Why the Movie, “The Butler” Will Not Get One Dime From Me

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“Movies are not about Blacks but what Whites think about Blacks.” — Ralph Ellison, author of the novel,  Invisible Man.

I will admit that my negative “review” of the movie, “The Butler,” is a bit premature.  I will even admit that I will probably never pay to see it because I refuse to financially support most movies produced by (white) Hollywood (although I will rent one FOR FREE from the public library whenever the mood hits me).


Nearly every movie I have seen, including the “black” movies produced by (white) Hollywood, PROMOTE white supremacy/Black inferiority EVEN when it appears that this is NOT happening.


Is it my imagination or does the ‘butler’ in this movie poster resemble President Obama?


In my experience  the majority of Hollywood-Produced “Black” Films Usually Fall Into One of Five Categories:


1. the  “good black”  female triumphing over the “evil” black male: (The Color Purple, Waiting To Exhale, I Can Do Bad All By Myself, For Colored Girls, Diary
of a Mad Black Woman, Precious)

2. the  “good black”  male triumphing against the odds without the support or even an appearance by a black female (The Blind Side, The Pursuit of Happiness, most Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman movies. )

3. the  “good black”  male or female  sacrificing himself or herself for the good of white humanity (most Morgan Freeman and after-the-Oscar Denzel Washington movies) where the black person is surrounded by white people, does not socialize with black people, risks his or her life, and/or dies in service to white people, like:

  • The Green Mile (black male dies for a little white girl and in his spare time restores a white male’s ability to have an erection (sic)
  • In the Mix (black male risks his life for white female)
  • The Reaping (a black male dies for white female)
  • The Call (where Halle Berry, a slender, non-muscular black female, plays a 911 operator turned Captain Save A White Female after a young, blonde white female is abducted. Definitely, a DE-FEMINIZING role for a black actress, to play the HERO who rescues the white damsel in distress.

It is very telling that there are FEW TO NONE movies showing a black male OR a white male rescuing black girls or black women, other than Whitney Houston in “The Bodyguard” — and she wound up giving Kevin Costner her MONEY and HER BODY to entice him to protect her, only to watch him ride off into the distance at the end of the movie.

It is equally telling that there are NO movies showing a “good black” male and a “good black” female working TOGETHER to solve their problems.  Because they don’t want us to love and support and care for each other. It is NO different than the way it was on the slave plantation when slaves were discouraged from caring for each other.

Movie-posters-2A dead black man walking and smiling on the day of his own execution (???)

4. the black female AKA “a white man’s whore” (plaything or toy) with either a black female as the main character (most Halle Berry films after her Oscar) or as a super minor character where her ONLY purpose is to make herself sexually available to a white male, who most of the time, is clearly NOT interested in her romantically. This is an increasingly common theme in many movies and TV shows produced today.

The black female BACKGROUND actress is little more than wallpaper. She is usually alone, single, unloved and uncared for.  In the 2003 movie, “Hollywood Wives: the New Generation,” beautiful actress, Robin Givens was the only black person in her social circle.

Robin Givens Hollywood Wives

She ‘lunched,’ and sauna-ed, and gossiped with her white girlfriends but she never ONCE had a man, never ONCE had a date, never ONCE had a man flirt with her, kiss her, or even touch her.

This is another common theme (TACTIC) in many Hollywood movies, to portray the black female as a SEX-LESS, desperate being who is unable to attract a man — regardless of how she looks — and is driven to beg for sexual attention from white males.

This is a critical part of the white supremacy DIVIDE-AND-CONQUER strategy used successfully against black people. By making it FALSELY appear that black females are SEXUALLY UNDESIRABLE to most men, we become LESS DESIRABLE to those confused black males who do not understand how they have been programmed against the black female AND themselves. That confusion often leads them to seek out non-black females as lovers and mates.

Over the last ten months, in all the movies I watched (FOR FREE) whenever a black actress appeared in a “white” movie, she was either a servant OR she was lusting after a white male.

Not once, was she romanced or pursued or even desired by the white male. If sexual intercourse occurred between the black female and the white male (most of the time it didn’t), his attitude overall was one of,

“Oh well, even though she’s black, she does have a vagina so I might as well use it.”

5. The latest category of MODERN black roles:  domestic servants for white people. 

rewarding BW for playing servantsposter from ‘racism still exists’ blog

Historical Hollywood Footnotes:

Movie-posters-3Hattie McDaniel     Octavia Spencer

  • Hattie McDaniel–The first Black woman AND  the first black person to win an Academy Award.  In 1939, she won for playing the character “Mammy,” in the pre-Civil War movie Gone With the Wind.
  • Octavia Spencer–won the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role in 2011 for her portrayal of Minny Jackson in The Help, she became the sixth African-American woman to win an Oscar.



Scene from “The Butler”

The domestic servant roles have been REGURGITATED from old racist movies like “Gone With the Wind,” The Little Foxes, and “The Little Rebel,”  showing black males and females as the “noble, domestic servants” (or slaves) who dedicate their lives (willingly OR unwilling) to serve the needs of their white employers (masters), like:

  • Driving Miss Daisy
  • Lincoln
  • The Help
  • The Butler

stop supporting racist movies

Review from the NY Times:  In Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln,’ Passive Black Characters

“But it’s disappointing that in a movie devoted to explaining the abolition of slavery in the United States, African-American characters do almost nothing but passively wait for white men to liberate them.

For some 30 years, historians have been demonstrating that slaves were crucial agents in their emancipation; however imperfectly, Ken Burns’s 1990 documentary “The Civil War” brought aspects of that interpretation to the American public.

Yet Mr. Spielberg’s “Lincoln” gives us only faithful servants, patiently waiting for the day of Jubilee. This is not mere nit-picking. Mr. Spielberg’s “Lincoln” helps perpetuate the notion that African Americans have offered little of substance to their own liberation.”

It is obvious (to me) that Hollywood is quickly and vigorously WHITE-WASHING American history — especially black history — AND at the same time re-creating more SEGREGATION-ERA imagery in today’s movies–cleverly disguised as “entertainment” —

Which should serve as a warning of THINGS TO COME.

“My younger sister just graduated from college and the only job she could find (in 2012) was a job cleaning white women’s houses.” — from a black male COWS listener.

Considering the rise of overt racism AND violence against blacks — in part thanks to racist Hollywood movies —  why would the MAJOR PROPAGANDA ARM of the white supremacy systemthe Hollywood movie-making machine — promote and finance ANY movie that does NOT promote white supremacy?

White supremacy DOES NOT take a day off.

It DOES NOT give its black and non-white victims “a break” so we can win a game or two on the white supremacy chess board.

It DOES NOT have a heart or a conscience, but it does understand its victims and what makes them tick and what they hunger for.

The white supremacy system knows the best way to fool its victims is to pour a little sugar on a rotten piece of meat to hide the STINK (of racism).

The Green Mile Execution Scene

By casting famous and popular blacks (including singers and comedians who can’t act) in movie roles, the black victims begin to believe the masses of black people are making progress simply because more black faces are visible in the movie industry,

which guarantees the black audience will be MORE LIKELY to overlook the real messages in these dangerously deceptive films.

Even when black people are portrayed as heroes and heroines, we are either SERVING, RISKING, OR LOSING OUR LIVES  in the service of and to the benefit of white people.

We are almost never shown helping other black people, just harming them. This PROGRAMMING carries over to our REAL LIVES and our collective lack of trust AND support for each other.

It is also a CARRYOVER from the SLAVE TRADITIONS of American plantation slaves who were severely punished–even murdered–for being loyal to other slaves.

“Black” movies, black actors and actresses +  (white) Hollywood  =  WHITE DOMINATION/BLACK SUBMISSION.

We know this is true because  Serving, Sexing, AND Sacrificing one’s life for one’s enemies  is the greatest act of SUBMISSION humanly possible.

Shirley Temple, The Littlest Rebel  (1935)’

The Help Movie Clip “Minny Comes to Work for Celia”


Racial Showcasing by Neely Fuller, Jr

download link

Also, check out the follow-up post:

Is “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” (Really) A “Black Movie?”

  1. […] Why the Movie, “The Butler,” Will Not Get One Dime From Me — on RacismWS.com […]

    • I know… I’m a middle-aged White dude, but as an Angry Leftist, I have been feeling the exact same way. I find it disturbing that a film about a Black man in (apparently willing) servitude to Rich White Folk is so popular in White Liberal Circles. I refuse on principle to pay to see it.

      I’m a bit embarrassed to ask this question; but I want to know, is it wrong of me to prefer Django Unchained to rubbish like The Butler?

      I know Django is fictional, and that The Butler is based on a real person. And I can understand some of the many reasons why some African Americans hate Django Unchained . And I understand that it could be seen as problematic from a Feminist perspective!

      But I REALLY HATE Nazis and the KKK and White Supremacy. Django Unchained created in me a viscerally terrifying perception of the Plantation (and the whole South) as a Concentration Camp. And I think many White Americans, Liberals and Conservatives alike, seem to avoid such comparisons. I have heard some White Liberals agreeing with White Conservatives that it wasn’t really as bad in the South as Django Unchained made it out to be; and also, that comparisons to Nazi Germany were overstated.

      When I ask myself; how can they not see the Holocaust against Africans (and Native Americans) as being equivalent to the Holocaust in Europe, I think of George Zimmerman walking free after murdering Trayvon Martin in cold blood. And I get the feeling that if they conceded that Slavery in the South of the past was equivalent to the Holocaust in Europe, they would have to admit that Violent White Supremacy is still the rule in the US today.

      I found myself identifying way more with Django than the other (White) main character in the film. And I got a hell of a lot of satisfaction and a sense of catharsis from the Explosive Ending. Which seemed to me a perfectly justifiable act of Liberation and Revenge.

      I apologise if this seems like a distraction from your critique of the film The Butler. But when I see films like The Butler being made, it makes me angry, because it seems like such a blatant attempt to literally Whitewash US history and the present. Especially when the denial is coming from White people who like to think of themselves as so Progressive on issues of Race. They are so paranoid about “Angry Black Men”, they would rather lionise a non-threatening Black Man and pretend that being “colour-blind” is an adequate response to Racism.

      And when it comes right down to it, for me, Django Unchained seems like the perfect response to films like The Butler. That probably says more about me than either of the films though.

      • TrojanPam says:

        @ Gandalf’s Beard

        Absolutely agree, but I’m not surprised by the “White Liberal Circles,” who just practice a more REFINED form of racism/white supremacy, which — in my opinion — is MORE dangerous than the so-called “Right” because at least you know where the Right is coming from,

        whereas the Left aka White Liberals will smile in my face and stab me in the back. At the end of the day NEITHER side wants to give up their white privileges NOR do they really see black people as equal in ANY sense of the word.

        I don’t know if it’s wrong of you to prefer Django Unchained. Only you know what the true appeal of the movie is to you.

        You said that you have heard some White Liberals agreeing with White Conservatives that it wasn’t really as bad in the South as Django Unchained made it out to be; and also, that comparisons to Nazi Germany were overstated —

        which is MORE PROOF of what I stated earlier, that “White Liberals” are simply practicing a MORE REFINED (and deceptive) form of white supremacy because certainly anyone who has read any slave journals or seen the photos of African slaves during the TransAtlantic Slave Trade understands how horrific it was.

        It was, hands down, the most inhumane form of slavery ever practiced in human history.

        The AFRICAN HOLOCAUST (which lasted 400 years and cost over 100 MILLION AFRICAN lives) makes the JEWISH HOLOCAUST (which lasted 12 years) look like CHILD’S PLAY

        I don’t care WHO this offends, you can’t argue with the NUMBERS — OR the FACT that JEWS were never ROBBED of everything that made them a PEOPLE: they still had their language, their religion, their heritage, their ancestry, their culture, etc.

        At the end of the Jewish Holocaust Jews still KNEW who they were and were given a “homeland” STOLEN FROM OTHER NON-WHITE PEOPLE — the Palestinians.

        Tragically, black people who descended from slaves are STILL searching (in vain) for an identity because we STILL do not know who we are, where we came from, who our “people” were, what our language, religion, heritage, culture, etc. was BEFORE slavery

        And we NEVER received reparations for 400 YEARS OF FREE LABOR, while the JEWS are STILL collecting a ton of loot and land from people (like me) whose people NEVER HAD ANYTHING TO DO with their Holocaust either today OR in the past. And black people NEVER benefited from the Jewish Holocaust so that can’t be pinned on MY ancestors, either.

        That’s outrageous that some people think black people don’t have the RIGHT to talk about OUR HOLOCAUST or make a comparison. That attitude alone is a CRIME against humanity.

        Of course, they don’t see the African Holocaust as being equivalent to the Holocaust in Europe, because they don’t think black lives have the same value as white lives — in addition THEIR OWN PEOPLE participated got rich off the slave trade — and the Jewish Holocaust.

        Yes, EUROPEANS AND JEWS participated in BOTH. It was AFRICAN SLAVERY that built the WEALTH of the WHITE WORLD, both in the U.S. and in Europe. They KNOW this, and that is one reason Blacks who descended from slaves will NEVER receive reparations.


        You don’t have to apologize for stating your opinions. Thanks for sharing them.

        • Courtney H. says:

          Here is a documentary about the Herero and Nama Genocide in Namibia:

          • Timothy says:

            Thanks for the link Sister. I read the article quickly and it showed great, accurate information. The article refutes the historical revisionist notion (as advanced by many reactionaries) that American slavery has no direct or indirect impact on American society today or the South seceding had nothing to do with slavery at all. The truth is that American slavery was not only evil, criminal, and unjust. It grew capitalism in America including places worldwide. That is why populists and others like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in his 1967 Three Evils Speech (in Chicago)have said that capitalism in America was built on the backs of black slaves. Capitalism and Slavery is a book written by Eric Williams talking about this very issue. The economy of slavery was intertwined not only with the South, but with the North as well. There were many bigoted Northerners back then too who wanted slavery for racist and economic reasons. In our generation, we have to tell children and the populace at large the truth. We have to understand that the legacy of slavery still impacts society today and that we have to fight any injustice.

            • Courtney H. says:

              You are welcome. It was a very interesting and informative article. A lot of people will not admit it, but we have known that slavery built this country and its wealth, which is why the call for reparations is valid.

            • Courtney H. says:

              Here is another article about slavery, Reconstruction, the Confederacy, and the Tea Party, and how they are all related:


              • Timothy says:

                You’re exactly right Sister. The Consortium news website has other great information on this issue too. Racists like Thomas Jefferson, James Madison (who was afraid that black slaves would be free), etc. believed in states’ rights, limited government, etc. not as a means to advance real moral values.

                He and others wanted to suppress the human rights of black people. Confederates later on believed in that same states’ rights mantra as they fought in the Civil War. The Confederates are treasonous terrorists, but their images are shown throughout the nation (not only in the South). Statues of these traitors are all over Virginia, Georgia, Mississippi, etc. Reconstruction was a period of the expansion of the federal government. During that period, black people had some expanded rights. Some black men were granted the right to vote. Black folks started to own more property. Yet, white racists used their own white backlash in the form of the Klan to harm black people. The treasonous Compromise of 1877 permitted Jim Crow to grow and fester for almost a century afterwards. Reconstruction was a failed opportunity to make democracy real. Reconstruction also showed the courage and strength of black political people, who stood up against racism. The Tea Party came in reaction to governmental policies, but some of the Tea Partiers have express racism not only against the President, but against black people in general. These issues are related, because the same forces of white supremacy did not die when the Confederacy ended. These same Confederate forces oppose the Civil Rights Act and the black liberation movement in general during the 1960’s.These forces remain today and we will continue to oppose these evil forces. Good will triumph against evil in the end. Brothers and Sisters are still fighting for justice.

            • Courtney H. says:

              Thank you for your response. You are absolutely right in your summation of that article! And you are right about this, too — good will triumph over evil in the end!

        • Phazex_Female says:

          (Phazex_Female, banging gavel on desk)

          Case closed. Next! (Sista Pam stated it perfectly.)

      • tyj1 says:

        To the commenter at Gandalf’s Beard. Thank you for your heartfelt comments. I didn’t see Django because of the overly abused use of the N-word. I haven’t seen The Butler, and after reading the review, not sure I will. We are not a people known for laying down and rolling over, so to speak, so I appreciate your sentiment. Thank you.

      • Chelle says:

        The Butler is an excellent male role model. Whereas Barack Obama is a poor excuse for a leader. racism will end when ALL people stop looking at the color of skin and look at the person. I believe many blacks voted for Obama cause he was black and not because he believed in their views. I have many black Christian friends who voted for a man who believes in killing babies..gay marriage..etc.. Is this their beliefs too or are the voting because he is a black man.. albeit he is only 1/2 black.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ Chelle

          I respectfully disagree that The Butler is an excellent role model. In fact, I think slick Hollywood pulled a fast one on their black audiences, by elevating DOMESTIC SERVITUDE as a worthy occupation for blacks — and a PREDICTION as to where things are headed for black people in america regarding employment.

          Considering the rising double digit unemployment of blacks — regardless of education and experience — the INCREASE in illegal labor, the push for MORE IMMIGRATION (by President Obama’s administration), Obama signing THREE MORE FREE TRADE DEALS (which wiped out hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs in the U.S.), and more IMPORTED labor from India and Latin America via the H1-B and H2-B visa programs, all while black people are being PURGED from corporate america (how can we NOT notice that?)

          at the same time there are MASS CLOSINGS of black schools and the building of new prisons

          It should be clear that DOMESTIC WORK might be one of the few employment options for some black people in the near future.

          This is NO joke.

          Hence, the onslaught of slavery films and noble domestic servant movies, what I call the Pre-Programming phase to get us and especially our children, to accept what is coming.

          Regarding the people who voted for Obama because he was black, MOST people vote in ignorance of who the candidates are, be they white or black or brown.

          I do agree that some Obama supporters put their faith in the rhetoric and imagery, bragging rights, and “feel good” moment, and many still refuse to look at the facts. President Obama was (S)ELECTED by the white elites, NOT black people.


          He does NOT talk to black people outside his administration unless it’s time to vote because he was NOT put there to help us.

          We did NOT raise, educate, nominate, vet, select, or finance him. What do we think he owes us?

          The answer to that should open one’s eyes.

  2. sondis says:


    This post is dead on! I just wished you had added “Scandal” to the list as there are so many black women that stand by this degrading TV show with its white supremacist, overtones.

    I was just talking about scandal and the white supremacist dynamic, between the black women and the white man. The negro bed wench and the white master…

    There were sooo many black women on abagond’s blog that got downright hostile towards me, just because i called out the white supremacy in that show by saying its degrading to every black woman in America but these black women stuck by it, they stuck to their black feminist guns and chose to ignore the white supremacy that saturates that TV show, “scandal”

    They are either white washed by white supremacy or they are just choose to ignore it just so they can feel good, seeing a leading black women on a major network TV show.

    I personally, would rather not see a black woman on national TV, play a Negro bed wench for a white man and i think no black woman should either.

    Here is the post that got several black women, to attack me and support the TV show, “scandal”

    I quoted what you had said in this post, just to prove a point about one commenter, “phoebeprunelle” on how she was being a hypocrite by saying to you, that she “didn’t disagree with you” but me, “A BLACK MAN” totally disagreed with, so i posted that quote of her that she made to you. She didn’t respond as she got exposed by me by her own words!

    “There are lots of black women, that justify this role for the sole purpose of seeing a woman that looks like them on Television with a white man.

    Black women have been, programmed and white washed to believe that the white man is the most romantic,the hero in every movie, that will save the black woman.

    Nobody ever talks about this, black women only talk about how black men seem to worship, white women.

    The fact that black women, choose to ignore the white supremacist dynamic that exists between the black woman and white man in that TV show scandal, reveals that black women are white washed and programmed, via white supremacy, no different than black men.

    There isn’t an equal of power between her ( A black woman ) and he ( The president of the united states ( A white man ).

    That’s preposterous to even suggest. Hell, even an average white person isn’t equal to an average black person, via white supremacy but a white president is equal to a black female that worked on his election campaign?

    Now she’s a fixer upper of scandals for white people and that makes her equal to a white male president? Ridiculous….

    The white man did the same thing regarding black women and white men, during slavery by trying to romanticize, the relationship between their female slaves and their young underage children.

    Today, black women are fighting tooth and nail to justify a show that depicts a black woman as a home wrecker, a mistress, a deceiver and liar, being she lies to everyone she comes across as to cover up her affair with this white man.

    This is white supremacy at its best….

    Trojan Pam is even more of a radical, when it comes to black women, dating white men but when she speaks on it on this blog, i don’t see a peep from any black women about it, soon as a black man speaks on it in the least, here come the black feminists out of the wood work, hows that for a double standard?


    The (white) mainstream media has caused the DESIRE on the part of black people to be with anyone BUT another black person to KEEP blacks from UNIFYING and surviving what is coming in this society

    Movies like “The Purge” are more than just entertainment, they are a WARNING to black people of what could happen within an increasingly unstable economy as whites are PREPPED to blame black people VIA President Obama for all that AILS them

    check out the website and you’ll see that this movie may be MORE than a movie.


    Unfortunately, many black males and females are so busy blaming and WARRING with each other — a dynamic that began during slavery — that we can’t see the white forest for all the white trees we are happily sexing.

    Since we live under a system of white supremacy, NO black person ever chooses a white person. White people do ALL the choosing, and that is as true for white males as it is for white females.

    They are ALWAYS the most powerful person in that black/white unions. Yes, I know, we like to see sexing whites as “racial progress” but the reality is while black people have been separating from each other, we have collectively lost almost 80 percent of all the so-called civil rights gains made over the last FORTY YEARS.

    Even during the harshest segregation, black males and females had enough common sense to know we NEEDED EACH OTHER. Now, we are so quick to dismiss each other since “I don’t have to date blacks. I can date or marry a white person.”

    But the reality is MOST (over 92%) of white people MARRY OTHER WHITE PEOPLE and the group whites are LEAST LIKELY to marry are BLACK PEOPLE.

    so there really aren’t that many whites who –other than sexing and romping in the sheets with us — are really all that interested in blacks. Maybe, while we still have time, black males and females need to come together to understand HOW our relationships and respect for each other were destroyed DURING 400 years of slavery and HOW our families never recovered.

    I tried to explain that in two our books “The Interracial Con Game” and “Black Love is a Revolutionary Act”

    (Abagond, I hope you don’t mind me posting this hear, if you do please delete the above line)

    One last thing to leave here

    From what I understand, Jews just prior to World War II had the highest incident of marriage with Germans – and these unions were considered “interracial” because Jews were NOT CONSIDERED WHITE by the real whites: Germans. Jews aka SEMITES was equivalent to being MULATTOES (so-called mixed race) people.

    A Jewish psychologist (can’t remember his name) said afterwards that the reason the Jews did not react to the IMMINENT threat (the concentration camps and mass slaughter) was they lacked the SELF-RESPECT to realize they were NOT GERMANS

    and believed the (white) Germans wouldn’t harm them because “we’re Germans, too”

    and you can see the SAME MENTALITY and GROSS WHITE MIS-IDENTIFICATION of many blacks today who are in as MUCH denial as the Jews were prior to being marched into concentration camps.

    I’m sure many will disagree with me, and that’s cool. I said my piece,

    now, I”m moving on…”

    abagond, i am not making any personal remarks about or address her, i am simply quoting her remarks to prove a point.

    This is her response to TrojanPam, which is basically the same thing i was saying but in a more extreme form.


    I’m sure many will disagree with me, and that’s cool. I said my piece,

    Nope, i don’t disagree at all.”

    This comment was in this very thread, all i had to go was go up and there it was….

    • Zsa says:

      Well said sir!

    • Fatima53GA says:

      In response to your comments, I agree with much of what you are speaking of here. I don’t have a TV so I have never watched Scandal or any other program. I also can’t tell you the last time I went to the theater to see a movie. I don’t quite understand why so many sisters still support TV programs and movies that degrade them nor do I understand why they support entertainers, athletes, politicians, etc. who diss them. I have been subjected to white supremacy all my life just like everyone else in the world so I don’t quite understand why I can see through this and others don’t. The said part is when someone points this out to them, they accuse you of being racist, having a 1960s mindset, or who knows what may come out of their mouths. I am still learning as I don’t know everything, but at least I am willing to listen.

      I agree with Pam’s comments to you about ‘black feminism.’ There really is no such thing. Some of us allow ourselves to be used by the white feminists to further their agenda, but if you notice when a black woman gets mixed up in some controversy, very few white feminists come forth to back her. A classic example is the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas matter. No one really knows all the dynamics of that situation but from my observation, white women were some of front runners that were speaking against Anita Hill. I have seen a lot of cases like this over the years on both national, local, and personal levels and most of the time the public does not know all the facts but are quick to attack the person.

      What I would like to see again is that affinity that black men and black women had for each other at one time when we empathized with each other and worked together to take care of ourselves and our families.

    • tyj1 says:

      Yes, “Scandal” is another detestable recreation of the “Master’s lust for the Black gal”. I love the smart, savvy character, Olivia Pope. I detest the google-eyed wimp of a character who melts whenever her “Master” with a serious case of “Jungle Fever”, enters the room, or decides he’s gotta have it, right here, right now. I was particularly appalled by the sex scene in an ante room at the White House, where he corrals her, and then summarily dismisses her after he gets his jollies. We’re better than this Hollywood!

  3. sondis says:


    By the way, i NEVER pay to see any movies in white Hollywood, because black people are not represented enough with a wider rang of roles, that are NOT stereotypical.

    I use other means to watch movies for free, via my jail broken apple TV. I can watch any movie out in the theater right now, if i so choose.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Sondis

      I agree, that’s the main reason I seldom to go to the movie theater to see a movie. I’ve gone twice over the last three years to see a science fiction movie mainly for the special effects on a bigger screen and even then they managed to throw a lot of racism into one of them, ‘District 9’ — which had to be hands down one of the most RACIST films I have ever seen. And I took that a huge sign as to where the movie industry was going.

      I’ve gotten so I can’t STAND to see black people in movies made by white people because it is either a stereotyped and degrading role (like a black female playing a white man’s whore)

      or black people acting super white identified

      Now, they’ve got us portraying NOBLE DOMESTIC SERVANTS who are proud to serve white people??

      why in the world would I pay my good money to see that TRASH?

  4. TrojanPam says:

    @ sondis,

    who said, “I just wished you had added “Scandal” to the list as there are so many black women that stand by this degrading TV show with its white supremacist, overtones.”


    It would be difficult for me to do a post on Scandal because I can’t stand the idea of watching it.

    I realize I should but after stumbling across these “white man’s whores” scenes dropped unexpectedly into so many movies, I have had my fill of them.

    I have heard similar comments from other black males about how (some) black females will defend that program (Scandal).

    I think black males AND black females are very quick to point out the sexual misconduct of the opposite sex but VERY RELUCTANT to admit to our own. I wouldn’t call this ‘black feminism” because “feminism” — in my opinion — is the battle for white supremacy SPOILS between the white female and white male.

    Black females have NEVER been a serious contender in that war, and are only being USED by the white feminist movement to promote their own form of white female white supremacy.

    For the same reason, I don’t call black males “sexists” but I refer to them as “attempted sexists” because it’s hard to be a REAL SEXIST when you don’t have any power. What can a black male deprive a black female of on a collective scale — IF white people choose to give it to her?

    Don’t mean to get too far off track but all of this was predictable,

    with so many black females being DEPRIVED of images of black females as sexually desirable females in mainstream TV and movies, and with so much imagery of black males engaging in relationships with white females, it’s not surprising that (some, not all) have decided what is good for the goose is good for the gander

    There is also that SECRET THRILL of being found “attractive” by the most powerful and privileged man in a white supremacy system — the white male —

    I guess this could be compared to the same SECRET THRILL many black males experience when they are considered desirable by the female with the highest status in the white supremacy system — the white female.

    When you think about it, our ABNORMAL attraction to white people is actually pretty “normal” considering ALL OF US — male and female — have been programmed from the cradle to the grave to worship whiteness.

    the bottom line — BOTH the black male AND the black female need to “come clean”, so to speak, about our own double standards when it comes to sexual intercourse with white people.

    Once we understand WHY we feel the way we do, and we start to AFFIRM and VALIDATE each other, we won’t need OR desire white validation from white people, and will be on the road to HEALING the damage caused by 500+ years of slavery and white oppression.

    This was the reason we wrote the 2nd and 3rd books, “Black Love is a Revolutionary Act,” and “The Interracial Con Game.”

    As tempting as it might be to keep throwing stones at each other over this issue, the REAL work that needs to be done begins in our OWN MIRRORS.

  5. sondis says:

    I agree 100% Trojanpam. I want you to read something else and give me your take on what i said. I want to know if you agree or disagree and why if you do or don’t agree.

    However, you are a anomaly in the sense, that the majority of black women, do not and will not admit to what you just said, they are in denial that white men, look at them as “N3gro bed wenches” and nothing more.

    The majority of black women that “date” or have “sex” with white men, have to go into it with a “color-blind” way as to not feel ashamed or guilty for laying down in the white man bed, so they convince themselves by adopting the white man’s ideology of, “love is color blind”, “i only see color”, “I don’t see you as a black woman, i see you as a woman”.

    The fact that the white man has to reject your race in order to accept you, says everything you need to know about his intentions toward you, sexual and nothing more. The same is true for white men, towards black men.

    I am proud to be black, its not something for white people to dismiss in order for them to feel comfortable around me.

    Black women find out the hard way, after thinking the white man will treat her the same as he treats his white women, when the white man is ready to settle down and have his,”white children” and wants to get married, he breaks up with the black woman (his n3gro bed wench)then finds a white women to marry and have his children with. The next time that black woman sees that same white man, she dated for years, he’s married to a white woman, then the black woman finally realizes that she was nothing more than a N3gro bed wench, all along.

    Some black women wake up and never date a white man again and return to dating and loving black men but that’s only if they see it for what the relationship with that white man truly was.

    There is a lot of black women, that are still in denial about how white men view them and will say thing like, “black men do the same thing, using black women for sex” as to make it equal or on the same level, this is part of the denial by black women, to make it a point to not be able to differentiate between a white man, looking at her as not fully human, a “N” word and a black man that happens to be a womanizer.

    There is something else that is being purposely, overlooked by these type of black women ( color-blindness in an attempt to transcend their blackness ) is the 100′s of years of white men, raping black women and the black women’s young female children, during slavery and Jim crow.

    These are the black women that will keep coming back to the white man, because they refuse to accept that white men see them as n3gro bed wenches, they believed the white men that told them, “they only see a human or a woman, not a black woman”

    These black woman are totally whitewashed and after having a taste of the white woman’s world of eating at the masters table, don’t want to go back to eating scrapes in the ghetto and dating the field n3gro ( the black man)

    Yes, these black women have the slave mentality of the masters n3gro bed wench, she would eat at the masters table and taste the choice cuts of beef and nutritious vegetables, while the field N3gros and N3gresses , eats the fat and gristle, that’s left over from the white man’s feast.

    The black woman’s task is not only to be in the white man’s bed, she is also tasked with snitching on the black man and other field N3grows.

    You see that going on today as it did back in slavery, these sellout black women cry, “YOUR NOT GOING TO MESS IT UP FOR THE REST OF US!” These black Republican conservative black women and even some Liberal Democrats that are married to white men, would shout.

    The majority, if not all of white men, will have sex with a black woman or any other woman if she is attractive and has a nice body for that matter but won’t have children with or marry a black woman.

    White men know what black people go through in America, simply because they are the ones that apply the oppression, therefore they don’t want any children from their loins, going through what they put other black people through, they want their children to have the white privilege that they have, not the curse of discrimination that black people have.

    Give me your thoughts…

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Sondis,

      I hear what you’re saying BUT I have to add again, that our behavior as black females is a MIRROR of our experiences and our programming

      the same way black males’ behavior is a MIRROR of their experiences and programming

      If we are expected — as black females — to view the black male with empathy and compassion because he is victimized by white supremacy

      the black male MUST return the same empathy and insight he gives himself and other black males

      Otherwise, the whole thing falls apart

      Black males are no more forthcoming about their “trangressions” with white females (AND how they are being used and abused and conned and robbed by white females)

      than black females are about being used and abused and conned by white males.

      In addition, some black males, once they discover that a black female has had sex with a white male, see her as permanently damaged and defiled. This may be part of the reason many black females are NOT forthcoming about their sexual past with white males, or become defensive when black males bring it up.

      There is one more factor that must be considered — if we are going to be JUST in our criticism of each other

      The number of available black males VS the number of available black females

      By available, I mean a black male who is:

      1. self-supporting
      2. single
      3. heterosexual
      4. not incarcerated
      5. interested in dating/marrying a black female
      6. interested in a committed relationship

      Once you go down this list (and no, this isn’t a put down of black males, I’m just keeping it real), the number of available mates for the black female population is significantly reduced.

      The reality is — there are simply MORE black females between the ages of 23 and up in the U.S. population than black males. Point blank period. That means a significant number of black females — if they restrict their dating to black males — are going to be alone OR sharing another black (or white) female’s black man.

      Given that situation, it is to be expected that some black females are going to consider “other options” meaning, dating outside their ethnic group.

      This is not something I’m happy about — given the DIRE need for black unity — but I understand it because black females are HUMAN BEINGS who crave love, sex, attention, companionship, babies, marriage — like any other woman on the planet.

      Black males may have difficulty finding “Ms Right” but there is NO shortage of available “Ms Right Now” black females to select from. Black females have an entirely different (and more difficult) situation.

      The mainstream media feeds on this imbalance (created by racism/white supremacy) by constantly portraying black males partnering up with white and non-black females, while promoting the idea of sex with white males as a BETTER alternative for black females.

      It should be no surprise that there is a TON of confusion being orchestrated by the white supremacy system

      Once we really understand that white supremacy is the real problem, we have to stop blaming each other for the conditions we did not create

      • Charo says:

        “If we are expected — as black females — to view the black male with empathy and compassion because he is victimized by white supremacy

        the black male MUST return the same empathy and insight he gives himself and other black males

        Otherwise, the whole thing falls apart ”

        EXACTLY. For example, immediately after the Trayvon Martin trial, a black director releases a movie sympathizing with unjust killings of Black males (Fruitvale Station) but then completely insults Black women in the process – the Black women in that movie are definitely NOT love interests, considered desirable, and are portrayed as Lesbians AND mules, inconsequential, AND more concerned about Black males and sons than Black women and daughters. This right after a jury of 6 white and non-black women let a killer of a young Black man off (when the Trayvon’s main supporters in that courtroom was a young Black woman, and his mother).

        And in the past few days, Russell Simmons, an ignorant, stupid and racist Black man, releases and promotes one of the most offensive videos to Black women AND the Black race in general that defiles the legacy of Harriet Tubman. And you wonder why some Black women are doing their best to escape Black men? Black men not only do not reciprocate empathy and insight but have seemingly joined in with the white supremacist wholeheartedly.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ Charo

          Unfortunately, I have seen more and more anti-black-femaleness coming from black males — some of it possibly ORCHESTRATED by the white supremacy system to DIVIDE AND CONQUER THE BLACK MALE AND FEMALE, make black females the SCAPEGOAT for black male frustrations AND fears, and to increase overall anti-blackness and bickering

          — but some of this sentiment IS coming from (some) black males.

          I said years ago that as the OPPRESSION against black people increases, that there would be MORE attacks — verbal, psychological, and physical — against black females BY black males.

          it is the same dynamic of the man who gets abused by his boss at work and goes home, kicks the dog and beats the wife.

          The TRANSFERENCE of male anger to their women and children is a MAINSTAY of a male-dominated, white supremacist society. It happens to females of EVERY ethnicity.

          Unemployment, poverty, and frustration breed MORE domestic violence, rape, and child abuse. Those are the facts, so we should not SPARE our egos but tell the TRUTH about our condition so we can CHANGE it.

          What we’re looking at is his (and our) FEAR of confronting the REAL enemy and the REAL problem — white supremacy = white people

          And this antipathy on the part of (some) black males toward black females extends all the way back to SLAVERY, when the black female became a DEGRADED SEXUAL OBJECT of the white slave-owners (who were serial rapists of the highest magnitude!)

          Even back then (some) black male slaves began to RATIONALIZE that since they couldn’t protect their women, maybe they were being raped VOLUNTARILY, hence, the Jezebel and the red dress syndrome, which really stands for “a white man’s whore.”

          I explained it in a short fictional story at the beginning of book number 2 — Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act — to help illustrate the DISCONNECT and lack of empathy that was borne out of our slave trauma.

          It is DANGEROUS for black males to sign up for the anti-black-female club, just like a person playing CHESS does not voluntarily give up his QUEEN, leaving his KING weak and unprotected and still expect to win the GAME.

          That’s NOT HAPPENING.

          Destroying and degrading the black female will only speed up the black male’s own DEMISE (you can see that happening right now), and will weaken his ability to overcome OUR mutual oppression.

          If for no other reason, we should NEVER join any form of anti-black “club” because that is what our OPPRESSORS obviously want us to do.

          Either we can WISE UP or we can PERISH

          that’s the bottom line.

          • Courtney H. says:

            Excellent comment!

            • TrojanPam says:

              @ Courtney

              I don’t always respond to every comment you post but I do read them. I’m working on another project and sometimes it’s tough to watch all the videos but I will check them out as time permits.

              • Courtney H. says:

                @ Trojan Pam:

                Thank you. And I understand. Just take your time … there is no rush. I will look forward to reading your responses when you are ready. And I do enjoy contributing to this blog. Again, thank you.,

      • M. says:

        I love your comment….and I agree!

  6. sondis says:

    I also said this also, give me your thoughts on this, as well.

    Every black man knows, white men are intimidated by them in every way. I’ve been told by a decent amount of women in my life time, that i am a attractive black man. I notice the way white men come at me in how they talk to me and how they go out of their way to not deal with me if they don’t have too.

    When i was looking for work, i would interview with only white men, sometime they double team me and there is a white women but almost exclusively white men.

    They see a intelligent, attractive black man that goes against everything they think about black men, being they criminalize black men and have preconceived racist stereotypical views about all black men.

    I’ve been passes up for many jobs that i have applied for in the IT field ( This field is dominated by white men ) then again, what field is dominated by white men? But i digress…..

    This is why you see more black women in Corporate America, than black men, because white men are not intimidated by black women, like they are toward black men. In fact, its the complete opposite in terms of why white men, hire black women. Its no secret ( not to black women anyway ) that white men, want to have sex with them, so if a company has to hire more black people for, “diversity purposes” 9 times out of 10, that white man is going to hire a black woman and not a black man.

    The fact that a white man thinks he might or may have a chance at having sex with a black woman, that he might not otherwise have the chance, being he lives in an all white neighborhood and he’s always wondered, what it would be like to have sex with a black woman, is enough for him to hire her over a black man and even if he NEVER gets a chance to have sexy with said black woman, he is content with watching her big black booty as she walks away from him, every day.

    There is also something else going on that the majority of black women are unaware of in terms of an agenda.

    The white man can’t lynch black men any longer, so he lynches the black man, financially. So the black man can’t look attractive to his white women, being white women love money just like any other woman. So the white man keeps the black man from getting jobs with high paying salaries or any job at all.

    The white man, also does not want the black man to be financially stable and therefore look good in the eyes of his own woman, ( The black woman) so he can have the black woman all to himself. The white man is greedy! He wants our black woman for himself and his own white women.

    The white man doesn’t want the black man to be able to support his family, so then he has no choice but to turn to illegal activities to make money to provide for his family, then the black man gets arrested and has a criminal record as a result and can’t find a job that pays a decent wage.

    Then as a result of that, the black woman turns to the white man as a white savior, she is vulnerable to the white man deception as he whispers in the black woman’s ear, black men don’t want you, they want white women.

    This is the desired result that the white man has been putting in to practice, even since he lost, unlimited access to black women’s bodies.

    He’s found a formula that kills 1 millions birds with one stone and this is just one example of house he can destroy the black man and black woman while f*cuking her in his bed at the same time.

    I am not taking anything away from my black women that have attended college for higher education for themselves, i am not saying black women haven’t gotten to where they are through hard work and merit.

    I am just trying to put things in perspective on how black men are targeted far worse in American society, being shot by police, being targets of the prison system and black women claiming that having a vagina and being black is somehow worse than being a black man is false on so many levels.

    Black women are left alone to pursue their education and go about their daily lives, the most black women have to worry about from white men are being sexually objectified and used for sexual exploits and occasional racism from white men.

    The majority of hostility that black women receive are from white women, which are not the majority power holders but have power in their own right as white women and use it against black women.

    Black men on the other hand, have to deal with the full power of the white man within the justice system and law enforcement, black women are not the target of law enforcement or the justice system, black men are.

    Do black women get caught up in the justice system? of coarse they do but the majority are black men.

    Having a vagina in this society isn’t as bad as it once was. The CEO of Xerox is a black woman. The Ceo of yahoo is a white woman.

    Having a vagina has its perks and having a penis has its perks but ONLY IF YOU’RE A WHITE MAN WITH A WHITE PENIS!

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ sondis

      I agree that a black male is a bigger threat because he is a male. However, there are (sometimes) other factors to consider:

      #1 — there are more black females graduating from college than black males, which means there may be more black females who are qualified for a particular job (just following the logic)

      #2 — in my experience, males in general are often more likely to have higher expectations, will jump around from job to job, don’t like to take orders, and are more likely to be dissatisfied. Females in general, have lower expectations, and are likely to stay on a job longer. I could be wrong about that, but that has been true in my experience

      #3 — (some) black males make the mistake of getting sexually involved with white females on the job and will flaunt their involvement with her to his coworkers. This can be a REAL quick way to get fired and I have seen this happen many times. A black female who is sexually involved with a white male is usually done in secret and is not necessarily considered a “fire-able” offense because white males have the “right” to have sex with non-white females.

      What greatly concerns me — and I must be honest here — is so little credit is given to those black females who are successful because they have worked hard. It’s as though their college degrees and hard work have no merit, they are only working or making money because they have a vagina. It sounds TOO similar to the way whites often belittle the education and hard work of black males.

      If black males resent having their education and hard work dismissed by whites, they should be careful not to do that to black females. We must be careful not to do to EACH OTHER what has been done to us. Otherwise, no one will get the justice they want because no one will deserve any.

      Sondis, there are plenty of white males who do not want to have sex with any females, let alone a black female. In fact, I strongly suspect that black males are becoming the PREFERRED sexual choice by many white males instead of white or black females.

      However, I would never refer to you as having a “big, black booty” OR a “big black” anything and I would ask that you refrain from referring to black females in that manner.

      Unfortunately, the white man can “lynch” black males anyway he chooses, financially, sexually, spiritually, and physically. A black male was lynched just a few weeks ago in Jersey City, NJ. A black boy was found hung on a clothesline around the same time.

      You’re right, racist white man AND racist white woman do not want the black male to support his family. Please do not leave the white female out of this.

      Yes, the white male whispers in the black female’s ear BUT the white female is doing just as much and maybe more “whispering” in the black male’s ear AND some are listening to her because what white females say to black males has been repeated all over the internet.

      I wholeheartedly disagree with you that black females have it easier. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Black females deal with two TWIN DEMONS: racism AND sexism. And this is where I have a problem.

      Since you’re not a black female, you have NO idea what it’s like to be one, just like I wouldn’t tell a black male what he experiences as a black male.

      If a man wants to know he should ASK, not TELL. If he doesn’t care then he should be honest about that.

      I do not understand where this disconnect is coming from, this false belief that black females are not victims of racism and that only the pain of black males matter.

      I just do not understand this thinking at all. It seems very selfish, very one-sided, very narcissistic, AND very anti-black-female to me,

      So, here’s a short list of things black females have to worry about:

      unemployment (yes, we have a higher unemployment rate second to the black male, and higher than Hispanics and whites)
      underpaid (black females on average rank at the BOTTOM of the wage scale just below the black male)
      raising children alone (the stress of that is enough to kill anyone)
      numerous health issues
      breast and uterine cancers (which are increasingly aggressive in black females)
      heart disease and high blood pressure
      sexually transmitted diseases
      rape (those numbers are astronomical)
      date rape (those numbers are astronomical)
      home invasions (I was almost the victim of one not so long ago)
      domestic violence (those numbers are astronomical)
      incest and childhood sexual abuse (those numbers are astronomical)
      murder by cop (yes, we are killed and beaten by police, too. Don’t forget there was a black female in that car that was shot into 132 times by police)
      murder by strangers (a black male in Ohio was recently captured after having killed numerous black females)
      being degraded over hair and body and skin color (which greatly impacts females whose value often depends on the way we look)
      racism and discrimination in employment, housing, education, entertainment, politics, medical, etc)
      burying young children before their time — often without the fathers at their side
      (and I could go on but why?)

      Yes, black males are targeted more by law enforcement BUT the fastest growing prison population in the U.S. — percentage wise — are BLACK FEMALES.

      However, I refuse to get into a pissing contest with you over who suffers the most. I don’t see the constructive value in that.

      Either we are going to WORK TOGETHER to solve this problem, or we are going to engage in endless “who hurts more” battles and NOT solve this problem. It’s really that simple.

      We cannot work together if we cannot have empathy for each other AND not just for ourselves. At that point, any counter-racist efforts will be a complete waste of time.

      Because I personally will NOT empathize with OR support anyone — be they black, red, or green, male OR female — who does not empathize with me and support me.

      • M. says:

        Your posts are incredibly intelligent…thank you so much for your outspoken comments TrojanPam.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ M

          I’m saying what I think most black people — if they think about it — already know

          It’s time for us to tell the TRUTH to each other, even if that truth offends.

          Black females have been silent far too long about our mistreatment — and are encouraged (and coerced) into ONLY focusing on what affects black males


          either we are in this thing TOGETHER, either black girls/women are going to be considered AS IMPORTANT as black boys/men or we can stop wasting our time with all this “counter-racism” because it’s going NOWHERE

          There is a reason the Creator created male and female — because BOTH are needed AND are equally important to raise our children PROPERLY

          No one is “inferior” or “superior” to anyone else just because they were born with a penis instead of a vagina (or the other way around)

          it serves no purpose to BEAT down one half of your team so the other half can feed its ego at the other’s expense.

          That is the death anthem of a people who have NO intention of survivinghttps://racismws.wordpress.com/wp-admin/edit-comments.php?spammed=1&ids=13346#comments-form

          I will NOT co-sign on this and I will NOT be silent about it — regardless of who it offends.

          This is WAR and I’m not signing on to ANY team that is not interested in SURVIVAL with the purpose of PRODUCING JUSTICE for males AND females.

    • Fatima53GA says:

      I agree with Pam when she says we must be careful not to fall into the trap of bashing each other. We need to start empathizing and ‘belonging to each other’ again. All this bashing is counter-productive to resolving the problems we have at hand.
      Much of what you say is true. Men are more intimidated by other men than they are of women. That is true across the board. In my opinion, that is true even more so with black men and white men, especially a socially-conscious black men. In light of all the things the white man has done to the black man, he is afraid of letting the black man rise up because it may be H…. to pay.

      You stated there are more black women in Corporate America, than black men. That may have been more true back in the 70s and 80s because most of the jobs were jobs men just did not want to do such as file clerks, receptionists, typists, etc. However, I noticed, starting in the 90s, because of technology, more and more black men began entering corporate America. I work in technology also, and have worked for 3 different companies, but most of the first and second level IT support jobs are dominated by young black men. All of my managers have been young black men. I also see them in other positions such as customer service, sales, etc. This all may depend on where you live but this is what I have experienced. Something I do notice is that a lot of these young men tend to not have as much backbone like men in the old days. In fact they are kind of girly acting and may be that is why the white man is not intimidated by them and as such will hire them. They are not gay but may have that femininity about them because they were raised by a single female.

      Not sure if you have noticed this but beginning this year I have noticed as these young men either resign or get fired, they are being replaced with a white person or some other non-black person. It is happenings so rapidly with the company I am working with now that it stands out like a sore thumb.

      I agree with much of what you are saying about how they lynch the black man financially. When he can’t financially support his family, he then turns to crime, gets a jail sentence and it is downhill after that. There is a domino effect because of this. Black women and black children have to struggle alone after that and a few black women do crossover for companionship. But I don’t think it is as many as you think. Overall, I believe black women are loyal to black men. I live in a large metropolitan area but don’t know nor do I see a lot of black women with white men or any other non-black men.

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  7. thematrixq says:

    Reblogged this on ?verything!.

  8. sondis says:

    Trojanpam, i am with you on this with the whole white supremacy black vs black thing.

    Its working very effectively… -_-

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ sondis

      we must be careful not to fall into the trap of bashing each other

      yes, we all have issues with the opposite (and same sex). We’ve all been hurt and disappointed AND we have hurt and disappointed other people (did we forget about that?)

      We also have issues with OURSELVES — and how much work is being done on that front? Probably very little, which is why we often turn our condemning eyes on someone else, to keep from doing our OWN WORK.

      we also MUST develop some empathy. The black male will NEVER recover his manhood unless he understands what it is — and it is NOT bashing the black female until she is an unrecognizable heap

      The black male cannot degrade the place he came from — the black female — and expect to be WHOLE and SELF-RESPECTING. It just won’t happen. By respecting and empathizing with the black female, he will regain his self-respect and a path back to his manhood — that is my belief

      the black female will NEVER recover her lost womanhood until she understands what it is — and it is NOT taking advantage of black males who are trying to do right by us

      the black female cannot despise the man who made her — the black male — and still love and respect herself. I don’t see how that’s possible. That doesn’t mean we have to “love” every black person but we must learn to have empathy for each other

      male for female
      female for male
      male for male
      female for female

      or we will become so PREDATORY towards each other (and this is already happening) that will be our SOLE response to the greater oppression that is COMING

      we cannot fight each other and fight our enemies at the same time and expect to survive or prosper

      white people won’t have to lift a finger to do us in

      we will gladly do it ourselves

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  9. On point as always ms pam. The sad thing is my parents were talking about watching the butler smh. It sucks being the only awake person in my family. I don’t watch movies at theaters, but I would think fruitvale station would be a better choice than this mess. I’m tired of servant movies, this is setting us back. Why not show movies with us going forward, oh even better it would be great if a movie was made about black wallstreet. I know that won’t happen, as they will not promote hope and success to us, we gotta do that ourselves. Yes that pic of him in the white house does look like Obama, hmm could they be trying to tell us that Obama is a servant to them, I think so. And the pic with the butler with his fist in the air while he’s holding the tray, could that be their way of either making fun of the black power fist, or their way of saying black ppl this is ur new black power serving us is the only power u have. Oh I just noticed something, with the pic of him holding the tray, do u notice how half of his face is black the other half is lighter, and he kinda looks like Obama, that could be their way of saying that is Obama as he is half black half white, and he is serving them. also he is wearing white gloves and has his fist in the air could that be a symbol of whitewashed black power. and see how the darker side of his face on that side he is holding the tray with the white house on it, maybe that could be u darkies are servers to the white man/ white house.

  10. TrojanPam says:

    @ mstoogood4yall

    we cannot expect Hollywood — the land of white supremacy — to forfeit a game on the white chessboard. They are waging war on us. There is no recess or taking a break during a war.

    It sure looks like Obama with his back to the camera, wearing the white gloves. I suspect this could be a backhanded, disrespectful way of calling him their ‘servant’ aka “The Butler”

    they love making fools of us

    • mstoogood4yall says:

      oh yes I do think that is Obama and the flag next to him says president

      • Terri500 says:

        Talking about racism, this is a raciest statement referring to our president. Forrest doesn’t look like president Obama. He has one eye smaller than the other. This shows disrespect to our president.

        • mstoogood4yall says:

          I said the picture where u can’t see his face and u see just his hands behind his back kinda looks like Obama. and the other picture with his fist in the air does not look like forest whittaker. There is nothing wrong with having a smaller eye or having a weak eye, I did not compare Obama to a degrading object or monkey the way others have done now that is disrespect. I just made an observation that the pictures for this movie do kinda look like Obama, I did not say forest whittaker looks like Obama.


            • mstoogood4yall says:

              *Takes a bow* “JIM CROW BLINDED” now this I gotta steal rofl. Sometimes its ppl that come on here and nitpick over minor things, I mostly ignore but if they respond directly to me then i’ll try to explain my opinion. The people that do that are not for anything real constructive just here to cause disruption and get us off track, I just take it as we are on the right trail and they are trying to throw us off.

              • Phazex_Female says:


                You are right on the mark. “Agents” will rise up on this web-site from time to time attempting to wreak havoc and wreck ships in their never ending attempts to stop our people from learning truths and to curtail our self-determination.

                Expect more AGENTS or incognito like this. You are AWAKE so that in itself means that your “spider senses” are alert and you sense these anti-humans for what they are.

                Keep sharing and giving your knowledge to the masses. Everyone is learning. Thank you.

  11. mstoogood4yall says:

    hmm I see they don’t have a good black man and good black woman together in films, its always one or the other, never both. as for the movies showing just black men overcoming things without black women in the movie, that imo is their way of saying white people can help u and do a better job than black women. especially the blindside its like they were saying white women are better at raising black kids than black women are. we see a lot of movies where the black person saves a white person especially black men saving white women, it could be their way of wishing it was the way it used to be where black men were killed for being with white women, they just softened it instead to make it seem the black man sacrificed his life for white women instead of it being taken away. They made the black man in these movies into the perfect eunuch that will protect their harem aka white women at all costs. They a lot of times have black women play masculine roles, like saving white women, and acting and dressing less classy than the white female characters in flims. just look at this trailer from the movie the women notice how jada pinkett is dressed compared to the other women and how she acts masculine at the table with her arms spread out and I guess she plays a lesbian as she says that woman is fine http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=the+women+trailer&mid=174D45F963A29EFF6A34174D45F963A29EFF6A34&view=detail&FORM=VIRE1

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ mstoogood4yall

      I saw that movie The Women and had the same feeling. I think Jada was a homosexual in this film.

      They are not going to let black females COMPETE on a FEMININE LEVEL with white females. That much should be clear to ALL black people by now.

      They have to make us appear less attractive, non-sexual (except when white males are around to ignore us) and less desirable.

      Why? Because they know black females collectively can BLOW WHITE FEMALES OUT OF THE WATER when it comes to physical and sexual appeal.

      A beautiful brown and dark skinned black female CATCHES THE EYE immediately and makes the paler skinned white females recede into the background. The skin alone is more appealing. Of course, that is MY opinion.

      But, I suspect it is an opinion secretly shared by many whites in power — OTHERWISE– why would they go to such cruel lengths to DE-FEMINIZE the black female?

      That to me speaks of FEAR, and I suspect it is the fear and the KNOWLEDGE that the white female is NOT superior.

      They also want black females to stop REPRODUCING and having black babies and two ways to accomplish that are to (1) make us less appealing to black males sexually and romantically

      and (2) CONFUSE black females into thinking we are better off being PSEUDO-MALES so black males will be less appealing to us.

      All of this is orchestrated by the white people who control the entertainment (PROPAGANDA) industry

      the day we wake UP to all the WHITE LIES that have been told about us TO us, and stop SUPPORTING this anti-black entertainment swill, will be the beginning of a NEW DAY for black people and for black male/female relationships

      • If they were superior by nature,they wouldn’t have to go to this extreme in their films. This proves to me that white superiority is a LIE. And they know it!

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ Kushite

          It sure looks that way.

          If you’re superior, you don’t have to spend any time proving.

          The white cream would always NATURALLY rise to the top without holding the black pudding to the bottom.


          So where are the Edomites today? Isaac’s blessing on Esau was very clear. He prophesied over his firstborn son Isaac. And he gave him a “left-over” sort of blessing that provide us with some clues. Isaac told Esau,
          1. His descendants would end up dwelling in rich countries. – Gen.27:39
          2. He would live by the sword, (gun).
          3. Eventually he would break free from the Jacob’s yoke of civil behavior and run wild. – Gen.27:40

          If the Edomites are around today might they be found in nations such as ours. Are they here with us among the people of the West? Why not? The richest nations are to be found in Western civilization. Isaac’s blessing states, “Behold your dwelling shall be of the fatness of the earth.”





            The Judeo-Christian people have been enormously blessed by this in their system of common law and the peace, the faith of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph brings to men and to the Western nations.


              YAHWEH – Our Abba

              ELOHIM – One of the same spirit

              YAHUWSHUA is Our Savior, Messiah & Yah Son
              THE RUACH = OUR SPIRIT


              Blasphemy names were torched taught to all people and forced Christianity through their Roman Pagan Jesuit Caesar JC … god=dog … lord, jehova, means nothing.






          • Khazars,Edomites,Neanderthal,Esau…etc. It’s all the same.lol

      • mstoogood4yall says:

        all ur comments are on point. I agree with them trying to defeminize black women while trying to feminize black men. its crazy how will smith played a gay guy and his wife jada played a lesbian, very interesting that they had their roles switched. I also notice that a lot of times we as black women do take on more than we can handle and are afraid of being vulnerable. I also do think they know black women would blow white women out of the water when it comes to physical beauty. I look at 90s music vids where they had fit black women dressed in clothes not these scrumpy outfits of today and they were beautiful. I remember all the black female groups were beautiful from tlc, to 702, escape, etc they had sistas of all shades in those groups and their bodies were on point. Me and peanut were discussing this and we were talking about how they put a black woman that is overweight unattractive against a white woman that is fit and attractive. I know white supremacy makes it so it’s not a level playing field so I do see how they will never put a 10 black woman against a 10 white woman. Same thing with biracial women I see they just put them on our magazine covers, but they won’t let the biracials compete against white women as they[ww] would lose.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ mstoogood4yall

          Funny you mentioned that, I was looking at some youtube videos of girl groups in the 60s, at how well-shaped and attractive those black females were.

          It seems so WEAK (minded) to me to have to find an overweight black female JUST to make a white female look good

          what does that say about the true confidence of white people who run the movies and TV business in their own white “superiority?”

          it says one hell of a lot.

      • Ms. J says:

        @ Trojan Pam:

        Yeah, the White media goes to such great lengths to demean Black women and purposefully omit any constructive imagery of Black love. It’s a subtle way to dehumanize a group of people. If we’re simply shown causing trouble, serving other people, and having no sexuality (or crazy sexual behaviors), then we must not even be human beings.

        I saw a music video called “Til The End of Time” by Timothy Bloom and V. Bozeman on YouTube, and it was one of the most powerful portrayals of Black love I have ever seen in my life. This Black male-female couple was just so captivating, talented, and intimate. It was really gut wrenching and made me realize that Black love is a major threat to the existence of RWS.
        I suggest everyone here check it out. It’s a sight to behold.

    • Charo says:

      the black men in these movies are not eunuchs because they usually are sexing these women, and i agree they always have black women play masculine roles, mammy/caretaker roles, lesbians or not exist at all.

      • mstoogood4yall says:

        sometimes they do have the black man with the other women but they don’t always have them being together. When I say movies like that I think of I am legend will smith character did not sleep with that white woman but he did die so she could live now that is a true enunch rofl.

  12. TrojanPam says:

    @ mstoogood4yall

    The white supremacists FEMINIZE black males and put them in dresses and they MASCULINIZE brown and dark skinned black females by making them mean, and rough and violent and “mannish” — like Halle Berry who becomes the (masculinized) HERO who rescues the young, delicate, blond, pale-skinned, screaming, crying, white damsel in distress and threatens to get that white man who kidnapped her.

    It also reinforces the LIE that only white females deserve to be “saved” and the black females should just save our damn selves, and sadly, that is the reality for black females, we are expected to always be tough and resilient aka be a “super woman”

    while the real female T-REX – the white female — gets all the help even when she doesn’t need it.

    that’s why I don’t buy into that CRAP that I’m a black “superwoman”

    I’m not faster than a speeding bullet (or the dog down the street)
    I’m not more powerful than a locomotive
    I’ve never leaped over tall buildings in a single bounce
    I can’t change the course of mighty rivers
    I can’t bend steel in my bare hands
    I don’t wear a super hero costume underneath my clothes
    and I’ll be damned if I’m going to risk my life to save Lois Lane

    I’m HUMAN, I bleed, I cry, I hurt, I’m not as physically strong as a man, and sometimes, I do need help and we — as black females — must stop buying into the LIE of the black superwoman — and ask for our share of help when we need it

    • ontereus says:

      Pam have you realized in all Tyler Perry movies he wrote when he demonize the black male and victimize the black females, all the black males character who was demonize was dark skin and the black males who rescue the black females at the end was a lighter complexion. I believe they pushing the lie that dark skin black male are the most violence but we know who the real violence one is mmmm.

      • Yeah Tyler has a pattern of doing that. Although I’m not sure he does it in every film. I did notice it in Precious though. In Precious,Mariah Carey,Lenny Kravitz and Paula Patton all played positive good-natured characters. They also all happen to be biracial. I don’t think that was by accident.

      • yes I noticed that, boondocks had an episode about it was too funny yet very true. here’s a clip of that episode http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=boondocks+tylerperry&mid=A01FD0EB6F91D90CFC40A01FD0EB6F91D90CFC40&view=detail&FORM=VIRE5

      • TrojanPam says:

        @ ontereus

        Yes, I noticed it in his first TV sitcom, “The House of Payne,” that the dark skinned people were uneducated, loud, “ignorant,” and overweight, while the lighter-skinned people acted more intelligent.

        I remember when that sitcom first came on, it was a flop. Just as an experiment, I decided to watch an episode with the sound turned off for about three minutes (which is all I could take), and all I saw were black people stomping around, mouths hanging wide open, acting like fools, in the worst minstrel show imitation since the early 1900s.

        After the sitcom flopped, the network started running it five times a week, three times a day, and I realized they were going to keep it on the air until black people gave in and started watching it because THAT was the anti-black programming they wanted in our brain computers.

        And now, Tyler Perry has two or three sitcoms — ALL of them the worst kind of BUFFOONERY and stereotyping of black people imaginable. And some of us have begun to think acting like a fool is NORMAL behavior for black people.

        Think about the name: The House of Payne

        The House of Pain? Does being black mean we should be ‘in pain?’

        Kind of like “Good Times” TV show with a poor black family who had few “good times.”

        check out the lyrics to the theme song of Good Times:

        Good Times Theme Song Lyrics

        Just lookin’ out of the window.
        Watchin’ the asphalt grow.
        Thinkin’ how it all looks hand-me-down.
        Good Times, yeah, yeah Good Times

        Keepin’ your head above water
        Makin’ a wave when you can

        Temporary lay offs. – Good Times.
        Easy credit rip offs. – Good Times.
        Scratchin’ and surviving. – Good Times.
        Hangin in a chow line – Good Times.
        Ain’t we lucky we got ’em – Good Times.

        Guess who wrote the lyrics? Alan and Marilyn Bergman.

        The white supremacists love to make us look foolish almost as much as they love brain-trashing us.

        • As a kid the lyrics on Good Times went right over my head. Now as an adult when I hear it….it’s like WTF??? Like you said it’s nothing but brain-trashing!

          • TrojanPam says:

            @ Kushite

            I had the same reaction once I REALLY listened to the words and had a better understanding of how “entertainment” is used to degrade and confuse black people.

            To GLORIFY the racism and poverty of black people in an “uplifting” song is pure, unadulterated white supremacy. And it really made sense once I found out that two white people wrote the lyrics to the ‘Good Times’ theme song. I was not surprised at all.

            The Good Times theme song is similar to the song, Amazing Grace, which was REALLY a JUSTIFICATION for the enslavement of black people

            “Amazing grace! How sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me!
            I once was lost, but now am found; was blind, but now I see.”

            A black scholar informed me that the song — written in the 1700s — was NOT about shaming the white people who owned slaves, it was about teaching the “wretched” slaves to submit to their enslavement.

            Centuries later, all kinds of different interpretations were given as to the meaning of those words,

            but when you think about it, the song was written by a white male slave-owner who owned slaves at the time he wrote it, so I doubt he was calling himself and other white slave-owners “wretched” (come on now)

            and that song is sung all over the world in black churches by black people who are STILL practicing the same SLAVE RELIGIONS that the white slave-owners taught them — YET we wonder why we are still enslaved?

            Sadly, we have not made the CONNECTION between a fraudulent SLAVE RELIGION with the face of a blond-haired, blue-eyed Jesus (which means God must be white, too) — and our CONTINUED ENSLAVEMENT, our collective low self-esteem, and our LOYALTY to white people even while we endure racism.

            I believe this “worship” and “obedience” to white people is DIRECTLY tied to our SLAVE RELIGION and the subconscious belief that GOD IS A WHITE MAN.

            I am not talking against any particular religion, I’m talking against PRACTICING the same SLAVE RELIGIONS in the same manner we were taught during slavery. There has to be something wrong about that.

            That is the DANGER of not understanding white supremacy AND allowing white people (who often used black pawns to put a black face on it) to INTERPRET our history for us. Why in the world would we do that? Because we do NOT understand white supremacy OR how it works.

        • Phazex_Female says:

          “Alan and Marilyn Bergman.”

          Jews. No surprises there since Jews own most of Freakwood. If you don’t look at the credits on sit-coms, films, etc?

          Start examining the credits more closely. The 11th commandment for Jews is, “always hire or make a way for another jew.” Even in present day Amerikka, in poor or urban areas, furniture stores, for example, owned by Jews have high interest rates (but low monthly payments).

          If one of another race, has a better idea than a jew? He cannot use you to his detriment. But then again, Jews are not the only race of people that are self-serving like that.

    • Fatima53GA says:

      Thanks for addressing this lie about the black superwoman. I am glad I am not the only one who has rejected this socially-destructive myth.

      I never heard this myth about us until I became an adult and I was always curious about where it originated and the confusing part was no one ever seem to know exactly what a ‘strong black woman’ is. If you did an informal survey and asked various people, they would probably give different definitions.

      I decided to try to find where the ‘strong black woman’ myth originated and it seems this tag was given to us by Gloria Steinem, a white/Jewish/German feminist who was a leader of and spokeswoman for the women’s liberation movement in the late 1960s and 1970s. Since this was not a label we came up with ourselves, you better believe it is not for our good.

      I noticed back in the 70s and 80s, a lot of sisters loved and took on this stereotype and ironically, some black men co-signed on it also. I don’t know how many times I have heard brothers say they want a ‘strong black woman’, not realizing that myth is linked to the women’s lib movement. If you attempted to be tender, cried, showed vulnerability, it would lead to feelings of shame, because this myth says a strong black woman should not be BROKEN.

      The odd thing is I don’t really ever hear the younger black men of today saying they want a ‘strong black woman’ but I do still heard some younger black women speak of how strong they are. I suppose since these younger black men have gotten a taste of all of these non-black women, maybe they feel after all, that women should not have that hard exterior.

      • TrojanPam says:

        @ Fatima53GA

        Thanks for the history behind it. I wasn’t sure how that myth got started. I just know that black females have been “catching it” ever since.

  13. Timothy says:

    Great words as always Pam.

    My youngest brother and my older brother totally reject the Butler film as you do. They view such a film as demeaning to blacks and presents the false narrative of white society as somehow being totally beneficial to black human beings (when history shows the opposite conclusion). The degradation of black men and black women have been a wicked pastime as you have mentioned. It is just for us to never be ashamed of our masculine strength as men or females never being ashamed of the feminine strength either. It is still taboo for a massive amount of love shown among Brothers and Sisters in the film industry. You can make the case that more Black Love has been shown in the 1980’s and the 1990’s than today in the second decade of the 21st century.

    Also, the Butler sugarcoats the crimes of the Presidents that are depicted in the film. Every President mentioned in the film serve under the interests of the system of white supremacy from Eisenhower’s agenda to Reagan’s blatantly anti-black agenda that harmed our community in numerous ways (from Iran Contra to massive shutdowns of the social safety net). As others have mentioned, our liberation has to be comprehensive in mentally, spiritually, and socially being in love with out blackness. Sometimes, it takes years for us to really grow. It took long years and long amounts of eliminating sick biases in my mind for me to better grow in loving my Blackness. Also, I have looked at your literature for a while and I want to just say thank you for your words (and keep up the great work). A lot of Brothers and A lot of Sisters agree with you and support you from all over the globe. This battle against white supremacy is not an easy one, but we will win with action, faith, and activism.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Timothy

      I’m glad to hear more black people becoming aware of the propaganda being pumped out by (white) Hollywood and TV, regardless of whether a BLACK FACE is plastered on it. Titles mean NOTHING, white people are ALWAYS calling the shots when it comes to mass media TV and movies.

      We almost never see black people kissing, or hugging, or loving each other in hollywood films and TV unless it’s a comedy aka BUFFOONERY. In most TV commercials, dark-skinned black children and women are NONEXISTENT. Black males are usually shown surrounded by white people, laughing and talking and having a great old time, while black females are shown alone.

      Now, most of the blacks in TV commercials are those with a white parent. What the white supremacists are doing is trying to PROGRAM US into breeding with them (and breeding ourselves and our beloved blackness OUT OF EXISTENCE), while enriching their DYING GENETICS. They want us to believe (the lie) that breeding with a white person produces a “better black” (someone who doesn’t look “black”).

      The disconnect between black people after a few decades of “integration” and “assimilation” is frightening — it is ALL BY DESIGN. We own LESS land today than we did 50 years ago. We have fewer businesses than we had three decades ago.

      We produce nothing (there may be a few exceptions) and have become the LARGEST CONSUMER ONLY GROUP on the planet, and the BIGGEST CASH COW for non-white immigrants who just got off the boat.

      We have never been more far apart and more apathetic than we are today BUT we can turn this around ONCE we understand the system of white supremacy and change the way we think, speak, and act in response to it.

  14. “the “good black” male or female sacrificing himself or herself for the good of white humanity (most Morgan Freeman and after-the-Oscar Denzel Washington movies) where the black person is surrounded by white people, does not socialize with black people, risks his or her life, and/or dies in service to white people”
    You’re correct. That reminds of Denzel in Man on Fire. He sacrificed himself for a little white girl.

    “the “good black” male triumphing against the odds without the support or even an appearance by a black female (The Blind Side, The Pursuit of Happiness, most Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman movies.”
    Right again! Reminds me of the film Red Tails. There were no black women in the entire film when they were fighting the Nazis. Yet George Lucas was able to squeeze a romance in that film. Of course it was a black man falling in love with am Italian woman. Oh well at least he died in the end. That at least put an end to their “tragic relationship”.lol

    • mstoogood4yall says:

      rofl. u wrong for this “Of course it was a black man falling in love with am Italian woman. Oh well at least he died in the end. That at least put an end to their “tragic relationship”.lol

      I did not see that movie, but my dad has it on blu ray. its is crazy that they did not have any black females wow. I remember a story about a black male pilot falling in love with a black female I think she was training to become a pilot they got married, but we know they won’t show that.
      peanut did a post on it http://blacknotwhitedippedinchocolate.wordpress.com/2013/02/28/black-couple-falling-in-love-in-the-midst-of-wwii/

      • Thanks I’ll have to check that out. Yeah Red Tails was horrible. Not one black woman! What a disgrace! It helps to promote black disunity. Which is what white supremacy is all about. You didn’t miss much by not seeing it. Trust me.lol

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Kushite

      What troubles me most is NOT what white people in power do to us, because they are WAGING A WAR against us, so they are going to do whatever they can get away with

      it’s that we don’t seem to notice it.

      How can a black person — especially a black female — sit through an entire 2 hour movie with black men in it, not see a single black female, and NOT have a problem with that? Or even notice it? I’m not coming down on anyone, I’m wondering are we that beaten down that we have accepted our own invisibility as black females?

      I seldom go to the movies, not just because I refuse to support them financially and don’t want a black male to do it on my behalf, but another reason I don’t go is I will wind up spoiling it for the person who goes with me.

      I refuse to sit in a movie with black males in it, and not see ONE BLACK FEMALE in that movie.

      I refuse to sit in a movie and watch a black female uplift a white male over a black male.

      I refuse to sit in a movie and watch a black male romance a white or Hispanic female when there are no black females being romanced by somebody.

      H to the NO.

      I refuse to sit in a movie where black females are made out to be the most disgraceful whores on the planet, like sleeping with the racist white male who just executed your black husband

      so, I figure it’s better for me to keep my butt at home rather than start a fight in a movie theater (if you know what I mean)

  15. LBM says:

    “…then the black man gets arrested and has a criminal record as a result and can’t find a job that pays a decent wage.

    Then as a result of that, the black woman turns to the white man….”

    I haven’t finished reading all of the comments yet but that particular statement is so painfully untrue that I had to stop and point it out. Black women (in general) have stood by black males, in many cases to a fault. To say black women (as a general statement) have run to white males as a result of black male unemployment, underemployment, illness, incarceration,domestic abuse, etc is just so untrue it’s hurtful.

    Also, once I knew the premise of Scandal, like Precious and Monster’s Ball I just didn’t want the imagery in my mind’s eye so I’ve never watched it. But I have noticed on various blogs black males voicing objection to it but I’ve NEVER encountered any efforts, on the part of black males, protesting the lack of pairings with black women (non-ambiguous) in media. That may be a reason for the pushback on the part of some wounded black females who want to feel attractive to anyone and apparently anything, including white males in blackface who also only want to sexually exploit the black female.

    Pam, great effort as usual…I’ll go back and continue reading the comments…

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ LBM

      I’m always stunned by the (false) belief that black females are “conspiring” with the white male as though ALL of us — males and females — are not victims of racism.

      We are NOT the white man’s confidante. He doesn’t give the black female a share of the white supremacy spoils. We get CRUMBS from the table, just like the black male.

      His CO-CONSPIRATOR in a white supremacy system is the WHITE FEMALE — which is why it’s called WHITE SUPREMACY, not “WHITE MALE/BLACK FEMALE SUPREMACY”

      (come on now)

      Strangely enough, the white female seems to remain UNSCATHED or ACCUSED in these conversations, almost as though she’s an innocent bystander.

      That’s why I didn’t put much faith in the FACT that the white females on the Zimmerman jury let him walk — that this would open the eyes of some of our black brothers as to where the white female REALLY STANDS in the white supremacist scheme of things.

      The white supremacy system has done an excellent job of pitting us against each other and whispering LIES in our ears about who our real enemies are.

      Divide and conquer all the way.

      Time is running out, we can’t afford to play these school yard games anymore. We have to get serious about our survival.

      • mstoogood4yall says:

        the white females benefit from white supremacy I was gonna say the most but idk, they do have an advantage over white males when it comes to the law. sondis posted an article on abagonds blog about an 18 yr old white female having sex with a 14 yr old biracial girl and she felt she should just get a misdemeanor. The crazy thing is they vilified the black mother as being a monster and homophobic and saying the only reason she went to the police was because it was another female and not a male that did that to her daughter. the lgbt community is backing the white female and saying she was targeted for her sexual orientation not the fact that she broke the law. its white supremacy to the max times white womens tears plus the gay community. I wonder if she will get any time as she has turned down a deal that just meant community service and no jail time, but didn’t want that since it would be on her record. Her white privilege makes her arrogant and thinks she did no wrong and deserves no permanent record as it would ruin her life. smh I was and am still mad about this case.

    • Charo says:

      Great comment LBM. I agree.

  16. LBM says:

    “….they MASCULINIZE brown and dark skinned black females by making them mean, and rough and violent and “mannish”….”

    This is critically important. It seems to make some feel better to believe a significant number of black females were pampered bed wenches to the plantation owner – when in fact she was right there next to the black male picking thorny cotton, rice, tobacco, and cutting cane also. She was doing the “mannish” work AND often times being raped by the slave owner AND forced to breed (raped) with a fellow slave. When was the black female allowed to be feminine. Just today I noted a black female hauling garbage for Sanitation and another driving a city bus. I’m not sayin’ nothin’ but certain tasks don’t enhance feminine qualities. I’m jus’ sayin’. So sometimes black males will have to put in a little work and provide safe circumstances for black female femininity. After incurring back injury and being chastised by my husband for years, I now call him for any package over 5 pounds. LOL.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ LBM

      Right, the black female worked the fields just like the black male. You can see this in our musculature of some black females today.

      We would work the fields, forced to, like a man, even when we were carrying a child. Many black females were forced to give birth right there in the field and shortly after be expected to start working again.

      certainly, we weren’t all “house slaves” and there were black males who worked in the house

      and who said working in “the house” was easy work? That was a great place to get raped, by the way, so I don’t know how good house slaves had it

      in fact, what’s a good day for a SLAVE look like?

      That’s why I get a little PEEVED when I hear how “easy” black females have it OR had it.

      H, after slavery so-called ended we worked cleaning white females’ nasty houses when our men couldn’t get worked and then had to come home and take care of our own families.

      we have always worked full days outside the home, long before the white women’s liberation movement. We weren’t sitting in suburbia, eating bon-bons and having other women clean our houses

      even today, the average black female HAS to work even if she is married — and still has to come home and do double duty with the cooking, the cleaning and taking care of the children.

      I just do not understand what people are looking at when they talk about what black females do or don’t do

      I just don’t get it

      • mstoogood4yall says:

        amen ms pam. And another thing is how ppl try to romanticize slave master rapes and paint them as relationships. I was on another blog and she said they made a parody about harriet tubman and sell out Russell simmons tweeted that he thought it was funny, now he apologizing smh. this is not the first or last time they will disrespect our black female ancestors and make it like they had it easy or that their ape was consensual. I still remember toure or whatever his name is tweeting about black female slaves as using sex to get favors. Its like those sell out black men think oh well since we couldn’t protect black women from massa and from rape lets make fun of them. heres the craziness http://movies.yahoo.com/news/def-jams-simmons-apologizes-harriet-tubman-sex-parody-212939826.html

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ mstoogood4yall

          someone sent me an email about Russell Simmons yesterday, haven’t had a chance to look at it

          this is all part of the END of REFINEMENT stage of white supremacy and starting over at the ESTABLISHMENT phase, meaning racism will become MORE BLATANT, and that black people will be used as the vehicles for our continued psychological slaughter

          which is why i have written off EVERY SINGLE BLACK ENTERTAINER IN EVERY INDUSTRY unless they have shown themselves to be the exception to the rule,

          that doesn’t mean I blame them for white supremacy or what the white supremacists are doing, but if they are being used to carry the message, then they should be AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS and NOT SUPPORTED FINANCIALLY — victim or NOT

          I don’t know what would possess ANY black person to make a parody about Harriet Tubman

          but we should use this as a warning that OPEN SEASON has been declared on the black population and to justify it, our HISTORY is being REWRITTEN by those who wish to destroy us

          • I was the one that sent you that email.lol It’s pretty disgusting and Russell Simmons should be ashamed of himself. I wont be buying any of his Phat Farm merchandise in the future.
            On a side note I’ve noticed a lot of braintrashing of our children on these kid’s shows. I think Disney has to be the worse culprit. I’ve noticed a pattern of them making shows with black kids falling in love with white boys/girls. It’s conditioning our children to see our open enemies as suitable mates. That like to get the mind control on kids very early so that mating with whites becomes “normalized”. Check out this video from a show called Austin and Ally. They have quite a few Disney shows with the same theme. It’s brain washing at it’s finest!

            • mstoogood4yall says:

              hmm that is crazy, so it seems he wants the black girl to be his side chick or the white girl is being clingy and thinks he wants her when he really wants the black girl. yep that about sums up how it is smh.

            • Charo says:

              FYI, Disney backed the making of the Harriet Tubman video for Russell Simmons Global Grind

              • mstoogood4yall says:

                wow that is crazy, can’t say im shocked but still a dam company that is supposed to be for kids why would they care about an adult sex tape nasty thing if kids don’t and aren’t supposed to watch. very interesting.

              • Really?? Thanks Charo! I didn’t know that!

              • Charo says:

                Yup! The Harriet Tubman video was financed by Dreamworks subsidiary AwesomenessTV and Vivendi (owners of Universal Music Group), as well as Accel Partners in California, who fund Simmons’ Global Grind. And Dreamworks is distributed by Walt Disney Group.

        • His apology is empty! if he really thought it was inappropriate he never would have had it on his channel in the first place. The reality is he saw nothing wrong with it and thought it was funny. He disgraced his ancestors by allowing this filth to be made. He is a coward! I have NO respect for Russell! I know exactly where he can stick his apology!

    • Charo says:

      “Just today I noted a black female hauling garbage for Sanitation and another driving a city bus. I’m not sayin’ nothin’ but certain tasks don’t enhance feminine qualities. ”

      Be careful about picking up white ideals of feminine qualities. If you go to places like Africa and South Asia (India, Sri Lnka, Nepal, Pakistan, etc), women work HARD – as hard as men – because they have to survive and live, just based on the nature and structure of the developing world. Carrying rocks, water, concrete, sticks, food, mud and all other manners of stuff in baskets on their heads, just to live. And their is NOTHING mannish or unfeminine about African and South Asian women – they usually dress and look beautiful, plus birth and raise babies.

      Being a lazy, pampered, overindulged princess who won’t even clean up behind herself and never has to lift a finger to do anything for anybody, is not my ideal of feminine qualities – I prefer to look to developing countries – strong, hardworking out of necessity but absolutely feminine, pretty and beautiful even though dirt poor.

  17. Lioness says:

    Ok… So I was all prepared to get on my soap-box and call you out as a hypocrite, suffering from crab-in-the-barrelism, especially after you admitted you haven’t seen the movie and have no intention of seeing the movie. And, then you mentioned Steven Spielberg. I thought about it for a minute, finished reading the article, and know you are absolutely right. In the words of Oprah Winfrey, I had an “Aha! Moment”. See… reading your blog reminded me how disgusted I was, for years, with Steven Spielberg. I thought, and still think, Schindler’s List was one of the best movies ever made. I was totally invested in the lives and pain suffered by the victims in that movie, and walked away understanding why Jewish folks just can’t let the Holocaust go. Forgive and forget and all that. So when Amistad came out, I rushed to the theater thinking how great a movie about the Middle Passage (The most epic Holocaust the world has ever seen) directed by Spielberg would be. I COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE WRONG! That movie had nothing to do with the Middle Passage. It was about the American Justice system ultimately doing the “right thing” by one group of Africans who were lucky enough to have a Great White Hope swoop in and save them. By the time Djimon Hounsou stood up and said “Give us free”, I stood up too and said “This is some bullshit”, then walked out of the theater.

    I think your insights are dead-on. Thanks for sharing.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Lioness

      (whew, I’m glad you spared me lol)

      I have come to the not so surprising conclusion that white people making movies about black people is ALWAYS BAD NEWS.

      They always have an agenda and that agenda is spelled — WHITE SUPREMACY

      I have seen no exceptions, not saying they don’t exist but I haven’t seen any

      Even when the movie is about black people, somehow, a white person (hero) comes in and steal the show – and the credit for whatever good things are being done

      That’s why I’m in strong favor of us NOT enriching them with our dollars. If they want to make movies about black people, let white people support it because it’s going to wind up UPLIFTING them anyway

      Until we accept AND understand that this white system is WAGING WAR ON BLACK PEOPLE, we will NOT understand the DANGERS of allowing our enemies to control our IMAGES and tell our stories.

  18. As a non-white, non-black, non-American, non-Hollywood-watching male, I accept that you know what you’re talking about. But then I have a couple of obvious questions (and forgive me if some of your other readers asked them already):

    1. Why, if black people have such demeaning roles, do the top Hollywood black actors and actresses take them on at all? If you’re right, after all, nothing better can be expected if White Hollywood. So isn’t your ire misdirected? Shouldn’t it be directed at those black actors/actresses who sell out to the racist Hollywood power elite?

    2. What’s stopping black Hollywood directors and producers from making good movies about black people, instead of mindless yammering “comedies” or gangland dramas set in the ‘hood where black people are busy pushing drugs and killing each other?

    If you’re serious about Hollywood racism, and I’m sure you are (having got tired of Hollywood’s White Man’s Burden movies, which is why I stopped watching) – aren’t these the questions that need asking?

    • *expected OF White Hollywood. Excuse me.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ ragheadthefiendlyterrorist

      I’ll do my best

      Question #1: Why, if black people have such demeaning roles, do the top Hollywood black actors and actresses take them on at all? If you’re right, after all, nothing better can be expected if White Hollywood. So isn’t your ire misdirected? Shouldn’t it be directed at those black actors/actresses who sell out to the racist Hollywood power elite?

      MY ANSWER: While I wish they wouldn’t do it, I compare it to people in a prison camp. Some prisoners will do whatever it is they do to get extra favors by betraying and harming other prisoners. That doesn’t mean they are in charge of the prison camp, they are simply trying to make their stay there as comfortable as possible.

      It happens for the same reason white people exploit other white people, and for the same reason some of the non-white people in your country conspire behind closed doors with the the white elites and the enemies of your people to get money and positions and favors.

      It is HUMAN NATURE, unfortunately, that part in all of that makes us forgo our INTEGRITY to get more STUFF.

      Yes, it does irk me to see black people cooperating with the white entertainment elite but given the LACK of real power black people have, I believe the BLAME belongs with those who have the MOST power. If it were not for the white Hollywood elite, there would be no degrading films. And remember this, even when there were a tiny number of black actors/actresses, white people put on BLACKFACE and pretended to be black people.

      Bottom line, the problem is: WHITE PEOPLE WHO PRACTICE RACISM

      Question #2: What’s stopping black Hollywood directors and producers from making good movies about black people, instead of mindless yammering “comedies” or gangland dramas set in the ‘hood where black people are busy pushing drugs and killing each other?

      MY ANSWER: There ARE black filmmakers in the U.S. and Africa, and the Caribbean, who are making good movies about black people. The problem is — just like positive rap music — the WHITE-CONTROLLED STUDIOS, DISTRIBUTORS, RADIO STATIONS, TV NETWORKS, etc, won’t allow it on the air — OR on the TV tube or movie screen.

      And it’s the same reason that people from your nation who live in the U.S. are largely invisible and steretyped (probably) on the evening news. I don’t hold them accountable, because I KNOW who has the power — and it’s not a non-white person. I put all the blame on the people with the most power: white people.

      Yes, I’m serious about racism in Hollywood and outside of Hollywood, which is why I write a blog and have written four books and try to get the message out as much as possible.

      You asked some legitimate questions but in the context of white supremacy, the answer for WHO IS TO BLAME — is the same no matter where you go in the world, anywhere non-white people are being mistreated, bombed, starved, poisoned, disenfranchised, robbed, and raped, and murdered


    • Charo says:

      @ragheadthefiendlyterrorist : your questions are perfect and the same ones many of us have. Many blacks are weak and brainwashed and thus, those are the ones you see in Hollywood (see Dave Chappelle on his “ah ha moment ” when he finally realized what Hollywood was up to). And many other Blacks are not so weak and brainwashed and thus are NOT in Hollywood.

      And I agree – we should make our own film industry, just as Motown did in the music industry. By the time Motown finished, some of the greatest Black musicians ever were introduced to the world – for example, The Jacksons, Michael Jackson, and Stevie Wonder. Motown is a great example of what we can do when we decide to bump the establishment and create our own. The only difference is that Black music was already known and stereotyped as the one thing Blacks could do, and music itself was chock-ful of Blacks – thus making it easier to start a Black-owned industry. The base already existed. Not so much with film, in which Blacks are much fewer and are not considered as having strength in film and theater.

      Blacks ourselves work off of – and believe – stereotypes put out by white supremacist societies, We excel where we are stereotyped as what we should do well (music, sports) because of a need to please our former slaveholders, and fail in areas where we’re told we should fail( like swimming, academics, etc), for that same belief. Slaves still we are.

  19. sondis says:


    1. “Why, if black people have such demeaning roles, do the top Hollywood black actors and actresses take them on at all? If you’re right, after all, nothing better can be expected if White Hollywood. So isn’t your ire misdirected? Shouldn’t it be directed at those black actors/actresses who sell out to the racist Hollywood power elite?”

    Because black actors are used and abused, like every other black person in America.

    So in other words, blacks are getting screwed via white supremacy by going to work, everyday and working for people that hate us with a passion and only tolerate our presents with exceptions such as having sex with black people and using a black person to further their agenda.

    Black Actors figure it this way, if i am going to be used and abused, i might as well get rich and famous for it. The the thing is, most black actors and actresses, DO NOT GET RICH OR EVEN FAMOUS. There is a very very small list of triple A black male or female, movie stars in Hollywood.

    The rest that are not rich or famous, are barley scrapping by or getting roles. Most give up Hollywood movies and try TV shows and even then, the pickens are slim.

    I would never go into the movie, modeling, and music industry, even if i was talented in all 3 of those fields, because black people do not get equally represented by a long shot.

    2. “What’s stopping black Hollywood directors and producers from making good movies about black people, instead of mindless yammering “comedies” or gangland dramas set in the ‘hood where black people are busy pushing drugs and killing each other?”


    Its very expensive to back a film and only studios have the bug bucks to back a film. ask Spike lee, most of his films were backed by donations from wealthy people, not by studios.

    • If I understand you correctly, then, nothing better can be expected of Hollywood. Ergo, any article saying “*******(insert movie name) won’t get a dime from me because it’s racist” is a waste of time.

      I’d suggest black directors delink themselves from Hollywood and set up separately, with micro-budgets if need be. Movies don’t need gigantic special effects and publicity budgets to be good and/or successful (look at European or Iranian cinema). If they aren’t willing to do that then there’s nothing left to say.

      • Charo says:

        Totally agree, ragheadthefiendlyterrorist! And more are starting to do just that. Checkout Ava Duvernay for example – makes and distributes her own films. I so agree with you it’s ridiculous. Black people never (or rarely) want to do anything together, though, which in the end is the MAIN barrier.

  20. mstoogood4yall says:

    It is just amazing to see how a lot of the older generation[ no disrespect to u all] is pacified by this movie. on youtube vids about why not to see this movie I see them on there trying to say now now this is a part of our history and why are u judging a movie that isn’t even out yet. My parents were talking about seeing it a couple days ago, its sad to see some of the older ones falling into the traps. my grandmother has a picture of Obama in her house on the wall next to all the family pictures and I remember my mom used to have a pic of white jesus in the house. My older brother has a pic of white jesus in his apartment. I understand they went through things and did not see themselves on tv as much and its crazy to still see ppl be excited when they show a black person in these subservient roles without asking why. I know this is a part of our history but so is black wallstreet, marcus garvey, and all the other things that went against white supremacy. it is sad to see the older generation being hypnotized by seeing these movies about an obedient black person and telling us younger ones that is who we are and that is our history. I want to say to them no disrespect but that is not all our history, that is just the white washed part of it, our history involves more than being a victim and being a servant. It involves us being strong, being successful and being smart. Its important to show these things to black youth but also show us what our ppl accomplished not just the civil rights but with inventions and black communities like black wallstreet. My mom didn’t teach me about black wallstreet as she probably does not know about it. I think all this stuff is coming back up because they see this generation is not scared and are coming from under the spell, so they must put us back under through fear, intimidation, and any other means. They don’t want us to know who we are and what we once were.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ mstoogood4yall

      it is tragic that the older generation are so compliant. They have spent so much time being afraid of and traumatized by white people, most don’t have any fight left.

      They know — from experience — how dangerous whites are and how much of a hurting they can put on black people, and they learned to go along to get along

      whatever they have accumulated in their lives, they are determined to hang on to it, so they do NOT want to rock any black or white boats

      I also believe the reason they have not told us what they know about living black in a white racist society is not so much to protect US, but to protect themselves from thinking and feeling the pain of our reality

      unfortunately, that is not good for the black generations coming behind them, who have to learn from scratch — the hard way — what racism is instead of getting a heads-up from their parents and grandparents

      it’s up to us to break this deadly cycle of black silence AND keeping white people’s ‘secrets’

      we need to tell our children and anyone who will listen the truth about this system because the racism will become so blatant and deadly in the near future that ALL black people will be shaken out of denial and forced to OPEN OUR EYES

    • Charo says:

      I love your comment mstoogood4yall – white people make movies like “Jobs” (about Apple-inventor Steve Jobs, and about Facebook, not every Irish Catholic person that had to be colonized by the British. All Black people get are these submissive or victim movies – I feel that the Butler and Fruitvale station also are telling Black men to be nice, but stay in their places,or else they’ll get shot and killed. And by be nice, it means to not complain even though we want you to “stay away from your own women, don’t complain about injustice, stay meek and understanding to white people no matter what they do”.

      Also, Black people need to remember the changing demographics in America – it’s not all about white people anymore even though they are trying to keep it so. I notice so many ethnic minorities with thriving business segments, simply by pooling their resources. We can do the same too.

      • mstoogood4yall says:

        thanks for the love lol. As for these movies they keep making it because we keep watching it. At first they did not like putting black ppl in movies because they were afraid they’d lose money. Now they’ve figured out a way to get blacks and whites into theaters, by having blacks shown as servants or modern minstrel shows ,its a win win for them. Whites will watch to laugh or pity us and feel good about themselves for the whitewashed white savior ending in the films. And blacks will watch because some of us are so starved to see ourselves we overlook the white supremacy messages in these films. When the butler came out they had police outside some theaters hoping and thinking black ppl would flip out.Why black ppl stayed after all that is beyond me why they stayed when the cops were there and had their tickets checked twice makes no sense why they stayed. I would’ve walked out or not even went in when I see all the cops.
        They figure these blacks will get mad and then we can unleash our full fury. Just look at all this stuff happening back to back, trayvon got injustice, then we saw the tape of Darius Simmons being shot and killed, then fruitvale station came out, then the Harriet Tubman tape, and now the butler, and later a movie called 12 years a slave is going to come out and the trial of Jordan davis’ killer will begin. Its a wonder any of us haven’t flipped from all of that in such a short amount of time we’ve had to absorb all of this.
        Yes other ethnicities have businesses, but we can’t seem to pool our resources and do the same because of mistrust, and thinking we should be loyal to everybody else but we forget about being loyal to ourselves. Black ppl have different ethnicities of friends but that Asian friend will not be like hey come join our Asian study group, that arab friend will not be like hey i’ll teach u the secrets to opening a business and getting a loan, the white friend will not be like hey i’ll show u how we practice white supremacy. Everybody else has learned to put their own above any friendship or relationship. We seem to want to be open to everybody else but closed off toward each other. Whites give Koreans and arabs loans to open businesses in black neighborhoods and when they do they are cheaper and black businesses don’t survive. At some point black ppl do need to stop putting money into churches and other places, I read that we donate more to charity than whites, if we used that money to open businesses even online that is a start, with Obamacare coming into effect in a couple months black businesses and small businesses will really be feeling it.

  21. Problack says:

    As always, you are right on point Pam…thanks for the insight on anti-black movie making!

  22. Here’s one for you to chew on, you watch before you eat.
    It’s called Unconditional and here’s the IMDB:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1758610/

  23. @Trojan Pam
    Here’s is more Disney Deception. This is really sick in my opinion. This show is called Ant Farm and the little black girl is actress Chyna Anne McClain. In this video clip she’s in love with a white boy(of course) and the episode is about a costume party. Who does Chyna play?? The mythical character Medusa! Can you believe this nonsense? I think this reinforces the idea that black girls are ugly and there only shot at redemption is receiving love from a white boy. And of course at the end of the video she takes off her head wrap and all the hideous snakes appear. In actuality Medusa is not really a evil character. Medusa represents the African serpent goddess. In typical Europe fashion she was turned into a monster,the terrible Gorgon whose look turned men into stone. The Gorgons were a trinity whose names were Medusa,Euryale and Stheino. European writers pretended they were monsters and wrote lies about our people. Nappy hair embodies the spiral principle of life,the serpentine dance of life. The spiral found in all things–from spinning atoms,rotating planets and spiraling galaxies. That’s why in ancient times nappy hair was called “the hair of the Gods”. We should not be ashamed of our hair. Of course this is a kids show so most black children do not have the knowledge I just spoke of. They don’t know the REAL history of Medusa. They only know the white version.So they will watch this program and subconsciously take in the belief that black hair is ugly and love from whites is a god thing. You kill two birds with one stone. After watching this video I realized we have a lot of work to do. Watch it and tell me if you think I’m on the right track or if I’m off base.

    • mstoogood4yall says:

      wow I see so much wrong with that clip. she seduces the white guy which would play into the jezebel stereotype and defeminize her. oh the white guy couldn’t help himself the black woman threw herself on him. Then I see she kept saying i’m human, which to me is a sign of colorblind bs where they want black ppl to just see ourselves as human and not black. Then all the guys that turned to stone were white, so they acting like she craves white guys.

  24. Crystal Zacharoff says:

    as a movie goer who actually watched the movie, i enjoyed as well as my 15 coworkers and friends who joined me to make a night of it. as a black person, i was proud of how we were portrayed, both the good and the bad (and might i add the story is more about this historical journey of this great family during a critical point in America’s development) as a black woman, i enjoyed the many shades of who we are were depicted. as a black actor, i beamed with pride. and most importantly as the daughter of one of the actresses in this movie i am thoroughly offended by your premature review. no one is taking away what little truths you might have fleshed out in this “article,” if i can call it that, but THIS is a great movie, with great performances, by great actors from the big names to the unknowns. shame on you for trying to deter people from seeing a strong and viable piece of art. just disgusting. i would say “you know better” but after reading your vile clearly you don’t.

    • Are you serious? That film is nothing but propaganda. Pure mind control on black folks. We will not stand for this ignorant slave mentality that white Hollywood tries to force on us.You must be white right? If not you’re a very confused black person. In any case,you’re way off base no matter what color you are. Get your mind right!

      • TrojanPam says:

        @ Kushite

        It’s to be expected. As white supremacy becomes more blatant, more black victims will become more ENTRENCHED in denial and anti-blackness, especially those who are having sexual intercourse with whites OR have a white parent, which means they will feel they MUST DEFEND racists and racism, even when racism is being perpetrated against themselves.

        Anyone who chooses to be a “messenger” who speaks out against racism, SHOULD expect to encounter a substantial number of blacks who will want to kill them OR shame them in defense of “whiteness.”

        I can respect a difference of opinion, but I pretty much TUNE OUT any shaming tactics, since I have the right to express what I believe, the same as they do.

        Those who get what I’m saying — based on the MOUNTAIN OF EVIDENCE of racist overt and covert messaging in ALL black movies produced by white Hollywood — will still get it.

        Those who don’t, that’s their prerogative.

        • Yeah I hear you. This is what they do. When they get exposed they come out the woodwork to criticize and berate you. They don’t like when the negroes figure out their deception and mind control. It’s sad that our people are so brainwashed that they come defend this garbage.

          • TrojanPam says:

            @ Kushite

            I agree that there will be great resistance to black people “waking up” to the con games played on our minds by the white supremacy system.

            I respect the right of people to disagree with what I’ve written. It’s HOW you disagree that matters. What they must understand is they are expressing an OPINION, which means their comments are no more valid than mine.

            I am confident that the EVIDENCE of white supremacy in the VAST MAJORITY of so-called black and white movies produced by Hollywood SPEAKS FOR ITSELF.

            I try to follow the LOGIC when during a time of astronomical black unemployment and rising black poverty that suddenly white Hollywood would GLORIFY black people in roles as DOMESTIC SERVANTS, like cleaning women and butlers.

            Those who choose to do otherwise (not follow the LOGIC), and/or stick their collective black heads in the sand, can do so. I choose to VIEW my reality through the lens of the white supremacy system, and so far, many, many, many, many, many things I didn’t understand before

            have become CRYSTAL BLACK CLEAR.

            I can live with that choice.

            • I think it’s best to ignore the trolls. It takes to much energy. It can be exhausting at times trying to get them to SEE your point of view. I get tired of it after awhile.

              • TrojanPam says:

                @ Kushite

                I agree, but I try to be courteous to opposing viewpoints but I don’t have to tolerate anyone calling my posts “idiotic” and demanding (?) that I answer another poster’s questions the way they want me to.

                It is that kind of ARROGANCE that is a red flag as to who and what I’m talking to. That’s why I ask the questions that I ask. Also, when a poster is being DECEPTIVE by pretending to be something they are not (and i might be incorrect) that is another red flag of a hidden agenda

                All in all, it doesn’t matter. I have developed a VERY thick skin after years of being target practice for confused black people and racist white people.

                I write the TRUTH as I know it to be. I do my best to follow the LOGIC and the mountains of EVIDENCE that are everywhere so there’s no way an anonymous poster is going to derail my thinking or invalidate my experiences in a white supremacist system.

                moving on to bigger and more important topics…

              • Yeah I see your point. You have t follow the logic as best you can. of course there will always be those that refuse to see that logic even when it’s right in their faces. But hey,you do what you can to open the minds of the lost. That’s all any of us can do at this point.

              • TrojanPam says:

                @ Kushite

                unfortunately, my expectations are unrealistically high to think we can reach even a TENTH of the black people. It will be –as always — the MINORITY of people who will seek answers and truth and (real) freedom. It is just human nature to go along to get along. My fear is that what black people are facing in the near future will not be pleasant. It will not be something we will be able to ignore (like we’re doing now).

                but there is nothing we can do to wake up people who prefer to stay asleep.

                I don’t mean that to sound arrogant but the signs are all around us that something is wrong.

                Just keep planting seeds and hope that they’ll grow and keep our OWN war hats on

                because this is WAR that is being waged on our population.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Crystal Zacharoff

      I have two questions for you: I ask these questions not to pry but to understand your comment. If you answer them, fine. If not, that’s okay, too.

      #1 — Is one of your parents a white person?

      #2 — Are you involved with or married to a white person? (if you are, obviously, you think there is nothing wrong with it, so there should be nothing wrong with answering the question)

      • subzero05 says:

        If I were Crystal…I would answer your question with a question. Why are you so interested in her personal background…rather than the LOGIC of what she’s saying?? Is it because you don’t like her opinion and it doesn’t fit in with your agenda? Why don’t you try taking on her point head on instead of putting her background into question? Why is it so hard for people like you to articulate your point of view by just taking on the opinion head on?

        Your response please. Thanks

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ Subzero

          Then it’s a good thing you’re not Crystal. I’m sure she can decide for herself if she wants to answer the questions or not.

          Since she did not ask me any questions I responded with my own questions that best help me to put her comments into the proper context. That’s the best way to understand where a person is coming from SINCE their comments are a reflection of how they think and who they are.

          If a black person has no problem with being sexually involved with a white person OR with having a white parent then they should take NO offense at my questions.

          I don’t like or dislike her opinions. She has the right to express them. I didn’t delete her comments nor did I put her on blast or disrespect her.

          I did not try to ‘shame’ her into agreeing with me. This entire post — and my blog — is proof of my ability to articulate my POV so hopefully, that answers your questions.

          • subzero05 says:

            Actually…that would be determined based on YOUR perception…not hers. We all have unique experiences…trying to use Crystal’s background so that you can spin it whichever way you want is not logic or reason, it’s BS

            Again…why not actually take on her opinion directly instead of focusing on personal information so that you can spin it your way?? Easy question to answer. And the notion that you get to make the rules as to what someone can or cannot be offended by is false….anyone can be offended by invasive or unnecessary questions whether they’re secure about it or not. Again, why not take on her point of view directly? And this blog is hardly well researched, no matter how well you might put words together

    • mstoogood4yall says:

      wow u lost me when u said u a daughter of one of the actresses that is like someone being like vote for my relative there is nothing wrong with them trust me i’m unbiased. Sorry if we are not as moved as u, who cares if we don’t see it others will so this movie won’t flop just because a few of us awake negroes will not see it. Get ur mother or father or whoever it is u related to, to try and get a role playing a superhero or any other role other than a maid or slave. Get them to be in a movie about black wall street oh wait that movie doesn’t exist wonder why..

  25. Subzero says:

    I’m sorry but this is complete BS

    What you’re doing is no different from psuedo science. The problem with people like you, is that you spend so much time looking for what you think are the “negative” images, that you never focus on the positive. Question…how many movies and tv shows did you cross analyze to come to your conclusion? What about movies like Brown Sugar? Or Blood Diamond? You see nothing positive, or heroic about that? Would you say Will Smith is involved in movies that are completely negative too?

    I’m sorry, but this is the problem with people like yourself. You respond to a double standard…with a double standard. Yes there is racism in the media and hollywood and we do need more positive imaging…but what you’re doing is worse. You’re slanting anything to fit into a negative image. So then somehow The Blind Side is a bad movie to you…The Call is a bad movie to you. You’re leaving a really narrow window…which is your mental disease. If movie showing a white woman rescuing a black female…it’s wrong to you. A black female rescuing a white woman? It’s wrong to you. And to counter your point about Monster’s Ball, what about the movie with Bradley Cooper & Zoe Saldana…a LOVE movie. Did you see or mention that? And what exactly would make Halle Berry less of a being because the man she has sex with happens to be white? In the movie Obsessed, Beyonce beat down a white woman to protect her marriage with her black husband. You had a problem with that too? I mean I can go on and on…what are you okay with? I’m all for combating issues but this article is hardly dead on, it’s disgusting

    I can go on and on. And I hate to break it to you…but yes blacks were slaves and servants and they were demeaned. Portraying a film like that, if anything highlights the sugar coated version of racism people are often fed in history books. Would you rather they make it look more wonderful…instead of gruesome(which is what it was). Being a servant…or a slave isn’t a sign of our weakness…it’s a sign of our strength and our ability to survive. Please have several seats

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Subzero

      That is your opinion — and I’ve expressed mine, and that is the beauty of the Internet. You and I can write and read what we like.

      Yes, I believe I’ve seen enough movies and TV shows to draw my own conclusions. If you’re using Beyonce’s movie (a black couple with no black friends or neighbors) as a positive example of good (and realistic) black movie images, I don’t know what to tell you.

      Also, I don’t consider it a sign of “black progress” for black females (or males) to have sex either ON or OFF the screen with white people, NOT as long as the system of white supremacy and white privilege exists and blacks are being oppressed because of it.

      It makes absolutely NO SENSE for a black male or female to have sex under those conditions AND still expect to overcome racism by rewarding white people with our precious black bodies. No sense whatsoever. All it does is CONFUSE that black person who is having sex under those OPPRESSIVE conditions and makes them MORE likely to justify racism in order to justify having sex with whatever white person is in that bed at the moment.

      Which is why the white media PROMOTES sexual intercourse with whites in black movies, and TV shows and internet articles and books. Because they know it NEUTRALIZES and PARALYZES our ability to think RATIONALLY about solving the problem of racism.

      In fact, sex between blacks and whites UNDER the system of white supremacy ACTUALLY STRENGTHENS it, which is why white slave owners raped black females during slavery and FORCED them to bear their bastard children. They knew it would breed confusion, helplessness, division, and children who do not know WHO they are.

      So, no, I don’t consider the love scene between Bradley Cooper & Zoe Saldana a positive thing, NOT as long as there is a BLATANT ABSENCE of love scenes between black males and black females. And again, she portrayed a black person — once again — who didn’t know OR socialize with any other black people. THAT IS WHITE SUPREMACY IN ACTION.

      Obviously, you and I are literally on totally different planets in terms of our belief systems so all we can do is agree to disagree.

      Some Questions for you (you can answer or not, that’s up to you):

      1. are you a white person?

      (I assume you might be since many times people will reveal who they are by what they write, like when you wrote: “And I hate to break it to you…but yes blacks were slaves and servants and they were demeaned.”

      the KEY WORD being “they”

      Of course, I could be incorrect but that dismissal of slavery is often a sentiment expressed by white people.

      2. If you are a black person, are you sexually involved with OR married to a white person?

      3. If you are a black person, do you have a white parent?

      • subzero05 says:

        You can make whatever assumptions you want about me, in fact I would love it if you do. It would further expose your flawed and arguably idiotic approach. So I welcome you to guess my background, and my spouse, and my family. Go right ahead 🙂

        Nothing you argued in your response show any sign of objective thinking or research. Much like you did in your original post, you have chosen to spin virtually every situation a black person in Hollywood is in…into your own perceived reality. Which again, is part of your mental problem. It’s amazing that you would state that a black person having sex(or a relationship) with a white person is demeaning…which to me speaks to an inferiority complex you hold AGAINST black people. You’re speaking about white supremacy…when in reality your entire argument, ironically, is to the benefit of white supremacy.

        In order to believe that a black person can be “degraded” in a movie just because he or she is in a romantic or sexual relationship, tells me that you see black people below white people, and that black people should be held to a different standard. Usually when I engage in debates about race, the exchange usually includes historical references, numbers, and direct correlations to Africa and other parts of the world. But virtually all of your talking points are a figment of your imagination, twisted and spun in some elaborate theory that can only be taken seriously by those who share your extreme views. But your views are hardly reasonable. Now do I expect someone who would write something so radical to have an epiphany, actually analyze cultural differences and come to a more sane conclusion? Not really. Do I expect someone who has already made up his mind about a movie he didn’t see, to actually take his time to research movies and shows and provide a more comprehensive viewpoint on the issue you’re taking to task? Again, not really

        Here’s the last bit of irony. Human beings should be allowed to be free…to be with who they want and to live life the way they choose so long as they don’t harm others. The very fact that you somehow managed to spin The Call, The Blind Side, AND the other movies mentioned(except Lincoln) tells me there’s no possible way to expect a reasonable answer from you. You keep changing the goal post. An issue with interracial sex? Fine, someone shows you a movie about a married black couple. Oh…but they have some non-black friends. That won’t do for you right? Your answer is whatever you want to be in the moment so long as it fits in line with what your angle is. You have no interest in a proper resolution

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ subzero

          Two things

          1. If you disagree that’s fine. It is not necessary to name-call and used coded profanity (like BS) in order to get your point across. Your opinion is no more valid than mine or anyone else’s.

          2. I said what I said and you said what you said. We don’t have to agree. I can live with that. If this blog is not to your liking, there are millions of blogs out there that might be. I suggest you find another one.

          As I said before, I will continue to share information that is useful to black people in order to understand the system of racism/white supremacy.

          Have a good night.

  26. subzero05 says:

    In addition to my last comment, I will add this. Lincoln was an extremely deceptive movie that didn’t paint the true Lincoln. The Lincoln that made numerous racist statements and was willing to keep slavery going if it meant saving the Union. That much is true, and disgusting

    But just because one extreme is disgusting, doesn’t make the opposite end of that extreme(You specifically) disgusting. You both are…thank God there are some sane people in between

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ subzero

      Thanks for sharing your opinions.

      I will continue sharing information with those who can use it.

      • Pam says:

        I have only recently begun reading this blog and I find it very on point in how it breaks down white supremacy. However, I don’t always agree with all of the opinions expressed here, nor do I agree with some of your more prolific commentors, especially the ones who can find absolutely nothing positive to say about black women. In my opinion, the MOST important thing is to recognize that the real culprit and the source of our troubles is white supremacy (which is global), and what we have to do to rid ourselves of it. Ridding ourselves of it has to happen on the mental level first, and once we accomplish that then we can turn this situation around in our favor.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ Pam

          I’m glad you found this blog

          I think that’s reasonable not to agree with everything I or anyone else says, but to come with an open mind then follow the logic to form your own conclusions.

          I have another blog which is dedicated to Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr., who inspired me to learn more about the system of white supremacy. I hope you’ll check it out.


          re all the anti-black-female comments, it’s very troubling to me, but not that surprising considering the way males are socialized in a white male-dominated system.

          Little boys are taught from the time they are knee high to see females as less than males, to blame females for whatever goes wrong, and to choose a physically weaker target on which to vent their rage

          that’s why the old saying, “the man catches hell at work from his (male) boss, and goes home and beats the wife and kicks the dog.”

          Fortunately (or unfortunately) black males cannot AFFORD to adopt the anti-human ways of white male culture. It doesn’t make any sense to IMITATE those who have corrupt power over other human beings. It also makes no sense to ALIENATE the very people (black females) who have been their BIGGEST and MOST LOYAL ALLIES.

          we are the ones who toiled in the fields of slave plantations with them

          we are the ones who tried to protect them from the slaveowner’s whip (along with black males)

          we are the ones who were fire-hosed, beaten, bombed, spat upon, and killed while marching side by side with black males during the Civil Rights movement

          we are the ones who raise them the best we could, often with minimal help. I can’t count the number of black females I know who put their sons through college, who bought their first car and their first condoms — often without child support

          we are the ones that start petitions for black boys like the Jena Six who were almost railroaded into prison for a simple schoolyard fight

          and when you look at the buses going to men’s prisons all over the nation, WHO are the main ones sitting on those buses to visit those black male prisoners?

          It sure as H ain’t their “homies.” Their homies aren’t putting money on their “book” or accepting those rip off collect phone charges when they make a call from prison

          It’s their black mommas, grandmommas, aunties, sisters, and girlfriends

          And if you check the handful of buses going to WOMEN’S PRISONS, you’ll see they are largely EMPTY.

          (come on now)

          There is a REASON the second most black males hit the big time in sports or entertainment, the first (and sometimes ONLY) person they immediately buy a house for is their back MOMMAS .

          I’m not bashing anyone, I’m FOLLOWING THE LOGIC.

          and the one thing I will NOT co-sign on is this bashing of black females who overall have been black males’ biggest supporters (in every sense of the word) and their biggest fans (music and movie stars). Because white females have NEVER, EVER made a black male actor a BLACK TOM CRUISE OR RICHARD GERE.

          If it wasn’t for their black females fans, actors like Denzel, Taye Diggs, Terrence Howard, Wesley Snipes, etc, when first starting out in the MOVIE BIZ, they would be regular working stiffs like the rest of us if they had to depend on WHITE FEMALE FANS for their success.

          (let’s be real about that).

          does that mean black females are better than black males or that we’re not damaged? Of course not, there are many things that black females do — some of it to black males — that needs to change.

          However, it’s been my experience that black females treat OTHER black females much worse than we treat black males.

          Bottom line — and hopefully, this mini-rant wasn’t non-constructive — all this anti-blackness and black bashing NEEDS TO STOP — unless we’re willing to be slaves against toiling on plantations and prisons and in white folks’ kitchens.

          because that’s where we’re headed until we wrap our COLLECTIVE HEADS — male and female — around the biggest problem on the planet: racism/white supremacy

      • subzero05 says:

        Translation : “I will continue to share information with those who don’t care to have an objective mind and will instead agree with my narrow propaganda”

        Good talk

        • yammsy says:

          I am enjoying reading this, but, wow, I was honestly hurt by subzero because she used name calling like “idiot”, and she insisted that people who disagreed with her were not sane, and then she claimed Trojanpam had a “mental problem.”

          Name calling is not a loving thing to do. Please, disagree without such language. It’s not necessary. And thanks for not responding in kind, Trojanpam.

          Best to all,


          • TrojanPam says:

            @ yammsy

            I occasionally get “trolls” on my blog but they don’t stay long. If their posts are too offensive or profane, I just delete them

            Thanks for checking out my blog — and don’t forget to check out the Counter-Racism Boot Camp

  27. mstoogood4yall says:

    oh lord I gotta work on being patient with the ppl still asleep. I guess its a blessing in disguise that my internet explorer closed before I could hit the post comment button.

  28. mstoogood4yall says:

    its crazy how many black people accept scraps and go thank u massa and chew out the others that don’t want it and call us ungrateful. If black people were like that then the bus boycott would’ve never happened as the scrap loving blacks would’ve been like but yall we can’t boycott we should celebrate and be happy any day that we are not thrown off the bus if a white person want a seat then just move be happy to stand up as u burn more calories. oh white ppl sprayed u with fire hoses look at the bright side, we got a free bath. oh u got bit by a dog well be happy it didn’t have rabies. I guess the good times song got to them lol. getting hosed by water good times, getin bit by dogs good times, aint we lucky we got em good tiiiimmeeess.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ mstoogood4yall

      unfortunately, I have to agree. If the Montgomery Bus Boycott happened today, I think it would fail miserably due to the high level of white mis-identification among black people

      thanks to THOUSANDS OF HOURS of TV and movie watching, which is the same thing as getting a FATAL OVERDOSE of WHITE SUPREMACY AND WHITE IDOLATION.

      Thanks to ‘integration” and “assimilation” and “interracial dating” many blacks see themselves and other black people through condemning white eyes and have become poisonously and dangerously self-involved, “individualistic,” and disconnected from other blacks who are all struggling within a racist system.

      And that lack of empathy began during our slave experiences where black people learned to NUMB ourselves against the pain of seeing other black people raped, beaten, tortured and murdered before their eyes — their men, women, children– otherwise, they would have gone insane from the horror of it.

      Actually, that experience rendered us mentally ill because we have NOT been allowed to recover from our 400+ years of slave trauma and the 100 years of horrible racist oppression following the “emancipation” that NEVER OCCURRED

      I write about this in “Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act” — where I detail some of the slave trauma that we experienced, which is information that we MUST STOP avoiding if we want to heal ourselves.

      If you Google the “Stockholm Syndrome” and the “Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome” and you’ll see how people react after they have been rendered helpless and dependent for only several days.

      they start to identify with their oppressors

      Now imagine BOTH TRAUMAS EXPERIENCED over a period of 400 HUNDRED YEARS

      of course any people would be greatly damaged by that.

      so you could call our “psychological condition” as blacks under the system of white supremacy

      the “Stockholm Syndrome/Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome/African Psychological Holocaust”

      • mstoogood4yall says:

        ms pam u did a great job on the radio show I enjoyed it, shoot I almost called in rofl. also with this movie, in the trailer they had like u said the gospel kind of music playing and I heard them mention mlk in there too, I was thinking they always play gospel music talk about jesus or mlk to get us to feel peaceful and compliant. The whole movie is to send the message that the best thing to do is lay down and give up, and if we fight back we are the bad guys. They are so sick, its crazy the kkk had a movie birth of a nation to promote them yet the black panthers don’t. So ppl bought into thinking the kkk was some heroes while the black panthers are evil when its the other way around. fight back u go to jail, comply and u get a movie made about u and maybe even a day. Its funny because even the ppl that didn’t fight back were killed, now they want the non peaceful ones to meet the same end. Malcolm x said “has made the 20 million black people in this country a dead people. Dead economically, dead mentally, dead spiritually. Dead morally and otherwise. Integration will not bring a man back from the grave.” they probably knew this as this quote just surfaced last year. And also what do u think about Mariah carey being in the movie as a slave? what message do u think they trying to send with that,could it be them saying u mixed ppl are next or will end up like the blacks if u choose them?

        Now as for the Stockholm ptsd thing, I agree, I thought ptsd was just for ppl who experienced traumatic events I looked it up and it also said family members of victims can get ptsd. That is very interesting as I would assume the slaves passed their fear and ptsd down to their children generations onward to today. As we get told stories about the horrors of slavery before we are given the sex talk. So its not far off to guess the pain is still here, the pain from our black female slave ancestors feeling the pain of being vulnerable and defeminized and forced to wear a headwrap to signify her inferiority, and u compare that to today. Black women are wearing weave and putting in relaxer to cover up what society tells us, is inferior[our hair]. Our black male ancestors could not protect our female ancestors and that affects them today, sometimes the male slave would try to encourage his wife to get with massa if he made advances toward her so they would not be punished and whipped till they passed out. That shame of being unable to protect we see how black males like Russell simmons and toure make fun of our black female ancestors since they could not protect and were not allowed to protect them. That shame is passed down in the form of well she must have done something and they blame each other instead of blaming the thing that damaged them both. Instead of healing together as one they drift apart and go to those same ppl that damaged and abused them and ask them for validation, love, respect, and understanding. At some point these things must be faced and all these wounds we hide out of fear of being vulnerable and hurt and traumatized all over again must be dealt with so the next generation won’t have to feel that and can be stronger and not scared.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ mstoogood4yall

          Thanks for listening to the program!

          I didn’t know Mariah Carey was a slave in a movie but that doesn’t surprise me. I don’t know what the message was behind that but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t flattering to black or black people with a white parent.

          Yes, I wrote about RACIAL MEMORIES in the book, Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act, and I believe we inherit them and that whites inherit them as well, which might explain why their overall behavior toward non-whites hasn’t changed (except on the surface) in the last 500+ years.

          The slave memories and trauma has kept many black males (and females) locked into self-defeating behaviors. You’re right, we have to open those closets and face those demons and realize that it’s not US that should be ashamed. We are the VICTIMS, not the VICTIMIZERS.

  29. I agree with what you’re saying Trojan Pam and the other awaken voices in the dungeon ready for battle. Unfortunately, there are some who love the scrapes off the Massa table and get hostile at those who don’t want somebody else dirty seconds. We who don’t want to clean some lazy, white woman’s nasty, stinking kitchen and wash her dirty, funky and pissy sheets or take care of her rotten kids

    The reason these “Mammy, Buckwheat film are created is to show us our place in the past, so we can repeat it in the present. Also, any non-white (BLK) person who enjoys being pimped out of their money to see this horrible movie needs to be pimp slapped back into reality quick. Some folks love being a slave.

    • mstoogood4yall says:

      and speaking of white women http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEPoO08IMog

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ blackgoddess0

      I agree, there are black people who will always defend the actions of white people and will blame OTHER black people for the racism THEY experience.

      Unfortunately, they are due for a SERIOUS wake-up call as the velvet gloves of refined racism are being removed to reveal the IRON FIST of Reconstruction-era racism/white supremacy

      of the days of slavery, post-slavery and Jim Crow

      closing black schools and building more prisons

      allowing Zimmerman to go free for murdering an UNARMED black BOY

      black unemployment rate — regardless of education/experience — at 20 and 30% while illegal immigrants are working on federal (taxpayer funded) road projects (!)

      movies about blacks being servants and domestic help

      numerous black males being LYNCHED all across the country — NO ONE being apprehended.

      what is it we don’t understand??

  30. I think the theme for this year is black people don’t fight back or u will end up dead or in prison. We see with the trayvon murder, he didn’t have the right to defend himself they made him out to be the bad guy a thug. Then with Christopher Dorner they hurried up and put a high reward out and got him. Then assasta shakur, they put her on the terrorist list, when Is killing one cop a terrorist act but going into a school or theater and shooting up a lot of ppl isn’t. And then with John mcneil the man who defended himself and had the police and everybody saying it was self defense but he still got locked up and was finally released this year.
    Then in the trailer how when he was in the cotton field he told him don’t u lose ur temper with that man its his world. so we see how in the trailer he basically goes from stealing and having a temper to being a calm servant who obeys they probably won’t show why he was that way and what the cause of it was. And I also see how he said are u political mr gaines and he said no sir and he said good we have no tolerance for politics, funny because they got rid of vra which would limit some ppl from voting. Then see in the other scene he asked did u go to school and he said no sir I grew up on a cotton farm, and we see how they closing all these schools and kids dropping out, that could be their way of saying yall will end up like this. Then the part he said u hear nothing u see nothing u ONLY serve, hmm sounds like how they want us to keep quiet about racism and don’t say anything but continue to work for them and spend our money at their places, and how they closing schools, discriminating against blacks for management, and opening more prisons.
    Its crazy they just attack the son and get all mad when he talks about the president and see how quick he is to defend the white president and his wife slapped him. They probably trying to say see its the n##s that fight back that are the problem the ones who put them in check need to be applauded. its funny that they couldn’t or wouldn’t fight back and chastise their son for trying to, and hurry up and defend massa and disrespect their own child.
    I say whatever because they killed the peaceful black ppl and i’ll be damned if im silent and compliant while they march us into the gas chambers, if im going to be take out anyway might as well fight. No sense in kissin up to get a few more minutes.

    • Timothy says:

      The other crime of the film was how it slandered the Black Panthers as near nihilistic when tons of them were constructively helping the community, but they were unjustly arrested, harassed, and killed outright by the FBI and agents of the government.

      • TrojanPam says:

        @ Timothy

        I expected that, there is no way the Black Panthers would be portrayed accurately because the powers that be don’t want to encourage that kind of self-empowerment. I had family members that belonged to the Black Panthers and they used to get up early in the morning and cook breakfast for poor children, buying food and supplies with donations.

        They were courageous young black males and females and decided they would not lie down like DOGS and get kicked without kicking back. I respect AND admire the party the way it used to be. I don’t know much about that organization today or who runs it OR what their real agenda is

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ mstoogood4yall

      I agree, whether we are submissive or rebellious, we are going to be harmed (or murdered).

      I agree that this is the message in that film, to be a noble BUT obedient SERVANT (SLAVE) aka a “good black (nigger)”

      unfortunately, I suspect that the majority (over 50%) of black people today are willing to accept so we don’t have to challenge the system

      even if that means a SUBSERVIENT and MEAGER existence, barely scraping by

      We’ll just take out our anger and frustration on each other

      just the way we have been TRAINED

  31. rob bob says:

    you guys are great at playing prisoners, in real life

  32. East Side John says:

    Question, What about Django?? And I acknowledge that he was freed by w white man….

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ East Side John

      I put that movie in the category of blaxploitation, and quite honestly, I suspect the movie showing black people harming white people as more racial antagonism fare aimed at white people

      I don’t think it did a thing for black people, other than entertain us, much in the way those old “superfly” and Pam Grier movies used to do for that generation, with black people kicking much white ass, but at the end of the movie, black people had to leave that theater and submit to white people

      who has time for that kind of mind-gone escapism?

      I don’t think black people do.

      • Victoria Williams says:

        Whoa.. You say that Django is blaxploitation and escapism then you say “I try to follow the LOGIC when during a time of astronomical black unemployment and rising black poverty that suddenly white Hollywood would GLORIFY black people in roles as DOMESTIC SERVANTS, like cleaning women and butlers. ” I don’t get it.

        It seems that Black people are never satisfied. Black people complained that the Cosby Show was unrealistic and bougie, but turn around and complain about Tyler Perry’s House of Payne being to coonish. What the hell do Black people want? Maybe you can shed some light on this.

        It is time we need to put our money where our mouth is. If we are so unsatisfied we need to put our money together and make our own movies. We can make these Black pulpit pimps rich and build these beautiful mega-church buildings with tithes and seed offerings, but we don’t own too much more than that. That is wherein the problem lies. Malcolm X talked about doing for self here… http://youtu.be/n7rr1vuilP4 . We can cry and whine about what the white man is doing to us all day long, but until we have an economic revolution and not ONLY a political revolution, we will always be mistreated in every institution and industry we aspire to be part of. But we need to economically empower those that truly love Black people, because not every Black CEO is going to do things in favor of his or her own kind.

        Talking about loving one another….We better stop coming together just for the sake of fighting racism. We better come together for the sake of love for one another and our heritage. We were still mentally suffering when we overcame slavery and Jim Crow and have not healed since.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ Victoria Williams

          Yes, I said it was blaxploitation and escapism. Did anyone watching it think it was realistic?

          Are those the only alternatives we have? Django Unchained AND Lee Daniels’ The Butler? I don’t agree.

          Being analytical and critical is NOT about being satisfied. It’s about UNDERSTANDING what you are looking at AND understanding that we live under a system of white supremacy AND everything that happens within that system SERVES to strengthen and extend that system.

          I cannot shed any “light” on what all black people want — nor would I try. This blog post represents MY VIEWS, no one else’s. I can only speak for myself

          and I was one of the black people glued to the TV set whenever the Cosby show came on, BUT I refuse to watch the BUFFOONERY known as Tyler Perry sitcoms

          That you think people expressing their views is “whining” and “crying” — well, you are expressing YOUR views. Does that ALSO mean you’re whining and crying, too?

          Just asking…

          There is NO WAY black people can “come together” without addressing the BIGGEST ISSUE that affects our lives– racism

          There is NO WAY black people can “heal” without addressing the MOST DAMAGING aspect of our lives — racism

          So, the idea that we can love and heal while we are still being DEVASTATED by racism, police brutality, unemployment, racial dislocation (aka gentrification), being warehoused in prisons, inferior schools, etc — is something I don’t get.

          so we will just have to agree to disagree.

          • Victoria Williams says:

            Racism affects us so deeply because we have yet to get out from under white male dominated money. All those things you stated such as bad schools and unemployment solve itself when we innovate, start to control our own businesses and hire our own. Until then, every thing a racist bastard that’s in control wants to do to us, we will feel deeply and thoroughly especially in the film industry.

            All this “Just get a good education”, ish is getting old. Take it from me, I know. Those white men who hired me did not all have a degree, but they had the power to hire and fire. I think we need to change what we say to the youth who are coming out of these colleges trying too look for a job from a white man. “Working for the white man doesn’t have to be your end game. I strongly suggest that you save your money to start a small business so that you can get from under the people that pay you less than your white male counterparts and promote those same people over you who have less credentials than you.”

            Why do we tell our children that they have to work twice as hard to get half as far instead of building for ourselves so we can hand down business ownership to our children and hire other youth that look like us. Why do we make six figures then give the money right back to the people who may more often than not despise us . Why do we have to go into debt and spend everything we got. Why not live on 50,000 a year and save the other 50k so that in a matter of 10 years we can open a small business. What’s wrong with a side hustle if we don’t want to quit our day jobs. We need more than the power of our vote to gain control of our own lives. We also need control of our money. Notice I said CONTROL of our money.

            It’s money and government that controls the film industry like every other industry. He who controls the purse strings has the say so. Talking about racism in the film industry is like talking about a single branch on a tree. The spread of racism has its root in the control of resources and when we take control of the resources we take control of how we are depicted in film and other parts of the entertainment industry, how our schools are funded and how much we are paid. Even elections are bought by money not just votes.

            • TrojanPam says:

              @ Victoria Williams

              I agree that we are dominated by whites — but I would add that the racist white woman is his co-conspirator, make NO mistake about that. She shares in the spoils of an immoral system and sits by his side,


              I also agree that we need to radically change what we tell our black youth, that instead of focusing on a getting (begging for) a good job that most of them will not get,

              we must tell them the truth about racism AND why they MUST focus on getting a TRADE, a SKILL that will teach them HOW TO DO SOMETHING that people will pay for and work toward entrepreneurship instead of feeding the college loan industry that puts thousands of students in financial jail for the rest of their lives, trying to pay off loans working temporary and minimum wage jobs.

              Our children should NOT be taught that they should have to work TWICE as hard as though that is “NORMAL” and acceptable to be mistreated and their only response should be to “PROVE” themselves to their abusers???

              How absurd and wrong-headed! No wonder our children are suffering, but it’s understandable at the same time, because we are doing the SAME THINGS, trying to “prove” ourselves human over and over again to people who more than likely will still despise us

              EVEN while we SPEND, SPEND, SPEND, SPEND our money with businesses that won’t hire us, that don’t want us in their stores, that seat us by the kitchen of their restaurants, tipping and being OVER COURTEOUS to white waiters and waitresses to impress them that we are not ordinary “niggers,”

              wearing white people’s names on our clothes even when they DO NOT WANT THEIR CLOTHING ASSOCIATED WITH BLACK PEOPLE, driving cars we sometimes can’t afford, trying to BUY OUR SELF-ESTEEM with THINGS instead of understanding the root cause of why we have less than we should

              Our children are learning SUBMISSION and HUMILIATION and MATERIALISM from US.

              The only thing I disagree with is the “power of the vote.”

              In my opinion, there is NO POWER in voting for rigged elections, where candidates are PRE-SELECTED by those in power and do the BIDDING of those in power. I know we want to believe otherwise, but the EVIDENCE speaks for itself. At the end of the day, the RICH GET RICHER AND EVERYONE ELSE GETS POORER, no matter whether it’s a Democrat or a Republican.

              There are no real presidents anymore. They are simply corporate pawns. And the BILLS THAT THEY SIGN INTO LAW ARE WRITTEN BY CORPORATE AMERICA — including the new healthcare bill, which was written by the Healthcare industry, which donated over a hundred million for its passage.

              What does that tell us?

              It’s time to open our EYES and see what is right in front of us.

            • Charro says:

              Hun, you’re living in a society under white male AND white female domination. They have been together in promoting and enforcing white supremacy from day one. Don’t get it twisted. The reason why so man Black men unwittingly (and knowingly) promote white supremacy is because they have come to falsely believe that white women had nothing to do with the oppression and subjugation of Black people. This “white male” trope has been put out there to keep Black people fixated on only the one-half responsible for racism, while keeping Blacks woefully unaware of the other female half happily controlling and enjoying the system of white supremacy. Once black males get past their wounded egos, they will admit to this. Until then, Black people, particularly Black women, are doomed.

              • Victoria Williams says:

                While I do believe that the White woman is not our friend, I still believe that the Good ol boy system has a problem when the White woman does not stay in her place. And the Good ol boy system have even more of a problem when the Black woman does not stay in her place.

                I have a theory, but just a theory, that some Black men do unwittingly and purposely promote white supremacy ’cause they want to take the white man’s place. They want what the white man has and I’m not talking about just his money.

              • TrojanPam says:

                @ Charro

                I agree. Racism/white supremacy requires the UNITED efforts of racist man AND racist woman. Her loyalty to white domination is cemented by all the BENEFITS she receives at the expense of all non-white people, INCLUDING the black and non-white males she has sex with

                which is why a lot of non-white males suffer from a LOWERED self-esteem after engaging in a series of sexual relationships with white females. The same is true for black females who allow themselves to be the sexual playthings of a series of white males.

              • TrojanPam says:

                @ Victoria Williams

                Like most unholy alliances there are fights between the factions of the same “party.”

                Racist man and racist woman have a lot of gang fights but at the end of the day they are UNITED in their goal to maintain the system of white supremacy/white privilege.

                Re black males promoting white supremacy, I understand what you’re saying but I think of this as a form of attempted sexism, and see similar tendencies in other non-white males, who, having been raised in a (sick) society that says MANHOOD is based on dominating and being superior to other lesser people (females),

                tend to want to imitate what the most powerful male (the white male) is doing and covet what he has — not because it’s better, but because he HAS it.

                It is all part of the sickness of living under a system of white domination that by its nature deforms the character and personalities of its victims.

  33. mason says:

    I recently extra up your RSS feed to be able to my Bing News Readers.

  34. michael says:

    People like you promote hate, division and unhealthy attitudes.

  35. cajen snow says:

    Thank you

  36. radd says:

    As long as You and your Friends Vote this year ,2014.2016,2018,2020……then you can Boo-who any movie you like to.

  37. Reblogged this on The Pre-Recorded Revolution and commented:
    This is eye opening although I don’t agree with everything, some very valid points were made.

  38. […] Why the Movie, “The Butler,” Will Not Get One Dime From Me (racismws.com) […]

  39. Kieron Ashford says:

    heavy post

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Kieron Ashford

      My question to all is why would so many black people–who are normally AND rightfully suspicious of any white interpretations of our history (seeing how horribly it has been maligned, falsified, and omitted)

      suddenly become so trusting of images that black people DO NOT CONTROL or CREATE?

      As I explained in a follow-up post: Is “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” (Really) A “Black Movie?”

      There is a reason all this revisionist imagery and theater–aka black movies by white Hollywood–is coming at us fast and furious, while a “black president” sits in the White House, largely silent about the plight of blacks in america.

      And at the same time that blacks are losing ground in employment, housing, and education, and cities like NYC are passing laws that make it a FELONY to “annoy” a police officer and can result in a MANDATORY FOUR YEAR PRISON SENTENCE –aimed primarily at US.

      and more and more states are passing “Stand Your Ground” and “concealed carry” laws that allow a Zimmerman to shoot down an unarmed black boy in cold blood and walk away scot-free–that are aimed primarily at US

      And on this increasing oppressive backdrop, blacks are flooding the theaters, spending our hard-earned money watching movies and telling (lying to) ourselves that the most powerful white people actually care about our stories —

      to the extent that some black people become angry (at black people like me) for DARING to question the wisdom of allowing our children to learn about their history by watching white Hollywood produced films INSTEAD of reading about it from books written by BLACK SCHOLARS John Henrik Clarke, Lerone Bennett, Marcus Garvey, and Chancellor Williams.

      Why? because most of us do not read but get most of our information from the TV tube or movie screen and our children are FOLLOWING IN OUR ILL-FATED FOOTSTEPS, catching a ride on this brain-fatal Hollywood bandwagon that will surely be driven off the psychological and economic cliffs in the near future. Our future lies in how well we understand, respect and TEACH our true past–not on how many “black films” are produced by white Hollywood.

      Bottom line–any people who allow their ENEMIES to tell their stories are a people under the psychological state of total submission.

  40. in a free society (a world of intelligent human beings), an individual can watch what he or she pleases; and express their opinion. So what!

  41. […] Why the Movie, “The Butler” Will Not Get One Dime From Me […]

  42. Rach says:

    This is infuriating! I’m a white female and when I see these actors ( African American , male and female) on screen I think how amazing they are not whether or not they are part of some racial bull. Yes, racism still exists but it’s nowhere near as bad as it used to be. Most Caucasian people make a huge effort to make African Americans feel like white mistakes from earlier generations will not happen again and it will not be tolerated by whites or anyone else!! I know i wouldnt let any of my friends get treated like second class citizens. I love all my brothers and sisters of any race.as far as the white supremisists out there, well they can go to hell! that concept is so outdated obselete and un-american! White people are not trying to rule anyone else. We are struggling to make ends meet and support our families same as you. Well when I say white talking about myself I mean Indian American ( as in Cherokee ) I am just a bit lighter so , yeah , white. I get so upset and defensive over this stuff because white ppl aren’t so evil and full of hate and I want everyone to know that. God bless brother and good luck! I wish you the best in the world. I hope all your efforts and projects pay off. Oh btw I have to agree it is kinda stupid and shitty how Hollywood throws like one African American person in with like a massive amount of whites lol silly. ….

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Rach

      Interesting that you think racism isn’t as bad as it used to be despite all the evidence (right here on my blog) but that’s to be expected.

      All you and I can do is agree to disagree.

  43. Courtney H. says:

    This is an interesting commentary on “Django Unchained,” “The Butler,” and “12 Years a Slave””

    • Timothy says:

      I will comment soon on the video Sister.

    • Timothy says:

      I have looked at the Brother’s video. He made a lot of excellent points. Many of these movies that he has mentioned have benefited the establishment not all black people collectively at all. That is a given. His great point was that black people ought to be more revolutionary minded and we need a true revolution of values. Revolution deals with the overturning of the current oppressive system and the replacement of that system filled with justice. That is what we want as a people. We want justice. Many slavery films, who are promoted by the Hollywood elite, either want to sanitize our heroes (in advancing historical revisionism) or make capitalist gain on the backs of our struggle. This struggle is our struggle and we can use our resources to benefit our people not the powerbase of corporate elitists. Django Unchained was a perverted movie since it tried to exploit slavery as some comedy, murderous satire when slavery is not some satire. It was a brutal experience. The Butler slandered the Black Panthers as nihilists while sugarcoating the revolutionary legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The Butler glamorized the servant archetype when black people have the right to struggle for freedom irrespective of the expectations of mainstream society.

      Dr. King criticized capitalism, he wanted a radical redistribution of economic and political power. He also desired reparations like Malcolm X. That was not shown in the Butler at all. 12 Years a Slave have many people supporting it or disagreeing with it. Lupita is part of our people. We are Africans no matter what. She is a beautiful Sister and she should be respected fully. Lupita has spoken up against colorism in the world. In the final analysis, he was correct to say that such movies have never radically given money to our community. We should be about our business. Our revolutionary heroes from Toussaint to Ella Baker are not shown in the big screen, because such movies can instill more confidence and revolutionary spirit in our communities. Movies in the mainstream level readily outline degrading images and social exploitation. We have every right to express our voices via self-determination.

      Strong leadership in our community along with real power can liberate us. It won’t be easy, but we have to fight for our freedom. We have no choice and it is the right thing to do.

      Thanks for the video Sister.

      • Courtney H. says:


        Thank you for your comments, Brother! Everything that you said was well-put! Here’s another video that echoes your views and those of the brother in the previous video:

        • Timothy says:

          I agree with every word that he said in the video, except for the black woman parts (which I will mention about in greater detail later). First, I will praise him for exposing the Butler film for what it is. The Butler is a slick film (whose funders and distributors are from the corporate elite) that sanitized our heroes and tries to promote the agenda of promoting black submissiveness to the powers that be. On the other hand, we should do the opposite of token submissiveness by us challenging the wicked white supremacist system in general. Too many of our Brothers and our Sisters have been psychologically damaged by nefarious propaganda not only from the media, but from overall Western society.

          We have to instill courage and strength not only in children, but in adults as well. Nothing changes unless we advance strength. The White House administration has executed policies obviously that are in accordance with the agenda of white supremacy (e.g. The acts of the attacks in Libya, the neoliberal economic policies, the continuation of the Patriot Act, doing nothing revolutionary to address black unemployment, etc. don’t benefit us as a people at all).

          There is a profound continuity among the policies of the Bush and Obama administrations. Yes, it is disgrace for the Barack Obama administration to support the NATO bombing of Libya and to advance ARFICOM (which deals with further Western influence in Africa when Africans should run their own lands excluding Western neo-colonial policies). So, a lot of people know what the deal is. I also disagree with some in the Tea Party crowd calling the President and his family every name under the sun too. This Brother did an excellent job in showing the truth that the film attacks legitimate black militancy since black militancy is key in our revolutionary movements (from the Haitian Revolution to the old school Black Panther Party. The film slandered the BPP as irrational nihilists. The Black Panthers in real helped children, created free health care clinics, created community development programs, etc. which the Butler never showed. The film mocked the strength of black men and black women from the Black Power Movement). The slapping incident in the film dealt with Forest Whitaker’s character being offended at his son’s views on Sidney Poitier.

          I disagree with the Brother on his views on black women in the last part of the video (He said that the black woman during slavery times were just as much of an oppressor as the white slave master was against the black man. I strongly disagree with that statement. That statement is not only historically inaccurate, but it fuels into gender war agitation which we don’t need during this time. We need more unity among black people found in both genders). Some people have to acknowledge Strong Black Women standing up for liberation like Ella Baker, Fannie Lou Hamer, Harriet Tubman, Sojouner Truth, Ida B. Wells, the late Ruby Dee, etc. The reality is that black men and black women were equally oppressed by white racist slave-owners. Back during slavery, black women were raped, abused, and killed just like black men were back then. So, the Butler is definitely an attack on the true black revolutionary, militant ethos (including black revolutionary actions) in the world.

          So, black men and black women have every right to be strong, to be intelligence, to love our black heritage, to love Africa with all of our hearts, to build in our communities, to stand up against oppression, and to fight evil.

          • Courtney H. says:

            @ Timothy:

            Thank you for your thoughtful and thorough analysis, Brother.

            The last part of your critique of the video’s review of “The Butler” trailer is also spot-on. I have noticed a lot of gender warfare between Black men and Black women recently on the Internet. Here are two videos that explain/respond to that warfare:

  44. Courtney H. says:

    This is a really good interview with social critic and novelist Ishmael Reed about how Blacks are depicted in the entertainment. It’s long, and is the second of two parts.


    • Courtney H. says:

      @ Timothy:

      Thank you, Brother.

      • Timothy says:

        Those are two interesting videos Sister.

        Here are my views on the first video on the top:

        The Brother in the first video outlined many interesting points. Black people in the Americas have experienced the worst human rights atrocities in world history, which were the Maafa & slavery in the Americas (including colonialism in the Motherland). He is right to make that point. He is right to mention that the Maafa, slavery, Jim Crow, etc. have harmed a lot of black people psychologically, emotionally, and socially (even in our time emotionally). Now, we are not genetically predisposed to degeneracy collectively, but our ancestors have suffered a lot. Many of the struggles of our ancestors are struggles that we still suffer today. There are many legacies of slavery that still exist today from unwarranted & abusive spanking, disrespect to black people, the soul food, the divide & conquer strategies, and other evils. Our DNA is from Africa, so our original DNA has nothing to do totally with the Maafa. The legacy of the Maafa and slavery just harms us to this day though.

        Many illnesses and troubling behaviors are passed down from generation to generation (still, these things exist from the context of white supremacist oppression not our original state). Not to mention that true black culture is not equated to savagery. Black culture in human history has been related to governmental growth, honor, family development, communal organization, etc. It is just that the white supremacist culture has brainwashed some black people to act in contrary to their natural essence. Our natural essence is about civilization building, love of family, and a fight for justice. That is why when our people established Black Wall Street, white racists attacked it unjustly. So, we need not only to wake up, but we need to protect ourselves and to grow our Power.

        Sister Trojan Pam has written a lot about this issue in her books. Scandal and other shows stereotype black people in sexualized terms. Many black women are objectified in society as shown by the Olivia Pope character (which is a throwback to how our Sisters were raped, mistreated, and exploited by white racists. Scandal is about the events of a black female victim who suffers at the hands of a powerful white President). Also, black men have been objectified too in sexual terms by white racists too. I read about how black men are sexually exploited in the Caribbean and in Africa by numerous white women. This oppression occurs among both genders of black people. The stereotypes among both genders ought to be fought against. Fundamentally, we can’t be liberated unless we have the KNOWLEDGE OF SELF. We have to know who we are if we want to be fully free. Also, many of our people need therapy as a means to experience healing and renewal.

        My analysis of the second video is the following.

        The second video has made great points too. The truth is that black women collectively should not be scapegoated for all ills in the black community. Black women are not responsible for the War on Drugs, for the Maafa, for massive discrimination, for imperialism, for high black unemployment, for many other issues in our community. The reason for these things deals with the racist white supremacist power structure including economic oppression. It is better for a person to advocate building up black women, encouraging black women, and giving real advice to black women instead of denigrating black women. No one is perfect. We can honestly talk about our issues without harming each other. Males and females have similarities and differences.

        The more we respect our similarities and differences, the better off we will be as members of the human family. A black man has to respect a black woman and a black woman has to respect a black man. Not to mention that society has bashed black men and a black man’s dignity should be honored. A black man should never be ashamed of his masculine essence. Some in our community do have issues and that can be solved via programs, therapy, and other solutions not scapegoating. The Brother is correct to expose people like Sotomayor (he is a reactionary and he is allied with the white racist talk show entities) who disrespect black women. He exposed the hypocrisy of the anti-black women bashers. The bashers claim to adhere to the vanguard of revolutionary thinking, but they readily refuse to criticize the white racist power structure in a real way (while bashing black women in a vulgar fashion).

        A Black woman is the first woman on Earth. In African culture, women are heavily praised and respected. It is found in white supremacist culture that bashes women in general or relegate them into a second class status. Religious and spiritual traditions (from black people and humans of color) have always respected the feminine archetype. Any black man disrespecting black women in an offensive way is a wrong. That is like disrespecting a person’s mother. Black women should be respected. So, he connected many dots on why things are in the first place. Even through all of the turmoil our people suffered, there are still strong, upright black men and black women fighting the good fight. A man has every right to express strength and to follow the truth. A woman has every right to show strength and to follow the truth as well. So, we should learn about our culture, our history, and continue to build in society.

        • Courtney H. says:

          @ Timothy:

          Thank you, thank you, thank you for your response. It was very well-done and broke down everything! I greatly appreciate it.

          I really enjoy reading your analyses of these videos/articles. They have opened my eyes to a lot of issues, and for that, I thank you

          • Timothy says:

            You’re Welcome Sister.

            You have great insights on issues as well. I enjoy your commentaries on subjects that are relevant to our people. We are constantly growing as human beings. Discussion and communication are legitimate ways of inspiring each and of motivating each other to do what is right for our people.

            You have a great Day as well, Sister.

  45. Courtney H. says:

    @ Timothy:

    Thank you for your compliments, Brother. I really enjoy being a part of the conversation and contributing to helping our people. I agree with your statement that We are constantly growing as human beings. That is so true. Discussion and communication are helpful, just like you wrote, and it helps us to learn.

  46. Betty says:

    Speaking as a black woman I feel the need to say that although I agree with most of this article I also feel that this kind of overall attitude actually keeps us down as a people. We can not succeed if we continue to see everything as us vs them. I think it comes down to the difference between the views of Malcolm X or those Dr. Martin Luther King. I’m with Dr. King on this one. I think we need to work with white people. But not just white people… all people! We can bitch about hundreds of years of slavery or we can move on. What do I mean by “move on”? Of course I don’t mean to forget. Actually I am very empowered by the past. I have been able to trace a great deal of my ancestry and when I think about the generations of my family that lived on plantations in Georgia I feel the need to succeed. I feel the responsibility that all of us should feel to use our lives to change this world for the better. Is it really productive to be discussing how Hollywood views us? The truth is that nothing will change just because more movies start casting darker skinned black women or start using scripts that showcase black “power couples”. We used to think that once black men got the leading roles things would change, but now many movies have black leading men and nothing has changed! Also, I’m so sick of us always blaming the white man for everything. Yes, he sure is responsible for a lot of crap, but not every white man is the devil. In fact, some have done so much for our cause that we will never be able to thank them enough.

    Which brings me to the film “Lincoln”. Abraham Lincoln is one of those white men who did more than we can words can say. Without any help from us he fought for our cause. Without him there would not even have been a civil war. I shudder to think where we’d be today without him. The blog quotes an article that says, “But it’s disappointing that in a movie devoted to explaining the abolition of slavery in the United States, African-American characters do almost nothing but passively wait for white men to liberate them.” First off all that is not what “Lincoln” was about. It was about Abraham Lincoln and the role he played in our struggle. That is why the film was called Lincoln. I totally agree that “ slaves were crucial agents in their emancipation”, but that is not the story that Spielberg was filming. And NO, I don’t think for one moment that the film “Lincoln helps perpetuate the notion that African Americans have offered little of substance to their own liberation.” We may not like to think it, but regardless of our efforts, at that point in history our future was changed because one white man convinced a bunch of other white men to do something. We would not have even had the opportunity to fight if it had not been for Abraham Lincoln and that is what the film shows.

    The white man has tried to diminish our role in the history of America, but let us not react by overplaying our accomplishments either. We are a strong, intelligent, beautiful, artistic, and resourceful people. We will overcome!!! But we don’t need to do it alone… I don’t want to live in a world without white people. I want to live in a world were all races coexist in peace. That doesn’t make me any less proud to be black!

  47. Courtney H. says:

    Here is another video about **The Butler** and **12 Years a Slave.**

    • Timothy says:

      Good Evening Sister Courtney.

      Thank you showing the video Sister.

      I understand where the Brother is coming from.

      Many black people abhor an obsession with films dealing with slavery. Our history is very expansive and diverse. He is right to say that more films about our total history should be known from about the civilizations of Nubia and Songhai to the history of our revolutionaries from Cinque to Harriet Tubman. It is obvious that the Butler film was a historically revisionist film, which excluded much of the revolutionary aspects of the black freedom movement. Also, the movie disrespected the true history of the Black Panther Party. 12 Years of a Slave is a film that many black people don’t like (especially those of the younger generation). Hollywood promotes these films all of the time and the powers that be want to sugarcoat our real history. John Henrik Clarke was a great scholar too and it was great for the man to mention his commentaries on issues. There is nothing wrong with spirituality and believing in God. Yet, white supremacists have exploited religion as a tool of control and cultural exploitation. So, the man is right to say that black people should boycott corporate entities that are going against our interests. Our history spans thousands of years. He did an excellent job of showing information about ancient Egyptian, the Dogon of Mali, and other contributions of black people in history. We should know about the Maafa and slavery, but we have to place that history into context. Slavery is part of our history, but it is not our TOTAL HISTORY. It is true that Caucasians have a degree of Neanderthal genes.

      It is important to respect our melanin, which is a gift from the Creator. Melanin can help people in dealing with the sun. Melanin can fight free radical damage. Free radicals can damage skin cells. According to dermatologist and derma pathologist Dr. Leon Edelstein, director of the National American West Skin Pathology Consultation Service, melanin can absorb tremendous quantities of energy of all kinds, including energy from sunlight, x-ray machines, and energy that is formed within cells during the metabolism of cells. His theory is that melanin has the ability to neutralize the potentially harmful effects of these energies. There are many other benefits of melanin too. I disagree with the Brother that ancient Egypt was our last great accomplishment. There was ancient Nubia with great culture and ancient Nubia was also filled with black people. There were great civilizations in West Africa as well. There are many black people in the modern age who made great contributions. So, the Brother is sincere in wanting black people collectively to reach into the next level of our consciousness. He is right to say that we, as black people, are God’s children.

      Therefore, we have to have the Knowledge of Self in order for us to be free.

      • Courtney H. says:

        Good afternoon, Brother Timothy. As for showing the video, you are most welcome.

        As we have discussed earlier, Black people are getting sick of these slave, servant, and civil rights movies, because they show us as being docile and submissive victims. It is true that there is a lot more to our history than these events.

        During the first 30 minutes of this video, Tariq Nasheed discusses why Hollywood is pushing these films:


        When that racist, ridiculous **Exodus** movie was released recently, a lot of people pointed out how historically inaccurate (as well as stupid) that movie was. Blacks were in Egypt long before Arabs moved there. Africa was an all-Black continent before non-Blacks began to move there. That is why many African-Americans have called for Black-run media, so that we can have our own news and entertainment media to tell our stories from our perspectives.

        As Negress and others have pointed out, melanin is the reason why Whites are envious of us. Why do you think White people are always trying to get tans? And they are getting high rates of melanoma because of it! My late mother said that she had not sympathy for them, because they want to **get** black but don*t want to **be** black. I appreciate your wisdom in giving us the information about the studies that prove melanin*s protective qualities. As Black people, we are blessed with melanin. It is a gift from God.

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