Charles Ramsey — Reblogged from Abagond’s Blog

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Charles Ramsey
(Reblogged from Abagond’s blog)
Sat 11 May 2013 by abagond


Charles Ramsey, an American dishwasher, did something that the Cleveland police and the FBI could not do: with the help of Angel Cordero he freed three women (and a girl) who had been missing for ten years, locked away in his neighbour’s house. The police had been called repeatedly about strange doings at the house – even reports of naked women being led like dogs – but did little. The very same police who let Anthony Sowell rape and murder 11 women.

In one week in May 2013 Charles Ramsey went from American hero to Internet buffoon to demonized brute. It was like America could not bear the sight of an ordinary, working-class black man as hero. It had to make fun of how he talks. It had to unearth his police record and splash it across the Internet. He either had to be laughed at or torn down. Brute or buffoon. The culture seems incapable of consuming him in any other form.

It gives lie to the idea that whites would stop being racist if blacks “proved themselves” worthy of their respect.


To Read More go to:

Cleveland TV Station Apologizes For Report On Charles Ramsey’s Criminal Record:

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  2. Ms. J says:

    Trojan Pam,

    I’m so glad that you posted the comment debunking the MYTH that Whites practice racism because they have little contact with Blacks. Clearly, the White people who knew about Charles Ramsey had much contact with him, but they still chose to publicly demean him anyway.

    I heard the same excuse in my Gender/Ethnicity/Communication class from Black students. They’d publicly say, “Many Whites in this class have biased views of Black people because they only see them in the media.” None of the White students ever said anything in response to support or oppose such views, so I suspect this is just a part of their code – NEVER tell Black folks the tricks of the RWS trade. Plenty of them had “Black friends”, relatives, and lovers, but they still had biased views of us when we did in-class exercises.

    If I only remember one thing from Counter-Racism, it’s that White people KNOW what they’re doing and are very skilled in deceiving us about their knowledge. I’ve also learned to not seek out White validation or try to prove to them that I’m a victim of RWS and deserve justice. It’s a futile effort, and a choice they could have made from the start. I know myself that justice is long overdue.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Ms J

      Happy Mother’s Day to you and all the mothers reading this

      I agree, it’s black people who do not understand racism, not white people

      White people don’t practice racism because they “don’t know any better” or they’re “ignorant”

      If racism/white supremacy is a global system it is not possible that 9% of the world’s population are dominating most of the other 91%

      out of ignorance

  3. Mariama says:

    You know, Pam, the media just keeps proving everything you say to be on point. My best resposnse is to simply not expect anything from them. I don’t trust the media and I think that I have fully understood now that white liberal is simply an oxymoron. I knew that sooner or later they were going to get Charles Ramsey. The media had a way of making him look “coonish.” I think this is their way of poking fun at us. I am so relieved because understanding these things that you all talk about has taken an enormous load off of my spirit and psyche. I simply dont trust them and no longer do I believe in the term “naive” white folks. That is a trick that I used to fall for: ie-white women’s tears; white saviours in Africa; the apologetic white pastor etc.

    • Ms. J says:


      I agree with you 100%. When I stopped seeing White people as “innocent” and “ignorant”, their behaviors made much more sense.

  4. […] Charles Ramsey — Reblogged from Abagond’s Blog […]

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