Did Obama tell African youth “if everybody had a car and air conditioning….the planet will boil over?”

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What did Obama mean when he told African youth that if “…everybody had a car and air conditioning and a big house  the planet will boil over?”  I think the answer is obvious. Decide for yourself.

black people need to do more THINKING

Obama in AfricaPresident Obama

(“Time to Invest in Africa? Or to continue EXPLOITING it?)



  1. Providence says:

    That’s crazy Ms. Pam. And I love me some Obama. But I’d be a fool to think he’s not being controlled by the powers that be. Remember how he ‘evolved’ on his stance of gay marriage? OH well. He IS a politician after all. That’s what they do. I think most of Black America has been disenchanted by him. However, I’m not. I just recognize him for who he is, and the fine line he toes every minute of every day.

    I noticed how he stammered a bit there starting @16sec, when he said the West (white countries) should do more because they industrialized first, but non-white countries should do their fair share as well. Where was their culpability when they supposedly industrialized first, why should SA’s standards be any different from the US which is doing more harm to the environment as Obama was making that speech? It reeks of hypocrisy, South Africans (the REAL ones) have enough problems, I’m sure just by observing the audience that devising ways to deploy sustainable energy is NOT one of them (lol).

    • Timothy says:

      When I study the history of South Africa, I do see the courageousness of black people standing up against white racist oppression. We have to keep on doing what is right.

      • reality_check says:

        I know what you mean, but I really fear for South Africa in Mandela’s absence. When I went there a couple years ago, Mandela was hospitalized, this was about 6 months or so before he died. While riding on the bus I had a very unsettling feeling: I was afraid that Mandela would soon transition and South Africa would revert back to apartheid. The reason I thought this was because it was very apparent that whites still controlled ALL the economic resources in South Africa. And I do mean ALL. The native black South Africans I saw were working manual labor jobs while the whites were in supervisory roles. It was sad. On top of that, the blacks there (South Africa) just seemed to be generally unhappy. I commented to a friend of mine of the trip with me how the blacks there seemed miserable. I don’t know what it was, but it was a very palpable. I am concerned that South Africa will regress, much like Black Americans are regressing. I hope this doesn’t materialize.

        Having said that, the South Africans made a FATAL mistake when they secured their independence: they allowed their former oppressors to remain in the country. This can never work. The 48 Laws of Power dictate that when you defeat your enemy you must completely annihilate them- lest they return more powerful and will try to destroy you. Although impractical, the SA government should have driven their oppressors out of the country. I am convinced that blacks and whites will NEVER be able to peacefully co-exist. By allowing their oppressors to remain in the country, the blacks there all but solidified their underclass status. The only good thing about South Africa is the strategy they used to effectively eliminate police brutality at the hands of whites in their country. For that, they get respect from me.

        • Timothy says:

          I feel your concerns about South Africa. Nelson Mandela actively rebelled against the tyrannical system of apartheid. That is why we respect him a lot, because he not only spoke out, but he was active in the movement against oppression. Mandela lived into his 90’s and he lived a long life. His passing was a sad occasion. We are all inspired by his actions to this very day. One serious problem in South Africa deals with neoliberalism or how the one percent owns a huge amount of the land and the resources of South Africa while the masses of the people still suffer economic inequality, etc. The Marikana Massacre was about mostly black workers wanting economic rights and many of these workers were killed by police forces. This was similar to the Sharpeville Massacre of the 1960’s where innocent black activists were killed by white racist Afrikaner police forces. South Africa has mostly black people and the black people in South Africa have the God given right to control its resources and to run their own country fully. There is this dynamic where a few rich white people have supervisory roles and many black people have low wage jobs. Yet, the people of South Africa are highly conscious. Their music is great and the people of South Africa are extremely articulate. They know what the deal is and that is why there are organizations of black people in South Africa now who are fighting back.

          One of the biggest errors after apartheid (which was evil and brutal) ended was the compromises made by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Many apartheid criminals were not given prison sentences for their crimes. Also, many corporations started to further dominate the economy of South Africa via slick policies of structural adjustment (under the guise of “free markets”). This caused the exploitation of the resources of South Africa without much regard to the social needs of the people. The same issues of racism, police brutality, and economic issues exist in both America and South Africa. We have to remember the other heroes of South Africa too like Chris Hani, Steve Biko, Lillian Ngoyi, and others who paved the way for us as black people. South Africa has a known history of resistance and their courage should be acknowledged as you have mentioned. The people of South deserve justice and revolutionary changes are needed.

        • Alicia says:

          So sad but I can imagine. One of the reasons also why it’s hard for me to watch Spanish speaking televison where the people on it look nothing like the typical spanish speaker we see daily. White supremacy. I can imagine white people there still are in control.

  2. Trojan Pam says:

    @ Providence

    We will have to agree to disagree. Obama knows EXACTLY what he was selected to do. He was trained by Henry Kissinger (check out Kissinger’s bio when you get a chance). Obama is not some well-meaning, innocent bystander who is straddling the fence.

    he is a soldier, much as Bush, Jr. was a soldier, following the marching orders of those who (s)elected him. To get a “better” idea of what I mean…


    A new book on the 2012 presidential campaign claims that President Barack Obama told aides that he is “really good at killing people.”

    “The president is always frustrated about leaks,” Pfeiffer said on ABC’s “This Week.” “I haven’t talked to him about this book. I haven’t read it. He hasn’t read it. But he hates leaks.”

    The quote comes in the context of both the drone program and the killing of Osama bin Laden by a special forces strike force. The passage also specifically references the death of another al Qaeda leader, Anwar al-Awlaki, who was killed by a CIA drone strike in Yemen on Sept. 30, 2011.

    Al-Awlaki’s 16-year-old son, Abdulrahman, who was an American citizen, was killed in a separate drone strike two weeks after his father.

    “My grandson was killed by his own government,” the teenager’s grandfather Nasser al-Awlaki wrote in a New York Times op-ed in July. “The Obama administration must answer for its actions and be held accountable.”

    Obama, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, has overseen the expansion of the CIA’s targeted killing program, which the Bureau of Investigative Journalism estimates has killed between 2,528 and 3,648 individuals in Pakistan since 2004. That organization also estimates that between 416 and 948 of those killed in drone strikes were civilians — an estimate disputed by the Obama administration.


    I find it very interesting that people acknowledge that Obama is NOT what he represented himself to be, that he has been dishonest and for the most part has distanced himself from black people while embracing Hispanics and Jews and whites — but they still “love him.”

    Maybe, I’m missing something…

  3. Timothy says:

    That’s an interesting and excellent article Sister Trojan Pam.

    President Barack Obama is a very intelligent man. George W. Bush certainly proves the lie of white intellectual superiority to be greatly false by any stretch of the imagination. Certainly, his speech about South Africa was slick and omits the long history of white supremacist oppression against black South African people (whose people ended the evil white supremacist system of apartheid, but its people are still fighting the evil system of neoliberalism). Africa, in general, has been exploited heavily by capitalistic exploitation of its resources (by the wealthy one percent). Blood diamonds are real and African workers have died as a product of working long hours and receiving little compensation. The plight of the African workers and the African poor should be respected when they shouldn’t be blamed collectively for every problem in Africa. It is hypocritical to lecture Africans about the environment when Western corporations are the biggest offenders of environmental degradation for the past five centuries. Entire animal species have been gone as a product of Western imperialism and corporate corruption. Regardless if global warming is real or not (there has been fluctuations of the climate’s temperature throughout the Earth’s history), we do need to be aware of environmental issues and we ought to care for the environment. The problem is that Western imperialism and puppet states in Africa have prevented many Africans from establishing true self-determination and developing their own infrastructure. People like Steve Biko wanted black people to advance self-determination, which is an inherit human right. African nations can improve the environment and set up jobs too.

    Without European colonialism, Africa would be much better and with a much cleaner environment ironically enough. Your views about the President have been very clear. Most people here don’t have a problem with your views on the President. You have every right to show your views and speak your mind on any issue. The truth is that he or the President was selected by the PTB to be in the position of President and Wall Street bankers fund his campaign and the White House in general (including both major parties). He talks about the environment, but he says nothing on fracking, toxic waste dumping, and environmental racism (where poor and black communities receive toxic waste and other dangerous, unhealthy chemicals that are not placed in much richer communities). Sister Marsha Coleman-Adebayo has written amazing articles on this issue of environmental racism. You should read some of her articles as she is great conscious Sister. The policies of drone attacks (even against American citizens without due process), the non-indictment of Darren Wilson, the comment about calling black people “a mongrel people,” (on the View. Ironically, racist Ted Nugent called the President a “mongrel” in a disrespectful, racist way. You couldn’t make this stuff up), the support of the TPP, etc. shows the world that the people calling the shots are against our interests as black people.

    He criticized Pastor Jeremiah Wright, even when many of his comments were accurate and true. War and environmental destruction are linked. War readily uses phosphorous, napalm, cluster bombs, and other chemicals that damage the Earth, air, and seas. Massive oil production in America mixed with fracking policies represents a contradiction on how American political policies exist. Also, Henry Kissinger has supported dictators and he supported the evil Vietnam War. Many activists call Henry Kissinger a war criminal and he supported the NSM 200 document (which calls for the massive depopulation of the Third World. The NSM 200 document is a declaration of war against our people). We can never control what family we are born into, so him having white parents is something that he has no control over. Yet, he does have control over what he speaks and the actions that he does. The global elite certainly have fought the black community for so long. The President is a spokesman of the establishment’s agenda. The good news is that there is remnant. The Creator always allows a remnant to be the standard bearer of truth and justice. We have been fortunate enough to know a lot of information that the average person (regardless of race) doesn’t know. We certainly have a great responsibility to not only show the truth to others, but to be part of the solution as well.

    Many of the condescending remarks by the President signify how long we do have to go, but we will keep on fighting for justice. Nothing will turn us around.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Timothy

      President Roosevelt once said, “Nothing that happens in politics is a coincidence.”

      The entire national political stage is ORCHESTRATED, an elaborate STAGE PLAY. From Obama being (s)elected/nominated/elected to his upbringing, to his education, to his “community” activism, to joining a “black church,” to having a black-looking wife —

      all designed to create a viable “black” candidate who APPEARED to come from the (black) people but who IN REALITY DID NOT.

      So a black face would BEAR THE BLAME for the crimes of white supremacists as they devastate the PLANET and create hatred for the man sitting in the Oval Office

      And who would ALSO serve as a MASSIVE, COLLECTIVE SLEEPING PILL for the black– always searching for a leader – masses as the system tightens the NOOSES around our collective necks.

      His job is to cater to and show compassion toward whites (like showing up at the hospital beds of whites who were shot in the Colorado movie theater),

      to pretend to embrace Hispanics (when they are simply being used),

      to show unwavering support for “Jewish” interests (because he is them and works for them),

      and to ignore the needs of black people (who have ONCE AGAIN, have had our inferior status confirmed, because, after all, if a “first black” president doesn’t want anything to do with n*ggers, then maybe, black people really are “n*ggers”)

      And it is ALL BY DESIGN.

      It is also by design that Obama is “bi-racial,” that Obama is constantly niggerized by whites in power (to reinforce the white supremacy TRUISM that a n*gger with a title is still a n*gger) so that whites will know even with a black president, the rules are still the same.

      There’s another reason why certain white politicians and judges attack him.

      So when blacks get disenchanted with Obama and our brains start to come out of our deep sleep all they have to do is insult him and outraged, always emotionally led blacks will circle Obama’s wagon, defend him EVEN as he ignores us, and GO RIGHT BACK TO SLEEP, into such a deep sleep that we won’t notice that we are literally being led back into SLAVERY

      It is a GREAT SCHEME and it’s time we face FACTS

      We have been BAMBOOZLED and the longer we hold on to the fantasy and the make-believe and the lies and keep lying to ourselves, the SICKER AND DEADER INSIDE WE BECOME.

      I wrote this post because I will no longer be a captive to this LIE.

      Those who choose to do otherwise, have at it.

      The reason I included his mother is this is WHO RAISED HIM, and to demonstrate WHERE HIS LOYALTY IS: To his WHITE, JEWISH SIDE.

      The evidence? Check out the article below:

      Obama is the first (and only) U.S. President to host a Jewish Seder in the White House (what, no Kwanza celebrations???)

      Why Obama, a Christian, hosts a Passover seder each year at White House

      Monday’s Passover seder at the White House will be the fifth Obama has hosted. No, he’s not Jewish, but he recently elaborated on why the story of the Exodus speaks to a universal ‘yearning’ – and to him personally.
      By David T. Cook, Staff writer March 25, 2013

      Washington — For the fifth time since he moved into the White House, President Obama will host a Passover seder Monday evening, a ritual that is celebrated by Jewish families throughout the world and that the president, a Protestant Christian, says speaks personally to him.

      The gathering of about 20 people in the elegant family dining room on the first floor of the White House is expected to include first lady Michelle Obama as well as presidential daughters Malia and Sasha.

      Mr. Obama is believed to be the first president to host seder dinners at the White House. America has not had a Jewish president.

      (I beg to differ)

      The president’s speech last week in Israel revealed that his daughters are a key reason he holds the seders at the White House. “I did so because I wanted my daughters to experience the Haggadah, and the story at the center of Passover that makes this time of year so powerful,” he said.



      In light of all the EVIDENCE available on-line, it is TIRING to hear those whose offer blind support which is based on NOTHING but emotion and NO facts or logic, while we fuss and fight black people that we encounter everyday, and seldom support each other–including people who share information–that one must ask the question:

      How in the world can we “free” ourselves when we won’t even tell ourselves the truth?

      • The Jews own Obama! He must serve his masters. Never bite the hand that feeds you right?

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Kushite Prince

          It is much deeper than that. It is a blood tie that even Obama acknowledged as being related to people like Dick Cheney (and Bush, I believe) and Michele is related to a powerful Jewish rabbi in Chicago and his mother is Jewish

          of course, most of us are related to some white person somewhere but what are the ODDS that the ‘first black’ president is also related to whites who recently left the white house?

          As President Roosevelt said, “In politics there are NO COINCIDENCES.”

          There is so much more I could say here but I think I’ll take a pass today

          (for some, I suspect I’ve already said too much)

      • Timothy says:

        Many years back, I heard about the President doing a Seder in the White House. Yes, the current President has been selected, given a title, and is being used as a spokesman for the system of white supremacy. There is no question about it. The one percent and their instruments could care less about black people. That is proven by the policies of Wall Street banks and the rest of the establishment. Many of these Presidents are related to each other as well. Obama and Bush related to each other. As the old saying goes, the truth shall set you free. We have a long way to go in waking up fully to what is going on. I do have hope, but we have work to do as a community.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Timothy

          Thanks for the posting the info about Rabbi Funnye.
          Three things stand out (like a sore thumb) regarding the Seder

          1. He is the FIRST U.S. President to host a Jewish Seder in the White House
          2. He has hosted one EVERY YEAR
          3. He actually said he wanted his children to “follow in the tradition” even though he allegedly once belonged to Trinity United Church of Christ — a black, non-Jewish church.

          Everyone is free to draw their own conclusions..

          regarding work to do as a community, we can’t do anything until we’re HONEST about the problems facing us AND who is a friend versus who is a foe.

          Otherwise, we’re spinning our wheels as evidenced by our current condition.

          • Timothy says:

            That is strange for the White House to do it.

            Some Christians (like Messanic Christians) do honor Judaism since Christianity is the offshoot of Judaism. Yet, Christians mostly don’t celebrate Seder at all. Having a seder in the White House is historic and strange for a man who calls himself a Christian.

            It is important to have critical thinking about issues and see what is behind the scenes. When something is shown overtly, a lot of times, it is used as a smokescreen by many to cover up the truth. Our discernment must be strong if we want to be successful in ending our current situation and live in the system of justice. Many of these Presidents are not only related to each other, but some of them are related to European Royalty (who are some of the same people including the apex of religious clergy) who supported and funded the Maafa, and other atrocities against our people. So, it is like the same people who brutalized our ancestors allow their descendants to oppress us. We have to use unique strategies, because doing the same thing that hasn’t worked in the past is futile. We have to continue in this fight.

  4. Timothy says:

    P.S. In my words, I meant to write: “….The plight of the African workers and the African poor should be acknowledged. The dignity of black African people ought to be respected when they shouldn’t be blamed collectively for every problem in Africa…”

  5. Miss Pam

    All apart of the spell (some of us) are under.

    I told us not to vote EVER again and incited wrath. “Negress, you can’t be serious!”

    Ummm…actually I am serious. There’s 3 things demons really understand:


    Take away those 3 things and you’ve got ’em. Nice article by the way. But please do conserve energy. After all, the solar eclipse is almost here and we’re gonna meditate. I hope you’ll join in.

  6. Omay Farlane says:

    I truly understand your point. Africans are severely damaged and oppressed beyond recognition. That even president Obama, influenced by the white elite suggest Africans to give up that dream of becoming prosperous and rich like white south Africans who invade it, and deal with the sicken poverty, the lack of proper education, experiencing hunger, illnesses and being used and abused by White Africans. I just hope they just revolt like they did against apartheid, because this is enough.

    • I feel you Omay. I think we’re all feeling burnt out. I know I am. It’s hard trying to wake black people up. It’s like they love being asleep. Many of us have no fight left in us. At least that’s how it seems. I could be wrong.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Omay Farlane

      Obama is CONTROLLED by the white elites. He is one of their soldiers. I hope people understand that he runs NOTHING, he is a puppet and the white elites control the strings.

      He is doing exactly what he was (s)elected to do — to continue the work that Geo Bush, Jr, left off. And that means to oppress/ignore the needs of black and African people and to re-colonize non-white nations and strengthen the hold white supremacy has on the world

      that’s it. That’s all he’s there to do. PERIOD.

      oh yeah, to be the black scapegoat for what his bosses are doing — and by default, ALL BLACK PEOPLE WILL BE BLAMED

      this is a very dangerous situation for black people, who are largely SOUND ASLEEP. (yea, i said it).

  7. Shanequa says:

    Thanks for the post very informative.

  8. Just Me says:

    I find it very interesting that people acknowledge that Obama is NOT what he represented himself to be, that he has been dishonest and for the most part has distanced himself from black people while embracing Hispanics and Jews and whites — but they still “love him.”

    Maybe, I’m missing something…


    I find that troubling. Would they also “love” the devil because he talks slick and looks good?

    Well, I’m missing something too!

    It seems that our COLLECTIVE confusion about ‘things’ perhaps goes way deeper than what we thought, and that our cognitive dissonance needs some serious attention.

    I love Black people. But I don’t have a kinship with any Black person who would purposely harm me in any way.

    Obama is (despite any appearance to the contrary) one of them, and not one of us… so say his actions.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, Pam. Maybe you’ll lose some readers, but perhaps your willingness to tell the whole truth might net you more readers in the long run.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Just Me who asked:

      “Would they also “love” the devil because he talks slick and looks good?”

      Yes, indeed, all you have to do is walk into any Mega-church in the nation and you will see the pimp/preachers looking good in their $2,000 suits and talking slick and representing ANYTHING but God or Jesus

      (didn’t Jesus shun material things and walk among the poor? I don’t see how anyone can follow a man talking about Jesus who rides in a private plane and lives large?)

      again, I must be missing something….

      Also, I don’t SUPPORT ANYONE who does not support me.– PERIOD.

      If I lose some readers, it was meant to be.

  9. reality_check says:

    @Trojan Pam: 100% agree. The black church is one of the biggest destructive forces in our communities. I woke up to this reality several years ago. True story: the last time I went to church the preacher spent a SOLID 45 minutes begging the congregation for more tithe money. I know because I consciously timed it. He was rambling about the mortgage being due and overhead costs, etc. etc. I knew then I was DONE. I don’t want to come to church to be fleeced for money. It’s ridiculous.

    Anyway, again I’ll say it….the modern-day black church is a DESTRUCTIVE force in our communities. They work to keep the people mentally and spiritually asleep, while ciphoning resources OUT of the community and dangling this false carrot of hope for a “better day” in our faces. Oh, that’s if you tithe, of course (snark).

    I read somewhere recently that blacks spent a collective $1.1 BILLION in 2012 donating to churches! Think about what could be done with a fraction of that money if we decided to redirect our resources into building solid economic bases versus building churches.

    But like everything else, blacks do not hold each other accountable for anything. Preachers are able to get away with this flagrant display of opulence while the congregation gets nothing because they don’t hold their preachers accountable. Black people approach church as if it’s the preacher is the owner and they just attend. They don’t realize that the church is controlled and “owned” by the members.

    I’m doing what I can to get our people’s head out of the sand, but I realize that you are under formidable opposition when you try to do this. This is because too many people are profiting off the ignorance of our people.

    Black people need to wake up and realize that everyone, and do mean everyone, is working to keep us asleep. Keep doing what you do Pam. You are not alone out here. I’m so glad I came across this blog and your books!

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ reality_check

      Thanks for sharing that information. And I’m glad you found my blog.

    • Phazex_Female says:

      @ reality_Check:

      Thank you! Thank you for exposing truths about the many “leeches” that fleecing black communities through places of worship. I, too, bear witness to what you are saying about these leeches, some with “mega” churches.

      If I am going to have “faith?” I am NOT placing it in man or woman because man/woman is NOT infallible.

      I agree with you that the church (or organized religion) IS a destructive force in many black communities. AND keeps many “sedated.” When I was a child growing up, it was my understanding that churches have a responsibility to “widows, orphans the community and for spiritual uplift and edification.” I note very little evidence of this anymore.

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with one having a realm of spirituality and your dogma is your preference. But “our black people need to wake up and realize that everyone, and do mean everyone, is working to keep us asleep. And that includes many so-called religious lay persons.

      Thank you, again reality_check.

  10. LBM says:

    “…of course, most of us are related to some white person somewhere but…”

    Hi Pam. MANY of us may be but I’d be reluctant to say MOST of us. If we’re talking about the rape of enslaved women on plantations, it’s important – very important – to remember the foul institution of breeding. That is the rape of enslaved females by enslaved males for the purpose of producing more “product” for whites. Many, many black folk were born through this institution. We also had people being born of love relationships between enslaved males and females in spite of the conditions. Also, the idea that if an enslaved woman was raped and impregnated by the white plantation owner she wasn’t ALSO impregnated by black enslaved males should be dismissed. Oftentimes as in the case of my great grandmother both occurred. My great grandmother bore a child by the plantation owner – don’t know what happened to that child. But then she had 5 children by my great grandfather whom she loved. My point is those children, my people on my mom’s side are not “all mixed up”. In fact, I still have “blue” and “purple” black people in my family….Anyway, sorry for the rambling, I’m just proposing that not all of us are “mixed up” or with white lineage – at least not at the hands of – or sperm of – the minority of white male plantation owners.

    That being said, I’ll respond to the thread in separate post 🙂

  11. LBM says:

    I was in South Africa last year. I must say, the contrast between the haves and have nots fall on such stark color lines that it was depressing. I wasn’t devastated because I wasn’t expecting much knowing that Mandela had let the whites keep what they had prior to the abolition of Apartheid which was Every-Freakin’-Thing. No disrespect to Nelson Mandela but Winnie is more my cup of tea. I spoke to people “on the ground”. I spoke to lots of young people and 20 years later they are wondering what in the hell happened. Where’s the “new” South Africa? Obama talking about cars and air conditioning. We went to some of the shanty towns were most of the black (bantu) people still reside. What the phuck is Obama talking about? I really think only someone from an anti-human womb could address people (SA youth) who are in such a position that way. Talk about a lack of compassion. Straight out the ice.

    Whites in South Africa “love” Mandela because he was between them and black folks righteous rage. Right now, Blacks seen to be in something of a twilight zone there. What’s being said about the “new” SA is in such contrast to their reality. They are trying to process the fact that there’s no Black in the “rainbow”.

    Also, as much as I love South African music and fashion, I must say, South Africa was the least “African feeling” country I’ve been too. Other countries, you step off the plane and know you’re in Africa, not so in South Africa. But that’s just me.

    In general, when we look back on “leaders” who have “negotiated” independence with colonizers – we must look at the stipulations. This is a big reason as to why most of West Africa is still paying “colonial reparations” to France – to the point of being able to do nothing for the people in the countries. Most revenue must be in French banks, etc. Mandela said the anti-humans threatened to destroy what they had “contributed” to the development of South Africa is they had to leave. So he let them stay with all their stolen goodies and control….Okay, I’m rambling, sorry.

    • reality_check says:

      @LBM…thanks for your input. South Africa was indeed depressing to me. I was NOT prepared for the tidal wave of emotions I experienced there. I was completely broad-sided by the experience. Especially when I went to Robin Island ( where Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years). I was ENRAGED to the point of tears (and I’m not exaggerating) I had to put on sunglasses on the tour bus. Thinking back I don’t think I’ve ever been that angry. But it was a completely foreign feeling ….it was like a still, seething fury. I never experienced so many emotions at once: anger, disappointment, frustration, confusion, hopelessness, embarrassment, hate. I was emotionally spent after that particular tour. I had to go back to the hotel and lie down afterwards.

      Anyway, there were many in the Pan-African movement who disagreed with Mandela’s olive branch extension tactics to his former oppressors. I can certainly understand that sentiment. Black South Africans don’t have much at all. They are the laborers. I too visited the shantytowns- it was shameful.

      I think one of the biggest misconceptions out there is that blacks need whites. This is a complete LIE. You’d be surprised how many Africans think like this. Lot’s of Africans believe that whites are SUPERIOR. I had this argument with a friend of mine from Africa. They really feel like we need them to continue. I pointed out to her that people existed long before they were introduced to white people. If Blacks are left to themselves, they’ll survive. It’s astonishing to see how brainwashed many indigenous Africans are from colonization. As Trojan Pam continuously points out- Blacks have been programmed to advance white supremacy to their detriment the world over. I sincerely wonder if there is hope for the children of Africa and her stolen children (Afro-Americans and Afro-Brazilians).

      You are right about Winnie Mandela. She was the TRUE WARRIOR. The more I learn about her, The more respect I have. It’s crazy that they had Mandela disassociate himself form her as a condition of his freedom and political advancement. But that’s how it goes. Winnie was the true hero. Blacks need to learn the truth.

      • LBM says:

        Those whites in CapeTown were DONE with us. They were so unaccustomed to seeing Black folk with heads held high, naturals, Afrocentric clothing AND with money to be where they were. The few Black people we saw going to Cape Point and around that area were not South Africans.
        Fortunately we encountered a couple of people “in the know” going over to Robbin Island who hung with us and told some serious truth about the 18-19 (not 27) years Mandela was there and the years in which he wasn’t. Stuff you wouldn’t get rom the tour guides.

        What you said about Africans feeling they NEED white folk is so true. It’s like believing we can only grow crops if were on land owned by them. I encountered this in Dakar as well where Africans turn a blind eye to the “sex tourism” because it brings in european dollars. Really???!!!!

      • Alicia says:

        wow, I can imagine how you felt. I wouldn’t be able to handle seeing that.

        re: @LBM…thanks for your input. South Africa was indeed depressing to me. I was NOT prepared for the tidal wave of emotions I experienced there. I was completely broad-sided by the experience. Especially when I went to Robin Island ( where Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years). I was ENRAGED to the point of tears (and I’m not exaggerating) I had to put on sunglasses on the tour bus. Thinking back I don’t think I’ve ever been that angry. But it was a completely foreign feeling ….it was like a still, seething fury. I never experienced so many emotions at once: a

    • Timothy says:

      The link is interesting.

      First, what the JCRC did was wrong. The museum should of proceeded with the panel discussion. What is going on in Ferguson, is similar to what is going on in Mexico and Palestine. Palestinians suffer segregated buses, checkpoints, discrimination, racism, occupation, and other forms of oppression (by an Israeli oligarchy who recently allowed a race baiter to continue to be Prime Minister of Israel). That is documented, even by Israelis. The group Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) also should be commended for showing the emails that outlines the intentions of the JCRC and the ADL. The slander that the BDS movement is anti-Semitic is truly disgraceful. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. The museum’s policy is a threat to the freedom of dissent and political expression rights in general. We can work even harder to advocate for the oppressed to be free. The Washington University student group AtlaVoz wanted to express themselves and they have been censored. Yet, more and more people know the truth. The truth is that it is not anti-Semitic to criticize the extremist policies from Benjamin Netanyahu. It is not anti-Semitic to advocate for freedom and justice for all in the Middle East. It is purely commonsense for us to acknowledge or recognize the humanity of the Palestinian people. So, black people even in 2015 face police occupation, discrimination, racism, and other injustice, but we stand up and we will continue to fight for our rightful freedom.

    • Timothy says:

      Good Afternoon Sister Courtney 🙂

      That link I excellent. It show the cultural diversity of black people in America. It describes information about how Africana have established excellent contributions in America.

      I was taught by African professors in real life. I know amazing, great Afro-Caribbean classmates in college. We have Afro-Latinos in America too. This makes the black population in the USA as high as between 50-60 million human beings.

      Thank you for showing the link Sister. Clutch has shown great articles. We love to study about the African Diaspora.

      • Courtney H. says:

        Good evening, Brother Timothy. 🙂

        Thank you and you are welcome. This article shows that the Black community in this country is not a monolith. I went to college with two Caribbeans, and the ATL has a lot of Caribbeans and Africans.

        We enjoy learning about the African Diaspora, and I like the Clutch articles, too. 🙂

        P.S.: Thank you for showing the African sister singing the song! It was beautiful! 😀

        • Timothy says:

          You’re Welcome Sister Courtney 🙂

          For the past few years, I have been listening to a lot of African music. The African artists certainly make me more creative in my thinking. African music is very beautiful and inspirational.

          We both know amazing African people and Afro-Caribbean human beings. Learning about the African Diaspora is like opening our eyes on our people in totally unique ways. It certainly makes us aware that we aren’t alone and our people globally seek the same thing that we seek (which is freedom and justice). We won’t stop, because we can’t stop.

          Yes, the African Sister has a great voice. 🙂

    • Timothy says:

      Also, Sister Courtney,

      Here is a song from a Sister with a great message about Africa, etc.

      Enjoy 🙂

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