Professor Griff & Zaza Ali Discuss TV Show “Empire” and the Media’s Attack on Black Family

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Professor Griff & Zaza Ali Discuss TV Show “Empire” and the Media’s Attack on Black Family


black children watching tv 2





Black entertainers and directors and (so-called) producers are being USED to program the black masses for mass black self-disrespect, mass anti-blackness, and a blind acceptance that black degradation is a normal condition for black people.



 black children watching tv 8

For example:

1. EMPIRE – which includes every single negative stereotype about black people possible squeezed into an one-hour show (on Fox-TV?? Is somebody kidding me?)

2. SCANDAL – REINFORCES THE 500-YEARS-OLD STEREOTYPE of the black female as a willing (although glorified) white man’s whore all  dressed up in fashionable clothes, a corporate setting, and an IMAGINARY politically powerful “career” making white male prosecutors “shake in their shoes” with fear (really?)

That’s whenever she’s not ‘banging’  these white men who aren’t THINKING about marrying her. So, who’s really getting over on whom?

3. FASHION QUEENS – two black homosexual males who wear make-up, high heels and dresses YET there isn’t ONE SINGLE TV SHOW OR MOVIE with white or Hispanic or Asian male homosexuals dressing like women.

4. MEET THE BROWNS – a buffoonish sitcom that shows ADULT BLACK MALES AND FEMALES acting like buffoons and clowns, putting each other down and showing MAXIMUM ANTI-BLACKNESS toward other black people (like most black sit-coms, in fact). In addition, the darkest-skinned blacks are usually the most ignorant and most uneducated.

(check out the ‘brown paper bag’ test on “Empire”)

All these programs show black males and females in a stereotypically bad light (ex-cons, ignorant, whorish, buffoonish, foolish, and corrupt) and PROMOTE MORE black male homosexuality at a time when black females are fighting each other over a shrinking number of heterosexual black males

while the main ones laughing and giggling and watching these shows are BLACK FEMALES.

And while I understand the appeal of junk food for the brain (which is just another form of escaping from the REAL work we need to do on ourselves)

what bothers me MOST is we are allowing our children to to adopt the same self-defeating behaviors at their most impressionable age when they sit in front of the TV watching these same degrading shows.

black children watching tv 6—–

BLACK ENTERTAINERS who work in mainstream media — and I have found NO EXCEPTIONS — are OWNED and CONTROLLED by their white supremacist bosses (including Oprah, Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels and Steve Harvey, etc). and should NEVER, EVER BE ROLE MODELS FOR OUR BLACK CHILDREN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

black children watching tv 5

Because the ONLY TIME a black person — be they entertainer, politician, or preacher — gets a MIKE, a “title,” and a chance to talk on mainstream media — is when they are either:

1. promoting black degradation

2. promoting white supremacy/black inferiority

AND I HAVE FOUND NO EXCEPTIONS, INCLUDING THOSE WHO ‘TOIL’ INSIDE THE WHITE HOUSE. As evidenced by the administration of the “first black” president:

President Obama Declares Venezuela “A Threat to National Security”, Seeks Regime-Change

All the nations under attack by this administration are SOVEREIGN NATIONS with the RIGHT TO RULE themselves and their people — but NOW a black male’s face is being used to put a BLACK STAMP on the same policies that occurred under the Bush administration:

To create more “Haitis” that will buckle under white supremacist rule and forfeit their natural resources and sovereignty.

In the administration’s own words:

“The Executive Order itself declares that the existing Government of Venezuela limits rights and is corrupt”

YET unarmed black people are being murdered by police on a DAILY basis and not ONE WORD about the “limits of rights or corruption” can be heard from the “white house.”

What we get are more ‘words’ and new “studies” by the department of Just-Us report released last week that blasted city officials and the Ferguson police department for repeatedly violating the constitutional rights of black residents – without making ANY follow-up attempts to make these “violators” answer for their crimes.

While we ATTACK sovereign nations–who haven’t attacked us–for what we claim are attacks on the “rights” of their citizens. Sovereign nations that just, incidentally, have a wealth of natural resources including OIL…

Like Iraq,  Iran and Venezuela…

black children watching tv 1





black children watching tv 3




black children watching tv 7

  1. Shanequa says:

    100% agreed!!!! I like when you mention “YET there isn’t ONE SINGLE SHOW with white or Hispanic or Asian male homosexuals dressing like women.”

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Shanequa

      that’s right, NOT ONE SHOW with non-black males dressing like “queens.”

      The few homosexual white males on TV are usually super successful and wear PANTS AND JACKETS AND TIES, not dresses…

      and the ironic thing is many black females — many of who are single and searching — see nothing wrong with it (??)

      Just like some of us ran to the theater to see the latest Will Smith movie to watch him co-star with a white female (and I bet there wasn’t one black female he interacted with on a friend or sexual level).

      It’s as though black females have simply…given up…and have fully accepted our SECOND CLASS STATUS in the lives of black males on the big screen

      because these black males would NOT BE SUPERSTARS IF WE DIDN’T SUPPORT THEIR CAREERS.

      or perhaps, this “blind spot” of ours is the TV PROGRAMMING us to accept our inferior status AND what our future will be

      because between the promotion of black male homosexuality and the mainstream media’s promotion of interracial sex for black males (and to a lesser degree, black females)

      Our daughters and nieces and granddaughters will be lucky if they ever get a chance to walk down the aisle with a black male.

      • Mariama says:

        As always Pam, you have never lied. I hate to say this, but this is what I am seeing with our people, particularly the younger generation. I feel like we are living in USA with a “new breed” of black people. I have never seen anything like this. I am witnessing that if one sits in s%$t long enough, he wont notice how bad that it smells.

        These posts that you put up (Empire, Scandal, Fashion Queens) is the first time that I have ever watched any of these shows. And I know that black women support this filth in droves. I think that with some black females, watching shows like “Scandal” is the way to repair their wounded egos because of constanly being shown black men with white women in the media. It is kind of a way to “get back” at the black men who have wronged them, by being seen with the most powerful white man in the universe (the US president). It doesnt matter that this Olivia Pope is being a complete whore, it just matters that she appears to be genuinely desired by a man who has more clout and wealth than the average black man who collectively never reinforced her natural, God-given beauty. So, in a way, “Scandal” is like the black woman’s “revenge.”

        I see it for what it is: A BIG LIE AND A BIG GAME. The moment that our people wake up and see this, we have a chance of winning. But as you said, several times before, there are so many things that we can do for our collective self-esteem that is simple: boycotting Hollywood films/shows that portray us in a negative light, not trashing/mistreating other blacks, so on and so forth. Most of the younger generation are sadly far removed from the circumspect, self-respecting black ancestors who fought tooth and nail for their dignity (ie: Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Harriet Tubman, etc) This truly pains me.

  2. Ron Gilliam says:

    This is what our community has been reduced to. It’s time to develop a movement to educate and agitate. Most of our people have no clue as to what’s happening to us psychologically.

  3. Miss Pam
    Great article.

    We have no idea what’s happening to us on a global scale because we fail to recognize the signs of a silent war. We have jobs, homes, cars and are ALLOWED to take little breaks (vacations) from time to time so we believe the illusion that we are free.

    When I become “awake”, I realized that the reason why we are still in this state is because we WANT TO BE. We have not collectively decided yet to “snap out of it” due to our own fears of our true power. This may be a shocking statement but it’s a raw, cold, hard truthful statement.

    Why do these TV shows exist?

    Because we DEMAND it and we watch them enthusiastically with popcorn and beer and a nice poisonous cigarette.

    Why are we supporting the system of racism still?

    Because we DEMAND that it exists by DENYING ourselves our power.

    It’s really as simple as that.

    We scream “change!” and “black power now!” but are NOT willing to work for it. Evil knows this by the way and take full advantage of it. All we ever do is TALK but when a leader or scholar asks “What will you do to change things?” we stammer and look away and smile sheepishly and fiddle with our fingernails.

    The bottom line is this:

    You or me or any black oriented person around the globe can write til our fingers bleed about our dire situation but unless we are willing to WORK and STICK to our convictions, we gonna be in this mess til they lead us ALL into the gas chamber.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ diaryofanegress

      I agree with your self-empowerment stance and I’m glad that you take such a strong stand. You are absolutely right. Until WE are willing to do the WORK to liberate ourselves, we and our children and our children’s children will have to experience the same oppression that we’ve endured.

      I don’t blame black people for the WAR, however, I do hold us responsible for at least ACKNOWLEDGING that there is a WAR being waged against us AND especially our children.

      It’s like anyone under attack, it is NOT your fault that a gang of psychopaths have attacked your home, but unfortunately, it is YOUR (and OUR) responsibility to RESPOND.

      Do we just sit there with our hands behind our backs, letting our children be destroyed, supporting the media and entertainers that portray us as fools and clowns, then say when our children fail and suffer from low self-esteem, “It ain’t my fault”?

      or do we OPEN OUR EYES and stop taking the EASY WAY OUT and stop supporting our own degradation?

      That’s why a lot of our children don’t respect black adults. Respect us for WHAT?

      For listening to the same profane MUSIC and COMEDIANS (who “joke” about doo-doo, wee-wee, and puzzy) that they listen to? For sitting there and laughing while black people are being made fools of?

      Ickey Shuffle: Did You Know – GEICO

      What lessons are we teaching them by our REFUSAL TO RESPECT OURSELVES?

      I know some people think I’m harsh, well, that’s a label I’ll willingly accept because what I’m saying is NOTHING NEW.

      It has been said softly with tea and muffins and soft pedaled and it has been versed in politically correct tones that don’t step on anyone’s sensitive toes

      YET we are still doing the same thing

      I don’t have time to be “politically correct” because TIME IS RUNNING OUT and black people DO NOT have much time left to change what we do, think, and say. This society and economy is changing fast and so is the rest of the world.

      what will happen to an entire group of people who the whole world has been taught to see as fools and clowns and sexual deviates?

      I think we know what the possible answer to that question is…

      • We need to educate our own. Build our own schools and educate our children in the proper manner. We can NOT allow our open enemy to educate us properly. We have to do what we can to slow down the clock a bit. I agree with you,I feel as though time is running out. Umar Johnson has a school he’s trying to get built. You can donate at this website.

        We MUST learn to support each other and practice group economics. This is what Jews,Arabs,Asians and everyone else does. We have to get rid of our antiblackness,gender issues,colorism issues and all else. No one will do this for US but US. Throw your television away and read a book! All the music videos,tv sitcoms,tv dramas are mental poison. It’s time to ACT!

    • Very true Ms Negress. 🙂

    • Mariama says:

      This is so TRUE! You have said it so well. And yes, like you said, it really is SIMPLE. But most of our folk would rather talk and scratch their heads wondering why we are in this condition. Thank you for this!

  4. musicwoman says:

    A agree, totally, with the post above. The fact is that TALK is cheap. DOING something costs time, money, and THINKING. I’ve been an advocate for women musicians since 1997. I founded a non-profit organization to promote and support women musicians in 2007. This year, we’re calling for a Symposium on Women in the Arts because all people learn through the ARTS. 115 people registered for this symposium to be held in Washington, DC, on Tuesday, August 4, 2015 @ 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The problem is we tried to hold it at The White House but were denied access. Then, we tried the Library of Congress but they don’t allow groups to hold events during the day. Now, we’re trying George Washington U and Georgetown U but the Women’s Studies Departments at both schools “do not have resources” for this event. It’s ridiculous. Women are marginalized even more than people of color but they just do not see it. They do not receive the financial support earmarked by government funding of the arts. They are omitted from all-male big bands and orchestras. And they don’t fight to make things CHANGE. When women join together to change the world, everything will change. But like the poster above stated, “We have jobs, homes, cars and are ALLOWED to take little breaks (vacations) from time to time so we believe the illusion that we are free.” Women are second class citizens to males, Black and White. The only difference is White males have economic power (especially GAY WHITE MALES, who have no women to answer to or care for). Black males have little economic power but still tend to dominate women. When will women join together to make CHANGE in this world. TALK is cheap. We must DO something. If you are a women artist, author, architect, musician, composer, actress, filmmaker, or other cultural producer, Register for the symposium at the link on this page:

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ musicwoman

      I admire your dedication to empowering women and I agree that sexism is a huge problem in the world, and that men tend to want to dominate women even when they lack the power to do so.

      That being said, I’m MORE in favor of black women FIRST dealing with our own issues, especially our issues with EACH OTHER — then our issues with black males instead of those groups that BENEFIT and PERPETUATE the system of racism/white supremacy

      In fact, white females are GAINING POWER, and are very much responsible for the RACIST images of black people in the media

      Out of a list of ‘100 Powerful Women in Entertainment’ only FOUR are women of color

      So, joining with white females who more than likely are practicing RACISM, is not on my bucket list.

  5. Phazex says:

    @ Diary of A Negress:

    You ARE “spot on.” with your comments. I share very similar thoughts with you. As I have often said before, “Amerikka crippled a race of people, and now she wants to blame them for the manner in which they walk?”

    I think not. I don’t have the exact answers that will elevate US, but I do know that when it comes to consciousness-raising, as many on this site have stated “many of our sleeping giants do not want to be bothered fail to see the grand scheme of things and worse, if it involves some sacrifice or effort on their part? It is not going to happen.” The sleeping giant is now past generational. Since we know that racism, unfortunately, is deeply embedded in many psyches, the first order of business is to WAKE the sleeping giants, show and guide them about the many, many racial tactics hurled at US daily.

    Do not be fooled. Sure, many of our masses have the “good life,” cars, homes and all of the material comforts that we falsely believe will “keep us safe.” Let the victims of, say, “driving while black” tell THEIR story while driving in the ‘burbs for example.

    The bottom line? Nothing runs a duck but it’s bill. If don’t stand together for at least SOMTHING, we WILL fall for anything. I try to be the example as I am sure many here do as well.

    But to disregard one another, be apathetic, etc. will not remove US from in front of the 8-ball. Out.


  6. rvltn7 says:


    Go tell it on the FCC Mountain, over and over and over and over again and again and again and again…until the cries are heard and adhered to:

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ rvltn7

      In my opinion, black people complaining about the images to a government agency when the same people that run the media ALSO control the government is non-constructive.

      While there are a lot of things that black people do NOT control, this is the ONE THING we should take some responsibility for.

      We can control the TV shows and movies and music that we watch and listen to
      We can control the comedians whose “shows’ we support by showing up
      We can control the entertainers that we support
      We can control what our kids watch and listen to at home.

      and instead of using the BOOB TUBE as a babysitter, we could buy toys that build skills and imagination, encourage them to read books by having books in the home AND reading them and talking about them and reading them to our children.

      And if they have nothing else to do because you have turned off and/or limited their TV watching, believe me, they will find other ways to entertain themselves. Also, the lack of reading is largely responsible for poor school work and NOT achieving any educational goals.

      We are NOT helpless or hopeless in the WAR being waged against us — if we fight back.

  7. Timothy says:

    For long centuries, white supremacists have hated black people with a vicious, demonic hatred.

    There is no solution without us having the Knowledge of Self and building up our families. Any people and any civilization that don’t have strong families are in risk of collapse. We are in a state of emergency. When you have movies, TV shows, and music videos overtly (not covertly) degrading the images of black men and black women, then we have to realize that we are being attacked by the system of white supremacy. I have listened to the whole video from Professor Griff and Zaza Ali. There can be no good fruit from a rotten tree. For long years, we have seen the anti-blackness, the degradation of black people, and the obscene stereotypes from Meet the Browns, Scandal (which is about a white President mistreating and exploiting a black woman politically, socially, and sexually), Empire, many reality TV shows, etc.

    As black people, we are more than that. Our ancestors built Timbuktu, Zimbabwe, and other great civilizations. We should always aspire to greatness and excellence. That is in our ancestry. Black children are precious. One of the greatest evils is for some to implant anti-black propaganda into the lives of little black children. That is heinous crime, because that black child can experience doubts, fears, and confusion potentially for the rest of his or her lives. It is blatantly obvious that the worship of whiteness is at the core of white supremacy. It is the spiritual lie that the white man is God and that the white woman is the standard of all beauty, which has brainwashed many of our people. That is why we all have to educate black youth that Black is Beautiful, that Blackness is from the Creator that black Africans peoples have great value, and their natural hair and natural phenotypes are blessings that ought to be cherished.

    That is why we have to work and establish solutions (as people in this forum have accurately and eloquently written). We have advocate more self-determination and economic justice. We have to continue to be anti-imperialist. One aspect of a revolutionary is being anti-imperialism (we are opposed to the West illegally dominating plus harming the sovereignty or other nations for unjust reasons. Not to mention that Hugo Chavez have decreased poverty, improved literacy, improved education, etc. in Venezuela. Madura is continuing in Chavez’s great legacy. Also, Hugo Chavez acknowledged his black African ancestry in public before he passed. That should be known too).

    We are in solidarity with all Afro-Venezuelans and all black people globally. Pan-African unity has been advocated by Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X. They are right to promote this great agenda. The global war on terror has brought destruction, economic exploitation, environmental harm, and other evils in the Earth. We need a revolutionary change of values. We need to embrace more cooperation, more compassion, and more resistance against injustices. We have to treat each other right as black people and we have to always love our black identity.

    We all know that doing what is right, promoting sacrosanct values in our people, and rejecting perversion feels so much better spiritually, emotionally, and socially than perversion and injustice.

    Love is not just about respect or honor. Love is about maintaining a strong standard of integrity, wisdom, and positive social transformation. We have to work in our communities, build our own infrastructure, and fight for social plus economic justice.

    Black men and Black woman have right to defend and stand up for their human dignity. Black manhood and Black womanhood are great aspects of our beings.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Timothy

      who said: “Any people and any civilization that don’t have strong families are in risk of collapse. We are in a state of emergency. When you have movies, TV shows, and music videos overtly (not covertly) degrading the images of black men and black women, then we have to realize that we are being attacked by the system of white supremacy.”

      I agree, these are acts of war. That doesn’t mean hating white people or hating anyone, it’s about understanding the SYSTEM that oppresses us, that in fact, is waging war NOT just against black people but the entire planet.

      I’m not advocating violence or hate or harming anyone, I’m advocating RESPECTING OURSELVES AND LOVING OUR CHILDREN MORE THAN WE LOVE TASTELESS ENTERTAINMENT.

      No one ever died from NOT watching more of “Meet the Browns” but you might save some of your brain cells from dying by turning it off.

      • Timothy says:

        Exactly Sister Trojan Pam.

        Many people falsely assume that black people defending and standing up for black people is equivalent to hating others. I don’t anyone of any color. I just believe in standing up for the humanity and the dignity of our black people. We can be cordial with any human being, but we have the right to defend truth and to promote the growth of black families, which is a key action in building up the black communities. The real haters are folks who demonize Black Love and people who make a living out of the degradation of black people. That’s hatred in 3-D without filter. The blueprint or the solution is there. We know the facts and the question is whether we have the will to carry out the solutions. I have hope for the future, but not all black people will make it. Some black people will not wake up and some black people will wake up and shine.

  8. Providence says:

    Great observation Ms. Pam @ the gay Black Fashion Queens, yet you don’t see white or Asian “Fashion Queens”. And you’re right, the biggest supporters of these gay Black males are Black women — probably the one people who can’t afford more gay Black men in their community. We contribute to our own demise in so many ways.

    Mass Entertainment at its root in this country began with the Blackface quartets and minstrel show circuit. There was a very interesting presentation Irritated Genie from War on the Horizon did on this. Fast forward to 2015 and its the same garbage, just far more slick and sinister in their psychological programming. And to think people assume there’s no WAR on us and our children. I advocate we get rid of cable all together. We save money, cut out the poison, and gain knowledge and enlightenment by READING via at home and/or libraries as our entertainment. Its a win all around for kids and adults alike.

    • Timothy says:

      Also, I do find that when I read more, I write better and I think better too. Reading literature and listening to inspiring, positive music, eating healthy foods, etc. will work wonders.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Providence

      I agree, it’s very slick and refined. For example, Morgan Freeman movies are a classic example. He usually plays an educated and intelligent man

      where the slickness comes in is — he NEVER has a sexual relationship with anyone, never has a black wife or lover, and is usually surrounded by whites and working on their behalf

      because, after all, isn’t that what “good black people” do?

      and if a young black person wants to be successful, the best thing they can do is DISTANCE THEMSELVES from other black people

  9. Miss Pam

    I do not blame us entirely for our condition but we are complicit in our own degradation. How many before us have written and spoke the very things you advocate? Hundreds? Millions? How many of us actually listen?

    Booker T Coleman once said, “I know who put me here. That’s old news. The new question is ‘what am I doing to get myself out of this mess?'”

    Not one person in his lecture could answer truthfully.

    I’m very tired right now of the excuses, excuses, excuses.

    We gave Yurugu, Arabs and Asians 1 TRILLION dollars last year alone yet we complain that we have no:

    Farmer’s Markets
    Successful businesses
    Community Centers

    Whose fault is that?


    When the demon seed gives us money, we race to Gucci and Coach and Whole Foods and Nike to buy from reptiles who despise us but wish to take our money. Why? ‘Cause we’re braggarts who love labels and the illusion of being rich. We save up money to buy fake hair from dead carcasses because we hate the antennae on our heads. We forsake our black farming groups because the “white man’s ice is colder” and when they file Chapter 11, we ask, “Why aren’t there any fresh farmer’s markets in my neighbourhood?”

    Why are Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels and other Sellout Negroes successful?

    Because we support them.

    Why complain if we are going to be complicit?

    I’ve said this before a thousand times and I stand by my statements:

    If blacks would stop:

    Sexing whites
    Buying from them
    And leave them alone

    The ENTIRE system would crash in 5 minutes.

    But we can’t, can we?

    We can’t because we don’t want to yet we complain, complain, complain.

    I’m fed up of the whole damn thing.

    • As Assata Shakur once said:
      “People get used to anything. The less you think about your oppression, the more your tolerance for it grows. After a while, people just think oppression is the normal state of things. But to become free, you have to be acutely aware of being a slave.”

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Kushite Prince

        No truer words were ever spoken

        • I love Assata so much! She is a true hero. She is NOT a terrorist like they want to try and claim. She fought for the liberation of her people. She is a modern day Nat Turner in my opinion. I hope they don’t try to mess with her in Cuba. I know Obama put her on the most FBI most wanted list. Is that not insane?? You have racist killers and pedophiles all through the highest level of US government…….and they’re going after her??! Talk about a racist hypocritical system!! Malcolm X was so right!!

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ diaryofanegress

      I agree, we are complicit yet constantly complaining about our plight. and about being “disrespected” in real life by non-blacks and other blacks

      and fail to make ANY connection between our consumption of black degradation and the by-product being MORE black degradation

      Like Dr. Kambon says, ‘Black people are serious about not being serious.”

      I have to admit, it is tiring to do a blog like this, making the same points over and over again in the hopes that something I’ve said will help someone else have a greater understanding.

      but, with the coming attack on the Internet, there’s a strong possibility that blogs like this won’t exist

      so, whatever time there is to resist is becoming shorter and shorter

      and so, we will see what the black collective is really made of

      • reality_check says:

        what coming attacks are you speaking of?

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ reality_check

          I’m speaking of the WAR is being waged against our population which most of us are largely IGNORING

          — economic (rising unemployment, increasing illegal immigration to replace black labor),

          — housing (gentrification and forcing blacks out of neighborhoods we have occurred for decades

          — rising police brutality (which never ceased),

          — sexual (via promotion of whites as superior partners & homosexuality),

          — medical (BW are still being sterilized without our consent) and the creation of biological weapons disguised as “diseases”

          — political (false “black leaders” who mislead and deceive us

          — the prison industrial complex, mass incarcerations, and the black female prison population which, percentage-wise, is the fastest growing prison population in the U.S.

          — educational (criminally inferior schools and mass school closings),

          — and entertainment (the destruction of the black mind and black self-respect and increased anti-blackness

          without getting off topic, it’s obvious that we are UNDER ATTACK and that the black collective is in DENIAL about our reality

          It also appears that history is repeating itself and that black people collectively are moving backwards into a form of slavery that we was once our reality but we are blinded by our false affluence via big cars and homes and eating out and wearing designer clothes, etc,

          all while ignoring that we have NO REAL BUSINESS BASE (just a lot of churches) AND that our labor is fast becoming OBSOLETE (hence the need for more non-white immigrants) and so the real question is

          once you move a people out of their communities, once you are reluctant to fund black schools and choose, instead, to build more prisons and juvenile detention centers, once you allow millions of undocumented workers into a country where black unemployment is over 30%, and once you allow the police to murder with immunity unarmed black men, women, and children

          what are they trying to tell us — and what will happen to us in the event of an economic collapse?

          especially after we have been so foolish as to allow the white media to divide and conquer us?

          I won’t and can’t answer that question because I don’t have a crystal ball BUT I think it is something that we all need to think about the next time we decide we’re too good for each other and continue to invest our time, money, sex, love, and energy in another ethnic group’s community.

          • reality_check says:

            Okay, I understand what you mean now. Thank you.

            If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it THRICE on several blogs I frequent, and that is: if blacks continue on this trajectory, WE ARE HEADED BACK TO CAPTIVITY. I know that may sound negative, but the writing is clearly on the wall. Everything you pointed out speaks to our impending demise UNLESS we make some SERIOUS changes….NOW!

            People get mad at me when I say this, but think about the dangerously thin line that separates us from slavery today. Think about it: what if Congress passes a law that re-institutes slavery nationwide. What would be the result? Blacks would march/protest/cry/beg….all the while being herded back to the “plantation.” The only thing keeping us from slavery today is the fact that technology has replaced manpower in the form of production. This is a reality that was outlined in the book “Who Needs the Negro?” by Sydney Willhelm. Written in the 1960s, the book was very prescient in that it basically predicted where blacks would end up due to technological advancements. Guess what?– We’re here! Just as the book predicted. So sad.

            I have been and continue to echo these same sentiments, but most blacks are either willfully ignorant or completely comatose. They have no idea what is being prepared for them, and worst, they don’t WANT to know. To know means that they would have to make a conscious decision to either do something or nothing. Most don’t want the responsibility of choosing. As you astutely pointed out, the U.S. is preparing the WORLD for black captivity through the propaganda machines (e.g., television, motion pictures, 24 hour news segments, etc.). We are the only ones who refuse to acknowledge this. I can’t count how many “educated” friends I have that see Empire as “just entertainment” and “keeping it real” *sigh*

            Getting back to the hypothetical re-institution of slavery question: most blacks I pose that question to convince themselves that can NEVER happen in today’s environment because they have a false sense of security in their freedom. I remind them that many African tribes felt secure in their freedom even as they watched or aided in the capture of neighboring tribes. That security lasted up until their captors came knocking for them to get on the boat.

            Blacks clearly did not learn anything from our history. What’s that saying about repeating lessons you failed to learn? I’m afraid that when the buses show up to take blacks to the concentration camps, most blacks will board without any resistance. I fear that is where we are as a people today.

            • Providence says:

              @reality check


              The descendants of the slave trade NEVER left captivity. You just have the illusion you did.

              Do you really think desegregation, the civil rights movement, Brown vs. Board of Education, Black Panthers, the Democrats, Oprah Winfrey, the Cosby Show, Hip Hop, the NBA, and even President Obama brought you OUT of captivity?

              Now, I’m not saying these aren’t landmark moments in African American history, they most certainly are. But if Black Americans were out of captivity, we wouldn’t even be having these types of discussions in the first place. Just from this board alone, people are depressed, discouraged, miserable, angry, lonely, confused, self-loathing, self-hating, suffering identity crises, etc. We’re literally killing ourselves and each other from the womb. Pproportionally speaking, we have the highest abortion rates, highest obesity, diabetes, cancer, hypertension and heart disease (I can’t be mad at Obama for Obamacare). These bums killing each other and innocents on the street certainly doesn’t help the situation.

              Heading BACK to captivity? I don’t think so. One doesn’t have to peek too far behind the smokescreen to see that African Americans are STILL very much in captivity.

              • reality_check says:

                @Providence: I hear what you’re saying, but I don’t agree that blacks are currently in captivity. Right now we all have freedom to choose what we want to do with our time, unless of course, you’re incarcerated.

                Blacks currently have the freedom to travel, internationally even, which is something our ancestors were denied.

                So, I know you’re speaking philosophically, but when I said blacks were headed back to captivity, I meant in the form of physical bondage or restriction (e.g., reservations). I meant that your freedom to choose will be taken from you.

                My fear is this is where we’re headed.

            • Trojan Pam says:

              @ reality_check

              Very well said. I hesitated to write what I did because I don’t do it to be “negative” but to sound the alarms. It is a relief to know that you (and other people) see what I see and we are not alone. Like you said, even as far back as the 1960s, black authors were writing about the “obsolete Negro labor” and you can see that we are indeed, considered obsolete and unwelcome on many fronts.

              Trying to give this message is like being a black canary in the coalmines of white supremacy, trying to warn the miners inside the coalmine that a collapse may be coming and the miners are sitting around drinking and smoking and dancing and defending our “right” to have sex with white people (what a foolish waste of time when your communities are dying!) all while totally ignoring the deadly fumes and dead bodies around you. And a few outraged miners try to shoot the canary because its squeaking is ruining their “fun.”

              My goal here is NOT to depress anyone. When the doctor tells you that you could die from a heart attack unless you lose weight, his or her goal is NOT to “depress you” it’s to get you to take YOUR CONDITION SERIOUSLY and to PROVOKE you to do something about your weight before it is too late.

              That is the point of everyone who delivers this type of message. To say, hey, black people better start CHANGING WHAT WE DO, THINK, AND SAY before something really bad happens to us.

              and that is MY message, that black people better start taking our “condition” seriously while we still have time. For those who don’t want the message, just do what you’ve always done. Ignore it.

              • Mariama says:

                Pam, there is only one complaint I have about your blog: stop apoligizing! You do not have to apologize to our folks (who also can be extremely hard-headed) for wanting to help them. We are all adults, so a person can take it or leave it, PERIOD. I would never apologize to a friend if I were trying to warn him from crossing the street ifa drunk driver were approachingat full speed. It is serious. Desperate times require desperate words, not that “make me feel good” nonsense that weak minded people need to hear to spare their egos. I wish that black folks would get off that nonsense and learn to use the mirror not just to fawn over their looks, but also to reflect on their pitiful situation and how they got there and what they can do to improve their situation with dignity and self-respect. That is nothing to apologize about.

            • Tonia says:

              I totally agree with your thoughts on slavery. We’ve “outlived” the purpose for which we were brought here. I could see slavery, in some form, being reinstated and the majority will be shocked that it could happen.

          • Phazex says:

            @ Trojan Pam:

            “Brilliant statements.” That’s it, that’s all!

  10. Alicia says:

    These topics are so important because the problem is that it takes quite some time ( as we seek entertainment) to realize what’s going on.That images matter and shape our views. I haven’t watched Scandal nor Empire or Meet the Browns, and based on what I’m hearing I would not be interested in ever doing so.

    I also have not watched any of the recent movies showing blacks as slaves or servants either. Heck, I’m in my 30’s now and after living it for so many years, I don’t see watching negative things dealing with race as entertainment anymore. Although I feel young blacks need to learn our history and about our hero’s any way they can.

    • Timothy says:

      We can never de-emphasize how many images and actions done by actors have a huge influence on the world.

      When a child sees black people acting in a degrading way on TV or in the movies, that can damage a child for life. That is why we discuss about such important issues as a way to gain preparedness on what we are up against and to develop ways to be truly liberated as black people. You’re right that young black people ought to know their real history and culture. We have to learn about Touissant, the Maroons, and other aspects of our heroic heritage.

    • Phazex says:


      Like yourself, I have NEVER watched Scandal, Empire, Meet the Browns and other shows like these. But I have to share this with you. I received a phone call this past Wednesday nite from a Sista-friend. We shared a re-cap of the day amongst other things. But then she sad that she had to go, for her program was about to come on. Strictly out of curiosity, I asked her the name of the program and she stated “Empire.” When I attempted to “school” this sista on why she AND her s/o should not support programs like this because they merely attack black people and the black family unit, she stated that it was “just for entertainment only.” Ultimately, I told her to enjoy and excused myself at that point.

      I won neither the battle nor the war with this one. And thinking back now, there have been other incidences where I attempted to “school” her on issues regarding the plethora of problems that we face and deal with as black people.

      She has a comfort zone in her bliss like many others and is not so willing to relinquish her spot.
      I could say old enough to know better, but age is not one of the variables here. And we wonder why our young children are at the starting gate disillusioned, angry and apathetic.

      At the end of the day? All of us will not be saved.

  11. Alicia says:

    I just watched a short clip of the movie “Precious” on youtube and all that kept running through my mind as I tried to watch it was “why was this even made”?

    • Phazex says:

      Follow your thought, Alicia. I’ve wondered since the day that this film opened, WHAT was the premise for making it? smh…

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Alicia

      When one group wages war on another group, the first thing the aggressors must do is DEHUMANIZE their enemies so they can justify harming and killing them.

      This is what the military does when it “trains” its soldiers.

      To see the “enemy” as less than human; otherwise, it will be difficult for a MORAL person to kill another HUMAN BEING who has not personally harmed them or their family.

      This is what happened in Nazi Germany during the 1930s. Prior to rounding up the Jews the Nazis FIRST had to train the “white German” population to see Jews as SUB-HUMANS. Then, whatever happened to the Jews would be JUSTIFIED.

      The same thing is happening here in America. To justify whatever PLANS are being made against the black population, the white supremacists must FIRST begin by DEHUMANIZING black people so whatever happens is JUSTIFIED. This is how CHATTEL SLAVERY was justified. This is how JIM CROW was justified and why movies like “Birth of a Nation” were shown all over the nation. This is how the PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX AND THE WAR ON DRUGS were justified.

      And equally important is to SEND theses degrading black images out ALL OVER THE WORLD so that all thinking people will agree that the black population in America is a sexually deviate, ignorant, criminally inclined and generally worthless POPULATION.

      Now, try to imagine what we look like to the rest of the world as White Hollywood imports the images found in “Big Momma’s House” or “Precious” or any number of black films and TV commercials and movies.

      The second stage of war against the black population is PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE — where entertainment is used to encourage blacks to DEHUMANIZE each other and ourselves and by promoting interracial sex FOR black people (meaning, whites are the SUPERIOR partners FOR blacks (white supremacy/black inferiority)

      as opposed to other black people (and many of us have fallen for this LIE).

      This also includes promoting AND elevating so-called bi-racial children as the PREFERRED offspring for black people. That’s why you see nothing but bi-racial children in TV commercials and advertisements

      all done to promote more SELF-CONTEMPT AND SELF-GENOCIDE by encouraging blacks to literally breed ourselves out of existence.

      Of course, this won’t happen but the “mixing” does weaken our GENOTYPE and creates a BUFFER GROUP of “bi-racials” who will more than likely be white-identified and can and will be used to create divisions and confusion among the black population and create feelings of inferiority as blacks oooh and ahhh over their whiter-looking offspring.

      At some point in time the cumulative effects of this WAR will be seen in black people collectively

      meaning we will no longer oppose our own degradation and in fact, will WELCOME IT and find GREAT HUMOR and a SICK SATISFACTION in watching other black people be degraded and harmed.

      And will hate and degrade and reject each other without understanding WHY we are doing it

      Then WHEN I (THE ENEMY) COME FOR YOU–and make no mistake, I’m coming for you

      you won’t even defend or protect yourself OR each other.

      And if you think what I’ve said is an exaggeration OPEN YOUR EYES AND LOOK AROUND AT THE MENTAL STATE OF THE BLACK PEOPLE YOU ENCOUNTER and how we treat and mistreat each other in general

      That’s the reasons movies like “Monster’s Ball” and “Precious” and “Big Momma’s House” exist

      Whether you agree that we are under conditions of war or not, that’s your choice.

      I am not interested in debating something as obvious as this, just like I wouldn’t debate whether water is wet

      For those who do agree, we have a critical decision to make that will largely determine our survival and the survival of our CHILDREN in for the foreseeable future.

      We can either muster some COURAGE and fight all this negative imagery and brainwashing by REFUSING TO SUPPORT ANY ENTERTAINER WHO PROFITS FROM IT

      OR continue to watch one black generation after another be devastated by our unwillingness to respect ourselves.

      When all is said and done, we can’t say we haven’t been told.

      • Alicia says:

        I know you’re right and made really good points in your post. Those are the major reasons ALL blacks should be skeptical of what they consume in terms of media.

  12. Pro-Black and Afrocentric institutions. See if you like any of these and show them some support. We have to do for self!

  13. Al these programs are nothing but propaganda. It’s designed to brainwash people into seeing black people as less than human. And to instill anti-blackness in US as a people.
    Basic techniques:
    The ideological goal

    The basic defining goal of propaganda is that it seeks to control what people believe – that is, the ideas they consider to be unquestionably true(White supremacy). Hence propaganda is about ideology, which may be political, religious, philosophical or racial.

    In some senses, all ideologies use propaganda when they promote their ideas as being the only real truth and denigrate other belief systems as bad, evil or just plain wrong.

    The hidden quality

    Another defining quality of perfect propaganda is that it is hidden, such that the recipients perceive it and communications about it as a simple truth. The subject matter just becomes what is normal and the communicator of the message is not perceived as trying to persuade or manipulate.

    In brief, then, propaganda is covert persuasion of large groups of people.

    At the other end of the realization scale, if people perceive themselves as victims of manipulative machinations, then they will feel betrayed and hence rebel against the manipulator. This rebellion may be open or, if the manipulator has other power (such as military), then it may become subverted and covert.

    Basic conditions

    For propaganda to happen, there must be a person or persons(Whites/Jews) in positions of power where they have significant control over mass-communication media. This can include presidents, governments and media moguls. At a smaller scale, it also includes company bosses, head teachers and parents.

    The person in control must have a need either that a significant group of people(blacks) believe something to be true(anti-blackness) or perceive something in some way.

  14. Alicia says:

    This is the click of Precious on youtube that I tried to watch ( after 25 seconds, couldn’t take anymore). I don’t see any “ART” in this at all. What’s going on with blacks commenting in the comments section in support of such a movie? what’s going on?

    • Precious was one of the worst films I’ve ever seen. Every degrading stereotype of black people is in that film! And many self-hating brainwashed blacks LOVE the film. It’s totally insanity! I hate to say this but some of us can’t be saved. Some of us just will refuse to wake up from their deep sleep. They love the degradation and they love the oppressor who gives it to them. We all wont make it. We have to accept that sad reality.

      • Alicia says:

        That’s what someone said to me, something to the effect of what you said..that every negative a human being could have was contained in that movie. Also, as I watched the clip it appeared that Precious’s weight was central to the movie in some way which sickens me. The way the camera looms in on her physique as if to emphasize it is awful.

        As I read through the comments of blacks who claim they like the movie I think it’s because some blacks want to watch and support ANYTHING with blacks in it. We need to get beyond that and hopefully many will soon enough (with age or over time).

      • reality_check says:

        MOST of us are damaged beyond repair and can’t be saved. Those are the ones that will be corralled onto the new plantations.

  15. Courtney H. says:

    Harvey (MrSuperboy223) talks about Empire and TV shows in this video. I have posted this same video on the thread about the recent spate of civil rights and slave movies. Be forewarned — he uses a lot of profanity.

    • Timothy says:

      I will listen to it again soon.

      Goodnight Sister Courtney.

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Timothy and everybody:

        Good afternoon. Tariq Nasheed did this audio last night. Any thoughts?

        • Timothy says:

          Good Afternoon Sister Courtney. 🙂

          I will make my commentaries on the audio soon Sister.

        • Timothy says:

          I listened to the entire broadcast Sister Courtney. 🙂

          The broadcast from Tariq Nasheed should be divided into 2 sections. One section dealt with Tariq Nasheed talking with a young man on relationships. The truth is that in any relationship between black people of opposite genders, there has to be cooperation, understanding, and respect. As you know, I don’t agree with Tariq on all of his views on gender. Yet, each relationship can voluntarily define the composition of their relationships (in their own ways as free human beings). Any relationship should be based on trust, love, and respect between black men and black women. Some men want any woman to submit to them in an inappropriate way. I oppose that. In the final analysis, many couples will voluntarily allow the man to lead, some couples allow a partnership, etc. We have to allow couples to voluntarily define their own relationships’ composition. That is the freedom that is paramount in any society. The human rights of people of both genders ought to be respected, honored, and protected.

          The second segment dealt with a biracial young woman. Her story relates to the stories of numerous biracial human beings across the world. Biracial people should be treated with dignity and respect. Many biracial human beings are diverse. Some love black people and some don’t. Yet, biracial people, like any other people, have the right to express their stories and achieve their aspirations in life. Her story is a normal story about how much pain and bullying that numerous biracial people experienced. It is a shame that the young woman had to experience bullying as bullying is evil and immoral. I won’t call the biracial woman’s mother out of her name since that would be wrong. I don’t know her mother. The biracial young woman accused her mother of having self-hatred and worshiping whiteness. What is true is that we ought to always reject self-hatred of any kind. The system of white supremacy uses many tactics in opposing non-whites globally. The biracial child being told that she has “good hair” by her mother is a shame. He’s right that the system of white supremacy has oppressed nonwhites, especially black people, for a long time. It is a historical fact that some (not all) biracial person have been used (by the white racist power structure) to oppress black people. One example is about the Haitian Revolution (where the biracial man André Rigaud supported the racist caste system in Haiti. The heroic Brother Toussaint defeated RIgaud. The black people of the Caribbean caused Haiti to be the first black Republic of the Americas by 1804), Liberian history, etc. I wish the best for the young biracial woman. The Oklahoma fraternity was wrong and the death in Wisconsin of the youth of color was a tragedy as well. We have to discuss these issues and there is nothing wrong with building up our economic power (as long as workers have rights and economic justice is a reality).

          Thank you for showing the link Sister Courtney.

          You always make me think. 😉

          God Bless You.

          • Courtney H. says:

            You are welcome, Brother Timothy. I agree with and appreciate your response. Thank you for listening to the podcast.

            I am glad that I make you think. 😉

            God bless you, too.

  16. Trojan Pam says:

    @ ALL

    I find it very interesting that NO ONE commented on the article about the Obama administration targeting Venezuela.

    Any thoughts?

    • Timothy says:

      Hello Sister Trojan Pam.

      Venezuela is allied with the BRICS coalition. Venezeula has follow more socialistic policies which is in conflict with the neoliberal model of the Western hegemony. That is one reason why the Obama administration is targeting Venezuela. Venezuela was once headed by Hugo Chavez (who improved the literacy rate, education, and other standard of living in Venezuela). Also, the West wants to control Venezuela’s oil and other national resources. The West wants a puppet regime, Western-backed central banks to control South America, and the growth of imperial domination over the world. The Western-backed coups against Maduro have failed so forth. I thank the Creator for that. So, the Obama administration is continuing the policy of previous Presidencies of trying to establishment the Western Consensus in Latin America and South America.

      Imperialism should be totally condemned at any juncture. The wars of agfression in the Middle East, Africa, etc. represent evil, terrorism, and injustice. It is hypocritical for the USA to lecture any nation on human rights violations when America have violated the human rights of black people from 1776 to 2015. Also, the USA has back reactionary regimes in Latin America for decades. Venezuela’s independent policies and socialism has the West in anger. Maduro have thrown coup plotters in jail. I wish the best for Venezuela. We are in solidarity with the Afro-Venezuelans too.

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Timothy,

        yes, Venezuela is allied with the BRICS coalition, as you said, and I have recommended two great sources of info about what is really happening in the global economy and I strong suggest black people in the U.S. broaden our interests outside the box we call ‘our life’ because what is happening outside those boxes will greatly affect what happens on the inside and whether our the boxes we live in will be able to withstand global forces.

        the two sources are

        and “The X22 Report” which is found on youtube

        Here’s a very good video I wanted tonight — and at the very end (around 32:00) about VOTING the guest makes an excellent point about voting

        that voting in a fraudulent election, like EVERY ELECTION over the last 30 years, including the one in 2004 and 2008, is the same as consenting to being LIED TO.

        Just for the record, I don’t agree with some things that Greg Hunter (the owner of this youtube channel) but he has some interesting guests, like the one on this video, Warren Pollock:

        • Timothy says:

          We certainly have to understand global concepts without question. You’re right on that point.

          We are a global people, so it is necessity for us to understand international affairs, economics, geopolitics, etc. The video that you have shown shows how fragile the global economy is, especially among the poor citizens of the world.

          It is ironic that you have mentioned about voting, because many people want us black people to vote (especially 50 years after the massive protests in Selma). My question is who do we vote for? There is tons of evidence to document the fact that the two major parties are in favor of big business and the political establishment. The video has interesting information on Fukushima, which is causing huge environmental damage in the globe. The one percent has huge political, economic, and other forms of power. Domestically, we do have huge government surveillance, bailouts sent to the big banks, and austerity measures. War has been a big money maker too. War has been used to extract energy and resources at the expense of human life. We have to know the signs and act in favor of the interests of our people.

          • Alicia says:

            You asked: “My question is who do we vote for?”

            Me: umm, the lesser of the two evils, the party which will not be attacking civil rights legislation. Unless you want to stay home and let the racist party win.

            • Timothy says:


              For a long time, intelligent, strong black people have believed in political independence. People have every right to ask questions. One of the strongest critics of the so-called “lesser of two evils” party was Malcolm X. That so-called “lesser of two evil” party was created by white supremacists, they were supported by the Klan and today they expect us to vote for them unconditionally. That party is just as imperialist as the other party (many Democrats supported the NATO bombing of the African country of Libya and supporting the war on terror just as much as the Republicans). As Malcolm X have said, black people have every right to be political Independents. Also, the GOP is not paragon of virtue either. The GOP has supported the War on Drugs, pro-austerity measures, many of their members have said overtly racist and anti-women statements, etc. Therefore, I wouldn’t support the GOP. Both the GOP and the Democrats have a history filled with racism then and now. It was the Democratic establishment in Missouri that allowed Darren Wilson to not be charged with anything after Wilson murdered Michael Brown. The Governor of that state wasn’t a Republican. We have to look beyond GOP vs. Democrat and follow what is just. The difference is that the GOP is like the wolf and the Democrats act like the snake. I don’t advocate people staying home or do nothing. I do advocate people voting their conscience and if a black person does stay home (because of a sincere conviction), then that black person shouldn’t be ridiculed or disrespected for their own choice. People have the freedom to decide for themselves their own actions. We know that the Electoral College not the American people directly decide who will be the next President. There must be the growth of third party people.

              • Trojan Pam says:

                @ Timothy

                This is my position on voting. When people participate in fraud, be it politics or religion, for example, they are supporting the CONTINUANCE of that fraud and they are also telegraphing their intentions to be complicit and supportive of lies UNLESS their participation CHALLENGES that system.

                there is NO way to challenge a major two party system by voting in it. We are simply picking tweedle dum or tweedle dee and selecting from the TWO choices they have given us.

                we are doing exactly what they want us to do and effecting NO REAL CHANGE.

                Now, voting for a third party candidate is a step in the right direction but not enough of us do it AND we do not know who counts the votes.

                Stalin once said, “It’s not the people who vote who determine an election. It’s the people who count the votes that determine an election.”

                I’m of the firm mind that believes the elections are fraudulent and that the vote counts may be manufactured, including the last two elections. Why? because they wanted Obama to be president so he could take the blame for everything that is happening and will happen between now and 2016 and a lot of things are going to happen over the next two years, believe that.

                And Obama knows what he has been (s)elected to do; otherwise, why put him in office?

                come on now….

                And as long as people continue picking a cheeseburger or a hamburger with cheese, the powers that be know the masses are still asleep and still compliant

                and the masses better not expect any real “change” because NONE IS COMING VIA THE WAY YOU VOTE.

                I would suggest all listen to the Warren Pollock video and the X22 report video IF you want to understand what is happening.

                If not, that’s a choice you’re free to make

              • Alicia says:

                To vote for a third party would mean allowing the Republicans to win. Most of the country is racist, but we have to vote for the party that will not be attacking civil rights.

              • Alicia says:

                re: I do advocate people voting their conscience and if a black person does stay home (because of a sincere conviction), then that black person shouldn’t be ridiculed or disrespected for their own choice.”

                I STRONGLY disagree. Every vote does count and our grandparents fought for our right to even be able to vote and be counted in this country. It’s a slap in their faces to “stay home”.

                To vote for a third party as a black person in a race between a republican who wants to do away with all programs that benefit blacks vs a democrat who is more reasonable and will allow us to still be able to live some sort of life in this country is NOT sensible at all to me. You are basically giving the vote away to a Republican so that they can win.

              • Trojan Pam says:

                @ Alicia

                Voting is a CHOICE.

                I do NOT believe for one moment that our ancestors — had they known what this system would become — would have made voting in fraudulent elections a priority, CONSIDERING blacks have voted in every election for DECADES and have received little to NO benefits from our faithful servitude to the Democratic Party.

                And before we became Democratic PAWNS, we voted Republican and received no benefits. The U.S. political system has been completely hijacked by corporate elites. The politicians–including the President–are THEIR foot soldiers. That’s why BOTH THE DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS voted for the bank bailout in 2008 even though 87% of the public didn’t want it.

                That’s why the Healthcare industry wrote the Obamacare bill and neither the President NOR the Congress or Senate even READ the bill let alone wrote it.

                That’s why all the promises Obama made during the election were BROKEN after he got elected. That’s why the black farmers haven’t received justice almost seven years after Obama’s first election and why shortly after politically powerful wealthy WHITE FARMERS got billions in subsidies.

                That’s why NOTHING has changed for the majority of Americans, and why the richer are getting richer and everyone else is getting poorer EVEN WITH THE DEMOCRATS IN OFFICE — and the dog and pony public show between the Dems and the Repubs is nothing more than “good cop/bad cop” at its worst.”

                Because the people here DO NOT LEARN FROM THEIR EXPERIENCES and choose instead, to let others do the thinking for them, forgetting that the definition of insanity is — doing the SAME THING and expecting different results. Well, I’m trying to cure myself of the political insanity of voting for ANY party that does not serve my interests.

                Carroll Quigley, a member of the elite who thought the “people” should know the truth about the system, said it best:

                “The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to the doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can “throw the rascals out” at any election without leading to any profound or extreme shifts in policy.” – Carrol Quigley, Tragedy and Hope

                This is the time when LOGIC not EMOTIONS AND WISHFUL THINKING should rule our brains.
                What you and I can do at this point, is agree to disagree.

          • Trojan Pam says:

            @ Timothy

            Who do we vote for? The question I ask after years of voting is WHY should I vote for anyone who will not represent my interests? And NEITHER MAJOR PARTY — regardless of “first black” presidents – represents the interests of black people. And we KNOW this, regardless of our all our wishful thinking, it is TIME TO TELL THE TRUTH.

            I used to be one of those people who said stuff like, “if you don’t vote, don’t complain” OR “my ancestors died for the right to vote”

            Until I realized BOTH parties are controlled by the same invisible hands and that there was no real difference between the Democrats and the Republicans

            and if you doubt that just look at the BILLS that have been signed by Bush and Obama. Same doggone policies.

            So, I don’t agree anymore with the “lesser of two evils” philosophy because I think that’s what they want us to do, to choose between a hamburger with cheese and a cheeseburger, while the people are being ignored by BOTH PARTIES

            and when you really think about it, would our ancestors have fought so hard to vote if they could see into the future and understand that voting hasn’t done anything for black people but give us the ILLUSION of INCLUSION?

            i don’t think they would but would have found something more worthwhile to fight for.

            So, I agree with the Warren Pollock when he said you we should stop giving our CONSENT to pervasive lies. And I couldn’t agree more. That doesn’t mean doing nothing, that means taking responsibility for OUR OWN WELFARE, rolling up our sleeves and doing the work FOR OURSELVES that needs to be done.

            • Timothy says:

              @Sister Trojan Pam.

              I agree with you totally Sister.

              I agree with respecting what people have done to fight for the right to vote. Yet, this doesn’t mean that we aren’t allowed to ask questions.

              This doesn’t mean that we have to be satisfied with the status quo and just vote for a party that patronizes us for votes, but will not advocate an end to imperialism, an end to the War on Drugs, and an end to the system of white supremacy without exception. The Republicans and the Democrats in their leaderships have advocated Wall Street bailouts, the war on terror, the Patriot Act, the war on Drugs, bad trade proposals, etc. It is very clear that both major parties at their apex are funded by the same large centralized banking institutions.

              We should be active in society and you have made that point very clear. There is nothing wrong with fighting for human civil liberties, working in an independent organization that is standing up for our community, etc. The point we are making is that we shouldn’t worship each of these major parties and we should think for ourselves. One action to counteract white supremacy is to be mentally attuned to the bigger picture and to think for ourselves as human beings mentally.

              Many of the same policies under Bush continue under Obama. Many civil rights leaders never fought for us to be integrated into the system of white supremacy. They were fighting for freedom and justice. This justice was about ending the white supremacist system of apartheid, so black people can be independent and determine their own destinies. These civil rights heroes wanted the system of oppression to end, so a better system of justice would develop. Today, we see corporate power dictating much of our community under the guise of the “illusion of inclusion.” We need justice. We need to work to fight for our freedom via grassroots organizing, independent programs, and self-determination. The poor need to have economic justice too. The poor doesn’t need scapegoating (as the super wealthy one percent is responsible for much of their plight). They need inspiration and compassion. Thank you for showing those videos.

            • Phazex says:

              Good post. I’m glad that you put it out there. I am neither Democrap or Repulsican. I research thoroughly and then vote on issues only.

              Let me put it this way. Because a contender and I may share the same melanin does not mean that he/she has MY interests at heart. Out.

              • Trojan Pam says:

                @ Phazez

                I agree, someone being black don’t mean a doggone thing.

                And any people who allow their enemies (meaning the people in power) pick their leaders, those people are not long for the world.

            • reality_check says:

              I guess I don’t fully understand what you are advocating here. From what I’m reading you’re saying we should vote a third independent party? I used to advocate this as a strategic move for blacks to become political ‘free agents’ of sorts and force the GOP and DEMS to barter with us for our vote. However, based on what we know about who REALLY runs the country, wouldn’t this third independent party eventually become a member of the same fraternity, effectively used to maintain the status quo?

              • Trojan Pam says:

                @ reality_check

                I’m not advocating voting for a third party BUT that is what I did in 2004 and 2008, not because I believed they would win, but as a way of saying BOTH major parties were too corrupt to deserve my vote AND to DETACH MYSELF from the practice of voting against my own self-interests

                And you’re right, any 3rd party that gathers steam will be derailed by the people who control both parties.

                so where does that leave us? I’m not sure but I know there is a reason they want black people to continue to be invested in a corrupt process that BLINDS us to the truth — and that is NO MAJOR PARTY SERVES THE NEEDS OF ANYONE BUT THE PEOPLE WHO CONTROL IT

                And so, by participating, you support the fraud that is taking place, you are NOT fighting against it, and all the emotional arguments about “ancestors” does NOT take into account that they did not know what the VOTE would become and had they known, I do NOT believe they would have considered it something worth dying over

                this is my own personal position and if someone can show me when, over the last 20 years that black people have benefited by voting I would love to hear it (and any links they might have).

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Timothy

        another very informative youtube video (that got me hooked on the X22 Report)


        Black people MUST EXPAND our knowledge base of the politics that govern our world. This is a global economy and the more we know the better the decisions we make.

        Also, it’s important to understand that as the economy tanks, racism will increase, as it is doing all over Europe where the unemployment rate for nonwhites in Europe has increased by 50% — and we see the SAME THING in the U.S. where black unemployment is rising faster than the rate even for illegal immigrants who can barely speak English (!)

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Trojan Pam.

          I have listened to many X22 report broadcasts. They have great analysis on geopolitics, so I will plan on listening to more of their reports as well.

          One great point that you made is that if we want to fight the system, then we have to not participate in its oppressive functions. We have to realize how we have a serious economic crisis globally not just in the States. I found out that many of the unemployment numbers are not recorded in America, because they don’t record people who just given up in the labor market in general. The unemployment rate in the black community is depression level in some cities. Many white racists have used non-whites as scapegoats for economic issues instead of the one percent’s policies of deindustralization, credit uncertainly, and neoliberalism (which caused inflation, economic instability, and other problems). QE2 hasn’t worked conclusively and the Gini coefficient in America is very bad. U.S. income inequality was at its highest level since the United States Census Bureau began tracking household income in 1967. The U.S. also has the greatest disparity among Western industrialized nations. If that is not checked, then we will have more problems. We can never minimize war. The Spanish American War, the Vietnam War, and other wars originated via deception, etc. War benefits the Western hegemony at the expense of the lives of the masses of the people. Central banks readily benefit from wars all of the time.

          Whether someone votes or not, they will surely not die. Therefore, we have to use constructive social activism and to fight for our just freedom in many different ways. The solution will not be one action. It has to be multiple actions carried out by diverse people (including ourselves). We have to know ourselves as black people, build up our own power base, and continue to teach each other. We have to build basically.

          2016 will be a watershed year in terms of the election, etc.

  17. Alicia says:

    I watched the Scandal clip from above and based on the first 30 seconds or so plus the first 30 seconds of episode 1 I attempted to watch but couldn’t stomach, I have to say that show appears SO LAME! I thought it was to be about black female empowerment? What kind of crap has it turned into now where she’s sleeping with someone she shouldn’t be?

  18. Shanequa says:

    @ Trojan Pam

    I agree with you, black women need to start loving themselves as well as stop supporting these self hating black males. If you ever go on instagram an look at several black male entertainers pages, it has become a trend now to post pictures of biracial children on their pages stating, they want their child to be beautiful like this”. These self hating negroes wouldn’t dare post a picture of a dark skin child especially a dark skin little black girl. The adult women they post as their eye candy’s on there pages be either biracial or non black. What is even more sadder most of their followers are black women. The women these black males date are either biracial or non black. Black women be on there pages stating how pretty the pictures of a biracial child or girlfriend looks but never seen with a dark skin black women or would post a picture of one as a eye candy.

    When I see this I look at how it effects young black girls self esteem. Here it is you have grown black women chancing after men from their own race who refuse to put them on a pedestal but a woman that is biracial or non black. Black women have become condition to being second class especially being chose by their own men. In the minds or non black or biracial women feel that they are more then black women especially by white supremacy & black men.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Shanequa

      Unfortunately, this is what a steady diet of TV and movie watching does to young, impressionable black brains AND this is one of the reasons I created this post.

      Our young black girls with their rainbow-colors-that-don’t-exist-in-nature weaves AND our black boys who long to be validated by anyone but their black selves are ALL suffering from MASSIVE self-esteem damage that comes being poisoned by a white supremacist MEDIA against themselves.

      Also by the lack of PROTECTION from this media by black parents and black adults who either DO NOT understand that they need this protection OR who DO NOT CARE ENOUGH to protect them from a white supremacist media.

      because, let’s face it, the NUMBER BABY SITTER in black homes today is the TELEVISION.

      And I suspect very few parents actually sit down and TALK about to their children about the shows and images and messages they are seeing because the parents don’t even talk to THEMSELVES about what they are seeing

      Or that the pervasive and deadly and racist messages are overwhelmingly…

      white is best
      whiter is better
      black is the worst

      And then we wonder why we can’t get along, why we WON’T support each other, and why we HATE on each other as much as we do

      it all comes out of the programming we’ve received for HUNDREDS of years

      but the good news is, WE CAN CHANGE YOUR PROGRAMMING.

      We can change what we think is beautiful and in fact, many people have over the course of their lifetimes, changed their views on what is beautiful.

      There are black females who have gone from thinking they needed permed hair and weaves to be pretty to wearing their own natural hair and LOVING it

      there are some black males who were hooked on light skin and long hair that fell in love with a woman who had neither

      they are people like me who as a young child was fascinated by ‘yellow” boys but as she grew older found males of all complexions attractive.


      You have given yourself another tool for change and that change can become permanent.

      the thing that troubles me the MOST about your post is the COMPLICITY and COOPERATION of black females in our own demise

      we are the BIGGEST SUPPORTERS of famous and ordinary black males who parade their preferences for anything BUT a black female in our faces

      we don’t give our girl children EXTRA support when we know they are more likely to be rejected by a black male today than at ANY TIME in our history.

      we oooh and ahh over biracial children more than anyone else

      and our language is riddled with a TRIBUTE to whiteness while we suffer from not being white enough

      and we are STILL the biggest supporters and promoters of people like Kanye West and Terrance Howard and all these black males who do NOT DATE BLACK FEMALES.

      this needs to STOP!

      Because I guarantee you, when the shoe is on the other foot, there is a lot of screaming going on and that shoe gets yanked off, stomped and thrown away!

      For example, after Halle Berry made the movie, “Monster Ball,” MOST of the black males I knew took her off the “most desirable list’ and tossed her on the BW REJECT PILE and all she did was make a MOVIE with a white man

      After she had a baby with a white man, the brothers were THROUGH

      And now, there is NOTHING she can do to be back in their graces


      The black females grumbles privately about the HUGE number of black male entertainers who don’t date or marry black females BUT will CONTINUE to support their careers and in many instances still harbor “crushes” on these males who should NOT be given the time of day


      And if someone thinks this is bad advice, I want them to imagine what would happen if a white male entertainer constantly flaunted a black female girlfriend or spouse in his white female fans’ faces. What would the reaction of that white female audience be?

      I don’t think I have to answer that, do I?

      Even Robert Deniro and a handful of other rich and famous white males who date/marry black females keep their black women HIDDEN FROM VIEW because they have no desire to alienate their white female audience. Why?


      and black male entertainers DO NOT RESPECT THEIR BLACK FEMALE AUDIENCES.



      that is my message for the day

  19. Shanequa says:

    I also notice black people especially black males enjoy posting pictures or talking about non black drug kingpins but hardly ever a black kingpin. When in reality these non black drug kingpins doesn’t give a shit about them but had a hand in our destruction with the war on drugs in the black community. Some of these black males believe that these kingpins wives were beautiful trophy wives but in reality they were average in appearance.

  20. Courtney H. says:

    Harvey talks about Monique, Gabby Sibide, Lee Daniels, and Blacks in Hollywood in these two videos. As usual, be forewarned, because he uses a lot of profanity:

  21. Shanequa says:

    While living in a white supremacy society, I would like to know how do you maintain happiness to keep from breaking down? This is a question that I think of constantly, because as each day goes bye I do not feel happy. I enjoy reading books about black autobiographies, history, sociology, & psychology but sometimes even that gets depressing learning the real reality of what our people are living in.

    I do have some enjoyment listening to music but that good feeling drift away when reality comes down. I tried watching television but that doesn’t help because I already see the subliminal negative messages. I have coworkers that try to invite me to go out with them to a club, movie, and etc. but I just don’t feel like being bother with it. I just can’t be in a fun move knowing what we are face with as a people. People ask me “what do you do besides read books & exercise” I response back an tell them “nothing.” I always hear people telling me to enjoy life but I just can’t. When you are being attack at every direction I find it hard to enjoy life.

    I go to a 9 to 5 job everyday, as each day passes when I’m at work I see the faces of my black coworkers faces an they look miserable. When there work shift ends they are ready to go home. I can see the depressing & stress has age them especially with younger black men & women.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Shanequa

      Unfortunately, what you’re experiencing is part of the ‘awakening’ process where you see things that others do not see or do not WANT to see. One thing I always keep in mind is those who don’t know, are often just as “unhappy” and often even less happy than those who are starting to wake up. Believe me, there is NO security or safety in ignorance.

      What I try to do — and I feel discouraged quite often — is find something that I do enjoy, for example, I like to write and so I do those things that I enjoy.

      Instead of going to a club or a movie (the typical things people do) try something you’ve never done or go to a museum you’ve never been to, or an art exhibit or travel to some historical sites (if you can travel), or learn a new language or take a class or take up some kind of outdoor activity, like riding a bike or learning t ride a horse or something you’ve always wanted to do like a self-defense course

      and just DO it.

      Yes, you may have to interact with non-black people, but so what? we live in this world and we have to get along with all types of people and there is nothing wrong with that as long as you know where you stand on the issues and try not to get sexually involved with the wrong people.

      Just make sure whatever you do it stimulates the mind AND body in a positive way. and night-clubbing and drinking and trash-talking and movie going just sinks you deeper into the MUCK where everyone else is drowning.

      Stay away from those activities would be my suggestion and just find something that makes you grow and feel good.

    • Providence says:


      Aw (hug), keep your head up sista. My heart breaks reading your post. But I guarantee you’ll be comforted that God sees all. Because he’s the one doing all of this. Not white people. God himself. I don’t know if you’re a Bible believer or not, but therein lies all the answers to life. Including the
      spiritual attack on you, your co-workers, members of your family, members of this board and our families, the Black peoples of this country, this hemisphere, descendants of the slave trade. Despite how it looks, the slave trade didn’t JUST happen. It was a judgment by the Most High himself. Bondage, poverty, slavery, fear and misery was the outcome of the stiff-necked Hebrews. Their fate was sealed when they repeatedly disobeyed their God. We see it throughout the Bible, they were always in some sort of slavery.

      Egypt – captivity
      Assyria – captivity
      Babylon – captivity
      Greece – captivity
      Rome – captivity
      America – captivity

      Make no mistake about it. Slavery was a SIGN and WONDER, a MARK God said he would leave on the Jews FOREVER for their disobedience. This is the pitiful state Jesus would find his chosen when he returns. They are not supposed to be owning banks, hollywood, media, etc. Per Deuteronomy 28, 29, 30 and Leviticus 26, the Jews are supposed to be a CURSED people. The people in Israel now are NOT even Shemetic, per Genesis 10 there’s no such thing as an Ashkenazi Jew, those people instead are of the synagogue of satan (Rev 2:9, 3:9)

      The only way we as Blacks, particularly the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob can TURN their captivity is to repent for the sins of their fathers and go back to obeying God’s laws, statutes and commandments. You got it, the LAW was NEVER done away with.

      (I know I said quite a mouthful here, but this is the ROOT of all of our problems, and the world at large as well.)

      • Mariama says:


        You dropped some good jewels here! I enjoyed your post. Have you heard of the blog talk radio host Yash Qaraah? He has many informative videos on Youtube and he also has his Yash Blog Radio. You sound just like him (from the spiritual perspective). You all may want to check out his work. He really enlightens too. Thanks for this post Providence!

        • Providence says:

          HEy Mariama, thank you, I’m checking the brother out right now. There’s a lot of Hebrew Israelites that wear costumes, flaunt graven images of the Star of David, curse and yell at people for no reason, screaming white people are the devil and Africans aren’t far behind, deny Christ and his salvation for ALL peoples that worship him in spirit and in truth, etc, etc, etc. Modern pharisees. It appears that he used to be one of those, but has made a change (thank goodness). He’s a sound brotha, thanks for pointing me out to him.

          Its time for Black Americans to wake up. They can out-sing, out-dance, out-praise and out-worship anybody. I don’t know anyone who loves the Lord more. But when they have more churches than every other group COMBINED and STILL find themselves the tail and not the head, then its time to take pause. This can’t be from anyone but punishment from the Most High himself.

  22. Shanequa says:

    @ Trojan Pam & Providence I really appreciated your responses.

  23. Sharon53 says:

    Hi Pam,
    Just wanted to comment on your statements wherein you say:
    “Black people MUST EXPAND our knowledge base of the politics that govern our world. This is a GLOBAL economy and the more we know the better the decisions we make.
    Also, it’s important to understand that as the economy tanks, RACISM will increase, as it is doing all over Europe, where the unemployment rate for non-whites in Europe has INCREASED by 50% — and we see the SAME THING in the U.S. where black unemployment is rising faster than the rate even for illegal immigrants who can barely speak English (!)”
    I agree with this wholeheartedly as I look around me here in Atlanta which is supposed to be the Black Mecca. When I am out and about, I am noticing more and more whites are taking over jobs that Blacks once held. Nowadays, I see white men of all ages working in places like Waffle House, Subway, etc. I saw some white guys the other night washing the parking lot deck at work. When I tell other blacks about this they will shrug it off and say blacks have moved up to higher positions on the corporate ladders. Well, I work in IT, and jobs that were once held by blacks in that industry are being taken over more and more by whites, Hispanics, Asians.
    I am also seeing more and blacks not being able to find work and just basically living off other people or living off money they are borrowing to go to school. I really don’t see how anyone can think they are controlling their destiny with all this going on around them.

    • reality_check says:

      @sharon53: You are right, Blacks are being systematically eliminated. Anyone that has full function of their 5 senses will be able to draw that conclusion. Blacks overall are being excluded, but American-born blacks are being down right eliminated.

      The gains we made in education, entrepreneurship, home ownership, citizenship, employment, etc..have all been completely SQUANDERED in two generations. As Pam pointed out, if our ancestors knew that their progeny would be so foolish as to squander all the gains they worked, suffered and died for, I doubt that they would have made those sacrifices. What a disgrace.

      As you stated, blacks are being completely squeezed out of corporate America. The few blacks that are there are completely ineffective as they are perpetually operating in survival mode and thus cannot afford to create opportunities for other blacks. It’s a very sad existence, but this is the consequence for our refusal to build, maintain and strengthen our own economic base.

      Blacks are being squeezed out of higher education. Many of the nation’s top educational institutions have seen their black enrollment plummet significantly over the past decade. The few blacks that are admitted usually are of foreign origin. Added to that complexity is that you have these black FOOLS calling for our HBCUs to be dismantled. In their ignorance, they cannot see that in the future, these will be the ONLY schools their children and grandchildren will be able to attend. The ever-growing population of Hispanics and Asian immigrants are filling up most institution’s minority quotas. Blacks love to feel superior to other blacks not realizing that whether you’re on the upper deck or the bowels of the ship, we are all on the Titanic. Blacks better save our money and buy a clue.

      The squeeze is also occurring in the professional arena. Blacks professionals have always had to work 3x as hard for a fraction of the success their majority counterparts enjoyed. No matter the profession, be it medicine, law, accounting, architecture, real estate, blacks almost ALWAYS are victims of ‘the sqeeze.’ If it weren’t for government subsidies and provisions, most of these black professionals would not be able to survive in private practice. Despite this, we blacks still continue with our boycott of black professionals, then complain about the lack of employment opportunities for us.

      Despite all this, we still don’t see it. While we are busy consuming electronic trash, the rest of the world advances ( and usually on our backs).

      The few of us who are conscious are in the extreme minority. When everyone around you is insane, those who are indeed sane are the ones labeled insane.

      Does anyone out there seriously think things will improve for black people? This is a serious question.

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ reality_check

        I’ll add one more thing that greatly impacts black employment. The attacks on organized labor and employers like the postal service, which is largely responsible for probably one out of seven black families that have been lifted out of poverty. The numbers might be even higher

        and that is one of the reasons I believe organized labor and jobs like the postal jobs are being attacked. To further drive blacks and non-whites out of the living wage job markets.

        As to your question, will things improve for black people?

        I would have to say with absolute certainty, absolutely NOT.

        things will not improve for whites in this country until the system is replaced with something more just. and until the people who are being oppressed decide to get off our butts and do something about it.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Sharon53

      Thanks for sharing that perspective. I have noticed the same things. About five years ago when I rode the commuter train to work downtown, black people made up about 15% of the people on the train. Now, it’s closer to 4 or 5%. And out of that number about 70% are black women.

      In downtown chicago, fewer and fewer blacks work for corporate america and the jobs poor working blacks used to get are being given to illegals.

      Many black people who are doing “okay” are so blase about this because they have dodged the bullet. The selfishness and tunnel vision of so-called “middle-class” blacks is appalling to me, especially when MOST of us are just a few paychecks away from financial disaster, meaning they don’t have the SAVINGS to weather a year long financial blizzard (and I’m not counting 401Ks)

      I have listened to so much FOOLISHNESS from our people like:

      “I’m not a slave.”
      “slavery is in the past”
      “I’m not brainwashed.”
      “I’m not damaged by racism”
      “I’ve never experienced racism”
      “I got money.”
      “I drive a Benz”
      “I got a 3000 sq ft house”
      “I got a degree”

      that I had to come to the conclusion that all you can do is share information. Those who seek to be informed will at least think about what is being said. Those who want to keep their heads in the sand and their asses sticking up in the air, will continue doing it.

      Like someone told me today, “You can take a fool to school but you can’t make him learn.”

      truer words have never been spoken.

  24. Shanequa says:

    @ Sharon53
    I’m seeing the same thing as well. I also notice it has become a trend with black people with or without a degree are mostly working at call centers for the only available job to find. The low paying medical assistants jobs that you see mostly black women do are being done more by non black Hispanic women. The teacher assistants jobs have been taking over by non black Hispanics. But one thing for sure when in hiring positions non blacks think race first an hire their own before other races.
    The job I work at my supervisor is a non black Hispanic women, we now have two non black Hispanics women with higher positions under hers. We did have a black woman with one of those positions but she was starting mess with the other workers and was fired.

    Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated back in the 1960’s that the American dollar has dropped in value and it was only a matter of time before Babylon aka America economy will fall. Dr. Claude Anderson stated the same thing about America economy is falling fast. Furthermore when Europeans are losing power they get into a rage & kill so we already know their first attack will be on BLACK Africans around the diaspora.

  25. Shanequa says:

    @ reality_check
    I believe that our situation will improve as a people. We’ve been around to long through the good & bad times in survival mode. Its going to be something really serious for our people to wake up &see even though it is happen now, but in order for them to wake up it will be serious. We will lose some of our people in the process as well as our very own family members. The war against Black Africans around the diaspora has been going on for many years and the battle toward our freedom is at the near end. You can’t keep treating people like animals in a cage because sooner are later they will break free and fight. When you see our people ready to fight an don’t care if they live or die in the process that is when we are stronger at fighting for a cause.

  26. Courtney H. says:

    Here is a good video about how Blacks have been and continue to be depicted and stereotyped in the media:

    • Timothy says:

      Thank you for showing the video Sister. 🙂

      It needs to be seen by people, especially by black people. Television is one of the greatest forms of propaganda in human history. The vast majority of people who control the mainstream media and mainstream entertainment industry are part of the one percent. The same 1%’s ancestors have oppressed our ancestors via the Maafa, slavery, etc.

      It was great of the narrator to show the similarities with how TV depicted black people negatively then and now. The video proves that they evil people, who want to promote these negative stereotypes, never really changed their agenda. They want not only money, but they want to exploit the suffering of black people. We all feel sad at how so many Brothers and so many Sisters have been used as pawns of the system of white supremacy (via the mass media). One thing that got my goat was how decades ago, they used children as a means for these evil racists to advance the “submissive black person” stereotype. Many children back then saw this. Back then, there was Amos and Andy and minstrels where white folks would use blackface as a means to mock black human beings in an offensive way.

      Today, we see many shows that not only show negative stereotypes about black people, but spew lies too. The truth is that most black people are not in extreme poverty, and most black people are not murderers at all. This propaganda and lies shown by the media did exist during the Katrina disaster too. Some media folks lied and called black American citizens (suffering as a product of the Katrina storm) refugees and showed suffering people seeking foods as equivalent to “felons.” That was a disgrace. The Flavor of Love show did exploit women and wanted to depict a negative image of especially black women in a misogynistic way. Flavor Flav was definitely a victim of colorism and he was involved in a show that disrespected him and other women on that show. Reality TV shouldn’t be classified as reality. It is choreographed, people sign contracts to act irrational, and corporate exploitation is part of that reality TV show industry. Charlton was depicted in the Fresh Prince show as not a real down “Brother” or as an Uncle Tom. The truth is that blackness is not about how someone talks like or their diverse interests. It is defined on how much someone loves black people, will defend black people, will care for black people, and will stand up for justice (against the system of white supremacy).

      So, the video is excellent.

      At the end of the day, we can visit museums, work with friends, travel across the globe, do art, work in projects, and help our communities (in the ethos of pan-African unity). We don’t need to watch some TV as a way for us to be free.

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Brother Timothy:

        You are welcome. I am glad that I found this video, and was able to add it to the conversation. The reason why I posted it is because the video reiterates a lot of what Sister Trojan Pam said in this post about how media propaganda (**entertainment**) are directed against us and used to promote hatred against us.

        This video uses a lot of good examples of anti-Black media propaganda in the past and today. You are right — it really has not changed, but it is just different. It is like that saying, **Same song, different tune.**

        Thank you for taking the time to watch the video and making comments. I agree with everything that you said.

        You have a great and blessed weekend, too, Brother Timothy. 🙂

        God bless you, too.

  27. Courtney H. says:

    This is OT, but this is a really good video. It is more than an hour long, and as usual, Harvey cusses throughout, so be forewarned:

  28. Trojan Pam says:

    Evidence that there is NO REAL DIFFERENCE between the Republicans and the Democrats

    (don’t listen to what they SAY, look at what they SIGN)

  29. Sharon53 says:

    @Pam, you stated: “I have listened to such foolishness from our people like….” and you gave a list of comments you have heard.
    I would like to add a few selfish, insensitive statements I have heard from some of us to the list that you shared such as:
    “I got mine, now you get yours”;
    “You don’t need to worry about anybody else; you just need to worry about yourself”;
    And the one that really rubs me the wrong way is:
    “You must be blocking your blessings!” (I have heard this statement being said a lot to people who have fallen on hard times from people that attend prosperity ministry churches. This is such a cruel and unusual statement coming from so-called Christian.)
    Your statement that “most of us are just a few paychecks away from financial disaster….’ speaks volumes also but so many of us would never admit it.

  30. Sharon53 says:

    @Shanequa: I would like to comment on your statement when you said:
    “I also notice it has become a trend with black people with or without a degree are mostly working at call centers for the only available job to find.”
    Good observation!!! I have seen this trend also. In fact, my full-time job is in a call center and the overwhelming majority of employees are black. It is technical customer service but the problem with these type jobs is they are very oppressive. For one, it is almost impossible to meet their QA standards. The standards are almost inhumane because you can get written up if there has been ‘dead air’ for so many seconds or if you put someone on hold too long. You can even get fired if you show impatience with a caller and since these are internal customers (employees) they sometimes like to push our button. They know we have to be careful and some of them are quick to complain to management about the slightest thing. Secondly, we have to know the ends and outs of not just the hardware/software aspect of the job, we also pretty much have to train the callers their job, which is not fair. Third, after all the aforementioned, the pay is not that good also. I had to take a part-time job (another call center customer service job) to make ends meet. Sometimes I can’t believe I spent several years getting a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems, received several certifications and have a lot of work experience but can’t get out of this silo. This brings me to the next point. They tend to quarantine us in these call center positions and have means of making sure we don’t get out. I see this go on all the time but it is so refined many of my co-workers don’t have a clue. For instance, they may promote within the call center itself but you are still basically doing the same thing as before. Trust me, the white supremacists are the most insidious folk in the world.

    • Shanequa says:

      I agree with you 100%. I work at a call center too an the requirements they want us to achieve is impossible. They complain when we’re on the phone for over five minutes long explaining details about our products to customers for them too buy. Our calls can’t be over five minutes which is impossible unless they are answering a simple question. Then to get a raise we have to met the quota in sells an that is difficult too especially when they are looking for a high sell number. I have a bachelor’s degree an it took me a while to find a full time job. On top of that the call centers don’t pay much and a promotion isn’t really much help. I go to work everyday saying to myself you can survive off this one salary for yourself especially if you have a family. Furthermore the insurance the job provides is the best insurance. I notice alot of the black women I talk too on the job are receiving government assistants. My black co-worker go to work an feel life is a fun game .

    • Courtney H. says:

      Here is another article about the Afro-Japanese woman who was selected to represent Japan at the Miss Universe pageant:

      • Timothy says:

        Good Afternoon Sister Courtney 🙂

        Thank you for showing the links.

        The Afro-Japanese Sister Eriana Miyamoto should be treated with dignity and with respect. Her story is a human story and her humanity ought to be respected. Also, her life should inspire others to learn more about black people in the Diaspora. The black African Diaspora exists all over the world from Asia to South America. Also, you can research Afro-Turks. They have a rich cultural history too. Yes, racism is found in Japan and throughout the world. Racism is a notorious scourge and evil. We have to keep on fighting for the paramount values of compassion, love, justice, wisdom, and empathy. Eriana is here and she has the right to live her life just like everyone else. The articles are definitely interesting and we all wish the best for her.

        • Courtney H. says:

          Good afternoon, Brother Timothy. 🙂

          Thank you for reading the articles. I am very happy for Sister Eriana Miyamoto, and I also wish her the best. Yes, racism is a scourge all over and it is evil. Miss Miyamoto should be treated with dignity and respect, like all people would like to be treated.

          The African Diaspora is all over. Yes, I have also read about the Afro-Turks. There are articles all over the Internet about Black people living everywhere. Here is an interesting video about Blacks in Australia that I first watched about two years ago:

          I hope that you enjoy it.

          For a class that I took five years ago, I did a project about the African Diaspora. I profiled Black people living in Israel, Brazil, France, and Mexico. It is very interesting to learn about our people in different parts of the world.

          Again, thank you for reading the articles, and God bless you, too. 😉

          • Timothy says:

            Those are great words from you Sister Courtney.

            Learning about the diverse cultures of the African Diaspora is certainly exciting and fun. You love learning like I do as well.

            This is why I do believe that we need more cultural, social, and economic connections and networks among all black people of the Diaspora. I will certainly look at the link that you give me about black people in Australia. I will enjoy it. That site is so cool, because it shows a lot of interactive components in its webpages.

            Sister Eriana Miyamoto certainly have every right to live her life and we want more blessings to come to her. Also, when we study about the African Diaspora, we witness the similarities among us all (like dealing with racism, the creative essence of our cultures, and the desire for liberation as black people). I am definitely going to study more about our people living throughout the Earth. 🙂

            • Courtney H. says:

              Thank you for your kind words, Brother Timothy. 🙂

              Learning about the African Diaspora is cool. I have stated this before, but I like people who realize that learning is a lifelong journey. You never really stop learning after you have left school. :p

              I agree that keeping in contact with members of the African Diaspora will help us all as a people. You are right to say that we all have things in common (like fighting against racism, our cultural contributions, and wanting to be liberated as a people). I enjoy learning about all of our people throughout the earth, too. 😉

  31. Courtney H. says:

    Here is another video about **Empire** and other stereotypical Black programs. As usual, Harvey uses a lot of profanity:

    • Timothy says:

      Hello Sister Courtney and Good Evening 🙂

      I have listened to the entire video. The video was an interesting video. He is right on numerous points. He is right that black people have been the victims of sophisticated propaganda (which Bernays has popularized during the 20th century) from the system. The Hollywood and the entertainment industry since its inception have promoted dysfunctional, negative stereotypes about black people, women, etc. from Birth of a Nation to Empire. Empire is one of the slickest shows in our generation. The shows’ directors and producers are trying to brainwash people. The show is about the dynamics of a cutthroat industry. Many people need to wake up to the fact that we have an emergency in our community. We face unemployment, economic inequality, struggling schools, imperialism, gentrification, the War on Drugs, and other injustices. Empire shows black people in a very negative light. That view is not popular in the mainstream society, but it is the truth nevertheless. We will tell the truth in season and out of season.

      Lee Daniels not only threw Monique under the bus, but he issued anti-black women statements before. That is why many black people don’t support Daniels. Lee Daniels also said that white people can say the N word. Lee Daniels admitted that he’s a sellout, so he’s a sellout. As a people, we have to take a stand and not support folks like Lee Daniels. We support those who support us. Dr. Boyce Watkins is a very intelligent and progressive man, so I agree with him on many issues. It is hypocritical for some to support Empire, but some of them are the same ones to oppose Sorority Sisters. The Have and the Have Nots are blatantly stereotypical. Don Lemon and Lee Daniels are allies. So, it is easy for them to agree on loving Empire. The race-baiting network of FOX supports Empire. I agree with Harvey on Tavis Smiley. Tavis Smiley is a very intelligent man who supports educational justice and he’s a critics of the mainstream neoliberal agenda of Western society. Tavis wants to end poverty. The media rarely show a strong black man and a strong black woman on the TV screen today. Shows like A Different World, Roc, The Parent Hood, etc. has shown us in a great light. On Bill Cosby (as I have told you before), I am neutral on his innocence or guilt. Black people who made conscious mistakes should be held responsible for their own actions, but not every black person should be blamed for all of the evils in our community.

      I disagree with him using slurs and cursing people out (because he disagrees with them and their agendas). We can agree to disagree with people without outlining slurs. If a white racist is wrong to call us slurs, then it is wrong for us to call others offensive slurs too. Also, no human should be assaulted or killed if they are innocent. He outlines arrogance in the later part of the video in thinking that he is better than some people based on his experiences. The truth is that he is not better than any black person irrespective of class or socioeconomic background. We can’t lose hope. Losing hope is just as wrong as selling out. We do have to know our history and our culture. The Knowledge of Self is very important to embrace. Also, there are many black people who are into technology, history, legal affairs, engineering, politics, etc. Yes, black people do know Code. People have the chance to wake up. Instead of calling some black people “dumb” (for their ignorance of anti-black propaganda), we should educate people on the truth. So, we have to not only condemn the evils in Hollywood and fight against nefarious propaganda (as select corporations control most of the mainstream media). I never embraced a pessimistic attitude about life. Many black people do teach children and are doing great work. Harvey shouldn’t minimize that. Also, he ignores how black women bashing is in epidemic levels in America not just black men bashing (which is wrong and evil). Our ancestors suffered a lot worse than we do today, but they never gave up and they fought back against white racism. I don’t agree with his stereotypes about “simps.” Black self haters are the laughing stocks not strong black women and strong black men. Also, he talks about babies being shot (which are tragedies), but the black crime rates have declined since the 1970’s. Black communities organizations are working all of the day to fight back against crimes in our communities.

      We also have to help others, fight injustice, and work in our communities too.

      • Courtney H. says:

        Good evening, Brother Timothy. 🙂

        Thank you for your response. I agree with everything that you said, so I do not have to repeat anything. I will say that as I went to work yesterday morning (I work part-time as an ESL instructor), NPR had a story about the popularity of **Empire** among Blacks, Whites, and Latinos, and interviewed a couple of African-Americans who had attended **Empire** season-finale parties. I was like, **Oh.My.God.** This is really crazy!

        These shows and movies are popular because they are coonery. I am glad that he brought up Dr. Boyce Watkins. He is like a lone voice in the wilderness when it comes to this issue, as well as many others.

        I agree that Harvey has good points about people spending more time watching shows like **Empire** instead helping their children with their homework. However, he is wrong to be so condescending and the name-calling is uncalled for and childish. My late father taught my siblings and I not to look down on people. Also, he can tone down the cussing. I think he cusses a lot because he knows that it is offensive to some listeners.

        His misogyny is also getting tiring. He keeps saying that we have to keep it together as a people, but you have mentioned in numerous posts, strong Black men support strong Black women and are not threatened by them.

        • Courtney H. says:

          Thank you. I greatly appreciate it. 🙂

          I taught ELA (English/Language Arts) for three years. It was three years of hell. Even with the benefits, it was not worth.

          Even though I am teaching part-time, I enjoy what I am doing. I really like teaching students who want to learn, and are appreciative.

          Educating others is very cool. 😉

    • Thanks for that link Courtney. A quote from the article:

      While some have noted that its attention to ALS and being bipolar is oversimplified, and that the ‘homophobia-in-the-Black-community’ narrative is a bit clichéd, that fact of the matter is that ‘Empire’ is a series that is ‘going there,’ on these important issues,” Coleman continued.

      Going there?? The one topic Empire wont touch?? The system of white supremacy and how it operates. But of course they’ll touch on homosexuality,black crime,drug dealing and violence. But they will definitely leave WS alone!!! Lee Daniels is so slick isn’t he?lol

    • Timothy says:

      I read the article. That coward Lee Daniels called the Cookie character a “hoodr___.” Daniels has no shame in his hypocrisy. He claims to be an open minded man, but wants to disrespect black people with slurs and his spewing of stereotypes. He spewed other anti-black women comments before too. Empire is the slickest deception in the mainstream TV industry during this decade without question. Empire represents slick propaganda, because it tries to present the lie that its shows what urban life is all about. What Empire won’t show is about black men and black women working in art, engineering, mentoring, and other occupations in urban communities nationwide. What Empire won’t show is how evil and vicious the system of white supremacy is. What Empire won’t show is about how many black people are progressive, but they want to believe in integrity not compromise or a defeatest mentality. That show certainly won’t talk about real solutions like opposing the War on Drugs, outlining the vulgarity of the N word, and inspiring black people to be critical, independent thinkers.

      I’m glad that you have showed the link, because it gives information on how deception is accepted by many people. We will fight for truth and we will win in the end.

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Brother Timothy:

        Good evening. 🙂 Thank you for your response to the article. You are right — Lee Daniels is a hypocrite and a coon. The show does not depict inner city life. It depicts what white supremacists* depictions of inner-city life, and therefore it promotes the worst stereotypes. The fact that the show is popular among the people that it stereotypes shows how white supremacist propaganda has brainwashed so many people. It is SICKENING!

        However, there are those of us who know what is going on and are speaking out. Dr. Boyce Watkins is one of them. So we*re not the only ones who are telling it like it is!

  32. Courtney H. says:

    @ Everybody:

    Have you seen this? It is very interesting!

    • Timothy says:

      Good Afternoon Sister Courtney 🙂

      I have heard of the video before.

      It is a very interesting video.

      First, it should be time to reveal some things. One of the most important laws of nature is the law of self preservation and the law of self defense. Any human being has the right to use self defense. The video made great points about how white supremacists have used anti-gun laws as a way to oppress black people. This has transpired for centuries. There were many laws that prevented black slaves and free blacks from owning a gun. The Black Codes had anti-gun rules in them too. Those anti-gun rules back then were outright draconian. The Second Amendment was created by people who were resisting the British Empire. The problem is that many of these people who created that Amendment were white supremacists and wanted to use slave patrols to continue slavery onward. During the Civil Rights Era, there was the Deacons of Defense who defended the civil rights workers throughout the South. The members were veterans of WWII and the Korean War. I have no problem with disciplined, educated men and women using arms to protect themselves, their families, and their communities. The old school Black Panthers also used guns to protect their community in Oakland against police terrorism. They were formed n 1966. The BPP once again used discipline, strength, preparation, and training. Proper training and practices makes for great gun usage. Robert Williams was a Brother who also supported the right of black people to execute self-defense including Malcolm X (who owned a gun in trying to protecting himself and his family).

      The documentary also is right to condemn the War on Drugs, because the War on Drugs has decimated communities across America. The War on Drugs has increased the prison industrial complex and restrict democratic rights of citizens. It has existed even before Nixon’s time, because Billie Holiday was a victim of it (and white racists promoted the “reefer madness” lie as a way to demonize black people). The documentary made an excellent point that the police can’t protect all of us. The two extremes views of banning all guns or allowing anyone to own a gun at any circumstance will not work. What works is a balance of allowing law abiding citizens to own guns and use progressive solutions to decrease crime in our communities (like ending the War on Drugs, having a living wage, building infrastructure, invest in mental health services, fight poverty including economic inequality, etc.). As the documentary says, the Supreme Court ruled that the police are not required to protect everyone in the community from criminal harm. The documentary is funded by JPFO. Over 10 years ago, I have found out interesting information on gun rights issues from their website.

      As for me, I have no problem with law abiding citizens owning guns. I do have a problem with criminals owning guns. Also, there must be economic justice and the reconstruction of urban and rural communities as a way to further stop crime and unjust violence too.

      Many of our relatives have guns or know someone who used guns positively. There is nothing wrong with proper gun usage at all. The right of self defense should be protected.

      • Courtney H. says:

        Good Afternoon, Brother Timothy. 🙂

        You are welcome.

        Thank you for your informative response. That documentary was really eye-opening. I had seen the clip from **Bowling for Columbine**, since I have the movie on DVD. That cartoon showed how the first gun-control laws kept Black people from owning guns. Prince Solomon (in a video about Troy Davis) talked about how everything begins with an unpopular minority, including gun control. The second video went into detail about how American gun laws were based on Nazi laws that kept Jews and other **undersirables** from owning guns. I did not know about that. (The Nama and Herero genocide in Namibia in the early 1900s was the precursor to the Holocaust in the 1930s and 1940s.) The third video shows what some gun-rights people have been saying — dictators take guns away from the people so they can take control.

        I have read about the Deacons for Defense and the BPP. We have discussed the Huey P. Newton Gun Club for Self-Defense in Dallas. People have the right to arm themselves. I did not know that the Brady Bill required that people put their race on the application to get a gun. What does race have to do with owning a gun?! (As we have seen, plenty.) I do not want people with mental issues owning guns.

        I like the part in the video were the Black man and the Black woman mentioned said that instead of gun control, we need to do something about kids dropping out of school and joining gangs and shooting guns. That has a lot to do with economic inequality, just like you said. I am not making excuses, because there are poor people who do not resort to committing crimes; however, poverty is the root of a lot of problems in this country, including crime. If we do something about the root of the problem, a lot of other things will take care of themselves.

        • Timothy says:

          Good Afternoon Sister Courtney 🙂

          I agree with you on every point that you have made. Yes, there is a massive history of racists using extreme gun control and gun confiscation as a way to oppress black people, people of color, etc. For example, in 1751, the French Black Code required Louisiana colonists to stop any blacks, and if necessary, beat “any black carrying any potential weapon, such as a cane.” There was the 1834 change to the Tennessee Constitution, where Article XI, 26 of the 1796 Tennessee Constitution was revised from: “That the freemen of this State have a right to keep and to bear arms for their common defence,” to: “That the free white men of this State have a right to keep and to bear arms for their common defence.” Dictatorships (many of which were funded by Westerner banking interests) are known for restricting the gun rights of innocent, law abiding citizens. The Nazis hated Jewish people, black people, etc. Many black people were victims of the Shoah (or the Holocaust) as well. On November 11, 1938, the Regulations Against Jews’ Possession of Weapons was promulgated by Minister of the Interior, Wilhelm Frick. This regulation effectively deprived all Jews living in those locations of the right to possess any form of weapons including truncheons, knives, or firearms and ammunition. That was wrong. Ironically, the 1938 Weapons Act deregulated gun restrictions for non-Jewish people. You have shown great information about the Nama and Herero genocide in Namibia too.

          There is a new book entitled, “This Nonviolent Stuff’ll Get You Killed: How Guns Made the Civil Rights Movement Possible” by Brother Charles E. Cobb. It talks about the issues that we have talked about. It discusses about the Deacons of Defense, Robert Williams, and other people who advanced self-defense in real life. It is a historical fact that the BPP trained people to use arms in protecting their communities. Human beings have every right to own arms if they want to. Yes, we need to discuss about why kids are dropping out. Some kids drop out, because of apathy, poverty, family problems, and other reasons. We should address those issues. Building up our communities can not only decrease gun violence, but it can cause us to be free indeed. Poverty, racism, and other injustice contribute to the many issues in the world as you have mentioned.

  33. Mbeti says:

    I Follow this blog and a few others to stay current on the social issues of black americans
    and as usual here ,some interesting points are made;

    What I find interesting is that in regards to the TV shows and films listed I have neither
    the interest nor do I watch nor have I watched said shows.

    And I’m someone who is a avid watcher of tv shows and films and I have a large collection of
    said content including books,comic books videos etc

    I like entertainment but I don’t like everything nor do I feel obliged to like everyone or
    I like music and have a nice collection of my favorites but not everything out there, not
    even of artist of whom I have quite a few of thier hit songs.

    The thing I notice in regards to the books films and television shows I do watch and enjoy
    is that they are all intially “written”.

    This is espicially true for the large amounts of sifi and fantasy I read,again I don’t like
    all nor read all but unfornunately of those I do like 98-99 percent is “written” by whites.

    The question then becomes why don’t any black people generally and black americans
    specifically write more?
    or should I ask ,write more sifi and fantasy?

    I found some books by african american writers at the libary but they where all stories
    about the gettho and after awhile it gets boring and depressing.
    the same can be said for a lot of “black” films.

    Its like most black peopple have been so impacted by the generations of oppression
    (and this includes this blog owner and most of our shcolars) that even when we have the
    freedom we still focus only on the negative stereotypes and complain but niether offer nor
    implement solutions.

    diaryofanegress aluded to it but has not asks the question why nor offered up anything but
    the most smplistic prescriptions.

    why don’t some of you write?
    Because of this unfornate state of culture I may have to one day write the sifi and fanstasy
    I want to read – namely exciting and interesting stories with black male and female

    I would like to see fuller depictions of black people in film and television as well but
    sadly it seems they are a true measure of our progress as a people and
    as these numerous blog posts point out we do not have the pyschological nor economic
    resources as a people to control how we are protrayed in these media.

    You know they call the content on tv programing, interesting aside
    to increase my knowledge and skills I’m studying computer programing : c ,c++ etc

    Did any of you know that the books on computer programing as well as the software tools for
    said programing can be had completely free by searching and downloading!

    Also when it comes to general and higher education I have and regularly download ebooks on
    every major acdemmic subject out there,
    the fact that you can visit the website of almost any major and minor university ,review and
    compare thier circulim ,as well as contact teachers and students;
    makes the need to pay excessive sums to aquire an advanced education increasely obsolete.

    In regards to tv and film animation – indivduals and small groups could solve the
    restrictive content problem ,the problem of our not controlling how we are represented and I
    will surely contribute when my skills improve ,how about some of you?

    whats stopping you from creating content or supporting the creation of content?
    If you can write blog post after blog post and comment after comment guess what?
    you could be writing book after book fiction and non-fiction.

    And regards to the larger poltical disccusion concerning voting ,fair elections and foreign
    policy I will not speak on these ,not because I don’t have views but because I want to focus
    on the things I have here said and deal with that.
    However i recall someone once noting how in regards to other enthnophenotypic groups ,they
    have thier own media and economic infrastructure that precludes just voting.

  34. Courtney H. says:

    Here is another really good video about Lee Daniels. Be forewarned, since the narrator uses a lot of profanity.

    • Timothy says:

      I have listened to the video on Lee Daniels.

      Lee Daniels’ deception is self explanatory. The man in the video told the truth that Lee Daniels is a sellout and Daniels admitted on TV that he’s a sellout. Lee Daniels has thrown black women and black people in general under the bus. He promotes shows and films that shows the most negative stereotypes of black people or portray black people as irreconcilably dysfunctional. He made great points on the film Precious. Precious shows light skinned and biracial characters as holy and good natured while the dark skinned black characters in the movie are portrayed as evil and abusive. So, Lee Daniels has great colorism and self hatred in his mindset. Not to mention that he was involved in the film Monsters Ball. He is now worst than Tyler Perry since at least Tyler Perry didn’t want comments overtly disrespecting black women and a few of his movies did show a more positive, fair image of black families as compared to Lee Daniels’ works.

      The show Empire is the most deceptive show for our community in our generation in my opinion. Empire does show mostly light skinned, biracial people and Lee Daniels called Cookie’s character a misogynistic slur. Empire is very popular, but just because something is popular doesn’t mean that it is right. Lee Daniels is definitely a deceptive individual. Many people have to wake up.

  35. Courtney H. says:

    Here is another commentary by Dr. Boyce Watkins about **Empire**.

  36. Courtney H. says:

    Here is Dr. Boyce Watkins debating **Empire** on CNN:

    • Timothy says:

      Good Afternoon Sister Courtney 🙂

      The video was very informative.

      The male narrator of the video made many great, accurate points.

      Obviously, the scholar Mr. Boyce Watkins was debating three people. To his credit, he held his own against 3 people. That tells us that the truth will stand strong despite what others have to say. Empire is obviously a disgraceful show that plays on the stereotypes on black people. The show has the Cookie character and another woman fighting. The show was a product of the thinking of Lee Daniels and Danny Strong. Just because a black person has money, doesn’t mean that this person has integrity. There are many honorable black people who reject materialism and a lust for money alone. There are many things that money can’t buy (regardless of what Don Lemon says. Don Lemon was the one who argued with Talib Kweli on the Ferguson protests. Don Lemon agreed with the reactionary Bill O’Reilly on an issue. So, Don Lemon is a lover of the white supremacist establishment and its agenda). Money can’t buy class or integrity. Just because a show is popular doesn’t mean it is right. Most of the panel acts like that people can’t have diverse opinions on FOX’s Empire. NY Undercover, Roc, the Parent Hood, A Different World, Moesha, and tons of other shows with many black people in them are better than Empire.

      The 3 panel members cheering about 2 women of color fighting each other should be ashamed of themselves. Violence, among women, (as shown in that scene of the show) should never be cheered or glamorized. The woman that the narrator is describing is named Nischelle Turner. I have heard of her. She reports on Hollywood, politics, and on other issues on CNN. Dr. Boyce Watkins is right that black people are readily getting paid by the establishment in order for them to act foolish. The language on Empire is similar to numerous reality TV shows that are exploiting black human lives. Dr. Watkins was not disrespecting Turner’s family. Dr. Watkins was talking about Blaxploitation. Don Lemon is wrong to assume that Watkins wanted all black shows to be monolithic. Watkins said that he wanted black shows to be fairly described and be more revolutionary. Our ancestors build pyramids and built governmental structures. We are more than some “Empire.” It was a 3 on one debate, but Dr. Watkins (which the CNN people wanted to portray him as the “angry black man” and a “hater”) held his own.

      Many black actors and black actresses are locked in certain characters because black people lax opportunities in that Hollywood world. No good fruits can come from a rotten tree. The male narrator is right that black people must be more conscious about how we are presented and we have to promote our real images. We, as black people, deserve real diverse imagery.

  37. Courtney H. says:

    Here are some more thoughts about **Empire**:

    • Timothy says:

      Good Morning Sister Courtney 🙂

      I have looked at both videos. Boyce Watkins is right that black men are incarcerated in high levels and many black men are innocent of any crime. Some black men are sentenced in higher levels than white men even if both are guilty of the same crime. He is right to mention that black women in America are being incarcerated in a higher level than 10 years ago. I disagree with him to assume that some black women don’t care about black men being in prison. Many black women have supported (and continue to support) black men regardless if they are in prison or not. A lot of black women are involved in criminal justice movements, which are fighting against the injustices found in our modern judicial system. He is correct to mention that Empire has a lot of negative showing of black people in general.

      The video is right to show that subconscious thinking plays a big role in society. We have to make sure that our thinking is fair and our thinking is pro-black. Some anti-black thinking has been spread globally and these anti-black biases have oppressed black people. He is right to talk about class issues as well. We see how poor black people being jailed in a higher level than middle class and rich black people, because poor people in general are oppressed more than people who are rich. Many poor folks lack jobs and opportunities. One of the great ways to defeat poverty is to allow people to have jobs, resources, etc. which can help people. The video is right that the media is owned by select people and these people (who run the mainstream media) readily use propaganda and miseducation against the masses of the people (especially black people). FOX News is known for its racist garbage.

      Bill O’Reilly (from FOX) said that he wanted to lynch the First Lady under some circumstances, he called Hispanics the W word (I saw him say it on TV), he joked about black kids stealing hubcaps, and he said that black people who want reparations can go back to Africa. So, Bill is a stone cold white racist and an enemy of black people. The mainstream media readily portrays black people as criminals, thugs, etc. That is why many white people fear black people for irrational reasons. So, Empire has portrayed every character on that show as dysfunctional, violent, hypocritical, criminal, abusive, etc. except for one character. Lee Daniels hypocritically chastises the black community collectively (because he scapegoats us collectively for bigotry in the world), but he has issued misogynistic statements and supported sick movies which show some of the most offensive garbage in the world. Lee Daniels admitted to Don Lemon that he’s a sellout.

      Boyce Watkins held his own against the people who opposed him on CNN. Empire is totally unhealthy for its evil imagery of black people and many kids are watching that show too. We need diverse, fair images of black people.

      The second video give an excellent account of the propaganda film Birth of a Nation. The movie was so evil that African Americans protested the movie in NYC including throughout America. There was massive lynchings and terrorism all over America back during the early 20th century. Today, we have Empire. Empire is slicker than the Birth of Nation, because the Birth of Nation was overtly trying to demonize black people (and blame black people for social problems in America. That movie glamorized the Klan). It is great that Black America back then opposed the Birth of a Nation film. Empire tries to overtly appeal to people, but it shows overt stereotypical images about black people. The war on terror has been used by the Western imperialists as a means for them to get resources, demonize the people in that region, and to expand globalization. We have to use discernment. TV and movies are some of the most destructive anti-black media in the world. They have readily brainwashed many black boys and black girls. The video is right to show studies about how TV has demonized black boys (from a self-esteem standpoint). It is important to note that many black people are awake and are fighting against white supremacy too.

      Therefore, both videos have shown great information on a diversity of issues. Thank you for the videos.

      • Courtney H. says:

        Good morning, Brother Timothy. 🙂

        Thank you for watching the videos and your spot-on response. They are very informative, and I agree with everything the host and guest Dr. Boyce Watkins said.

        I had read the article about how White killers are portrayed with more sympathy than Black victims (I posted the link last year when Professor Griff and Zaza Ali discussed it), and I had read about the study that stated the fact that Black children are not treated like and children and are treated more harshly than White children for the same offenses. I am glad that these two intelligent brothers talked about these studies. When we discuss white supremacy, we need to back up ourselves with evidence from studies (even though white supremacy is all-too evident).

        Thank you for informing us about Bill O*Lielly*s racist comments. I knew that he was a racist, ut I did not know that he had made such horrible statements.

        We as Black people need to be conscious of what we are watching and subjecting our relatives to when it comes to the media and propaganda. Yesterday, I was thinking about the movie **The Hollywood Shuffle** (do you remember that movie?), which is a parody/comedy about how Blacks are depicted in Hollywood. The film shows scenes of Blacks playing gang-bangers, servants, slaves, etc. That film is silly and is a parody, but it tells the truth of how the entertainment media/propaganda machine have depicted Blacks in the worst ways possible, and it has gotten worse with shows like **Empire**. It seems that many in our community have not learned from this movie.

        • Timothy says:

          Good Morning Sister Courtney 🙂

          Dr. Boyce Watkins and the host are very intelligent black human beings.

          Yes, you have written about how white serial killers are given more sympathy (by the establishment in many cases) than Black victims (like Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and the recent victim Martese Johnson. Martese Johnson was brutally beating by police thugs for just trying to go into a certain location. Johnson was not drunk and he was not violent towards the officers at all). There are study after study (as shown in the 21st century alone) that proves that black children are treated less fairly than white children even if all children are charged with the same offenses. You’re completely right that we can use studies, interviews, and other research in our fight against white supremacy.

          Yes, Bill O’Reilly is a total deceiver. He was once accused of an action. He made horrible comments and it’s a shame that many people still support his reactionary agenda. O’Liery loves the war on terror too.

          I remember the movie Hollywood Shuffle. It was a year before I was in Kindergarten when it came out, but I saw it on VHS over 10 years ago. Robert Townsend wanted to use that movie as a way for him to show how the oligarchy wanted to use black actors and black actresses as a way to promote anti-black stereotypical images (for greed and profit). The movie showed a lot of comedy, but it accurately described the mentality of the entertainment industry and the corporate media complex. Ironically, Robert Townsend has promoted very positive shows and movies during the 1990’s. Many people need to learn the lesson from the Hollywood Shuffle movie. Empire is more slick in trying to portray itself as cutting edge, but it shows the same old negative themes of fighting, deceit, colorism, adultery, hate, and other stereotypes against our black people. I have noticed that Empire tries to glamorize black suffering and black pain in a sick way. Empire shows black people fighting each other, cursing each other out, and demonizing each other without the show condemning the system of white supremacy explicitly. We don’t need to see the brutalization of black people on TV in a sadomachistic way. We need to witness more upliftment of our black people. This is why the white supremacy system is like a vulturistic system. It tries to feed off evil. We want goodness to flourish in the world.

          We will grow our consciousness and reject evil. That is why when we do what is right out of sincere justification, you feel the Spirit of God giving us great joy. That joy can’t be placed into words. It’s a great feeling.

          • Courtney H. says:

            @ Brother Timothy:

            Brother Kushite Prince discusses the movie **Hollywood Shuffle** to talk about how Blacks are depicted in Hollywood:


            • Timothy says:

              Hello Sister Courtney 🙂

              Thank you for showing the link from Brother Kushite Prince. The movie Hollywood Shuffle predicted the future in amazing detail. The images from the movie are even worse today.

              I read the article too. The article is excellent since it showed the stereotypes shown by Hollywood and the mainstream TV shows. These stereotypes are blatantly anti-black, because black people are diverse. Hollywood since its inception is not progressive then or now (as shown by the recently shown emails from Sony). Hollywood works as an empire to try to manipulate, brainwash, and distort the truth.Many of the shows today reflect the interpretation of white corporate executions of black people not the authentic essence of black people at all.

              The great part of the article is that he gave examples of shows and movies which shown the slave stereotype, etc. Brother Kushite Prince is a very intelligent person. We have to be aware of these things, because the system of white supremacy has not stopped. We have to work and be aware of the evil designs of racism. I appreciate you showing me the link.

              • Courtney H. says:

                Good morning, Brother Timothy. 🙂

                You are welcome and thank you. I am glad that I linked that article. The movie **Hollywood Shuffle** was indeed ahead of its time, because what was shown in that movie still exists today.

                It has gotten worse, and what is so bad about it is that more and more Black people are participating in all this stereotyping, and don*t seem to care as long as they are making money.
                However, the blame must lie at the feet of the people who are in charge — the studios and producers are shove this crap down our throats.

                Thank you for watching the video and reading the article. Have a blessed day! 🙂

              • Thanks a lot Timothy! I was just expressing myself honestly. I think Hollywood is a very racist and corrupt industry. They do everything they can do promote negative images of black people. They are truly EVIL people in that industry. That’s why that post was needed. I’m glad you liked the post. And thanks for the kind words brother.

            • Timothy says:

              Good Afternoon to you Sister Courtney 🙂

              I agree with your words to me about Hollywood Shuffle. The situation is worse today. There are shows that actually exploit the pain and suffering of black “celebrities” like Love and Hip Hop, the Housewives series, etc. It is sad to see grown black people embarrass themselves for the sake of profit. Also, the white executives are worse in obviously not caring for black people. They just use scripted storylines, divide black people up, and provoke tensions (out of thin air in some cases) for the sake of ratings, greed, and money. I agree with your words as well.

              Have a Blessed Day Sister 🙂

              • Courtney H. says:

                Good afternoon, Brother Timothy. 🙂

                I agree with everything that you said 100%. The situation is worse because of the exploitation angle of these reality shows. They are making a lot of money off of the pain and exploitation of Black people on these shows. The reason why these shows are so popular today is because they do not cost as much as **scripted** dramas and comedies. So these executives are saving money and making money at the same time through exploitation and greed. It is very sad and evil indeed.

                May you have a blessed day, too, Brother. 🙂

            • @Courtney
              Thanks for the shout out sis! You’re always looking out for me. 🙂

            • Timothy says:

              Good Afternoon Sister Courtney 🙂

              The day is rather beautiful outside where I’m from and the trees looks so colorful and beautiful today. I think this is the beauty of the Spring time. Likewise, I agree with your words on corporate executives using such “reality TV shows” as a way for them to use such storylines in a cheap way while they exploit the human lives of black people. It is so sad to see some of our people humiliating themselves on television. A lot of these people suffer a lot of hurting and pain, because many of these “celebrities” have suffered abuse, painful divorces, and outright mistreatment. You can tell that these people on such shows are greatly filled with emotional pain by the sounds of their voices and of course by their behaviors. Many of these people need therapy, comfort, and compassion without the greed from some corporations.

              I’m looking at the news on Baltimore. The events in Baltimore prove that the struggle continues and we have to stand up for freedom and justice. The problems in Baltimore have existed for decades and many of my relatives live in Baltimore.

              Have a Great Day Sister Courtney on this Tuesday. 🙂

  38. Courtney H. says:

    There are two more parts to this radio program about **Empire**:

  39. Courtney H. says:

    Oops! Here is Part 3:

  40. Courtney H. says:

    Okay. . .

  41. Courtney H. says:

    This video is from Michael Imhotep*s talk show. It is a repeat of the other four videos, but all of these videos are put together in one show.

  42. Courtney H. says:

    @ Everybody:

    What do you think of this?

    • Timothy says:

      Good Afternoon Sister Courtney 🙂

      This is a strange video.

      The man talks about rumors and scandals involving the show Empire. The liberation of our people is definitely a goal that we are all fighting for. I don’t know if Terrence Howard caused the firing of Malik Yoba. Malik Yoba has more popularity than Terrence Howard on the TV screen. Terrence Howard has witnessed more scandals privately than Malik. I don’t agree with this person disrespecting Gabourey Sidibe. She is a member of the show, but she should not be disrespected because of her skin complexion, of her hair, or her physical appearance. The narrator in the video disrespecting Sidibe’s hair and face was totally uncalled for and totally inappropriate. Beauty is diverse and Gabourey has the right to live her life just like anyone else. Yet, Empire is a deceptive show. I disagree with this person that blacks are to be blamed for this situation in the Empire show. The system of white supremacy is responsible for the spreading of the show throughout the Earth. FOX News controls Empire and FOX News is run by the racist & the Knight of St. Gregory Rupert Murdoch. Taraji P. Henson is a very beautiful woman. Whether she wants to lose weight or not is her business.

      That is none of my business, but Taraji is a very beautiful woman. Lee Daniels is a brainwashed person. He’s a misogynist, a hypocrite, and he was unfortunately a victim of physical abuse (as he admitted). It is not unusual for these rumors to be true. TV shows (regardless of the racial composition of the cast members) have had drama behind the scenes. Empire, now, is a very popular show. There are many Oscar winning black actors and black actresses that struggle to receive jobs in Hollywood like Monique. So, there is a double standard. Many white actors and white actresses have white privilege while many black people in Hollywood have to work twice as hard just to get into the door. I don’t know if all of the rumors are true. We should be careful not to believe everything that we read. Yet, the bigger picture is that the Empire show shows black people arguing with each other, fighting each other, backstabbing each other, etc. What’s interesting about Malik Yoba is that he is out of the show, but Malik Yoba has been involved in many causes behind the scenes (he even spoke in conscious related events).

      I disagree with the narrator on many issues, but he is right that the white establishment controls the Empire show ultimately. He is right to mention that Paramount studios owned the Arsenio Hall show back in the day. He’s right that we have to understand the slick parts of contracts which can cripple the creative control of black people in that Hollywood world. Oprah Winfrey is very rich, she owns her 50% of her own television network, and the establishment controls much of her power too. People can own their own infrastructure, but we have to promote the right image too. The larger point is that we need to reject selfish individualism and neoliberalism. We need real justice and our image ought to be protected and promoted. We need to understand how Hollywood exploits actors and actresses all of the time. We need to not support any actor or actress (regardless of skin color) who doesn’t support us as black people. So, the colorist, anti-black remarks made by the male narrator should be condemned completely. At the end of the day, we need the truth. The actors and the actresses on that show can hopefully wake up and leave that show Empire. We should not give any money to anyone in Hollywood who disrespects us as black people.

      We need a renaissance of more fair, positive shows describing black life.

      God Bless you Sister. 🙂

      • Courtney H. says:

        Good evening, Brother Timothy. 🙂

        Thank you for taking the time to watch this long video and also for your comments about the video. I posted it because it deals with **Empire**. I have to admit that I stopped listening to the video because the narrator was starting to get boring.

        I am glad that you criticized the narrator for attacking Gabourey Sibide. I am so sick of people — White and non-White alike — picking on her. They are bullies, and they really need to grow up.

        On one of Harvey*s videos, he stated that he believes that Malik Yoba was killed off of **Empire** because he attended demonstrations in Ferguson last year. That may be true; I can see why Harvey said that.

        I agree with everything you have said about **Empire**. The show is anti-Black propaganda, pure and simple. It is scary that more Black people don*t see that. The fact that, however, people in the Black consciousness community are speaking out against this show and waking up people is a good thing.

        • Timothy says:

          Good Afternoon Sister Courtney 🙂

          Thank you for your words. Yes, Empire is filled with slick, anti-black propaganda. I agree with all of your commentary as well.

          Malik Yoba does have a social activist background. He worked in education, helping people in prisons, helping kids in the streets in real life, etc. His role in NY Undercover even shows his conscious side.

          Many black people waking up is always a great thing.

          At the end of the day, we will be victorious as black people.

          • Courtney H. says:

            Good evening, Brother Timothy. 🙂

            You are welcome, and thank you for your kind words. You are a kind person, too, and I also appreciate it.

            Have a blessed week! 🙂

            P.S.: Excuse my ignorance, but what is a Knight of St. Gregory? It sounds like an Illuminati-like group if Rupert Murdoch is a member. Thanks.

            • Timothy says:

              Good Evening Sister Courtney 🙂

              I appreciate your words too.

              Have a Great, Blessed Week too.

              Yes, Rupert Murdoch is a member of the Knight of St. Gregory. The Knights of St. Gregory is a high level Knighthood of the Catholic Church. They are cousins to the Knights of Malta. It is very interesting that you talk about the Illuminati, because other high level organizations are the Pilgrim Society, Le Cercle, JASON Group (which advises the U.S. government on technology), etc. which are very strong organizations. The Pilgrim Society is one of the most powerful political organizations on Earth. When I first researched the Pilgrim Society, I learned about the global elite in a higher level (in how they think and how they organize NGOs and political programs).

              You’re Welcome Sister. 🙂

              • Courtney H. says:

                Good morning, Brother Timothy:

                I greatly appreciate the info about this group and others. Here are some other secret societies:

            • Timothy says:

              Thank you for the videos on Secret Society Sister Courtney.

  43. anonymous says:

    This is a boo off topic, but I am curious as to what everyone thinks of this:

    • Timothy says:

      Hello Anonymous,

      I have listened to the video from the white man. Here is my take.

      The white man is honest about the psychology and mentality of the white collective. It is obvious that the system of white supremacy has brutalized black people and people of color for a long time. White supremacists have exterminated the majority of the Native Americans and many other peoples. They have organized the Maafa. The system is parasitic and white racism by its very nature is parasitic and predatory. They seek to steal resources and white racism is dangerous. So, this man told the truth that many white people don’t want to give up their privilege, many whites are fearful of their decreasing populations worldwide, and they fear that black people will use retribution against them. We see the growth of economic inequality, which means that racism and classism are definitely harming people. Yet, black people by nature are very compassionate and shown an amazing amount of restraint, empathy, compassion, etc. throughout human history.

      The video shows that many white people know exactly about white supremacy and racism. Many whites know that black people have suffered injustice in a brutal fashion. We have the responsibility to defend our communities and to stand up for our black people too.

      Many whites are selfish, lack empathy, and lack compassion. Therefore, the system of white supremacy must be replaced with a system of justice (for the benefit of all in the human family). That is why we have to care for each other as black people. We must show compassion, and we must always reject selfish individualism.

      A solution doesn’t mean that we extend a hand of “love” to the system of white supremacy as Common suggests. A solution is for us to unify, build up our infrastructure, and fight back. Black people can’t be racists like white racists since racism is prejudice plus international power. Racism is built upon power. So, black people with prejudice is never equivalent to a white racist with international power. Black people have been the victims of white racism and black people have the right to reject and defeat white oppression. Black people shouldn’t hate others, but we should stand up against evil. Black people are entitled to freedom, justice, and equality. We have to unify with black Africans and all black people of the Diaspora.

    • Mariama says:

      Omg! I was just going to post this! I kid you not. I really believe that he is sincere. It also sounds like that he has a guilty conscience.

      However, I would not be so naive to think there is hope for humanity just because of him. I truly believe that he is one of a few. Unfortunately, I don’t think that most whites would cosign what he is saying. He admitted that in so many words. I am not quick to sing “Kumbaya.” I am more concerned about the things black folks can do to change themselves.

  44. anonymous says:

    Meant to say a bit off topic and not boo.

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