Ten Observations About Donald Sterling’s Racist Rant

Posted: May 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

For those who have not heard the audio (because they had better things to do) here it is:


Observation #1:  Donald has the right to say (or do) whatever he wants in the privacy of his own home.

 article-0-0293809A000005DC-200_634x303(FYI – this is not Donald)

While I have absolutely no sympathy or regard for Donald, I believe in freedom of speech (a constitutional right that is under attack by the current administration as we speak). What if someone decided my blog was “white hate” speech? Would that give them the legal right to ban my blog?

That being said, I can’t believe there is a single black person over the age of 25 who can honestly say they were shocked or dismayed by the comments. (At least I hope not).

Of course, the NBA Commissioner and his hypocritical ilk have heard Donald make similar and possibly much worse comments about blacks on many occasions (probably every time no black people are in the room).

In fact, I bet the Commissioner, himself, has said a lot worse, which leads to…

Observation #2:  Black people should be WELL past the point of being shocked or upset or insulted when prominent whites make racist comments publicly–or privately.

don imusDon Imus calling the Rutgers women’s basketball players “nappy-headed hos”

In fact, we should assume “racism” is the WHITE DEFAULT position, instead of having one white person after another after another “prove” they are a racist.

With all the critical issues facing blacks collectively, we have more important things to think, say, and do than sit or stand around outraged by highly publicized racist rants. We should be expending our precious time and energy finding strategies to ELIMINATE RACISM.

(And work on eliminating our anti-blackness toward other black people, which goes hand in hand with eliminating racism).

Observation #3:   Clippers turning their jerseys inside out signified what?

clippers jerseys turned inside out

This point might step on a few toes (but it needs to be said). I find it a little ironic (for lack of a better word) for some of the black players to be so outraged about a racist statement by a white person when a good percentage of the black pro basketball players go home to a white female (or male).

Does their choice of a partner mean they deserved to be victimized by racism? No, but it shows a huge amount of confusion (and lack of self-respect, in my opinion) whenever a black male OR black female who discriminates against other black people in the bedroom starts complaining about being the victim of discrimination because they are black. Go figure…

Observation #4:  Black people did not get Donald banned from basketball.


There isn’t a SINGLE BLACK PERSON–including Magic Johnson or Oprah Winfrey–in this country who has the “juice” to ban Donald from anything, including the local Taco Bell.

What I believe happened is, in the aftermath of black college basketball players waking up to the FACT that they were being horribly exploited financially (working for FREE like their slaves ancestors worked) while the whites connected to college basketball were raking in millions, the “game” didn’t need or want anymore bad publicity.

Our white supremacy masters abhor the sight of black slaves stirring about restlessly in the slave cabins, actually THINKING about the multitude of ECONOMIC GAMES being run at our expense.

Donald just picked the wrong time to drop his refined racism mask and made the foolish mistake of allowing himself to be taped while doing it.

Observation #5:  V. Stiviano, the “girlfriend” of Donald is not an innocent bystander

donald-sterling-v-stivianoGirlfriend of a Known Married Racist White Male

Describing herself as black and Mexican, it seems she admitted to taping the Donald (not Trump). When I listened to the tape, I got the distinct impression she was talking to the tape machine, and that she had an agenda.

Her politically correct “conversation” didn’t resemble the type of argument one would have with a lover or a friend who is insulting at least one side of her family (the black side).

According to one of the many articles in the media, Stiviano leaked tapes and told Walters she did record their conversations, and shared them with friends. Stiviano claims “a friend” leaked the audio.

But, she said, this rant — in which Sterling told Stiviano not to “promote” her relationship with black people or “bring them to my games,” — “was not the first time” they had these conversations.

Allegedly, Donald knew he was being taped, something he often did to remember the conversations he had with people.

Just like Stiviano knew she was sexually involved with a white racist who despised black people.

Observation #6:  Donald is still a card-carrying member of the “Privileged White Male/Female Club”


Despite his racist rant, Donald is still a billionaire, and will probably be one until the day he dies.

Observation #7:  Banning Donald could be another RACIAL ANTAGONISM STRATEGY


I believe most whites (whether they admit it or not) feel Donald got a bum rap. Perhaps the ouster of Donald from ownership of a team (if that happens) and being banned from all NBA games (come on, the guy’s got one foot in the grave!) will fan the flames of racial (and racist) antagonism against all black people, who are often portrayed as victimizing innocent white people.

Observation #8:  Donald Sterling will be transformed into a downtrodden hero by the time his day in court arrives.

Already, the white media has cranked up the SYMPATHY MACHINE (which, not surprisingly, doesn’t work for black and non-white people). I predict that the lion’s share of white sympathy will go to him, a racist white male who makes BILLIONS off mostly black ballplayers. He is not the villain, black censorship (which doesn’t exist) is.

0429-sterling-usa-4Donald Sterling

Disgraced Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been battling cancer for several years, TMZ has confirmed.

Sterling’s cancer medication, believed to be for prostate cancer, is what has caused his face to look puffy in recent years, says the New York Post. One source told the paper, “They thought he would die two years ago.”

Clippers players were unaware of Sterling’s alleged condition. Blake Griffin told reporters after last night’s loss to the Golden State Warriors, “If that is true, my thoughts and prayers are with him. Nobody deserves to go through something like that.”

Earlier this week, Sterling was banned for life by the NBA and fined $2.5 million for his racist remarks.


V. Stiviano: Donald Sterling Is Not a Racist, Should Apologize for Remarks

abc_v_stiviano_wy_140502_16x9_992V. Stiviano interviewed by Barbara Walters (May 2, 2014)

Despite the controversy around his comments, she said he is not a racist.

“I think Mr. Sterling is from a different generation than I am. I think he was brought up to believe these things … segregation, whites and blacks,” Stiviano said. “But through his actions he’s shown that he’s not a racist. He’s shown to be a very generous and kind man.”

Sterling, 80, has owned the Clippers since 1981. Sources also told ESPN Thursday that Sterling is battling cancer.


Observation #9:  Donald Sterling’s “lifetime ban” from basketball won’t last his lifetime.

Only time will tell.

Observation #10:  Donald Sterling’s “ban” is nothing for blacks to celebrate

In fact, I suspect this “ban” will serve as another sleeping pill that will lure the black masses into erroneously believing that  “good white people” will always come to our rescue whenever the “bad white people” say something racist.

However, the only time the white cavalry show up is when it’s something minor, like a racist comment, but they seldom appear when something significant (like Trayvon Martin being murdered on his way from a convenience store) happens.

Strangely, most high profile “good white people” have a hands-off policy when it comes to real crimes against black people.


  1. Tonia says:

    Great points! I definitely already thought about observations 3, 7 and 8 prior to reading this article. In regards to #8 in just the last few days there’s been a report that Sterling has prostate cancer so the sympathy card is already being played in his favor.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Tonia

      The only observation that caused me pause for concern (after I posted it) was number 5:

      Observation #5: V. Stiviano, the “girlfriend” of Donald is not an innocent bystander

      I understand that she is a victim. I think all non-white people are victims, myself included BUT it is still worrisome to me personally.

      Even my own behavior (at times) is worrisome, and I address it often because it needs to be addressed. Otherwise, where is my self-respect level when I can’t be honest with MYSELF about what I’m doing and what I should not be doing?

      I do not subscribe to that theory that the behavior of victims is off-limit for analysis and critique. I don’t see the usefulness of pretending that NONE OF US ever know what we are doing. This “don’t ever critically examine the behavior of a victim because he or she is a victim” — lends a level of FALSENESS to the debate and the attempt to eliminate white supremacy.

      However, I also agree with Mr. Fuller that victims bashing other victims doesn’t solve the problem and that black people often are more critical of other black people than they are of white people.

      It’s a dilemma that I struggle with so I want all to keep in mind that I AM A VICTIM and I MAKE MISTAKES

      but I’m also OPEN to constructive criticism, so feel free to question or comment on anything I post.

  2. Timothy says:

    I believe that Donald Sterling is a disgraceful man. Folks should not be surprised at his commentaries since such views have been made by white privileged males for a very long time (even by poor white people too). The powers that be acted fast in this situation since they wanted to give the appearance of PROGRESS when we are caught up in the same struggle for freedom and justice. When our median income as a community in the States is lower than years ago, when we still have massive violence in our communities, and when we have massive poverty in areas of our communities, then we have a long way to go. Also, since black people make up a huge fan base of the NBA, they had to given a token response for financial exploitation (and to maintain a strong black backing of the league).

    Sterling is responsible for his actions. V. Stiviano is not perfect, but some want to use her as a scapegoat (for his actions. Not to mention that he had to pay money in a settlement that dealt with an accusation of housing discrimination). The Clippers’ actions were very tame compared to what even civil rights activists did back in the 1960’s. This situation certainly is being exploited by some to give black people a false sense of security when we are still catching the same oppression from the oppressor, but in more slick forms. We as black people have to respect our dignity.

    Sister, your Observation #4 is the smoking gun of the situation in my view. Great points like usual.

  3. Miss Pam

    Something I learned whilst speaking to Mr. Fuller is until the system of white supremacy has been dismantled, whites will never suffer for too long, never be disgraced for too long, never made to feel guilty for too long and will ALWAYS have excuses made for them.

    Remember the guy from Seinfeld who ranted against “those niggers” in that now infamous comedy routine? I heard he’s in a brand new TV show. We, as victims of their sickness, must EXPECT this type of behaviour at ALL TIMES and prepare for it mentally and spiritually.

    This is not new, nor will it ever cease to exist as racism is white people’s religion. They must practice their religion lest they perish. Until we understand this very simple and pertinent FACT, we’re always going to be caught “off guard.”

    • Timothy says:

      We certainly know about the god of these white racists worship in their religion and it is certainly not the CREATOR OF BLACK AFRICAN PEOPLES AT ALL. THE CREATOR IS PRO-BLACK WITHOUT QUESTION. You made the excellent point that the system of white supremacy must be eradicated completely and a system of true JUSTICE want be instituted for us as a people to be fully FREE. The same white racists yelling about personal responsibility in relation to black people refuse to say to Sterling that he has personal responsibility for his actions. This is a spiritual & mental battle against evil. More of our people have to realize this. The enemy never shed its wicked agenda and we have every right to continue to promote righteousness in the world (our spirits, our melanin, and our strength are superior to the enemy’s evil). GOOD IS BETTER THAN EVIL.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ diaryofanegress

      I agree.

  4. Courtney H says:

    @ Everybody:

    Have you seen this?

    • Timothy says:

      I recently looked at the video Sister. The man in the video represents the mentality of some. He said that Sterling has the right to be a bigot. Well, we have the right to use free speech as a means to condemn Sterling too and use boycotts. We have the right to stand up for our dignity. Also, if someone threatens you verbally in a harsh fashion, then you have the right to sue. No one can’t do what they want like Crowley said. Sterling is a racist. We have the right to respond to injustice. Also, the woman never forced Sterling to outline his vile, sexist, and racist words at all. The woman being placed as a scapegoat for Sterling’s own responsibility in my view is futile. Sterling said those words not the woman. Sterling was forced to pay money in response to accusations of housing discrimination not the woman. The real issue is that the system of white supremacy is fully on display and the woman has been disrespected by Sterling. See, the speaker omits that the man Sterling called the woman stupid, the enemy, etc. IT IS ALWAYS WRONG TO PLACE A VICTIM AS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTIONS OF AN OPPRESSOR.

      I have no respect for Sterling at all. He said blacks love to be the victim, etc. Now, many blacks don’t like being victims. We just know that we are victims of oppression and we want to be victors. He made some interesting points (about white privilege, which he is right on. He is right on exposing the hypocrisy of racists since racism is based on hypocrisy. I find that many of these white racists will marry, have sex, and have children with black people) mixed with stereotypes and inaccurate statements (in my personal opinion. He uses the B word, which I don’t agree with). That is my take of the video.

      • Courtney H says:

        @ Timothy:

        Thank you for your response. I think that Geeweev’s videos are interesting, and that he has opened my eyes on a lot of issues, but I have to admit that I don’t agree with everything that he says. I really appreciate you taking the time explaining and pointing out both the attributes and flaws of this video.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Courtney

      Watched a little of it. I know it’s disturbing to see a non-white female with a man like Sterling but I don’t believe the focus should be on her.

      It’s pretty obvious to me why she’s with him.


  5. Yeah, as Gus would say; birds chirp, dogs bark, ducks quack and white folk, well, they white folk.

  6. Shanequa says:

    Lets get the record straight we all know that Donald Sterling is Jewish, the NBA commissioner Adam Silver is also Jewish as well so he’s not going to let Donald Sterling go down hill. Donald Sterling might be ban for now but he will still be on top and will gain more once everything about this situation dies down. It has been well known that Donald Sterling has been racist throughout the NBA league. I just wonder did Magic Johnson knew anything about Donald Sterling racist views about blacks but kept it quiet for all these years till he mention his name.

    I was also upset by the L.A. Clippers players going out to play the basketball game with there jersey inside out to make a statement. In my opinion that was a coward move to make especially for black men. The L.A. Clippers shouldn’t have played any game regardless if they were under contract even other black NBA players should have took a stand an don’t play any games for support. This would have been a good opportunity for young black men to take a stand on racism but they chose to be cowards. The statement when Donald Sterling mention how he help provides the luxury lifestyles for his players again comes down to how the slave needs his master help to provide for him.
    I also have questions surrounding Donald Sterling’s mistress V. Stiviano motives. I wonder did she decided to mention Donald Sterling’s racist views to blacks since his wife was suing her or could it be that Donald Sterling was ending the relationship with her. I highly doubt she would have mention anything about Donald Sterling being racist if his wife wasn’t suing her or him ending their relationship.

    Furthermore Donald Sterling wife is no different from he because she has said racist comments toward blacks as well. Here’s the link to the article: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/basketball/donald-sterling-wife-racist-views-court-records-article-1.1774056

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Shanequa

      I agree that Sterling will be made into a martyr before it’s over.

      From what I understand the players are under contract and they have to play or they’ll be sued.

      All in all, it’s a sordid situation.

  7. Stacy says:

    I think there is more to this than meets the eye. Just a precursor for the attack on freedom of speech for others(like you stated Pam…your site being singled out for hate speech). Most importantly, the black community being singled out, because we have the largest percentage of people not supporting gay rights agenda. What’s next, speaking out against non support of LGBT will punish black people? Furthermore, anytime a platform is used to punish a white person( if you call that punishment) the hidden agenda has always been LOOK OUT black people! Also, I find it highly suspicious that a Jewish male is getting his dirty laundry aired in public….because the media is owned and controlled by them( never hear about the Rabbi’s raping alter boys in mass). In addition, he could have pissed off a more powerful Jew, and this is his take down. Or his racist wife may have joined forces with his mistress and she is looking out for herself financially because he is near death. The so called estranged wife’s frivolous lawsuit against the mistress is just that. Why didn’t she go after all of the previous mistress’, who received more in gifts…having been in his life more years than V. Steviano?

    Consequently, I believe what is being presented front stage is hiding the REAl agenda going on back stage. But, WATCH OUT BLACK PEOPLE…and stay tuned!

  8. Shanequa says:

    @ Stacy I agree with your statement.

  9. I think this case sums up the sexual confusion and the fact that this non-white woman can sit there and say that Donald is not a racist in spite of his comments because she possibly had sex with him or played with her two black boys (which they claim she adopted). This is the crux of the problem to me and is part of what puts blacks to sleep. They think that because a racist suspect is sleeping with you, then that means they’re not racist. Sex is such a powerful tool and is a key weapon that whites (white male in this case) use in order to confuse victims. Just total confusion all around and blacks don’t know what to do. White Supremacists- 1. Blacks- 0…

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ writetomylife

      it’s a big mess. She had no business adopting any children, especially considering her age, immaturity, lifestyle, and exposing them to a white male racist

      • c.andrews says:

        This is a bigger ole mess than what they choose to talk about, it is reported that V. Stiviano is transgendered and nobody in the mainstream media is talking about this yet even though it is known and as such they are letting this shemale adopt 2 black boys is even more sic. Mr. Fuller talks about sexual confusion spewed by the racist/white supremacist and this is a example….

  10. Lorna says:

    I agree with you Stacy. I thought about what is really going on. Why is everyone so shocked about the comments he made. This is a destraction a slight of hand move by the powers that be to keep us from looking in the direction that we should. There are some world events that the U.S. is partisipating in we might to look at instead of a common rasist statements.

  11. TrojanPam says:

    @ MILINT Earth Day Clerk: Lara

    Your comment has been deleted.

    Obviously, you lack the intellect to express an opinion without name-calling and using profanity

    Fortunately, I don’t have to deal with that HERE

    Take your foul mentality where it will be appreciated.

    • m1 says:

      Several points. Since Donald smallhat Sterling racist conversation was made public, here come the false equivalencies . Fox News decided to do stories on Rep. Bennie Thompson unfortunate name calling of Justice Clarence Thomas as the equivalent of Sterling. Now comes go after Michael Jordan for statements in his upcoming book. Also if Donald sells the team he stands to make at least 50x what he paid for it. Oprah,Magic,Mayweather may buy the team and BLACK people will be happy. Now Ms V Stiviano. The assault on her is piling up. Remember, he abused her on tape. Also her character is constantly under attack. The worse example of this was Bill Maher. 1St.he’s defending a fellow smallhat . 2nd Maher says she’s whorish and worse than a whore. Remember, Maher constantly has sex with black ladies, says “I love black women.” Yet this is how he speaks of someone he”loves”. Now if anyone fits golddigger,whore extortionist etc.its Oskana Grigorieva, baby mother of 2 famous actors one of whom was married. Yet when she played tapes of Mel Gibson racism and verbal abuse. It ws understood Oskana was and is Mel’s victim. Remember V Stiviano is the victim.

    • Timothy says:

      I think that the article made interesting points. One of the major points of the article is that black people in every generation should fight the powers that be not only in terms of politics, but in the sports world too. The struggle did not end. It continues. We are very gifted intellectually and athletically. Other people know that many white elites want to exploit our talents for their own economic benefit. There is nothing wrong with us having POWER. Far too often, POWER has been demonized. The reality is that we have every right to possess ownership of our powerbase as long as we utilize our Power correctly. We should not be like them and use our power to mistreat folks or abuse Nature in a brutal fashion. So, there is nothing wrong with black people investing in their families, in programs of social uplift, and in our future. It is better to invest than to spend money recklessly. When you own something for real, then you have POWER. The exploitation of sports players is not totally equivalent to the Maafa or American slavery, but there are key similarities between both realities. William Rhoden’s “Forty Million Dollar Slaves: The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of the Black Athlete” book conclusively proves these similarities. You have a white male acting like he privileged to dominate his players like a master rules over his slaves. We should see ourselves as fighters against evil.

      • Courtney H says:

        Thank you. Sadly, my mother passed away in 2003, but I appreciate it. May your mother have a blessed Mother’s Day, Sir!

        • Timothy says:

          I am sorry to hear that about your Mother. RIP to your Mother. Thank you for your words about my Mother too. She is the nicest human being that I know in my life.

  12. Courtney H says:

    Here’s another interesting article concerning Sterling:


    I would like to have some feedback. Thanks.

    • Timothy says:

      This article that you have shown is a common debate. Before going forward, Sterling in the tape made an interesting point. He admitted that Ethiopic Jews in Hebrews are mistreated, which is accurate. The current Lukudnik regime in Israel have allied with the neo-conservatives in advancing a reactionary foreign policy agenda. Any unfair privilege ought to be condemned. Some Jewish people exploit the evil of the Holocaust as an excuse to claim to have immunity from any fair critique. Yet, the reality is that no one is immune from fair critique. It is very disrespectful for some to exploited the abomination of the Holocaust as a means to demonize those who want justice for oppressed human beings. Some folks need to be reminded that the Maafa was worst than the Holocaust. The Maafa lasted for centuries with unspeakable actions daily. Both injustices are evil. There are some Jewish people who have unfair privilege in the world. I think we should acknowledge the leadership role of black people in our movement for liberation and never let non-blacks take credit for our movement. THIS IS OUR MOVEMENT AND NO ONE OWNS IT. Also, I don’t believe in hating Jewish people. Some folks confuse exposing evil policies from some Jewish people as equivalent to hating all Jewish people on Earth, which is not the case. So, Sterling does have privilege. That is easy to see. I just love my black people. I believe in self determination among black people.

      • Courtney H says:

        @ Timothy:

        That response is one of the best that I have read concerning this issue. You really broke it down! One of the reasons that I go to this Jewish blog is because it counters all the racism coming from so many Jewish commentators out there — in the U.S. and in Israel. If Africans worldwide cannot be immune from fair constructive criticism, then Jews shouldn’t be either. Other groups that have suffered atrocities aren’t allowed to be immune from criticism, either. This is how it should be for all groups.

        I also agree that even though other people became involved in the Civil Rights Movement, it was African-Americans who took the brunt of the violence by the dominant society. That should never be forgotten. Furthermore, slavery (the Maafa) was worse than the Holocaust, because it lasted longer and more people were brutalized and killed.

        Dr. Umar Johnson talks about this all the time. He states that since other groups won’t claim us, then we shouldn’t attach our struggles with theirs. He is a strong supporter of self-determination among Black people.

        Again, Timothy, a wonderful response! Thank you for the feedback.

        • Timothy says:

          You’re welcome Sister.

          Your words are excellent too. I heard of Dr. Umar Johnson before. He has shown great insights on issues from culture to pan-African issues. Also, he has walked his talk by working with the youth and setting up programs in the States including Africa (as a means to help our people). I admire his courage and strength. He admires Mosiah Marcus Garvey like we all do. There is a lot of racism directed against us Africans worldwide (it is found not only in the States, but in Europe, Israel, etc.). I have looked at images of Black Israeli Brothers and Sisters protesting for their human rights in Israel. You are correct on the view that all groups are not immune from fair critique. Our struggle for liberation is certainly unique and we have the right to dictate the control of our own struggle. We run our movement and many movements in American have grown as a product of the black liberation struggle in the States. I also did much research about the Holocaust and found that many black people died in it (from black soldiers to Afro-Germans).

          • Courtney H says:

            @ Timothy:

            Thank you for your complements and response. I agree that Dr. Umar Johnson has opened my eyes on a lot of issues. His videos on YouTube contains so much information, that I tend to watch (or listen) to them repeatedly so that I can take in all of the enlightening information!).

            For a class project that I did about four years, I did a PowerPoint on the African Diaspora, and included Israel as one of the countries that discussed. The Palestinians represent one group that has taken on some of the tactics of the American Civil Rights Movement.

            Here is an article about a Black man who lived in Germany during Nazism. He died early last year:


            When I taught seventh-grade some years ago, we English teachers taught a unit on the Holocaust and Anne Frank. I found some info at the Holocaust Museum about Blacks during the Holocaust:


            Again, thank you for your response.

          • Courtney H says:

            Here is a good video of Dr. Umar Johnson. It’s more than an hour long, so you will have to put aside time to watch it:

      • anonymous says:

        What the Jews who are involved in the mistreatment of Black people don’t realize, is that given the history they have had, and the ongoing resement of them by many in mainstream America, it is only a matter of time before there is an up- tick in hatred directed toward them. By buying into whiteness and throwing Black people under the bus they are not exempt from ill treatment, nor have they been fully accepted into mainstream society. Instead, they should be very aware that, once white supramist have a great deal of hatred for them, and they are thnext. Historically there has always been a resentment of Jews in the dominant culture, and no matter how well they have done in a society, sooner or later they were persecuted. I also wanted to say that your comment is spot on.

        • Courtney H says:

          @ anonymous:

          This is an excellent comment. Minorities who have hurt their own to gain favor with the dominant society don’t care whom they hurt on their way up the social ladder, as long as they’re making money while doing it. However, they will all eventually get their wake-up call, and when that happens, it won’t be pretty.

  13. Mariama says:


    While I appreciate everyone’s thoughts regarding the Sterling controversy, I hate to disagree with you all regarding V.Stiviano. I do not see her as a “victim” at all. She is a grown woman who knew what she was doing and so-called “people of color” like her willingly get into situations like this regardless if they know the person that they are intimate with is racist. Certain “victims” like her are not to be trusted. Just because a person is black does not mean that they will be on your team. And you have certain black folks who are obssessed with the “white” world and will acquiesce them at any cost. I would not trust these blacks with a ten foot pole. I think that we tend to think that just because they are “victims” that means that they are naive and have not contributed to the downfall of their group. As it has been mentioned before, white supremacy has been able to flourish because there are so-called people of color who are and have been co-conspiritors. Don’t be fooled. Sure Russell Simmons, Lil Wayne, Leslie Jones, and the countless others are “black,” but based on their total lack of regard and respect for our ancestors, I would not trust them as far as I could throw them.

  14. LBM says:

    “By buying into whiteness and throwing Black people under the bus they are not exempt from ill treatment, nor have they been fully accepted into mainstream society. Instead, they should be very aware that, once white supramist have a great deal of hatred for them, and they are thnext. Historically there has always been a resentment of Jews in the dominant culture, and no matter how well they have done in a society, sooner or later they were persecuted.”

    It’s not wise for Black people to separate whites according to “religion” or anything else. So-called jews, catholics, republicans, anti-racists, liberals – still white dominators.

    P.S. Research how white jews were doing in America while the “holocaust” was going on? Check out “An Empire of Our Own” about the making of hollyweird. What about the famed New York “Garment District” that thrived on cotton picked in the south? Or the DeBeers/Openheimer consortium and their then-and-current rape of African resources. “They” claim their holocaust took a third of their population – what of the other 2/3s? Check this or not, my main point is that we don’t get duped into separating whites on ANY basis.

    • anonymous says:

      I am very aware of this issue, and how there are Jews who benefited and are benefitting from the oppression of Black people. Back in the day there were slave ships owned by Jews, and so forth. As I wrote the above post these issues were foremost on my mind.

      “… my main point is that we don’t get duped into separating whites on ANY basis.”

      Definitely food for thought. Thanks for responding.

  15. LBM says:

    “I also did much research about the Holocaust and found that many black people died in it (from black soldiers to Afro-Germans).”

    Timothy, I can’t recall the name of the book(s) at this moment but “white germans” committed a vicious “holocaust” on the Herero and Nama people in Namibia decades before whatever happened amongst themselves in Germany. There’s some info online as well.

    • Timothy says:

      You are absolutely right LBM. There is research about this vicious Holocaust in the internet. To see the victims just breaks my heart. This event shows the viciousness of the white terroristic bigots. One book that describes this evil is called, “The Kaiser’s Holocaust: Germany’s Forgotten Genocide and the Colonial Roots of Nazism” by Casper Erichsen and David Olusoga.

  16. Courtney H says:

    @ LBM:

    Here is some online info about that genocide you were talking about:


    • Courtney H. says:

      And here is a documentary about the genocide:

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Courtney H

        I have something for you. Please send an email to racismws@gmail.com for the details.

        Trojan Pam

        • Courtney H. says:

          @ Trojan Pam:

          Thank you.

          And I have this for everybody. It was posted on Brotha Wolf*s blog:

          • Timothy says:

            I have watched the entire video Sister.

            The video is very creative and informative. That is my first impression of the video. It is very important for more of our people to use social media, etc. as a means to get the truth out. The premise of the video is that the love for Africa and the love of blackness are great actions for people to pursue. Both of us have a great love of Africa. We both love Africa with a great love indeed. The video was right to refute and dispel the myths that white racists have of Africa. The truth is that Africa has tons of modern amenities, great transportation services, down to Earth human beings, and beautiful fauna plus flora. In fact, in our time, more African Americans are dating including marrying Africans including vice versa. The video is right to show how the racist ignore how other peoples wear certain rings on their bodies, but they want to demonize black people unfairly for their cultural diversity. The video talks about ancient Egypt and we know that black Africans lived in ancient Egypt before. Black people lives across the continent thousands of years ago to build great civilizations from Nubia to Songhai. The video also wants to encourage black people from the States to go into Africa. Although, I have no issue with black people fighting for justice in America either.

            That is fine since Africa is the Motherland. Many Africans from the Diaspora feel at home when they come into Africa. Africa has its issues and these issues heavily come from imperialism, neo-colonialism, etc. caused not by the masses of Africans (but by racist Europeans and others who desire to exploit the beautiful land plus the resources of the Motherland). I like and appreciate how the video outline the beautiful of black skin. Black is beautiful. You can easily tell that numerous white people have a conscious or subconscious jealousy of our beautiful dark skin color, our lips, our hair, our flavor, our intellect, our creativity (when Pablo Picasso and Martisee have copied African art before), etc. That is why many whites use surgeries all of the time in trying to look like us. Yet, they can never be us at all. Our blackness is from the Creator and it is unique and powerful.

            The Knowledge of self and the fight for justice are great concepts for us to embrace in our hearts. That is why they fear Black unity, because true black unity is not only morally right. It just feels good. It feels good to do what is right and to love our heritage. No woman is more beautiful inside and out than a black woman. That’s real talk. That is why we should always condemn bleaching creams and any type of tactic that disrespects our natural blackness. The video talked about Arabic imperialism too, which hasn’t been shown a lot in some circles. We do know that the Arabic leads of many countries collaborate with the West forming token Sunni hegemonies and exploit the resources of the world too. For example, Saudi Arabia (which is a mostly Sunni nation with anti-democratic laws) is an ally of the West. The system of white supremacy promotes the lie that God is white when we see images of black representation of religious images even found in Europe. Black people are the first humans on Earth.

            The Creator created humans in his image, so obviously God is not white. Blackness is of God. It is ironic that many whites want to use tans to look like us when a strong black man and a strong black woman would never want to look like them. We should respect our heroes, but not only that. We should continue what our heroes did. Our heroes include people like Lumumba, Fred Hampton, Sojourner Truth, and other human beings who sacrificed their lives for the people. They loved our people. Lumumba and Fannie Lou Hamer are some of my personal heroes.

            When I was younger, I read the literature from Cheikh Anta Diop, John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Runoko Rashidi, and others. There is nothing with Black Power either. Black power deals with self-determination and the development of economic and political power among the black community. Certainly, we need strength and we should always love our black African identity. At the end of the day, we need to keep our eyes on the prize. That means that we should build in our communities, fight for truth, defend our Brothers and our Sisters, and love Africa.

            • Courtney H. says:

              Brother Timothy:

              You are welcome.

              Thank you for your illustrious response. You broke down the video beautifully, and explained a lot of the message that it was getting across — that Africa and Africans are beautiful. I do not need to add to what you have said, because you have said it all!

              Again, thank you for your compliments and response.

            • Courtney H. says:

              Here is another video about Africa and Africans:

              • Timothy says:

                First, thank you for showing the link about the Huey P. Newton Gun Club article. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Brothers and Sisters forming independent groups (and they own arms) dedicated to protection of the black community. Educated, trained, and dedicated people who own arms in the right way are fine with me. The old school BPP, the Deacons of Defense (who protected civil rights activists all over the Deep South) owned guns. Also, we should have political and economic strategies to get justice too. So, there is nothing wrong with the Huey P. Newton Gun Club opposing police brutality and seeking justice at all. We have every right to defend our Brothers and especially our Sisters (as black women have been the victims of police terrorism and domestic violence). Our people have the right to have jobs, their environment protected, and their humanity respected.

                Self-defense and human self-preservation are basic human rights. Our human rights should be protected without exception.

                John Henrik Clarke’s video on Africa is not for the faint of heart. It showed a lot of truths that all black people should hear. The truth is that European supremacists and others (like Arabic supremacists) exploited religion as a means to promote false concepts and sought to dominate Africa in an evil, vicious way. There is nothing wrong with spirituality. There is nothing wrong with believing in the Creator. Yet, we should not believe in falsehoods like God is white, whiteness is superior to blackness, and that we should accept Eurocentric concepts in our minds (which we should never do). Our minds, bodies, and souls should embrace true revolutionary liberation and that liberation is about the rejection of falsehoods. Spirituality should be used as a means to liberate our people (not as a means to dominate our people in an authoritarian fashion). Ancient African cultures readily dealt with community development, altruism, care for the sick including the elderly, and compassion for our neighbors. Africa have great people and great resources. Today, Africans are fighting imperialism and neo-colonialism. We are in solidarity in fighting back against those scourges. We are in opposition to imperialism, misogyny, and other injustices. Our greatest allies are black people. We are black and no one can support us like black people can. We can use self determination to fulfill our legitimate destinies and aspirations. If other peoples can develop infrastructure, we can continue to grow our infrastructures as well. John Henrik Clarke spoke the truth that Africans should rule Africa. We deserve justice and independence.

            • Courtney H. says:

              Have you seen this?

              • Timothy says:

                This is my first time looking at the video. Certianly, there are double standards. The riots in the Pumpkin Festival were heavily downplayed by the mainstream media as a product of youthful angst almost. The reality is that the rioting by white youth have harmed innocent human beings for no reason. There protested no legitimate grievance and the riots they were acting like real thugs. The rebellions in Ferguson expressed legitimate grievances against police brutality, police murder, discrimination, racism, and other things. So, there is differently a double standard and white privilege is a reality. When you have white people getting lax punishment because of “affluenza” then we have white privilege. The people who did the Pumpkin Festival riot hurt people with bottles. Our people as black people are still mistreated and harmed by the racist society. Zaza Ali made a great point about how George Washington , Thomas Jefferson, and others are nothing more than terrorists, slave owners, and abusers of people. The war on terror is a product of hypocrisy, because those in support of it claim to promote democracy, but the democratic right of the people in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa have been violated by war on terror actions. Even peaceful protesters in Ferguson were harmed by the police, which has been called a human rights violation by the group Amnesty International. The leaks of the autopsy by the media certainly is trying to get public opinion against Michael Brown’s family.We are in solidarity with the family of Michael Brown’s family.

                The system of racism/white supremacy is our enemy without question. This is why black unity is so important now more than ever.

                This is a great video.

            • Courtney H. says:

              Brother Timothy:

              Thank you for your response to the Huey P. Newton Gun Club article and the Dr. John Henrik Clarke video. I do not have anything to add, (as usual) you have summed it all up excellently for both. I am glad that I was able to provide this information for us to watch/read and ponder over. I really enjoy looking at different sources to expand our minds, and I enjoy information provided by others as well.

            • Courtney H. says:

              Brother Timothy:

              Thank you for your response to the Professor Griff/Zaza Ali video. Your comments are spot-on, and what the hosts on the radio show are talking about is pure truth — white privilege is a b*tch. And they are right: Once we get rid of white privilege, we will get rid of a lot of what is wrong with this country (as well as the world, since white supremacy is a global issue). I have nothing else to add, but I agree with you that this video is great in telling the truth.

  17. Courtney H says:

    Here is another interesting video about Sterling:

  18. anonymous says:

    @Courtney H
    I remember reading about Valaida Snow years ago in Ebony or Essence magazine, and I think that at one time Spike Lee was considering doing a movie about her. The gentleman who grew up in Nazi Germany wrote a book about his experiences, and I remember reading an interview he did for Ebony magazine. It is funny how often Black people are overlooked in narratives about past wars.

    • Courtney H says:

      Thank you for your response. You’re right — Black people are ignored when it comes to historic events. That’s what Black History Month is kind of cheap — this history should be taught all year long.

  19. Courtney H. says:

    Here’s another interesting video about Sterling:

  20. hi,

    first, i want to say i truly appreciate the blog and am happy to have found it. it gives me a lot to think about. as a black female from the millenial generation (similar to ms. stiviano), i find two things problematic about your post:

    1. to say that it’s ironic that a majority black b-ball team protested against their racist boss because they ‘discriminate’ in the bedroom is pretty bombastic. we don’t know the dating histories of these men. YES, most black male celebs seem to marry interracially, but the idea that they are not entitled to protest or be offended is highly exclusionary. it’s like saying only “certain” blacks can be in the ‘impacted by racism club.’ it’s respectability politics (http://www.gradientlair.com/post/62640967706/dear-can-you-help-me-a-bit-im-trying-to-find-your) and off putting. if black love is revolutionary, accepting and acknowledging all forms of black identity (even super-rich, interracially dating black folks who contribute to systems of oppressions) is necessary. kanye west married a white woman. does he no longer get to speak and write about racism in his music and interviews because of that?

    this is deeply disconcerting for me, particularly as a diasporic black woman with white and mixed folks as family members. additionally, we can’t forget the multiplicity of identity. blake griffin, a player on the clippers, is mixed race. because his father “discriminated” against blacks, is blake exempt from true blackness, black struggle, black political thought? historically, athletes are *highly* apolitical, thus it’s commendable that they even stepped up.

    2. your unkind words against v. stiviano: regardless of her clear internalized racism, she is a black and latina woman who comes from poverty. she supports her black and latina family members with $ she was getting from a bigoted, white billionaire. our sisters of color need love and acceptance. she is being lambasted as a gold digger, a trick, and shady conniving woman for what she did. her race and gender is correlated to her character assassination. she was recently violently attacked by men in New york. she’s now a survivor of violence and it pains me to see other people of color, particularly those who are deeply invested in black success, turn a blind eye to her *humanity*.

    my questions for you: is there a “right” or “wrong” way to embody blackness as a black person? does interracially dating, particularly among youth, most of whom have ZERO knowledge of systemic oppression and white supremacy, mean one is against black success? is it impossible to be black, be committed to black excellence (and all POC justice) and love a non-black person?

    • TTNYCRN says:

      Hey Bibliophilette,

      Like yourself, I am also a millennial black person and I also enjoy TrojanPam’s blog as it is very informative and gives critical thinking to our situation as black people in America and the diaspora.

      Your objections are valid however the common sense cant be missed, so i have to agree with TrojanPam on the discriminate in the bedroom thing.If black person wants to integrate and find love with whites, thats their free will. But to come and pretend to be down with the black liberation struggle is a joke. Lets face it. The basis of being in an interracial union for a black person is to try to be more white and be accepted by the white world. So if you want to be accepted by white society, why pretend to care about the struggles of “real black folks”. Be colorblind and live your merry life.

      Basically the crux of the argument is you just cant trust blacks in interracial unions. They have divided loyalties considering they are trying to profit, to some degree, from their white partners financial or otherwise. Basic common sense, a bird does not go to a cat and then “claims” to be for other birds. If I had to choose between a black person in an interracial partnership with a white person and say, Frank Rizzo (the racist mayor of Philadelphia during the 1970s who crushed the Black Panthers) I would chooze Rizzo because I know where he stands. I like peopld to stab me in my face, not the back.

      Anyway Bibliophilette, just my views. Nevertheless, I respect your information.

      • TrojanPam says:

        @ TTNYCRN

        I can appreciate that everyone will not agree with everything I write. I don’t have all the answers (and maybe fewer than I think) but I do try to follow the logic (most of the time) and logic tells me that we cannot defend ourselves against white oppression and then seek out sex with white people who are benefiting from our oppression.

        The logic also tells me that the CONDITION of black people today is EVIDENCE that assimilation and integration and interracial dating has done a tremendous amount of damage to our self-respect and group respect and sent our anti-blackness through the roof


        Because we ASSIMILATED into a white supremacy system that DESPISES OUR BLACKNESS.

        Because our desire to be with white people is our flawed attempt to overcome our own SELF-CONTEMPT

        Every black person I have met who has been in a long-term relationship with a white person became more confused, more anti-black, more anti-black-self, and more white validation-seeking

        I haven’t found one exception. NOT ONE.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ bibliophilette

      I’m glad you found this blog and like most things, you’ll probably find some things that resonate and other things you disagree with.

      I’ll address your points one at a time.

      Point #1 — this blog is about racism/white supremacy in all its forms. I do not find it contradictory to discourage dating/breeding/marrying whites WITHIN a system of racism/white supremacy because that is contradictory for those who claim to oppose white privilege and oppression.

      If we were not in a system of racism/white supremacy, I wouldn’t be doing this blog. Then, people could just be… people

      Unfortunately, it’s a historical FACT that white colonizers used sex as a WEAPON of mass mind and culture destruction of non-whites. There are black scholars who have written at length about this WARTIME TACTIC and EVERY SINGLE NON-WHITE POPULATION that has engaged in sex with white colonizers has either been destroyed, their numbers greatly reduced, they’ve become self-hating and white-idolizing, and have lost their land and resources to their white colonizers.

      When war is being waged against a population and that population becomes so demoralized and disorientated that they SEEK and PREFER to bond and breed with the same people who BENEFIT from their deaths and oppression over their own “people” —

      that is a form if INSANITY and should not be encouraged or praised OR ignored.

      yes, a black person who engages in sex with a white person WITHING A SYSTEM OF WHITE OPPRESSION has the right to talk about it, in fact, they can talk until they are black and blue in the face AS LONG AS they understand AND accept the FACT that they will never be free of that oppression

      It’s like listening to a woman with an abusive husband complain about the terror and abuse and beatings and then when you suggest she stay away from him, she gets defensive and argumentative and starts defending him.

      That’s what it feels like (to me) when you’re talking about racism/white supremacy with a black person who is having sexual intercourse with a white person. It is TOTAL CONFUSION and TOTALLY CONFUSING and I am not interested in having those conversations about their “abusive” partners. Take it someplace else, which is MY RIGHT to refuse to entertain them.

      What black and non-white people MUST understand is eliminating this system will not be easy. It will require great sacrifices and if NOT sexing white people is too great a sacrifice, then perhaps we don’t deserve to be free of oppression because it is a FOOLISH CHOICE to choose sex with whites over freedom from oppression. A choice that is becoming increasing perilous for the confused victims of white supremacy.

      And from what I have seen part of the strategy is to encourage blacks to breed with whites to PRODUCE just this kind of “conflicted” mixed children who will be torn in their loyalty or often go running to the “white side” because it offers more privileges and benefits — even as they are being GREATLY mistreated because they are not white.

      This is a huge mistake for black people who are under severe attack.

      You can go from one end of the planet to the other and you see the confusion of non-white people who are losing land, resources, lives, and freedom ALL while worshipping a white Jesus, bleaching their skin, and fighting each other — and the white supremacists use this to their advantage.

      I also have “mixed” folks within my family but that is not the point.

      When war is being WAGED, YOU MUST PICK A SIDE. Those who are conflicted and think they can ride the fence are going to find themselves IMPALED on it because the war is intensifying against black people right here in the U.S. and abroad.

      In a white supremacy system you are either WHITE or NON-WHITE and those who have a white parent and a black parent are still NON-WHITE and most blacks who descended from slavery have white ancestors and they are still mistreated. Some of us are light and some are brown and some are dark and we are all mistreated. I have nieces and nephews with a white parent and they are still mistreated.

      My own personal mantra which I stated in my first book is something I still say to this day


      You cannot be loyal to your white partner and be disloyal to the system of white supremacy because your white partner is benefiting from it and has NO INTEREST in losing those privileges. I go into this in great detail in my 3rd book, The Interracial Con Game,’ so if you’re interested, you can check it out .

      Of course, you are always free to disagree with anything I’ve written here/

      Point 2: My comment about Stiviano was not constructive and came from my frustration over the endless circus of black people sexing openly racist whites only to be victimized themselves by their racist partner in the public arena. She is a victim and I was sorry to hear that she was attacked. I wonder what lessons — if any — will she learn from her experiences NOW that the white media has painted her as the victimizer of that poor old senile white victim, Sterling.

      Here’s my response to your question:

      Is there a right or wrong way to embody ‘blackness?’ I suspect there are some more constructive ways compared to more destructive ways. I don’t think it’s a hairstyle or using the right words but more an ‘attitude’ of preferring your own people and putting their welfare above the welfare of people outside your group. This doesn’t mean you can’t be compassionate and kind but your LOYALTIES are with your own people.

      The same way Asians put the welfare of their people above that of black people.
      The same way Hispanics put the welfare of their people above that of black people.
      The same way Arabs put the welfare of their people above that of black people.
      The same way whites put the welfare of their people above that of black people.

      When a group of oppressed people don’t get that concept they will suffer the most. They won’t have strong communities or economic bases. They will be SLAVES to the rest of the planet. Once you have your OWN house in order, then you can worry about someone else’s but if you’re taking your time, money, energy and love to those who do NOT care about your community OR who are attacking and exploiting your community and the same people who look like your mother and father and grandparents and sisters and brothers and nieces and nephews and aunts and uncles

      and then talk about being “proud of what you are” there is something wrong with your thinking and some might call you clinically insane.

      Having sexual intercourse with white people WHILE COMPLAINING about being mistreated by white people — to me — is a sign of mental illness.

      The reason black children do not know about racism is black adults are not teaching them the TRUTH ABOUT RACISM. That is why they are falling hook line and sinker for the lie of white validation and sex with white people as a way to boost their humanity. Unfortunately, they will find out (and are finding out) that no amount of sex with white people will stop them from being mistreated and IN FACT guarantees that they will not recognize racism in all its forms when they are victimized by it.

      In answer to your last question, I’m not sure what “black excellence” means (because I don’t consider integrating and assimilation and white validation via awards, titles, and perks from white people as “black excellence” — and the term POC is not one that has any value to me, because it usually means the truth is NOT being told but whatever is being said is being used to confuse and deflect and derail HONEST conversation.

      Can you be black and love a white person?

      A better question is can you truly love yourself and love someone white who is in all likelihood a racist who is either practicing racism against you OR other black people when you’re not around?

      For me, the answer is NO

  21. bibliophilette says:

    thank you for your response.

    while i have a deep respect for you as an activist, author, and struggler, it is quite clear that there is some great ideological rift between us that probably can’t be resolved. while i admire you, i cannot, in good conscience, accept many of your teachings.

    the moment that i “got it” — when you derided survivors of domestic violence for defending their abuser. that’s psychological duress, that’s internalized hatred, that is a cultural and systemic issue with deeply serious individual consequences. here are some things about intimate partner violence that typically shock people: 1 in 3 women who is murdered in america is killed by her current or former partner. 1 in 4 women will experience some sort of DV or sexual abuse in her lifetime. black women are victims of DV 3x proportionate to our population rate. frequently it takes women 3 TIMES to leave an abuser successfully. i have worked with these women, known them personally, heard them defend their abusers and make excuses. only once they had the RESOURCES and SUPPORT to leave the situation did they manage to do it. knowledge, power, love and UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE that enthusiastic victim-blamers (that you seem to be) have no time for. i am thankful that there are compassionate folks who continue to fight for these victims and their children. the violence that men imparts upon women is deeply connected to conceptions of genetic superiority. some radical feminists advocate that women stop marrying, dating, and mating with men.

    as you know, the abuse that black folks experienced at the hands of whites (and still do) GREATLY impacted our black psyche and consciousness. we have internalized racism and inferiority complexes. IT’S NOT CONSCIOUS, it’s subconscious. when my family members told me i had good hair, complimented my complexion and my proper speech (adults and youth) they weren’t conscious — they are still trapped in the cycle. they were not the catalyst to my liberation — one cannot teach what one does not know. so what to do of my kinfolk?

    this is where we can find no common ground.

    these flawed, sometimes cruel and self-hating, yet loving, resilient, beautiful and human black folks are my family. they are like MOST african-americans. because they aren’t aware of white supremacy makes them no less valuable than you or i. i do not forsake them. it sounds as though you do. i do not forsake my family members who interracially married or their “confused” mixed children. they are worth loving, they are living their lives using strategies that work for them. you know, like trying to pay the bills because of the harsh forces of racism, sexism, and capitalism?

    this cold, harsh, black and white “you MUST pick a side in war — you CAN’T love non-blacks” ethos is not going to galvanize a strong black union. it is going to further divide us, and from what you’re saying, excommunicate blacks who are “sleeping with the enemy.” i have been learning about white supremacist-capitalist-heteropatriarchy for many years, but never have i been told from authors and activists that loving a non-black person made me less black, less worthy, less…dare i say it? human.

    this war against black folks requires an intersectional lens, an understanding of gray areas. for because of this horrendous ongoing history of genocide, slavery, imperialism, and war, we are inextricably linked. interracial/ethnic and mixed families are still taboo, but not uncommon. try telling a mixed child to choose a side.

    i guess what i’m saying is, en route to loving myself, i have never been able to succeed in that through hatred of “others.” i decry white supremacy, i rebuke this thing called “whiteness”. but i don’t hate white people.

    reading your thoughts is disheartening because i am a skeptic about absolutes: men and women are opposites. blacks and whites don’t get along. older and younger generations can’t connect. however, if i am interpreting you accurately, that may be true of us. completely separating blacks, whites, latinos, asians, natives, and middle-eastern folks is not just feckless, it’s impossible. race and ethnicity is complicated. racism AND sexism AND classism AND all of these -isms are serious issues of our time. but they are INTERTWINED.

    can i give you an example? the plight of homeless, trans youth of color facing joblessness, street violence, criminalization and death is not just about RACE or CLASS or SEXUALITY or GENDER or RELIGION or whatever other social identity. these oppressions are interwoven.
    for more info: http://www.transequality.org/Resources/ or http://www.huffingtonpost.com/nathan-manske/from-homeless-to-hopeful-_b_4904955.html

    is the most pressing issue facing a black trans teen who has been kicked out of their home, has dropped out of high school, and is prostituting for survival (and community) the fact that they are (probably) having sex with white people? or is there something else to consider they may need first? to this end, how do you see the ultimate reduction or end of inequalities that disproportionately face youth of color — physical/verbal/sexual abuse, incest, criminalization, segregation, poverty, and disenfranchisement?


    you continue to use this vulgar term: “sexing” in reference to interracial unions. it brought back memories of addressing my mother’s homophobia and her obsession with the concept of gay sex. “it’s a sin!” says who? reducing a relationship to sex is just that, reductive. and what of couples who are abstinent? and what about the sex incites so much repulsion in you? i am truly curious. what if blacks and whites are just friends — is this still antithetical to the cause of ending white supremacy? it’s mutually exclusive to have an interracial friendship?

    & what life experiences brought you to your current perspectives?

    peace to you — bibliophilette

    • TTNYCRN says:

      Hey Bibliophilette, once again your response is well thought and you are a very intelligent person. Even though your response was to Trojan Pam, since I agree with some of her positions I just want to point out some things that is critical to understanding why blacks that are in interracial unions with whites are not of any help in working against white supremacy.

      1) Respect vs help in a cause.

      Blacks in interracial unions with whites obviously have their free will and their choice/preference in a mate should be respected. However, just because someone deserves respect does not mean we automatically throw them into positions that they are not useful for. For example, if I am the head coach of a basketball team, I respect all my players but that does not mean I am going to put in my weakest link at the end of a championship game. And truth be told, blacks in interracial unions are usually pretty comfortable with white supremacy, so thats not really a problem for them.

      2) Division of blacks

      You stated that a harsh division of blacks ” sleeping with the enemy” will erode a strong black union. However, the question is do those blacks with whites want a strong black union anyway. I agree with you with the fact that I also dont believe in absolutes but you cannot be blind to probability or majorities. Most blacks with whites, whether conscious or subconscious, are trying to profit from their partners whiteness to some degree( more money, move to a white area, etc.) So if thats the case, live and let live. Dont pretend to “care” about those blacks in the “ghettos” and “battling white supremacy” when you get hit with a racial issue like the Clippers players. In other words, it is better to have 2 real fighters against the horrible system of white supremacy that 50 fakers that like it 99% of the time.

      As I said, you make very intelligent points. I myself don’t agree with everything that TrojanPam writes but most of the time, she has a pretty accurate analysis that afflicts us as black people and other people of color (Native Americans, etc.). And obviously, as black folks, we not a monolithic and have our diverse perspectives on various human issues. Nevertheless, I cant be lost on the common sense of interracial unions. If a bird is with a cat and he is leading other birds to freedom and liberation, you got to frer sorry for those other birds.

      Just my two cent and I hope we could peacefully agree to disagree if needed.

  22. bibliophilette says:


    thank you for your message. it’s nice to know that disagreeing does not make us foes, enemies or dichotomous variables tied up in the same system of oppression.

    i suppose that my point of departure from your beliefs is the following:

    two things can exist side by side, can they not? i am more of an “both/and” person, not an “either/or” person, as you and trojanpam seem to be. (abagond writes about this: http://abagond.wordpress.com/2011/10/17/diunital-cognition/)

    in example: the battered wives and partners who are psychologically annihilated in these relationships and have no self esteem are certainly victims who are, in a sense, colluding with their oppression (sleeping with the enemy, as it were). yet. they still want to know freedom, peace, love, respect, and a nonviolent relationship for themselves and their children. this is called cognitive dissonance. understanding something as one thing, but also finding a way to rationalize it. from your view, POCs in interracial unions with whites are cognitively dissonant.

    so here’s my point: you nor i have the right to take away a black basketball player’s (or whoever) ability to feel empathy or struggle regarding the plight of many inner city black americans. just because they got out doesn’t mean they have forgotten their family members and friends. a great example is richard sherman, the seahawks player called a thug because of a passionate post-game interview. he wrote an article unapologetically defending a fellow player who was attacked because of “gang affiliations” with his hometown in california. http://espn.go.com/blog/seattle-seahawks/post/_/id/5353/sherman-defends-jackson-rips-the-eagles

    from his post: ”
    “Those men with DeSean in the social pictures and the police reports weren’t his closest friends in childhood,” Sherman wrote. “But when his father died, they were there for him.

    “Was DeSean supposed to then say, ‘Thanks guys, but now that I’m a millionaire, please leave me alone’? In desperate times for people who come from desperate communities, your friends become your family. I wouldn’t expect DeSean to “distance himself” from anybody.

    “Going to college and playing in the NFL creates a natural distance, but we can’t push people away just because they’re not as successful as us.”

    “I look at those words — gang ties — and I think about all the players I’ve met in the NFL and all of us who come from inner-city neighborhoods like mine in Los Angeles,” Sherman wrote. “I wonder how many of us could honestly say we’re not friends with guys doing the wrong things.

    “I can’t. I can’t change who I grew up with, but what I can do is try to educate them on the right way of doing things, help them when they need it, and try to keep them out of trouble. ”

    this is a man who makes MILLIONS of dollars off a system of racist-sexist-capitalist-heteropatriarchy that treats black bodies like chattel slaves. AND YET HE CARES.

    again, famous athletes have a long HISTORY of apoliticism. right now in brazil, the famous pele is defending the brazilian government’s decisions to choose world-stage profit over brazilians.

    so richard sherman saying ANYTHING is meaningful. again, he is embodying this revolutionary to act of loving blackness. even those we left behind.

    that said, i cannot turn my backs to black people. i don’t believe there are good and black bad people. by your estimation, most blacks must be bad because most blacks aren’t committing themselves to the cause. even i, a grad student, am not fully committing to the “cause”.

    i moved and chose to the live in the “hood” where most folks have my brown skin and history of shared struggle. yet here i face daily harassment and nightly here abuse taking place in the street and next door. i want to MOVE. when i do, i am like those middle-class blacks who seek “solace” in non-urban areas, right? welp, sorry, i make choices for my sanity and mental health. staying where i am is not sustainable. and yet, i still feel deep empathy for my neighbors (most who are not “problem”) who don’t have the same choice.

    a dose of realism and the ability to accept two things alongside one another is necessary.

    peace to you – bibliophilette

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