White Supremacist Finds Out His Ancestors Were Black – Some Comic Relief

Posted: May 8, 2014 in Uncategorized


 White Supremacist Finds Out His Ancestors Were Black

 Feud tied to DNA test of supremacist’s black blood

Craig Cobb white supremacist

The recent arrest of neo-Nazi Craig Cobb, who wants to turn a small North Dakota town all-white, was apparently sparked by a feud with a fellow supremacist who turned on him when DNA tests showed Cobb to be part black, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The violence, however, apparently was traced back to another white supremacist who had a falling out with Cobb, the Times reports.

Grant County Assistant State’s Atty. Todd Schwarz tells the newspaper that a fellow supremacist apparently targeted Cobb with racial graffiti after he’d found out that Cobb’s DNA results showed he was part black.

(Now, that’s funny).

  1. billlincoln2 says:

    Beware the NEO RACISTS.

    The neo- racists will never call you a n-word, but will definitely treat you as a n-word.

    The neo-racists are politically, financially, and legally astute, but lack moral conviction.

    The neo-racists have convinced themselves that they know what is best for you.

    The neo racists will use flattery, complements, educated words, sophisticated words, charts and graphs, to convince you into thinking that it is best for you to give up your constitutional rights and submit to their will. Still keep in mind that murder is always their option, so never drop your guard.

    The neo-racists are generational and will plan their strategies up to 4 generations in advance.

    They will use their serpentine eyes to beguile you to put down your defenses, and then they will swallow you, your children, and grand children…whole.

    Beware the NEO RACISTS. Date: Thu, 8 May 2014 16:42:55 +0000 To: billlincoln2@hotmail.com

  2. Courtney H says:

    I know that this is a little OT, but this has to do with the recent mass murder spree committed by a self-identified White male who was half-White/half-Asian. This blogger talks about how — once again — we are not talking about White males and violence the way we discuss Black males and violence in society. Some of the commenters discuss self-hatred among White-identifying biracial people:


    • Timothy says:

      Great Article Sister.

      The more we know about this tragedy, the more we understand more about this issue.

      The murderer has not only disturbed views. Her internalized white supremacist thinking in his psyche. That is a recipe for disaster as history tells us. The evils of misogyny, racism, and white male supremacist entitlement have been expressed by this sick person. Certainly, we have to fight back against such retrograde ideologies if we want to get solutions. This situation is more than about mental illness (though mental health is an important issue). It is about too many people in society worshiping the immoral views of white supremacy. The self hatred expressed by some white-identified biracial people is apparent. I like how the article mentioned the phrase alpha male, because the murderer is not a true man, but a disturbed male. In actuality, a man should not strive to be a stereotype. He should strive to be strong, intelligent, compassionate, and conscious of his own surroundings. I like how the article shows the truth that many view black people murdering others as a thug and many view white people murdering others as “mentally ill” or it is just an anomaly. The truth is that murder is murder. Murdering innocent human life is evil no matter who does it. I feel for the victims’ families. Also, we should express empathy for the lives lost of Brothers and Sisters worldwide too. Many folks ignore the dignity of black life.

      • Courtney H says:

        @ Timothy:

        Thank you for your excellent response! I also feel for the victims’ families. I don’t know how many people have to die before the dominant society realizes it needs to deal with its own pathologies instead of pointing fingers at other people’s so-called problems.

        • Timothy says:

          The victims’ families are going through a lot. The injurious pathologies that exist in Western society must be addressed if we want to see real change. As the Great Sister Trojan Pam writes, we need to replace the evil system of white supremacy with JUSTICE. Our black people should not be scapegoated for the massive evils found in America.

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