“White Friends” with Herndon Davis — on The C.O.W.S.

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The Context of White Supremacy (C.O.W.S.)  welcomes Mr. Herndon Davis. Mr. Davis is an author, consultant, producer and TV/Radio personality focusing on issues of diversity through the lens of pop culture.

racism is white supremacy

C.O.W.S. Program Description

Mr. Davis penned a blog post that went viral; he detailed his decision to ditch his White pal of sixteen years. He offers a bevy of details on the their companionship through the years and how generous his White buddy had been.

But closer scrutiny of online political commentary started Mr. Herndon to thinking. It seems that “damn Obama” was the catalyst for a cascade of White angst and overt vitriol that could only be categorized as Racist.

When he decided to part ways, the White man branded Mr. Davis a “radical” and a Racist.

We’ll see if Mr. Davis has other “White friends” and if this incident has further informed his understanding of what it means to be White.

racism is white supremacy

Program Audio Clip Below  from  Sunday, January 19, 2014

PART 1 –


PART 2 –

Mr. Herndon Davis’s Blogpost

Link to C.O.W.S. Download Page

  1. sondis says:

    Very interesting show, had i knew about the it, i would have called in and asked a question or two.

  2. Miss Pam:

    My dear, as Yurugu loses his/her place on our stolen planet, they will lash out in ways that will shock even them. Get ready for more Trayvon Martins. Yurugu cannot, I repeat, cannot EVER admit defeat or wrongdoing. Without their sense of self entitlement, their arrogance as the Supreme Being and their cognitive dissonance, they are literally no better than the “niggers” they scorn.

    i’ve learned by much pain and suffering and depression that white people do not function as normal, integrated element of Nature. They function OUTSIDE of it. That is why they and only they see no fault with drying up the planets natural resources, causing pollution in the air, sea and ground, creating Monsanto seeds laced with arsenic, stealing precious jewels and oils from our Motherland, gorging themselves rotund on more money, more money, more money…and having NO clue as to why this is now backfiring on their flat asses.

    The selection of Obama is just the beginning. Wait and see just how desperate Yurugu gets when he begins to feel what we have felt for over 500 years. I’ve said this millions of times: The whiteman will drink his bitter medicine HARD and undiluted FOR ETERNITY for what he has done to God’s Original People and God’s Planet. Oh, and by the way, something else I’ve learned about Yurugu:

    The term “white friend” is an oxymoron.

    White people have no friends. No roots with ANYONE. They Only have business associates that benefit them.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ diaryofanegress

      I firmly believe in KARMA. Of course the massive crimes against non-whites and the planet will have massive penalties. What black people need to do–in my opinion–is avoid IMITATING this wickedness for personal gain. They want us to share their KARMA–of course, we can’t because we are NOT the actors, we are the ones being ACTED UPON.

      The Universe knows who the problem is and Mother Nature is quietly and efficiently eliminating it.

      I suspect there are many black people who have thought a white person or lover or spouse was a “friend” only to find themselves dumped and dogged out by a RACIST.

  3. Timothy says:

    That was an interesting, great interview. I had to meditate again to make sure I wrote words that are spiritually enlightening. The black man who once had the white friend obviously was naïve in the beginning. Many take kindness for weakness and the white friend viewed the black human being as malleable socially and ideologically. Later on, when President Barack Obama was elected, the white friend’s true colors came about more overtly. The white person fails to witness the fact that the Powers that be selected Barack Obama to be President as a means for him to be the current spokesman or scapegoat of the current system of white supremacy (that is proven by the fact that the policies of Bush Jr. like the war on terror, the Patriot Act, the bailouts, etc. continue onward in the Obama administration). His white former friend fails to see how the corporate elite funds both major parties as a means to strife comprehensive progress among the masses of black people.

    Also, I find that many white people want black people to submit to them socially or ideologically (as a means to advance their own interests). In other words, some white people want black friends as a means to validate their own views not as a means to stand up genuinely for black liberation. The black man who was interviewed still in my view seems hurt subconsciously, because of his once naiveté (and the tone of his speech throughout the interview outlines his pain including hurt). I have known whites all of my life.

    In my life, I have witnessed the loyalty, the respect, and the dignity the most from black females. Black females were there in my life from the highest of the highs to the lowest of the lows. I will defend Brothers and Sisters in my life. Even now, my Dear Friend is a Great Sister who is my intellectual equal (she talks with a northern accent). I have a lot of love for her. She is a Sweetheart. 🙂

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Timothy

      I think black people are so eager to find a “good white person” that anytime a white person shows us any kindness or treats us like we’re fully human, we snatch the opportunity to get white validation. I know because I have done it

      Whites are the standard in a white supremacy system, which means they have the power to determine our humanity — or our lack of it. It’s like being a child in an abusive home. You’re so used to being mistreated that the least bit of kindness the parent shows the child becomes MAGNIFIED beyond its importance — and reality.

      I think this speaks more of the cruelty of white people collectively than how naive black people are.

      Of course, the prisoner curries favor with the guards and the warden. The prisoner is trying to SURVIVE, but what is the excuse of the warden who unjustly locked him/her up? There is no excuse.

      What I’ve learned is a racist can be nice to a non-white person and can genuinely enjoy their company but that doesn’t mean they are not racist. Our thinking is too simplistic and too shallow.

      And that desperate need for white validation is the main engine driving black people into seeking white “friends,” white lovers, white spouses, and sometimes rejecting black ones, and I’d add that this desperate NEED makes it super easy for a white person to manipulate a black person in any manner they choose.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Timothy,

      I just had another thought

      maybe a huge part of the appeal of being a black entertainer is the OBVIOUS white validation white people give blacks who entertain them.

      I was watching a scene in a TV show where a black female is impersonating Tina Turner and the camera kept flashing back to the mostly white audience and they’re smiling and clapping and to the self-esteemed starved, greatly oppressed black person that might seem like the maximum white validation.

      While they’re on that stage, they’re being admired (so they think) and getting applause, AND getting paid.

      And instinctively, we know that being singers, and dancers, and jokers, and clowns and fools are SAFE OCCUPATIONS for a black person where to be “too” ambitious or smart or educated or confident or innovative can lead to being labeled an “uppity” black (nigger) who will find endless obstacles being erected in his or her path.

      Just some food for thought

      • Timothy says:

        Excellent Points Sister.

        In the white supremacist system, it is taboo for black people to engage in thinking that deals with analyzing information, with building up technological advancement, to deal with science, and other advanced means of growth that relates to human civilization. There is nothing wrong with singing and dancing at times. There is a time and place for everything, but we should not be just singers alone. If all that we can do is sing without inventing or creating advanced forms of economic development, then our progress will be limited. White validation deals with some black people living up to white expectations instead of black people living up their own expectations (and their true destinies as human beings).

        Great Insights.

  4. LBM says:

    Anti-blackness promotes singular “good” deeds done by anti-humans be ascribed to the lot of them while singular bad deeds by black folk is ascribed to the whole of us. Because of this, it’s crucial that black folk avoid any intimate (non-work, non-business related) attachments with anti-humans. It indeed causes confusion and as the COWS guest proved, hurt. If not sooner, surely later.

    As I’ve pointed out before, predominantly anti-human countries are have a negative birthrate. So nature is taking care of yurugu. It’s US who continue to fight nature in so many ways and thus we prolong our own domination.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ LBM

      Many, many victims of racism believe they can change the system by subjugating themselves to it (submitting) despite all the evidence.

      I am not trying to convince the majority of anything, I realize how futile that is — despite the evidence of greater and greater suffering of blacks in this country and all over the world.

      Either they will learn or they will not. There isn’t much anyone can do except try to reach the ones who TRULY WANT TO BE LIBERATED from the system of white domination. Unfortunately, that number is small.

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