliousness.

              I like the point that you make about how White women from the U.S. and Europe are traveling to Africa and the Caribbean to sexually exploit Black men. There is a movie that was released a few years ago called **Going South** about White women going to Haiti to have sex with young Black men. I have not seen the movie, though.

              Here is a video about sex tourism in Africa:

              Here is an article about the same subject. I have not read the article or watched the video, so beware of some possible mature content.


              Oh, here is another article:


              Again, thank you for your comments about the video. May you have a blessed weekend! 🙂

              • Timothy says:

                Good Afternoon Sister Courtney. 🙂

                I agree with your words too. Monique is a person who is an evil woman. Karma is no joke. When someone does evil consciously, stuff will come right back to that person as nothing is new under the sun.

                Your words gave remind me about something. Not too long ago, I took a class on Caribbean history and culture. So, I read books on how many white women have exploited black men sexually. This happens in the Caribbean, Africa, etc. as you have accurately documented. This is a serious international problem. Many of the black men are very poor and are desperate for money, so they have sex with these richer white women (for economic purposes). The sense of entitlement among many whites is really disturbing and evil.

                It isn’t just white women doing this. Many white men also have sex with black women globally for a fetish or for other selfish reasons too. That is wrong as well. Some black folks have to have dignity for themselves. That is why we have to address economic inequality in our communities. Massive poverty does lead some into desperate, sick actions.

                The video about this sex tourism in Kenya is disturbing too. These women are using a form of human exploitation. These white women are not promoting the betterment of Kenya in a revolutionary fashion. They aren’t promoting Black Unity. They certainly aren’t promoting black social development or Black Love. They seek to express their desires on people. Thank you Sister for showing this information as people need to know the truth.

                Have a Excellent Weekend as well 🙂

  32. Courtney H. says:

    Good evening, Brother Timothy. 🙂

    Thank you for reading the articles and watching the video. I read both articles not too long ago, and I just finished watching the video.

    The video was really, very sad. It is sad that so many people are so poor as to denigrate themselves by sleeping with White women who really don*t care about them (and are risking STDs as well). Many Whites are entitled, and treat non-Whites as servants to do their bidding. All of this is disturbing and sick, like you said.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to watch the video and read the articles. I agree with everything that you said!

    May you also have a blessed weekend! 🙂

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