If This White Female Had “Concealed Carry,” Would She Have Used Her Gun?

Posted: August 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

This is RAW video of an anonymous white woman, in a coffee shop whom takes exception to a Mexican male sitting in close proximity to her. She receives multiple complaints from patrons and a coffee shop employee eventually asks her to leave. She threatens to call police at one point and even threatens to kill this non-white male’s entire Mexican family. 

This Mexican male moved away from this white woman when she started yelling. This angry white christian woman then proceeded to get in his face and threaten lives of his entire family. Outside this coffee shop premises she even lashes out at a person filming her angry tirade.

(video from Aaron Berg’s YouTube channel  )

Two things came to mind as I watched this video:

  1. The increasing racial antagonism provoked by the mainstream media is making racists more unstable and more likely to “act out” against blacks and non-whites who are portrayed as the enemies of “good, decent (usually Christian) white people.”
  2. If this white female had a “concealed carry” weapon and a  “stand your ground”  law backing her play, would she have used it?  Maybe.

It is obvious (to me) that the  “Stand your Ground” and “concealed carry”  laws (which were created mainly for white people to kill non-white people)  have potentially created a modern day Wild, Wild West when — as my Guru explained it — whites were allowed to kill “Indians” without being arrested or tried for murder.

Only this time, WE  (blacks and non-whites)  are the Indians.

Police Shoot 137 Times Into Car After Chase, Killing Unarmed Couple

Dec 6, 2012 4:45 AM EST

couple murdered by 137 police bulletsTimothy Russell and Malissa Williams

Take the Nov. 29 shooting deaths of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams in Cleveland:   After leading police on a 25-minute chase through city streets, Russell found himself surrounded in a dead-end in East Cleveland.

Police have said that they opened fire when Russell tried to run one of them over. That version may eventually be tested in court, but what is undisputed is that 13 officers unloaded a total of 137 bullets into Russell’s 1979 Chevy Malibu, killing both him and Williams.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Williams’s uncle, Walter Jackson, said that 24 bullets had been removed from her body and the damage to her face and torso was extensive.

police shoot into car 137 timesLaw enforcement investigate the scene of a police chase/shooting that killed 2 persons

roadside memorialA roadside memorial for Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams

Williams’s mother, Martha Mae Williams, said, “I’m not going to let them close her casket. They’re going to have to look at what the police did to my child.”

Milwaukee man, 76, to stand trial for shooting black 13-year-old neighbor he accused of burglary

white man kills 13 yr old black boyParticia Larry, right, on June 2, 2012, in Milwaukee, holding a picture of her son son Darius Simmons, 13, and John Henry Spooner, left.

In Milwaukee, police say John Henry Spooner shot Simmons, his next door neighbor, last May after accusingthe boy of stealing $3,000 worth of guns from his home. The teen, who had lived with his mother next door to Spooner for only a month, was taking out the trash around 10:00 a.m. when Spooner accused the boy of the theft and demanded he return the shotguns.

The boy told Spooner he had not stolen the guns and his mother, Patricia Larry, told the elderly man to go back inside. Spooner then pulled out a handgun and shot Simmons in the chest from only five feet away, killing the boy.

Spooner allegedly told arriving officers, “Yeah, I shot him.”

“My son, Darius Simmons, was shot and killed in front of me,”  Larry, his mother, told the Sentinel in May after the trial was delayed for a second time.

(On July 17, 2013 3:20 PM, Spooner was found guilty of murder)

Boy’s clothesline hanging death called “suspicious” by Minneapolis police

Clothesline-hung boy

(CBS) MINNEAPOLIS – Minneapolis police are calling the death of a 9-year-old boy found hanging from a clothesline suspicious.  According to CBS Minnesota, residents in the McKinley neighborhood found the boy hanging from his neck on a clothesline in the backyard of an abandoned home last Thursday. They got him down and performed CPR, but the boy died of his injuries Monday night. (July 4, 2013)


Even though the boy’s identity has not been released (to my knowledge) it is strongly suspected that the boy (who was visiting from Georgia) was black. Another “clue” that might confirm this is: THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA HAS BEEN LARGELY SILENT ABOUT HIS MURDER.

Had he been a white boy I believe this case would have received national attention. Of course, I could be incorrect. Only time will tell.

A few words of advice for black people. (This could also apply to any non-white person)

  1. Avoid places where large numbers of white people are consuming alcohol because you might be targeted for mistreatment. If something does happen, understand that the POLICE will NOT be on your side, regardless of the evidence or witness accounts.
  2. Do NOT argue with white strangers unless you are defending property or life. For example, defending President Obama to an angry white person (or persons) in the wrong place and at the wrong time could land you in the hospital, jail, or worse. You do NOT know who is ‘carrying’ and who is not.  A white person looking for an excuse to use up some of his or her stockpiled bullets might decide you are the perfect target. Don’t make it easy for them. (This is not an exaggeration.)
  3. Avoid living in predominantly white towns (and states) where there are few black people because this makes you an exceptionally EASY TARGET for mistreatment. For example, there was a news story earlier this year about an older black male living in a small, all-white town in Arizona who was stopped by police and charged with being under the influence even though the breathalyzer showed a 0.00 and there were no drugs in his system. The police impounded his car and charged him with a DUI. He later admitted that he had been harassed by police before. If he is married to a white female (which is highly likely in an all-white town with few black people), this made him an even more VISIBLE target for police. He may find that a drunk driving arrest is minor compared to the fate suffered by many DECEASED black motorists at the hands of white police. Hopefully, he will get a clue and move out of harm’s way.  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2338471/Sober-driver-charged-DUI-Arizona-police-said-tell-looking-him.html
  4. To black males:  Seriously CONSIDER the dangers of dating white females because you are an EASY TARGET for mistreatment. There are a lot of angry, frustrated and disenfranchised white males who are looking for ANY excuse to attack you. Being with a white female is one of them. Ask yourself if “she” is worth dying over because that might be the choice that you are making.
  5. To black females:   Seriously CONSIDER the dangers of dating white males because you are an EASY TARGET for mistreatment. There are a lot of angry, frustrated and disenfranchised white males who are looking for ANY excuse to demean, degrade, even kill you.  Ask yourself if “he” is worth losing your dignity, self-respect, and possibly your life because that might be the choice that you are making.
  6. To black males and black females:  Stop attacking and bashing other victims. Black people fighting each other is like a husband and wife trapped inside a  house, where a mob is setting the house on fire and trying to break in and kill them. Instead of that man and woman coming together and finding a way to survive, they are fussing and fighting with each other over who left the toilet seat up. It makes no sense. Neither does US fighting each other while our ENEMIES are setting our house on fire — with us in it.

Be smart, be selective, and stay safe.

  1. C.Andrews says:

    You DARN right she would have not only used her weapon but the evidence shows she may have gotten away with murder with her crazy azz self……….

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ C. Andrews

      Had she shot someone, a good defense attorney could use her obviously deranged mental state as an insanity or mental illness defense. I bet she would have gotten either a light sentence or a short stay in a mental hospital.

  2. mstoogood4yall says:

    wow that woman is crazy, what is it with racist white women and coffee places first it was that white woman saying racist things about an arab woman at dunkin donuts over a receipt now this smh. yes stay away from drunk whites and coffee places. This woman just started going after the Mexican man and he was just sitting down and had moved away from her crazy behind. white women are worse because they direct their anger at a man and they know he won’t do anything. at least with the racist white men that go after black men and latino men they can knock them out like that black man did to that white guy who called him the n word.

    I do think that child that was hung from the clothesline was black, otherwise they would’ve had his face out there and would not be telling people to not to jump to conclusions.


    To me it seems like the day has come (comeback) that we are in extreme danger. When white people feel free to just walk up and slay Black people, it’s time for us to react accordingly. I don’t mean run around killing white people before they can kill us, but something has to be done. And we know the Legal Arm of White Supremacy is not and will not do anything to protect us.

    It’s high time for a new day. And that goes for all enemies of Black people wherever in the hell they might be.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ hunglikejesus

      Maybe more black people will get out of denial and get out of those white beds they’ve been laying in. Who knows?

      Denial + white identification + the need for white validation (which is the main reason I believe black people seek out white sexual partners) is a potent psychological cocktail, much like CRACK cocaine.

      What I’m concerned about is the epidemic of anti-blackness among black people, EVEN the “conscious” black people. Until we honestly tackle our dislike for each other and make up our minds to understand the ROOT cause of anti-blackness (white supremacy) we are not going to defend or protect or love each other

      (that’s why I’m working on a new book about it as we speak)

  4. Mariama says:

    If the women are crazy and unbalanced like this, only God knows how the men are. I think that we have seen this from time to time with the Colorado shooter and countless others. Another note, there are blacks who actually believe that being the only black in an all-white anything is some huge accomplishment. There are actually those who deliberately move to these so-called all-white residences just to get away from their own kind.

    • C.Andrews says:

      I used to be one of the ignorant victims that actually thought being the only black in a white environment was a tremondous accomplishment. I fought very hard to get my son who has so called learning disability to go to a private school with these beast. I am suffering now immensely behind my lack of knowledge. My son is now an adult with white freinds and all and will not take heed to any knowledge or information I give him concering the truth of our existence on the plantation. I hope he takes his rose colored glasses of BEFORE the Racist/White Supremacist do him in. That be my fervent prayer. If he encountered this crazy white woman he would have probably tried to help her and thereby put himself in more harm’s way. I understand the need for codification now, just wish I knew BEFORE I started having children……

      • TrojanPam says:

        @ C.Andrews

        You did what you thought was best under the circumstances. It is not your fault (or mine) that no one told us about the system of white supremacy or how it functioned.

        Even if your son won’t listen (and that might change one day) you can help others around you with the information you have

        One thing I try not to do is give up on young black people. Just like we were confused and now we have a better understanding as we got older, they have the same chance.

        Never give up on the youth.

    • they sure do and the whites don’t want them there. I read a story a couple years ago about this black man who was renting a house in a rich white neighborhood. He said they tried to break into his garage and had their golf carts and clubs banging on his garage. ANd he said they were yelling racial slurs, and another incident he said he went to pick up a cousin and when he tried to get into the gated community they guard wouldn’t allow them in. I don’t feel sorry for ppl like that, why u go and live amongst them when they don’t want u yet u think oh this is the best place to be. smh. their community is gated for a reason. heres the link http://bossip.com/428713/smh-young-black-man-is-victim-to-blatant-racism-in-upscale-houston-neighborhood-video/

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Mariama

      You’re right, there are black people who deliberately seek out all-white environments, white friends, white lovers, white churches, (like this black couple who “belonged” to a white church but when they asked to be married in the church, they were turned down).


      I believe black people like this are putting themselves at great risk by ignoring the increasing racial INTOLERANCE (and hatred) for black people all over this nation.

      I suspected racism would increase after the first Obama presidential campaign. I believed that Obama served MAINLY as a black scapegoat to REDIRECT white angst and anger and outrage and fear in OUR direction by blaming the black male in the White House for all the ills of white America. It had NOTHING to do with “post-racialism” or “black progress”

      Absolutely NOTHING. All this was planned DECADES ago, in part to put black people BACK to sleep by making us think we had an “advocate” for justice, and this deception has worked like a charm.

      Unfortunately, many people still think this election was a sign of racial progress when in reality, it was just a super clever MOVE on the white supremacy chessboard.

      Whether more black people open our eyes and wake up out of this dream (world) before it becomes a real life nightmare, only time will tell.

  5. I’m glad you found this video productive. I concur and also think that stand your ground laws are written for white people only. What does “stand your ground” actually mean?

    Stand your ground against non-whites perhaps? I think those type of laws allow white people to murder people of color without any repercussions. Another aspect of that angry white woman was her christianity.

    As if white people that are christians couldn’t be racist. I don’t have any further information about whom that white woman was and her victim. I would like to see some form of justice, but since she is a white woman I doubt she would be charged for anything.

    If tables were turned that person of color could have been charged for premeditated murder, conspiracy to commit murder, etc. I also noticed police were not called. Had that been a non-white what do yout think would have transpired?

    • mstoogood4yall says:

      stand ur ground is their way of taking their country back. stand ur ground against savages from taking over and over populating ur country/neighborhood. they had free reign and could kill native americans and lynch blacks, so of course they wouldn’t completely get rid of it. there were white Christians who owned slaves. I think they the most messed up sometimes as they think they treat everybody like sheit and still have favor with god yeah ok. They hide behind the bible and use certain verses to back up their filth, all the while ignoring the ones that tell them what they are to do and how to treat others. They are in denial and still think yeshua was white, I read a story today about a woman that was forced to change her black childs name from messiah to martin because the judge said only one is the messiah and that is jesus. Yet that is one of the fastest growing names ppl choose, I bet if it was a blonde haired blue eyed baby she would’ve been fine with him being called messiah. They hate the though of jesus being black or a person of color, so many of them so called Christians would stop following that religion asap if they found out jesus was black.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Aaron

      Thanks for posting that video. I think a picture (or video) is worth a thousand of my words.

      Had she been a non-white male or female, the police would have definitely been called. Not a doubt in my mind.

      • Thanks for linking to that video. No doubt in my mind either that police would have been called if that was a non-white person. I even think that they had enough evidence to eventually charge that non-white person, even if they had some how ran off before police arrived.

        They would of had video evidence, possibly credit card evidence, name, etc.

  6. If the police had came they would’ve rounded up all the Mexicans and took them to jail!lol That’s how it work in a system of white supremacy. If you’re white your anger and resentment is ALWAYS justified. No matter what the situation may be. “In the name of Jesus!” This lady is a trip!lol

  7. “To black males: Seriously CONSIDER the dangers of dating white females because you are an EASY TARGET for mistreatment. There are a lot of angry, frustrated and disenfranchised white males who are looking for ANY excuse to attack you. Being with a white female is one of them. Ask yourself if “she” is worth dying over because that might be the choice that you are making.”
    I may have to ask some of the delusional black men I work with who see to love chasing after white women. I wonder what they’re answer might be. Hmmmmm…..we shall see.

  8. LBM says:

    Black people have the most cause for mental illness yet it is not tolerated from us, or empathized among us, especially toward the females. Not only was police not called, there was no egging on to physically harm the anti-human female.

    Pam, you are so right about anti-blackness being prevalent among so-called “conscious” folk. And unfortunately its rife among some who claim “counter racism” as we witnessed during a recent COWS episode. In the spirit of being truthful, of not lying to ourselves – if we can’t make the effort to support one another in all ways required, we need to stop frontin’ about even trying to fight racism. We can’t willfully follow the dictates of white domination, ie, stay away from one another, abuse one another – yet claim to fight white domination.

    Question – is it logical to expect that “boys” and “girls” can defeat “men” and “women” and their global system of white domination?

    • C.Andrews says:

      I was recently listening to a Mr. Fuller interveiw on Talktainment about Blacks staying away from one another because we are caustic due to the effects of racism, however he said we should come together only for constructive purposes, so I believe if I am correct that what Mr. Fuller is advocating is for us not to avoid one another entirely but to come together for a specific constructive issue.I think this is a totally different context than the RWS wanting to divide us by any means necessary and nOThave us come toger for any reason whatsoever unless it be destructive.I believe we can fight “white domination from taking Mr. Fuller’s advice and ONLY come together for constructive purposes. Yes , I believe boys and girls can defeat men and women for the same reason that victims CAN overpower their oppressors. It has been proven that the weak and downtrodden can defeat the powerful. The White Suppremacist have proven this to us, They used to be our boys and girls at one time but somehow they were able to use our weaknesses against us and overpower/defeat us non whites, so I would say according to the logic and evidence it is very reasonable to conclude that boys and girls under the system of RWS can and will defeat the global system of white domination. That be my opinion….

  9. LBM says:

    “They used to be our boys and girls at one time…”

    When was this ?

    “….. they were able to use our weaknesses against us…”

    What were those weaknesses?

    • C.Andrews says:

      Yes, i could be wrong but I believe according to the history and evidence that at one time white people were “boys and girls” living in caves, not even knowing how to cook and use fire (some say that be why they still to this day luv bloody red meat), while we were sophisticated living in the lap of luxery with universities, bathrooms, beautiful houses – not caves. This is what I have been led to believe. The beast from the caves now run everthing and every body. I cant say for sure what our weaknesses were that put us in our pitiful pathetiv positions we be in now but maybe we were not ruthless enough, maybe our abundant melanin did not allow us to treat fellow human beings like animals. I cant say for sure but I still believe we can fight this ish and win is all I really know…. just sayin

  10. LBM says:

    C.Andrews, for sure we must fight white domination and we will win, eventually. I just think “eventually” can be sooner if we adjust our thinking on certain things. The fact that the anti-humans were in caves didn’t make them “our” boys and girls. We certainly never treated them as such. And perhaps one of our (males) early weaknesses was beastiality in giving sub-humans (at best) fully human DNA. Now we have hybrids wreaking havoc and causing confusion because they’re monsters with a human (de)form.

  11. C.Andrews says:

    Greetings LBM, what you speak of reminds me of a theory that the black muslims believed, if I am not mistaken it was called Yakub’s story, it did not exactly entail bestiality but instead somehow sub human genes were mixed up wuth human genes and a breed of evil people the world had never seen before was unleashed upon us. I dont know what to believe how they got here but they here now, nor do I know how long they are going to be here because it appears they having problems keeping they numbers up but I do believe they were our “boys” and girls” strictly in the sense that we taught them the basics much as a mother and father would teacher they children how to tend to themselves and keep themselves safe etc,. But again you raise an extremely important question of ” is it logical to expect that “boys” and “girls” can defeat “men” and “women” and their global system of white domination?”. Again I say yes, yes , yes, cause the evidence and logic leads my brain to believe we can , I could be wrong but I believe Codification and not following a particular person as a leader will give us our best chance. I dont know about short cuts and whatnot but I do not believe this can be done in one generation so my spirit is good with that so long as I can play my part in the process and contribute . But thank you for posing this important question- it caused me to solidify my beliefs and fight even harder…….

  12. LBM says:

    Now that you mention it (LOL) I’ll have to go back and really check out Yakub’s Theory. I was uncomfortable with the way the NOI explained some things but based on factual behaviour I have been formulating my own thoughts as to whether or not all “humans” indeed come from the same source.
    “One generation”….I so want to believe that but we have yet to institute common codification as it relates to sexing with anti-humans. That’s just one thing. So I too know that it will come- but we got a lot of work ahead. And hey, what better to focus on?


  13. Jake says:

    I’m a white guy, but totally agree with you. I am getting to feel that these words of advice also apply to me if I open my mouth to the wrong people. Hopefully the kids of all races are more enlightened now and this old guard of racists (the open and hidden ones) will die off.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Jake

      Sad to say, the next (white) generation, once it realizes the benefit of maintaining white privileges, will travel down the same amoral road as their parents and grandparents.

      Nothing will change until the system of white supremacy is replaced with a system of justice for ALL the people on the planet

  14. […] If This White Female Had “Concealed Carry,” Would She Have Used Her Gun? […]

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