National blackout drill November 13-14, 2013

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For those who haven’t heard, there will be an “exercise” that involves shutting down parts of the nation’s electrical grid to simulate a cyber-terrorist attack. I do not know what will happen or to what extent, but I feel compelled to give out this information. I only wish I had done it sooner.

What should you do? What we should be doing anyway, given that a snowstorm, flood, or other weather related disasters could create power outages.

I would suggest having (and always keeping) some basic supplies on hand, including some cash, water, non-perishable food, toilet paper, flashlights, a generator, if you have one, fill up your gas tank, etc, just to be on the safe side.

Also, I would suggest touching base with family and friends in the event that power goes out. It may effect your area and it may not. The likelihood is it will not.

I am not posting a lot of links because I can’t verify the info from all the individual sites, nor do I want to promote fear and panic because I don’t think it will create widespread blackouts but is designed to test the current systems to make sure they are stable.

Take care and do a little preparation in advance–always a good idea even if nothing happens.

Here’s an excerpt from one of the sites (that did not seem so politically extreme).

Keep in mind this is about the state of Iowa:


Iowa to take part in national blackout drill

The simulated attack on the U.S. power grid will include state electric utilities

“The nation’s largest electric utilities will participate next week in a closely watched simulation of a knockout blow to the United States’ electrical supply by cyber-sabotage and physical attacks.

The scenario calls for a “prolonged blackout” that will highlight timely vulnerabilities and issues facing the electrical utility industry.

The exercise will reportedly involve thousands of utility workers, business executives, anti-terrorism experts and government officials from the United States, Canada and Mexico. The drill has drawn lots of Internet chatter from survivalists and patriot activists who fear that American cities and rural communities could be plunged into cold and darkness for months in the event of a real attack.

But it’s not only fringe groups who fear the worst from nations like North Korea and Iran.

A report issued in May by the staffs of U.S. Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., and then-Rep. Edward Markey, D-Mass., warned that the electric grid is the target of numerous daily cyberattacks.

Most utilities comply only with mandatory cybersecurity standards, and have not implemented voluntary recommendations by the North American Electric Reliability Corp., the document said.

In addition, most utilities have not taken concrete steps to reduce the vulnerability of the grid to geomagnetic storms, and it is unclear whether the supply of spare transformers is adequate, the report said.

“The electric grid is vital to our economy and national security,” said Waxman, ranking member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. “The utility responses are sobering. They reveal serious gaps in the security of our electric grid, and Congress needs to address these gaps in a bipartisan way.”

  1. Everytime these people start with their drills something real always happens. Let’s look back at the so-called Boston Marathon Bomding; there was a drill going on. Oklahoma City, there was a drill going on. Sandy Hook, there was a drill going on. There are drills in cities all across the nation where military aircraft are seen flying very low and setting off dummy explosives. Of course unbeknownst to the people, they just wonder what the hell is going on. It gauges reactions and crowd movement. I watched a video (and if I can find it again I’ll post the link) about all the military movements going on right under our noses.

    And before I go let’s not forget the biggest event in Merikan history that started off as a drill. That’s right 9/11.

    Here the video:

  2. kowaba says:

    Thank you for the information, TrojanPam. I’ve been making preps these past few months, since the summer. To me, it’s a mindset.

    Here’s some suggestions to everyone, make sure now to get into the habit of filling the gas tank up when it is gets to be half way empty. Also have alternative sources of food (add water, non-perishables, these types of things) and energy etc.

    Good luck, everyone!

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    National blackout drill November 13-14, 2013

  4. Timothy says:

    Great Job Sister Trojan Pam,

    In life, we all need precautions. You showing this information shows how much that you care about black people. I thank you for your words and actions. All of us Brothers and Sisters appreciate your words since you educate us and make us analyze critically the issues in our community. Now, other human beings are right that terrorist attacks and other horrendous occurrences have occurred in the midst of various drills. That is why we should be prepared during that date and in any date in general. We are still at war for our liberation. The system of white supremacy is the enemy. Also, I feel more spiritual in my life. I am more moral now than many years ago. My communication is better and I have a better relationship with human beings now. I know that we are in the right. We have every right to defend our people and to love our black heritage including our black African culture. We can never be free unless we have the Knowledge of Self, defend black females, and to fight wisely for our black interests. This move for liberation is international in scope since our Brothers and Sisters live globally in the world. You are doing a great service by outlining this information, so we can be prepared sufficiently for whatever comes. RBG 4 Life.

  5. Matari says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Pam! I read about this drill somewhere online but have since forgotten about it, so I for one appreciate you bringing this up!!

    I second Kowaba’s advice to PREPARE as best as you’re able. Times are going to get darker, literally and figuratively, before it gets brighter… and the less you need to stand in line for whatever the government is offering, the better off (freer) you’ll be.

  6. TrojanPam says:

    @ kowaba

    It’s good to always have some emergency supplies on hand.

    I don’t think there will be any widespread power outages but I thought I’d mention the blackout drills just in case.

  7. TrojanPam says:

    @ InnerStanding Isness

    Thanks for reblogging this post

  8. TrojanPam says:

    @ Timothy

    I agree we should always be prepared. Thanks for supporting this blog!

  9. TrojanPam says:

    @ Matari

    You’re welcome, I just thought people should know —

    A source who is knowledgeable about power grids and the computers that service them told me that: “…the drill “should” be relatively transparent to all end users.”

    Meaning, he doubts there will be any widespread or noticeable power outages.

    Even if nothing happens, it’s still good to be prepared for emergencies.

    Maybe, this “event” will prod all of us to be more proactive and more prepared

  10. mstoogood4yall says:

    u know the crazy thing is i watched a bit of a show on national geographic that was examining this very thing its called American blackout

    They are trying to tell us something for sure, and then there is a video game called watchdogs the trailer talks about a blackout. These are no coincidences imo. There very well could be a real blackout

  11. mstoogood4yall says: here’s the full episode to American blackout yep they definitely trying to tell ppl something.

  12. LBM says:

    Thanks Pam. Definitely a worthwhile post. We must come to understand that WE are always under attack. So like you said, being practically prepared (food, flashlight, sneakers, first aide kit, gas, etc) should be an always thing. I too have to remind my husband about the gas tank piece – he’ll have 2 ounces in there….But the panic, like when they want to sell shovels and salt, is something we should be prepared to NOT take part in.

    P.S. NYPD did some “gas” testing in subway stations in NYC a couple of months ago. Supposedly “harmless” gases but they wouldn’t say which stations or what time. So being in the best health possible is also part of always being prepared. We need immune systems operating optimally. And we need stamina. I had to walk from midtown Manhattan to Bedstuy unexpectedly a few times over the years – 911, power outages, train strikes – and I passed some folk who were having a rough go of it. Those sistas who wear hooker heels :), I hope they keep some sneakers in the office.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ LBM

      Right, it’s a good idea to be prepared even if you don’t think anything will happen.

      Keeping your gas tank at least half-full (if you can) is important because you could have a personal emergency in the middle of the night.

      Also agree about immune system health, and that means NOT being a slave to fashion or clothing manufacturers.

      Like these 3 and 4 inch plus high heels will give the wearers all kinds of knee, back, and foot problems in their later years.

      The most important asset you have out here is to be able to THINK FOR SELF and not follow the herd because the herd is usually heading to be slaughtered.

      • LBM says:

        I think it was Dr. Nancy Turner Banks who said while Black folk – even those with “health insurance – can’t get adequate attention, two surgeries we can get pretty quickly are prostate mutilations and amputations. Indeed I’m seeing more of us without a leg or both. Supposedly diabetes is leading to these amputations. In terms of disaster preparedness, it’s looking really scary especially for people who can’t get around more easily. Dependence on prescription drugs is another preparedness no-no. I don’t mean to sound dire – I’m just trying to make the point that the attack on us is “wholistic”- coming through all areas, some that we may not be thinking about.

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