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I just heard about “knockout games” a few days ago.  I think Abagond’s post is the best description I’ve read, so I reblogged it here.

knockout games

Tue 26 Nov 2013 by abagond


The knockout game (by 1990), also called polar-bearing or the one-hitter-quitter, is where you try to knock out an innocent, unsuspecting bystander by striking them with a single blow. It is done on a dare, for amusement, to show how tough you are. It goes back at least to the 1980s.

Some on the right, since at least 2011, have been saying it is a trend among Black American youths, that the liberal media has been “silent” because it is black-on-white.

The liberal media picked it up in 2013 after a string of hate crimes in New York in November.

Thomas Sowell says it is done by “young blacks” on “either whites in general or people of Asian ancestry.”

On Fox News, Greta Van Susteren said the game is, “regrettably popular amongst unsupervised African-American teens.”

So far there is no evidence (as of November 25th 2013) that it is:

  • something new,
  • spreading,
  • racially motivated,
  • mostly black youths attacking whites.

For example, Thomas Sowell uses a book that only looks at black-on-white-or-people-of-Asian-ancestry crime (“White Girls Bleed a Lot” (2012) by Colin Flaherty).

The police in cities where there have been reports of knockout games say that so far it appears to be an urban myth, that the attacks in question might be nothing more than the sort of random assaults that always go on.

Most criminologists and youth experts agree that unprovoked attacks on strangers by teenagers are real but extremely rare.

Mike Males, a research fellow at the non-profit Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, said in 2011 that, “This knockout-game legend is a fake trend,” that the press has a habit of cherry-picking instances to create sensational stories that demonize youth.

Chauncey DeVega calls it a moral panic, a scare fed by press reports and rumour.

The press has been playing on white racist fears and stereotypes. You would never know that black youth crime is at a 50-year low. Or that assault by black youths has dropped by 59% over the past 20 years.

The idea of “roving black youths” randomly attacking innocent white people is not new. In 1989 the New York press called it “wilding” and said it was the favourite pastime of the “wolfpack” of black and Latino youths that  attacked the Central Park Jogger. All. Made. Up.

Notice what is not a trend:

  • White bullies: White youths beat up gays, Latinos and others all the time. Not a trend.
  • White hate crimes: There are way more white-on-black hate crimes than black-on-white ones. Not a trend.
  • White shooters: The Batman shooter in 2012 and the Sikh Temple shooter weeks later – not a trend. Even when Adam Lanza months later gunned down 20 schoolchildren in Newtown, Connecticut – still not a trend.

Because it will never be a trend. Because White American men are never seen as the Threatening Other, as a danger to the social order – because they are the social order (est. 1607).


Case in Point, check out the title of this video

Blacks bring White knock out game to London

tell your children about racism

My Take On It

tell your children about racism

This kind of false (and racist) reporting legitimizes the “Stand Your Ground” and “Concealed Carry” laws that were created mainly to allow (and to encourage) the slaughter of unarmed black people. This black scapegoating was designed to give outraged, angry, frightened and economically challenged white America a TARGET to vent their rage upon.

It’s called BLACK SCAPEGOATING and ANTI-BLACKNESS AKA Racism/White Supremacy.

Now that it has been proven that black youth (and black adults) are “unsupervised” (aka wild niggers attacking good, innocent white people), the REAL agenda of the white elites can be JUSTIFIED and CARRIED OUT

To disenfranchise, un-employ, incarcerate, and kill as many black people as possible.

(Remember the movie, ‘The Purge?’)

It’s the same reason President Obama was (S)ELECTED by the white elites. To give White America a TARGET to vent their rage and place the blame for what the white people in charge (and behind the scenes) are really doing to them.

Because once you “prove” that a population (like ours) is more trouble than it’s worth, you can justify anything AND everything you do to them, It’s the SAME strategy used by Hitler to JUSTIFY killing non-whites (which included Semites, which were considered non-whites) by painting them as a “problem.”

We have seen BLACK SCAPEGOATING play out in the MURDERS of Trayvon Martin, Reneisha McBride, and the UNARMED black man who was shot by police while he was looking for help after his car broke down (I think that happened in Florida, too) — ALL unarmed, all black and all were blamed for their OWN MURDERS.

It’s official:  OPEN SEASON has been declared on black men, women, and children in america — LEGALLY, and it is time for black people to get out of denial.

The sickest and most ironic part is I believe most white people KNOW bands of black youth aren’t attacking them. If anything, whites have MORE to fear from OTHER white people — and the PROOF is the school, theater, office, shopping mall, and marathon mass shootings and bombings that kill multiple white men, women and children — ALL committed by OTHER white people.

I also believe that white people KNOW black people don’t run anything in America, because whenever white people need something done OR want something changed, they go to OTHER WHITE PEOPLE (who are really running things).

White people KNOW black people aren’t the ones who are stealing their tax dollars, shipping their jobs overseas, robbing their pension plans, or saddling the children with decades of college debt.

I believe most white people KNOW President Obama does NOT control any of the policies that come out of the White House–including “Obama Care” (since the health care industry WROTE AND FINANCED THE BILL),  and they know he’s controlled by his white puppet masters because white people KNOW white people control everything (in a white supremacy society).

And that’s the MAIN REASON why President Obama was  (S)ELECTED  to begin with.  To take the BLAME.

Today, almost everything in the news today, with a black name or face attached to it is being used for BLACK SCAPEGOATING because time is running short for this economy. A TARGET will be needed to bear the full blame–and to take the HEAT and attention off that one percent that is getting wealthier at the expense of the other 99 percent.

Even the black male, Charles Ramsey, who helped free three women (and a girl) who had been missing for ten years, locked away in his neighbour’s house, was ridiculed and degraded–another signal to the white collective that even when a black person does something good, he or she is still “BAD” and is undeserving of respect.


One of many racist images created about Charles Ramsey

(Mr. Ramsey, watch out for those SMILING FACES)

I live in the Chicago area, and thanks to the local media making it look like huge numbers of wild black teenagers were running around beating up whites (which was never true),  young black people are being harassed in predominantly white and downtown areas just doing nothing but  being there.

A friend of mine’s teenaged son was downtown with two other boys (all in their teens) and they were looking up at a street sign trying to see where they were and a group of white policemen ran up on them and told them they couldn’t “loiter” — which is just a way of making black youth feel so uncomfortable (and unwelcome) that they wouldn’t WANT to go downtown again.

Also, black people of all educational levels are losing jobs at a record pace in Chicago, and there are fewer and fewer blacks commuting to work in those corporate office buildings downtown. The AGENDA of city politicians and their corporate backers (led by Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, Obama’s former Chief of Staff) is to MOVE (DISLOCATE) black people off VALUABLE inner city areas via taxation, the elimination of jobs, using illegal labor, and allowing (or introducing) more crime so whites will be able to move back to the city and avoid the long commutes.

And this scenario is happening all over the country to black people from Chicago, to DC, and even former black strongholds like Harlem.

The media/politicians call it “gentrification” but it’s really — RACIAL DISLOCATION.

Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr.  ON Population tailoring, Racial Dislocation, and 2nd Generational Houses

All this goes hand in hand with the other

1. Paint blacks as a “problem”

2. Lead the white population to collectively conclude that something must be done about those “blacks”

3. Offer a solution by PURGING the “problem” from the work place, city neighborhoods, and college campuses.

I believe it will be increasingly unsafe and unpleasant for black people to walk around freely without the potential for being harmed or harassed by law enforcement.

It wasn’t so long ago that “freed slaves” had to show a PASS to travel in certain areas or to be out of a white town (like Downtown Chicago) before the sun set (just Google “sundown towns”)

Like former President Roosevelt once said, “Everything that happens in politics, happens because it was planned that way” — and I’d add, that everything that happens to black people in a white supremacy society (like america) happens because it was planned that way.

Black scapegoating and anti-blackness is so prevalent and so well disguised today that even black people are eagerly jumping aboard the Anti-Blackness bandwagon, smashing and slamming each other in ways I’ve never seen or experienced before.

BLACK SCAPEGOATING and ANTI-BLACKNESS are clearly the way of the future in America–and abroad–because someone (us) will have to take the blame for all the economic pain and elimination of constitutional rights that is on the horizon for america and much of the white world.

Only this time, it will have a BLACK FACE on it. 

President  Obama’s AND ours, by default.

Be vigilant. Be aware of your surroundings. Avoid conflict with white strangers (or strangers of any kind), and avoid places where a lot of white people are consuming alcohol.

And most of all — TALK TO YOUR CHILDREN.

About the racism on TV and in the real world

Tell them what YOU have already experienced

And STOP keeping white people’s secrets

Tell them the TRUTH about RACISM

And that there are people who will mistreat them just because they are NOT white

We owe them at least that much.

  1. GemGirl says:

    This was so impressive that I shared it with many people.
    Great insights. Thank you for your work and sharing the work of others who add value to this important discussion about not buying into ideology that contributes to oppression.

  2. Trojan Pam,

    Ordinarily i agree with MANY of your posts, but this one–i’m sorry Sista, just blames white males…although i doubt this was the angle you were taking.

    When Abagond wrote the post, i noticed how many of his commentators (especially those who claim they are against racism) was quick to only condemn white males for this problem. Never once were white women, white children and teenagers, and more generally, white people ever looked at as the ultimate problem in this world.

    As for Charles Ramsey–he is no more of a hero than a white, Asian, or non-white Hispanic man who could be placed in the same scenario. I say this because of several reasons:

    1. He announced to the world just how much he values whiteness over Blackness with his statement: “I knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a Black man’s arms.”

    2. The narrative of him getting to the women first were disputed by several people, saying that he stepped in later after another male had already helped…

    3. He has a conked head (smile)

    4. I have seen countless news stories where young Black men come to the aid of white women even if it meant his own life (a trick of the media perhaps)…in which Black people are constantly falling for.

    I don’t mean to come across as disagreeable, but it had to say what i see going on.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ phoebeprunelle

      I agree there’s a tendency to only focus on white males, and that’s a huge mistake.

      I can see your point about Ramsey. The only point I was making was even when a black person allegedly does something good they are still ridiculed.

      Re black men coming to the aid of white women, that attitude is programmed into them via the many, many movies that portray a “good black” male aiding and assisting a white female, like most Denzel and Morgan Freeman movies.

      That’s why it’s so important for black parents and adults to UNDERSTAND racism/white supremacy and how it works. So we can help our children see through the white supremacist hype.

      We don’t have to agree on everything as long as our goal is the same: to dismantle the system of white supremacy

  3. TrojanPam says:

    Speaking of “knock-out games” — nobody does it better than the boys in blue

    Racism/White Supremacy is a GLOBAL, WORLDWIDE SYSTEM

  4. Shanequa says:

    @ Trojan Pam I agree with everything that was stated on this post. Furthermore we as black people have to be on guard at all times around non blacks & around our own misguided black people as well. The knock out game isn’t nothing new this old game has been played by many ethnicities but the main media target is misguided black teens knocking out whites & blacks as well. We all know throughout history an still today whites have a history of bullying other ethnicities. The media is manipulating the masses as usually in telling them guard yourselves around black adults & children if you feel threaten just shoot to kill. A couple of years ago the media was showing clips of misguided black teenagers in flash mobs going into stores an damaging merchandise. Again the media is sending out messages telling non blacks to guard yourselves at all times when around blacks.
    What’s even more sad just like Trayvon Martin parents on a path trying to forgive Zimmerman. Reneisha McBride parents made a statement that their daughter was “human profile.” Again weak black parents are not standing up for their children when victims of white supremacy but will always turn the other cheek to forgive the killers. Reneisha McBride was killed in Dearborn Heights predominately all white neighborhood which is a sundown town just for asking for help. What I mean about sundown town is an area that is predominately all white neighborhood and blacks bet not be caught in that area especially when the sun goes down. A lot of these sundown town still exist today in many states in the United States.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Shanequa

      I agree, and it’s called BLACK SCAPEGOATING, to redirect white rage toward blacks, always an acceptable target for the white collective, regardless of facts.

      These black parents “forgiving” the killers is done out of FEAR, in my opinion.

      Black people (deep down) are terrified of white people, and it goes against our PROGRAMMING to harbor resentment toward white people.

      It is a realistic fear because we know white people can AND will be a hurting on a black person if we challenge the system.

  5. Shanequa says:

    @Trojan Pam I agree with you.

  6. Lucy Durverney says:

    The issue is the same and never has changed; some or rather a blind some tend to get deluded by the date. So what it is 2013! How is 2013 different from 1913? From telephone to smart phone, big deal. The black person (man, woman or child) is still portrayed as the enemy. Why? Because we ARE the enemy. We just don’t know it yet. We are the enemy to white psychopathy(aka supremacy) and all the ills that go with it, including buffer racist hate reaction (eg, as in from asians or socalled latinos, etc). The media is a LIE. There is no way around what it as a machine does. It is used by those who wield the wealth and it can be fashioned to do whatever the whitest, wealthiest choose, and that includes the same old propaganda that was used centuries ago, like the tale of the “boogeyman”. Oh, you did not know about the boogeyman? He was the darkie or renegade escapee slave who was bent on defiling white girl virtue, and murdering honorable, hardworking white men. Ronald Reagan used boogeyman tactics in his political campaign and many others do too. In fact you are witnessing boogeyman tactics with this socalled “knockout” hype. The media takes advantage of ignorance as it knows as a machine that people in general do not fact-check, let alone research hype. And based on the socalled white culture, they love and live in fear. Don’t believe it? Just take a listen one afternoon to socalled non-mainstream, prepper, truther, right-wing/left-wing, conspiracy white radio and discover how white societies thrive on fear. And who better to use as the ultimate catalyst of fear than the black person, especially a black male. Much of our demented behavior takes a toll on us ourselves not on those that benefit from our plight. No, my people the socalled knockout hype-craze, whatever, is about as true as the supposed coming UFO invasion next weekend.
    white supremacy requires a permanent underdog-subclass and we have been designated as it. Any group that is nonwhite that sides with us or does not disassociate from us, or through pheno-typical connection cannot differentiate receives the residual treatment that we do. Replace this perverted system with one of justice yes, but be ready to look at ourselves as well when deconstructing parts of the machine that have been helping keep white psychopathy alive.

  7. says:

    Hi! I’ve been reading your site for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and
    give you a shout out from Austin Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the good

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