Counter-Racism Economics STOP # 2: ‘The Counter-Racism Response to Retail Racism’

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When confronted by a white person practicing RETAIL RACISM, what the black female in the video could have done was:

1)  in a calm but firm voice ask to speak to the manager of the establishment.

2)  while she’s waiting for the manager, take out her copy of  ‘The Counter-Racism Response to Retail Racism’  

3) tell the manager what happened and how the previous (white) customer was treated by the cashier

4) then respond with the following NO matter what the manager says:

“Oops, thank you for the reminder. I had lost my mind for a minute. Forgot we’re in a system of racism. Let me get out of line. No need to spend my money here. I don’t need an apology. I don’t need any coupons.  I’m leaving and will not be back here ever again and will encourage all other non-white people to also refrain from spending a dime in your establishment.”


By  doing ALL the above, she would have TAUGHT her daughter – by example — to RESPECT HERSELF AND HER DOLLARS, not to finance her own degradation, and NOT to count on “good white people” OR non-white people passing as “white” to rescue her when she can do it HERSELF.

(To hear the actual words spoken by Gus Renegade, host of C.O.W.S. (Context of White Supremacy, click on the audio player below:

‘The Counter-Racism Response to Retail Racism’ 

“Oops, thank you for the reminder. I had lost my mind for a minute. Forgot we’re in a system of racism. Let me get out of line. No need to spend my money here. I don’t need an apology. I don’t need any coupons.  I’m leaving and will not be back here ever again and will encourage all other non-white people to also refrain from spending a dime in your establishment.”


(Click on the link below to print or save the PDF version)

The Counter-Racism Response to Retail Racism   (PDF Version)

Do NOT RELY on “good white people” OR  non-white people who are passing as white to RESCUE YOU. We must learn how to RESCUE OURSELVES and how to help other Victims who are being mistreated.

The elderly white females the black female referred to in this video were not on this black female’s side, they were siding with the non-white female who they BELIEVED was a WHITE PERSON who called the white cashier out.

I seriously, seriously believe had the black female accused the white female cashier of practicing racism, the elderly white females would have remained SILENT and would have been annoyed and offended by that “angry black” making a public disturbance and “playing the race card.”

I believe those elderly white females could have been practicing the WHITE SUPREMACIST CODE — creating confusion among the non-white Victims whenever a white person who is practicing racism is EXPOSED by their Victim(s). 

To maintain white supremacy/white privilege (a SYSTEM OF DECEPTION), It is NECESSARY to convince the Non-White Victims that all white people are not playing on the same team AKA are NOT RACIST.

This CONFUSES the non-white Victims who will waste a lifetime trying to decide which white person is RACIST, and which white person is NOT (the ‘good white people’) — when IN REALITY, ALL white people BENEFIT from the mistreatment of non-white people.

I’m not bashing the black female victim in this video, but I believe it is NON-PRODUCTIVE to waste time “convincing”  white people that racism is wrong or that “it hurts.”

White people clearly understand when AND how racism is being practiced. They ALSO understand that they would not want to be subjected to the kind of mistreatment that non-white people experience  — AND will VIGOROUSLY OBJECT whenever they feel that they are being DENIED THEIR WHITE PRIVILEGES (treated like a “nigger.”)

For example, I have heard one white person say to another white person in response to being asked to perform a menial task: “You ain’t working me like a nigger.”

White people understand it is necessary to mistreat non-white people (AKA practice racism) to GUARANTEE THEIR WHITE PRIVILEGES.

Even when it appears that a white person is opposing racism, what often happens is that white person may be practicing a MORE REFINED (AND DECEPTIVE) FORM OF RACISM to confuse their Victims.

Because as long as their Victims STAY CONFUSED, they will NEVER have the UNDERSTANDING, the INFORMATION, or the WILL necessary to dismantle this system.

I also found it interesting that the black female’s sister-in-law (who has a black and a white parent) did NOT identify herself as another non-white person BUT continued to present herself as a white person — thereby, GUARANTEEING her continued use of her “white privileges” and allowing her the BEST of BOTH WORLDS — the white world and the black world.

In the white world, she has access to all the white privileges available, even though she is married to a black male. In addition she is a STAR in the black world because she CHOSE to be with black people, who will more than likely treat her BETTER than they would treat another black person.

I’m sure when this story was told to black family members and acquaintances, her stock in their eyes ROSE tremendously, and she is possibly now above reproach — a HOLY, NEAR-WHITE GRAIL.

Of course, I could be incorrect.

However, I have seen this dynamic play out many, many times, where black people are either OPENLY or SECRETLY thrilled by the presence of a white person OR a non-white person who could pass for white being part of their family OR social circle OR  is sharing their BED.

This distorted and self-disrespecting mentality is a BY-PRODUCT of our 500+ YEARS OF VICTIMIZATION and PROGRAMMING under the system of white supremacy that teaches us from cradle to grave that WHITE IS SUPERIOR AND BLACK IS INFERIOR.

What is the best response when confronted by a non-white people who attempts to practice RETAIL RACISM against another victim?

In all honesty, there may not be a standard response that works well for all occasions, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

(Keep in mind that NO non-white person has the POWER to practice racism of any kind, UNLESS they are backed up by a more powerful white person).

Counter-Racism Economics STOP # 1: STOP spending your money where you are NOT respected

  1. kowaba says:

    Trojan Pam, this is a great post! I agree with what you stated. I viewed this video before a few months back and after viewing it again a couple things came to my mind:

    1) It backs up the fallacies that:
    a) white people are just ignorant so therefore if we
    i) “educate” them about racism (really attempting to teach them to be humane) then the mistreatment will stop
    b) their actions are unintentional and they are unaware
    c) there are ‘good white people’
    d) that mixed race people will defend black people’s honor
    2) The black female and her daughter shouldn’t feel embarrassed; the only one that should is the white cashier for being ridiculous and acting stupid

    Also, what I think is dangerous about 1d) it makes it like if black people go with white people or other non-black people that this will some how solve the problem with our mistreatment and that these offspring are not confused in the system.

    Until I read the part in your post, it didn’t dawn on me that her sister-in-law never mentioned anything about being black.

    As for your statement regarding white privilege which I see now as power relation between white and non-white, these past few months, I’ve begun to consistently treat white people as they treat me. For instance, I never say hi to them unless they say hi to me first. I know this sounds ridiculous, but at work I would say hi to people, wave to them, and they would just stare at me and walk right past.

    Mind you these are people I would see on a everyday for a couple of years now and I work with them! Another thing I do, is I NEVER apologize unless its warranted. MANY white people are shocked by this, but I’ve come to the point where I don’t give a damn.

    And when I say not apologize like an example would be with Oprah. How she apologized for mentioning her poor treatment in Switzerland. Your post with caste vs. class and how Dick Cheney’s hunting buddy was apologizing for “getting in the way” to be shot by accident. That’s when I knew this culture is really crazy!!!

    It seems it just a matter of coming to terms with how I’ll be mistreated by white people anyway might as well try hard to maintain my self respect and dignity. That’s the key. What do you think about those strategies? I know Mr. Fuller says we should be courteous, but I’ve come to the point where I need to modify the code for my own circumstances.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ kowaba who said: “The black female and her daughter shouldn’t feel embarrassed; the only one that should is the white cashier for being ridiculous and acting stupid.”

      Thanks for pointing that out! This is a very important part of REGAINING OUR SELF-RESPECT.

      NOT taking the blame for ANYTHING we are not PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR. .

      For example, if a black person commits a crime, NO BLACK PERSON should EVER feel embarrassed UNLESS he or she participated in that crime. Don’t let anyone pull you into that nonsense, that all of us are responsible OR accountable for the actions of ALL black people.

      White people don’t hang their heads when a white person does something wrong. They don’t say, “He (or she) sure makes white people look bad.”

      They don’t say: “I can’t stand white people.”

      The same thing is true when it comes to the word, “nigger.”

      Now why would I be embarrassed or ashamed if I’m called a “nigger?”

      I didn’t create the word. I didn’t say the word. THEY said the word to ME.

      The word “nigger” is a REFLECTION OF WHITE PEOPLE because:

      1) they created the word
      2) the word “nigger” simply means “a victim of injustice”
      3) they created the CONDITIONS that created “niggers” all over the world; therefore, following the LOGIC, the word “nigger” is a word white people should be ashamed of

      And the most correct response to being called a nigger might be, “Yes, I am a victim of injustice.” and KEEP IT MOVING…

      And teaching or children NOT TO BE ASHAMED is critical in helping them understand the system of white supremacy AND how it functions against black and non-white people.

      Some more “shameful” things that black people should NOT be ashamed of:

      1) slavery
      2) nappy hair

      None of the above is a reflection of WHO WE ARE, it’s a reflection of who WHITE PEOPLE ARE and of their CRUELTY towards other human beings.

      I have ALSO stopped speaking automatically to the white people I work with unless they are KNOWN to speak to me.

      That doesn’t mean I am not a cordial person, I am.

      I just don’t feel that I OWE them anymore courtesy than they have displayed toward me.

      To be frank, I have adopted this posture with other non-white people who refuse to speak EVEN when spoken to.

      I don’t mean-mug or sneer at them or roll my eyes at anyone, I just ignore them because they are NOT acting in a civil manner.

      And I don’t feel bad about it.

  2. amazing post, that video is a good teaching tool. It’s crazy how she was treated and her white looking sister in law “saved” her. I’m not trying to blame the victim but hopefully next time she handles the situation herself or her daughter will think well I shouldn’t say anything just have a white savior. I wonder how her daughter views her, because a parent is a role model and is an example of what that the child wants to be like and act like. That is a teaching moment for her daughter, when she saw her daughter getting upset she should have walked out to show her child how to be brave and how to handle a situation where she is mistreated and so her daughter would feel secure. If a person does not stand up for themselves how will they stand up for somebody else. It is interesting that the biracial woman never said her race, I would’ve loved to see the white womans face when she realized the woman she was being all friendly to was a woman of color and not another white woman.. My mom has always spoken up when she sees wrong i’m a more quite person but from seeing my mom I think I will have courage when a moment comes to call out wrongs.
    I’m with yall on not talking to whites unless they talk to u. I learned that at a young age, I remember when I was about 5 and I was a happy child and would wave and say hello to everybody. The whites would either ignore me or look crazy at me and even then I knew something was wrong I might have thought something was wrong with me but my mom told me( loud enough so the ppl could hear), that its some ignorant people!!. I love my mom for that, she would always say it loud enough so those ppl could hear and let me know it has nothing to do with me because kids tend to blame themselves for things out of their control.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ mstoogood4yall

      I agree that this should have been a teaching moment for her daughter — AND that black people NEED to start ANTICIPATING what we will do if and when racism is practiced against us so we will not stand there like a deer in the headlights

      I don’t blame the mother for not having a constructive response because she is being victimized, she has done nothing wrong

      However, black people who CHOOSE to have offspring, we must take better care of them, even if that means WE have to do things that make US uncomfortable, meaning


      Because if we keep doing that, they are going to spend their LIFETIME trying to prove to white people that they are HUMAN, and we will scratch our heads and wonder what is wrong with our traumatized children.

      It’s time to stop being submissive and supportive of our OWN degradation

      because at the end of the video, guess what? That black mother GAVE that RACIST WHITE FEMALE CASHIER her hard-earned money

      the same hard-earned money that will pay that racist cashier’s salary

      (I love your mom!)

  3. Ms. J says:

    I found it striking that the woman in the video described the RWS female as this strawberry blond girl who looked “delightful”. Despite this female’s appearance, she still mistreated a Black female and caused her daughter to cry. That just reinforced that RWS don’t have to be wearing a white hood, a swatstika, or even look mean. They could be anybody. I wouldn’t be shocked if that same White female was an Obama supporter and/or has been involved with a Black male. There’s just no way to know at times who’s against you.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Ms J

      Thanks for bringing that up, I caught that right away, how she was praising this soon to be racist white female

      I suspect this video was intended for a white audience.

      This is very common among educated blacks who are discussing racism WITH white people, to set the stage by reassuring white people that we do not hate them but do, indeed, find them “delightful.” Even when the opposite might be true.

      It’s like attempting to ‘sooth the savage beasts’ so they won’t rip us to shreds as we attempt to TELL THE TRUTH about their behavior. And we know when confronted with their behavior, white people can become extremely hostile.

  4. DonFodio says:

    Please remember that “racism” is institutional not social and many (most) “white” people are terribly aware of the consequences of stepping out of the collective. even to the extent of possibly losing their identity i.e. (their “whiteness”). Conflict is inevitable as we and the environment of Euro domination which has become the hallmark of our existence; is the result of an ongoing war of some 1200 years. Our forefathers were taken as “booty” once the African states were weakened by internal dissent i.e. (some Africans trusted and wanted to handhold the Europeans, embrace their women etc.) and war in North Africa and Andalus. So for the “average” “Black” person, I really don’t think he(she) doesn’t understand the image that is reflected in the blue eyes. For if we did much of this discussion would be moot. We can only strive to develop our communities to the extent that we can become a cultural entity and by doing so recirculate the imported dollars from the “white” community amongst ourselves for the purpose of enrichment and cultural edification.
    Violence is inevitable and @ some point in time we must realize the terms of endearment for living with “White” people; You must be a willing “slave” and you must be able to deny yourself and others of your “Skin” the most basic of fundamental human rights. You can neither Love nor honor your own.

    If such terms of endearment are close to your heart; Then strive on and believe that Obama and and Susan Rice are your heroes of social acceptance or that one day your humanity will be honored as an “American”.

    Right On

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ DonFodio

      It seems that many (if not most of us) have accepted those “terms of endearment” and will continue to deny ourselves and other black people our fundamental human rights — among them supporting our own

      I hope I’m wrong.

  5. LBM says:

    So the person speaking is Dr. Joy DeGruy, author of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome. It’s interesting to note that most of us must “wear the mask” when communicating with white folk in an employment situation. But Blacks in certain fields, such as Academia don’t have, or won’t exercise challenges that the average one of us “conscious” folk may. Tenure, publishing,paid lectures etc. This woman is a professional social scientist and didn’t handle that situation even as well as one of us may have. She risked psychological damage to her daughter, rather than “don’t make it easy for white folk to practice racism.” I’ve taught my children about the nature of white folk from the womb so there’s no way I would not have used that moment to calmly(but loudly) vocalize to my daughter
    ” remember when someone said only rich white folk practice racism? Do you think this girl is rich, working at this supermarket?….blahblah blah” Trust, she would think 3 times about asking for anything in the future. It would have been more than a teaching moment.

    Interesting that Dr. Joy has previously related a story of how her dark complexioned niece could not get dates from black guys because of her complexion. Then we see how she physically described the white female along with “hanging out” with the white (looking) in-law in the presence of her black daughter. I’m sorry I went off of the retail topic but I just wanted to make the point that raising Black children MUST be a conscious effort. Must be a proactive not reactive effort.

    P.S. In reality, if that’s the closest most convenient supermarket and the slight came from a worker rather than owner/management, I wouldn’t allow a lowly piece of trash to have me using more gas to drive 10 more miles in hopes of not being mistreated. Same with Post Offices and such. Now fast food joints, family owned restaurants, clothing stores etc – not a red cent.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ LBM

      I agree, black people have to tread carefully when talking about racism, especially when saying the wrong thing can result in being fired, losing tenure, assignments, prestige, awards, grants, etc.

      And in the process of compromising our self-respect, we rob our children of the right to seek it for themselves. WE are their teaching moments, 24-7, and as difficult as it may be, sometimes, we must put them first BEFORE “reassuring” white people.

      I agree with you when you said, “…raising Black children MUST be a conscious effort. Must be a proactive not reactive effort.” Absolutely.

      I think it was the POLICY of management to discriminate against black customers and the clerk may have been following direct orders — even though I suspect she didn’t have a problem with being racist.

      It’s up to the individual how much “inconvenience” we’re willing to experience to NOT finance our own degradation.

      However, if we keep going back to a business that has disrespected us (and we can go elsewhere) then we have no one to blame but ourselves.

  6. Great post. Much has been said already. I just want to point out part of the system behind the weird story of this woman. I call it weird, because it does not make sense. If her beloved sister-in-law only moved over a bit, why did she then leave her hanging until the “book” – which reminds me of the book of Sinterklaas – was pulled out, and her niece already crying?! I have an article on her book lined up for TMB, but now I need to investigate it a bit more. Anyway.

    The cashier did not come up with the system of triple checking herself. She has been trained to select people based on skin color, and then do a credit check. ‘If it looks like a negro…’ So, it is the manager who has to explain why he taught her to practice blatant racism. First let him explain the real company policy, then demand an apology AND monetary compensation (no bloody coupons).

    And why was her daugher upset? Was it the first time her mother was treated that way? That cannot be, otherwise she would not have recognized what was going on. Her daughter must have already learned that showing upset is the only way for her mother to even think about standing up for herself. And as her aunt finally woke up, she ended the undeciveness of her mother.

    How painful to want to get accepted by a strawberry whatever girl, and leave your own hanging. Traumatized daughter? How about her mother?! Ah, that reminds me of my other point. She is laughing as she tells this weird story. Haha. But, has she learned anything from it? Has she been able to do things differently since then? Maybe leave her daughter at home to not have to witness her powerlessness.

    Too harsh, I know. It took me a long time to be able to walk away too. I am just reminding myself to keep doing it. Peace.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ No Black Pete

      I wondered about that, too. If her sister-in-law was close enough to intervene, did she see the entire encounter? I have no idea.

      Just like in Dave’s example where he was asked for an ID just to use his credit card, I believe the MANAGEMENT of these stores tell the clerks to check the IDs of black people. Why would a clerk take it upon his or herself to do MORE work when they don’t have to? Maybe, that happens but I believe the real problem is RACIST RETAIL MANAGERS.

      The irony is the typical shoplifter profile is a middle class white female (from what I’ve read).

      Again, I think the black female in this video (Dr. Joy DeGruy, author of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome) is tailoring this video for a white audience. I do NOT believe she described that racist white female as a “delightful” person when she told this story to friends and family.

      You’re right, many or most of us have been in that same position where we are caught off guard by a white person practicing racism against us and we “take it” — only later, after thinking about it, wish we had said or done something different.

      That is definitely true in my case.

      • Ms. J says:

        @ No Black Pete and Trojan Pam

        I work in retail, and we are required to check ID from customers who use checks.
        The rule is supposed to stand for anyone who wants to utilize that payment method, so
        anyone here should be suspicious if you’re asked for one while a white – or even non-white,non-black – customer isn’t asked for one.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ Ms. J

          I prefer being asked for ID so no one else can use my credit cards. The management and/or cashiers are making a conscious decision to practice racism when black people are asked for IDs but whites are not.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ mstoogood4yall

      Yes, I heard about it. I believe this kind of crime happens more than we believe (or want to believe).

      You can feel the increasing hostility of whites towards us (and of course, they claim we’re being racist against them) — although when I ask a white person to name one thing a black person has done that has violated their right to work where they want, live where they want, play where they want, or receive a decent education OR justice in a court or at the hands of law enforcement

      all I get is either

      “Well, two years ago, a black person cursed at me!”

      or I get SILENCE

      • mstoogood4yall says:

        “Well, two years ago, a black person cursed at me!”

        rofl. that is hilarious. yes apparently getting cursed out is the same as discrimination smh. I know this craziness happens, we don’t hear about it because they cover it up and say it is suicide. They don’t talk about the heinous crimes they do, they just want to focus on what we do. I see now they focusing on the Christopher lane murder, but they are hypocrites and won’t talk about the disturbing murder where white teens had two black males come over they killed them and chopped their bodies up and had sex on their bodies. We won’t hear about that all over their news. I see they getting mad at miley cyrus because she acting crazy, they trying to distance themselves from her. rofl.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ mstoogood4yall

          It’s amazing given the amount and types of crimes –local, national, and global– that white people collectively commit all over the globe, to even have the audacity to tag black people as “violent.”

          I’m like, are you kidding me????

  7. Dave says:

    Interesting post and video, I had a similar experience in a major retail store. I was in line waiting to pay for some items. A young white female was in line a head of me, she took out her credit card and paid for her items.

    I placed my items on the counter and pulled out my credit card to pay for them, when the white male cashier said to me in a rude tone of voice “I need to see your I.D.” Here, I wanted to confront the white male cashier about his tone of voice and the fact that he did not request to see the white female’s I.D. who was in line a head of me.

    I remained calm and showed the cashier my I.D. I paid for the items and got out of line. I stayed in the store to observe how the cashier would handle other customers. I noticed that two white males were in line after me, both of the white male customers used their credit cards to pay for their items and the cashier did not request to see any I.D.

    I confronted the male cashier and requested that he call the store manager in regards to me filing a complaint about the selective policy when dealing with customers in the store.

    • mstoogood4yall says:

      That is crazy, but i’m glad u did something about it. so what did the manager say

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Dave

      that’s great that you built a case before accusing the clerk of singling you out then asked to see the manager.

      We have to start challenging the false notion that being black means we deserve to be mistreated

  8. mstoogood4yall says:

    look at what we can do, black ppl in dallas have brought the gas station the Koreans owned after they were mistreated and called names.

  9. Reblogged this on InnerStanding Isness and commented:
    Counter-Racism Economics STOP # 2: ‘The Counter-Racism Response to Retail Racism’

  10. Ms. J says:

    I also find it interesting how many non-white people claim to be “surprised” when a white person practices racism against them. Even when we understand that it exists and is harmful to us, we instinctively freeze up and freak out when it’s directed towards us.

    Perhaps we need to think out a comprehensive code to minimize that emotion. I don’t believe we should be nonchalant about our mistreatment, but we have to conduct ourselves much better than we do now (myself included). Maybe a show – or even blog post – should be done on this knee-jerk reaction we have to racism; we could discuss its root and effects on our ability to function – or not – on the plantation.

    I think it stems from the desire for White validation, but what do others think?

    • kowaba says:

      @ Ms. J

      I am not surprised by it when I’m mistreated, but I do freeze up. Many times I fear that they all will gang up on me and do their psychological violence and attacks, which I have had happened. I’m still thinking of ideas to deal with those situations. Psychological distance and detachment is key. One time I didn’t freeze up and I had a planned response to an incident. I kind of just rehearsed it in my head somewhat like a role play over and over so that it became instinctual.

      I also come into things having some idea of how they as individuals will respond. Saying outrageous or candid things help me gauge what and when white people feel uncomfortable with. Generally they will avert their eyes and swallow which to me shows signs of discomfort. The biggest hurdle for me is reminding myself that they will mistreat me either way (whatever action I take), AND to remember that I set the tone as well on how things will pan out.

      Here are some suggestions that I plan on carrying out:
      1) Write out all the different questions or comments white people may say to you:
      a) e.g. Where do you live?
      possible canned responses: I don’t discuss personal matters. OR
      Why do you want to know? You’re not going to stalk me, are you? OR
      Where do you live?
      2) Role play with another person these responses. Make sure they are memorized, so if you feel startled you can relax yourself and go straight to them.
      3) Studying their Code through books like Two Face Racism and Racism without Racists
      4) Mindful Meditation. This enhances our awareness, focus, and concentration. It also helps us to detach from the challenges we face in life.

      Yes, I do believe this “surprise” reaction stems from White Validation. I also think it stems from the belief that there are good white people. If a person comes into it knowing that white people are their enemy no matter how ‘well meaning’ they appear to be that would eradicate most of that reaction I would think.

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  12. […] Counter-Racism Economics STOP # 2: ‘The Counter-Racism Response to Retail Racism’ […]

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