After the Trayvon Martin Verdict What Can Black People Do?

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george_zimmerman_verdict_rallyAfter the verdict protest

After a Reader left the following comment on my blogpost about Trayvon Martin — “I’d like to get some more ideas from some less confused victims” — I decided to post another excerpt from the book, “Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act.”

Rather than post the entire section at one time (which is about 20 pages long), I’m going to post one section EVERY DAY until the entire chapter is posted.

After that you will be able to download the entire chapter as a  FREE PDF file that I hope you’ll email and print and share and discuss with others — the same way I hope you will share and print and email the link to this post and the ones that follow.

I believe is it SUPER IMPORTANT that instead of just talking about the problems of Black People in America, we offer suggestions and solutions to help the victims of white supremacy.   

verdict_reactions_1After the verdict reactions


What Is Counter-Warfare?

Counter-Warfare is a strategy of non-violent resistance to the system of racism/white supremacy,  the most SOPHISTICATED MIND GAME ever designed.  In self-defense, non-whites must develop an equally powerful counter-intelligence to neutralize the “mind games” by:

  • changing the way we think (education).
  • changing our behavior (constructive actions)

black people are wonderful and valuable

13 Counter Warfare Strategies
  1. Recognize We Are At War
  2. Admit We Have A Problem:  Mentacide
  3. Become Knowledgeable About the System Of White Supremacy
  4. STOP Keeping White People’s Secrets
  5. STOP Obeying the “White Traffic Cop” Inside Your Head
  6. The Theory of Non-Participation
  7. Minimize Conflict (stop name calling & fighting)
  8. Maintain A Psychological Distance From White People
  9. Become Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable
  10. Show Black Love Freely, Openly, and Publicly
  11. Adopt The Mantra of Black Unity
  12. 33 Rules of Disengagement
  13. Become a Leader of One

black people will get justice and end the system of white supremacy

The Counter-Warfare Strategies put the focus where it belongs: on what black people CAN and MUST do, NOT on what white people might OR should do. We did not get in this terrible condition overnight, and we will NOT solve our problems overnight.

We cannot afford to waste any more time talking about what white people should do for us — and find a way to do for SELF.

If we need better schools for our children, we must POOL our resources and CREATE better schools.

If we need more jobs, we must POOL our resources and CREATE our own jobs.  We cannot afford to wait one second longer for “someone else” to end racism.

We have already waited 500 YEARS.


reactions_zimmerman_verdictAfter the verdict protest

black people can dismantle the system of white supremacy

It is time to STOP begging, marching, and protesting.  It is time to STOP expecting the white elite to eliminate the white supremacy system designed for their sole benefit.  All we will get is what we have always gotten: the false appearance of real change.

The Real Revolution Takes Place Between Our Ears

ap_george_zimmerman_shirt_ssA man who identified himself as Ike wears a shirt portraying George Zimmerman in cross-hairs

As we watch the civil rights clock spinning backwards, it should be clear that despite all our “progress,” black people still control nothing in America, including the ability to rescue one black person off a roof after Hurricane Katrina.

Once we become empowered (illuminated) with knowledge of self, and knowledge of how the system of racism/white supremacy works, we will attract other empowered individuals who seek real change – not the kind of “change” that is seen on television under the banner of a “National Convention.”

We must stop deluding ourselves that such FALSE displays offer any real change. THEY DO NOT. They are simply updated dog-and-pony shows to pacify, deceive, and exploit the masses.

We know from history that black leaders who TRULY advocate real change are NEVER rewarded, promoted, or given airtime by the same powerful elites who created the system of injustice.

Real change is not glamorous or pleasant.  It has nothing to do with being popular, articulate, or presenting an attractive image. It does not happen while we sit in front of a television set, or walk into a voting booth and push a button.

Real change is hard, dirty, and dangerous work.

Fortunately, none of the suggestions in this book are hard, dirty, or dangerous. They do not require money, special skills, talents, bravery, or bloodshed. In fact, most suggestions involve NOT doing something that wastes our precious time and money, or that harms us individually or collectively.

These recommendations (as well as the contents of this book) are a FRAMEWORK that the reader can adapt as he or she sees fit, and decide what is beneficial, constructive, and useful, and what is not. No one, including the authors of this book, represent the voice (or voices) of authority.



A Quick Summary Of Black America’s Worsening Dilemma

Black labor has become obsolete in America. In many inner cities, the menial, low-skilled and low-paying jobs that poor blacks used to do — and are still willing to do — are being farmed out for maximum profit to illegal (slave) labor. Automation (machines) and computers have eliminated the rest.

In spite of record unemployment for blacks, (estimated at over 35% in 2010), America is still importing unskilled AND skilled non-white labor from Latin America and India.  The picture for educated, professional blacks in corporate America is just as dismal. Glass ceilings have turned to concrete.  Unions, good jobs, benefits, and guaranteed pensions are becoming relics of the past.

As a result, the hard-won gains from civil rights and affirmative action over the last 40 years are being systematically wiped out. After two terms of the Bush Administration efforts, affirmative action is little more than a controversial and fraudulent memory that clearly ignored the FACT that the biggest beneficiaries of affirmative action were AND still are white females.

Black farmers have yet to receive compensation for stolen farmland and government discrimination. Blacks are losing land and houses at a record pace in dozens of predominantly black cities where gentrification (land grabs), sub-prime mortgages, reverse-redlining (targeting black areas for fraudulent home loans), foreclosures, and property tax and eminent-domain schemes designed to force blacks out of major cities – and out of their homes and communities.

In predominantly black schools all across the country, black children are mis-educated and under-educated by design, while many black schools are closing their doors for good. Black boys are being “tracked” into “special education” and non-college prep classes, or expelled for minor offenses to DELIBERATELY destroy their intellectual potential and self-confidence.

The unrelenting onslaught of white Hollywood via the buffoonery comedies, sitcoms, and “reality shows” is polluting the minds and morals of black youth.  White decision-makers and their black puppets deliberately pair the black male with anyone but a black female in movies, TV shows, TV commercials, and rap videos to divide and conquer (and demoralize) the black male and female.

Over one million black men and black women rot in penal institutions, many for non-violent drug “crimes,” while white drug users of crack, powdered cocaine, prescription drugs, and meth get “intervention,” drug treatment, fines, or a slap on the wrist for their “illness.”

To add more injuries to the massive injuries inflicted on Black America by America’s “criminal” justice system, prison authorities callously turn a “blind eye” to the epidemic of inmates AND guards raping other inmates.

Rampant homosexuality flourishes in prisons where black males in their sexual prime are forced to live in cages with other sexually frustrated males. It is NO accident that black ex-felons infected with HIV, AIDS, &  Hepatitis C are deliberately released back into the black community without education, job skills or medical treatment for their contagious diseases.

It is UNDENIABLE that the white supremacy system and their white foot-soldiers are waging a VICIOUS WAR against black people on four levels: educational, economic, psychological, and reproductive. It is also increasingly clear that (white) America has no patience or sympathy for poor (or “uppity” blacks), and is rapidly and quietly building more prisons while it closes black schools in preparation for…what?


104 Million Dollar Juvenile Detention Center To Be Built East
Baltimore – while city is closing predominantly black schools

(SOURCE: Our Weekly, Nov 11, 2010)


ap_children_reactions_zimmerman_verdictChildren react to Zimmerman verdict

What is White America’s plan for black youth?  



(Excerpt from the book,  “Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act” )


  1. Tonia says:

    After the verdict was announced I actually pulled out my copy of Black Love… to begin rereading it.

  2. phoebeprunelle says:

    A stark reminder that the Civil Rights movement for integration was a huge mistake; we should have fought to have our own cities, school systems, law enforcement, political system…

    There was time to do this–it was called New Republic of Africa, but cowardly Black people stopped it.

    Until Blacks realize we need our OWN–this will continue on–until we are tired. (This includes our OWN spirituality that WE had–so you gotta stop with “tha LAWD will be the final judge”; and “ONLY Jesus” stuff) Yes, i went there…

    I am so tired of reading on these blogs about racism towards Blacks being the sole fault of white men–

    when it was a jury of mostly white women who ACQUITTED Zimmerman.

    It is white people (BOTH men and women) who are the cause of DEATH, DECAY and DETERIORATION of anything opposite of them.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ phoebeprunelle

      I agree, and I found out recently that many of the earlier civil rights activists DID NOT want integrated schools, they wanted separate AND equal schools but the white supremacists realized that the ONLY way to control “black progress” was to FORCE integration onto black people.

      Like that old saying, “Keep your friends close, your enemies closer.”

      Unfortunately, WE did not know that we could NOT “integrate” into a society that despised us, That’s not integration, that’s SUBJUGATION.

      Looking back, I believe INTEGRATION was a GIANT scheme. During segregation, black people relied on each other. We ran businesses and shopped with each other and married each other and lived around each other and had multi-generational communities because we had little choice. We weren’t independent, but we depended on each other

      and then along came INTEGRATION and the cunning white supremacists (masquerading as “liberals” whispered in our ears

      “Hey, you don’t need your own businesses, you can spend your money with us now.”

      and once we fell into that trap of going to white people for EVERYTHING we needed, including employment, now the rug is being pulled out from under us

      we are MORE dependent TODAY than we were during segregation. Of course, it’s hard to make an accurate and direct comparison, but hopefully, I made my point.


      • Mariama says:

        Thank you Pam for another constructive and great post. Though I am greatly disappointed with the Trayvon Martin verdict, I am not the least surprised. As it has been said before, history should be our greatest teacher. I hope this verdict really serves as an eye-opener for black people. This is extremely serious and I feel the war just brewing. Pam, your books, blogs and insight offer some of the most pragmatic solutions to our problems.

        The first major thing that has helped me is that I stopped watching TV. I decreased my TV watching by 95%. Now when I watch tv (even though most of my viewing is constructive), I am very critical. When you see things with a new pair of eyes, it is very difficult to go back to your old ways. Our people are in serious denial and I find that to be quite frustrating.

        Channa Lloyd, the black intern who volunteered her services for Zimmerman’s defense team is getting plenty hate messages. I read some of reactions on her Facebook account and they have been mostly negative. Meanwhile whites and her “black” friends are praising her for a job well done. I am very disappointed with her choice to help defend a child murderer. She said that she does not think Zimmerman is a racist and if he was, she would not have taken the case. SIGH! I believe that she is being used as a token black for the defense team so folks won’t call them out on racism. As Nelly Fuller would call it, this is Racial Showcasing at its finest.

        I have not and will not discuss this verdict with white folks. I just dont trust them and I dont think that most of them will be honest. I know that they know they are wrong. But their silent code keeps them from admitting it. I listened to blackchannel. net yesterday and the number of “well-meaning” white folks who ended up calling the host a nigger spoke volumes. Collectively, black folks have to realize that we have no friends.

        • TrojanPam says:


          I feel the same way, I’m not surprised but what I felt was a deep sense of sorrow for his parents, for young black people who are witnessing the VELVET GLOVE coming off the WHITE IRON FIST — because I believe those of us who believe in assimilation and integration and “inclusion” are going to be in for a very rude awakening as this system goes into the next phase

          stripping black people of EVERYTHING that we thought we had gained during the so-called “civil rights” era (what are “civil rights”?)

          regarding the young black female, Channa, there will always be black advocates for white supremacy and she will feel the STING of her wrong-headedness when she least expects it — from white people. She will either learn or not, that will be up to her.

          • Mariama says:

            I am getting to the point where I want to see something else so formidable happen, that black folks who are in constant denial can finally take off their rose colored glasses when it comes to racism. It really really disturbs me that too many Africans are wasting their time trying to integrate, socialize, sex and acquiesce to whites. Completely self-defeating and non-productive. I have NO sympathy in my heart for the OJ’s, NBA players who end up getting used and trashed by these same white people they love. Hard lessons must be learned. Blacks need to stop taking these people back after being trashed by them. Our self-esteem must be really low. I am very disappointed with Channa Llyod’s choice. She has so much going for her.

            • TrojanPam says:

              @ Mariama

              I understand and have had many moments like that, wanting to shake more black people out of this stupor we are in.

              Even on my blogs there is very little participation, usually the same handful of people post a response.

              We will NOT overcome our oppression with all this apathy and inactivity so who knows what the future holds?

              • Mariama says:


                SIGH, sadly, I agree with you.

              • TrojanPam says:

                @ Mariama

                Don’t be dismayed, it is a GREAT THING to open one’s eyes and SEE TRUTH. Truth is LIBERATING AND EMPOWERING.

                that’s why I advocated being a LEADER OF ONE, and learn to think for SELF.

                Just imagine a million enlightened, knowledgeable, self-respecting black LEADERS OF ONE coming together to accomplish a goal

    • tag says:

      You make excellent points Phoebe… May I suggest the Civil Rights movement accomplished what it was designed to do for the moment… it did provide advancement for many of our people…. what we failed to do is continue the advancement. After civil rights should have been focus on human and economic rights. I’m very proud of what our elders/ancestors fought so hard for….we just need to expand those rights…. something to consider….

  3. Miss Pam

    I’ve said this before and I’m going to repeat myself:

    Until we decide to unite in ALL areas and put language, country of origin, education, skin complexion gender, class, money, hair texture and upbringing aside, we’re NOT going to make it.

    Black people need to accept responsibility for their own actions, words and thoughts. Change begins with us!

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ diaryofanegress

      I agree, all those “differences” still add up to being NON-WHITE in a white supremacy system — which means YOU ARE GOING TO BE MISTREATED AND CHEATED

      I think it’s important to not descend into despair AND to understand we can EMPOWER OURSELVES as you said by our OWN thoughts, words and actions

      if none of that was important, the white supremacists wouldn’t be hell bent on controlling EVERY non-white person’s


      (repeat yourself as often as you feel the need)

  4. honeytreebee says:

    1 buy black
    2 stop eating junk and ruining your health
    3 use free resources like the public library instead of buying thing like movies.
    4 look for and support black businesses even if, you must pay more.
    5 limit your time with white people and realize that they never give you anything it is always a trick.
    6 dedicate time each week to learning about you and yours.
    7 if you have children or have them in your life encourage kushite education.
    8 never call another African out of their name ever again in this life or the next ever no n word ever.
    9 don’t support those that tear us down or are known users. This includes so called black leaders.
    10 don’t let others especially white people into family conversations remember 5 even when they appear to help or give information to help you it is always a trick or will end in tears.
    11 nourish yourself as you can only give what you have just like the earth and the sun.
    12 be kind, patience, loving, gentle, understanding, and loving to all brothers and sisters as we need this the most and get this the least. This doesn’t mean accept abuse as you need to love you first.

    Lastly never forget we are creators and in the end we are beyond all of this and will again ascend to true blackness.

  5. emylou05 says:

    Thank you, I’m in so much pain I can’t imagine what  Trayvon’s parents must be feeling


    • TrojanPam says:

      @ emylou05

      I can’t imagine either. They had have to do their grieving in public and in a courtroom and at the end watched their boy’s murderer walk free.

      I believe there will be a price paid for all this wickedness and I believe that KARMA is showering down on their heads as I write this.

      I would love to see a PRAYER DAY where millions of black people at an appointed time, stop whatever we are doing, get on our knees and pray to the Creator for his/her help in eliminating white supremacy. I think the SPIRITUAL POWER that black people naturally possess would be awesome if harnessed — which is why they gave the slaves and colonized Africans a “white-washed” Christian version where we are actually praying to a white Jesus and a white God.

      No wonder we’re still suffering…

  6. LBM says:

    I agree with the suggestions and would like to emphasize LIMIT TIME AROUND WHITES. Work, maybe school, business to the extent we must. But socializing, as well as imagery – tv, movies, magazines (for entertainment) – should be limited. This we can get on immediately.

    Make a commitment, even for a day,to not spend with non-Blacks, and I mean ALL non-Blacks.

    Talk to the young people you know truthfully.

    Don’t be foolish and don’t allow foolishness in your space. We must stop with the dangerous behaviours of rampant sex, unplanned pregnancies, domestic violence.

    STOP SEXING WITH WHITES, especially our males. It causes confusion. Anyone sleeping with a white female should ask themselves if she could have been one of those jurors. If you don’t think so, ask yourself why, what’s different about her. We need to stop playing. Boys play. Men produce justice – real justice.

    Stop letting whites feel comfortable with their racism. No need to be offensive or aggressive but no need to skin and grin either.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ LBM

      I totally agree. I am always cordial when out and about, in stores, at work, etc., but I am NOT open to any after-hours socializing because it often leads to sexual intercourse between whites and blacks.

      I agree, we should talk to the young people we encounter, and I need to do a better job of NOT sounding like I’m preaching and learn to be a better listener. That’s what they really need, to have their feelings validated and then they might be open to listening to our point of view. There are no magic answers or bullets for a problem that started over 500 years ago, but we have to try to do a better job

      I want to do a short book on the black female on black female gender wars, because it is very difficult (sometimes) to communicate with another black female, there are a lot of trust issues that black females overall are not willing to talk or think about . Too threatening, but we have to deal with that before we can help each other heal. Any ideas for that book, please drop me a line or a post

      • Mariama says:


        That is really a great idea! Black females are very mistrustful towards each other. It could be based on nationality, skin complexion, class level, etc. Even though I grew up with white people and went to mostly white schools, I tend not to trust blacks who are culturally white. They tend to be extremely indoctrinated and very protective of all things “white.” That would be a tough barrier for a culturally proud black person to knock down. Good Luck! I love your book idea. Thank you for the great post!

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ Mariama

          I see anti-black-female-ness among all classes of black females. I think it comes from a culture that demonizes black females to the extent that even WE don’t like each other (and ourselves)

          The white culture makes it appear NORMAL for females to be catty and spiteful and mean-spirited toward other females and people mimic that behavior

          I also think black females are so traumatized AND demoralized, collectively, from all the attacks on our bodies, hair, features, and IR dating on the part of BM, and for some there IS a shortage of marriageable black males (or males who are interested in getting married) so black females — whether we ADMIT it or not– start to see other black females strictly as competition, like a person who is hungry and there is a shortage of food, starts to view other hungry people as a threat to their ability to find food.

          My problem is when I bring up this topic, most black females seem to shy away from it but I suspect MOST or all know exactly what I’m talking about and a lot of us are guilty of mistreating other black females for no reason whatsoever

          it is time to COME CLEAN, sisters.

  7. rvltn7 says:

    @honeytreebee I thank you!

  8. @TrojanPam
    Here’s a few suggestions from a video. I thought this brother made some great points.

  9. @Trojan Pam
    Do you know if the COWS has an upcoming show? This topic really needs to be discussed. I know a lot of people need to vent their frustration. It’s better to do it on a radio show than to do to something out on the streets.

  10. Two Moon Sun says:

    Hi All!
    Yes, when exactly does COWS air its program? How do we tune into it? I’ve been listening to the older episodes, but would like to call in to a live episode one day. How do I do that?
    -Two Moon Sun

  11. blacklit101 says:

    I LOVE this post. Thank you so much… Thank you so much for KNOWING.

  12. blacklit101 says:

    Reblogged this on BlackLit101 and commented:
    I think this post is spot-on with my own ideologies. No Black Pete and I definitely share the proverbial soapbox! Enjoy!

  13. tag says:

    For starters, be aware of your surroundings…. and back out if you need to….carry protection…. take defense classes…. always have a camera/video/audio and cell phone….

  14. Reblogged this on Black Survival and commented:
    Great post with some great tips to follow!

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