Definitions Workshop #4: Caste VS Class

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In light of the fast-rising anti-black sentiment from white  AND  black people, I believe more and more people (black, non-white, and white) will be blaming President Obama for the aftermath that follows If OR when this country attacks Syria.

This will NOT be an “armchair war” where people in the U.S. will sit, armed with our remote controls, and watch the devastation of another non-white nation THAT HAS NEVER ATTACKED THE U.S.

This will be a WAR that causes more economic instability AND more economic pain for the people in the U.S., possibly in the form of higher gas and food prices, and many will put the BLAME square on that “black face” (President Obama’s) in the White House–and by DEFAULT, on ALL BLACK PEOPLE.

This is ALL BY DESIGN and the REAL reason he was  (S)ELECTED.

That being said, I thought this would be a good time to shed more LIGHT on what it means to have a “black president”  AKA “black power” in a WHITE SUPREMACY SYSTEM to encourage us to NOT fall into the anti-blackness trap of BLACK SCAPEGOATING.

When in reality, NO BLACK PERSON, regardless of title, is in charge of ANY institution in a white supremacy system, including AND especially, the White House, but is simply taking ORDERS from more powerful white people behind the scenes.

This will be PART ONE of four posts that will follow.

Is the United States a “class” society or a “caste” society?

First, let’s look at the words CASTE and CLASS and their definitions:

Caste: a system of rigid social stratification and barriers based on inherited rank, privilege, occupation, wealth, or ethnicity.

Class: a group (of people) sharing the same economic, cultural, or social characteristics, for example, the lower, middle, and upper classes.

In a CASTE society, your “rank” (status) is determined AT birth, meaning a person cannot educate, work, or marry their way out of the caste they were born into.

In a CLASS society, there is mobility between the classes, meaning a person can educate, work, or marry their way from a lower class to a higher class (and vice verse), regardless of what class they were born into.

Now, let’s look at FOUR real-life examples of “class” VS “caste”: 

(some text excerpted from the Wall Street,,, and

Example #1: Harvard Scholar Henry Louis Gates Arrested

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Professor Gates’ Mug Shot

Henry Louis Gates Jr., one of the nation’s most prominent “African American” scholars, was arrested last week at his home near Harvard University after trying to force open his locked front door when he had trouble opening the door with his key. Gates was ordered to step out of his home. He refused and was followed inside by a police officer.

After showing the officer his driver’s license, which included his address, Gates asked: “Why are you doing this? Is it because I’m a black man and you’re a white officer? I don’t understand why you don’t believe this is my house.” Gates was then arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and racial harassment.

This prompted a response from his friend, President Obama

President Obama said that police in Cambridge, Massachusetts, “acted stupidly” in arresting a prominent black Harvard professor last week after a confrontation at the man’s home.

“I don’t know, not having been there and not seeing all the facts, what role race played,” Obama said Wednesday night while taking questions after a White House news conference. “I think it’s fair to say, No. 1, any of us would be pretty angry; No. 2, that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home.” 

Example #2: Police Demand an Apology From President Obama

Sgt. Crowley was at the news conference Friday, along with at least 20 other officers and lawyers showing support for him.

“The president should make an apology to all law-enforcement personnel,” said Steve Killian, president of the Cambridge Police Patrol Officers Association.

[Police Sgt. James M. Crowley (left) listens as police union officials speak at a news conference in Cambridge, Mass]

Example #3: Obama Scrambles to Defuse Race Flap (and offers an apology)

President Obama said Friday he should have chosen his words more carefully when he said police 'acted stupidly' in arresting a prominent black Harvard scholar.

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama said he “could have calibrated” his words differently when he said police had “acted stupidly” in handling the situation.

The president’s highly unusual appearance at press secretary Robert Gibbs’s daily briefing came just hours after Massachusetts police unions demanded that Mr. Obama apologize for implying racial bias may have been a factor when the Harvard professor was arrested at his home in Cambridge, Mass.

Mr. Obama personally telephoned the arresting officer, Sgt. James Crowley, who in turn suggested that he, Mr. Gates and the president have a beer at the White House. The president then called Mr. Gates and suggested the professor join the president and the policeman at the White House.

Example #4: Harvard Professor Gates Never Gets an Apology from the Police Officer Who Arrested Him in his own Home

The Cambridge police department has dropped all charges against Mr. Gates; he has demanded an apology from Sgt. Crowley, who has refused.

A White Supremacy System — like the United States — Guarantees that CASTE always overrules CLASS

Even though President Obama and Harvard Professor Gates obviously belong to a higher CLASS than Sgt. James Crowley, an ordinary, civil servant policeman, the white male police officer retained his SUPERIOR CASTE POSITION over the HIGHER CLASS POSITION of the two black males — and was able to demand an apology and GET it — without offering one in return.

(Compare this with former Vice President Dick Cheney who shot a companion, Harry Whittington, in the face in a hunting accident. The victim, Whittington, apologized to Cheney for getting in the way of the buckshot. In that instance, since Cheney and his companion were of the same CASTE  (white males), CLASS became the determining factor as to who had more status and who owed whom an apology).

The FACT that a white civil servant police officer felt comfortable enough to “suggest” to (tell) the President of the United States that he wanted to have a “beer at the White House,” and the President of the United States felt compelled enough to arrange that “meeting,” speaks volumes and reveals the TRUTH that under the system of white supremacy, the United States (and most of the world) is a CASTE, NOT a CLASS white supremacy system.

Trojan Pam  (Trojan Horse Press)

  1. mstoogood4yall says:

    u break it down so well, I have a question about anti blackness and white supremacy, I think they are connected but I just wonder which one do we need to deal with first. a part of me thinks anti blackness and self hate first because if we can’t get rid of that then we won’t be united enough to defeat white supremacy. The other part of me thinks white supremacy because if it was gone then we could work on anti blackness/self hate and not worry about white supremacy getting in the way and fanning the embers of anti blackness/self hate. but if we still have a lot anti blackness we won’t be united enough to .or do we need to try to fix both at the same time? So its like a leaky faucet right u turn off the water first then fix it so I just wonder which is the water and which is the leak.

    • c.andrews says:

      I think we have to work on this anti-blackness and white Supremacy simultaneously. I could be wrong but as Mstoogood4yall summed it up best, both of these issues are so intertwined, I beleive though a good portion of our effort must be on erradicating the unjust system of Racism/White Supremacy and as Mr. Fuller has said, “the rest of the problems can be fixed on your lunch break”…….

  2. TrojanPam says:

    @ mstoogood4yall

    That’s a very good question, and I agree with c.andrews

    We have to work on BOTH simultaneously, because both are so intertwined, as c. andrews said, plus — in my opinion — we don’t have TIME to take our time.

    If white supremacy was eliminated, there would be NO NEED for anti-blackness since anti-blackness is just a VERY deceptive way of promoting white supremacy.

    What concerns me is how FAST anti-blackness is spreading among its black victims because we are becoming MORE white-identified (whether we admit it or not) as we “integrate” (become subjugated) into “white” society, and dating and marrying and breeding and being “best friends” with white people who are MORE than likely practicing racism on us OR on other non-white people.

    Black people spend a great deal of time watching TV and movies and absorbing the messages without realizing that the overriding message in ALL TV and MOVIES produced by (white) Hollywood and mainstream media is:


    Even if a few black people get roles that make it appear that they are “in charge” or are “accepted” in white society.

    That is the power of white supremacy IMAGERY

  3. LBM says:

    Unfortunately we don’t have the luxury to not fight both at the same time however, I do believe that attacking anti-blackness will automatically squash much of white domination. There’s just not a whole lot of progress that can be made without as long as were imploding within. Domestic violence and homicide is at a high. Black women being murdered during and right after pregnancy is at a high. This is global, even in countries with black “rule” or predominantly black populations. So we may need a “Black is Valuable” movement to start because the anti-blackness is so ingrained -I don’t think subtle codification will cut it. I think there needs to be a movement, an offensive attack on all things that devalue blackness. The comfort needs to be shaken. The comfort that says one can lay with white and still be “down”. That one can weave and mutilate but still exude “black pride”. That one can beat, rape and kill and get a “victim” pass. Back in the day, Elijah Muhammad had to weave some extraordinary tales of black superiority because our people were under extraordinary white worship. I don’t suggest revising a black supremacy doctrine, but I am saying that we need to get as passionate about “black value” as we are about sustaining anti-blackness, ’cause we are REAL SERIOUS when comes to sustaining anti-blackness and our “rights” to do so.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ LBM

      I agree that we don’t have the luxury to deal with one problem at a time, because all of them are intertwined, and that reducing anti-blackness is the SAME THING as reducing white domination —

      which is why the white mainstream media is working OVERTIME to degrade our images OR DISGUISE them (as in the movie, ‘The Butler’) to encourage us to submit to white domination.

      Time is running out for white supremacy — NOT because of people like me — but because it is being destroyed from the INSIDE OUT by its own FOUL CORRUPTION and INJUSTICE.

      No society can withstand the KARMA that white supremacy has generated for ITSELF — and that is why there is a RAMPING UP of anti-blackness messages and imagery.

      I also agree that subtle codification and “political correctness” (which I have NO use for) is a WASTE of TIME. This is WAR that is being waged against us and we better get serious about that.

      I love the idea of a ‘Black is Valuable” movement, and that has NOTHING to do with black being superior or with wearing dashikis or big afros and giving black power fist bumps.

      I’m talking about, TALKING ABOUT, increasing black SELF-RESPECT, treating other black people CORRECTLY, and sending the message to our BLACK YOUTH that they are VALUABLE, regardless of what the white supremacists (and whites in general) say OR do

      and EXPLAINING why they are being attacked and demonized.

      No more EGO trips, NO more “we all came from black kings and queens” stuff.

      Our people need TRUTH, REAL FACTS, and LOGIC.

      Helping black people to FOLLOW THE LOGIC would go a long way in dismantling white supremacy

      because it’s a MIND GAME based on lies, deceptions and programming non-white people from cradle to grave.

      • c.andrews says:

        Trojan Pam, you are so right, not just because of hOW you laid the issues out but because you present it in such a logical manner. You sure nuff be speaking TRUTH when you say to stop our ego tripping and fixating on us coming from kings and queens. I do believe in studying and knowing one’s history but according to the evidenc thus far, fixating on our rich history has not done a darn thing to eliminate RWS, as a matter of fact when I really follow the logic this fixation in particular may be more counter productive than constructive. That is my opinion but I just want to end it with your postings are very informative and right on time !!!! Thank you.

  4. Danny says:

    good post everyone,I’m not sure that racism/white supremacy can be alleviated under capitalism. Let us continue to organize our thoughts and stay on point regarding the power that we DO amass. The Black massess need simply to entertain/understand what collective Black political, economic, social amalgamation of power means to our self defining phophecy. The solutions is in Black group power. As powerful people we don’t get this . we have a dummied down people who need positive Black examples or white validation reigns.Big fish feed off the little fish, unless the little fish school together.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Danny

      I agree, racism/WS is a necessary component of capitalism, because the ultimate form of capitalism requires SLAVERY.

      Without the system of capitalism (via Adam Smith), the TransAtlantic Slave Trade might have never taken place on the scale that occurred.

      Why would Europeans have enslaved hundreds of millions of African people over a period of 400+ years if they weren’t able to make money off their labor?

      Which is why the continued enslavement of African people worldwide in the form of incarceration and minimum wages or no wages is still occurring

      I agree with Black Group Power but I don’t think it can happen in an atmosphere of mass confusion, mass self-hatred, mass worship of white beauty standards, and rampant anti-blackness AMONG black people.

      That’s why my next focus will be on ANALYZING and EXPOSING anti-blackness among other black people.

      Until we squash that MANUFACTURED VIRUS created by white supremacy, we won’t be able to UNIFY to do anything but oppose and bicker and harm each other.

  5. Timothy says:

    You are right. It is so easy to express a simplistic, extremist view to blame the President for all evils in society. An immature hatred of the President is shown readily by folks like Alex Jones. Yet, this is not the case since it is the white power structure harming the world not the President of the United States. Even in the Middle East, European & other Western imperialists for decades have divided ethnicities, use corporate exploitation, and enacted manipulation inside of the Middle East as a means for them to increase their power (whether it is found in political, economic, and other forms of power). This Western white supremacist elite used Operation Ajax and other acts as a means to harm humanity. This anti-blackness is found in Youtube (and other places of the Internet) since many whites outline their real feelings about us under the guise of anonymity among some of them. Some blacks showing anti-blackness is evil too. One theme among some blacks with this condition of self hatred is that they deny the existence of white supremacy, which has been fully documented by scholars all over the place. Other human beings are right that we need to advance BLACKNESS positively including constructively (and fight against white supremacy) at the same time. I believe that race and class are important themes to discuss. Yet, even a poor white person on many times has a false superiority complex against a poor black person. So, we as black humanity should control our own destiny and fight for our BLACK INDEPENDENCE. Psychologically, mentally, and emotionally, we must LOVE OUR BLACKNESS. Without us loving our blackness or our black identity, we can’t win. If we do, we will win.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Timothy

      Just to be clear, my post was not about defending or supporting President Obama.

      It was to demonstrate that whatever is occurring under his name (or any other black person’s name) is being controlled by the powerful white people pulling his — and every other elected legislator’s — strings.

      I’ve talked to a lot of black people who want to give President Obama CREDIT for all the “good things” and none of the blame or responsibility for any of the “bad things.”

      That is NOT logical to me.

      That’s why I don’t give him the credit OR the blame for what is happening under the name of the Obama Administration because I know he does NOT have the POWER to make any decisions but is simply being TOLD what to say and do

      Which is WHY Obama has extended (signed) EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF LEGISLATION CREATED BY THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION that came up for renewal.

      And why his SPEECHWRITER is a young white male, so those are NOT his words you are listening to (at least some of the time).

      Think about that the next time he addresses black people. WHO WROTE THOSE HARSH WORDS OF CHASTISEMENT?

      Because he is always CHASTISING BLACK people in a way he does NOT do with non-black people (and that can be PROVEN).

      That is why he gets into trouble with white people EVERY TIME he goes OFF SCRIPT –because he is NOT supposed to represent himself or his own views, he is supposed to represent THE INTERESTS of the powerful whites who (s)elected him,

      We must be real about that.

      That’s why I try to adopt a NEUTRAL STANCE regarding President Obama –the same way I would when watching or listening to a CORPORATE SPOKESPERSON.

      I know that SPOKESPERSON is simply doing his or her JOB, and is there to hide the IDENTITY of the ones making the REAL DECISIONS from the WRATH of the public.

      those hidden people WANT me to throw rocks at their PUBLIC representative — which is why I try NOT to fall for that trick (even though the temptation is always there)

      I also know any black or non-white person who rises to any level of “power” (or is given a powerful title) KNOWS HOW and WHY THEY ARE BEING USED.

      what I choose to do is to SEE WHO IS STANDING BEHIND THEM, and make that my focus.

      No, I don’t respect anyone who accepts a position where they’ll be REQUIRED to harm large numbers of people,

      Just like I don’t respect a used car salesman who KNOWINGLY SELLS ME A LEMON

      But I also know he or she is NOT the real problem.

      If they disappeared or quit today, another “high profile black” OR used car salesman or woman would take their place.

      So attacking them accomplishes NOTHING.

      Bottom line, I try to keep in mind WHO IS REALLY RESPONSIBLE for whatever is happening so I won’t fall for the CON GAME being played

      ALSO, I agree that we MUST find ways to positively promote our HUMANITY and our BLACKNESS and reduce anti-blackness.

      • Timothy says:


        Your unique perspective is interesting, because I have not seen this perspective among many folks before. It is best to see who is behind the curtain than the puppets of society. Like always, we should continue to fight white supremacy and advance the great value of Black Life. Thanks for your insight Sister.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ Timothy,

          I appreciate your willingness to consider my perspective. Some people cannot or will not entertain a viewpoint that disagrees with their own.

          All I ask people to do when they come to this blog is NOT to take my word for gospel

          but to try to FOLLOW THE LOGIC of what is being said. See if it makes sense.

          I appreciate your participation and hope you’ll check out the Counter-Racism Boot Camp

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  7. […] 2.  Some whites participate who have SEPARATE political agendas, such as recruiting gullible black people for socialist organizations and/or to REDIRECT the BLACK FOCUS away from RACE (racism) to CLASS. In reality, the white supremacy system is a CASTE SYSTEM where non-white people–regardless of education and “class” are still considered a “lower caste” NON-WHITE person. You can find my post on class VS caste here. […]

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