Chicago School Closings = Racial Dislocation

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Chicago: A City Reborn  (Less Black, More White)

What is the REAL AGENDA behind the closing of so many black schools in Chicago?

Let’s backtrack four years…

When Rahm Emanuel ran for mayor of Chicago two years ago, I warned my black friends and coworkers and anyone who would listen (in vain) that assuming Rahm Emanuel was a friend of black people JUST because he was President Obama’s Chief of Staff was a HUGE mistake, especially, considering the Obama administration (which is controlled by whites behind and in front of the scenes) completely ignores any and ALL “black issues” like inferior education, unemployment, gun violence, police brutality, rising poverty, and homelessness. 

Barack Obama, Rahm EmanuelRahm Emanuel and President Obama


I warned them that Emanuel was coming to Chicago to FINISH what former Mayor Richard Daley tried (and failed) to do in 2009 when he tried to make Chicago the site of the 2016 Olympics games so he and the powerful white people behind him (and controlling him) could engineer a:


In 2009 former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley pulled out all the stops when he sent (told) President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama AND Oprah Winfrey to go to Copenhagen to “wow”the Olympic committee.

Daley-ObamaThen Chicago Mayor Daley and President Obama

But to Daley’s surprise, his three best and brightest black “picks” FAILED

I believe had Chicago won the OLYMPIC bid, Daley would have used the POWER OF EMINENT DOMAIN (the government can take your house and the land it sits on) to displace hundreds of thousands of black people from the south and west sides of Chicago.

Many believed this BLACK LAND GRAB would extend from the near south side (around 23rd St) as far south as 70th Street  and as far west from State Street to California Avenue.


However, Daley’s grand plans didn’t turn out the way he and his powerful allies planned. CHICAGO LOST THE BID — a small and temporary victory for the unwitting black victims of Chicago-style RACISM/WHITE SUPREMACY.

Protesters cheer at an anti-Olympics bid rally in Chicago


After all the tens, and possibly hundreds of millions, that Daley, his insiders AND his allies had invested in STAGING the BLACK LAND GRAB went BUST, I knew Daley’s days as mayor of Chicago were numbered.

Olympics Loss Puts Daley On Defensive And Chicago Plans In Limbo


Former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley  (after losing Olympic bid)


CHICAGO — Chicago’s dream of an Olympics-sized stimulus was dashed when the 2016 Summer Games were awarded to Rio de Janeiro, and the loss amounts to more than a bruised ego for the nation’s third-largest city. Officials can no longer trumpet the $13.7 billion citywide economic impact local Olympics organizers estimated would come of games-related jobs, construction, tourism and transportation.

The loss marked a stunning defeat for Mayor Richard M. Daley, who spent three years working to sell Chicago residents on the games, often highlighting job creation and a financial influx that would help the city emerge from a recessional slump.

Unfortunately the plans for a BLACK LAND GRAB in Chicago were only delayed; not derailed.

Not long after Chicago lost the Olympics Bid,  President Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, announced that he was throwing his hat in the ring to become the next mayor of Chicago,

And I suspected (and feared) that “someone” had sent in the big guns to finish the job that Mayor Daley couldn’t.


Rahm Emanuel Gets Out the Black Vote in Chicago

Future Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel

Chicago’s mayoral race is in many ways going as anticipated.  Obama’s former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, has a huge lead over the rest of the pack, and it looks as if he’ll have no problem sliding into the void Richard M. Daley is leaving in the mayor’s office in May.

The story isn’t really who’s going to win the Feb. 22 election anymore—Emanuel is. The story is now how he’s going to win: with a huge percentage of the black vote.

In Chicago, the African-American vote is an outright necessity when it comes to winning election…there’s something to be said for Emanuel’s attraction to Black voters:

“Emanuel has benefited greatly from his association with [Bill Clinton], the man known as ‘the first black president’… Working for Barack Obama didn’t hurt, either. Emanuel might evoke indifference among blacks. He could not possibly evoke fear.”  (Posted: 02/14/2011 06:30 PM EST)


Future Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel and President Obama

Only time will tell if Emanuel repays black constituents with legislation that improves their lives. If past is prologue, however, his work under Obama has prepared him to approach black issues with confidence and integrity.

Chicago’s black voters wake up with a Mayor Rahm hangover

As far as I can tell, black voters didn’t vote for Emanuel because they wanted him to do this stuff.  Instead, they largely voted for him because they assumed President Obama wanted him to be our mayor.

Mayor Rahm thinks he got a mandate from black voters. And black voters think their mandate was for President Obama.

Whether the articles above are correct or incorrect, it is UNDENIABLE that Rahm Emanuel was trusted (and supported) by many black voters BECAUSE they trusted President Obama.

Let’s fast-forward to May 2013

chicago school board

Barbara Byrd-Bennett and some members of the school board


Chicago’s board of education voted Wednesday to shutter 50 schools, the largest number of schools closed at one time by any major U.S. city.

The board, appointed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D), opted to close 49 elementary schools and one high school after the current school year ends. It decided to keep open four additional schools that had been recommended for closure by Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett.

The country’s third largest school system, Chicago is facing a $1 billion budget shortfall. Declining enrollments have led to inefficient, half-empty schools where too much money has to be directed to maintenance and operations instead of classroom activities, officials said.

The List: Chicago Schools To Be Closed

88% of schools closing are BLACK SCHOOLS

Barbara Byrd-Bennett Defends School Closings

CT Legis16.JPGChicago Public School CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett


In a Wednesday school board meeting defending the district’s plan to close 54 neighborhood elementary schools,  NEWLY HIRED (BY MAYOR RAHM EMANUEL) Chicago Public School CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett (a black female) said she is insulted by claims her actions are “racist.”

“That is an affront to me as a woman of color and it is an affront to every parent in our community who demands a better education for their children,” Byrd-Bennett said at the Wednesday meeting, according to NBC Chicago. The NEWLY HIRED  CEO  (BY RAHM EMANUEL) insisted the plan was made after listening to more than 20,000 individual testimonies from community hearings.

“What I cannot understand and what I will not accept is that the proposals I am offering are racist,” Byrd-Bennett said, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Her response prompted shouts of “They are!” from the “often-raucous crowd.”

“To refuse to challenge the status quo that is failing thousands of African American students, that’s what I call racist,” Byrd-Bennett added.



Barbara Byrd-Bennett, Rahm EmanuelBarbara Byrd-Bennett and Mayor Rahm Emanuel  (who hired her)

It is a COMMON STRATEGY to put a black face on WHITE RACISM to REDIRECT LEGITIMATE ANGER AND OUTRAGE from racist and powerful WHITE PEOPLE to a POWERLESS black male or female, like NEWLY HIRED  CEO  (BY RAHM EMANUEL) Barbara Byrd-Bennett, of Chicago Public Schools.  While it is very, very tempting to vent our anger at this black female, it solves NOTHING  and actually increases our own ANTI-BLACKNESS.



chicago_schools_closing_protest 6 chicago_schools_closing_protest 9 chicago_schools_closing_protest 10 chicago_schools_closing_protest 12 chicago_schools_closing_protest 13 Chicago Rally Protests Public School Closings chicago_schools_closing_protest4chicago_schools_closing_protest5chicago_schools_closing_protest3

Some speakers at the meeting wept, one prayed, and a few shouted insults at board members and Chief Executive Barbara Byrd-Bennett.  Several protesters had to be physically removed from the board room by security.

“Substantial research shows that closing schools and moving students increases the dropout rate and the incidence of street violence,” said Alderman Bob Fioretti.

Are the Chicago School Closings Really About “Budget Shortfalls?”

rahm emmanuel 1

It SURE looks like there is PLENTY of MONEY to fund TAX BREAKS for Big Business AND more RECREATION and ENTERTAINMENT for well-to-do Chicagoans and Tourists

Why Is Chicago Devoting $125 Million To Build A Basketball Arena For A Private University?

Proposed Chicago arena at McCormick Place (Credit: NBC Chicago)

By Travis Waldron on May 15, 2013 at 3:34 pm

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel will lay out a proposal Thursday for a $195 million basketball arena for DePaul University, a private Chicago university that spent $20 million in 2004 to make its current home, Allstate Arena, “a state-of-the-art facility.” The plan, according to reports from CBS Chicago, will require $125 million from taxpayers, with $70 million coming from a tax on hotel rooms and an additional $55 million coming from a common arena scheme known as tax-incremented financing (TIF).

Emanuel hasn’t talked openly about the plan, but an alderman on the city’s board told CBS that the plan, which includes hotels attached to the city’s convention center at McCormick Place, was about fostering economic growth. “Sometimes you have to make an investment in city resources to be able to generate tax dollars,” Ald. Pat Dowell said.

But local arena expert Marc Ganis told the Chicago Sun-Times yesterday that it was “lunacy” to expect the plan to help the economy:

‘‘It’s lunacy,’’ he said straight off. ‘‘Sheer folly. It makes no economic sense whatsoever. As someone who has worked on projects like these for decades, I can tell you there is absolutely no way for this to make any sense in any way. It is not in the realm of possibility.’’

Plan aims to turn Navy Pier into more of a park

Public funding for first phase grows to $115 million

May 18, 2013
Landscape architect James Corner unveils designs during a press conference Friday at Navy Pier for the redevelopment of the pier.  Navy Pier, the highly commercial tourist attraction jutting into Lake Michigan, will take on a more park-like feel under the first phase of redevelopment plans formally announced Friday.

While Rahm Emanuel is masterminding the mass closing of black schools he and his cronies are already planning to spend HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS on a new basketball stadium and dressing up Navy Pier for  (mostly white)  “tourists.”


I believe the MASS CLOSING OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS — 88% of them BLACK SCHOOLS — is a strategy that is designed to destroy already fragile black neighborhoods by making them even more undesirable so black people will LEAVE those neighborhoods and  WHITES can RECLAIM the most desirable inner-city areas that are within 10 to 25 minutes from downtown Chicago, Michigan Avenue, the Gold Coast, the museums, universities, the lakefront and public transportation and major expressways.

Many affluent (and not so affluent) whites moved to the suburbs to GET AWAY FROM BLACK PEOPLE and are now forced (by their OWN racist hands)  to commute 30 or more miles one-way every day to come into the downtown area to work and play, while blacks in the so-called “inner-city” have the ADVANTAGE of easy access via public transportation and short trips from their homes to downtown Chicago and that is NOT acceptable in a white supremacy system.

I also believe it is designed to FURTHER undermine AND devastate the already fragile self-esteem of black students and derail their intellectual confidence and potential by continuing to provide an UNEQUAL and INADEQUATE educational experience.


Just a few days ago, I was talking to a friend who has a son in a Chicago public grammar school and he informed me that the children in that ALL-BLACK SCHOOL are given “worksheets” to take home to do their homework INSTEAD of BOOKS.

There should be NO DOUBT in the minds of ANY SANE (or INSANE) black person that the school system is DESIGNED to DERAIL and DESTROY the INTELLECTUAL POTENTIAL of black children who will one day grow up to be educationally and professionally deprived BLACK ADULTS.

It is IMPORTANT for the most powerful white people to USE black people (like the Obamas, Oprah, Ms Byrd-Bennett) as AGENTS of RACISM/WHITE SUPREMACY,  so their Victims can share” the KARMIC blame when the ILL DEEDS of the Victimizers finally come home to roost on their doorsteps.
It is also done to make it appear that black people are the main ones victimizing other black people, and to take the lion’s share of the attention AND the BLAME away from the REAL Victimizers:  the white people in charge  (the  WPIC). 
My personal litmus test: 
Whenever  a BLACK PERSON is hired to “manage” anything that involves other black people,  I always ASSUME black people are GOING TO BE HARMED.
So far I have NOT  been disappointed.
chicago_schools_closing_protest 8blank

When WAR is waged on our children and we do NOTHING to stop our Enemies


Some Final Words By Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr.

Racial Population Tailoring

Excerpted from Neely Fuller Jr audio and video  interviews, articles, and ‘The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept Code Book’ by Neely Fuller Jr.

    • Zach Brewer says:

      These people are ridiculous! What do you think?

      When will this end? RACISM in America. Whose the Racist? I encourage everybody to read the following article as it is directly related to the blog that is posted here:

      • TrojanPam says:

        @ Zach

        I suggest you re-read my posts on the Chicago School System.

        A white male Jew, Mayor Emmanuel controls the Chicago School system, and the School Board and he is the one who appoints those blacks you speak of to positions that he still controls.

        Without getting into a long, time-wasteful dialogue, I think the vast majority of white people know (from their own personal experiences) that whites have the decision making power, even when whites appoint blacks to powerful-appearing positions. That’s why a white person will skip right over a black person with “authority” and ask to speak to the (real) person in charge: another white person.

        It is ILLOGICAL to believe that the whites who APPOINT blacks to these positions, somehow, have less power than the blacks they appointed.

        There is only one kind of racism: WHITE RACISM. White people are the only people who have the FINAL SAY in what happens in Chicago, Detroit, NYC, and every large and small town and city in the U.S.

        White people know this is true (from their own personal experiences), just like they understand that President Obama is beholden to those powerful whites who SELECTED, FINANCED, AND NOMINATED HIM — and the whites who really control the white house and the senate and the congress and corporate america and the lobbyists and the police and the courts and which candidate gets nominated and funded to run for office

        It is white people who decide which schools provide an adequate education and which do not. It is white people who decide which community is drug and crime free and which are not. It is white people who decide who will work, how much they will make, if they get promoted or fired, and if they they make a LIVING WAGE that allows them to live decent lives

        Again, I have little patience with whites who KNOW THESE THINGS ARE TRUE and yet will try to derail legitimate discussions about racism


        If you disagree, that’s fine

        I let the evidence speak for itself, which is what I did in my blogs on the Chicago school system, rather than a disingenuous dialogue about “racist” black people.

  1. Miss Pam

    There is perhaps a bigger agenda here. Have you noticed a rise in slave movies and films where we are servants?

    Funny how timed these events are, no?

    I feel that the big agenda is to push us back into the “servant” role where we belong. Without proper education, we have a snowballs chance in hell to compete with the wave of immigrants that are being ALLOWED to work for Pennies a day.

    Pushing our children out of school will push them into the streets where they are prone to drugs, gangs, sex and pregnancy, gun violence and prison.

    Let’s not forget that prisons are now being privatized….all a coincidence?

    I think not.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ diaryofanegress

      I absolutely agree. I was saying the same thing when “The Help” came out, that they are trying to promote the idea that it is acceptable, even desirable, for black females to be domestic servants again (clean lazy white females’ houses).

      I couldn’t believe how many black females (and some are in my family!) who thought it was an “entertaining” movie and didn’t see the implications of making such a movie in the year 2012, in so -called “post-racial America’ that (s)elected the first “black” president.

      Most black people are SO trusting of white people it is frightening YET at the same time we are so hostile toward other black people (who cannot be trusted).

      That’s some super scary stuff

      You are right, the intent overall is to produce black children with no self-esteem and no confidence in their intellectual potential — which is why so many young black males and females today want to be “entertainers”

      rappers, pro athletes, dancers, singers, comedians and actors and actresses

      because it looks easy and it’s what most of them see other successful black people doing

      unfortunately, by the time the intellectual damage is done to our children in the white supremacist school system, most will not be qualified to do much more than low-wage paying jobs and will have to do whatever dirty work there is to be done AND not complain

      While at the same time they will blame their poverty and frustration and despair on OTHER black people due to their ANTI-BLACKNESS via the white mass media

      Basically, there will be about four places most BLACK CHILDREN will wind up

      1. in low wage paying jobs or jobs that are close to slave labor (domestic work, temporary work, picking crops, or doing the most menial labor) with NO future and NO possibility of retirement (and you can see that happening right now)
      2. in prison
      3. spilling their (priceless) blood on foreign soil killing other non-whites for powerful white people to get richer and more powerful
      4. buried in a graveyard

      And in the meantime, they will be the SEXUAL PLAYTHINGS of any RANDOM white male or female (or both) who wants a little “black meat” which is why sex with white people AND sex with the same sex is being promoted so hard with a black male FACE ON IT.

      There is so much to say, and I make NO APOLOGIES for the picture I am painting here regarding the FUTURE of our black children

      Because it is about TIME we face what is happening and SHAKE OFF THOSE MENTAL SLAVE CHAINS that are still keeping us in bondage to our Victimizers and put our heads together and come up with REAL SOLUTIONS to protect the intellectual potential of OUR BLACK CHILDREN

      In the meantime, I encourage everyone to SHARE THE LINK to this post because what is happening to black children in Chicago could be coming to a town near you.

      And I also encourage everyone to check out your very insightful blog

      • I’m writing a post urging parents to homeschool their children. Eurocentric education has no merit in our lives.

        The biggest issue we have amongst us is lack of trust. We always “need” something from Yurugu yet we have all we need to be successful with each other.

        I’m running out of ideas.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ negress

          I believe a few of the parents impacted by school closings have said they will homeschool their children, but that option can be overwhelming for a parent who has NOT been properly schooled themselves AND requires a great deal of commitment to see it through.

          You’re right, about needing to be successful with each other

          which is why the white supremacy system works so HARD and so LONG to make sure that doesn’t happen

          I wish we could all see that there MUST BE a reason they are promoting sex and marriage with white people while creating negative imagery about black people being with each other

          come on now

      • I agree with you. I also think these servant films are a constant reminder of our position in this country. We forget that we were brought here as servants. And as far as white folks are concerned that is still our function. That’s why they spend millions on these propaganda films. Have you seen the trailer for the film “The Butler”? It stars Forest Whittaker,Oprah Winfrey,Lenny Kravitz,Robin Williams and Cuba Gooding Jr. One of the lines in the film is “you do not speak, you only serve”. Can you believe that? Total mind control! You have to see it! It’s unbelievable! Hollywood has a lot of nerve putting out this anti-black garbage! We have to stop supporting films that insult us. I for one will not be going to see this film. It’s time to speak with our wallets!

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ Kushite Prince

          i hadn’t heard about that movie. I don’t understand why we (black people) don’t see what is happening and what we are being PRIMED to do?

          I just don’t get it…

  2. C.Andrews says:

    You are soooo right on with this, I did not realyze the extent of these massive public school closings in mostly urban areas all through the plantation. they definitely are following their code. In my neck of the woods it is almost exactly the same scenario- a black CEO /School Superintendent, I think he may be from Chicago, in this case we have a black mayor and masive tax increases but at the same time they building up the Zoo, they just opened a billion dollar art museum(the BARNES Museum) and all the museums are currently undergoing renovations….one thing I learned from my mother was this- Change dont happen overnite, the powers to be implements these changes gradually over a period of time, sometimes they think these changes through and implement them over a period of a generation or two !!!!! We must become CODEFIED and act accordingly. Dr Welsing was very correct in advising us to learn the game of chess. We must strive to constructively strategize. Things about to get real Funky on the plantation……

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ C.Andrews

      Absolutely, this TRICK is played so often — putting a BLACK FACE on white racism — that it’s a wonder it works as well as it does

      unfortunately, it does work most or all of the time

      as the BLACK FACE (puppet) “creates” and signs off on all kinds of public and private policies that infuriate white people and devastate black people

      they are the only ones who are blamed (like the Obamas and Byrd-Bennett )

      who for career, financial or ego reasons seem more than happy to participate

      (DUE to their OWN anti-blackness and victimization, no doubt but kicking them is like kicking the CAR instead of the DRIVER)

      AND who have NO MORE REAL POWER than anyone reading this has over what POLICIES are created and are actually put into practice.

      Let me repeat: These black FACES have NO POWER and are IN CHARGE OF NOTHING that happens within the SYSTEM OF WHITE SUPREMACY and SHOULD NOT BE BLAMED for what the white people in charge are doing

      however, it is OUR JOB to break the SPELL being cast by “black showcasing” to see what is really happening AND who is doing the real damage and NOT FALLING for the CON GAME of SYMBOLIC “black power” AND “black progress.”

      you are right, we must strive to strategize because what is coming will be far worse than “funky”

  3. LBM says:

    This is one of the reasons CREE and I were stressing the need for us to get our personal love relationships in order. It’s important that we bring children into the best situations possible – family households, loving parents, capable parents, etc. So when crap like this happens they have parents on the scene who love them and want to protect them and are able to do so – or at least wage the fight. Someone talked about homeschooling – well that’s a little difficult when father absent households have become cultural norm and mother may be working and there IS no one at home. It all relates.

    We had several high school closings two years ago in NYC. Reports done last year cited about half of those students were not relocated. Many were juniors and seniors that did not finish. But that was part of the plan. So if the student had a mom who was overwhelmed for whatever reason, or a father that was absent or overwhelmed as well – no advocate -the students was left “out there.”

    I don’t want to go on a rant but I will say : in spite of our unwillingness to accurately see anti-humans for what they are (we still call them people), justice will ultimately prevail. But know this : MANY of us will perish along the way, just as many of them will (and are if we read the signs).

    As for homeschooling, one does not have to be an MIT graduate. My children attended afrocentric independent schools. The main issue is that we, Black parents, Black folk MUST be willing to pay our independent educators, support right efforts. We have no problem giving money to anti-humans but balk at investing in our own institutions and our children.

    Note: I’m not down for “blaming” black window dressings – we too have a mayor appointed superintendent- but it should be let known to these people and their anti-human bosses that we do see the game. I put this under the don’t-make-it-so-easy-for-them code.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ LBM

      Thanks for sharing!

      You’re right, all over the U.S. black students are being discouraged from attending or finishing school VIA various methods



      AND since the white people in power are replacing BLACK PEOPLE BORN IN THE U.S. with non-white IMMIGRANTS — both legal AND illegal

      they are TELEGRAPHING that they have little use for our labor.

      they just don’t need as many of us as they have in this nation

      and we are TOO CLOSE to them and our HISTORY together is so ATROCIOUS AND SHAMEFUL AND TERRORISTIC

      that they do not want to look at the EVIDENCE of their CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

      the only use our young people will have is as SEXUAL AND CANNON FODDER for the prison/war industrial complex

      we MUST make a greater effort to educate our own children and open our own schools and say DAMN the RISK

  4. “I believe the MASS CLOSING OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS — 88% of them BLACK SCHOOLS — is a strategy that is designed to destroy already fragile black neighborhoods by making them even more undesirable so black people will LEAVE those neighborhoods and  WHITES can RECLAIM the most desirable inner-city areas that are within 10 to 25 minutes from downtown Chicago, Michigan Avenue, the Gold Coast, the museums, universities, the lakefront and public transportation and major expressways.

    Many affluent (and not so affluent) whites moved to the suburbs to GET AWAY FROM BLACK PEOPLE and are now forced (by their OWN racist hands)  to commute 30 or more miles one-way every day to come into the downtown area to work and play, while blacks in the city have the ADVANTAGE of easy access via public transportation and short trips from their homes to downtown Chicago and that is NOT acceptable in a white supremacy system.”
    You pretty much summed it up there,Pam. Thank you for this post. This is good information for those of us not living in Chicago. Whether or not we live in the area is irrelevant. This information is still important to the entire black collective. I would assume this type of thing is going on in black areas across the country. I personally was not aware of this information. But this shows how calculated their agenda really is. And the lengths they will go to in order to further destroy black neighborhoods and black families.

    • emile says:

      “I would assume this type of thing is going on in black areas across the country.”

      That’s a good assumption (in a most positive meaning of the word) because it is happening everywhere. Gentrification is affecting many other so-called ethnic neighborhoods beside where we live, too. I think it is completely unjust for these reasons…

      First, there was the Homestead Act of 1862 (among six other congressional acts that gave a way “free” land), in which Blacks and Native Americans were screwed over to the advantage of whites, i.e. 160 acres of “free” land from the federal government…

      Second, “restrictive covenant codes” kicked in after Reconstruction and never allowed Blacks or non-whites to move into certain areas of any given city, which was another (*wink!) wealth-building advantage “given” (not earned) to whites…BTW: some of these covenants are still strictly enforced in certain parts of the country…

      Thirdly, gentrification is a more refined process of the former two, which yet again, “gives” whites property ownership and wealth-generation advantages over every other prospective non-white property buyer.

      Can you see where this is going? When does it end? When generation after generation of Black people aren’t able to pass on acquired wealth to the next, how can you compete or level out such economic disparities? White people just aren’t going to play by the rules no matter how patient you are with them. We’ve got to come up with some new game plans, some of which are so f**king complicated even they can’t figure it out! Hate to sound so cynical but I just don’t trust these people in any instance.

      • I hear where you’re coming from Emile. An I really appreciate the history lesson. You dropped some serious knowledge! And I agree, we need a new game plan. Something very complex to figure it out yet easy to apply.

      • TrojanPam says:

        @ emile

        who asked: When generation after generation of Black people aren’t able to pass on acquired wealth to the next, how can you compete or level out such economic disparities?

        Bingo! that is how a white supremacy system functions

        keeping the playing field as UNLEVEL as INHUMANLY possible.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Kushite Prince

      I recently read that they have or ARE closing black schools in NYC

      Black ADULTS must STOP BLAMING black students — OUR CHILDREN — for their “underachievement” within a racist educational system

  5. emile says:

    Here’s a question that I’d like answered, and I’m very serious about having this question answered.

    Why is it that we common folks can see clearly how things are being played out to our detriment yet others can’t? Are people that blind to what’s going on the modern world? Or are we not requiring that they step up their thinking? There’s really something wrong when our society has the most unprecedented exposure to information via modern media, yet most haven’t a clue to what’s going on? I fail to see that. Older generations had less than half of the acquired knowledge that we have today, and in some ways they seemed to have done better they we are doing.

    It just doesn’t make sense to me, even for all of the excuses that are made about people not being enlightened to the reality of their environments. It’s like seeing someone walk through a burning house and yet they keep denying that they can’t smell their own flesh and clothing burning! I used to give the so-called Black leaders and those in positions of influence some leeway as far as their limitations in rectifying the myriad of problems faced by Black people in all areas. Yes, we know that there’s the possibility that they’re sometimes being locked out of the inner sanctums of the powerful people who influence our society. But what about those who do have this type of information? Are they holding back? Why aren’t they throwing a wrench in the gears? They have alternatives but are unwilling to use for the sake of saving their own asses, or until the system screws them over. and as expected, they want us to sympathize with their sudden shortcomings. It is my belief that they clearly see what is going on in cases like the Chicago school closings but “choose” to ignore its significance and the impact it will have on Black people now and in the future.

    The CPS CEO and many others in influential positions are well-educated individuals who know exactly what’s going in this city, state and country when it comes to Black people getting a chance to compete and prosper. They are are exposed to tons of inside intelligence, as well as very cognizant of who’s pulling the strings behind this whole fiasco. Not trying to pick on anyone in particular, but if she chose to, Mrs. Byrd-Bennett could put Mayor Emanuel on the spot by asking pertinent questions about the obvious disparities between the current school closings, the proposed university sports stadium and other city assets redevelopment projects that are to be built with the same tax subsidies that could be used to lessen public school debt and expand (not contract) school services. She could also lob all inquiries, public frustrations and resentment she receive directly back to the mayor. The mayor is supposed to have a pulse on every peculiarity of the city represented. Put his ass on the spot, make him sweat, until he comes up with the appropriate outcome you are seeking, just as they would do if the mayor had been a non-white person. While we now know how the game is being played against us, then she and others should act accordingly. You may not get him to do everything you want, but you surely can raise national awareness to the issue. The game is systematic and was also played out with a similar tune in Philadelphia. Were the CPS CEO to take these actions, she would have tremendous support from the parents, teachers and students of Chicago who have been fighting for a just cause, and who are only asking her as a Black woman and an individual to do what is in their best interests. I don’t have to imagine what the outcome were to be if these same schools were populated by white students because I know for a fact that white parents and teachers would not stand for it. Period. For people who are naive enough to throw the race card in this? You’re only fooling yourself. We know how ethnic politics goes down in a segregated city like Chicago, and had Mrs. Byrd-Bennett been Jewish, Irish, Italian, German, Latino, Asian or any other ethnicity besides Black, the same if not even more would be asked of them on behalf of their students and the communities in which they live. That’s the hypocrisy of this whole set-up, with the smoke-n-mirrors facade of municipal debt. I don’t believe anyone is asking her to pick sides or shirk her own responsibility or wiggle out of her professional duties, but I’ll be damned if I were to suckered in to believing that a well-experienced individual such as herself, who’s perhaps had countless, various engagements in public and private service, does not fully comprehend or can reason with surety the dire ramifications our present students are faced with in a relentlessly competitive global environment. In reality, considering the conditions that the proposed school closings are faced with and their immediate communities, there should be an expansion of public financing, updated curriculum and increased emphasis on enrollment of students. Investments in students’ education now is an investment into the city’s future. The racist attitudes, beliefs and inclinations of whomever is involved with public school administration is not the fault of the students. That is their personal problem. What matters is the situation at hand, where we are literally screwing over another generation by not giving them the fundamental tools they need to survive, succeed and live out their potential, whatever it may be. It is worth fighting for and I am certain that this is what would undoubtedly happen in non-affected areas in Chicago as well as across the country. While I fully agree with Mr. Fuller’s explanation about not criticizing other Black people, I do feel that there are times when we have to review those influential Black people who are supposedly working on our behalf and not stepping up to the plate to do those things that they can effectively for the betterment of Black people.

    We know what Black public officials have to go through in a white-dominated society, but there comes a time when you have to stop making excuses and do what is just, regardless of the consequences. If Black voters and supporters are the ones who put you in public office or a position of authority, with the hopes that you are going to work in their best interests, then that is exactly what you should be doing. The obstacles that most have to face are a given, especially when sincerely trying their best to bring about legislation and public services that directly benefit Black constituents. But why is it that other ethnic groups are more successful at doing this than we are? Somebody is dropping the ball along the way. At what point do we stop letting these people make fools of us? Too much responsibility is being placed on the backs of Black people who are already bombarded with many other social and economic challenges in their daily lives. Regardless of what the media portrays, there have been parents and students who have been fighting for better eduction on every level way before this scenario began and never gotten credit or coverage for their actions. Why is it that when it comes to Black people, a city government and a public school system can’t work in the same manner as it did when whites were the major benefactors of the same taxpayer-financed services? Don’t we pay taxes of every variety? Serve in the military? Vote in every election?

    If home schooling is an alternative option, then I say that is one of the choices we must take for the sake of the future of our people. For years, I have advocated for the purchasing of some of these schools from the city through private investments by Black investors, modeled mainly after the Resolution Trust Corporation of the 1990s, where local governments can actually sell public properties and hand over management of certain dilapidated schools to Black and/or community investment groups. The onus for the new schools’ success would be on the parents/teachers/investors in the school, with the objective being more control over the curriculum and assured efficiency of its students. When your money is going into the operations of these schools, as well as the outcome of your child’s education, there would undoubtedly be more involvement in ensuring the school’s overall quality of education is nothing less than successful. It would also be a job incubator, lessen dependence upon municipal funding and add value to affected communities, even to the point of competing with the best schools within the city region. Over a twenty year period, who knows what could have been accomplished? We need to think critically and outside of the box when it comes to dealing with racism. It is not going anywhere and we need as many defensive mechanisms we can muster to counter its effects, especially when it comes to our children’s education. Overall, we have to come up with other options and solutions if we are going to compete in the future.

    • Ms. J says:


      I think much of it is caused by the lack of HONEST education in this society. How many of you read about RWS in school or had serious discussions about it in a public setting? Even though I study much about racism as a Sociology major, I literally found Mr. Fuller and Dr. Welsing’s work out of the blue. People like Dr. John Henrik Clarke and Dr. Amos Wilson are also important Black scholars that I also wasn’t exposed to in academia; rather White anti-racists like Tim Wise and Peggy McIntosh are readily talked about in the school curriculum. Our people suffer from a serious case of mis-education as always. Sadly, many of us have come to accept this unfortunate reality.

      As you mentioned in your comment, the media is playing a BIG part in this. Yes, we do have a lot of information on constructive matters, but I think we’re socialized to pay attention to unimportant matters like celebrities. And much of this media distracts us from the real issues we’re facing. For instance, many Black people would say racial progress is increasing because celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are having a “biracial” baby together, but the REALITY is that this is just a refinement of RWS. My ex (who was Black) literally told me that more mixed children was a sign of racial equality for Black people. He seemed so enamored with mixed children in particular as well and rambled off all these “cool” mixes between Blacks and other races. He also claimed that he wanted to hop the fence if our relationship didn’t work, so the media masterminds really hav my generation fully behind interracial dating/sex/marriage with whites.

      Racial showcasing is a big element too. President Obama’s election has literally increased the level of confusion among Black people. I know countless Blacks who see him as the Great Messiah but know nothing about his policies and the White people behind him (I need more information on the latter myself). CREE recently did a post of Facebook of Forbes Magazine’s richest people. Oprah Winfrey was on the front cover with the top two wealthiest people although she was ranked much lower than the two whites also on the cover.

      • Ms. J says:


        I think the best we as codified Black people can do is to stop seeing these so-called “Black leaders” as such. Period. Leaders are going to see to it that their people are not be harmed but adequately helped. None of our “Black leaders” have been in a position to do that. Those who’ve tried were purposely killed while others will catch hell with their White masters. We all will, for that matter, if we resist them too much.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Emile

      You asked quite a few questions but I’ll deal with two


      why don’t we see what is happening?

      My answer to the first one is MOST black people are IN DENIAL — which has been MAGNIFIED by the (S)ELECTION of President Obama, a well-calculated and designed SLEEPING PILL for the black masses. A lot of us have been braintrashed by media and entertainment and have not a CLUE about racism or how it works. Like in the Counter-Racism Boot Camp Lesson 1 video where a young black male thought harassing the homeless was the same as practicing “racism”.

      Another “DISEASE” afflicting MOST black people is the RACISM AVOIDANCE DISORDER where we CONTINUALLY LIE TO OURSELVES about what is happening to black people AND why it is happening
      AND usually blame other black people for what the white people in charge are doing to all of us .

      for a GREAT example, check out his blogpost and read the comments by some (possibly) black people who are PRETENDING that racism is the fault of other black people (?)


      And to the second question,

      why don’t these black people in appointed positions challenge what they being told to do to other black people?

      it has been my experience that the MORE EDUCATED and so-called “ENTITLED” (aka somebody white gave a black person a “TITLE”),

      the MORE LIKELY we are to have the above disorder — the RACISM AVOIDANCE DISORDER” and be totally confused by all that white elitist education

      because we know white people can with a flick of a PEN can take away our

      white SPOUSES
      fancy home
      luxury car
      credit cards
      designer clothing
      designer liquor

      Even more importantly, I believe that white people who HAND PICK those black people already KNOW in ADVANCE that the black individual in question will DO what is asked without asking a single question or showing any concern about how they are being used.

      there are educated and competent black people who care about other black people but the white people in charge already know who they are SO those people will not get those appointments

      which is why I believe so many high profile blacks seem to be so ANTI-BLACK.

  6. Ms. J says:

    This post really solidifies why I’m thinking of homeschooling my children – if I have any in the future. I’ve always been a student’s who’s done exceptionally well in this Eurocentric system, but I know deep down that it’s not meant to be that way for ALL students – especially those who are Non-White.

    I used to think that activism and social resistance meant having picket fences and demonstrations, but actions like homeschooling and codification are very critical ways to produce MAJOR change. I think these events are an opportunity for us to share with other people constructive and tangible suggestions as to how we can counter racism. We’re gonna have to alter our thoughts, speechs, and actions or else.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Ms J.

      Absolutely, that is the best way of defeating this system VIA INDIVIDUAL ACTIONS on the part of MILLIONS of INDIVIDUAL black people, changing what we DO, SAY, and THINK

      because white supremacy is a MIND GAME, a kind of WIZARD of OZ, and a “The Emperor Wore No Clothes”

      where it requires the MASSES of PEOPLE to allow themselves to be DECEIVED

      but once that CURTAIN is pulled back, the POWER behind it DISSIPATES

      which is why it is so important to BREED anti-blackness in the hearts and minds of black people worldwide

      so they will FIGHT AND KILL OTHER BLACK PEOPLE (like you and me) who even attempt to reveal TRUTH by pulling back that curtain

  7. LBM says:

    “Why is it that we common folks can see clearly how things are being played out to our detriment yet others can’t? Are people that blind to what’s going on the modern world? Or are we not requiring that they step up their thinking?”

    Emile, RWS is, for one, a bombardment of mistreatment. So many of us are so overwhelmed that we don’t take the time to sit and think about what in the hell is happening. This is how this system sustains. That why I said MANY will not make it. However, it only takes a strong few to be codified on a consistent basis for us to see positive change. Don’t get discouraged because “black folk” seem not to get it. Some get it but still feel paralyzed to do anything. Some get it and are just not ready to implement some of the codes many of us agree on or institute personal codes. I personally don’t socialize with anti-humans. But many black folk still think it’s a privilege to do so. This doesn’t change my mind at all because I accept that MANY will not make it. I just told a neighbor who has mindlessly welcomed a family of anti-humans onto the block that I love socializing with people like myself – so no I won’t be attending any house-warming anything with them. But my neighbor is like many Black folk who won’t do any work around informing the neighborhood that the local supermarket needs to be rendering better service, a better quality of food – but will say “at least with THEM in the neighborhood the stores are improving.” Never mind the fact that he did nothing toward that end while living in the area for 20yrs. Never mind the fact that black youth who grew up in Bed-Stuy and went away to college can not afford to buy or rent in Bed-Stuy at this point.

    The school closings are part of gutting the major cities of black folk. Some of the schools that “closed” are now housing corporate charter schools. Some of the elementary and middle schools have literally been gentrified to where they are different places than where black parents first placed their children – just like the neighborhoods. Then on top of that – because it comes from all sides – rent prices run people out and unjust mortgage lending practices are allowing anti-humans to property grab in what was previously black areas. So even if you made a conscious effort to be around your own and far from THEM – the voltron effect of schooling, housing, banking, law enforcement – will still have you stepping out your door and seeing THEM….But again, we ain’t got to make them feel oh so welcomed.

    • A lot of it is willful ignorance. Many black folks know we still face racism,discrimination and oppression. But they choose to leave on their rose-colored glasses in this “post racial “America. Deep down they know the reality but choose to run from it. No amount of integration or sexual sewering will change it. Those of us who are codified have to let our voices be heard. And stand up against injustice and inequality. No matter who gets offended(black or white).

      • TrojanPam says:

        @ Kushite Prince

        I agree, many of our people are WILLFULLY IGNORANT aka IGNORING the reality for two reasons:

        1. it is painful and makes them uncomfortable

        2. Once they ACKNOWLEDGE TRUTH, they are now compelled AND responsible for doing something about it. And most of us want NOTHING to do with fixing it, that’s why President Obama was so appealing. Many of us thought HE would FIX it so we wouldn’t have to do anything ourselves

        how well did that strategy work out?

  8. LBM says:

    We still need to sure ourselves up for work. Upon Obama becoming becoming President there seem to be swelling conversation and pending activism around an independent party. Black folks dropped that mantle so quickly upon the coming of Obama – as if we were relieved that we could drop that effort, that struggle, that pain. Again – not all will be able to endure. I recently had a conversation with some continental Africans and was saying how we have to understand the role tribalism played in the slave trades and that that same tribalism exists today. Painful dialogue but necessary. In another conversation I asked a brother when will Black males provide jobs for their women so we don’t have to go to racists for jobs. Painful crickets. Fighting this beast will be painful. But what’s our option?

  9. Ms. J says:

    But I believe that once of our oppression is psychological. As long as White people have us internalizing the idea that we need to depend on them for everything – education, housing, employment – we’re going to be crushed when they take it away. They’re doing it little by little until they go back to the “Good ‘ole days”.

    Now I realize why White folks were saying, “Let’s take America back!”, immediately after President Obama entered office. Although people like Tim Wise would have you believing that they are delusional for saying such things, I realized that they were just using code words to signal the gloves coming off.

  10. I am so sick of this whole thing. What is one to do? We have absolutely no one on ourside.

  11. LBM says:

    Unfortunately not enough of us are sick of it yet. Once we are, We only need to be on our own side.

  12. kowaba says:

    What the more visible black people think about racism and politics;

  13. […] institutions, but we keep feeding our children up to it. It’s been reported and reported and reported again that the public school systems serves as a school-to prison pipeline, and if not that, at the […]

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