In Memory of Michael Brown, Tyisha Miller, Trayvan Martin, Kathryn Johnston, Oscar Grant, LaTanya Haggerty…

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Michael Brown

Like millions of black people all over the world, I was not surprised that the grand jury did not charge the MURDERER of Michael Brown with a crime.

What is happening is what we should expect to happen in a white supremacy system–in its last DEATH THROES–that is ramping up its attacks against us — WHILE  at the same time the system is using mainstream media to spread MASS CONFUSION and ANTI-BLACKNESS in the form of sexual intercourse with whites, black male and female homosexuality, white mis-identification via white supremacy television and movies, black scapegoating, and encouraging black males and black females to blame each other for what RACIST MAN and RACIST WOMAN are doing to all of us.

promote love for black people


promote love for black people


The question ALL of us should be asking ourselves is:  If we can’t support and care for each other  — and are wasting our most precious resources — our TIME, MONEY, BODIES, GENETICS, AND LOVE — with the same people who are harming us — HOW CAN WE PROTECT OUR BLACK CHILDREN?

The truth is — We can’t.

In these times of rising black male  AND black female unemployment and police brutality and murder,  hopefully, more and more black people will make the connection between our increasing vulnerability on EVERY FRONT — economic, educational, employment, medical (weaponized viruses like Eboli), political, sexual (sex with whites and homosexuality), religious, medical, nutritional, spiritual, and psychological — and our INABILITY to protect our children and ourselves.

I fully expect the numbers of black victims of police and racist violence to increase as the economy declines and black scapegoating continues to rise and have decided to start posting free excepts of all my books on a regular basis and lower the prices of the ebooks to make them more affordable during these increasingly hard times.

This is CRUNCH TIME and I suggest we all work harder to educate ourselves, change what we think, say, and do, especially to other black people, and share information with others and that includes sharing the links to these free excerpts as I post them.

The first except — from my book, “Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation” — directly relates to the Michael Brown’s MURDER and the illegitimate grand jury ruling NOT to indict his MURDERER and to all the BLACK VICTIMS of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE in the U.S.



love lack people

“The seizing and shooting and beating reminds me of when there were lynchings all over the country. We’ve got to start saying, `No further. This must stop.”’ — Actress Ruby Dee, who along with her husband Ossie Davis, was arrested when they participated in the protests against police brutality.

love black people

If  “terrorism” is the systematic use of terror against a “civilian or noncombatant” population to achieve political or ideological objectives, and  “domestic”  refers to government policies and laws that occur inside a country, then the term,  “Domestic Terrorism,”  is the most accurate description of what is happening to black people all over the United States…

“I had an uncle…and they hung him… They hung him down there because they say he was crazy and he might ruin the other Negroes… See, and that is why they hung him, see, because he was a man, and he had a good education as some of the white — better than some of the white people down there…” — Big Bill Broonzy, blues singer

Domestic Terrorism Is…

1. Economic…

• Blacks who were economically successful faced reprisals or sanctions. When Richard Wright tried to train to become an optometrist and lens-grinder, the white men in the shop threatened him until he was forced to leave.

• In 1911, blacks were barred from participating in the Kentucky Derby because African-Americans won more than half of the first 28 races.”

• Black Ohio town denied use of public water supply for over 100 years (2008)

2. Legal…

• In the Midwest and West, many towns posted “sundown” warnings, threatening to kill any African-Americans who remained overnight.

• Black housing was segregated in the North, and, in many regions, blacks could not serve on juries.

• The Supreme Court — made up almost entirely of Northerners — gutted the 14th and 15th Amendments, which legalized segregation.

• In 1924, the Klan’s 4 million members controlled the governorship and a majority of the state legislature in Indiana, and much of Arkansas, Oklahoma, California, Georgia, Oregon, and Texas.

• Historical evidence suggests that US President Warren G. Harding (1921 – 1923) was inducted into the Klan in a White House ceremony.

3. Psychological…

• Whites often reacted violently to black efforts at migration; for instance, in his autobiography Black Boy, Richard Wright notes that he concealed his intention to move North because he was afraid of being beaten. The constant threat of terror was used to keep blacks “in their place.”

4. Violence And Murder…

• “Blacks were lynched for anything or nothing — for wife-beating, stealing hogs, being “saucy” to white people, sleeping with a consenting white woman, or for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.” – Ida B. Wells-Barnett (1862-1931)

• There were mob attacks on blacks (called race riots) in Houston, Philadelphia, and East St. Louis in 1917. The most famous occurred in 1919 in Chicago. White mob violence raged for a week, leaving 15 whites and 23 blacks dead, over 500 injured, and more than 1,000 homeless. Later estimates of the dead were much higher.

• The 1921 Tulsa Race Riot in Tulsa, Oklahoma was even more deadly after white mobs invaded and burned the Greenwood district of Tulsa (Black Wall Street). Witnesses reported seeing whites in airplanes dropping dynamite on the city’s black neighborhoods. 1,256 homes were destroyed and 39 people (26 black, 13 white) people were confirmed killed, although recent investigations suggest that the number of black deaths were considerably higher than reported.

5. The Police…

“INSIDE the locker of a narcotics cop in Philadelphia: A cartoon of a man, half as an officer in uniform and half as a Klansman with the words: ‘Blue By Day – White by Night. White Power.’”

The Rogue Police Officer AKA The Domestic Terrorist

Brazil Confed Cup Protest

Rogue police officers steal, rob, deal dope, take bribes, abuse, beat, rape, sodomize, torture, and murder unarmed citizens. Rogue officers operate within poor and minority communities like sociopathic outlaws armed with a badge and a gun — with the blessing of police and city administrators.

It is difficult in poor black communities to tell the difference between the rogue officer and the criminal since BOTH operate outside the law. The irony is the people who need the most police protection also have the MOST to fear from the (rogue) police.

The “Blue Code Of Silence” AKA “Don’t Snitch” On Fellow Officers

By remaining silent while their fellow rogue officers break the law, abuse and murder citizens, good police officers must accept some of the blame. It’s easy to understand why good police officers are reluctant – even afraid – to report the illegal activities of their fellow (rogue) officers. Their careers – and in many cases their lives – would be in jeopardy, especially when illegal drugs are involved.

What is hard to understand is why anyone expects the most vulnerable and least protected people in America — poor black men, women, and children — to SNITCH on dangerous criminals when armed and trained police officers are unwilling (and afraid) to SNITCH on rogue officers?

It is common knowledge in the poorest communities that rogue officers and rogue police departments are COOPERATING with neighborhood drug dealers instead of arresting them. The proof? If white crack and heroin users from the suburbs know where to “cop” their drugs, it is ludicrous (and point-blank-idiotic) to think the police don’t know where drugs are being sold.

It is also common knowledge that rogue officers pass along the names of complaining citizens and witnesses TO drug dealers and gang members. If poor black residents are afraid to complain to the police, it doesn’t take a genius to understand why they are not “dying” to testify:

“19-year-old Fred Morton was questioned by the response team’s detectives about a murder he had witnessed. Twelve days later, he was found dead in a city park. He had been strangled, and his throat was slit.”

“In Jefferson County, two witnesses were murdered after repeated threats from drug dealers. In both cases, prosecutors knew their witnesses had been threatened.”

A Towson, MD witness is gunned down, and police say a hit was ordered because he was going to testify in a murder trial. Six people are now charged with the witness’ murder.

love black people

Domestic Terrorism Is Driving While Black (DWB)

“Racial profiling” is a police officer or a person in authority who uses his or her authority to harass, intimidate, or arrest non-whites (practice racism). In many cases, racial profiling is condoned by city officials to send a message that non-whites are not welcome to live, work, shop, or even drive through certain white areas. Racial profiling is also used as a psychological tool of intimidation to remind non-whites that they are NOT due the same rights and respect that whites take for granted in a white supremacy society.

Even “Powerful” Blacks Are Not Immune To DWB

In 2007, US Representative Danny Davis was pulled over for a traffic stop by Chicago police. When Congressman Davis asked why, he was told, “You swerved. You were driving left of center.”

Davis, who had a clean driving record – only five tickets in 50 years – had been stopped the week before for a “routine” seat belt check. Davis had been buckled up. After the latest incident, Davis filed a complaint with the Office of Independent Review, accusing the white officer of racial profiling. He concluded that, “…the only reason I was stopped was because I was black.”

Unfortunately, some (black) drivers are not as “lucky” as Rep. Davis, to drive away with just a ticket. In 1999, LaTanya Haggerty, an unarmed 26-yr old black female, was shot to death by Chicago police as she reached for her cell phone during a traffic stop.
Within the same seven-day period, Robert Russ, an unarmed 22-yr-old black male, was shot and killed by Chicago police after being stopped for “driving erratically.” Russ was an honor student and star football player at Northwestern University, who was due to graduate the week he was killed (murdered).

Domestic Terrorism And Torture In America’s Jails

Documented torture methods used against black men in Philadelphia (PA) police headquarters:

• Beating a suspect’s feet and ankles
• Twisting or kicking testicles
• Pummeling the back, ribs, and kidneys
• Beaten with lead pipes, blackjacks, brass knuckles, chairs, and table legs
• One suspect was stabbed in the groin with a sword-like instrument
• Suspects and witnesses testified that they were forced to watch beatings through one-way windows, and were told they would receive the same  treatment unless they cooperated.

From 1972 to 1991, over 200 black men were tortured by Chicago Police Commander Jon G. Burge and other Chicago detectives to coerce confessions. In 2008, Burge, who was living in Florida on a Chicago police pension, was arrested — NOT for torture — but for false written answers to questions in a civil lawsuit!

Documented Torture Methods By Chicago Police:

• Suffocation with the plastic cover of a typewriter
• Being battered with telephone books
• Burned with cigarettes and radiators
• Threatened with handguns
• Electrically shocked with a telephone generator
• Cattle prod applied to men’s nipples, genitals, and rectal interiors

Let’s Compare Torture In America’s Jails and Police Precincts To Wartime Torture Of Alleged Terrorists

“Three Iraquis and a Jordanian alleged that they were tortured by US defense contractors during their detainment at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq from 2003 to 2004. The torture included electrical shocks, forced nudity, and sexual humiliations.

The Abu Ghraib prisoners should be thankful they were NOT black males in America or they would have suffered a far worse fate. In spite of overwhelming physical evidence, the police abuse and torture of black men is largely ignored and easily dismissed:

Court overturns three convictions in Abner Louima police torture case Abner Louima, a Haitian immigrant, was sodomized with a broomstick handle inside a New York (70th Precinct) police station by two white police officers. Abner Louima suffered severe internal injuries after being assaulted in a precinct bathroom. Police Officer Schwarz held him down while Police Officer Volpe shoved a wooden stick into his rectum. (1997)

Abner Louima, Rodney King, and Sean Bell are a confirmation of:



The Most Dangerous Black Person On The Planet: The Self-Hating Black Authority Figure

When 26-year-old Latonya Haggerty was shot and killed during a traffic stop in 1999, the black female officer who fired the fatal shots, claimed Ms Haggerty’s cell phone, “…looked like a handgun.”

It is extremely unlikely that Haggerty, the passenger, would have pulled a handgun during a traffic stop. A college graduate with no criminal record, Ms Haggerty did not fit the profile of a dangerous cop-killer.

It is also extremely unlikely that the black officer would have shot an unarmed white female during a minor traffic stop — unless the black officer was willing to spend decades in prison. Like many blacks in positions of authority, black Rogue Officers who abuse and murder black people are expressing their own self-hatred, and are MORE likely to abuse blacks than white officers.

However, black Rogue Officers never make the fatal mistake of abusing, murdering, or “accidentally shooting” white people. Most black officers are secretly terrified of the day they may be forced to take the life of a dangerous, violent, or armed white person. They know it’s a lose-lose situation since they will either lose their lives, their careers, OR their freedom (will go to prison).

Which explains why there has NEVER been a single instance of a black police officer unloading his or her weapons into an unarmed white person in the history of modern law enforcement. Why?

A black police officer killing whites contradicts the purpose of having a police force in the first place: to protect property AND white life — in that order.

By limiting their abuse to black people, black rogue officers foolishly believe they are guaranteeing their own safety within a racist police department that despises all black people—including those that wear a badge and a uniform. They believe that being a “team player” (abusing other blacks), somehow, erases the “stigma” of being black. The sad irony is by abusing black people, black rogue officers are ENCOURAGING the abuse and murder of ALL black people – including black police officers:

• “White officer who shot Black undercover cop in New York found guilty.”

• “Black officer was shot (by white officers) several times in the back while he was falling or already lying face down.”

• “Black undercover officers face a disproportionate risk of being injured by mistake by other (white) police officers.”

• “Black undercover cops, particularly those posing as drug dealers, run a high risk of being shot, or beaten by their white officer counterparts.”

• “Sometimes black officers are not given an opportunity to identify themselves; in other instances they are attacked after announcing that they are cops.”

• “According to retired NYPD detective, Roger Abel, who is writing a book on this subject, not one white officer has ever been shot by a black officer.”

love black people

Role Call: Murder-By-Rogue-Cop Victims


“They’re just covering up. They’ve done it again. They’ve done it again. I’ve talked to the police and the way they were talking, I could tell they were thinking: We just got another black man off the street.” – Beverly Hunt, speaking about the shooting death of James E. Alexander, a 62-year-old black man by Roanoke, VA police.

• James E. Alexander – 62-yr-old black male shot and killed by a Virginia State police officer during a drug investigation at a neighbor’s house. (2004)

• Donta Dawson – unarmed black male shot in the head and killed by Philadelphia, PA police who claimed he was “blocking traffic.” (1998)

• Stephen “Kuado” Opaku – unarmed Ghana-born black male died after a car wreck in which a Philadelphia, PA police officer shot out the window in an “attempt” to rescue Opaku. The bullet set the car on fire. Opaku was killed in the blaze. (1998)

• LaTanya Haggerty – Unarmed 26-yr-old black female college graduate shot to death by Chicago police as she reached for her cell phone during a traffic stop. (1999)

• Robert Russ – Unarmed 22-yr-old, shot and killed by Chicago police after being stopped for “driving erratically.” Russ, an honor student and star football player at Northwestern University, was supposed to graduate the week he was killed (murdered). (1999)

• Charles Matthews – unarmed black male shot 23 times and killed by eight New York police officers. (1992)

• Moses DeJesus – unarmed black male beat to death by New York police officers. (1994)

• Joseph Gould – unarmed homeless man shot and killed by off-duty police officer, Gregory Becker. A passer-by testifi ed that Becker grabbed Gould around the neck while Gould did nothing. (1995)

• Tyisha Miller – unarmed 19-year-old black girl killed by four Riverside, CA police officers who found her sitting unresponsively in a parked car. Police smashed her car window and fired into the car 24 times, striking her 12 times. (1999)

• Michael Byoune – unarmed 19 yr-old black male shot and killed by Inglewood, CA police officer. (2008)

• Amadou Diallo — unarmed West African immigrant street vendor living in the Bronx unarmed African living in Bronx shot 41 times by four white New York City police officers while attempting to show identification. (2000)

• Nathaniel Jones – unarmed 41-yr-old black male beat to death by six Cincinnati police officers using metal batons even though his arms were cuffed behind his back. The beating was captured by camera mounted on police squad car. (2001)

• Timothy Thomas – unarmed 19-year old black man shot and killed by a Cincinnati police officer in 2001. Thomas was the fifteenth black man killed by the Cincinnati Police Department in fi ve years, and his death led to outrage in the black community that culminated with the 2001 Cincinnati Riots.

• Ousmane Zongo – unarmed Burkinabè (African male) arts trader living in New York City shot and killed by New York City Police Department officers during a warehouse raid (2003)

• Unidentified homeless black woman — killed by Los Angeles police for suspected theft of shopping cart. (1999)

• Newby – unarmed black male shot in the back and killed by Louisville, KY police officers. He was the seventh black man to be fatally shot by Louisville police in the past five years (2004).

• Roy Pettaway III – unarmed 27-yr-old black male shot in the back of the head outside nightclub by Fulton County, GA police. His 26-yr-old brother, Ron, was shot in the back but survived. (2007)

• Kathryn Johnston – 92-yr-old woman shot and killed by Atlanta police after they break through a burglar bar entry door and wooden door, to conduct a “drug raid” at her home. (2006)

• Devin Brown – unarmed 13-year-old gunned down by Los Angeles Police for running from police. (2005)

• Sean Bell – unarmed 23-yr-old black male shot fifty times by five New York police officers on the day before his wedding. (2006)

• Tarika Wilson – unarmed 26-yr-old black female shot and killed by Lima, OH police officers while holding 14-month-old infant in her arms. Officers on suspicion of drug dealing by a boyfriend, break down the door and open fire on mother and child. Ms. Wilson was not armed nor was she or her baby a suspect. (2008)

• Oscar Grant — 22-yr-old black male shot in back while lying face down on a rapid transit platform (BART) in California by white transit cop. (2009)

love black people

“Rogue Cops Caught on Videotape” Is Psychological Terrorism

Why would a white supremacist justice system that condones (and denies) the widespread police brutality against blacks allow the mainstream media to broadcast the VIDEOTAPED evidence that these (racist) abuses actually exist?

One Possible Reason:

To remind (terrorize) the black collective that ANY black person at ANY time at ANY place for NO reason can be victimized by law enforcement. This psychological tool of terror actually reinforces the black inferiority complex (niggerization) by allowing law enforcement to show a blatant disregard for black life, because black life has no value in a white supremacy society.

In fact, this was the LAW over 150 years ago when the US Supreme Court ruled in 1856 that blacks had “no rights which the white man was bound to respect.” (The Dred Scott v. Sandford Decision). Obviously, little has changed.

Role Call: Police Brutality Victims

• Rodney Glen King – unarmed 26-yr-old cab driver stopped and beaten by several Los Angeles police officers. The beating was captured on videotape. The acquittal of the police officers by an all-white jury sparked the 1991 Los Angeles riot. (1991)

• Yvette Hayes – unarmed 33-yr-old black female forced to lie face-down alongside the freeway by Milwaukee police officers investigating “stolen vehicles”. The former elementary school principal was five months pregnant. The officer’s squad car dash-camera captured the incident. (2007)

• Beverly Wilson Ellison Sr. – was dragged from her vehicle and slammed repeatedly against her SUV by a white Chicago police officer for “staring” at him. The incident occurred in front of her 10- and 11-year-old daughters who were inside the car. She received a traffic citation for “failure to stop at a stop sign.” (2007)

• Carlos McLoud – unarmed Jamaican immigrant shot by a Philadelphia police officer. McLoud attempted to help a robbery victim when shot by plainclothes officer. The bullet injuries left McLoud paralyzed from the waist down. (1994)

• Coprez Coffie — unarmed black male sodomized by officers with a screwdriver in an alley after being pulled over by Chicago police officers. Though police denied his allegations, the jury was convinced by the evidence presented, including doctors reports of tears to Coffie’s rectum and a screwdriver found in the police car’s glove compartment with fecal matter on it. (2007)

• Stanley Miller – unarmed black male kicked in the head and brutally beaten with a metal flashlight by LAPD cops (2005)

• Aaron Harrison – unarmed 18-year-old shot in the back by Chicago Police (2007)

• Lillian Fletcher — 82-year-old black grandmother suffering from dementia and schizophrenia is tasered by Chicago Police and spends fi ve days in hospital recovering. (2007)

• Haitian immigrant Abner Louima — sodomized by a broomstick handle inside a New York (70th Precinct) police station by two white police officers. Louima suffered severe internal injuries after being assaulted in a precinct bathroom, where he was held down by Police Officer Schwarz while Police Officer Volpe shoved a wooden stick into his rectum. (1997)

• Seven African Immigrant Van Drivers – accused a Queens, N.Y. police officer of raping and sodomizing them in separate incidents. The District Attorney Richard A. Brown dismissed the charges. (1993)

The obvious question must be asked: If black people are still being assaulted, sodomized, and murdered by police in the 21st century, what is OUR definition of “black progress?”

love black people

Jeremiah Mearday VS Chicago Police

“I didn’t know my son,” Jeremiah’s father said when he went to the hospital on September 26, 1997. “He was a bloody mess. He had two holes knocked in the top of his head, his five front upper teeth along with the gum, severed, and a broken jaw. They stomped him in his stomach and there was trauma to his back.” — Revolutionary Worker #934, November 30, 1997.

Jeremiah Mearday – unarmed 18-year-old black male kicked and beaten with flashlights by two white Chicago police officers for no apparent reason. After the beating, Mearday was hospitalized with a broken jaw and head injuries. (1997).

On November 7, nearly 200 white police officers forced Jeremiah Mearday and his attorneys to walk a gauntlet of intimidation in a Chicago courtroom. This gestapo display — which was tolerated by the presiding judge — was met by protest and outrage. Five years later, the city of Chicago agreed to pay Jeremiah Mearday $1.75 million to settle the police brutality case if Mearday drops his lawsuit.

ove black people

Why Blacks Are The Biggest Targets Of Domestic Terrorism

Reason #1: The African man and woman — the first man and woman on earth — possess the MOST MELANIN, which makes them, genetically and biologically speaking, the most powerful people on the planet — and the greatest genetic threat to white survival. (See pp 49-52)

Reason #2: When one group oppresses another group, the oppressed group correctly views their oppressors as their enemy. The reverse is ALSO true. The oppressors know it is foolish (and illogical) to trust the same people they are oppressing (mistreating).

A white supremacist system logically assumes that all non-whites are “enemies of the state” and potential threats to the white status quo, which is why non-whites are ALWAYS assumed to be secretly plotting against whites.

The police and court systems are used to intimidate and terrorize the oppressed to keep them from rebelling against an unfair (racist) system. This explains why law enforcement is allowed to abuse and murder blacks at will. It also explains why blacks and non-whites (in general) are not perceived by the white collective as “patriotic,” and in some cases, NOT citizens at all.

The oppressor class knows it is ILLOGICAL (and insane!) for the oppressed “minorities” to be loyal to the same system that is oppressing them. Sadly, some blacks do not understand how illogical (and self-disrespecting) their “loyalty” is.

Reason #3: The abuse/murder of blacks by the police provides visible “proof” to the white collective that whites are more privileged than (superior to) blacks, thus ensuring the loyalty of whites to a system that is also exploiting them, but still allows even poor whites to feel superior to blacks. This divide-and-conquer strategy by the white elites allows the continued economic and political exploitation of BOTH whites and non-whites.



Short Role Call of U.S.  Domestic Terrorism Victims

Tamir RiceTamir Rice, 12

love black peopleKathryn JohnstonKathryn Johnston,92

LaTanya HaggertyLaTanya Haggerty, 26

Michael Brown 2Michael Brown, 18

Oscar_GrantOscar Grant, 22

Sean_Bell_family_photoSean Bell, 23, with fiancee and baby daughter

trayvan-martinTrayvon Martin, 17

Tyisha MillerTyisha Miller,  19

  1. Timothy says:

    I respect how you shown the images of the victims of police terrorism Sister Trojan Pam. Thank you for showing this article, because it is an important one. We are at war for our very existence as black people. There are countless stories of Brothers and Sisters being victims of police brutality. During this time, we have to unite and have solidarity with each other. No matter what, we are all we got literally. Even when you look at Darren Wilson’s sick testimony of calling Michael Brown a “demon” and he having the strength of “Hulk Hogan,” this racist, murdering cop displayed not only racism, but massively stereotypical perceptions of black male youth. Therefore, you are right in showing the truth about the Blue Wall of Silence too. Many cops hypocritically lecture us to snitch, but many cops refuse to snitch on their own officers. Black Unity is important, vital, and a necessity if we want to be truly free and independent. Justice is our goal and we have to fight for it daily.

    • Courtney H. says:

      Brother Timothy:

      I agree with everything that you said. Thank you, and thank you, Trojan Pam, for the excerpt from your book and showing us the victims of American domestic terrorism. I listened to this radio program earlier today. Any thoughts?

      Here is some information that supports what you and Sister Pam are saying:

      Here is an example of devils supporting racism/white supremacy (warning: it is stomach-churning):

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Timothy

      I agree, this is war, and our existence on a physical level is at risk.

      This kind of violence could happen to any of us at any time and so it’s time we take this seriously.

      which means no more marching and protesting because if that worked it would have worked.

      I don’t have any magical solutions but the one thing I’m certain of is what I stated above

      if something hasn’t worked in 40 plus years, it’s never going to work so it’s time for a new plan, a new strategy.

      And before that happens black people collectively must educate ourselves about the system of white supremacy, how it works, and how white supremacists work it to our disadvantage, using deceptive language, images, movies, TV, sex, false empathy, false innocence, and deception.

      For example, Tim Wise, who many blacks admire, and who claims to be an “anti-racist” yet he profits from talking about racism (a HUGE red flag) and admits he is a racist (???)

      Once we understand how the system works, it is will be a lot harder to deceive us. That is the beginning, the foundation of a real strategy and the ability and the will to carry it out.

      • Timothy says:

        Certainly, we are in a crossroads in our history. The events in Ferguson should wake anyone up (especially people of black African descent).

        In our generation, new strategies are needed. Any previous actions that didn’t work to liberate us ought to be discarded. The elders talk about the Knowledge of self. So, that is why if we don’t know who we are, if we don’t know about white supremacy (and its manipulative tactics that the system of white supremacy uses), and what we are up against, then we can’t be free. The system of white supremacy do use distractions and gimmicks that deal with the corporate media, TV shows, deception, spiritual falsehoods, etc.

        That is interesting that you have mentioned Tim Wise. Tim Wise is very sophisticated in his presentation and that is why some black people support him. He talks about racism, but you will notice that many black activists disagree with him on many issues. He admitting that he is a racist is really clear that we can’t be conned by the wolves nor the foxes. People can’t be allied with an admitted white supremacist and fight white supremacy. It is as simple as that. The great intellectual thinking of Brothers and Sisters should be respected. There are plenty of great black voices that speak truth to power. In this generation, there are black people forming cooperatives, organizing boycotts, and developing unique enterprises that are helping black people. So, the solution will have to be diverse since we live in a complex world. In the final analysis, we have to develop our economic and political power.

      • Tim Wise is a complete phony! I don’t see how black people can’t see that. We want to believe SO bad that there are “good white people” out there. Yeah right? Wise is just very slick with his words. He can’t be trusted. I still can’t believe CNN asked his opinion when they did that Black in America piece. Why not interview Umar Johnson? Neely Fuller? Frances Cress Welsing? Hmmmmmmmmm….I think you know why. Wise reminds me of that famous quote by Malcolm X.

        “Smiling foxes (white liberals) are far more dangerous than wolves (conservatives). The liberal is more deceitful and has perfected the art of befriending the black man and posing as his friend, to use as a pawn in their political football game. At least with a wolf you know where you stand”.

        Wise is definitely a FOX!

    • Black unity is a MUST or we wont wake it. PERIOD!!

  2. GemGirl says:

    Thank you, Trojan Pam — You offer cogent arguments with powerful reminders in this excerpt from your book (which I’ve read). The names and faces of lives victimized by systemic injustices help us to remember their humanity, and why the pressure must continue in efforts to dismantle systemic racism. A touching and beautiful tribute that says loud and clear that black and brown lives matter. All #BlackLivesMatter. This is Not a Moment, but a Movement.

    P.S. — We differ in that I am not against interracial or gay relationships because I do not believe in rejecting or oppressing people’s freedoms based on who they are or who they love.

    I support your overall messages, however.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ GemGirl

      You are not alone, there are many people who would agree with you when it comes to interracial and homosexual relationships.
      We can always agree to respectfully disagree.

      • GemGirl says:

        You are correct, Trojan Pam, about the importance of being able to agree to disagree. That is a hallmark of maturity and makes it possible to respectfully engage and not let relatively minor differences of opinion distract us from our common concerns. We share interests in promoting truth and supporting freedom, health and quality of life for black people on various levels.

        As you demonstrate through your work, one way to do this is education to dismantle white supremacy ideology in the minds of ourselves at the very least. Hopefully, each of us can then model our truths and show through action that we value ourselves and other black lives as well as appreciate our allies wherever they exist. When human beings can value diversity rather than be threatened by it, this reality can influence others to reject all aspects of any oppressive ideology that is without merit because it harms and endangers human minds, spirits and lives.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ GemGirl

          Here is a perfect example of WHY I’m against sexual relationships or romantic relationships between black and white people

          The poster “Linda Keres Carter” is a white female (who refuses to directly answer the question — is she a white person?) who is dominating the topic of a blog about the black elite.


          This is my last comment on the blog hopefully explaining to other black people what she is doing

          It is not that we cannot be attracted to white or other non-black people, it’s about the SERIOUSNESS of our INTENT to derail the system of our oppression. AND that is why I say constantly that we are NOT serious about eliminating our oppression because we are UNWILLING to make any meaningful sacrifices.

          We basically want to have our cake and eat it, too, and we are finding out that it does not work. If we can’t even make painless sacrifices — and sex with white people should be one of them(!) — then what can we do on a serious level??

          That’s why I say and will continue to say


          but we can also agree to respectfully disagree

          • GemGirl says:

            I definitely agree that it is “often the case with white people and especially refined racist white people — to DERAIL, CONFUSE, DENY, AVOID.”

            And I also know that human beings are complex in many ways. It is simply not my job to tell other black people who they can befriend, date, marry.I would consider this a boundary violation and I would not want to be friends with anyone (regardless of race) who presumes they should dictate my personal life choices.

            Truth: A black man who makes random babies with multiple women (whether black or various races) but fails to support those children is more problematic to me (even though I am aware of the historical legacy of black men being programmed to impregnate many during slavery era) than a black man who dates a woman outside his race but in many ways supports the fight against racism actively.

            Some people connect with others based on common interests, not because they are self-hating. I could cite many examples like this, so that’s why it’s not enough to assume all black people are on the same page or that all white people are the same in how they regard black people.

            And BTW, I am a heterosexual black woman.

            It is not my place to tell gays (of all races) that they are wrong in being who they are. I know my limits, and have no energy to engage in the personal decisions people make to seek and find comfort, happiness, etc. That’s the human reality when it comes to interpersonal relationships, and to deny this truth is to set oneself up for much unnecessary suffering, disappointment and conflict.

            Some people are more conscious and evolved than others and can co-exist among diverse people without losing or compromising their sense of self.

            Many people lack courage to fight any system because they don’t want to deal with consequences of being excluded and risking social approval, but if they are participating in racism in any way, they are still complicit, IMO.

            MLK was right that content of character matters more than color of skin on one level. And he was fully aware that white supremacy as systemic racism distorts this fundamental truth about human beings.

            My major concern is dismantling systemic racism and everything that supports it.

            The need for major societal reforms cannot be downplayed. Each individual chooses their sacrifices and in doing their part can make a difference in their immediate circles of influence.

            • Trojan Pam says:

              @ gemgirl

              all that is true BUT if we keep complaining about racism but we, at the same time, keep talking about our right to choose to sleep with white people

              THEN we have made our CHOICE –if it is OBVIOUS that we can’t do both things at the same time:

              fight white supremacy and lay down with white people

              all the evidence in the WORLD — the greatly reduced populations of oppressed non-white people in Australia, New Zealand, the Native Americans, etc — have all had their populations greatly reduced by having contact (including of a sexual nature) with white people

              every population — from India to North America to Africa — have become MORE self-hating and more confused and more oppressed due to their contact with white people, and in some cases have had their populations nearly wiped out (like the so-called “Native Americans” whose population used to number in the tens of millions are now less than two million.

              Native Americans to this day do a GREAT deal of interbreeding with whites and are literally committing self-genocide yet most of their people languish on “plantations ” aka “reservations” and are still suffering from the effects of racism/white supremacy

              look at black people, who have NEVER been as self-contemptuous and group contemptuous and as divided and anti-black as we are now SINCE we’ve been “integrated” and sexually involved with whites

              It should be obvious you cannot


              but there are those who will fight the idea and so I say again, when it comes to choosing liberation over individualism they HAVE MADE THEIR CHOICE (and their bed) and should lie in it without complaint.

              if we are not willing to look at our problems HONESTLY and aren’t willing to make a SINGLE SACRIFICE to change our situation then we will continue to get what we are currently getting and ultimately, will have NO ONE to blame but ourselves.,

  3. Courtney H. says:

    Here is a good video about this issue:

    Any thoughts?

    • Timothy says:

      His story touches on many topics. His major theme is that white supremacy is the common denominator of why we are oppressed and who are doing the oppressing. He is right on that point.

      In order for us to be liberated as black people, we have to expose and oppose the system of white supremacy. Halle Berry’s daughter should have sympathy. It is a disgrace that the daughter’s father not only said racial slurs to Halle Berry, but he has been straighten out and ded her hair (even without her mother’s permission or consent). Our blackness is beautiful. Black is Beautiful. The reality is that we are in a war for our human survival. He is right that the black stereotype of the “super hero black man” is evil. This stereotypical lie shown by white racists is about the false perception that black people can feel no pain, can work for long hours constantly, and have superhuman strength. This lie has been promoted by white racists as a way to oppress black people. This stereotype has been promoted during the era of slavery and in our time with the events of the murder of Brother Michael Brown.

      The prosecutor was a disgrace. McCollugh acted more like a defense attorney than a prosecutor. The prosecutor ignored witness testimonies and there is more than enough evidence to indict Darren Wilson. Darren Wilson is a bigot and a liar. Wilson called Michael Brown a demon and having strength like Hulk Hogan. Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown execution style. An indictment is about the establishment of a trial to get all of the facts out. There was no massive cross examination of Darren Wilson’s testimony to the grand jury. Darren Wilson said that he didn’t like the community of Ferguson, which shows a level of bias and disrespect. Tariq Nasheed made great points about the inconsistencies with the testimony of Darren Wilson. Many white racists use old slang that young black people don’t use in our generation. Wilson estimated that Brown ran 20-30 feet away from the car and then charged another 10 feet back towards Wilson. But we know Brown died 150 feet away from the car.

      It is important to note that rebellions and uprisings never exist out of a vacuum. They exist out of hurt and people who want to fight for freedom and justice. As Dr. King has said, riots are the voice of the unheard. I don’t agree with destruction of innocent property for an unjust reason, but we have understand why riots exist in the first place as a means to make real social change. We know how white people fought the American Revolution by burning property, signing statements, using guerilla war tactics, and using violence all over the place. We know about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising where Jewish people courageously fought against Nazi tyranny.

      That is why it is important to put rebellions into context. We should own our own infrastructure. Many white racists (and some black sellouts) use the black on black crime issue as a means to distract from the real issues when black on black crime is on the decline. Our people have condemned crime from across the board. So, the people of Ferguson need our solidarity and our support. The residents of Ferguson should be treated with dignity and with respect. The 12 year old Tamir Rice being killed is a tragedy. The child was killed very quickly by the murdering police. The child was not threatening the officer verbally or physically as admitted by a law enforcement authority on television.

      The cops never gave the child any chance to explain himself or anything. The boy was killed within seconds. This should outrage black people and anyone concerned with the dignity of human life in general. The murdering cop should be punished and held accountable for his action outright. Not to mention that white boys (in at age 12) have guns for target practice, hunting, etc. and they are not readily arrested at all. So, we realize the double standards in this system. The cops falsely calling the boy a grown man is being used as a means to minimize the murder of a black youth. So, cops are killing black people at many circumstances. The reactionaries slandering Tamir Rice’s family are really low and disgraceful. Also, I have no issue with the Boycott Black Friday campaign as a first step. This boycott can be a first step to other actions since we do need action (along with boycotting others who harm us as a community too). We should always expose the evils of white supremacy. Black liberation is a long struggle, but we will continue in the fight.

      • Courtney H. says:

        Thank you for your response. I listened to most of the program again, and my oldest brother was at our house for a little while, and he listened to part of it, too. He really appreciated what Brother Tariq had to say.

        I do not have to add to your comments because — as usual — you were very thorough and broke everything down. I agree with everything you said about the program, and I like the fact that you link the American colonists using violence and the Warsaw Uprising to these uprisings here in America.

        I also agree with your statement about the Black Friday Boycott. It is a start, and it is better than nothing. Any little thing that we can do to fight racism/white supremacy adds up.

    • Timothy says:

      I will go to look at more articles from the website. The website brings home the point more. It is truly obscene and barbaric for money being raised for the support of the killers of black people. The system of white supremacy should be exposed and it is even taboo to talk about this issue thoroughly on CNN, on MSNBC, and especially on FOX News. That is why more work is to be done as a means for us to fight back and to defend our integrity as Brothers and Sisters.

      • Courtney H. says:

        This website was recently started by Tariq Nasheed. The articles on this website are very honest and straightforward, and tell it like it is. I will make an effort to purview this website on a daily basis, as I do others, including this one.

  4. Another great post Pam. You make a very interesting point here:

    Documented torture methods used against black men in Philadelphia (PA) police headquarters:

    • Beating a suspect’s feet and ankles
    • Twisting or kicking testicles
    • Pummeling the back, ribs, and kidneys
    • Beaten with lead pipes, blackjacks, brass knuckles, chairs, and table legs
    • One suspect was stabbed in the groin with a sword-like instrument
    • Suspects and witnesses testified that they were forced to watch beatings through one-way windows, and were told they would receive the same treatment unless they cooperated.

    However this could be in any city in the US,not just Philly.

  5. AmeriKKKa is a criminal organization! I look at it the same way I look at the Mafia. Yet they want to judge black people as though we are ALL criminals by nature. The great Amos Wilson once said:

    “A society that is a source of crimes, a generator of criminality, a creator of criminals, run by criminals, criminalizes its population, and criminalizes the total system. A CRIMINAL SOCIETY CRIMINALIZES ALL OF ITS CONSTITUENTS! When the leadership of a nation LIES, DECEIVES, MIS-EDUCATES and FALSIFIES FACTS to that nation, it falsifies the consciousness of the people who inhabit that nation. And when it falsifies their consciousness, it recruits those of its people into its criminality. So whether you know it or you don’t, you’re a part of the game. We’ve to confront our responsibility for this criminal situation as well. The United States is a crimogenic society because it was founded on two massive genocidal crimes that is a part of its nature today: genocide of Native Americans, theft of their lands and manslaughter, and kidnapping, extortion and enslavement of African people. This group of people cannot face their own criminality, so they must engage in the psychology of denial, repression, and distortion. This denial, repression, and distortion must suffuse throughout the total society, throughout its total institutions, and throughout its total values. Therefore, ultimately it must corrupt and criminalize its total population.”

    They are in NO position to judge black people.

    • GemGirl says:

      Kushite Prince — The two comments you posted are so brilliant that I need to ask your permission to cite parts of what you’ve written.

      I am wondering if Trojan Pam would be willing to facilitate an email introduction between us since she has access to both of our email info. I don’t want to post my email address here directly.

      I totally support the work being done to educate and inspire others through this website and various brilliant black people like Trojan Pam, you, Abagond, black bloggers and online media writers whose words are piercing and promote real truths that need to be shared with the masses.

      My belief is that black people collectively have been traumatized by systemic racism and we need a new awakening to help us heal collectively through psychological, spiritual and practical components (socioeconomic developments) to awaken from a slumber caused by trauma. This will result in a process that becomes revolutionary in 21st Century America as black people reclaim their worth and stand firm in their values enough to challenge and reject the racist status quo that had attempted to destroy us based on false ideology of white supremacy.

      It is a serious mistake to expect those invested in oppressing us and others to be open to freeing the people whom they oppress. Not gonna happen. As Trojan Pam has stated many times, old ways of dealing with the system will not work and we will need to approach the situation in more strategic ways that before.

      White Private prison owners/Jailers will not release people if it means the jailers won’t have money to pay their mortgages and take vacations. They need to find ways to keep people incarcerated to support their predatory manner of living off the backs of, and enforcing the suffering of mostly people of color. Enough is enough with extremities in how the system operates.

      As various commenters here say, we have to revive our empowerment movement for freedom through clear minds and reawaken our hearts that have been wounded and resorted to a slumber as self-protection from pain and trauma inflicted by racism.

      We can only support other black people who care about their communities if we are socially conscious enough to understand how white supremacy functions to keep people confused and conflicted. We each need to be mentally and spiritually healthy enough to maintain perspective about who the real enemies are, and that includes anyone seeking to destroy us collectively regardless of their skin color or socioeconomic background.

      • Thanks Gem Girl. I’m glad you found the quotes inspiring. The late great Amos Wilson is one of my favorite authors. I have all his books. You should look into buying his book Blueprint for Black Power. It’s an amazing book. It changed my whole perspective on race relations. I never looked at things the same again. I like what you wrote. You seem like a very intelligent woman. You really have a way with words. I’ll send Pam my email address if you want to contact me. Thanks again for the kind words.

  6. One of my all time favorites!
    THE MOST DEVASTATING VIOLENCE IS PERPETRATED BY YOUR AVERAGE LAW-ABIDING, “GOOD CHRISTIAN” CITIZENS! Haven’t you thought it very peculiar that when the army recruits, it doesn’t recruit criminals. What then do they wants? “Nice” American people, Christian boys, law-abiding boys, high school graduates; they’re the most conducive to making into killers. But people wanna make you think that the average kid in the gang is fundamental different from the rest of us and that they have some kind of unique genetic orientation. We don’t look at the reality of the situation…those people we won’t permit to be our killers. We want people who don’t have records to be our killers. WHY? They’re trained that as Americans or whatever nationality that they’re morally superior to their enemies and that their enemies are less human. Therefore, you can use their very religion as the key to getting them to kill by designating the other people as pagans, nonbelievers and so forth. So, do these average “good,” religious, law-abiding people also have a genetic marker for violence? Yet, it has been under the banner of PATRIOTISM and RELIGION that most of THE KILLING IN THE WORLD HAS OCCURRED! They wanna convince you that the violence in our streets represent our children having some kinda genetic marker for violence. There’s nothing new about these kinds of initiatives.
    They’ve occurred since our enslavement. The fundamental thing is we’re dominated and those who dominate us will constantly look for the means of justifying their domination. The central idea that motivates white supremacy is maintaining CONTROL and DOMINANCE. This establishment that maintains control and dominance will at one time “reward” you–NEGRO BOURGEOISIE–and when necessary to maintain its control…WILL ALSO KILL YOU! Some think that because we’re receiving certain “rewards” from this system, they’ll continue forever. So, you give positive reinforcement (“good salaries,” “good house” and so forth) and all of a sudden many people who were “REBELS” in the 1960s became NEO-CONSERVATIVES in the 1980s. They got the “good life,” bought the idea and think this is going to go on forever. They’ve not understood manipulation through rewards and, they went to college and study psychology but we’re generally mis-educated when we study psychology. We’ll go in and study Skinnerian and Pavlovian psychology and conditioning but we’ll not put ourselves in the place of the rat in the box and the dog in the cage. The actual conditions of African people at this point is that of THE PAVLOVIAN DOG and THE SKINNERIAN RAT! And if one day it becomes necessary to annihilate African for Europeans to maintain social control…THEY’LL ANNIHILATE US! – Dr. Amos Wilson

  7. GemGirl says:

    I notice that Kushite Prince attributes information posted here so I will plan to look up the original source cited, Dr. Amos Wilson, for various quotes.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Kushite Prince. Very insightful information.

  8. Trojan Pam says:

    @ Kushite Prince
    @ GemGirl

    I will comment on your posts tomorrow,and thanks for your contributions to the discussion.

    if you would like me to pass along your emails, just send an email to with your email addresses

  9. GemGirl says:

    Courtney H — I checked out two links (including Melanoid Nation) you provided. Good additional info.

    Kushite Prince — I understand the point you make in the context of white liberals and paternalistic racism. But I wouldn’t say Tim Wise is a complete phony. (As Trojan Pam has said here, of course, we can agree to disagree).

    I recognize that many blacks who offer the same or deeper-level expertise than Wise have not had as many lucrative opportunities to earn money from their works — whether speeches or books.

    This points us back to the main problem…as long as white supremacy is prominent, fairness and justice will be compromised. The two cannot co-exist well.

    • originalwoman13 says:


      Tim Wise tells the truth about racism white supremacy, but he admits to being racist. This DOES make him a phony, yet many black people still follow him as if he’s Jesus Christ. Sometimes racists tell the truth. Someone said above is that black people want to believe that there are some “good white people” so bad we ignore the ones like Time Wise who deceive us by speaking truth about racism white supremacy, yet still practice white supremacy. White privilege is what makes it possible him benefit from talking about racism white supremacy. He’s not telling black people anything that we don’t already know.

      • Wow! It’s like you read my mind!lol Thanks for that great reply!

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ originalwoman13

        I have to agree. You cannot be TWO OPPOSING things at the same time.

        You cannot be a “Counter-racist” or an “anti-racist” and be a racist at the same time.

        Tim Wise has publicly admitted that he is a racist/white supremacist on the COWS internet radio program. I know because I HEARD him say it.

        Anyone who makes a very good living by posing as a white anti-racist is NOT working against racism but is actually EXPLOITING the suffering of millions of black people. If you notice, black people aren’t allowed to make a lot of money talking honestly about racism. Tim Wise is…

        That is why I do NOT support Tim Wise (for obvious reasons), he, just like a PIMP who preaches bible verses accurately, is actually just running game because he or she is getting PAID

        black people turn off our critical thinking skills far too often in our quest for “good white people”

  10. chuquestaquenumber1 says:

    I recently saw a report of armed Black males defending white owned gas station in Ferguson. The leader of the group with his AR-15 was described as 6’8″ tall. Of course they are praised for this. Imagine if they used these same firearms to defend their Black brethren against white racists.Think about a 6’8″Black male with a firearm defending us.I guarantee you condemnation.

    As for a Black police officer shooting an unarmed white person. Type the name Detective Joseph Walker in any search engine. I’ve discussed his situation on The COWS with Gus T Renegade,Justice Lab with Universal Jones and in e mails with D Train on Reckless 2.0.What Detective Walker has suffered for shooting a large drunken white racist named Joseph Harvey who threatened Walker and his family is staggering. Not surprising ,but staggering.

  11. LBM says:

    Is there a link between the numbers of black males sexing white females and the escalation of white males killing black males?

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ LBM

      I have said for the longest that ONE of the reasons the white supremacist media promotes sex between black males and white females is to REDIRECT the growing rage of white males– many of who feel they are being victimized–in black males (and all black people’s) direction.

      There have been many mysterious “lynchings” and murders of young black males and I suspect some of these young males may have been seen with a white female or KNOWN to keep the company of white females.

      Like the black male in Texas about a year ago who was found with his throat slit, his eyes gouged out, half-clothed in the woods, with one shoe (without his sock) and the other shoe holding his cell phone YET the police claimed he died of a “drug overdose” This black male was married to a white female.

      Another case of a young black male who was found dead, rolled up in a gym mat with his face bashed in and the school authorities claimed a barbell “accidentally” fell on his face. There were rumors that some white female at the school had been flirting with him

      I have WARNED black parents time and time again that their sons in these increasingly DANGEROUS times should be aware of the dangers of keeping company with white females because they are putting themselves AT GREAT RISK.

      It should be clear (to all THINKING people) that the clock is rolling back and we will see more violence – both police and citizen — directed against us, and that is the REASON Obama was (s)elected – to be the lightning rod for white frustration and to take the blame for what his WHITE bosses are doing to all of us. I warned people that his election would make America a more dangerous place for ALL of us but, of course, we are a people who love to dream and wish and hope even when there is no substance behind it.

      The news media is mostly focused on what black people are doing wrong — and this is all part of the scapegoat scenario in a society where the economy is teetering on the edge and so the ones responsible for the coming collapse MUST find something OR someone to distract the white population and black people have been chosen as the sacrificial lambs

      Encouraging black males to sex white females ALSO has the effect of creating dislike, even hatred between black males and females, making it IMPOSSIBLE for us to build ANY kind of cohesive organizations or movements — ALL BY DESIGN — and it encourages black females to forget our history and seek out sex with white males both as retaliation and as an effort to find a mate in a community were black females outnumber black males.

      It is particularly painful for so many single black females to observe the antics of the white-loving black males parading up and down the streets of their communities with often, the female dregs of the white community. And so many black females lose respect and faith in the black male and set themselves up to be sexual “experimentation” and sex play for white males, many of who are racists.

      • Lumumba Afrika says:

        Those were excellent points Trojan Pam! Especially the lat two paragraphs. Here is a short audio clip of Dr. Amos Wilson discussing the psycho-dynamics of this issue. As I understand it, this behavior is another manifestation of so-called “black-on-black” violence. I am reading Dr. Amos Wilson’s book with the same title, “Black on Black Violence: The Psycho-dynamics of Black Self-Annihilation in Service of White Domination”. In the book, he describes the psychology that the system of white supremacy “introjects” into the minds of Blacks which results in anti-Black violent tendencies among some Blacks, particularly male youth. However, he indicates as well that it is not only the violent manifestation that is produced by our sociopolitical conditioning, but values, desires, and pursuits that can only be satisfied by whites and white cultural products. So, attaining items held as valuable by whites, namely the white woman or white man, is the same symptomatic expression that results in “black-on-black violence” among other oppressed Blacks living in the system of white supremacy (hegemony).

  12. anonymous says:

    SWAT Police Caught Setting Fires In Ferguson:

    Please take a look at this. Had a funny feeling this could be a possibility.

    • Courtney H. says:

      I have watched the video and it is VERY INTERESTING to say the least. Tariq Nasheed and MrSuperboy have been suggesting that outsiders have been the ones causing the most damage in these situations. Here is video that deals with imagery and how Black children are being used:

      • Timothy says:

        There are many different issues that deal with this video. First, the knowledge of self is important to embrace as spoken about by our elders. The black youth (both males and females) should learn about their history, their culture, their great value, and their humanity early on. They should understand not only about racism, but how racism oppresses black people in a honest fashion. That is a blatant necessity if we want to be truly free indeed. That means that the black youth should know about ancient black civilizations, the evil system of white supremacy, and the power of our Natural Blackness. Police brutality is in epidemic levels in America. National reports, international reports, etc. document how many cops have killed unarmed black people, about how torture has existed by the CIA, etc. The image of a cop hugging a child certainly has been talked about. Images have power at times. This image has been used by some to promote the narrative that submissiveness to law enforcement unconditionally is the way to go.

        Obviously, we should question the powers that be and establish independent thinking on issues. True peace will come via justice. The children showing the signs certainly can be debated in its interpretation. I won’t talk about the children in a derogatory way since that is not my style. Obviously, we should oppose the emasculation of males (which deals with the disrespect and degrading of males in an inappropriate fashion) in any format. We should oppose this agenda not as a means to advance misogyny (as some are doing). We should do this as a way to respect the masculine and the feminine energies in the Universe. The humanity dignity of all males and all females should be respected. There are many outsiders in Ferguson who are up to no good. There are intelligence agents monitoring the situation. The Klan has threatened people in Ferguson. These people are outsiders.

        One problem is that the police are trained to kill or use deadly force as a first resort. Also, there is a huge anti-black bias among many cops. That issue must be addressed. The overall point is that black youth must be prepared for the real world. The world a’int all peaches and cream. It is very cruel and the black youth need real education and real tools to deal with how vicious Western society is. Racism/white supremacy is no joke. Our ancestors were the victims of the cruelties of Western society. Any child should never be ashamed of their legitimate individuality, but we should not degrade masculinity or femininity. That is the point. The children represent the future and they should be guided to embrace black African consciousness. We can’t worship cops. We know how the corrupt judicial system has economically exploited the black community. Many cops act as occupying forces in the poor communities nationwide. This problem has nothing to do with all single mothers, etc. It has to do with the overall system of oppression.

        • Courtney H. says:


          Thank you for your response. I am glad that MrSuperboy did not attack the children (and that you didn*t either) because that is low-down. Look at how that Republican staffer attacked the First Daughters. That was really low-down of her, and because of the umbrage directed against her, she issued that fake apology and then had to resign. Our children are not seen as children, and that is why they are under attack.

          I agree with you that we really need to teach our children the truth about our history so that they have a strong sense of self. In a white supremacist system, our children are under attack at all times. A good foundation of faith, history, and self-awareness will help our children to deal with that system.

          The emasculation of the Black male — starting during childhood — is very real. And it is becoming more and more apparent because it is happening more. This should be condemned, but not at the expense of femininity and masculinity. I agree that both of these essences should be respected by both men and women.

          Teaching our children the truth about white supremacy is not only basic common sense, but it is a must for our survival.

          • Timothy says:

            You’re Welcome Sister Courtney,

            It is not right or just to attack any child in a disrespectful way. Respecting children is part of our black African cultural ethos. Yes, the Republican staffer Lauten was wrong and evil to disrespect the First Daughters. Sasha and Malia should be treated fairly. Regardless of what people think about the policies of the President, Sasha and Malia are young Sisters. They should treated with dignity and with respect. She or Lauten did issue a fake apology. She resigned. When our people (especially the youth) are under attack, we will defend them and their humanity.

            I love how you mentioned the truth about black people forming a good foundation. We need it since building our own house does need a great foundation. That means that our people should be reminded of their great cultural heritage and how we can use independent action in establishing solutions. Having a strong social consciousness and a great self-actualization are key ways for liberation to occur for our people.

            The emasculation of the black male is very calculated (by the system of white supremacy. Many authors and scholars have written on this issue). We see how black male kids are punished harsher in schools than white male kids even if they are punished for the exact same offense. We see how black manhood has been degraded. This process existed during childhood as you have outlined. We have to condemn this evil without promoting the oppression of females. Men need liberation. Women need liberation too. Children need to know that they are valued and loved as human beings. They need to be protected and respected by a strong community. We can never be free until we respect the masculine essence and the feminine essence. We are in a war for our survival.

      • I’m not surprised at all. They’ve been doing this type of stuff for years. They love to blame it all on black people. These are some very twisted bastards! Racist corrupt cowards in my opinion!

  13. anonymous says:

    Thank you Courtney and Timothy for responding. Courtney I am limited on data but will take a look at the video you posted when I can. I am hoping that where outside agitators are involved in escalating the tensions in Furgueson, they be exposed.

    • Courtney H. says:

      @ Anonymous:

      Thank you for your response. I do believe that there were outside agitators in Ferguson stirring up trouble as a justification for the military crackdown. The video by MrSuperboy is very interesting. He brings up a lot of points about how Black children are being used and raised by outsiders.

  14. GiatheSwan says:

    But TrojanPam sex with whites will cure everything. Stop telling me who to sleep with. <<<< A majority of Abagond's Blog. One day I will find a white person who fights white supremacy and throws all whites privilege away beside me as we hold hands! Okay, it's a bit odd they don't find why they default to white relationships as interracial.

    That is so embarrassing, our biggest issue is "why they don't want to sex us" or "do they want to have sex with me?". That is humiliating. You whole life and race reducing themselves to being needy bedwarmers from petty questions. Black people should spend less of that time thinking about interracial sex and doing little things to secure their community. Like making stores, centers that house black college kids in the city etc instead of "do green men and women like back men and women in bed?". Freaking humiliating. I can't read anymore of this crap. We can't even make black businesses like the jews , mexicans or asians and put our kids through college but we worry about our bed. I need a break from all these blog, the same responses over and over….

  15. GiatheSwan says:

    As long as black people or people in general whine about their interracial I am not discussing that any longer. You are not groundbreaking, it’s been going on for years. I posted a few comments on abagond, but I think interracial discussions shouldn’t be as big as it is in our community. More like an unhealthy obsession. If you want to date out, or sex out, go do it and leave it be and stop using it to frame your narrative unless its on topic to a comment or asked from someone else. You are not groundbreaking. You are not new. You are not daring. Rinse and repeat.

    • Lumumba Afrika says:

      I like your comment. however, another issue is those who want their “tragic arrangements” to be accepted as normal. This is very dangerous especially when they bring their white sexual partners to family gatherings and force their relatives to smile and be kind to a racist suspect at an event which is supposed to be a time to relax and enjoy the company of family. I was the victim of this recently and it was a tacky display and very gauche. This white woman who is dating a male relative had one of the young black boys (about 3 years old) laying across her lap for a time rocking him to sleep and no one said a peep. Then later, she was “horse playing” with another young boy about the same age and he slapped her. Then the mother of the child grabbed him and beat hm in front of her. It was quite disgusting. The problem is not only that some non-white (Blacks) think it is “revolutionary”, but they want everyone else to see it as “normal” and just accept it as if there are no negative ramifications to come.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ GiatheSwan

      Stating opinions on a blog is not the equivalent of “whining.” One could just as easily accuse you of whining about the topic.

      Your opinions are welcome here, however, you can not and do not call the shots about what is discussed on this blog.

      I will continue to discuss the perils of interracial dating for a people who OWN NOTHING, CONTROL NOTHING, and who are too confused and arrogant and mentacidal to recognize the signs of war being waged against them by the same people they LUST after.

  16. LBM says:

    It’s open-season for sure. This despite the fact that the chokehold is illegal. If the klan in uniform can murder with filmed evidence and not at the very least be indicted–we need to be clear that “no justice no peace” chants are of no use. We must change tactics. One thing black males can do is redirect the domestic homicide rates against black women towards folk who will garner (no pun intended) concern and attention.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ LBM

      Yet, I find myself debating with black people about the wisdom of even discussing interracial dating while black people are being devastated by a white supremacist war

      The same ones who think this topic is “tired” are often the same ones being sexed by whites WHILE complaining about racism and their mistreatment at the hands of whites.

      That is the epitome of confusion.

  17. GemGirl says:

    In case anyone is interested, the following two articles are insightful:

    The Stages of What Happens When There’s Injustice Against Black People by Luvvie — December 4, 2014

    James Baldwin asks ‘How are white Americans so sure they are white?’12.04.2014 – SOURCE Posted at Dangerous Minds by Paul Gallagher

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