UPDATE: Definitions Workshop #9 – Is A “White Anti-Racist” an Oxymoron?

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After listening to a program from the C.O.W.S. Archives   (The C.O.W.S. w/ Dr. Brad Blanton  — on  4/18/2013 08:01 PM)

I had to stop and post an update to a previous post of mine:  Definitions Workshops #9: What is a ‘White Anti-Racist?’

(Keep in mind that EVERYTHING written on this page is MY opinion based on MY observations after listening to an interview of Dr. Blanton on C.O.W.S.)

This interview with Dr. Blanton–in my opinion–is MORE UNDENIABLE PROOF — in my opinion — that the term — “white anti-racist” — is an OXYMORON.

What is an OXYMORON?  For those who are unsure of the term, it’s when words are put together that contradict each other such as:

  • a cruel kindness
  • accidentally on purpose
  • a little pregnant
  • a ‘just’ war
  • an accurate rumor.


And I would add one more term to that list:  a white anti-racist

To be as accurate as possible, Dr. Blanton did not say he was an anti-racist, but he did spend quite of bit of time giving his “Civil Rights” era credentials, claiming to have put himself in harms’ way fighting for the civil rights of black people.

However, when pressed for some examples of how he was put in danger, he could only come up with ONE example — and that had to do with another WHITE PERSON who threatened to cut his genitals off  over the phone, but never made ANY attempt to contact Dr. Blanton in person.

When cornered by the evidence of his endless CONTRADICTIONS, like his frequent use of the term “psychopaths” to describe people who harmed other people and didn’t feel any remorse because they had “no conscience,”

and a caller asked Dr. Blanton if the white people who practiced racism and felt no remorse qualified as “psychopaths,” ,  Dr. Blanton, who (in my opinion) appeared to be desperate, like, (basically) said that black people were just as accountable for the genocide and oppression of Native Americans as white people were


There are many  juicy tidbits in that interview that revealed more TRUTHS about the type of (deceptive and racist) white person that black and non-white people are the MOST LIKELY to put our BLIND faith and trust in:

the white anti-racist.

That is a VERY DANGEROUS HABIT of ours that needs to be broken — IMMEDIATELY.

This is an interview that I highly recommend for those who want to take another peek  BEHIND the MASK of those “well-meaning anti-racist white people”

Another face on the Wall of  Whites Who Claim to be Opposed to Racism

Dr Brad Blanton

Dr. Brad Blanton

(from the COWS program description of the guest)

Dr. Blanton is a psychotherapist, author and seminar leader. He describes himself as “a white trash with a PhD.??” His debut publication, Radical Honesty: How To Transform Your Life By Telling The Truth.

Gus has seen no evidence that White people are prepared to desist with deceiving non-white people. Dr. Blanton has pails of cute words and even a few profanities, but his book said next to nothing about the business of White Supremacy.


To hear the Interviews on the original post — Definitions Workshops #9: What is a ‘White Anti-Racist?”  click on this link



It is my opinion — based on the EVIDENCE — that the MOST accurate definition of a  WHITE ANTI-RACIST (aka a ‘white anti-racist activist’) is a white person who MAKES MONEY writing books, appearing on TV talk and news shows, and speaking publicly about racism.

In stark contrast, the vast majority of BLACK COUNTER-RACISTS make very little money speaking publicly or writing books about racism, and are often demonized, fired, denied tenure, imprisoned, or murdered.

And they are seldom invited to appear on a major network TV talk or news show.

If white “anti-racists” were SINCERELY CHALLENGING the System of White Supremacy, they would be ATTACKED NOT REWARDED by the white supremacy media, book publishers, and speakers bureaus. 

“We know what we’ve done to (non-whites).

And we know what we’ve put in your head over 500 years.

We know how to utilize that.

We know how to take advantage of that.

We even know how to have a (nonwhite) black friend.

We know the dynamics of who is in control.

We know where your place is. We know where our place is.

The greatest deception we caused is that your people believe us.

I have done such a good job, they don’t even know that I’ve done this to them.”

— Ferrell Winfree, white female, admitted Racist/white Supremacist

(from the COWS Internet Radio Program 2009)

Trojan Pam  (Trojan Horse Press)

  1. Not only an oxymoron but from where I stand not even possible. I can’t understand how Black people sit in an audience and listen to their life long tormentors tell them anything about what it’s like to experience racism. I simply tell people who think racism has eased up at all to go read the comment section of any story that involves a Black person.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ hunglikejesus

      I agree. Unfortunately, the majority of black churches shy away from any real discussion of racism and black preachers almost NEVER say the words “WHITE SUPREMACY” and I suspect most black congregations would run out the door if they did because we are STILL practicing our SLAVE RELIGION AKA a WHITE GOD and a WHITE JESUS.

      the SAME RELIGION that was taught to the SLAVES by their SLAVE-OWNERS

      and that is one of the biggest reasons that black people cannot overcome our oppression

      like Malcolm X said: “So when you call for the same God he calls for, when he’s putting a rope around your neck, you call for God and he calls for God. And you wonder why the one you call on never answers you.”

      here’s the youtube link you sent ne about another “well-meaning white person.” Nothing BUT PURE DECEPTION

      here’s the comment I posted on that thread:

      “Why should black people blame God when we knew white people were doing it? What sense would that make? SATAN didn’t teach us to hate each other, WHITE PEOPLE taught us and they are still programming us via the media. White people control the GUNS and BULLETS and POVERTY and SCHOOLS and UNEMPLOYMENT and the STANDARDS of BEAUTY. I didn’t hear him say “WHITE PEOPLE” one time, all he talked about SATAN — and that is why the black church is the ONLY BLACK institution that is TOLERATED by the white supremacy system today.”

      • Jesse is a slithering snake in the grass! I can’t believe anyone black actually listens to this fool! Wake up black people!!!

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ Kushite Prince

          Our submissive behavior toward white people is MOST EVIDENT when it involves religion

          due to worshiping a WHITE God and a WHITE Jesus

          Which is WHY most white politicians (while ignoring black voters their entire term in office)

          always choose to make an appearance at a BLACK CHURCH at re-election time (ever notice how that happens?)

          And that WHITE politician standing at the podium trying to convince them that he has their “best interests” at heart

          knows he is in the best possible place to sway black people over to his side.

          I could be incorrect, so if someone has a better explanation for why most white (and black) politicians ALWAYS talk to black people in a church,

          I’d love to hear it

          • That’s so true! I also think most of the big mega preachers are all bought off. Let’s think about it. T.D. Jakes was on the cover of Time magazine a few years ago. You actually think he could make the cover of a big mainstream magazine like that— and really be informing his flock on racism/white supremacy? No way! I don’t think so! Creflo Dollar,Eddie “Child molester” Long,etc. They’re all bought and paid for!

            • TrojanPam says:

              @ Kushite

              I find the practice insulting, as though black people cannot function INTELLECTUALLY outside of a church.

              again, my litmus test (and it hasn’t failed me yet) is ANY black person that is gets positive mainstream media attention, magazine covers, book deals, TV shows, movies, political office, etc.

              is SERVING the white supremacy system, whether knowingly OR unknowingly.

              it is completely unrealistic AND illogical to think white supremacists are financing and rewarding black people who are working against those interests

      • Well Jesse had it half right in that speech. He said black people never blamed God for their condition. Well who should be blame then Jesse?? I can think of a few names.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ Kushite Prince

          he talked about what was DONE to black people

          but he never ONCE said “white people,” did he?

          Instead, he managed to say black people are the ones following SATAN

          aka black people’s biggest problem are OTHER black people

          that’s real slick…

          • You’re so right Pam!lol Isn’t he slick? He talks about the evil “Satan” and how forgiving black are. But no mention of the evil deeds done by whites(and Jews). It’s enough to make me puke!

            • TrojanPam says:

              @ Kushite

              yes, black people are thrilled when a white person says ANYTHING that sounds halfway correct (and it usually is only half-way) or gives us ANY kind of validation or recognition

              (something that ALL white anti-racists use to their great sexual and financial advantage!)

              All they have to do is say, “oh yes, you black people are being mistreated!” and we JUMP out of our seats with joy as a good white person finally acknowledges our humanity!

              I believe this is true because we have been so greatly victimized by white people for such a long period of time

              that ANY sign (OR pretense) of friendliness or kindness or understanding or compassion is a welcome RELIEF, like,

              “whew! I’m so RELIEVED this white person is not beating me up like all the other white people do!”

              It’s like a person who has been starved for so long and finally gets a morsel of food

              he or she is SO grateful they don’t care where the food comes from (or if its rotten or spoiled)

              we have been STARVED for kindness for so long that ANY white person who shows kindness or says a friendly word is like a morsel of food to a starving person

              and at that point, they can INSULT us, LIE to us, SEX us, cheat us, marry us and divorce us, taking ALL our hard-earned millions, and make us turn against each other, betray each other, and reject each other

              just to get another MORSEL of food (kindness) and validation from a white person

              What we’re looking at is the need for WHITE VALIDATION and a white person doesn’t have to do very much to get MAXIMUM CREDIT and PRAISE.

              Our EXAGGERATED reaction to a white kindness or a friendly word SPEAKS VOLUMES

              i think it says that DEEP DOWN we know how absolutely awful and wicked white people have been toward us

              so much so that a white person who DOESN’T behave in that fashion makes us feel we must CHERISH the moment!

              that says to me, again, that we KNOW what we pretend to NOT TO KNOW

              otherwise we would take a white kindness in STRIDE instead of treating it like something to celebrate, or like a RARE JEWEL

              white people KNOW this, that is why they have so much fun playing with us and manipulating us and pretending to be kind while making fun of us and sexing us and then discarding us and just all around acting like a cat playing with a confused mouse

              that is the height of CRUELTY and of a CRUEL, inhumane nature…

              And black people?

              Oh yes….

              we know deep down exactly know who we are dealing with…and how dangerous and cruel they can be

              Our staying in denial of the FACTS AND pretending this is NOT true serves as a “soothing lotion” on our wounded souls

              and that is what you’re hearing in that video

              dozens of black people applying that “soothing lotion” on a lifetime of white supremacy sores

              • Mariama says:


              • Mariama says:


                You know this description you gave of cat and mouse between the whites in charge and the blacks who follow them reminds me of the physically, verbally and emotionally abused wife who despite all the hell she catches from her husband, still thinks there may be hope. No amount of black eyes, punching, pulling, kicking and screaming can yet change her mind. Any little pretense or show of love on her husband’s part gives her hope for a better tomorrow. When she is given roses, taken to a movie or given that much needed warm embrace, she convinces herself that her husband isn’t who he really is, which is her enemy and the devil who sleeps beside her. Because she is so starved and desperately needs to feel validated, it is easy for her to forgive and “forget” her husband’ rape, abuse and history. Despite outside forces trying to “validate” her worth, their opinions do not matter. The one who holds the power is her husband. Or so she thinks. This is what I think of when I think of these folks. It is almost like a cry for help.

              • TrojanPam says:

                @ Mariama

                I totally agree!

                I once wrote a chapter called, “Blacks Are Like An Abused Woman” but decided not to include it in “Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation”

                That analogy is right on point. When people ask me why an abused woman stays with her abuser, I sometimes say, if you really want to know, take a look in our collective mirrors.

              • Those YouTube comments prove you 100% correct!

  2. TrojanPam says:

    @ hung

    one more thing.

    he had those black people in the audience APPLAUDING AND CHEERING about the abuse we suffered at the hands of white people during SLAVERY (???)

    AND made us feel like it was a BADGE OF HONOR AND PRESTIGE

    The ONLY way you could get a people that confused is VIA RELIGION

    because our SLAVE RELIGION taught us that there was NOBILITY and HONOR in suffering (!)

    “when you die you get your rewards” (??)

    but in the meantime EAT my dirt while I collect my rewards in the PRESENT


    try to imagine a similar speech being made to Jews, the descendants of the Holocaust

    that they should be proud to be so NOBLE about their suffering that they didn’t blame God.

    but they weren’t getting a dime in REPARATIONS and see how well that hot mess would fly


    so in reality, he was saying (I believe) that black people were RIGHT NOT TO BLAME ‘GOD’

    (AKA don’t blame racist man and racist woman, blame the BLACK PEOPLE being led by SATAN)

    whew…you gotta give them credit

    they are EXCEPTIONALLY good at what they do!

    • Mariama says:

      You know, it gets to the point that when I hear these so-called sermons made by preachers, esp black preachers, I really can’t help but question the sanity of the followers. Some of the people whom I hold dearest to my heart actually believe this foolishness. I wish that black folks would take the time to observe the lives of most of these religious leaders ie: Creflo Dollar, Eddie Long, TD Jakes, Rev Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton. To me the writing is clearly on the wall. I dont understand where the disconnect is intheir brain. Religion has become BIG BUSINESS PERIOD!!! I have lost all respect for most of these institutions and really don’t understand how people cant see what a farce the local pastor has become.

      I used to respect TD Jakes at one time, but when I started to take a look at the mansion, the cars, I simply said forget it. These people sell their souls to the devil, shamelessly.

      As far as the Brad Blanton show on COWS, I must say that it was one of the most unimpressive shows that I ever listened to. The one thing that he was honest about was when he described himself as being “white trash with a PHD.” I sensed that he was defensive as Gus hammered him with tough questions and when he admitted to sleeping with a non-white male, I just pretty much hung it up right then. I could not understand for the life of me why Dr. Blanton believed that he was qualified to talk about racism.

      I liked your comparison between black anti-racism activists and white anti-racism activists. That was a brilliant observation. Thanks again Pam!

      • TrojanPam says:

        @ Mariama

        I believe ALL “mega-preachers” of the Christian faith should be viewed with MAXIMUM suspicion

        how can a man or a woman talk about being “Christ-like” when they’re living the lifestyles of the rich and famous?

        There is nothing wrong with having a comfortable lifestyle (although that is NOT “Christ-like” but to live in luxury while many in your congregation can’t pay their light bills?

        come on now…

        • Mariama says:


          It is mind-boggling to see that blacks have not put two and two together! It is extremely obvious. I think that they are infatuated with the illusion of gold, ie: Barack Obama (admitedly I voted for him); Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, the list goes on and on unfortunatley. And last but not least, that good ole preacher. I think that the majority of our folks live vicarioulsy threw them, thinking that if they believe in them, they might end up being like them. Most of what they are talking about is nothing but fairytales for young children. It is quite amazing.

          • TrojanPam says:

            @ Mariama

            Mr. Neely Fuller calls it “black showcasing”

            I agree, it does provide a vicarious thrill for those who have been deprived for so long

            but at what price?

            More mass deception, denial, delusion of inclusion, and mental illness?

            We are much better off with fewer “heroes” and MORE TRUTH

        • jamesrowdy29 says:

          U said it all right there, if those rich Pastors were about their business none of their congregation would be living in poverty.

          • TrojanPam says:

            @ jamesrowdy29

            I think it goes back to slavery, and the way WE (black people) are still practicing a slave religion

            because it used to be the WHITE SLAVE-OWNER (who owned us and had all the wealth) who taught “bible lessons”

            and now it’s the mainly black PREACHER/PIMPS who are following in his footsteps (and building his wealth off the backs of his poor and struggling black congregations)

            that might explain why so many black people feel so comfortable with this situation

            it’s a CONTINUATION OF A SLAVE TRADITION sanctioned by our white “masters” (who surely taught us well)

  3. TrojanPam says:

    Local Michigan Democrat, White Female, Gloria Platko, Calls Town Official ‘Arrogant Nigger’

    AND THEN HER APOLOGY as a “well-meaning white person:”

    “Gloria Platko is apologizing for what she calls, “a slip of the tongue.”

    “I’m sorry to my five other board members and I’m entirely sorry to this entire community,” says Platko.

    Platko was recorded calling township supervisor Dwayne Parker the n-word. Platko says that doesn’t make her racist.

    “I’ve eaten Thanksgiving dinner with black friends at their house. So I’m far from prejudiced. You need to go interview some of the black people who have supported me for the last four or five years,” says Platko.

    (SOURCES: http://www.ksdk.com/news/world/article/377287/28/Town-clerk-apologizes-for-using-n-word-claims-she-was-baited-
    http://www.minbcnews.com/news/story.aspx?id=889489#.UYXJ5cptHEV )

    • When you have power and a nation that stands behind you—you can say whatever the hell you want. However if you are a people without power,resources and military backing…..that’s a whole different story.

  4. LBM says:

    I think concentrating on “religion” is not so productive. Although we have quite a few of us going to church,mosque,afrocentic rental halls, etc–a lot of us are not particularly “religious”. I see the problem being our refusal to see white beings as “anti-humans.” This refusal crosses idealogical lines. This is why we have black males who can claim “nationalism” and “Garvyism” etc – and say white females are better mates for them. Until we are real about the nature of this beast, we will continue to have these circular discussions and put emphasis on everything other than the fact that we’re dealing with a creature that is subhuman at best- and I only say that because of the DNA that we infused (mainly our males) to keep that strand of species alive.
    When we look at how those beings have operated across the globe we can only conclude that they are not interested in fostering human development in general, much less Black human development.

    Note: I said before that only black women can have black babies. Isn’t it interesting that black male pervasion is supported at the same time that black females are being denigrated as the least “matable” female. Whites are not interested in promoting a humanity that will – by definition – not include them.

    • @LBM
      That’s a really good repl. You made some valid points. I must admit though I never understood dating interracially but still claiming ” nationalism”. By definition it implies building a nation for your people. So how can someone do that and marry a white person. Huh?? It makes no sense to me at all. But I’ve actually met a few black men like this. These guys are very confused and their logic is not based in reality. You can’t be about black nation building and sleeping with white women. Sorry but those two things do NOT mix.

      • TrojanPam says:

        @ Kushite Prince, who said:

        “You can’t be about black nation building and sleeping with white women. Sorry but those two things do NOT mix.”

        I agree. To think you can uplift, provide for, and protect your ENEMIES (racist man AND racist woman)

        and at the same time build a strong “black” nation

        is a prime example of an INSANE BLACK MIND

        I, for one, absolutely REFUSE to support ANYONE who does not support me

        and favors another race of women OVER HIS OWN.

        • Willie Lynch syndrome at its finest! Even though I heard Lynch was fictional, that type of minset is still prevalent in our community. We have to change that self destructive mindset.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ LBM

      I appreciate your feedback! There are times when I need to sit back and re-consider the positions I have taken.

      I see your point, and think many people would agree with you that discussing “religion” is non-productive (I assume because of the potential to alienate many black people)

      I know that “religion” is a touchy subject so let me re-state my position on religion (please bear with me)

      My own personal beliefs:

      I believe in God, the Creator.

      I respect the Koran AND the Bible as great works of wisdom and spiritual guidance

      I am not a “religious” person but I respect the right of people to worship God or Allah or whatever Deity they choose

      that being said

      I believe that we are in the grips of intense SPIRITUAL WARFARE and that RELIGION is one of the CORNERSTONES OF WHITE SUPREMACY and MUST BE EXAMINED along with ALL 9 areas of human activity.

      Nothing should be off-limits if we want to solve this problem: racism/white supremacy

      I believe worshiping FALSE RELIGIONS is more dangerous than having no religion at all.

      What I mean by “false” is I am DEEPLY troubled by (my) people who still practice the same SLAVE TRADITIONS (whether that be economic, educational, dietary, and religious) that the WHITE SLAVE-OWNERS taught us. (myself included)

      the WHITE Slave-owners taught us to practice a religion (after forbidding us to practice our own) in such a way that it taught us to SUBMIT to our mistreatment,

      a “religion” that THEY DID NOT PRACTICE THEMSELVES


      A question that all black people (and non-white people) should ask themselves:

      Why would the white slave-owners, colonizers, and “missionaries” teach the slaves, Africans and non-white people all over the world, a “religion” IF it was not INTENDED to SUBJUGATE and OPPRESS THEM?

      Yes, white supremacy is the PROBLEM but it takes many forms, as Mr. Fuller says in his list of nine areas of human activity, religion being #7

      My personal observations:

      When I go into a black church, 95% of the time there’s a WHITE JESUS hanging on the wall. And if you ask the people who attend that church, they’ll say, “Jesus doesn’t have a color.” But if that’s true, why is he white? That’s a PROBLEM.

      Because you can go into a MILLION white (so-called) Christian churches and you will NEVER, EVER see a picture of a BLACK JESUS hanging on the wall,

      because no self-respecting people would ever WORSHIP the image of their enemies NOT unless they want to be CONQUERED.

      When I go throughout my city (Chicago) I see about twenty to thirty black churches for every black business. That’s a PROBLEM.

      A church on every corner and HELL in between is the story in one black neighborhood after another. Million dollar buildings that could be MANUFACTURING or BUSINESS BASES are used primarily for preaching and singing activities. Almost EVERY storefront that is black owned or rented is a CHURCH. More storefront CHURCHES than storefront BUSINESSES. That’s a PROBLEM.

      Finally, when you start to realize that black Christian churches are the ONLY black institutions that white people do not seem to spend much time worrying about, then you KNOW for a FACT that there is something wrong with that picture.

      And when they attack the ISLAMIC faith worldwide, that says something quite different to me, because (to my knowledge) white colonizers and enslavers have NEVER taught the Islamic religion to their Victims.

      when black Christian ministers and preachers never utter the words “racism” or “white supremacy” during a sermon while their BLACK CONGREGATIONS are being TERRORIZED, IMPRISONED, ROBBED, RAPED AND MURDERED by white supremacists, that is a PROBLEM.

      If I stepped on some toes during my previous posts, I am certainly open to correction but the one thing I cannot and will not do is to WILLINGLY EMBRACE A RELIGIOUS PRACTICE THAT SLAVE-OWNERS USED TO ENSLAVE ME

      that — to me — is UNACCEPTABLE.

      However, I could be incorrect.

      and I welcome differing opinions and again, I (will try) to respect everyone’s right to worship as they please

      just some FOOD FOR THOUGHT

      • jamesrowdy29 says:

        OMG!! When u said: When I go throughout my city (Chicago) I see about twenty to thirty black churches for every black business. That’s a PROBLEM. That hit me, even though i have never went to a traditional church, I actually am a Unbaptized Jehovah’s Witness but I have searched for God meaning looked at all the other religions, and the one that seems the most contradictory is the Christians in the USA, they go looking for churches that suit their needs instead of ones that follow the bible the closest, although no one is perfect I’d bet everything I have that every rich or celebrity preacher who shies away from controversy is corrupted, they love to hate on Jehovah’s witnesses for not celebrating holidays when the Jokes on them for celebrating the white mans evil holidays.

        This hit me too: And when they attack the ISLAMIC faith worldwide, that says something quite different to me, because (to my knowledge) white colonizers and enslavers have NEVER taught the Islamic religion to their Victims. <<very true, its like what they did to black folk and the attitudes of slavery days bubbling up on a different people.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ jamesrowdy29

          Again, black people are still following SLAVE TRADITIONS taught us by the white slave-owners. The ONLY religion that wasn’t taught was ISLAM, which says to me that there is something about ISLAM that does not support white supremacy teachings.

          I think that is something ALL black people should think about

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ LBM

      Yes, yes, yes, I have run into many black males (not so many black females)

      who spout a lot of “revolutionary talk” but go home to a white female and STILL expect to gain their freedom (??)

      It is sad to be in such a CONTRADICTORY and CONFUSED and SELF-DISRESPECTING state of mind, and frankly, I avoid such people like the plague

      minimize contact, minimize conflict

      I totally agree that a tremendous amount of time, money and energy is being spent degrading the black female image (all while trying to turn black females into “white men’s whores??)

      Like I have said many, many, many times to countless black males

      the position of the FEMALE of a group determines the POSITION of that group

      by accepting the falsely ‘inferior’ status of the black female, the black male is GUARANTEEING his own.

      and it should be no surprise that as the number of black people who are sexing white people RISES, the faster the black collective on the whole FALLS

      and the biggest number of blacks who fall victim to incarceration, suicide, murder, and unemployment

      are BLACK MALES

      I am not casting blame but I believe there is DEFINITELY a connection

    • Mariama says:

      I am naive on this one: how can a black nationalist be taken seriously with a white spouse on his arm? How is he treated in the collective “conscious” community? How do black women and black men(who are with black women) treat this black nationalist who is dating a woman of the race he so-called condems? I am trying to make sense out of this? I have heard about this, but didnt really believe it. Now, quite a few folks have mentioned this and I am wondering how serious one can be take if he does this. That would be like Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey doing this!!

      Another thing, you make an argument claiming that blacks refuse to see whites as non-human. In my opinion, the majority of them do this because of religion.

      • TrojanPam says:

        @ Mariama

        I would NEVER take a so-called “black nationalist” seriously who does NOT WALK his or her TALK.

        I have met people like this, and they are triple confused

        I see no value in following them and would strongly suggest you avoid them like the plague

  5. LBM says:

    Kushite, the confusion is lethal. I heard “anti-racist” mr. wise on something the other day. Even I had to catch myself to remember that it’s simply not in those creatures to be just. Knowing that so many Black scholars have been saying what they are saying forever, many “anti-racists” do nothing to share platforms with Black academics or activists. I’m disgusted at the number of anti-humans teaching “black studies” courses on college campuses. The creatures claim “anti-racism” but see no problem with Black professors not even being able to teach black studies courses. Clownin’ at it’s height.

  6. TrojanPam says:

    Also, many Christian churches are being used (by the white supremacy system) to promote homosexuality (and homosexual marriage) DESPITE the Bible stating that homosexuality is a SIN

    Doesn’t the Bible say that the city of Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed for that same reason?

    And if you’re a “Christian” how can you allow a politician, a movie star, or a preacher to OVERRIDE what your “Book” that you say you believe in says?

    THAT is why NOTHING should be off the table of discussion when it comes to the system of white supremacy

  7. Mariama says:


    Pardon my “threw,” I meant to say “through!” Typo!

  8. kowaba says:

    What are we defining a black person as? A person with two black parents or a black mother and a white or non-black father? I read that a black women can only make black babies (is this because of mitochondrial DNA?) Or is it because the child will not be socialized into being or having a constructive black mindset and point of view? Or is it a combination of the two?

    I ask because I’m the product of an interracial relationship and my mother is not black; she is Chinese. I understand where people are coming from when a few people say I’m not black, but for the most part most people consider me black. I think that the psychological impact of not having your main caretaker to be a black person when you are perceived as black has detrimental effects. It was a shock to my system to say the least. And to make matters worse my mother raised me as Chinese people are raised. When I talk to Asian people they have had similar experiences with their mothers, but this upbringing has not helped me in the least to develop friendships and relationships with other black people. It has actually been more harmful to me because I feel more comfortable around Asian people, but they mistreat. And that’s a struggle I’ve had to deal with.

    Anyway, I got off topic here. Sorry about that.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ kowaba

      Actually, white people define who is white and who is black and who is neither

      Your question is not an easy one to answer and honestly I don’t feel all that equipped to answer it

      I would strongly suggest you contact Mr Fuller by phone — (202) 484-5461 — and ask this question

      This is my personal view (which might be incorrect)

      black females have babies of all “colors” so I don’t believe that’s true that black females can only have black babies. I believe that a baby born to a black mother is MORE LIKELY to be loyal to their black side than a baby born to an Asian or a white mother

      because children are usually MORE loyal to their mother’s side

      And that is the danger of black males having babies with non-black females. Unless he has a strong connection to his blackness, his roots, his family on the black side, and is a STRONG DAILY INFLUENCE in that child’s life, despite the mother’s interference (and believe me, she will probably NOT want that child raised as a “black person”) that child will identify with his or her mother’s ethnicity

      If that black father divorces or leaves (for whatever reason) that child to be raised by a white mother or an Asian mother (which is usually the case) that child is going to be even more confused and conflicted than a black child with two black parents

      which is why it makes NO SENSE to say you are fighting for “black “liberation” by breeding with a non-black female and having children who don’t identify with you, black people, OR the black struggle (??)

      I knew of a girl who had the same situation as you did. Her father was black, her mother was Asian but the only family members she came into contact with was her Asian relatives. The black male was totally detached from his black side of the family

      And I watched this girl, who was about twelve at the time and she seemed to view black people like they were aliens (like her Asian mother did) and would stare at black women almost like she was trying to figure out WHO she was, because she didn’t look Asian at all. She was a brown-skinned black girl

      I find that is common among white and Asian females who breed with black males. Most–in my experience have NO interest in black people or culture–and so cannot raise a “black” child to be respectful of that culture

      and that is why I say that a black person with a non-black, non-white spouse or lover does NOT aid in the elimination of racism/white supremacy

      it just breeds a different kind of confusion that is just as painful as having two black parents

      Keep in mind, your confusion is not your fault, but unfortunately, it will be up to you to come to terms with it to the best of your ability

      You should call Mr. Fuller, I think that will help

      • Mariama says:


        This story is heartbreaking because the children did not ask for this kind of confusion. Here is a question that I have for you and everyone else. For all these black men and women who have children from these unions (and appear to be happy), do you think there are some who secretely regret having their interracial offspring? I know that is a horrible thought for any parent, but I have to be real. I cannot imagine having a child who completely rejects me and my culture. That would murder my soul. I truly believe that most of these unions, esp between blacks and whites are NOT based on love AT ALL. I think that most blacks do it for validation, feelings of rejection from the opposite sex, anger, arrogance, moving up the so-called ladder of success, curiousity, etc. Rarely is it about love. And you can imagine being a child that is deeply conflicted? Esp a child that is the result between black and white. I can understand how this would be traumatic for him/her given our history. Just sayin……

        • kowaba says:

          @Mariama and @Pam
          do you think there are some who secretely regret having their interracial offspring?
          Yes. My younger brother looks fully Chinese. When I went to China and showed pictures of my family, my homestay thought that my younger brother was my cousin (thought he was full Chinese). People refer to my younger brother as Asian and treat him accordingly. One time fairly recent, my father said that my younger brother was not his son because they were not the same race. And as a kid, a couple of white people stopped my dad when he was with my younger brother because they thought my father had kidnapped him. My older brother was there with our dad and younger brother. From what I remembered my father was very upset by the whole incident. Many times people would make fun of my father, when they saw me and my brothers as babies, they would say are you sure you’re the father. My mother would laugh at it (I have no idea why.) and my father would get really upset over it. As I’ve gotten older, my father has expressed to me that he regrets having had married my mom, but he never said that he didn’t want me and my brothers to be born.
          As for my mother, one time in a heated argument between us, she said that she wished I hadn’t been born. That I had caused her so much grief and that I didn’t know the types of stares that she would get when she took me with her as a child. It was really messed up, that she said that, but I didn’t feel bad because: 1) I have no control over other people’s reactions
          2)I never asked to be here: it was a choice that both of my parents made and now I have to bear the consequences. 3) psychologically and physically in a sense it is difficult for me to escape (at least I’ve rationalized it) because my interactions with Asian people is influenced by my upbringing (I’ve been trying to reorient my frame of reference) usually when I finally feel that I’m good and have accepted being black someone will ask what my background is :/ No one can just look at either of my parents and know who they were married to at one point in time.

          Even though I share the same fate (confusion) as other mixed people, it makes me so angry when I see these parents telling these children lies. It’s not fair what people put their children through especially knowing the system we are in. Even though this information is personal to me, I wanted to post it so the information is out there and people are aware that these circumstances do exist.

          • Mariama says:


            Listening to your story really touched me. I am hurt that you have to endure this kind of confusion because you surely did not ask for it. Even though you look visibly “black,” I personally believe folks should know that you are not just black. To me, that breeds more confusion. If they cannot accept you for your other side, then that is just too bad. I resent the one drop rule because I believe that it was meant to create confusion. You cannot run from your ethnicity. I really hope that everything works out for you.

            • kowaba says:

              Thank you for your kind words. I agree as well about the one drop rule. Although I think the one drop rule was created for three reasons: 1) resentment where individuals who have lighter complexion get more privileges (part of what I call a sliding scale in terms of mistreatment) 2)lack of exclusivity (being black you only need one drop whereas if you are considered ‘white’ you have to have two white parents) 3)confusion (from my own experience people start to argue on what I should be classified as based on my appearance) The one drop rule doesn’t take into account all factors like how a child is socialized. I’ve noticed that when I would do certain things people would insist I’m doing it because of my black side etc. which confused me because that may not have been the case and vice versa. I think what makes my situation more convoluted is that my father is an immigrant from Trinidad (He came here in his 20s) so he has a different reference point than black people whose families have been here for several generations. I’ll just keep working at dealing and understanding these things.

          • TrojanPam says:

            @ Kowaba

            I believe there are many black people who have regrets about having a child with a white person (and vice verse)

            Of course, who’s going to admit that?

            I won’t claim to be an “expert” on the subject, but I know of a black female who I thinks wishes she had never married or had a baby with a white male. And I remember on a talk show a long time ago (forgot the name of the show) where a black male and an older white female had a baby (not married) and he said he just couldn’t bond to his son because the baby looked too white. And the host asked him, “Didn’t you know there was a chance the baby wouldn’t look like you?” (i.e., like a black person)

            and he said he honestly never thought about it, and just assumed the baby would look like him. Of course, it’s HIGHLY doubtful they stayed together long enough to raise that boy, who is probably now passing for a white person (!)

            I think if you look at the very high failure rate of black male/white female “relationships” even when they have children, I personally believe a lot of black males regret it and have great difficulty relating to their children, especially when it’s a boy who doesn’t look black

            and that may explain why a lot black fathers leave the white mothers to raise them– which I think is a horrible idea.

            a white female raising a black boy without a black father??

            of course, I’m sure the white female ejecting the black father from her children’s lives has a lot to do with it–which I hear is very common, like his only purpose was that of a black sperm donor so the white female could PRODUCE COLOR and restore her genetics

            (where are you, Dr. Frances Welsing?)

            Of course, I could be incorrect. I’m just speaking on my observations.

            I know of a black female whose black daughter married a white man (I think they got married) and they have a teenaged daughter

            the grandmother (the black lady I was talking to) said her (black) daughter never disciplined her daughter with that white male — because “she was too cute to punish” (??)

            and that her daughter didn’t seem comfortable with how to handle or discipline her own daughter

            and as you can imagine, a black female who perhaps is in awe of “whiteness” in black form and has a daughter (or son) with the hair and lighter skin color that is so different from her own, may wind up putting her on a pedestal (which means you cannot PROPERLY love or raise that child)

            to me, that is a HUGE problem, putting your children on a pedestal because they look whiter than you do (!)

            I believe there are some children who actually look down on the black parent (like one of my black relatives who has been married to a white man for decades)

            her daughter doesn’t like her black mother at all (who spoiled the H out of her) and in fact, used to say she hated her and that she hated her skin color (she was light-skinned and wasn’t able to pass for white), and in general does not associate with black people at all, although she wears her hair in dreadlocks because, I suspect, white people embrace educated “ethic blacks” as something exotic, like something you collect to say you have one (sic).

            Just imagine having and raising a child who looks down on you, and blames you because they are not white like their mother or father????

            I could not tolerate that. Of course that confused child is a victim.

            • kowaba says:


              Yeah. I think a lot of black people think that if they have children with a non-black person then the kids will always turn out looking black. Most of the children look light skinned black (or mixed), but some kids don’t look black at all. This is a huge mistake on the part of the person who is believing this. Some of these black people who have mixed children will feel offended that their child is distancing themselves from their blackness, but that parent didn’t even marry and have kids with another black person. Talk about confusion! I saw something on youtube that showed a child saying that he hates his mother because she was black and not white!!! But then again he picks up signals from his environment, tv, society that it is better to be white. I believe if everyone understood the system of white supremacy and how it braintrashes black people to see things through white eyes then people would understand how it could be much easier to become white identified when you have a parent who is raising you, they are white or some other non-black group, plus the child has that parent’s DNA. These are very powerful things to get over.

              • TrojanPam says:

                @ kowaba

                I have never understood how a black person could have a child with a white person and think the child will look like them (black) after seeing so many children who don’t look that black (??)

                If you have the link to that youtube video of a non-white child saying he hates his black mother, please share it

                of course, that child is a victim but we should do everything in our power to NOT produce that kind of confusion (!)

        • Mariama says:


          This is extremely disturbing to me. I find it ironic that the so-called black male on this talk show could not embrace his son’s whiteness. I thought that was what most black males wanted in the first place! Would it have been the same if that child was a girl? I think that he would have paraded her around because of that same whiteness. Lets be honest…nobody likes to talk about these things. There goes the “Love sees no color” logic. I really used to think that love does not see color! I cant believe that I used to believe that because one has to be blind not see color. I wont say that I believe, but I know in my heart most of these unions breed confusion, not love.

          In my extremely confused days, I dated a white male and could never bring myself to the idea of having his baby. I thought that I loved him, but I just did not know why I did not want to bare his child. He would get annoyed with me because he felt that I was race-obssessed. There were so many dynamics involved. I was twenty-one at the time and my self-esteem wasn’t very strong. I did learn alot from that experience and KNOW that I would NEVER date a white person AGAIN. With all the knowledge that I have gained and the things that I have experienced, I feel like I would be committing treason. There is just no way that I could turn back.

          As far as the black female with the half-white child is concerned, I am glad to not be in those shoes. I have a daughter whom I absoluately love and adore. And with that I am saying that I would rather be childless, than to have an ungrateful child to reject and not honor, love and appreciate my womb at all. That is racial and cultural suicide. It is like having a walking dead child. That would be the highest dishonor and disrespect. Rejecting my blackness and embracing only whiteness? I would like at this child and feel conflicted myself knowing the historical history and seeing the product of that. This is extremely tragic.

          • TrojanPam says:

            @ Mariama

            Yes, I think the black male would have felt much better about a daughter who looked whiter than having a white-looking son,

            because his son is another MALE and a white-looking son is too close to the face of white male oppression (I guess…)

            I think some black people — as confused as we might be — have lines we are not willing to cross.

            Perhaps it is some wisdom buried deep within us that limits how far we become involved with whites

            Perhaps a slave memory or an ancestor speaking to our subconscious or we have too strong an attachment to our own genetics to DESTROY them

            I can’t tell you how many black people I know who have grandchildren who look NOTHING LIKE THEM, or their mother, father, grandfather, grandmother

            they have GRANDCHILDREN who will pass as WHITE and who MOST LIKELY WILL BE MISTREATING people who look like their grandmother and grandfather


            All of us are understandably stumbling around in confusion in a white supremacy but the most important thing is for us to get better and become less confused. Our past isn’t something we can change and we have to forgive ourselves and try to do better in the present and the future

            I agree, I could NOT tolerate a child who looked down on me OR sided with my enemies

            I don’t know how that would turn out

            probably not very well

            • Ms. J says:

              I used to think White people were racist for only wanting White grandchildren, but I now understand why many have these views. If you have a child of two races that are divided in many ways socially, economically, etc., it’s going to be a confusing situation for those children. At least Whites will admit that this is a problem – although non-white children in general suffer from RWS. Also, the survival of a people depends on the reproduction of those people in their original form; that’s why I laugh when I see Whites and Blacks claiming to be Native American without taking full part in an actual Nation.

              I even feel like me dating/marrying/breeding with the people who oppress my group is a form of great self-disrespect. Our ancestors did not have the choice to say NO to Whites’ sexual advances, but we have it now and should make great use of it. That would put an end to a lot of nonsense between Blacks and Whites.

              • TrojanPam says:

                @ Ms J

                I had the same thought! When I was younger I used to hear white people who were opposed to relationships between blacks and white say, “Think of the children.”
                and at the time I thought they were racist and using the children as an excuse

                but now, I realize they were right (about the children) that most whites and blacks that come together DON’T think about the children OR how they will be raised in a world that DEMANDS they pick one side or the other

                and while the black parent is probably the most confused about racism, that white parent knows better, that their non-white child will NOT be white and will NOT be able to pick which side they like best

                and that white parent NEVER tells their black partner or their non-white child the TRUTH

                which is why I question their “love” for that black partner and non-white child

                how can you claim to love someone when you withhold LIFE-ALTERING and LIFE-THREATENING information from them?

                I agree, our ancestors who were forced to endure rape and bear children THEY DID NOT WANT,

                would turn over in their graves to watch so many black people today place white people above their own

                it is truly a DISGRACE

      • kowaba says:

        Thank you for your reply. I will call him tomorrow and let you know how it goes. Thank you for the info.

        • TrojanPam says:

          I’m glad to hear that, and I’m looking forward to knowing how it turned out.

          I’m sure this will help others who are in a similar situation.

          • kowaba says:

            I just wanted to update you on my call with Mr. Fuller. He really simplified it for me. Talking to him is like a breathe of fresh air. He gets straight to the point. He said there is no such thing as biracial just non-white. (I looked in his Word Guide and under Multi-Racial he said that there is only one race — the White Race.) Mr. Fuller also discussed how the Chinese were discriminated against a lot when he was growing up. He even went into the history of China’s Spheres of Influence and the Opium Wars. Mr. Fuller mentioned how he saw the Koreans being pinned against Black people during the Black Power movement. I asked him why some white people would tell me that I’m black and others would tell me that I’m mixed. He said that they were making distinctions of different groups, but all of it was to just confuse the victims and again pinning the victims against each other. Overall, I believe it has aided me in seeing things more clearly. After my talk with him, I definitely realize how important it is to understand and know history better and to be able to analyze current events.

            Thank you again for your suggestion.

  9. @LBM
    I feel you sis. Tim Wise is a walking talking piece of feces! He offers no solutions but speaks like he knows all things regarding racism. He is so full of himself. When I heard him diss Dr Welsing,I was done with his lying deceitful a$$!
    The system uses snakes like him to confuse the black masses. Make us think there are “good whites” out there looking out for us. Give me a break! We are becoming more and more conscious. We’re starting to see the little mind games they play. We will not give up in our fight for justice and equality. And people like Mr Wise will get what’s coming to them. You put out negative energy–and it will always come back to you. And all the genocide,slavery,land theft and misinformation they have spread all over the world—means they will have some serious hell to pay! I personally can’t wait for that day!

  10. @TrojanPam
    I went to YouTube and made a few comments on the Jesse video. I simply said that we shouldn’t trust him and he’s being intellectually dishonest. Now a few of them are attacking me! Can you believe this? They’re telling me I must be looking at the wrong video. They’re saying he should be praised for complimenting blacks on our strength and hating Satan. This is so sad to see. They would rather attack a black person for telling them the truth—than attack a white man lying to them. He’s just misleading them and they’re too brainwashed to see it. These preachers really know their congregations very well. They know exactly what to tell them and they just eat it up! It’s true that our people need a lot of prayer. But I’m not sure we’re praying for the right things. God help us!

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Kushite Prince

      there is a DIRECT LINK between the type of Christianity that white slave-owners taught the slaves AND the continued ACCEPTANCE of white domination by black people today.

      A white God and a white Jesus ROOTED in a black mind is a TRAGEDY waiting to happen

      And many black people are JUST as offended when you criticize a “well-meaning” white person as they are if you criticized (white) God or Jesus

      How can there NOT be a LINK between the two?

      and since I have already posted many times on this thread about this, I will cut my response short

  11. larissa says:

    To all: here is a stupid quote from Kim Kardashian on her upcoming baby with Kanye:
    The most important thing is, the way I want to raise my children is to not see color.
    ‘‘My Child Won’t See Color’ Interesting how you never hear black parents say this about their biracial children. Someone should ask her, ‘is your kid going to be blind?’

    • Kim is a fame whore. And all her sisters are trash! She is delusional if she wants her child to ignore color. These people make me sick with this colorblind foolishness. I find this quote strange considering she seems date black men exclusively. She obviously sees color. But I think Kanye is an idiot for knocking this woman up. Who would want a child with a woman “famous” for a sex tape? This shows the double standard in a racist society. If she was a black woman the media would call her a tramp or common whore. But this woman has a reality show,clothing line,magazine covers and even a small part in a Tyler Perry film. But I think she and Kanye really deserve each other. She has a big a$$ and he has an even bigger EGO. Besides she’s an imitation black woman. I rather have the real thing.

      • TrojanPam says:

        @ Kushite

        Both are ill-equipped (in my opinion) to properly raise a non-white child. I’ve always believed that their “relationship” was more about self-promotion (and promoting white supremacy) than about “love”

        Kanye seems like a very confused black male and I suspect that his troubles with powerful white people (criticizing Taylor Swift at an awards ceremony and saying “Bush doesn’t care about black people”)

        convinced him (or he was instructed to) date and mate with a non-black female if he wanted to continue making money (or not having other bigger troubles with very powerful white people)

        kind of a “I wave the white flag” kind of moment

        Really, he is no different than many or most black “celebrities who have literally sold their black souls to the white supremacists to make a dollar

        the sexing and marrying of non-black people is only ONE of the types of INITIATIONS that they must undergo if they want to rise to a certain level of fame.

        For example, Wanda Sykes’, the comedian, career was going nowhere, and out of that nowhere she suddenly realized she was a homosexual (I say that because she was previously married to a man)

        and not only did she come out of the “closet,” she “married” a white female and had her white female fertilized with a white man’s sperm (because she wanted better hair for her child–YES, she admitted this on the Oprah show)


        All of a sudden Sykes started getting more jobs and I think was on a TV show for a while

        I believe black wanna-be stars have peeped this game of partnering up with white people and/or coming out of the homosexual closet if they want to be successful and make money

        Degrading other black people is another sure-fire strategy to money and fame (just ask DL Hughely)

        of course this is my opinion but there appears to be sufficient evidence to support it

        • You’re right about Kanye and Wanda. Kanye may have been persuaded to “play in the snow”. I remember an interview with Umar Johnson and he said many black athletes are told by their agents and advisors that dating black women with braids or natural hair is frowned upon. So I definetly could see Kanye doing this to get back into good graces.
          I also remember a comedy routine where Wanda admitted the same thing. This is sad and pitiful! I’m sorry Pam,but I can’t stand her! And don’t even get me started on DL “Nappy headed Ho’s” Hughley. We know he will sell his people down the river for 30 pieces of silver.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Larissa

      whenever i hear anyone say “I don’t see color” one or more things come to mind

      1. either they are color blind

      2. their hang-ups about color are so distasteful they can’t be honest about it

      3. If they are white they are practicing deception AND are probably practicing racism against non-whites, because white people SEE color all the time and they know the pecking order of white VS non-white so that is a totally DISHONEST STATEMENT and if made to a non-white person, I would advise him or her to watch their back.

      I feel sorry for any non-white child with a parent so ill-equipped to prepare them for the REAL (WHITE) WORLD where “color” means everything

  12. larissa says:

    that’s the beauty of having power in the white supremacy system, the ability to say ‘i don’t see colour’, which is the FIRST thing you see when you look at someone, and have no question the veracity of your statement, because you are person who DEFINES what colour is and isn’t in the first place.

  13. Mariama says:

    @Kushite Prince

    I believe that Kanye West lost his mind after his mother died. He seems to be going down hill each day. I do not know him, never met him, and frankly, I find his arrogance to be quite distasteful. At one time, I had respect for him. I feel sorry for him, because the real rock in his life is no longer around. I honestly don’t believe that he would me mating with Kim K if his mother were around. I am just not convinced. You really have to be sick to lower your standards for a woman of this calibre. Black men would not parade a woman like her if she were black. Her non-blackness is the prize. What is the difference between her and Karrine Steffans? One is more glorified than the other. I feel sorry for the children who look up to these low lifes as role models. And I have no respect for any thinking black human being who admires Kim K. Our people are really lowering their standards.

    • I agree with you Mariama. Kim is hardly a prize. I’ve gotten into heated debates with black male co workers who think she’s all that.lol They don’t know how silly they sound. I think Kanye is a pretty talented rap producer. I used to love his song All Falls Down. There’s a couple lines in it that are very profound. But he only dabbled in consciousness. He will drop some truth some truth from time to time. Much like rappers Lupe Fiasco and Common. But most won’t go all the way with the truth about racism,bigotry and discrimination. They can’t because they get their checks from white folks. So they never can get really deep.
      I think Kanye is just like a lot of artists who want to do what’s right but eventually sellout for fame and fortune. He does seem different after his mother accidental death.(I think there’s more to that story). But he seems like a lost soul. He even said in a concert that he “sold his soul” for fame. He basically had to “sacrifice” something to get there. Hmmmm……very strange. I also agree about the double standard with Kim K. I was actually thinking of Karrine when I was doing that post. Why doesn’t Kim have a nickname like Superhead? From what I hear she’s good at that also. The double standard is clear.

  14. LBM says:

    Wow. So many good discussions taking place. Pam, I pretty much agree with what you said concerning religion – as we’ve come to identify it, mainly the versions that were given to us rather than what we evolved BEFORE the anti-humans redesigned and regurgitated OUR understandings to us. I don’t suggest not emphasizing religion because of toes it will step on – one of the main reasons for my suggestion is that so many who claim NO religion or some form of “African spirituality” are just as confused about RWS as those who do. So the “monkey on our back” crosses religious/spiritual/nationalistic lines. Of course having a white “Jesus” hanging in the home is detrimental – but what about those with a “Black Jesus” hanging who will only lay with a Zoe Saldana but not a Nina Simone? I’m not against any “religious” discussion, I just see it as a scapegoat oftentimes. I came of age in the Afrocentric/African Islamic movement here in NYC. I can assure – while there were no white Jesus lovers, there was plenty confusion nonetheless.


    I think my statement about only Black women being able to have Black babies was misread. It doesn’t mean Black women can’t have “other” babies, it really means that non-Black females can not have Black babies. I was made to think about this just the other day when a black male suggested that Black women will be “phased out” by latina and otherwise “mixed” females. Sad thing is, he doesn’t realize that if such a thing were to happen (it won’t) then Black males would become non-existent as well. No other women can produce Black males( or females) other than Black women. So instead of issuing whitemail threats, we better get the understanding that Black Love IS A Revolutionary Act.

    I need to back track. So many good things were commented on.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ LBM

      That’s a good point that a “Black Jesus” instead of a “White Jesus” doesn’t eliminate confusion, but I still feel it needs to be discussed because religion IS part of white supremacy programming.

      That black male you mentioned who wants to “phase out” black women, I could say a lot but I won’t.

      I don’t even want to go there…

    • kowaba says:

      Yeah. I understand what you are saying now. That was a terrible statement he made about “phasing out” black women. I guess he is just confused.

      • TrojanPam says:

        @ kowaba

        unfortunately, I have heard these kinds of comments from black males numerous times over the last seven years
        which provokes black females into responding in kind
        and i have watched this play out
        It is self and group genocidal behavior

  15. LBM says:

    LBM says:
    May 9, 2013 at 1:57 pm

    Wow. So many good discussions taking place. Pam, I pretty much agree with what you said concerning religion – as we’ve come to identify it, mainly the versions that were given to us rather than what we evolved BEFORE the anti-humans redesigned and regurgitated OUR understandings to us. I don’t suggest not emphasizing religion because of toes it will step on – one of the main reasons for my suggestion is that so many who claim NO religion or some form of “African spirituality” are just as confused about RWS as those who do. So the “monkey on our back” crosses religious/spiritual/nationalistic lines. Of course having a white “Jesus” hanging in the home is detrimental – but what about those with a “Black Jesus” hanging who will only lay with a Zoe Saldana but not a Nina Simone? I’m not against any “religious” discussion, I just see it as a scapegoat oftentimes. I came of age in the Afrocentric/African Islamic movement here in NYC. I can assure – while there were no white Jesus lovers, there was plenty confusion nonetheless.


    I think my statement about only Black women being able to have Black babies was misread. It doesn’t mean Black women can’t have “other” babies, it really means that non-Black females can not have Black babies. I was made to think about this just the other day when a black male suggested that Black women will be “phased out” by latina and otherwise “mixed” females. Sad thing is, he doesn’t realize that if such a thing were to happen (it won’t) then Black males would become non-existent as well. No other women can produce Black males( or females) other than Black women. So instead of issuing whitemail threats, we better get the understanding that Black Love IS A Revolutionary Act.

    I need to back track. So many good things were commented on.

  16. LBM says:

    Black males with non-white females get support. Black males behaving as females get support. Black males “coming out” get support. There’s something about Black sperm meeting Black egg that “somebody” does not want it to happen. Are we going to be able to see the ploy anytime soon?

  17. LBM says:

    It is working well, Pam, because we don’t understand how the attack is coming from so many/all directions. However, although there’s much to be repaired with our relationships, the fact that there’s still attraction between us is an absolute miracle and serves as a reminder that anti-humans have an inordinate amount of power at this time BUT, that does not make them G-d. They did not create us, they won’t be able to destroy us. It’s important for us to know that MANY of us won’t make it, but those that do will be the “chosen” ones who are willing to work with The Creator and not against. I don’t mean to get all abstract but I think it serves well to not think the anti-humans are indestructible or that we don’t have some “Natural” help on our side. Check out the birthrates of the “whitest” countries.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ LBM

      The power and control of resources between white and non-whites is so out of balance, I think some DIVINE HELP is definitely necessary

      AND it is ALREADY HERE

      the rising infertility, neurological, sexual, and mental disorders as well as whites in places like Florida unable to tolerate the rays of the sun (they’re moving out of Florida in droves because of astronomical rates of skin cancer)

      And I just heard on the news that developmental disorders are rising at a faster rate among the children from “higher-income” families AKA white families

      says something is happening AND it is coming from MOTHER NATURE, not from non-white people attacking them

      We still have to do our PART but there is NO MORE POWERFUL FORCE in the Universe than UNIVERSAL KARMA, GOD, AND MOTHER NATURE.

      Man can destroy other men BUT man will NOT BE PERMITTED TO DESTROY THE PLANET

      I believe ANY group of people who think they CAN or SHOULD destroy the planet and the people on it

      Will be WIPED OUT

      maybe not in my lifetime but it is happening RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR EYES

      and we are FOOLS—yes, I said it—to HELP them save themselves by BREEDING with them and SACRIFICING OUR POWERFUL MELANATED LIFE FORCE to extend the system of white supremacy

      and if we don’t WISE UP we will have to suffer the consequences

  18. Ms. J says:

    I found an interesting video on the topic of biracial children:

  19. Mariama says:


    I agree with you 100% I really wonder what our ancestors would say. I can only imagine. I have seen blacks put the most “average” looking non-black above an attractive black simply because of the non-black person’s skin color, hair,etc. Esp black men. I have had the darkest black men tell me that “I am beautiful for a dark woman.” You get that. If you are not aware psychologically, this can be devastating.

    If it werent for my growing understanding, African-centered books, elders, black blogs, I can safely say that I would not trust most black men and completely give up on “black love.” Because I have a growing and better understanding of what is going on, a huge weight (shackles) have been taken off of my mind. I know that there are black men who love black women deeply and vice versa. All this nonsense in the media and news can really weigh on your spirit if you don’t know what is going on. As for black men and women who spend so much energy completely disrespecting members of the opposite sex, I say fine. Let them get the experience of dating out exclusively. I just dont want to hear the wining and complaining when you get the same disrespect and your children have no regard for you or your kind.

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  21. […] Do better ILLUSTRATE check out my blogpost — “Is a White Anti-Racist an Oxymoron?’ […]

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