Definitions Workshop #5: “Black Power” in a White Supremacy System

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What is (Real) Power in a White Supremacy System?

With the rumblings of a MAJOR WAR on the near horizon and the FALSE APPEARANCE of BLACK POWER, it’s important to re-examine what (REAL) POWER is and how it functions within a white supremacy system.

For example, many black people believe President Obama has (REAL) POWER because he has a powerful title as the President of the United States, when in FACT, the most powerful people in the room are the (white) people who SELECTED AND FINANCED President Obama as a presidential candidate.

If the U.S. attacks Syria–and I’m positive they will–President Obama will get the LION’S SHARE OF THE BLAME for  the economic and political aftermath even though he is taking orders from more powerful whites behind the scenes who are using him as a BLACK SCAPEGOAT.

In my previous two posts:  “Definitions Workshop #4:  Is the United States a “Class” society or a “Caste” Society?”  AND  “When Caste VS Class Collides: A Follow-Up to the Definitions Workshop #4”   I demonstrated (to the best of my ability) that the people who belong to the HIGHEST CASTE (white) always have more POWER than the people who belong to the LOWEST CASTE (non-white), regardless of title, class, income, education, or occupation.

If this is true, can (REAL) “BLACK POWER” ever exist within a system of white supremacy? Let’s examine the definition of  POWER and what it looks like:


(excerpted from our Book, ‘Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation”)

“What about black people who believe in ‘black supremacy?’ You can believe in something like a prisoner believes in being the warden, or thinks he or she is the warden, but that doesn’t make it true. There’s a difference between being in a position and aspiring to be in a position.” — Neely Fuller, Jr.

Q: What is collective power?

A: Collective power is the institutions and systems that benefit one group at the expense of another group, and allow one group to dominate another group in all areas of human activity.

For example, when a white policeman shoots an unarmed black man (50 times), his fellow officers, the police chief, internal affairs, the union, the media, the prosecutor, the judge, and the jury will support, defend, and finance that white police officer’s “right” to shoot (murder) an unarmed black person. That is white collective power.

It is rare for a white police officer to be punished for using excessive force against a black man, woman, or child. It is just as rare for a black police officer to use excessive force against a white person. In fact, the authors were unable to find a single instance of a black police officer shooting or killing an unarmed white person in the history of modern law enforcement.

This is not surprising but it is absolute proof that the black individual operating within a system of white supremacy cannot mistreat whites even if he or she is wearing a uniform, a badge, and carrying a gun.

Another example of white collective power is the mortgage and real estate industry, which systematically discriminates against black (and non-white) renters, home-buyers, and home-owners by:

  • Red-lining – denying home loans to minority geographical areas.
  • Reverse red-lining — targeting minority areas for fraudulent sub-prime home loans that are designed to self-destruct.
  • Inflating home appraisals in racially changing neighborhoods to defraud (overcharge) minority home-buyers.
  • Low-balling appraisals in minority areas to reduce home equity.
  • Refusing to rent or sell to minorities in certain geographical areas.
  • Raising property taxes in minority areas to drive minority residents out of desirable inner-city neighborhoods. (aka gentrification)
  • Exclusion from special financing deals that are not generally known to the public, and are only offered to a select group of white buyers.


Banks, real estate brokers, appraisers, and mortgage lenders represent INSTITUTIONAL RACISM (power) that is reinforced by the courts, banking, and government (systems).
This does not mean blacks are less likely to abuse power than whites if given the opportunity. It means blacks cannot abuse power that does not exist. The proof: there is no place in America where blacks are collectively practicing racism against whites collectively.

Q: Don’t black politicians and corporate executives represent black power?

A: Not necessarily. Having a powerful position does not make a person powerful. For example, shortly after a female employee sued the XYZ firm for sex discrimination, Ms. X and Mrs. Y are appointed to the corporate board.

They will be used as proof in the upcoming trial that the XYZ firm does not discriminate against women. Like most token board members, Ms. X and Mrs. Y are bench warmers; not policy makers. Their “powerful” positions are an ILLUSION designed to deceive the public and the courts.

The black man or woman in a (public) position of power often serves the same purpose:  to give the appearance that certain companies do not discriminate. These blacks may be qualified for their position;  however, even that “powerful” black person – regardless of title — is still controlled by more powerful whites who limit whatever authority or power this black individual possesses.

Q: If a powerful black person mistreats a less powerful white person, isn’t he or she practicing black racism?

A: A black person whose power comes from a white institution will not be allowed to mistreat whites – unless he or she is following orders from more powerful whites. In a system of white supremacy, all whites are more powerful than blacks.

A white supremacy system by its very NATURE forbids ALL non-white people – regardless of wealth, status, or position – from victimizing white people. Of course, a powerful black person can – as an individual – harm a white individual.

For example, it was well known that OJ Simpson physically abused his white ex-wife, Nicole, but that abuse was limited to what he was able to do as an individual. Powerful blacks present no danger to the white collective but they can be extremely dangerous to other blacks. They are often rewarded for victimizing black people (doing the dirty work), and are usually following orders from more powerful whites behind the scenes.

If they are not following direct orders, they will abuse other blacks: (1) for profit or career advancement; (2) out of fear of losing status or income; (3) out of fear of being lumped with the “inferior” black masses; (4) because of self-hatred issues, which they project onto other blacks; or (5) out of frustration because they have no real power (over whites).

Even the most “powerful” blacks in America cannot practice black racism because it does not exist. Nor can they be black supremacists because black supremacy cannot co-exist within a system of white supremacy. They cannot practice white racism because they are not white. They cannot be racists of any kind; but are knowingly OR unknowingly agents (extensions) of the white supremacist system.

If anyone disagrees with this premise and believes that blacks can be racist, he or she should be able to answer the following question:

Name one thing that black people – as a group — have stopped white people – as a group — from doing that they had a RIGHT to do? For example, denying them the right to work, own a home, vote, live in a certain area, get a fair trial, an education, or use any public facility.

Affirmative action is not a correct response. Affirmative action is NOT black racism. Black people did not create affirmative action, the terminology, or the where, when, and how it becomes a policy in Corporate America.

Blacks do NOT have the power to implement any just or unjust policies at any white college or university. Whites control, name, legislate, and decide everything that happens within America’s institutions of power – including black institutions.

If it can be documented (proven) that black people are COLLECTIVELY mistreating white people COLLECTIVELY in the United States, someone should write a book about it. The truth should be made public, even if it contradicts what is written here. Any corrections would be greatly appreciated in the interest of being as accurate as possible.

Q: What about rich black entertainers and athletes? They don’t work for Corporate America. Isn’t that “black power”?

A: All black entertainers work for Corporate America in one fashion or another. Corporate America controls everything that happens in the entertainment industry; whether it’s the movie, music, television, radio, news, advertising, publishing, or sports industry.

It is impossible to be a successful black (or white) entertainer if you do not have access to movie theaters, chain music and bookstores, comedy clubs, stadiums, ballparks, cable, radio, magazine, and television.

The corporations that control the airwaves, athletic arenas, retail stores, networks, movie and television studios, distributors, sponsors, and advertisers are more powerful than all the black entertainers combined.

Money is NOT synonymous with power. Power is NOT a paycheck; even a forty-million-dollar one. The person with the most power is the one who SIGNS THE CHECK. For every black person who is paid in the millions, there are whites behind the scenes making BILLIONS.

Q: If money isn’t power, what is power?

A: Power is self-evident.  Power answers to no one other than God, himself.

Power is the ability to determine the status quo and who sits at the top of the pecking order.

Power is the ability to determine what is news and what is not.

Power is controlling the financial, political, and educational institutions so you and your kind benefit.

Power is the ability to CONTROL your own images and the images of those who are less powerful than you are.

Power is the ability to determine WHO goes to jail, for what crime, and for how long.

Power is the ability to VOTE in an election and STILL HAVE THAT VOTE COUNTED.

Power is other people coming to you to get what they need and you deciding how much they get.

Power is the ability to feed yourself without depending on others.

Power is the ability to generate and produce what you need to survive — which includes your own infrastructure and necessities:  electricity, gasoline, water, housing, food, clothing, weapons, schools, universities, currency, banking, and hospitals – without depending on others for your survival.

Power is the ability to decide what your currency looks like; how much it is worth; and how much it buys; whether it is a gallon of milk or a gallon of gas.

Power is the ability to determine who lives where, how many of them can live there, and how long they can stay there.

Power is the ability to move populations, and to determine what part of what city will be black and what part will be white.

Power is the ability to own land that no one can take from you, even with eminent domain, because YOU make the laws.

Power is the ability to punish a police officer for shooting an unarmed man 41 times.

Power is the ability to rescue people from rooftops after a hurricane in less than four days, and to make sure a “Katrina” never happens in the first place.

Not ONE black politician, poet, activist, entertainer, corporate board member, CEO, businessperson, millionaire, or billionaire had the juice (POWER) to pick up a phone, call the White House, and get ONE black person off the roof after Katrina struck.

Power Is NOT…

…a Mercedes or a Jaguar, a dozen rental properties, a good job in a Fortune 500 corporation, a dozen college degrees, or a Pulitzer Prize. It is not being the biggest rap star or black movie star with the most crossover appeal.

It is not owning the biggest house on the block when the bank still holds the mortgage; the taxing authority can seize it for unpaid taxes; and the government can take the land it sits on by declaring eminent domain.

It is NOT owning a black business when that business relies on white suppliers, bankers, dealers, distributors, contracts, and advertising dollars.

This is not intended to demean or diminish the accomplishments of so many  distinguished, successful, and talented black people, but it is time to be honest about our situation, if we ever hope to CHANGE it. We cannot afford to keep telling ourselves (the lie) that “the only color the (powerful) white man cares about is the color green.”

If that were true, “white supremacy” would be called “green supremacy.”

(excerpted from our Book, ‘Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation”)

Trojan Pam  (Trojan Horse Press)



  1. Pam says:

    This is a brilliant commentary, Trojan Pam. With the state that black America is in however,, I don’t see us getting out of this mess anytime soon. What are we supposed to do and how do we begin if you cannot get the average black person to face these truths?

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Pam

      That’s a good question, one that all of us–who are working on being less confused–have asked.

      There’s no magical answer. After years of frustration, here’s some of my conclusions and suggestions:

      1. Black people can NOT undo 500 years of damage in a few decades, especially under the system of white supremacy. That’s like a person infected with TB trying to cure their disease while being forced to live inside a TB ward where they are continually re-infected.

      2. Educate yourself about the system of white supremacy, what it is and how it works. There is a lot of free info on this site and on my other site — — where I have posted over a hundred sound clips by Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr, who was my biggest influence in understanding racism/white supremacy. I also have on this site some Yurugu videos and videos by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, and many others.

      Also, check out The C.O.W.S. (Context of White Supremacy) internet radio program where host, Gus Renegade, has a huge variety of guests, black, non-white, and white, to talk about white supremacy. What is most interesting are the white guests who are often exposed as practicing racism EVEN while claiming to be an “anti-racist.” (!)

      to listen/download archives of COWS programs:

      to learn about current or upcoming COWS programs:

      3. Refuse to be discouraged by black people who want to stick their heads in the sand, or who call you a “black racist” (which cannot exist in a system of white supremacy), or who are too afraid to look at OR accept the reality of living BLACK under the system of white domination/white oppression.

      4. Associate with like-minded people, preferably people who are more knowledgeable than you. The “smarter” they are, the smarter you will get. Avoid participating in and supporting ANYTHING (movie, TV program, comedy, etc) that degrades YOU or other black people . When you explain why you are not participating or supporting anti-blackness in entertainment, politics, economics, etc, you will influence other people–even when you don’t know it. The people you alienate, frankly, are the same people you might be better off without.

      5. STOP using words that promote white supremacy, black inferiority, like

      good hair

      pretty (light) eyes

      pretty (light) skin

      black and ugly

      ugly (when referring to hair texture)

      STOP calling other black people “monkeys and gorillas” (something we learned from WHITE PEOPLE)

      STOP calling other black people “niggers” — a WORD/CONCEPT that did NOT exist in Africa until WHITE PEOPLE colonized it

      STOP treating black people with LESS courtesy than you treat white people. Be aware of how you act with whites VS blacks and work on being less anti-black

      STOP treating lighter-skinned or black children with a white parent BETTER than you treat brown or dark-skinned children. We are DEVASTATING the self-esteem of our black children the SAME WAY our own self-esteem was devastated when we were children.

      STOP calling other black females “bitches” and “hos” — a WORD/CONCEPT that comes out of our CENTURIES of sexual degradation and RAPE, where the African female slave was REDUCED to less than an animal and her rape by WHITE MALES was justified by saying she was sexually “loose” and “immoral” — in other words, a natural-born “ho”

      a BITCH is a FEMALE DOG, and every time we call another black female that word, we are REINFORCING OUR OWN STATUS as less than human

      6. Share construction information, whether on this site, or other sites, with other black people. People may be more open to information when they feel it is voluntary, rather than have someone (like me) preaching at them to “wake up” or change.

      I created the Counter-Racism Boot Camp (see the top menu) to encourage a greater understanding of what white supremacy is and how it functions.

      7. Continually remind yourself of the foolish mistakes you’ve made (and are probably still making) and don’t be too quick to condemn other black people who don’t understand white supremacy because we have been LIED TO all of our lives, from the cradle to the grave — and programmed to believe white is superior, black is inferior.

      8. Don’t expect miracles. The majority of black people are NOT going to get it, and out of that number, the majority may not want it. Plant a seed of food for thought AND KEEP IT MOVING.

      Hope those suggestions help

      • Pam says:

        Great, great advice. I can say with confidence that I have been practicing these good habits for a number of years now, since I have been politically and socially aware from a young age (I’m over 50 now). I am still educating myself on how white supremacy works and I try very hard not to get too angry or discouraged by the knowledge that we are caught up in such insidious system. It is enough to make one want to give up but I know that none of us can do that.

        I have already listened to one of the COWS radio programs and will continue to do so; in addition I will continue to read and study this and other knowledgeable.websites. I get rather disgusted, however, by some of the news websites that are supposed to be for African Americans because some of them are infected and overrun with white racist trolls who are obviously trying to sabotage and destroy whatever discourse we might be having. I’m pretty sure you have seen this phenomenon and I’d love to hear your opinion on it. On one particular site I and other regular users have sent emails full of complaints about racist trolls and their annoying, nasty commentary, and keep asking them to do something about it. I received one response but nothing since, so I keep sending emails with links and screen captures to them in the hope that something will be done. I have even gotten to the point of looking at the FCC website to see if I can file a complaint of some kind. What’s your advice on this matter?

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ Pam

          I never know what stage someone is at. It’s always great to dialogue with someone who is on the same page. I feel like giving up quite often, but it lasts a short time, and I’m right back doing whatever it is I do. I agree, we can’t afford to give up as there are NOT a lot of alternatives left. Either we are going to wake up OR face the consequences–and I’d hate to see that happen, although I know the battle is FAR from over.

          Oh yes, the white trolls and gov agents, are crawling on every so-called “black” website and portal, most of which are NOT black-owned. I had to stop going to ‘Black Voices” because the gov agents were so vicious and nasty that I knew tangling with them would be dangerous.

          I believe there are many white impostors who start horrible flame wars between black males and females by posting an ugly and inflammatory comment, and even when you suggest that this is happening, most of the black people are so fired up with anti-black blood lust that they don’t care anymore.

          We have been programmed to attack and dislike each other for over 500 years, and at some point, it starts to feel “normal” — like rats trapped in a cage who start to bite each other out of frustration.

          The people who own these sites are not going to act in the best interests of black people, and I suspect they are actively promoting anti-blackness among black people. White supremacy NEVER takes a holiday…

          I’m not in favor of censorship — because that might put me out of commission. I’m sure there are people out there who think I should be shut down. I think what we have to do is to use these racist comments as a way to strengthen our RESOLVE to solve this problem — and to keep us from getting “soft.”

          I think black people should take this comments as PROOF — EVIDENCE — of who and what we are dealing with, but I agree the white commentators who are posing as black people to deliberately provoke hostility between black people are problematic.

          Don’t know what the answer is to that but to expose them as best we can.

  2. larissa says:

    Obama and his wife have been on several talkshows. I think both of them have even danced on talk shows, such as when he danced on the Ellen Degeneres show. When was the last time a president of any country danced on TV? His role sometimes seems more like an entertainer or a buffoon, like a court jester. Previous presidents have been known to give interviews, but I can´t recall seeing a president on a talk show such as letterman, the voice or oprah. it just goes to show the real status of blacks, even when they hold one of the highest positions in the world they are still expected to lower themselves for the entertainment purposes of white folks.

    • The thing with Obama is that he is a product. He has been marketed in almost the same way as Benetton clothing, Nike, or even Ikea. Marketing research – Michael Jackson – shows that most people like a slim man of light complexion who has sparkling pearly whites. Who can act his way out of anything. Just turn on the charm. Those who have a brain to look past the veneers, are taken in by eloquent speech. Until they realize who writes his speeches, or just know who hired him to sell us more war on us.
      But, we are between a rock and a hard place. We need to ‘expose’ him for the puppet that he is, but steer clear from attacking him as a Black man. An attack on his skin, however light his complexion, is an attack on ALL Black men. And whites look at Black women as men – or less – too. No compassion to be gotten whatsover.
      Obama is not our savior. Big deal. Let him continue his marketing campaign, and we continue to critize the system that he stands for. Whether he is in the white house built by black people, or not, the war on us is a fact. This is called the Christian age not because of Christ, but the people who are trying to sell him to us. For now, that Christ is supposed to be Obama. Is it not time to lay down that faked bible, and do something that might make a difference?
      It is war. Peace.

      • “But, we are between a rock and a hard place. We need to ‘expose’ him for the puppet that he is, but steer clear from attacking him as a Black man. An attack on his skin, however light his complexion, is an attack on ALL Black men.”

        yep that is the truth. I also can’t stand any of the things he’s doing and I know he’s being used to put a black face on this and to say see the black president did this to everybody. When whites attack him its to make him as a black/biracial male look bad, but when we point out his wrongs it has to do with his job performance not his skin.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ larissa

      I had the same thoughts when I saw him sitting and grinning on “The View” and playing soccer in Latin America while we were bombing Libya and assassinating the AFRICAN LEADER of an AFRICAN SOVEREIGN NATION, and I realized this imagery is deliberate and that President Obama is set up on these “play dates” by the white people who control him.

      I keep reminding people that the White House is a STAGE and what we’re seeing is a STAGED PLAY, where everything that happens is PLANNED and has a PURPOSE — and that’s to promote confusion, anti-blackness, deception, and white supremacy.

      Again, your comment goes back to CASTE VS CLASS, and it seems that the “first black” president is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of what I meant.

  3. TTNYCRN says:

    @Trojan Pam

    I really like your blog, the information is amazing. I will admit that there are still things that I’m learning via your website and even if I disagree with some things, your blog is on point. I think this information is really needed for younger African-Americans, who might be tempted to fall into “the post-racial,We are The World” stuff since Obama’s presidency. Anyway, I think what throws people off in understanding white supremacy is that we are wrongly taught that racism/white supremacy is due to mere ignorance and fear.Obviously it is not. It is 1,000 times more deeper than mere ignorance and fear. Also, I think African-Americans need to understand this MAJOR point. While we as blacks need to indeed take care of issues that harm our community(e.g. crime,drugs,etc.), we need to look around at other groups that have been affected by white supremacy(e.g. Native Americans,Australian Aboriginals, New Zealand Maori,etc.). While they all have their unique sets of issues due to human diversity, they have similar outcomes compared to blacks(e.g. lower education,less income than whites, poorer health, higher rate of mortality/death). And this was not due to random events, it was indeed white supremacy. Anyway TrojanPam, keep up the nice work!

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ TTNYCRN

      Thanks for supporting this blog!

      I agree with all your points, I hope you’ll share the info with others to give them food for thought.

      I don’t expect anyone to agree with everything I post, because I don’t have all the answers myself,


      and then draw their OWN CONCLUSIONS — based on LOGIC

  4. LBM says:

    I agree with the “ignorance and fear” tripe. “Fear”, I guess it depends on the context but we must never allow anyone to say white domination is due to “ignorance”. This is a well thought-out 24/7 offensive. The average white understands his/her stake in maintaining this and is more than willing to do their part. What “power” we do have lies in our ability to apply some of the basics codes we’ve discussed time and again : don’t socialize with, don’t have sex with, try to hold our dollars away from, at least their private enterprises i.e family-owned restaurants, boutiques, salons, etc Whatever power we have lies in our ability to shake off the need for white approval and overcome anti-blackness.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ LBM

      Right, “ignorance” implies harmless and innocent and there is NOTHING innocent about a GLOBAL SYSTEM OF OPPRESSION.

      how can 9% of the world’s population dominate and oppress most of the other 91% by being “ignorant?”

      LOGIC alone tells us that is IMPOSSIBLE

      Since I’ve been increasing my understanding, I rely less and less on white validation

      people have NO IDEA how empowering and self-esteem building that feeling is!

  5. TTNYCRN says:


    Thanks for seeing my point of view. The reason why you, I and those who are trying to understand TrojanPam’s work(of course Trojan Pam could correct me if I’m wrong) needs to understand that the simplistic fallacy that racism/white supremacy is due to mere ignorance and fear is wrong is to see how deep white supremacy really is. When people say white supremacy is due to ignorance and fear, we probably are thinking about some uneducated country folk that dont know better and have never seen a black person in their life. However, racism in an urban setting disproves that theory hardcore. For example, as you could tell from my username, Im from New York City. In most of these urban places(NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia,Boston,etc.), the whites are not ignorant and do not fear blacks as some of them have black co-workers,black friends/classmates and some of them even date black people. Yet, they will still hold a sense of “superior” thinking due to their whiteness. So yes, I agree with you 100% when you say-“The average white understands his/her stake in maintaining this and is more than willing to do their part”. Thats why people need to do away with this moralistic and utopian garbage of “We Are The World” and “We Are THE Human Race”. Those are nice phrases but in a world dominated by white supremacy, those are not REALISTIC ways of thinking!

  6. Jamie Turner Sr says:

    Always good reading here; it’s passed on to many of my relatives,friends, and strangers…………………

  7. LBM says:

    TTNYCRN, I too live in the sour apple. Are you aware of many of these gentrifiers calling the cops on members of the neighborhoods THEY have intruded upon. Complaining about music, drumming, block parties running 5 minutes past the “official” time – all manner of nonsense. Is this “ignorance?” I think not. There’s also a drive to make certain AA neighborhoods “landmarks” as a way to drive and price AA out. Beware of anti-humans ESPECIALLY those who come with a bedmate “of color” and ESPECIALLY those who call themselves liberals or anti-racist. I purposely moved to an area where there was none of them but they have slinked into Bed-Stuy just as they did Harlem and one can hardly walk out their door without seeing one of them. Funny thing, a white female was complaining on one of the gentrification sites that she was made to feel uncomfortable when a Black man would not return her “good mornings” upon her moving onto a predominantly AA block. 2 more minutes and she’ll be calling the cops on him. Ignorance? Not hardly. They are “supremely” aware and offensive with their racism white domination.

  8. TTNYCRN says:


    -Yes, our hometown of NYC is a liar. It pretends to be international, and post-racial yet it is just as segregated and racist as these other “international” American cities like Chicago and Los Angeles. I did not know of that particular issue(e.g. the block parties,etc.) but since I’m not surprised about the real nature of NYC, I definitely would take your word for it. What I notice most about NYC-It is nothing more than a white supremacist city controlled by certain white groups(e.g. Irish,Italians,Jews,Polish, yuppies,etc.) and yes the Blacks are just the little people. For example, I’m a Generation Y person(a millienial) and I remember back in the day like 2001 and 2002, I would rarely see a white person on Fulton Street in Downtown Brooklyn especially in the night-time. Now Fulton St, Flatbush Avenue and near Atlantic Ave by the Barclays Center has been transformed and many whites are flooding the neighborhood. You are correct, most of the traditional black areas in NYC(e.g. Harlem, Bedford-Stuyvestant, Fort Greene) are affected by gentrification thus harming the long term black residents. Even the working/middle class immigrant blacks like the ones from the Caribbean and Africa(e.g. Nigerians, Jamaicans, Trinidadians) are getting messed up. And remember, as whites always say-Its Not Race, Its Class(yea, sure it is!)

    -The more that I understand about white supremacy, the more bizarre black/white interracial dating and marriage seems to me. I do believe people have to live and let live yet as you said- “Beware of anti-humans ESPECIALLY those who come with a bedmate “of color” and ESPECIALLY those who call themselves liberals or anti-racist. PREACH LBM! Even if the black person in the IR union with a white woman or white man acts like a mini Black Panther or is trying to express their inner Eldridge Cleaver or Huey Newton, Im still on my guard! I dont know if read Abagond but one of his posts-What This Blog has Taught about White People basically confirms your message. Even if they marry and create new life(have children) with a black person, many of these whites still know the “superior” value of their whiteness. I also read this black sexuality blog called Afroerotik. Its a black woman who works in the BDSM lifestyle and she talks about the sexual mindsets of submissive white men who claim they “worship” blacks and want to submit to black men,black women or both yet continue to have very racist ways of thinking. I have also read stories from other black women that work in that industry(e.g. dominatrix,etc.) who basically confirm what that author writes. Things like this just BLOW MY MIND!
    – Im not a conspiracy theory black nationalist and sometimes I think people like Louis Farrakhan are a little wacky. However, the more I understand about white supremacy by reading this blog by TrojanPam and other black bloggers(e.g. Abagond, BrothaWolf, Negress,etc.) as well as being more aware of how race affects my life as a black man, Im pretty much coming to the same conclusion as you LBM-“They are “supremely” aware and offensive with their racism white domination”
    In other words, for us socially aware black folks, white supremacy is like being in a desert with many scorpions. Not every single scorpion with give you the same amount of poison yet ALL scorpions have a tail and when they want to sting, you HAVE to be prepared!

  9. TTNYCRN says:


    Thank you for your reply to my comment. I always try to keep an open mind and hear different views, thats how we learn. I still do have black friends that you would consider to be “integrationists”. However, the more I understand about white supremacy, the more I truly agree with the point of your blog. Since white supremacy is not as blatant as it was during the 1960s, I think younger African-Americans(as I told LBM, Im a millenial/Generation Y) like myself could easily fall into the belief that racism is a thing of the past and we are moving towards that “We Are The Human Race” garbage that you hear so many white liberals dish out(I fell for it to be honest). At one point in my life, I really did believe that racism was due to ignorance and fear(thats what I was taught) with the belief that “cultural diversity” was the solution. However, as I started to deal more with White America, I realized that I was not getting judged via my individual human traits, I was getting judged on how “white” I acted. Even when my character had nothing to do with these associations, I would still get asked-“Do all black people play basketball?”. I then knew that white supremacy had NOTHING to do with being ignorant because as irony would have it, some of these whites had black co-workers, black classmates, black friends and they probably might have even had a black girlfriend/boyfriend. Then as I did research on these other non-white groups and their battle with white supremacy, it all started to make sense to me.

    By researching other groups affected by white supremacy, I start to see something that mirrors the poles within Black America

    -The Native Americans and the Australian Aboriginals have a rather decent rate of outmarriage with whites, especially those have some education(are middle class) and got away from their surroundings(e.g. the Native American reservations or the inner city of Sydney). Sometimes these few individuals could be used as pawns in the white supremacist agenda to “show” that racism is a thing of the past and you just need to work harder

    -However, the collective plight of these groups is obvious, as the problems on the reservations for Native Americans and in the “ghettoes” of Australian cities like Sydney for the Aboriginals mirrors the problems of Black America, as I said before with poverty,unemployment, poor health,etc.

    -Now most African-Americans do marry other African-Americans(low rates of outmarriage) however those that do marry out to whites, I see the same trend as these other groups. However, for the majority, the collective quality of life issues are serious. And all you get is some blacker than black black nationalist that talks tough but has no real practical or realistic solutions to battling white supremacy.

    Thats why I like your blog TrojanPam, you actually give realistic daily life solutions to this dangerous problem of white supremacy.

    One question I have TrojanPam? With your economic plan, is it something similar to what the NOI and Louis Farrakhan proposes to help our communities? Just curious

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ TTNYCRN

      I appreciate your thought processes. You didn’t just take my word for it, you THOUGHT about what YOU had observed and drew your OWN LOGICAL CONCLUSIONS.

      that’s what counter-racism is all about — in my opinion. It’s not about trading “white think” tyranny for “black think” tyranny,

      it’s about presenting the LOGIC and encouraging other victims to THINK about what they are seeing.

      Once a person does that they might be surprised by how MUCH they already know,

      Because if you look around the world, throughout history over the last 600 or so years, you will see that white supremacy works the SAME WAY, no matter where you go in the world, no matter how handsome, or pretty, or smart, or talented, or nice, or rich you are

      If you are NOT WHITE, you will at some point be mistreated simply BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT WHITE.

      That is a huge hurdle for a lot of non-whites to accept, that racism/white supremacy is a SYSTEM and that ALL white people KNOW they are white and ALL white people know what it means – and they also know what it means when you are NOT WHITE

      That transfer of understanding doesn’t happen by accident, that doesn’t happen OUT OF IGNORANCE,

      It is SYSTEMATIC, DELIBERATE THINK, SPEAK AND ACTIONS by those people classified as white that create the same injustices wherever they go.

      The problem with creating any “solutions” to dismantling white supremacy is most VICTIMS want to solve the problem without giving up anything OR changing what we do.

      I had a person leave a comment on Amazon for my book, “The Interracial Con Game” and this is what he said:

      “My main criticism of this book is it doesn’t offer an rational and logical solutions to this issue. It asks basically all blacks turn into automatons and distance ourselves from all white people and in this heavily assimilated culture it’s impossible to do that. Human beings have different personalities, different dreams, desires and life goals and this book posits that all blacks should abandon our personal interests for the good of us all and it’s easy for the author to tell other people what they should do with their lives.”

      think about his comment for a second.

      “…all blacks should abandon our personal interests for the good of us all and it’s easy for the author to tell other people what they should do with their lives.”

      Nowhere in the book does it tell anyone they have to do anything or everything. Nor does the book claim to have the answer to solving the problem of racism/white supremacy.

      It gives SUGGESTIONS on SOME things we can all do — without breaking the law, losing our jobs, or putting ourselves in danger. Yet this reader interpreted it as “abandoning (all) his personal interests…” by making some or a few change.

      Have you ever had a friend ask you for advice and then get irritated by the advice you give? What does that really mean?

      That they never wanted your advice in the first place, they just want the “problem” to magically correct itself or disappear without them having to change anything they’re doing.

      We want racism to “go away” without us giving up anything, including our comfort level or our “right” to sex and socialize with white people.


      So, I plant seeds when I can and KEEP IT MOVING.

      RE my economic solutions, I don’t have a plan, I have some suggestions, one of them is to STOP SUPPORTING BUSINESSES THAT DISRESPECT US

      I’m not familiar enough to make a blanket comparison with the NOI’s program but I’m sure I would agree with many of their points,

      one of them being we have to CIRCULATE OUR DOLLARS in our own black communities, which means we have to start more businesses which will provide more jobs for black people

      that requires black people being willing to support other black people, and as I mentioned earlier, that is a VERY DIFFICULT thing for us to do due to the brain-trashing we have experienced for such a long time.

      Which is why I stress the importance of understanding racism/white supremacy and how it works so we will understand how we were damaged and can work to reduce our own anti-blackness.

  10. TTNYCRN says:


    Once again thank you for your reply. As I said, I have always tried to keep an open mind and hear different opinions on things. And obviously, I know that ALL black people do not think alike, which I have no problem with because I feel having a diversity of opinions helps us to grow and learn different things. Im open to hearing different views but I’m a REALIST and some things you just have to look at on concrete terms. For example, 2+2=4 and smoking has a high chance to cause lung cancer, I cant change my position on that. And yes, integration barely helps African-Americans. Even though I work in healthcare, I have always had a deep love of sociology to understand how the past as well as current human behavior affects different areas of human life(e.g. health,education,employment,etc.). From looking at research/facts as well as from my personal observations, I came to my answers about society.And you are correct TrojanPam, for a conscious black person, we have to ask ourselves how much has “integration” or “multiculturalism” helped African-Americans?

    -Yes, it is true that integration has helped a FEW black folks but 9 times out of 10, the MAJORITY of blacks do not benefit. People say go to school/education, find a job and you will have a good life. Fair point but when schools in black areas are getting closed down(e.g. in Chicago or in my hometown of NYC), employment chances,especially when the current national economic picture is bleak, for blacks is slim,so having a good life via those measures for a Negro is very small.

    -Your last post on whether America is a class or caste society, WAS AMAZING! For example, alot of whites would say “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” or “we were poor but now we made it”. I realized from your post, a major flaw in that argument. While I obviously know that there are poor whites, poor whites are only limited by their immediate environment, not the wider society. As blacks, we are limited by both our immediate environment(e.g. poor living in Harlem, South Side Chicago or Roxbury in Boston) as well as the wider WHITE society. For example, a white person from the Appalachia region, while their immediate surroundings is poverty, could move out if they desire and easily fit into the wider white American system. This is how those early white immigrants(e.g. the Irish,Italians, Polish, Jews,etc.) were able to easily fit into white America.In fact, they started to dominate the police departments, own apartments and stores in black neighborhoods, and control other economic venues in these so-called “diverse” cities like Boston, Chicago, New York,etc.

    -For the middle class blacks who might be tempted to turn their backs on our plight and focus on their individualism, they in fact get smacked very hard, probably even more than the extremely poor blacks. As we saw with the housing crisis and foreclosures, it primarily affected African-American families. Once again to reference your post on is America a CLASS or CASTE society, I have never heard of a “lazy” or “welfare grabbing” person owning a home, having a career and trying to provide for their spouses and children. Alot of these African-Americans who got harmed by the housing crisis were teachers, government workers, nurses, etc. Honestly, it would be a once in a lifetime sight to see a black person that was an accountant, social worker or had some other middle class profession, and all they did was speak “ebonics” and hang out on the street corner,lol!

    -Finally, this is the point that proves to me how flawed integration is. I dont know if you have looked at the Black Caribbean people in England(I did some research on Caribbean Blacks because my family is from Trinidad and Tobago) and their high rates of intermarriage with whites. If I’m not mistaken, I read a report that said about 50% of black men have white partners and 35 or 40% of black women have white partners, and the highest mixed race cohort in England are from black/white unions.Now lets face it TrojanPam, a black man or black woman that has sexual intercourse and creates new life(kids) with a white person, thats integration to the highest degree in my book. And yet, the Black British have the same and in some cases, worse problems that African-Americans.

    -Those first two articles show that Blacks,even with their mixed race offspring, have lower quality of life ratings that other British populations.

    -Unemployment in Black Britain is actually worse than Black America

    -From the Final Call via the NOI, the Blacks in Britain face the same issues with the prison system.

    -I thought England was a racial utopia, integration and intermarriage was supposed to produce equity and make all humans sing kumbaya,lol!

    -Anyway TrojanPam, I respect your blog because from your research, you are showing the truth of how black people really live under this twisted and sick system.Now,the same way a doctor cant change the bad behaviors of every patient(e.g. a smoker, an alcoholic), I know you cant change all Negroes, especially those stuck in their Aunt Jemina and Uncle Tom ways. Nevertheless, there are many many Negroes,myself included, that would continue to read your posts and gather the needed information for ourselves and even though Im not a parent now, for our children who will be the next generation of Black America. Speaking as a New Yorker, integration seems to be the light at the end of the tunnel however, most times its basically a speeding subway train!

    p.s. I asked about the economic plan because it seems in unison with Farrakhan’s plan. I do not belong to the NOI however, when I have a chance I do read their newspaper,the Final Call, via its print and online circulation. I stay away from mainstream newspapers because they rarely represent our concerns!

  11. […] Definitions Workshop #5: “Black Power” in a White Supremacy System […]

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