After the Trayvon Martin Verdict What Can Black People Do? Part Two

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black male stress

To be a white-identified black is MENTACIDE – the destruction of what should be a black-centered, self-respecting, and self-loving mindset.

The late Dr. Bobby Wright, who popularized the term “mentacide,” defined it as: “the deliberate and systematic destruction of a group’s mind with the ultimate objective being the complete extermination of the group.”

Scholar and author Dr. Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti offers this explanation:

“When you willingly think and act out of someone else’s interpretation of reality to their benefit and against your survival. It is a state of subtle insanity, which has come to characterize (more and more) Africans globally.”

It is UNDENIABLE that the black community is having a moral and spiritual crisis that no amount of money or material things can heal. We have allowed our black “heroes” and role models to be chosen (by the white media) on the basis of fame and money — NOT on the content of their characters.

We have gone from a people who would risk life and limb fighting for the rights of ALL BLACK PEOPLE to a people who are disconnected from the pain and suffering of our OWN kind.

We claim to be “black and proud” yet seldom pass up the opportunity to condemn and stereotype each other for the entire world to see. We ridicule our beautiful African features while denying that we secretly hate the man or woman in the mirror.

We teach our children — by example — to dislike and disrespect themselves and then look on in puzzled frustration as our black children increasingly choose the road to self-destruction and despair.

If we are doing well economically, we blame those who have not been so lucky, even if we KNOW the system of white supremacy will ONLY allow a small minority of blacks to “achieve” the American Dream.

If we want to heal our BLACK NATION, we must put aside our (false) EGOS and BELIEFS, and ADMIT WE ARE SICK FROM WHITE SUPREMACY CRACK and ADMIT we have been programmed to see ourselves and other black people  THROUGH CONDEMNING WHITE EYESIt is time to tell ourselves the truth.




New Orleans statepoliceape

“It is racist to call American citizens refugees,” the Rev. Jesse Jackson said, visiting the Houston Astrodome. (September 07, 2005)

Until we understand WHAT white supremacy is and HOW it functions, we will NOT understand what is happening to non-white people all over the planet. We can’t create solutions until we understand the problems, the same way we can’t build a house without building a foundation. What we will wind up with is a shaky, unsafe building that will topple when the first storm hits.

“If you do not understand White Supremacy (Racism), what it is, and how it works, everything else that you understand, will only confuse you.” — Neely Fuller, Jr. (1971)



Tell your children the TRUTH about racism/white supremacy.  Jewish parents know how important it is to teach their children about the Jewish Holocaust so their children will KNOW they must be vigilant against their enemies.

One reason so many black parents shy away from teaching our children about racism or slavery is we do not know enough about our history to teach anyone else. (Strategy #3).

Once black parents understand how the system of white supremacy works, they will understand how important it is to make their children aware of WHAT is happening — and WHY it is happening to black people all over the world.

We must STOP pretending and lying to ourselves that we should let our children “make up their own minds about race,” and prepare them for the  psychological attacks they will face both inside (the television/movies) AND outside the home (the white supremacy system).

If we do NOT prepare them, we should be prepared for our children to be psychologically devastated when the TRUTH hits them square between their eyes.


It is a CRIME to let another generation of black children come out into a racist society without PREPARING them for what WE KNOW they will face in the white world.

ELIMINATE phrases like “good hair,” pretty (light) skin color, pretty (light) eyes, and bad (nappy) hair from your vocabulary. Do NOT allow anyone to degrade black people in front of your children and explain WHY you object to it.

Encourage your children to question everything they see and hear, give them TRUTHFUL answers, and let them express their opinions.  Let them know there are NO STUPID QUESTIONS, but you may not know all the answers.

Black children are born with an abundance of intelligence until the media, educational system, racist whites, and unconscious black adults kill their confidence, self-esteem, and intellectual potential.

Replace television watching and video games (that do all the THINKING) with books, games, and building blocks, puzzles, and chemistry sets that will teach our children to THINK ANALYTICALLY and allow them to use their motor skills and creativity.

If we want our children to compete intellectually with children from every part of the world, the time to prepare them is RIGHT NOW.



Since slavery, blacks have been programmed to act against our own self-interests, survival, and humanity for the benefit of whites. Another way to describe this is blacks learn to be, think, speak, and act ANTI-BLACK.

This anti-black mentality is NOT our fault. It came as a result of 500 years of systematic brainwashing in an ANTI-BLACK, white supremacist system.

That being said, we are STILL responsible for changing our attitudes towards our OWN people — by BLOCKING OUT the voice of the “white traffic cop” inside our heads.

We must THINK FIRST before we speak to, act against, or harm another black person. We must ASK ourselves WHY we are so quick to mistreat each other — BUT are so reluctant (afraid) to stop whites from mistreating us.

We MUST understand that ANYTHING that harms other black people HELPS the system of white supremacy maintain its power — which is why blacks are rewarded for betraying each other. We MUST ask ourselves — “Whose eyes am I using when I judge other black people?”  

When we condemn other black people for BEING BLACK, we are CONDEMNING OURSELVES.

Before you SPEAK or ACT, ASK yourself:  do my actions make me part of the solution or part of the problem?  Will my speech OR actions make this world a better, safer place for my children and grandchildren — or will my words and actions make things worse for them?

“Afrikan parents know who they are dealing with. That’s why we lie to our children in the name of protecting them. Such excuses are shameless. We are not protecting them. We are trying to protect ourselves from the pain we know will come to them and us if they stand up.

No matter how we try to play it off, we understand that Europeans will kill them in a second, for nothing. We understand that our sons are looked upon as the greatest threat to European hegemony for good reason.

And yes, as men, they are our last line of defense. There is nothing unrealistic about these fears. They are reasonable for a people who subconsciously understand the nature of their oppressor, as evidenced in historical fact, yet feel powerless to confront it.

However these reasonable fears lead to insanity when they cause us to believe that no matter what we do the European will rule forever. ‘Oppression does not destroy a people. It is the acceptance of oppression that destroys.’

“By example, we subconsciously establish limits for our children at the same time that we tell them they are limitless. By following the example set by their parents, emasculated Afrikan males become living expressions of confused, powerless, mentacidal negroes.

“Yet this mentality is not incompatible with encouraging interracial dating and marriage. Nonwhite people don’t understand the necessity for white supremacy domination, but white people understand that they have to dominate.

So when a white person is in bed with a nonwhite person, because of the long history of conditioning that tells them nonwhites are inferior, the non-white person will be programmed to love white people.

The highest desire, under white supremacy programming, is to be loved by a white and validated by a white person. So the white person who is acting counter to white genetic survival by engaging in sexual activity with the non-white person is actually achieving a greater goal: the goal of domination.

The nonwhite person’s mind has been turned against their own interest…the non-white person has to turn against the interests of other nonwhite persons to protect the interests of the white person they’re in bed with. That means the white person is the dominant person, no matter who’s on top or bottom in the act of sexual intercourse. She is far from (being) alone in her deduction.”

from  ‘EXCUSES, EXCUSES: The Politics of Interracial Coupling in European Culture’ by Mwalimu K. Baruti


(Excerpt from the book,  “Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act” )


(After the Trayvon Martin Verdict What Can Black People Do?  Part One)

  1. Ms. J says:

    Great post!

    I would also add that Black parents need to really monitor who the friends of their children are.
    The older I get, the more I regret going to an all-white elementary/middle school for 8 years. I was surrounded by just White folks and picked up a lot of anti-blackness that I still have to work on daily. But more importantly, I was conditioned to be too comfortable around Whites, and I’m suffering the consequences of that even as I write this post now.

    I don’t really blame my parents since they were immigrants to this country, but I won’t make that same mistake of surrounding my children around just White people like that. They may smile, laugh, joke with you, and have you over their house, but they STILL see you as an inferior n-word. Period. I just wish I knew that when younger so it didn’t sting like it does now despite all the things I’ve learned about Whites.

    But like everyone else, I’m a work in progress.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Ms J

      I agree, so many black parents see it as a sign of progress when their black children have white friends, but those white friends are often (and usually) practicing racism on their children because it is built into the behavior of whites so that it becomes the default

      and those white friends offer the type of “white validation” that is dangerous for a young black mind.

      I agree, it’s not the fault of the black parents, they didn’t understand the underlying education all black children receive when sent into a white educational environment, that black is inferior and white is superior.

      Yes, yes, yes, we are all works in progress!

  2. rvltn7 says:

    Subtle insanity. Perfect description.

  3. E.Bell says:

    It seems anything short of moving to countries where there are no whites we will , never even begin to solve the myriad of problems the history has created , and contemporary events continue to constantly present . Now we have Hispanics , who in their aspirations to be accepted by whites ,as white , acting more racist than even the most racist whites .All these other people who have benefitted so much from our struggle against racism/white supremacy internationally have now joined racists against us .Trayvon Martin was killed by a wannabe white racist, wannabe be cop.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ E.Bell

      yes, I believe it is impossible to live amongst whites and be treated correctly. The best it gets is tacky and tolerant — never fully human and accepted.

      regarding other non-whites, I do NOT consider any of them our allies — OR even potential allies. They all show too many similarities to the behavior of whites (they have been brain trashed as well)

      which is why I tell black people — when they ask about marrying a non-black, non-white person — to ask themselves ONE QUESTION:

      If they opened a “black” store in an Hispanic or Asian or Arab community how long would it take for a “going out of business” sign to be posted?

      How many Hispanic or Asian organizations march with us for human rights?

      that is their answer as to whether that makes sense

      we HAVE NO ALLIES BUT EACH OTHER — and we better start acting like we know it

  4. Ah. Sanity. Do you not love how it feels?! I was getting ready to write a comment, but there is no need to add anything. I better move on to part 3.

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  6. […] (After the Trayvon Martin Verdict What Can Black People Do?  Part Two) […]

  7. […] After the Trayvon Martin Verdict What Can Black People Do? Part Two […]

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