UPDATE 2: The Purge: A (White) Fantasy Movie OR A Glimpse Into the Future?

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The Purge Movie poster

‘The Purge’ movie poster

(Description: If on one night every year, you could commit any crime without facing consequences, what would you do? Over the course of a single night, a family will be tested to see how far they will go to protect themselves when the vicious outside world breaks into their home.  Will be released  Friday, June 7,  2013)

This is my third post on the movie, The Purge — and possibly the most revealing.  (To read the first post, which includes the movie trailer, click here.  To read the second post, click here )

It appears there is more to ‘The Purge’ movie than appears on the surface. After listening (and participating) in a C.O.W.S. program last evening,  one of the callers (Lashes) informed us about a website related to the movie that she found alarming.

It’s called  ‘New Founders of America: A Nation Reborn”  — and after checking out this site, I came to the same conclusion as ‘Lashes’:

It is alarming AND a wake-up call for all those who either do NOT understand OR do NOT believe the DIRECTION this nation is going


So, I decided to do a WHOIS search on the domain name to see who owned it and this is what I found:

Administrative Contact

Universal City Studios – UPG Domains

100 Universal City Plaza


Universal City, CA 91608


It is OBVIOUS that some very powerful (white males and white females) in Hollywood are the ARCHITECTS of this “fictional”  website.


While it is not unusual for a movie studio to create a website to promote a movie, this website does NOT look like the TYPICAL promotional or marketing site.

There are NO movie trailers, or names of actors and actresses, or anything one might expect on an ENTERTAINMENT website to promote a movie.

It looks like a EXTREME “RIGHT-WING”  POLITICAL ORGANIZATION or  THINK TANK website.  Hence, the preferred use of  “.org” instead of  “.com”  (even though Universal Studios registered both versions).

Some very revealing excerpts from the New Founders of America website



SECTION 1: The Annual Purge shall begin each year on June 7 at sunset, officially starting at 7PM, and ending at sunrise, June 8, at 7AM.

SECTION 2: During the time of The Purge, any and all crime, up to and including murder, will be legal for 12 continuous hours. Police, fire and hospital aid will be unavailable until The Purge concludes.

SECTION 3: The following weapons cannot be used during The Purge: weapons of mass destruction, fragment-producing explosives higher than a hazard class HC/D 1.4 and viral contagion projectiles.

SECTION 4: Government officials of ranking 5 and higher have been granted immunity from The Purge and shall not be harmed.

SECTION 5: Non-compliance with any of the aforementioned rules will result in death by hanging.





(check the date of the Chairman’s “address”)

State of Our Nation Reborn – NFA Chairman’s Address

June 4, 2022

Fellow citizens of America, a Nation reborn:

Six years ago, we, the New Founders of America, came together from all sides of the political spectrum around a common dream–the dream of a Nation reborn.

We refused to accept that the price of progress was economic turmoil. We refused to believe that rampant crime and a dissolute future for our country was inevitable. And we refused to allow bipartisanism to continue standing in the way of change.

We asked you, fine citizens of the home of the brave, if you had the courage to believe that one night could save America. We heard your answer loud and clear: YES. Today, you’re louder than ever. As we approach the fifth annual Purge, we are thrilled to say that 88% of Americans now support the 28th Amendment.

On behalf of the NFA, I want to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who has taken part in purging. Whether you participate in the hunt, lost a loved one during the Purge, or simply display your blue baptisias year after year, your commitment to cleansing our country has made all of this possible.

Have a safe night, America.


Top 5 Cities for Purging in 2022

(I only posted the fifth city on the list, Detroit)

While most Americans still prefer to hunt locally, a growing number have begun seeking new challenges, resulting in a boom for The Purge tourism industry especially following news that 2022 Purge travel expenses will be tax deductible.

Considering a change of Purge scenery? Check out our picks for destination hunting this year:

5. Detroit, MI

Despite improvements to its economy after its takeover by the state in 2013, Detroit still ranks high in crime and unemployment. This year, Michigan is running an aggressive incentive campaign to boost purging, with a $250 per purge bounty offered to citizens who are currently employed full-time. Seasoned purgers could stand to make quite a killing!



Keep in MIND that some of the MOST POWERFUL white males and females in Hollywood are the ARCHITECTS of this  FICTIONAL “entertainment” website.

Some Additional Insight into this Site was discussed during last night’s C.O.W.S. program (June 5, 2013)


Gus Renegade comments on the New Founders of America website

download link


‘Lashes’ (a COWS listener) comments on the New Founders of America website

download link


Trojan Pam’s comments on “purging” black people

download link

Ill Senator Mark KirkIllinois Senator Mark Kirk

Illinois Senator Mark Kirk recently suggested that federal agents arrest tens of thousands of Chicago gang members  (AKA a “purge”?)

“My top priority is to arrest the Gangster Disciples gang, which is 18,000 people. I would like to do a mass pickup of them and put ’em all in the Thomson Correctional facility.”

gangster1The Gangster Disciples

Kirk and Democratic Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois are asking for $30 million in federal aid to be used to aggressively go after Chicago’s largest and most destructive gang – the Gangster Disciples.




Kirk said at a press conference with Durbin at the Union League Club following the Fardon meeting that he will ask the Senate Appropriations Committee for $30 million “to go after gangs like the GDs . . . and pick the biggest and baddest for a federal effort.”

“I think it’s completely within the capability of the United States government to crush a major urban gang,” Kirk said. “Just think of what the greatest generation did here in Chicago, pretty much crushing the Capone organization.”

U.S. Congressman Bobby Rush, asked by the Sun-Times to react to Kirk’s proposal said in a phone interview:  “It’s a sensational, headline-grabbing, empty, simplistic, unworkable approach.”


If there is $30 million for Congress to spend, better most of it be allocated for “job creation and job training,” to address the gang problem, Rush said.

Rush’s House district includes communities plagued by gang violence. He said his criticism of Kirk is  “not to excuse their activities.”

Rush said an arrest sweep “is not going to work. . . . It is not a law and order, lock ’em up solution.”

U.S. Congressman Bobby Rush (a black male)  said he would like to talk to Kirk, to “get him to see the bigger picture.


He added, “I am really very upset with Mark” and that Kirk’s approach was an “upper-middle-class, elitist white boy solution to a problem he knows nothing about.”


Realizing those were very strong words, a short time later Rush issued a follow-up statement to the Sun-Times to put his remarks in context.

“Kirk’s “current plan does not include the option to create jobs, provide affordable and safe housing, quality health care and improve schools in urban areas, BUT certainly a plan to incarcerate 18,000 black men is elitist. Why is incarceration the sole option instead of rehabilitation which is proven to work and not locking young men up,” Rush said in an email.

black youth is precious

Sounds like somebody’s PLANNING  a “BLACK MALE PURGE” on the streets of Chicago





CHAIN GANG 2Black males building roads on chain gang

78359-004-3AF75A0BBlack Slaves picking cotton on white SLAVE plantation

One of the many photos of black share-croppers at South Carolina

Black Slaves picking crops on white SLAVE plantation

BLACK SOLDIERS IN SEGREGATED QUARTERS WWIIBlack soldiers in segregated quarters during WWII



Angola prison

Angola — Louisiana State Prison AKA ‘the Alcatraz of the South’


America’s Plantation Prisons

On an expanse of 18,000 acres of farmland, 59 miles northwest of Baton Rouge, long rows of men, mostly African-American, till the fields under the hot Louisiana sun.

The men pick cotton, wheat, soybeans and corn. They work for pennies, literally.

Armed guards, mostly white, ride up and down the rows on horseback, keeping watch. At the end of a long workweek, a bad disciplinary report from a guard – whether true or false – could mean a weekend toiling in the fields. The farm is called Angola, after the homeland of the slaves who first worked its soil.

This scene is not a glimpse of plantation days long gone by. It’s the present-day reality of thousands of prisoners at the maximum security Louisiana State Penitentiary, otherwise known as Angola. The block of land on which the prison sits is a composite of several slave plantations, bought up in the decades following the Civil War. Acre-wise, it is the largest prison in the United States. Eighty percent of its prisoners are African-American.


Angola Prison: Visiting a Modern-Day Slave Plantation (Feb 2010)




Illinois Senator Mark Kirk and U.S. Dick Durbin are proposing rounding up 18,000 black youth and putting them in PRISON without being charged with a crime.

Black gangs are a BY-PRODUCT of racism/white supremacy. Of poverty, of an inferior educational system, of racist employment practices, of a Prison Industrial Complex designed to INCARCERATE AND DESTROY black and non-white people.

If the REAL AGENDA was to eliminate VIOLENT GANGS, why not lock up all the known white skinheads? Or the white members of the Nazi Party? Or the Latin Kings? Or the white street gangs on the streets of Chicago? Or the Irish mob that ran Chicago for over six decades and still rules the state of Illinois from the State Capitol?

Or the organized crime families, who put EUROPEAN GANG-BANGING on the MAP — and who have certainly caused MORE DAMAGE and MORE CRIME  than any black gang-banger’ every could.

The MAJORITY of black gangs terrorize black people within their geographical area — in PART because the white supremacy system has ALWAYS had a ‘hands-off” approach to dealing with AND solving so-called “black-on-black” crime.

Reducing the Victimization of black victims has NEVER been a priority. Actually, so-called “black-on-black” violence actually AIDS the white supremacy system by CONTAINING THE VIOLENCE within the black community when it is allowed to progress unchecked.

Young black criminals learn at an early age that NO ONE CARES if they rob, beat, rape or kill ANOTHER BLACK PERSON.  They also learn that the entire police powers will COME OUT IN FORCE if they try to victimize a WHITE PERSON.

AND that is a MAINSTAY WITHIN A WHITE SUPREMACY SYSTEM: To ENCOURAGE crime and violence among their victims’ ranks so their victims will become ANTI-GROUP and ANTI-SELF — and will focus ON EACH OTHER as the “problem” INSTEAD of the white people in charge of their living conditions.

The PROOF is all the corners in poor black neighborhoods in the United States where illegal drugs are being sold without police “interference.”

It is WELL-KNOWN by those police departments where the drug selling is occurring but allowing it accomplishes five things:

  1. It allows the MULTI-BILLION-DOLLAR ILLEGAL DRUG INDUSTRY to function smoothly —  which benefits the police (who take their cut off the top), the pharmaceutical industry (which supplies most  of the drugs), and the banking industry (which launders all the money)
  2. It allows whites to have a “safe” place to “cop” their drugs, given that MOST OF THE HEAVY DRUG USERS in the United States are WHITE PEOPLE. Rather than soil their pristine white suburban neighborhoods with this  unsavory (and violent)  illegal activity, the dirty business of drug dealing is CONFINED TO POOR BLACK NEIGHBORHOODS.
  3. It offers an EXCELLENT justification AND opportunity to arrest and incarcerate large numbers of poor, black males and females who have been DELIBERATELY DEPRIVED of  a decent education that would enable them to make a “decent living” — legally.
  4. It allows blacks to VENT our frustration and anger AT EACH OTHER while living under such pressurized and violent conditions CAUSED by illegal drug activity and gang warfare over drug profits — instead of (RIGHTFULLY) venting our hostility at our (white) Victimizers who CREATED these environments — making whites LESS LIKELY to be the targets of JUSTIFIABLE BLACK RAGE.
  5. It makes the black communities where it is taking place a TRAUMATIZING ENVIRONMENT for young black children — which is exactly how it should be within a white supremacy system.

In addition, many black youth JOIN gangs just to SURVIVE in  gang territory. Many “gang-bangers” are NOT hardcore criminals but are VICTIMS of tragic circumstances — being POOR and BLACK — in a white supremacy system.

Whether anyone agrees or disagrees with this, ONE THING IS CERTAIN.

NO black “gang-banger” has EVER started a WAR where MILLIONS of people have been killed NOR have they EVER stolen a single pension, closed a factory,  or illegally foreclosed on a home.

AND to my knowledge, there is NO black gang or organization in the United States with the POWER or the PLANES to bring DRUGS into the country OR to put thousands of ASSAULT WEAPONS AND BULLETS into the hands of black youth.

The ROOT CAUSE of black gangs are those powerful and wealthy WHITE GANGS that “hang out” in the White House, the state house, and every city hall and corporate corridor in the U.S.

The same WHITE GANGS that CREATED an environment of inadequate education, housing, police brutality, unjust incarceration, mandatory sentencing for BLACK drug users, and powerful white people that destroy the psychological well-being AND intellectual potential of MILLIONS of black youth.


That being said, maybe a better solution would be to:

Lock up the WHITE GANG BANGERS who run the nation and most of the world and who present the biggest danger to all the people on the planet.

Of course, that will NEVER happen because there would be NO PUBLIC OFFICIALS left to put anyone in jail.

Still, if that ever happened, imagine how PEACEFUL THE PLANET WOULD BE. It might be so peaceful there would be NO NEED for any black gangs at all.

  1. I heard you on the COWS last night and you made a point that stuck with me Ms. Pam. They closed 50 schools because they had no money to educate them little niggers, but like a bolt from heaven they found the money to lock them same little niggers up. That is like the story of our Black lives. We can’t educate you, but we can always use you.

    Has anyone in Chicago made an issue of this lock them out, then lock them up?

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ hunglikejesus

      MONEY is NEVER the problem when it comes to black deprivation. It is ALWAYS about white supremacy/black inferiority.

      Rahm Emmanuel just gave the Chicago Board of Trade a FIFTY MILLION DOLLAR TAX BREAK — an organization of some of the wealthiest white people in the NATION. why would they need OR deserve a TAX BREAK?

      ONLY MONTHS before he ‘claimed’ the city was TOO BROKE to keep almost 50 black schools open


      After Jesse Jackson, Jr. and probably a DOZEN black politicians now under indictment OR sitting in jail in Illinois alone

      NO black “politicos” are going to RISK the wrath of the federal government OR those who put Mark Kirk “up to it”

      • I have often wondered why R.E. Left the white house to go “be” (the election was just a formality) mayor of Chicago. Do you think it was part of the deal if stuck with the president? And how in the hell can a person with dual citizenship be mayor of an Amerikan city? And citizen of Israel no doubt, who has a record of the most brutal behavior toward brown and Black people. Do they even hide their hatred anymore?

        Also, putting some post together I came arcoss a comment by some caveman that said, “close the schools in Chicago, all they do is drop out anyway”. For some reason that stuck a cord in me. Then it hit me; these people really and truly don’t care what happens to us or our children. But Black folk will get whiplash for anything that ain’t Black. We are so ruined from the inside out until it may take a dying away of most of us to correct this thing. I’ll tell you something else that I finally admitted to myself just this week. I wish like hell I didn’t know the things I know. I get jealous of the blissful a lot these days and this knowledge is getting really heavy.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ hunglikejesus

          I believe Rahm Emmanuel was a FEDERAL MANDATE just like he was “sent” to Washington as President Obama’s Chief of Staff (Obama’s HANDLER). Rahm didn’t have to “strike a deal” with a powerless black male. He is NOT beholden to Obama, in fact, it is the OTHER way around.

          You are right, some people tried to challenge Rahm Emmanuel’s status that he was NOT qualified to run for mayor, but they weren’t as powerful as the people behind Rahm (or President Obama)

          I have tried to explain my views during the ‘Caste VS Class Collide‘ post AND “Caste VS Class” post that PROVE that President Obama is NOT respected by white people because he is NOT WHITE.

          In a white supremacy system NO BLACK PERSON IS IN CHARGE and white people KNOW THIS.

          I know that might offend some people but that is unfortunate. IT is time to stop PLAYING GAMES and pretending that a BLACK MALE is telling the most powerful white AND Jews what to do.

          Regarding condemning black students, I have heard comments like that all my life from white people (who KNOW black students are being shortchanged but pretend it is not happening) because the one thing they FEAR is that their children will NOT have the same white privileges they have — so they secretly LOVE to see black children FAIL.

          There is no other explanation possible for why white people continuing practicing educational racism against black children FIFTY-YEARS after Brown VS the Board of Education decision.

          Yes, the burden of KNOWING can be quite heavy — which is why so many people do NOT want to know the truth. Unfortunately, ignorance is NO protection. Those who don’t know OR understand are being DEVASTATED even faster by the white supremacy system because they don’t know how to stay out of harm’s way

          I personally prefer KNOWING what ails me than NOT knowing.

        • C. Andrews says:

          i wanna second your sentiments @hunjlikejesus !!! Enlightenment is NOT easyand it be lonely like hell to see things that hardly no one else see and feel- or will not admit to it.this knowledge is a BURDEN because most of us are so brain dead. even my own family I cant talk to most of the time no more. deep…….

  2. Rose says:

    Hi, Pam.
    Since most Black people have no bunkers, safe houses, nor firearms, what do you think that we should do in the event of an actual purge? I respect your comments very much but please don’t inform me that we are already being purged. I know that to be true, but I’d like advice on a full blown cleansing of Black people.
    Thank you

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Rose

      In the event of a ‘purge,’ the biggest weapon black people will have — in my opinion — is each other.

      Unfortunately, due to integration, extreme white identification, and sexing, marrying and breeding with whites (and other non-blacks) — our DISUNITY has compounded our SLAVE TRAUMA

      meaning we have NEVER been allowed to heal our minds, hearts, relationships and families — and in FACT have been WARRED upon by the white supremacy system for OVER 500 years.

      The MAIN problem among black people as I see it is NOT a lack of safe houses, or bunkers

      IT IS ANTI-BLACKNESS where black people VIEW each other through CONDEMNING ‘WHITE EYES’

      We cannot be ‘safe’ when we don’t like or trust each other. Black people’s ONLY ALLIES ARE EACH OTHER — and it’s TIME we stop looking for VALIDATION in the arms of non-blacks — and find a way to VALIDATE OURSELVES AND EACH OTHER.

      We can’t have “safe houses” within UNSAFE black communities. We can’t have strong and safe black communities without BLACK UNITY — and even then the white supremacists will INTRODUCE DRUGS and VIOLENCE but–


      because the REALITY is, for the white supremacists to destroy us, they NEED OUR COOPERATION.

      Black unity requires STRONG AND UNITED black males and females COMING TOGETHER out of a mutual understanding — that we have been DAMAGED — and AGREEING that it is NOT ‘her’ or ‘his’ fault that we are damaged because NO BLACK PERSON is in charge in a white supremacy system.

      WE MUST STOP BLAMING EACH OTHER for what white people have done to BOTH OF US

      AND a necessary beginning is to STOP HAVING SEX WITH THE (WHITE) PEOPLE WHO REPRESENT OUR OPPRESSION and who WHISPER IN OUR EAR, “psst, black man or black woman, you can’t trust that black woman or black man.”

      It is tragic that black people want to be liberated from racism, but can’t understand that WE CANNOT HAVE SEX WITH WHITE PEOPLE AND STILL ACCOMPLISH THAT.


      that’s why we did the book, Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act to explain what happened to the black male and female relationship AND the black family during 400 years of chattel slavery

      unfortunately, most black people — in my experience — avoid thinking about slavery and racism on a serious level AND so, we cannot FIX what ails us

      as far as your question, I don’t have any quick answers but I would say a HUGE start would be to start educating ourselves about the system of white supremacy, to work harder to treat other black people correctly, and to work on our OWN anti-blackness.

      white people don’t like each other — that much is obvious — but they understand the POWER of UNITY. They will support and take up for their worst white enemy when it comes to a conflict between that white person and a non-white person

      because they understand that they don’t have to like ALL white people, but that their SAFETY AND SECURITY LIES IN WHITE UNITY. and that UNITY exists even within a white person who lays down every night with a black male or female — believe that.

      I’m not blaming us for our mental illness and self-hatred issues, that was something that was DONE to us but until we change the way we THINK, TALK AND ACT, no house will be a ‘safe house’

    • truthseeker says:

      Oh Please Rose ! Get real. You and a lot of others believe that the blacks are Saints and the Whites are the White Devil. They (the blacks) like the Black panthers, bloods and cribs are very well armed. We have given up our rights because it is not popular not to have pity on the blacks.

  3. Ms. J says:

    I find it telling that a so-called movie has a webpage that seems like a political pitch. I suggest you check out interviews with the producer Jason Blum on YouTube. He said that people on both the “right” and “left” sides of the political spectrum seem supportive of The Purge in different viewings.

    What are your thoughts on Section 5 of the 28th Amendment? Those who don’t participate in the Purge will be punished with a death by hanging. Could Black people be the main targets if they’re barred from buying the tools necessary to participate in The Purge? Sounds like legalized lynching to me.

    Why can’t we just have a country where there’s ZERO crime 365 days a year? Are RWS so anti-peace that they can’t just give up the violence and chaos? Smh.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Ms J

      can you share the link to that video? Thanks

      My first thought about Section 5 was white traitors who didn’t want to participate. I personally do not think the “PURGE” is something black people are supposed to participate in UNLESS there’s a way to get us to kill another black person. I’m certain it’s not intended to imply that black people will be FREE to kill white people during that 12-hour period.

      Regarding the zero crime all long? That is an IMPOSSIBILITY within a white supremacy system because RACISM is a CRIME

      where people are mistreated, robbed, raped and murdered just because they are not white.

  4. Miss Pam:

    I find it almost…what’s the right word???? Shameless? Sad? Pathetic? That white people have spend millions, with the help of mega-producer Michael Bay, spent millions developing this facebook page and website, promoting this vomitus, just to justify killing black people.

    And they’re proud of it!!!

    Pam, I’m sad and embarrassed for white people. Why can’t they understand that it is *this* effect that they’re having on the universe that will ultimately wipe them out????? Why is it so hard for them? Why continue this?

    I’m done.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ diaryofanegress

      It is shameless AND very revealing — which is why I wrote this post.

      To SHAKE the VICTIMS OUT OF THEIR DENIAL as to what AND who we are dealing with — and what MIGHT take place in the near future

      Remember the date given on the website is 2022, six years AFTER the purge began
      (excerpt from the “Chairman’s Address”)

      June 4, 2022
      Fellow citizens of America, a Nation reborn:
      Six years ago, we, the New Founders of America, came together from all sides of the political spectrum around a common dream–the dream of a Nation reborn.


      which means this “purge” according to this website took place in 2016 — THREE YEARS FROM NOW.

      Am I saying this is real? I am not equipped to say it is or it isn’t something that is being planned but there was a lot of time and energy put into a WEBSITE that was NOT designed to market a movie in the traditional sense.

      It is like they are MARKETING A CONCEPT, A PHILOSOPHY of how to deal with the “undesirables” in a NATION

      By the way, a “nation” that was STOLEN from non-white people (?!?)

      Suffice it to say, that is what AND who we are dealing with

      Negress, do whites (collectively) understand that their behavior on the planet toward people of color will GUARANTEE THEIR OWN DEMISE?

      I think they know (deep down) but I don’t think they don’t care, at least NOT enough to change

      as I have said many, many times, I have NEVER EVER met a white person — even the friendly, “nice,” or personable ones — who wanted to see an END to their white privileges OR wanted to see it end for their (white) children.


      and so, like that movie, <a href="” target=”_blank”>”The Bad Seed“ (see the original version with Patty McCormack), once the mother REALIZES her daughter is a SOCIOPATH, she realizes she CANNOT CHANGE HER (I won’t give away the plot)

      And I think that’s what we are dealing with,

      a COLLECTIVE SOCIOPATHIC WHITE MENTALITY that cannot (and will not sincerely attempt to) change.

      • TrojanPam says:

        (to continue my previous response)

        I believe white people collectively will continue to practice racism/white supremacy EVEN if that means destroying themselves in the process

        and there are SIGNS that this is already HAPPENING:

        – the increasing rate of INFERTILITY among whites which includes NON-VIABLE SPERM in 30% of white males, white females being born without wombs or wombs that cannot carry a child to term

        – the increasing rate of mental illness and developmental deficiencies (birth defects) in white children AND more whites who are clinically mentally ill

        – the increasing rate of SUICIDE among white males and females

        – the increasing rates of an INTOLERANCE to the sun’s rays where whites in Florida are leaving the state due to a drastic increase in skin cancer

        ALL THIS, I believe are SIGNS that the UNIVERSE AND THE CREATOR have HAD ENOUGH of this behavior

        It’s had enough warfare,

        enough biological disasters and weapon creation,

        enough man-made diseases and viruses,

        enough biological experimentation (i.e. cloning),

        enough destruction of the planet’s forests, water, air, land, and creatures,

        enough cruelty and misery spread among the non-white population,

        enough lust for blood and bloodshed and violence, (EVIDENT in all the slasher and vampire films AND films like “The Purge” written and produced by white people.)

        and enough SEXUAL PERVERSION (check out Cynikal Afrikan’s site and you’ll see what I mean)

        Unfortunately, as whites face their OWN (SELF)DEMISE they will become more desperate AND more dangerous towards the NON-WHITE MAJORITY

        HENCE — movies like “The Purge” and possibly the reality of such an event in all its various forms.

        When you look at what is happening, it’s clear that THE BLACK PURGE has already begun.

        Purging black children from the educational system

        Purging black people from city neighborhoods AKA “gentrification” (racial dislocation)

        Purging black people from the workforce (the highest unemployment rate regardless of education or experience)

        Purging black people from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina (forcing black people out by not forcing insurance companies to allow them to rebuild their homes)

        Purging black people from participating in white society (by giving large numbers of blacks “felony convictions” for drug addictions and minor offenses, like a high school fist fight (?)

        and now, wanting to LOCK UP 18,000 black males by calling them GANG-BANGERS

        it does appear that the BLACK PURGE HAS ALREADY BEGUN

        I believe whites collectively will continue their behavior for the same reason the “bad seed” in the movie continues to act like a SOCIOPATH

        because that is what she is and so she does what she does

      • Bad Seed?? That’s a great analogy! We got millions of bad seeds in this country. And a small one percent of bad seeds controlling most of the resources. They need to be exterminated if we want balance and peace on the planet. Do you see any other way?

        • TrojanPam says:

          Kushite Prince

          have you seen the movie? If not, rent the original version

          in the movie, it’s assumed her “nature” was inherited

          I think there is some truth to that, that you can inherit certain anti-social tendencies

      • Hold up! Wait a minute! Doesn’t Obama leave office in 2016?? WTF?! Pam this is not good! I got ….a bad feeling about this. I’m joking around. I’m dead serious!

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ Kushite Prince

          That’s right, President Obama’s last year in office is 2016.

          that’s why I believe HE’ll be the FACE on what is happening to black people

          I guarantee YOU he will NOT be speaking up or acting in our DEFENSE —

          even if he had the power to do so — and HE DOES NOT

          That’s why GUS says it’s important to PAY ATTENTION TO WORDS

          for example, in the Chairman’s Address on that website,

          he said that “88% of the American people are in favor of the Purge”

          now think about the U.S. Census stats that say blacks are 12 to 13% of the population

          100% MINUS 12% = *88%

    • It’s their nature. It’s a part of their genetic makeup. They don’t know anything else.

  5. Great post Pam! I must admit that Purge poster gives me the creeps! Yikes! But I think that’s the point. They’re pretty much telling us what they want to do. They’re showing us their true nature. If you study history you’ll see this is how they’ve always been.

    Now they’re revealing to us their intentions. But are we listening?? That’s the real question. We need to wake up and prepare. These people are serious about death, murder and chaos! That’s why they make films about the Vikings. When we all know they were blood thirsty animals that killed and raped everything in their path.

    That’s what we’re up against right now. A bunch of racist, bloodthirsty, greedy, heartless albino mutants with NO soul! And we better get our a$$ in survival mode quick! Stop worrying about sports, celeb gossip, reality shows, video games or the new dance craze. I believe in the end we will survive but a lot of our people won’t make it. That’s the sad reality.

    That’s why I try to wake as many people as I can. Unity and cooperation is key. I agree with you,we have to work together as a unit. Black men and women are NOT enemies. All we got is us. And with all these anti-blackness films coming out—I fear that crucial “day” will coming sooner than most think.

    Once the “great savior” Obama is out of office, things will get ugly. Stay ready so you don’t have to GET ready!

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Kushite Prince

      I agree that the signs are there that black people are under attack, but that is nothing new. We have been WARRED against since the first time we crossed paths with Europeans,

      EVERYWHERE we crossed paths, violence and death followed. The HISTORY is UNDENIABLE

      It seems that most of the black people do NOT take the imagery in movies and commercials or TV seriously


      for example, constantly showing black males ISOLATED from black females as though black females do not exist

      OR showing black females alone OR sexually pursuing white males (never the other way around)

      or showing black children and homeless black males (like Will Smith) being “RESCUED” by “good white people”

      or Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball sexually pursuing the white male who KILLED her black husband (???)

      but our people do not seem to take very much seriously (except what personally affects us)

      and so the BRAIN-TRASHING by white media continues

      Unfortunately, I believe something is going to happen ON Obama’s watch (before the end of his second term)

      and black people are going to fall into TWO CAMPS when they see the role he plays in our destruction (he won’t be the architect, he’ll be the FACE on it)

      Camp # 1 — black people who are shocked, and angry and blame President Obama for not stopping whatever is going on

      Camp #2 — black people who are in TOTAL DENIAL and like a HYPNOTIZED CULT of FOLLOWERS will lie to themselves that nothing is going ON or that “Obama’s got our back, just trust him”

      that’s what i see happening

      but there will be a very small Camp # 3

      Those who expected it, predicted it, prepared for it best they could and who don’t waste precious time BLAMING the CAR (Obama) for what the DRIVER (white supremacists) are doing

      • Sadly I know way too many people in Camp 2. This is what needs to change. They’ll never know what hit them when it all comes crumbling down.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ Kushite Prince

          so do I

          I’m trying to recruit Camp 1 and Camp 2 into Camp # 3

          but it’s an uphill climb

          • honeytreebee says:

            Never give up the fight and others will find you. I found you and many more like minded people by being exposed to the people on your site. I didn’t comment for a long time, but read the information on you blog and thought about it. So, never give up and you don’t know how many people you are reaching and helping to wake up.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Kushite Prince

      and I’ll add that many black people are in FULL BLOWN DENIAL AND suffering from what a COWS listener termed:

      “Racism Avoidance Disorder”

      Especially those with white “friends” and white “spouses” and “lovers” who have isolated themselves from other black people

      believing they are “accepted” by whites based on WHO they sleep with every night or how many degrees they hold or what type of neighborhood they live in

      ignoring that in a MILLION small and not so small ways

      that white people are ALWAYS reminding them


      They will be the hardest hit because as racism becomes MORE blatant and overt

      they will still NOT see the HAMMER coming

      Dr. Christian Head (UCLA physician)

      • Great video! Thanks for sharing it.

        • C. Andrews says:

          @Trojan Pam, you summed it up perfectly in the chanes you have experienced since becoming less confused, I just want to add one more change, the ability to finally think and access situations on your own, make no doubt about it I am still LEARNING….. I must admit I still get caught off guard, there is a blogger and I think you will know who I am speaking of- that wrote a lot of very interesting constructive informative postings about different aspects of racism/white supremacy I had never in life dared to even contemplate about. Just one recent statement he made about interacial relationship was all I needed to let me know that he does not fully understand racism. It also one again showed me the TRUE depths of confusion that has even the so called most enlightened victims in the end still confused…. I am not bashing another victim because I too an still learning…..

          • TrojanPam says:

            @ C. Andrews

            I suspect his confusion comes from two common sources (in my opinion)

            !. Lots of current contact (or previous relationships) with white people, for example, growing up in an integrated environment or going to predominantly white schools

            2. a college education (I’ve found a lot of blacks who have attended predominantly white universities have INGESTED a HUGE amount of white supremacy programming along with their classes and this thinking can be very deeply ingrained

            who knows, all I know is i have been disappointed by many intelligent, seemingly knowledgeable black people who will suddenly spout something that tells me they don’t understand the system of white supremacy

  6. Ms. J says:

    At this point in my life, I realize that there’s nothing Black people can do to change White people. It’s going to be up to them to do that – which I doubt. All we can do is change ourselves to the best of our abilities, which would most likely lead to a better world. I can only imagine what would happen if the Non-White majority of this world stopped buying to the idea of White superiority and really worked towards having justice on this planet. The RWS would have a headache over night.

    I think that’s why it’s been so hard for us to solve this long-running race problem. We were duped into believing that trying to assimilate into White culture, sing Kumbaya with them, and trying to gain their acceptance would do the trick. But each and every time we have attempted to hold hands with them and live right, they would always resist and fight back.

    Coming to this conclusion has led to my decreased sense of stress when discussing racism with White people. I don’t get angry when they say common cliches to defend the status quo, I don’t feel the need to “prove” to them that racism is a problem, and don’t waste my time trying to prove that I’m human. They already know it’s a problem that they need to be deceptive about; otherwise, RWS would not exist.

  7. TrojanPam says:

    @ Ms J

    two main things changed for me since I became less confused

    number 1 — . I don’t fall for ANY “black showcasing” — the old trick of trotting out fine black ponies, like ‘first blacks’ or ‘rich blacks’ or black newscasters or TV show hosts or movie stars or any of the sort

    I see what they are (most are used against us) and that they are just pawns and puppets on the white supremacy chessboard


    so I have NO USE for them as any “role models’ or sign of “black progress” or anything else

    they are NEUTRALIZED as weapons of BRAIN confusion and deception

    Number 2 — I don’t feel that sense of “black inferiority” like I (secretly) used to

    I can admire and respect someone’s LEGITIMATE accomplishments,

    But I do not place ANY white or black person on a pedestal anymore

  8. scottytreid says:

    The Purge is what the law enforcement agencies do every day. Every 28 hours they are killing a Black person and it is 99% of the time justified and “legal”. If they are not killing them, they are catching them for the prison plantations. IMO, the majority Black people in America have become so accustomed to The Purge, that they accept it as being just one of those things that happens and there is nothing you can do about it. A true victim mentality, never fighting back, accepting abuse as just the way things are and what can I do to change my behavior so my abuser does not abuse me.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ scottytreid

      Right, the Black Purge is already taking place,

      in education
      not being able to vote due to felony convictions
      murder by cop

      we have been victims for so long, it doesn’t strike us as abnormal anymore

  9. honeytreebee says:

    The purge is nothing new. All they are doing is being more open and direct about it. Just look at without sanctuary. Same thing both are th government condone, have a target population in mind, if, any one gets in the way or objects their fair game game too. Also, the people who are in charge and dictating the terms are all white. How is that really different then what happened in t he recent past and what is happening now? Yes, they w a by to do t his in a big way. Just look at what they did to Jewish people and what they did to native Americans. Perhaps, when th his does happen people will wake up.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ honeytreebee

      there are many parallel between yesterday’s slavery and today’s oppression.

      the hard part is getting other victims to see it

      • TrojanPam says:

        @ ALL

        Keep in mind the NUMBERS used

        According the website the PURGE started in 2016 — the last year of President Obama’s 2nd term

        (of course, this does NOT mean President Obama being in office or NOT would stop a “black purge” from taking place)

        AND this came from the NFA Chairman’s Address

        “… we approach the fifth annual Purge, we are thrilled to say that 88% of Americans now support the 28th Amendment.”

        the U.S. Census estimates the black population as 12 to 13% of the U.S. population

        that leaves 87 to 88% of “Americans now support the 28th Amendment”

  10. honeytreebee says:

    Hey, Pam remember that question I was asking you about Jews and intermarriage before WW 2. Well, I did do a little research on it and found s some interesting facts about it. It seems that Jews at points throughout history were somewhat of the darlings of societies, but never fully accepted. They went through these little purges and seem to be working very hard to assimilate in to the white mainstream. I found some evidence to back up my question yet for the life of me can’t remember which history show I heard this on. Anyway, I’ll send you the info if, you are interested.

    • Ms. J says:


      Yeah, I recall seeing something similar in a book about Zionism. The overwhelming majority of the Jewish people living in Germany considered themselves to be German first and Jewish second. The anti-Semitism of the early Third Reich years did not hit them until it was too late; those that even tried to escape German and come into America were barred from doing so by the U.S. government.

      But this whole thing about Jews REALLY confuses me. I see that most of them are accepted as White by White people, but many of these White activists on the Internet claim that the Jews/Zionists are a threat to both Whites and non-Whites worldwide. So what race are they? Are they just another subset of the White population? Could the Whites who always point to Jews be lying?

      • honeytreebee says:

        You know jews thought of themselves as German first jews second and has assimilated into the culture of germany. When the death camps came about and the soldiers started marching on them they get defensive about anyone mentioning that a significant amount of the soldiers were of jewish heritage, and yes jews were used in jobs like holding open the over door.

        You know you mention this to them and they go crazy. Everyone wants to point out that Africans sold Africans into slavery and conveniently drops the fact that nobody would have sold anybody if, someone wasn’t buying. Like because they bought people that all complaints are null and void.

        So, if a family member abuses you then all abuse by others is okay? They never make sense with this. It is never understood that you are pointing this out to tell people that assimilation doesn’t work, and that this system of racism is so powerful and evil that it will force those that it is killing to actually participate in the killing of their own people.

        I know it must really hurt their souls to know this yet, they can never imagine anyone elses pain and suffering. Hence when one says holocaust people only think of the jewish one not even the arminian one that was used as a test run.

        • Ms. J says:

          Many people don’t even consider our oppression to be a Holocaust, although it’s still going on today.

          • TrojanPam says:

            @ Ms J

            we are a lost people, a people who do NOT know our origins or WHO we are, in short a “non-people”

            and that is why we are constantly and endlessly searching for some validation from anyone who is NOT a ‘non-people”

            be they white, Asian, Hispanic, Indian

            because we have not HEALED from our 500 years of damage

            and unfortunately, most black people (in my opinion) seem to feel “they” don’t need any healing

            until we FACE what happened to us and put the BLAME where it belongs instead of blaming each other

            the MADNESS will continue

            (only we’re running out of time to fix this problem, because the white supremacy system is ADVANCING on us, and you’d have to blind, crippled, AND crazy not to see it)

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ honeytreebee

          We can NEVER ASSIMILATE into a more powerful (white) culture that despises us

          All you have to do is LOOK AT THE NEWS STORIES, at the things white people say about black people, at the ‘nigger” jokes, at the movies, at the comments posted on line about black people

          to know what white people are saying about black people

          when no black people are in the room

          • honeytreebee says:

            Right. Even if, you could like the example of the jews, the irish, and so on your status as white is given and can be taken away at a whim. This is what happened to the jews of germany. Many Jews here still hold onto whiteness and have the privilages and mix with whites and all over again think they are white. There are some who got wise to this and stick with their own. However, I was interested in them because I see how black people who will never have these privalages under a RWS try to assimulate into this.

            I think that as the white population shrinks we will see them grant whiteness to others to bloster their numbers as their core shrinks. They did this with eastern europeans who were considered west asian before WW2 and the nazis even considered the japanese honorary white for the duration of the war. So, I think they may grant east asains like the chinese, koreans, and japanese whiteness as they own them much debt. However, these people like being their own thing and may not accept whiteness. Who knows… Then, I thought light skinned spanish and portuguese peoples of the americas who don’t look too black or claim their native heritage too proudly will be next. This would bolster the white numbers and

            • honeytreebee says:

              further their infiltration into the americas without them having to do the heavy work of playing the enforcer with the rest of the population as they would be considered low whites and promised jobs just like the irish were here.

              I think once their numbers dip to 5% and below we will see some new inclusions into the whiteness club. Which really brings home the point that we are on our own. Cause as those populations become indoctrinated and their populations fall more will be recruited for whiteness. I think one day soon the people in the middle east that they are so busy trearing apart will be granted whiteness too. It will be their way of finally copting them and I think they will eagerly accept this as it will give them a lot of benefits and allow them to run wild in africa continuing their rape of our home land.

              Everyone what do you think?

      • honeytreebee says:

        Ms. J.
        I understand the confusion too about Jews. One minute they say they are not white, but name off a bunch of different nationalities, and ethnic groups that are from and claim the blood of. hey get white privalages and such and also look white to me. I can’t tell who is or isn’t jewish by sight. If you, put them all in the same cloths and hair cuts I think a lot of people would be hard pressed to tell you who has jewish ancestory or not. The whites are crazy and have shown time and again that they can’t be left with their own because they will focus on differences and kill eachother off. This is one reason I think they took over land all over the globe. They know if, they live too close to each other they will eventually get around to purging themselves after they kill off everyone else. I think that is the big reason they need others. Just look at their history and how they treat each other.

        • honeytreebee says:

          I remember reading on the brown watch and watching the video of the isrealie prime minster or some high ranking official say that isreal is a white mans nation. So, I think on some level they claim this, but like all white people are aparanoid about others who are not in their core group and also, safe keeping their whiteness membership. After all they have been shown not to be the true definers of whiteness so like the irish, greeks, italians and spanish and such their membership can be revoked at anytime by those higher in the cast system. I think with the jewish holocauste it was possibly a case of white people behaving badly towards other white people. I don’t know for sure, but it si an interesting question.

  11. @TrojanPam
    Gus is right. White people know what 13% represents. It triggers something in their brain computer.

  12. @TrojanPam
    I haven’t seen the original Bad Seed. I always heard about it growing up. People were always telling me how creepy it was. I have always wondered about the “nature” of whites. It seems they can’t seem to coexist with others in peace. They cause death and destruction everywhere they go. It always amazed how the people who caused the most genocide,slavery,rape and land theft are looked upon as the standard of normality. Is that a joke or what?lol But this shows how you can create a certain image of yourself when you control the media.
    Have you read Civilization or Barbarism by Chiekh Anta Diop? It’s a very fascinating book! He was a great researcher on history,anthropology and melanin. In the book talks about the “sun people” and the “ice people”. He goes into how whites lived in cooler conditions without a lot of food. And over time developed an anti-social aggressive behavior. I’m not an anthropologist but I think there could something to this theory. I think this anti-social attitude they seem to have is coded in their DNA. I’m not sure,all I know is they seem very different than us. Even the Sun burns them. While it strengthens our melanin. It’s almost like their not made for this planet. Not to mention they’re always talking about evolving from monkeys. I guess they’re talking about themselves. You must have HUE to be HUE-Man. I don’t think they qualify.

    • @ Kushite prince
      “Not to mention they’re always talking about evolving from monkeys. I guess they’re talking about themselves”

      You know I thought the same thing, they both have pink skin and u always see them around chimps. Also sometimes when chimps attack they’ve been know to rip mens testicles off. White ppl castrated black men when they lynched them, there are a lot of similarities there. All this time they were trying to compare us to monkeys, projecting as usual.

  13. From what i understand, i could be wrong, the term Semite is used to describe the nations that were the product of a Black woman and white man…because the Semites tended to mix with other Semites and whites, they no longer resemble the children of a Black woman…

    This is why in Germany during the Middle Ages, Jews were persecuted publicly by universities (even Martin Luther) had much to say about how Jews were liars, and poisoned him with their kosher foods (it is believed that his irritable bowel syndrome was caused by partaking in a Jewish meal), the clergy and so forth…they have always been seen by “polite German society” as non-whites…

  14. […] UPDATE 2: The Purge: A (White) Fantasy Movie OR A Glimpse Into the Future? […]

  15. honeytreebee says:

    Pam when do you think the planet will do a purge of RWS? Any predictions from you or Neely Fuller?

  16. larissa says:

    @miss pam
    how may i contact you by email?

  17. yawn says:

    U give blacks a bad name spewing this incoherent crap, this is such a garbage article. If you believe any of this yourself I highly recommend a lobotomy. By the way being in a gang or affiliated with a gang IS a crime so they CAN be locked up. Your statements about that alone show your half ass research and bottom feeding you area discusting human piece of trash.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ ALL

      I’m leaving the post by ‘yawn’ on this blog because this is the BEST ILLUSTRATION of how (some/many/most) white posters cannot dialogue about racism without name-calling because of their INHERENT hostility AND FEAR that black people will become LESS CONFUSED and MORE VOCAL about discussing racism.

      It is ALSO a great example of WHY black people who want to be LESS confused about Racism SHOULD NEVER, EVER allow a white person to tell you what is racist and what is not.


  18. Mr. Nero says:

    The only reason why Black people are around today is because White people want it that way.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Mr Nero

      They need us here, otherwise, who would be the “niggers” to feel superior to?

      If we weren’t here, it would be some other non-white group, and if there were no non-white people, they’d have to harm each other

      The abnormal level of aggression will find a target

      I also believe that NO ONE — including white people — is in control of the planet or the Universe. If black people were MEANT to be here by our Creator,

      there is NOTHING anyone can do to wipe us off the planet.

      Nature/God/the Creator/the Universe WILL eliminate the problem that is creating the IMBALANCE

      And she/he can do it in the BLINK of an EYE

      They may have the means to kill millions of us but they don’t have the power (or the desire) to kill all of us

  19. jamesrowdy29 says:

    Dont take this what I’m about to say the wrong way, I read all the comments, great eye opening stuff, But not all hope is lost, Do u guys see what 9/11 did to white folk, they are still hurting and LOSING the war that was supposed to be easy and its already 12 YEARS LATER! They called Al- Qaeda jungle and village fighters and here they are still trying and failing I might add in the battle, the economy is in shambles because of it, they are spending endless money on war an for Isreal but letting the schools close and bridges get old, gas go high, food get pricey, no healthcare, White people are blood thirsty and at the same time they love to thump their bibles and call themselves conservative while at the same time calling for war.

    Innocent people should never have to be killed, but guess what if another 9?11 happens this country that we live in aint gonna make it no way no how(unless it becomes numb to the violence) U see how fast all the talk of bombing Syria died down as soon as other countries turned against that idea including Russia, the USA knows who to mess with and who not to mess with Iran’s old president Ahmadinejad made alot of sense, he made those interviewers look silly, all this war talk is just strategic to get to Iran and North Korea, when they get those places they have most of the globe covered.

    But yeah not all hope is lost, I just wish there was an alternative other than fighting evil with evil(I’m sure there is but 9/11 is the greatest example of effective change making action that I can think of), 9/11 changed the Americans whole way of life and the future, evil? yes. powerful? SUPREMELY.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ jamesrowdy29

      9/ll is highly suspect for reasons I won’t go into on the blog, but if you do a search on youtube you will hear and see accounts that will not be shown in mainstream media.

      yes, the U.S. was embarrassed by the attempt to justify war with Syria, but they are not giving up. Plan B is in the making and unfortunately, I believe it will target the U.S. in order to justify blaming and attacking Syria or another nation (like Iran).

      Actually, 9/11 was used to justify more evil NONE OF IT for the good of the people in the U.S. or non-white people anywhere in the world.

  20. […] UPDATE 2: The Purge:   A (White) Fantasy Movie OR A Glimpse Into the Future? […]

  21. annoyed says:

    Oh im sorry i forgot its us white people who run around africa raping everyone oh and it is out fault you guys join gangs and shoot each other over turf because your “poor”. I was a poor little white boy too and soo i got a job shoveling pigeon turd because no one else would hire me.dont blame us “white” folk just because your to lazy to deal with it.oh and also no black politico will stand up to protect you because they are just as sleezy scum as our white politicos so deal with it.

  22. football says:

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