The TRUE SIZE OF AFRICA = India + the U.S. + most of Europe — put together! Talking to Black Children about R/WS Part 4

Posted: February 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

It was no surprise to learn that European mapmakers — as far back as the 16th century — DELIBERATELY reduced the size of the African continent, but I had no idea by how much until I compared the maps below.

Map A (updated in 2013?) shows Europe and Africa as roughly the same size while North America is larger than both. This is FALSE.

world-continent-mapMAP A:  THE WHITE SUPREMACIST VIEW OF AFRICA  (the version taught in school)


The composite map below (Map B) is not 100% accurate — for example, all of China does not fit inside Africa —  but it is more accurate when comparing the size of the African continent to Europe and the United States.

True_Size_Of_AfricaMAP B: AFRICA  (and the countries/continents that could fit inside it!)

This is just ONE more piece of evidence that:

1) we live under a system of white supremacy/black inferiority — even when it comes to making maps.

2) the system of white supremacy relies on LIES, DISTORTIONS, AND DECEPTION to minimize, marginalize, and inferiorize African people, even to the extent of making it appear that the African continent is much smaller than it actually is.

3) referring to Africa as the “Third World” is another method used to minimize, marginalize, and inferiorize African people (which is why I refuse to use the term to describe people of color)

4) black people should NEVER, EVER rely on Hollywood films, for example, the Butler, 12 Years a Slave, Red Tails, Django Unchained, 42 (movie about Jackie Robinson) — regardless of how many black names are attached to it — to teach us about our past history OR our present, lest we be as DECEIVED as we have been about the TRUE SIZE of the African continent.

There is TOO MUCH EVIDENCE for us to blindly support these films as fact OR to assume that a “Hollywood” production is the intellectual equivalent of sitting in a legitimate classroom or reading a book on black history.

I wrote a post about whether “The Butler” is a “black” film and after researching it, I concluded it WAS NOT. (click here to read it).

We are FAR TOO TRUSTING as a people to allow the same people who have distorted and whitewashed our TRUE AFRICAN AND AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY  to teach it to us — AND our children — as we sit inside a movie theater.

Since Map A is probably the one most likely to be shown in black grammar and high schools, please share this information with as many black children, youth and adults as possible. This map provides another opportunity to talk to black children about racism/white supremacy. E SUPREMACY = FALSEHOOD

“Map dishonesty” — featured in the TV show, ‘The West Wing’ – season 2-episode 16


  1. Adeen says:

    Good post but these mapmakers make Africa smaller than it is to minimize the importance of Africa on a word stage. This whole article is so true too

  2. Shanequa says:

    You are so right about the real map of Africa. Africa is where the great wealth is beneath and above the ground.

  3. Courtney H. says:

    I was on You Tube earlier and the All Time To 10s had the “10 Poorest Countries.” All of the countries are located in Africa. What people need to realize is that Africa’s natural resources were stolen by the European powers and that to this day, the IMF has held these countries hostage with loans. Theses were allowed their “independence” as long as they paid the IMF “loans” in return. That is what needs to be taught.

  4. Tonia682 says:

    Mind blowing…..

  5. the video clip was on point. This should show people how far they are willing to go to make themselves appear bigger and better than they really are.. If they do this to a map imagine what they do to school curriculum.

  6. Omay Farlane says:

    US and European Countries…. compensating much?

  7. LBM says:

    I’ve also come across some maps on which the other continents have their name bold superimposed while Africa is just there, with no such label.
    There’s so much misinformation with what is taught which effects our understanding of other aspects of history. Most students are not clear that you can walk from Africa to Europe. If they were clear about that the modern look of so called “north” Africa would make a little more sense.

    Also the size of Africa and the number of countries/regions is under taught and often times even Afrocentrics do a disservice by saying something is or is not “African” with no reference to country or region or tribe.

  8. Reblogged this on knowledge of self and commented:
    It was no surprise to learn that European mapmakers — as far back as the 16th century – DELIBERATELY reduced the size of the African continent, but I had no idea by how much until I compared the maps below.

  9. (whole map flipped upside-down)
    “you can’t do that!”
    “why not?”
    “’cause it’s freaking me out!”


  10. Timothy says:

    Great Words. We should not be naive about what we are up against. The more we teach the black youth about the truth, the more confidence can grow in their minds and hearts. This is the first time of me seeing so many large nations fitting in the continent of Africa before. Africa is such a beautiful continent. Lies from the white supremacist system about Africa are commonplace. Some folks don’t realize that Africa has many modern technological services and powerful infrastructure too. Many black Africans are strong and fighting for justice. Africa has issues, but European imperialism, colonialism, and corrupt IMF policies (along with other things) heavily influenced the harm done to Africa indeed. We will continue in this journey in showing the truth about our history, our culture, and what we are up against (which is white supremacy) to our community. We should believe in the beauty of our BLACKNESS, love AFRICA a great deal, and continue to do POSITIVE action as a means to achieve the prize of black liberation.

  11. […] 3) referring to Africa as the “Third World” is another…”;  Read full article on authors site […]

  12. David Kittrell says:

    Not only the size of the map but also the fact that whites are considered the majority and people of color (all colors) are referred to as the minority hen whites only make up a very small percentage of the earth’s population as compared to any one race of color. Also the perception of beauty especially western beauty is valued as it pertains to European standards even though western standards of beauty are usurped, copied, modeled are borrowed from
    the attributes of women of color.

  13. José Zavala says:

    You must not have finished high school. Earth is round, an maps are plane. So when they are made, different projections are used to make earth shape and distances fit well. The taught projection (mercator i think) respects shapes but not distances. So it is evident that places like africa are represented smaller than they are. Now science is white supremacy, this post is just bullshit.

    Pd: nazi blogs use the same map argument as you to justify their black invasion bullshit.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ José Zavala

      Given how poorly written your response is, you shouldn’t comment on anyone’s educational level.
      Regardless, since it is clear you are no authority on the size of Africa, what you think has no importance here.

      • Timothy says:

        @Sister Trojan Pam

        This person totally misrepresented what you stand for. First, you have clearly said that Africa is a large continent that is bigger than America, China, and India combined. Second, you believe in the wonder of science and you have told the truth about how the system of racism/white supremacy had oppressed black people globally.

        Not to mention that there are other maps that show the accurate dimensions of the sizes of continents. God Bless you and Goodnight Sister.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Timothy

          It’s interesting that the majority of white or non-black posters who come to my blog do a hit and run, do a lot of name-calling (a sign of low intelligence) and cannot explain their point of view. The only reason I don’t delete them is they are the BEST EVIDENCE of what we’re up against.

          People so strongly wedded to the idea of white supremacy and so weak that they cannot stand on their own without it, that they will NEVER be convinced of anything so there is no point in trying.

          The day black people stop trying to convince white people that we did not come from nothing is the day we will start BECOMING what we have always been.

  14. anonymous says:

    The lady speaking in the video is an educator.

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