RE-POST: A Reader Asks: “What Should Black People Do Immediately?”

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Someone posted a comment yesterday asking for suggestions on what they could do — so I decided to re-post this blogpost from April 2013.

A Reader asked me today: “Ok, what is our NEXT move, our immediate need, as Black Americans?”

I thought it was a good question and one that is asked by many black people who are interested in solving this problem. So, I thought it would be constructive to post my response then let other folks weigh in with their solutions and suggestions on the most important things black people can do RIGHT NOW that will help eliminate the system of racism/white supremacy.

My Response

@ Dave

that’s the million dollar question, and it’s a good one. This is where I would start:

1. Begin by understanding the REAL PROBLEM. You can’t fix something when you don’t know what’s broken OR how it works.


 from what I can see, most of us don’t understand it. We think more education, more integration, more interracial dating, more money, or more protests and marching will fix our problems. We don’t understand how to fix it because we don’t understand the biggest problem: RACISM/WHITE SUPREMACY. That means we must be willing to read, listen, and learn about the system of white supremacy. That’s the first, most necessary step.

2. being honest with ourselves about the real problem: Racism/White Supremacy — AND stop blaming black people for what the white people in charge are doing to us

white house leaders

(left to right) Henry Paulson, former U.S.  Treasury Secretary, U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi, and John Boehner, Speaker of the House, Republican leader

In my experience, most black people do not understand the real problem (racism/white supremacy) OR that ALL OF US – regardless of  our “class,” income, education or swagger — live under a system of WHITE DOMINATION that operates as a GLOBAL system — and if we doubt this, just look around the world at all the non-white nations that are still being controlled by their white conquerors — Japan, South Korea, many or most parts of Africa, the Middle East, Israel, Mexico, Canada, Latin America, Egypt, Iraq, and pretty soon, Syria will be next

That does not mean non-white people are stupid or incompetent or inferior or deserve to be mistreated. It means WE DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE SYSTEM OF WHITE SUPREMACY AND HOW IT FUNCTIONS

OR how it controls all NINE AREAS of human activity (according to Neely Fuller, Jr.)

3. The next one is one that makes many potential black  “counter-racists” break out in a cold sweat and jump off the ship:   STOP HAVING SEX WITH WHITE PEOPLE.

black white sex starting young

( braintrashing black boys at a young age)

 You cannot lay down with the same people who are oppressing you and expect that oppression to stop. That does not mean every single white person is individually oppressing every single black person but it does mean that all white people BENEFIT from a system of WHITE PRIVILEGE, and make no mistake — THEY KNOW IT,

and if that is true, then your white “partner” is also benefiting from your mistreatment and KNOWS IT and KNOWS that you do NOT understand how much they benefit AT YOUR EXPENSE.

I personally have NEVER, EVER, EVER met a white person — no matter how personable, or apologetic or so-called “anti-racist” they may be — who TRULY wanted to end white supremacy OR their white privileges. NEVER.

And the so-called  “white anti-racists” (an OXYMORON) that have appeared on C.O.W.S  have shown this to be true over and over and over and over again

I have also NEVER met a white person who told even a tenth of what they knew about the many ways white people harm or trick non-white people (won’t SNITCH on other white people) — which ALSO means that your white “partner” is DELIBERATELY withholding valuable information from the non-white person or child they claim to “love.”

Black people are confused enough about racism, but having sex with white people DOUBLES and DEEPENS that confusion and spurs the NEED TO GO INTO DENIAL about racism in order to JUSTIFY our involvement with a (white) person who represents our oppression — AND who possibly (and probably) is a racist white supremacist.

What I have seen OVER and OVER from black people who are sexually involved with white people  is they almost ALWAYS become more self-hating and more critical of other black people and will usually blame other black people for whatever white people are doing to them.

In other words we become more overtly or subtly INSANE. I have seen this happen too many times in my own personal life.

4. Be more selective and MORE self-respecting about the people, places and things that you allow to influence AND entertain you

jamie foxx as wanda

Jamie Foxx as “Wanda”


Wendy Williams

eddie murphy as big momma

Eddie Murphy in ‘Norbit’ movie

sanford and son

Sanford and Son TV Show

martin as big momma

Martin Lawrence as ‘Big Momma’

Little Kim

Little Kim

NickiMinaj & Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne and Nicki Minage


 A “comedy smash” film that was never released (Thank God!!!)

Little Wayne2

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne I am Not a human being


Lil Wayne Fan

A  Lil Wayne Fan

The EASIEST thing we can do as black people — right now, IMMEDIATELY — is to STOP SUPPORTING any black (or white) so-called ENTERTAINER, PREACHER, or POLITICIAN (most of them amount to the same thing anyway) that degrades AND deceives black people, like the VAST MAJORITY of  black entertainers, big-time black preachers, and black politicians today MUST DO IF they want to be successful and make money in a white supremacy system.  That is a GIVEN.

Sadly, too many black people will spend our hard-earned money to sit in a comedy club or in a movie theater or at home watching cable  TV just to see black and white people call other black people (us) NIGGER (over 60 times in the movie, Django)  and BITCH, and HO, and DAWG, and talk about nappy hair, and p*ssy, and doo-doo, and pee-pee, and wee-wee, and call each other ‘black apes and gorillas’ (Sanford and Son), and get a kick out of black males parading around in dresses and wigs, and confused and self-hating black entertainers praising and uplifting white people as lovers and friends and spouses all while putting down other black people as inferior and defective.

and then we will leave that club or theater or house or apartment, and get out in the REAL world, talking about:

“Where’s my respect?   I demand my respect!”

What is self-respect? Self-respect means NOT lying to ourselves about our pitiful condition as black people in a system of white supremacy AND that we are unwitting PARTICIPANTS in ways that are completely UNNECESSARY — due to our ignorance about this system and how it works against us.

That is a beginning, Mike, and one that doesn’t COST ONE DIME because there is a lot of information for FREE on this blog and on other blogs and on internet radio shows like C.O.W.S.  hosted by Gus Renegade

and on Black Talk Radio Network and other sites listed under the Websites menu on this site.

As well as over 100 FREE sound clips of Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr. on the system of white supremacy like the one below:

Do Not Demand Respect as a Black Person — a sound clip by Neely Fuller, Jr.

download link

(for more Neely Fuller sound clips on black people)

Trojan Pam  (Trojan Horse Press)

  1. Ms. J says:

    Thank you for this post!! I told a friend that I felt like I wasn’t doing enough to end racism, but he told me that, “The fact that you are working to change your mind is a huge step”.

    I think we overestimate the power of little things we can do. Too many Black people associate activism with sit-ins, demonstrations, and protests. I can imagine the amount of change that would take place if we did these simple everyday things!! And most of them have nothing to even do with dealing with White people and following one “Black leader”. It’s about healing ourselves.

    Doing these things has worked WONDERS in my life.

    • Mariama says:

      I agree with you 1000%. One thing that I did that helped me tremendoulsy was cut my tv watching by 95-97% That alone does wonders. I can see and think more clearly. I dont buy any hip hop music that degrades black people, esp black women. I dont watch reality shows, or any other media that depicts us negatively. The list goes on and on. I make sure that I listen to black independent media that strives to uplift us. There are so many other things that black folk could do that would save them mental anguish overnight. In many ways, when we work together collectively, we have so much power and strength.

      • TrojanPam says:

        @ Mariama

        I agree with your entire post

        that’s why they are pushing sex with white people AND Homosexuality

        because the white supremacists understand the potential SPIRITUAL POWER of the planet’s first people if the black male and female EVER came together what they would mean to the system of white supremacy —

        which is already disintegrating from within — and from attacks by the UNIVERSE and MOTHER NATURE — which is why i believe infertility is rising fast among the white population and why they are desperate to BREED with those inferior people of color

        to save the white race from extinction — at least that’s what white people keep talking about

        the white race “dying out’

        sadly, we think it’s just the opposite, that progress and power means getting away from other black people

        It’s sad, sad, sad…

        • Ms. J says:

          Yeah, I think Nature is doing something to white people’s ability to reproduce. I know many white females who have great difficulty with childbearing. Also, it’s becoming more common for whites to have just ONE child in many European countries. I’m the only child myself, but I fear the fact that I have no other family; oddly enough, the media is promoting the idea that the only child is the ideal.

          Maybe that’s why they make a big deal about (white) celebrities having babies and produced shows like “22 and Counting”.

          • TrojanPam says:

            @ Ms J

            we detail this rising infertility in our book “Black Love Is a Revolutionary Act”

            there is something going on when the (white) people with the best resources,

            the best food, the best environments, the best medical care, the best schools, the best nutritional advantages, the most wealth,

            are having the MOST difficulty reproducing


            at the same time they devastate the non-white world with GMO foods in Africa (disguised as AID)

            with toxins, poisoned lakes, with polluted water and soils, with medical/biological weapons, with poor nutrition, with neighborhoods where fresh produce is scarce and unaffordable (like in many poor black areas in Chicago), and so on,

            and yet these non-white people have no problems reproducing

            which is why the LIE of OVERPOPULATION is being spread as gospel to discourage non-whites from having children

            and to justify GENOCIDE

            and why HOMOSEXUALITY is being promoted in Africa which will have the BIGGEST POPULATION GROWTH IN THE WORLD OVER THE NEXT 40 YEARS


            and no man, including the white man, has enough power to decide against GOD WHO will be here and who will not

            and so they feverishly breed with us, looking into our eyes as they merge their genes with ours and tell us that they love us

            when in reality they are just trying to


            wake up, people

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Ms J.

      I agree, and I’m glad you found a way to empower yourself, because that’s where it starts

      there are no instant or overnight or magical solutions to this problem

      we can’t “elect” someone out of this problem

      we have to start with SELF

      and start small, because everything I do and you do matters because a million little things by a million people ADD up

      I feel the same way, that embracing TRUTH — even painful TRUTH — has been the most empowering thing I have ever done in my life

  2. @TrojanPam
    Great post! You really broke it down well. I think everyone needs to grab a pad and pencil for this one.
    You said:
    “Sadly, too many black people will spend our hard-earned money to sit in a comedy club or in a movie theater or at home watching cable  TV just to see black and white people call other black people (us) NIGGER (over 60 times in the movie, Django)  and BITCH, and HO, and DAWG, and talk about nappy hair, and p*ssy, and doo-doo, and pee-pee, and wee-wee, and call each other ‘black apes and gorillas’ (Sanford and Son), and get a kick out of black males parading around in dresses and wigs, and confused and self-hating black entertainers praising and uplifting white people as lovers and friends and spouses all while putting down other black people as inferior and defective.”
    Great statement! We have to speak with our wallets. We can no longer support films that insult and degrade us as a people. It’s sad ecause our children see these films and black inferiority in instilled in them. These films and tv shows are mental pollution. The same goes for the sick promotion of homosexuality an interracial sex on our community.
    Side note- That pic is of Martin Lawrence in Big Momma. Don’t feel bad,it’s a honest mistake. With all these cross dressing black men in Hollyweird,anyone could’ve made the mistake.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Kushite Prince who said;

      “Side note- That pic is of Martin Lawrence in Big Momma. Don’t feel bad,it’s a honest mistake. With all these cross dressing black men in Hollyweird,anyone could’ve made the mistake.”

      🙂 Thank you! Your comment gave me the best laugh I had all weekend! I did get them confused! 🙂

      (also, I made the corrections)

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Kushite Prince

      the things we CAN do are the easiest things to do. I’m not suggesting anybody pick up a gun or hurt anyone or hurt themselves or rebel at work or stand on a street corner next to a police station shouting ‘black power.”

      everything that I listed are easy that don’t take much work or cost any money and in FACT, actually SAVE money

      either we have to change what we think, do, and say or STOP complaining about our oppression.

      President Obama cannot and will not save black people. (which I suspect was part of his appeal, that of a “black leader” who will lead the black masses to freedom land while we are sitting at home watching the TV)

      counter-racism is NOT a spectator sport

      if we want it to end we ALL must do something to change things and the first place to start is with the man or woman in that mirror.

      • @TrojanPam
        You’re right,they used Obama because we still suffer from the “Moses complex”. Waiting for one individual to save us. When in reality it will take a collective group effort. Your list as well as what Sister Truth posted are the things we should be doing. It’s not very difficult. It just takes a little effort and determination.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ Kushite Prince

          that’s what we have been trained to do from the days of slavery, to look for a white OR a black savior or master

          the white slave-owner

          white Jesus Christ

          a first black president

          all of the above were created by the same people: the white supremacists

  3. Miss Pam

    How about what I call “dropping out of the system”? What does that mean?

    Stop buying hair
    Stop using chemical relaxers
    Stop eating junk food / fast food
    Stop eating white sugar
    Stop smoking
    Stop drinking
    Stop buying labels and buy thrift store clothes
    Homeschool your own children
    Plant a garden

    the list is endless really but these little things really do add up.

  4. Reblogged this on Black Survival and commented:
    This is definitely worth a reblog! Much respect to the queen Trojan Pam!

  5. TrojanPam says:

    @ ALL

    Here’s one more suggestion


    and if you don’t think this post or blog is constructive, find one and share information.

    a lot of people are getting a lot of bad information on a daily basis but I believe a lot of them are HUNGRY for some information that makes sense and helps them to navigate the jungle of white supremacy

  6. Onitaset says:

    It’s sad that the many negative voices oft drown the positive. I recently saw a posting discussing the best Black TV shows and this list was on several “Pro-Black” sites. The shows were the usual Anti-Black narrative, but we promoted them because “they made us” i.e. they looked like us because we imitated them. It’s depressing. I’m very glad for this clarity in the sea of confusion.

    The next question is–What is the next step? Some of us don’t sleep with Whites, don’t blame our Siblings, and don’t consume the garbage.

    What next?

    I recommend Self-Help and Ida B. Wells described the hows and whys:

    The white man’s dollar is his god, and to stop this will be to stop outrages in many localities.

    I laid out her words here:

    Ancient Africa tells us,

    The only active force that arises out of possession is fear of losing the object of possession.

    Sometimes being Independent isn’t enough. We sometimes have to hit the European where it hurts–his wallet. No sense being Independent among Poverty. I recommend to those who did the above, to join Organization that will bring the war to the enemy.

    If the European can not extract a dime from us and if he can’t kill us, he will sue for peace. That’s why we say “Maroon and Build For Self.”

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Onitaset

      I am all for self-help and NOT spending our dollars where it hurts us OR where we are not respected.

      Even though we get our money from whites, they don’t have absolute control over where we spend it, whether it be frying our hair or chemicalizing our finger and toenails at a black or Arab or Korean salon and getting a huge dose of toxic chemicals AND possibly breast or uterine cancer as a bonus

      they can’t make us buy or rent or pay for movies or music or clothing that degrades us

      they can’t make us spend our hard earned money to tattoo our bodies, get our hair dyed blonde or wear a weave

      they can’t make us spend $100 on an electronic game that will dull our children’s senses instead of a puzzle, book, or chemistry set that will force them to THINK and READ

      they can’t make us NOT shop at a reputable black business if one exists in our area

      they can’t make us buy luxury cars when a decent sedan will do just fine

      they can’t make us buy a much bigger house than we need

      there’s a long list of things we do VOLUNTARILY that we can STOP DOING TODAY

  7. hunterlee says:

    This is an interesting post. I agree with a lot of the comments. Follow the money and that’s where you’ll find the power… many times, in white men’s hands.
    I’m a white woman fighting the power. My choice to disconnect from a lot of the garbage (no tv, smartphone, mall shopping) keeps me grounded.
    People ask why I don’t date, or find a husband (single mom) and it’s because I am free.

  8. matt says:

    maybe if a greater percentage of black people would act civilized and quit acting like animals killing each other like in Chicago willing too go out and work instead of being slaves to the democratic party that buys there vote. white people have a problem with blacks because they destroy neighborhoods attack white people {which doesn’t r\even make the news}. blacks are repeing the reward of slavery they would still be living in grass huts if not brought here. I am against slavery but the white man is suffering because of it,, Just think no blacks in America there would not be near the crime, most prisons wouldn’t be here or all the government handouts that buys there vote therefore the best politicians would be in office instead of ones that cater to welfare scum including whitetrash as well. has anyone ever heard of a civilized black society there isn’t any, every major city in the world that has blacks has third world blacks living here you people are a disease to yourselves and other country as well. without whity you all would never have anything this is the truth for those of you that are hard working blacks I am sorry for writing this. but this is why most people look down on the black race. quit living off others and start acting like human beings/

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Matt

      Rather than give the long long long list of crimes by white people against the planet, the air, the earth, nature, food, water, people, species, wars, gas ovens, mass murders, school shootings, serial killers, Salem witch trials, atomic bombs, napalm, genetically modified foods, biological weapons, wiping out entire species, oil spills in the oceans, etc,

      which certainly marks your kind as the MOST DESTRUCTIVE AND VIOLENT people who have ever walked the earth, so much so that Mother Nature has slated YOUR KIND FOR EXTINCTION to SAVE THE PLANET

      the proof: 30% of white male sperm is non-viable — aka unable to fertilize an egg AND white females are having a fertility crisis where some are being born with no wombs and under-developed uteruses and have to RENT the wombs of those “inferior” African and Indian females to carry white babies to term

      I’m leaving your post up ONLY because comments like yours are the BEST EXAMPLE of the sociopathic mindsets of racist white people and why Trayvon Martin’s murderer walked free

      (thanks for proving my point)

    • Mike says:


      I won’t crucify you.

      I’ll try to explain simply.

      As the American Black are less than 17% of the total United States population, our draw on the economy is NOT significant.

      Nearly 11% of our United States population are UNDOCUMENTED CITIZENS. The draw on social services and damage to the economy is apparent. What happens is the undocumented person finds work then, sends the money to their homeland. They aren’t a part of our taxation system, they operate outside of it most times. That makes a huge turn for the worse to the U.S economy, because that money is gone without being taxed, usually.

      Imagine it like this, you and your significant other share a bank account. However, they continually spend without replenishing the account. Eventually, you’ll notice. Hopefully, before the worst case scenario.

      As far as BLACK VIOLENCE.

      Normally, it stays contained in our “urban” neighborhoods. However (again), the advent of TELEVISION, SOCIAL MEDIA and the relative “shrinking of the world” broadcasts the “alleged” violent behavior of Blacks as a tool for the justification of mistreatment. Keep in mind, Blacks were considered “chattel” for 465 years. (☆Google chattel) The only war Blacks have had a true interest in, was the CIVIL WAR.


      Read about LYNDON B. JOHNSON and the CIA. There is, was and always will be a secret level of involvement by high level officials, to undermine the growth of certain groups considered as “possible threats” to the Government. On that historical list, you’d find people like:

      Martin Luther King
      Malcolm X
      Louis Farahkaan
      Huey P. Newton
      Bobby Seals

      and a continuing list of activists.

      There is documented proof of the Johnson administration being involved with the injection of guns and drugs into the Black Community. Funny enough, the group called the BLACK PANTHERS (who were a community based group whose charter was the education, charity and protection of the Black community that had been terrorized by police officers.) …that stood upon a platform of the 2nd ammendment. The Panther involvement decreased police violence against Blacks significantly, almost to a standstill. After CIA infiltration, the party was disbanded and the leadership mysteriously killed off. The same things happen to WHITE GROUPS too, David Koresh and the BRANCH DAVIDIANS come to mind. As well as many other “milita” styled groups. This transcends Black and White. The government has a charter to protect itself from “perceived threat”…and its subject to interpretation, I’m sure.

      When you make such broad-based statements, it makes you sound like a “dick” and a stupid, short one with a thin shaft and funny head shape, at that. There’s plenty of documents, books and information to be absorbed about the unscrupulous nature of the USA…remember, they were kicked out of England in lieu of capital punishment…lol

      Just be open to read material that may portray your ancestry in a “different” perspective. There’s nothing wrong with having a few perspectives before passing such critical judgment, like you did. It was completely myopic and as an adult…you should strive to get better as a person…inside and out. It’s called “growth”.

      Holla @ya’boy

  9. Mike says:


    97% in concurrence.

    American Blacks need to escape mainstream media and the programming that’s fed into us.

    We need schools that teach our history, world history and the plight of the NATIVE AMERICAN, who were in fact our allies during the age of slavery. Our fates are intertwined and a good portion of American Blacks have bloodlines that are mixed with the Native Blood, as well as the Oppressors’.

    We need vocal leadership. Someone or some group of people who are charismatic and have a legitimate plan for the advancement of the oppressed, be they any ethnicity. The focus should be inclusive to avoid any ethnic backlash. The charter could be based on economics, as the new poverty line is expected to be moved up significantly in years to come, effectively separating the middle class and leaving only 2 financial classifications.

    We need to “make” or produce or fabricate. There not one thing that we make or produce or do, that isn’t entertainment. We need to separate from mainstream, thereby causing a demand for our services and talents. Honestly, we should really get with the Native Americans, as they have their own American TAX EXEMPT land. We could help them to recover from the atrocities that crippled them and begin a recovery process of our own. Imagine if we started sports teams on tax exempt land, or began banking facilities or hoarded our entertainment industry, along with schools and the inception of manufacture of a gross national product. Its a stretch…but feasible. Within 50 years we could have a cultural phenomenon.

    …it starts with a willingness and guidelines to follow. The society that we’ve been thrust into, unprepared for and ignorant of (the Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves but confined us to be reliant on the same institution. Remember, for 465 we had no or very miniscule levels of education and intelligence is effectively related to mastery of your language)…undeniably lead the former slaves into becoming non-producing consumers.

    The revenue generated by the NCAA, NFL, MLB, BOXING, GOLF, NBA, MUSIC INDUSTRY, FASHION RETAIL and several other venues, is there to be split. It’ll just take unification and a sense of NATIONALISM, with a strategic plan for future success and generational advancement. We have some of the best and brightest minds, the most physically gifted and and talented people the world has ever seen. We just need a common goal.


    I’m rambling.


    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Mike

      Interesting suggestions.

      I totally agree that we MUST create our own schools, absolutely a mandatory FIRST STEP, otherwise, we’re allowing the white supremacist MIS-EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM to destroy our children’s educational potential and self-confidence. Our children are being trained to be SLAVES, and we must tackle this problem ASAP.

      I am more in favor of the concept of “Become a Leader of One.” We can’t count on anymore “black leaders” because they will either be bought out, imprisoned, slandered or murdered. So, we must learn to LEAD OURSELVES.

      We need more entrepreneurs and business owners, and not just the typical businesses, (like soul food, hair salons, etc). We need to take the skills we learned from our corporate america jobs and share our skills with other black people.

      But the first two things I think we must do is

      # 1 — EDUCATE OURSELVES about the system of white supremacy because if we don’t understand it we won’t see the traps they are going to set for us, including another “charismatic black leader.” We have to deal with the reality that the white supremacists are not going to sit around twiddling their thumbs while black people “empower” ourselves. We have to be prepared for it and not allow it to derail us.

      # 2 — We must deal with the epidemic level of ANTI-BLACKNESS among the black collective or we will find ourselves sabotaging each other. That includes black people who are sexually involved with white people. What role should they play, if any?

      A lot of questions must be answered before we move forward

      • Mike says:

        Almost every group has a “Front Man” or a face of the organization, with the exceptions of the Jewish community and the GAY/LESBIAN/TRANSEXUAL community. Most times their “ambassadors” vary.

        What I mean is Leadership that can motivate and inspire, along with lending credibility to the cause.

        Imagine if 400 sports players from the assortment of leagues got together and formed a bank.

        Or if another individual formed a financial service…oh, wait! RUSSELL SIMMONS has. Just imagine if more of his goals were heading in a more “radical” direction or if he formed investment groups to explore our “BLACK INITIATIVE”.

        I’d be likely to investigate participation.

        As for sex…

        I’m really not the right person to ask…lol…

        I’m Black with Native American lineage. I was born in Berkeley California and raised in Oakland California. It’s pretty liberal there. Most of my younger years, people thought my mom was white, she’s all black…my grandparents were/are CHOCOLATEY…lol… my wife is mixed…my kids are mixed. Before I had kids, I imagined them looking like VENUS WILLIAMS or USAIN BOLT…lol…but PRINCE or ZOE SALDANA are variations of “us” as well.

        That said. I’m all for the education of the “willing” to learn. I’m sure any curriculum that teaches a complete version of history will undoubtedly attract “attention” from other ethnicities. Lol…

  10. Mike says:


    My viewpoint on music.

    Revolution needs a conductor. Music is the place, however (one of my favorite words)…the production of the music should be placed in more of an instructional and inspirational valuation system.

    There’s no problem with talking about the streets or “bitches and sex”…those things are real, to ignore them would be irresponsible. That shouldn’t be the entire message of a genre and it’s not. For every “Lil Wayne” there is a “BLACK THOUGHT” or an “ICE CUBE” that matures into manhood. Educational opportunities fuel what these rappers talk about. Music has always had a voice against the unfair or “the struggle”…example BOB MARLEY, 2Live CREW, JIMI HENDRIX, GEORGE CLINTON and tons of others, all the way down to the DIXIE CHICKS.

    If a little BLACK NATIONALISM was injected into the youth…you’d end up with NAS and TUPAC and MOS DEF, along with the DEAD PREZ…and countless other groups…the music is there…the message is there….its just the producers and marketing of the big record companies that push a certain image. …reference the movie: CB4 (starring CHRIS ROCK)…lol…

    We just need education. We need it desperately.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Mike

      I agree that we need education desperately, and creating music with a message is one way to reach the youth — as long as black people control the message. That is key.

  11. Mike says:


    I hope that I added something to the discussion.

    My family and I recently moved from California to the SOUTH…and man…the “nigger-dom” is out of control! This place is 20 years behind California and ethnic relations.

    I don’t know where you are from…but the world is a big place…and Black Americans are welcomed a lot of those places.

    We need to make network associates in the Central and South Americas, the Polynesian Islands and the Black Islands of Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and everywhere in between….remember, these are our relatives…the SLAVE SHIPS landed on these islands too. Our ancestry is the same minus the Native American mixture.

    I think, (don’t quote me) around 1862 the worlds leaders met in GENEVA for meetings about policies concerning INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS. (mostly surrounding captured war prisoners and the basic humanities to be extended to them) The meetings held in Geneva, helped to form the international treaty known as the “GENEVA CONVENTION”.

    If I’m correct, the nations participating in the inhumane treatment of any people were NOT allowed to attend or participate in or be subject to the protection of the treaty. There was a huge rush put on the United States and England and France to end their “colonization” acts and forcible annexations along with slavery.

    That’s why you see countries like India and Jamaica and the Philippines celebrate an independence year near the signing date of the Emancipation Proclamation (1863..government enforcement as of 1865)

    I read about this years ago…so..I may be slightly off…but world history has a huge significance on our American history.

    But…keeping us ignorant to it is a huge dividing tool…so…we really need to realize who our resources are.

  12. […] RE-POST: A Reader Asks: “What Should Black People Do Immediately?” […]

  13. KJ says:

    Great re-post for people like me, who weren’t on here in 2013. Number 3 is two things combined: Racists and unwitting blacks are always putting an emphasis on communication and understanding, for instance the million dollars michael jordan just donated to a police chiefs organization to start a committee to decrease police brutality. Whether MJ is just that unwitting, or he’s trying to cover his back with the racists (I believe it to be both), this is one of the biggest deceptions that racists use against us: that they are oblivious, or don’t understand racism or how it works. They are completely aware. As someone who understands racism, I never EVER let whites engage me in conversations about racism or politics. Even by initiating a convo with you, they are already playing a game. The end purpose being to pretend that they don’t understand racism and white supremacy. They know if you entertain the conversation, then you don’t understand racism.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ KJ

      I don’t think MJ is unwitting. He allowed himself to be used to deceive black people into thinking his actions would produce justice. Giving money to a police chief’s organization to decrease police brutality????


      I agree that whites initiating conversations about racism is a game they use to confuse black and non-white people.


  14. Dina Char says:

    As someone who understands racism, I never EVER let whites engage me in conversations about racism or politics

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