New Neely Fuller Sound Clip Added! President Obama is NOT Half-White

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President Barack Obama

President Obama is NOT Half-White   (Neely Fuller, Jr and Justice – COWS)

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I try to keep in mind that so-called racial classifications are POLITICAL CLASSIFICATIONS WITHIN a White Supremacy System

These “classifications” were created (MADE UP) by the most powerful white people for ONLY ONE PURPOSE:

to practice “race-ism”   aka   to mistreat the people they classify as NOT white

That’s why it’s impossible to be HALF-WHITE AND HALF-BLACK in a white supremacy system that MANDATES ALL PEOPLE  must be one or the other.

White or Non-White

Otherwise, how would the white people who practice racism know how to treat OR mistreat you if you are a combination of both?

For example, say you are a half-white/half-black person looking for an apartment. You go to a white rental agent who doesn’t rent to blacks.

Would she:

1. Rent you half an apartment for your half-white side?

2. Allow your “white half” to occupy the entire apartment BUT forbid the black half from entering the building?

3. Call the police when you protest your mistreatment and tell the police to haul your black half off to jail?

The above scenario is  just as ridiculous as the so-called racial classifications that were invented to CONFUSE the Victims of White Supremacy.

It is impossible to be half-white and half-black in a white supremacy system

YOU  are  either  one  OR  the  other:   white  or  non-white.

  1. LBM says:

    I haven’t listened to the sound clip yet. It’s not productive for me personally to engage in what to call such people, but I do think it helps to know if a person has a white parent, particularly a white/non-Black mother. My personal code is that a Black person has Black parents and both sets of grandparents are black.

    I think it’s particularly informational to know when a black person intentionally mates with a white/nonblack for the expressed purpose of having something other than a “black” child.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ LBM

      I agree, it’s important information to REDUCE confusion in non-white Victims

      Even though it’s my commentary, I don’t have the power to decide who is white or non-white. I don’t even have the power to determine it for myself.

      For example, I can say, privately, “Oh, I’m half-white, half-black” but when I get out into the real (white supremacy) world,

      white people will tell me AND show me who they think I am by the way they TREAT me

      I have many black people with a white parent in my family and in spite of their heavy white identification, white friends, white spouses, white lovers, and their avoidance of all or most things “black”

      NONE OF THEM are treated like white people

      they are treated like NON-WHITE people, despite having a white parent, and despite referring to themselves as:

      half-white and half-black
      multi-racial (who isn’t?)

      Once we understand the PURPOSE of racial classification

      — to CONFUSE non-whites
      — to CREATE divisions within the non-white ranks
      — to JUSTIFY mistreatment based on color

      I believe we — especially those with a white parent –will STOP letting these false LABELS affect our self-esteem and CONFUSE us

      Either you are WHITE or you are NOT

      That’s all the white people who practice racism need to know to decide if you qualify for mistreatment based on color

      • Mariama says:


        My goodness!! This is nothing but complete CONFUSION!!!! I can see why mulatto children feel torn, confused and conflicted. How can they resolve who they are based on our painful history? I would NEVER bring a child into this world to force them to choose between both sides. And the older I get, the more that I realize that “love sees no color,” is really non-sense. Or “love is all we need.” That just does not cut it.

        What do you think of mulatto children who look visibly white? Take Mariah Carey for example. With my “African” eyes, I do not see her as black. I think that is a downright insult to “real” black people. I do not like mulattos constantly being represented as blacks. They are not just black.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ Mariama

          You’re absolutely right. It is complete confusion and can be a VERY painful existence especially if you want to be white and white people say you are NOT

          which is more common I think than a non-white person with a white parent wishing they were seen as non-white or black

          because once that non-white child with a white parent sees which way the DECK is stacked, most will understandably want to play for the winning “white team”

          unfortunately, all the non-white people I know with a white parent are STILL being mistreated and treated as non-white people

          Regarding Mariah Carey (don’t let Mr Fuller hear you say “mulatto”!) 🙂

          She is a non-white person with a white parent — in my opinion — unless she “passes” as white and white people SAY she is white and treat her like a white person, then she is WHITE

          there are hundreds of thousands of non-white people who have “passed over” to the white side and millions of so-called white people with kinky hair, full lips, tan or dark skin, wavy hair, the Spanish, Italians, Greeks, some Irish, etc.

          but as long as WHITE PEOPLE say they are white and treat them like white people, none of that matters.

          Racial classification is NOT based on what your percentages of blood mix is because to my knowledge few white people have had their DNA tested to see how much “black” is in them

          I do think there are distinctions of whiteness AMONG white people but that is NO real concern of non-whites. That is an internal battle and process of “housekeeping”.

          I could care not one whit whether a white person is a real or so-called honorary white because it is ALL one and the same as far as I’m concerned when it comes to MY MISTREATMENT

          I understand your feelings and I have felt the same way, like if a non-white person with a white and a black parent who doesn’t want to be considered “black” and black people try to FORCE them to claim black people anyway

          I totally disagree with that

          I say let them GO, say bye-bye, and go whatever they want to go, say and do whatever the white people let them do

          they are of NO USE in our struggle. Let the white people have them, it is no skin off my black nose

          because at the end of the day or week, the people classified as WHITE will let that non-white person know exactly what they are (white or non-white) within a system of white supremacy

          I won’t have to say ONE WORD

  2. LBM says:

    This is why I seek only to reduce my own confusion. I have no control over how white folk classify or how folk with a white parent identify or regard me – I don’t make that my concern. I’ve just made it a point to marry and mate with someone who fit my personal code and try to perpetuate accordingly. I am though concerned with what Mariama has said – that thing of tan/beige being the face of black. And not to take anything away from those of us who are tan/beige though we have two black parents – but the continued negation of the darker hued ones of us, a least in terms of positive representation, is diabolical.

    Note: With all due respect to Mr. Fuller, I have to think about allowing whites to have the final(transient) say over who is what. Whites in Brazil have allowed Pelé to be “honorary” white because of money and status. What does that mean? Whites say the people who built the pyramids were white – that although Egypt is on the continent of Africa the ancient peoples there were white. Do we accept that because whites say so.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ LBM

      Unfortunately, white people do have the final say over who is what. If we need food, clothing, shelter, employment, electricity, water, medical care, a train, a plane, a car, gasoline, money, police, fire

      we have to go to white people

      our goal — in my opinion — should be to understand how the white supremacy system functions and work to dismantle it and replace it with a system of justice

      not to ignore its existence and pretend that we don’t have to abide by its rules

      (not directing this at you personally, of course)

  3. kowaba says:

    I think that there are two things that are going on here in terms of racial categorization. First, there is the component of classification. Second, there is how someone is functioning in society. Many times a person is both classified and functions within the same group, but sometimes these two can be mutually exclusive. For instance, if we look at history, there were many people who could have passed, but they were still not considered white if they were found to be black (having a black parent or black ancestry). So when they passed they were functioning as ‘white’, but when all the cards are on the table and all the facts are laid out, white people will say/classify this person is no longer white even though they previously benefited and functioned as white. I think this is for sure where the confusion comes into play for those who are non-white with a white parent.

    Another thing that I have noticed with the system of white supremacy is that black and white represent opposing forces. For example, all things black are to represent negative qualities in the RWS whereas whites represent positive qualities. The whole thing is a misrepresentation of reality and is unbalanced.

    So following this logic to be classified as black a person must:
    1) have one drop (genotype)
    2) does not have to look black (phenotype)
    but since there is the one drop rule then essentially being black could encompass anyone whether they look black or not

    What I’ve been told by white people is in order for a person to be classified as a white person you must:
    1) have two white parents (genotype)
    2) look white (phenotype)

    This ensures what white supremacists uphold racial integrity (or enforcing eugenics).

    “The Racial Integrity Act required that a racial description of every person be recorded at birth and divided society into only two classifications: white and colored (essentially all other, which included numerous American Indians). It defined race by the “one-drop rule”, defining as “colored” persons with any African or Native American ancestry. It also expanded the scope of Virginia’s ban on interracial marriage (anti-miscegenation law) by criminalizing all marriages between white persons and non-white persons. In 1967 the law was overturned by the United States Supreme Court in its ruling on Loving v. Virginia.”

    When I first read Mr. Fuller’s book, I didn’t understand why he wrote: “Non-White” people are people who have been classified as “Non-White”, and/or who generally function as non-white. He put the or there because of having one non-white parent.

    If you are non-white and you are functioning as white (that is have gained an advantage through success, money, fame etc) according to Mr. Fuller, then you are serving as a racial showcase. It’s a way to validate the white supremacists claim that well most black people have a problem with themselves, but see we are just; we reward people who are talented. This is usually really dangerous too because then it backs up the claim which most whites spout: “Well if Colin Powell, Oprah Winfrey, etc can do it you can do it to. You are just not working hard enough or trying hard enough.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Kowaba

      I believe for the most part that once white people classify you as white, you will probably STAY white. I have seen very few examples of “whiteness” being reversed

      Your second point about being classified as black, the way white supremacists keep us confused is by having no hard fast rules

      this prevents non-white people from following made-up “logic” THAT DOES NOT EXIST

      aka NONSENSE

      white people are constantly changing racial classifications of non-white people, sometimes, even doing things that appear to be contradictory


      That is why Mr. Fuller (in my opinion) STRESSES that either a person is WHITE or NON-WHITE

      because once we fall into the TRAP of trying to figure things out according to the “one drop rule” or “phenotypes”

      we will become CONFUSED

      it really doesn’t matter about skin color, hair texture, one drop (what does that mean?), etc

      In a white supremacy system, you are either WHITE or NON-WHITE

      that is the BEST way to reduce confusion (in my opinion)

      • kowaba says:


        I was thinking a great deal about what you had written in the above comment responding to what I had written. I guess my first point about reversing the white status had to do with one incident that came to mind and other accounts I’ve read of mixed people. I’ve read accounts where some mixed people who don’t look black and when confronted with their background as being black they end up being completely shunned by white people, but I guess I’m reading way too much into things I’ve read and/or observed. Bottomline, trying to figure out the system is futile because they are constantly changing the goal post as you mentioned especially in terms of racial classification.

        As of late, I’ve been studying genetics and immigration/naturalization law (as well as U.S. immigration history). I think I got a bit carried away by all of the information that I was taking in and tried to figure out the rules they have for racial classification. The most important thing is to realize how the system operates and then how I function and respond to the system itself. After reviewing what I had written, I’ve noticed that there are examples that contradict what I have written in the mainstream/entertainment industry. And looking at the history of the U.S. there were several laws that deemed people as white or non-white depending on which state they resided in. Thank you for your reply and constructive feedback. 🙂

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ kowaba

          we are all trying to UNLEARN the lies we have been taught from the time we were babies

          it won’t happen overnight, the important thing (to me) is to keep moving forward OUT of confusion

          all the “one drop rules” and “I’m part this and part that” or my parents are this and that

          really don’t matter to the white supremacists

          you are either white OR non-white

  4. kowaba says:

    This CNN documentary explores identity issues for a non-white female with a white father.

    Panel Discussion of Documentary: interesting commentary involved

    On Tuesday, December 4th, 250+ people attended an Advance Screening of “Who is Black in America?” at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Immediately following the screening, Soledad O’Brien moderated a lively and engaging panel discussion. Panelists included:

    Dr. Yaba Blay, Assistant Teaching Professor for Drexel Africana Studies; Consulting Producer for CNN’s Black in America

    Michaela angela Davis, writer, image activist, and creator of MAD Free

    Perry ‘Vision’ DiVirgilio, Artistic Director for the Philly Youth Poetry Movement; Executive Director of Spoken Soul 215

    Danyel Smith, former Editor-in-Chief of Billboard Magazine

    Dr. Donald Tibbs, Associate Professor of Law at Earle Mack School of Law, Drexel University

  5. LBM says:

    That “one drop rule” has straight up whites ruling the Cherokee Nation today. In Brazil, people who never before claimed to be “Afro Brazilian” are now claiming it to get into university under the quota system. So you can go into a class where you’re told there’s 10% “Afro-Brazilians” yet you see no one who looks like Pelé, or even Oprah.

    It’s interesting because “black” seems to be so cheap that anyone can qualify, devoid of phenotype – let alone historical legacy – when it suits.

    It can be most confusing which is why I keep my personal code simple.

  6. kowaba says:

    “In Brazil, people who never before claimed to be “Afro Brazilian” are now claiming it to get into university under the quota system. So you can go into a class where you’re told there’s 10% “Afro-Brazilians” yet you see no one who looks like Pelé, or even Oprah.”

    This is exactly why I don’t like the “one drop rule”. The people who are actually black (using your personal code w/ two black parents and both sets of grandparents being black) are not benefiting from these social programs. There was a news article a couple summers back where the women’s soccer team had a complaint by a former soccer player who was a black female that there were not enough black people represented on the team today. The US soccer team stated that they had two non-whites (one female who was Mexican and the other female was black, but both of these females had white mothers) In the article it also mentioned how those with a white parent are privileged because the system aka other white people will be more lenient on listening to the white parents requests.

    “It’s interesting because “black” seems to be so cheap that anyone can qualify, devoid of phenotype – let alone historical legacy – when it suits.”

    If there are lax requirements for being black that makes it appear that being black is not something valued. This is the whole purpose of white supremacy to rationalize the mistreatment of people based on skin color. If someone is not valued then it can “justify” the mistreatment. Of course this is a false and illogical premise, but through stereotypes and actions (that is other non-white people shunning or treating black people poorly) the premise is reinforced. These lax requirements also reinforce the myth that being black is dirty while being white is clean, so if one drop is existing then it contaminates the racial purity of the white race.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ kowaba

      it is all about confusion among the ranks of non-white people and instigating gang fights

      but at the end of the day WHITE PEOPLE know who is white and who is NOT

      and when the time is right, they will let you KNOW which one you are

  7. LBM says:

    Pam, while I will roll with white/non-white to facilitate conversation on racism, my personal code is one of Black/non-Black :).

    Kowaba – the way I see it, one-drop of human into an anti-human does not make a human. 800 years of Moorish sperm and the “civilizing” of europe has yet to occur. I’m jus sayin’…

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