Is “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” (Really) A “Black Movie?”

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The butler flag image

What I have learned over the years from my own personal experiences, is fancy titles (like —  Executive Producer)  given to black people (by white people)  often have LITTLE TO NOTHING TO DO with who has the REAL POWER in that situation.

Giving  “titles” is another way of showcasing black people to make it appear that blacks have real power and to make the black masses believe that “things have changed for the better” for black people — even while those masses are being victimized.

I suspect this is especially true in the entertainment industry because this industry LOVES giving dozens of people often meaningless titles, like:

Executive Producer, Executive Co-Producer, Co-Producer, Head, Co-Head, Vice-President, Senior Vice-President, Executive Vice-President, Co-President, etc.

After appearing as a guest on a program this past Friday evening (August 16, 2013) with the host of Black Talk Radio, Scotty Reid,  I began to wonder if “The Butler”  really was a  “black movie” — meaning did black people write the screenplay, direct the movie, produce the movie, and have the last word about the final product that appeared on the movie screen —

OR  was  “The Butler”  a movie that just happened to have some black people in it and associated with it?

First Things First:  What is a Black Movie?

In my opinion, a BLACK MOVIE is a movie that is WRITTEN, ACTED, and PRODUCED by black people. There may be some random white and/or non-black people involved in the acting, production, and financing of the movie but the GUTS of the movie come out of the MINDS of black people. Definitely, the DECISION MAKERS are black people.

The WORDS that come out of the actors’ MOUTHS come from an AUTHENTIC BLACK EXPERIENCE and BLACK PERSPECTIVE,  which can ONLY come from a BLACK PERSON.

That is MY definition of a BLACK MOVIE.

So, I did a little digging to see what I could find and thought I would share what I found with you and let you draw your OWN conclusions.

Some Basic Questions and Answers about “The Butler” Movie
(I will use this title even though the correct name of the movie is, “Lee Daniels’ The Butler”)

1. Who wrote the screenplay for the movie, The Butler?

danny strong solo pic Danny Strong, Screenwriter for ‘The Butler’

Danny Strong Is ‘Incredibly Proud’ Of ‘Lee Daniels’ The Butler’

Strong was hired to write “The Butler” in 2009, a year before Daniels even signed on as director.

“I’m incredibly proud of the movie,” Strong told HuffPost Entertainment about “The Butler,” his first feature film script. “The movie was such a labor of love for so many of us. I think Lee’s done a wonderful job. It’s definitely not just another writing job.”

2. Who Owns the (Distribution) Rights to  the movie, “Lee Daniels’ The Butler”?

Harvey_WeinsteinHarvey Weinstein (Co-Chairman – the Weinstein Company)

David GlasserDavid Glasser, Weinstein Co. COO,

The Weinstein Company Acquires Lee Daniels’ THE BUTLER.

New York, NY – September 24, 2012 – The Weinstein Company (TWC) announced today that they have acquired U.S. rights from Butler Films to distribute THE BUTLER, directed by Academy Award nominated Lee Daniels (PRECIOUS).

3. Who are the Producers, Executive Producers and Co-Producers of “The Butler?”

Laura ZiskinLaura Ziskin – Executive Producer (deceased)

Hilary_ShorHilary_Shor – Executive Producer

Adam-MerimsAdam Merims – Executive Producer

Buddy PatrickBuddy Patrick – Producer

sheila-johnsonShelia Johnson – Producer

Lee Daniels 2Lee Daniels – Producer

American Film Market - Day 4Cassian Elwes – Producer

The movie, ‘The Butler’ had a total of 41 producers — who raised a total of $30 Million dollars to make this “Black Movie.”

4. Who makes the most money percentage wise from a blockbuster movie that makes millions of dollars?

From what I gathered here’s some info on payouts that may not apply to all movies

  • Typically, directors are paid less than actors and are paid a SALARY, not a percentage of the box office receipts. Even name directors will only make as much as B-list actors in their contracts. If you’re comparing a director to an actress or actor like Oprah or Forest Whitaker, they will be making more than the director on that project.
  • A HUGELY successful movie means it’s likely that the producers will make more money than the directors
  • The share of Box Office paid over to distributors (like the Weinstein Company) varies between territories. The typical exhibitor’s share in the US is 45% to 55% and in the Rest of the World 55% to 65%. Royalty deals, under which the distributor usually keeps more of the revenues, tend to be more common. In other words, the DISTRIBUTORS (Movie Studios) make the LION’S SHARE of the box office receipts.  Keep that in mind the next time you want to “support” a “black movie.”

5. Who were the major decision makers during the production and filming of the movie, “The Butler?”

Obviously, I can’t answer that question BUT I try to follow the logic.  Since the majority of people involved in this project, especially the people who provided financing and distribution, were WHITE, I think it is safe to say that WHITE PEOPLE were the MAIN decision-makers for this “black movie.”

And I suspect that Lee Daniels had the LEAST amount of control over the picture, even when it came to NAMING the picture after himself.

Lee Daniels on ‘The Butler’ : “I Don’t Feel So Good About the Title (Video)

Lee Daniels doesn’t “feel so good” about the new title for his upcoming movie about a longtime White House butler, he tells The Hollywood Reporter. But the film’s stars seem to feel fine about the title and the attention generated by The Weinstein Co.’s highly publicized dispute with Warner Bros. over the name of the film, which resulted in it being called Lee Daniels’ The Butler.

In July, The MPAA’s Title Registration Bureau ruled that The Weinstein Co. could not use the title The Butler, which is also the name of a 1916 Warner Bros. short film. Weinstein appealed the decision and tried to get Warner Bros. to back down, but TRB’s appeals board agreed with the earlier decision, so the title was changed to Lee Daniels’ The Butler.

During the dispute with Warner Bros., Daniels was concerned about the title and frustrated.

“Lee was like ‘What are we gonna call the movie?’ ” co-star Oprah Winfrey recalls.

Lead actor Forest Whitaker, who plays longtime White House butler Cecil Gaines, says, “I was talking to Lee about it, and he was frustrated by the process and he was just trying to finish the film and stuff, and I just tried to offer support.”

Castmember Cuba Gooding Jr. explains that Daniels wasn’t sure about having his name in the title.

“Lee was very insecure about the fact that his name would be mentioned,” he tells THR. “But I said, ‘No, Lee, now they’ll know that this is you, all-encompassing of what you do and how great a filmmaker you are.'”

Daniels admits he’s still not comfortable with his name in the title of the film.

“I try to touch impoverished kids and try to teach them that they … can become filmmakers. I don’t want to say ‘look at me.’ I’m not ready for people to look at me,” he tells THR. “I don’t know if they’ll know what you know, which is that the MPAA forced this decision on me.”

But he has another week to make his peace with it.

“Hopefully next week I’ll feel better about the title. Right now I don’t feel so good about the title,” he says.

(to see the video and read the entire article, click on the link below)

After doing some research on this movie, things are actually worse than I thought they were — AND my initial suspicions that this is movie is little more than WHITE SUPREMACY PROPAGANDA disguised as an entertaining and enlightening slice of “black civil rights history.”

That being said — it is up to every individual to answer the question for themselves:

Is ‘Lee Daniels’ The Butler’ — a “black” movie? 

After I watch the movie–and that won’t happen until a FREE COPY is available at my local library–I may write another post on what I think about the entire movie.

However, at the present time, I am pretty much convinced that this movie does NOT fit the definition of a BLACK MOVIE — but is in fact, a movie with some black people connected to it — USING some very well-known BLACK FACES to PROMOTE the CONTINUED SUBMISSION and SERVITUDE by black people to white supremacy, white power, and white people.

As Oprah Winfrey said to her black son in the movie, “Everything you have, you owe to that butler.”

The underlying question to me is:  who does the Butler owe everything to?

(inferred answer:  The white man)

  1. Very interesting, if lee daniels had any power then the name would’ve been changed and not have his name in it. Maybe this is their way of saying we have black faces and now a black name attached to the movie its all this black man’s doing and not ours. sneaky sneaky, this is not a black movie but a movie with blacks in it.

  2. Zach Moorish says:

    You have done a very good job researching this information. Thank you for putting this together.

  3. @TrojanPam
    Great post Pam! You make some very valid points. The Butler is NOT a black film in my opinion. How can it be? It’s backed by whites/Jews. They have the final say on what is allowed in the film. Therefore no one black truly has creative control. If the whites see something in the film that is too uplifting,pro-black or positive they can simple shut the whole thing down. Or make the black writer alter the script. This film just has high profile black celebs in it–that’s all. And many black people will fall for it thinking this is a “positive” story. Lee Daniels,Oprah Winfrey and Forest Whitaker ALL know what’s going on. They know this keeps black people in a servitude mindset. The just want a fat paycheck! Like Mr. Fuller said,this is just black showcasing at it’s best. The Butler is just the latest in a list of “black” films that are taking us back to the 1920’s,30’s,40’s and 50’s. Films like The Help,Django Unchained and 42 come to mind. There’s also a few more slave films coming out this year. All these films are reminding us that we are the servants of white people. That’s why they brought us to Amerikkka and they don’t want us to forget it. Many of think things have changed in this post-Obama culture. But those of us who know how white supremacy works know better than that.
    Your post reminds me of a great book I bought about five years ago. You might want to check it. Here’s the link:

  4. There’s a new film coming out later this year called 12 Years a Slave. Hmmmmm……..what’s with all the slave films coming out? Anyone care to share their thoughts?

    • TrojanPam says:

      Never heard of it, but it seems like they have us (black people) on the psychologically confused ropes and they’re closing in for the kill.

      AGAIN, another film about black people and our history MADE by a white person

      we can’t even tell our OWN STORIES, we must hear them (if we rely on the big braintrashing screen) from white people????

      The Help, Django Unchained, The Butler, and now 12 Years A Slave?

      something it going on, and we will have to pull our heads out of the sand to see what it is

      because whatever it is, it’s COMING RIGHT AT US

      • I’m afraid you’re right. We really need to wake up. I really feel for the safety of our people. We need to prepare ASAP!

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ Kushite Prince

          If we don’t wake up voluntarily, we will be SHOOK UP when the TRUTH hits us in the face. And the second way, we will have NO time to prepare or protect ourselves

          Right now, as I write this, NY Mayor Bloomberg was proposing FINGERPRINTING all the residents of public housing (which I assume are mostly black and brown). Which means FORCING those poor people INTO THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM without having committed a crime — under the guise (LIE) of protecting them?

          And in Chicago, Senator Mark Kirk wants the Federal Government to mount a “task force” against street gangs in Chicago. NOT to improve their education, or living environments or provide jobs or job training. What he wants to do — along with other white Illinois politicians — to put a lot of YOUNG BLACK MALES IN PRISON FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE.

    • It’s apart of the race-based programming for this year.

    • mstoogood4yall says:

      wow I see its the same message in this trailer as the butler, here the guy says “if u wanna survive do and say as little as possible”, with the butler he said “u hear nothing u see nothing u only serve”. also with this movie the guy was free then enslaved, maybe the message could be black ppl just because u born free don’t mean u won’t die free, u can be born free and put in prison aka new slavery.

  5. C.Andrews says:

    A very informative post, Thanks Pam !!!! I just heard that the Weinstein Corp also was behind the movie Django and more recently Fruitvale Station, this movie I heard is supposed to be very accurate and constructive , I believe for this movie they showcased a young black guy direct this movie. I have not seen either of these movies so can anyone tell me if this Fruitvale Station movie is consrtuctive . Thank you

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ C. Andrews

      I think this is EXTREMELY problematic that whites are making all these movies about black people, but black filmmakers can’t get funding to make movies

      Also, it took 41 producers and a European financial corp to make a $30 million dollar movie (The Butler) even with Oprah involved? Not saying she should have financed the movie, but it all sounds fishy to me. Lee Daniels said racism had a lot to do with his financing problems, but I’m sure he gave up whatever control he had OVER the movie to get that money.

      And his share of the box office is probably the smallest cut out of all the people involved, other than the B-actors

      I wish we would stop blindly supporting anything with a black face on it.

    • TrojanPam says:

      Just had another thought.

      “Lee Daniels, The Butler”

      is the same thing as saying Lee Daniels IS a butler

      I’m not nitpicking but words are very important

      and if someone is skilled at using them, they can insult you without you even knowing it.

      • yes it does seem like they calling him a butler, if I didn’t know he directed it I would’ve thought the movie is about a butler named lee daniels. It seems he is the only black person higher up so he would be the butler for them maybe that is why he was hesitant to put his name on this…

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ mstoogood4yall

          That’s the role that most “prominent” blacks play — in SERVICE to white people, white audiences, white voters, etc.

          while mostly ignoring the needs of other black people

      • Great catch Pam! You’re really on it sis! I don’t know how I missed that. You’re right,words are extremely important. I don’t think that particular wording is by accident. After all,Daniels is somewhat a butler. Isn’t he a servant to white supremacy? Isn’t he spreading the idea of black inferiority by making these degrading films? It doesn’t matter if Daniels has millions of dollars or not. Compared to the billionaire Jews/whites that control Hollywood he is a peasant in their eyes. His only purpose is to spread lies and distort the images of black folks with his films. So essentially he IS a butler(servant).

  6. NaturallyMe7 says:

    Great post, I will not see this movie but I heard from others, the message was very clear. The son which was continuously fighting for freedom was continuously beat down and faced as we know the repercussions for going against white supremacy. The father the butler did nothing to challenge the system. Therefore if you buck the system or challenge it in anyway this is what will happen to you, shown by the son getting the crap beat out of him. Again I haven’t seen the movie but we all know how not only did it effect him physically but mentally. I knew the movie was nothing but white supremacy propaganda when I saw Oprah apart of the film, people love to praise Oprah but she helps fuel the propaganda machine of white supremacy. Also the police presence at the theater in DC, these white folks know and understand the movie is about fueling white supremacy, their mindset behind the police presence was we know this film has a %&$ed up message to black folks and if they can read between the lines and recognize it for what it is, then they are not going to take it lightly. Yet, the majority black people have the proclivity to never recognize white supremacy even when smacking you in the face. Because of the unyielding need to want to be excepted but whites.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ NaturallyMe7

      I agree, our RAD — Racism Avoidance Disorder — is due to our FEAR of white people and our NEED to be accepted (validated) by them.

      When it should be just the opposite, that black people should KNOW (by now) that we cannot trust our images with the same people who are oppressing us

      Think about it. Who created all those negative and racist stereotypes in the media about us like:

      blacks being criminals, welfare cheats, promiscuous, thieves, buffoons, whores, monster mothers (like Precious), inadequate fathers (baby daddies), clowns, lazy, trifling, ugly, worthless, dumb, stupid, etc.


      which includes the Hollywood, TV, magazines, and music industry


      the SAME people who financed movies like ‘The Purge,’ Precious, and Lee Daniels, The Butler…

      Do we think that racist mindset that has existed since movies like, “The Birth of a Nation” has suddenly changed simply because a “black movie” that is NOT A BLACK MOVIE at all was made?

      A NOT BLACK MOVIE that PROMOTES black SUBMISSION and black SERVITUDE with lines like, “you have to show them (white people) love…”

      and “You want to fight this country, I want to fight for this country.”

      Say what?

      To promote this message during the days of legal segregation where black soldiers were treated WORSE than white prisoners of war, where black people were denied the right to use the same restrooms and water fountains and restaurants as white people?

      A black male to CHASTISE his son for NOT wanting to DIE for rights he never had, knowing he is going to CATCH PURE D HELL inside AND outside the military, would dare encourage his son to DIE fighting for the “rights” that he did not have himself

      And we think this black father is a NOBLE CHARACTER? On what planet?

      While the black people fighting for the RIGHT to be treated like a HUMAN BEING (like the Black Panthers) were cast as “bad blacks” aka BAD NIGGERS

      Is this the message we want our black youth today to accept — while black schools are being closed and new prisons are being built?

      Where did this INSANE message come from?


  7. bloodpusher says:

    This movie focuses on a part of African-American history that was not in the too distant past. The history of African-Americans in this country is not a pretty. Thats just a fact. Sure the whites who are orchestrating the creation of this movie from behind the scenes are going to put forth a message of subserviency by Blacks to whites. Thats how America got where it is. We see this reflected in our society everyday. So it comes as no surprise that this movie lionizes a submissive Butler who had to cow tow to raise and support his family. The message is this. If Black males would just to learn to cow tow like this humble Butler did they too can raise their families and perhaps just maybe this will prevent the further destruction of the Black family. Think about it.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ bloodpusher

      I agree, those messages are in that movie

      what’s troubling is the number of black people who either do NOT understand what they are looking at

      or just don’t care

    • Wendy says:

      “The father the butler did nothing to challenge the system”- NOT ACCURATE and this is why it is important to actually VIEW projects for yourself instead of getting heresay type reviews from other people who say that they have seen it.

      “I knew the movie was nothing but white supremacy propaganda when I saw Oprah apart of the film,” — would it be more accurate to say that you THOUGHT it was “noting but white supremacy propaganda” when you saw Oprah in it? How can you KNOW it if you have not viewed the film to evaluate it for yourself and come to an informed conclusion?

      I have learned not to put much stock into what people suppose a thing is about if they have not investigated it, examined it and don’t have accurate information. The best one can hope to get from a review of something by one who hasn’t VIEWED it is confusion and inaccurate information.

      • TrojanPam says:

        @ Wendy

        Since I watched clips of the movie instead of the movie in its entirety (which I won’t do until I can view if for FREE at the local library),

        I would appreciate hearing your opinion on how the father challenged the system.

        There are MANY movies produced by white Hollywood that I will NEVER see, among them “Monster’s Ball.”

        Why? Because I didn’t need (or want) to see this movie about a black female asking (begging) the white man for sex who executed her black husband — to have an opinion about it. Nor was I surprised when Halle won the Academy award because I predicted it would happen. The same way I assumed “Precious” and “The Help” and “Training Day” would win awards.

        RE the comment about Oprah, I based my opinion on her body of work, AND my understanding of how white supremacy works, and I stand by that opinion.

        We all judge movies before we see them. Why does anyone (including you) decide they will NOT see a movie?

        Because we FORMED AN OPINION about the movie before we saw it.

        Of course, opinions are not facts. They are just our opinions. But that doesn’t mean our opinions have no merit.

        My opinions–right or wrong–are based on the tens of thousands of images of black people in Hollywood films

        AND from what I have seen the VAST, VAST MAJORITY promote white supremacy.

        I don’t see why “The Butler” would be any different.

        And that is what a blog is about: writing one’s opinions.

        It is up to the reader of the blog to decide whether the information I give is credible or not.

        But, overall, I get your point and respect your right to your own opinion about my opinions.

  8. C.Andrews says:

    Here is what I believe is an interesting review of Lee Daniel’s the Butler by none other than Professor Henry Louis Gate, it is just what I expected :

    • Gates writes:
      “How many other black films have ever achieved this quality? Not many, I am afraid. For even our most accomplished black filmmakers, when bringing the complex reality of African-American history and consciousness to the screen, still have a tendency to worry about “what white people will think of us,” or how telling the truth about ourselves might be “misused” by right-wing commentators or Tea Party detractors of our great president. So they censor themselves, for what they naively and mistakenly believe is the “greater good” of the political destiny of our people.

      But this is always a mistake: Censorship — even, or especially, self-censorship — is to art as lynching is to justice. It aborts creative genius; it aborts the quest to find a language, in this case the language of film, to tell the truth about one aspect of the human experience, in its fullest complexity. But Daniels and Strong avoid this pitfall, a pitfall deadly to the creation of art, and do so magnificently. For this reason alone, although there are many other strengths in this film, both Daniels and Strong, in my opinion, deserve Academy Award and NAACP Image Award nominations for this great achievement.”
      This man is truly delusional. I guess his “beer summit” with Obama and the police officer gave him a wake up call. He now knows to get his butt back in line. He doesn’t want to upset his “white masters” by giving a bad review. He knows in his heart this film is mind control propaganda. He should be ashamed of himself for supporting this trash!

      • C.Andrews says:

        @Kushite Prince, I agree with you 100%, Professor Gates ought to be ashamed of himself but unfortunately I do not believe he is. The RWS are certainly on their grind !!! I am sick to death of their psuedo black blogs and magazineslike The ROOT, Your Black World, Essence, Ebony , Black Voices, etc,. They not foolin nobody that understands Racism/White Supremacyat all. I dont know everything, I am no expert on anything but I do know they up to no good…..

        • You’re right on point! Ebony,Essence,Black Voices are all tools of white supremacy. They use them to give us the illusion of progress. When in reality we’re going backwards. This is the second reconstruction. But most of us are not aware of it. This is a sad situation we’re in. *sigh*

          • mstoogood4yall says:

            ebony is partially owned by jp morgan company ran by Jamie dimon an old white man. Essence is fully owned by time inc a white company part of time warner. Black voices Is on huffington post which is owned by a white woman. Again they use black faces to push their mess on us.

            • TrojanPam says:

              @ mstoogood4yall

              Powerful whites are not going to PAY black people to expose them

              that means ANY black person with a MIKE or a PEN that reaches large numbers of black people (and is being paid by white people) is SERVING THE INTERESTS OF THEIR WHITE EMPLOYERS

              If we follow the logic, we will know NOT TO LISTEN to OR BELIEVE OR FOLLOW ANY OF THEM

    • mstoogood4yall says:

      gates is whitewashed, i’m not surprised, he is married to a white woman and accepted that weak attempt of an apology by that policeman oh wait he didn’t apologize.smh. The comments talking about going see the movie ugh, took everything in me to not comment and chew them out. like omg its the race talk we’ve been craving, no ppl its a movie that has hidden messages but u too asleep to pick up on it.

      • mstoogood4yall says:

        I should say was married to a white woman. he is single now I think

      • TrojanPam says:

        @ mstoogood4yall

        It is hard to wake up someone (or a people) who are either ASLEEP or pretending to be asleep.

        Nothing you can do but wait for the BIG WHITE BOOT OF OPPRESSION to jar some of them awake,

        unfortunately, by then, it will be too late

        plant your seeds far and wide, and if they grow, they grow, if they don’t, move on

        and most of all


    • TrojanPam says:

      @ C.Andrews

      Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out

  9. @TrojanPam Unfortunately The Butler was the number one film this weekend. It made about $25 million over the weekend. With an 81% approval rating from audiences. Who do you think is the majority of the audience in this poll? Is it 60% black and 20% white? Is it 70% black? I ask because it saddens me to believe that thousands of black people saw this film and walked away thinking it was a GOOD film. Considering how much anti-blackness and white supremacy is in this film—that is a scary thought! This shows that the majority of black people can NOT see white supremacy even when it’s right in their face. I’m telling you Pam,our people are so lost. We are in for a world of hurt if we don’t snap out of this soon!

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Kushite Prince

      It’s to be expected.

      When you let someone else do your thinking FOR you, then you will lose the ability to THINK FOR YOURSELF

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ C.Andrews

          unfortunately ALL the prominent blacks — be they preacher, teacher, professor, politician, entertainer — are puppets for the white supremacists.

          it’s like they’ve all been hypnotized or seduced or brainwashed and they must march to the white supremacist drummer’s beat

          almost like they’ve fallen victim to a band of white supremacists body snatchers who have removed any bit of pride or self-respect they ever had

          I mean, Russell Simmons doing a sex video about Harriet Tubman???

          he should be forced to turn himself over to the NEAREST INSANE ASYLUM


          it’s no loss to me personally, I don’t NEED them to THINK for me. That’s why God gave me a brain. I don’t need them to interpret the world for me. That’s why God gave me a BRAIN.

          I know what they are, even though I don’t know WHY they are what they are

          but I know they are being used to prop up this DYING, wicked system and they should ALL be avoided like the plague

          because their SICKNESS and MENTAL ILLNESS and CORRUPT SPIRITS will infect you if you fall for their tricks.

          • Wendy says:

            ALL NON-WHITE PEOPLE, regardless of whether or not you think they are “prominent” are tools of White Supremacy and subjects to it. Period. You are ALL puppets. We have ALL been hypnotized, brainwashed and programmed. Vast numbers of us lack self respect and don’t need big dollar payouts from White people to lack such.

            • TrojanPam says:

              @ Wendy

              I agree. The difference–in my opinion–is the most prominent blacks, who are in the public arena, often serve as role models, and are used to deceive and program the black masses against our self interests. Which is why they are so well paid. And from what I can see, it’s working, and I include myself among the brainwashed masses (as always).

              Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr. calls it “racial showcasing.”

              Of course, we can always agree to disagree.

      • No lie there. I listening to some of your recent radio interview. It was really god! I would’ve loved to call in but I was at the By the way, do you have a Cows interview lined up anytime soon?

  10. I was looking at the people involved in this film and it got me thinking.
    Lee Daniels-Homosexual(anti-sexual)
    Cuba Gooding Jr-married to a white woman
    David Oyelowo-married to a white woman
    Terrence Howard-ex wife is Asian,and dates many non black women
    Lenny Kravitz- dated actress Nicole Kidman among numerous other white women.
    I think Forest Whitaker is the only black actor in the film married to a black woman. Does anyone else see a pattern of anti-blackness here? When they cast these films they know exactly who to put in these roles. Nothing is by accident in Hollywood. Just an observation.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Kushite

      That’s a great observation, and more important than we realize, the TYPE of black people that get rewarded by Hollywood, many are blacks that do NOT date or marry or even relate to other black people. Homosexuality is also rewarded, especially among black males, regardless of what we think about homosexuality.

      • Thanks Pam. I definitely agree with you. You will always be rewarded if you do “certain” roles in Hollywood. I was watching this interview yesterday on CNN. With Cuba Gooding,Lee Daniels and Kravitz. I thought it was very interesting. Lenny Kravitz that “the world is much better in general”. He’s speaking in terms of race relations and also says that the younger generation is less racist. But Lee Daniels says that people are upset that Obama is president. And that they are starting to show their “true colors” I thought it was interesting that they saw the world s differently. Of course I know both could just be saying this for the cameras. You never know what to believe when black celebs are talking. Since most have sold out anyway.

    • you right again ur highness. I think they hire ppl with white spouses or are mixed race more because that money will go back into white hands. Those men are married to white women so that money would go into their hands when the black men die. It seems to me that lee daniels is more aware than lenny kravitz and cuba gooding, he did not want his name attached to this film and now he’s saying that America is getting worse, lenny says otherwise. Idk I think some are less brainwashed than others in hollyweird but they still more brainwashed than the general public imo.

      • TrojanPam says:

        @ mstoogood4yall

        ( never been called ‘ur highness’ before. I think I like it! :-))

        I agree, funneling black “wealth” back into white hands is part of the white supremacy strategy. I believe that’s why they reward black entertainers who go “white” and why so many black entertainers make a deliberate decision to NOT partner with other black people. They’ve figured out the GAME to making it big in the mainstream entertainment industry:

        1. degrade/betray other black people
        2. single out black females for maximum ridicule
        3. “come out” as a homosexual person (or at least practice it in private)
        4. date/marry white people (or at least an Asian or Hispanic)
        5. if you’re a black female, stay single and childless
        6. if you’re a black female, wear a weave
        7. never, ever SAY the words: white supremacy
        8. if you make a mistake and talk about racism, apologize asap
        9. do not support black causes of any kind
        10. never say anything that can be construed as “anti-Semetic” or “homophobic” (especially if you’re a black male)

        If you can do all or most of the above, and you’re at the right place at the right time (regardless of talent), you have a SHOT at making it big in the white entertainment industry.

        yes, there are degrees of brain damage among the black entertainers but they are all being mistreated. I suspect Lee Daniels has been getting many wake-up calls, one of them being him being FORCED (against his will) to use his name in the title of a NON-BLACK movie.

        Even Halle Berry said she was still being called a nigger in her industry AFTER winning the Academy Award for “Monster’s Ball”

        Sometimes, I (seriously) think these high-profile blacks have been given some sort of MIND CONTROL drug or sessions. Given that the technology is there, that wouldn’t be hard to believe.

        • I think the “your highness” comment was directed at me,since I’m the “prince”.lol But it’s okay I understand your confusion considering you are definitely royalty in your own right. 😉

          • TrojanPam says:

            @ Kushite

            (( oops! ))

            Absolutely agree, they know everything they need to know about the black entertainers SELECTED for super stardom.

            The ones who get the TV and radio shows and movie deals, the ones who appear on CNN and Fox-TV, the ones who get public or private funding for their cable TV programs and youtube channels, the ones who get their music videos played on VH-1 and BET and their songs aired on radio stations, the ones who host awards shows and who receive awards, the ones who ONLY date/marry “white,” and the ones who have literally sold their BLACK SOULS to become rich and famous.

            They are ALL being used to PROMOTE some form of white supremacy, otherwise, they wouldn’t be on-the-air.

            WE should NOT listen to their advice, follow their examples, OR hold them up as role models for our children, anymore than you would take advice, follow the example or hold up a MENTALLY ILL PERSON as a role model.

      • You’re right sis. The know exactly who they’re casting in these films. They only put those who will push the racist white supremacy agenda. The Butler,The Help,Precious….take your pick. They are used to keep the rest of us in a state of confusion.

  11. @Trojan Pam
    I forgot to tell you but I have a new health blog I created a few weeks ago. It’s about getting black people to change their unhealthy eating habits,health videos,pics and exercise. Be sure to check it out and subscribe. I always appreciate your help. Thanks!

  12. m1 says:

    The fact that a court battle was issued against the title is racism against Lee Daniels. Many movies have the same title but are never taken to court. Crash, Cash The Island are some of many examples of this. Yet the film directed by the Black person gets taken to court over a title.

  13. […] Is “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” (Really) A “Black Movie?” […]

  14. […] Is “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” (Really) A “Black Movie?” […]

  15. […] Is “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” (Really) A “Black Movie?” […]

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