After the Trayvon Martin Verdict What Can Black People Do? Part Four

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Racist Cop Kills College StudentRacist Cop Kills College Student


From Infowars website article: Judge In Zimmerman Case Pressured by Obama Administration?

“My black family members all went to college all have steady good paying jobs despite how u demonize the whole race as a whole. no one is going to riot guess who said that? the media. oh cause everything they say is the truth and the complete truth.” – a black poster in response to comment that all blacks are criminals.

“If your family went to college you’re all thieves, lawyers went to college, doctors went to college and defraud the system every day insurance men and ceos when to college and steal everyday bankers real estate agents politicians went to college hows that working all that college and can’t balance the budget LIKE I ALWAYS SAY GO TO COLLEGE AND BE PART OF THE PROBLEM ALL UNGODLY THIEVES.” — a response by a white poster.

During times of WAR, the military trains its soldiers to see the opposing army as less than human – NOT for sport or entertainment – but to maintain a psychological distance (a toughness) so the soldier will be able to kill another human being even when killing goes against their conscience or morality.


During and after slavery, black women performed domestic and maternal duties for their white slave-owners OR employers. Black women nursed white babies at their breast, raised white children, cooked the white family’s food; cleaned the white family’s home, and were often (told) they were “just like one of the family.”

But at the end of the day, OR if that black female stepped over the invisible line separating black from white, she was quickly, and often severely reminded that she was still a “nigger.”

The white family SAID the black female was “just like family,”  YET they STILL MAINTAINED A PSYCHOLOGICAL DISTANCE from her (as a black person) to be able to:   practice racism even if their actions were immoral, unjust, or cruel to  MAINTAIN the system of white supremacy and white privilege.

AXIOM #10: It is MANDATORY to maintain a PSYCHOLOGICAL DISTANCE from your enemies during times of WAR, or you will have NO PSYCHOLOGICAL DEFENSES against them.

A Black Man’s Constructive & Self-Respecting “Conduct Code” For White Females (Maintaining A Psychological Distance)


“My interactions with White females have totally changed. I try my best to not to treat a White female as a female without being discourteous or non-constructive.

I avoid unnecessary contact with them.

I avoid unnecessary communication with them.

I avoid ‘reckless eyeballing’ or even noticing a White female visually.

I refrain from complimenting a White female in anyway unless it is for a constructive purpose especially in the area of sex.

Anything that benignly ‘defeminizes’ White females in relation to me so that I am not manipulated with sex, or promises of sex, or hopes of sex and sexual play. They get the idea it seems. Unfortunately, I may have hurt some White females’ feelings in the process of adapting this personal code but that’s business.

It’s as though they realize that I am doing things that no one at the job is doing in relation to them, and its as though that its not decent to show no sexual interest in White females.  Females seek validation from males and vice versa. It reminds a person of their gender roles and gender expectation in people relations, and it’s essential to a person’s sanity.

Remove that validation and it will affect that person especially females. When a man ignores a woman’s femininity its like taking way their ‘rights’ or ‘powers’ as a woman, which means they can’t function as a female and they may doubt their femininity.

One of the reasons for this behavior is to create and maintain self-respect. Another reason for this is to reduce the chance that I can be seduced by a White female in order to be manipulated or fooled for their gain and my loss.

Another reason is to insure that you are taken seriously and not for granted to also insure that you are in the most advantageous position possible.  Another reason is that I think that a White female will have more respect for a man that does not objectify them especially if he is Black, considering all of the stereotypes.

Another reason is most White females are less likely to ask you ‘why do you not treat me like a lady’, consequently they will be puzzled that a male especially a Black male is de-feminizing them if they even guess that’s occurring.

This means that the Black male has the power in that situation because the White female will always thirst for an answer to why you treat her like she has a penis instead of a vagina and two breasts. All of this equals to power and actually empowers Black females when they are made aware of what you are doing they love it,  which means I love it.

On the other hand, I have greatly improved my relations with non-white females by focusing all my masculine energy on them and trying to over validate them and I have gotten some very, very good results. None of this is easy, its requires a lot of work and discipline but this is War. It is also not easy for because I’m an art student, and at School their lots of White females.

And no matter what I am a male and as far as the laws of attraction go anything is possible that’s why this requires training and discipline. Think of my suggestion as one way to counter this bleaching down process.”  — Black Mergatroid (2010)

For those who think Black Mergatroid’s response is unreasonable, let’s compare this to the present day “White Male’s Conduct Code.”

The White Male’s Conduct Code For Non-White Females (To Maintain White Supremacy)


“My interactions with non-white females have changed little in the last 500 years. I avoid unnecessary contact with them if I cannot be in a dominant position or unless it involves sexual intercourse. I avoid  unnecessary communication with non-white females except in the course of conducting business (making a profit) or promoting white interests (white supremacy).

I avoid ‘reckless eyeballing’ or even noticing a non-white female visually, especially when other whites are around. I refrain from complimenting non-white females in public, although I may do it privately (when other whites are not around), and expressly for the purpose of having sexual intercourse.

Anything that ‘de-feminizes’ non-white females in relation to me is done so I do not diminish white supremacy/superiority by being manipulated with sex, promises of sex, or hopes of sex and sexual play with nonwhite females. Non-white females get the idea it seems, that in the white man’s eyes,  they will NEVER be equal to the white female.

I may have hurt some non-white females feelings in the process but that’s (the) business (of white supremacy).

They do NOT realize I do these things because I am part of a (white) organization that is dedicated to maintaining white supremacy, which means white males should NOT show any sexual interest in non-white females in the presence of other whites; especially in the presence of white females.

Females seek validation from males and vice versa. It reminds a person of their gender roles and gender expectation in people relations, and it’s essential to a person’s self-esteem. Remove that validation and it will affect that person, especially females.

When a man ignores a woman’s femininity its like taking way their ‘rights’ or ‘powers’ as a woman which means they can’t function as a female and they may doubt their femininity because it’s important that  non-white females believe they are inferior to white females.

Another reason is to reduce the chance that I can be emotionally seduced by a non-white female and be manipulated or fooled, which means a loss for me as a white man, the white race, and the system of white supremacy.

Another reason is to insure that whites are taken seriously and to insure the most advantageous position possible for whites. Another reason is white females have more respect or consideration for a white man who does NOT treat non-white females as their equals.

Another reason is most non-white females will not DARE ask a white man, ‘why do you not treat me like a lady’, because they do not understand that’s my INTENTION: to de-feminize and de-humanize them so I will not be too compassionate toward them.

By doing so, the white male maintains the most power in that situation since the non-white female will always accept her inferior status when you treat her like she has a penis instead of a vagina and two breasts. All of this equals to power and actually empowers white females when they are made aware of what we (white males) are doing; they love it, which means I love it.

By doing so, I have greatly improved my relations with white females by focusing all my masculine energy on them and trying to over validate them and I have gotten some very, very good results.

None of this is easy its requires a lot of work and discipline but this is War. It is also not easy because I’m an art student, and there are many, many beautiful and sexually desirable black and non-white females in my city who I would love to paint (nude) — and do a lot more. And no matter what I am a male and as far as the laws of attraction go anything is possible that’s why this requires training and discipline.

There are a minority of white males who sex and marry non-whites, but this still maintains the system of white supremacy because they usually get the pick of the black and non-white litter, which neutralizes these females and stops them from reproducing with non-white males. Think of my suggestion as one way to counter the browning of White America and the destruction of white supremacy.


Maintaining a PSYCHOLOGICAL DISTANCE from white people has NOTHING to do hating white people.  It is a WAR-TIME STRATEGY that whites have used successfully against non-whites for hundreds of years — and it has been extremely successful.



(Excerpt from the book,  “Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act” )


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  1. mstoogood4yall says:

    that laura interview is the most telling to me, because she said “I thought once we had a black president the attempt to demonize whites hating blacks would stop,but it seems to have grown and I don’t get it. yes I do its all about power” So this proves what others have been saying that when Obama leaves office it will get worse because whites will be like yall had a black president we don’t owe u a dam thing. We thought having a black president would get yall to stop blaming whitey but since it hasn’t worked u are ungrateful and still complain. Then I will take away voting rights and affirmative action. This whole thing was an attempt to make whites look good, and clear their white guilt. But since we didn’t forget all the wrongs they’ve done, and ignore the wrongs they continue to do they are mad. Its the I’m not racist my friend is black excuse on steroids, because now they say America isn’t racist we have a black president.
    The white men know how to keep power, they know they must protect and keep the white female at the top or everything they worked for is gone. Even when they date and marry Asian women I don’t hear them publicly criticize white women and call them demeaning names. They do that to black women, calling us what don imus did. It is why they attack black women like serena Williams because they know she is attractive they are men afterall, but because of white supremacy and white women, they cannot acknowledge her femininity, but have to destroy it so the white women feel secure and remain on their pedestal and produce the next generation of beneficiaries to the white supremacy system.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ mstoogood4yall

      I agree,

      and always thought Obama was a SLEEPING PILL for the black masses as black unemployment and homelessness and poverty are rising. Now, many blacks are loathe to criticize the Federal government because of Obama. Now, many blacks are seeking to have a little “Obama baby” of their own, so much blindness, it’s heartbreaking but I’m glad some people (like you) are actually SEEING what is right in front of us.

      We have to keep planting seeds, because not so long ago I was one of “them” who was totally confused

      • theodore says:

        democrats my friend. they want us destitute and dependant so they can institute monatary control over us, thus securing votes & their lavished positions far above the plebians. racism towards blacks in America was founded by southern democrats.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ theodore

          You obviously know nothing about racism or its origins

          I strongly advise all to disregard his incorrect statements (and I suspect) deliberate distortion of the FACTS

    • theodore says:

      on your line of thought i should have voted for obama, but i didn’t. i bet you along with <95% of blacks did however. twice!

      govt is OUR foe.

  2. @TrojanPam
    Great post Pam! I really love this series! You’re dropping some serious knowledge. This is the kind of information our people NEED right now. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with this case in Milwaukee.

    This old demonic anti-human killed a thirteen year old black child! I don’t know why this isn’t getting more media coverage. But this makes me sick to my stomach! And I fear there will be more cases like this in the future. They’re showing us their TRUE feelings. This Zimmerman verdict was our Emmitt Till wake up call! I fear for our children. I think things are about to get real ugly real soon. White people feel NO guilt about our condition. That was the reason they put Obama I office. You can’t complain about racism or oppression anymore.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Kushite

      thanks for the video and the reminder about the next child murderer trial

    • Mariama says:

      Thank you for this video Kushite Prince. I wonder how many of these kinds of shootings take place everyday? I never even heard of this incident. I wonder what determines which white on black violence incidents should make it to the news. This is tragic. I have yet to hear our so-called entertainers talk about this. I wonder what the Bill Cosbys would say about young black children being murdered by much older white men. Our ancestors are crying.

  3. TrojanPam says:

    @ niggerkiller

    your post has been deleted. You are NOT welcome here.

    • Mariama says:


      I see so many trolls like this in Youtube, other blogs, and other sites online. I wonder how they manage to get to our sites. This speaks volumes about their mindset and obssession with us.

  4. I applaud those who knew how to comment. As I made an effort, three completely different rants came up simultaneously. Dang. It means that I need to take a break from the white poison, and simply await the next segment. Peace.

    • Mariama says:

      What does everyone think about Beyonce and Jay-Z meeting with Trayvon Martin’s parents? I dont know what to make of it. They were also joined by the so-called Rev Al Sharpton (aka: Al Charlatan). My initial reaction was to say what a joke it was. To me, all the above entertainers are publicity whores and for the most part, I do not trust black entertainers at all. I find it ironic that Jay-Z inserted himself in this considering the sexist, color-bashing, mysoginistic, genocidal music that he sells to the black community. A man who has made milliions and billions off the black community’s general misery is now meeting with a victim’s parents. Does anyone see the irony and hypocrasy in this. Please dont get me started on Al Sharpton. And Beyonce appears to have her head in the clouds when it comes to activisism and major issues. What is your take?

      • I saw the picture, and I quickly moved on. Nothing to see. It is just business to them. Too much Obamage. They know the game and they play it. To get my attention those plastic people need to donate ALL their money to Black education and rehabilitation. That might undo some of the damage that they have done. Only some of the damage, because their collective material life is too short to undo all of it. That leaves the rest of us to turn off the tele-sick-vision, just say no to drugs (including their ‘music’), and get to work. Enough said?

        • mstoogood4yall says:

          I agree. They can talk all they want, I won’t believe them until they walk the walk. If they donate money or start an organization in memory of trayvon and all the others killed unjustly then I would be rooting for them.

        • Mariama says:

          @ No Black Pete

          I really hate to agree with you on this one. I used to think of black people as being strong, no-nonsense, wise and street savvy. Now, I can’t help but feel they are extremely naive to allow some of this nonsense go on for soooo long. I wonder how the average person can believe some of this nonsense that they see on television. There is no way, I mean no way Jay Z or his so-called wife would do all that you mentioned. That is way to political. It is not in their league. They never really struck me as genuine people anyway, not at least in the social plight of blacks anyway.

      • Mariama says:


        I have lost so much respect for these two and the other so-called black entertainers. Now that I think about it, I never really had much respect for them to begin with. I think that it is absolutely low-down to attach yourself to real social issue for the sake of remaining relevant. That is extremely conniving and disingenuine. The only “real” black leaders were during and before the 1970’s. After that, it seems as if they slowly faded or were taken out.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ Mariama

          I hear you, and I agree that the ONLY GENUINE black leaders CAME FROM THE PEOPLE, and were CHOSEN BY THE PEOPLE.

          they did NOT come by way of an all-white household and Harvard Law School (???)

          One sign that they are authentic black leaders is they are ALWAYS targeted, slandered, jailed or murdered. PERIOD.

          they do NOT get:

          book deals
          TV shows
          movie appearances in Hollywood films
          large donations to their “civil rights” organizations

          What we have now is NOTHING but deception orchestrated by the white supremacists.

          I know I might step on some toes BUT did we really believe that the most powerful white people would PAY MONEY to put a black male (Obama) in charge of them? Did we believe Obama is telling the most powerful white people WHO SELECTED, NOMINATED, EDUCATED, and FINANCED HIM what to do?

          I understand the appeal of the first election, but now the blinders and rose colored glasses should be BROKEN BY NOW, after four years of NOTHING for black people, EVERYTHING for the RICHEST white people.

          President Obama is NOT to blame for what transpires in the white house, he is being USED by the white supremacists to hide their dirty deeds.

          And even though this post has provoked name-calling (my fault) our real focus (and the real blame) should stay on white people.

  5. Charro says:

    TrojanPam, as a newcomer to your site, I initially thought you were truly trying to raise awareness of white supremacy and racism. Now however, I think you may just be a fake, possibly white or black man, who actually wants to promote white supremacy.

    I say this because I have now noticed in several of your posts where you put prominent photos, front and center, of Black men hugged up with white women, while having a derogatory, degrading or sad picture of a Black woman (or man portraying a BW) immediately after.

    On the rare occurrences when you have a picture of a Black couple loved up, then it is at the very bottom of the article (like in this case) or doesn’t exist at all. There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words and, again, one of the main weapons the white supremacists use is imagery – imagery that promotes them as better, and Blacks, especially Black women, as worse or less than.

    You are using that same racist, white supremacist imagery – for that reason, I will no longer visit or recommend your site, because, if you are a Black woman, then you are brainwashed and unwittingly promoting white supremacy especially in the realm of white women over black women. Worse yet, you are probably not Black at all – or you’re a anti-black woman Black man.

    Your logo of a Trojan Horse is suspicious too – as in the storyof the Trojan Horse, you pretend as if you are bearing gifts for Black women, but really are unleashing an army of destruction on Black women’s psyche. I will not be recommending this site.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Charro

      One thing I have learned in the four plus years I have been writing books and doing blogs is — you can’t be everything to everyone. You can’t please everyone, nor should you try.

      And if you’re doing (or trying to do) CONSTRUCTIVE WORK, and you’re not being criticized for something by somebody, then you’re aren’t doing anything, anyway.

      That being said, I did not put all the time, energy, and money into this blog to bicker with other black people. I just won’t do it.

      I am tempted to point out that you couldn’t have possibly read much on this blog site (or my other site, ), or any of my books

      or you wouldn’t have made the accusation that I’m always putting “…prominent photos, front and center, of Black men hugged up with white women…”

      because that is not the truth. (please give me the link or name of the posts where I’ve done this).

      Whatever pictures I post are to DEMONSTRATE how white people practice white supremacy, for example the picture on this post of the black male and white female licking each other’s tongues. That picture came from a SITE created by WHITE PEOPLE who were practicing racism. Perhaps, you misunderstood the reason why the pics were used.

      In any case, this Blog was created to promote UNDERSTANDING of the white supremacy system. This is not a “black love” or a “black romance” blog.

      If you’ve read my posts and responses and books, it is clear that I am not against black people loving each other.

      I have also appeared on C.O.W.S. — (Context of White Supremacy) over a dozen times, so it is clear what I am (a black female) and what I promote — which is definitely not the destruction of black women’s psyches.

      My advice to you is, if you think there is a shortage of positive black male/black female images, why not start your own blog? I would be more than happy to share any info or advice that I have.

      Also, if this blog is not to your liking, I respect your right find a different one — or create one — that you find more satisfying for your needs.

  6. […] (After the Trayvon Martin Verdict What Can Black People Do?  Part Four) […]

  7. […] After the Trayvon Martin Verdict What Can Black People Do? Part Four […]

  8. theodore says:

    realize; civilization reaches thousands of years into the past. throughout that time, almost every ethnicity experienced enslavement. i condone homogonization of all people and a colorblind desire for betterment, but I can not assimilate with the unwilling, and i will not allow regression of my ethnicitie’s culture. blood bleeds red folks.

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