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Neely Fuller’s Official Website

Neely Fuller’s Compensatory Concept Radio Program Hosted By Mr. Khari Enaharo

The Compensatory Concept broadcasts online, every Wednesday at 10:00AM Eastern Standard Time.

The Compensatory Concept is an online radio broadcast heard exclusively on

Call In # 1-877-932-9766

Podcasts of The Compensatory Concept are available for download 24/7

Join the online radio conversation: call 1(877)932-9766

Sample Program

The Compensatory Concept – Episode: 07/03/13

The Fourth of July and Trayvon Martin”

  1. C.Andrews says:

    Waving my hands in the air like I jus dont care !!!! NOBODY does it like Mr. Fuller, very cONSTRUCTIVE. I will share this link with all I think will benefit from Mr. Fuller’s logical wisdom !!!!!

  2. Merritt Holloway says:

    I 10,000% agree. I’ve been listening to Mr. Fuller for the last couple of months on talktainment, but i listen to his archives on talktainment radio almost every day, along with Gus. In fact, I’m listening to Gus and Dr. Shahrazad Ali part 2 as i type this comment.

    • LBM says:

      Merritt, how did you digest the segue from Shahrazad Ali to what came after in that broadcast?

      • Merritt Holloway says:

        I have mixed feelings. Not being religious, I think the islam stuff is non-constructive and adds to the confusion. The fact that she wouldn’t promote Mr. Fuller’s book or any other persons book is a bit disturbing. I thought a lot of the things she said was true. like; what her generation taught there children was to go march, hold hands, and sing we shall overcome. Why wouldn’t she tell us what she would have told the dreamers or answer Gus’ question about the television details. I suspect that she may not be being as honest as she could be. On a constructive scale of 1 to 5 I would put it at 2. I think she thinks she knows more that she knows???
        but what do I know? I could be wrong and confused.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ Merritt

          I haven’t listened to her interview yet but I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t tell everything she knows.

          • Fatima53GA says:

            Pam, I would like to comment on statements made by Merritt in regard to Shahrazad Ali. First, I commend you for your posts. They are right on target at a time when we as a people really need this kind of information. I also agree and love Mr. Neely Fuller’s book and comments so I don’t want to use these forums as a platform to trash another black person. However, just as Merritt stated, it is disturbing that Mrs. Ali would not promote Mr. Fuller’s book. It may be because he places much of our problems on white supremacy.
            I am not sure if you are familiar with some of Mrs. Ali’s books but back in the early 90s she published several books. The first book was very poorly written with misspelled words, incomplete sentences, stereotyping and contradictory information, etc. It was the most memorable one also and was called The Black Man’s Guide to Understanding the Black Woman, wherein she placed most of the ills of the black community on the black woman instead of the white supremacists. She published another one called The Black Woman’s Guide to Understanding the Black Man, which, in my opinion, was a sequel to the first book, with her STILL placing most of the ills of the black community on the black woman.
            I saw her several times on white talk shows and for someone to appear to be as anti-white as she is, I wondered why she would use the white media to promote her works. After some time, she seemed to have faded into the woodworks, but my sister mentioned her being on Dr. Drew (another white media outlet) and now she is on Talktainment.
            Merritt made a statement that he suspected that she may not be being as honest as she could be. I felt that same way back then when she was on those talk shows, because she was so vague or did not really answer as to where she got her information in those books and had a way of turning a person’s opinion around on them when they challenged her.
            Something else I think is worth mentioning is she made a statement in the first book that she did not want the information in it to be used against the black woman and I said then ‘that is exactly what will happen if someone is looking for an excuse.’ She made two stereotypical comments about black women that I had never before and everywhere you turn, you hear them today. I am 60 years old and I had never heard these comments until I heard her say them. One was that black women love money and pretty much insinuated we are gold-diggers and the other is we have a problem with our mouths. It is interesting that nowadays all you hear is black women are ‘gold-diggers’ and ‘angry black women.’ To this day, I will always believe those 2 stereotypes started with her because prior to the 90s, during the 70s and 80s, black women were labeled as being too independent. She even stated that in the book which is contradictory because how can you be a gold-digger and independent at the same time.
            You would have to read the books yourselves to get the gist of what I am speaking of but I just wanted to just pass that along.

            • TrojanPam says:

              @ Fatima53GA

              I own two of her books and I found some of the messages very ant-black-female which is why she appealed to a certain segment of the black male population

              much in the same way that an anti-black black person would appeal to a certain white audience that wanted to JUSTIFY their racism

              The timing of her books with the now entrenched stereotype of black females as “gold-diggers,” yeah, I can see the connection you mentioned. Never thought about it that way before.

              To think of black females collectively as “gold-diggers” is ILLOGICAL, seeing that most black females are not living lives of luxury, but are working at mostly low to modest paying jobs, some of them working TWO jobs to take care of their families.

              There are a TON of black females who are supporting husbands AND boyfriends who are out of work (and I know some). If we’re so “money hungry” why haven’t those sisters tossed those men out?

              I know a TON of black females with GROWN BLACK SONS living in their houses. If we’re so “money hungry” why haven’t those sisters tossed those grown sons out?

              Black females are the MAIN supporters of EVERY BLACK ORGANIZATION in the U.S., including the black church and community organizations and political organizations. If we’re so “money hungry” why haven’t sisters dropped their NON-PAYING ACTIVITIES and gone chasing some more gold?

              Black females are the MAIN ONES putting money on the “books” for black male AND female PRISON INMATES, the main ones VISITING black people in prison, and the MAIN ONES accepting those super-expensive collect phone calls from prisons. If we’re so “money hungry” why haven’t those sisters cut those black inmates out of their lives?

              come on now…

              There are SO MANY BLACK PEOPLE EATING off the black females’ DIMES, that for anyone to accuse us of being “gold-diggers” while the WHITE FEMALE is pretty much taking most of the rich and famous black males’ “gold” is EVIDENCE of the rampant anti-black-female-ness that is at an EPIDEMIC level.

              Do black females like money? Of course we do. Who doesn’t? Would we like to be financially independent (free)? Absolutely. Who wouldn’t? Are there black females who play men for money? Of course and name me ONE group of women (or men) who is not guilty as charged?

              I really don’t have much patience or tolerance for this kind of stuff, so I’ll stop now.

      • Merritt Holloway says:

        WHat about you????????

    • TrojanPam says:

      Mr Fuller makes sense out of nonsense

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  4. Mariama says:

    Thank you Pam! I will definetely be tuning in.

  5. mstoogood4yall says:

    love this clip, I especially like when he said u thought u were done with school no the school was done with u rofl.

  6. Ms. J says:

    You know, I learn something new every time I listen to Mr. Fuller. I just listened to his most recent interview on “Labor and Wages” and was struck by what he said about the Chinese.
    He mentioned that despite the notion that they have a lot of power, Chinese people wear the “business suits” given to them by RWS rather than their own traditional wear. Wow.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Ms J

      Could you post the link to that interview?

      I also heard that white people have great value in China, just by their presence alone.

      My money says that the Chinese may be watching more western TV and movies than in the past. Movies and TV are the most efficient white supremacy programming tool known to man

      • mstoogood4yall says:

        Ms pam

        that is crazy what happened to that boy. I never heard of that case, just sad, there is no way he got caught in the clothesline and hung himself, I know it was somebody else, I hope they find who did it. I find it funny they are saying don’t jump to conclusions and its too early to tell if he was playing a game or if this was a joke, like wtf how about call it for what it is murder, this was no accident. I bet if he was older than 9 like say a teenager they would’ve said it was suicide. They love saying things were an accident or suice like with the black man hung from a tree in Mississippi they say suicide. or the black teen found dead in a wrestling mat, they said accident. smh

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ mstoogood4yall

          unfortunately, there is an increase in the type of random violence that whites committed against blacks prior to “integration”

          From: “In Delaware, They Lynch Negros Part II” by Donald Ayotte | July 11th, 2013 at 07:08 AM

          “On Sunday October 17, 2010, a 19 year-old Wesley College student from Edison, New Jersey was found hanging from a tree suspended by two belts linked together, in an alley off of the 200 block of Governor’s Ave. in Dover. Charles Conley was a well-liked, athletic and intelligent young man, with no apparent reason to commit suicide. Although the Police ruled this hanging as a suicide, claiming a note had been found, upon further investigation, this note was in fact a facebook message to his mother to ask Jasmine about it. I’ve never seen or heard of such a suicide note as this.

          In November of 2011 racial leaflets were found “all over” downtown Dover. They included the depiction of a man hanging from a tree along with a Nazi swastika with the message in ALL CAPS quoting: “CLEANING UP THE STREETS, ONE NIGGER AT A TIME.”

          On May 12, 2012 John Clark, an African American male was found hanging from his own belt from a tree in Silver Lake Park less than a quarter of a mile from the location Charles Conley was allegedly lynched less than two years earlier.

          Now with a little background behind us we will deal with the DHRC report, concerning the assault and alleged lynching that took place on September 21, 2012, also in Silver Lake Park in Dover.

          On September 27, 2012 at 9:17pm, Henry Fordham reported to the Dover Human Relations Commission’s Chair, Roy Sudler that on Sept. 21 he was approached by two Caucasian males who befriended him earlier that day through a general conversation about the origin and practices of the Muslim Religion. Later on that evening, Mr. Fordham met with the two Caucasian males to continue their conversation.

          After getting into the vehicle of the two Caucasian males, he was then held at gunpoint and taken to Sliver Lake Recreational Park, located in Dover Delaware. During the time he was unlawfully held captive against his will, Mr. Fordham experienced derogatory racial slurs, being pistol-whipped, hung and attempted murder and castration, and survived.

          “He tried to report to various law enforcement agencies and was denied the opportunity to make an official hate crime complaint..” In addition, according to Mr. Fordham, he was advised by more than one law enforcement agencies that he would be arrested for false report if he continued to pursue filing an incident report of this nature.”

          The Dover Human Relations Commission has been requested by Mr. Fordham to be a catalyst/mediator in the process of helping him to file an official complaint with the proper law enforcement agency without fear of retaliatory acts or undue distress sanctioned upon him.


          mstoogood4yall, this is a tragic example of what I meant when I said it will not be safe to live in predominantly white areas, towns, and states. A friend of mine who lives in Oklahoma got this same advice from a white male acquaintance who told him that he should move to an area where there are more black people, because in the future it would not be safe for him there.

          And this white male was talking about the STATE OF OKLAHOMA, not just the small city my friend lived in.

          There is also a VERY good bet that a black male living in Delaware, Connecticut, or a small town in Arizona called “Happiness” is probably having sex with white females. I’m not blaming the victim but certainly, it should be obvious that being with a white female in an all-white or predominantly white area could make you a target of some disgruntled white male or males, including POLICE OFFICERS.

          I know a lot of us don’t want to hear this, and want to believe that “America” is more advanced that this. That’s their choice, but I suspect even those who are diehard integrationists will be getting a severe WAKE-UP CALL.

          • mstoogood4yall says:

            wow ms pam i never heard about these stories. the people in that area need to be on alert they are serial killers. they say everything is suicide. but why would a person that has everything going for them just out of the blue commit suicide. they make no sense, they want to cover it up so they can live out their fantasy of this being a post racial america when it is anything but. Its crazy that man was locked up, smh go to get help and u get locked up. Its don’t ask don’t tell for black ppl. don’t ask for help and don’t tell about the injustices and racism in this country. i just looked up an interview with Henry Fordham

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  8. David Edwards says:

    Mr. Neely Fuller Jr. Is real. I thank the most high Yah for this warrior. People had better appreciate this man while we still have him.

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