Boycott the Entire State of Florida!

Posted: August 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

I have to be honest, I’m conflicted about advocating boycotts of this nature for several reasons:

1. It is difficult to get large numbers of people to actually follow through when there are over a dozen brands and companies they must keep track of.  I think boycotts are MORE effective when there is ONE SPECIFIC TARGET.

For example, the Montgomery Bus Boycott was effective because it AFFECTED EVERY BLACK PERSON in that city; it FOCUSED on ONE BUS COMPANY, and the refusal of blacks to ride on a segregated bus DIRECTLY IMPACTED that bus line’s BOTTOM LINE.

2. What are the available black-owned alternatives to buying products from white-owned companies?  There are things we can clearly do without, like a trip to Disney World, but what about those things that black people cannot OR will not do without? There clearly needs to MORE FOCUS on building RELIABLE black businesses and how to persuade black people to support them.

3. What about the black people who work for those white companies? Should they boycott the workplace OR will those targeted companies decide to “boycott us?”

4. Since racism/white supremacy (and ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws) are NOT restricted to the state of Florida, what about the other 49 states?

5. If we do NOT tackle the ANTI-BLACKNESS within ourselves AND each other, no amount of boycotts or demonstrations or protests or anything else will make a difference. Why? Because BLACK PEOPLE have been PROGRAMMED TO NOT LIKE OR SUPPORT EACH OTHER COLLECTIVELY.

Not because we’re “bad” or “hateful” or “ignorant” or “defective,” it’s due to the 500 YEARS OF WHITE SUPREMACY BRAIN-TRASHING AND RACIST OPPRESSION that is STILL going on to this day.

Thanks to “integration,” black people have so many “choices”  in places to live and shop and spend and sex and love and breed, that many of us have “chosen ” to live with, live around, shop with, spend with, love, sex, and breed with ANYBODY BUT A BLACK PERSON OR BLACK BUSINESS,

If that is true (and I believe it is)  it will take a MIRACLE to change our SPENDING HABITS without TACKLING THE TOUCHY TOPIC OF ANTI-BLACKNESS — which is the ROOT SOURCE of our inability to support each other both in AND out of the bedroom, black male AND black female.

All that being said, I greatly respect and admire the bloggers that have made the EFFORT to push for black empowerment and black self-respect. That is why I’m supporting the boycott, despite some misgivings.

Another good thing about this boycott is it re-activates the CONVERSATION about HOW black people spend our dollars and why we get so little in return, and some suggestions on what we can do about it.

For example, a post from one of DiaryofaNegress’s blog listed the black owned hair care products VS the non-black owned hair care products. Very useful information!  We can make CONSCIOUS decisions to support the black-owned brands with the knowledge that black companies also PROVIDE JOBS for more black people.

For the foreseeable future I’m going to devote more blogging (and book writing) time to FOCUSING on BLACK ECONOMICS and ANTI-BLACKNESS.

I hope you’ll support the bloggers just for making an EFFORT to make constructive changes for ALL black people. 

support black businesses!

Boycott White AmeriKlan Business! Boycott the Entire State of Florida!

Reblogged from diaryofanegress:

boycott florida

 In protest of the Zimmerman verdict, and all the victims of white supremacy that you don’t hear about, I am writing a post urging ALL black people from all over the world that read my blog to help me in a simple yet difficult task. White people have consistently demonstrated that they only understand and respond to 3 things:


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  1. sondis says:

    “3. What about the black people who work for those white companies? Should they boycott the workplace OR will those targeted companies decide to “boycott us?”

    White owned companies, already boycott black people, its called, “discriminatory hiring practices”, hence why the black unemployment rate is at 14% and white unemployment rate is at 8%

    I however, do agree with everything else you mentioned.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ sondis

      yes, they do BUT the vast majority of black people that have jobs work for WHITE PEOPLE. The vast majority of black businesses get loans and licenses and insurance and merchandise from WHITE PEOPLE.

      I think a targeted boycott can be effective but one that involves perhaps dozens or hundred of companies? I don’t believe it will OR can. A week or a month later all will be forgotten and most people will default to their usual behavior of CONVENIENCE and WANTS over NEEDS.

      Those who support the boycott and those who don’t — both sides have good points but I think without the foundation of understanding white supremacy AND our own anti-blackness (and finding ways to reduce it) we are putting the CART before the HORSE

      I know black people who have owned businesses and have seen two things happen

      1 — the black business owner sometimes disrespects his or her black customers by being unreliable and discourteous

      2 — black customers wanting “favors” and unreasonable “discounts” even though they would pay the white or non-white merchant the posted price. When I was younger this black female opened a business and some black males who were unemployed at the time actually set her building on fire. A male friend of mine who used to own a business talked about how black people would actually try to harm his business


      Which is why I believe all this boycotting and protesting and talking will be for NAUGHT

      if we don’t deal with the (white) demons in our own heads

      • Sondis and Miss Pam:

        Come check out my new but tentative bartering system.

        • TrojanPam says:

          Will do, and I commend you for making the effort

          There are a lot of great suggestions within your post that people can choose from and so I would strongly suggest we ALL choose one, or two, or more things from DiaryofaNegress’s blog that we can do RIGHT NOW

          ALL of us don’t have to do EVERYTHING at one time to make a difference, but a LOT of us doing one or two or three things CONSISTENTLY can change our reality — and will teach our children that SELF-RESPECT is more important than having a lot of material “things.”

  2. Merritt Holloway says:

    What about the fast food chains? they are also located in florida. I’m down with the boycott, but I think we should be boycotting everything everyday and everywhere. As the evidence shows, we are under a global system of white terror that is carried out by domination and deceit worldwide. We should be boycotting everything, and in all 9 areas of people activities.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Merritt

      I agree, it’s a global system of white terror and domination BUT the average black person either doesn’t know that OR will not recognize that

      We can’t boycott everything unless we’re willing to live bare, bare bones, and I’m talking about FOOD, clothing, water, transportation, electricity, autos, tires, furniture, raw materials for the things we make, police, fire, hospitals, bandages, medicine, hair salons, TELEVISION, movies, DVDs, INTERNET ACCESS, gas heat, gasoline, etc

      are we willing to boycott all the above? I can’t think of a single person interested in doing that — including myself

      we have got to be real about our situation and ACKNOWLEDGE THE TRUTH about where we are right NOW — a dependent people — so we can change it that reality

      but if we start telling ourselves UNTRUTHS we will be worse off tomorrow than we are today.

      TRUTH is our friend, not our enemy, because it helps us to THINK CLEARLY and come up with realistic solutions and strategies.

      • Merritt Holloway says:

        The truth is many of the things you named really need boycotting. The poison and chemicals in the hair salon that are usually owned by other than black people should be boycotted. I do not own a car. I boycott the insurance, gas and repairs. When Ii ride the bus I carry a book to read. I ride my bike most places. I make all my clothing. I’ve built most of the things in my house. I do my own welding, for me. I don’t go to movies or watch television because I spend my time building and making the things I need and want.
        Many of the things you named to continue supporting are the things that will heep us a consumer slave. I believe in producing, getting skills (Carpentry, welding, sewing, and etc). Dr. Carter Woodson said that was the first essential in civilization, And Dr. Kambon said you’re either for African Liberation, or you’re for white terror domination, by what you buy, how you spend your time. In my opinion, we should be learning to produce our own things, and if we can’t make it, we don’t need it. Boycott Starbucks coffee. Boycott Mc Donald’s, they’re serving up poison anyway. Boycott those stupid movies, and those overpaid narcissistic bad actors. Boycott sports; what a waste of time watching that. The more simpler live you make the healthier you’ll be. I spend my time making all my clothes and stuff, and a lot of it from recycled materials.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ Merritt

          Wow, I have to say I’m impressed with your list and I agree there are many things we can AND should boycott (or just not buy or do)

          Maybe, your post will provide much inspiration for those who want to make a serious change in their lifestyles and choices

      • Gat Turner says:

        There is one way to boycott everything at once…buy second hand. I buy used cars from a black used car dealer, eventhogh whites may have created the car my money will still go to the blackman. When it needs work, black mechanic. I have a black doctor, accountant, dentist landscaper, I get my knowledge and information from black authors of black books sold in black bookstores, when at all possible I use “Black”. There are some occasions when I must buy from Yurugu but the internet has made it easier not to.

  3. I think a boycott could work out for everyone if we choose a day of the week and that same day every week. But it’s not going to be every Black person no matter the issue. Black people still enjoy tv, radio other forms of consumption far too much to stop doing anything.

    If the CEO of McDonald’s killed a Black baby on tv and inside of a McDonald’s, Black people would still eat there, simply because they don’t see it as affecting them. This boycott would have to pick up stream slowly. And believe it or not a lot of Black people think things have changed.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ hunglikejesus

      I agree, and I don’t think it will even be a significant minority of black people that will be willing to boycott one thing one day a month including those who say they will.

      I just don’t see that happening

      • That’s sad but true. I think we suffer from mass low self-esteem and have grown to love abuse.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ hunglikejesus

          I don’t mean to be pessimistic. If I didn’t think change was possible, I wouldn’t be doing these blogs

          however, I want us to be honest about our present condition — then go from there to see what we can change

  4. Merritt Holloway says:

    Oh yeah, I spoke with Neely Fuller the other day and he said we need to change our perspective: How we think about things. He explains some of the things here:
    [audio src="" /]
    Hurry and listen before talktainment takes it off their listening archives.

  5. MinneB says:

    While I applaud the efforts of Black people in being strategic, I doubt the effectiveness of boycotting anything anymore…because white people really don’t care! In fact, when black people say they’re going to boycott something; RM/RW and their confused victim/allies rush out in droves to endorse whatever is being boycotted, thus adding to their bottom line. They’ll do it just to show us “black racist” how powerless we are to effect them.

    Ms. Ali was on the COWS last night, and I have to agree, the power in the strategy is voting. The power is in grooming our young people to think strategically and tell them the truth about the threat to all those who identify as black. We have to find a way to effect our young people.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ MinneB

      I agree, I applaud them also which is why I decided to support DiaryofaNegress’s efforts. You’re right, white people will make up for whatever losses come from a black boycott — and even if it was effective and hurt the bottom line, they will LIE and pretend it didn’t.

      I didn’t catch Dr. Ali last night so I can’t comment on what she said, but I’m personally DONE with voting unless it’s a local election where I have a strong reason to prefer one candidate over the other.

      Otherwise, I see voting as a huge SCAM, especially national elections, because the “winner” is picked before a SINGLE vote is cast. And no matter who is in office they must do the bidding of the powerful white people who (S)elected, nominated, financed, and vetted them.

      there is NO democracy, this is a CORPORATE STATE run by the oligarchy (ruled by the rich), they write the laws, they write the speeches of the Presidents (including Obama’s), they dictate how much money is printed and what it’s worth, and what our tax dollars are spent on

      twiddle dum and twiddle dee = Democratic VS Republican party, there’s no real difference.

      • minneb says:

        I agree with you, the current model of voting is a scam! Even in the scam of things, black people aren’t participating in the numbers needed to play the game.
        In order to understand your position better, I would like to know if you think there is any electoral process process or concept on the planet that would be useful to humans, as we replace the system of RWS with Justice?

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ minneb

          not only is it a TOTAL scam for black people, it doesn’t even work for white people — not on a national or state level. I am TOTALLY against voting in sham elections, because we are PARTICIPATING and strengthening the deceptive policies being used AGAINST us.

          I do not know of ANY electoral process currently on the planet that is useful. Unfortunately, white people have dominated and perverted most forms of government. The record of non-white people over the last several hundred years is not encouraging either.

          However, I think we have to start somewhere, and that’s with OURSELVES to reduce our own anti-blackness and increase our knowledge of the system of white supremacy

          that’s where I would start

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ minneb

          ALSO, consider this

          Why do the white supremacists play so many GAMES with us about our “right” to vote? First they give it then they take it away then they make it more difficult then they make it easier?

          Why play so many games with us, especially since voting doesn’t do anything for black people (which should be OBVIOUS from our collective condition) and since ALL national elections are decided years BEFORE the votes are cast?

          Because that’s how they keep us LOCKED INTO VOTING, by constantly threatening to take our right to vote away (like the recent changes in the Voting Rights Act),

          This way, they can convince us that “voting” has real VALUE (it doesn’t) which keeps blacks OCCUPIED and DISTRACTED by a NON-ISSUES instead of focusing on REAL issues

          the best way to convince someone that they MUST have something is by threatening to take it away

          • minneb says:

            Sharing concepts is a constructive part of creating future and affecting present. I believe VOR need to create protective and somewhat insular communities throughout the world. Our own governance, enforcement, banking, hospitals, self-sustainablity. Can you envision in such communities, how could any electoral process would be effective?

            • TrojanPam says:

              @ minneb

              I would love to see VORs create our own communities, unfortunately, that will be difficult within a system of white supremacy. We know that white supremacists (and whites in general) will do everything in their power to keep black people UNDER-DEVELOPED and DEPENDENT.

              It is a part of their nature and psychology and we cannot afford to underestimate their collective PSYCHOSIS and their uncontrollable NEED to dominate people, non-whites, even the planet, itself.

              We need BLACK THINK TANKS, and must find a way to stop the BLACK BRAIN DRAIN that sucks our best and brightest and most educated and ambitious black people into serving the needs of corporate america, and white people both IN and OUT of bed. We have to raise children who will value SELF-RESPECT more than a new BMW, and we will have to TEACH by example by becoming LESS materialistic ourselves.

              We have to strategize ARMED with a clear and unwavering understanding of white supremacy AND the psychology AND pathology of white people.

              I wish I could answer your question but I can’t. All I know is we have to TRY to save ourselves from what they are planning for us.

              • minneb says:

                “All I know is we have to TRY to save ourselves from what they are planning for us.”

                What am trying to figure out for myself; in the process of attempting self preservation, and the creation of our own communities or even a compound…does voting/democracy have a place?
                Racism, and (the idea of) Democracy are children from the same mother. Concepts deeply ingrained in the psyche our people as well. As we attempt to replace the system of racism white supremacy, with a system of justice. It is important to consider what would replace the system of democracy?

              • TrojanPam says:

                @ minneb

                I agree, racism and democracy seemed wedded to each other. I have never known of a racism-free democracy. I have never experienced a democratic government. I don’t think one has every existed since the creation of white supremacy. How can we think we live in a democracy now when all men (and women) are not treated equally? That’s like having a little justice. Either you have it or you don’t.

                What would replace the system of racism/white supremacy if we eliminated it? I have no idea.

                Can it be eliminated with white people on the planet? I really don’t think so UNLESS whites became such a tiny minority that they had NO power

                What would non-white people do in the absence of white supremacy when MOST non-white people have already been brain-trashed and poisoned by the values of white supremacy? Initially, we’d make a mess of things.

                We haven’t been allowed to develop as independent and self-respecting beings. I do feel that once white supremacy was eliminated, some generations down the road would get it together but what would that be called and what would that look like?

                Whatever it is, I think it would be a great improvement over a system that kills, rapes, robs, exploits, cheats, degrades, under-educates, poisons, impoverishes, tortures, maims, bombs, starves, and conducts cruel biological experimentation and warfare on other human beings just because their skin is darker.

                There is NOTHING worse than that.

    • rvltn7 says:

      Since Trayvon’s clothing was such an enormousness factor in this horror, Perhaps the focus of a boycott could be on a “brand” he was wearing when he was transitioned, since this is what is driving this much needed long overdue collective agreement (verdict). Non whites who work for these companies will have to step up their codification game, know they have to support themselves and their families and walk that line, taking daily reparations while getting that check. Just thoughts….

  6. Merritt Holloway says:

    Besides if you’re talking about boycotting the state that is a pretty tall order, but it everyone consciously boycotted as much as they could everyday then maybe we could began to have an impact. Boycott cigarettes. That’s more poisson we need to irradicate.
    Check out Dr. Kambon’s speech. Let me know what you think. I am interested in your opinion. It is ten minutes:

  7. AJ says:

    “Nooooo! Not my Olive Garden!” (just kidding)

    I’m not sure, but I think it was on July 31, 2013 that Dick Gregory in an interview on “Know The Ledge” radio (you can hear it at our old friend’s website…blogtalkradio) suggested boycotting Florida orange juice. That would focus our energy and include Florida and several other places that oranges are grown in the USA. Also, because Stevie Wonder has decided to boycott Florida, he suggested that interested activists should buy a CD of Stevie Wonder’s once a week as a sign of support for the stand he is taking. (IMO, it’s a whole lot better than buying Skittles and Arizona tea, nawmsane!) (o <)

    Mr. Wonder at least is a philanthropist and would likely donate his gains to a worthy cause or could be appealed to for a donation to an organization that wanted to start an independent institution.

    I thought the interview with Mr. Gregory was very poignant. He talked a lot about little known facts of the Civil Rights Movement of which he was a part, and he even revealed the origin of the term "playing the dozens" which was a shocking eye-opener for me. If it is true, (I haven't verified his story) it shows the depth of depravity whites sank to in their enslavement of us, as well as the levels to which they will surely sink again.

    Thanks Pam!


  8. Let’s ALL do our part! We have to be dedicated and stay motivated for this to work. We MUST speak with our pocketbooks! Come on black folks! let’s get it together!!

  9. honeytreebee says:

    Pam the boycott is for us. We will save our money, we will not be giving our money, time, and attention to those that would do us harm. We give ourselves time to focus on us. By having a boycott it lets us take invatory of where we are and what we have collectively. We should be looking at all of the gaps we have because we all know or should know by now that segragation is coming back. Look at the voting rights act and the stop and frisk ordeal. How is this not ala jim crow? We should be looking to build our own network even if it is just a few of us. When they et stupid in a big way and they always do the rest of us will follow as they will have few if, any other options. If, we were to set up now we need never work for others again. When you are not a begger and you have options you have power to refuse. The goal is for each of us to become self sufficent and in return gain the power of long tern refusal of all of their services. This will ht them hard in their pocket books, rattle their minds that we don’t need them and don’t want them.

    I also loved your idea of not calling it a boycott and instead saying that you don’t feel comfortable because you and yours don’t feel safe because of the laws and what happened to Trayvon. I thnk this heeps everyone focused on the why. They need to hear it over and over again and we need to never let them forget it. I will never let them foreget it and when I see something that I don’t like or feel is degrading I let them know and say I don’t feel safe cause you know it’s behavior or thinking like this that allows or condones things like the death of young black people like trayvon Matin, Oscar Grant and so on. They’ll get wrankled, but until all of mine are free, healed, healthy, happy and justice has been served I don’t give a flying fig.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ honeytreebee

      love your enthusiasm! I agree that we need to take inventory of where we are and were we need to be

      however, I think we should begin with increasing our understanding white supremacy AND reducing our anti-blackness and start slowly, eliminating things that we can do without, a few things, places and people at a time.

      • honeytreebee says:

        Yes I agree we should learn all we can and see how it is interwoven in our lives and work to root it out and replace it lwith ove acceptance and understanding of self. We need to study our past mistakes and the consequences of our collective actions like what we gave up with intergration that was really assimilation.

        Our businesses and culture is attacked more than any other group which makes it hard for us to flourish. That being said I think one of our biggest internal problems is our anti- blackness because even if, white people were to disappear in the next minute unfortunately they would leave behind all of their damage, disease, and mess for us to clean up.

        I think once we remember collectively who we are and what we are and once again must be all of this will start to fall into place. I think the lies will fall away and we will be able to come together. It can and will happen I jus wish it didn’t have to happen so painfully for us as we have already been through so much.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ honeytreebee

          Even the idea of blacks buying from other blacks is seen as a threat by non-whites (who are not black) and by whites

          which makes all the sense in the world.

          Why would the merchants and businesses that rely upon our spending want to see their CASH COWS (black consumers) come to our senses and spend our dollars with each other???

          If we stopped buying junk and fried foods, fried fish, “chinese” food, fake nails, weaves, mowed our own lawns, washed instead of dry cleaned, etc, we would send ECONOMIC SHOCK WAVES through hundreds of immigrant communities.

          I don’t wish them harm, I’m simply commenting on the HUGE number of immigrants who would be OUT OF BUSINESS and OUT OF LUCK if black people did not shop with them

          and the HUGE NUMBER of white businesses that take our dollars AND refuse to spend a dime with us, refuse to advertise in black publications, refuse to use black models, etc — that sell us a TON OF JUNK WE DON’T NEED — would also take a HUGE HIT.

          I’m not talking about doing without basic necessities, I’m talking about eating in restaurants that DON’T hire blacks, and “designer clothing” by white designers who DON’T hire black models, and overpriced sneakers (who the heck needs a pair of $400 sneakers??), and a bunch of JUNK we don’t need.

          I still believe that UNTIL we address the ANTI-BLACKNESS within ourselves and each other (which would ELIMINATE the desire for weaves – since our NATURAL HAIR would be more preferable), for “designer” clothing — because we wouldn’t need a white person’s name or logo on our black behinds) we won’t be able to build much of ANYTHING black and progressive on a large scale.

          As I have stated over and over in all of my books:



          we cannot have STRONG BLACK FAMILIES without strong-minded, self-respecting and self-loving black males AND females UNIFYING for our mutual survival AND the survival of our children

          And, lastly, we cannot have BLACK UNITY until we REDUCE OUR COLLECTIVE ANTI-BLACKNESS

          because what will happen (and I’ve experienced this personally) is when some black businesses DO become successful, that ANTI-BLACKNESS will be off the chain, the “haters” will come out of the closet and we will start to SABOTAGE each other

          This is NOT an exaggeration. We say things that are meant to encourage and support other black people that we DO NOT MEAN, and that old “anti-black” programming will start to kick in and things go down hill from there. I’ve known black merchants who have talked about how other black people seem to want to wreck their businesses OR do NOT want to see them prosper.

          all of this is ANTI-BLACKNESS.

  10. Bury says:

    I think whites should boycott professional sports and all black entertainers.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Bury

      I have no problem with that, in fact, I would LOVE to see an end to most sports, TV and movie escapism for black people.

      Then, we might get our sanity and self-respect back and stop all this gross white-mis-identification and anti-blackness.

      however, you might have a problem with the white team owners, white advertisers, white banks, white universities and their nearly all white staff, white coaches, white sports agents, white network owners, white TV and movie studio heads and their white producers, white magazine owners and their all white staffs, directors, cast, cameramen, white stadium owners and their nearly all white employees and vendors, etc,

      since white people make TEN TONS more money off professional black athletes and black entertainers than black people do

      (and let’s not forget all the white females and their white kin who are enriched by the earnings of the black males they prey upon)

    • honeytreebee says:

      Bury I hope you are not just saying that, but really mean it. I would love for you and yours to boycott. Please do! Be real vocal about it so all black people know and are not under any illusions at to what is going on. You could call it the leave them along campain or the thousand year run away. Oh well, I’m sure you’ll think of someting to call it.

    • minneb says:

      If whites would boycott professional sports and all black entertainers…I would believe there really is a god.

      • TrojanPam says:

        @ minneb


        maybe, black people would find more constructive and productive pursuits to spend our time on (like studying engineering, agriculture, medicine, starting a business, etc.) instead of running down a field with a ball tucked under one arm, or singing, dancing, pretending (acting), or telling jokes (comedians).

  11. Thank you for the information, so now let’s get busy with the boycott. There is nothing to fear, but fear itself. Let’s spread the word. Everything has been revealed to us…we know what we must do, so let’s do it now.

  12. Ms. J says:

    I have a question about the boycott
    What if one has family in Florida?

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Ms J

      That’s a good question. I support the idea of NOT spending our black dollars where we are not protected OR respected

      BUT we have to have a STRATEGY, meaning we have considered all the possible ramifications and consequences of our actions from every angle, and have a PLAN for dealing with those consequences or reactions. From what I can see, that is NOT happening, and that is a problem.

      That’s why the white supremacists have THINK TANKS. They STUDY their targets before they take action. Once they take action, they sit back and STUDY/ANALYZE the results. If they do not like the results they get, they go BACK to the table and come up with a revised plan BEFORE they take action again. That’s why they have been so successful.

      We need to take a page out of that book.

  13. deal with it says:

    It would be awesome if all you nlggers left the State Of Florida. It would be a paradise! I’d rather have gators in my front lawn than nlggers!! You lower the property value more so!!

  14. He got off…and Im glad….fuck all you liberal Ni66er lovers…..and the cop in Missouri will walk too…you know why?..because you monkeys are criminals….all of you….if you aint out there committing crimes yourselves….you are busy defending you black ass cousins

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