When Caste VS Class Collides: A Follow-Up to the “Definitions Workshop #4

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What Happens When Two People of the Same Caste BUT a Different Class Collide?

To follow-up on my previous post, let’s take a look at a real-life scenario between two people of the same CASTE — in this case, two white males — and how they function within a white supremacy CASTE system (like the United States).

(some text excerpted from the WashingtonPost.com)

Since Dick Cheney shot him, Harry Whittington’s aim has been to move on

Harry WhittingtonHarry Whittington

Eyewitnesses, including Cheney, said the shooting was accidental. Whittington doesn’t dispute that, but his memory of the event is limited only to his most immediate sensations.

“All I remember was the smell of burning powder,” he says. “And then I passed out.”

Paramedics rushed the bleeding and unconscious Whittington to a hospital in tiny Kingsville, Tex. Doctors deemed his injuries serious enough to transfer him via helicopter to larger hospital in Corpus Christi, about 40 miles away.

No one in the vice president’s entourage said a word about it publicly until the next morning, when Katharine Armstrong, the daughter of the ranch’s owner, spoke with a reporter from a local newspaper. Armstrong blamed Whittington for blundering into Cheney’s line of fire…

(despite) the FACT that Cheney acknowledged not having paid $7 for a permit that allows him to shoot upland birds; it said he is sending a check to the state).

Investigators didn’t speak to Cheney until the next morning, and Cheney didn’t address the issue in public until four days later.

In a TV interview on Fox News back in Washington, he took responsibility for the shooting (“Ultimately, I am the guy who pulled the trigger . . . “) but offered no apologies.

The White House allowed Cheney to decide when and how to disclose details of the shooting to the local sheriff and the public the next morning.

Local law enforcement officials did not interview Cheney until Sunday morning, about 14 hours after the shooting, in an agreement worked out between the Secret Service and Kenedy County Sheriff Ramon Salinas III.

For Whittington, the accident was not just physically traumatic but introduced chaos into his orderly life. Reporters camped outside the hospital, where he spent a week in intensive care. When he was released a week later, a battered and exhausted Whittington did the apologizing:

“My family and I are deeply sorry for all that Vice President Cheney and his family have had to go through this past week.”

Harry Whittington Apologizes for Getting Shot in the Face

Convalescing at his home in west Austin, Whittington was besieged by reporters for weeks. They called, hovered around his office and banged on his front door, some bearing flowers and fruit baskets as gifts. TV networks wanted to fly him to New York for interviews. “That was the last thing I wanted to do,” he says.

All the while, he said nothing, even as late-night comics and Cheney himself used the incident as a punch line. And then, to Harry Whittington’s relief, he was forgotten.

(Whittington’s right eye, the right side of his forehead, his right eye socket, hairline, and hand still have birdshot pellets lodged in them)

SOURCES: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/10/13/AR2010101307173.html


Harry Whittington Still Waiting For Apology, 4 Years After Dick Cheney Shooting

HARRY-WHITTINGTON-DICK-CHENEYDick Cheney         Harry Whittington

First Posted: 10/14/10 10:43 AM ET

It has been almost five years since Harry Whittington took an errant blast from then-Vice President Dick Cheney’s shotgun while on a quail hunting trip in Texas. The pellets perforated his face, neck and chest, causing health complications for the Texas trial lawyer both in the immediate wake of the incident and in the period after.

A total of 200 bits of lead shrapnel entered Whittington’s body that February evening in 2006 — 30 still remain — and out of it, he’s never even gotten a personal apology from Cheney.


This is what REAL POWER looks like

Contrast the above with my previous post regarding President Obama’s utterance of a single word — “stupidly” and how he and Harvard Professor Gates were pressured (forced) to humble themselves and extend a “peace offering” (an apology) by inviting a (suspected racist) white male civil servant police officer to the White House to have a beer at the “beer summit.”

Keep in mind that the white male police officer NEVER apologized to Professor Gates for arresting him in his OWN home.

This is what REAL POWER DOESN’T look like

What was the REAL purpose behind this  ‘BEER SUMMIT’  PUBLIC DISPLAY? In my opinion it was to:

(1)  REINFORCE the CASTE CODE in a white supremacy society to both the white AND the non-white populations
(2) to REMIND the HIGHER CLASS non-white individuals of their TRUE LOWER CASTE status AS non-white individuals (lest their “titles” go to their heads).

President Obama and former Vice President Dick Cheney are the two best examples I can think of that illustrate:

  • the differences between CASTE and CLASS in a white supremacy system
  • how a black (or a non-white) person is always in a LOWER CASTE position compared to any white person (regardless of title, income, or CLASS)
  • how a LOWER CASTE person is expected to defer (submit) to a HIGHER CASTE person, regardless of who is at fault
  • that the ONLY time CLASS overrules CASTE is when both individuals belong to the  HIGHEST POSSIBLE CASTE (both are white MALES)

Trojan Pam  (Trojan Horse Press)

  1. These two clowns crack me up everytime I read this story. There was a score to settle, and they settled it. In public. These are not ‘nice’ men. They do not smile, they bare their teeth.
    Obama is smarter than this dimwit. He was not waiting to get shot, to do as told. I do not shy away from conspiracy theory, so my take on mr. Black Harvard Gates, is that there was a score to settle, and they settled it. In public. These are not ‘nice’ men. I had interesting articles on my memory stick that I was still to post, but all is lost. And I will leave it that way. I will just conclude that Obama made as soft of a remark as he could, but the call the executioner an idiot, is to comment on the assignment and the ones giving it, as well. Of course, the low life officer had no say in this. Obama IS above his caste. He is just the pawn the higher-ups used to settle the score with both Gates and Obama in public.
    In the white caste system Black people are the lowest caste, BUT there are Black people in higher layers. We assume that there are none in the top layers of the pyramid. Which is why all Black people have to be on guard, or suffer punishment in public. There is no need to spell out the Black caste in the west. It resembles the white caste when it comes to stratification: money and skin color (beauty). Peace.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ No Black Pete

      Caste is not about being more or less intelligent, caste is a white supremacist society is based on whether you are classified as a white person OR a non-white person.

      By the actions of the white civil servant policeman and the “first black” president of the United States, that was a CLEAR illustration of WHO had the highest caste.

      the one who did not have to apologize

      Black people may be a HIGHER CLASS but we can NEVER be of a higher CASTE than a white person in a white supremacist system

      WE must be clear on what a white supremacist system is

      It is NOT ABOUT MONEY — it is about whether you are WHITE or NON-WHITE

      if we do not understand this, we will be confused about everything else that we think we understand

      • It depends on where you are at. If your goal is to wake people up, then you deal with the first stage of understanding. That they made a system to exclude us based on skin color. No questions asked. The system has been in place for centuries, and it works. All we have to do, is look around to see it. (And read at least a book or two about it.) So, no argument there.
        However, it does not explain Obama’s positon. And most people understand that. Yes, racism. Yes, Obama is a puppet. BUT, if there is a strict class and caste system, how did he get there? And they are right. They seek information on the next level.
        If you discuss color caste line only, then point taken. But, some of know that it is not the whole scheme. Peace.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ No Black Pete

          This is how I see it

          Either we are in a system of white domination or we are not. If we are not, white supremacy cannot and does not exist.

          There is no such thing as a partial system of white domination. It either dominates us or it doesn’t.

          the word “supremacy” means “the HIGHEST”

          There can ONLY be one thing that is “supreme” at any given time. That is why “white supremacy” cannot co-exist with “black supremacy”

          In my opinion, IF President Obama was educated, nominated, vetted, and financed by the most powerful white people in the nation (he was) then he is WORKING for the most powerful white people in the nation (and possibly the world).

          Why is President Obama where he is?

          Because he is being USED by the most powerful people to CONFUSE and DECEIVE us into believing we do not live in a white supremacy system.

          That is the point I was making in my last three posts, that TITLES are NOT SYNONYMOUS with power.

          The most powerful people are the ones WHO GIVE OUT THE TITLES.

          Of course, President Obama is SUBJECT to the system of white domination, that much should be OBVIOUS.

          He is a PUPPET carrying out the orders of the most powerful whites who GAVE HIM HIS TITLE


          Because Obama is WORKING FOR THE SAME WHITE PEOPLE THAT Bush worked for.

          We must understand what REAL POWER is, and how it is OBTAINED.

          People in POWER do not give up POWER because of an election when they are the ONES who CHOOSE the candidates

          I believe (and it should be evident to ALL by now) that President Obama was (s)elected to be the BLACK SCAPEGOAT for all the things that are happening and will happening,

          which includes the current wars and future wars,

          the genocide in Africa (that is going on right now),

          the bombing of non-white nations (which is going on right now),

          and the inevitable collapse of the U.S. economy.




          that is the ONLY REASON Obama is sitting in the White House

          Black people DID NOT ELECT HIM, we do not have enough votes to select a president.

          We really need to be clear about that.

          There is NO TIME LEFT for wishful thinking and playing MAKE-BELIEVE.

          We cannot afford to tell ourselves ANY MORE LIES.


          For example, if the owner of a company hires me and gives me the title of CEO, that does not suddenly make me HIS boss.

          He’s the one who GAVE ME THE TITLE, and at the end of the day, IF i want to keep that job as the CEO, I have to do what he tells me to do.

          Otherwise, I will be fired.

          Being the CEO (or the President of the United States) doesn’t make me the owner OR the boss of the people WHO HIRED ME.

          THEY ARE MY BOSS, and I AM THEIR EMPLOYEE, regardless of my TITLE.

          In a white supremacy system, EVERY white person has a higher caste than EVERY black person, regardless of title, education, looks, income or occupation.


          that’s why it’s SUPER IMPORTANT to understand what white supremacy is and how it functions.

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  3. “Obama IS above his caste.” Obama is still in the same caste, but he is above the CLASS of the puppet used to discipline him. A Black person can outCLASS someone in a higher caste – for as long as that lasts. Just not the white top layers. Confusion enters when Black executives are said to not have real power. Executives know very well that we have power WITHIN our companies, and as such can influence the lives of millions of people. But, do we have Black power? Little to none inside those same companies. And most have none outside of the companies. I will leave it at that, as I was commenting on the ‘games’ they play in the higher class, regardless of caste.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ No Black Pete

      If Obama’s class was more powerful than caste, he would have NEVER been forced to apologize to a civil servant white cop of a LOWER CLASS.

      Compared to Cheney, after shooting a man of the SAME CASTE, NEVER apologized because he was of a HIGHER CLASS.

      ONLY when the caste is the same, does CLASS come into play.

      In a white supremacy society, CASTE ALWAYS OVERRULES CLASS.

      At this point, we will have to respectfully agree to disagree

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ No Black Pete

          Not trying to ram my opinions down your throat but this is important so we won’t be fooled by all the titles they give us

          into thinking that racism is going away when in reality, black people are losing ground economically, educationally, and politically.

          I remember reading about former Secretary of State, Colin Powell, a black male, and how he said, and I quote, that he “…had experienced many moments of private humiliation at the hands of his peers.”

          Meaning, he was treated like a NIGGER behind closed doors but in front of the TV cameras, it appeared that he was respected, that powerful white people hung on his every word, that he was making decisions, and that he had POWER

          when in reality, he WASN’T listened to, he was USED to take part of the blame for the Iraq War, and he was FIRED after his first term (no, he did NOT resign, as the press claimed, he admitted later that he was FIRED).

          I saw a photo of him and Condeleeza Rice, another black Secretary of State, sitting OUTSIDE a meeting, hands folded in laps, and I remembered thinking, why are they sitting OUTSIDE the meeting instead of INSIDE? The only conclusion I could draw was their INPUT was neither needed nor desired by the WHITE PEOPLE who were on the other side of those closed doors.

          The white supremacists COUNT on our NEED to belong and to be important, but we cannot afford to LIE to ourselves.

          That doesn’t mean we are less intelligent or that we lack the skills, it means we LIVE UNDER A SYSTEM OF WHITE DOMINATION and that domination means NO BLACK PERSON is in charge of any institutions or systems, even if they have a TITLE that makes it look like we are. There is ALWAYS a white person either behind the scenes or in front of the scenes that is really calling the shots

          So far, I have found NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.

          here’s a clip from Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr. on “racial showcasing”

          Racial Showcasing

          The blogsite is: http://theblackcodefiles.com/racial-showcasing/

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