Counter-Racism Economic Stop #3: STOP Committing Black Economic Violence – Part 2

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On Economic Violence

By Joe Madison

Part Two

A further examination of tastes, interests and values reveal that once you adopt or are coerced into perpetuating the tastes, interests and values of another group of people you will not only be committing economic violence against yourself but you will be committing violence against your health.

Example 1:  In Hawaii,  over 50 percent of native adults 40 years old or more were diagnosed with diabetes. The Hawaiians are a Polynesian people who have for centuries flourished on a local diet of vegetables and fruits from their land.

After the U.S. invasion and displacement of the Hawaiian Queen Liliuokalani, the tastes, values and interests of native Hawaiians were changed to the tastes of white people. Hawaiians began eating hamburgers, pizza, etc. and became zombies of American fast food-ism and forgot about their traditional foods.

Something interesting happened:  Disease in the form of diabetes. Diabetes was never a problem for Hawaiians until their tastes were changed. In effect, Hawaiians were funding their diabetes.

A Hawaiian doctor trained in western medicine and traditional healing sciences went on a crusade to save her people from diabetes. She did not prescribe insulin-controlled by white pharmaceutical companies, which is a band-aid to the real problem, but she prescribed a traditional Hawaiian diet and forbade her patients to eat European made food.

As her patients ate green leaves, fruits and root food vegetables from the place where they evolved, their diabetes was wiped out completely. Additionally, in this manner, Hawaiian farmers benefit from the purchase of food grown on their own land, thereby restoring economic and physical health-simultaneously.

Example 2:  I was at a supermarket in Miami, Florida buying a yam. Not a sweet potato, but a real yam, brown and hard. The cashier was Black and said, “What’s that, a turnip?”

I was startled and had a serious epiphany. Black people have been so oppressed in America, that we do not even recognize our own ancestral foods. The implications again are self inflicted economic and physical violence (dis-ease).

 A major disease that affects Black Americans is Sickle Cell Anemia

However, this disease does not affect Black people in Africa nearly as much. The reason: The shifting of tastes, interests, and values much like the Hawaiian example. The sickle cell trait is a trait that helps Africans fight off malaria. The sickling of the red blood cell helps prevent the malaria parasite from binding to the cell due to the peculiar shape of a sickled cell and its hemoglobin.

Since Black Americans are literally from West Africa, they have this trait just like any other West African. The difference is the West African diet contains root foods from the Africans soil like cassava and yam.

Studies by Nigerian researcher, Dr. Ogi Agbaihave, shown that thiocyanate in cassava and yam and their leaves alleviate the symptoms of Sickle Cell Anemia. Black Americans do not eat cassava or true yams, so Sickle Cell Anemia is rampant.

Instead, Black Americans have been forced to develop a taste for everything, other than African root food, therefore the disease is present. Disease is defined as imbalance.

When a person or a people have tastes, interests and values outside of who they really are, all types of imbalances occur such as economic and physical health imbalances.

Recalibrating a Black American diet from chitlins and fried chicken back to a West African diet of plantains, cassava, yams, etc., will create a necessary economic balance by supporting African commodities markets and enriching personal, group economic and physical health simultaneously.

Have you committed economic violence today?

The Opium Wars:  “There is Nothing You Have That We Want” — China

In studying economic violence, tastes interests and values, a cursory discussion on the Opium Wars is extremely important. Please note that major wars occur due to the addictions of Europeans.

Today,  there is a war in Iraq, due to the European addiction to oil. In the 19th century, the Opium wars between Britain and China were due to the British addiction to tea.

The Chinese have an ancient tradition of drinking tea as part of their daily ritual. The British developed this custom due to the travels of many European “explorers” who successfully made it over to Asia. By the 19th century, tea became a staple of the British, particularly the middle class and ruling class.

The British imported all of their tea from China. In a short amount of time, there was a huge trade imbalance between Britain and China in favor of China. The British paid China for their tea with gold. Soon, the British became nervous as their gold reserves were being depleted.

However, the British population’s taste for tea was insatiable and there would have been riots if the British population  was deprived of their tea. In response to the economic violence that Britain was suffering at the hands of China, British leaders arranged a meeting with Chinese leaders.

The British wanted to stop trading tea for gold. They told the Chinese that they would trade anything else that Britain produced for the Chinese tea.

The Chinese response was laughter as the Chinese retorted, “There is nothing that you have that we want.”  The British were stunned as they took this as an offense to their way of life and their plans to keep their gold.

The British went back to Britain and decided to pump opium into China. The opium was to be traded for gold in China, and thereby getting the gold back into British hands. In addition, the British took lands from the Indian subcontinent for two purposes:

1) for growing the poppy plant for opium to facilitate their drug trade and

2) for growing various other plants for tea so that trading tea with China would be obsolete.

In fact, today one of the most famous tea names is Ceylon tea. Ceylon is the former British colonial name for the country in the Indian sub-continent now named Sri Lanka.

One day, in 1839, the Chinese seized a ship off of its shores containing tons of opium. The Chinese rightfully seized the ship as opium was illegal in China and anyone caught with opium was given the death penalty.

The British declared the Chinese seizure of their ship as an act of war, and hence the initiation of the Opium wars which were from 1839-1842 and 1856-1860 between Britain and China.

The Chinese have never forgotten the economic war with Europeans and the implications are felt today.  Their major strength has been maintaining their own tastes, interests and values. 

Black people, can we say  the same?  The reason why we have been in trouble as a race for so long is our unrelenting taste for things European.

Remember, African prisoners of war (slaves) were traded for white commodities like European processed rum, spare parts and European textiles.

Have you committed economic violence today?

Slavery and the Value of Labor: Adam Smith

Adam Smith was an economic philosopher from England and considered the patron saint of European Capitalist thought. He was also an opponent of the enslavement of Africans in America and Europe. However, he was not opposed to our enslavement for moral or noble reasons.

He was opposed to slavery because he thought it was inefficient in the capitalist world. He believed Africans should be paid for our labor so that we could buy European goods.

That was his sole argument. He didn’t like the idea that such a large population could not be consumers because slaves were not allowed the ability to earn money.

What does this mean?  It means that the only reason why it was acceptable for you and I to not be enslaved is so that we could feed the economic system of white supremacy better and more efficiently.

And what are Black people now? The biggest one-dimensional pure consumers the world has ever seen. The slavery relationship is still the same.

If you work a job that pays you ten dollars per hour and you pay $150.00 to Tommy Hilfiger for his jeans,  you have effectively given 15 hours of your labor to Tommy Hilfiger.

You worked 15 hours for him.

When are you going to work for yourself and your people, by purchasing Black goods and services with your labor hours? Tommy Hilfiger and company doesn’t even have to whip us anymore to turn over our labor to him. He is still economically violent, and we are still bleeding.

Lesson: In your economic life, if you are not buying from your own people first, then you are committing suicide on many levels and enlisting for slavery and zombification. Buy Black with no apology and if you have to buy from others, try to make sure it’s a bootleg.

Never pay full price for anything from others — especially those who have historically and continue to benefit from your underdevelopment. For in fact, our relationship is dialectical to our oppressors.

Their development is dependent on our underdevelopment.

(I did not write this article but thought it worth sharing even if I do not agree with every single point made. — Trojan Pam)

Counter-Racism Economic Stop #3:  STOP Committing Black Economic Violence-Part 1

  1. Miss Pam

    As we start the new year, the question on my mind is:

    When will we be a collective group and begin practicing racial pride? All groups know intrinsically to support their own by racial economics.

    When will we?

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ diaryofanegress

      I can’t answer that question but I believe that TWO THINGS must happen first:

      1. Understanding racism/white supremacy, and using that knowledge to change our thoughts, speech, and actions.

      2. Acknowledging our anti-blackness and doing whatever we can to reduce, and hopefully, eliminate it. That means an END to sex with the same people who are oppressing us.

      There is NO WAY we can practice “racial pride” while shunning other black people as lovers and mates.

  2. Thus far–before the ringing in of the New Year–i have made these purchases:

    1. Headwraps (

    2. Baseball cap (Hometeamhats/

    3. Hard wire clutch ( by Mel C. (still working out the order details)

    All Black owned *ahem* ladies! Although Allthingsrasta sells men’s stuff too.

    My mom purchased me Fashion Fair eyeshadow and lip gloss as gifts for Kwanzaa. They are the largest Black owned cosmetics company in the world.

    Happy New Year Trojan Pam!

  3. phoebeprunelle says:

    Also various blogs such as The Natural Chica, Bon Bon Vie, and Black Girl Nerds sells t-shirts for guys and girls and they are Black owned!

    For African inspired wear check out Osisi and Boxing Kitten. These are a little higher end and the pricing can get crazy, but if you find something you really like, i would suggest purchasing a piece at a time. They also do custom orders (i think).

    Black owned as well…

  4. phoebeprunelle says:

    Darn it–almost forgot–Jones Magazine is a new high fashion mag aimed at Black women, owned and operated by a Black woman. Her editors and writers are Black as well.

  5. Timothy says:

    Sister, another great article like usual. You touched on many excellent points. Great history lesson about the Opium wars. That example that you have displayed shows a great example of the viciousness of the system of white supremacy trying to dominate human beings of color in an inappropriate, provocative fashion (ironically Karma has harmed these same white supremacist elites with low birthrates, austerity issues, ecological issues, and other complications). You made the great point of us as black people having to understand our health issues and to love our African indigenous foods. That is one reason out of many that we as Diaspora Black Africans must learn more about Africa. These foods greatly benefit our immunity and our genetic processes in general.

    Natural foods and even numerous organic foods are vastly superior to processed foods or foods filled with GMOs (ironically the GMOs and processed foods are funded by the big pharmaceutical corporations who make it their duty to make a profit at the expense of the health of human beings). Also, independence economic endeavors among black people are great to endorse plus activate. Any economic policy that we should follow should have the goal of benefiting black people. In other words, black people should have not only independent economic infrastructures (but black workers should have fair wages, fair treatment, and legitimate benefits).

    Long term, we all want self sufficient, strong black institutions handling the affairs of black people. It will be a long process, but we have to start somewhere. There is nothing wrong with black owned businesses either. We have to trust our black people too. Without trust and love for black human beings, nothing changes. We should never be naive, but we should trust real black males and real black females who are dedicated to fight for black liberation. We have to honor and love our blackness. Black Unity, Black Power, and Black Love are powerful forces in the Universe that are stronger than the forces of evil. In the end, truth reigns supreme.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Timothy

      Just for info, I didn’t write this article but I’m glad you found it constructive.

      I agree that we need an independent economic infrastructure, as well as educational and social networks that are IMPENETRABLE by non-blacks.

      Do we think blacks have access to the economic, educational and social infrastructures of Asian culture or Hispanic culture — even when a black person is married to an Asian or Hispanic person?

      Of course not, that’s why those groups do NOT involve themselves in black issues. They know UNITY is the key to their survival, NOT inclusion of other groups in deciding their own fates.

      Unfortunately, due to 400 years of chattel slavery, a complete loss of identity, 12 plus years of MIS-EDUCATION, and EXCESS TV and MOVIE watching, more and more blacks are striving to be “politically correct” even at the cost of our own survival.

      It is becoming weary to see the numbers of us who think “love is color blind” YET will complain endlessly about being mistreated due to the color of our skin (?!?)

      We are outraged by Trayvon Martin, yet in the next breath say “race doesn’t matter”

      We have truly become a nation of schizophrenics and I don’t know what the cure for this might be.

      I’ve said enough and so will go and eat some dinner.

      Thanks for sharing your insight!

  6. Mbeti says:

    I didn’t know about this background to the opium wars,I ‘ll do my own research ,but can you cite sources?

    • Timothy says:

      Here are some sources Brothers:

      1). The Opium Wars: The Addiction of One Empire and the Corruption of Another by W. Travis Hanes and Frank Sanello

      2). There are Google searches that describe the Opium Wars in full detail

      3). The Opium War: Drugs, Dreams and the Making of China by Julia Lovell

      4). Dope Inc. (I don’t agree with LaRouche on all issues, so take this source with a grain of salt, but it has great research on this issue. I will eat the meat and throw away the bones. In other words, I will just accept what is proven to be accurate and reject what is inaccurate).

  7. TTNYCRN says:

    Hey Trojan-Pam, Happy New Year.

    This is a very interesting article. As a health professional, it is always interesting to read about natural remedies. While Western medicine is usually the norm, it is important for African Americans to become knowledgable about these holistic remedies because as we know Trojan-Pam, black people have been abused and ill-treated by the white practitioners of Western medicine.

    -It is interesting that you brought up the diet. I read an article a while back that stated that the one organ that probably has the most impact on our quality of life is our stomach. Which is true. You are what you eat as the old saying goes. Even the health section in the Nation of Islam’s literature give great advice regarding human nutrition. It is ironic how black people call the food from slavemasters “soul food”, while in truth, its really “grave food” because it will literally send you quickly to the grave. As I said before Trojan Pam, my family is from Trinidad and I read a report about the black people in Trinidad that suffer from hypertension(no different than blacks in America). It was primarily due to the diet as many Afro-Caribbean people eat salted codfish, pigtails and other foods that the Africans had to eat when they were brought to the Caribbean. It is very interesting to read how the Native Hawaiians(themselves victims of white supremacy) were able to heal themselves after “liberating” themselves from the foods of their oppressors. I have also read about some Native Americans are going back to traditional diets that their ancestors used before white people came here.

    p.s. Interesting story about Adam Smith- A liberal white I suppose, right,lol?

    Anyway Trojan Pam, it is a pleasure reading your blog and I wish you health and strength in 2014 to help lift our black people out of the darkness!

  8. C.Andrews says:

    As usual an excellent informative article Pam, however I disagree with your analysis of the Chinese finally paying back the British by “The Chinese have never forgotten the economic war with Europeans and the implications are felt today. Consequently, the Chinese have nuclear weapons, the largest standing army in the world and Europe and America as debtors in trade.” Truth be told the Chinese are STILL indebted to the Britsh. It is the Racist/White Supremacist who ultimately under this hostile system that Makes the money, Determine the WORTH of such money at any time and or place and CONTROL who gets such money. We must never again be fooled by their jedi mind tricks. They love to build certain people upat certain times- let them think they runnin the showand they big and bad, only to chop them down to size when they least expect it. They did this with Moamat Khadaffi, Anwar Sadat, Marcus Garvey and a whole gang of others that thought their money insulated them from the whims of these diabolical clever racist/white supremacy. Please let us not fall back into that ole incorrect way of thinking….. It was still a constructive article and I am still learning.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ C. Andrews

      The article wasn’t written by me.

      I agree with you that behind most of what is happening, whether in China or the so-called Middle East, the system of white supremacy is pulling the strings and creating mass deception. A great example is Japan, which is portrayed as an independent sovereign nation when in REALITY, Japan is a COLONIZED nation after losing the war.

      I should have made that plainer that some of the points of the article I do not agree with.

      I will go back and edit the post. Thanks for pointing that out

  9. Adeen says:

    I wish I wasn’t all talk and no action here being a young woman but I really think us Black people need to open up our own businesses and rely on ourselves, economically and socially.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Adeen

      I would love to see this, too, but I believe understanding the system of white supremacy and learning how to change what we think, say, and do MUST come first.

      Unless we reduce our anti-blackness and white identification and need for white validation, we will not be able to build a stable black business base–in my opinion.

      But, I am in favor of INDIVIDUALS starting businesses and employing themselves and other black people. It would be a start, at least.

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