Black Babies Are NOT Off Limits In White Supremacy War: Black Baby Boy Castrated

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NOTE that today is NOVEMBER 14, 2013 — EIGHT DAYS after this was reported by a small number of news stations — and NOT A PEEP out of the majority of mainstream news media that reported on a DAILY BASIS about Kanye West’s “love baby” with Kim Kardashian (sic).

23899878_BG3Ashton Rhodes

Mother claims doctor disfigured son after ‘botched’ circumcision


Posted: Nov 06, 2013 8:40 PM CST

(WMC-TV) – Circumcision for newborn boys is considered one of the most common medical procedures in the world. But one Memphis mother says her son was mutilated during the common surgery.

Maggie Rhodes’ son Ashton was three months old when she had him circumcised at a local low-cost clinic.

23899878_BG4Maggie Rhodes, mother of Ashton

“When he was in the room, he was screaming like life and death like, like there wasn’t no tomorrow,” she said. “When she pulled back the cloth, like the thing was like gone. She cut up instead of down, instead of cutting around the top of the penis.”

Rhodes says her son now screams when he urinates. He will need reconstruction work to correct what she considers a botched procedure.

Ob/Gyn Doctor Kent Lee did not perform Ashton’s circumcision nor has he ever met Ashton or his mom. Lee says most circumcisions are safe, but he says mistakes do happen.

“I’ve been doing this for 20 years, and I have never ever seen anybody with everything completely cut off,” said Ob/Gyn Dr. Kent Lee. “Actual penectomy is extraordinarily rare.”

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics 1 in 500 newborn boys experience significant acute complications as a result of circumcision. The procedure typically takes five to 30 minutes.

Rhodes says her son was in surgery for nearly three hours.

“While he was screaming, I asked her, I kept asking was everything OK?” said Rhodes. “She was like uhh, ‘I don’t know if he’s too large to get did inside the clinic, but I am going to do it anyway.’ ”

Another Ob/Gyn says some people have their child go through the procedure in the hospital.

“Some people do it within the first week or two,” said Dr. Charles Ryan.

Ryan says the sooner a newborn receives the procedure the better, but circumcisions can still be done up to three months after birth with no problems.

Rhodes did not have her son circumcised in the hospital because she was unable to be present for the procedure. Also, her son had a cold during his six-week-checkup. The doctor said wait.


Maggie Rhodes, mother of Ashton

“You try to be the best mom you can be, but it’s like the attack of the enemies is always there,” said Rhodes. “I feel like I failed my son.”

Studies suggest circumcision decreases the likelihood of certain diseases and infant urinary tract infections. but medical opinions vary.

The percentage of newborn boys circumcised in the U.S. dropped to 54 percent last year. Rhodes wishes she had not had her son circumcised and wonders what she will tell him when he gets older.

She is devastated. Rhodes’ story is far from over as she is currently talking to a lawyer.

“I feel in my heart, I felt like I couldn’t do nothing but cry,” she said.

I normally don’t post sensationalism-type stories to get my point across but this story is irrefutable evidence that SOME of this “white fear” and white aggression toward black people is motivated by their FEAR of white genetic annihilation (as Dr. Welsing’s theory states).

Which may explain WHY black reproductive ability is ALWAYS under attack by the white supremacy system AND why their white foot soldiers (racist man and racist woman) are right on board carrying out their orders.


These attacks usually come in the form of:

  • involuntarily sterilizations of black females (which is STILL going on today)
  • the murder of young black males and females in their reproductive prime
  • the mass incarceration of hundreds of thousands of black males IN THEIR SEXUAL PRIME — so they will NOT be able to reproduce, OR protect and provide for their black women and black children, and create STABLE black families –all by design
  • normalizing and promoting homosexuality among blacks, especially black males, by giving homosexual black males MORE opportunities, and punishing prominent black males who do not agree with homosexuality (like Tim Hardaway, Kobe Bryant, Isaiah Washington, etc, who were fined or fired for allegedly making “homophobic” statements).  Mr. Neely Fuller’s views on homosexuality.
  • promoting black gender wars between black males and black females (and you can see this, in defamatory and inflammatory “rap music”, “reality” (?) shows, TV commercials, news articles, internet blog sites, books promoting sex between blacks and whites, and especially in the movies and TV shows where black males and females are almost NEVER shown loving or supporting or having sex with each other but usually shown disrespecting and betraying each other (you want to see a lot of anti-blackness between black people, watch the TV show, “The Good Wife” — which is rife with racism and plots pitting black people against each other)
  • promoting sex with white people FOR black people (never the other way around) so that more black people will be having sex and making babies with anyone BUT another black person

And now there’s a story out of Memphis, TN, about a white doctor who castrated a black baby boy during a so-called “botched” circumcision — and sends the baby home with the mother without informing her about the extent of her son’s injuries.

According to the article above,  one doctor admit that mistakes do happen BUT:

“I’ve been doing this for 20 years, and I have never ever seen anybody with everything completely cut off,”  said Ob/Gyn Dr. Kent Lee.  “Actual penectomy is extraordinarily rare.”

There should be NO DOUBT in the minds of any SANE black person that we are in a WAR — like it or NOT — for our economic, educational, and, especially, OUR REPRODUCTIVE LIVES.

I have often heard black people say they don’t want to know about white supremacy unless they can do something about it—which usually means they want INSTANT answers and solutions to a centuries-old problem.

That’s NOT going to happen.

As I have ALWAYS stated, there are NO magical solutions to a problem that took hundreds of years to develop but having KNOWLEDGE of the problem is the FIRST step to solving it. You can’t FIX something when you don’t know HOW it works OR what is broken.

But this case of a black baby boy being castrated is a perfect example of how important understanding WHAT white supremacy is, HOW it functions, and in some cases, WHY it exists, can be in making decisions for our lives — and our children’s lives.

Because this KNOWLEDGE aids us in making better, more prudent decisions.

For example, once we understand the drive to HOMOSEXUALIZE our black boys, we wouldn’t trust our sons (or daughters) to spend time out of our eyesight with adults we do not know.

We wouldn’t maintain membership in a church that condones same-sex (homosexual) marriages because we would KNOW that ANYTHING the white supremacy system endorses and promotes — especially when they put a BLACK FACE (like President Obama’s) on it — is done to promote WHITE SUPREMACY, not justice.

We wouldn’t be so easily swayed by all the black “reality?” shows that seem to always have a perversely open black male homosexual (usually wearing women’s clothing and make-up) on them. Notice that white reality shows almost NEVER show white males as openly homosexual wearing women’s clothing and high heels.


In this case, had this young black mother been KNOWLEDGEABLE that her son (and daughter) are TARGETS in a white supremacy system, she might have decided against circumcision, or she might have taken her baby to a black doctor.

Just to be clear, I am DEFINITELY NOT blaming this young black mother, Maggie Rhodes. She is a VICTIM, along with her son. We have ALL trusted our health to the white medical establishment, only most of us have been luckier than Maggie and her son, Ashton. NOR am I saying that going to a black doctor is a guarantee of quality care OR that all white doctors are dangerous.

However,  what I DO believe is the odds that her black baby boy would be DELIBERATELY CASTRATED by a black male or female doctor are almost nonexistent.

KNOWLEDGE of THE SYSTEM OF WHITE SUPREMACY helps us make better, more cautious CHOICES in our lives. It won’t solve all our problems, but it will aid us in not making so many NEW ones.

Sadly, after reading some of the responses attached to the YouTube video, I am not (and should not) be surprised that some blacks (especially some male posters) are blaming the black mother RATHER than the white doctor (?)

I consider these responses MORE evidence of our reluctance AND our FEAR of facing our real enemies — and so some of us choose instead to FOCUS BLAME on the black victim — and the person MOST likely to be blamed today seems to be the black female — in this case, the black mother, Maggie Rhodes.



(Strangely enough, the black father is not mentioned OR blamed by these posters.)

KNOWLEDGE of the system of white supremacy might go a long way in reducing so many anti-black, and anti-black-female responses that seem to be the NORM among so many black people today – by those who SINCERELY want to dismantle the system of white supremacy and replace it with a system of justice — for ALL people.

Please share this post with others — as I believe the WAR against black people is ramping up, and that we will start to see, hear, and experience things that we have not — in our short lifetimes — ever PERSONALLY seen, heard, or experienced.

Bottom line:   A people who ignores the war being waged against themselves, their children, and their future are a people who are SELF-GENOCIDAL who will have no future.

(for some odd reason, the youtube video may not show up. Just click on the link)

 Trojan Pam  (Trojan Horse Press)

  1. mstoogood4yall says:

    that is crazy, people need to be very vigilant and research the doctors and read reviews. I wonder if this doctor has a history of doing things wrong. I’m not against circumcision, but imo a lot of low cost places do target black people. 3 hours is a long time it took about 30 minutes to get my wisdom teeth removed so 3 hours for circumcision is way too long and is a red flag. Maybe going to an obgyn is better as if they work on u and u trust them then u can probably trust them with ur baby.

    this was a major red flag for me I don’t know if he’s too large to get did inside the clinic, but I am going to do it anyway.’ “ a real doctor would know and give u an absolute answer not guessing or saying idk.

  2. TrojanPam says:

    @ mstoogood4yall

    I understand what you’re saying but poor or barely making minimum-wage working black people can’t afford to shop around, that’s why they go to low-cost and free clinics. A lot of people don’t have medical insurance and these hospitals won’t do anything for you without that card.

    Heck, they’ve even let people die on their doorsteps so you can imagine what they would say to a poor black female without a medical insurance card.

    Also, she’s young, and frankly, even well to do and educated folks don’t know much about their doctors. The odds that at her age, she even knows what white supremacy is, is probably not that good.

    Add to that, a lot of people (like me) are intimidated by the whole medical care thing, because you want to assume that no one means you any harm when you put your life OR your child’s life in their hands.

    I just don’t want to see people playing Monday morning quarterback against this poor and young black mother. She is as much a victim as her baby boy.

    We have all done things that in retrospect made us wish we had been more careful or had checked out more thoroughly.

    I think we want to believe something like this couldn’t happen to us

    Guess again.

  3. You know, when you take your animal to the vet, and they may keep it over night or something to make sure the animal is not in any pain. They make sure of that. That animal is taken care and sent home in one piece with one of those cones around it’s head so that it doesn’t bother the scar. And your pet is good to go in days and back normal. This is what they do to animals. So what does that tell you what they think of a Black baby boy that may not be able to reproduced? Somebody probably got a trophy.

    The lawyers should be lining up to sue both pants and shirt off every person that even saw that baby that day.

    What can I say that hasn’t been said a million times everyday in this country. It’s open season, and the hunting is good.

    Now the mother has to get all kinds of reconstructive surgeries that may not work while the butchers are free to butcher. And who the hell was doing this routine procedure some kinda student or the landscaper? And then just send the baby home and don’t say nothing like the mother ain’t gonna notice. I still can’t unwind my legs now just thinking about this. They cut this human being up and didn’t say anything. Somebody needs to go to effing jail.

    I am so tired of being pissed off.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ hunglikejesus

      I can understand making mistakes. I can even understand the fear of having made such a critical mistake, but to give the INJURED and bloody baby back to the mother to take home and without telling her what was wrong says a lot.

      It is exhausting to see the relentless and gross mistreatment of black people.

      • You said it: exhausting. And it’s supposed to be, it’s supposed to wear us completely out.

        It’s like some shady mechanic botching a tune up and then not tell you. Hoping you won’t notice. BUT WITH A BABY!

  4. Lumumba Afrika says:

    I totally agree. This doctor should be prosecuted, convicted and sentenced to jail. The doctor should lose her license, and have to pay a mint in restitution.

  5. Inyani says:

    This report left me in tears.
    1) helplessness
    2) rage
    3) the callousness and victim blaming by other black people

    I want to thank you for reporting this online, I would have never heard about it otherwise and would continue to think that ‘first do no harm’ applies to black people especially black babies. I hope this mothers community comes out to support her in any and all ways they can. This ‘doctor’ who assaulted and disfigured a baby… Most humans have an inbuilt instinctual protective response to babies. This ‘doctor’ was able to assault a BABY and just let the young mother leave knowing the baby was in excruciating pain.

    I love/hate your site Trojan Pam, I hate that it needs to exist and love/am grateful that it does for an ignorant black female like myself. I will keep trying to do my part since you and many others are doing yours.

    Peace to you.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Inyani

      I echo your sentiments, and hope that she will have the support she needs–and I appreciate your support as we are both struggling with our own ignorance, trying to make sense of nonsense.

  6. This is sick and horrific! But I’m not really surprised. I think the doctor should be decapitated!! He is a sick and demented human being!!

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Kushite Prince

      Like I said before, I can understand making a mistake — and being afraid of the consequences of that mistake — but to send a bloody infant in excruciating pain home with his mother who didn’t know he was injured — was NOT a mistake. It was cruel and inhuman.

  7. mstoogood4yall says:

    reminds me of an article I read a few years ago about a man that went for a vasectomy and ended up with his thing cut off. smh but he did sue I don’t remember how it ended though. I do hope she gets a good lawyer and sues the he11 outta this witch.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ mstoogood4yall

      definitely, the doctor and the hospital. She’ll need the money for countless surgeries, missed work, and probably counseling for her son if surgery cannot restore his penis.

      Good God…

  8. Shanequa says:

    @TrojanPam back in September 1999 I lost my seventeen year old cousin Jackie because of the doctor fail to do a D & C Procedure after she miscarriage at 6 months. Two months after she lost her baby her health started to deteriorate then next she ended up on dialysis but later died. When her body was at the funeral home the funeral director as my cousin which is her older sister did they perform a D &C Procedure on her because she was too young to die, especially after a miscarriage. The state did off to get the bod exhume but my cousin which was her mother wasn’t in her right mind during that time because her mother just pass away couple of months ago, then to lose a grandchild then her daughter was a lot for her to deal with. So Jackie’s body wasn’t never exhume an the issues wasn’t never brought. I was 15 years old at that time an I thought Jackie died of diabetes especially when I found out she was on dialysis. I didn’t found out the real reason why Jackie died was until August of this year. I was so hurt when I learn the truth because to many sterilization has been done on black women an I even read a book about protecting black female body an illegal sterilization, birth control pills and etc. I never did realize until now that my cousin was one of those victims. I told my cousin you should have made sure that doctor lost his medical license. I still to this day wonder how many black females he malpractice on.

  9. Shanequa says:

    I hope the mother fight for justice for her son. Furthermore I tell any black woman that is pregnant to make sure you know all the information about your doctor when it comes to dealing with you as well as your child.
    I remember one time I was at the doctor’s office an a white male doctor advise to get on birth control pills because of the medication I was on because of my rheumatoid arthritis. I told him, “I don’t need them because I wasn’t sexual active.” He response back, “that’s what they all say.”
    I was piss off by his comment. Furthermore I wasn’t about to get on birth control pills period.
    Sorry for the typos on the last post.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Shanequa

      I’m so sorry to hear about your cousin and not having any recourse to make things right. You’re probably right, that if it happened to her, it’s has happened to other black females.

      I never assume the innocence of doctors who butcher people–especially black people, and especially, especially, black children and babies.

      There are TOO many stories of doctors DELIBERATELY butchering women and black people to immediately assume, ‘hey, that was just a mistake.”

      Maybe it was, and maybe it wasn’t. I wasn’t there. But I do know that plenty of black people get butchered by doctors every day because I know some of those people. I know the poor medical care black people get — and I don’t blame the victims for being poor and black.

      I have also been in that same situation where I was dealing with racist doctors who could have cared less about me as a person. (and sometimes you can tell by their manner, the look in their eyes and the cold conversation).

      For those who say, — just go get another doctor– a lot of black people don’t feel empowered in the face of authority–and to many people, a doctor is a powerful person who has the power to give you life OR give you death. Also, by the time you set an appointment and wait and spend time in the waiting room, and fill out the applications, and pay your money, going to another doctor (who you don’t know anything about either) can be an daunting experience.

      The bottom line is the patient is not responsible for the actions of a doctor. We are NOT MIND READERS. We are NOT fortune tellers, so until someone has shown me that they have that ability, I would ask they NOT Monday morning quarterback this poor young black mother — or anyone who is being victimized when they seek help.

  10. Josh says:

    This sounds like nothing more than a botched medical procedure done at a low budget “clinic”.

    This is exactly what malpractice insurance allows the medical INDUSTRY to do.

    There is no proof this event was a deliberate act.

    Worst of all, this story was poorly written:

    “She cut up instead of down, instead of cutting around the top of the penis.”

    who did?

    This is a quote from the third paragraph that appears to be from the mother; but why is there no indication who she is quoting?

    The mother is speaking in the 3rd person; who is she referencing?

    The doctor?

    What is the name of the doctor?

    See what I mean?

    A very poorly written article which is an increasingly common phenomenon these days as nooz organizations lose readers and try to compensate by delivering poorly written “emotional hype” stories design to inflame readers and get attention.

    This appears to be one of them.

    Be advised.


    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Josh

      This may be a botched medical procedure but as one doctor (who was named) said, “I’ve been doing this for 20 years, and I have never ever seen anybody with everything completely cut off,” said Ob/Gyn Dr. Kent Lee. “Actual penectomy is extraordinarily rare.”

      Even in low-cost clinic, how many penectomy have been reported VS the number of circumcisions done every year to poor black babies?

      This is the first I ever heard of (of course, that doesn’t mean it’s the first) but it is very, very rare.

      Since white people practice white supremacy on the CONSCIOUS and UNCONSCIOUS LEVEL — as Dr. Welsing states in her explanation — who knows what is accidental VS deliberate?

      People in the medical field often act out their biases on their patients all the time, like the white male nurse who was killing his patients, and the white male doctor who was disfiguring the sexual and reproductive organs of his female patients, and the white doctors who have systematically sterilized black and brown females all over the planet

      I don’t think the castration was premeditated but I’m not so sure it wasn’t motivated on an UNCONSCIOUS LEVEL. Some believe that many “mistakes” are not mistakes at all. I don’t know how true or untrue that is.

      So, I am not so quick to dismiss this incident as just another botched procedure. It may be and it may not be.

      I don’t want this post to be a hysterical response but I hope it serves as a warning for black parents to be more vigilant when placing their children in the hands of medical personnel, and if this post accomplishes nothing else, it may encourage black mothers and fathers to be more mindful and more involved in their children’s medical care.

    • dee says:

      I don’t think hype is the proper word to characterize what actually happened, nor how it was reported. i’ll give you poorly written, but hype- sensationalism- No. Mutilation of a black baby should be considered an intentional act, when performed by a European, since it’s a part of their historical record. From the Druids, to the Gauls, from ancient times to slavery times. I believe if it was an accident, they’d have told the mother about the mistake, hospitalized the child, and taken responsibility. Our main focus, from the pultpit to internet, should be to educate those black folks who were left behind after the great exodus, about the way the world works, and how to critically think.

      • TrojanPam says:

        @ dee

        I feel the same way, that once they knew they had no business allowing the mother to take the baby home. They basically sent the baby home to die. THAT was an intentional act even if the castration was accidental. And I believe that the unrelentless attacks on black fertility, black masculinity, and black femininity operate on a CONSCIOUS and UNCONSCIOUS level in racist man and racist woman, which means we have no way of knowing what they are thinking at ANY given time.

        I hope this young mother will get the support she needs instead of people– who have made PLENTY of mistakes themselves–ridiculing her.

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  12. Cathy Que says:

    I don’t buy the “accidents happen” line. Infant penises aren’t at risk for being cut off until sharp objects like scalpels come near them. And sharp objects generally don’t come near them unless circumcision occurs. Small site of operation, bathe injured site in waste and urine, possibly under-dose infant with dorsal nerve block injection, topical cream, or sweets (yes, they actually give infant boys dextrose as an analgesic) to prevent respiratory depression from too much anasthesia- what could go wrong? When adults give kids candy to handle their genitals, it’s molestation, but when doctors do it so they can butcher a penis, it’s a medical treatment?

    The most conservative estimate is that 1 in 500 male infant circumcisions have complications, which translates to tens of thousands of American boys. This is why medical consent for circumcision should be reserved for the one who has to live with potential complications- the patient himself. Since infants can’t give that consent, it makes no sense for them to undergo circumcision unless medically necessary for survival.

    Ob/Gyn Kent Lee uses weasel words when he says “actual penectomy is extraordinarily rare”. Penectomy doesn’t necessarily mean amputating the whole penis- removing the glans (glansectomy) is a penectomy, and a potential result of circumcision, especially when circumcising an infant’s penis. With a glansectomy on an infant, the remaining shaft retreats into the groin, as most tissues contracts when injured. This can make it appear as if more penis was removed than what actually was, which it sounds like may be the case in this story. This would require additional surgery to “unbury” the shaft- thus, more unnecessary pain for Ashton because of this lunacy. Regardless, it’s saddening, disgusting, and despicable that this happened to poor Ashton. His circumcision was more than likely totally unnecessary, too.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Cathy Que

      you just presented the best argument I’ve ever heard regarding the pros and cons of circumcisions:

      “This is why medical consent for circumcision should be reserved for the one who has to live with potential complications- the patient himself. Since infants can’t give that consent, it makes no sense for them to undergo circumcision unless medically necessary for survival.”

      never heard it put that way before, but it makes sense.

  13. dee says:

    Castration is the cutting off of the testicles. This was mutilation and penis excision. Just saying. But I just found this site, and the article was great. This was done by the Europeans to their own, the druids and gauls, and then to the slaves, and slave babies, unless they wanted them for breeding. Sick, Wicked, Evil.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ dee

      I can understand an accident (although I’m not saying it was) but to send the baby home, bleeding and in pain, and saying nothing to the mother, was NO accident. The doctor and nurse or whoever was aware of this, should face the consequences of their actions.

  14. Timothy says:

    I read the whole article of yours. It was very comprehensive and excellent like usual. This story is very emotional and shocking, but stories like these must be shown. We as black human beings should know the total extent of the war against black human life by the enemy. The mother had nothing to do with the violent act against the young black boy. The mother is using legal means to make the doctor accountable for his actions period. She is doing the right thing in that regard. She is a victim just like the black child.

    This action was rare and the doctor lacked remorse since the mother was never told about the whole botched surgery. The mother was totally disrespected with the reaction of the hospital. So, we should fully know about the system of white supremacy regardless of what anyone says. Nothing changes unless we have the knowledge of Self and understand the system of white supremacy (since we can never could be liberated unless we know what we are up against and unless we know about our true BLACKNESS plus worth in the Universe). In this case, there should be accountability and we hope that the mother receives comfort and we wish comfort for the boy as well. Regardless if the mutilation was premeditated or not, there ought to be some accountability placed against the doctor. It is always part of the white racists’ thinking process to express a lack of empathy for black life. That is why we should love our people, end the foolish gender war, and to work together as one community or as one family.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Timothy

      I agree, we need to get out of denial. A merciless WAR is being waged upon black people on EVERY level

      and if we hope to survive and give our children a future, we must tell ourselves the truth.

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  16. Hasbarcidal says:

    The war is being waged on ALL races, Not just blacks but the whites as well. Many do not see it as such because the races have been pitted together through propaganda and are fooled into blaming their problems on each other. And if you look into who really controls what you read,what you watch, what you’re taught, even what you eat, you’ll see who the real enemy is. Circumcision is a cruel, barbaric and unnecessary form of mutilation.Period. How it became a societal norm is too complex to explain here, but I do know that the Black race and the white race is being preyed upon by a common enemy, the Jew.

  17. Lucy Durverney says:

    This is what happens when women are disobedient. First of all this girl has no right bearing children. And where is the boy who impregnated her? A boy and a girl MUST never have children. Children are meant for ADULTS only. A real woman knows her family is incomplete without a real man and vice versa. A female has no right allowing a stranger to do any type of touching or altering of a sexual organ of a male child that she calls her son. If there was an aware father in the picture he would have told her no and HELL NO to any socalled doctor who wanted to mutilate his son. “Botched surgery?” that is an oxymoron. Circumcision is inherently botched/botching. You are killing your babies and destroying his freedom when you allow some beast to touch his future and yours. That is your future and the male is the initiator of life. Sadly the child was born to a dumb mother and apparently even dumber father who was not there to tell his mate to not even think about allowing the white-run medical industry to touch his creation. She may be a victim of white psychopathy-supremacy but the poor child is the biggest victim. Is this atrocious tragedy going to teach a lesson to others? Probably not because even right now some dumb a## socalled family is allowing their son to impregnate some girl from another dumb a## family so she can become pregnant and continue the cycle of victimization. Get it through your heads… A FAMILY IS MAN + WOMAN + CHILD. NOT woman and child alone. The solution: Keep your damn legs closed or keep it in your pants because as a people we know absolutely NOTHING about the preciousness of creating a world without white supremacy let alone building a real and true family.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Lucy Durverney

      I deleted your second post because you used profanity to describe this mother.

      Which is why the post I wrote after this one was about black ADULTS abusing black children and black youth.

  18. Nothing is going to happen. Even reading the posts sicken me. Somebody needs to go to jail.. Really so they can be baking cookies like Martha Stewart? Let me get this right, the article is talking about white supremacy, then we want to use the supremacists legal system that’s only set up as an illusion and smoke screen to oppress people color. No, somebody should DIE! Str8 like that. Hell, they’remurdering us for less and have NO fear of the repercussions. Wake up and stop relying on a system that was never intended to protect you. The author of this article talked about how no news stations focused on the story. Uh…no, of course not. I think I’m more disturbed by the naivety of most Blacks/Afrikas.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Tatiana Boo Berry

      I understand your outrage but

      The one thing I will NEVER do on-line OR on the phone is promote violence–against ANYONE, especially white people.

      And I would advise against ANYONE ever leaving a paper trail of their intention to break the LAW–regardless of whether they agree with that law or not.

      Black people are in NO position to go around “killing” white people. In fact, the powers-that-be seem to be provoking riots among black people.

      Why do I say that? Because that would allow them to use martial law, FEMA laws, and detention camps that were created in the event there are black “uprisings” or social disorder.

      If your solution is to kill people, who is going to do the killing? If they are caught (and most will be caught), are they willing to spend the rest of their lives in prison? And if all blacks decided to go on a killing spree, and white people decide to cut off the supply of guns and bullets, then what?

      That is part of our problem, reacting EMOTIONALLY to our oppression, rather than being LOGICAL and STRATEGIC, while the white supremacists remain cool-headed and cold-hearted, as they plan everything they do in advance, constantly adjusting and tweaking things until they get the results they want.

      They want us to be emotional. They want us to lose our heads. So they can justify a “final solution” — or at least, be able to lock up and/or kill a lot of black people.

      Bottom line, if we don’t USE our heads, we’re going to LOSE our heads. It’s just that simple. And the most LOGICAL thing we can do FIRST is understand the system of white supremacy before we can dismantle and defeat it.

      I’d like to share a quote from Sun Tzu, the Art of War, an ancient Chinese military treatise attributed to Sun Tzu, a high-ranking military general. It has had an influence on Eastern and Western military thinking, business tactics, legal strategy and beyond.

      “The art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy’s not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him; not on the chance of his not attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable.” — Sun Tzu,

  19. Lucy Durverney says:

    Essentially my follow-up comment stated:
    That this girl (note not woman) and her “boy” friend who ushered this child into the world do not come from a real community. For that matter who in the socalled black race does? We think we have communities but we do not. A real community does not follow stupidity whether that stupidity is delivered through religion, false authority, mis-education, etc. This idea of circumcision which is NOT medical and purely religious is but one of the stupid “rules” we as black people blindly follow without question. If this gets deleted fine. But know this we say we love ourselves and our own children but we are full of it. We are like topsy, the fake character from the book “uncle tom’s cabin” by white racist liar (who never touched foot in the south) “writer” harriet beecher-stowe:

    “don’t love nuthin but candy…get beat all day, don’t know no other way…”

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Lucy Durverney

      I agree that we don’t have “communities” — not while we live under a system of white domination where whites decide where and how we will live. I agree that black people are blindly following rules (and slave traditions) — but I put the BLAME on those who created those “rules,” circumstances, educational systems, religions, and false authority:

      white people.

      But I don’t think an abused child is “stupid” because he or she is acting OUT their victimization.

      Because in many respects, black people have been forced into a form of RETARDATION that has rendered us into a totally dependent, child-like state–and I include myself in that description.

      You’re right, we don’t love ourselves. How could we under these oppressive circumstances where we are taught to despise any and everything black?

      Why not reserve some of your anger and contempt for those who created these conditions rather than the victims?

      • Lucy Durverney says:

        The anger is self evident. The blame is self evident. So we can blame the cause from here to eternity. Getting caught up in staying a victim does not stop or fix the problem. That is why I called the “couple” stupid. The little baby is not stupid, but sadly he was born to stupid people. The lack of community is the fault of a white run system. And? Those of who know this…well, we know this. Crying and complaining and telling the world the white man, woman, child are the blame is not going to bring some distant ally to rescue us. We rescue us. Analyzing a beast that is inherently parasitic does not help the host. We are hosting this pale beast and expecting it to behave outside its own nature. This type of “thinking” perpetuates the system of socalled white supremacy. I say socalled because there is NOTHING supreme about anything white. I call it what it is inherent pale race malevolence. A parasite does what it is made to do.
        Now that we know that… we do what we must do, and stop reacting like some old hound dog reject from a B.F. Skinner experiment. Do we tell the world what we plan to do? Of course not. That is for a more private, Black-only, Black-owned venue.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ Lucy Durverney

          I respectfully disagree. If the blame is self-evident, why are black people attacking, mistreating, defaming, degrading, rejecting, name-calling, killing, and BLAMING each other for what is happening to them?

          Why are black people running behind whites seeking white validation and sexual solace while rejecting black partners? Why are blacks (and Africans) bleaching our skin, straightening our hair, wearing hair weaves and colored contacts, and deliberately breeding with whites to have “prettier” children?

          I’m not saying all blacks do this NOR am I making fun of those who do —

          But this is NOT the behavior of a people who UNDERSTAND the problem — racism/white supremacy — but it is “self-evident” that the people who are doing this DO NOT UNDERSTAND what is happening OR how they were victimized by being made to feel inferior. And if they do not understand what is happening how can they fix the problem?

          Just for clarity’s sake, here’s the definition of a “victim:”

          a person who is harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime, accident, or other event or action.

          Trayvon Martin was a VICTIM. The little black girl thrown out of school for wearing her natural hair is a VICTIM. A black person going to get a loan and being denied because he or she is black is a VICTIM. The black male fired from his job by a racist supervisor is a VICTIM. A black teenager racially profiled by police and put in prison is a VICTIM. A black female who is strip searched by airport security because she wears dreads is a VICTIM. A black child who is given an inferior education is a VICTIM. A black female who is involuntarily sterilized by a doctor without her knowledge or consent is a VICTIM. A black baby boy who is castrated and sent home to die is a VICTIM. A black male while in police custody who is SODOMIZED with a broom handle is a VICTIM.

          What “word” is more accurate than the word “victim?”

          Some people believe being a VICTIM means sitting around in a fog of self-pity and/or doing nothing in response. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X and Harold Washington and Marcus Garvey and Harriet Tubman were VICTIMS of racism/white supremacy — and they ALL did something to stop their VICTIMIZATION.

          Being a “victim” does not mean you are helpless OR that you have no responsibility to correct the damage that has been done. Any more than being a VICTIM of a rape means you cannot take precautions in the future, like arming yourself, learning martial arts, moving out of a bad area, or putting security devices around your home. You were still raped, and you are still a VICTIM of a rapist.

          Being a VICTIM simply means someone OR something HARMED you. That’s all it means. Being a VICTIM is the CORRECT WORD when you have been VICTIMIZED. It is NOT a bad word but is an ACCURATE DESCRIPTION of what has HAPPENED TO YOU.


          I am not ashamed to admit this because I am NOT responsible for the racist behavior of my VICTIMIZERS. I am simply REPORTING ACCURATELY what was DONE to me.

          Once I understand that I am being VICTIMIZED, what happened to me, and why it happened, my response to my victimization will be an EDUCATED and INFORMED ONE — so I can come up with realistic AND logical STRATEGIES to stop it from happening to myself and to other black/non-white victims in the future.

          If black people do not analyze what is happening to us, we will not have the UNDERSTANDING necessary to create logical solutions that will work. And as you can see, with the so-called civil rights gains being overturned and wiped out — our RESPONSES in the past were largely ineffective — like marching, protesting, and walking around with signs, and singing and holding hands with whites and marrying and breeding with them

          ALL done because we did NOT understand (didn’t logically ANALYZE) that we live under a SYSTEM of white oppression that feeds off our IGNORANCE (and lack of logical ANALYSIS).

          In CONTRAST — the white supremacists STUDY, analyze, research, investigate, experiment with their Victims (non-white people) — and so far, they’re WINNING. So why would their Victims think they can afford to do otherwise?

          If someone presented a plan to me that was absent ANY research or analysis, I wouldn’t follow them across the street.

          Lucy, I do agree with you that we must STOP announcing our intentions (and plans) to our enemies. That’s why I’m against protesting and marching for the benefit of the mainstream media’s TV cameras. That is what CHILDREN do when they’re rebelling or throwing tantrums in front of their parents. That’s why the white media and white politicians ENCOURAGE that behavior among black people. Because they know after we let off some steam, it’s back to business as usual.

      • Todd Lane says:

        You do realise that blaming white people for everything is also racist. Racism is not a one way street. It exists in every country and with every race to some degree. When one race blames another for all their problems, or hates another race, it’s racism, regardless of the color of the person it originates from.

  20. ARW says:

    This is the main reason why we need our own hospitals so these beasts won’t harm our babies. After me & husband heard this story we were angry & I told him that’s why I’m weary about these nasty hospitals cause we too are planning to have kids in the future. This why I will go to midwifes & Black owned clinics/hospitals (if possible) in Houston, Tx.

  21. LBM says:

    Routine Tonsil Surgery Leaves Girl, 13, Brain Dead
    The Huffington Post | By Lydia O’Connor

    A 13-year-old California girl is brain dead and on life support after undergoing a routine tonsil surgery.

    On Monday, Dec. 9, Jahi McMath went to Oakland Children’s Hospital to have her tonsils removed in an effort to relieve her sleep apnea. But during her recovery, she began experiencing abnormal complications.

    “My daughter had actual clots sliding out of her mouth and they gave me a cup and said, ‘Here catch them with the cup so we can measure them,’” McMath’s mother Nailah Winkfield told KGO-TV.

    On Thursday, Winkfield faced every parent’s nightmare as her daughter’s complications escalated.

    “My daughter went into cardiac arrest and died and they brought her back and now she’s brain dead,” said Winkfield, who is now demanding that Oakland Children’s Hospital conduct an investigation into the procedure.

    The hospital announced in a statement that it will be going forward with an investigation but did not comment on the specifics of the procedure or complications during recovery.

    “We’re very sad about this outcome, about what’s happened to her, but at this point I have no information on the details of the surgery,” hospital spokesperson Melinda Kriegel said. “We will certainly investigate what happened. In any surgery there are risks and there can be unexpected, unanticipated complications.”

    McMath’s grandmother Sandra Chatman, a veteran nurse at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Oakland, expressed frustration with the hospital’s handling of the post-procedure complications.

    “I went in and I said ‘Is this normal, do you guys find this to be normal?’” Chatman said. “And they said ‘I don’t really know,’ and I said ‘Well then get a doctor.’”

    McMath’s uncle Omari Sealey believes the hospital failed his niece with an untimely response to her symptoms.

    “There was a lack of urgency,” he said. “It’s shock, it’s disbelief. You never think something like this will happen to you.”

    He also told KTVU that McMath told her mother before undergoing the procedure that she thought “something bad is going to happen to me.”

    According to the family, the hospital has been pressuring them to take McMath off life support, but they are holding out for hope.

    “They just have a social worker follow me around all day long asking me ‘Do you have any other family that needs to see her?’ like trying to put a rush on it,” she said.

    “As long as she has a pulse, we want her on life support,” Sealey added. “We want her to come home for Christmas. We want to give her presents. We want a chance for a Christmas miracle.”

  22. boo says:

    I am black and young and uncircumcised… I can’t get a black woman my age to vibe near my penis to procreate…so my reproductive I’d doing no good in my experience and would consider adult circumcision if it weren’t so inconvenient.

  23. tia says:

    without wishing to derail, since this article is about kids:
    i was reminiscing about a conversation i overheard my dads partner having, in which she said that blacks were put on earth by god to serve white people. she has a black mom and white dad. both my parents are black and when my parents split in 13 my mom left home and dad was always at work she basically raised me since I was thirteen. it suffices to say i haven’t turned out too great and makes u think how is someone who thinks that way equipped to raise a black child to be self loving, mentally healthy and positive? they cannot

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ tia

      It’s a tragedy that so many black children are being left in the hands of white and non-white people who despise blackness.

      I’m sorry you had that experience.

  24. cristalexi says:

    On Friday I was cycling home from work. My cycle route takes me down quiet roads. I was going downhill when I came across a very angry black women pinning her teenage daughter up against a wall and shouting at the top of her voice “You’re my daughter, you do what I say…” and continually shouting at the poor girl. I felt very embarrased and wondered who else was looking. I did think about stopping and saying something but I don’t think that would have helped the girl. I see a lot of black mother’s severely chatising their children and it’s clear to me it’s internal racism at play. How can we get black people to love their children, instead of repeating the brainwashing they’ve had about how bad black children are and therefore good needs to be beaten into them? It’s such a sad situation.

    • Lumumba Afrika says:

      Respectfully, I must say that there is not such thing as “internal racism” among African/Black people. We really need to jettison the term “racism” from our vernacular all together, and use the term “white supremacy”. If there is a term to describe conflicts among African/Black people which is based on our victimization (psychological, cultural, economic, linguistic, societal, & spiritual) we should use the term “anti-Black” (or anti-African). Continuing to use the term racism to describe inappropriate behavior of African/Black victims of white supremacy toward one another will only ultimately work to our detriment.

      Now I don’t know what the cause of the dispute and assault was in the incident in your post, it may have been due to lingering self-hate among us which manifests as anti-blackness, (incidentally which is a fundamental feature of the ideaology and system of white supremacy that must be psychological internalized by all people functioning within the system of white supremacy in order for it to operate logically), but I just wanted to point out that we have to be very cognizant of our word choices since we are essentially linguistic slaves of the European whites that have imposed this system on us.

  25. anonymous says:

    Please note: this may be triggering for some individuals. Please view the imbedded video. I am beginning to think that there is no safe place on the face of this earth for POC! I am so sick and tired of this, it seems that even by a number of POC, Blacks are especially viewed as less than dogs. I suspect that this child’s organs may have been harvested, and the couple who adopted her are being scape goated. Some years back something similar happened to some children in The Phillipines. Ms. Pam any thoughts about how we can protect ourselves?

    I don’t think that the couple in this case are guilty.

  26. lex says:

    Just leaving something I just found out. George Washington Carver was a high pitched voiced man. He never socialized with women in college and everyone thought he was gay. But he’d rather people think he was gay than tell them the white family that adopted him castrated him so he couldnt have sex with their daughter.

  27. […] Womens RightsLeaving Baby Boys AloneCentre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia (CIDRZ)Black Babies Are NOT Off Limits In White Supremacy War: Black Baby Boy Castratedbody { background: […]

  28. queenadira says:

    Reblogged this on Black Liberation LoveN Unity and commented:
    Don’t let these devils black or white touch your sons penis. Leave it how GOD made it.

  29. Mary Trusel says:

    how is the baby now? did mom sue the doctor? was the dr and clinic prosecuted??? any updates would be appreciated.

  30. Todd Lane says:

    Look, this is a horrific thing to have happen, but this article is just the kind of hate mongering nonsense that is driving things like the increasingly violent black lives matter movement, which is allegedly a non violent group. Is there racism is this country? Of course, there always has been, and sadly at least for the foreseeable future there will be. That being said, it goes both ways. There is plenty of black racists. This article itself can be construed as racist. I’m not saying it is, but imagine it written from the opposite persepctive, with constant demonizing language toward black people and a black agenda, it would be seen as extremely racist, as it should. Not to blame the mother, not everyone can afford the best care, but even usually simple procedure like a circumcision should be done in a hospital, not some budget low-cost clinic. As the doctor said though, mistakes do happen. I’ve seen white babies with very deformed looking genitals, all due to improper circumcision. As for the supposed directed violence and what not towards black people in America. Look what is done by their own people in africa. Ritual killings, rape, murder, child soldiers, female genital mutilation including complete excision of the clitoris and minor and major labias, forced child prostitution, warlords forcing sons to rape their mothers and fathers to rape daughters. I’m not racist at all, I believe everyone should be on a completely equal field. Your race, sex, religion, or sexual orientation do not matter, only your deeds and actions. I just wanted to put things in perspective, people are horrible where ever you go, but people can also be wonderful wherever you go. America just happens to so far have more white people, so we appear to do the most bad to other races. Look at a different part of the world with a different ethnic majority, and things will look different. Or rather the same, with the skin colors changed.

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